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Archives: August 29, 2021

Keith brings us a scoop on Peter Baker's source for criticism of Biden/Afghanistan.

Alex Berenson suspended from Twitter

Covidiots rally at Minnesota State Capital

Who will be the next Speaker of the US House of Rep. when Pelosi,Hoyer,and Clyburn retire?

Open Our Eyes Toward Our Greatest Ally

Does the Hard Right believe COVID is a parasite?

What is the source of the bullshit

Why does the political party that has made abortion a litmus test condone mass slaughter of kids?

Cable news 'experts' critical of Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal are on the defense industry dole

Medicine For Horses, It's Lame (Parody of "Horse With No Name" by America) - Rocky Mountain Mike

Regarding Ashli Babbitt breaking into the Capitol

Piglets get adopted to Asher House:

Covid claims the lives of four Miami police officers.

Great Lakes swelter.

***Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy!!!

Maskless in Miami.

Freedom Defender Caleb Wallace Martyred by Covid - Local article memorializing the POS

My brother's BIG cats

Sorry didn't do better than this today,

Woman shows how she wakes up her deaf puppy!

As if we are not suffering enough from

Even Mr. Ed says Ivermectin is only for deworming horses.

January 6th Committee Seeking Communications Records From Certain Members Of Congress - Ring of Fire

Aww, David. Mike.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are favored to win.

Fill in the blank: My first taste of an alcoholic beverage was ___________.

Deleted for security reasons.

Texas officially becomes Gilead

Yes - Love Will Find a Way

George Duke Feat. Lynn Davis - I Want You For Myself

Karen Angry About Spoons

Here's a useful website for the families of those who won't take the vaccine:

The Click being wholesome?

The Alan Parsons Project - Don't Let It Show

Gino Vannelli - Brother To Brother

Fire and Flood

marianne faithful-broken english

I quit watching football for a few years, but I'm back

Pro-life (The Lincoln Project)

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Moonshot

Placebo - Running Up That Hill

Great Performances. Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy. Ch. 26

'They don't come for us': Haitians face agonising wait for help after quake

Mary Trump discusses her book "The Reckoning" and healing from the trauma caused by her uncle Donald

Hundreds protest Washington Gov. Inslee's vaccine mandate

Republican election audits have led to voting system breaches, experts say

The Hooters - All You Zombies

Forrest Compton, who played Marine Lt. Col. Edward Gray on "Gomer Pyle: U.S.M.C."...

Election victory, death or prison: Bolsonaro names his three alternatives for 2022

'Mini-Neptunes' beyond solar system may soon yield signs of life

Is this a threat? (FB image)

'No room to put these bodies,' Alabama health official says

Egypt dig uncovers 2,300-year-old settlement in Alexandria

Monoclonal antibodies are great but they are no substitute for vaccinations

Tweet of the night:

Ruins of great significance to ancient Shu civilization excavated in China's Chengdu

So I guess the main question to be answered....

U.S. judge set to rule on Native American request to block Nevada mine

Went to the Van Gogh Immersive Experience

5,500-year-old houses, tombs found in Turkey's Arslantepe

Biden's Afghanistan Deadline Looms Closer - The Week With Joshua Johnson

Fossil Friday: ancient roots show how trees came to be

Roman Circus exhibit explores Colchester's connection with cult

Men and women of Roman Herculaneum had different diets, new research shows

WTF is it with CNN and their non stop attacks on Biden?

Marc Bernier a prominent anti-vaxxer and conservative radio show host has died.

Americans Told to Leave Kabul Airport

I received the Pfizer booster vax on Thursday morning at Walgreens

I am starting to lose count of these people

"Owning the Libs"

My sister and bro-in-law are morons

Let's Get Medieval!

A strange observation

Charlie Watts Interview on LATER with Bob Costas

Val di Sole downhill mountain bicycle race in Italy. Really excellent narration of the course.

Watch the Rolling Stones' tribute to Charlie Watts - video

Who remembers ....BLACK AND WHITE TV?...

Why Afghanistan Is Impossible to Conquer - RealLifeLore

ABBAtars: AᗺBA releasing new tracks on Friday 3 September

Who radicalized Ashli Babbitt?

