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Hawaiian Airlines: We have been called to duty under the Civil Reserve Air Fleet ...

Who's this AMERICAN Soldier at Kabul airport Afghanistan? He just won the Internet.

Can An Inexpensive Anti Depressant Treat Covid-19? Anti-Inflammatory Properties

"Sorry for your easily avoidable loss."

Anti-Vaxxers Bring The Crazy At Public Meetings In California

Proud Boys in Portland drag a guy out of his truck then destroy it and slash the tires.

"You know, I think you can extend just a little trust to people who tell you to take the vaccine!"

Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera joins 500 home run club

30 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity !

Thay fucked around and found out

Here's a joke for the engineers

Russia pledges retaliation after new U.S. sanctions

2 Republican Operatives Arrested in Child Sex Trafficking Scheme

Remember the CO County Clerk who is being investigated for breaching election security?

How would the media have covered it if Biden had disarmed the Afghan military before leaving?

TFG heaps praise on 'incredible' MTG at Alabama rally and calls her one of his 'favorite people'

There you have it. 30K out of Afghan. by JRB. w/zero deaths. GOP governors & Covid? Not so much.

Congrats to Miggy on No. 500!

On fig leaf


Facebook said an article that suggested the COVID-19 vaccine could be deadly was the most popular

Must suck for Trump now.

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger rips into Trump and Mike Pompeo for 'getting rolled' by the Taliban

German air base to host 10,000 Afghan evacuees

MAGA Rep Who Boasted About Defying Pelosi's Mask Rule Gets COVID--but Still Won't Mask Up

State officials open investigation into whether Larry Elder failed to disclose income sources

State officials open investigation into whether Larry Elder failed to disclose income sources

"Jesus did what now?"

Rescue Very Young Pregnant Cat Who Turned To Sweet Mom Cat With Super Cute Kittens

Arizona Audit Has 'Too Many Flaws' to Trust Results, Says Former Republican Official

We really need to start seeing the Pandemic as Civil War II.

I love AOC and I am glad this war is over.

Cold storage fire aftermath: No injuries, cause unclear

A heartfelt Facebook post from Dr. Zeisig about her COVID experience

Fact check: Trump administration officials try to rewrite their own Afghanistan history

Biden Laughs Off Sagging Poll Numbers, Defends Afghanistan Mess

Jim Acosta cut former Congressman Darrell Issa off at the knees as he was lying about Afghanistan

Takeharu Yamanaka wins Yokohama mayoral election

The Fall of Afghanistan (2021): Every Day

Let's talk about about politicians wanting to go back....

Fascinating Photos Of Afghanistan In The 1960s And 1970s

The Run Leff Dem Gang

AOC states it simply. Thank you, AOC.

Why is the Covid surge Biden's fault

CNN scolded on live TV for 'over-the-top' Afghanistan coverage: '5,000 people died of Covid in this

"Grandpa, why did people not know they were ruining the planet for us?"

A dumb shit right winger sees the light about the COVID vaccine! (warning, a parody)

The GOP needs Afghanistan to take a turn for the worse ...

Wishing the First Gentleman and our FABULOUS VP a wonderful Anniversary!

'A lot of heartache': Woman who lost home in Tennessee flooding describes destruction

A short compilation of Psaki bombs with Douche on the receiving end, from The Meidas Touch...

Don't blame Black people for your failure': Doctor fires back at Texas Lt. Gov.'s false claim

A Colorado Election Official, A Security Breach, An FBI Investigation & My Pillow Guy's Safe House

She is a native , like me :D

South Dakota sees the country's LARGEST two-week COVID surge with a 230%+ increase in cases

Prince Live - Play that funky Music

NASCAR drivers consider getting vaccinated, reducing appearances with new protocols

Swing-District Democrat Brushes Off Afghanistan

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

Here's a discussion whether Gaetz's bride can/cannot Testify

Did I miss something today?

The Monster is unbridled...

Despite success in other states, hopes dim for a public option in Connecticut

Afghan Asylum Seekers Face Hurdles Put In Place By The Trump Administration - American Voices MSNBC

Smooth like butter, pull you in like no other.

Vice President Kamala Harris begins Southeast Asia tour

Reinstate the draft for males and females

I do hope Troy Nehls (R-TX) recovers from Covid

Picture of David Crosby

Hospitals and Insurers Didn't Want You to See These Prices. Here's Why.

