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Infrastructure Summer: Amtrak Victorious

New Mexico close to rationing hospital care amid pandemic

New Mexico close to rationing hospital care amid pandemic

AZ Senate still waiting on first part of 'audit' draft report, despite claims to the contrary

'This Case Was Never About Fraud': Federal Judge Refers 'Kraken' Attorneys, Including Lin Wood and

Disturbing review of Orange County, California sheriff's department finds serious abuses

Serena Williams' US Open withdrawal latest sign tennis is near end of star-studded era

u2 - bad (live-1985-wide awake) no joke, out of many thousands, this is my all-time favorite song

Porn actor Ron Jeremy indicted on over 30 sex assault counts

On August 24-25, 1932, Amelia Earhart made the first solo, nonstop flight by a woman across the US

India woman who accused MP of rape dies in self-immolation

Tucker already talking about the CA recall election being "stolen"

Meat wars: why Biden wants to break up the powerful US beef industry

Is anybody out there buying this about Florida's amazing health care system?

Reps Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger VOTED NO on the JLewis Voting Rights Act

Charlie Watts backstage boogie

Philly public schools to mandate COVID-19 vaccine

The Media Manufactured Biden's Political 'Fiasco' in Afghanistan

Donald Trump's Supreme Court justices just revealed their true faces

LED streetlights decimating moth numbers in England

I'm "branching out" somewhat...

Meanwhile, as everything around me BURNS... (UPDATE Thurs evening in replies)

'Disgusting' T-shirt blasted for mocking Afghans falling from plane in Kabul

TCM 'tonight'

The 1/6 Committee Request For Records Is 'Going To Drive Trump Crazy' - Deadline - MSNBC

U.S., others warn of threat at airport in Kabul and tell citizens to 'leave immediately.'

I Can't Breathe

Been trying to wrap my head around the resurgence of COVID in Missouri.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

He doesn't want to kill anyone

Any Drs out there having surgery next week

Governors and handling of covid

Billionaire Erik Prince Charges $6,500 Per Person To Evacuate Afghanistan: Report

Loser: GOP Spends 2021 Recounting Trump's Loss In Several States - The Beat - MSNBC

Thank You Lord

Kids say the damndest things!

As COVID Kills In Red States, Long War On Science Proves Costly - The Beat - MSNBC

The Slobfather is going down

Judge rejects bid to allow guns at Minnesota State Fair

Out of curiosity, has anyone here actually had their computer hacked as a result of posting

Important distinction. The U.S. is not polarized. The GOP is RADICALIZED.

State of Nebraska now recruiting UNVACCINATED NURSES, on purpose.

BOYCOTT You Tube, Facebook, Telegram for allowing animal torture videos to be shown

Polls Show Even Republican Voters Hate Ron DeSantis's Policies - Ring of Fire

The Future Is Stupid

My 1969 G.E. Trimline record player, with 50's BONGOS RECORD!

Bill McKibben: Slow-Walking the Climate Crisis

Leonard Bernstein, Nov 25, 1963

Who is your favorite talking head on MSNBC ?

Frontline! For fleas AND

He so large, swaddled in a colossal polar-bear coat, she so tiny, in her pert black suit & pearls

Right Wing Touts Unproven Covid Treatments Than Preventative Vaccines - All In - MSNBC

Judge Rules That Giuliani Is No Longer Trump's Worst Lawyer

Tweet of the night:

FBI raids homes of Detroit Councilmembers Janee Ayers, Scott Benson, Benson chief of staff

Johnny Carson & Jack Webb in a Dragnet Spoof

Sir, your time has expired!

I Strongly recommend this song.

Democrats have a favorable US Senate Election Map in 2022 despite Biden's Approval Rating.

Secret Service warned Capitol Police about violent threats 1 day before Jan. 6

Ron Jeremy, indicted on over 30 counts of sexual assault, pleads not guilty again

Texas Gov. Abbott - who recently tested positive for COVID-19 - issues executive order blocking vacc

Seth Meyers: Biden Encourages Unvaccinated Americans to Get FDA-Approved Pfizer Vaccine 8/24/21

Judge disciplines pro-Trump lawyers over election lawsuit

I know nothing about your Governor Pritzker, but he did GREAT in this interaction about COVID...

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 27, 2021 -- Summer Under the Stars: Merle Oberon

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 28, 2021 -- Summer Under the Stars: Lee Marvin

If You Like Sad Piano Music...

The SCOTUS Ruling Experts Are Calling 'Stunning, Radical And Terrifying' - All In - MSNBC

WHO experts: "Window is closing" on study into origins of COVID-19

Jill Wine-Banks: This article is a clear explanation of the need and purpose for teaching CRT

Texts show William Barr congratulated Trump's impeachment lawyer as his first Senate trial wrapped u

When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time

When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time

Texas right to life tip line is gonna backfire

Fairbanks Alaska - mix of rain/snow low temps to 31F - winter is coming

"This, right here, is *exactly* how you deal with rightwing reporters" (Governor Pritzker)

Lin Wood lashes out at 'communist' judge who opened the door to his disbarment

One BIG problem with our system of government ...

