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Archives: August 13, 2021

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You decide.

How fitting, ie Senator Tom Cotton?

Jeopardy Spoiler

Louie confuses me - should his posts be in the Lounge or GD

Has Jay Leno lost his marbles?

Looks like I'll be getting aids, so I'm adding this forum to my faves.

Today, I met the real Customer from Hell.

For Once Lucy Did Not Move The Goalposts.

Only player to hit HRs in his 1st 2 WS ABs.

40 year old pitcher Adam Wainright

Colorado Secretary Of State: Mesa County Clerk Allowed 'Troubling' Security Breach In Elections Offi

John Rizzo, CIA lawyer who approved torture program, dies at 73

DOJ Officials Thwarted Trump's Coup. Next Step: A Criminal Investigation

Well, if I had $2mil, I would want this - Who wouldn't?

Why Devolution is quickly becoming the future of the QAnon movement

Mesa County Elections Equipment Decertified (Colorado)

While DeathSantis jets off to a fund raiser in Nevada..



Providing Investigators With 'Thousands of Photos and Videos' Probably Doesn't Bode Well for Gaetz

2 Days Into The School Year, A Florida District Asked 440 Students To Quarantine

Pose a question about a movie & see if anyone knows the answer without using Google

Mount Etna is 100 feet taller than it was 6 months ago

US broadcast group threatens legal action over Polish media law

OANN's 'Election Expert' Was Really Just a Swing Set Installer

first full day with students 2021-2022 school year. Almost all of my students were masked-one was

Yeah Sure - DeSantis-Pledges to roll out mobile clinics dispensing monoclonal antibodies & Regeneron

Mexico marks 500 years since Aztec's capital's fall with public spectacles, political rancor and har

Totaly preventable

How do you tell if someone has a star membership?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

NCAA National Wrestling Tourney

I don't think the pillow guy is just a grifter

Watching The Ed Sullivan show......yikes, we watched that every Sunday for years....

There's something magical about the baseball disappearing into the corn.

Argentina: President Calls for Debate on Marijuana Legalization

Yeehaaaaa how many hours until the orange piece of shit is back in the White House......

THE Best Band of 2006-2015, Brooklyn art-rock outfit TV On The Radio, a proper Appreciation Thread!

Patriotism Is Our Passport! - Mark Fiore

Dennis Montgomery - the Con man

The tallest building in the archaeological site of Tulum, the three-level El Castillo (the Castle),

Seems suspect that Florida has so many more infections than TX

Governor, health officials urge hesitant Georgians to get vaccinated as cases surge

ok, finally watched '12 strong'. i cannot tell you how strange it was to watch a movie

The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Biden's Pick To Lead One Of The Top Federal Prosecutor's Offices Could Make History

Greene Dismisses Concern of Hospitals Filling Up

'Dangerous:' How GOP Is Turning Jan. 6 Rioters Into Martyrs - Mehdi Hasan

NASA's New Telescope Will Show Us the Infancy of the Universe

US sending 3K troops for partial Afghan embassy evacuation

Greenhouse gas emissions must peak within 4 years, says leaked UN report

Battle of The Bulge, Middle-Age Spread: Scientists Discover The Real Reason For It

On October 7, 2001, the United States and its Partners Began a Bombing Campaign against the Taliban

The Animals - Good Times

Dr. Fauci: The Only Way To Conquer This Virus Is By Working Together (MSNBC)

Dr. Fauci: The Only Way To Conquer This Virus Is By Working Together - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Billy Preston and some others.

Dear mask-holes, anti-vaxxers, stop-the-stealers and Qanon mouth-breathers---:

Why Black women are saying no

Census data shows Maryland is now the East Coast's most diverse state, while D.C. is Whiter

The Doors - The End

Ali Velshi must've read the comments about Maddow

Ali Velshi Is A Kenyan Born Muslim And He Never Saw Obama In Any Of The Meetings

States That Had A Grip On COVID Now Seeing A Crush of Cases: OR, FL, AR, MS, LA, HI

Bishop of SD sends letter to priests that there's no basis for Catholic exemption from vaccination

Tweet of the night:

Four Broward County FL Educators Lose Battle With COVID-19 In Less Than 24 Hours

Bridges of Love travels from the US to Cuba with donations

NIH Director: Booster Shots Could Come 'Later This Fall Or Early Next Year' - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

Modern Day Slavery in Brazil: A Report from the Field

peter murphy, trent reznor, tv on the radio - bela lugosi's dead (live-2006)

Not often enough, but every now and then, it strikes me how much I learn from reading posts on DU.

I wish this was wrong.

