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Pelosi reminds lawmakers not to travel to Afghanistan

ISIS-K Claims Responsibility For Attack At Kabul Airport

All four kittens in one photo - that's hard work.

My relative is a Marine, and it was his battalion that suffered the losses.

Republicans Taking Horse De-Wormers

War - Edwin Starr

Minnesota sees dramatic differences in acceptance of workers' comp claims under state's COVID-19

Cop CAUGHT Hiding Secret Video Of Assault On Black Motorist - Rebel HQ

So frustrated! I wanted to paint the cats for my son who is moving out. This one is beat all to heck

High profile case out of SDNY tomorrow.

Comeback of the Year Award

Asian giant hornet nest destroyed in Washington state

Lawsuit over Florida school mask mandates now before judge - NewsNation Now

Is there a problem in the "Cool" section of DU?

Democrats guide to retain majority control of the US Senate in 2022.

This could be big - is it possible that there will be some indictments dropping tomorrow afternoon?

Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd interview on Chris Hayes now

What is this from republicans calling for Biden to resign?

What evacuees need to do to enter the U.S. - CBS News

Michael Byrd is a hero! Let's give it up for him, DU!

Hiya Bestie! I want to stay with you Bestie!

Happy National Dog Day!

Judge Debunks Greg Abbott's COVID-Fighting Rationale, Blocks Texas Gov Ban on Transporting Migrants

Capitol Police officers sue Trump, allies over insurrection - NewsNation Now

California winds shifting as wildfire battles go on

Honest question. Did those US people in Afghanistan not realize that they needed to get out earlier?

California Men Arrested for Assault on Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Mental health first responder, insurance coverage bills among latest signed by Pritzker

Rainy Day Woman - Waylon Jennings

Pink Floyd - Echoes

'We will hunt you down': Biden responds to Kabul attack (CNN)

Burn! Dr to school board: "If I want to learn how to make & sell ice cream, I'll ask the governor...

Which Democratic US Senator is going to leave office first?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Wait for it!

Mars' weird geology is making Perseverance's job more complicated

Child COVID Cases Skyrocket As Schools Reopen Without Masks - The Ring of Fire

Magat at work today.

Dear du, I am at a friends house

Oakland County welfare check uncovers 100 animals, many dead, in hot, filthy house

German publisher Axel Springer to acquire U.S. news website Politico for over $1 billion

Trump Has Amnesia - Don Winslow Films

Don Winslow Films - #TrumpHasAmnesia

What's the best way to get rid of rats?

Glen Campbell & Carl Jackson DUELING BANJOS 1973

Texas Prisons Stopped In-Person Visits and Limited Mail. Drugs Got in Anyway.

Let's talk about hindsight and how it could've been different....

I'm looking to reacquaint myself with James Thurber. Can anyone recommend a book/collection?

Republicans have killed more Americans with COVID in 2 days . . .

Sale Joins Koufax with 3rd Immaculate Inning.

ʻŌiwi TV Shows Hawaiian leaders speaking for vaccines, masks, social distancing,

What We Know About ISIS-K (Islamic State Khorasan), The Group Behind The Kabul Attacks

Detroit Basketball

Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Arukou) - Kyu Sakamoto

General Barry McCaffrey gives President Biden the ultimate advice as he says: This war is over.

Jackson county Oregon county is getting hit hard with Covid...

Delusional Right-Winger Gets Called Out By Soldier - Rebel HQ

Deja Vu

Tweet from the Daily Show - "storm our law offices today!"

Illinois Congressional District elimination in 2021/2022- Adam Kinzinger-IL-16.

I'm listening to an interview with CNN's Clarissa Ward, and...

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry launching initiative to support Davidson's female athletes

I am setting next to the world's tallest thermometer!

Why the Media Is Worse for Biden Than Trump

The eviction moratorium has been struck down

Spoken by a true Christian

Dummy Hypnotises Ventriloquist Live at the Apollo BBC Comedy Greats

Supreme Court throws out Biden administration eviction moratorium

How Government Decisions Left Tennessee Exposed to Deadly Flooding --Flood insurance - building codes

Angel of the morning

Shelby County [Memphis] files federal lawsuit over mask opt-out in schools

Shelby County [Memphis] files federal lawsuit over mask opt-out in schools

US Sen. seats the Dems. need to win in 2022 to remain in the majority for the next 5 years.

Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump Over Jan. 6 Role, Cite KKK Act Violation - All In - MSNBC

"Apologetic Nurse Informs Man Having Heart Attack There's About An Hour Wait Until Next Covid

Supreme Court throws out Biden administration eviction moratorium

ISIS-X... ISIS-K...whatevs. TRUMP (who ended ISIS) phones in to Fox News.

"Hang On Sloopy" - The McCoys - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The Rude Pundit: A Country on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Part 1: Mask Madness)

Facinating twitter thread on where all this ivermetin crap came from...

David Rothkopf: America Took the Bait After an Attack 20 Years Ago. Not This Time.

The Midnight - Los Angeles

Seth Meyers - Biden Announces U.S. Will Keep Original Afghanistan Withdrawal Deadline Monologue 8/25

More Clustertrump- al Baghdadi was bigger than Osama bin Laden

Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush)

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 60s

OUR dog Toni's day:

FDA blocks sale of 55,000 flavored e-cigarette products

janis joplin - to love somebody (live-1969-dick cavett) tearing the roof off the bee gees classic

Very informative thread about ISIS-k (Islamic State Khurasan)

Holder: Why Republicans Want To Keep District Maps Away From The Public - All In - MSNBC

Anyone think Lina Hidalgo, now judge in Harris county TX, on Lawrence show,

Former soldier Elliott Ackerman on CNN was complaining bitterly about the withdrawal

ASIA Who Will Stop The Rain Live

South Dakota Covid cases quintuple after Sturgis motorcycle rally

Good night friends. Tonight's last song is a Roy B classic

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Let's Help Veterans Keep Their Promises To Afghan Allies - The ReidOut - MSNBC

August Photo Contest- Finals

I Ain't Ever Satisfied

August Finals Thread is Posted

The Names of All The Music Genres

Tweet of the late night:

this evening's sky

Guilty plea from Owatonna man who allegedly threatened to kill police at pro-Trump rally at

Bed Head

Play a SUMMER song!

No Difference

This Illinois County Is Losing People Faster Than Anywhere in the U.S.

68 Florida hospitals have less than 48 hours of oxygen available to patients.

AND.....another Hurricane will be aiming at Louisiana

If only republicans got this upset about school shootings.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Praying For The Departed'

What is the Best song with the absolutely worst video... I'll Start

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 29, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Ingrid Bergman

TCM Schedule for Monday August 30, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: James Cagney

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Prayer For The Reposed' from the OCA

Analyzing the risk to U.S. troops remaining in Afghanistan until Aug. 31 - PBS NewsHour

Virginia GOP tries legal tactic to force Democrat McAuliffe off the ballot for governor


update to my earlier post . the power is back on and i am home in my own bed . :)

Some past terrorist attacks in Kabul.

Traveling through the Olympic peninsula of Washington State this week../

Suspicious minds...

Trumpism viewpoint

Virginia GOP Tries to Force McAuliffe Off Ballot

When Someone Yells Fleetwood Mac and This Singer Steals the Show

South Dakota AG gets fines, no jail time in pedestrian death

Seth Moulton attacks Biden, demands congressional investigation: 'A Total F*cking Disaster'

Arkansas doctor under investigation for prescribing parasite pill thousands of times for Covid-19

Oh no...

a simple reply to trumpie junior's tweet

McConnell says "Democrats are plotting complete assault on economy"!

Seth Meyers - FDA Warns People Not to Use Horse De-Wormer Ivermectin to Treat COVID: A Closer Look

Rep. Dean 'Was Staggered To Learn It Was Lt. Byrd' Who Defended House Chamber - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Who the fuck is this retired colonel on Rachel talking about how we MUST...

My recall ballot says "official ballot" and "sample ballot". Huh?

Texas House passes GOP voting restrictions, which Democrats had blocked for weeks by fleeing the sta

Interstellar comets visit our solar system more frequently than thought

Why am I being signed off when I didn't want to sign off?

My Father's Daughter

So Trump released the Taliban from prison, and the Taliban released ISIS from prison...

If I come down with Covid, call my podiatrist's office manager.

My favorite Neil Young, todays favorite

General Petreaus on Afghanistan: This collapse, while it seems sudden, has been years in the making.

Biden Vows To Hunt Down Those Responsible For Attack - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

👎Conservative media group Axel Springer is acquiring POLITICO.

