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Archives: August 22, 2021

So we went to Asheville today.

Religious exemption for COVID vaccine? Here's what lawyers think - NewsNation Now

Aerosol scientists: Schools need masks, HEPA filters, and outdoor lunches

remember THE DROWNING MAN & St. Peter -- religious parable....

Conservative Talk Show hosts have higher than normal odds of dying to covid.

Guy Who Didn't Like Cats Finds One Stuck In His Tire

Scott Walker appointee refusing to step down...

The Good, the Bad and the Iowa State Fair.

So, did the pouring rain put out Trump's burning cross or did they even get it lit? nt

So my mom has been sick

'Racist and Flat Out Wrong': Texas Republican Blames Black Americans For Covid Surge

President Joe is on the receiving end of multiple

I saw this warning label just in time.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 to retain control of the US Senate.

Saturday Night Special

Russian police detain journalists who back media freedom

Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey

Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train

Spooky Tooth - I Am the Walrus

Official say flooding in Middle Tennessee is a 'catastrophic situation'

Beach Boys - Vegetables

Poll Shows Pro COVID Governors Are Tanking Their Own Party - Ring of Fire

Bill Barr Is Corrupt - Don Winslow Films

Just tell it to call you Billy!

"Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Watched it again today. Even more awesome!

Had to evacuate my home this morning. Big industrial fire down the street.

"You Wouldn't Know It From the US News Coverage, But ..." Straight talk from TPM

Taliban cartel....

The Trump Show/Alabama rally

Former Pence adviser: Refugee topics would be blocked in meetings (CNN)

Police leave disabled Colo. woman with nearly $1,600 toll bill after using her stolen license plate

TFG--"Ah but the ramp, that's where I had them....."

U.S. Considers Ordering Commercial Airlines to Help in Afghan Evacuation

Lindsey Graham is the Rock Hudson of the Senate

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife have been hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19


On an encounter with Unvaccinated America at the hospital

3 and their dog dead near Yosemite.

Choir! Choir! Choir! & Patti Smith sing "PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER" in NYC with Stewart Copeland

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Pacific Classic

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Alabama

8 1/2 Dance Scene, Fellini; Pulp Fiction, Tarantino, Chuck Berry

COVID-19 surge: Why we need more data on breakthrough infections - PBS NewsHour

40 Weird things Caught On Security Cameras & CCTV

Hurricane Report From Connecticut

Love at the Five and Dime

Matt Gaetz eloped

"Rough Old Time Mountain Folk Make the Best Music!"

Just binged the entire first season of "The Mandalorian".

The Former Guy is getting advice from a five year old.

Just a rockabilly jam

What we are not doing for Haiti saddens me. nt

Dumpstaphunk with Marcus King. Saturday music has to thump

Voila, with plane, and JUPITER!!!

Need info re long term vaccine effects

Parts of Northeast begin to feel first impacts of Hurricane Henri as storm barrels closer to region

Nashville radio host Phil Valentine dies at 61 after battling COVID-19

From my Campaign Website: Is this the hill the Republicans want to die on?

(UK) Wrong to label Extinction Rebellion as extremists, says Home Office adviser

Afghanistan's future: Taliban members prepare to appoint government - Al Jazeera Exclusive

Sarasota School Board mandates masks in school; DeSantis says move is illegal

Daughters got back from NYC--Tickets to a Springstein/Killers Central Park COVID-19 Vector Concert.

As I watched the Cards fumble fuck away a winnable game, my music choices got -

Cenk Uygur compares Nina Turner to Shirley Chisholm

AL GOP Rep. Barry Moore & wife have Covid-19

A list of countries scrambling to get people out in Afghanistan.

People react to being called Beautiful (Brussels, Belgium)

R.I.P. Rock Legend Don Everly

Matt Gaetz got married in a hurry so that ms. "lucky" doesn't have to testify against him

An Afghan neighbor posted on NextDoor

Crowd told to leave concert in Central Park due to weather

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in order to retain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Rockabilly Medley- Carl Perkins, G. Harrison, Roseanne Cash, Ringo, Clapton

Tonight's last song is no lullaby. Hey @Glamrock, check out this guy

LeMans 2021 - MotorTrend.


Hook, line, and stinker

Jellyfish live, I Wanna Stay Home

Jellyfish - The King Is Half-Undressed

Sundae 🍨 Go for Baroque

Anyone else have the cicadas out by them?

Out of the way, out of the way! Where's the salad bar?

