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Former GOP senator, Trump ally Scott Brown plans to jump back into the political arena

India to launch new Earth observation satellite tonight. Here's how to watch live.

Re: Jen Psaki

TFG calls police officer who killed Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt a murderer: 'We know who he is'

Runaway star caught streaking across Milky Way at 2 million mph ... in the wrong direction

Drone footage of lava flow in Iceland. 8/9/21

Samuel Jackson responds to trumpsters that threaten to boycott his films

Have the parties switched sides on patriotism?

Siberian wildfires dwarf all others on Earth combined

Let's talk about Rand Paul needing a remedial civics lesson....

Ok some swears in this awesome video:

I like Joy Reid and enjoy allot of her outlook and commentary, but, man, she takes as many swipes

Trump Supporters Trying To Turn Florida Into A MAGA Safe Space

Rand Paul discloses 16 months late that his wife bought stock in company behind covid treatment

If you believe that Covid-19 isn't real, then prove it.

Republicans risk becoming face of delta surge as key governors fight mandates

Tennis, tennis, tennis........😀 ok, i've got my favorites......

The almost nonexistent audience for Mike Lindell's nonexistent "evidence"

Wow, Governor Newsom helps clean up homeless encampment in Berkeley

Amid run for Congress, Loren Culp continues to push election fraud narrative

Dori Freeman - If I Could Make You My Own

Does moron deathsentence have a napoleon complex? I know he is evil, stupid, and

Why aren't Afghan Govt Forces Fighting for their Country ?

Not sure how I managed this but I got all 4 kittens on my lap, at the same time

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Sorry about last night, my electricity was out

Tell me your most genuinely controversial food opinion...

Ask a question about an American writer & see if anyone knows the answer w/o using google-Part 3

Julie Miller - All My Tears

Not so silly question thread

Media Matters on the RW conspiracy theories on TikTok about today's FEMA emergency alert system test

"This is a mistake..." Bannon on Lindell

Latin America forum: Meet the women keeping a 2,000-year-old Indigenous craft alive in Guatemala

The Landsat Games (Round 2)

Willie Nelson - Hit Medley On The Grand Ole Opry(1965)

A sheriff's office posted a warning about fentanyl. It spread misinformation instead, experts say.


Tennis Evolution Throughout the Years (1870's - 2017) - # tennisevolution

Bring it!!

So was VP Harris tough on crime or weak on crime

She's Got the Fire Down Below

Japanese donation of 84 buses was shipped to Cuba

Koch Network Infiltration of Public Schools 'Harms Students, Teachers, and Our Democracy': Report

Florida man stole forklift, pickup, four-wheeler (and more) in 'impressive crime spree,':deputies

Sweet Jesus I hate Ted Cruz

California dad killed his kids over QAnon and 'serpent DNA' conspiracy theories, feds claim

I Got No Buckin' Sense

Eilen Jewell - Dusty Boxcar Wall

Useful, but timely rerun from Harper's: The Cuban embargo continues

Do you believe Trump will ever be charged with any crimes?

Rand Paul discloses 16 months late that his wife bought stock in company behind covid treatment

Trump Crime? Bombshell New Testimony Reveals DOJ Pressure To Support 'Big Lie' - The Beat - MSNBC

Warrants served to Texas Democrats, but holdout continues

So the people who were willing to take hydroxychloroquine last year

How A 'Mini-Trump' Is Running Florida Into The Ground Amidst Covid-19 Deaths - The Beat - MSNBC

JetBlue has begun service to London

Patty Griffin and Robert Plant - "Ohio"

Petula Clark sings Jacques Brel's 'Un Enfant'

Insurance companies should jack up premiums on those unvaccinated.

Texas Hospitals Could Soon Be Overwhelmed

Ted Cruz Calls For 'Zero' Covid Mandates As His Kids Safely Attend School Requiring Masks

Ted Cruz Calls For 'Zero' Covid Mandates As His Kids Safely Attend School Requiring Masks - MSNBC

House Dem moderates lay out battle lines as Pelosi stands firm

Tennessee GOP Looks to Curb Pandemic Restrictions

Another bad day...143,000 new Covid cases in the US.

Love Songs of Last Resort

I believe many do not understand that, as far as average folks are concerned, the legal system

McCarthy Wants Supporters to Wear 'Moron' Shirts

Do you play a musical instrument?

FDA Expected To Allow Third Vaccine Dose For Some Immunocompromised Americans

California dad who killed his children in Mexico said he was 'enlightened' by QAnon and 'serpent DNA

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to a slight margin.

Fire - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Fauci Says It Is Safe to Watch YouTube Now That Rand Paul Has Been Suspended

Spooky action at close range

Major study of Ivermectin, the anti-vaccine crowd's latest COVID drug, finds 'no effect whatsoever'

They do this all without touching the bottom of the pool!