Capitol riot lawyer who said he would never get vaccine has Covid and is on ventilator

There is only one race, that's mankind. - We Shall Be Free (Garth Brooks)

Great Performances PBS

Marvel's Midnight Suns is the next game from the XCOM team

Seth Meyers-Kayleigh McEnany Shamelessly Claims Trump Didn't Have "Crisis After Crisis": Closer Look

Fact check: Biden didn't take full vacation during Afghanistan withdrawal

breaking news . major fire in central california caleveras county near yosemite explodes .

Trump makes executive privilege threat as House committee seeks documents from agencies on January 6

'It's absolute madness': Residents in Point Roberts, Washington beg federal leaders for help

State finalizes toll rate increases for Seattle's 520 bridge, SR 99 tunnel and Tacoma Narrows Bridge

They just can't let crap go

Desantis Puts Presidential Aspirations Ahead Of Floridians

War Profiteer Erik Prince is Charging $6,500 Per Seat to Escape Afghanistan!

Walking Dead.

How to Reconnect Black Communities Torn Apart by Highways

Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebuked Reps. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) after the pair

Bodies Stacked to the Ceiling in Florida Funeral Homes as COVID Rages

20 years ago today, the world lost an immensely talented and beautiful person in a plane crash

South Dakota AG to take plea deal after fatally striking man with his car, prosecutor says

Sensible General blast talking heads and media generals advising extending Afghanistan stay

Anti-Vaccination Lawyer for Capitol Rioters Now on Ventilator With COVID-19

Victoria Clipper to resume service Sept. 17

15,739 breakthrough COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts; 3,098 reported in one week

The GOP struggles with what to do on employer vaccine mandates

Democrats guide to retaining a majority of the US Senate in 2022 is winning either GA,NH,or WI.

The Trump Clown Car Has a Smashup in Arizona

DHS failed to take 'hard look' at enviro impacts of Trump's border wall - judge

Tiffany Cross dispels lies & misinformation about SNAP, the food stamps program

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 80s

"Science is ridiculous" -- an anti-masker at a Higley Unified School District meeting in Gilbert, AZ

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 90s

Expert: Jan. 6 Committee Requests Show Fears Trump Used DOJ As 'Coup Agent' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 2000s

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 70s

'As they're being intubated, they still don't believe it.' The COVID denial won't die

Anti-masker outlines a bonkers scenario where mask mandates could lead to sexual assaults in schools

Federal Judge Excoriates Trump Lawyers, Refers Them For Disbarment - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

A real scientist debunking mRNA vaccine conspiracies:

Hearing on hold for man who put feet on Pelosi's desk

Arkansas hits new high for ventilator use

Glued to Mystery!

Pro-Trump Lawyers 'Demonstrated They Know Nothing About Election Law' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Is there anything more delicious than watching GVP activists send consolations to the NRA?

The Colossal Ivermectin Clusterfuck

U.S. Warns Americans In Kabul Of Possible ISIS Attack - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Yui is back to Monster Hunting again

Nirvana sued by man who was nude baby on 'Nevermind' cover

To Charlie - from the London Underground

Shadows on leaves

Council Bluffs parent sues governor over ban on face mask requirements in schools

January 6 Committee Shows Seriousness About Investigation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Will anyone ever sue De Santis the death of their loved one?

Peripheral neuropathy.

I can smell the smoke from the Isle Royale National Park fire

GOP to spend "$680,000, at least, to start" in hunt for disproven "steal"

Want to see something adorable?

Remember Ron Jeremy? (One of the few guys to get famous in porn) Busted for rape...

Johnson pushes Ivermectin and vaccine conspiracies despite federal warning

Where is all these Entitled people coming from?

Alien life could thrive on big 'Hycean' exoplanets

Nass seeking permission to sue after UW System refuses to submit COVID-19 policies for review

Last Week Tonight's Masterpiece Gallery Tour

Ron deathsantis

Randy Rhoads: The Guitarist Who Changed The World

Democratic lawmaker calls for campaign donations to defeat COVID-stricken GOP senator

Amazing How Little Republicans Care For Human Life

Professor #Maddow Dominates Hannity For The 6th Straight Month ! He must be frothing at the mouth

The Daily Show: Fox News on the FDA's Vax Approval vs. Operation Warp Speed

The Real Socialism in America is Not What You Think Robert Reich

Hey. Hey, wake up!

