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Trump is more obsessed than ever with 2020 election and is brushing off allies who are telling him t

God I hate Kayleigh. She has to be the most insipid

Washington to give away $2 million in cash, prizes to encourage vaccinations

Anybody else here who doesn't carry cash?

July Fourth fireworks show caused $42,000 damage

Biden targets $2.8B for conservation, outdoor recreation

Pence: Trump and I may never 'see eye to eye' on events of Jan. 6

Disgraced George P Bush's tRump swag..

There are never enough examples of the power of love and animals...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, June 4, 2021

Minnesota photographer snaps remarkable photo of turtle sunning on loon's back.

Uh oh The Russians Hacked a TV station

VoteVets - Court Martial

PA Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman Coming Next On CNN

Pennsylvania AG Reacts To GOP Lawmakers Calling For Audit In His State - Deadline - MSNBC

Amazon's Ring to make future police requests for security footage public

What The New Mexico 1st Special Election Can -- And Can't -- Tell Us About 2022

Republicans Say Election Fraud Theories Made GOP Voters Stay Home In New Mexico Special Election

Granholm joins Manchin in West Virginia to tout clean energy

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Coca-Cola Was Just Banned in This One Southern County

Woman Accused Of Saying Mob 'Coming For' Pelosi Is Arrested In Assault Of Capitol Cop

Judge Keeps Rushmore fireworks on ice for 2021

Sen. Ron Johnson continues to be a dumbass

Veteran Silenced for Sharing Black History of Memorial Day - NowThis News

Pillow humper Mike Lindell takes credit for Trump's August return-to-power fantasy

New Criminal Investigation into Louis DeJoy; Expanding Criminal Investigation into Matt Gaetz

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Brahms

Newly elected US Senators of 2022.

Will the FBI Ever Find These Domestic Terrorists???

How does this insanity end?

Is it possible that Trump is "acting"'insane to avoid prison?

What President Biden Actually Said

DeJoy Under FBI Investigation For Claim He Once Called 'Outrageous' - All In - MSNBC

Rachel appears to be devoting her entire hour to the assault on voting rights

Denne & Gold - Don't Go Away (And Take Your Love Out Of Town)

Olivia Newton-John - The Long And Winding Road

Sen. Manchin speaks out on Biden's concessions to GOP

Elie Mystal: The Miseducation of White Children

I need dental insurance...

Tweet of the night:

Janis Ian - Mistaken Identity

My old man was a prankster

Facebook to bar politicians from posting deceptive content: report

Live streams go down across Cox radio & TV stations in apparent ransomware attack

Don't Blame Workers For Not Wanting To Work For Poverty Wages

Fertilizer Runoff Creates Connecticut-Sized 'Dead Zone' in Gulf

Employers: If You Want Workers, Pay A Living Wage

Jesse Davis - Red Dirt Boogie, Brother

Memorial for 215 indigenous children placed outside St. Mary Catholic Church

Memorial for 215 indigenous children placed outside St. Mary Catholic Church

Wasn't there a similar case to TX when Democratic legislators were hiding in a different state?

Facebook to end a longtime exception made for politicians who break its rules

Irene Kral - This Life We've Led

Joe Manchin - Babbling about potholes

Let's dig into the vault for some deep B-52s tracks.

"Meet the Appalachian Apple Hunter Who Rescued 1,000 'Lost' Varieties"

West Virginia's New River Gorge Is America's Newest National Park

How many federal judges' seats are open now?

The Vast of Night

Precious Dog Brings Leash Back to Owner After She Drops It

(In Memoriam) Rusty Warren - Frankie and Johnny

Facebook Plans to End Hands-Off Approach to Politicians' Posts

Tal Wilkenfeld, Because We've Ended as Lovers.

Bif Naked - Spaceman

Congress Takes Field Trip To Goldman Sachs To Learn How Laws Get Made

This Is What Biden's Budget Does for the Environment

Texas' GOP leadership already at odds over plans for special legislative session

Hours after crews work to reopen streets, makeshift barriers placed around George Floyd Square

Klaatu - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

The Church - Under The Milky Way

review - counter top portable kitchen dishwasher...and amazing device IMO

State lawyer says $222 million worker death verdict shouldn't raise Evergy rates

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 6, 2021 - Paul Newman Double Feature

Blue yster Cult - E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

TCM Schedule for Monday June 7, 2021 - Florence Rice

*TCM 11:45 PM -- To Sir, With Love (1967)

A part of many of our childhoods died last week

Wichita-based health care company to lay off local employees after feds allege fund misuse

"It's really quite something that Dr. Jill Biden taught full time this semester,

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Sack cartoon

Selfish Americans Delay Herd Immunity, Drunk Politicians & Can Anyone Identify Dr. Jill Biden?

