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Serious questions here about Covid-19

IMHO: If we can safely get out of Afghanistan without casualties, that's the win.


UK ambassador remaining in Kabul to personally process visas for afghans fleeing

The Republicans want you to believe they care about the Afghan people

I live in the deeply red Florida Gulf Coast area.

Sky News UK: "In short, America was duped."

Fred aims for Florida Panhandle, Tropical Storm Grace targets Puerto Rico and Haiti

BB King Called This His Best Live Performance

Moscow Mitch Blasts Biden's 'Botched' Afghanistan Withdrawal

Prince -- 1000 Light Years From Here

Cornucopia in a California Farmers Market

George Takei says 'willfully unvaccinated' should stop receiving priority medical care

Sorry, but somebody has to lose their job for Afghanistan collapse, probably Cabinet-level

Fox News Host Bill Hemmer Thinks Karl Marx Wrote 'Mein Kampf'

Donald Trump Calls on Joe Biden to 'Resign in Disgrace' Over Afghanistan, as RNC Deletes Page Suppor

Vaccine Skeptic Cardinal Placed on Ventilator Days After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Nearly 1,300 dead after Haiti earthquake, and the country is bracing for a tropical depression.

Found on Twitter (decisions, decisions!):

COVID antibody treatments going unused in WA state as hospitals fill up, DOH says

Does Mehdhi Hassan almost seem to be enjoying this on his show tonight?

This is an embarrassment for America

Ballad of a Thin Man

Three weeks from now

Today is a good day to re-up this.

YouTuber gives an incel a proper roasting

Employer sentiments shifting on vaccine mandates

Ya know, the close coincidence of this problem in Afghanistan with 'August 13' is interesting ...

Republican Party has deleted a page from their website that pointed out that Trump wanted to pull ou

NY's new gov says masks at schools are necessary

Mary Trump says she checked into a PTSD treatment center after her uncle, Donald Trump, won in 2016

McDonald's Workers Given Dog Diaper Masks Settle Covid-19 Lawsuit

Refuse to get a vaccine? You might be hit with expensive medical bills, employer mandates

Eric Garland thread on Afghanistan

'The world needs to stand with us': UK Afghans watch on as tragedy unfolds

After losing her babies, mama dog adopts orphaned puppies (WARNING: VERY bittersweet)

August 14 1912

Mike Pompeo says US should 'crush the Taliban' in Kabul using 'American air power'

The squad voted against helping Afghan translators.

What happened to the America first mantra

From last year: Trump says he spoke to a Taliban leader, had 'good talk'

UK defense secretary says that Trump's deal with the Taliban was 'rotten' and that the international

Why did the Soviet puppet government in Afghanistan last two and one half years ...?

An Afghan woman in Kabul: 'Now I have to burn everything I achieved'

The Chicago Way Song by Toronzo Cannon

Who looks more civilized?

Over 100 students at Madison City (AL) Schools test positive for COVID-19

NC is destination for child bill seeks to change that

More Idahoans are using ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Officials warn it could be dangerous

One might wonder if it was truly worth getting up in the morning... (!)

Gary Cooper on 'What's My Line?'

Governor GavinNewsom made history for the LGBTQ+ community when he took the first national stand....

After Sunday It's Even More Clear Biden Was Right

Maureen O'Hara on 'What's My Line?'

Thousands of Prisoners Freed by Taliban

Spot on George Takai

Frontline of fear: Afghan teen press-ganged by the Taliban

Enya - Only Time

The Scanty : I love you!!

Bush, Enron, UNOCAL and the Taliban

From The "You Can't Make This Up" File: Conservative Palm Beach Lobsterfeast COVID Waiver

It Was a Terrifying Census for White Nationalists


Did I cross a cultural barrier?

Celestial Rorschach

Mississippi nurse said she quit her job in the ICU because she doesn't 'have any strength left' afte

With the fall of Afghanistan, I'm thinking of my friend from college tonight.

"What took you so long?" (By John Roedel)

The GOP Agreed With Leaving Afghanistan on Their own Website

Bonehead Jay Cutler loses Uber Eats ad gig over anti-masking views

When Does Pfizer Vaccine Effectiveness Start to Decline?

