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Two NYPD Cops Fired For 'Depraved' Exploitation - Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

New Orleans Mayor: we can't respond to all 911 calls. They are beyond capacity.

Has anyone seen Frenchie Cat around lately ?

Triumph - Lay It On The Line

Those Virus Sequences That Were Suddenly Deleted? They're Back

Vietnam to extend lockdown throughout southern region as COVID cases soar

Fernando ABBA

Democratic voters likely tipped a Texas special election against the TFG-backed candidate as a 'f-u

Eviction disaster looming - Ideas on what to do?

Florida nightlife is going wild and college students refuse to stop the party even as the Delta

Daily Show' Creates Great New Word To Describe House GOP Anger At Wearing Masks Again

Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts

Keilar: Rubio took a swing, missed and hit himself in the face

2022 US Senate Election Predictions of all of the states the Democrats will win.

Facebook is committing genocide level crimes by allowing the Disinformation Dozen to continue.

From computerized carts to "Chef Bots," how AI is becoming a bigger part of grocery shopping

This time of year, is zucchini an invasive species?

Officials set up a mobile center at a Missouri fair to boost vaccinations. No one showed up.

Vaccinated people are ready for normalcy -- and angry at the unvaccinated getting in their way

Five Persons Shot In Front Of Indianapolis Funeal Home

McCarthy "jokes" about hitting Pelosi

Trump Junior And Ron DeSantis Are The Most Popular Republicans In New Poll

As of 2017, Dr. Joseph Mercola had made more than $100M as an anti-vaxxer pushing supplements.

It may be the bourbon talking, but I just wanted to say:

Calling Out Harassment In The Sciences

Bay Area scientists explain why the delta variant is 'COVID on steroids'

Guns, Guns, and More Guns...Availability of Guns is Horrific.

Trump FREAKS OUT over HUGE LOSS in court - Christo Aivalis

kick the unvaxxed to the curb

Look at that. Olympic swimmer Michael Andrew is wearing a mask.

Doctors Beg Ron DeSantis To Do Something To Slow COVID Spread In Florida - Ring of Fire

This San Francisco nonprofit will offer free weed to adults who get the COVID vaccine

Tweet of the Day

Fox finally says the quiet part out loud.

Osprey kid made it to another perch,

I'm happy because I found someone...

Sidney Powell, mental health hazmat site

'Botched': Arizona GOP's ballot count ends, troubles persist

Lollapalooza on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

scarlett Jiohannsen Vs Disney, how it paints a picture of us

*NOW, Native Americans

I love it when they eat their own.

Stephen King

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Video)

26 million workers have gotten a raise thanks to the Fight for $15, this week in the war on workers

A sporadically rainy day makes way for a rainy night

Former RNC chairman to Jim Jordan on Jan. 6: 'You know, b****, what time you called the president'

Partygoers Claimed Black Missouri Teen Died by Suicide--Inquest Calls BS

Public opinion question

'Vote them out': Willie Nelson headlines Texas protest rally

Happy Dog Shadow

I am a Vikings football fan..but anyone in the league that doesn't get Covid shot should be benched

golden retriever endures huskies howling in car... omg

Activists Reach Day Four In Rally Through Texas To Protect Voting Rights - MSNBC

Daughter of President LBJ Says Her Father Would Have Stood with Texas Voting Rights - MSNBC

Guess its time to 'fess up and say the quiet part out loud

Sack on Anti-vaxers

Olympian Defends Coach's Controversial Face Slap Before Competition

Out of control and rising: why bitcoin has Nigeria's government in a panic

TFG raked in $82 million in first half of 2021 and has more than $100 million in the bank

COVID 19 and Native Americans: What are their vaccination rates?

We're going to have to extend unemployment benefits again

I'm not sure how many here are really interested in this, but I felt I had to post ...

I'm not sure how many here are really interested in this, but I felt I had to post ...

Driving it home--Charlottesville bus drivers look to unionize

2022 US Senate Elections in states the Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Love Is The Answer - England Dan & John Ford Coley - Lyrics

2016: Why Olympic Boxers Aren't Wearing Headgear Anymore

Tonight's lullaby is from Dannielle Nicole

Total Unrecall

I can't even.

