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Brian Kemp's anti-mask policy results in Georgia professor quitting mid-class: Maskhole

This man died because anti-vaxxer's are taking-up all of the hospital beds. Tragic.

Sam Haselby @samhaselby: The U.S. can't convince almost half of its own citizens to take a vaccine

I Could Write A Book - Dinah Washington

Judge Deals Loss To MAGA Gov. DeSantis Over Mask Ban - The Beat - MSNBC

We have the best military in the world.

Conservative talk radio is already attacking Newsom on the Sirhan release

Casual - Amazing

Osprey downriver.

Republican Jim Banks tells telecom companies not to comply with expected Jan. 6 committee subpoenas

Fordham Professor: Black Officers On Jan 6th Had To Protect Themselves - Deadline - MSNBC

Over 2300 people turned out tonight in Indiana to hear Bernie talk about reconciliation bill

NYC Surpasses San Francisco As Most Expensive Rental Market In The Country

Deepest pool in the world.

Friday Talking Points -- A Grim Week

Cartoons 8/27/2021

So Now We Know

re washington fire.

Here and elsewhere, angry unmasked parents disrupt meetings

US forces keep up Kabul airlift under threat of more attacks

Linda G with Andre from Astrology Alert

Travis County judge issues injunction against Gov. Abbott mask mandate ban

The Taliban is 'embarrassed heavily' by ISIS-K attack, 'overwhelmed,' girding for civil war,

An expert explains why vaccines -- and masks -- are so important, and why delta is different and more

Mother Jones, Irish-Amer Labor Rts Activist: Yellow Fever Epidemic Took Husband, All 4 Children 1867

As U.S. Troops Searched Afghans, a Bomber in the Crowd Moved In

TFG Mocked For Repeatedly Botching Name Of ISIS Offshoot In Fux Noise Ramble

Man intentionally hit alligator with lawn mower, destroyed active nest, wildlife officials say

Potential 'shake up' in the kitten situation

Jim Banks wants investigations into the January 6 Commission. THESE FUCKERS!!

Mary Trump: This is what humanity looks like

CDC: Unvaccinated, unmasked teacher led to elementary school outbreak

California readying new round of $600 stimulus payments

US general says ISIS-K is shooting at American military jets in Kabul without success, but warned

CDC Director ends CDC's silence on guns

Renewed fears of political violence grip Capitol Hill ahead of right-wing rally

'More Of A Lunatic Than Trump': MAGA Gov. DeSantis Touts COVID 'Success' As 'Bodies Pile Up' - MSNBC

How the defense industry helped prolong the war in Afghanistan

After negotiating with the Taliban, TFG officials criticize Biden for negotiating with the Taliban

See inside US air base preparing Afghans for new life in America

AOC and 63 other Democrats slam the Supreme Court over eviction-ban ruling, saying it risks

Afghanistan is more than a Trump set up

The minimum to maximum amount of US Senate seats the Democrats will have in 2022 is 49-53.

Brooklyn pastor offers religious exemptions for COVID vaccines -- and asks for donations

Delta is rising and schools are reopening. For parents, it's hard to know how to feel

Colin Newman Alone

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Kite-surfing Florida man dies after strong wind slams him into house

Jerry Jeff Walker - LA Freeway.

'Our hearts are heavy': How a Seattle restaurant is helping incoming Afghan refugees

Hapax - Elegy

Cockatoo - kill

EU moves to reintroduce COVID travel curbs on U.S. -diplomats

Making the Case for Sewage Sludge Treatment via Pyrolysis

Beam mounts

Texas GOP is deliberately prolonging the pandemic-not sabotage -it's Abbottage. nt

Anti vaxxers stalked Trudeau today at a few campaign events. Police had

Judge orders parents to pay son over $30,000 for getting rid of his porn collection


I want to be sympathetic but I just don't feel it.

Sittin' here practicing my kissin' technique

St. Louis evictions resume as state, local relief money sits unused

US airstrike targets Islamic State member in Afghanistan

Alabama hospital crisis intensifies; 66 now waiting for ICU beds

Unmanned US airstrike killed an ISIS-K "planner" in eastern Afghanistan , per Rachel

The Doors (The Rarities) - Push, Push (added another link)

Belarus closes journalist organization, continuing crackdown

What will be a good substitute for Halibut?

Bang! Zoom!