Texas Anti-Mask 'Freedom Rally' Organizer Fighting For His Life With COVID-19

Judge Hidalgo: Gov. Abbott 'Doing A Lot To Facilitate The Spread Of The Virus' - The Last Word MSNBC

Chinese authorities say overtime '996' policy is illegal

Chinese authorities say overtime '996' policy is illegal

I think this has been posted before, but it's well worth another post.

Daily Beast - Russian State TV Host Launches Deranged, Racist Attack on Capitol Cop

4,811 recovered Israeli COVID patients got reinfected

Maskless dad assaulted student who confronted him, police say

Repeat COVID-19 Positive Tests in Nursing Home Residents Identified Following Natural Infection

California recall candidate Larry Elder under police investigation following 2015 domestic violence

Dying in the name of vaccination freedom

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

Too Many Cooks - Refuse to die

Minnesota releases test results showing steep drop in math, reading

Bootsauce - Whatcha Need

TFG Says Attack Wouldn't Have Happened on His Watch

Some puns to help you smile!

Families of some victims outraged over leaked Santa Fe shooting details to film director

Northern Minnesota bean field collapses, falls 25 feet

ISIS Attack Recognized Early As Inherent Risk Of Afghanistan Evacuation Mission- Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Tracking the evacuation flights

Colorado ISD closes school through the end of August due to 'student absences'

sheriff of Carter County, OK doesn't think laws apply to him

Trump Supporters Make Martyr Of 1/6 Rioter Babbitt Ignoring Previous Law And Order Emphasis - TRMS

GOP congresswoman votes against limiting hazardous chemicals following donations

First Phelan Failed, Now He Has Lost Control

Did Igor Fruman plead guilty Wed. ?

Kayleigh McEnany: When Trump was president, 'you didn't see crisis after crisis'

so South Dakota Attorney General Ravensborg's life goes on, he's not even resigning. No jail

Webb Democratic Chair: RNC Hispanic Community Center, a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Mexico: President foe who fled allegedly got $500,000 bribe

Brother and sister banned from high school for not wearing masks

From Facebook

Critics said (Modern family) Eric Stonestreet looks 'too old' for his fiance, so he 'fixed it'

'Death and life': Only 6% of ICU beds are open in Wisconsin right now

Biden vows to 'hunt' ISIS-K as evacuations continue amid Kabul blast chaos - PBS NewsHour

OK, here's the one that got to me (must be someone chopping onions in the kitchen)...

Bob Ross Documentary Filmmakers Ran Into Some Happy Little Legal Hurdles

The Daily Show - Joe Biden: Crisis Machine

The stupidity doesn't fall too far from the orange moron tree....

No Vaccination No Insurance - No Insurance No Hospital - PrePay Cash For ICU Or Get Lost - It's Time

It's just past 2AM and I have been staying up watching

Chuck Grassley Discusses Mask Science at Town Hall With Nurse

Iowa's COVID-19 hospitalizations reach October 2020 levels

Quick De wormer PSA.

Arizona vote 'Audit' still MIA

Celebrate Labor Day With These Great Films


Autumn in New York - Bobby Short

"Trump bizarrely says Osama bin Laden wasn't a very big deal: 'He only had one hit!'"

Spotlight PA/Philly Inquirer: Corman's MAGA leanings

After the deadliest day in Afghanistan for a decade remember Trump owns it

It's nice to have a furry 70 pound alarm clock

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 27, 2021

Who are ISIS-K, the terrorist group claiming deadly Afghanistan attack? (CNN)

Pupper at bar entranced by "101 Dalmatians" :

Withdrawing from Afghanistan was a clusterf**k from its inception.

Trump Labor Board Appointee Is Probed by DOJ Over Ethics Allegations

Trump Labor Board Appointee Is Probed by DOJ Over Ethics Allegations

Children's Hospital in Omaha unveils $410 million upgrade

Ricketts declares staffing emergency in Nebraska hospitals

Afghanistan is going to be a problem for awhile

Experts say Ida will make landfall as a Cat 3 Hurricane - get out of her way

Federal Judge Appears Skeptical Of GQP Plaintiffs In MO Hearing On Biden Memo For Carbon Pricing

Chile Facing Its Own Decade-Long Megadrought, Thanks To Distant Warming In Pacific Ocean

The Guardian: Malaria trial shows 'striking' 70% reduction in severe illness in children

Seth Moulton is a blowhard.