Does Ron Johnson know that delaying his decision not to seek re-election hurts the

Colombia torturing illegally arrested citizens in clandestine jails: report

'Fascists': Former DNC Chair Slams GOP For Fueling Trump's 'Big Lie' - The Beat - MSNBC

Why Stick Shifts Are Going Extinct. The End of the Stick Shift.


Trump Is Taking Republicans Down Two Dark Paths, Both Lead To Madness - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The maximum amount of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 54.

Fox News Host Calls for Vladimir Putin to Kill Joe Biden

Speaking of buried American History. I have often wondered why the Coal Mine Wars and Mother Jones

Size limits on Nebraska child care groups shelved after uproar from providers

Does anyone know where I could stream The Rachel Maddow show or other MSNBC shows?

Just for fun: how many of these very large world cities have you ever been to ?

Jerusalem celebrates Pride under heavy security

Make Vaccines More Accessible; Many Essential Workers Still Unvaccinated, Can't Get Time Off Work

6 Charts That Dismantle The Trope Of Asian Americans As A Model Minority

Enjoying an alcohol free Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvingnon. The best

In about an hour, I will definitely be reinstated in bed.

Proposed changes could lead to end of librarians in Nebraska schools, advocates say

I'm 3 deep into Ted Lasso on Appletv

PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is a major dude!! (That is all.)

Prince - Whole Lotta Love (Live At The Aladdin, Las Vegas, 12/15/2002)

Texas A&M University System, with West Texas A&M, celebrate opening of veterinary related buildings

Anderson Cooper does another feature on UFOs on mainstream media.

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

Everyday Is a Winding Road

The Hooters - All You Zombies

International Lover (2019 Remaster)

Top left hand corner of web browser now has name of page Im on

Prince - Born 2 Die

The Icicle Works - Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)

A YouTuber said they became obsessed with this guy.

What a loss.

The Cure, Just Like Heaven

and now for another episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO

The Truth

Don't Play Me

The Maryland Department of the Natural Resources has followed up on reports of sick and dying birds

Prince - All My Dreams (2020 Remaster)


America and the Spirit of the Confederacy: United in Unholy Wedlock to Racism and Oppression

Udu Chant

San Antonio Crosses Major Milestone With 50% Of Eligible Residents Fully Vaccinated

So the key thing to do is nab a couple more Senate Seats...

The Maryland Department of the Natural Resources has followed up on reports of sick and dying birds

GOP Election Misinformation Scheme Violates Federal Law: Voting Rights Attorney - Rachel Maddow

Josef Suk on radio presently./Vivaldi's 'Mandolin Concertos'.

Braying To The Choir

Salt Lake City school board member arrested during child porn investigation

Jill Biden Gets Delaware Beach Day For Her 70th Birthday

A Handel Cantata

Pence Won't Call Out Trump In First Capitol Riot Comments - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

New mining tax approved, revenue will fund schools

Trump Really Thinks He'll Be Reinstated As President (He Won't)

Agency finds protections warranted for wildflower on site of proposed lithium mine

Agency finds protections warranted for wildflower on site of proposed lithium mine

Where Can I Get This Mask?

Consulting firm tied to Proud Boys is sole beneficiary of PAC

Holocaust Survivor Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene

Judge says Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone will face contempt hearing

Judge says Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone will face contempt hearing

Acosta: Advisers trying to talk Trump out of idea that's 'so damn crazy'

Archdiocese of Milwaukee won't cooperate with Wisconsin sex abuse probe

Psychiatrist: 'Donald Trump Is Delusional' Even Out Of Office

Kurt Andersen: Trump 'Shamelessly Stupid' For Believing In Reinstatement - The Last Word - MSNBC

Anti-Vaccine Pastor Learns The Hard Way About Science

The bill was never introduced, but Sisolak's Blockchains concept is still alive


Sisolak 'damn proud' of Legislature, will sign state public option bill, explains death penalty

CDC says Florida lawsuit imperils summer cruises to Alaska

Marc Elias says federal legislation is the only way to combat this 'avalanche of voter suppression'

Tweet of the early morning:

Disinformation is 'biggest election security issue that we face'

Oklahoma high court strikes down governor's Medicaid outsourcing plan

😊 Dad's SOOTHING Bok Choy Soup (白菜猪肉汤)!