Oregon county asks for morgue truck as COVID fatalities rises

Republicans Terrified of Jen Psaki And Strong Women

Top Tier Democratic US Senate candidates vs Top Tier Republican US Senate candidates of 2022.

Man who organized anti-mask Freedom Rally now on a ventilator after catching COVID

Local COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Rising To Pre-Vaccine Levels

First Time Reacting To STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN - TEXAS FLOOD LIVE (El Mocambo) UNBELIEVABLE! (Reaction)

Golly, I Sure Hope You Like Talking About Horse Dewormer (Th'Ferret)

CNN: Unvaccinated, unmasked teacher infected more than half of students in class with Covid-19

US airstrike targets Islamic State in Afghanistan after deadly Kabul airport attack

After Dark - Mr. Kitty

Looking for sign suggestions.

Why Are Police Unions Pushing Back Against Vaccine Mandates? - All In - MSNBC

No! No! Joe! You used the wrong Drone!

California man charged with attacking Capitol police had history of assaulting activists

I did a little research on batteries.

House panel seeks records from tech companies in riot probe

House panel seeks records from tech companies in riot probe

Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses

Did we ever find out why SDNY wanted extra security for today?

Metroid Dread - Trailer 2 - Nintendo Switch

Here's a new piece I just acquired for my converted Victorian era...

Florida averages 250 COVID deaths a day; children top infections, positivity rates

Greenland island is world's northernmost island - scientists

Katie Porter will take this issue on for the next two years I hope:

Sat. Aug. 28th: March On Voting Rights rallies

UK government to ban single-use plastic cutlery

Lets game out what the House Investigation will find out about the 1/6/21 Insurrection.

Don't believe the bullshit that people who are vaccinated aren't getting really sick

Clamoring for ivermectin, some turn to a pro-Trump telemedicine website

Rep. Swalwell tweeted "Obstruction of Justice" re Jim Banks (R)

Trampled By Turtles - Ain't No Use in Trying

Portraits of strangers n the subway

UGA professor resigns mid-class after student refuses to wear mask

Wait, What?

BREAKING: U.S. Hits ISIS Target In Afghanistan With "Over-The-Horizon" Drone Strike: DOD - TRMS

I don't know what sin I committed in this life or a past one to have this pop up on my Facebook feed

The Problem with the GOP

A 'serious reporter' challenged Jen Psaki about the first dog biting someone. She ridiculed him civi

Judge strikes Seattle homelessness measure from ballot

Here's a question ...

Loan forgiveness offered to more former ITT Tech students

State Fair attendence takes major hit on first day

Hunting theme no longer mandatory in US duck stamp contest

Police: Arizona family tried to kidnap woman over dishonor

****BREAKING**** U S Military conducts drone strike on Islamic State in Afghanistan

New Orleans - they have decided not to evacuate the hospitals.

JEALOUS Trump Makes Insane Bin Laden Comment

Model predicts 100,000 more COVID deaths unless U.S. changes its ways

Sack on ivermectin

Brother is coming over tomorrow and wants me to do some 'research'

Two local fetal deaths blamed on COVID-19

Brazil water survey heightens alarm over extreme drought

Brazil water survey heightens alarm over extreme drought

Interview with Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd Sends Tucker Carlson into BLIND RAGE!!!

How One Attorney General Avoided Prison, Stayed In Office After Fatal Crash - All In - MSNBC

NFL games today: Full preseason TV schedule

He Survived Two Tours in Afghanistan, But Died From a Treatable Illness Because Hospitals Were Overc

Is it wrong to think ...

The James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's next great observatory, passes final ground tests

The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist.

The Right-Wingers Who Admire the Taliban

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/27/21

Ivermectin can cause severe liver and/or kidney damage

Here are the identities of the 13 troops killed in Kabul suicide bombing released so far

Saw The Eagles tonight, didn't know Vince Gill had joined.

Business Insider: Inflation is cooling off just as economists, the Fed, and Biden expected

Howard Dean: Ron DeSantis is Even More Insane Than Trump: Donald Trump, thankfully is out of office.

Louie Gohmert Pushes Ivermectin as a Covid Treatment...

tweet: the greatest threat to american lives (and horses)

Hurricane IDA to hit NO LA as category 4 storm, 16 years to the day

Mary Trump Calls Out Right Wing Fixation On Black Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt - The ReidOut MSNBC

US Senate seat that is going to decide which political party controls the US Senate in 2022.

