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6/03 Mike Luckovich-Playing dress up

For my 10,000 post I have something to say.

Union Omaha soccer player indicted in internet romance scams

NFL pledges to halt 'race-norming,' review Black claims

NFL pledges to halt 'race-norming,' review Black claims

Anti-Vaccine Pastor Learns The Hard Way About Science - Rebel HQ

UK: 'Pandemic burnout' on rise as latest Covid lockdowns take toll

Dr. Fauci: The Covid-19 Pandemic 'Isn't Over Yet' - Deadline - MSNBC

Found on FB

Texas high school student swaps approved valedictorian speech protest of abortion law

Controversial audit of Arizona ballots continues amid new allegations of incompetence

Instagram Live gun video leads to big trouble for rapper 'Big Homie' in federal gun case

The former guy is listening to the bottom of the bottom of the crazies in the barrel.

Biden says he is 'looking closely' at retaliation over Russian-linked cyberattack

Does it say here how Fauci's e-mails were obtained? I didn't see it.

Joe: America is -- and always will be -- a nation of immigrants.

100 Experts Express 'Growing Alarm' That Republicans Are Endangering Democracy


Donor Walter Hussman Jr: Concerns over Hannah-Jones prompted emails to UNC

Cory Booker recalls police holding him at gunpoint as a college student

I don't get it...

Health Experts Starting 'To See Some Melting' Of Vaccine Hesitancy - Deadline - MSNBC

John Pavlovitz: I Don't Care About Bipartisanship, I Care About Humanity

Trump Reinstated Fan Fiction By Sidney Powell

The 139 Republicans Who Lied, Fueled An Insurrection And Then Voted To Cover It Up

*Documentary / Science / Science & Technology NEW Ship That Changed The World

TX woman accidentally shot her 5 year old son while trying to shoot a 6 month old puppy

Nigerian Prince Scams: What Are They And Why Aren't You Rich?

H3 Hits Steven Crowder With A "Debate Sam Seder"

Feds cancel DeVos-backed accreditor after USA TODAY finds apparently fake college

Oklahoma Law Forbids K-12 Vaccine Requirements

Ally Bank ends overdraft fees, a first for large US banks

See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State - New York Times

SE Cupp: This is a total collapse of the Republican Party

The Rude Pundit: A Couple of Observations on the Republican War on Democracy

Republican senators' failure to investigate Jan. 6 is worse than their impeachment performance

Tips on how to use the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine in investigations.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

NFL to halt 'race-norming,' review Black claims in $1 billion concussion settlement

Tucker Carlson FREAKS OUT Over Vaccines - Compares to JIM CROW SEGREGATION!!!

On OKla. A.G. Hunter's resignation...

Well paint me green and call me Gumby! Our local Sinclair station called it an insurrection. I

So.....all these cyber attacks are ALL COMING FROM RUSSIA.?? Really??

There is a COMEDY written by Shakespeare..."TAMING OF THE SHREW" 1966

Jon Ossoff @ossoff: Rev / Pete

Stanford Law School Now Says Student Will Not Be Punished

Ron Johnson is lying about the meeting he had with Officer Sicknick's family.

Locally known white deer killed in Michigan's Lake County -- and people are outraged

Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

Since we're talking about Shakespearean films I'd like to recommend 2.

Tweet of the Day

Ok, it's Wednesday..........whatchall doing??? 🙂

Trump Administration Secretly Seized Phone Records of Times Reporters

Candidate punched, interrupted by sex toy on drone at event

I am seeing more people in stores wearing masks

Super Girl Pushes Balanced Bear off Wall, saves her Pups (Pootey this could be you).


Democrats guide to retaining a majority in the US Senate in 2022 is to win

Isaac Hayes - Going To Chicago Blues/Misty

Was the 2nd amendment to guard against slave revolts?

President Joe Biden approves disaster declaration for Louisiana after severe weather

Ok, it's 6-2-21.........

Gambling on Innovation

Updates: N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate Marked by Sharper Attacks and Focus on Crime

NESToration fascinates me;

Why Fighting for Voting Rights is Essential - NowThis News

Can peonies and clematis coexist? Does anyone have experience with this?

Nevada Gov. Sisolak signs permanent mail-in voting system into law

Trump Administration Secretly Seized Phone Records of NY Times Reporters

shelby lynne & allison moorer - not dark yet (live from electric lady studio - 2017) great bob cover

So, what are the chances the Senate will pass voting rights?

