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Larry David 'screamed' at Alan Dershowitz at grocery store over Trump ties

Interpol Rejects Red Alert Against Rafael Correa for Third Time

Cuba receives face shields donated by Thailand

My neice with RA just got her 3rd shot. It's a relief.

Of one thing I am positive...

Larry David went off on Alan Dershowitz in Martha's Vineyard

Nevada judge says immigration law making reentry a felony is unconstitutional, has racist origins

Bolivia's Morales says he would be exonerated if new probes on 'massacres' opened

The August 2021 full moon is, somehow, a Blue Moon. Here's why.

A look back: Soviets leave Afghanistan - February 15, 1989

Fusion experiment breaks record, blasts out 10 quadrillion watts of energy

Cash for cones?: Michigan DNR puts bounty on pinecone bushels.

Reddit of the night:

Inslee expands mask mandate, announces vaccine requirements for teachers

Charlie Doesn't Bargain


Malcolm Nance today on Stephanie Miller, Re: Afghanistan

Hostess: Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns Recalled for Possible Listeria and Salmonella Contamination

After sunset, southern MD,

Ilhan Omar to Republicans Fearmongering About Refugees: Cry More

Pierce County issues new mask mandate for indoor public spaces

Good evening!


Vox: Why Biden was so set on withdrawing from Afghanistan

Marjorie Taylor Greene 1. Should be censured for this. 2. Steroids.

Garth Brooks cancels tour dates due to Delta variant : 'I must do my part'

FEC questions GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert over suspected personal use of campaign funds

16 House Republicans voted No against the US Visas for Afghans bill:

TFG and some Republicans are praising the Taliban to criticize Biden despite years of chest-thumping

Anyone know what this is?

The Fire Lookout Life: Coffee on a Wood Stove at 10,000 Feet

Republicans on the Newsom recall all say they'd end Covid vaccine requirements

Arizona governor blocks cash from schools that mandate masks

Mike Lindell lashes out as cyber expert demands $5M reward for debunking election data

Afghan refugee debate fractures GOP

First Photos: Amazon's "Wheel of Time" Series

Regarding Afghanistan,

Taliban fighters accost CNN reporter and crew (CNN)

Sayonara, heat: Chances for 90-degree day around Seattle plummet from Aug. 18 on

'Get out of the way!" Biden takes shot at governors banning mask mandates in schools

Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Making Variants Worse

*Dr. Francis Collins, Dir, NIH, coming up on Chris Hayes' show.

Are the boosters going to be same dosage as first two?

looks like our grandson in Arizona has the Covid

Lawsuit claims Idaho Springs police staged crime after assault of elderly man

Let's talk about the Saigon analogy....

Al Franken: Tucker Carlson - Most COVID-Vaccinated American? (August 18, 2021)

U.S. Sens. Ossoff, Durbin headline Democrat rally, tout legislative wins, slam Trump

Florida man busted with cocaine, gun while riding go-kart

Biden orders Education Department to take action against governors who ban school mask mandates

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 19 August 2021

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

A lesson learned from the Taliban discovering many degrees of progress upon re-entering Kabul...

Have We Finally Broken the Climate?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to slim margin.

With Hamilton, Lion King, Wicked ticket sales slow, Broadway isn't back

WI State Senator Becomes One-Man Superspreader Event

MLC, City Working Out Who Will Pay For Employees to Get COVID Tests

New Lab Study Claims Common Drug Can Reduce COVID-19 Infection By Up To 70%

State: 21 school districts on probation for not complying with mask mandate

Don Flemons is magic

The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This Is How We Live With It.

Many City Employees Still Unvaccinated Despite NYC Mayor's 'Vax-Or-Test' COVID Order

Biden Directs Education Secretary to Take On GOP Governors Blocking School Mask Mandates

Houston Chronicle editorial destroys Gov. Greg Abbott & takes him down on incompetence/more.

CNN's Clarissa Ward says Kabul colleague nearly pistol-whipped

Red tape is an idiom referring to regulations or conformity to formal rules or standards

Returning To Lockdowns In 2021? Why COVID Is Worse Than Ever In Some Places - The Beat - MSNBC

McHenry County Board rejects flag policy, adds truancy officer

Listening to Rachel Maddow about Zak and his family.

U.S. will extend COVID-19 transport mask mandate through Jan. 18

Glen Ford, who over a 50-year career was a leading voice among progressive Black journalists, dies

Disgruntled Trump Actively Undermines Vaccination Push - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

Why shouldn't health insurers demand a higher premium

Mike Pence and the Taliban

Nine charged in Sturgis Rally sex trafficking sting

"I don't really care about Jeopardy but this is an amazing bit of backstage reporting ..."

Federal judge rejects Trump-era permits for major Alaska oil project

Biden Throws Down The Gauntlet At Wingnut Governors

Walter Masterson Gets Trump Supporter To Admit How Clueless He Is

Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Pledges Winnings to Haitian Earthquake Relief

Minnesota State Fair urges but doesn't require masks, vaccination

Illinois businessman gets 4 years for $8M payroll tax scheme

America's Biggest Loser - Meidas Touch

With no beds, overwhelmed U.S. hospitals ship patients to far-off cities

Judge throws out Trump-era approvals for Alaska oil project

i broke into the old apartment ... this where we used to live ...

