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For Whom the Bell Tolls:

I have been fully vaccinated since April

Calls for removal of "bandit" USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy gain steam

Dog Funnies

Cat Funnies

Mississippi governor defends COVID-19 response after extending state of emergency

Stores Selling Out Of Horse Dewormer Because Conservatives Falsely Think It Treats COVID - RoF

Farm Supply Stores Are Running Short on a Horse Dewormer/Pseudoscience COVID Cure - Slate

The Return of the Taliban

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe says TFG is 'threatening members of law enforcement'

Outsider' Buttigieg plays a skillful inside game, positioning himself for the future

Widow of police officer who died by suicide after Capitol riot suing his alleged attacker

Did archaeologists find the Trojan Horse?

Habitat for Humanity debuts new homes in Seattle for first time in 8 years

Snohomish County reports 12 heat-related deaths amid sweltering weather

Dozens of western pond turtles released in Tacoma as part of conservation project

Biden calls school chiefs, lauds defiance of anti-mask rules

Fuck DeSantis Flip Flops

Trump's Unabated Crime Wave Continues: Threatens Officer Who Protected the US Capitol on Jan. 6

(UK) MPs urged to ban 'virginity repair' surgery as well as virginity testing

Plymouth shooting: police urged to take misogyny more seriously

3 Reasons the Democrats will Win in 2022 - TLDR News

"This so called Delta variant is fake as hell. It's all about keeping Trump out if the whitehouse."

COVIDIOTs protest COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Olympia

Man stabbed, reporter attacked at protest at LA City Hall

I just smoked something

U.S. calls on OPEC and its allies to pump more oil (Good read)

Inside Vietnam's Forgotten Drone War (msn)

Hospitals At Capacity In States With Low Covid Vaccination Rates - NBC News

Karma - That lady she be a bitch

Rocks with character. Need help IDing a type of stone.

Speaker Pelosi statement today.

In our battle against those who refuse vaccinations, the name of our greatest ally is

The Embassy staff in Kabul are burning documents.

Advice on the next thing I should smoke

Tweet of the night:

Tweet of the Day

Ready Teddy- Elvis

US border agents in Tennessee have seized thousands of counterfeit Covid-19 vaccination cards

Where can I get this?

Billy Strings - Loser

Proud Boys Are Back to Brawling on America's Streets--including a #CapitolRiot man...........

That's What You Get For Loving Me - Waylon Jennings

Hello Mary- Lou - Ricky Nelson

RIP Fez Whatley

California teen invents device that puts out fires automatically - NewsNation Now

These guys are good - The Stray Birds


Damn! The clusterfk of Vietnam/Saigon/Evac April 1975

Elizabeth Taylor On 'What's My Line?'

Breaking Down Global U.S. Covid Vaccine Donation Effort - NBC News

Mississippi 8th Grader Dies With COVID Hours After Gov. Reeves Downplays Child Cases

Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley Duet

Insurrectionist: My Mom Thinks I'm Special

Tyler Gilbert, in his first Major League Start for the Dbacks,

Tiny frogs in the yard

Hey Good Lookin' - Hank Williams

Samurai Seven opening and closing

Fair nor not, what happens in the next ten days is going to make or break Biden's presidency

This Insurrectionist, Tony Moon has never been arrested, or even questioned.

I found the perfect theme song for anti-vaxxers

With No Dramatic Climate Action We Will Have Zero Security

America is full of 'democracy deserts'. Wisconsin rivals Congo on some metrics

If you've been vaccinated, you might be able to get a DIGITAL vaccine card ...

That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly & The Crickets

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Dormition (Falling Asleep) of Virgin Mary, Theotokos, 15 August

America is full of 'democracy deserts'. Wisconsin rivals Congo on some metrics

Kamichu opening and closing

The Hearst Estate in Beverly Hills Gets a $19.8 Million Price Cut

Rep. Katie Porter Celebrates Every Kid Outdoors

Little Richard- Long Tall Sally, Tutti Frutti

Hoo boy, just got 8 California ballots in the mail. Not great.