Trump Illegally PRETENDING to be President - Christo Aivalis

It was a thing of beauty.

We are having a lovely respite from the heat here in Boulder County.

Apparently all blonde ladies have to have the exact same face to get

A rigged economy is billionaires not paying a nickel in income tax

If I hear one more

Dedicated to anti antiva/antimaskers (cartoon at bottom of link):

Amazing Stat from Olympic Men's 1500M Final (Swimming)

Olympic swimming question: why does it matter what lane they are in?

Sundae Go For Baroque: 2 by Caldera and one by Schmelzer

Gary Clark Jr. Live

Crime and Punishment: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted, Pt. 38

Asa Hutchison Met With Jeers During COVID Event as Cases Surge in Arkansas: 'Liar'

Layman dealing with pandemic paranoia: Home grown fever & sensory taste - do these work?

"Hey... You f*cked up! You trusted us!" - The GOP

Virginia will reopen one of five state-run mental hospitals to new admissions

God is Not Dead 4 (w/Judge Jeanine Pirro)- Franchise Questioned from perspective of UK's Emma Thorne

Out-And-Proud Raven 'Hulk' Saunders Takes Silver In Women's Shot Put.

First Dose Vaccination Rates Rising - NBC News

Sex Machine

2 from Pink Floyd that takes sprink back...

An Antidote for Strychnine

The Democratic Establishment Is Going All Out To Beat Nina Turner

Chaise Longue

Gypsy That Remains

'Covid started out as a virus but mutated into an IQ test'

Roman Holiday

Federal prosecutors offer plea deal to former Rocky Mount policemen charged in Capitol riot

Falwell's challenges against Liberty lawsuit fall short

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Moods for Moderns

First Afghan interpreters, their families arrive in the U.S. on special visas - PBS NewsHour

"How Different Would America be if 4 Presidents Hadn't Committed Treason?"

Conan's tour of Londinium

Happy to see U.S. and Canadian women embracing (no spoilers)

Former Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe heads to trial on federal bribery charges next week

Tim Anderson's criticism of Sen. Louise Lucas is not defamation, judge rules

Whitehouse REVEALS Koch, Trump and Kavanaugh's Role In Changing The Courts

2022 US Senate Elections in states Democrats are likely to win.

60 Percent of Deer Tested in Michigan Have Been Exposed to SARS-CoV-2

Breakfast Sunday 1 August 2021

Help me out here, I got nothin ...

Eutelsat Quantum: breakthrough reprogrammable satellite launches

Golden Retriever And Deer Have Been Best Friends For 11 Years

No children, no vote: Fox News's latest asinine suggestion

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I-40 bridge linking Arkansas, Tennessee re-opened

2022 US Senate Elections in all of the states the Democrats are likely to win.

Greater Washington Jewish Community Dismayed by Two VA GOP House of Delegates Candidates Making

Greater Washington Jewish Community Dismayed by Two VA GOP House of Delegates Candidates Making

Rep. Swalwell: Trump 'Has All The Elements In Place To Try And Overturn An Election Again'

I can't stop smiling: DIRECT FROM PHILADELPHIA....

the thuggiest of thugs: Altanta cop Donald Vickers

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Foppish Knight Edition

'Why You Sent a Boy Wonder to Do a Man's Job' - Zack Snyder's Justice League

Senate leader Phil Berger calls CDC guidance on masks 'guidance to ignore'

Titans Season 3 Official Trailer HBO Max

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, August 1, 2021

SAS and Cisco will require employees to be vaccinated to return to the office

He spent 34 years in prison. Evidence on file for decades exonerated him last month.

But it is especially hard to do when organizing is illegal. (The Voter Suppression Schemes)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blames this for surge in cases

Team Trump had two pre-insurrection war councils on January 5th. Attendees include:

No one in power has been held accountable.

Sky News Australia barred for week by YouTube over Covid misinformation

North Carolina HBCU to pay off pandemic-related student debt

Are the wheels finally coming off the clown car?

State law: UNC Press leader can stay on despite opposition from UNC Board of Governors

Jerry was born on this date.