Have demanded my Happy Hour dive a rooster painted on the bar

Major study of Ivermectin, the anti-vaccine crowd's latest COVID drug, finds 'no effect whatsoever'

Rep. Swalwell: Twin Lies That Election Was Stolen And Vaccines Don't Work Is Killing Us - MSNBC

West Virginia is Where Republicans' Congressional-Redistricting Edge Ends

The QANON faithful are starting to crack.....

Did someone mention mandolin?

"U.S. calls on OPEC to pump more oil as gas prices rise"

Invasion of the Baby-Haters

Tonight's Lullaby is not the most calming song I may've picked

Is it extortion?

A quote found on FaceBook:

Florida Guy

A very small bit of surprising good news on Covid.

Seth Meyers - Giuliani Drowns in Legal Bills; Lindell Melts Down at Cyber Symposium: A Closer Look

You can add "freedom" to the list of words ruined by Republicans.

Democrats and Republicans call Minneapolis DFL chairman's Third Precinct comments inflammatory

Tweet of the night:

Jim Bakker has a new scam...

Three Hundred Kill goal for WI FAll Wolf hunt!!!

Bacterial driven mechanism for tellurium transport from discarded solar cells in landfills.

Pull ya head out Get the shot -(NSFW) Song - maybe this will get through to some (tweet)

Alla yinz need to watch this

Which US House Districts are likely to get eliminated due to redistricting?

YOU'RE ALL A BUNCHA SUCKERS - by Founders Sing, w/ Loser Donald Trump & Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Which Voters Made Joe Biden President?

Manchin Pleads With GOP To Support Voting Rights Bill

This Is How To Stop The Next Republican Coup

NSA quietly awards $10 billion cloud contract to Amazon, drawing protest from Microsoft

Fort Bend County (suburb of Houston) filed lawsuit on mask and received TRO

Giuliani told agents it was okay to 'throw a fake' during political campaign

N.M. expected to reach 1,000 new covid cases per day

NAACP: Justice must probe arrest threats against Texas Dems

NAACP: Justice must probe arrest threats against Texas Dems

NAACP: Justice must probe arrest threats against Texas Dems

8/10 Mike Luckovich- Holy @@@@

Indonesian army says it has stopped invasive 'virginity tests' on female cadets

HOUSE to return AUG 23, per scheduling update Leader Hoyer just sent to members

Siberian wildfires now bigger than all other fires in world combined

Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters May Have Committed The Very Crime She Accused The Left Of

Mike Lindell's Cyber Fraud Hootenanny Going Exactly As Well As Anticipated


US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a Safe to a Slight margin.

It just occurred to me why Tucker Carlson went to Hungary...

Osterholm: Variants Fundamentally Changed Fight Against Covid - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Florida Doctor: My Freedom Ends When I Endanger Your Health - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Texas GOP hits new roadblocks in push for voting restrictions

An interesting take on Afghanistan

First water cuts in US West supply to hammer Arizona farmers

Rep. Schiff on FOX11: Vaccines Are the Only Way to Put this Pandemic Behind Us

Take It Easy

Are Insurrectionists Just Getting A Slap On The Wrist? - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asks appeals court to strike down Dallas County mask mandate

Utah governor responds to constituent demanding he change 'obscene' last name

Secy. John Kerry: We Can Limit Climate Change - MSNBC

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asks appeals court to strike down Dallas County mask mandate

There Is a Problem With California's Recall. It's Unconstitutional.

SF authorities seek to identify "egregious coyote feeder" from this pic. she sets out plates of meat

'Next Level Disaster' As Hospital Capacity Runs Out Due To Covid Crisis In Mississippi Rachel Maddow

NCAA sanctions Baylor, but not for failing to report or address allegations of sexual violence by

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/11/21

people are mesmerized by Trea Turner's slide

McGregor man spends more than 900 days in jail before case is dismissed

Orange County firefighters finish yardwork for 93-year-old man who collapsed while mowing

Stephen Colbert: Alan Alda On Why Communication Is So Important To Science

Indonesia's army stops 'virginity tests' on female recruits

The never-wrong GOP has painted themselves into a corner.

Goose's response to humans taking her injured boyfriend

Energy Companies Want Texas Taxpayers To Cover $6.5 Billion In Winter Storm Debts

White woman who went viral after she was filmed trying to stop black boy from using community swimmi

Kaavan Sleeping In The Jungle To Celebrate World Elephant Day

Bitcoin Mining Is Coming To Dickens County. Why The County Judge Thinks It's A Good Fit.

Resignation Of U.S. Attorney Takes Spotlight In Probe Of Trump Effort To Overturn Election - TRMS

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now? A Country-by-country Guide

"My plan would add hearing, dental and vision benefits to Medicare," Pres. Biden....