What I haven't heard in all the MSM discussion of Afghanistan

CBS/You Gov poll numbers today re: recall

What does the U S get from its alliance with Pakistan?

Victoria Approves Offshore Gas Drilling Less Than 5Km From World-Famous 12 Apostles

Death toll of powerful earthquake in Haiti soars to 1,297

Salute the owner of this license plate. Very funny ...

Any other vets feeling triggered and stressed?

KC kitty cat

'I am about to die': Afghan Interpreter's message to US veteran (CNN)

It's over

Roosh V: "Taliban leaders are closer to the revelation of God than...Satanic...regime of America"

Afghan Activist: George W. Bush's Claim U.S. War in Afghanistan Protected Women Is "Shameless Lie"

On Afghanistan. As long as we get US citizens out in the next few days with no one getting killed

Next week is our 30th anniversary.

Canada is taking in 20,000 Afghan refugees

Ted Cruz Calls Capitol Rioters 'Peaceful Supporters' In Gross Defense Of Insurrection - Ring of Fire

Jen Psaki taking time off, can anyone confirm?

I just realized that I've missed posting few lullaby posts. OK, I know no one misses 'em but me...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 18: Summer Under the Stars: Robert Redford

The whipping of Joe BIDEN has commenced and won't diminish - from enemies, allies, & native wingnuts

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 17: Summer Under the Stars: Gloria Grahame

Trump's New Big Lie: Afghanistan

81 Arrested, Dozens Cited in Two-Day Crackdown on Street Stunts in Dallas

This Afghanistan thing should be an "emperor has no clothes" moment for the American public...

I have a soft spot for puppies that become larger dogs...

'Do you regret it?': Hear what unvaccinated Covid patients told Don Lemon

Tweet of the night:

Joe Tex - Ain't Gonna Bump No More

"MUSEUMS ARE BORING..." - Jim Gaffigan Stand up (QUALITY TIME)

StateDeptSpox:."Hamid Karzai International Airport, perimeter is secured by U.S. Military

Andrews man awarded $5.5M in suit against La Fogata Mexican Grill

David Rothkopf: "It is spectacularly infuriating to watch former US officials from administrations

fUCK mEHdI HASAN...That is all

Been thinking about Afghanistan all day, optics count.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Biden "is doing the right thing. And if it seems he is not doing it at the right time, that is

I am afraid...

Dr. Fauci dismisses Mayo Clinic claim Pfizer claim only 42% effective

Rachel Maddow Seriously Considers Leaving MSNBC

It's a bit ironic to see the "America first" crowd argue that we should still be in Afghanistan.

Kai Kahele - My statement this evening on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan:

Does Samsung's ad campaign for their new flip phone make anyone else not want one?

COVID-19 hospitalizations skyrocket across U.S./Dr Fauci says COVID-19 surges "entirely preventable"

It's not just Britney Spears.

George Takei: "Statement from President Biden"

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Expositions On Holy Scripture, Ikons, Salvation

Kinda unfortunate that Joe can't just go on Twitter right now and promote 'Amnesty For Antifa'

Taliban co-founder and leader and 5000 Taliban fighters were released at TFG/US' request

Tweet of the late night:

Is this an early pic of Svengoolie?

"Now that the Fire Dep't has reduced their response times, I can start smoking in bed again"

Afghan civilians desperately trying to climb onto airplane in Kabul airport

it is in the taliban's interest to let ppl leave if they want to leave, be rid of potential

I am so sick of the MSM feeding on the Afghanistan withdrawal like a bunch of vultures

Here is Fox News column praising Trump deal with Taliban.

Trump gets TAUNTED in Hilarious Ad - Christo Aivalis

Al Franken - Atlantic's Adam Serwer on his book about the Trump Admin: The Cruelty is the Point 8/15

Colombia fails to protect iconic reporter despite police harassment and threats

Lenny Kravitz - Again

RFK Jr used to be a hero of mine....

Wonder where Air India AIC126 is headed

The Best Coffee Break Is an Affogato. (Sounds good)

"this was an exercise in futility no matter the exit date." "It was never about real training."

Richard Engel: 'I'm Not Surprised At All' Kabul Fell To The Taliban So Quickly - Velshi - MSNBC

How Mylan's closure of its West Virginia plant was years in the making

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Ransomware

I won't send my son to Afghanistan

Dan, just stop. Stop! You're embarrassing yourself.