Not our first rodeo: voting rights

Texas Schools Find Loophole For Mask Mandate Ban: The Dress Code - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

NCIS, from March, was prescient (spoiler, last appearance by Sloan)

Pritzker peppered with questions about party rift

20,000 Mississippi Kids Quarantined After Schools Open

*OUT of AFRICA on TCM now.

Exelon says time is fast running out for Byron nuke plant

Progressive group launches

So there I was

Afghan Women Are Already Fading From Public View as Fear of the Taliban and Uncertainty Prevail

Richard Engel: U.S. Troops Secure Kabul Airport for Afghanistan Evacuations - NBC News

Speculation: Right wing will embrace Taliban as better than Democrats

Radio Host Who Spread Vaccine Disinformation Dies of Covid: 4th Infected

Chicago Teachers Union has yet to reach agreement with CPS as start of school looms; district says

cause tonight's the night the world begins again - for my homegal, she knows who ;)

Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections

Latest price tag for Obama Presidential Center estimated to be $830 million

Latest price tag for Obama Presidential Center estimated to be $830 million

I'm listening to a Danny Trejo interview on NPR...

Tweet of the night:

Tweet of the late night:

Situation in Kabul airport still chaotic tonight, more women among crowd

Surgeon general on booster shots for Americans, vaccinating the world - PBS NewsHour

"You guys are not leaving without me!"

If marketed correctly....could tennis become the IT sport among the elite sports???

Public Health in Montgomery Co. IA (45% fully covid vaccinated) had free STD testing Tuesday.

I get the outrage.

Texas can ban common abortion procedure in second trimester, appeals court rules

Despite fears, Colorado's biggest hospitals made money during the pandemic

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to slight margin.

This who "no mask" thing is turning into another Jan 6th. The majority

NM governor launches new mask mandate and mandatory vaccinations for care and school personnel.

Chaos, cries for help outside Kabul airport as Taliban crack down on protestors - PBS NewsHour

Outside supervision of Mesa County elections ordered amid investigations of clerk

Suit: Changing prisoner count weakens rural, GOP districts

*Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) TCM NOW.

Ex CIA analyst says Stephen Miller is complicit in deaths of Afghan aides and liable for 'war crimes

Dr. Fauci: Hospitals Becoming Overrun Due To COVID Is A Tragedy (MSNBC) Joy Reid

Dr. Fauci: Hospitals Becoming Overrun Due To COVID Is A Tragedy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Blowing Up The Death Star Will Cost Alderaan Jobs [Satire/Climate]

'The Night of The Hunter' (1955) Film Noir Thriller: Robt. Mitchum, Charles Laughton

Fauquier schools quarantine hundreds for COVID exposure.

Anyone heard anything from Matty Gaetz lately?

CNN: Afghanistan Exit Undercuts Biden's 'America Is Back'

I never knew or thought about narcissism before TFG

Good night DU. Here's a couple voices you've probably heard once or twice

Woman falsely accused of hit and run despite video evidence to contrary (Scottsdale)

'Unruly' passengers arrested at Nashville airport after reportedly refusing to wear masks

States banning mask mandates could face civil rights probes

Good for Garth Brooks!

'I'm Really Grateful': Afghans Fleeing Taliban Land at Dulles Airport.

Been seeing this forever on clickbait sites and finally found out what it is...

'She was born with a hole in her heart' Germantown mom says her entire family is at risk of catchi

The latest on Afghanistan as Taliban take charge.

One of our boarder horses, trotting around today. Feeling full of himself.

How many days for the M$M to switch from nonstop ZOMG ALL THE AFGHANS SLOPPY JOE HAZ LEFT BEHIND!

She spread election conspiracies. It ruined her life.

'I'd rather be somewhere else': Ron Johnson suggests he doesn't want to be in the Senate

Tweet of the early morning:

Robert Mitchum on 'What's My Line?'

Seth Meyers - President Biden Addresses Taliban's Takeover of Afghanistan - Monologue 8/17/2021

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 19, 2021 -- Summer Under the Stars: Setsuko Hara

What has happened to the Jan. 6 Select Committee Investigation?

Americans At Home Tap Every Resource To Help Colleagues Escape Afghanistan Exodus Gridlock - Rachel

Seth Meyers - John Bolton and Mike Pence Criticize Biden's Handling of Afghanistan: A Closer Look

I get the outrage.

Beto O'Rourke: GOP Governors Endanger Children By Playing Politics With COVID-19 - Last Word - MSNBC

The Late Show: Anti-Vaxxers Bring The Crazy At Public Meetings In California

matchbox 20 - bright lights (live-200?) this is so freaking good it's ridiculous ... lil' man-crush

'Unprecedented' conditions feed Northern California wildfire, forcing thousands to evacuate

The Future The Left Wants

Protests and support from healthcare workers as President Biden mandates COVID vaccinations for nurs

What an utter joke that the nation that invented the internet, and will have spent

Taliban official rules out democracy in Afghanistan

How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)

Tennessee Dad Delivers Passionate Defense of Mask Mandates - NowThis News

Florida must have really good doctors.

Kirk Douglas on 'What's My Line?'