Words That Mean Nothing - Our political discourse is dominated by issues that don't exist

Which VT US Senator retires first? Leahy-D or Sanders-I/D?

Trump's blog failed, bigly. His next online venture won't be any easier.

Will The NY D.A. Indict Ex-Pres. Trump? Here Are The Legal Clues - The Beat - MSNBC

I swear to gawd, it's 6-2-21........and I'm freezing outside is so cold........

Biden privately tells lawmakers not to expect much on reparations legislation

Texas High School Valedictorian swaps out her "approved" speech...

Support Democrat Nina Turner for Congress by donating to her campaign.

Tick Tock Lindsey...

With all the deaths that have occurred this year....

I would love to be completely wrong about this, but I just don't think there's any way

Richard Gene The Fishing Machine

Houston seethes over being frozen out of federal flood funds

Houston seethes over being frozen out of federal flood funds

Here are the QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2022.

I am not ready to celebrate Naftali Bennett's rise / Bibi's fall in Israel

Turkish agents capture nephew of US-based cleric overseas

Sinopharm vaccine has limited effect--no antibodies in 29% of recipients:

Israeli official rolls back army chief comments on AP Gaza

A Brilliant Collection of Behind the Scenes Photos of Alfred Hitchcock Movies

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 3, 2021 -- Primetime Theme: Juvenile Delinquents

When ignorance becomes dangerous for everyone....

Argentine Spygate: Visitor logs tie Macri-era Security Minister Patricia Bullrich to those indicted

Argentine Spygate: Visitor logs tie Macri-era Security Minister Patricia Bullrich to those indicted

Argentina postpones mid-term elections due to Covid-19 crisis

Argentina postpones mid-term elections due to Covid-19 crisis

Al Franken On Voting Rights Bill: 'It'd Be Mitch McConnell Who Ended Our Democracy' - The ReidOut

"Conservatives more likely to believe false news, new study finds"

It looks like Nancy Mace faked the "antifa vandalism" at her home.

Report: Trump Met Man Who Helped Organize 'Patriot Caravans' On Jan. 6

Leaked messages implicate GOP's Paul Gosar in plot to disrupt Biden's Arizona win using Proud Boys

Brian Wms: "A new Axios-Ipsos poll--they should partner with Quizno's next--

[Trump is] "obsessing about the fact that he's a loser. I'm sorry you're a loser but you lost"

Trump has grown increasingly consumed with ballot audits as he pushes falsehood that election was

John Bel Edwards: We need the Mid-Barataria diversion to help save our coast

Rep. Mo Brooks is avoiding an insurrection lawsuit. Rep. Eric Swalwell hired a private investigator

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Quits His Blog, Fauci's Emails Revealed & No More Karens!

Louisiana lawmakers support concealed carry without permit

Milk magic...

Young woman graduating on Brian Williams

New to this group

The Conservative Disinformation Campaign Against Nikole Hannah-Jones

NO DirecTV, T'storm, so

How long is the belly scratch on the dog supposed to last? - I mean, have got other things to do.

Brief victory for alternative energy in CA as AB1139 fails to move off Assembly floor

Tweet of the night:

PA lawmakers tour AZ fraudit...

"Zip-tie guy" Eric Munchel and his mom now face more than twice as many charges...

Paul Hodgkins, Tampa man who took selfie in Senate Chamber takes plea deal in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot ca

Paul Hodgkins, Tampa man who took selfie in Senate Chamber takes plea deal in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot ca

Trust and the internet

Rep. Adam Schiff: Republicans Don't Want Accountability for Jan. 6

Trolling Trump

Psychiatrist: 'Donald Trump Is Delusional' Even Out Of Office

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Daily Show - Fox News: 20 Minutes of Contradictions

Beto O'Rourke: Feels Like Dems. 'Blindly Seeking Some Kind Of Compromise' - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Second Chance Wildlife Center in Gaithersburg is working closely with DNR to track down

Martha Argerich is about to turn 80. Here is part of her story

Bobby Gentry - Ode to Billy Joe

Montana Man John Russell Howald Indicted on Hate Crime Charges for Allegedly Firing Gun Into Victim'

An educational agency backed by Betsy DeVos just lost recognition for reportedly signing off on a fa