First bath in FOUR years! Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog transformation (watch the hair fly!)

A copper-infused COVID-19 mask is making its way out of a WVU lab


Perspective from a South Vietnamese American

Judge says she can't halt Virginia mountain pipeline blasts

So Afghanistan reverts to it's previous government.

Bolivia Bolivia: Attorney Gen. Reveals Major OAS Fraud in 2019 Election

US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely and need to win in 2022 to stay in the majority.

Venezuelan Government And Opposition Talks Open In Mexico City

Reproductive rights: How gerrymandering impacts abortion access

Waiting for Cancer Treatment

Ohio House rep protests vaccine mandates outside area hospital office

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 34, New Living Translation

Ancient Farming Techniques Are Climate-Proofing Today's Agriculture

Will there be a complete investigation against all republicans , including the former guy,

Ancient Farming Techniques Are Climate-Proofing Today's Agriculture

Leaving Afghanistan was the right decision, but the failure of the evacuation was a major blunder,

Afghans desperate to flee the Taliban, scaling the walls into Kabul (Richard Engel )

After scandal broke, FirstEnergy lobbyist pushed DeWine on "covid response"

People falling out of the sky on C-17 planes leaving Kabul airport

Breakfast Monday 16 August 2021

How can we ever have a healthy Democracy,

Bill Evans was born on this date.

Biden needs to hold his military and intelligence advisors to account.

Guess what I watched on my cellphone last night?

Any OIF or OEF vets out there wanna rant

The US didn't lose the war in Afghanistan, the Afghan government and people did

When you realize you paid $600 for a weirdo Duncan pup

"welcome back fans"

Biden's Schedule for Monday, August 16, 2021

Just my little observation

On August 15, 1941, Don Rich was born.

Investment tip: buy every share of Wite-Out you can get your hands on.

GOP takes down 2020 page touting Trump's 'historic peace agreement with the Taliban'

Barrack Obama's birthday seems to be making the impact some worried it would.

Little Madoc got kind of overly enthusiastic with his breakfast, this morning. What a mess!

Chaos as thousands flee Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Monday TOONs - White As A Ghost

This response to deadly incel attack in the UK last week is beyond...

Did the former guy get bribed by the Taliban in any way?

Can someone please tell me why General Milley still has a job?

people are sneaking back for a 2nd round of vaccinations

Fans fighting in the stands at sporting events. Is it getting worse?

A word of advice to Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump...

'South Park' creators buying quirky Colorado restaurant Casa Bonita

As we are subjected to a parade of former Trump regime functionaries who have been

The military option:

Eric Boehlert: The media's Afghan blame game

Triple Albert, Double Albert, Albert, Benny, Charlie, David, Eddie, Double Eddie, Triple Eddie,

The Latest: Adviser says Biden 'stands by' US withdrawal

GOP STFU!! I remeber the Kurds left on the battle field. nt

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/11/21

The Rundown: August 16, 2021

Trump tried to delete this, but the internet remembers.

OMG! Kabul pics of crowds chasing Air Force transport down runway, hanging off wheels? WW Z!

Is karma punishing the Texas Governor for fascist Republican behavior?

I will post this tweet here

Stunning sky when I went out to feed Skittish, Mittens and Scooter, this morning

Everyone I see chasing and trying to board the planes in Kabul are young, healthy looking men.

President Trump's Disgraceful Peace Deal with the Taliban

Grammar much Donny? And you can't unring that bell too.

Donald Trump Calls on Joe Biden to 'Resign in Disgrace' Over Afghanistan, as RNC Deletes Page Suppor

Biden administration increases food stamps by 25%

NYT, March 2020, on Taliban increasing attacks on Afghan forces after Trump agreement signed

The video I see is all men

The UK's defense minister blamed Trump for the Afghanistan crisis, saying 'the die was cast' when

The UN Security Council is to meet in a couple of hours.

Afghanistan pull out was always going to be a disaster

Liberal Librarian: The result of fighting a land war in Asia

Key facts on Afghanistan

Thousands of Afghans that risked their lives working as translators for US troops

China says it's ready for 'friendly relations' with Taliban

Richard Engel is an amazing journalist.