How the U.S. vaccination drive came to rely on an army of consultants

This is not fair. Rick Bright's mother has died of covid.

Hundreds of Afghans arrive at Northern Virginia Community College, greeted by outpouring of support

It's Bidens Fault TFG Surrendered To The Talaban Last Year

I think some letters are missing.

A mysterious sickness blinding birds has disappeared as suddenly as it arrived

Biden: 11,000 Evacuated From Kabul In Less Than 36 Hours - MSNBC

California gained 2.3 million people this decade

Anyone know of good reliable place to contribute some money to help welcome Afghans arriving

Liberals make hay about Erin O'Toole's videotaped comments on private health care

Trump Booed For Telling Alabama Crowd To Get Covid Vaccine - MSNBC

Atomic Rooster - Devil's Answer

WATCH: The Wiggles Record Special Video for Covid Patient With Down Syndrome So She Wouldn't Be...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver topic is Afghanistan tonight.

Peter Doocy does not want you to retweet this video

13th Floor Elevators - You're Going to Miss Me

Bushman Prank 2021: Scariest And Funny Reactions In Sweden

Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sasafras

Shiva's Headband - Take Me to the Mountain

Tweet of the late night:

Chocolate Watch Band - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Hawaii 2011 & 2019

Food obsessed cat taught himself to open containers with his teeth

How To Stay Safe From Delta When You're Already Vaccinated - American Voices - MSNBC

If Joe Biden had been in charge of Covid-19 from the beginning.....TENS OF THOUSANDS LESS DEATHS

I Never Will Marry- Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash

Blue Angels Precision Flying

Gay Wedding advice Key and Peele

22 people dead due to flooding in Tennessee.

20 common logical fallacies to learn, identify, and avoid:

The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Zombies - Time of the Season

My dumb-ass cousin is taking the horse worm meds.

Donald Trump Won't Stop Praising The Taliban - Ring of Fire

New neighbor, immigrant from Bangladesh.

Of course she is... Hillary

New York Escapes Direct Hit From Tropical Storm Henri - NBC News

Kitty Curled Up

Whee! Cat sliding down stairs.....on purpose

New Jersey Landlord: I Can't Evict Renter With Pigeon 'Nailed to Door'

How to Help Afghan Refugees and the Relief Effort

TikTok posted by a U.S. Marine. He wrote, "We are making a difference."

Filly, Bold and Bossy, escapes racetrack, runs onto Kentucky highway

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

Five South Florida cops die in a single week of COVID-19, is now the leading cause of cop deaths

Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

I just have one statement to make about the antivaxxers freaking out

Sardinian Village Tries to Save an Ancient Tree Scorched by Fire

Kathy Hochul Is Looking in New York City for a Second-in-Command to balance ticket for 2022 primary

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines set to receive full FDA approval - NewsNation Now

Congressman Michael Burgess At Secessionists Meeting With 3%ers - Sheriff Went Wild

baby rescued from hot car

San Diego launching Pure Water, largest infrastructure project in city's history . . .

San Diego launching Pure Water, largest infrastructure project in city's history . . .

I'm Going To Be Optimistic For A Change

Don Winslow Films - #LaurenBoebertChristianCriminal

Owner Thought His Cat Not Alive as It Was Deeply Sleeping on Its Back

Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0....nuff said.

Al Franken: Laurie Garrett and Andy Slavitt - Where we are NOW on COVID-19 (August 22, 2021)

First Covid Deaths Were Earlier Than Thought

Austin Is Capital of Homes Selling at Super Premiums

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

Bernie's hitting the road, pitching the reconciliation bill in red states !

... as Rachel Maddow shifts gears to more of a weekly format....

*Great Performances PBS Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy

Important calendar note

VP Kamala Harris is welcomed in Singapore, meets with PM Lee Hsien Loong

Man intervenes after his Karen wife harasses a Black couple "get your stupid ass in the car"

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Afghanistan

please vote NO on the california recall. (and remind your ca friends how important it is to vote)

I'm back in Facebook jail

The only useful anti-vaxxer ...

Now Mike Lindell Predicts Trump's Fantastical Reinstatement Before Year's End

Thanks for the reminder.