Baseline Conditions For Up To 95% Of Sea Surface - Temp, Acidity, Calcium - Will Change By 2100

T-Mobile Hacker Who Stole Data on 50 Million Customers: 'Their Security Is Awful'

Democrats call on Reynolds to reverse her decision rejecting federal COVID-19 aid to schools

Biden's Schedule for Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday TOONs - Time To End It

Breakfast Friday 27 August 2021

I Don't Trust The Worldometer Numbers On Florida

Republican Party of Virginia sues to get McAuliffe off ballot

Virginia school board will pay $1.3 million in settlement to transgender student Gavin Grimm

I now realize - Jesus Christ himself could stand in front of Anti

BAS Research - Acidification & Plastics Bad Enough For Antarctic Krill, Worse When Combined

How Did The Isis-K Bomber Get Through All The Taliban Check Points?

Photos of the scruffy, bearded, automatic rifle toting Taliban reminds me of anti-mask protesters

The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America's elderly

Salon - The Rot Ran Deep In The Minnesota GOP: "Toxic Work Environment" Doesn't Even Come Close

Some Republicans are calling for Biden's resignation/impeachment

Florida doctor bounced from post for allegedly selling $50 notes to exempt kids from wearing masks

I hope we will soon be having one of those "Oh, thank goodness!" moments when it is revealed that

CO volleyball coach says he lost Christian high school job after refusing to 'denounce being gay'

Should the Government Impose a National Vaccination Mandate?

Here's a kitten size comparison - Sootie and Squeaky

3 endangered Sumatran tigers found dead in Indonesia

Line for monoclonal antibody treatment at one popup site in Tampa

Lester Young was born on this date.

FBI arrests Infowars fan accused of leading charge that led to Capitol cop's injuries

California lawmakers delay decriminalizing psychedelic substances until next year

San Miguel County Sheriff issues statement about a cache of weapons found off popular trail

San Miguel County Sheriff issues statement about a cache of weapons found off popular trail

Soliciting Multiversity: Top 10 Manga for November 2021

The Rundown: August 27, 2021

Dark Lady


"Danger,! Danger! Danger! Scared Democrats inside!" I was outside my grocery

Longhaired Redneck

Why do so many Republicans believe Ivermectin is a COVID cure?

So I have a theory

Shelf stable aseptic milk in pouches, does anyone use this?

I want to use DU to personally thank Lt. Michael Byrd.

"When Will I Be Loved" -- Everly Brothers 🆚 Linda Ronstadt

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 20 - 27 August (2021)

Texas state House speaker bans the word 'racism' amid voting bill debate

Russian State broadcaster RT photoshopped weapons into an image of a refugee family from Afghanistan

Don Jurwich, Hanna-Barbera And Marvel Veteran, Dies At 87

I'm struggling terribly with my impending empty nest! The binge eating is

Pro-Life - The Lincoln Project

WalmartLand: How US Stores Colonizing Mexico are Displacing Local Culture

Here is a question for anti-maskers:

How do the US troops get out of Afghanistan?

Across The Universe

Park District Fires Investigator Who Led Probe Into Alleged Sexual Violence Against Lifeguards

Withdrawing from a war zone is incredibly complicated.

Lawyer for Afghan girls' robotics team tells Oklahoma woman to stop taking credit for rescue

Yesterday's SDNY "rumor" was a tweet from a non-journalist...

Fumigate Texas

BEST Of Funny Pet Videos 2021 So Far #2 - Purr Purr

Tropical Storm Ida a hurricane menace to New Orleans

What California's Recall Election Says About America

New Mexico deaths from drugs, alcohol reach record high

Does anybody know how many of those charged in the insurrection are in prison?

Justice Breyer on Retirement and the Role of Politics at the Supreme Court

Afghanistan: Former advisor to Mike Pence warned in 2020 that Trump was setting up another 'Benghazi

Rep. Susan Wild (PA-7): Evacuation from Afghanistan "egregiously mishandled"

LIVE at 10:30 am - Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby and Army Maj. Gen. Taylor

"Piece of My Heart" -- Erma Franklin 🆚 Janis Joplin (w/ Big Brother and the Holding Company)

LIVE at 11 am: White House COVID task force holds news briefing

Worried, but I have to be gentle and careful...