Insurrectionist who pulled off MPD Officer Daniel Hodges' gas mask & beat him, arrested & charged

Pres. Biden supports Gavin Newsom on the Republican led recall. (Tweet)

Rare new orchid species just discovered in the Andes

I knew that bulldogs were kinda lazy but this guy takes the cake 🤣

Jenner campaign: No book, TV deals in works tied to recall

Supreme Court blocks part of NY eviction moratorium

Mesa County Clerk Allowed Unauthorized Person To Compromise Voting Equipment

California's Asian population soars, new census data shows

Whatta game!

Tweet of the late night:

It's all about perspective

Light My Fire- The Doors: Fire It Up, Doors Time

It seems to me the phrase "They LIED to you" is becoming believable to even MAGAts

He predicted the dark side of the Internet 30 years ago. Why did no one listen?

Why are these Elmer Gantry wannabes, who say COVID is a hoax, and when they start getting

What would it take to unite this country?

Alberta will backtrack: forcing people who test positive for Covid to self

In full: Rowan Atkinson on free speech

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century

LONG COVID: Patients Fight To Be Believed

Un-Vaxxed Tax: Should The Unvaccinated Have To Pay More For Health Insurance? - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

The population growth in Florida...

Does anyone remember travel pre-cell pre-internet,?

Laura Ingraham: "What if we just cut off the unemployment? Hunger is a pretty powerful thing."

Math doesn't appear to be a strong suit of Republicans

After one week, Mississippi high school has quarantined 40% of its entire student body.


The Significance of Latin America's Pink Tide

TX GOP Chairman spreading extremely dangerous lies about Covid and kids

Bolivia Welcomes Peru's Withdrawal From Lima Group

I have an Afghan exchange daughter,

Bolivia: Attorney Gen. Reveals Major OAS Fraud in 2019 Election

"There are no beds. In Middle Tennessee right now it is impossible to find an empty, staffed ICU..."

Mahler's Symphony No. 5 - 'Adagietto'

Jonathan Pie "The pig f**ker returns", AKA David Cameron

☦ Orthodox Christian Chant of Psalm 23

'That's a threat': McCabe reacts to Trump's remark about officer

[60 fps] A Trip Through Paris, France in late 1890s / Un voyage travers Paris, 1890


Extra COVID vaccine OK'd for those with weak immune systems

It's Official. Denton, Tx just passed the mask mandate in defiance of Abbott's overreach.

Memo: Regarding the Release of 2020 Census Block Data and Redistricting

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) 'We can't live forever'

Perseid meteor shower... tonight's the night!

McConnell demands Biden commit to sending more troops back to Afghanistan

McConnell demands Biden commit to sending more troops back to Afghanistan

US Embassy urges Americans to leave Afghanistan immediately

The School Mask Court Battle May Be A Loser For Gov. Abbott Regardless Of Outcome

GOP Lawmakers Seek to Reward Workers Who Quit

Seneca - How To Be Happy (Stoicism)

Addition to the proverbs graphics:



I'm gonna pick up my

3 brothers die after passing out from fumes in manure pit

Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine protects against Delta variant, study finds

Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine protects against Delta variant, study finds

Teachers and parents decry Salt Lake County's vote to overturn mask mandate

Penny thoughts on Afghanistan

Rally to Support Jan. 6 Rioters Prompts Capitol Security Concern

mass shooting event in UK. 6 dead including the shooter, more injured

College GOP Group Denounced for Calling Veterans 'Glorified DMV Employees', Mocking PTSD

pillow guy just makes up sh*t.

Why The Peak Of The Delta Covid Surge Is Likely Still Far Off - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Dude! We get it. You don't like vet visits

This just in: Schedule for August 13, 2021

Setting back and watching an epic film.😋

We do whatever we want!

[60 fps] Laborers in Victorian England, 1901

Tweet of the early morning:

DeSantis admits defeat in threats to cut pay of school leaders who impose mask mandates

The Lincoln Project -Charlottesville was 3 years ago. #NothingHasChanged.

Will The Republican Party Break Free From Election Lies And Conspiracy Theories? - Velshi - MSNBC

By the different post I've posted tonight, can you guess what I've been watching?

Toddler shoots, kills mom during video call after finding gun, Florida police say

Extremists Are Winning At Local School Board Meetings. There's One Way To Push Back.

arrested! man who pushed over elderly woman

Tweet of the Day

David Plouffe: Some Republicans Are Extending The Pandemic - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

If You Grew Up With the U.S. Blockade as a Cuban, You Might Understand the Recent Protests Different

'Use 911 sparingly.' Florida and Tennessee officials warn - think twice before calling for ambulance

Just got our California Recall election ballots.

Here's another winner in our ER (New England)

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Feast of the Holy Transfiguration, August 6/19

I am out of the ICU

trump's latest tweet "bullies never fight" was on his stationary

On August 12, 1981, IBM released its first personal computer. Very expensive, look at the price.

