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Archives: August 3, 2021

So, if I go on TV and give bad medical advice that causes people to die, is that legally actionable?

TKaiser Permanente mandates COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees and physicians

CNN The Situation Room - Sen. Bernie Sanders on the looming infrastructure vote

Gas prices start to plateau, experts say drop should come soon

Tucker Carlson Summers With Viktor Orban, Touted As Speaker At Budapest Far-right Gathering

New York state teacher's union opposes staff vaccine mandates

Kaiser Permanente will require all of its physicians and employees to get vaccinated

The Tuckster is in Budapest for the week-Lessons from Viktor?

White House sends memo to Democrats touting polling on infrastructure deal

Appeals court sides with Indiana University on vaccine mandate

Just returned from the store and was pleasantly surprised

Biden taps lawyer to help rescind Trump immigration policy

The belated realization that Covid will be 'a long war' sparks anger and denial

Therapy Dog Driving Around in Her Red Convertible

Several W MI counties at 'substantial risk' as COVID-19 cases tick up again

Dreams I'll Never See - Molly Hatchet

Yellow Ledbetter: Misheard Lyrics

my county had 124 new c19 cases today.

Louisiana's largest hospital runs out of beds due to surging Covid-19 infections.

GOOD NEWS! Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations do NOT give you the "Mark of the Beast"!

Stupid motherfuckers are filling up hospitals, preventing others from getting care

Millions Scammed Into Sending Money to Person Claiming He Was Elected President in 2020

I've Been Thinking...

Jane Mayer coming up on Chris Hayes after the break - Who's Funding the big lie/attempted coup?

Nina Turner (today) on the 2016 Election...

12-year-old girl smacks down sexist announcer in LTE:

Sen. Lindsey Graham may have exposed multiple senators to COVID-19 on Joe Manchin's DC houseboat

Top RNC official in Florida spreads Covid-19 conspiracies, calling vaccines the 'mark of the beast'

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Hits Back at Newsmax Host Greg Kelly's 'Pathetic' Diss

An English castle stood for centuries. Climate change is prompting its collapse.

It seems like the new RW talking point on Vaccination is

Six Other Senators Were with Lindsey Graham

'I'm back': Ex-con Blagojevich sues for right to run again

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Black man assaulted at Indiana lake faces criminal charges

Black man assaulted at Indiana lake faces criminal charges

Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid-19 (CNN)

Rachel is gone again......😢

Why is #ImpeachBiden trending on Twitter?

As Florida COVID Cases Spike, Miami Beach Mayor Says Gov. Ron DeSantis is Leading State 'Off a Cliff

EU slaps sanctions on Nicaraguan first lady, 7 others

EU slaps sanctions on Nicaraguan first lady, 7 others

Third D.C. Police Officer Who Responded To Capitol Riot Has Died By Suicide - MSNBC

Let's talk about Republicans rejecting democracy....

Can we make a rule that Rachel can't go on vacation?

Don't Want a Vaccine? Be Prepared to Pay More for Insurance.

Dr. Fauci Receives Death Threats From Lunatic - Rebel HQ

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Criticized for Covid Surge Across The State - Deadline - MSNBC

With Evictions Resuming, Tenants Scramble For Assistance

I use Sling

Officer who responded to US Capitol attack is third to die by suicide

HCR tweet:

*A Vindman coming up on Rachel's show

Zoom to pay $85M for privacy miscues at start of pandemic

Wait, the Progressive Caucus is saying no to infrastructure unless what?

It's Officially Subpoena Time On Capitol Hill - Deadline - MSNBC

Nikki Freid not able to update us

Brazil Electoral Court To Probe Bolsonaro For Attacks On Voting System

Gone In 1 Second

Left-Wing Candidate Leads the Presidential Race in Chile

A Florida couple ...

Cartoon: COVID picnic By Clay Jones -August 2, 2021 9:00 AM

AOC blames Democrats so of course GOP uses it to ATTACK Democrats for the world to see

Construction firm expected to resolve huge wage-theft case

Peru: Right-Wing Protesters Besiege Pedro Castillo's Residence

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

Report: Florida Doctors Think Ron DeSantis Is a National Embarrassment

Dallas family gets covid in Orlando.

My Florida County is about to get slammed by Covid ...

Trump gets slammed with bad news - No Lie podcast

McCarthy Joking 'It Would Be Hard Not To Hit' Pelosi Meant To Incite Base Says Rep. Ryan - MSNBC

Construction firm expected to resolve huge wage-theft case

Either you believe in LC Vidman or you believe in Trump.

repurpose old toys & make a homemade night light for kids --

OK Republicans, you keep chanting "My body, my choice"...