Breakfast Thursday 12 August 2021

I'm happy to report there was pee and poop IN the kitten's litter box, this morning

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, August 12, 2021

Bexar County to give up to $1,000 to fully vaccinated employees

Thursday TOONs - Paging Dr. Bozo

Taliban take 10th Afghan provincial capital, squeezing Kabul

This is the most EPIC Feral Kitten moment, yet!! The photo tells the whole story

Biden Interior Approves More Than 2,000 New Oil & Gas Permits Approved; Granholm Pushing CCS

Death Toll In Algerian Forest Fires Rises To 69; Fires Blaze Across 17 Provinces

CNN Reporter Tells Anti-Vax Trump Supporter

Captured - Trippy Calls Of Kiwis As They Return To Forests They'd Abandoned Years Ago

La Joya ISD announces intention to sue Gov. Abbott, issues mask mandate

The 'Upward Trend' Of Delta Variant Cases In Kids Continues, And Now RSV Is Another Concern

Climate Collapse Meets The Ancien Regime: 'Murca, Freedumb & Magical Thinking. Then What?

Former quorum-breaking El Paso lawmakers returned to changed Capitol

Panic grips Afghanistan as civilians flee Taliban's relentless advance

Emails: Senior DOJ officials wrangled over baseless Trump voter fraud allegations

Study: US Oil & Gas Subsidies Funnel Money To Investors No Matter What Energy Markets Do

How Schumer's kept his Democrats in array -- so far

'I'm not gonna get it': A neighborhood refuses vaccines despite Covid's wreckage

FDA to authorize 3rd shot of Pfizer & Moderna as soon as Thurs. for people w-weakened immune systems

California considers human composting as a greener death option

EXCLUSIVE: Cyber expert says his team can't prove Mike Lindell's claims that China hacked election

API Supports Carbon Pricing, Which Of Course Will Never, Ever, Ever Become Federal Law

Rubin (WaPo): Biden should defend local officials against tyrannical GOP governors

Text messages show Matt Gaetz's 'wingman' arranging meetings involving the congressman, women...

Charlie Savage: George F. Will has long been an "uncertainty" style climate change denialist

Future NY Gov. Kathy Hochul will run for re-election

Brookfield Reinsurance to Buy American National for $5.1 billion

Loudoun County School Board approves guidelines on transgender student rights

The incredibly hypnotising sound of the zanfona

Hamas rocket fire a war crime, Human Rights Watch says

'I am frightened by what is coming': Texas officials scramble to staff hospitals as Covid-19 surge c

Covid: Germany fears thousands got saline, not vaccine from nurse

Covid: Germany fears thousands got saline, not vaccine from nurse

Shape-shifting fish that confounded scientists for 100 years spotted off California coast

A peaceful moment for you today

TikTokker rips the unvaxxed for taking hospital beds away from people, like his wife, who need them

Age restrictions on AstraZeneca shot have ended reports of rare clots -UK scientists

If one were to judge America's mental health solely by how they consider who won

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/11/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 08/11/21

The Rundown: August 12, 2021

WAPO: Giuliani told agents it was okay to 'throw a fake' during political campaign

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell fled the stage at his cyber symposium at the same time news broke that Do

Astronomers capture strange image of 'dancing ghosts' in the night sky

Kathy Hochul vows to run for election next year and says mask mandates in schools likely

Yet another surprising kitten update

Jobless claims: Another 375,000 individuals filed new unemployment claims last week

U.S. wholesale prices surge again and show inflation still rampant, PPI finds

Back On The Record With Bob Costas: Why the Olympic Ideals Ring Hollow (Ep 1 Closing Remarks) HBO

New Zealand borders to remain closed for rest of the year

American Landscapes, Seen Through the Lens of Bob Wick


This is how you do it.

Is the Slobfather Q?

Heat advisory includes all of GLOW region

Anti-maskers in TN following a school bd. mtg.: "We know who you are." "...but we will find you."

Morning musings

On CNN now: Lunatic anti-maskers having a meltdown in Tennessee.

I hope the cops get those guys! Oh wait, I'm one of those guys!

What's your Drag Queen name? Your favorite aunt's first name plus the last sweet thing you ate.

Delta Variant Has Dented 2021 Recovery in Oil Demand, IEA Says

Rumble, a YouTube rival popular with conservatives, will pay creators who 'challenge the status quo'

Q: What happens when you play a Country-Western song backwards?

The Rude Pundit: Now Abbott, DeSantis, and Other COVID Accomplice Governors Need to Resign

Harris County to file lawsuit challenging Gov. Abbott's executive ban on mask mandates

Americans should not send unvaccinated children to school.

A Spirit pilot and flight attendant describe flying empty planes around the country and being strand

The trend to stop the public health services from protecting the public, is there something

J.R. Richard, intimidating pitcher whose career was cut short by a stroke, dies at 71

Northwest sizzles as heat wave hits many parts of US

What Is Hip

we've seen this movie before. it's teaparty 2.0.