Rep. Katie Porter Talks Holding Acting Officials Accountable - with Ethics Expert Walter Shaub

Spohr, Gouvy

Numbers of seniors in Michigan

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Shaked threatens Yamina will quit government if Lapid advances Palestinian state

Don't fret too much about today as Climate Change is going to fuck you up tomorrow

Sugar Sugar by The Archies - PSE/ASL cover

So I have this idea for a poll regarding human disease/immunity response :)

Violent protests against new lockdowns in Australia (CNN)

The Best Way to Support Cubans Is to End the US Blockade

Say what!

Henri hurls rain as system settles atop swamped Northeast

Dying Covidiots. One thing you DON'T hear from them...

The Thing I Enjoy Most About Retirement

Breakfast Monday 23 August 2021

From The CBC*: Fried eel and oxtail: How Black ingenuity shaped North American (food) dishes

Portland protests descend into violence as opposing groups clash with paintballs, weapons, chemical

Monday TOONs - The Masterpiece, circa 2001

From The Guardian: Hundreds clash in Portland as Proud Boys rally descends into violence(.)

Biden's Schedule for Monday, August 23, 2021

Greta Thunberg On Three Years Of Climate Protests - Medhi Hasan - MSNBC

Has anyone ever clocked the speed of a kitten on a mission?

CNN is still breathlessly reporting on Afghanistan for 15 mins opening at 7am

As the state income tax reaches its 30th anniversary, here's what you need to know about Connecticut

10 years ago, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit Virginia and was felt across the eastern U.S.

On this day, August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake was felt across the eastern U.S.

Texas congressman tests positive for coronavirus

Spanone please check in - video with Biden speaking on floods at link

The Pillow Man is the modern version of Maxwell Smart.

How Media Monopolies Damage Minority Communities and Warp the Truth

Lucille Times, Who Inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Dies at 100


On Covid and climate we can achieve change - but we're running out of time (Robert Reich)

12 year old video demonstrates why the Afghan army evaporated

WHO head calls for two-month vaccine booster moratorium

The experts weigh in ("Only the dirty hippies marching in the streets disagreed") -by Tom Tomorrow

Eric Boehlert: New York Times, CNN and failed Afghanistan coverage

Just had a short discussion with an anti vaxxer!

Two DU posts one of success and the other failure. 46 vs 45. Elections matter!

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 23 - August 27)

The kittens are settling in to their new play/bedroom.

China reports no new local Covid-19 cases for first time since July, as Delta outbreak wanes

Need help identifying this...

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/18/21

The Rundown: August 23, 2021

Leaked footage shows grim conditions in Iran's Evin prison

Remote Work May Now Last for Two Years, Worrying Some Bosses

Team Trump struggles to defend former president's Taliban deal

Pfizer Booster Significantly Lowers Risk Of Covid-19 Infection Among Elderly, Israeli Data Shows

Pittsburgh area school: restraining order filed to reinstate masking

Report: COVID-19 lab leak theory unlikely

Israel: Protection From COVID Infection Four Times Higher After Booster Shot

Just now Morning Joe. S FL doctors walked out of the hospital in protest.

It's Monday morning and one of my colleagues just said he

Baby Elephant Chaba's First Time In The BathTub

E.T., Phone Hell? Creationist Ken Ham Says Jesus Can't Save Space Aliens


VP Harris greeted in Singapore with orchid named in her honor

Article 15, Court Martial, LTC Allen West

Innocent merriment

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine wins full FDA approval, potentially persuading the hesitant to g

Well, I did get the championship ribbon at the Illinois State Fair.

Pfizer Covid vaccine has now received FULL approval by the FDA!

How to come in dead last and win a First Place medal.

****BREAKIING**** FDA gives full approval to Pfizer vaccine

Cute Raccoon Enjoying a Crunchy Snack

"I served in Afghanistan as a US Marine, twice. Here's the truth in two sentences"

New study paints dire picture for unmasked, unvaxxed students

N.Y.C. is expected to require shots for all education staff, including teachers and principals.

Switched over the Fox News to see their take on the vaccine approval

School starts today. I fear disaster

Australian town shoots and kills shelter-bound dogs over coronavirus concerns

Beyond cute!! "I made my dog a water park"

FDA grants full approval of Pfizer vaccine.

Existing-home sales jump 2% in July as inventory of properties for sale grows

"PLCAA is not going to be an issue for us,"

Retired Mass State Police captain had 5,000 images of child porn

White adults account for the largest share of unvaccinated adults in the US

Can't wait until I can vaccinate my elementary school kid.