Federal judge declines to order fireworks at Mount Rushmore

Ken Paxton asks appeals court to toss whistleblower case brought by former top aides

Lawsuit to block Lubbock's abortion ban is dismissed in court as the ordinance takes effect

Former Williamson County sheriff Robert Chody to face Travis County jury in evidence trial

Drought ravages California's reservoirs ahead of hot summer

what are we going to do about Sinema

Kummer: "Cello Duet', Vaughan Williams: 'Bass Tuba', Dotzauer: 'Bassoon'

Coastal advocate: SpaceX exceeding FAA's 300-hour limit

Lifting the ban on Medical CBDs in Japan sparks fear

Russia-Based Hackers Targeting Key U.S. Systems - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Chicken Fried News: We need to talk about Kevin. Again.

Hundreds of lakes in U.S., Europe are losing oxygen

Bill Gates company TerraPower to build reactor at Wyoming coal plant

Mexico raids building project next to Teotihuacan pyramids

Mexico raids building project next to Teotihuacan pyramids

☦ Greek Orthodox: 'Exomologiste to Kirio'/'Psalm 135'

A request for apology, large increase in reparation request preceded cancellation of the Remember &

Trump's Hyped Election Fraud Claims Dashed By Reasonable NH Audit - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Kawaii Miyavi Jrockers!

Remembering the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937. The Wagner Act 1935, Right To Unionize

Greek - 'Anthem of Love'/'O Imnos tis Agapis'

I have a moral question for you all:

The Oklahoma Legislature will raise hospital fees to fund Medicaid expansion

Opinion: Nothing we use for a few minutes should harm our environment for hundreds of years

When a party demands an audit, do they have to pay for it?


'Serve unconditionally,': Even at the twilight of his career, Jesse Jackson still has plenty to say

Tulsan sues city, Trump campaign over her arrest before president's rally at BOK Center


☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: Mull Monastery, Scotland

8 coaches forced a high school football player to violate his faith and eat pork as teammates

Stitt Cabinet member to seek legal action against former AG Mike Hunter

Don Jr. resorts to doing $500 personal message requests to line his pockets

When a dying Sen. Clair Engle broke the 1964 Civil Rights Act filibuster

Remembering the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937. The Wagner Act 1935, Right To Unionize

Texas High School Valedictorian Switches her Approved Speech to talk Abortion Rights

University of Oklahoma, French woman to cede ownership of Nazi-looted painting

Breakfast Thursday 3 June 2021

I have 20+ paper Covid masks. Is the paper part biodegradable or something?

There Won't Be Another 1/6-Type Insurrection

Does Trump want to use The Big Lie as a Get-Out-of-Jail card?

Kansas abortions surge, driven up by out-of-state patients

Thursday TOONs - Purity Ballocks

This just came up on Morning Joe and it does feel like a good question.

Chiliwack - Rain-O

China accuses Western firms over 'harmful' kids' goods to retaliate for Uighur concern

Netanyahu foes push for quick vote to end his 12-year rule

Vaccine protection may diminish need for yearly boosters

"This Caracal kitten has perfected her ear flick":

Happy Birthday to the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden!!

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, June 3, 2021

A tall, thin glass of . . . cat.

This article is about Giuliani, not Iran, but...

Browser upgrades continue apace - Firefox 89

Racist nazi shit be like...

A GOPer friend of mine refuses get vaccinated.....

There's been a lot of computer network hacking lately.

Proud Boy leader posts video of himself at Arizona Capitol praising audit

Far-right groups are struggling amid dozens of Capitol riot charges

Uyghur exiles describe forced abortions, torture in Xinjiang

Crime and Qualifications at Issue in Heated N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate

Private-sector employment increased by 978,000 from April to May, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

DUDE. Amazon will no longer drug test workers for cannabis.