Nearly a third of U.S. workers under 40 considered changing careers during the pandemic

GOP Removes Page Praising Donald Trump's 'Historic' Peace Deal With Taliban

Afghanistan: "No more pretending it meant anything. It didn't - It didn't mean a fucking thing"

Trump boast at 6/26 Ohio rally: I started the process of removing the troops, they couldn't stop it

D's vs R's

Hey cable news how about you show our troops smiling from ear to ear

Vaccine Hesitancy in Minority Communities

10 Busiest Metro Systems in the World. (2019, pre-pandemic)

An immense mystery older than Stonehenge

Fed Chair Powell's Policies Fuel Fossil Borrowing Binge

Lot of trolls on the intertubes at various news sites

Iberdrola Drained 2 Reservoirs In W. Spain To Maximize Profit While Electricity Prices Were High

Message For Canada's Prairie Province Farmers - Brace For Rapid, Jolting Changes

At Least 800 Evacuated From Multiple Forest Fires In Spain; 116.9F Near Cordoba - Poss. New Record

Feb, 2019: Pakistan frees Taliban co-founder at US request

Tom Nichols (The Atlantic): The American public now has what it wanted (Afghanistan)

If anything the fall of Afghanistan will show it was a mistake to be there

wayback machine: President Trump Is Bringing Peace To The Middle East

Phantom of the Panther

A modest (and slightly selfish) suggestion re: Afghanistan...

My neighbors are having issues.

Afghanistan withdrawal is about U.S. economic priorities

Keep An Eye On Summer - The Beach Boys

I wish folks would put a description when posting video clips

Slate: Trump's New Big Lie: Afghanistan

This Modern World -by Tom Tomorrow

'Nam grunts talk about Afghanistan in "Hamburger Hill"

Not wanting to violate Godwin's Law I will just post this photo, a link, and the author's comment

Today I am a Nani

They are always wrong

Aldi to hire more than 20,000 U.S. workers ahead of holiday season

Aldi Plans to Hire 20,000 U.S. Workers in Holiday-Season Ramp-Up

The American Taliban led by the Slobfather is way more dangerous

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, Not In Afghanistan

Photos of Women Are Being Erased in Kabul

Cardinal Who Expressed Skepticism About Vaccines Has COVID-19, Is On Ventilator

So, Republicans want to resist mask mandates because it cuts into their business.

Biden to speak at 3:45 pm (ET)

Hot days mean worse air. So why are climate and smog seen as separate?

President Biden returning to the White House. Will speak today at 3:45pm ET

California boy dies of rare brain-eating amoeba after swimming in lake

Wally, the world's smallest lamb

not sure where to point my sadness, outrage and disbelief today

"So it does look like that the Taliban want the US to withdraw under fire."

A MAGAt Joke

Mute swan showdown: Genoa Township under fire for move to remove birds

Butte teenager's life threatened by breakthrough COVID case; Mother urges population to get ...

Trump pretends he's a credible critic of Biden's Afghanistan policy

Classic '70s Americana - Miami 2017 (Live)

Good Day DU (August 16, 2021)

Japan will ban spectators from Paralympic venues in and around Tokyo, except some school children

ESPN has signed Alex Smith to be an analyst

Yes, the evacuation was handled very badly, but I sure am glad Biden is there to deal with

Baby Fights for Life After Being Infected With COVID and RSV at Same Time

Is it time to get rid of homework? Mental health experts weigh in.

Donald Rumsfeld, Nov 14, 2002: It Would Be A Short War

The extremists who sent government leaders fleeing after Trump praised them are terrorist thugs.

U.S. military dogs in Kabul evacuated from the city's airport among other officials

Just a few funny pixs for the day

If only...

Am I the only one who doesn't see true leadership in this photo?

Evacuation scene at Kabul Airport getting tense, bodies starting to pile up.

Are we blowing it? We've no control of Afghanistan. But this is on COVID, Democracy, Infrastructure?

US probing Autopilot problems on 765,000 Tesla vehicles

Deaths reported at Kabul airport as Afghans try to flee Taliban

Tesla's Autopilot faces US investigation after crashes with emergency vehicles

Violence Erupts at Kabul Airport as Afghans Try to Flee Taliban

Evacuating Danang AFB, watch Dan Rather's report about two minutes in ...