Covid: White House defends Dr Fauci over lab leak emails

orian Valedictorian Goes Off Script To Blast Texas Abortion Law

India orders 300 million unapproved Covid jabs

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: We are playing with fire and it has to stop

We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

Biden bans US investment in Chinese military and tech surveillance sectors

We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

Idaho family says teacher had students push girl down stairs

Prosecutors propose ex-federal judge to review Giuliani's mobile devices, computers for privilege is

Prosecutors propose ex-federal judge to review Giuliani's mobile devices, computers for privilege is

This Idaho group is 'huge threat' to democracy, GOP Senate leader says at Boise forum

Black Spokane twins say they were humiliated by middle school lesson asking them to clean cotton

Michelle Wie West Was Ready to Retire. Then She Got Mad.

US troops accidentally raid sunflower oil factory in Bulgaria

Japan sends 1.2 mil. Vaccines doses to Taiwan

'Turn the lights out' on democracy if Kyrsten Sinema doesn't come around on the filibuster: David Pl

Arctic sea ice thinning twice as fast as thought, study finds

Full Frontal, Samantha Bee: How (And Why) Black Voter Rights Are Under Attack

Washington no longer on pace to beat June 30 vaccine goal

The Picturebooks Feat. Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) - Rebel

Breakfast Friday 4 June 2021

The RW media simply hates smart, decent human beings of all stripes. nt

NC Senate nixes environment chief, but Cooper rehires her

How Trump plans to "hold rallies".

Vaccinated New Mexicans eligible for sweepstakes with $5 million grand prize

Listening to Pence, what the hell did he and Trump do over the last four years but help destroy

About Trump shutting down his blog due to the slow traffic on his blog . . . . .

Like an unattended plant that has no brain, Trump will wither up and die if the media simply ignores

Lujan Grisham announces reelection campaign

Analysis: How the Supreme Court has tilted election law to favor the Republican Party

All counties are turquoise as 60 percent fully vaccinated nears

Vaccine hesitancy in Australia may hamper plans for 'homesick' Irish

Voting Laws Roundup, May 2021: Brennan Center For Justice

Native American tribe in Maine buys back island taken 160 years ago

Look at this scam I just received.

Trump supporter pleads guilty to assaulting WCCO-TV photojournalist in Duluth

I don't know if we'll ever see eye to eye on this issue...

Friday TOONs - I'm Reinstated! Reinstated! Ohhhhh, reinstat.....

Biden's Schedule for Friday, June 4, 2021

I guess we need to prepare

Two useless cats For Sale. Will take any offer

What do you think of it so far? Voters rate Amlo's Mexico 'transformation'

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 28 May - 4 June (2021)

Sexual violence along pipeline route follows Indigenous women's warnings

'Trump is a deeply disturbed individual' who's getting worse every day: George Conway

Australia:Schools in Melbourne reopen amid COVID-19 lockdown, threatening teacher and student safety

A Chinese 'Auntie' Went on a Solo Road Trip. Now, She's a Feminist Icon.

Question has anyone been asked to present their proof of vaccine to employer.

On this day, June 4, 1989, Jeff Widener of the Associated Press took this picture:

Ancient tsunami could have wiped out Scottish cities today, study finds

Suburban Man Runs Website For Far-Right Extremists

Czech bill to compensate forcibly sterilized Roma passes


Nasa plans return to Venus with two missions by 2030

Monarch Butterflies Collapse In California; 30-Year Decline 99% From Poisons, Warming, Habitat Loss

Third Activist Director Will Join ExxonMobil Board After Close Shareholder Vote

The Wall of Shame

USFL Coming Back

What a deal! Only $19.99 for a DM from Coke Jr.!

When the delusion is this cray cray...

"Except for the one small incident, Mrs. Lincoln..?"

Hong Kong organizer arrested, police deployed to quell Tiananmen Square memorials

The Morning Joe table... Joe is talking so loud and forcefully,

Dan Rather "Who knew that they had so much room to go for bike rides while stuck in their basement?"

HIV/AIDS at 40: Progress has been plentiful, but vaccine still elusive

when the former guy dies, we MUST have his brain examined.