Jobless claims: Initial filings broke below 400,000 for the first time since March 2020


Bidens celebrate first lady's birthday at her favorite place

Veteran's Microphone Muted As He Talked About Black History Of Memorial Day

Miami Jolted By Corps Of Engineers Proposal - 6-Mile, 20-foot, $6 Billion Sea Wall

Redding CA Sets All-Time May High At 109F; Heat Will Reach From Oregon To Arizona

Dark Horse launches new games and digital content division

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for August 2021

Art of the Week: Week of 06/02/21

Pat McGreal, Disney, Bongo and Vertigo Writer, Dead at 68

Cates, Ottley, and Martin to Relaunch "Hulk" in November

The Rundown: June 3, 2021

Yemeni Tanker, W. 1 Million Barrels Of Oil On Board, Continues To Decay; Spill Not If, But When

NPS Report: Last Year's Castle Fire May Have Destroyed 10% Of World's Mature Sequoias

Sinema's ignorance of the history of the filibuster is shocking. A professor would flunk a student w

"Men do remember" (humor)

"A prescription for chocolate"

TX Lets Property Tax Exemption Die: Had Funneled $10 Billion Over Years To Oil, Chemical Companies

Matt Gaetz is now under investigation for obstruction

Fill in the blank: If I could bring back a canceled TV show for one more season, it would be ______.

There is something so magical about flowers bedazzled with raindrops

Delusional disorder

Trump supporter pleads guilty in Duluth altercation

America First by the former guy.

'We Build the Wall' struggling, lawyer tells 2nd Circuit

Big kwestion: If he can't keep a blog going ...

Happy 70th birthday to the wonderful First Lady Dr. Jill Biden!

Send Jr a message and maybe even help fund mercenaries!

Eric Boehlert: How Trump became an online flop in 2021

CNN CHYRON earlier this morning:

Grand Dragon of Today's Ku Klux Kaucus? Donald Trump.

How Kansas can solve its labor shortage, stop its population decline and begin to grow again

Kettling is largely unregulated in police departments

Humans are causing mass extinction at a rate not seen since the last major extinction event

Greg Abbott is a joke! Maybe one day the Texas media will learn to ask him tough questions.


Missouri Amtrak service to go twice-daily again starting July 19

Trump spawn tax-paid Secret Service protection to end next month

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Cancels Failed Blog, Now Exploring Other Methods Of Communication

For Chris Mathews fans... I know there are some out there:)

Biden's Student Loan plan is about to be negotiated into the rules (Please Read)

Dr. Fauci Reacts To The Release of Thousands Of His Work Emails (MSNBC)

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

Democrats will win in a blowout in 2022. No history says otherwise. Jonathan Alter is right.


Amazon Tells Workers They Are 'Industrial Athletes.' Report on Amazon Workplace Injuries: BBC News

A Republican guide to voter fraud.

Memphis Minnie was born on this date.

Conservatives more likely to believe false news, new study finds

Israel offers a glimpse of life after herd immunity: With 80% of adults vaccinated...

Opinion: 'The Point Was to Win,' Barack Obama Writes

Josephine Baker was born on this date.

How 'election fraud' remains *the* GOP talking point (CNN)

The Story of the Football Coach Who Forced a Pork-Abstinent Kid to Eat Pork

Curtis was born on this date.

Wesley Clark and Larry Hogan want to unify Americans. Video

Wesley Clark and Larry Hogan want to unify Americans.

#HappyBirthdayFLOTUS--it is Dr Jill Biden's Birthday.............

What time do we hear from the Supremes? Clearly not the court

What time do we hear from the Supremes? n/t

As a vet spoke about Memorial Day's roots in Black history, his mic was cut. It was no accident.

Most relaxed otter ever chills in the harbor

Elevenses Insurrectionist Roundup and Spotlight with a funny keystone cops vid

Sunchoke (or Jerusalem Artichoke) Mash Recipe

The Trumpist smear campaign against Dr. Fauci is just so disheartening to watch.


U.S. Supreme Court limits reach of federal computer fraud law

Thinking about Tulsa massacre reminded me of this song:

Shh! Attempted Whitmer Kidnapping Suspect Doesn't Want You To Know God Told Him To Do It!

Biden offers major change to tax proposal in effort to secure infrastructure deal with Republicans

The Cleveland Teachers' Union just endorsed Shontel Brown! Received this email a half hour ago:

West Virginia's New River Gorge Is America's Newest National Park

This has been smoldering for a few days

Experts Call It A 'Clown Show' But Arizona 'Audit' Is A Disinformation Blueprint

CV-20-536, Arkansas Department of Education, et al. v. Amber Booth McCoy, et al.

Rep Mo Brooks, REPUG is avoiding an insurrection lawsuit. Rep. Eric Swalwell hired PI to find him...

CNN: Donald Trump is getting worse

High School valedictorian canned approved speech and torched Republican TX Lege's anti-choice bill.