Seth Meyers - Judge Rules Dominion Lawsuit Against Trump Allies Can Move Forward: A Closer Look

"If kids dying of COVID doesn't move lawmakers, we don't know what will."

Reality An Unwelcome Guest At 'Pillow Guy' Big Reveal Event To Restore Trump Presidency - TRMS

Canada's embassy in Kabul shutting down //8,000 US troops deploying to the region to support extract

Freedom Jazz Dance EDDIE JEFFERSON

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/12/21

DOMi & JD Beck - Madvillainy Tribute (Madlib - MF DOOM)

Wamba Salif Keita by "Rhythmstick all stars"

Neal Conan of NPR dies (his voice is familiar if you listen to public radio)

Isn't today the day Trump takes back the Presidency?

High Court nixes move to deny Israel Prize to professor

The 'it's not terror related because he's white thing' (&violence against women motive is 'shrugs')

GOP Lawmakers Seek to Reward Workers Who Quit

Police Arrest Activist Who Toted Rifle Through Downtown Portland

Colorado Republican official accused after voting system passwords are leaked to right-wing site

"we can't live forever"

I'm happy to see MFM's smiling face on the Big Board! We miss him!

COVID Kills 4 Teachers in One Day in Same Florida School District

Family of Houseless Woman Files Wrongful Death Complaint Against Portland Sweeps Contractor

House Moderates Say They Won't Back Budget Vote Until Infrastructure Bill Passes

Biden's Schedule for Friday, August 13, 2021

At this point I'm going to start calling it the "Republican Virus". They are doing everything they

Nicolle Wallace bashing

State workers demand to bargain over Gov. Brown's vaccination mandate

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 6 - 13 August (2021)

Moderate House Democrats rebelling

So is the Slobfather on his way to DC yet?

Trump had his dna tested , read on Twitter

Breakfast Friday 13 August 2021

Is Everyone Ready?

Friday TOONs - Republicans Gonna Republican

VA Gov. Northam announces universal mask mandate for K-12 schools

From The CBC*: Scientists retrace steps of Ice Age mammoth over its entire lifetime(.)

Taliban sweep across Afghanistan's south, take 3 more cities

So has TFG been reinstated as pResident yet?

Mass shooting in Plymouth England - the Incel killer was a supporter of Trump & Farage

Everyone's getting it all wrong.

Laugh or Cry?

Lawsuit seeks to block unionization of Oregon's Capitol staff

August Contest Submission Thread

August Photo Contest Comment Thread

Not for nuthin', but ...

"Not Our Tragedy": the Taliban Are Coming Back, and America Is Still Leaving

Just my opinion but "Mike Lindell said something stupid" doesn't need 6 seperate threads...

Past Socialist Plots

Russia couldn't occupy Afghanistan, and it is clear after 20 years neither could we, or any

Britain's worst mass shooting in more than a decade leaves 6 dead, including suspected gunman

Young mother dies of COVID, 13 days after giving birth

Former state rep Mike Nearman pleads guilty to official misconduct, receives 18 months probation

On this day, August 13, 1913, Jack Fina was born.

The Rundown: August 13, 2021

Thailand, China & Laos Haven't Just Screwed The Mekong, They've Made It A Flashpoint For Conflict

The origin of Super Villains: Black Flash

Could someone find Mike Lindell

Paul Begala: Progressives can't take "yes" for an answer....

Anna Mae WInburn was born on this date.

Fire Tearing Through N. Cheyenne Reservation In Montana At 260 Square Miles After Five Days

Eric Boehlert: The media's weird obsession with Biden Delaware trips

People are saying ...

Yukon River Summer Chum Salmon Returns Lowest Ever; Yukon Territory Closes All Chinook Fisheries

Dan Folgerberg was born on this date.

Do frauds advertise?

Today Mexico marks the 500th anniversary of the fall of the Aztec capital Tenochtitln

Why Only 28 Percent of Young Black New Yorkers Are Vaccinated

As delta variant surges, vaccine-makers rethink their strategy

Should Democrats use "patriotism" as a campaign issue?

Incoming Gov. Kathy Hochul Says She Supports School Mask Mandate

What GQP Response There's Been To IPCC's Latest Ranges From Meh To Moronic To "Too Busy To Read It"

Some NYC Restaurants Pushing Back Against Vaccine Mandate:

Following Jazz Fest Cancellation, More COVID Measures Could Be on the Way for New Orleans

Northwest heat wave spurs help for vulnerable residents


What time today is trump being sworn in as our 47th President? I don't want to miss it.

Vandalism of 23-year-old Black man's memorial leads to arrest of Happy Valley resident

But, I have nothing appropriate to wear...

Oregon school board OKs ban on Black Lives Matter flags

Today would have been my father's 98th birthday.

