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Rethuglicans don't care about democracy here...

A 27-year-old female mayor in Afghanistan says the Taliban 'will come for people like me and kill me

Fabian Basabe Booted From Democratic LGBTQ Caucus Conference

I think we're seeing the edge of a Craigslist scam attempt.

CNN Slams Ted Cruz For "Misleading" Tweet About Kabul Correspondent Clarissa Ward

Misinformation at Public Forums Vexes Social Media

My ten year old great nephew in Georgia (older sister's grandchild) has Covid. He is

Taliban mulls flooding the West with heroin to shore up Afghan economy

Analysis Paralysis: Financial Sector Dithering With Climate Data Rather Than Starting To Act

Florida breaks daily COVID-19 case record after week of more than 150,000 new infections

I remember night raids and carpet bombing in Afghanistan. Don't remember protecting of civilians

trivial moment at gas station that renewed my faith in humanity...

Washington health officials recommend third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for immunocompromised people

Seattle Public Schools facing crossing guard shortage

Ron Johnson and the Billionaire Gang - article by The Shepherd Express

Update from Colorado Secretary of State's Office regarding Mesa County Election Equipment 08/16/21

Vaccine or testing required for Delaware state workers

Report shows big spike in mail ballots during 2020 election

A tale told by an idiot

The Political Moves Throughout History That Have Denied D.C. Voting Representation

Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Abuse By Bob Dylan

Conservatives Lose It Over Biden Doing What Trump Promised - The Rational National

Just curious, is ANYONE here in favor of US Military Intervention if China invades Taiwan?

Judge Rules Dominion Defamation Suit Will Proceed Against Giuliani, Powell and Lindell

Democratic Comptroller Candidates Support Cannabis Legalization, Equitable Industry

Congresswoman Barbara Lee - September 14th, 2001

These Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Can Kill You, Experts Warn (MSNBC)

No this doesn't look good on Biden!

*Rachel coming up with Richard Engel.

Tweet of the night:

Wasserman: Republicans could lose up to five seats in NY to redistricting

HOW TO STOP THE MIND'S CHATTER A trick to master your mind Bodhidharma story

'I Stand Squarely Behind My Decision': Biden On Afghanistan Withdrawal

Renewable energy transition faces roadblocks in New Mexico

Tucker Carlson blames feminism and gender studies for the fall of Kabul

San Antonio school district teachers and staff required to get coronavirus vaccine

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

El Paso TX will be destination for Afghan refugees Tribune tweet/link

I would not, and will not, pass this war onto a fifth.

Republicans float far-fetched 25th Amendment plan to oust Biden over Kabul debacle

Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings- Folsom Prison, Live

Barbara Effing Lee

I Was Going To Cook Alligator For Dinner

A good, behind the scenes look at the process behind choosing Trebec's successor

Joe Biden Asked How Much Truth the American People Are Prepared to Hear

Want to get really pissed off?

Here's a question

Pfizer submits data to FDA for authorization of Covid vaccine booster shot for general population

Really, NBC News? David Petraeus on to talk Afghanistan?

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan


CNN reporter presses Taliban fighter on treatment of women - CNN

QAnon: Afghanistan is a distraction for the Maricopa county audit

My neighbor is a DoD high ranking Sup

Afghan War Veteran: "I Will Never Forgive My Country For This' - MSNBC

"I Belong To The Cienfuegos Mob," Shouted El H2, A Narco Leader Before Being Killed by Mexican Soldi

El Paso City Council votes to challenge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on mask mandate ban

Trump UNHINGED Calls For Resignation Over Taliban

We're Already Waiting Around So Why Not

Fort Bliss in El Paso could receive thousands of Afghan refugees as Taliban topples government

Turn on Rachel, right %%##@ now!!!!!! Seriously,

Debunking Vaccine Misinformation Can Save Your Life As Covid-19 Surges In 2021 - The Beat - MSNBC

Since Biden is finally making hard decisions other presidents didn't . . .

You can watch an Arianespace Vega rocket launch 5 satellites into space tonight. Here's how.

Someone needs to get Biden a pair of sunglasses

Ex-employee at Fort Worth Whataburger files lawsuit after she lost job over BLM mask

Haiti braces for Grace, Florida for Fred as storms brew

The Rabid Fall of Afghanistan Underscores That Withdrawing Was The Right Decision

Toddler Cites Freedom Of Choice In Refusal To Use Potty

What has the GOP done since inauguration that warrants one to cast votes for them?

All this because the president that originally sent in our troops didn't have any exit plan!