Surgical tech who compared vaccine mandate to the holocaust out of a job (w/ vaccine lot # on arm)

At least 21 dead, 20 missing in 'unbelievable' Tennessee flooding

Fox already moving the goalposts for the vaccine.

Powerful ad by Medias Touch Ad censored by FOX News.

NYC public schools mandates COVID-19 vaccinations for teachers with no opt-out option

Seven pregnant women on ventilator with COVID at Alabama hospital

American guy being detained for wearing Russian flag t-shirt in Odessa, Ukraine

ICU doctor seeks Democratic nomination for governor in 2022

Afghanistan has been a hard issue for the Biden administration to deal with, even though...

Afghanistan Evacuation Update. Monday morning

So Biden and the Dems get blamed for the MAGA and GOP not wanting to get vaxxed and masked-uo?

Pic Of The Moment: Back To School, Republican-Style

Titans Coach Vrabel tests positive for covid (and yes, was vaxxed)

Running an errand, listening to a local NPR station from Charlotte NC - re school and COVID

Unvaccinated father of 3 dies of COVID: 'Nobody should go through this,' widow says

Over 37,000 people evacuated from Kabul in eight days so far

As soon as the airlift in Afghanistan is over...guess who will be taking the heat for too many

Trump Booed at His Own Rally for Telling His Supporters to Get Vaccinated

New York City hit with heaviest-ever hour of rainfall, according to records

Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera joins 500 home run club

LIVE: Pentagon's John Kirby and Gen. Hank Taylor hold briefing as Afghanistan exit continues

Timeline: Rep. Jim Jordan, a Systematic Disinformation Campaign, and January 6

Surprising MLB history made in Oakland yesterday

The press is so juvenile.

Sierra Club Executive Director Resigns Amid Upheaval Around Race, Gender, and Abuses

How do I make Latest Threads my home page?

Eric D'Allesandro: Karen - Mask Off Remix

FL Teens Now Have Higher COVID Positivity Rate Than Other Age GroupsAmid DeSantis' Mask War

Ex-FCC Chief Of Staff Heads To Akin Gump Regulatory Group

Cuomo's dog Captain left at mansion after governor departed

Stephen Miller Gutted Visa Programs So Afghans Couldn't Come To The US

for the whiny, complaining anti maskers you may know--just to put it in perspective

2632 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

If by Rudyard Kipling - Read by Sir Michael Caine

I have read that some of the unvaccinated died because there were "conflicting" views online

I have a very simple question for M$Greedia

Spit Out That Horse Dewormer, Papaw, The Pfizer Vaccine Is Fully FDA-Approved!

Did the MSM grill tfg's administration about their Taliban Treaty ?

I am glad we have President who isn't worried about his poll numbers!

Don't ask, just don't ask (Twitter video)

Some vet signs

Mourning the death of my former husband (father of my 3 kids).

Riding a "Cat-In-A-Box" like a boss (Twitter video)

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture

Inside a KKK murder plot: Grab him up, take him to the river (AP Investigative report)

Looks like Sturgis was a super spreader - again

Five year old writes to CIA; wants to be a spy, along with his dog Ellie

Amtrak Joe vs. the Modern Robber Barons

Brain damage *in humans* from Covid19 is real.

Watch Now Free! Six Native Films 'New Mexico is More than Desert'

Ex-CIA/NSA chief Hayden calls MAGAts "America's Taliban"

About that 300K Afghanistan Army

When you've lost Alex Jones ...

Pentagon to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for military

Surprise catch @ 6:04 a.m,

BREAKING: NC Court just ordered LARGEST expansion of voting rights in NC since VRA of 1965.

Penguin Being Chased by Killer Whales Hops on Tourist Boat

US and allies will face 'consequences' if troops stay after deadline, Taliban warn

Biden tells intelligence agencies to step up probe of COVID-19's origins, including theory of Wuhan

US military will now require all service members to be vaccinated against Covid-19

A Hospital Finds an Unlikely Group Opposing Vaccination: Its Workers

The gun culture has declared war on the United States.

Crews search for missing in Tennessee deluge that killed 22

Tiny Piglet Found In A Pet Carrier In A Garage

The Taliban issued a death sentence to the brother of an Afghan interpreter who helped the US


Pentagon to mandate COVID-19 vaccine, as Pfizer is approved

The big bet Joe Biden is making on Afghanistan

Census data suggests America's hunger problem may be waning, but food assistance continues to top...