Tweet of the night:

When the Supreme Court Ruled a Vaccine Could Be Mandatory

2022 US Senate Elections in all of the states the Democrats will win.

In celebration of underdogs, almosts and alternates. (Spoiler Alert)

Worried about "dangerous" 5G, 4G or WiFi radiation? $45 a pair for anti-EMF radiation underwear

Another officer commits suicide:

Nassau bill would let cops seek damages from protesters

from Jamie Raskin:

Georgia Power announces long delayed Plant Vogtle expansion will continue to be pushed

Redirect The keystone XL pipeline to carry water to the SW

Kevin McCarthy 'Lifts Up The Most Vulgar Members Of His Party' - Deadline - MSNBC

Suni Lee's floor routine that cinched the all-around gold:

SpaceX installs 29 engines on giant Super Heavy Mars rocket (photos)

"This dipshit makes Matt Gaetz look like Winston Churchill"

Satellites reveal ocean currents are getting stronger, with potentially significant implications for

Watching the women's 400 meter hurdles, AND ITS POURING RAIN!!!!

It's Crunch Time for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

How DeSantis And Noem Are Using Covid Failures As Political Springboards - All In - MSNBC

If you're wearing a mask, why would you care if I'm not. Your mask works, right?

Six Other Senators Were with Lindsey Graham

Lambda Variant On The Rise, More Than 1 Million Dead In Latin America, New Epicenter of Pandemic

Donald Trump to Fight Release of Tax Returns, His Lawyer Says

How should the Select Committee handle the problem if all the Republicons ignore subpoenas?

Two more Jan 6th officers died by suicide. CNN

Pressure - Billy Joel

Anti-vaccine mob tried to force their way into the Orange County, FL govt building today

First Avenue Requiring Proof of Vaccination

Olympic Spoiler

Rare Emperor Japanese Sword ($700 000) Lords of the Blades Ep.4

Delta Variant is Different. It's the NEW COVID. - Doctor Mike Hansen

Is anyone left under the bridge? nt

Commercials during the Olympics

Should Big Business recognize Election day as a democratic holiday?

Big Money's War On Democracy

Here Comes The Sun

"Sorry, we're not coming. We don't have enough officers to answer anything except emergency calls."

Fourth officer who responded to the US Capitol on January 6 dies by suicide

Women Are Gathering To Jump Rope And Make Connections In The 40+ Double Dutch Club

This is how Shontel Brown treats her supporters on Primary night:

The bad news is: I haven't seen my wife since Friday...

Morehouse, Savannah State clear student account balances

Two major Atlanta employers toughen workplace rules as COVID surges

Even with record surplus, Kemp tells state agencies to hold the line

Ruth Pearl Found a Mission After the Execution of Her Son

U.S. Sees 100,000 New Covid Cases In Single Day - NBC News

The JGB with Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman - 1989

The Polio Crusade, PBS American Experience, Wytheville, Va. Outbreak 1950, FDR

Tomorrow's OH-11 Primary...

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Five Miami Beach cops charged after pummeling two men in hotel lobby. Video released

Why are the States holding on to the funds that are to go to landlords so they don't have to evict

Trump's "biggest loser" bona fides

My college friend (in Israel) just got a Pfizer booster shot.

Caitlyn Jenner's Campaign Is Now Broke After Hiring Brad Parscale

Casting YouTube to TV (Never mind - It fixed itself! LOL)

Long As I Can See the Light

Duty to Warn tweet:

Space station situation with Russian module misfire more serious than stated: report

"That's McDonald's!" - Jim Gaffigan (Mr. Universe)

The Congressional Black Caucus's Ideological Primary Adventures

Georgia judges urged to test for COVID-19 after conference

Viera Hospital (Brevard) had to add

A phrase I began to hear this week, "Trump's shrinking base." Who uses twitter, can it be

This evening's sky

Youngkin (R cand for VA gov) chickens out of another debate

MTV - Debut & First Video 8/1/81

What are DU rules if hypothetically someone wins a primary that is too extreme?

I have a better question for AOC, Bush et all to ask.