News Literacy Class Will Be Required In Illinois High Schools To Combat Misinformation

Think what you like

No radio

SocialSecurityWorks: "This is more than a green light.

To all the DU folks who are southpaws

Ningbo: Global supply fears as China partly shuts major port (BBC)

Who could have predicted, at my age, my 'maternal instincts' would be triggered by kittens

BLS report: Import prices increase 0.3% in July on higher fuel prices; export prices rise 1.3%

The Disgraced Former Guy Is In Over His Head in Court Cases and Investigations; Here's Your Definiti

DeSantis sets plan for Regeneron monoclonal antibodies to fight COVID-19

San Antonio without EMS service for 26 minutes yesterday

COVID boosters for wealthy nations spark outrage

Almost 16,000 people are now hospitalized in FL w/ COVID

Suspected U.K. Mass Shooter Said He Was American, Trump-Supporting Virgin

What if there were a cheaper, faster, easier way?

203 cases of COVID-19 linked to Chicago's Lollapalooza

So, did everyone survive

Round one of child tax credit payments slashed hunger rates, U.S. data shows

Suspected U.K. Mass Shooter Said He Was American, Trump-Supporting Virgin

So how did it all go down? Did pillow guy go in and confiscate Joe and Kamala - using a pillow?

The GOP's Greatest Political Weapon: Redistricting Control

Multnomah County deputies seize nearly 400 guns in back-to-back busts, including largest weapons

Ambulance Traffic Seems to Be Increasing

Four Broward County Educators Lose Battle With COVID-19 In Less Than 24 Hours

DC looks empty. Where is Trump?

National Academies' Report Took Pharma-Friendly Stance After Millions in Gifts From Drugmakers


4 teachers died of COVID-19 within 24 hours in Broward County, Florida. Schools there are defying

Interesting voting maps

After fundraisers in Wisconsin and Michigan a week ago, Ron Desantis is now heading to Las Vegas for

Pillow Peddler Mike Lindell Falsely Claims That He Was Attacked At Evidence Free Cyber Symposium

Those happy-go-lucky merrymakers Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are back in the news.

Exactly WHAT does the vaccine change in our dna? As many times as I have heard,

Interview with Noam Chomsky

Dean: Covid-19 will end mini-Trump's Florida career like it ended Trump's presidency

What can possibly go wrong? : IHOP is adding booze to the menu at some locations

Louie Gohmert, unintentional comedian

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Plunges to Lowest Since 2011

Minneapolis Is Testing a New Approach to Public Safety

Just saw a report on CNN, (not verified), where Senior Afghan officials are joining the Taliban

Lazy parrot uses dog like a free Uber

GOP Aide Admits To Journalist Why They're Letting People Die

I was deployed in Afghanistan in 2013

Trump reinstallation ceremonies now underway; exclusive video of flyover of National Mall

Honest message from The Holy non-denominational Happy Jesus House,

This is why there is gun trafficking

Field of Dreams game was more than unbelievable. It was perfect.

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine protection may last a lifetime: Study

Israel EXPANDS Booster Shots

MUST SEE! Democratic Senators embarrass Republican Senators demagoguing #DefundThePolice

Data signals third year of vast Brazil Amazon deforestation

BROKEN: There Is a Hidden Secret in the COVID-19 Vaccines

New Mexico's daily coronavirus count surges past 1,200

This is when your personal freedom on an issue should end

I Still Be Diggin On James Brown

ProPublica : Stop the Steal leader Ali Alexander has kept a low profile since Jan. 6.

Trump's "Peace Deal" with the Taliban helped cause this current mess.

How many MAGAts does it take to change a light bulb? ...

What's the deal with the Afghan army? A heard a report that they are "melting away"...

Dems, lean into the COVID vaccine/mask hysteria: Show you're the supporters of life & humanity

Mr. Nagy's Obit

'Democracy Deserts,' US Is Full of Them: Autocracy Can Happen Here, 2020 Census, Gerrymandering

I'm a Christian Pastor. Evangelicals Have to Be Defeated in 2022.

CNN produced this statistic on American's Longest War, Afghanistan

Inside Fox News, DeSantis is 'the future of the party.' And he's taking advantage.

2 Karens giving a demo to their child on becoming a future Karen

An extreme solution to the problem of masked vs unmasked pressure from parents.

Did Cuomo really say, I knew there was a line, I just didn't know the line moved?

Florida nursing home staff have second-lowest COVID vaccination rate in nation

It's August 13th. I wonder where all the evidence is and what time Biden will be

My COVID test came back NEGATIVE

Modern Furniture (1958)

Thought this was interesting from the census about major cities population.......