TCM tonight:

Internal probe clears Capitol Police officer in shooting of Ashli Babbitt

Still the funniest dog video out there

When your Trump loving friends and relatives complain about Biden's handling of Afghanistan

School Covid mask rules have sparked parent-teacher violence. We can't ignore it.

Wall Street calls moderates' bluff, urges investors to prepare for infrastructure and budget...

CBS' Major Garrett Asks Nikki Haley If Trump Administration 'Set in Motion What We're Seeing Now' in

US Dept. of Labor proposes $1.3M in penalties for contractor with extensive history of violations.

Arizona elections officials launch bipartisan assault on GOP audit

California officials launch probe into gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder's income disclosur

Washington's mask mandate takes effect Monday. Here's where vaccinated people need to wear masks

Woman uses her camera to save senior shelter dogs

Afghan families make tough decision, start resettling in Seattle area

Frickin Seuss for the Maskless

Democrats argue new report on Keystone pipelines bolsters Biden cancellation

As soon as we are out of Afghanistan and those who helped us too

House panel probing Arizona ballot review gives Cyber Ninjas Friday deadline to cooperate

Hochul Appoints 2 Women to Key Posts in Her Cabinet (NY)

Biden's job ratings decline amid Covid surge, Afghanistan withdrawal in NBC News poll

US VP Harris: Focus must stay on Afghan evacuation

91% of Biden voters are vaccinated

We Reject the Right-Wing Attacks on Racial Justice and Our Classrooms

"God is good"

States Blocking School Mask Mandates Could Face Civil Rights Probes, Official Says

FDA Withdraws Approval From Whatever Drug Rand Paul Is On

23 Aug Nabisco Workers in Norcross, Ga. on Strike

23 Aug Nabisco Workers in Norcross, Ga. on Strike

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt

Vaccinated Parents Are Catching COVID As Schoolkids Bring The Virus Home

This Kobe Bryant tribute from Snoop Dogg Purple heart Yellow heart

A 'constitutional' sheriff's fiefdom: COVID amok, guns aplenty, and hunting cougars with hounds

R. Kelly And Britney TV Docs Tap Into 'Consequence Culture,' Not Cancel Culture

He and his wife got COVID-19. She died last week. This week, he went maskless to anti-vaxx rally

WATCH LIVE: Biden updates on COVID-19 response and vaccinations

Cartoons 8/23/2021

Analysis: Why Biden's Afghanistan exit wasn't about good politics

Revealed: how California police chased a nonexistent 'antifa bus'

State gets feds' environmental OK for second I-405 toll lane

Remaining Boeing 747 production hits single digits

Where it go?

Governor Andrew Cuomo Farewell Address

I genuinely don't get the "calling for prayers" thing.

Warp Speed indeed.

Bush and Cheney go first

Grace Slick and Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane: how we made White Rabbit

WATCH LIVE: Jen Psaki gives White House news briefing

Most parents support mask mandate, but split on vaccine requirements

If I were a foreign country that wished to destroy the US, I now know how to do it without a war.

US troops surge evacuations out of Kabul but threats persist

Behind every crazy woman is a man who made her that way

Pfizer has got full FDA approval!

Gaetz's get out of jail free card....

I served in Afghanistan as a US Marine, twice. Here's the truth in two sentences

German military reports deadly firefight involving U.S. forces at Kabul Airport

Matt Gaetz says he asked for Trump's approval before proposing to Ginger Luckey, who eloped with him

Why QAnon followers are like opioid addicts, and why that matters

Let's talk about an image and a lesson on propaganda....

'I simply will not support it'- Sinema kills Dems-only infrastructure bill

Vaccinated Parents Catching Covid As Kids Bring It Home from School, Breakthru Cases On The Rise NPR

DeSantis Lies

Could Gavin Newsom Really Be Recalled?

Orchid Diplomacy

The American Taliban: Why we must neuter this dangerous representation of Trump's movement.

Hospitality the Ho-Chunk way extended to Afghan Refugees

Taliban Sentences Interpreter's Brother to Death

Ignorance kills...

It's all politics and no religion

GOP losing 1000 voters a day and climbing

Larry Elder Probed for Improper Disclosures

(Jewish Group)1 arrested for vandalism, including stolen Torahs, discovered at Long Island synagogue

577,916 ballots have already been returned in California (3% of all voters)

(Jewish Group) Bahrain's Jewish community celebrates its first bar mitzvah in 16 years

May 2021: Washington State Has Sued a Patent Troll For Violating Consumer Protection Laws

(Jewish Group) Symbolic grave for Jews in Poland defaced with slogans praising Hitler

WATCH LIVE at 3PM: Pentagon's John Kirby and Gen. Steve Lyons hold briefing

No annual exam after 70? Or 65?