Phish: Divided Sky, 8/16/96

Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquillity)

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Holyday of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 29 August

while anti vaxxers fill Hawaii ER's they also staging a hissy fit rally in waikiki...

This mass psychosis

Anytime is always a good time for some 'Rhenish'. Then some Davydov Cello.

COVID surge creates shortage of hospital ICU beds

Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom NYT Opinion

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Hey Psychic's take up this challenge

The R9X laser targeted missile is nicknamed the "flying Ginsu" or "Ninja bomb"

Bill Clinton is being played by Clive Owen

Statement by President Joe Biden on the Evacuation Mission in Kabul

The Original Cowboys

DeathSantis signs are springing up

Bo Diddley

A majority of the Maryland Senate called on the State Board of Education

CosmicSkeptic asks the question. Could God be evil?

TFG rallies were super spreader events and killed a good number of TFG's supporters

Playing For Change La Bamba

Be My Baby- The Ronettes

Sidney Powell To Face Texas State Bar Investigation--Potentially Leading To Her Disbarment

FACT: Paul Gosar is a white nationalist. Pass it on.

Republican Grifters Get DEBUNKED - Rebel HQ

Sunday ☀️ Sunday Baroque

What did President George Washington do about smallpox ? He followed SCIENCE....

Five O'Clock World - The Vogues

Lookit this lil chickin!

Unintended consequences-TX GOP Voter suppression bill may hurt GOP more than Democrats

You Don't Own Me- Dusty Springfield

How the hell do you deal with a CAT 4 hurricane in the midst of a Pandemic!!!

Eating Oreos at 1:31 AM

It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones

Kabul airlift in final phase as US warns of more attacks - Latest Update - Al Jazeera Breakdown

Ida is now officially a CAT 4 storm

Cocteau Twins - Crushed

Throwing Muses - Fish

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt played by Harpo Marx

Tommy Roe - Dizzy

Tommy Roe - Sweet Pea

Tommy Roe - Sheila

Tweet of the early morning:

On The Turning Away - Pink Floyd

Albany's bus station shows our transportation caste system

⚠️ Hurricane Ida Forecast Track ⚠️ spaghetti models and satellite ⚠️

Unvaccinated teacher infected half her students with Covid, CDC finds

Life Can Be So Nice - Prince - Pop Life, Gs Bs NYC 1986

Renter begs for help after finding landlord living in her garden shed of her newly rented home

☦ The Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith and Theology

livestream new orleans (update: weather getting bad)

"What the 7 stages of severe COVID-19 look like on the front line"

Pastor Fired for Promoting COVID Vaccine on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'

38 years after death, iconic Motown bass player James Jamerson gets a proper headstone

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Potluck Surprise Edition

Almost 600 Louisiana sites with toxic chemicals lie in Hurricane Ida's path

Hurricane Ida: Stay safe everyone in its path!

Hurricane Ida rapidly intensifies into dangerous Category 4

Dinah Washington was born on this date.

Charlie Parker was born on this date.

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, August 29, 2021

Ida intensifies overnight into catastrophic Cat 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds.

Over in the atheists group the question was raised about God being evil...

COVID's Still Here Because "All Lives Matter" is a Lie

Breakfast Sunday 29 August 2021

Lee's Discount Liquor founder, Hae Un Lee, dies at 79

Surprise, panic, and fateful choices: The day America lost its longest war.

Tornado watches and warnings across several states

Good News Network: The first modern motorcycle patented on August 29, 1885

Those in the path of Hurricane Ida....

why have you people been keeping this from me?

This is what happens when a bunch of sycophantic tossers get the top jobs for kissing breixt butt

What's with the high interest rates on credit cards?

Go Delta!

Doonesbury - Routine Survey

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is the Hero Democrats Need

Kid Rock has canceled his upcoming shows as more than half his band has tested positive for COVID

Who's a good boy???

It's just a very small comfort in the face of unspeakable loss, but...

President & Dr Biden are on the way to Dover this morning, 8:30 am

Georgia professor bucks administrators to order masks in classrooms

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after border protests

It's been a jewel': Oasis Fresh Market quenching thirst in food desert

Trump's lawyers used his tactics to spread disinfo. Now they're paying for it.