Bad News For Covid-19

Fourth Officer Who Responded To Jan. 6 Riot Commits Suicide - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'A Political Errand' For A 'Corrupt President': Vindman Looks Back On Giuliani In Ukraine - MSNBC

Update on my friend with COVID

supposed to be a friendly, welcoming place for everyone No drama

IMF board approves record $650 billion to aid virus fight

Democrats call on Biden to spend more money on Cuba democracy initiatives

Trump's $100 Million Democracy-Damaging Grift - Time for AG Garland/DOJ to Bring the Accountability

Florida man banned from playing tuba on beach

Parkland victims, families would get $25 million under proposed Florida claims bill

Florida rep. Matt Gaetz mocks Delta variant of COVID-19 as state sets new case, hospitalization

Pupper complicates attempt to wash Jeep:

Otters on Ice (2nd tweet):

Watched Platoon for the first time

Cat turns on face cam:


A brazen scheme? ALEC software giveaway to GOP lawmakers violated FL campaign-finance laws

Sergio Assad

Janacek: 'On An Overgrown Path'

Safeway is reinstituting the mask mandate

Funny dog compilation:

As many Republicans try to rewrite history of Jan. 6 attack, Sen. Ron Johnson suggests FBI knew more

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: A prayer of lament

Security removes 'Trump won' flag unfurled at Texas Rangers game; fans asked to leave

Security removes 'Trump won' flag unfurled at Texas Rangers game; fans asked to leave

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Memory Eternal'

"For verily shall the Lord's followers be a staggeringly chuckleheaded gaggle of frothing imbeciles,

Tweet of the early morning:

San Antonio built a pipeline to rural Central Texas to increase its water supply. Now local

Opioids: Decision coming soon in suit against drug distributors, including Cardinal Health

Was a Roane County deputy's latest shooting justified? WV State Police investigation doesn't say.

Public ed coalition plans lawsuit to try to kill EdChoice vouchers

Elizabeth Warren "Stop the recall" ad running in California

Detroit police reviewing video of cop punching man in face in Greektown

Secretary Blinken Discusses New Program For Afghans To Come To U.S. - MSNBC

Few details emerge ahead of this week's public meetings on redistricting

A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of 'Long Covid'

Macomb Prosecutor Pete Lucido, Once Sidelined For Allegedly Touching Butts, Is Still Touching Butts

Insurrection and Christian Nationalism

Amnesty condemns Colombia police brutality after scores of protesters killed

Pritzker signs immigrant protection bills

Thank you Joe Biden & Congressional Dems! (fed taxes)

"Breathless profiles of vaccine refusers ...remind me of the ... coverage of Trump voters ..."

Time for democracy to work (by Rev. Jesse Jackson)

Lula 2022? Brazil poised for sensational political comeback

Five States Have Nearly Half Of All New Covid Cases - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Civil rights activist faces charges after reporting racist attack in Indiana

State orders $1 million tax refund for Trump, county moves to block it

Trump's Shadow 'Cabinet' - Trump organizing a new coup?

Donald Trump's Emerging "Shadow Presidency" - The Mehdi Hasan Show

National animal welfare nonprofit ASPCA faces spending criticism

Breakfast Tuesday 3 August 2021

SPOILER** 🇺🇸 Bravo! Simone Biles

I watched DOWNFALL yesterday. Great movie, but that's some

How a Newsom Recall Could End the Democrats' U.S. Senate Majority

N.Y. county lawmakers pass contentious bill allowing police to sue protesters for harassment

Here Comes the Rain Again--Will Lake Charles, Louisiana, become America's latest climate sacrifice?

The unvaccinated don't have the right to give us COVID. Crack down on them, not us.

Your word of the day is....😆😳👍😆 (WARNING Language)

Macaque Monkeys At Japan Reserve Get 1st Alpha Female In 70 Yr. History- Boss of 677-Strong Troop

Belarus exile group leader Vitaly Shishov found dead in Kyiv, police say

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, August 3, 2021

10,207 COVID Patients In Florida Hospitals As Of 8/1/21 - More Than 50% Between 25 And 55

Belarus sprinter says punishment awaited her back home

Gableman and his crony won't say what the truth is...

Sharks Fleeing Florida Red Tide Move Into Coastal Canal - By The Hundreds

Gosh, I Wonder What Will Happen! Four Major Environmental Issues Before Oz Parliament

When you commute to work and pup daycare

A peaceful moment for you today

65% Of 650 EU Institutional Investors Polled: The Biggest Problem With ESG Is Greenwashing

Tennessee won't incentivize COVID shots but pays to vax cows

Tuesday TOONs - Orders From The Top

woman dies on hike with off duty cop

NYC-ers, a question

Neil Oliver, historian, proves he's a moron when it comes to history, with Nazi comparison

Jihadists flood pro-Trump social network with propaganda

Remind me how many people got arrested actually while insurrecting on the 6th Jan?