Florida Is Averaging 50 Children PER DAY Hospitalized With COVID - Ring of Fire

Over 20,000 students in quarantine in MS! OMG!

Kevin Rudd: YouTube's Murdoch ban over COVID lies

GOP's Lauren Boebert failed to disclose husband's income from energy company during 2020 campaign

GOP set the frame: Culture War. Guess what, GOP? Afghanistan doesn't fit in your frame!

Thanks Rachel For Making Me Feel A Tiny Bit Better

Liberating women and girls is just another lie

DeSantis Lies That Masks 'Aren't Proven To Be Effective' - The 11h Hour - MSNBC

Democrats guide to retaining the majority in the US House of Representative in 2022.

"Amy Donofrio was reassigned after she hanged a Black Lives Matter flag over her class doorway"

Hear air traffic controller's stunned reaction to C-17 flight load as it leaves Afghanistan

Did you know the streets in Iceland are paved with rainbows?

Fla. educator caught on camera yelling racial insults at mom, kids placed on administrative leave

Unchecked Climate Change Will Make Life Hellish for Outdoor Workers: Report, 'Too Hot To Work'

The US military said they can fly 9000 per day out of Afghanistan.

Florida Judge Makes Man Write Apology Letter After Racially Profiling Black Teen

Trump Pardon Worthless To Kushner Pal Facing New State Charges - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

"Gulf Coast's beloved 'Redneck Riviera' now a virus hotspot"

ICU Nurse Shares Story Of 14 Year Old Who Died After Anti-Vax Parents Refused Intubation

Children are dying for Republican 'freedom'

Mississippi Quarantines 20,000 With 5,993 Students Positive For COVID; Teen Deaths Rise

How much of your money have you given to immigrants?

This is when you can get COVID Booster Shot - Doctor Mike Hansen

All Texas cattle brands, marks expire after Aug. 30

'Climate change has become real': extreme weather sinks prime US tourism site

Americans At Home Tap Every Resource To Help Colleagues Escape Afghanistan Exodus Gridlock - TRMS

Best case scenario for Democrats winning US Senate seats in 2022.

Pathetic babies Durant and Green blame Kerr and management for the break-up of the Warriors.

New Term - Trump Sympathizer

Someone I know is going away to college in a COVID-resurgent state.

"Good Fighters" and "Great Negotiators": Donald Trump Is Weirdly Full of Praise for the Taliban

If Larry Elder is elected, life will get harder for Black and Latino Californians

One West Texas District Closed Schools For Two Weeks To Stem COVID-19 Outbreak

"As of 5 pm today, my city, Mobile, AL is code red"

CA gov candidate Larry Elder said employers should be able to ask women if & when will get pregnant

This kinda pisses me insurance rejected payment for my $578 glasses!!!!!!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/18/21

San Antonio's private universities to require masks; UTSA, Alamo Colleges go virtual

2022 United States House Elections- Democrats guide to retaining control of the US House.

Businesses near Texas Tech worry conference shakeup will stir financial trouble, even if Lubbock's

South Park kinda predicted current anti-vaxxers

Joe Biden takes aim at states blocking mask mandates, setting Greg Abbott up for showdown with feds

El Paso, Socorro districts vote to mandate masks in schools

The Bush Appointee Still on the Job Making Bankruptcy Even Harder

To Ease Affordable Housing Crisis, California Views a Broad New Law

Breakfast Thursday 19 August 2021

My favorite contradictory Afghanistan soundbite!

Larry Elder is worse than we think. He blames the fires on Gavin Newsom not climate change

Transits to Sibly in Kabul on Aug 15 2001

Gulf Coast's beloved 'Redneck Riviera' now a virus hotspot

Go Office or Go Home: Austin Companies Reject Hybrid Work Setups

2D 'Supersolid' That Flows Without Friction Has Been Made For The First Time

India Walton Makes the Case for the Socialist Mayor

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Eksomologiste' - Psalm 136/135, 'Trisagion Hymn'/St. Anthony Monastics

Keep an eye on the tropics

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

From The BBC: IMF suspends Afghanistan's access to funds

Pennsylvania School Board Bans Critical Race Theory by Passing 'Patriotism Amendment'

How much influenza vaccine is projected to be available for the 2021-2022 influenza season?

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, August 19, 2021

Why Don't Black Holes Swallow All of Space? This Explanation Is Blowing Our Minds

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win due to Gubernatorial coattails.

From The Guardian: Taliban face financial crisis without access to foreign reserves(.)

Americans could owe $6.5 trillion for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq -- and that's just the interest

Italy Sees 'Europe's Hottest Temperatures Ever,' Mediterranean Heatwave, BBC News

Hidden Magnetic Patterns Inside Meteorites Reveal Secrets of The Early Solar System

Advocacy group launches ads pushing Manchin, other Democrats to back pandemic funding

Thursday TOONs - The COVID Treadmill

A writer at the Washington Examiner wants Biden to step down!

Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton!!

Dyson Spheres Around Black Holes Could Reveal Alien Civilizations, Scientists Say

A brethren of mine said it perfectly

Oregon Hospitals Near Breaking Point As COVID-19 Surges

A kangaroo is on the loose in rural Pennsylvania and no one knows where it came from

On the floor of the British House of Commons. THEY see what trump did, why not Americans?