Connick, Jr, - Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Greta Van Fleet - Live at Red Rocks (September 24th, 2019)

Seth Meyers - Delta Airlines CEO Refuses to Refer to New COVID Variant as Delta - Monologue 8/26/21

German election: Far-right AfD outperforms competitors on social media

Bill Kreutzmann or Charlie Watts - the Best Band Drummer.

Late Summer Day

Ralph Reed is a shitty piece of work

Amazon Web Services disables ISIS propaganda website it had hosted since April

Where did this ivermectin obsession come from? Who could possibly benefit from it?

Never did I ever think I would see Twisted Sister as the voice of reason!

Charlie & Keith - Vale Charlie Watts

Governor Ron DeSantis has blood on his hands.

Governor Ron DeSantis has blood on his hands.

Iowans sue Gov. Kim Reynolds over canceled federal unemployment benefits

For future reference ...

senior discount -- and a dash of humor

New Facet Of Covid Crisis: Misguided People Taking Ivermectin Anti-Parasite Animal Drug - TRMS MSNBC

I am having flashbacks to Katrina. 16 years to the day........

U.S. Retaliates Against ISIS-K With Airstrike - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Democrats are going to end up with 51 US Senate seats after 2022.

You'll never leave Harlan alive


Tweet of the Day

We're seeing full-on cult behavior from republicans

Man Who Organized Anti-Mask Protests Now on Ventilator

Beware the Dragonborn comes.

'Demand is outpacing capacity' -- HFD responds to unprecedented number of 911 calls, majority COVID

Dr. Hotez: 'Pediatric hospitalizations are at an all-time high across the southern U.S.'

Two fetal deaths blamed on COVID-19 in Texas. Would-be mothers were unvaccinated.

Gosling - Stealing Stars

Racist remarks flood Telegram after interview with cop who shot Ashli Babbitt

Please put down the spear.

Don't Come Crying

Ah. Not all good news on DU, but it sure is nice to see no more turnip in the news on DU.

Photo series of Houston EMS responding to Covid calls

That Grand Prairie Cobra Is Still Out There

Germany's Social Democrats are polling ahead of Merkel's bloc for the first time in 15 years

UT students protest 'The Eyes of Texas' at Gone to Texas event

UT faculty petition for mask mandates in class to ensure greater safety measures

UT researchers create new technology to study tumor evolution

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - The Charlie Watts Quintet

cops doing good. insurance scammer surprised to find himself with $62 pedestrian ticket rather than

And now: A Message from Andrew Giuliani / twitter

Was W and Cheney attacked for letting 9-11 happen?

Medina ISD announces school closure due to coronavirus outbreak

The Daily Show - 20 years went by so fast

Lisbon Report - Woke Up Late Started Watching Joy Reid Fired Up My White Hot Hatred For Republicans

Never Have I Ever

I could very well be wrong- but we are filling up our gas tanks tomorrow

Sacrifice Your Children To Emperor God Tr***'s Death Cult - Republicans Command You

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is a Huge Win for North Dakota

Breakfast Saturday 28 August 2021

A really shite in the thick of it impression is literally our government

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hopkins: North Dakota's blue hydrogen will be green

Hopkins: North Dakota's blue hydrogen will be green

A dyslexic man walks into a bra

Suicide bombers. 220 Marines die. Reagan team ignored warnings. Republicans silent.

Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Told DOJ Investigators He Made Up Claims About Hillary Clinton's Emails...

Crazy comes to Fort Polk, Louisiana

Today in history: MLK's "I Have a Dream"

Today is the 58th Anniversary of MLK's

Bakken oil boom population growth captured in census count

On this date-

Louisiana braces for 'life-altering' Hurricane Ida

With climate change being a scientific fact, why do people still live in hurricane zones?

Welcome to America 🥺😭

The funniest Jerry Lewis interview ever, by Jiminy Glick (Martin Short) during a Labor Day Telethon

SSDD takes on different meaning,

If the orange axxhole and his extremist GOP bunch want to use Afghanistan

Speaker Pelosi was very smart to keep Jordan and Banks off the Committee.