Fed chief signals supports for the economy could begin to be pulled back this year

Try this experimental medical treatment

Ben Franklin, FTW!

COVID surge creates shortage of hospital ICU beds

Thought experiment: Biden does not run in 2024 but VP Kamala Harris does...

Seeking information on Allen West wife (Angela West)


I put too much Ivermectin in my coffee this morning.

"So why did the Afghan military collapse?"

When Birds Had Teeth

GRAPHIC Cop shoots puppy that was running up to him! I am so pissed.

Reich Wing SCOTUS ruling against President Joe's moratorium on evictions is a

South Dakota sees 352% Covid surge in wake of biker event dubbed a 'super spreader' last year

See a Salamander Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse Short Film Showcase

New Zealand police break up one-person anti-lockdown protest in Auckland

The Thinker by Rodin: Great Art Explained

Eighth grader remembered for 'unforgettable smile' dies of COVID, Oklahoma school says

No Democrat gets a free pass.. she will have to run the primary gamut

Florida reported 901 Covid deaths yesterday

How far do you live from the place you were born?

An Attorney General Won't Serve Any Jail Time For A Crash That Killed A Pedestrian

Hey McCarthy, just shut your mouth!

US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies

Pic Of The Moment: Some Fox News A Day Makes The Doctor Go Grey

Good Day DU (August 27, 2021)

The Fireman's Fault

NASA's Perseverance Plans Next Sample Attempt

Watching Set Mooulton on Morning Joe. What a self important blowhard.

Rep. Bennie Thompson on why the committee is asking for documents as far back as April 2020

She Flagged Down Cops for Help. She Was Handcuffed and Forced to Strip.

McCarthy Is Obviously Part Of The Taliban By Helping Them I Figure

This TLP video is bone-chilling!

Have you been to the movies? I went for the first time yesterday since Feb 2020

Major Time Suck Alert- todays Google doodle.

The GOP reaction to troop deaths shows what a House GOP takeover really means

The GOP's Phony Complaints About Afghanistan

More family loss

The Lincoln Project ad: "You call this pro-life, Governor DeSantis ?", COVID killing kids

Lauren Boebert: Oops, my bad.....

Woman drank, vaped, refused mask on flight to Charlotte. Now she's been fined $17,000

Boebert admits to campaign finance problems: "I under-reported a lot of stuff" to the FEC

GA Democrats claim Walker functioned as a US Senate candidate before he filed this week

#OurDumbSenator aka RoJo the Klueless Klown

Afghanistan is not going to sink Biden's presidency -- but the pandemic could

I thought the Arizona audit came out today????

Yesterday's death toll was greatest loss of life of U.S. troops in Afghanistan since this, in 2011:

Doctor fired after allegedly selling children mask exemption letters for $50 online

Pienso En Ti

Trump's deal with the Taliban, explained

Real vaquita protection needed now and for Mexico's next dying species

The MAGA Telephone Game of Facts

Real vaquita protection needed now and for Mexico's next dying species

Key inflation gauge rises 3.6% from a year ago to tie biggest jump since the early 1990s

Far-right floods the internet with calls for Biden's ouster

U.S. Supreme Court ends CDC's pandemic residential eviction moratorium

For the Record, the closure of The Bagram Airbase sits squarely on Trump

Afghanistan: Doctor on scholarship forced to leave family in Kabul

Bomb threat at Nova Middle school in Davie Florida

Curious..How Many Afghan Allies Did We Have & How Many Have Already Been Evacuated?

Newly Unsealed Transcript Reveals Crux Of Mueller's Collusion Case

Texas house advances sweeping voting restrictions bill

A look back at skateboarding in Richmond.

Rudy Giuliani: I am not a drunk!!!!

Sincere question, how are things with regards to Brexit now ?

FL Judge has ruled that Ron DeSantis' order banning mask mandates in schools is unconstitutional.

Man intentionally hit alligator with lawn mower, destroyed active nest, wildlife officials say

Friendly Stray Cat Gets An Uber Home

DeSantis' school mask mandate ban is unlawful, Florida judge rules

I have not mentioned a friend is very sick, today he posted this...

San Francisco luxury tower still sinking even as engineers work on $100m fix

Judge rules against DeSantis' school mask mandate ban

We take you now to the Belgrade, Minnesota, pedal tractor pull.