Turner's 'evil money' comment riles Jewish leaders

Venn diagram explains anti maskers

Field of Dreams game is tonight

QAnon-obsessed father thought his kids would destroy the world, so he killed them with a spear gun

Here Comes My Baby - The Mavericks

Remember this version? Here are "Covers I liked in High School But Didn't Know They Were Covers"

Patient flashed others, including minors, at hospital

My first day back to school/work in the Florida Keys.

California Man Allegedly Shot Fishing Spear Into His 10-Month-Old and 2-Year-Old Children

What do you call a piggy-backing bird?

YouTube Suspends Rand Paul For 7 Days Over Mask Disinfo

Social Security could have cost-of-living increase over 6% in 2022!

Suspect presents frozen severed head to Lancaster, Pa, cop - is charged with homicide

Update to Young mom is harassed & assaulted by couple in grocery star parking lot

Miners' lifeguard

Righteous rant by a guy on twitter.

Eric Clapton is a selfish jerk

COVID week over week increase

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Dagger Linked to Enigmatic Indian Civilization

quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack

New U.S. Census Data to Set Off Bruising Gerrymandering Battle

Guards union warns Wolf of legal action over vaccine mandate

Pelosi's summer squeeze

Labor shortage??

Modern day Nero

Nearly Half of American Workers Don't Earn Enough To Afford A One-Bedroom Rental

Drought Monitor 8/10/21: States 100% In Level 0-4 Drought: WA, OR, CA, NV, UT, MT, SD, ND, AZ, ID

Three Arizona police officers die of COVID-19 in one week

Is it still tomorrow that Biden and Harris resign?

Ministers of Death: Republican Governors Leave Kids 100% Defenseless Against Delta Surge

Mary L. Trump: Donald's Plot Against America

Okay, here's a question about blocking unwanted texts on android

Parent knowingly took child with COVID to school

California's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers spurs protest in Apple Valley

A majority of Americans in highly vaccinated counties now live in covid hot spots

Mississippi asks Biden administration to send military hospital ship

I'm tired of hearing about how this or that politician, agency, etc., "failed at their messaging"

3 brothers die after passing out from fumes in manure pit

Anyone ever visit Ecuador?

Watch for extreme gerrymandering in FL. GA, NC and TX

Knox County school board rejects proposal to let superintendent make mask decisions

Over 1 million without power in wake of severe storms in Midwest

Duck Hunting

Protesters accuse Raytheon of abuses, block plant entrances

I'll admit it: Mike Lindell does a better job of stream of consciousness ranting than Trump does...

"Jesus Use Me" -- The Faith Tones

What you're missing at the Mike Lindell "Cyber-Symposium"

I'm still confused. What exactly are the rules in the GOP states again?

After Trump's so-called "big, beautiful" tax cut,

Home Prices Jumped Across the U.S. in Second Quarter

Yates Sexton: To Defend Western Civilization: The Right's Call To Arms is a Precursor to Oppression

Leaked voting machine BIOS passwords may implicate Q-friendly county clerk

Millions of Americans Are Unemployed Despite Record Job Openings

Pic Of The Moment: DeSantis And Abbott Compare Notes

American genocide.

Lindell claims he was attacked by Antifa at his hotel last night

Good Day DU (August 12, 2021)

"Knitting needles into amps."

2970 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 6 deaths

The Wayfaring Strangers - Man Of Constant Sorrow

Texas senator ends 15-hour filibuster, voting bill passes

Phoenix police chiefs approved of protest gang charges, outside investigation finds

St. Helena Public Cemetery bats found dead in possible poisoning

That storm yesterday

AstraZeneca Scientist Says Delta Variant Makes Herd Immunity Impossible. Here's Why

Vermont governor announces vaccination mandates for state employees.

Stevie Nicks cancels 5 performances in 2021 due to coronavirus

Why Moderna Stock Crashed Today

More than 9,000 anti-Asian incidents since pandemic began

More than 9,000 anti-Asian incidents since pandemic began

Could this be the new "Get a brain, morans"??

Opinion: Many Americans aren't going back to work, but it's not for the reason you might expect

Republicans are either bullies or want to be on the side with the bullies.

This Woman Secretly Runs One of the World's Biggest Anti-Vax Websites From Her House

Tennessee parents make threats after school board mandates masks

The ancient Persian way to keep cool

HHS will require health care workforce to be vaccinated against Covid-19

Think about it

Ready to feel old?

On these Covid vaccination end-of-life conversions

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to slight margin.

Helen DeVos employee posts anti-vaccine TikToks

On this day, August 12, 1985, Kyu Sakamoto died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123.