GOP Senator on Intelligence Committee Falsely Tweets US Has 30,000 Troops in Taiwan. He's Way, Way

Persephone, The Robot Guide, Leads Visitors In A Greek Cave

''But it is better than the Taliban'' is a pretty low bar...

Some uplifting stories we deserve - from Bored Panda

Reopening Paraguayan border up to President Fernandez, Argentina's ambassador to Asuncion says

Afghans protest Taliban in emerging challenge to their rule

The Media.....

On this day, I stand with Joe Biden and support his efforts in Afghanistan, COVID

White House dismisses WHO objection to U.S. COVID booster program

Oldest Protected Area In LA Mississippi Delta Celebrates 100 Years; Will Not Last Another 100

Caldor Fire (El Dorado County CA) Destroys Most of Town Of Grizzly Flats, Pop. 1,200

Never have I ever...

Biden had the balls to end this ...18 years of misleading US public about Afghan war

What's More Important Than Life On Earth? Why, Protecting Profitable Energy Companies, Of Course!

Democrats guide to retaining their majority in the US House of Representatives in 2022.

Mass grave from Nazi atrocity discovered in Poland's 'Death Valley'

Everything's Bigger In Texas, Esp. Scale Of Gas Flaring, Degree Of Utter Indifference By Regulators

Sentimental Journey - Les Brown and Doris Day

I'll stay here, while YOU CHILDREN go bravely into the fray!

FAA calls for more than $500,000 in fines against dozens of disruptive airline passengers

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden to get coronavirus vaccine boosters

Comic Book Reviews for This Week 8/18/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 8/18/21

The Rundown: August 19, 2021

Hundreds protest against mask mandate in Genesee County schools

A Capitol Riot Sentencing Got Derailed After New Videos Surfaced Hours Before The Hearing

Jobless claims reach pandemic-era low of 348,000

Over 10,000 students in Florida school district isolated or quarantined a week into school year

Drought Monitor 8/17/21: 100% 0-4 Drought In CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, NV, UT, MN, ND, SD, AZ

Ohio's New voting law:

Trump's solution to skyrocketing positive covid cases was "Stop testing!"

Is there a decent television news show to watch in the morning?

Cyber experts who disproved Mike Lindell's voter fraud claims sue for $5 million reward he offered

Uhhhhhh, guys...

Oh, hell to the no

Georgia inches toward possible takeover of Fulton elections

Hezbollah Warns Israel, U.S. as Iranian Fuel Sails for Lebanon

How AI-powered Tech Landed Man In Jail With Scant Evidence

Patient hospitalized after ingesting "horse paste" promoted by Trump's "alien DNA" Doctor

Dozens of Illinois public school districts on probation for refusing to comply with Pritzker's mask

I heard that car prices were nutz but had no idea.

Dozens of speakers decry masks, COVID-19 vaccine in heated San Diego county board meeting

Nikki Haley Is Not Too Terribly Bright, Part Infinity

A Fitting Photo for Abbott's Campaign

Capitol Riot Suspect Jenna Ryan Released a Song, and It's About You-Know-Who


Cobb County, Georgia in one photo.

Morning drive coffee.

Just looking at the headline at (which I won't post - I don't want to give them clicks), I

The rightwing US textbooks that teach slavery as 'black immigration'

Let's get loud for a minute

Is it me or am I missing something?

Here's what you can do to help Afghan interpreters and refugees

Indonesian police arrest elephant poacher, ivory buyers

Iowa got the letter (from the Biden Admin Department of Education)

Trump alumni launch group to push his VA policies -- and blunt Biden's

Nevada judge says immigration law making reentry a felony is unconstitutional, has racist origins

Eric Boehlert: The media's summer of discontent -- waging war on Biden

Maybe worth considering impeachment of Trump over Afghantistan withdrawal

Why can't Arab states like Morocco and Kuwait take in some Afghan refugees?

New Mexico State Fair vaccine mandate for youth exhibitors sparks outcry

Morning Coffee Risk Assessment

For a Significant Percentage of People - COVID-19 and Other News Is an Abstraction

digby: No, George W. Bush doesn't deserve a pass on Afghanistan

If trump did what Biden did in Afghanistan before the election, would we have supported it??

The Jolt: David Perdue, with Trump's support, could give Kemp something to fear

"Welcome BACK to August" I was going to say....

Talking heads and their hairstyles.

N.M. - Attendance may be limited for Zozobra amid surging virus cases

The USCP is responding to a suspicious vehicle near the Library of Congress.

Amazon Plans to Open Large Retail Locations Akin to Department Stores

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 18th - MSNBC

UPDATE: Supreme Court, other DC buildings evacuated as police investigate bomb threat

Man says he shot at, vandalized neighbors' Michigan home over Black Lives Matter sign

JFK surprised swimmers on Santa Monica beach today 1962: #Beebe

Would you buy this toy from Playmobil?

It's Time To Let Go


Alabama has no more I.C.U. beds available, the state authorities said.

Michigan bill seeks to bar employers, including hospitals, from requiring vaccines

Polish Olympian Auctioning Off Silver Medal To Raise Money For Boy's Heart Surgery

Billions in US weaponry seized by Taliban

Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections

Marjorie Traitor Greene calling Biden a piece of shit:

Why is the return/exchange line at Walmart insufferably slow...