Joe Biden taps Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as Luxembourg ambassador

Breakfast Thursday 26 August 2021

Sting has 'no truck' with his rock peers who oppose vaccines: 'I'm old enough to remember polio'

Childhoods End

"how to be a good wife" article promoted on larry elder website

Evers' re-election campaign trying to get attack ad off the air

Lisbon Report - Every Single Person Wears A Mask Properly Indoors Here Unless Eating

Every eligible Wisconsin school district is providing all students free meals this year. Except

Moonlight Cocktail - Glenn Miller

Today is 'National Dog Day'

Dog Day-26 August 2021-

It's like the army around here spot inspections , one kid is missing hand sanitizer.

West warns of possible attack at Kabul airport amid airlift

South Dakota court may unseal investigation of billionaire Sanford

The Coronavirus Could Get Worse

This literally should be a PSA blasted wall-to-wall...

Doctors and lawyers busted in massive NYC slip-and-fall scheme

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, August 26, 2021

Rittenhouse lawyer: Defense donors none of state's business

Inhofe (R-Laputa) Claims He Never Called Warming A "Hoax": It's In The Title Of His FUCKING BOOK

After Slobfather Evacuated No Afghans All Left Behind Well Be Joe

Today In History: Women Get the Vote

Australian Shareholder Group Sues Santos Oil For Greenwashing, Net-Zero Claims

Chicago workers must get COVID vaccine by Oct. 15, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces

Environmental Lip Service Abounded During 2nd Quarter Corporate Earnings Calls

Harris says she urged Vietnam to free political dissidents

Cops Kicked Off Indian Property In EPIC Fashion

COVID-19 in Mississippi K-12 schools, first three weeks of August:

Two Owls in a Staring Contest - See Which One Blinks First

Colombia's cemeteries may hold answers for families of disappeared

Brazil Senate leader rejects Bolsonaro bid to impeach Supreme Court justice

Thursday TOONs - Correct, But Not The Way You Think

Florida Sees Worst of Pandemic So Far

Police say a man may have died after using a high-powered epoxy resin to seal his private parts ...

Ron DeSantis Says Biden Should Follow Florida's Lead on COVID

Let's Not Pretend That The Way We Withdrew from Afghanistan Was The Problem

"You Can't Make This Shit Up", part #5347.

*exactly* how you deal with rightwing reporters more focused on spreading misinformation

Danish government intervenes to end nurses' strike over pay

Suit Over Botched Hip Replacements Revived In Missouri

Sens. Baldwin, Klobuchar push voting rights bill in Madison

Will any of these audit Companies or politicians face consequences,

How are Joe and his crew doing keeping COVID out of the White House? Looks pretty

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was just on Morning Joe and.......

Seoul's vice defense chief calls for N Korean cooperation

Editorial: Ron Johnson is a crook

Every year, billions of black ice worms crawl from the ice on Mount Rainier. We have no idea why.

Trump Flips Out at House Committee After It Requests Secret Capitol Riot Documents

Colectivo is set to become the largest unionized cafe in the U.S. Its owners aren't pleased.

Colectivo is set to become the largest unionized cafe in the U.S. Its owners aren't pleased.

Eucom Ready for 25,000 Afghan Evacuees at a Time

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

"There is no good way to lose a war."

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

Boosters: WH Likely To Approve Covid Boosters At 6 Months, WSJ; What You Need To Know, J&J, NPR

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/25/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 8/25/2021

Squeaky is getting a visit from his future 'Mom', tomorrow

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for November 2021

The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

The Rundown: August 26, 2021

The Rolling Stones - Miss You

Illinois governor to order statewide mask mandate and require vaccines for educators from kindergart

Jobless claims: Another 353,000 individuals filed new claims last week

WAPO:In quest for legitimacy and to keep money flowing, Taliban pushes for political deal with

Is Climate Change beyond the point where we can reverse it through human behavior?

Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - The Andrews Sisters

Listening to BBC earlier, one of the women made a perfect comment...

The Rolling Stones - Hate To See You Go


Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow: Read my column, "The Anti-Gay Agenda

Thick As A Brick (Classic)

My brothers and I used to roll each other down hills in car tires. Those were

Biden Administration Breaks Deal on Big-Game Hunting

National Snow And Ice Data Center - Rain At The Summit Of Greenland 8/14/21

Delta Airlines is trying really hard not to call it the Delta variant

Virginia Poll Just Out, Good News for Dems.- Gov., AG Races, More

'Pain compliance': Video shows trooper pummeling Black man

Drought Monitor 8/24/21 - 22 CONUS States W. Of The Mississippi (w. MN); 5 Largely Drought-Free

S'Wonderful - Twiggy and Tommy Tune

Duer duhneece update from our 'Cowboys for Trump', red, red county

Eric Boehlert: Committed to doomsday narrative, media downplay evacuation triumph

And we thought OUR Congress was bad ...