Mexico marks 500th anniversary of Spanish conquest of Aztec empire, exposes wounds

Johnny B. Good- Chuck Berry, Live

Sierra Ferrell - Snakes Crawl at Night

How Trump damaged science -- and why it could take decades to recover

The Red-headed Girl-National Hero of Netherlands-Nazi Killer

Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets

Witch Hunter Robin episode 1 Anime

This Chattanooga mom told Tenn school board that her daughter is now opting out of dress code

Can Fetterman overcome pulling a gun on a unarmed black man who was jogging?


Shake, Rattle & Roll - Big Joe Turner- Rock and Roll!

Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio in G Minor

Fake vaccination card proposal.

Listening to this, I can't help thinking tonight of the Afghan people ...

First attempt at star trails and meteors

Got a Question, it's about an emotional response I had.

96 Tears - Question Mark & The Mysterians, Saginaw Bay Orchestra

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Country Girl

President Biden Poked Fun at Trump's Broken Infrastructure Promises - NowThis News

Lindsey Graham called Joe Biden to apologize

Onegai (please) Teacher episode 1 (watch on YouTube )

Tweet of the late night:

Inuyasha (Episode 1)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

The Worst Thing About Trump's Presidency ...

Covid-19: Canada to require vaccination for all federal workers by autumn (BBC)

State of California digital vaccination record with a QR code, texted immediately to you.

Red Molly - 1952 Vincent Black Lightening

Republican Logic

California unions for firefighters, blue collar workers challenge Newsom's vaccine rules

Although Covid-19 Spreads Mostly Via The Mouth ...

The Negligent Suicide Grift in six easy steps

McConnell and McCarthy are unified on trying to stop Biden's $3.5 trillion budget.

California mega-church offers COVID vaccine 'religious exemption' in public Instagram post

Torrential middle of the night rain! Flash flood warning for much of the Beltway area

Scientists say a 'doomsday' variant after delta isn't likely. But here's what's possible

Gunslinger Girl -episode one dubbed Anime

Another meteor image

Here are two nearly identical moon photos.

California, Oregon braced for another extremist water rebellion. Why it's calm, so far (no A. Bundy)

Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins

Father injures teacher after arguing about masks, school says. Now he's banned from campus.

Trump Caught CHEATING like a PATHETIC Loser - Christo Aivalis

*Chuck Berry: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man NOW,

Angelic Layer -Episode one English dub

Richard Engel reporting from Kabul... follow him for updates

Live at the Lincoln Memorial. Lightning hits Washington monument.

As the Dixie Fire grows, so does the cost to fight it: $217 million and counting

Ospreys over the river, 6 miles south of 'mine.'

Step closer everyone! Place your bets! What do you think will it be?

Only Intact Forests Can Stave off Climate Change The world's forests are supposed to stave off clima

Only Intact Forests Can Stave off Climate Change The world's forests are supposed to stave off clima

WOO HOO!! Arizona climbs the charts to NUMBER 5 !!!

6 Things To Know If You're Immunocompromised & Considering A 3rd Shot

Christian Colonialism Then and Now Kills People and Our Planet Christian missionaries throughout the

What You Need to Know About the Delta Variant - SciShow

Mexico must protect the 'vaquita'

Mexico must protect the 'vaquita'

Today is the first officially recognized #NavajoCodeTalkersDay in Arizona.

Young Man You Can get Everything at the YMCA The Village People 1978

Evo Morales Presents Runasur's Decalogue for Plurinational America Our destiny...

California Army veteran convicted of plotting to bomb white supremacist rally

Taliban enters Kabul, leaving Afghan government on brink of collapse

Love Law & Order, Shirley Jones and Mariette Hartley on NOW!

Taliban Ban Covid Vaccine in East Afghanistan's Paktia Province, Claims Report

Live at the Lincoln Memorial. Lightning hits Washington monument.

Cardinal Burke, vax skeptic, has covid, is on ventilator

My favorite Taoist story.