Once again, a crowded breakfast bar. I had to extend the Cat Cafe

TOON Bonus - The Compleat Bloom'n Hobbes

Rep. Matt Gaetz Tells Crowd His Brain Is Affected by 'the Florida Variant'

Doonesbury - Totally Psyched

The anti vaxxer

"Won't wear a mask because they think it will make them look stupid"......

Dog Finds An Injured Parrot And They Become Best Friends

Schmidt relentlessly slammed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) as opportunistic

"They treat you like you're just too dumb to make good decisions for your family,"...

New York Has $2.7 Billion for Rent Relief. Many Have Yet to Receive Aid.

TOON Bonus 2 - Hobbes And Bacon

N.Korean leader's sister warns Seoul against military drill with Washington

Have you ever just had a "feeling" about someone that you could not really explain but that

Pizza for shots: UK targets young with vaccine incentives

Vizsla dog is trying to get settled under his blanket...

What it's like to work in Death Valley, where businesses face 130-degree weather, flash floods

Olympic Spoiler

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Jim Dandy Stakes

The Beav has a point...

An Uncertain New Phase of the Pandemic, in Which Cases Surge But Deaths Do Not

There are droves of Republican politicians going in and out of Trump's NJ club.

State TV: Russians Are Using Prosthetic Arms to Dodge COVID Jabs

We had two SCOTUS members stolen by rethugs. Let us not forget what they did.

Undermining the outrage machine

Why Are We Expected to Love Our Jobs?

Rudy Giuliani says 'I committed no crime' while working for Trump


At GOP Fundraising Dinner, Kevin McCarthy Jokes About Hitting Nancy Pelosi With Gavel If...

40 Years Ago Today This Happened

Murder Rate Rose In Republican Cities, Too

I picked up my brother's remains at the Post Office the other day.

Rudy Giuliani Says He's 'More Than Willing To Go To Jail' But Did Nothing Wrong

Why do Republicans keep sending these unserious, comical morons to Congress?

Are there any power wheelchair and portable oxygen concentrator users on DU?

LGBTQ Olympic Gold and World Record just now in women's athletics (warning, spoiler)

Sky News Australia banned from YouTube for seven days over Covid misinformation

Three Different Perspectives

Canada just surpassed us on vaccinations. Good for them, and shame on us

Ron DeSantis: "I want to see my kids smiling." (caution, graphic photographs)

Governors want Biden to explain why the U.S. border is shuttered to Canadians

Mortality Associated With Carbon Releases Traced to Sources, Per Capita Releases and Deaths Caused.

"Operator'. If you're looking for something a bit different.

BTRTN: The Obvious Solution...The Donald J. Trump MAGA COVID-19 Vaccine, Effective for Republicans

Autistic girl

Just when you think you're home free, a huge urge will hit you!

Never cross a person who's tools are bigger than yours.

Asylum incident at Haneda Airport (Tokyo)

You know Kevin, can I call you Kevin,,,when someone does this s....t they are more worried about


thoughts on today's Google doodle and the line between human and nonhuman

Mike Lindell's Plot to Destroy America - The Atlantic

There is more written about and are more photos and vids posted depicting Agent Orange

Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg are public enemies with blood in their hands

Weird car event: Toyota Rav 4, 2011 rear lights came on without any cause

If you can't beat them - Confuse them

Kenneth Copeland told his congregation this morning how God gave him an airplane.

Happy 60th Birthday to President Obama (August 4th)

Johnny Carson's Last Guest

Joseph Flynn, social media troll, disinformation spreader, and brother of Michael Flynn, has Covid

I Love George Takei.

Lumbering giant does it his way - Giant Mastiff at the dog show

BTRTN: The Obvious Solution...The Donald J. Trump MAGA COVID-19 Vaccine, Effective for Republicans

Sen. Mike Lee suggests mask mandates violate the First Amendment...