The Rundown: June 4, 2021

The origin of Super Villains: Prometheus

U.S. economy adds 559,000 jobs in May, as the recovery shows signs of strength

May Jobs Report: +559,000 Jobs, UE rate falls to 5.8% (-0.3)

A variation on an oldie:

BREAKING: Economy picked up 559,000 jobs in May as the recovery from the pandemic continued

New Rule: The Baldy Awards Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

After 2-Year Battle, House Panel To Interview Trump Counsel Don McGahn

What a revolting situation!

Democrats debate shape of new Jan. 6 probe

Pence Gets Cool Reception In New Hampshire

Martin Sheen Rips Hustling Bum T---- With A Critique That Could Be Right Out Of 'The West Wing'

Enbridge Line 3: Sexual violence along pipeline route follows Indigenous women's warnings

World leaders 'ignoring' role of destruction of nature in causing pandemics

California moves closer to decriminalizing psychedelic drugs as bill passes state Senate

Working remotely--a bricklayer's dream.

Cartoon: Gator reinstator By Clay Jones -June 4, 2021 9:00 AM

Tens of Thousands of British People In Europe Could Soon Become 'Undocumented Migrants' Thanks To Br

Hypothetical: Trump announces 2024 candidacy, Twitter and Facebook reinstate him, prosecutions die..

Blackfeet Nation achieve 98% vax rate, share vax with other tribes

What is it with Tony Bennett...

My relative is still suffering from a reaction to the Pfizer vax.

The K-Bomb!

had a silly thought about making coffee-- mix the sugar and powdered milk in the...

Exclusive data: Trump's traffic flop

WORLD Pfizer jab produces less antibodies against Delta variant of coronavirus: Lancet study

Ever heard of Scopolamine being used for interrogations? IE Guantanamo Bay??

Alleged US Capitol rioter who heckled police for 'protecting pedophiles' served jail time for statut

A positive today - my grandson and I move on from 4th grade.

What happened to Bo Diddley? I liked him for a while back in the day and now he's gone...

Can We Stop Psychopath-Driven Inequality From Making Society More Sick?

Agility competition for cats

I'm sure this is the real deal. "A high up and trusted, military source I know." (

Happy national audacity to hope day......❤️

Allen West resigns as chair of Texas Republican Party

Joe: America is on the move again.

If they have such little respect for themselves & their family imagine how others will fare.

Drug dealers caught after undertaking police on M6 hard shoulder

Jill & Joe out riding bikes

'Karen' baby name popularity drops over 170 spots in 2020

Just wondering...if Joe Manchin supports any bill,

In my 75th year, I discovered a cleaning/de-cluttering approach

Judge to sentence former Matt Gaetz 'wingman' Joel Greenberg on Aug. 19

Manchin to support voting rights??

'Trump man' defecates on neighbors' lawn because they're Democrats

US Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell tells CNN, "There was no Antifa there. The sea of people

Just wanted to aim my DU friends towards Robert Hubbell's Newsletter.

How it started Going ❤️❤️❤️

Alleged insurrectionist who heckled cops for 'protecting pedophiles' served time for statutory rape

TLP : The Real Antifa. Anti-Fascism: It's not a cable news talking point, it's an American ideal


It's not a labor shortage: It's a good jobs shortage

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Liver biopsy about to begin (updated)

this type of history

Sen. Shirkey secretly profits from China while posing as a hawk and fighting transparency

Heart reaction probed as possible rare vaccine link in teens

Your elevenses Insurrectionist Roundup

Florida man attacked by alligator while diving for megalodon teeth in river

Album released on this date in 1984

Don McGahn Is Finally Testifying About Trump's Obstruction. In Other Words, the Coverup Worked

Does Tim Ryan have a chance in Ohio?

Minneapolis- again

Donald Trump's parting gift to Washington was a party of shitposters

Freddy was born on this date.

This is a 'Painted Bunting'

Donald Trump's Parting Gift to Washington Was a Party of Shitposters

One family's escape from Trump's border hell: a 130-week diary

Housing is a Social Good: Boston Review

Insurrectionist Spotlight: Thomas Sibick hearing

Is it still correct to use the term "mestizo?"

What Donald Trump taught America: Democracy can die slowly, or all at once

Quisling ?

"Steven, you're looking the wrong way"

This grandmother is really enjoying her 103rd birthday!