Stabbing at Proud Boys anti-vaccine protest at LA City Hall

5 Ways Paid Hacks of the Cuban-American Exile Lobby Try to Mislead Us About Cuba

FEMA Has Paid Out Over $1 Billion For Funerals Of Coronavirus Victims

city employee pulls up BLM sign on private property

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwgust 2021 Edition

Federal judge orders Biden administration to revive Trump-era border policy (remain in Mexico)

Federal judge orders Biden administration to revive Trump-era border policy (remain in Mexico)

Oregon City Police Arrested a County Employee For Vandalizing Black Man's Memorial with a Swastika

Person stabbed as vaccination demonstrators clash outside Los Angeles City Hall

Starbucks baristas say they're fed up with complex custom drink orders that can verge on the ridicul

'An epidemic in itself': Why billions of federal aid isn't making it to renters, landlords during pa

Breakfast Sunday 15 August 2021

August 15, 1961: E. German border guard Conrad Schumann leaps into the French Sector of West Berlin.

Sunday morning moment of kitten 'Awwwww'

New Covid rules this school year in my Maine district.

Brazil's military strategises for the next elections

Why Is the Afghan National Army Performing So Miserably?

Splendid heckle!

Beware: If You Get a Text From Netflix Offering a Free One-Year Subscription, It's a Scam

Some reflections on life, love and the universe* here on Sunday, August 15, 2021...

"It's like my identity is about to be scrubbed out."

My daughters friends don't want face masks

The world admires Jamaica's success in Track and Field BUT

The world admires Jamaica's success in Track and Field BUT

TX teacher is on verge of tears talking about what it's like working in a school that isn't allowed

Liz Cheney Falsely Blames Biden For Afghanistan Instead Of Her Dad

On this day, August 15, 1969, "An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake,N.Y." began.

So Kabul has fallen...And so has Afghanistan.

Watching the coverage of our choppers over Kabul this morning reminded me of Saigon's fall.

All those months I wore a mask with concern

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, August 15, 2021

You can't lead a social revolution from the outside

Trump is probably drooling watching Aghanistan

Oscar Peterson was born on this date.

Man Stabbed, 2 Reporters Attacked As Violence Erupts At Los Angeles Anti-Vaxx Rally

Afghan soldiers literally laying down their weapons and walking away...

Last Tuesday, I had laser surgery and had 5 varicose veins removed.

Afghanistan and the Kobayashi Maru Test

Minimal GQP Climate Shift: "What They Are Opposing Is Any Program To Meaningfully Reduce Emissions"

San Diego paying $1.75M to man hurt in Carmel Valley bicycling crash

Family sues Capitol riot suspect accused of attacking DC police officer

Tropical Storms Fred and Grace

Pompeo, trump and 2020 Doha deal info

By some miracle, is anyone here living in Enterprise?

Baka Beyond

Monoclonal antibody therapy and Mississippi

To those who insist leaving Afghanistan is a "terrible blunder", I would ask of them

People use all kinds of supplements that are not FDA approved

Diamondback Tyler Gilbert throws no-hitter in first career start; sets new single-season MLB record

"Dubai is a parody of the 21st century"

Slight dizziness.and feeling tired. Going on for several days.

It's Now Or Never: Scientists Have Shown What Needs To Happen, And Politicians Are Out Of Time

Austalian Solar And Wind Investment Drops 70% Over 2018 Totals During First Six Months Of 2021

A small fix for the sake of the environment

Small towns grow desperate for water in California

Would the men of the US be willing to fight and die for the rights of women and girls of the US?

Stranded in Charlotte was lucky to get

Dog Reaction to a Donkey Licking Him

Guinea Pig Highway-I needed the giggle

Constant Craving - k.d. lang

A New World Of Fire - California Farms And Wineries Facing Quadrupled Insurance Rates, Cancellations

Sunny Afternoon

Republicans claim to fear left-wing authoritarianism -- but there's no such thing

Two statements about Afghanistan:

CNN- Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country.

A very happy birthday to Justice Stephen Breyer. The Supreme Court's oldest justice is 83 years you

I'm too old to have sex.