Elaine Stritch -- The Ladies Who Lunch, Company, 1982

Bill Conti - "Going The Distance" & "The Final Bell"

Democrats ARE Pro Life

Celebrating Jerry Garcia: Days Between 2021

As eviction ban expires, Florida has distributed only 2% of funds to help renters

Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other "cures" for COVID-19 are promoted

Teri Kanefield: Why They Are Anti-Government and Pro-Insurrection

Western Wildfires May Take Weeks To Months To Contain

John Legend (U Can't Touch This) vs Common (All Night Long) | Lip Sync Battle

Hey, a minute? Let's talk about WHO had phone calls with Trump on Jan 6th.

A Meditation On Practical Applications Of Stupidity

WOW! Republican Senator throws Trump completely under the bus as she says he is culpable for Jan 6

90s Dance Medley - Pentatonix

Good Day DU (August 1, 2021)

Puke Madison Cawthorn has gun taken away by airport police...

Volunteers needed

Joe Bell

'How to Talk About Freedom During a Pandemic'

How long are the Moderna shots effective?

2306 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.;5 deaths

YouTuber bet a physicist $10,000 that a wind-powered vehicle could travel twice as fast as the wind

Shemekia Copeland

People Power Florida doing amazing things. Please consider following and donating

Our brother Paul Gosar backed Trump's lie and betrayed America. Has he no shame?

Gov. Death Sentence has killed off his margin of victory

Anti-Vaxxers after doing their "Research". ✨SOUND ON✨

Kevin McCarthy jokes about assaulting Nancy Pelosi.

Parrot Insists On Singing Whenever Dad Plays Guitar

DeathSantis no longer encouraging vaccinations

$75 If we have to hear why you disagree

"Christians Against the Pot" (Sunday chuckle)

During a perfect misinformation storm many don't trust the truth tellers because they've met them.

"Please make sure my children get vaccinated"

I think I'll curl up and take a nap right here...

What If The Republican Party Was Always Hot Garbage?

Myanmar military ruler extends coup with promise of elections in 2023

UK joins Israel saying Iran attacked tanker; Tehran denies

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 1, 2021?

I'm An ICU Doctor And I Cannot Believe The Things Unvaccinated Patients Are Telling Me

Moody Blues - Isn't Life Strange

U.S. senators predict passage of infrastructure bill this week, but still waiting for final text

One good thing about Covid:

So watcha watcha watcha want? A hard as hell Blues Rock Cover of a Beastie Boys classic?

U.S. Wastes Vaccine as Cases Rise and Some Nations Beg for Doses

My community here in New Haven is furious with Yale...let me explain...

Lilies of the Field - Amen

Kinzinger open to issuing subpoenas for members of Congress, including McCarthy

The Best Responses To Public Notices Ever

She told her sister: 'Please make sure my children get vaccinated'

Mask mandates for vaccinated is about protecting the COVIDIOTs.

Audit push by PA GOP lawmaker hits roadblock as counties decline to hand over election materials

Could you live without bacon? Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect

Lagos floods: Africa's most populous city could be unlivable in a few decades, experts warn

WTF CNN? Biden follows script that led to century of Jim Crow segregation

Fans pack Florida stadium for concert as state reports record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases

TN Pastor tells congregation COVID Delta variant is a hoax & will throw out anyone wearing masks

Resurgent Taliban escalates nationwide offensive in Afghanistan

TFG lashed out after documents were released showing him pressuring Justice Department officials

I found this older video of Nina Turner...

MAGAts claiming Officer Fanone was an insurrectionist

Who Are You / August 18, 1978

Matt Gaetz has the 'free dumb variant'

Wealthy candidate pumps staggering $2.3 million of her own money into Florida special election

All day rain here today

My younger daughter's problems w/vaccine

GETTR (Trumpworld App) Bankrolled by Chinese

How we at DU welcome the month of August

Bucs will be 92-percent vaccinated by Aug. 13, Bruce Arians says

Manchin says he "can't imagine" supporting a change to the filibuster rules for voting rights

Brace Yourself.... Scientists suspect Lambda SARS-CoV-2 variant most dangerous

Do BIG Cats Like Watermelon?

Sydney Powell's latest attempt as revisionist history

We are witnessing the classic destruction of a democratic republic not unlike the 1930's Germans.