Georgia School Official Responds to COVID Crisis With 'Tone Deaf' Blue Jeans Proposal

Pope replaces Australian bishop in alleged misconduct probe

Little Charlie and the Nightcats are an amazing band! Check 'em out:

Gay man in Kabul 'raped and beaten' by Taliban after being tricked into meeting

Come And Get Your Love

Russian state TV clearly trying to expand their audience to that 30% here in the US

'From Hero to Zero': Dickinson Nurses and supporters protest vaccine mandates

war pig logic

U. of GA Professor resigns mid-class when student refuses to mask up

A little something for "Republicans" to mull over:

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

On this day, August 28, 2003, Brian Wells died during a bank robbery, in a most unusual way.

Gov. Kristi Noem calls on House to impeach Jason Ravnsborg after judge finds AG guilty

Lafayette (LA) Mayor-President Guillory in will spend Covid-19 funds on infrastructure instead

Brookings' public works director indicted on embezzlement charge in Minnehaha County

"The incarcerated people in the Washington County jail were told the ivermectin was vitamins."

Hurricane Nora forms; on track to skirt along Mexico's coast

Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine--but no infection parties, please

I call bullshit! If this were true I'd be long dead by now! 😋🌭

I'm watching live satellite coverage of Hurricane Ida and I do not have a good feeling about it.

It is all so blooming pointless; it did not have to be this way...

Image from reddit of the coffins of the killed Marines & Sailor on their way home the🕯️

U.S. Central Command statement on counterterrorism strike on ISIS-K planner

National Religious Broadcasters group fires spokesman for making pro-vaccine statements

Going back into Afghanistan to get ISIS should not be so hard to do.

Desperate MSM going after Major Biden now

Since DeSantis Is Trying To Kill As Many Floridian's As Possible

U.S. Marine Nicole Gee In Kabul just days before she was killed in the suicide attack

Fourteen portable morgues on the way to Central Florida

Released body cam footage shows a LA cop putting knee on NBA player's neck

Gulf Coast DUers, keep safe, when you can, update us.

Why is walking so good for the brain? Blame on the "spontaneous fluctuations"

Re:Sirhan Sirhan

re: washington fire . more news acrege and containment area grows.

Taliban largely seal off Kabul airport as airlift winds down

Watermelon carving

COVID-19, ivermectin, and stupidity: A day in the life of a veterinarian

What's New? - Charlie Watts Quintet

Rudy claims to function better than 90% of the population

A bit of dis n' dat

From the sane Kennedys

Are you wine or milk?

Norm Ornstein: A solution to the voter ID standoff

Afghan refugees arrive at Dulles

American attitude on food.

➡️ LIVE at 10:55 am - Pentagon Press Briefing Aug. 28

Colorado congressman vows to 'Stop Redistricting' in farcical campaign pitch

Eric Clapton Appears Frustrated With Covid-19 Vaccine on New Song 'This Has Gotta Stop'

Tracking Hurricane Ida

It seems the Jan 6th insurrectionists are receiving the kid glove treatment from the justice system

Good Day DU (August 28, 2021)

Voyeurism at an Australian cafe

Rudy claims to do a better job dying his hair than 90% of the population. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE

Can America's COVID-Battered Commuter Rail Make a Comeback?

How reptiles in the city went from native species to urban legend

Weekend TOONs - What A Load

My favorite tweet of the day

The only good news re Ida - it is moving at 16mph - let's hope

Pentagon Press Briefing Aug. 28

'Today is it': Louisiana braces for a potential direct hit from treacherous Hurricane Ida on Sunday

Risk of Hospitalization Doubles With Delta Variant, Study Finds

A thread about Cyril Neville

In Retrospect...

Howard Dean calls DeSantis a 'lunatic' over handling of COVID-19

Florida judge rules DeSantis overreached on school mask mandate

US destroys CIA outpost outside Kabul airport to keep sensitive information away from Taliban

Cute little dog helps tired mom take off her shoes!

3893 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 55 deaths

Trump's Supreme Court just showed why court-packing is necessary to save U.S. democracy

I've checked in with most of my Louisiana folks.

A Florida teacher in a school district where 3 educators died in a single day slams Gov. DeSantis'

How the Delta Variant Infiltrated an Elementary School Classroom

Thousands to march on Washington in voting rights push

Climate denial newspaper flourishes on Facebook

Taking a stand against not the same as ..."Not Wearing A Mask"

Fact check: Georgia candidate Herschel Walker is a serial promoter of false 2020 conspiracy theories

Rand Paul Claims 'Hatred for Trump' Hindering Research Into Ivermectin as COVID Treatment

Borowitz strikes again!