This doggo is definitely his boy's best friend!

Should blue state citizens answer red state calls for COVID help?

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

The strib will now charge for paper invoice!

The Sunrise Movement's Members Of Color Say The Group "Tokenized" And "Used" Them For Years

About that comment by Chip Roy, R-OfCourse, his father and Polio...

Read this unrolled Ian Millhiser thread to the end to find out who this insane congressman was:

Anti- Mask Mob of Parents Swarm Tenn. School Board Meeting

N.H. man pleads guilty, fined $620 for explosion at gender reveal

Unused granite burial crypt, adjacent to the remains of Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe, up for sale

Because this deserves its own post. Jonas Salk

Bill Gates Pledges $1.5 Billion for Infrastructure Bill's New Climate Projects

How The System Is Failing Young People, By Robert Reich

'Jeopardy!' Fans Have Joined the Ranks of People Who Hate Joe Buck

Who Is Funding The Anti-Vax Conspiracy Spreaders - The Media Is Letting Us Down

Former NPR "Talk of the Nation" host Neal Conan has died

Canada PM Trudeau is planning to call snap election for Sept. 20 -- sources

"It is not a mask it's an IQ Test!"

Ramekin Baked Oysters Recipe

Sierra Ferrell - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

Unspoken truth.

Florida sets new high for daily COVID-19 cases

How Colombia's president lost his legitimacy

On this day, August 12, 1929, Buck Owens was born.

Afghans Tell of Executions, Forced Marriages in Taliban-Held Areas

DeSantis: Florida reporting county-level COVID data 'may not be a bad idea'

US attorney told congressional investigators he abruptly resigned in January because Trump was about

Nearly a dozen new state laws shift power over elections to partisan entities

Two Hawaii visitors arrested for falsifying vaccination cards, governor says

Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle - "Little Maggie"

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a message for all who have or will succumb to COVID-19

Boys and I took Duncan pup to park to swim

Hooters has started a home delivery called Knockers. n/t

Bernard Arnault's dethroned Bezos as the world's richest & becomes the 2nd person worth over $200bn

A THP caller, Julie, gave some advice when encountering an anti-masker

Good news if you missed the #Perseids last night because of clouds... the peak may turn out ...

"We've got the Funk!" A little offbeat still life I just finished

Pence-linked group worried that the rich may have to pay their fair share

Dog days of summer and the light is high and harsh

If congress can't kill Republican suppression laws, democracy is dead

Moderna Doubles Kids Vaccine Trial Group After FDA Request

McConnell killed election reform in Senate. Democrats will now take it to the people

Senate Commission Leading Pandemic Investigation Wants to Indict Bolsonaro for Quackery and Medical

Archaeologists Claim They've Discovered the Trojan Horse in Turkey

The Raft of the Medusa by Thodore Gricault: Great Art Explained

Dang bees......they're making my hummers life horrible....

Rep. Gosar has been promoting a white nationalist site that warns readers they "are being replaced"

Fauci says it is 'likely' all Americans will need a COVID-19 booster shot at some point

Who Is Mayim Bialik? A Terrible Choice for Jeopardy Host

FBI Arrests 'Tunnel Commander,' An Anti-Abortion Extremist Who Attacked Cops On Jan. 6

Federal Judge Rules Devin Nunes Lawsuit Against Washington Post Can Continue

The Real "Black Betty"

A QAnon-obsessed father thought his kids would destroy the world

A lot of Big Lie proponents are still hanging out in government.

Dan Crenshaw is heckled at a fundraiser for insisting the 2020 election was not stolen from Trump

Morning ospreys

Cartoon: Flat Earth goalpost By Clay Jones -August 12, 2021 9:00 AM

EU looking into new possible side-effects of mRNA COVID-19 shots

Census shows US is diversifying, white population shrinking

Pelosi's office rips into Republicans for 'terrorizing' Capitol police after Trump called officer a

President Biden & Vice President Harris enjoying their last day in office. As per Pillow Guy's 8/13

ACLU asks judge to invalidate 'Compassion Seattle' proposed homelessness initiative

Global Billionaires See $5.5 Trillion Pandemic Wealth Surge

American Shoppers Are a Nightmare

Census results for Top 10 cities

Emergency Animal Cooling Shelter Opens Thursday In Bellevue

The GOP strategy for retaking power is about to take an ugly new turn

Several counties could experience some smoke impacts as soon as Thursday

Answer to thorny question could unlock internet security

'We are in harm's way': Election officials fear for their personal safety

A sewing bird...

Ross employees thanked after returning tourist's lost Cartier bracelet

The Senate is a horror show

I usually don't watch Chuck Todd

How Andrew Sullivan Learned To Stop Worrying And Live With Your Kid Dying Of COVID-19

For Many, Hydrogen Is the Fuel of the Future. New Research Raises Doubts.