Many Bible Belt preachers silent on shots as COVID-19 surges

An Afghan military plane was downed by Uzbekistan's air defense system on Sunday over an attempt to

Iceland is proof that COVID-19 vaccines work, a leading US expert said. Infections are at record

US reaches deal with Taliban on evacuations

America's failure to pay workers time off undermines vaccine campaign, according to surveys, policy

Did anyone have trouble with the Uber or Lyft services Friday 8/13?

South Korea Democratic Primary Schedule

Reproductive rights: How gerrymandering impacts abortion access

Afghanistan's neighbors watch warily as Taliban completes its dramatic takeover

Oh my. Madonna turns 63 today.

Poland recalls ambassador to Israel indefinitely as restitution row deepens

NSFW pixs - Paint me like one of your French girls

trump took credit for the withdrawal just a month and a half ago:

Women's rights suppressed, LGBTQ oppression, hairy, bearded men with guns...

If the Republicans had a better plan for exiting Afghanistan they should have done it under Trump

I know how much everyone hates "whataboutism"

Only For You

TFG claims Afghanistan withdrawal would have been 'much more successful' if he were president.

Perfect Door Mat

Afghan bank official posts on what happened with the Taliban

Wish I Knew You When I was Young - The Revivalists

"If I did anything, it was to prepare our forces for this situation," Afghanistan's ex-president sai

WaPo/NYT/WSJ just sent Biden's NSA an urgent request to evacuate 204 journalists, families, staff

I personally know 4 people with breakthrough COVID cases

Boebert's latest anti-Biden tweet isn't going well

Detainee says China has secret jail in Dubai, holds Uyghurs

So MSNBC is parading Republicans to do the "I Told You So" tour RE Afghanistan

Clarissa Ward reporting on the streets of Kabul right now

Here we go mask mandate for school, and petty idiots are upset.

Just a reminder, in defense of Joe... the "Withdrawal" is not the same as the "Evacuation"

Regardless of any signed agreement, the Taliban was never going to allow a peaceful withdrawal.

Ahraf Ghani evidently didn't want to meet the same fate as Mohammad Najibullah

"White Lotus" on HBO Max

2400 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

People Cling To Departing U.S. Plane As Taliban Take Afghanistan - The Rational National

Former Utility Regulator's Assets Have Been Frozen By Franklin County Court

MSNBC should replace Chuck Todd with Garrett Haake.

The 4 Finalists for National Cat of the Year

Behold Afghanistan's new ruler, courtesy of Donald Trump

Mary Trump Issues DIRE warning about a Trump 2024 run (Interview with Brian Tyler Cohen)

McCaul: Biden will have 'blood on his hands' over Afghanistan withdrawal

Is this good news, or what ?

Squeaky does seem to have one major insecurity

Cartoons 8/16/2021

Don Jr. owned

CC: Parts of US Getting Dangerously Hot, Yet Americans Moving The Wrong Way- To Coasts, The West

Be prepared for wall to wall coverage of Afghanistan for the next few weeks.

Flashback Quote of the Day

Osprey kid looking good.

As COVID-19 vaccine mandates grow, so are requests for religious exemptions

Country Music: Covid Culture War New Front: Jason Isbell, Stars Require Vax, Neg. Test For Concerts

Ohio governor's race: Democrats require staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19; GOP does not

Actor suspected of participating in Capitol attack arrested in California

Ohio's emergency telemedicine COVID-19 rules will expire. What happens next?

President Biden Is Right-Afganistan

Texas Law Enforcement Frets New Permitless Carry Law

"had to leave some money behind as it would not all fit in"

Column: We can't blame the unmasked and unvaccinated for being irresponsible? Really?

Do you have an EZ-Pass (or other electronic toll device) for your vehicle?