346 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; 20 deaths

Good Day DU (June 4, 2021)

Russian President and noted humanitarian Vladimir Putin

How long are we going to let these two play for the other team and block Biden and our agenda?

Old Dirt Roads

Bird lovers are grappling with honorary names linked to racists. Audubon tops the list.

Trump-loving Allen West is 'leaving disaster in his wake' after abrupt resignation:Texas GOP insider

USA Today fights subpoena aimed at readers of Florida FBI shooting story

Bwah!1 The Texas wingnut circular firing squad - Allen WEST quits, maybe running against ABBOTT!1

Biden Touts Job Gains as 'Historic Progress'

'You Are Full Of Poop': A Proud Boy-Fueled Power Struggle Divides Portland-Area GOP

CDC director urges parents to vaccinate teens, noting increased hospitalization rates

I struggled with the right forum for this...Roadrunner

Gaetz friend faces sentencing in August, judge accepts pleas

Blackwater founder Prince takes role in COVID vaccine venture

Are enough unvaccinated Repukes dying from Covid-19 to swing elections permanently?

Couple charged after 3-year-old found in ferry parking lot

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain - in theaters July 16

Netanyahu Retweets Claim That "Overthrowing" Him Will Bring About The "Collapse Of Global Right Wing

Any recs on marijuana stocks?

She once sang at Carnegie Hall. Now she's charged with attacking police with a flagpole in the

My COVID-19 experience in the pharmacy today

SnotGobbler Defends Schembechler

Charles Cooke Emphatically Confirms Haberman: 'The Scale of Trump's Delusion is Astounding'

Facebook: Trump's actions merit "highest penalty available" - suspension through AT LEAST Jan. 2023

Neighborhood Asshole just put up a HUGE "Don't blame me, I voted for tRump" flag

Ex-accountant for Pa. egg farm embezzled $6.8M

Missouri governor does not pardon Kevin Strickland, whose innocence claim won support

Laurence Tribe puts Trump & RW support in perspective. Foil voter suppression, Foil RW here on out.

Court sides with Ted Cruz in campaign finance lawsuit

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

"Breaking: Facebook has suspended Trump for two years, until at least January 2023."

Abramson: "Reinstatement in August" is Trump's Plan to Head Off Indictment

Pa. dad goes to prison after teen son fatally shoots twin brother

Republicans draw inspiration from problem-plagued Arizona audit

Trump's latest statement praises Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano, who was repeatedly photographed w


Japan Enters Taiwan-China Fight With Vaccine Shipments to Taipei

Biden offers to keep 2017 Trump tax cuts intact in infrastructure counteroffer to GOP

Trump will remain off Facebook for at least two years

Trump will remain off Facebook for at least two years


Trump blusters that PA state senate leaders (GOP) won't be re-elected if they don't audit 2020 GE

Because you want to see a doggy that removes all the rugs in the house when Nana comes over to visit

Volusia County shooting highlights issues with Florida juvenile justice, foster care systems

Rapid growth in Arizona's suburbs bets against an uncertain water supply

Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Abandoned Stray Cat And Now They Are Inseparable

Former nursing home manager pleas to endangering 3 residents

I got this one from my youngest son:

Shaking Shelter Dog Covers Her Foster Dad's Face With Kisses

Eric Metaxas' radio show banned from YouTube for violating 'misinformation,' 'integrity' policies

Insurrectionist Spotlight: U.S. Marine veteran Carey Jon Walden

California Votes To Continue Requiring Masks At Work If Anyone Is Unvaccinated

Cat can't stop playing with the projection version of himself!!

Bargain hunters pounce as Trump condo prices hit decade lows

Supreme Court rejects Johnson & Johnson's appeal of $2 billion penalty in baby powder cancer case

Trump whines that "our country" can't take "this abuse" from Facebook, with suspension thru 2023

BOY could we use some good vibes if you've got 'em.

Putin questions U.S. prosecution of Capitol rioters, saying mob carried only 'political requests'

Amazon fired him - now he's trying to unionize 5,000 workers in New York

Falwell: Liberty University lawsuit a guise for "salacious false allegations"

Pool report: Biden left the room to a shouted question regarding whether he has confidence in Dr. Fa

"Big UFO report" will say nothing, just like always.

Pro-Trump, anti-Biden signs with foul language cause stir in New Jersey town

The former president is actively pulling a huge percentage of contributions away from the RNC to his

Two Middle Tennessee residents arrested for role in US Capitol riot

Let's be clear about one thing...