Biden "Won't Order U.S. Troops To Risk Their Lives When Afghan Forces Would Not" - MSNBC

My father fought in the last war the USA belonged in when he.....................

**MATT ZELLER on Rachel show now.

OKAERI NASAI!!!! I am back!

Slobfather Had Pompeo Surrender To Taliban A Year And A Half Ago

the hell is this? Taliban in bumper cars?

Nearly 10 Tons of Cocaine and Weapons Bound for Mexico and the US Seized in Ecuador

A Closer Look: as US withdraws from Afghanistan, refugees must be evacuated immediately

Graphic photo attached:Nuevo Laredo: Man tortured and decapitated for allegedly denouncing cartel ac

Rachel just explained in detail something I had read just a little about recently but had never

Columnist Razvan Sibii: Stopping the 'iron river' of guns to Mexico

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 136 in Slavonic - 'Glorify/Praise the Lord'

Here a powerpoint slide that describes why our Afghanistan mission was a failure.

Al Fox, Tampa voice on normalizing Cuban relations, files to run for U.S. Senate

George Stephanopoulos will be sitting down with President Biden on Wednesday

Xfinity Internet, data usage skyrocketing after getting new TV with HDR10+

McEnany claims Trump would never have implemented his Afghan plan.

Looks like EVERYBODY'S getting vaccine booster shots! Breaking from WaPo

Josh Rogin: Blame game can wait, thousands of americans still trapped in Kabul

Polish appeals court overturns ruling against Holocaust historians

Polish appeals court overturns ruling against Holocaust historians

Robert Durst admits 'cadaver' note made him appear guilty

Tennessee gov allows opt-out of student mask requirements

You shall not pass

U.S. to Advise Boosters for Most Americans 8 Months After Vaccination

Saturn's rippling rings point to massive, soupy core hidden inside

who plans on getting a booster shot?

How is it that 3,000 American troops were able to keep pretty good control in Afghanistan?

A little humanity in today's misery

Exiled Afghan president attended school in Lake Oswego

Mutant 'daddy shortlegs' created in a lab

America's Failures in Afghanistan Were Bipartisan and Long-Running - Gerald Seib

It's bed time. So, here's a cool song Doc Severenson would've approved of

Have any human societies ever lived underground?

'Our Hearts Are Heavy': Former President George W. Bush Reacts To 'Tragic Events' In Afghanistan

David Corn: I'm Not Surprised To See Republicans Using Afghanistan For Political Points- The ReidOut

Body of dead Afghan found in landing gear of military jet leaving Kabul airport

How do we decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics and other ancient languages?

China says it is willing to work with the US on Afghanistan

Afghans Fall from U.S. Military Plane After Clinging to Aircraft in Shocking Video

You'll never believe this...Mike Lindell LIED about being attacked by Antifa.

The mask discussion is the same as the "seat belt" discussion in the mid & late 80s..

Tweet of the late night:

throwing a girl-power song out there, just because ...

Gov. Abbott will pull liquor license of restaurants that have vaccine requirements.

End Of America's Longest War Highlights Actions From Four Presidents - MSNBC

Claims that Afghanistan Will Cause "Distrust" in the US by Other Nations in the Future...

What's the Deepest Hole We Can Possibly Dig?

Texas has requested 5 mortuary trailers from the federal government in anticipation of

Richard Engel: Despite Peaceful Rhetoric, Taliban Hasn't Changed - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Is this the rightwing nutjob tweet of the year?

Flash flood warning until about 2:30 am for DC and some of surrounding area

Florida school district calls emergency meeting after 5,500+ students forced to quarantine

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

Asshole of the pandemic. He has been posting shit on FaceB: Vaxed people are sheeple.

Biden Administration Seeks Civilian Feds to Deploy in Helping Relocate Afghan Evacuees

Fox News Laura Ingraham says Biden better not bring any Afghani refugees fleeing the Taliban to the

D.C.-area forecast: A humid week with daily downpours possible

Basque Refugee Children Evacuated From Spanish Civil War Arrive In England: Civil War (1936-1939)

pro tip from tiedrich

Signs of the times (a little humor for these dark days)

About this Afghan War..It wasn't the only war that was a "mistake"...

Why wasn't the release of 5000 taliban prisoners last year a big story

Anyone ever notice that RW/MAGA assholes ALWAYS harass women?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to slight margin.

Why is there a Trump (MAGA) hat?

Lena Horne on 'What's My Line?'

Great graphic on Facebook showing how well the vaccine works

Taliban Just Made TFG An Honorary Member

Ava Gardner on 'What's My Line?'