Afghan officials, security forces reportedly started selling out to the Taliban in early 2020

Gov. Mike DeWine Won't Say He Regrets Picking Energy Regulator Now at the Center of Historic Bribery

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Greece wildfires: Winds fan 2 new blazes outside of Athens

The titanic hubris of Lindsey Graham

An interesting contrast between Vietnam and Afghanistan

Saying "Jesus Christ! I ain't gettin' no God damned vaccination!" does not amount to a

NYC to Require Vaccinations for Museums, Stadiums, Casinos

Jazz and coffee for my lunch

Prepare for 10-mile backups as construction closes state Route 167 later this month

Interesting Twitter thread from Ajmal Ahmady, Central Bank Governor of Afghanistan

I bet Putin is celebrating today knowing that his agent orange, tRump, fulfilled one of his missions

I am literally still in the highest per capita county for Covid in the worst state in the country

Joni Ernst 'afraid of a Benghazi 2.0' in Afghanistan

Black officer was a rising star. Department's 'Jim Crow culture' destroyed his career, lawsuit says.

Teeniest Baby Found in a Sink Decides That a Stuffed Bunny is His Mom

Unvaccinated D.C. Residents Can Now Get The Shot At Home, NPR

Anyone else having trouble with searches on Twitter? - update and solution

Bushman Prank At The Beach (Spain) - Kimoo Pranks

Let's talk about who's to blame for all this....

Image of Taliban posted w/out comment

Inside the Pandemic is an Epidemic. Guns hurting kids.

Anyone else being inundated with spam phone calls today?

Bill Aims To Change North Carolina's Reputation As The Place For Adults To Marry Kids

Food Stamp Benefits To Increase By More Than 25% In October

U.S. Women's Soccer Star Carli Lloyd to Retire

On a Slow Boat to China - Paul McCartney

Why are new and used car prices so high in Maryland and beyond? Blame a microchip shortage.

Can you really be addicted to chocolate? I mean, like a drug or alcohol?

US reaches deal with Taliban--Big F#$king deal.

I think I took the bitch pill instead of the chill pill and am going straight to hell today.

New Illinois law bans 'hairstyle discrimination' in schools

America's Failures in Afghanistan Were Bipartisan and Long-Running

Thank You President Biden- *UPDATE: Biden Will Address The Country At 3:45 pm Today

MAGA loves the new Afghanistan

Trump Is Now Scamming People Into Buying "Freedom Passports" Which He Claims Are Greater Than Vax

'Let them be kids!' Is 'free-range' parenting the key to healthier, happier children?

QMAGAt white nationalists/neo nazis, Taliban stanning

Asshole anti-masker intimidating woman on subway

A Global Guide For Parents: How Your Kids Can Have Fun Without Stressing You Out

Amazing how much the Taliban fighters look like the MAGAts

11 California newspapers editorials saying to vote YES on the recall

Pfizer Submits Data To FDA For Authorization of Covid Vaccine Booster Shot For General Population

White House YouTube link for Biden's address this afternoon

DMV Friends: 2,500 Afghans are expected to arrive and be resettled in the next few weeks. ...

DMV Friends: 2,500 Afghans are expected to arrive and be resettled in the next few weeks. ...

DMV Friends: 2,500 Afghans are expected to arrive and be resettled in the next few weeks. ...

GOP Manatee (FL) County Commiss Kevin Van Ostenbridge hospitalized with covid.

Eric Swalwell for the win.

My alter ego, the Masked Menace, came out at the grocery store today.

Afghanistan was a flaming bag of shit left on Biden's doorstep by Bush and Trump...

For what it's worth Dien Bien Phu was worse

Some in the military are speaking out, blaming Biden. Anonymously , of course.

Hillsborough sends over 5000 students home first week (so far)..

Planned Parenthood sues Montana over new abortion laws

Fired off a Letter/Editor, patching together DU & my take on wingnut bashing of BIDEN on Afghanistan

Stephen Miller's Worried His Racist Fantasy Might Come True

Fed Weighs Tightening Monetary Policy

Domestic Terrorists Threaten Violence And Harass WilCo Residents

Hackers claim to breach 100 million T-Mobile accounts

No. American Cities Brace For More Heatwaves: W. Canada, PNW, CA, Phoenix A/C Busses, Miami, NY-Phil

Journalists reporting Pelosi has emailed these WH talking points to Dems

Article by woman who served in Afghanistan twice:

We need investigation and naming

Listening to NPR Runup to Biden speech

Liberal Redneck - Biden, Trump, and the Taliban

The reactions of Biden pulling out is just a reflection of how divided

TX chemical plant had poisonous gas leak. GOP Representative upset residents advised to mask up

All the DU Nicolle Wallace fans

Biden speaking now on Afghanistan. 4:02 EST CNN

Biden Was Right

White House is asked to protect New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ journalists 'in danger' at Kabu

It's so nice to hear an honest man take responsibility

Jason Miller's Gettr platform hosts child exploitation images.