Running Out Of Chalk

On this day, August 29, 1944, troops of the 28th Infantry Division marched down the Champs Elysees

Stroke of genius?

Hunterdon County 4H Fair last night.

So, if Noem believes in freedom so much that masks won't...

It's Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight...

Human life first, but oh the animals in LA...

Neil Young Says Covid-Era Concerts Are Irresponsible: "These Are Super-Spreader Events"

EU to Reimpose Entry Ban on Travellers From US & 5 Other Third Countries on Monday, Sources Say

Bay Area couple stuck in Italy: How husband's breakthrough COVID case could cost them $10,000

Ivermectin to be investigated as a possible treatment for COVID-19 in Oxford's PRINCIPLE trial

Activist Reminds MSNBC Host Who's Holding Up Voting Rights Legislation

No Masks, Vax Proof to See Matches at Full-Capacity US Open

Rocket strike reported amid Kabul attack warning

3 Seconds

Biden heads to Delaware today to honor U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan, White House says

Just saw the photos from my class reunion. Indoors and not a mask in sight

Raddatz & Sasse tag teamed to blast Biden, joined by Jon Karl

Robert Reich: "So let me get this straight. . ."

Don't let this sweet face fool you. She's a well practiced ESCAPE ARTIST!!

...such a specific and sexist slur

Pete Buttigieg's book "Shortest Way Home"

Reporter punched in face while covering anti-mask event near Traverse City

"Horses wandering through a MAGA neighborhood searching for their missing meds."

28 people have decided to stay on Grand Isle, LA, ground zero for Hurricane Ida.

Photos Of The Actual Homes Presidents Moved To After Their Presidency

Wayne County issues mask mandate for schools, daycare centers as COVID-19 risk remains high

The ghosts of Afghan conflicts past

A police captain who refused the vaccine and took the anti-parasitic ivermectin to combat COVID-19 d

US airstrike hits suicide bomber targeting airport

United States carries out strike against 'credible threat' in Kabul.

The arrogance, hubris and hypocricy of religion will kill you

You Never Give Me Your Money

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter at home (photo)

Fantastic--"Fantastic Fungi" on Netflix

If you look at the history of fascism in Europe, and how hitler came into power we

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro says he will be killed, arrested or re-elected

Stop second-guessing the withdrawal from Afghanistan

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro says he will be killed, arrested or re-elected

Doctor who promoted ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment has advised Florida's governor

Momma bringing home the groceries

The Taliban agrees to allow safe passage for those fleeing Afghanistan after Aug. 31

Angry Eyes - LIVE - Loggins and Messina

How a kitten claims a human

Posting from New Orleans

Gov. Reeves: Mississippians 'Less Scared' of COVID Due to 'Belief In Eternal Life'

Good Day DU (August 29, 2021)

When a picture speaks a thousand words.......

Five Decades Later, Medicare Might Cover Dental Care

Woman On Reliable Sources Just Said They Had To Take Out 12,000 Journalists


A Reminder About America's Labor Force and The Unions That Support Them

98 Countries Pledge to Accept Afghans After U.S. Military Departs

MAGA Election Clerk Tina Peters Accused of Not Counting Ballots in Local Races

Tweet of (fill in the blank).

Did you know Jimmy Carter is a winemaker?

Found this comic that explains RW media coverage of Dems in general

College indoctrination.....

Grand Isle, LA has about 40 people who will ride out Ida

Parents plan protests over Sarasota mask mandate


GA school official responds to covid crisis with tone deaf blue jeans proposal

What have we done?

feminism 101- recommend a book or movie

Why COVID-19 Makes It Hard To Remain Friends With Our Anti-Vaccine Phoebe Buffays

U.S. Kills Suicide Bombers in Kabul, U.S. Official Says

Grand Isle, Louisiana minutes before station went offline.

Alexandria to Honor Suffragists Tortured at Occoquan Workhouse

From NOLA....this is the 16th anniversary Katrina!

This is what's called Reputation Laundering

Their city is diverse, but the medical scene isn't. They're trying to change that.