This is a good potential explanation for how it all went so wrong

Why Letting Go Is True Wealth Minimalist Philosophy for Simple Living

"Bernstein's Wall" - documentary review. & Bradley COOPER doing a movie on Netflix (not "netflick")

Biden To Recommend Covid Vaccine Booster Shots As Delta variant Rages - The Last Word - MSNBC

EXPOSED: Laura Ingraham Was Raised by a Nazi Sympathizer, Brother Reveals - The MeidasTouch Podcast

We need to boycott the MSM

News from MSF in Afghanistan

When Vietnam fell in 1974, nobody tried to blame it on Johnson ramping up troop levels

Rep. Barbara Lee for the people

"Smells like dead fish."

I have decided I have no opinion on all this. That's because I really have...

Unhinged Karen Goes on INSANE School Board Rant

Man STABBED At Alt-Right, Anti-Vax Protest

'Inside The Revolution,' Episode 5. The Spanish Civil War, BBC Documentary

A Deeper Look At Who The Taliban Is 20 Years Later - MSNBC

U.S. Investment In Afghanistan Bought Infrastructure, Corruption And A Lot Of Weaponry

Pull your head out your ass and get the shot

Maddow: Vanishing Afghan Army Disproves Premise Of U.S. Presence In Afghanistan - TRMS - MSNBC

What is the lambda variant and how contagious is the strain of COVID-19? - NewsNation Now

#Give A Vax! Unicef has a funding drive with a goal of 2 Billion vaccines.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win by a solid to slight margin.

Tropical depression drenching earthquake-stricken Haiti

The story of Afghanistan is more complicated than the past few days.

Trump Angrily Demands That Biden 'Resign In Disgrace' After Afghanistan Falls - Ring of Fire

Gerry-murdering: fighting against herd immunity and fighting for the transmission

Amid Michigan rise in violent crime, little appetite for defunding police

female TV anchors back to work in Kabul today

Why Does America Always Support Corrupt Assholes?

Census changes may spell trouble for Michigan Democrats as redistricting starts

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen calls the BBC - interview in full (32 minutes)

Trump Hotels Impose COVID-19 Mask Mandates as Republicans Condemn The

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/16/21

Go Teflon Joe!

The Atlantic: Biden was Right

Muzzle Sent to Fired Vaccine Official Was Paid for by Her, Probe Says

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dr. Jon LaPook On Vaccinated People Who Fear Catching The Delta Variant

maskless jerk

Woman Fires Back After Applying For Landscaping Job And Getting A Super Sexist Response

women hurling racial remarks from car identified as school employee (florida)

Breakfast Tuesday 17 August 2021

Coffee-Praline Crunch Ice Cream Cake (OMG!)

California man sues over injuries after bear surprised him in dumpster

Does anyone know anything about this image? AA couple 1890s

Maki Kaji, 'Godfather of Sudoku,' Dies at 69

New Zealand is to begin a three-day lockdown after a single case is reported.

I'm Seeing Healthy People Die Every Day': COVID Spirals in Mississippi

'Joyful warrior' former U.S. Rep. Paul Mitchell dies at 64

Stress, fatigue and fading hopes of 'normalcy' as Michigan surpasses 20K COVID deaths

The Rude Pundit: When, After All, It Was You and Me: Spreading Blame Where It Belongs for the War...

I am wondering when U.S. district judge Linda V. Parker will rule on the sanctions.

Famous Einstein equation used to create matter from light for first time

The Far Right Is Celebrating the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Little Girl Blue - Chet Baker

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Life at 55 , I couldn't find my wallet.

Tuesday TOONs - Be Cruel To Your School

CNN and MSNBC are no better this morning. From a Marine who served in Afghanistan

Can you imagine if the MSM

"Politics stops at the water's edge."

Ain't it just like the MSM

You know what is fake

Sootie is saying 'Good Morning, DU!!!'

Were all the people on the runway attempting to escape from the Taliban?

Remembering The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum For When It Comes Around Again

Duke University: Afghanistan in Chaos Media Briefing

Remember how MyPillowGuy was certain Trump would be "reinstated" by mid August

Tool Monkeys - Fuck Yeah!! Russian Arctic Plans Include Developing 7 Million Tons/Year Of Coal

The Hill recognizing traitortrump's big, unfortunate role in Afganistan

Rep. Biggs wrote a letter to Biden in February telling him to bring *all* troops home ...

How long before we learn who approved and had brokered the Taliben peace deal?