Queen to meet US President Joe Biden next week

This sounds like a very good idea to me.

Why a U-M professor signed a 'Statement of Concern' warning about the death of U.S. democracy

Living PEZ dispenser - Cute Bunny Edition

322 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thursday; 5 deaths

Sinema is not confused or misguided. What she's doing is deliberate and intentional.

Good Day DU (June 3, 2021)

The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19's Origins

It was the third of June another sleepy dusty delta day

United Airlines Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel

Adam Serwer: The Capitol Rioters Won (The Atlantic)

Guys, I dunno. This new mattress salesman seems a bit sketch for me.

FBI investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with his political fundraising

FBI investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with his political fundraising

This beats the "I Really Don't Care Do U" jacket

Biden announces international COVID-19 vaccine sharing plan

The higher they climb, the harder they fall...Rudy is the new My Pillow spokesman. #ETTD

Biden announces international COVID-19 vaccine sharing plan

Lead author of WSJ "Wuhan lab" story wrote lies about Iraqi "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

holy cow. tiffany window added to art institute's permanent collection.

Crash and burn

Twitter blasts Ted Cruz's 'Monty Python' tweet accusing Kamala Harris of 'running away' from border

This tweet is causing the Arizona Audit Telegram folks to go bonkers.

Leftist teacher takes on dictator's daughter as Peru picks new president

Two Utah girls, 9 and 4, steal parents' car to 'swim with dolphins' in California

DOJ watchdog urged to investigate lawyers behind Barr memo redactions

There's a whole lot happening at the Supreme Court today.

Mark Meadows Slams 'Backchannel' With Chinese Scientists After Fauci Email Dump

*Quit whining!*

Investigators reportedly looking into whether Gaetz obstructed justice in call with witness

Bolivia's Aymara women train to fight back against domestic violence

GOP Ballot Audits Aren't About Overturning the Last Election. They're About Overturning the Next One

Libyan Fighters Attacked by a Potentially Unaided Drone, U.N. Says (Skynet, is that you?)

'Good faith error': Chauvin requests probation for Floyd killing

Homeowner Refusing to Remove 'F*** Biden,' Pro-Trump Flags Faces $500-a-Day Fine

Fight Fraudit With Audit.....

GOP Lawmakers Get Oklahoma Highway Named After Donald Trump Over Democratic Objection

A military veteran's microphone was muted midway through his Memorial Day keynote address after he s

The insurrection on January 6, 2020 was inspired by a similar scene in "The Turner Diaries."

PETA to Ham Lake officials: 'Yam Lake' goes down better

Ricky Martin felt 'violated' when Barbara Walters quizzed him about his sexuality.

Pennsylvania police report

'You're unprincipled': New York mayor's race turns vicious at first in-person debate

Benjamin Netanyahu Tells Lawmakers to Oppose 'Dangerous Leftist Government' as He Faces Removal

Joe: The American Jobs Plan will rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure and help tackle the c

Here's an oldie but goody from Cliff Clavin and Norm Peterson

Pelicans befriend Cuban man living by the sea

Is it true that anyone who chooses to register and identify as Democrat becomes a Democrat? nt

Mexican reporter Luis Aguilar survives knife attack in Pnjamo

Pandemic Could Cost Typical American Woman Nearly $600,000 in Lifetime Income

Will American democracy survive this fascist attack?

A new Senate ruling provides Democrats an opening to evade GOP filibusters and approve some bills

DC officer Michael Fanone says he was 'absolutely sickened' by Mitch McConnell's efforts to quash

LIVE VIDEO:CAIR-MN, community members decry reopening of George Floyd Square

Crenshaw trolled after asking for examples of 'woke ideology' in military

Should I update my WINDOWS 10 to "21H1?"

In states where Republicans control the legislature, American life is rapidly changing

Happy 71st birthday to Suzi Quatro.

Cuomo: GOP-backed conspiracy contagion putting America at risk (CNN)

Kitten Rescued From The Open Waters Of The Gulf

Bodycam footage of police shootout with children released

Foreign Firms Sucking "Virtual" Water From America's Parched Southwest

23 people sickened with norovirus-like illness after eating at Shoreline restaurant

Whatcom vaccinations on track for 70% by June 29, but 37 new COVID-19 cases reported

ROADRUNNER: A Film About Anthony Bourdain - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters July 16

White House is urging private companies to take the threat of cyberattacks seriously as ransomware

Where Were Our Intelligence Services In The Run-Up/Planning Of The 1/6 Insurrection And....