My gmail reply to an old friend who sent me anti-vax propaganda:

A friend texted me suggesting I gas up. I asked why, then

Health officials sticking with 8-month COVID booster shot timeline: Fauci

Ancho peppers

Anxious tenants await assistance as evictions resume

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 31: Summer Under the Stars: Fredric March

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul so quickly fearing execution by the Taliban that aides who

As Afghanistan crumbles, Turkey's airstrikes set up the next disaster

She said she missed me !

'A decision no parent should ever have to make': Families are suing over mask mandate bans

Osprey's still HERE!!!

As someone living on the gulf coast I feel for the people in Louisiana.

Refusing to Get Vaccinated Is Turning Into an Expensive Choice

Blinken says US has 'significant leverage' to ensure Taliban make good on commitments

Can Democrats Stand Acquitted By History? Yes We Can.

Joe Biden to Dover AFB to observe the dignified transfer of our dead military

Republican election audits have led to voting system breaches, experts say. Feature or bug?

Florida man goes crazy in Miami Airport

Covid surge and a new job.

MAGA rioter who pushed barriers into cops gets ID'd by his sister's husband: sheriff's investigator

2090 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 8 deaths

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 29, 2021?

Jim Jordan Busted For Multiple Calls With Trump On 1/6

Alanis and Willie

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 1

The maximum amount of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 54.

This Grand Isle surge cam is stunning.

Divisive issue brewing:

Morans on parade!

Inaugural Five Moons Dance Festival Honors Oklahoma's Native American Ballerinas.

Sherrod Brown should run for Governor against Mike DeWine.

Why is the Honor Guard at Dover wearing fatigues?

Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall in Louisiana as a Category 4 Storm

UK: Secret army of 200 ex-soldiers plotting attacks on vaccine centres

A Restored Vermeer Painting Reveals a Hidden Cupid Artwork Hanging in the Background

Very happy to report that my niece has take the responsible choice and won't take a kitten

US says drone kills IS bombers targeting Kabul airport

Hurricane weathermen -Where is Anderson Cooper

Republican memes about 'sleepy Joe' are fake. (never believe anything Republicans say)

President Biden Participates in Dignified Transfer at Dover Air Force Base

Floating wind turbines could open up vast ocean tracts for renewable power

Near the point of Ida's landfall late this morning at Grand Isle LA... video from Christie Angelette

Forget the Alamo review: dark truths of the US south and its 'secular Mecca'

Cartoons 8/29/2021

Stray Kitten Enters The Police Station And Refuses To Leave

Snohomish County fire unions rail against vaccine mandate

Ed Asner, legendary actor, activist and philanthropist, passed away peacefully Sunday morning

Parents, students asking Webster Groves School District to let girls wear crop tops

Tiny Rescue Kitten Refuses To Leave Baby Sister's Crib

Kevin McCarthy Demands Democrats Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Him

Advice to our boys on marriage

Inaugural Five Moons Dance Festival Honors Oklahoma's Native American Ballerinas.

How much impact could Sturgis rally have on COVID caseload?

so...watching Weather Channel's coverage of Ida....

Ex-Republican BLISTERS Madison Cawthorn and GOP: stupidity, narcissism

Attention Anti-Vax Christians

Tennessee school district parents planning a 'sick out' to up the pressure on COVID-19 safety

What do we want? Our de-wormer! When do we want it? Now!

Where Did Viruses Come From?

Check out the six-pack

There's chaos and risk in Afghanistan exit, but Biden critics are getting it mostly wrong

How North Carolina became a laboratory for the GOP's subversion of democracy

200 JBLM Army soldiers to train, help fight northern California fire

Gov. Ron DeSantis' statements about Florida's COVID death rate get renewed scrutiny

Major Hurricane Ida explosively intensifies overnight GMA

'You f**king did this': Liz Cheney rips Jim Jordan after Capitol riot

First, surges in Covid-19 infections led to shortages of hospital beds and staff. Now it's oxygen

Violent MAGA rioter arrested near Ashli Babbitt shooting had been out on parole

What was the first computer you used to access email?