Trump Suspended From Facebook For Two Years (MSNBC)

A Moment of Calm and Cute with Zephyr the Wolf

Question about the Biden corporate tax proposal

Who all is going to the "My Pillow" gig tomorrow?

BCA: No body camera footage of deadly law enforcement shooting at Minneapolis parking garage

Netanyahu Suggests He's Being 'Overthrown'

Haberdashery is pronounced dead

Tensions rise in Minneapolis after police fatally shoot suspect

I was curious who paid for the vaccination

El Salvador's facade of democracy crumbles as president purges his political opponents

JP Morgan Freezes Donations to GOP Lawmakers

Lawyer who filed yesterday's Lindell lolsuit is out of a job

Better check the dentist or other health providers next. From a letter published today (not mine)

So What Are the Odds That Trump Is Playing the Odds

Overnight vandalism, looting follow law enforcement shooting of man in Uptown Minneapolis

The new PSA from Newtown Action is heart wrenching (National Gun Violence Awareness Day):

Nigeria suspends Twitter after president's tweet was deleted

Storm coming to Calvert County.

Several E.U. Countries Launch Digital COVID Certificates for Travelers

Detained Belarus dissident breaks down in state TV interview, renewing fears of coercion and torture

Now that I'm two weeks fully vaccinated my wife and I went to the movies . The MOVIES!

Cartoons 6/4/2021

With grace, she protects the osprey brood.

Statement from former President Trump related to Facebook ban: "Next time I'm in the White House the

Passions escalate as Sound Transit ponders project delays

Gov Andy Bashear Announces Shot-At-A-Million Vaccine Lottery for Kentucky

The two Republicans attending the closed Don McGahn interview: Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, Nadler tel

Manhattan DA brought Trump Organization controller to testify before special grand jury: Sources

UW to require all employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by fall

Doggie Heaven !

Liberal Democrats restless over Biden's infrastructure talks with Republicans

But his emails!!

As Trump restarts rallies, GOP strategists hope against all odds that he won't rehash 2020 election

Hundreds gather near Hong Kong park despite vigil ban

Kleptocrats. Opinion by David Ignatius Columnist June 3, 2021 at 6:35 p.m. EDT

Wonder how DeSantis is taking Facebook's decision to ban Trump two additional years

China's COVID-19 vaccines don't appear to be effective at preventing outbreaks in the real world

Amid drought, Utah governor declares weekend of prayer for rain

Who the heck are these people that put these ideas in his head?

They should give $500 to each person who gets fully vaxed.

Pillow guy's lawyers said Dominion and Smartmatic's suit against him will cost him $2 billion

training the new guy (White House Marine sentry)

Conservatives are spending big on bashing Anthony Fauci

National Donut Day 2021 deals: Get free donuts at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' and more Friday

The attacks on Fauci by

Pooty stands up for his bro Trump

Top 15 Primetime Shows (TV Guide, June 1985)

Venerated KTVU anchor Frank Somerville will be 'taking time away' after slurred weekend broadcast

Trump's Seat of Power and Honor

Mike Pence Calls Systemic Racism A 'Left-Wing Myth' At Republican Event

Myrtle Beach Ben & Jerry's Franchisee to Pay $21,360 in Back Wages, Fines After Investigation

Sinema's Position on the Filibuster Echoes Goldwater's Case Against Civil Rights

Arizona Secretary of State on audit: This whole thing is a joke

There's nothing "delusional" about Donald Trump's conspiracy theories. They are working

On this day, June 4, 1944, the Allies liberated Rome.

Manhattan DA brought Trump Organization controller to testify before special grand jury

Is there polling in WVA that supports Manchin's Pro-filibuster position?

Tune in to the first-ever social media briefing with Jen Psaki.

Capitol rioter who heckled police for 'protecting pedophiles' served jail time for rape of 14 YO

Schenectady High School email on how to 'ally with the Palestinians' stirs controversy

Did Mike Pence just doom his 2024 chances?

This Dog Is Best Friends With Butterflies

Biden throwing shade at his "predecessor"

The most awesome movie scene ever.

"Russia will completely remove U.S. dollar assets from its National Wealth Fund".

Rick Wilson has a colorful way with words:

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 4, 2021

Matt Gaetz looks a little rough:

Dear Corporations, Just because you're saing that you're not homophobic.....