Canada's Push For Vaccines Paid Off, Country Has World's Highest Global Vax Rate, 70.3% Fully Vaxed

Pac-12 says COVID-19 issues can result in forfeits in 2021

Sydney, Australia is on lockdown, no one allowed to leave city without permit

Morning osprey

Good Day DU (August 13, 2021)

This Tennessee Republican Nearly Died From COVID. Now He's Fighting Masks.

Lead in the pipes

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 15, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Judy Garland

TCM Schedule for Monday August 16, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Robert Young

3225 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 23 deaths

Thanks to the wonderful DUer who gifted me a star

I'm confused. Why is Biden still in the White House

The 1955 idea of a woman Vice President - Tempo magazine cover

Pa prison guards' union warns of legal action over vaccine mandate

Only one president has had the courage to do the right thing in Afghanistan.

For women only who suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome

Vet Vaccination Policy (Covid)

Here Are the 9 Right-Wing Democrats Threatening to Tank Their Party's $3.5 Trillion Agenda

Well, I saw my first anti mask protester yesterday

This pic is for my friend Nancy who is an unvaccinated nurse

Death toll from floods in northern Turkey reaches 31

This just in - Trump dumps reinauguration, goes golfing instead.


ALWAYS Remember; It's BOSS Pelosi to You! Stay Calm, Trust Pelosi!

'Throw a fake': Rudy Giuliani reveals to FBI how he used Fox News to push lies about Hillary Clinton

'This is real': Fear and hope in an Arkansas pediatric ICU

The Co-Founder Of The Fact-Checking Site Snopes Was Writing Plagiarized Articles Under A Fake Name

Young Afghan women fear for future under Taliban

30 Millennial Phrases and words which trigger Gen Zers...

WHO seeks to take political heat out of virus origins debate

Multiple Family Members Have COVID

the fucked up state of Texas...

Well here now is another gop pedophile to add to my list

Florida woman on a business Zoom call shot and killed by her toddler.

Nazi salute, jeering directed at Fox Chapel, Pa, school board approving mask mandate

Nazi salute, jeering directed at Fox Chapel, Pa, school board approving mask mandate

After 50 years in prison -- 37 in solitary confinement -- Philly man's conviction is vacated

The Democratic Senate Majority Could Hinge On California's Governor Recall

Woman using gun's laser sight to play with cat shoots friend

Here is why the bipartisan bill must not pass until the $3.5 Trillion human infrastructure bill is p

I can't believe how many

The press has been pushing the Survey USA poll which shows Newsom getting recalled by 11%

The man who delivers my prescriptions is not vaccinated

Is Trump really banned from Twitter?

Per a request, I FINALLY got a semi-good face pic one of the kittens

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins on reaction to his emergency order requiring masks in all schools

So, Is TFG Actually pResident Again Today?

500 years later, Mexico recalls but doesn't celebrate Spanish conquest

From the Office of the Slobfather - the new date

U.S. Embassy In Kabul Tells Staff To Destroy Sensitive Material And Evacuate

A widely-shared video shows a deputy overdosing on fentanyl. Experts say it's 'impossible.'

Judge asks why Capitol rioters pay $1.5M, while U.S. taxpayers pay $500M

'We haven't eaten for days': Afghan soldiers suffer amid widespread corruption

The wildfires burning in Siberia right now are bigger than all the world's other fires COMBINED

TFG Reinstatement day is today...NOT

I Bet TFG's Hotel In D.C., Jacked Up Prices For The "Inauguration"

CEOs were paid 351 times as much as a typical worker in 2020

I laughed and scared awake my cats. Enjoy these sweet sweet dance moves

Half of Lumber Dealers Now Sit on Excess Inventory in the U.S.

Leads for publisher for Afghan exchange daughter's story

Supposedly this picture of the former guy was taken before the press conference where he

U.K. Mass Shooter Said He Was American, Trump-Supporting Virgin

Extremist chatter up on the internet. Similar than before Jan 6. All revolve

Did you finally get an emergency alert?

Cartoons 8/13/2021

Judge won't block Biden administration's new eviction moratorium

You, too, can do the REINSTATEMENT DAY dance!

How Students Feel Amid the COVID Delta Variant Surge

July was Earth's hottest month on record, NOAA says

Editorial: Delta variant is playing hardball; so must we

What's that smell? After a clean summer, smoke has arrived

We need a new category for the Oscars.

I find it interesting that for my Republican colleagues,

July was Earth's hottest month on record, NOAA says

How idiotic is this woman? :

New York 1945 in color [60fps, Remastered] w/added sound

U.S. adds millions of housing units. But only some states and cities gained ground.