War Hungry Republicans Want To Impeach Biden For Withdrawing From Afghanistan

Back in school two days, already exposed to covid

Ed Asner, Emmy-Winning 'Lou Grant' Star, Dies at 91

A List of Several Hundred Old Radio Shows of the 40s....I didn't know there was such a list...

Last night: Another Florida anti-masker moran.....

If ignorance is bliss ...

Want to see a hint of winter? It's still summer in the Northern Hemisphere,

Rep. Auchincloss Reacts To GOP Criticism Of Biden's Handling Of Afghanistan

TFG called WW 1 dead at an American military cemetery in France "losers" and "suckers" in 2018

No Empty Greene did NOT crash a little girls Princess party 🎈

Two sets of photos: The Before shots, and the After post-processing shots in B&W:

President Biden is at FEMA headquarters in DC right now

Remember, TCM later: 6:00 pm Casablanca (1942)

LIVE at 2 PM CT - Bernie Sanders Town Hall - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

LIVE at 2 PM CT - Bernie Sanders Town Hall - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Thirteen Silver Dollars

A perfect example of Sunday News Programs & Military Industrial Complex edging us to wars even now!

☦ Orthodox Christian Church: 'Light A Virtual Candle'

After decades of near silence from the CDC, the agency's director is speaking up about gun violence

Many vax lax still don't get the risk of transmitting to others and being seen as schmucks for life

Ha! Just had another great laugh after a conversation with a GOPer!

President Biden: dealing with Covid, Afghanistan, now Ida

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

Covid & erectile dysfunction:

Just discovered the best collective noun ever (e.g., a murder of crows, a clowder of cats, etc.):

Rubin: Biden tells some hard truths few want to hear

Talented skateboarder performs mad tricks--the best one is at the end:

Before & after security camera footage from Fire Station #12 in Delacroix within a 1 hour time span

Facebook exchange with a RWer:

Ed Asner has passed; truly one of the great ones

Biden Remarks at FEMA - Hurricane Ida

RIP Ed Asner.

Charlie Watts: Married 57 years and a dog lover!

Incumbent Republican US Senators likely to lose re-election in 2022,2024,and 2026.

Tableware set designed by Salvador Dali, 1957

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 30 August 2021

"37 states still have laws that criminalize *exposure* to HIV."

Just got a robocall from Youngkin

Wolf Parents' Quality Time Gets Hijacked by the "Kids"

Gosling - Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)

Whatta fuckin' country. Glad Joe Biden Leads It

To Eric Clapton...your music finally ( ... )'s fill in the blank...

a lebowski musical guarantee for my fellow americana fans ... this dude is damn good

DeSantis posted 38 tweets... touting monoclonal antibodies. He's posted 0 promoting vaccines

The GOP's New Definition of Freedom

Only in New Orleans (on Twitter)

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 29, 2021

'When the bell rings, you're in my hallway': Video shows school employee punching a 7th-grader

Florida: Don't retire there - they'll kill you

I just found out my ex had wanted to die and was prepared for it when I saw him in rehab. He was 88.

Jason Drew The Short Straw At CNN

A quote by Thomas Paine:

President Biden hands a Presidential Challenge coin to a member of the Dignified transfer team

No sex jokes please

From Australia: Fox and the Big Lie - doc about how Fox News is a threat to Democracy

This: Jose Andres, feet on the ground.

Nurses Refusing Vaccinations Vex Hospital Leaders

Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance Gets Outed As A Rust Belt Fraud

Biden aide: US has capacity to evacuate remaining Americans

Hey Reuters, why this pic of Fauci for your tweet?

The minimum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 50-52 seats.

Yikes. But great graphics at the CBC. Liberals losing steam.

anybody use California Pet Pharmacy?

A letter from a horse: Please stop taking ivermectin to treat COVID-19!!...

update on washington fire . 50% contained at this time .

What a sad day. They're all gone except for Betty.

Anyone watching the limited series Clikbait. I

Joe McCarthy was never defeated -- and Donald Trump now leads the movement he created

J. Capehart -"If you don't care about the rest of us - why should we are about you?"

Here's one method of decluttering to consider...