Family of three and their dog found dead about a mile from their vehicle while out day hiking.

About the "lightning-fast" fall of Afghanistan and "quick collapse" of Afghan security forces...

Deputies Knocked A Woman Unconscious And Then Lied About It, A Federal Lawsuit Says

Flu shots now available at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and Rite-Aid

Is this just a solipsistic individual? Or is it a representation of one of the generational cohorts?

A North Carolina Principal Rethinks The Classroom And Brings Students Outdoors

What do you foresee as the future of Afghanistan?

More info on COVID 😆 *

I did a few errands this morning and was listening to a bit of 1A - author of Kite Runner

What We Stood For In Afghanistan -Cronyism, rampant corruption, a Ponzi scheme...

digby: No, George W. Bush doesn't deserve a pass on Afghanistan

Britney Spears' case has shown why guardianship laws need to change

FORMALDEHYDE Causes Leukemia, According To EPA Assessment Suppressed by Trump Officials

August 7th security alert

Massive props to online insurrectionist investigators that busted this scumbag

'Green steel': Swedish company ships first batch made without using coal

Carnival Cruz has endorsed Greg Abbott

Woman adopts 'aggressive' special needs squirrel

Long time between uploading new pics to the smugmug page

Federal lawsuit challenges California recall as unconstitutional

The @CapitolPolice are actively investigating a bomb threat on the complex's southeast side.

Capitol Police responding to a suspicious vehicle near the Library of Congress.

Smedley Butler speaks to the Afghanistan war:

"'s like a mid-life crisis for a lot of white males for whom they want it to be 1969 again."

Culver City (CA) Unified School District to require student vaccinations against COVID-19

Try To Remember - Jerry Orbach

Israeli Tour Guide on Camping Trip Discovers 1,700-Year-Old Coins

Have you ever helped a hoarder move?

I'm so sad today about my Gulf Coast.

Guess who went to a ranch today?

Gov. Abbott's office says there's 'no loophole' after schools add masks to dress code

What's Behind the Veil?

San Francisco Sues Three Online Retailers for Selling 'Ghost Guns'

'I can see the industry disappearing': US fishermen sound alarm at plans for offshore wind

There's a photo contest over here:

CLIMATE CHAOS - A Children's Tale For Adults (Matthew Cooke)

Dangerous aftershocks plague Haiti region hit by earthquake, more expected


Tucker Knows Why Real Estate's So Expensive, It's Brown-Skinned Refugees AIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Where are the anti-war voices?

Best balloon animals ever!

3546 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 4 deaths

T-Rex fossil sells for record-breaking $31.8 million

MN GOP to vote on Carnahan ouster

Seeking Global Recognition, Taliban Take a New Approach: Making Nice

LOL, where's there's smoke, there's not necessarily fire.

Afghan "resistance 2.0" taking shape to challenge Taliban rule

Biden administration signals support for Valley schools defying Arizona's ban on mask mandates

The last scene in Titanic...

Understanding Megadrought: Fingerprints of Megadrought

Chipotle is testing plant-based chorizo

Understanding Megadrought: Fingerprints of Megadrought

Well, this Michigan House committee session is... something:

More U.S. forces deployed to Haiti as death toll tops 2,000

FAA calling for $500K in fines against unruly airline passengers

Yeshivah student shot and killed outside of dormitory in Denver crime spree

Tacoma schools, teachers' union move to comply with Inslee's COVID-19 vaccine order

The only member of Congress to reject invading Afghanistan in 2001 said she almost wishes she had be

Trumps imigration policy may be throttling economic growth

San Francisco to offer third vaccine dose to immunocompromised people

Feds purposely targeted BLM protesters in an effort to weaken the movement

Anyone have experience with the specialized dog foods

The State Department blew off immigrant advocates and believed they had 6 to 12 months to relocate

Oh, my! So many whales!

So, today I felt brave. Or stupid. Or both. I gave all 4 kittens a bath

Family of Anthony Huber, killed by Kyle Rittenhouse, files suit against city of Kenosha

Fox News mandates employees disclose vaccination status, contradicting rhetoric from top stars

The Taliban is afraid of strong women.

Remember the Ever Given of Suez Canal fame?

Real estate agent who asked Trump for a pardon pleads guilty in Capitol riot

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) has tested positive for COVID-19.

'This is warfare:' Trump allies Flynn, Bannon pushed conspiracies at ritzy party backed by Chinese e

Sen. Cantwell tours West Seattle Bridge damage, hears plan for repairs

Govt sharpens antitrust attack against Facebook with filing

Former Bolivian President Anez taken to hospital for third time in two weeks

The Blasters from 2005

Kushner pal hit with state charges months after Trump pardon

Taliban spokesperson says China could contribute to Afghanistan's development

After Afghanistan - will the US ever go to war again?

Minerals in Afghanistan, 4 stories- long

I can't pretend to understand the endgame of Republicans like Greene and Boebert

This ABC News tweet is a prime example of just how awful the Afghan coverage is right now.

Court orders seizure of Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy's assets in S. Korea over forced wartime labor

Here's video from the man who said he's got a bomb outside the Capitol.