Portland's Bizarre Experiment With Not Policing Proud Boys Rampage Ends in Gunfire

I have been getting e-mails lately from something called Government Exclusive. They look like

"I'm gonna tell you a story."

Wanted to make sure you guys knew about this.

Students from San Diego County school district stranded in Afghanistan

TX GOP Moron (But I Repeat Myself) Has A Comprehensive Climate Solution - Crank The AC!!

Texas man strips at meeting to make point on masks

'Respect' Makes Aretha Franklin Feel So Alive

The Renegade Message of Antiques Roadshow

The most disturbing lyric in "Born To Be Wild" is when they find a

This Morning I Watched the Opening of the Minnesota State Fair on TV

Kentucky soldier killed during World War II identified

Kentucky soldier killed during World War II identified

Will Trump's 'executive privilege' claim work or just delay insurrection probe? (CNN)

New CDC studies point to waning immunity from vaccines

New Mexico hospitals close to rationing care, state health chief says

Hunger: America's Other Pandemic

De Blasio: Most New Yorkers hospitalized for COVID were not vaccinated

National Mall: 600,000 white flags to honor lives lost to COVID-19 in the United States.

What religion bans the wearing of masks?

Axel Springer to Acquire POLITICO

Poorly redacted court filing inadvertently revealed deposition testimony from Devin Nunes and family

Pentagon: Evacuation operations in Kabul will NOT be wrapping up in 36 hours

Politico sells to German publishing giant Axel Springer in deal reportedly worth $1 billion

well, i'm enjoying lucifer.

The Media Manufactured Biden's Political 'Fiasco' in Afghanistan

US breaks 100K COVID-19 hospitalizations threshold for first time since January

I'm hearing that the number of Americans still in Afghanistan is down to 150.

Explosion outside Kabul Airport. Casualties unconfirmed. per Bloomberg

Cruise lines require vaccinations, tests, amid virus surge

Japan suspends 1.63M doses of Moderna over contamination

"Covid is just the world's decongestant." . . . Please come CAPTION FL Gov. Ron DeSantis!!!

Page County parents frustrated with school meals as year starts off

Kaivan Shroff: NEW: Conservative media group Axel Springer is acquiring POLITICO.

Blast reported at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul

Biden asks CEOs for help on cybersecurity: 'We can't meet this challenge alone'

Regeneron says half its COVID-19 treatment doses are being sent to 4 low-vaccination states

Children now account for 36% of Tennessee's virus cases

So my wife told me she's not taking juveniles to swim club anymore

Warnings About the Sturgis Rally Have Come Tragically True

Mary Trump: Donald is desperate for the truth to remain hidden (CNN)

Venice Will Implement Tourist Fees and Reservations to Visit Next Summer

things that make my brain sad...

Cats Pranked By Tiger - Pets Island

Taliban asked Turkey for support to run Kabul airport, Turkish officials say

Pace drops but US evacuates another 13,400 from Afghanistan

Will God-Man save reporter Millie Mills from Covidhead??

101,300 evacuated‼️

Half of US workers favor employee shot mandate: AP-NORC poll

ICU nurse quits as pandemic takes a toll

U.S. economy grew slightly faster 6.6% pace in second quarter, new GDP figures show

Anti-vax, anti-mask lawyer for Rittenhouse & several insurrectionists is now on a ventilator

Shirley Manson has a birthday today.

3 Emergency Rooms CLOSE in Texas, Too Much COVID

Merrick Garland, get tougher on the insurrectionists

Sex-trafficked kids are crime victims. In Las Vegas, they still go to jail.

Which two members now?

Blue Origin lifts off

A Florida dad tried to enter a school maskless. When a student confronted him, he assaulted her.

My new nightmare scenario.

Anti-parasite drug used on Arkansas jail's inmates for COVID

At least three U.S. troops injured in airport blast; C-130 came under fire at takeoff

Watching the breaking news coverage of Kabul

Lordy, There May Be Consequences

It ain't a baby kitten

Science quietly wins one of the right's longstanding culture wars

Has the osprey family friends the coop (so to speak)?

Opinion: Biden made the hard choice in Afghanistan, and the right one


What's really sad

TD 9 forming SE of Grand Cayman

Older cellphones going dead in 2022. Are you prepared for 3G's end?

CNN sucks! They've shown the SAME five pictures six or seven times in the last minute...

Boebert critic calls for House ethics probe into her husband's earnings from energy firm

Bacon grease - Remembrances of childhood

World's first crewless, zero emissions cargo ship will set sail in Norway

UPDATED: Got the dreaded call from the county health department yesterday afternoon.

Great graph showing Covid cases per 100k compared to county voting patterns

Rudy Giuliani just keeps digging his grave

Can't remember which puke I was yelling at on Morning JOe today: he was trying to pin the pullout

Capitol Police officers sue Trump, extremists alleging conspiracy, terrorism on Jan. 6

The security of the troops is paramount to the evacuation or withdrawal.