Dancing with the Stars will feature a same-sex dancing pair for the first time. History, made.

Is goat cheese good? I see it advertised and I'm curious. But I figure someone here might be able to

My first and last trip to Starbucks

Struggling Hillsborough GOP turns to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Lost dog/found dog:

Imagine if covid deaths were committed by terrorists?

Robert Reich: Jeff Bezos' net worth vs. the US mininum wage

Kevin McCarthy is a Chickenshit's Chickenshit!! That's all I have to say about that. nt

COVID shuts down Texas oil town 100 miles from nearest ICU beds

Edge of Seventeen: An anthem that stuns each new generation - nice read

California's Dixie Fire Grows to Over 749k Acres, at Least 690 Residences Destroyed

Model predicts 100,000 more COVID deaths unless U.S. changes its ways

What is ISIS-K? Islamic State terror group believed to have carried out Kabul attacks that killed 12

Tesla files to become electric utility in Texas

Spike Lee yanks 9/11 conspiracy theorists from HBO documentary series amid scrutiny

Trump has good reason to be triggered by Jan. 6 commission: Records request suggests a real probe

Texas Republican Denies There Was Any Insurrection on January 6

Sedition Hunters: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted, Pt. 41

U.S. on alert for more attacks, death toll rises from Kabul airport carnage

Lauren Boebert admits to campaign finance problems: "I under-reported a lot of stuff" to the FEC

FFS! I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to

The FBI Is Investigating Trump Supporters For Threatening 1/6 Prosecutors

Seattle rents rebound close to pre-pandemic prices; home inventory begins to increase

on the washingto fire in sonora ca

Important long time US Diplomat flying under the radar.

Show Time, Everybody!

Very Holy Siblings Demand School Risk Safety To See Their Faces, For Jesus

U.S., France shaped Haiti's long history of political turmoil (Opinion)

Just an FYI to job seekers

Palestinian poll: 2 state support drops to 36%

A school district opted out of a free meals program, saying students could 'become spoiled'

Have you ever tried to recall and count the number of times Trump did something or said something

San Diego sailor sentenced to 23 months in prison for firearms, pushing 'supremacist' ideas

Who Bears Responsibility?

Texas Anti-Mask 'Freedom Rally' Organizer Fighting For His Life With COVID-19

US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies

Whose side are Republicans on, ISIS-K's or America's?

Prednisone Shortage?

A very good article about "court stripping"

With all the elements of a "Jason Bourne" thriller, the Pineapple Express mission

How about apply the famous

Northern Va. housing market, especially Arlington, shows signs of slowing

Police Unions Nationwide Are Fighting Back Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

a question to ask the anti vaxxers

Mystery of Grand Canyon's missing rocks may finally be solved

Pittie screams like a Wookie. Overcomes nerve injury

Jen Psaki on right now on CNN


Another newly released US Justice Dept court exhibit in Jan 6 OathKeepers case

Militant Proud Boy Less Proud: Calls Newsmax from Jail to Whine About Wanting to Go Home

Capitol rioter's angry YouTube 'battlefield' rants are likely to blow up in his face: legal experts

Taliban to ask Qatar to help run Kabul airport

Sweet Moments Between Gentle Golden Retriever & Tiny Kitten

Biden says U.S. health officials are considering Covid booster shots at 5 months, moving up timeline

Colombian politician Fajardo to face embezzlement charges before Supreme Court

Seth Abramson offers proof of 1/6 insurrectionist activities

Stray Pregnant Cat Asks For Help As She Was Kicked Out By Her Family

Bolsonaro invites everyone in Brazil to buy a rifle

So about Jen Psaki's hair.

LIVE: Jen Psaki holds White House news briefing

Child hunger groups urge Florida's governor to apply for federal food aid for kids

US soldier loses one Afghan translator; fights to save another

Joey King resigns as president of Lyon College

Reason why Trumpers are stupid: They are "stupid" because they do NOT KNOW that

UK government complicit in Bolsonaro's assault on Amazon, says cross-party group of 30 MPs

With their land on the line, Indigenous Brazilians gather for landmark ruling

Who's the jerk asking Psaki about Major biting people?

Hudson Valley smoke shop to give away free joints

Oh she is smooth as she breaking down the media in the press conference!