Summerfling - k.d. lang

Australian immigration question:

That interview on CNN with the Afghan woman's rights activist was heartbreaking

"Sprout Lives Matter"?

These Are the Most Bed Bug-Infested Cities in the U.S.

Damn atheist they're everywhere and in everyone's face

Please Think Back on When and Why We Went to Afghanistan

"Can i speak to your manager" (Twitter)

Thunderstorms, heat fuel wildfires burning across West

Showing the other dogs how to use the doggy door (Twitter)

The truth about border crossers:

Judge orders Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy to be reinstated

Japan marks 76th anniversary of WWII defeat; no Suga apology

The real story about Afghanistan is...

Health care workers, supporters protest vaccine mandate in Portland, Maine

Health care workers, supporters protest vaccine mandate in Portland, Maine

Antivaxers Think Their 'Pure' Semen Will Skyrocket in Value.

Lawyer who fed Trump 'nonsense' legal theories prior to the Capitol riot dumped by his partners

Today I learned everyone was against the Afghan war from the beginning

The Plague Invasion at the Border Is Just GOP Propaganda

Vaccines are a gateway drug to concerts

1 dead after dozens rescued from capsized party boat with 54 people on Lake Conroe, judge says

Teen Builds a Solar-Powered 3-Wheeler from Scrap

You can lead an Afghan to water but you can't make him drink.

Welp, TN GOP Sen. Bill Hagerty's weekly sanctimonious Bible verse backfired big time.

"We must focus on saving lives in Afghanistan " Madeline Albright

Good Day DU (August 15, 2021)

My friend's Yahoo e-mail has been hacked.

Fox News Is America's Biggest Mass Murderer

3052 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 2 deaths

Frenzied evacuation of U.S. citizens kicks into high gear as the Taliban approach Kabul.

My Alexa defaulted to Fox News !*#*

Update on my nephew in Kyiv

excellent reads on our real America

Saigon, then and now

Proud Boys viciously attacked reporters yesterday at a demonstration in LA. Cops not responding.

Puppy thinks he's a bunny..

The Riches of Afghanistan

The Cowardice of the Grim Reaper

Russia has its very own Blackwater

David Rothkopf on the withdrawal from Afghanistan

A Return to My Weekend Supermarket Reports

The media sure loves war


Maura O'Connell and Nanci Griffith...Trouble in the Fields

The Afghan military was probably infiltrated by the Taliban for years and years

Daniel L. Davis: Even I have been shocked by the lightning collapse of the AFG military

The noise you are hearing is from the Military Industrial Complex and their tools

Happy Birthday Rep Maxine Waters 🌻🌻🌻🌻🥂🥂🥂💙💙💙

When a history of the Trump pandemic is written, the title should be "When America Went Stupid".

Origin of the Chemehuevi people

The last 20 years in Afghanistan was just a big grift on the American tax payer

'Did you actually tweet this?': Lauren Boebert's attack on Joe Biden blows up in her face

Fauci asks people to 'put aside' concerns of personal liberty and recognize 'common enemy' of COVID-

Karzai seems to be staying on

Be prepared

The Afghan withdrawal...

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 15, 2021?

Trump or Biden?

Time to give the kitten sisters some individual attention

Pittsburgh Dad drives in Pittsburgh Traffic

Is it time?

It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley

National Geographic: As the Taliban rise again, Afghanistan's past threatens its present

"The Last Letter From Your Lover." Very entertaining romance flick

What A Wonderful World - k.d. lang

WAPO on Afghan pullout

NPR: Security situation in Kabul airport deteriorating, airport taking fire

Afghanistan was too big and too poor for "nation building" to have been possible

Canada is headed for a federal election on Sept. 20

A timeline of more than 40 years of war in Afghanistan

Progressive activists call for investigation into senator for alleged 'no-show job'

Strategically, Afghanistan; is a poor choice for nation building if you believe

If it hasn't already been posted..Nanci Caroline Griffith

Biden Administration Approves Largest Permanent Increase in Food Stamps

🎶Hold me closer Typhoid Dancer...🎶

I have an idea! We can solve the problems in Afghantistan easily.