US recorded COVID-19 cases, deaths fall to lowest levels since March 2020

If we all made a noise, could we drown out the sound of gunfire?

Aren't The Senators & House Members Of The States That Are Lagging Behind On Vaccinations.....

Trumpworld takes a hit after FEC quietly closes probe into hush money payments to Stormy Daniels

Bwahahaha! Reap what you sow Republicans.

Across US, police officers abuse confidential databases

Bunch of showoffs. :)

Pennsylvania Republicans call for Arizona-style election audit

Chile same-sex marriage: Pinera vows to push bill in surprising move

Chile same-sex marriage: Pinera vows to push bill in surprising move

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day . . .

I am on the Love train.....

Pakistani court acquits Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy

Sacramento pool incident... group of mothers saw two women kissing and lost their minds

A very special 40th birthday today 🌈

Man builds an entire village for mouse he saw in his garden

Is there a site for Comcast community support?

'Fauci Effect' Is Inspiring Young Kansans To Pursue Health Care Careers

We Democrats do not have a Senate Majority

The journey changes you. A film about Anthony Bourdain,

Simone Biles

Ahhhh, that morning bowl hits different when it's a late-day

Biden Offers Major Concession on Corporate Taxes

Michael Flynn and his QAnon followers now pose a genuine national security threat, extremism...


MAGA throwdown: Roger Stone wants to "debate" Steve Bannon as traitor to Trump movement

George PEE Shrub running, (Matthew, not MoDo) DOWD: "BUSH name is not valuable anymore"

Wait...wut!??! Apparently, F. Lee Bailey has died....announced by O.J. Simpson.

Why does Amazon want to leave Seattle?

Can the US revoke citizenship? nt

Joel Greenberg set for sentencing Aug. 19 after judge approves plea deal

Texas high school valedictorian scraps her approved graduation speech - blasts anti-abortion

very interisting . lady inovates w making plastic bricks from plastic trash

Sir Patrick Stewart and a one week old puppy ❤️

Delta Chi Fraternity chapter permanently banned from VCU

Germany faced its horrible past. Can we do the same?

Here's a heart warming story, something other than the constant strife by the repigs.

Ohio state government so backwards

Neptune. God of the sea

Biden: Government Must Draft Anti-Corruption Plan by December

Opinion Donald Trump's rebooted rallies have no place on your television

How many species slaughter each other more than humans do?

The President and First Lady out for a bike ride today in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

I kid you not manufactured Flag reading Impeach Biden.

Alien Invasion: Imminent -- A Caffeinated Thought (Matthew Cooke)

Fraudit - that's what it is

Ring of fire' eclipse to visit Canada on June 10 with partial view from U.S.

@NeeraTanden46 for all your White House Senior Advisor needs

Two Capitol Police officers share their harrowing January 6 stories for the first time

SPOTTED at the White House: Annie Leibovitz who is here to photograph Jen Psaki for an upcoming maga

With regards to the Former Guy reinstatement claims, in that light,

Can you top this proud Dad celebrating his son's graduation? LOL

Girl vs Bear...

what if Biden offered Sinema a seat on Federal Appeals Court bench (lifetime)

ECJ rejects Hungarian case against MEPs' vote to pursue sanctions

Dan Crenshaw Launches 'Whistleblower' Page Over 'Woke Ideology' in Military

F. Lee Bailey, Famed Defense Lawyer Who Represented O.J. Simpson, Dies at 87

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 4 June 2021

F. Lee Bailey, defense lawyer for the famous and infamous, dies at 87

Some people are monsters, like nature is..

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge just got a reprieve--but it's not safe yet

Reich Wing Thug Plea Deal taking shape

Seattle law firm launches initiative backed by large companies to diversify boardrooms

Apple's Tim Cook reportedly asks employees to return to office in September

Cartoons 6/3/2021

F. Lee Bailey dead at 87

So I get a call this a.m. from a male voice saying "Hi Mom!" Only it doesn't remotely sound like my

'Five-alarm fire': Liberals use Jan. 6 panel blockade as rallying cry to abolish filibuster

Nicaragua police detain opposition leader and expected Ortega challenger, Cristiana Chamorro

Nicaragua police detain opposition leader and expected Ortega challenger, Cristiana Chamorro

Capitol Rioter Who Ransacked Nancy Pelosi's Office Selling $100 Signed Photos of Himself to Pay Lega

As electric vehicles take off, we'll need to recycle their batteries

Alaska anticipates a full schedule at Paine Field by spring

Happy Birthday to our classy, non-gold-digging, ...