"I'm vaccinated. But I still want you to stay away from me." I WANT that shirt!

Rachel Maddow Seriously Considers Leaving MSNBC

We're running out of WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Kyle Larson y'all !

Is this why DeathSantis is against mask mandates and the free vaccine?

'There's no way to find a bed:' Oklahoma hospitals are running out of room amid COVID-19 surge

Genesee County (MI) imposing face mask mandate for K through sixth grade students and staff

"All Roads Lead to Mar-a-Lago": Inside the Fury and Fantasy of Donald Trump's Florida

Fallen Pentagon officer's body escorted to Washington National Airport to fly home

Official in charge of Wisconsin's election review attends Lindell's conspiracy-fueled symposium

State Department blames Trump for US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Cartoons 8/12/2012

Here's a weird one

Burn ban upgraded in Snohomish County: No recreational fires

Over 800 physicians call on DeSantis to repeal anti-mask order in Florida schools

Monroe at 98 degrees? It will be toasty through Saturday

"My Least Favorite Doctor" - Jim Gaffigan Stand up (Noble Ape)

How extreme heat affects our pets--and how to help them

Gohmert's entry for stupidest motherfucker in the world: Birds spontaneously combusting

Suspected hacker behind $600 million Poly Network crypto heist did it 'for fun'

What's on TCM TOMORROW, Jane Fonda (SORRY for error.)

Mike Lindell says he cannot show his election-proof because Antifa stole it.

They're now coming faster and may soon be furious

OxyContin-maker Purdue goes to judge to confirm settlement

Congress Expels Congresswoman Flordelis, Accused of Having her Husband Killed

What Is The Dem Plan To Retain The House & Senate In 2022 & 2024?.....

Shower gift ideas for welcoming an ardent Dem to our family

Republicans take to mask wars as virus surges in red states

Ancient Persian "air conditioning"

MAGA hypocrisy

Census data kicks off effort to reshape US House districts

Floridians, Does Ron DeSantis Want to Kill You or Does He Just Want You to Die?

I've been laying low but had to go to the pharmacy this morning

Noem claims Fauci is 'picking on' GOP governors as COVID cases surge in red states

Should the fillibuster be eliminated in the US Senate?

Kandahar Collapses - Afghan Collapse Accelerates as 2 Vital Cities Are Falling to the Taliban

Tennessee mom goes viral after brilliantly explaining why optional masking won't work in schools

We're dealing with barbarians. And we're losing.

Those who show up at COVID debates wearing yellow stars forfeit right to be heard

Kevin McCarthy offers supporters t-shirts branding them 'moron'

A Perseid Meteor with the Milky Way, straight out of the camera.

Over 800 physicians call on DeSantis to repeal anti-mask order in Florida schools

Mary Trump: Mitch McConnell is the greatest traitor to this country since Robert E. Lee

Mike Lindell's 72-Hour Fraud Fest Goes From Very Bad To Worse

Census Data Not as Bad as Democrats Feared

Trump endorses GOP congressional candidate who attended Jan. 6 'Stop the Steal' rally

So, listening to the inarticulate Pentagon Spokesmodel, it seems we are now plussing up troops . . .

Germany Fears Thousands Got Saline, Not Covid Vaccine From Nurse: 8,000+, Many Seniors

Some Seattle restaurateurs channel anger at anti-vaxxers into humor; others fear consequences

took my first feeble attenpts to fly my drone .

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/12/21

How does Washington's new vaccine mandate work? Here's what we know

The NCAA Won't Punish Baylor For Failing To Report Sexual Assault Claims Against Players

Capitol rioter: I am a Democrat who didn't support Trump

Lollapalooza: The COVID Surge that Wasn't

Fastest growing US metro area : The Villages,FL

TN: Parents file mask exemption forms after school board mandates masks in elementary schools


Mr. Rogers Greatest Advice EVER - MOST Inspirational Speech

Do we have a knitting group?

The undisputed winners of this conference are dominion and its lawyers

self-defense against anti-maskers

An Op-Ed in today's LA Times: Doctors Like Me Are Angry...

When your boat is desperately trying to tell you something:

The religious far right links arms with Proud Boys in 'Church at Planned Parenthood' events


I got my 'Vaccine Passport' via an app from the Louisiana Dept of Health.

How are you planning to vote in the recall?

May 1, 1969: Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications

I think that the collapse of the Afghan army is proof that the withdrawal is necessary.

Wildfire bears down on Montana towns as West burns

George Harrison - Let It Down (2020 Mix)

Ted Cruz downplays Capitol riot he helped provoke: 'Peaceful support for a political party different

Mississippi Hospital System Close to Failure

My wife got a call from work today...UPDATE

Those who refuse to get COVID-19 vaccination should be subject a new category of triage assessment.