Taliban announce 'amnesty,' urge women to join government

CA Moving Towards New Fire Policy For At-Risk Residents - Get Out Early, ASAP And By Planned Routes

He was paralyzed and told he'd never walk again. 12 years later, he walked at his graduation.

Even Lindsey Graham is censured by his own pathetic party!

There is blood in the water

The Biden administration is quietly assisting Haiti with search and rescue

There was another "suicide by cop" in Milwaukee...

you know, we turned the TV off 17 years ago.

Detroit Aviation Company Violated Regulations In Whitmer Florida Trip, But Won't Face Penalties, FAA

So if Biden did the alternative

Ron DeSantis May Have Already Delivered the House to Republicans in 2022

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 8/11/21

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1981

The Rundown: August 17, 2021

Female news anchors return to Kabul TV

So the MAGAs are now saying that we they really wanted all those Afghanis brought to the US??


Afghanistan: Twenty years of wasted money, youth, and blood


Alligator attacks handler, brave visitor saves her

I am learning of a far different "Afghanistan" than I had assumed

Imprisoned Chinese citizen journalist not well, lawyer says


Understanding the empathy many veterans of the Afghan War may have for their translators...

Sage the kitten is two weeks from freedom!

media coverage and hysteria over Biden vs Trump

I've developed a profound respect for feline mothers. Kittens are relentless!!

In two weeks, The Vandal will be taking credit again

The MSM remind me of Piranha or Sharks as they smell blood in the water during a ratings frenzy

What Americans never understood or were never told about Afghanistan

Albuquerque City council sends N.M. United stadium proposal to November ballot

AGU - Wildfire Smoke May Cut Rainfall; Also AGU - Dry Air At Night Over Western US Helps Drive Fires

If you are an attorney and you would like to help with Afghan pro bono cases, please sign up here:

Internal Government Watchdog Slams Afghanistan War Effort as Inept and Reckless

U.S. Air Force flight yesterday from Kabul to Qatar in photograph published by @DefenseOne :

Employee embezzled $12.8 million from a nonprofit; spent most of it on adult website.

Iceland is proof that C-19 vaccines work. The nation hasn't recorded a single virus death since May

America leaves Afghanistan, and the regional geopolitics take over

The GQP Silence In Face Of Climate Collapse Shows What They'd Do If Back In Power - Deny Everything

Another 'patriot' bites the dust.

Just signed my California recall ballot.

"Don't talk to your neighbors" - Jacinda Ardern

Where was all this pearl-clutching when the US-Taliban Peace Agreement was signed?

These brave women took to the streets in Kabul to protest against Taliban. They simplify asking for

Ex-manager for Monessen, Pa, credit union charged in $340K embezzlement, arson

Automobile shortages, spending shift to services hurt U.S. retail sales

Eric Boehlert: Bush doomed Afghanistan when he invaded Iraq; pro-war press won't say so

HRC on Afghanistan from May 2021.

U.S. manufacturing production accelerates on autos in July

Chu's day : rocking shoes

Chuck Todd IS an idiot.

When we say that Afghans refused to "fight for their country"?

The patient was terminal... an Afghanistan analogy

Rip Off The Band Aid, Do it Quickly, Do it Early, and Get on With It

Is there really a market for old computer equipment?

In hindsight, suddenly everyone knows why the Afghan army collapsed


A primary care physician can refuse treatment to unvaccinated patients

Rick Scott Calls For The 25th Amendment On Biden Then Begs For Florida Disaster Declaration

Anti-Vax arguments from a cat's perspective

Nicole Wallace was right..95% of press will criticize Biden

It took a while, but I finally got a nice photo of Squeaky's sweet face

'We work non-stop': LA garment workers toil for top brands and earn paltry rate

Guess what's not trending on twitter anymore

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Staffer from major law firm sentenced to prison for spending $425,000 on designer clothes, ...

Taliban vs the 1/6 insurrectionists

Dead man gets 2 services with 2 women claiming to be his wife

MSNBC: Afghan leaders to give a presser this afternoon! (No link just heard about this.)

The Elusive Dream of the 15-Minute City

MAGA is going to be apoplectic.

Pentagon: US commanders "have had conversations" with the Taliban

Dr. Cedric Dark on the current COVID emergency, myths, and solutions

Wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to the media and coverage of Democrats and Liberals

Welcome back to a Multi-Polar World

I've been following WaPo on FaceBook

CHILL! Everyone trying to get out of Afghanistan is not a"friendly" to US. We need to be careful

r/FoundSatan 👹

Tim Tebow cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars

Defense Department officials hold briefing following Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Solar could be 40% of U.S. power by 2035 -Biden administration

Chinese media mocked US withdrawal from Afghan, "smoother than the presidential transition"

The Pentagon Budget Will Now Be Reduced Significantly.