Safety Dance - Men Without Hats (masks)

Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song

The Kinks - (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

It looks like the crowd in Alabama didn't like Donald's message about the vaccine

Afghanistan withdrawal won't permanently harm US world standing. 30 other things have though...

Elmore James - Dust My Broom

Video Walk Like A Man

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022,2024,and 2026.

Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Getting my booster on Tuesday. I am high risk and on immunosuppressants

Toobin to Attorney General: Don't prosecute Donald Trump

Living On A mIdinigt Tell Me what we are Supposed to do. SONG

Top 40 richest songwriters - spoiler, Kanye - *HUH*?!1

Hillary Clinton's Old Afghanistan Prediction Goes Viral

Why Aren't MLB games Covid super spreader events?

Madam @VP wheels down in Singapore

County board meeting erupts during school mask debate

AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long Knocking me out with those American Thighs. Video

Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Must See This Music Video

Coldplay - 'O' ('Fly On')

Enya - Only Time (Remix)

Everly Brothers: Born Yesterday

Two young brothers steer SUV to safety after their father was shot while driving.

Anti-vaxxers are refusing blood transfusions from vaccinated donors

Bloomberg News - Vaccinated people may be vulnerable to serious illness

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Eating Oreos at 1:42 AM

Dax and Kristen do Africa - Toto

Suggestions for TFG supporters to deal with the rain at the latest superspreader event

Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Lenny Kravitz - Always On The Run

Kick in the Eye - Bauhaus

Bulls**t': Don Lemon fires back at Ron DeSantis' masks comment

Funny Cat And Dog Videos - Pets Island

Happy House

One gigantic cell with a nucleus

А - Gravel walk

A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water

Polyrock - Romantic Me (produced by Philip Glass)

cocteau twins - cherry coloured funk (studio-1990) liz and robin were magic

Not sure where I found this, but "The 5 Laws Of Human Stupidity" should...

elizabeth fraser & jeff buckley - all flowers in time bend towards the sun (studio-1995-ish)

US Insulin Costs 8X Other Countries

ultravox - vienna (studio-1980)

Trump Tries To Have It Both Ways, Bashing Biden For Afghanistan Deal He Locked In - Rachel Maddow

david gilmour, david bowie, eddie vedder, richard wright - comfortably numb (live-2006 royal albert)

Sick of watching patients reject the COVID vaccine, a US doctor is refusing to treat them

Don Winslow Films - #TheTruthAboutIvanka

Ron DeSantis Pushes COVID Drug So His Donor Can Make Millions - Ring of Fire

It may have been a mistake, but I just signed up for the Heritage...

GOP Maine Rep. Chris Johansen Attends Anti-Vaxx Rally Days After Wife Dies of COVID

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Concert Review:

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Train Your Cats Edition

FDA about Ivermectin: "You are not a horse," "You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it."

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, August 22, 2021

This feels like end times stupid

Tennessee dad goes viral with a speech in favor of masks in schools

Breakfast Sunday 22 August 2021

Allen West, GOP candidate for governor, calls wife's DWI arrest in Dallas "insidious"

On this day, August 22, 1880, George Herriman was born.

Latest on the Hurricane.

Charlie Baker orders over 40,000 state workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine -- or potentially get

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: 100 Days, 100 Nights

Drawing realistic portraits of strangers on the NYC subway

The Lion King returns to B'way--emotional 1st rehearsal

On this day, August 22, 1961, Ida Siekmann became the first person to die at the Berlin Wall.

Look at this crowd. Not a mask in sight in the sundown town of Cullman

It's Madras Day.

British military: 7 Afghans killed in chaos at Kabul airport

Rome's iconic pines, hit hard by a nasty parasite, now face their own pandemic

400-year-old 'Muga dhambi' is one of the largest and oldest corals in the Great Barrier Reef

I suspect Joe Biden knows how Abe Lincoln felt in 1860?

To those in the path of Henri?

#COVID19 is at high or very high levels around Wisconsin, so wherever you roam this weekend, pack a

Fight continues as Caldor Fire jumps Highway 50, threatening more homes

BREAKING: @SecDef has ordered @US_TRANSCOM to activate Stage I of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet

Today begins week 3 in my journey with the kittens.

Donald Trump booed at Alabama rally after encouraging his supporters to get vaccinated against COVID

This may have been the first battle of Tet '68?

Don Everly, Who Set the Standard for Pop Harmony as Half of the Everly Brothers, Dies at 84

Samba Pa Ti (samba for you)

"Lucky"--what a beautiful swan song for Harry Dean Stanton!