RIP Sonny Chiba

Biden To Automatically Cancel $5.8 Billion In Student Loans For Over 300,000 Borrowers

Biden To Automatically Cancel $5.8 Billion In Student Loans For Over 300,000 Borrowers

Police communicating with man near US Capitol who says he has detonator

Veteran Comm. specialist can't get voices supportive of the Afghanistan withdrawal on tv or in print

OMG! People sick with COVID-19 waiting for Regeneron treatment at the Downtown Jacksonville library.

ABC Tried to Bury This James Baldwin Interview. Four Decades Later, It's Blisteringly Relevant.

Singapore sentences Briton to six weeks in prison for not wearing face mask

For anyone scared of Afghan refugees...

Lauren Boebert fails to file 2019 financial disclosure; sale of cargo plane remains a mystery

US hospitalizations of people under 50 at highest levels since start of pandemic

Times Square is now being evacuated by NYPD due to suspicious device

Biden EPA Bans Chemical Pesticide Linked to Psychological Health Disorders in Children

Just another reminder of republican BS. Trump policy endangered Afghan allies

No Andrea Mitchell Biden Could Not Ignore TFG Deal And Stay In Afghanistan

Said goodbye to selling on eBay

N. Korea issued navigational warning for East Sea in indication of missile launch preparations

More Americans Have Died In Texas (641) Over Past 7 Days Due to COVID Than Afghanistan

China pushes adoption of language, cultural symbols in Tibet

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Iraqi Kurds Keep Faith in U.S. Despite Drawdown

The Awkward TRUMPY Truth About Afghanistan's Likely New Taliban Leader

Neil Young Withdraws From Farm Aid 2021 Over COVID-19 Concerns

Trump Acting Defense Secretary's Bold Claim: We Weren't Really Planning to Leave Afghanistan

One of my favorite websites for news review and reporting

ACM Awards Move to Amazon From Long-Time CBS Home

Cartoons 8/19/2021

Capitol bomber: "Go, Donald Trump!"

Steve Walsh, press secretary to US Senate candidate, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, has just died of covid.

Arizona school board imposes gag rule for vaccines, masks

Arizona school board imposes gag rule for vaccines, masks

Fewer renter protections after Monday, but help is available

Missouri State Rep's Husband Dies of COVID-19

Have any human societies ever lived underground?

Poll: Marco Rubio holds just a 2-point edge on Val Demings

COVIDIOTs demonstrate against masks and vaccines in front of Providence Everett

OVER $33.5 MILLION in 2020 election political contributions came from dark money

Judith Beheading Holofernes, Artemisia Gentileschi: Great Art Explained

Biden Had To Defend The Embassy Bagrahm And Kabul With 2,500 Troops

More than 60 Texas school districts and counties are now defying Gov. Abbott about masks in schoools

Washington State coach Nick Rolovich faces a sudden vaccine mandate

UK lawmakers condemn PM Johnson and U.S. President Biden over Afghanistan

Chinese president vows to 'adjust excessive incomes' of super rich

More than 60 Texas school districts and counties are now defying Gov. Abbott about masks in schoools

Ex-Navy SEAL Famous for Claiming He Killed bin Laden Envies Taliban ' - Says He Wants To Do Same

Afghanistan cost America $300 million per day for 20 years

Richard Sackler Says Family and Purdue Bear No Responsibility for Opioid Crisis

Tory MP Tom Tugendhat condemns Biden (and praised Bin Salman's leadership)

Red state govs push pricey Covid treatments while fighting masks

Bernie Sanders Town Halls in Indiana Aug 27 and Iowa Aug 29

Proposed fines for unruly passengers top $1 million, FAA says

Soccer: Former Afghan women's captain tells players to burn kits, delete photos

Flynn's post office box holds more than his mail

Half of Americans think they'll never have a pain-free day again

Angus King (I-Maine) also has Covid-19

Mike Lindell Melts Down When Expert Tries To Claim His $5 Million Cyber-Bounty

U.S. fighter jets flying over Kabul to ensure evacuation security-Pentagon

Yesterday it was reported that Abbott the anti-masker hypocrite leading Texas is taking Regeneron

Man threatens Springfield, MO Walmart workers, tells them they will be executed for administering va

The Death of the "Lima Group" and Re-Birth of the Latin American Anti-Imperialist Left

DeBlasio: 75% of adult NYC adults are vaccinated

I found an unfinished crochet project. It was supposed to be a carry bag. Now it's a kitten bed

How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Giuliani seeks to limit what feds see on his electronics

Free Regeneron treatments start Tuesday at Jacksonville library for high-risk COVID-19 patients

The glee coming from right-wing radio pundits as they report on Afghanistan is disgusting

Not a single ICU bed available in Alabama

US to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities

Daily Press Briefing - Department of State - August 19, 2021 - 2 PM

Anti Vaxxer Goes Totally Berserk During Townhall Meeting In San Diego

Hearing impaired, so I can't hear the words, but this story still made me smile.

Guy I know claims CNN reported on the FBI, involving Congresswoman Omar...