U.Va. Health requires employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19

The dark future of far-right Trumpist politics is coming into view

Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump and Allies Over Election Lies and Jan. 6

Second blast rips through Kabul Airport. US and allied casualties...

From the law office of Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons

Heard in an interview on NPR this morning

3621 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 13 deaths

Frances Swaggart - What a piece of Evangelistic trash

So now people are concerned about Afghan lives

Sex-trafficked kids are crime victims. In Las Vegas, they still go to jail.

Look at these beautiful Middle East Wedding Gowns.

Casualty vs fatality

I would like to see the Supreme Court rule on "Executive Privilege"...

Maskhole Karen at the Scottsdale Unified School Board Meeting

Question: Were the defense contractors involved in the "training" of Afghan troops and

Nurses Who Won't Vax Threaten Staffing Shortages

Baby Elephant Wan Mai Enjoys Natural Pond After Rainstorm

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

This ain't new. It's why we are leaving

Biden administration to cancel $1.1 billion in student debt for some borrowers who attended ITT, the

Report: Evidence of extensive corrosion in collapsed condo

"If I wear my mask up over my nose, I'll have a panic attack and stop breathing!"

Miller ghost-writes "The president will NOT be questioned" screed RE: Jan 6

Be prepared for this play by the MSM and Reich Wing.

#DesantisDestroysFlorida: You shouldn't have to die because you're stupid. (NWS)

Hillary Clinton confirms that she's been chartering planes (video)....

Going on a cruise is not a right.

SciFi becoming reality

Youngkin: 'We have to just respect' people for refusing COVID vaccines

Jan. 6 Sentencing Derailed After New Video Surfaces Of Alleged Police Assault

Baffled Don Lemon Addresses Anti-Vaxxers Taking Animal Meds

Designed to fail: How Florida's lack of condo board oversight could mean another Surfside

Saints Row: The Third Remastered - Free from Epic Game Store till 9/2/2021

"United States" is a registered trademark.

Top State Department Diplomat Blames Americans Left in Afghanistan: 'We Put Out Repeated Warnings'

The yes crowd

"Your world is about to shrink to the size of a tweet." (Vaccine mandates)

Judge Orders Cyber Ninjas To Preserve Records Of Its Fake Elections 'Audit'

Proud Boys Are Still Violent, Despite Legal Woes

Beet Moutabel - Vegan Beet Hummus Recipe

I thought Trump eliminiated ISIS? (sarcasm)

All the Terrorist Players in Afghanistan. Trump opened that door.

Today, August 26th, is Women's Equality Day

New Yorker: Why the COVID Vaccines Aren't Dangerous

Hillary Clinton confirms that she's been chartering planes to help rescue women and children in Afgh

Armed picnics and snipers at Family Dollar: Life in a town with a government-approved militia

Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?

How the Egg Came First

Insurance and the unvaccinated.

US House Select Jan 6 Committee sends sweeping requests for records to federal agencies

Some Covid-related questions - 1. Voters 2. FDA

Chaneni House has reopened

GOP lawmaker calls job losses under Trump 'Biden's economic crisis'

Capitol Police officers sue Trump, extremists, alleging conspiracy, terrorism on Jan. 6

Texas Racist GOP members do not want to be called Racists during voter suppression debate

Fla woman kills 15 month old - "People Who Took COVID-19 Vaccine Would Go to Hell"

Fla woman kills 15 month old - "People Who Took COVID-19 Vaccine Would Go to Hell"

I get reminded of just how broken we all are right now.

These US Troops Were Killed In Combat During Trump's First Year In Office

Kabul Airport Attack Kills 13 U.S. Service Members, at Least 90 Afghans

Mississippi Has Quarantined 15% of All K-12 Students For COVID Cases, Exposures

1 in 4 college athletes say they experienced sexual abuse from an authority figure, survey finds

I was on the road listening to local radio and heard that Russian TV had a report

Gilead Gets $1.2 Billion Patent Loss to Bristol-Myers Overturned

And here's your standard right wingnuts hypocrisy....

Steve Harvey to Host Primetime ABC Court Show

Andrea Mitchell: "These killings will bear very heavily on the president"

CNN just reported that "a number of US service members have been killed."

This is what the Republicans and MSM have been waiting for

The King's Man Official Red Band Trailer NSFW

Taliban 'Strongly Condemns' Deadly Attack on Kabul Airport - Wasn't us

Garlic roasting method

Illinois governor announces statewide indoor mask mandate

Another Flight Carrying U.S. Lawmakers Denied Permission to Land in Kabul

Last Canadian military flight takes off from Kabul, ending mission

Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on this Morning's Attack on HKIA

There's New Evidence That The Surfside Condo That Collapsed Had Extensive Corrosion

America's Answer to Shohei Ohtani Is a 12-Year-Old From South Dakota

Trump asks federal judge to restore his YouTube account

Now what?