'Several hundred' Americans are unsure whether to leave Afghanistan, US officials say

Maybe the BEST audience he could ever have!

Pentagon says two ISIS-K members killed in drone strike, updating from previous death toll

Stray Cat Goes From Street Puddles To Sweet Cuddles With His New Brother

'There is no room to put these bodies,' Alabama health official says, as Covid-19 deaths climb

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 55.

Obama's tan-suit-gate anniversary:

Schools not complying with COVID-19 mandates risk losing state funding

Charlie Kirk's on to something

Redistricting gets into gear Monday. Will South Dakota's new legislative district map look fair and

Jen Psaki talks over Peter Doocy's head and lands some truth bombs on the Fox News audience.

Anybody see the John Cox for Governor ad yet?

Unvaccinated 67 times more likely to die from COVID-19, adjusted data shows

As Sturgis rally clears, COVID cases, hospitalizations rise

Woman steals $105,000 -- gets probation

Woman steals $105,000 -- gets probation

Breach of voting system software connected to GOP efforts to challenge the results of the election

Afghanistan Is America's Worst Foreign Policy Debacle

Manifest Season 3 is now on Netflix and Season 4 just announced. Yay!

Tucker Carlson's Ugly Feud With Eric Swalwell Has Sucked in Family

Jen Psaki lays waste to 'Genius Reporter' suggesting an uninformed option out of Afghanistan...

Cartoons 8/28/2021

At least one COVID case linked to Arlington basketball event

NYPD Dispatches Dozens Of Officers, Helicopter To Corner Graffiti Artist In Greenpoint

EV tax credits are just the start. EV subsidies may come next

Ok, ok, let's use vaccination, natural immunity, AND treatments like Regeneron

Wisconsin school board member says families will 'become spoiled' with free lunch program

TFG insists he would have stopped the ISIS-K bombing at Kabul airport but kept calling the terror

(Pa) "They fed me through my stomach for weeks --" COVID-afflicted resident

"They fed me through my stomach for weeks --" COVID-afflicted resident

China protests US Navy, Coast Guard ships in Taiwan Strait

Rev. Jesse Jackson Moved to Rehab Center After COVID-19 Diagnosis While His Wife, Jacqueline, Is

Here's a feel good story for Saturday morning.

Salvadorans protest over country's plans to use Bitcoin

Stop talking about impeachment and bring US troops home from Afghanistan, Sen. Graham

Does the FDA think these data justify the first full approval of a covid-19 vaccine?

Covid, Intubation Change USD Student's Mind on Vaccine

Is refusing to heed warnings an American thing? Is the concept of "American freedom"

Facebook LIVE at 1PM: Rashida and Bernie Town Hall Aug 28

Kevin McCarthy seemingly can't make up his mind on whether he wants U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Japan planes on standby near Afghanistan for evacuation, say officials

Let's talk about civilians, equipment, troops in that order....

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott can't enforce mask mandate ban, he argues in court

Costco run today: major North east city. Appeared to be about 95% masked.

Authoritarian Cults: Disengagement, Denial, and Saving Face

Grand Isle LA beach cams to check as IDA approaches

NOAA buoys I'm watching for Hurricane Ida

new arrivals at dulles airport

Ok I am officially pissed off

Clarissa Ward's chilling interview with ISIS-K leader

March On For Voting Rights - Washington D.C. - Aug. 28, 2021

Hopeful observation from a tending to be red(dish) area - recent shopping trips

I don't know, I have mixed feelings about this.

Doctor advising DeSantis promoted ivermectin to treat COVID-19 despite FDA warnings

Liverpool vs Chelsea on now

Where I live:

The Media Myth of 'Once Prosperous' and Democratic Venezuela Before Chavez

Williamson County, TN: Doctor tries to advocate for vax, has to hear about Kabul, tyranny

Sanders Pitches $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill to Thousands at Indiana Town Hall

Rescued Afghan family steps off the plane in Belgium

TCM tomorrow:

Found on FB

Contributed in the past, just initiated a regular contribution, for info:

I'm headed to a 'catch up' gathering with a bunch of double vaccinated very careful friends

surviving a zombie apocalypse cardio

House rooster is very eager to see his wife every morning!