Ed Asner, actor who twice had the role of a lifetime as newsman Lou Grant, dies at 91

Why is it the four most dilapidated homes in my

ABC Australia: Fox and the Big Lie - doc about how Fox News is a threat to Democracy: pt 1

Vaccine Refusers Don't Get to Dictate Terms Anymore

Rufus, Martha, Lucy and Loudon Wainwright performing Loudon's "One Man Guy:"

Well nobody said anti vaxxers were intelligent

Hillary Clinton has been arranging flights for at-risk women and children to leave Afghanistan.

Another Grifter: Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, relieved of duty after publicly bashing Sec. Def

Ida's winds are still 130mph despite being on land for a few hours

IDA tears off roof and snaps pole while guy is filming nearby

My cleavage and London Britches fallin' down all at the same time.

Lindsey Graham repeats impeachment call for former friend Joe Biden

States With Large Black Populations Are Stingier With Government Benefits

Haiti earthquake barely made a blip on us news

What I learned about freedom, individual liberty, and personal choice at a VERY YOUNG AGE.

Come on Canada. Don't go down the rabbit hole.

Does anyone have any experience with an outfit called science direct?

Macron/UK tweet regarding Kabul:

The author of this tweet died tonight, as a result of covid-19.

When We First Talked

Large tree uprooted and topped onto home in Morgan City, LA. / short video in tweet

New Rule: The Lesson of Afghanistan Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Sinatra & Elvis Duet

'What Will Happen to Me?' An Uncertain Future Awaits Afghans Who Fled (NYT)


Kuo: iPhone 13 to support LEO satellite communication, allowing users to make phone calls and send..

subject lines aren't changing color after I view a thread today EDIT

MAGA Election Clerk Tina Peters Accused of Not Counting Ballots in Local Races

My mother's husband is being intubated today

So The Hill is ready to call an election that is a year and a half away?

emptywheel: Two FBI Agents Were Palling Around with Alleged January 6 Leader Joe Biggs

The Ginger Jake poisonings

A conversation with a Soviet Afghan War vet

RIP Ed Asner,

Alexandria to Honor Suffragists Tortured at Occoquan Workhouse

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

Goldfish Crackers

Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Reggae Giant and Dub Pioneer, Dead at 85

Jordan Klepper the Daily Show: conspiracy nuts in NY City.

CNN: 2,400 FEMA staffers ready to assist with Hurricane Ida impact

Sunset in Louisiana is in about an hour...

16 years ago in China, I met a future MAGAT, at the time he called himself a Neocon.

Ed Asner, the Iconic Lou Grant on Two Acclaimed TV Series, Dies at 91

Anybody else seeing these tRump signs popping up?

Do You Love

St. Thomas GOP Chair Gisela Castro Medina Arrested In Florida On Sex Trafficking Charges

Levee in Plaquemines Parish New Orleans is overtopping. Stay safe.

3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid

Chinese university appears to ask for lists of LGBTQ+ students for 'investigation'

Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

Russian government moves to repress opposition in run-up to elections

It's Now Or Never - Elvis

Craig Whitlock: The Afghanistan Papers Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

My 3rd e-form/email today to ABC over RADDATZ - she's been at it all day

Several Arizona Legislators Are Headed To Vegas -- For A QAnon Conference

"Look, Mommy. I hatched!"

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 42

Shall we start calling those who take dewormer

Only You Know And I know.

New COVID variant detected in South Africa, most mutated variant so far

New COVID variant detected in South Africa, most mutated variant so far

Ed Asner on David Letterman discussing politics

'Power Team' from Memphis deployed to help Hurricane Ida relief efforts in Louisiana

Finding election fraud where the Cyber Ninjas failed

Trump is BEGGING his Rich Friends for Money

Belief in 'Eternal Life' Why Southerners Don't Fear Covid

6 mysterious structures hidden beneath the Greenland ice sheet

The minimum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 50.

Local natural foods store - NO MASKS!!

The Temptations- My Girl

The messaging on masks and vaccines has been weak to say the least.

Senate Democrats Face An Unfamiliar Campaign Problem: Major Primaries

In the imitable words of Mick Dundee, 'That's not a king, this is a king'

Another conspiracy theorist dies from COVID-19, former CIA officer Robert David Steele