Sen Graham being diagnosed with Covid after he was vaccinated is an opportunity

Manitoba Drought Hammering Farmers, Ranchers, Municipal Water Supplies

BC Premier "Choking" On Old-Growth Forest Recommendations; Meanwhile, More "Talk And Log"

Follow The Money Behind The Arizona Audit

Amazon warehouse workers overwhelmingly rejected a union. Now they may vote again

Post BREXIT support for Scottish Independence drops

Should sovereign citizens be banned from using all institutions and infrastructure associated with

I Was the Architect of Operation Warp Speed. I Have a Message for All Americans.

There's A Reason Big Oil Is On Social Media - Because Conventional Advertising No Longer Works

The Trump campaign's 'Four Seasons' landscaping fixation went deeper than you know

It's called #BrexitReality but there's no mention of it.

Two bluest counties in Florida lead nation in covid hospilizations


An E-Mail From A Nigerian Prince Is More Legit

Nah, that's okay, Jesus.

Olympic Spoiler

Good tip!

Record wildfire burns amid drought on Hawaii's Big Island

It's national "Grab some nuts day" today.

Two baby pandas born at France's Beauval zoo

TN pays to vaccinate cows but won't incentivize covid shots for us humans

Maine Anti-Vaxers

Wary Steelmakers Give Legs to Metal's Rally as Buyers Reel

Just Because Trump Is Ridiculous, It Doesn't Mean He Isn't Dangerous

Name a song that figures prominently in more than one movie

Has Anyone Point Blank Asked Mark Meadows Or TFG Directly About The Cabinet Meeting?.....

Lindsey and Manchin's Hamburger Covid Spreader: Even God isn't crazy

Top RNC official in Florida spreads Covid-19 conspiracies, calling vaccines the 'mark of the beast'

Iraq gets back looted ancient artifacts from US, others

Activist Whose NGO Helped Olympian's Husband Escape Belarus Found Dead in Kiev

California says federal 'let it burn' policy is reckless as wildfires rage out of control

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) claimed the FBI knew more about the Capitol attack before it occurred, accor

Airbnb, other vacation rental companies face renewed pressure over home elevators

Republicans are increasingly ready for violence: We look away at our peril

Tyson Foods to require all U.S. employees to get vaccinated

Five things to watch in two Ohio special election primaries

All they had to do was check and they didn't do it

'The White House Needs To Actually Do A Damn Thing:' AOC Urges Biden To Extend Eviction Moratorium

Just saw a clip of a drunk airline passenger taped down to a seat

Ro Khanna blames Democrats for botching the eviction moratorium so of course let's bash AOC

Breaking: NYTimes: NYC will require vax for all indoor public facilities

Olympics: Women's Balance Beam (spoiler)

BREAKING - NYC vaccine mandate

New York to require all workers and customers in indoor dining establishments

The media needs to stop mentioning trump, same as DU. We are giving him too much importance

Our 8 year old grand-nephew has Covid from his school in NYC.

Trump-Era GDP Growth Was Worst Since Great Depression, Analysis Shows

A Trump bombshell quietly dropped last week. And it should shock us all!

Casino De Capri

A medical reason for not getting vaxxed is legit. A "constitutional reason" is not

Murdoch columnist canned for Covid lies -- but Tucker Carlson still has a job

Local Covid Fright Story. Northern Virginia.

I Can't Stand the Rain, Ann Peebles

I heard a crash, came running and there it was - on the floor- HONEST

Former University of Tennessee professor falsely accused of espionage faces second trial

Nothing going on here.. it's just a cat...

Taliban take much of provincial capital in south Afghanistan

Heads up: NY AG to make major announcement very shortly (11am)

I got marked by a golfer Karen...and her husband.

Active shooter outside the Pentagon:

NYT opinion: Don't Want a Vaccine? Be Prepared to Pay More for Insurance

Finally got tested for the first time yesterday...negative for 'rona...

Shontel Brown pretty much sums up the OH-11 Democratic Primary:

Independent Investigators Find Governor Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Violated State and

Non-vaxed should be in the back of the line while the vaxed get boosters!

Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union (2021) Official Trailer, HBO

BREAKING: Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed aides, per AG's investigation

Report finds Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and retaliated against one for going public.

TFG's "Shadow Cabinet"

My Hibiscus is starting to bloom

'Freedom,' Florida and the Delta Variant Disaster

In the 34 years of my professional career, I never...