Speaking Of Inaugurations, Today Is National Kool-Aid Day

Olympic wrestling gold medalist Gable Steveson considers pursuing NFL career

People of color make up 95% of Texas' population growth, and cities and suburbs are booming

Unvaccinated America, In 5 Charts

Researchers excavate remains of Korean War massacre victims in Daejeon

Climate-fueled wildfires take toll on tropical Pacific isles

It does my heart good to see smarmy liars like Rudy, Lindell and Powell being sued for billions

Redistricting Issues

Ancient Greece in 18 minutes

Facebook bans Russian disinformation network that claimed coronavirus vaccines turn people into

It's hard to believe the GOP would sacrifice kids to maintain rule by white Christian men

Clean up on Aisle Kitten!!

Send the insurrectionist to afganistan

Hey!!! Where's our new *president?

Democrats Weigh Tax Break for Union Members

Former KU athletics massage therapist found guilty of sex crimes with athletes, child

Only group of people to bring disease to the shores of Americas on a large scale were white European

IRS sends $15 billion in second round of Child Tax Credit payments amid tech issues


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Ripped For Her Most Callous Coronavirus Claims Yet

CDC advisers back third vaccine doses for immunocompromised people

Biden made 'Obamacare' cheaper, now sign-up deadline is here

Mike Lindell Loses It On CNN Reporter As His Cyber Symposium Disintegrates

Emails show Fox News courting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: 'He could host the show'

I would like to say a big Thank You to the anonymous DUer

Doing some laundry today.......have done a couple of loads and have noticed the bounce sheets

Pakistan Under Pressure as Taliban Advance in Afghanistan

Quentin Tarantino movies suck!

Debates on vaccine, mask mandates permeate Virginia governor's race

Biden Acts To Expand Funding For Rural COVID 19 Crisis

Volatile California governor recall has Democrats nervous about Feinstein seat

NY Supreme Court Sides With Project Ferret Ass, Allows Group To Depose The New York Times

RIP Nanci Griffith

Did Kevin Costner Get Paid For His Appearance In The Field Of Dreams Game Yesterday?.....

Kent, Washington is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, according to new census data

Who's Driving the Deforestation in Brazil?

(Jewish Group) France to boycott UN anti-racism conference

Maui drive-through

Our film about the former guy's designs on a Cthulhian comeback

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued until 8 p.m.

DeJoy bought up to $305,000 in bonds from USPS board chair's investment firm

(Jewish Group) University of South Carolina to open Anne Frank Center

Voice of America is back to truth telling, Census/redistricting.

(Jewish Group) After controversy, Belgian town square to remove references to Latvian Nazi collabora

American Pie Explained: Don McLean's Cultural History of Rock n' Roll

(Jewish Group) How many monuments honor fascists, Nazis and murderers of Jews? You'll be shocked.

Fox News poll shows voters aren't buying the GOP's attacks on Biden

The Immoral Lifestyle Republicans Won't Condemn

Happy (Trump) Reinstatement Day?

Parent Attacks Teacher Over School Mask Mandate

385,000 went to Lollapalooza, but it wasn't a COVID superspreader event

UnitedHealthcare will pay $15.7M in settlement of denial of care charges

Toddler Cites Freedom Of Choice In Refusal To Use Potty

Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy is selling t-shirts emblazoned with the word "moron"

Happy Trump Reinstatement Day Everyone!! Friday the 13th is his lucky day.

T.M. Revolution: Invoke

DeJoy bought up to $305,000 in bonds from USPS board chair's investment firm

Texas deploys 2,500 out-of-state medical workers to fight Covid

Belarus floods the European Union with migrants, taking a page out of Putin's playbook

3 Former Cops Charged In Wrongful Conviction That Sent A Man To Prison For 25 Years

So my daughter in nyc has covid

Park Pol. officers who killed Bijan Ghaisar were told before pursuit he wasn't suspect

Man saves baby marmoset from the street and gives it back to its mother.

So the CNN Homecoming Concert in Central Park isn't for TRUMP

LA GOV announces Shot For $100, an incentive program giving $100 to first 75,000 college students

107 Year Old Irish Farmer Reflects on Change, 1965

China's Port Shutdown Raises Fears of Closures Worldwide

RIP Nanci Griffith

Nurse Aoi Theme " destination"


Calls for violence online similar to before January 6 Capitol attack, DHS Intel chief says

Man allegedly confesses to killing his kids, refers to QAnon conspiracies

Massive, powerful earthquake storm near South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

Reservation Dogs Official Trailer - Season 1 FX on Hulu

Nurse Aoi opening "Sakura"

When will Trump be reinstated?

NYS Assembly suspends Impeachment Inquiry of Gov Cuomo...

Shut-Down Pittie Transforms Into The Happiest Hippo

Utusun 20 years, Wellst0nev0ter 19 years and Texas Towelie 10 years on DU

Howard Dean Says Covid 19 Will End DeathSantis' Career Like It Ended Trump's

America is full of 'democracy deserts'. Wisconsin rivals Congo on some metrics

William Barr, Star Witness?