Monet's Water Lilies: Great Art Explained

COVID nurse angered and frustrated over preventable resurgence

Cybersleuths find men who allegedly attacked officer during US Capitol riot

One of my favorite Anime

Lawyers sanctioned for 'conspiracy theory' election fraud lawsuit (must pay all attorneys fees)

Busy Bee on one of the Sunflowers.

This Puppy And Baby Sister Are Perfectly In Sync With Everything They Do

Afghan leadership responsible for Taliban surge, retired Canadian general says

To the media pundits that say that what Biden did about Afghanistan will come back to haunt him...

So QAnon was wrong again about Trump being reinstated but people keep following Q

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap back on stage!

One Bible verse to describe conservatives

I applaud Biden for this Afghanistan decision

Time to reread this classic from almost two years ago regarding government lies about Afghanistan

Stumbled across Lily Kearns - stunning voice

Afghan President Ghani flees country as Taliban surrounds Kabul

Wars that the US has been involved in since WWII

Richard Engel needs to get out of Kabul!!

Happy World Helicopter Day.

Take the 'A' Train - Eddie Jefferson

Jimmy Carter is a national treasure.

'There is panic': Outback outbreak rings covid alarm for Australia's Indigenous people

Leverage: Redemption on IMDb tv

How to tell if your respirator and N95-style mask is counterfeit or poor quality (Marketplace)

This is for the r*cists claiming Kaep is "not good enough"

U.S. Embassy in Kabul warns of worsening security at airport amid evacuation

LIz Cheney Has A Lot Of Damn Nerve

Trump's Taliban negotiation bungling to blame for current chaos: former National Security official

Nancy Pelosi Looks at Advancing Infrastructure and Budget Framework Simultaneously

Death toll from massive Haiti earthquake soars past 700

from Peter Galbraith: I watch the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan with disbelief and horror.

Opinion: On Covid, people are making the last mistake

The death of one of Colombia's most controversial oligarchs

Mounting lawsuits, federal government challenge DeSantis, Abbott bans on mask mandates

'Recall Ron DeSantis' Petition Hits 35,000 Target as Delta Variant Devastates Florida

Ya think?

VERIFY: Fact-checking Dr. Dan Stock's claims at Mt. Vernon school board meeting

South Dakota governor calls the Sturgis rally with hundreds of thousands of attendees 'a fantastic e

Death toll from Haiti earthquake soars above 700 with thousands injured

Think back on what was done to our country AFTER 9-11. The privatization of military functions...

The Taliban has announced their political agenda for Afghanistan and it includes:

Imagine what could have been accomplished with the several trillion that we have spent

"Shelter in place" Americans in Kabul told

Chris Wallace Confronts Pompeo: Do You Regret Giving Taliban 'Legitimacy'?

Earthquake death tolls climbs as tropical storm bears down on Haiti

Trump made a deal with the Taliban in February 2020

Opinion: VR Isn't a Fad Anymore, It Really Is the Future

For the want of a Nail, Todd Rundgren

My movie recommendations for today are "Bikini Beach" and "Pajama Party" with spoilers.

Afghanistan's military collapse: Illicit deals and mass desertions

Chobits (episode one)

Afghan President Ghani flees country as Taliban surrounds Kabul

star membership gifting

Panic at the Disco-High Hopes

5 deaths in one week: Why suicides are rising in Texas prisons

Biden's situation with Afghanistan is comparable to a doctor who has to amputate because of mistakes

From Rio, a Cautionary Tale on Police Violence

Briscoe Cain is an asshole

Mike Pompeo's tweets blame Biden for the Fall of Afgan......

I think President Biden and our military leaders

I'm amazed at how many here now think the collapse of Afghanistan is terrible.

Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen...

Proof positive that Biden made the right decision?

Prioritize Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Rights and Tackle Racism in Colombia: Message by 16 U.S. Co

Piranhas, pink dolphins lure visitors to remote lake

Illicit Deals and Mass Desertions Led to Taliban Victory

Last time I checked our domestic situation isn't too nice

The bizarre COVID side effect no one is talking about

Epsilon variant

Editorial: The UN climate report, 'The Lorax' and us

July 2021 Was The Single Hottest Month In The Entire History of Mankind- For Now

It just dawned on me.