1924 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.;30 deaths

Good Day DU (August 3, 2021)

'Good way to die': An AR-15 worshiping Moonies sect mobilized for Jan. 6 and is recruiting...

I've always been asked whether I'd call a figure on the Left to account if...

Texas officials deny hospitals' requests for hundreds of emergency staff to help with COVID surge

There is growing evidence that children are now at greater risk

Olympics: "Who shoots at someone else's target?"

If he can't control his impulses or thinks these impluses are appropriate, he shouldn't be governor.

Just a reminder the Democratic Assembly Justice Committee is conducting an Impeachment investigation

Senate passes bill to award congressional gold medal to Capitol Police

For more than 100 countries studied, at least 40% more deaths due to #COVID19 than reported.

Cartoon: Too late to vaccinate By Clay Jones -August 3, 2021 9:00 AM

Should Andrew Cuomo resign?

A very special Happy Birthday to Anthony Benedetto, 95.

Cuomo vs Senator Al Franken.......

Rush Rocker Geddy Lee's Jewish Mom, a Holocaust Survivor, Was His Biggest Fan

House Dem campaign chief warns the majority at risk without message reboot

GOP bill would ban federal protections against drilling in national forests

Narrator: Ron DeSantis is trying to get people ill.

It unsettles my sleep.

"If the midterms were held now, Democrats would lose the House."

Gov. Greg Abbott's $250 million 'border wall' is a chain-link fence

With A Three-Pronged Plan, Trump Planned To Topple Democracy

Four-day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland

Mayor De Blasio: "What we've seen is disqualifying"

Judge: Lino Lakes man can't vote for five years after attacking couple holding sign critical of Dona

"Lambda variant shows vaccine resistance in lab"

Commodores - Nightshift (Official Music Video)

Bear Opens Blue Lunchbox

NYS Assembly Speaker (D): Gov Cuomo "not fit for office"

It's a new world

Boxer Annoyed with Seating Arrangement

Governor Cuomo will respond to AG's sexual harassment investigation report at 1 PM.


Cuomo will respond via a televised press conference at 1300 EST

Vitaly Shishov, head of Belarusian exile group, found dead in Ukrainian capital

A reminder that we ALSO have a Primary today for Ohio-15

MSNBC - 3 week old infant admitted to Louisiana hospital with Covid.

Frontier Airlines suspended the crew for duct taping a violent passenger to his seat

President Biden responds to suicides resulting from Capitol insurrection

Pentagon lockdown lifted; investigation of 'violence' at transit center continues

This race is about one thing--and one thing only--the working people of Ohio.

Livestream of Governor Cuomo's response to AG James' sexual harassment report

In Duluth and St. Louis County, CDC now recommends masks

Eagles Already Gone Live 1974

Florida woman arrested after exposing herself on plane, police say

What position does Mark Meadows serve with the idiot?

Great moment in table tennis

Wouldn't it be something if---

Trump Fights To Keep Tax Returns From Congress To 'Protect Future Presidents.' LOLOLOL.

Unlearn what they taught these five monkeys & the working middle class & poor will thrive.

Cuomo now responding...

Breakthrough cases aren't the cause of the US Covid-19 surge

Questa, NM, rancher seeks Republican nomination for secretary of state

Kroger Elects Elaine Chao to Board of Directors

Given the laws passed by GOP legislatures in 30 states, independents and disenchanted-with-Trump

Only 36% of ALL California voters support the recall.

Cuomo's only hope is if an accuser recants,

What lawyer tells his client: "the way to deal with a sexual harassment accusation is to...

No, undocumented immigrants don't commit more crime. Research shows they commit a lot less.

I'm going to anticipate the 2022 NY-GOV Primary as...

Trump better be sweating bullets right now.. if NY is serving up Cuomo on a silver platter..

Why Black women's wage gap is a problem for everyone

Should we apologize to the women who stepped fwd against Cuomo?

Madison, Dane County to require employees to be vaccinated

PepsiCo to Sell Tropicana, Naked Juice Brands to Private-Equity Firm

Russia hands Navalny ally parole-like sentence over protests

12-year-old girl smacks down sexist announcer in LTE:

Happy Birthday to Tony Bennett. 95 years young!