What Progressives Can Learn from Anti-Maskers: Don't Ignore Local Government!

I perfected my Energy Bites recipe.

'Everybody I Know Is Pissed Off'

TX threatens to pull liquor licenses for restaurants that ask customers to show proof of vaccination

Joe says TFG one time and it sticks. TFG pounds his idiotic nicknames and nothing. No one even

Update from my niece, who works in a Gulf Coast MS hospital.

"When They Fantasize About Killing You, Believe Them"

Go Joe!!!

Dominion Lawsuit Goes Forward - survives motion to dismiss

Harris County judges have signed orders temporarily protecting 40+ Texas Democrats from civil arrest

GOP Strategist Arrested for Underage Sex Trafficking

U.S. sending more troops to Afghanistan to bolster security for Embassy airlift

Liberal Redneck - Tennessee's Turn To Dumb

Two Men Found Dead in the Versace Mansion

Midnight Sun

Watched a double feature for out times last night

DOJ needs to step it up

Judge rejects sex assault count against Harvey Weinstein

Good News and...Bad News

Jeff Bezos and the Life-Changing Magic of Going to Space

DeSantis press secretary acknowledges state has no control over local employees' pay

This post has been bouncing around in my head for several weeks. I've even typed and scrapped

Chinese state medias want to team up with Russia against Lithuania

Listening to BBC radio last night-- they estimate 2 months until Taliban...

Cuomo exit isn't stopping push for answers on nursing homes

Anyone watching Nicolle Wallace right now?

GOP rep heckled for saying Trump lost!

I like Nichole Wallace, but

Don't Panic, But Breakthrough Cases May Be a Bigger Problem Than You've Been Told

Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer- Anne Shelton

With school year approaching, at least one more NYC official appeals for remote option

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 12, 2021

Hot Time in the Town of Berlin - Bing Crosby

DeSantis softens school board salary threats over mask mandates

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-5: Wheel Of Corruption: The Fast Saga Edition

Sneaky little dog gets caught stealing a carrot right out of the garden!

NY Severe COVID Cases Quadruple in Month; 77% of US Counties Now High Transmission Zones

Two top Hennepin County officials work in California under pandemic-inspired work policy

Operation Underground Railroad Has Another Murky Rescue Story

Shadow of a Millipede walking..

How many adults clogging up ERs and ICU

Rand Paul's Wife Gets Him Into BIG TROUBLE - The Damage Report

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 13, 2021

So what is the vaccination rate in your area?

U.S. Troops Will Deploy To Afghanistan To Help Officials Leave Safely (MSNBC)

Mass. reports 1,228 new COVID-19 cases, 10 new deaths

Anti-vaxxer at work today: "It's not FDA-approved yet!"

I need this Welcome mat!

Squirrel tries to start drama with a whole gang of chickens...

Elephants Run To Greeting A New Rescued Baby Elephant - ElephantNews

There are no pediatric ICU beds in all of north Texas.

Thousands In Germany Thought They Had Their Vaccine. It May Have Been Saline Instead

FDA To Authorize Covid Booster Shots For Immunocompromised (MSNBC)

Couple Finds Tiny Puppy On A Mountain Covered In Blue "Paint" The Dodo: Faith Restored


World Record Doggy Door Manners

Gotta tell you about a text from my niece in TX.

US Asking Taliban to Spare American Embassy ...

Assessing Perseverance's First Sample Attempt

This is pure nitrous I fucking love it. #GetVaccinated

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 13 August 2021

Florida Parents Sue Ron DeSantis For Not Letting Schools Protect Kids - Ring of Fire

It's OK to blame the unvaccinated -- they are robbing the rest of us of our freedoms

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Indiana University's vaccination requirement

Amid calls to #TaxTheChurches - what and how much do US religious organizations not pay the taxman?

Octopus goes into stealth mode..

'No evidence' Lollapalooza was a super spreader event, Chicago official says

Editorial: The regents can benefit NU and Nebraska by rejecting Pillen's CRT proposal

Britney Spears' Father Jamie Spears Steps Down From Conservatorship

Former Trump appointee charged with assaulting a police officer during Capitol riot

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Anti-Maskers "Screw Your Freedom"

The Courts are the key to gun regulation. We should set them free of the PLCAA

GOP candidates for Senate in Pennsylvania oppose jobs act that would help constituents

Racist Couple GOES CRAZY Over Bumper Sticker (Rebel HQ)

'He used his story as a weapon': the inspiring tale of activist Ady Barkan

TN GOP House members want special session to strip local health depts & school boards of power

Modeling forecast warns Florida's delta variant wave still hasn't peaked

i just got my offical california state ballot and the question is ,,

Trump Lawyers DESTROYED in DEVASTATING Ruling - Christo Aivalis

COVID surge leads BayCare to suspend elective surgeries at Pinellas, Pasco, Polk hospitals

If you build it, they will come. Tonight, @MLB 's Field of Dreams becomes a reality.