Veterans Can Train, Adopt Service Dogs Under New Law Signed By Biden

Biden didn't ask for this, but he will overcome this in a greater good.

From FaceBook

World's Largest Chip Maker to Raise Prices, Threatening Costlier Electronics

Nope. Nope. No. Unh-unh. Wouldn't be prudent.

Love the show Sunday Morning, just not Jane Pauley. Ugh.......I really like the guy that

Clinton and Obama were re-elected

T-Mobile Hacker Who Stole Data on 50 Million Customers: 'Their Security Is Awful'

I've heard of pool sharks, but pool puppers?

Slobfathers Unconditional Surrender Led To 4 Marines Losing Their Lives

JeffJackson (NC Dem for US Senate) on importance of passing infrastructure bill:

Give this little guy the drumsticks he deserves!

Hospital filled with Covid-19 patients was forced to turn away emergency cancer patient

LOL - Ivermectin causing uncontrollable pooping

President Biden signs PAWS Act, allowing VA to fund the training of service dogs for veterans

Florida kite surfer killed as high winds slam him into a house

Fox News saved my life

Social Media IS the New Publishing Venue

Jeff Tiedrich on the reaction to today's suicide bombings by ISIS:

New Taliban head of security for Kabul is wanted by U.S. as terrorist

Troops are welding shut the airport gates

Seven U.S. Capitol Police officers Sue Trump, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Roger Stone and *many* other

An "investigatory hearing" re: Sidney Powell's license to practice law is already scheduled-11/4

Biden announced 8/31 as our departure date on July 8th.

An "investigatory hearing" re: Sidney Powell's license to practice law is already scheduled-11/4

My son said I didn't respect his views. Now he has COVID.

Former FSU receiver Travis Rudolph invokes stand your ground law in murder case

Third Explosion near airport.

Covid: Arkansas jail dosing inmates with ivermectin, in spite of stern FDA warnings

Warnings About the Sturgis Rally Have Come Tragically True

'A nightmare': Florida woman survives COVID-19, discovers husband had died at home

Sperm whale 'asks' a diver to be freed from a fishing hook

Months after Ma'Khia Bryant's killing, Columbus police more emboldened than ever

Trop Depression headed toward Nola/La coast

This pig spent 10 years in dark stall. Watch how she responds to love.

New House Rule: Democrats Aren't Allowed To Say The Word "Racist"

Dozens of homes, outbuildings burned in Minnesota wildfire

Does Ivermectin cure brain worms?

Regarding magats beliefs

US Covid Hospitalizations Above 100K, 1st Time Since Jan; Unvaxed 29X More Likely Hospitalized, CDC

If you're having a bad day, it could be worse

what does it do with its prize?

AP now confirming 11 US soldiers and medic killed

Mississippi's nurses are resigning to protect themselves from Covid-19 burnout

The New College Football "Alliance" Is Not One

LIVE: Pentagon Press Briefing - John F. Kirby, Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr.

Things that make you go HMMMM

Michael Sheen performs 'Do not go gentle into that good night' by Dylan Thomas

Shadow found out today is National Dog Day, thanks to irisblue.

Grim Statistics: Data on US war casualties

Reuters: At least 12 US soldiers KIA at Kabul Airport.

Puppy Raiding the Garden

Silent thread of love and respect for the service members lost today.

Who's watching the Paralympics?

if i hear one more "bad" thing about the evac in a.g i am going to

today's ballot numbers... over 2 million ballots have been returned so far:

Since when did we surrender in Afghanistan?

My grandson is homesick

Nebraska volleyball season opener canceled due to COVID; Huskers will play twice this weekend

"Horse Sense" / VIDEO from Really American &TeaPain: "MAGA is takin' horse de-wormers"

Mr. Cat at his base of operations.

SD Gov Lashes Out At Right Wing Host After He Claims She Only Has "Hype" Because She Is "Very

Around the World (In Eighty Days) - Bing Crosby

'It was very frightening': Video shows how quickly flooding happens

Illinois governor issues mandates on COVID vaccines, masks indoors

*****BREAKING***** 57% of California voters plan to vote against Republican led recall

The North American Media has declared all-out war at our duly elected Liberal governments over Kabul

A President for Our Time

President Biden signs PAWS Act, allowing VA to fund the training of service dogs for veterans

California Wants To Become The First State To Pay People With Addiction To Stay Sober, NPR

The Lincoln Project-Our kids are watching.

The Lincoln Project-Our kids are watching.

A Salmonella Outbreak Has Spread To 17 States And It's Linked To Italian Meats

I really hope in spite of the deaths occurring in Afghanistan, that we evacuate all Americans and

In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening - Bing Crosby

538 CA recall poll averages(keep +1.2)

At least 2 dead, 1 hurt in shooting near Illinois courthouse

Anti-vaxxers now having fits about vax for zoo animals.