So the difference between the Trumpers and the Taliban is...

Humans don't learn. They just flail around from crisis to crisis.

Now that we have left Iraq and Afghanistan, what should we do with $200 Billion a year?

Rick Scott just went there on Joe Biden and the 25th Amendment

No one in my neighborhood is talking about Afghanistan

Epic takedown of an anti-vaxxer looking to hire unvaccinated health care workers

Sean Hannity uses fall of Afghanistan to sell cell phones

Ann Arbor retailers banned from selling new fur, a first for Michigan

Africa: Hakainde Hichilema, The Zambian 'cattle boy' who became president

You can't reform this....cop punches person on a stretcher

Ana Navarro FTW

These Boston Dynamics robots are getting so advanced it's crazy!

Are people getting more oblivious nowadys?

There and back again: The epic adventures of China's wandering elephants

Chicago murder that has me baffled.

2661 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 3 deaths

Dog and cat photo


"All our sisters, all our women are secure."

Biden administration freezes billions of dollars in Afghan reserves, depriving Taliban of cash

Sen. John Cornyn says he won't support legalizing pot because of, get this, opioid overdoses

Ron DeathSantis Spent Monday Pushing a $1200 COVID-19 Treatment. Vaccines, of Course, Are Free

Fux Noise Spins Alternate Reality on Afghanistan: 'Would Have Never Happened' Under Trump!

Tiedrich on "some industrial-strength incoherent bullshit, even for today's hypocritical Republicans

Just a thought . . . . .

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert slams Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal but voted against visas for Afghan

Flights resume at Kabul airport as U.S. aims to extract 22,000 Afghans

OAN predictably loses its appeal in its defamation lawsuit against Rachel Maddow,

33 yr old vaccinated woman dies from COVID 19

Outreach to the Taliban pays dividends to Putin

Taliban Press Conference: "There is a huge difference between us now and 20 years ago"

Taliban holds press conference from Afghanistan, claims women allowed to study 'within our framework

New Comic Releases for August 18, 2021

Thousands Who Helped the U.S. in Afghanistan Are Trapped. What Happens Next?

Tropical Storm is right over Jamaica as I type

Social Media Sleuths Identify Anti-Masker Cultist Who Screamed At An Elderly Woman On Subway

Doctors fight "two pandemics": COVID surge and misinformation

I have just one reason to watch cable TV, and it's not to get informed.

WI GOP Sen. Andre Jacque of De Pere hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19

Pay raises for many federal firefighters to begin next week

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby Says There Are Thousands of Americans Still in Afghanistan

Could the outrageous actions of Republicans result in massive reprisals by progressives.

I am getting sick of the Monday morning quarterbacking in the media.

Opinions Afghanistan has fallen. What can the United States do now?

Mask mandate is back for Dane County starting Thursday under new public health order

Tucker Carlson & Fux Noise go full racist and sexist over Afghanistan.

I will not be watching cable news today(especially CNN)

I feel for Afghanistan, but I wish the same concern for Afghans applied to the oppressed in America.

Afghanistan. Vietnam redux.

Jags Cut Tebow

This comment about the press is the truth

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

MSNBC Should Be Replaying Clips Of Rachel's Show All Day

Mike Lindell Accuses TruNews of Being a 'Fake News' Front Established by Media Matters

Iron Maiden releasing new album on September 3

Finland to halt development aid to Afganistan after Taliban takeover

Facebook Is Helping Violent Militias Spread COVID Vaccine Conspiracies

A primary care physician can refuse treatment to unvaccinated patients

European countries halt development aid for Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

LIVE: Psaki gives White House news briefing alongside National Security Adviser Sullivan

Tropical Depression Fred to drench Appalachians, increasing flooding threat.

Only rep. to vote against Afghanistan war called a traitor

Sarasota charity latest link to Donald Trump's lie

Police Do Not Know How To Handle People With Autism

My story about Regeneron

Meanwhile, while watching the teevee "news" . . .

The arsonist watches the fire with "deep sadness."

Cartoons 8/17/2021

For those criticizing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a point to consider...

Fox News host has full meltdown on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Irish are the best fashion critics (Twitter thread)

Everett council evaluates city responses to homelessness

As Kabul falls, blame game overshadows context

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg have a child! Congrats!