My iPhone just got run over by a truck

Question about covid boosters

Media Rediscover Afghan Women Only When US Leaves

Al Sharpton speaking now at the Voting Rights Rally n/t

A Detailed Evaluation Of The Kraken Sanctions Decision

Veteran dies of treatable illness as COVID fills hospital beds

Milo Yiannopoulis is latest covid-stricken ivermectin user

Dallas police officers placed on leave over alleged involvement in pyramid scheme

The worse you do on this quiz the older you are:

Injured in Haiti Quake at High Risk of Infection, Amputation

"Donald Trump's recounting of his 2020 conversation with a Taliban leader is something else"

We're Librarians, and we're here to help

'Superstar' dog retires after six years of donating rare blood

Silvia Perez Cruz: "Manana"

Mask mandates and political opportunists who are wasting taxpayers money.

Idea for new shot for the Covid era.

Prosecutors announce 101-person indictment in connection to stolen cell phone trafficking conspiracy

I'm so glad I live in Michigan!

when you google cool animals

U.S. blocks Chinese solar panel imports over forced labor concerns

U.S. Marine Nicole Gee

Most Voters Want Fossil Fuel Companies To Pay Up For Climate Damage

Has Gov. Abbott recommended that all Texans go to Galveston beaches yet, with their

Taliban block Kabul airport to most as foreign airlifts wane

Brian Stelter props up Politico puff piece about Trump propagandist Michael Caputo

Last night at Miami Int'l Airport. Another FL anti-masker covidiot. (Strong language).

I'm heartbroken. How can people be so cruel?

Biden warns that new attack is 'highly likely' as evacuations slow.

Why isn't assisted suicide legal for the elderly...

Hundreds of British soldiers died during the evacuation of Dunkirk

Caravaggio's Taking of Christ: Great Art Explained

Good Morrow! Marylanders age12+ can get a #COVID vaccine

Fact check: Georgia candidate Herschel Walker is a serial promoter of false 2020 conspiracy theories

Something I learned this month.

Drone Strike Against ISIS-K Killed 2 High-Profile Targets, Pentagon Says

Pastor Fired for Promoting Vaccines

Unvaccinated, unmasked teacher spreads Covid-19 to elementary school students, CDC reports

Elizabeth Holmes Plans To Accuse Ex-Boyfriend Of Abuse At Theranos Fraud Trial

Best way to get connectivity on the road for a Windows laptop WITHOUT a smartphone?

Sanders, Tlaib, Dingell push for infrastructure improvements, environmental justice in Metro Detroit

'The most distant quarter moon of the year

Great Article About A Home Restoration Near Me

Rescue Pig Runs To Her Dad When He Calls Her Name

3,540,353 ballots returned so far. Dems are still doing pretty well. 2 more weeks to go.

'Jeopardy!' host Mayim Bialik gets renewed criticism for her vaccine stance and brain supplement ads

Makes sense

I'd like to see two new national holidays.

Lightning inside Hurricane Ida looks like fireworks

Rivian Prepares IPO, Seeking $80 Billion Valuation

Covid Milestones

The Republican pandemic response is breaking my brain

Tweet of the Day

Officials decided against evacuating New Orleans hospitals despite Ida's threat.

Nicks & Buckingham - Frozen Love

Try not to think about this.

Red Wolf Pups Share Howls and Kisses With Mom

58 Years After Historic Rally, Thousands March on Washington for Voting Rights, DC Statehood

Hurricane Ida 4:00 p.m. update: Sustained winds 105 mph, pressure 976 mb & deepening

Mask hurt facey

KC & The Sunshine Band - Do You Wanna Go Party

So Monica Lewinsky is cashing in

The likely number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is between 51 to 53.

I just don't get the resistance to masks or vaccines anymore. I understood it at first, but

Select committee committee wants to see Texas AG Ken Paxton's communications w/ Trump admin

President Biden is Briefed on the Ongoing Preparations for Hurricane Ida

Acosta: Kabul was a moment for national unity. And yet ...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Looks like the anti-masker in San Angelo died

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 28, 2021

FLASHBACK: Reagan condemns Beirut bombing, 241 Marines dead. Oct. 23, 1983

Who knew? 🤔😳

Tweet from a horse:

Another COVID Promoter Dead

If we disagree on the issues, that's fine -- get up, make your case, win the votes!