Fox now asking if the FDA process was rushed now

Interesting statistics about the strib

WATCH LIVE 3:30PM: Biden hosts 2020 WNBA champions, the Seattle Storm, at White House

In the Middle of History - Elliot Kirschner, Dan Rather, and Steady Team

Touched A Nerve When I Called A Dental Office Today.....

Israel is ending their ban on blood donation from queer men. Why isn't America?

Taliban: No extension to foreign troop withdrawal deadline AL Jazeera Breakdown

(Jewish Group) 7 Rosh Hashanah Desserts That Aren't Honey Cake

Caesars Entertainment Is Welcoming A QAnon Conference To Las Vegas

House Democrats launch PAC to protect incumbents from attacks from within

So when is the "big announcement" from Arizona?

From 'The Nation': If Liz Cheney's Assigning Blame for an "Epic Failure" in Afghanistan,

Brian Travers, UB40 founding member, has died of cancer at 62

Cyber Ninjas Doug Logan is "quite sick" from COVID-19

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio sentenced to 5 months in Federal prison

Revealed: how California police chased a nonexistent 'antifa bus'

Jacaranda Greenery

From the cub reprters - Why arent the evactation planes clean? Is there food and water onboard?

I've Been Having A Hard Time Watching MSNBC As Of Late....

Giuliani associate Igor Fruman pleads guilty to federal campaign finance charges

A nice photo of the 'heart' on Madoc's back

24:43 Of Cats being Jerks

OMG! Some Covid skeptics are demanding blood transfusions ONLY from the UNvaccinated.........

UB40 Founding Member, Saxophonist Brian Travers Dead at 62

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 23 ( MSNBC)

New study paints dire picture for unmasked, unvaxxed kids

A waitress came in sick to work. An Ohio US Senate candidate tweeted about it. Then it got ugly.

If you're wondering what excuse the anti-vaxers have

Proud Boys leader sentenced to more than 5 months for burning Black Lives Matter banner

Wait a minute...

Restraining your pet in the car

The Taliban aren't the only ones trying to impose their will on women's bodies and choices.

Just how huge will evacuation be?

Here's a link to the page I noted recently, containing a recipe for Grape Nut sandwich filling.

Fox News caught pulling disgusting stunt - No Lie podcast

Sinema: I simply won't back a $3.5T spending bill

Stop Blaming Biden for Afghanistan. He's Cleaning Up Trump's Mess

I don't think full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine will persuade more than a few of the

Sweet Child of Mine (cover)

Woman Gets 25 Years For Horrific Crime - Rebel HQ

A shipment of Tesla Model 3s

Unvaccinated are breaking everything--the bank, the health care system, the bonds of society

Kim Cattrall replaced on upcoming "Sex and the City" revival series?

"Please tell me this is NOT Rudy Giuliani shaving in a damn restaurant, chile..."

Most Support Vaccine Mandates for Teachers and Student

Funny Cats Reaction Videos - Pets Island

Wisconsin: Get vaxxed, get $100

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Proud Boys Leader Sentenced to 5-Months

Protest idea of sorts. What if, democrats that voted early, or voted early on election day,

Man Stops Karen MELTDOWN - Rebel HQ

Here's an update on the Arizona "audit," and it's hysterical.

Here's How To Help Afghan Refugees In The D.C. Area

My former school tested 400+ out of 650 + students today

Larry Elder was just on KABC being interviewed. He gets all this free air time

Encounter with MAGA Fool

Enough is enough

Got my third Pfizer shot at about noon. Now sneezing tired and temp at 99.1

Yes they've had a few good days but will they be able to keep it up?

Why Delta Variant Will NOT Burn Out Quickly This Doctor Disagrees With Other Doctors

What is the penalty for bigamy?

New poll shows 81% support for welcoming Afghan allies who aided U.S.