How can you tell if someone has "cut the cord" from TV?

Redfin report shows bidding wars are easing up in Seattle area

Seattle eases restrictions in bid to fill empty downtown storefronts

Just because your child has never burned your house down before is no reason

The Taliban Are Back. Now Will They Restrain or Support Al Qaeda?

The Surfer Mogul at the Heart of Stop-the-Steal Mania

Did the CIA Actually Sell Crack in the 1980s? - VICE

As Delta Surges, Covid-19 Breakthrough Cases Remain Uncommon

The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act introduced

Republican Views On Immigration Are Shifting Even Further To The Right Under Biden

This article says long tradition of tribal deals lead to the quick surrender of Afghan forces

Gorbachev, who pulled Soviets from Afghanistan, says U.S. campaign was doomed from start

Rep Lauren Boebert Savaged for Tweet Praising Taliban While Trolling Biden: 'Very Dumb'

If there are truly still any people so mind-numbingly ignorant as to insist that "both parties are

I just found out my husband's jerk of a boss (and wife) flew while sick with COVID!

Osprey around noon

Judge questions Fox News bid to shake Smartmatic's $2.7 bln election lawsuit

There are now 3 Dem led subcommittees on the withdrawal from Afghanistan

Who is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban commander set to rule Afghanistan?

Report: Rent prices for single-family homes in Seattle up 7.7%

McMaster: Rapid Taliban takeover 'should not have come as a surprise'

Pentagon aims to ramp up evacuation flights after Kabul airport chaos

When We Met Other Human Species

Lawsuit challenges California recall process ahead of September election

Nathaniel Polnaszek: Associate Professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

A big Thank You

Monty Python, Constitutional Peasants Scene

Minnesota Latest State to Issue Evacuation Orders Due to Wildfire

Rachel Maddow again beats OAN's libel suit -- and pro-Trump outlet ordered to pay $250K in legal fee

Chicago pharmacist charged with selling COVID-19 vaccination cards online

Taliban 2.0 versus The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

NATO Head Says Afghan Leaders Responsible for 'Tragedy' of Nation's Collapse Under Taliban

There are no qualified health care workers who are not vaccinated. None.

A reminder to Cable news, 10 times more people watch Network news than you.

Trump and the Taliban Deal

This is from August 11 -Taliban won't talk peace unless Ghani goes, says Pakistani PM

So my wife told me she will simplify my life by changing my passwords

Jeffrey Toobin is a special kind of moron

See Boston Dynamics Atlas robots work a parkour course like it's nothing.

How Soon Will Mike Lindell - The My Pillow Guy......

Public Support for Mask Mandates Remains High

Turning COVID Into The Common Cold A Doctor Explains

I look at it this way.

The vicious cycle of American foreign policy

Administration spokesman dispels the silly talking point that leaving Afghanistan affects America's

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage on HBO

Some Trump Hotels Are Now Requiring Masks on Their Properties, Even in Red States

Biden and Pelosi are case studies for the argument against term limits.

The GQP Counts on Its Rank and File Members to Be Stupid

The Day The Soviets Nearly Captured Hitler, WW2


Poll - Will Afghanistan be a campaign issue in 2024?

Fear of public restrooms

legal question and covid...

Perverts Have Found A New Home At A Pro Trump Social Media Site

Texas requests five mortuary trailers from FEMA, bracing for more covid-19 deaths

Last Week in the Republican Party

Turned in my ballot for the California recall

Justice Dept new video Jan 6: chemical spray... strobe light disorientation (WARNING: STROBE LIGHT)

When you've got a job interview at 9:00 (Twitter)

Trump-loving county clerk faces consequences after massive security breach of election equipment

Jean-Michel Basquiat's 'Untitled (Skull)': Great Art Explained

Jan 6: former police officer while out on release allegedly bought 34 guns. Plea deal is rejected.

Anyone have any information about this gizmo, "TruNarc?"

DU you have been offically...

Pete Buttigieg announces he and husband will be parents

"Breaking point': Why the red state/blue city conflict is peaking over masks"

List of Proud Boys that have been arrested :

Today's Schadenfreude: "Mike Lindell's War With Fox News Heats Up With Attack On Hannity, Ingraham"

Tucker Carlson Moment Should Be An Onion Headline

The Biden Administration need to scrutinize every single deal made

My Heart Stood Still - Chet Baker

Children's book about the pandemic by a 17 year old

More than 8,000 Florida students isolate or quarantine because of a school district's covid-19 spike

The Americans Left Behind in Afghanistan

The latest GOP anti-mask lunacy is stirring a backlash. New polling reveals it.