Don Trump Jr. BUSTED Super HIGH on DRUGS

Freehan, catcher on 1968 champion Detroit Tigers, dies at 79

Hundreds pitch in to tip Madison waiter stiffed by homophobe

Our Taliban

To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald

Boebert pushed to loosen drilling rules. She failed to disclose her husband's income from energy

Summary (long thread) of the crazy wannabe Capitol bomber's livestreamed rant

The lunatic surrendered now slap his hand

Women In Art History: 8 Female Artists, The National Gallery

A Right-Wing Call For Rough Men

Do you think the suspect (Mr. Rosenberry) arrested near the Capitol is MAGA?

Do you enjoy Kipling? "IF"-----

Ron DeSantis has 'made a monumental mess of masking in public schools'

New Jeopardy! host apologizes for past comments on women and Jews

Dozens of Illinois public school districts on probation for refusing Gov Pritzker's mask mandate

US senator from Mississippi 'fed up' with masks contracts COVID

Any Chance That Any Of Our Allies Can Aid The U.S. In Airlifting Afghans Out Of The Country?....

You're surrounded by Trumpers around a dining table. How to make points about Covid in 5 easy steps.

The Cost Of Being Unvaccinated Just Went Up -- Most Insurers Are Passing Costs Back To Patients As Co

The Y'allQaeda-GOP-MAGA-Republican truck-bomber insurrectionist idiot has surrendered.

Remember when Trump abandoned the Kurds in Syria?

Insane statement from Trump on how he thinks we should have left Afghanistan

Fox News Orders Staff to Disclose Vaccination Status

Police SPIT On Teens After Beating Them Bloody - Rebel HQ

Roseberry's (Y'all Qaeda) been a registered Republican since 2016

Meghan McCain rails against Biden over Afghanistan ...

Who are the 55 senators urging President Biden to quickly evacuate Afghan allies?

My good senator, Angus King, has Covid.

A baby fern...

How Joe is being handled by the press--by Eric Boehlert

A significant majority of Americans doubt that the war in Afghanistan was worthwhile

Is it possible that scientific facts are the anti-vaxxers "kryptonite"? If so, would it be

MAGAts/QAnon already saying Library of Congress terrorist is a false flag operation

RWers already claiming today's MAGAterrorist incident was a "false flag"

Will the Democrats stay in the majority of the US House in 2022?

I only recently realized how appropriate this Paul McCartney song is about today's times

Comment from a caller on Afgans refugees. "We don't want

Mo Brooks makes it clear he sympathizes with the wannabe Capitol bomber

Afghanistan - What A Beautiful Trap Putin and TFG Laid For Joe Biden

Texas health department denies aid request for COVID-19 care site at Travis County expo center.

Just so you know who you're dealing with when you argue with a right-winger...

MSNBC on Sony TV?

Larry Elder's ex-fiancee said he brandished a gun at her

Dem Senator has covid.

Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO) also has Covid-19

No, George W. Bush doesn't deserve a pass on Afghanistan

Titian's Technique, National Gallery

Posted without comment

I have no background in international law or negotiation, but I wonder:

Unvaccinated terror: Proud Boys push the anti-vaccination movement into a violent threat

It's God's Will.

If you (and I hope not), or a family member,

GOP Reveals Secret Crush On The TALIBAN?! - The Damage Report

Florida Adds 539 COVID-19 Related Deaths (08/16/21)

I wish I could write this well

If N.Texas runs out of ICU hospital beds, doctors can consider a patient's vaccination status

This little guy had captured my heart.

No, a vaccine doesn't make you 'Superman.' Breakthrough COVID-19 cases are increasing amid delta var

Keep an eye on Tropical Storm Henri East Coast DUers

Capitol Police Chief Says D.C. Bomb Threat Suspect Is 'In Custody' - MSNBC

I Bought A Microsoft Surface 7 Around Dec 2019 & Determined To Learn How To Use It I.....

CNN video story about several public meetings w angry anti-vax, anti-masker mobs

Federal election report: 95% of voting-age Georgians registered !!!

More Than One Million Americans Vaccinated in One Day

Capitol MAGABOMBER demanded we bomb Afghanistan and Biden resign

Most More Concerned with Domestic Threats Than Those Abroad

Man sits outside house for hours trying to catch stray dog

"Typhoid Mary" is obsolete

The Lincoln Project The Best of Us

Greatest Threat

Dairy farmers eligible for pandemic-related assistance

Unvaccinated terror: Proud Boys push the anti-vaccination movement into a violent threat

Man surrenders after claiming to have bomb near Capitol

The House and Senate should post proof of vax and the pledge to mask. Period.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 19, 2021

3 Senators test positive for covid-19. CNN News Alert:

I get vaccines at dialysis.

MLB will end 70-year deal with trading card company Topps

1971 Cereal Box Prize: -- Monkees Finger Doll

Conservatives had no trouble with masking back in 1983

Trump Fan Locks Down D.C. In 5-Hour Standoff - The Rational National

2022 Democratic US Sen. nominees that will benefit from 2022 Democratic Gub. nominee coattails.

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 44

The Herman Cain Freedom Awards

Dead white men clothes: The Environmental Disaster that is Fuelled by Used Clothes and Fast Fashion

Sonny Chiba, Martial Arts Legend and 'Kill Bill' Actor, Dies at 82 of COVID Complications

Alabama Hospitals Have Run Out Of ICU Beds As COVID-19 Cases Surge

We can't stop here. This is bat country. (Twitter)

Something un-American and traitorous in the air...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-6: Governors With Low Self Esteem Edition

Ochsner Health delayed 1,160 surgeries/med procedures over last week - beds full with COVID patients

Mr. Cat took a couple of pieces of chicken from my hand this afternoon!