"anecdotal reporting" is now a thing. Wingnuts are big on it, example one Dana LOESCH

Colombia: Protect journalist at risk

Two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses are for sale in the Hudson River Valley.

538 averages for CA recall (Keep +4)

almost 3,000,000 ballots have been returned. where are the young folk?

Heard from a childhood friend today.

3707 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 63 deaths

11-year-old drumming sensation played with the Foo Fighters last night!

Is this the most highly-placed practitioner of Zoroastrianism in the United States?

So this asshole asks Jen about relief from last year's Hurricane Laura

(Jewish Group) She quit the Women's March over antisemitism. Now she's behind this weekend's voting

Freepers sharing advice on Covid Treatments

Uncle Sam Du - Wop. (The draft)

those who say free lunch "spoils"(!!) children accept unlimited FREE parent volunteer time

LIVE: State Department spokesperson Ned Price holds news briefing

BREAKING NEWS: Manchester United CONFIRM Cristiano Ronaldo is re-signing from Juventus

Maryland's highest court reviewing teen sniper's life term

Pretending they did it out of a patriotic duty, pretending they are innocent of any crimes...

How often did Trump and his cult blame Obama

LIVE at 3:30 pm: Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby, Air Force General Glen VanHerck hold briefing

January 6th Select Committee is requesting records from 15 social media companies:

PM Update: Scattered strong to severe storms into evening, some of which may cause flash flooding

Well... that makes TWO covid deaths in my extended family in a single week.

But How Could Ashli Babbitt Have Known Climbing Through Broken Window To Attack Congress Was Wrong?

These companies are requiring employees get vaccinated

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa Sunday to pitch $3.5 trillion budget proposal

a few months ago Larry Elder said he wasn't going to run:

Jan. 6 investigators demand records from social media companies

word of the day from 16th Century: Fordone

Lies, Lies, And MORE LIES From The Republican Grift - Rebel HQ

Gavin Newsom: Round 2 of Golden State Stimulus checks start to go out this week!

re washinton fire .

Dan Fogelberg - Souvenirs & Song From Half Mountain

Congressional Jan. 6 Select committee requests communications involving Texas AG Ken Paxton

Congressional Jan. 6 Select committee requests communications involving Texas AG Ken Paxton

todays meal from meals on wheels . sloppy joe and cole slaw.

Othello says good afternoon

Fox News saves dying man

On this day, August 27, 1953, Aleksandar Zivojinovic was born.

LIVE 6 PM ET: Bernie Sanders Town Hall - West Lafayette, Indiana

Why the Far Right Tries to Recruit Football Hooligans - Decade of Hate (Vice)

U.S. vet denied ICU bed due to COVIDIOT-caused COVID crisis dies of treatable illness

After 20 months or so of the pandemic, I am saddened to state the following:

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 27, 2021

I just saw a clip of an ICU nurse in Arkansas.

City of New Orleans gives briefing on Tropical Storm Ida

Of the naming of cats

Wisconsin GOP Wants Taxpayers to Pay for Election 'Audit'

Scam Alert! So I picked up a piece of mail today that contained a T-2 form.

Argentine congressional candidate shot

"A Baby Girl Was Born - Her Name Is Reach"

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth cancels visit to South Korea as North Korea rages ab

Some Indiana hospitals are postponing some biopsies.

Sweet Tiny Wombat Turns His House Upside Down When He Becomes A Teenager

rob baird - dreams and gasoline (studio-2012) a musical guarantee for my MAG americana lovers :)

Got a little time?...Let's make a list of what the..."federal government" .. does for the U.S.A.

US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies

Hudson Valley smoke shop to give away free joints

Liberty University announces quarantine amid COVID-19 spike

Stayed at a Ramada this week.

USFK reports cluster infection at Osan base after recent no-mask dance party

She loves her daddy !

Dog painted on truck tailgate.

The American Taliban and Afghanistan

From morning reads of JHU reports

Liberal Redneck - "Spoiled" Little Poor Kids

Odd mixed emotions - Facebook episode

Today's kitten related scathingly brilliant idea

The GOP politicians who are quick to condemn Biden, have amnesia about the 1982 bombing in Lebanon

Lara Trump All Of A Sudden Cares About Other People - Rebel HQ

Biden Steps On Doocy Like A Bug. As Predicted, Fux Noise Cuts Off Biden's Answer.