Mike Lindell is going towards a total cocaine burnout.

How Dogs (Eventually) Became Our Best Friends

Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden's Assurances

People Now Spend More at Amazon Than at Walmart

Cop Attacks Man Handcuffed To Ambulance Stretcher - Rebel HQ

N.J. community is debating removal of Jefferson's name from an elementary school.

We talk about food and eating here, a bear eating a picnic lunch fits

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 17, 2021

Omaha elementary, 4th grade class, has a Covid positive student today

Vaccine Skeptic Finds Out About COVID-19 The Hard Way - Rebel HQ

Taliban Pledged Safe Passage of Civilians to Airport

'When will the megadrought end?' is the wrong question to ask . . .

'When will the megadrought end?' is the wrong question to ask . . .

So happy I'm not watch any news shows.....having a great time watching all my old

Link of the afternoon: Americans don't want GOP Govs ****ing

This Donkey And His Pittie BFF Do What???

Texas' controversial new social studies law prompts McKinney school officials to cancel Youth and

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) Is The Biggest Loser In Biden Ending This War.....

Who would someone talk with to offer housing and help for 1-3 Afghan refugees?

State Department spokesperson Ned Price holds a briefing

Critics Warn Withdrawal From Afghanistan Paints Entirely Accurate Picture Of U.S. Government

Superintendent: Eanes parent assaults teacher, rips off her face mask

United States of Al - TV Show....

doug ose ends recall campaign.

DC Tunnel History Site Flagged Suspicious Activity Before Capitol Insurrection

City of Phoenix Files Lawsuit Against State of Arizona for Violation of Constitution

Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten reveal they have become parents

WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? A pome from home by yours truly

Star Trek's John de Lancie Teases Very Different Q In Picard Season 2

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has COVID

Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID

Tweet of the evening:

Gov. Abbott tests positive for COVID-19

Monty Python, The Black Knight- 'Tis But A Scratch

A Cat Led A Rescue Team To An 83-Year-Old Woman Who Had Fallen Down A Ravine

Wear an N95 mask to own the dummies..

The right doesn't want to see poor people get ahead. He only wants to do


Has anybody here been the to marijuana museum in Barcelona?

Gov Greg Abbott tests positive for Covid-19. Video footage of him in

I'm no expert but...

Chicago mandates masks indoors as new COVID-19 cases top 400 a day; no plans for state to follow sui

September 14, 2001. Afghanistan War resolution. U.S. Senate and House. 534 to 1.

"Our troops have the situation under control and are processing people as fast as they can"

Prosecutor: Corruption case involving Fiat Chrysler Automobiles might be unmatched in U.S. history

Prosecutor: Corruption case involving Fiat Chrysler Automobiles might be unmatched in U.S. history

Gorbachev, leader who pulled Soviets from Afghanistan, says U.S. campaign was doomed from start

Innocent man shot 6 times 10 days ago still waiting for surgery in Houston.

repeat history ad nauseum

I don't know if the Taliban gives a rip about recognition from the west

A good doggie just doing his job

Interesting video of a language, Tut, created by enslaved Africans to communicate in code...

So TX gevernor diagnosed with covid?

Fan makes it all the way to pitcher's mound

3 Top Senate Democrats Pledge To Probe 'Flawed' Afghanistan Withdrawal

Many years ago, an ICU patient said I was "deeply compassionate".

The 'Anonymous Sources' Are Engaged in a Monumental Ass-Covering Campaign on Afghanistan

What's safe to do during summer's Covid surge? STAT asked public health experts about their own plan

Late to Skeletor Scott's party

A reminder

Opinion: Biden gave the best possible defense of his Afghanistan withdrawal - Jennifer Rubin

I don't get it! If for thousands of years the women of Afghanistan existed under subordination,

Bolsonaro's Disapproval Reaches Record With Lula Gaining

Travelers are canceling trips with COVID numbers rising again: "It was really kind of heartbreaking"

"Compassion fatigue" - LAT: As a doctor in a COVID unit...

Excellent Putdown of McDonalds

Video: FPV drone takes a deep dive down world's tallest waterfall

What Will Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

Humorous take on the states with the largest percentage of decrease in white residents are:

Abbott has told people he received a third booster dose of the vaccine, two sources told NBC News.

Afternoon FEMALE juvenile osprey!

Mayim Bialik is a terrible choice for jeopardy host because of her wacky anti science views

Stanford Vaccine Policy

A few years ago I had a major breakout, due to dermatitis

Robert Durst: 'Jinx' climax was not confession to killings

Afghanistan's last Jew is not leaving.