Claude was born on this date.

John Lee Hooker was born on this date.

Brazil's Munduruku tribe haunted by mercury's deadly threat

Damn good ribs. Made some in the air fryer last evening. 😋

Mass. Voters Want A School Mask Mandate -- Including Most Republicans

Astronauts and satellites watch Hurricane Henri from space as US Northeast braces for storm

Former Bolivian President Anez harmed herself while in jail -lawyer

Caesars Entertainment Is Welcoming A QAnon Conf

Sick video, elephant murder-hunting with the LaPierre-heads

Horse or Crocodile? How to tell the difference.

Mr Moonlight (in honor of the Full Sturgeon Moon this morning

FOX News never will let their viewers here both sides of an argument

Elon Musk's satellites beam internet into remote Chilean fishing hamlet

The U.S. orders six commercial airlines to help transport Afghan evacuees.

The Dirty Mac, Yer Blues, R&R Circus- Lennon, Clapton, Richards, Mitchell

How different masks protect against Covid-19, and its delta and lambda variants

The Army Corps of Engineers plans to close the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier before Hurricane Henri ma

In Los Angeles, Breakthrough Infections Are Now 30% Of All New Covid Cases Amid Delta Surge

Attack of the giant rodents or class war? Argentina's rich riled by new neighbors

The Allman Brothers- One Way Out, By Elmore James, Fillmore East

Spooky Tooth - Evil Woman

WaPo: Interstate highways were touted as modern marvels. Racial injustice was part of the plan.

Church Bells This Morning - Noisy Church Bells Are OK with Me

For the Seventeenth Time, Afghanistan Was Never "Winnable"

Frijid Pink - House of the Rising Sun

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hanging On

101 year old lobster summoning

Yardbirds - Heart full of Soul

Israel launches Covid antibody tests for children as young as 3

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

Airmen from the 86th Medical Group delivered baby in cargo bay of U.S. Air Force C-17

I'm keeping an eye on a couple of NOAA buoys in the path of Henri

Joe quietly just struck the biggest blow to the gun industry in a generation

In case you ever wondered why a bottle of whiskey costs 137K$

At least 10 killed in Tennessee flash floods; dozens missing

Steve Cortes racist tweet

From Dan Rather - "Stayin Alive"

"You think a mask is traumatizing?"

" . . . . an people killed clinging to aircraft as they leave . . . . "

Biden's job ratings decline amid Covid surge, Afghanistan withdrawal in NBC News poll

Oh, hell no - NO, No, nope - No way

Democratic-led committees vow investigations on Afghanistan

Deliberate BS communications

Nikki Haley is on Face the Nation.

One reason for the chaos at the Kabul airport

Don Winslow Films - #TrumpMadeInChina

"But we never thought they'd eat OUR faces!", sobbed members of the Leopards Eating Faces Party.

Republican Congressman slams Trump/Pompeo: Appeased the Taliban. Started the Afghanistan fiasco.

Mike Zito with a cover

FAA to fine a passenger $45k for throwing luggage and putting his head up a flight attendant's skirt

democrats at risk

Alarming study finds cognitive deficits in those who had even had mild Covid cases

A few '3rd Sunday' kitten snaps from this morning.

ICYMI - A local nurse, whose hospital is out of ICU beds, hosted last night's Trump rally at her far

Don't know what's in it, won't take the shot. MAGA refrain.

Recall Ron DeSantis' Petition Doubles Support in 6 Days to 70,000

Gov. Ivey urges Alabama football fans to get vaccinated

I am getting really depressed. Trying to pull out

Brother of COVID-hospitalized Wisconsin Senator Andre Jacque has some words for a state rep.

Someone explain it to me

Sort of a surreal painting

3307 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 3 deaths

Remember when Republicans all went on t v wanting every Afghan dead? Bomb

In the Next Season of 'American Dumb': Ted Cruz Offers Newest Reason NOT to Get Vaccinated

Republicans Sour on Big Institutions

Any other public school employees here?

Any "Stashers" here?

Two young boys steered their car to safety after their father was fatally shot while driving

Trump Booed After Encouraging Vaccinations

Biden to Address Nation Again on Afghanistan

Three major networks devoted a full five minutes to Afghanistan in 2020

DAFUQ? Josh Mandel Praises Sick Waitress, Restaurant Faces Furious Backlash

Arizona's sham 'audit' report due to GOP-led Senate on Monday

Biden's insistence on a rapid US withdrawal may have been because Karzai won his election thru fraud

Florida: Don't tell us what to do with masks and vaccines. Oh, we must now ration water?