Fevzi ❤😊🐈

New Orleans Saints now offering refunds for ticket holders for 2021 season

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 20 August 2021

Anyone have experience treating osteoporosis?

Trump team thought UK officials 'out of their minds' aiming for herd immunity, book says


all I wanted to do was retire

The GQP wants the pandemic to continue

Cable News Military Experts Are On The Defense Industry Dole

Greenville County SC GOP leader, Pressley Stutts has died of COVID-19

Man accused of assaulting officer in Capitol riot was Williamson County (TN) sheriff's deputy

Vast majority in ICU are unvaccinated

Would vaccination be more acceptable if folks presented with a rash or pustules?

Faux Noise's Gutfeld BEAT ALL OTHER LATE NIGNT SHOWS!!!! 🤮 🤮 🤮

Transgender victory over Hobby Lobby could have national impact

These So-Called "Leaders" In Southern States Are Running Out Of Ways To Kill Their Constituents

White Wine Oyster Stew Recipe

Afghanistan - do I have these right?

Malcolm Nance response to today's MAGAbomber dealing with "personal issues"

Tomorrow is going to be a very good day!

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) recounts an uplifting experience on a plane today

AZ Secretary of State: Report on the Partisan Review of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County

Rep. Mo Brooks GOP POS can understand the capital bomber's anger

14 children with disabilities file first federal lawsuit against Gov. Abbott (TX)

hey kid go to california live with the angels love who ya wanna

Texas hospitals may soon deny unvaccinated patients access to ICU beds

Unvaccinated COVID-19 patients are creating a 'deeply frustrating' situation at Washington state hos

"you got the whole damn thing all wrong"

Fake News. Fake Election. Fake Pandemic.

A possible candle in the Covid dark. Red States and the ACA (Obama Care)

(Dr.) Rand Paul's Memoir

Best not to ask questions !

@SenSchumer 8m Americans want an end to marijuana prohibition. That's why @SenBooker , @RonWyden

A Study of Velasquez's Portrait Painting Techniques

Confidential Cable Warned of Afghanistan Collapse

Happy birthday, L.Q. Jones! The character actor + Western icon is 94 today!

Metal + anti war + kick arse guitar playing

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.

My name is Werner Stein. In 1939, I fled my home seeking safety in the US and was turned away ...

Happy Birthday! Bill Clinton turns 75 today: A look at the life of America's 42nd president.

NBC reporting

(N.M.) Four APD officers injured, one 'critical' after NE Albuquerque shooting

Four APD officers injured, one 'critical' after NE Albuquerque shooting; two suspects arrested

My Opening Farewell - Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne

Chuck Close has died

Person Hospitalized After Taking Livestock Ivermectin From Feed Store To Treat COVID-19

Lauren Boebert Reveals Her TRUE SELF On Twitter - Rebel HQ

Video Shows Colombian Officer Loading Drugs Into Small Plane

Shows won't book voices supportive of withdrawal on TV says communication professional

Cat discovering a tattoo...

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks slammed by fellow lawmakers for statement about D.C. bomb threat suspect

Dem In A Red State Stakes Her Candidacy On Exposing GOP As A Threat To Democracy (MSNBC)

Meet Nesher Ramla Homo: New form of human found

A MAGA terrorist threatens to blow up

MAGA Make Afghanistan Great Again

Suspect in DC bomb threat surrenders

Three senators announce positive COVID-19 tests in single day

Trump/MAGAT's are Clearly Domestic Terrorists

Chinese astronomers want to build an observatory in the Tibetan Plateau

Record delta wave hits kids, raises fear as US schools open

The more diverse we are as a population,

Elder's ex-fiancee said he brandished a gun at her

Boy Scouts get conditional approval of $850M bankruptcy deal

Brazil's Bolsonaro Blocking Critics On Social Media: HRW

Mary Trump Believes Her Uncle allowed people 'to be their worst selves' (MSNBC)

Florida parents' lawsuit challenging DeSantis' school mask limits set for trial

DeSantis Top Donor Invests in COVID Drug Governor Promotes

@RepSwalwell You asked for a pic of the shirt. And you shall receive. #AdiosTrump

Why was Kelly Loeffler never indicated for comitting BLATANT insider trading?

Texas House reaches quorum after Democrats blocked voting bill for weeks by leaving state

Needed a break from the same damned stuff...over, over, over...

Afternoon osprey, across the creek.

School closure in Tennessee due to Covid-19

The Good Doctor!

NOT an osprey!

Far-right Las Vegas city councilwoman under investigation by the FBI

Trump's deal with the Taliban set the stage for the Afghan collapse

Eye opening Twitter thread from Eric Garland. Must read!

Govs. DeSantis and Abbott, in denial and risking lives, have betrayed the public trust

Meidas Touch Podcast at 8:00 pm Alexander Vindman TAKES ON Enemies of Democracy

Former Sheriff Morgan Used $75K In Taxpayer Money For Statues Of Himself