Dream: My Will (Inuyasha)

Distant cousin (2nd) who is MAGA says House GOP may snatch the thunder from Dem

According to recent Carnegie Mellon paper... Ph.D's least likely (Education Subgroup) to be vaxx'd

Fred puts Florida Keys in Tropical Storm Warning and another system follows

After the Select Committee finishes its investigation, can it make a criminal referral to the DOJ?

CalFire - Dixie Fire Now Just Under 518,000 Acres, 31% Containment; Triple-Digit Temps, Storms

Re: Afghanistan. It was always going to end this way, wasn't it?

By combining four monitors ...

Republicans Will Pay a High Price for Making Masks and Vaccines Political issues

What We Got Wrong in Afghanistan

New intel reports indicate fresh efforts by Russia to interfere in 2022 election

Atty: Attack by broomstick-wielding football players charged with rape didn't constitute ...

UN chief appeals to the Taliban to lay down arms

Atty: Attack by broomstick-wielding football players charged with rape didn't constitute ...

Did Wingnut Colorado Clerk Leak Election Codes To Goddamn Gateway Pundit, Or Wuz She Fraaaamed

Greg Abbott And The GOP's Fascist Movement In The State Of Texas

We have 0 ICU beds left for children ... Your child will wait for another child to die."

Lead Of Wisconsin Election Probe Attended MyPillow Guy's 'Cyber Symposium'

Ron DeSantis Is the Fox News Favorite for 2024

Dir EnGrey: Macabre

Lindell claims China hacked the election, and he calls his team of data experts the 'Red Team'??

This Tennessee Republican Nearly Died From COVID. Now He's Fighting Masks.

204 COVID cases in Pinellas co, FL among students & staff in 1st 48 hours of school. Still no masks

Elon Musk and Fox News tried to get a "gotcha" on Pete Buttigieg, and...

Operation Kalifornia. Seriously dangerous to democracy.

Alan Grayson enters race for Florida's U.S. Senate seat

The 'Moderate' House Democrats May Soon Find Playing Chicken With Nancy Pelosi Doesn't End Well

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 13, 2021

Today's "Hold m'beer!" story...

Deep Divisions in Americans' Views of Nation's Racial History - and How To Address It


from Jamie Raskin:

Anyone in Central Florida (Orlando to Seminole county) have laptop repair referrals?

Cumulus farm. They'll be thunderstorms in a few weeks...

My unvaxxed sister, her husband and 3 children are vacationing in Nashville this week

Storms are passing through the immediate area and generally headed east.

X-Japan: Endless Rain

Is this a stupid question about Afghanistan?

So It's August 13th!

'... dangerous combination': New study says wildfire smoke linked to increased covid cases, deaths

David Rothkopf: US policy in Afghanistan has been 20 yrs of bad decisions & bad execution

Perfect Michigan afternoon....

Surf Instructor Killed His Children and Claimed QAnon Made Him Do It

Newfound snack

Gov. Ron DeSantis' lawyers want parents' push for mandatory masks thrown out

BuckTick: Sasayaki (Eng subs)

Why Teladoc Stock Could Soar If Moderna's Scary Prediction Comes True

SaNOtize's Anti-Viral Treatment Made Available in Israeli Pharmacie

Pregnant Foster Dog Has Her Babies And Becomes A Puppy Again

Nanci Griffith has passed away

Had a little fun. Well, not really, but it did feel good.

Assembly leaders dropping Cuomo impeachment probe

Assembly leaders dropping Cuomo impeachment probe

More bad Delta variant news

Judy and Mary: Sobakasu

My Sister Just Posted This On FB

Grammy-winning folk singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith dies

A parent sent their child to school after a positive Covid-19 test.

D-Out: Nekocon 2020

Joe Biden Addresses Anti-Maskers Threatening Health Care Workers - NowThis News

Consequences of DeFunding Education

Retired NATO general blames '20 years of American misjudgments' for the Afghanistan crisis,

Situation at the US Embassy in Kabul is more dire than what the State Department is saying

Mr.Children: Tomorrow never Knows

Let It All Go to Hell

friend of mine suggested that we need to form a group of well known

Mississippi Fair May Have Led to Covid Outbreak

A D.C. Cop Died By Suicide After Jan. 6. Sleuths IDed 1 Of The Rioters He Battled.

How do I register a complaint with Microsoft?

Rush of troops to Kabul tests Biden's withdrawal deadline

I can say this here.

Dr. Peter Hotez: 'We're Going To See Schools Return To Virtual Learning' - MSNBC

Fox News just reported that 63 people tested positive at Obama's birthday party

Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift Among Republicans on Climate Change

Some retired General on Deadline WhiteHouse said Trump made a deal with the Taliban...