Matt Gaetz elopes to California, marries girlfriend

Appease your GOD 😆😁

There are not tens of thousands of Americans left over there.

Georgia governor enables businesses to reject COVID-19 mandates as hospitals overflow

Inside the mission to rescue 169 Americans from a hotel outside the Kabul airport

Rifles, Humvees and millions of rounds of ammo: Taliban celebrate their new American arsenal

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 22, 2021?

Mary Trump coming up shortly on M$NBComcast n/t

The Pentagon Is Calling On 6 U.S. Airlines To Help With The Afghan Evacuation Effort

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win to stay in the majority.

I belong to a "weird finds" group on FB

Finally! - horrible "reporting" of Afghan evacuation and BIDEN called out (Reliable Sources)

"Fix it now!"

Tennessee radio host and vaccine skeptic Phil Valentine dies of COVID

SD - 230%+ increase in cases in the wake of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

RIP Don Everly.

"I happen to have taken the vaccine, but you have your freedoms..."

Anyone know what happened about National Guard being sent to border wall?

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says 'several thousand Americans' are still stuck in Afghani

Ilhan Omar's Genuine Progress Indicator Act: An Important Step for Sustainability

I got a new toy. Well, new to me anyway.

Afghan woman gives birth aboard U.S. evacuation plane

I love you Boog chocolate knucklehead

Chris Wallace Claims Biden Slow Walked Afghan Immigration Because Of Politics

Biden set to meet with G7 leaders amid Afghanistan withdrawal

Seattle man who left Saigon in 1975 wants to help Afghan refugees

Nikki Haley: Biden administration 'completely surrendered to the Taliban'

Acosta: This is what really riles up Fox audience about Afghanistan

Cardona says civil rights probes may be launched over school mask bans

Mo Brooks Backpedals After Trump Rally-Goers Boo Him for Saying Move Past 2020 Election

Donkey Snuggles Into Guy's Shoulder Every Time He Plays Guitar

I'd love to see President Joe go on TV, Youtube, other social media and say..

You can't put one over on the QANON crowd...

In Florida, DeSantis cut jobless aid just as virus began terrifying new wave

States can't block federal funds for districts that mandate masks, Education secretary says

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Simple steps for coexisting with the coronavirus

KS has not elected a Democrat to the US Senate since the 1930's.

I guess the major media in this country loves the guy who sucked Putin's shoe 24/7

US role in resettling Afghans becomes next political battle in the fallout over US withdrawal

Anti-Taliban leader Massoud says negotiation only way forward

Americans were urged to leave Afghanistan...

Police confirm South Haven pier shooter plotted failed school shooting in 2018 (MI)

Republican Who Bragged He'd Defy Pelosi's Mask Order Gets COVID

Rare Blue Moon of August 2021 rises tonight. Here's what to expect.

Josh Lederman just reported a lie on Alex Witt's MSNBC show

BLM RI PAC rallies against LEOBoR in the wake of police videos showing violent arrests

Maybe Some Thought If We Pulled Out Of Afghanistan The 20 Million

Men from Afghanistan's secret gay community say they are living through a 'nightmare' ...

Cowsills - Hair

The Zodiac gets a well deserved smack down

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 24: Summer Under the Stars: Maurice Chevalier

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper

Scriptures to encourage Christians to wear masks

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire

Mike Lindell (aka My Pillow Guy) REMIX - The Remix Bros

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 23 August 2021

Bad Company - Bad Company

Kansas - Dust in the Wind

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 25: Summer Under the Stars: Jane Wyman

Silent thread of good thoughts for Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline who have been hospitalized

My Wife Has Correctly Been Pointing Out How Stupid I Am.

American entertainer and singer Josephine Baker will be reinterred in Paris

Differing points on mandates need reason, respect

Cartoons 8/22/2021

Out of war-ending chaos comes a wave of new Americans

Viewpoints: Why is the answer to failure always more war?

The buck stops with Biden -- but Trump's role in Afghanistan debacle is a doozy

Haiti raises earthquake death toll, passes 2,200

Opinion: I fought and bled in Afghanistan. I still think America is right to accept defeat.

Was Biden misinformed about what would happen in Afghanistan?

Some people are getting a 3rd Covid shot. Getting it too soon could backfire, Fauci says.

(Jewish Group) Jewish Groups Condemn Anti-Vaccine Protesters Wearing Yellow Star Patches in Quebec

Hospitals and Insurers Didn't Want You to See These Prices. Here's Why.