Doggo Gets Zoomies When Mommy Comes Home

Serious question. So, over 100k have been evac'd from Afghanistan. How many Americans were there?!?!

New species of ancient four-legged whale discovered in Egypt

Just how brave were those US soldiers in Afghanistan who got killed

Today's LA Times had this ad/article running today! What is it? Google knows!

Harris County Vaccinations Up 529% Following $100 Incentive Announcement

Annotated the NBC news poll graphic on who is vaccinated.

POTUS will speak at 5 pm re Kabul attack

Unlike many now commenting on the cowardly Kabul attack, I only KNOW one thing:

Republican challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exposed as a MAGA rioter

Sorry if this is a DUPE story... BREAKING, San Diego Students successfully evac'd from Kabul!

Californians only: have you voted in the recall election??

just a puppy riding a chicken

Elder's former fiancee files police report alleging domestic abuse

LIVE at 5 pm: President Biden to address nation after Kabul suicide blasts on Aug 26

Connecticut State Trooper out of control

63 U S. Troops Dead in 4 Years of Trump

A friend of mine just called me.

Malaria trial shows 'striking' 70% reduction in severe illness in children

Malaria trial shows 'striking' 70% reduction in severe illness in children

Anti-Vax TX Militia Activist On Ventilator For Something

Portland gunfight fuels alarm over growing use of weapons at rallies

It's 'unconscionable' that Ron DeSantis hasn't applied for food aid for kids, Fried says

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 26, 2021

(Jewish Group) Mikvahs unearthed at Vilnius synagogue destroyed by Nazis

I found this thread on a Reddit Nursing forum. You do not have to be a member there to read this

Dad strips to underwear at school board meeting to make a point about anti-maskers

CNN- trump is desperate for the Truth to remain hidden.

The word is probably used too often and too lightly but the guys at Kabul are true heroes.

The Virginia GOP is suing to exclude Terry McAuliffe from the ballot for governor because he ...

UK animal charity staff caught up in deadly Kabul blast

Tropical system could rapidly intensify into a major hurricane before making landfall on the Gulf Co

I have a suggestion for anyone who wants good unbiased coverage of the current

Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks

Cultist NYC Priest Warns Congregation Against Vaccine

Newlyweds told friends about 'creepy guy' at their campsite. Five days later, they were found dead.

(Jewish Group) The Dread Jewish Pirate Jean Lafitte

Osprey's still here!!!

President Biden Address 1700 Remarks on the terror attack

Governor flees Colombia citing paramilitary kill plot

CENTCOM and the Taliban... sharing INTEL and working together

Enroll his Daughter in A Military School without Undergoing a Selection Process

Of interest to Zuikophiles only (users of formerly Olympus, henceforth OMDS, cameras)

This may seem unfair, but it's my honest opinion that...

lost my shit at an anti masker today

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #19: Delta Variant Labor Day Edition

Hey human! Feed my already!

Here's some What-About-ism - chalk up 241 and 89,343 to RAYGUN alone

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 27 August 2021

60 plus Afghans were also killed today

Spike Lee reediting 9/11 docuseries after backlash for including conspiracy theorists

Florida Man Protesting Public Safety Measures at High School Pushed and Twisted Arm of Child During

I listened to KOB today - it's been Years, cuz they r RW whackos

Did you ever hear Brian Williams telling us how many minutes the Slobfather was late

Tweet of the Day

68 Florida Hospitals Have Less Than 48 Hours Worth Of Oxygen

People who've had COVID, twice as likely to get reinfected than those who get vaccinated, CDC says

Straight up tears on my face... the biggest heart ever to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

COVID-19 re-infections happening in Alabama

Hochul announces Benjamin as pick for lieutenant governor

Female hummingbirds look like males to avoid attacks, study suggests

Didn't trump brag that he defeated ISIS?

Inmates Prescribed Animal Parasite Drug for Covid

What percentage of Americans post on Twitter?

NO LABELS Offered Conservative Democrats Hundreds Of Thousands To Spurn Nancy Pelosi Fundraisers

Fossil seized in police raid turns out to be nearly-complete skeleton of extinct flying reptile

Award-winning Civil War historian Stephen Oates dies at 85

Fossil seized in police raid turns out to be nearly-complete skeleton of extinct flying reptile

Biden, an example of a great president!

Schools set to surpass last year's COVID-19 cases in first three weeks of this school year

Possible Hurricane Ida heading for Louisiana by Sunday.

Mark Kelly and Mark Warner now support the PRO Act

Nail the scumbag, President Biden

Who's the disrespectful clown asking the last question?

5/19/2020- Trump's Surrender Agreement-

Trump left only 2500 troops in Afghanistan


Damn, that didn't take long . . .