Eric Clapton goes there...

Police captain refused vaccine, took ivermectin, dies from COVID-19

Jesse Jackson has been moved to a rehabilitation center. Jacqueline has been moved to the ICU

DeSantis Touts COVID 'Success' As 'Bodies Pile Up'

Covid question for those who follow the stats

40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River. It's Drying Up Fast.

2 Black men say they were handcuffed returning a TV to Walmart, sue company

Newsflash - God Will Not Protect You From Covid 19 At All Ever

Trumpists live in an alternate reality -- but they believe in it, and that's terrifying

"Doctors are doing CPR in the back of pickup trucks."

Asked my unvaxed friend

Space startup Astra aims to reach orbit for the 1st time today. Here's how to watch live.

Veteran dies from gallstones because they can't get him a bed!

A doctor who advised Florida Gov. DeSantis on COVID-19 promoted horse dewormer ivermectin to treat t

Video animation: Storm surge as high as nine feet possible along the Northern Gulf Coast.

2 unvaccinated child daycare center employees were found dead at home from COVID-19 on the same day

2,352 Dead over 3 administrations including Biden

Judge Blocks Mother's Shared Custody over COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal: Report

Over 160 Students at a Christian College Accusing NC Rep. Madison Cawthorn of Sexual Harrassment

Mom's March on Washington Mementos (this day, Aug. 28, 1963)

Stuart Scheller: US Marine officer relieved of command after criticizing Afghanistan withdrawal

A Texas man who protested against face masks will be transferred to hospice after being hospitalized

Well, things just took a turn for the worse with that young family I wrote about a few days ago.

Tampa Bay schools see 10,000 COVID cases three weeks into the new year

It's been a few years since "George Dubya" and his pal "Brownie" screwed up New Orleans.

Legal experts welcome sanctions of pro-Trump lawyers, say more needed

I wonder if there were any objections to vaccinations of small pox & polio?

My theory is that COVID is caused by a-holes

Woman who hid 26 kids behind false wall at day care guilty

Potential Retiring Democratic US Senators in 2024 and their likely replacements.

Bolsonaro Says that Hydroelectric Plants May Stop Working and Appeals to Brazilians to Save Energy

Thousands gather in Olympia to protest Washington's vaccine, mask mandates

Hurricane watch in Michoacan, Jalisco as Tropical Storm Nora strengthens

$2M all-glass house on Grosse Ile faces the Detroit River and Canada

White House rallies private industry in cyber battle

Raise your hands...

Tallahassee Hospital Staff Share Heartbreaking Stories of 'Talking Dead' Covid Patients...

'The beginning of cable news' - nonsequitur cartoon

It All Comes Crashing Down On Republicans As 1/6 Attacker Says He Was Incited By T----

Saw pic of bunch of capture Hummers. I wonder how many miles average will ever be put

Animation from the Weather Channel about possible storm surges. Please heed evacuation orders.⚠️

The Oldest Myth in the World - the Ice Age Hellhound

"My 2015 study about chicken viruses shouldn't be used as a reason avoid a Covid-19 shot"

Video from Caleb Wallace (deceased) saying science says you can live with covid...

$5 Trillion in possible Infrastructure and nothing for Social Security?

Sanders, Tlaib hold presser on climate justice FULL (The Hill)

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Travers Stakes

Arizona Republicans have a long history of making themselves look bad

another anti masker dies from covid

A type of group-think, where they are unable to think independently?

DeSantis Locks Down Florida After Spread Of Covid Vaccination Gets Out Of Hand

Ida coming on the 16th Anniversary of Katrina.

Sign spotted in Austin, Texas:

Had a surprise visit from my son this past week

Yoyoka (11) tries her hand at 'Don't Look Back in Anger' by Oasis (1 month ago)

"We're going to lose New Orleans"

Tiger says let me sleep for a few more minutes..

I wonder how many "anti-maskers" fail to put on seat belts when they drive...Yes, I know I have

Somebody anybody

14 portable morgues on way to Central Florida: 'Number of deaths right now is unprecedented'

I need a good and *free* password manager - not a "free preview" offer. Can you help?

Climate change and politics

Hawaii - Ongoing surge sets new record highs for COVID cases, deaths; space low at Oahu's morgue

Government set to ban single-use plastic plates and cutlery in England