American democracy.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams failed to investigate officers' trophy for shooting protester

First weekend in Sep for tRump

Minnesota (GOP) political operative charged in child sex trafficking conspiracy

Sure do wish that Gord and the boys were working on a new record right about now

Where did I put my car keys?

Chattanooga mom tells TN Schl Board her daughter will opt out of ALL school dress code restrictions

MyPillow CEO says he was attacked at symposium

Two Republicans CLASHING over election fraud caught on camera - Brian Tyler Cohen

Judge Won't Let Trump's Minions Escape Defamation Lawsuit From Dominion - Ring of Fire

The Supreme Court allowed Indiana University to require students to be vaccinated against the corona


Covid Infection Rate Among Unvaccinated California Residents 522% Higher Than That Vaccinated

What does the devil look like? Here's 8 historical images of Satan

Inside a San Antonio Hospital, Children Battle for Breath

Taliban take Kandahar, Herat in major Afghanistan offensive

Family of Sarah Halimi, Murdered in France, Files Complaint in Israel Against Killer

The Only Place the White Population Increased

Jalan Crossland has been kicking around for a long time, but

What's up with Mitch McConnell's brinkmanship on the debt ceiling?

Raise your hand if you believe that Tucker Carlson and FOX pundits are making a huge mistake

Two Austin Restaurants' Liquor Licenses Threatened After They Required Proof of Vaccination

Anti-Maskers Yell Threats After TN School Board Mask Vote - NowThis News

Arnold Schwarzenegger: You're an 'absolute moron' if you make masks political

Refuse the vaccine, but go to the hospital when sick? This is how Americans treat science.

Rachel Maddow Enlists Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro As MSNBC Contract Talks Heat Up

Back In Love City

Brazil: evangelical superstar expelled from congress over alleged role in husband's murder

In desperation, I am now trying to bribe the idiots in my family

There Is Not A Single State With 70% Fully Vaccinated

Field of Dreams LOL moment

Parents of 337 migrant children separated at border under Trump still have not been found, court fil

Florida governor deploying rapid-response team to fight Covid-19 surge

DeSantis confronts growing resistance over COVID-19 handling

How Can I Make It Ok?

High vaccine take-up rates in Ireland

Breaking-Amy Comey Barrett refuses to block Indiana University's vaccine mandate

A Wisconsin Republican pursuing 2020 'audit' took taxpayer-funded trips to attend a conference with

South Africa's Descent into Chaos

Census shows less white Texas ahead of redistricting fight

Largest school district in Texas set to defy governor's ban on mask mandates

With Cuomo's resignation, WA's Jay Inslee is poised to be the longest-serving state governor in US


What is Whatcom County doing about COVID masking mandates and suggesting for the fair?

San Francisco mandates proof of full COVID vaccine at indoor venues

It's been quite a full day for the kittens

GOP strategist arrested:underage sex trafficking, conspiracy, and obstruction-10 Counts

Finger Pies

Most Americans support $1.2T infrastructure bill, poll finds

Russia holds hypersonic flight expert in spy probe

5 Rejected Designs For The White House

PA Attorney General Shapiro: Violence Is 'Direct Result Of Spoon-Fed Lies' of GOP - Deadline - MSNBC

San Francisco, New Orleans Latest Cities to Require Vaccination Proof for Indoor Venues

Confiscated from Lazarro:

from Jamie Raskin:

Election Officials: Trump's 'Attacking The Umpires' Of Elections - Deadline - MSNBC

arrest governors abbot and desantis for murder

Washington superintendent will request vaccination requirement for K-12 school employees

What is happening in Afghanistan

If you like MLB, the Yanks and the Sox are playing in Iowa, next to the iconic "Field of Dreams"

How The Rise Of White Identity Politics Explains The Fight Over Critical Race Theory

How The House Got Stuck At 435 Seats

Lindell leaves stage at his 'Cyber Symposium' after judge rules Dominion $1billion lawsuit gets nod.

27 people on board Carnival Cruise Line ship test positive for COVID-19

Iowa Parents Upset Over School District's 'No Quarantine' COVID Policy

Dr. Fauci explains booster shots and the delta variant's threat to children - PBS NewsHour

Brazil's Congress Votes against The Paper Ballot

GOP lawmaker played a key role promoting Trump's big lie - CNN

Take Away

Anti-mask protestors in Science Hill, Kentucky threatening to pull their kids out of school.

Heather Heyer RIP

Holy $h!t!: Lunatic Pastor Digs Hands Into Dog Poop

Parent assaults teacher over mask dispute at Amador County school, superintendent says

C ensus data out..whites shrink to 57% of population

Mathematicians deploy algorithms to stop gerrymandering