What a great jobs report!:

Falwell: LU lawsuit a guise for "salacious false allegations"

PPP aid flooded fast food outlets facing labor complaints

Outside of my house,

Visiting in Calvert County

Breaking: Feds say at least 500 charged for Jan 6

OAN today is soliciting volunteers from their audience to come down to Maricopa to join a 'third shi

UN: Cost of food rises at fastest pace in over a decade

UN: Cost of food rises at fastest pace in over a decade

'Kneel Before Trump': George P. Bush Mocked For 'Selling Out His Own Family'

Nurse is willing to lose her job to avoid getting vaccine. Hear why (CNN)

Trump Sycophants Plead for Less Coup Talk at Saturday Rally

Couple Who Falsely Claimed to be Farmers Sentenced in $1.1 Million COVID-Relief Fraud

Arizona Sec. of State Says Audit Could 'Produce the Result That They Want'

His Facebook account is still toast,

Big law firm Partner Leaves Firm After Representing My Pillow CEO in Suit

Trump's Republican convention fireworks caused $42,000 in damage to the National Mall

Let's talk about republicans not wanting to debate....

We Reported on How California Rarely Cracks Down on Oil Companies. Now Regulators Have Fined One

Study Confirms Conservatives Are Easily Tricked Into Believing Fake News

Criminal trial against Rio Arriba Sheriff ends in mistrial

Derek Chauvin Says He Deserves Probation Instead Of Prison Because 'The System Is Broken' - ROF

Proposed Rule: Definition of Frame or Receiver and Identification of Firearms

pray for rain!!!

This new Pringles advert is definitely out there

Voting "Enhancement" - Mark Fiore

Insurrectionist Spotlight: Brandon Fellows, in court today

Insurrectionist Spotlight: Anthime Gionet, aka Baked Alaska, in court today

Hey trof!

"Burning Sands". Don't waste your time on this one.

'Little room for error': Harris faces first foreign test as VP in Mexico, Guatemala

NPS Plans To Expand Deer Hunts To More Parks, Citing Overpopulation

Post a little-known fact about someone famous

If you think our democracy is safe, you haven't been paying attention

With speech at GOP state convention, Donald Trump returns -- to North Carolina and public view

Young father killed with one punch following fender bender in Philadelphia

NASA chief says Russia leaving ISS could kick off a space race

Donald Trump scheduled to speak at Dallas CPAC's 'America UnCanceled' event in July

and John Isner only American left in draw, and he's not winning.......

BTRTN: "Democracy Itself is in Peril"

BTRTN: "Democracy Itself is in Peril"

Insurrectionist Roundup for your suppertime entertainment

Amazon describes workers as 'industrial athletes', recommends shoes that accommodate swollen feet

McConnell: Beshear should end extra $300 a week in unemployment insurance benefits

USA Today fights FBI subpoena asking them to hand over readers' info

Fugelsang 😆

Biden Rejects Higher GOP Infrastructure Offer from Capito

Mexico City to Reopen Most Activities as Covid Outbreak Improves

twogunsid......where are you??? The Belmont is tomorrow......

Week 6 of the 2-week audit of ballots cast in Maricopa County...Show me the bamboo!

Wonkette: Albuquerque Mayor's Race Roiled By DONGCOPTER

Putin signs law banning 'extremists' from running in elections, on Navalny's birthday

Covid infections rise by two-thirds in UK - ONS

Covid infections rise by two-thirds in UK - ONS

Hot pattern to swell over much of Lower 48 this weekend.

Safety agency bans range of unregulated baby sleep products tied to at least 90 deaths

Kamloops Residential Schools: UN experts urge Canada and Vatican to hold swift mass graves invest...

NRA Drops Lawsuit Against New York

portable air conditioners - why you shouldn't use them (those kind that roll around)

Argentina begins local production of Russia's Sputnik vaccine

Argentina begins local production of Russia's Sputnik vaccine

In case any science professionals here are looking for a job - ISO: MLS or Researcher with...

Oh my, just heard on NBC news, Apple is letting it's employees work from anywhere for two weeks

Can We Buy Manchin's & Sinema's Votes?.....

People have abandoned hundreds of cats on a deserted Brazilian island. Officials aren't sure how to

People have abandoned hundreds of cats on a deserted Brazilian island. Officials aren't sure how to

Humor we Ordered pizzas all three dogs working the room like ushers at a evangelical tent revival


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-- when this good boy came up and hugged him -- and wouldn't let go.

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