I had to chuckle about the essential workers in this Amazon listing:

@Lawrence This is sheer madness. Vietnam was much worse. Sasse was 3 years old when we fled Vietnam

More of this, please:

Greg Abbott is trending at #1 on Twitter, and Karma is trending at #2!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Breaking the Girl

Report shines light on abuse by Bolivia's interim government

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Fresno State College Republicans deleted two tweets mocking disabled vet and former Army medic Patri

We Got Trouble!!!

Exxon's oil drilling gamble off Guyana coast 'poses major environmental risk'

Had to pull some posts because of a link malfunction. Back on now with a swamp pic.

Exxon's oil drilling gamble off Guyana coast 'poses major environmental risk'

Judge grills lawyers for Fox News, Powell, Giuliani about election fraud claims in $2.7 billion Smar

Excellent point about media coverage given almost 70% of people support mask mandates in schools

Today's 'truer words were never spoken':

Florida education officials to punish school districts with student mask mandates

After contacting my pharmacy, two physicians, and Lane County Health

Schools Masks / No Masks: Divide the schools in 2 sections.

Sunrise Silhouette

Gavin Newsom Blasts Challenger Larry Elder Ahead of Recall Election: 'He's to the Right' of Trump

Federal mask mandate for planes, buses and trains to extend into next year

Caravaggio: His Life and Style In Three Paintings

Tiedrich Time:

Police killed their sons. Their unmovable friendship uncovered a system of lies

The Afghanistan Debacle: How Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden Bamboozled the American Public

Lest we forget-- @JoeBiden is the only one with a child who served.--in Afghanistan....

Wisconsin GOP senator, critic of mask mandates has COVID-19

Air Force investigating Afghan civilian deaths at Kabul airport

DC Tunnel History Site Flagged Suspicious Activity Before Capitol Insurrection

Reuters/Ipsos poll: 72% of Dems support withdrawal of troops, and 53% want to send them back

Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan Extend Hands to Taliban Now in Control of Afghanistan

FDA Expands Authorized Use of REGEN-COV (casirivimab and imdevimab)

Let's all shout and holler "YAY" 'cause my grandson got his first covid vax today. Join me

Would love to see a picture with EVERY RETHUG that we KNOW that got the vaccination

See who is no longer on the streets of Afghanistan (CNN)

Rembrandt: The Power of His Self Portraits

NRA's 'unabated' corruption justifies shutting it down, New York says

help with identifying seed pod

Trump's actions possibly 'undermined' his deal with Taliban, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper say

Ask Amy: My grandson told me he wasn't putting poison in his blood for our peace of mind

Right-Wing Media Leans Into A Familiar Anti-Refugee Rhetoric - Deadline - MSNBC

Dedicated to Governor Greg Abbott

American CEOs make 351 times more than workers. In 1965 it was 15 to one

Mike Lindell Accuses TruNews of Being a 'Fake News' Front Established by Media Matters

Texas officials ask US government for mortuary trucks as Covid cases rise

My Thoughts on Afghanistan- A Painful but Necessary Step, Like Dental Surgery

Sean Hannity plugs My Pillow to Americans with family stuck in Kabul

Pompeo Says He Personally Threatened Mullah Baradar, U.S. Knows 'Exactly Where' You Live

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: St. Nektarios of Aegina, Abba Moses The Ethiopian, St. John of Damascus,

good live coverage of northern California wildfires

I am waiting now for DeathSantis to get covid.........

Whether we liked them or not, one clear mandate for any US President...

In Afghanistan, Al Qaeda equals The Base

Death toll from Haiti's weekend earthquake rises to 1,941

Death toll from Haiti's weekend earthquake rises to 1,941

Bush's war

FBI joins investigation into QAnon-affiliated leak of voting machine logins in Colorado

A family member was just notified they were in direct contact with Covid

A New Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Hypothesis

Arizona governor financially penalizing schools with mask mandates

Americans are creating their own vaccine mandates by cutting ties with the unvaccinated

Biden officials complain that the Trump administration lacked a plan on withdrawing from Afghanistan

Qatari Foreign Minister meets with Taliban's Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar

OAN Loses Appeal Against Maddow, Must Pay MSNBC at Least $250,000

King County primary election results to be certified Tuesday. Who's heading to the general election?

Spike in traffic to DC tunnel website caused operator to contact FBI before Jan. 6

Mr. Cat now meows at me.

Condi comes out on Afghanistan