History: The 1990 airlift to India of 170,000 citizens.

Very, very strong response from Biden...

I trust Biden's decision in Afghanastan.

Anybody know the status of vaccines for the under 12 age group

Grown ups are back. President Biden makes me proud.

Taliban Spokesperson Claims Reports Of Executions, Forced Marriages 'Totally Baseless' (MSNBC)

Little Lindsey thinks he alone can "fix" Donald Trump.

Alleged serial counterfeiter accused of passing fake bills while out on bond

News Tweets from Biden's speech on Afghanistan

President Biden with the key question

Biden: Evacuation delayed b/c some didn't want to go, & Afghan govt didn't want crisis of confidence

"The buck stops here."

Rashida Tlaib tweet:

That speech was phenomenal.

Jake Tapper is a POS. Such a condescending jackass in his characterization of President Biden's

Just witnessed a "fireside chat" moment.

(Jewish Group) Wikipedia fixed its swastika problem fast. Why can't anyone else?

Nicole Wallace for the Win 👍

That was a president. Strong, humble but unbowed. With a dreadful job to do.

President Biden addresses nation on Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Somehow I don't remember the press being so tough on Trump

Tiedrich: Biden is the first president in 20 years to tell the truth about Afghanistan

We're about to see millions of people who oppose women's rights in the US become deeply concerned

☦ Orthodox Christian thanking

David Rothkopf: "Biden's speech is the best any American has made on Afghanistan in 20 years.

Afghanistan's military collapse: Illicit deals and mass desertions

Were those guys in the Afghan army even going to get paid again after we left? I'd bet

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Joy Reid: Biden "is an entire grown-up and that speech just now shows it."

Merkel Says U.S. Not Alone In Misjudging Afghans

Proud Boys stick to their formula in L.A.: Latch on to local right-wing causes, then bring violence

Illinois High School Freshman Issued One Day Suspension After 'Politely Declining' To Wear A Face Ma

Successful withdraws in war history that should have been used as a template in Afghanistan

Louisiana Health Care System Near 'Major Failure'

Larry Sabato and David Rothkopf nail Biden's critics in the media

Biden says he stands 'squarely behind' Afghanistan decision

this is the Trump/McConnell "judge" who just ruled in favor of the "remain in Mexico" policy

Engel on MSNBC

Judge eases restrictions on Capitol Insurrectionist "Zip-Tie Guy" Larry Brock, Air Force vet

Biden administration pressures Florida Gov. DeSantis over school mask policies

See Biden's speech after Afghanistan's government collapses - CNN

Who's this guy calling POTUS a liar on MSNBC?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 16, 2021

I'm sick and tired of Matt Zeller.

Just came home from an errand and

No more J&J for Florida's mass vaccination sites

"We will fight to the last American!"

I googled the cost of the Afghan war $2.264 trillion

TFG Should Run For The Presidency Of Afghanistan And Take His Insurrectionists And.....

James Clyburn on Biden's speech and leadership

Nicolle Wallace: 95% of American people will agree with Biden; 95% of WH press will disagree

Ospreys later, 'far out' and on nest, & rain

The Afghan debacle lasted two decades. The media spent two hours deciding whom to blame.

Trump Slams Biden for Doing What Trump Bragged About

NEW Billy Idol song

Father of Four Allegedly Crashed Head-on into Big Rig on Purpose While Entire Family Was in SUV

All The Howling & Criticism

We should have never been in Afghanistan. However,

CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book - CNN

"Extreme right-wing zealots are staging a violent takeover of Afghanistan & I'm outraged!"

Which speech did you hear?

Second try on star trails

Shamsia Hassani-Afghanistan-woman street artist....Talent and lots of courage!

All Hell Is Breaking Loose Right Now In British Columbia, On Fire

In a First, U.S. Declares Shortage on Colorado River, Forcing Water Cuts

What if the Afghan army had been all female? Would that have been interesting?

History Rhymin'

I'm going to have to disagree with the President on this one point...