Devon Rodriguez Art Drawing Portraits Of Strangers

Lauren Boebert's midnight run: Capitol tour happened after she attended 'Stop the Steal' rally

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 23, 2021

COVID-19 outbreak among Cyber Ninjas staff delays delivery of full Arizona Senate audit

Judges dismiss Devin Nunes' defamation lawsuits against Republican strategist

Any Report on Afghanistan That Doesn't Include These Facts Is Not Worth Your Time

FDA video explaining how they approve a vaccine

Campaign video from Curtis Sliwa, republican candidate for Mayor. This is the best republicans....

VP Harris in Singapore. "The Kamala Orchid is absolutely breathtaking"

Mask-bashing NY Post is forcing all employees to wear masks at the office

Welp, off to get a COVID test. *sigh*

Well, yes, Mr. President, 37,000 people evacuated and no American casualties is sorta OK, but why

Sing along Read along with CAT STEVENS

Business records appear to connect Boebert (R-CO) to her husband's energy consulting company

77 Sarasota County Sheriff's Office personnel out sick due to COVID-19

Anybody else see this coming? Anybody? ANYBODY?

US troops running extraction missions outside airport

House Select Committee on Jan-6 is Going After Phone Records (HELL YES!)

California officer shoots at suspect but kills bystander

Is it wrong that I (straight guy) have been wearing women's yoga pants?


Why are the nine corporate dems trying to sabotage president Biden's agenda?

Name the only two national flags on the planet that do not have any

Conservative Dems Put On BLAST! - The Damage Report

Rachel will have a lot to talk about tonight

Tweet of the evening:

Utah teacher got fired for telling her students the truth about Trump, vaccines and Fox News

The only thing better than the late summer BLT,

US WWII veteran reunites with Italians he saved as children

Kirsten Sinema does not appear to be a serious legislator

Today was the first day all four kittens curled up on me, and fell asleep

No covid beds in Central TX, McLennan/ Coryell counties unless

What is the history of Ivermectin being suggested as a Covid drug?

My Fall Plans ********** Delta

I'm against putting chips in vaccines

Am I in the Twilight Zone? There's golf on TV.

Opinion: Time to say it: We're done with the vaccine refusers

A DC developer trashed 37,000 Black gravestones.

Rules Committee Chair McGovern confirms to reporters that the House will "deem and pass" the budget

The Effect of Mixing Alcohol and Caffeine in the Presence of Carbon Dioxide.

Tom Flynn passes away at 66

June 2021: Nevada bans 'racially discriminatory mascots' and 'sundown sirens' that were once ...

Arizona's sham election 'audit' report delayed after Cyber Ninjas CEO and others test positive

Be careful what you wish for ....

Mr. Ed Gets Wilbur in Deep Horsepoop (voicedub parody)

Rudy Giuliani associate Igor Fruman likely to plead guilty Wednesday

Carnival: Vaccines now required for cruises from U.S. Atlantic, Gulf ports

A child marriage survivor helped ban the practice in New York, but 44 states still allow it

Centennial: Battle of Blair Mountain, WV, Largest US Labor Uprising, Aug -Sept 3, 1921, Anniv Events

Vaccine Mandates Move Ahead After F.D.A. Approval of Pfizer Shot

Jimmy Hayes, former Bruin and Boston College hockey champion, dies at 31

Mayim Bialik to host 'Jeopardy!' while Mike Richards is replaced

Residents detail horrors left behind by Tennessee flooding that left 21 dead

Gilbert dies at 80, was Hall of Fame forward for Rangers

I finished binge watching "Grey's Anatomy" last night

Fastest element in the universe

Centennial: Battle of Blair Mountain, WV, Largest US Labor Uprising, Aug -Sept 3, 1921, Anniv Events

Taliban sends hundreds of fighters to final province beyond its control

Mississippi issues mandatory covid quarantine

Wow! EVERY Florida County Reporting Over 58.5 Covid Infections Per 100,000

Mark Sanford calls Graham 'a canary in the coalmine' on GOP's relationship with Trump

My gut tells me someone is about to back out of taking one of the kittens

What Makes This Song Stink, episode 4. This made me laugh out loud several times

I need a new dentist in Mesa, AZ. In an office THAT GUARANTEES the entire staff is FULLY VACINATED

It's time for Mike Pompeo to start giving us details of his State Department's exit plan.

If you mandate it, they will come:

Which vaccine is the glow in the dark? I need to get it as a booster

Checking in. How's your supply of empathy?

This is the Repub campaigning for a previous seat held by a middle of the road Democrat.....🤮

Of three announced IL GOP candidates for Governor, none would say 2020 election was legitimate.