Scam calls

Racist, homophobic Karens kicked out of a pool.

Navy picks Everett as homeport for new class of frigates

One Yr Anniversary "Lose Yo Job"

Laura Nyro - Beads of Sweat

Federal aid sought to give aging U.S. 2 trestle a facelift

FBI investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with past political fundraising

7-11 is opening 500 EV charging stations by the end of 2022

Teenager Sneaks Lost Puppy Into His House When His Parents Fall Asleep

Brood X cicadas are out in Michigan.

German Shepherd saying thank you to her human for the gift she received.

A Boy and His Dog Bond at the Beach

Biden: "Unemployment claims are down 50% and 64% of adults are vaccinated since I took office....

Trump's desire for adulation is why his effort to become an influencer flopped

Two useless cats for sale

I'd love to scream at the faces of Manchin and Sinema about the real threat to democracy...

Facebook to end special treatment for politicians after Trump ban

Donald Trump Jr sells $500 videos to fans on Cameo

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 3, 2021

dear du cooks whom use a magnetic induction hotplate .

Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, Biden's 7th Circuit nominee

'Christian' Pastor Who Insisted Vaccines Wipe Out 'Stupid People' Hospitalized With COVID

Nicole Wallace talking about Race Norming in the NFL. Tell me again how this country is not racist

Sarah Cooper:"Trump just called me asking if I'd lip sync him again, it was so sad."

#TrumpIsNotWell is trending at #5 on Twitter. . .

What have you not spent money on as a result of the pandemic?

Tickets to Trump's being "Reinstalled" to the Presidency.

Trump Is Getting Worse

Facebook to end special treatment for politicians after Trump ban

Pill shows benefit in certain hard-to-treat breast cancers

Mike Lindell is having a rally in Wisconsin...

GA BOE passes resolution banning any discussion of racism in classrooms

United Airlines Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel

First in line, still no shot: Surprising number of hospital workers refuse vaccines

I'm sure you''re dying to know the latest from Mike Lindell

Dems breathe sigh of relief after New Mexico blowout

Federal prosecutors investigating Rep. Matt Gaetz for obstruction, law enforcement source says

Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis-

Asylum-seekers help produce Italy's famous Brunello wine

Looking for statistics on deportation during tRump, & the current lack of job seekers

OU volleyball player sues coaches in dispute over freedom of speech, political views

Two Shelby Co. homes go viral for yard divorce celebrations

Quote:Valedictorian Paxton Smith

Donald Trump Jr.'s Twitter Poll On Anthony Fauci Elicits A Series Of Stinging Reminders

When will Harriet Tubman adorn the $20 bill?

DA in Pennsylvania Responds to Accusations of Systemic Racism by, uh, Being Systematically Racist

Veteran's mic cut when he speaks of Black people's role in Memorial Day creation

Police investigating racist threats re: KKK founder remains removal

Well, there, then...

Rudy Giuliani is doing My Pillow ads during his hour-long YouTube video on UFOs.

Dinner! What kind of fish was served to osprey family??? ;-)

Weather alert

Republicans: Dems are politicizing the Dept of Justice !

New Senate filibuster rule means families may wait even longer for affordable health care

Post an address where someone famous lived & see if anyone knows who lived there W/O using Google

Good thing Utah's Governor is a strong proponent of science *sarcasm*

Take-Out: Jamaican Oxtails with Gravy

Republican leaders to summit with Trump over conservative agenda

The 80th Anniversary of the Murder of Bob White And Racial Justice In Polk County

Another weather alert

Vets mic was intentionally cut by organizers in which he talked about Blacks in creation of Mem. Day

great question on voting rights: "Why did we all bust our as*es getting Democrats elected....

They gathered in Dallas to call for violence if they don't get their way

Cyber attack on WSBTV in Atlanta.

We're off to swim with the dolphins - nine year old steals car

Gonna' Happen!!!! (Luckovich)

Dogs Interrupt Humans Potty Time

where can I find a list of the still outstanding SCOTUS decisions? thx

damn!! if THAT WAS me, I be shot dead

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