Share this with your Trump-loving family

On Deck

Afghanistan's unseen Covid crisis

Past attack on Afghanistan 2021 Eclipse Trigger

Hopefully there aren't any Taliban moles smuggled out with the Afghans.

Babies and Toddlers Spread Virus in Homes More Easily Than Teens, Study Finds

Ron DeSantis finally gets what he deserves in Florida - No Lie podcast

cnn demolishes ted cruz

We're Gonna Have A Ton Of Candidates Running For President In 2024.....

was just in my car and switched on KABC right wing radio to see what they were saying...

A very interesting thread on the history of Afghanistan and emergence of the Taliban

Keep in mind that we were never able to move 10's of thousands of people...

I think the fighting in Afghanistan will continue.

I don't want to say that being a 'mom' to four kittens is tiring, but...........

An article from 2017 - why Afghanistan has long been known as "the graveyard of empires."

Lake Mead -the nation's largest water reservoir - is only at 40% capacity

Wind forecasts bring new worries to California fire lines

Bob Dylan Accused of Drugging, Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old in 1965

Tensions Escalate Over School Mask Mandates As Kids Return To Classroom

China Sends Ominous Message to Taiwan

Everyone is a twitter expert

A government which responds to the needs of its people and not just the interests of corporations

No wonder Pres. Biden is so pissed.

"You're own your own."

Nearly 5,600 Hillsborough Co. (FL) students in quarantine, emergency school board meeting called

'I stand squarely behind my decision': Biden defends handling of Afghanistan as Taliban forces seize

Mike Lindell humiliated in front of live audience..CNN..: Anderson Cooper & Donnie O Sullivan

Boebert: The Taliban are the only people building back better.

Anti-vaxxer Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke is now on a ventilator

Fuck the Taliban.

U.S. to Send Amphibious Warship to Haiti to Support Earthquake Relief

Uganda anti-pornography (anti-miniskirt) law dropped after backlash

Kabul Under Taliban Control: Checkpoints, Beatings, Fear

The Onion nails it.

Left-Wing Candidate Boric Edges Ahead in Chile Poll; Peso Falls

CNN being "Fair and balanced"

A former Trump State Department-appointee is among 9 alleged rioters charged with assaulting cops in

Dixie fire rages amid threat of strong winds and possible power shutoffs

Next year, at this time, just before the election...

"Presented by Lockheed Martin"

The situation we're in calls for this

Why Afghan security forces crumbled so quickly to the Taliban

Federal government announces first-ever water shortage in Lake Mead, Colorado River

Biden points fingers at others for the unfolding crisis

For Whose Sin?

The Bay of Pigs embarrassed JFK, but he weathered that.

Republicans blame Biden for the US's chaotic withdrawal but are glossing over how Trump's Taliban

The GOP Serenity Prayer: Kabul Version

Pelosi suggests Jan. 6 panel could investigate two GOP lawmakers she rejected from committee

The Last Time I Saw Paris - Ann Sothern

New Gavin Newsom Ad Says Recall Outcome Is 'Matter of Life and Death'

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

Criminals Caught on RING Cameras

Texas requests five mortuary trailers in anticipation of Covid deaths

Same / Same.

Understanding Megadrought - Drought and Western Snowpack

DeSantis' top donor Ken Griffin, is CEO of Citadel, & has the 2d largest stake in Regeneron.

How awful can the Taliban be if someone holds on to a flying plane to avoid it ?

Understanding Megadrought - Drought and Western Snowpack

Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats up in 2022.

The generals lied and the fantasy died H.R. McMaster and other apologists for the failed policy

US Air Force crams 800 afghan people onto C-17 jet out of Kabul

Understanding Megadrought: Using Water Efficiently in a Warming World

Understanding Megadrought: Using Water Efficiently in a Warming World

I am old enough to remember the Soviet-Afghan War

Rule Britannia - Last Night at the Proms

Detainee says China has secret jail in Dubai, holds Uyghurs

View profile Photos of Women Are Being Erased in Kabul

Requesting prayers for my son in emergency room with Covid.

Something I've never heard anybody say about anti-vaxxers.

As the Taliban return, Afghanistan's past threatens its future

Scoop: Probe finds evidence fired Tennessee vaccine official bought dog muzzle sent to her