Beat DiMaggio: Win 5.6 million dollars.

what's up with all the Brussels sprouts stickers on the Grovel Bot board?

The Next Generation of Criminal Groups Driving Violence in Mexico

This MyPillow Guy Meltdown Would Be Funny If It Weren't So Dangerous

Vigilante Death Squad Sends Bloody Message in Brazil-Paraguay Border Region

Afghanistan - it's deja vu all over again

Cartoons 8/15/2021

Second hand smoke. How is it that we can make health policy regarding second hand smoke and

Our escapade into Afghanistan was ill advised and was inevitably going to blow up ...

High-density housing isn't coming to Mukilteo

Weapons Traffickers Target Chile's Port of Iquique

EvergreenHealth Monroe critical care unit has been closed

@GOP Jim Jordon is a stupid LIAR...........

The Institute Of Unfinished Research has concluded that 6 out of 10 people

2020 Census: Snohomish County grows by more than 114,000

What the infrastructure bill could mean for Snohomish County

Someone said the Taliban insurgents are just "tourists".

Virginia school board passes LGBTQ inclusivity policy that sparked protest, resignation

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 16 August 2021

Israel furious as Poland's president signs bill to limit property claims

Virginia school board passes LGBTQ inclusivity policy that sparked protest, resignation

TFG blasts Biden for not 'following the plan' his administration crafted for Afghanistan

Tiny dog excited to receive huge stuffed toy:

Has Cong. Barbara Lee commented yet? nt

Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) *1st Battle Between Democracy & Fascism* Prelude To Tragedy, WWII

Nearly 600 patients waiting for hospital beds in Houston

The sausage making ain't gonna be pretty the next few months

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are going to win by a strong to slim margin.

As mayor of Ecuador's capital faces possible removal, councilman throws a glass of water at him

Many fear Taliban will again end Afghan human rights, support terrorism

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar declared Afghanistan's new President

Ever feel you have to turn off the news for

In Barcelona a baby girl helps her big sister finish a race:

Could we just put a cork in all the negativity? No one here "knows" how the American people will

Middle Age Riot tweet:

The GQP has weaponized COVID.

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - August 15th, 2021

So I finally have a mask-grocery store story

Donziger: Facing Prison for Fighting Chevron

Josh Marshall: I Think This is Right

Al Qaeda coming back

Let's talk about some questions about leaving over there....

US completes evacuation of embassy in Afghanistan.

Peruvian Right Seeks Impeachment of Minister Hector Bejar

In Peru, a corrupt land-titling scheme sees forests sold off as farms

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow - NOT

Alabama AG Steve Marshall wants to hear from people blocked by social media

Canada is headed for a federal election on Sept. 20

Reminiscent of January 6. These guys were successful, trump's guys weren't:

so cats have now replaced brussels sprouts. who would've thought! /nt

AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train (Live At River Plate)

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 15, 2021

42 second video of traffic right now in Kabul

Wolves Love Watermelon

Factbox: Taliban seek to present a moderate face as they take control in Afghanistan

Yeah, so, the Texas Capitol is currently flooding

Lindy Li FTW You go Girl.

Understanding the Emerging Megadrought

Raise your hand if you know who is REALLY to blame for Afghanistan

As the US flag is the taken down from the US Embassy in Kabul, some thoughts . . . . . .

His statement on women in politics has been proven right in many countries around the world.

TFG in 2012 re: Afghanistan

Josh Marshall on Kabul's fall "Vindication and the Fall of Kabul"

If you want to sing out - Cat Stevens


Burst angel opening and closing

The Taliban's success could only happen with the backing

Census Shows A More Diverse, Urban America

Do the Taliban have the capability to govern Afghanistan long-term?

Oh my god -more brussels sprout cabbages with teeth images

T-Mobile Investigating Claims of Massive Customer Data Breach

Pelosi should have a committee look where the Afghan $$$ went

July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth.