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci: Great Art Explained

Grammy-winning folk singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith dies

Is Trump president again? (I've been away from DU all day)

L'arc en Ciel : Ready, Steady Go!

FDA authorizes third dose of Pfizer, Moderna shots for immunocompromised

Evening ospreys with dinner!

For your Friday Night pleasure:

Broward County, Florida: 3 educators died within about 24 hours from Covid-19 complications

Taliban Forcibly Take Away Young Girl Despite Protests As Dark Days Return For Women in Afghanistan

Rand Paul Voted Against COVID Emergency Bill Eight Days After Wife Bought Gilead Stock

JUST IN: Fox News Receives Envelope Containing White Powder, Prompting Hazmat Response

Perseverance Mars rover fumbled 1st sampling attempt because of 'unique' powdery rock, NASA finds

Bulletin: National Terrorism Advisory

murder hornets are back? ugh!

Solar Orbiter spacecraft sends postcard from Venus in flyby video

Biden administration says it will help school districts defying Florida Gov. DeSantis' mask orders

Search query

Texas threatens to pull liquor licenses of restaurants asking customers to show proof of vaccination

Hochul, lawmakers vow action in wake of Supreme Court eviction ban ruling

tiedrich weighs in on "reinstatement day" with some great advice

Washington State University to remove personal, philosophical COVID vaccine exemption for students

King County creates 'playbook' to help prepare for future heat, weather events

Senior Mexico, US officials agree to cooperate on migration, security, economy

Kitsap health officer issues mask directive for public spaces

BREAKING: An appeals court has held up San Antonio's mask mandate for public schools, ruling against

Una Stubbs, Mrs. Hudson on Sherlock (2010-2017), has passed away.

More US cities requiring proof of vaccination to go places

Census data reveals the real reason why the GOP is ramping up its war on democracy

trump reinstated

Florida's DeSantis Nears Court Clash With Parents Over Mask Ban

Damn power is off again in eastern Ohio. Storm should hit Pittsburgh

I think I've seen this movie

Middle schooler fatally shot by fellow student in Albuquerque

Snopes Retracts 60 Articles Plagiarized by Co-Founder: 'Our Staff Are Gutted'

In blows to Gov. Greg Abbott, appeals courts uphold mask mandates in Dallas and San Antonio

Editorial: Wake up, California! Removing Gavin Newsom would be a disaster

Bolsonaro Cuts City Funds and Creates Direct Vouchers for Private Day Care Centers

Some New Yorkers Worried After Supreme Court Ruling Blocks Part Of State's Eviction Moratorium

Louisiana has second highest COVID infection rate in U.S. - CBS News

Meet Stephanie Kingsley of Clark County Nevada:

Storm over Patuxent,

Stormy weather,

Nanci Griffith passed away age 68

Two St. Louis sheriff deputies fired after working private security for Rep. Cori Bush

Vaccinations on the Rise Again

A couple of differences between Taliban and Magahats

Phoenix cops passed around a coin to celebrate shooting anti-Trump protesters in the groin

I put salt on my ice cream and watermelon.

Rum and Coca Cola - The Andrews Sisters

2 different appeals courts have ruled against Abbott's ban on mask mandates in the last 30 minutes

Alaska Tlingit artist's 'Raven Story' stamp - 'Art is who we are'

Suspected U.K. Mass Shooter Said He Was American, Trump-Supporting Virgin

LOL... "Dude with Sign" and President Biden promoting vaccinations:

Lindell gives more details about alleged Antifa attack......Bwahahaha!

Christ, what an asshole!

Woman who attacked immigrant's wife over her 'Abolish ICE' sticker, charged with felony assault

Don't Be a Schmuck. Put on a Mask.

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan says Trump is responsible for 'demoralizing' Afghan forces

For GA DUers, COVID crisis in Atlanta area hospitals--Grady (big public hospital) CLOSEd TO ALL PTS

Irresponsible GOP Wannabe Republican Governor Wants to Cut Taxes by 25%

Mississippi hospital puts beds in parking garage to cope with COVID-19 surge

Unvaccinated COVID-19 Patient In Louisiana Hospital Tells Others To 'Open Your Eyes'

Sarah Silverman Hosting Kimmel

Covid - Hawaii leaps from 50 cases/day to 1,167 in just 4 weeks..

apartment with weird layout goes viral... "Why have 9 walls when you can have 37?"

The World's Biggest Fires May Reach Moscow Thanks to Putin

Some supporters of former President Donald Trump believe he will be reinstated as president CBS News

DeSantis urges Floridians to use Regeneron antibody treatment given to Trump

Castillo plans a leftward course for Peru

Update on my rescued Eurasian collared dove.

1200 job ads mentioning vaccination as a requirement.. a doubling in a month

Jeopardy Spoiler 08 13