Mississippi orders everyone who's tested positive for COVID-19 to isolate at home as cases continue

Didn't protest when the military sent recruiters into schools looking for kids to sign up for

Slipknot's Corey Taylor 'Devastated' After Testing Positive for COVID-19: 'I'm Very, Very Sick'

Don't use animal medicine as a COVID-19 preventative

A year and a half after Sweden decided not to lock down, its COVID-19 death rate is up to 10 times

The Third Force: On stupidity and transcendence

Rachel Maddow Decides to Stay at MSNBC

Looks Like Ted Cruz Used Campaign Funds To Buy $150,000 Worth Of Copies Of His Own Book

Which state that has not elected a Republican for the US Senate for a long time?

McKee calls for 'immediate' legislative session; Assembly leaders say no need

"Put on a f*cking mask!"

Why A Push For Boosters Could Make The Pandemic Even Worse

Who has a greenhouse?

A co-worker of mine, in his 30's and fully vaxxed just got over a breakthrough case after a week

Not long ago Republican haters loved masks.

Karma: Gov. candidate Allen West 'livid' after wife arrested for suspicion of DWI, denies she was dr

The Middle East is running out of water, and parts of it are becoming uninhabitable

Who will gain from the US exit from Afghanistan? Inside Story

Trump may be losing control of his followers

Watch 1600 hours Presidential Briefing

Anyone have a link to watch POTUS speech at 4:00 p.m. EST? nt

for folks who went out clubbing in the mid 1980's, a trio of dance floor classics

Albuquerque Journal - 19% of new cases are vaccinated

More Children Are Hospitalized With Covid-19, and Doctors Fear It Will Get Worse

President Biden Provides an Update on his Administration's Response to Hurricane Henri

President Biden Provides an Update on his Administration's Response to Hurricane Henri

Stray Mom Cat Brings Her Kittens To The Woman Who Fed Her

Rachel Maddow Decides to Stay at MSNBC

Before And After "Forced Assimilation"

My husband just got back from his annual check-up.

Radio host Phil Valentine: "There is no Covid." Covid: "There is no Phil Valentine."

Bring It On Home To Me - The Animals, Eric Burdon

People have gotten much more lax in protecting themselves from the Covid, in my opinion.

Explaining George Jones, a 'Haunted House of a Human Being'

'A complete shock': the rightwing contrarian leading the California recall race

CNN is still running a steady stream of "reporters" and commentators who are bashing Biden....

4 needed reforms of California's recall election rules

Why Human feet with sneakers wash up on Pacific Northwest ..warning: very very Weird...

Is 2026 US Senate Election map favorable or unfavorable to the Democrats?

Biden presser CNN 4:19 PM EST

Mike Lindell, still in Trump's good graces, has new prediction: reinstatement by New Year's

Invasion by uniformed Canadians to the US:

Rep. Troy Nehls, Texas congressman and former Fort Bend sheriff, catches COVID

Just asking--- Should I wear this to a Trump rally or an anti-vax get together????

Joe Blystone - what is his real story?

AURORA - The Seed

Rep. Troy Nehls, Texas congressman and former Fort Bend sheriff, catches COVID

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 22, 2021

More Idahoans using ivermectin to treat COVID

Jerry Reed and Marty Robbins Medley

Click for a list of fundamental differences between the Republican party and the Taliban.

The Wuhan lab leak theory is more about politics than science

Dammit-Svend, Just wear the helmet

Anyone in the Lounge have aquarium building experience?

My guilty pleasure lately is pretty music to accompany my exercise.

Today I become an octogenarian.

Pres. Biden has the patience of a Saint.

Moving inland, Tropical Storm Henri drenches Northeast

James Fallows: "It's the corruption, stupid" and Sarah Chayes: "The Ides of August"

Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Bros.; Don Everly, RIP

Neighbor brought over tomatoes from his garden for us......

Osprey afternoon & Evening

Sorry didn't post these earlier.

Trump Cultists DESTROYED By Economics - Rebel HQ

Why not stay home ? School nurses overwhelmed

Another Florida school district will require masks, bucking DeSantis' orders

Republican Wives Screw Over Their Husbands - The Damage Report

Devastating scenes of ruin with at least 21 dead, dozens missing in Tennessee flooding

Rev. Jesse Jackson 'doing well' at Chicago hospital after testing positive for COVID-19

Monsoon rain has torn apart Trump's border wall

Old Norse tradition of remembering those who have passed.