Wombat turns house upside down

New CDC: Anatomy of a school superspreader event

'Me-Firstism,' The Death of Patriotism- Selfish Americans Killing Other Americans: Libertarianism

Showing my age: I never DREAMED I would see the day when vacccination was controversial....

Wisconsin school district opts out of free lunch program for students

St. Petersburg police officer dies of COVID-19 complications

How long will it be before someone does a "John Q" when their seriously ill loved one

Inge Ginsburg, 1922-2021. What an extraordinary woman.

92-year-old crashes through gate sending her two stories below in Coral Gables

12 Year Old Drumming Prodigy Joins Foo Fighters On Stage

Tweet of the evening:

I am so fucking sick of know-nothing talking heads telling me what Biden should do/have done

Bauer case handed to District Attorney; administrative leave extended one week

RFK's son favors parole for father's assassin Sirhan Sirhan

Sirhan Sirhan granted parole by parole board

Trump Wife Melania LEAVES Him and their FAKE Marriage - Christo Aivalis

California parole panel votes in favor of release from prison for Sirhan Sirhan

So much confusion about ISIS, ISIS-K... ISIS this and ISIS that.

Parents ordered to pay thousands for destroying son's porn stash

Sirhan Sirhan is a step closer to parole, but not there yet.

Rage Against the Vaccine!

Aww, Kid Rock has to cancel shows in Fort Worth. Band has Covid.

S.C. congressman tells Biden to appoint Trump to oversee Afghanistan withdrawal

Bushman Prank: (Ukraine) - Scare Cam Show

Trump's Niece Says He's A Fascist And Republicans Want To Destroy Democracy - Ring of Fire

U.S. closing troubled NYC jail where Epstein died

What Is Kafkaesque? - The 'Philosophy' of Franz Kafka

'Showing Climate Change as it Happens':A Veteran Photojournalist on Capturing California's Wildfires

I hope that anyone who takes a medicine for parasitic worms

Easy-peasy flatbread recipe. 4 ingredients

CNN is trying SO HARD

For any Metal Heads who may be here -- RIP Eric Wagner, vocalist for TROUBLE and The Skull.

Fuck hurricanes

Never thought I'd hear this.

Florida starts turning on DeSantis

Posted yet? Judge rules FL nut case governor has no authority to block masks.

Andrew Cuomo plots his revenge

US Marines officer relieved of duties after video seeking 'accountability' over Afghanistan

Ida now forecast to hit Louisiana as a Cat 4 - 140mph winds plus storm surge on Sunday

COVID-cane Season 2021

Marine officer relieved of duty after calling out senior leaders about Afghanistan

MAGAt maskhole encounter at the supermarket...

Didn't see this coming. The media is walking in step with the January 6th Insurrectionists.

Hurricane Ida is a myth.

TX Man, 'Freedom Defender' Argued Masks Don't Protect- Got Covid, Unconscious, Vented Since Aug. 8

COVID deaths in Florida hit a record for the 2nd week in a row

New Urgency 'To Move As Quickly As Possible' In Afghanistan Evacuation - Deadline - MSNBC

Market is on fire! Roll the tape of orange doom and gloom.

RFK-assassin Sirhan Sirhan granted parole - NewsNation Now

Make sure you watch Chris Murphy's segment with Joy Reid

Pelosi says Supreme Court 'immorally ripped away' relief from Americans in its 'arbitrary and cruel'

I ranted on the phone today... politely...

So, with thousands of folks evacuated and roads closed in CA - recall? really?

Award to the Non-Partisan Floor Staff of the US House and Senate

Judge strikes Seattle charter amendment on homelessness from November ballot

Did CIA know that government of Afghanistan was ready to collapse...?

Evangelical broadcasters fire spokesperson for 'refusing to recant' pro-vaccine messages: report

The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Jim Crow

Dear Florida dead

Stressed out Illinois nurse

The Trammps- Disco Inferno, Burn, Baby, Burn

The Original Dirty Old Town

A fourth wave for whom? CBC News - worth a peek methinks . . .

Real Estate Markets Expected to Grow the Most in the Next Year

Conservative media group Axel Springer is acquiring POLITICO

Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders: I'm LIVE in Indiana

Biden says U.S. health officials are considering Covid booster shots at 5 months, moving up timeline