'Things Are Going To Get Worse': Dr. Anthony Fauci

Our brother is a traitor to America. He should be kicked out of Congress.

Dying from COVID can be a good thing?

The eviction ban ending - do you realize how bad the homeless situation already is WITHOUT it?

So besides the obvious of a frost........when do plants, and trees really stop growing???

Andrew Aydin, John Lewis aide, hopes young Americans use lessons in posthumous graphic novel to


Willie Nelson condemns the Texas voting bill as 'un-American' and headlines at the end of a four-day

One of these fuggers is gonna get Delta and die!

White House adviser asks landlords to seek rental assistance before evicting tenants

Willie Nelson performs for voting rights at Texas Capitol

Biden has historic opportunity to cut pollution with new clean cars rule

National eviction moratorium expires but help is still available for tenants in Washington

Rain On The Way? Washington Weather Forecast

Adidas chooses an American-Israeli Orthodox mom as the face of a new campaign

We have a victory for gun sense! It's complicated, but stay with me.

McCarthy Jokes About Hitting Pelosi

Who didn't see this coming?

What Is the Male Version of a Karen?

Fauci: US unlikely to return to lockdowns

There's Vaccine Drama In Arkansas, Where Rates Are Low And Everyone Has An Opinion

Rep. Madison Cawthorn tried to board plane with gun; could face fine, status loss (tweet free versio

2022 US Senate Elections of all of the states the Democrats are likely to win.

Question: The Left-Wing of House Dems is The SQUAD. Is their Wacky-Wing Rep Counterparts The SQUAT?

Where Olympic visitors get their food in Japan

I Hate My Feet In The Summer

Chicago - Judy Garland

"Can we have two golds?"

It Really Scares Me That There Are Americans Plotting To Overthrow Our Democracy....

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster got the GOP genocide memo

Rudy "more than willing to go to jail" - makes an offer that shouldn't be refused!1

Just a normal Sunday at Global Vision Bible Church...

Mandatory covid testing 3X a week for everyone!

Osprey siblings studying the creek, rainy morning, & later -sunset

J.D. Vance Is Notorious in Washington. In Ohio, Voters Are Still Looking Him Up.

A Republican friend of mine said Trump would have been

Today in Emancipation Day in the Caribbean

Cartoons 8/1/2021

Breakthrough infection reporting sucks!

2 anti-vaxxers fined $20k each

Tourists are being evacuated from holiday beaches by private boats and yachts as Turkey's wildfires

Rep. @AOC on the bipartisan infrastructure deal:

We Hear Of Breakthrough Infections Of Vaccinated People With The Delta Variant. They Say.....

Top high jumpers agree to share gold medal

A killer whale stranded on rocks in Alaska was saved after a group of people spotted it and kept it

Last Thursday I had flu like symptoms and a sore throat

Save the Cockpit Country - home of the Maroons

Donate now to the Bathurst Island Conservative Wildlife Refuge.

2 major San Francisco hospitals reported that 233 staff members tested positive for COVID-19

Sarah Palin Teases Senate Bid

Considering it all, "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people"

Hostile. Hmmm. Still trying to process the ending.

Can a State impose more restrictive screening for certain States that

Two tough fellers - Muscovy ducks

Olympic Swimmer "shits herself" and gets the bronze .... True Story.

Maga logic

The Jackie Robinson of Rodeo

Tokyo Olympics: Mourad Aliev in ring protest after Frazer Clarke defeat

The Smiths - I'm so Sorry

Squeeze - Goodbye Girl

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 2 August 2021

ahh Susan Collins... speaking out of both sides of her mouth

I'm still fretting over a morning fuss I saw between a dad and toddler.

Trumps meeting at Bedminister .... attendees..... madison cawthorne.... et al.

Want to see some planets? The brightest planet Venus will remain

Question for Mandalorian fans.

NASA study into the effects of various drugs on spiders - 1995

Let me tell you why I know all the political and media right wingers are vaccinated

Dana Milbank - Fact check: Is Kevin McCarthy a 'moron'?