Mysteries of the Oort Cloud at the Edge of Our Solar System

Afghanistan fell because the MEN of Afghanistan prefer the Taliban.

Should We Start Calling It Talibanistan?

There's Nothing Fun or Funny About Marjorie Taylor Greene (The Atlantic & worth the read)

President needs to address the country TONIGHT

*All Creatures Great and Small: Between the Pages

I Blame Afghanistan Not TFG Bush Or Biden

All Creatures Great and Small: Between the Pages

Brendan Fraser Tears Up as Fans Rally for His Comeback with New Scorsese, Aronofsky Films

Susan Glasser whom I respect said on CNN we should have left a small residual force

I'm special !

Biden administration approves largest increase to food assistance benefits in SNAP program history

Too boring to report? U.S. Journalism in free fall...

Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen calls the BBC - interview in full

Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen calls the BBC - interview in full

CNN just reported that the Afghan government has folded.

Afghanistan was not a war of defense ...

After big county fair, virus hits hard in rural Mississippi

My sweet little Madoc. This photo is a definite keeper

Misinformation at public forums vexes local boards, big tech

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely and just need to win in 2022 to remain in the majority.

Ron DeSantis gets shut down ON FOX NEWS - Brian Tyler Cohen

US completes evacuation of embassy in Afghanistan

Bonobos and Chimps Appear to Have 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' Greetings

All my tears

Chaos at Kabul airport, US troops firing warning shots at civilians

did trump free the new Taliban leader and have Sec of State Pompeo meet with him?

Ireland to cease deliveries of AZ, Janssen vaccines

Acosta: There is no 'I' in 'team,' but there is in 'vaccine' - CNN

The way we killed Osama Bin Laden

Eureka seven opening and closing

But i was cool...

Soviets invaded Afghanistan...

Things we were promised but haven't happened yet.

I just saw a headline about the Taliban.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee - Speech on 9/14/01

Wisdom spotted on facebook

President Biden's last week or 10 days.

Spider weaving a web..

Saigon, the final hours, as Danang fell ...

Protest held outside White House as the Taliban closes in on Afghanistan's capital

Putin and his kind thrive in this type of division among us.

ABC: COVID-19 live updates: Nearly 600 patients wait for hospital beds in Houston as city sees surge

Understanding the Emerging Megadrought

AP: US mulls COVID vaccine boosters for elderly as early as fall

Scalise: 'This is President Biden's Saigon moment'

In conversation with Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky-1991

Small Towns Grow Desperate for Water in California

Looking for something cold to drink and i have nothing. So i made

Dan Rather tweet:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Climbs Mount Stupid - The Rational National

Inside the heartbreaking conservatorship battle of a 'Star Trek' legend (Lt. Uhura)

Bonus Flashback Quote of the Day

Awwww! Extreme cuddlepup:

OK, had we kept our agreement with Iran they could have been instrumental in arranging

The Texas State Capitol is flooding.

New: Republican Party has removed a page from their website bragging about Trump's deal with the...

US mulls COVID vaccine boosters for elderly as early as fall

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Prix Jacques Le Marois(FR)

Don't Blame Biden.

San Antonio sports bar shooting leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded, authorities say

STATNews: Elective surgeries are being delayed again. Doctors want to handle it differently this tim

Texas Supreme Court stays two rulings on masks for school

Remember when Obama "got" Bin Laden?

A Powerful New Deepfake Tool Has Digitally Undressed Thousands Of Women

Rec Bull Reportedly Damages UNESCO World Heritage Site by having cars drift on traditional bricks

Best of Statues and Mannequins Pranks - Just for Laughs Compilation

Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts mask orders in Dallas and Bexar counties

Republicans are twisting themselves in knots blaming Biden for executing a plan...

Texas Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gov. Abbott, Temporarily Blocks Dallas County Mask Mandate

Taliban Sweep in Afghanistan Follows Years of U.S. Miscalculations

Pompeo and Trump sign historic deal with Taliban