Deer Plummets Off 50-Foot Waterfall... And SURVIVES?! - Rebel HQ

Louisiana attorney general gave parents sample letters to help their children skirt mask-wearing gui


Depressing shit-show at the Walgreens today ...

Zen Stages of Enlightenment: The Ten Bulls or Ten Oxherding Pictures

Alan West supports the "thin blue line" until they arrest his drunk wife

It's not just RW nutters who are anti vaccine

How Glenn Frey Made Don Henley a Better Songwriter (2015)

Nothing like having a super spreader event ...

Israel Finds Vaccine Booster- 3rd Jab Lowers Infection Risk, 60+ Protection, DW News

I feel like a bad person when I do this, but I'm obsessed. I lurk on someone's

All This

A weird thought

Vaccine milestone: 80% of Maryland adults with at least one dose of COVID vaccine

(California) Car drives through Newhall COVID vaccine clinic, strikes worker

Tornado warning Wayne County, Northeastern PA. n/t

Did i hear accosta right?

Planet of the Humans -- Biomass Fuel is Human Consumption of the Finite Earth From Above Ground

The Latest: Biden says 11,000 flown from Kabul over weekend

The Most Wonderfully Absurd Coffee Brewer Ever Made

Yesterdays TOP TEN!!!

In Florida, DeSantis cut jobless aid just as virus began terrifying new wave

GOP Governor Candidate Has A DARK PAST! - The Damage Report

Dear Media, I need to hear more about Afghanistan from the people

Sinead O'Connor and the Chieftains - The Foggy Dew

Hold On, I'm Coming- Sam & Dave (Trip Soup Remix)

U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2023 Herndon Monument climb

Isn't it wonderful to have a President who throws more than paper towels at hurricanes?

Ok, why in some larger women's sizes are the sleeves so gawd damn long???

72. Vaxxed. Now dead from covid.


Harper wants to keep his stick.

Proud Boys gathered at shuttered KMart in Portland

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC Agree to New Multiyear Contract

First Afghan refugees arrive at Fort McCoy

Tell Me Why (Remix) - BEST Shuffle Dance 2019

Ex-Navy SEAL Says He Could Rescue Americans in Kabul With 'Nine Guys'

Another "Oh, dear god" story.

Of course, I did not watch all or even most of Trump's spew in a cow pasture near Cullman,

Tracy Nelson -- Ruler of My Heart

UK: Covid Antibody Tests For Positive Cases Offered To Public For First Time, BBC News

Americans 500 Dead Guns 5,000 Dead Covid 0 Dead Afghanistan

Some Americans No Longer Believe in the Common Good

Me, I don't think they belonged in there in the first place

The Banana Man

Seven Bridges Road---Tracy Nelson

Tweet of the evening:

So often these days this oldie but goodie pops into my head: "Stress is the physiological condition

Believe It or Not, Jesus Was a Good Jew

Buhleeve me! No structures or toasters at a MAGA rally. You are welcome.

Heavy rains swamp Eastern U.S. as Tropical Storm Henri makes landfall

Trump bashing Biden for Afghanistan deal Trump locked in

At least 22 dead, 60 missing in 'unbelievable' Tennessee flooding

2 Republican Operatives Arrested in Child Sex Trafficking Scheme

Weed and naked ladies...

The dark history of the "Great Replacement": Tucker Carlson's racist fantasy has deep roots

Meghan McCain Says U.S. Is 'Laughing Stock' Over Taliban's Mock Iwo Jima Photo

Love and death: The legacy of Congressional Cemetery's 'Gay Corner'

No containment, new threats from Northern California fire

'Stay the Hell Out': Georgia Official Warns Marjorie Taylor Greene As Election Probe Begins

Right wing media is so concerned over Afghan women all of the sudden?

CA investigating whether Larry Elder failed to disclose his income sources

PHOTO: Marine comforts an infant while they wait for the mother during processing ...

An attendee at the Alabama Trump rally said she wanted Trump to reveal that he was still president,

What If We Spent The 10 Trillion On Climate Change Instead Of Iraq And Afghanistan

No vaccination? Americans back tough rules and mask mandates to protect the common good

Teachers against Loudoun Co. schools' transgender policy want to halt enforcement during litigation

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse says the US should maintain a 'light footprint' of troops in Afghanistan

Marc Elias, the Democratic lawyer is splitting with Perkins Coie, the giant law firm.


Cullman, AL was a sundown city for years. Don't know if it still is.

Former Joint Chiefs chair on Afghanistan: 'I thought we could turn it around, obviously, I was wrong