'You will not wear masks in this church!' Tennessee pastor screams at congregation

Olympic Spoiler

Actor Shailene Woodley Interview, 'Authenticity Is My Love Language'

Cat lost for 7 months is reunited with boy

Canadians have a lot to learn about this country's history of slavery, experts say

Big Stone Found in Rome Gets Everyone All Excited

Fox News guest: 'I prefer the old-fashioned racism'

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 1, 2021

Juvenile MTG on an issue that touches on the life and death of many people:

Meatloaf Music Video I Would Do Anything for Love I would run into hell & back,

DaBaby booted from Lollapalooza after homophobic comments

The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live- Ireland 1965)

Souls to the Polls? Wait one moment, not so fast.

There's No Business Like Show Business- Unknown Singers

Paying fifty bucks for a fake vaccination card when the vaccination is free. Smh.

Why did Bill Barr leave his job a month early?

Leading academic warns that America is on precipice of losing democracy

Berlin protesters decry coronavirus measures; 600 detained

NOT A spoiler--Out-And-Proud Raven 'Hulk' Saunders Takes Silver In Women's Shot Put

Just No Replacement For Jesus Rides Beside You....

Did Nero Really Fiddle While Rome Burned?

Just found out Walgreens turned away someone trying to get their vaccine.

Today! The 4th anniversary of the 1st hush-money check Trump wrote for Stormy Daniels!

Kindertransport: Jewish Children Rescued From Nazi Europe After Kristallnacht 1938, Sent To Britain

Colombia ex-army chief will be charged over extrajudicial killings

Killing Me Softly - Fugees (Roberta Flack first released it 48 years ago)

But The Vaccine Was Too "Dangerous"

Young People: The Secret Covid Threat?

Trump raised $50.5 million in six months, FEC reports show

Florida/Highest one-day total of Covid cases since start of pandemic

'Mind boggling' data about the unvaccinated and Covid-19

Cesar Milan dog,

State orders $1 million tax refund for Trump, county moves to block it

Obama to Host 60th Birthday Party for Hundreds

'America' Music Video 'A Horse With No Name'

Joe Manchin FINALLY confronted on the question we've all been waiting for - Brian Tyler Cohen

Senator Chris Van Hollen: Totally unacceptable that only a tiny share of the $46.5B

Myanmar junta leader declares himself PM as election timeline stalled

The "secret plan" for August 13th?

'It just went boom': Florida ICU's swamped with younger COVID victims

Why MyPillow CEO decided to pull his ads from Fox News (CNN)

My lucky day - I managed to get another photo of a Monarch

About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC

Bad genes, not rock'n'roll excess, killed Elvis Presley, claims biographer

Haiti - FLASH : A 4th police officer arrested in direct connection with the assassination of Preside

Not sure if this should go in the sports forum or not........Odell Beckum Jr had 1.8 million

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 27

GOP lawmaker who once spurned masks urges people to take covid-19 seriously after eight-month illnes

His campaign is over. But Trump's political groups are still spending donor money at his properties.

Ha ha.....I am the GAWD of finding everything in the clouds......let me explain.

Everybody's Favorite Hummingbird: The Marvelous Spatuletail

Dubliners - Carrickfergus

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Blasts Jim Jordan On His Jan. 6 Trump Amnesia

Florida records most new daily COVID cases in state since pandemic began

just an observation about the Olympic athletes

A cat succumbs to sleepiness despite being curious about bird videos.

Is there any doubt left that if not for Joseph R. Biden, you'd have Coronavirus?

Evacuations lifted as progress made against western fires

Ashley Judd is walking again 5 months after nearly losing her leg in an accident: 'We have come a

This is disgusting "South Carolina governor accuses health experts of 'hyperbole'"

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville Violated Transparency Laws By Not Reporting Stock Trades

What happened to all those suction cup marks on all the Olympic swimmers?

I like my Congressman, but I wish it was Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy. Here's why:

Crypto organizations say tax plan in Senate infrastructure bill poses an 'imminent threat'

It is raining death. I will try to hold up the umbrella for those of you who refuse to get your own

Rep. Jackie Speier Compares TFG to Jonestown Cult Leader Jim Jones: 'Merchants of Deceit'