So damn proud of our President!!

SDNY apparently elevating security for tomorrow. Big case? 🤔

People are purple too

Washington state officials destroy first 'murder hornet' nest of the season

LIVE 6 PM approx: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki Aug. 26

Who doesn't want lawn decor like this?

If Anti -Vaxxers Are Really Committed They Should Stop Seeking Medical Care; Health Ins. Costs Rise

Kamala Harris' campaign rally for Newsom canceled after Afghanistan attacks

High rise window cleaners call off strike after reaching tentative contract agreement

High rise window cleaners call off strike after reaching tentative contract agreement

If you like the banjo why didn't you buy a banjo?

Spread everywhere. #TrumpsTaliban

Tropical Storm Ida forms in the Caribbean, could hit US as a hurricane

-hadn't seen this- WaPo 8/15/21. Afghanistan's military collapse - Doha Agreement - Trump

My undergrad seminar earlier today.

Biden Vows to Finish Mission, Hunt Attackers

MN GOP will meet Oct. 2 to elect new party chair, emergency meeting to rescind severance package

PM's multilingual greeting shocks Peru's right-wing Parliament

Igor unleashed.

Watching Jennifer Psaki right now.

Biden Says U.S. Will Seek Retribution for Kabul Attacks; 'We Will Hunt You Down'

Florida using refrigerated coolers because their morgues are full of patients who died from COVID

Repubs are refusing to confirm top officials who Biden needs to handle the Afghanistan crisis /Tweet

Clamoring for ivermectin, some turn to a pro-Trump telemedicine website

John Bolton says it's 'impossible' for Pompeo to 'rewrite history' on his negotiations with Taliban

Covid data disappearing in some states even amid delta surge

Timeline of US Withdrawal from Afghanistan - for your reference. I've found it useful.


Josh Hawley utter hypocrite..... then and now

Democrats condemn deadly Kabul blasts as Republicans push Biden to retake Bagram Air Base

Remember 9/11? When EVERYONE Came

Jelly Beans, anyone?

Inclusive Education is at Risk in Brazil

Apple CEO Poised to Get $750 Million Final Payout From Award

I swear to whatever you believe in...

Albuquerque Police Department reports 38% clearance rate for homicides

McCarthy calls for House to return and vote on delaying Afghanistan withdrawal

Consider . . . .

Officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during Capitol riot breaks silence: 'I saved countless lives'

Does anyone know who the congress people are

Indigenous Latest to Suffer Plague of Disappearances in Sonora, Mexico

South Dakota AG gets fines, no jail time in pedestrian death

Roll the Tape: Trump Bragged About Forcing Biden to Exit Afghanistan Early


Tweet of the evening:

I am so grateful that Joe Biden is our President during this crisis.

When my namesake, Atticus Finch, was told a mad dog was approaching his house on

Bolsonaro Is Criminalizing the Brazilian Left

Lindell's dangerous fellow travelers among Minnesota GOP elected officials

This didn't take long. Just hours after the bombings in Afghanistan, Boebert is fundraising off it.

Meet Latin America's First Millennial Dictator

I'm continuing my Fantastic Negrito missionary work. Here's an interview and performance

Fed up governor SHREDS rightwing reporter to her face for lying - Brian Tyler Cohen

Erik Prince Is Charging $6,500 a Person to Evacuate Afghanistan on His Chartered Planes

Evergreen State Fair saddles up for an 11-day run in Monroe

A military vet in TX. had gallstone pancreatitis. Needed surgery ASAP. Dr. couldn't find a hospital

Paint It Black instrumental no vocal (not karaoke)

Tiedrich tweet:

Cartoons 8/26/2021

County Councilwoman Dunn selected to serve on EPA committee

Everett City Council adopts tribal land acknowledgement

Tiedrich tweet #2:

A Florida teacher who couldn't get vaccinated because of her cancer treatment died of COVID-19. Her

Gunmen release students in northern Nigeria 3 months later

'Unwinnable war' against COVID-19 leads thousands of burned-out Mississippi nurses to resign in 2021

Democrats Plot Biggest Health Care Expansion Since Obamacare

2 congressman who snuck to Kabul airport now reluctantly support Biden's Aug. 31 withdrawal date

An open letter to the Republican warmongers criticizing Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal

Kuanchanok Pakavaleetorn creates inward-facing family home in Bangkok

Woman Slowly Becomes Best Friends With An Anxious Wild Horse

Eight Miles High

Lindsey Graham has been quiet lately

Tyson chicken plants offer employees $10,000 to get vaccinated

Some perspective

The Best Musical Duets Include Wolves

Sweden extends non-EU entry ban until October

Sorry for the war porn. Media watch.

Real Accountability for Those Responsible for Jan. 6 Is Actually Starting to Pile Up

NYC federal jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself to close