Cuomo says he "never touched anyone inappropriately"

My friend's sister is an unvaccinated midwife

Conservatives Move to Recall Democratic Prosecutors

An Insurrection Act Proclamation Was Prepared For Trump By His Aides During D.C. Protests

Never never land' Trump runs to BASEMENT after losing his 'big lie' recount...Biden LAUGHS

Dozens of US Capitol Insurrection defendants mention or appear to threaten Nancy Pelosi

Just saw my local news and they showed a school board meeting of people angry about the mask

Police officer dies in shooting outside the Pentagon building, law enforcement sources say

Police officer dies in shooting outside the Pentagon building, law enforcement sources say

Birds Eating Berries

I don't always drink beer

Chipmunks On 16 Speed - Sludgefest (Full Album)

Chipmunks On 16 Speed - Sludgefest (Full Album)

Third day of protests in Delhi over alleged rape of nine-year-old girl

Veterans Job Fair in Raleigh on Thursday

California recall election

Albany DA criminally investigating Cuomo, will request evidence from AG sexual harassment probe

'Non Sequitur ' cartoon

Chinese takeout

Schumer and Gillibrand Tell Cuomo to Resign

Cuomo included photos of Obama and Bush hugging *hurricane victims* in his 85-page defense, ...

Tuesday's Psaki bomb

Tennesse values cows over people

USCP Officer Spots Gun, Arrests Couple on Multiple Weapons Charges

There's a theme developing in the campaign ads and social media posts of GOP candidates

just a rant

For my 10,000th post, I would like everyone at the DU to have a cup of joe

March 16: President Biden says Gov. Cuomo should resign if.....

Psaki: "...if you're not going to be a part of saving people's lives then get out of the way..."

Search 4 Avatar image #MSNBC #AriMelber #BreakingNews Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highligh

Sea otter is adorable while getting it's temperature checked:

With an impending vaccination requirement, here's how bad NYC's vaccine passport app is.

Why do Dems throw their own under the bus, like Cuomo and Franken..

C. Pierce: It's Not About Trump, the My Pillow Guy, or the Insurrectionists. It's About the Money.

Cops bring assault rifles to evict homeless people from the beach:

Minnesotans are protected as federal eviction ban lifts, officials say

Does anyone feel bad all over if they get a cold sore?

How to REALLY do public health

Opinion: Can Sarah Palin stage a comeback? You betcha! - Milbank

Very sweet: look how many big dogs come in to teach a puppy how to use the doggy door--

70 percent u.s. adults vaccinated?

Ron DeSantis is NAZI scum.

Dems got it all going on!

Sen Amy Klobuchar: Senate passess Congressional Gold Medal honor awards to Capitol Police......

1 out of every 1,900 people in Florida is in a hospital bed right now with COVID.

Cases spiking. Friends at class reunion. Events forced inside because of smoke from fires. Sounds

Maricopa County judge orders Karen Fann & AZ Senate to immediately turn over all documents

Republicans are increasingly ready for violence: We look away at our peril

cuomo... kavanaugh... trump... gaetz... cawthorn... et al.

State Rep Ron Reynolds and Congressman Al Green arrested today at Voting Rights protest

Biden Wants North Korea Meeting, South Korea Says Now's the Time to Work for It

The Window Cat Tour: Keeping Minneapolis Weird

Pelosi Statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo

Have Any Of The 1/6 Insurrectionist's Committed Suicide?....


Hope this is NOT an Olympic Spoiler! Gold Medal

Officer dead, suspect killed in violence outside Pentagon

Well this could get the number of COVID deaths down in a hurry.

Democrats' national party workers forming union

Peanuts vs. Plain Nuts

Biden on now re vaccines

Democrats' national party workers forming union

Schumer/McConnell both come out to give their weekly pressers at the same time

This sound sentimental, but I predict that Cuomo will resign after

About the hundred dollars to get vaccinated

The Window Cat Tour: Keeping Minneapolis Weird

In one Missouri county, coroner excludes COVID from death certificates if family asks

DOJ officials rejected colleague's request to intervene in Georgia election: Emails

Trip to Wal-Mart!

Congress must act to keep us safe from high-risk pesticides

Ari Melber Special Report: Police Shootings 2021 Unchanged Since 2020 George Floyd Protests

Congress, stop holding 'Dreamers' hostage

Biden said Cuomo should resign. Now on MSNBC. Nt

Tacoma removes inauthentic totem pole from city park

DOJ officials rejected colleague's request to intervene in Georgia's election certification: Emails

Montlake Bridge in Seattle to close for 26 days while crews work on repairs

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 3, 2021

Microsoft joins list of Seattle-area tech companies requiring COVID-19 vaccine for employees

Fact check: Does Biden have the authority to extend eviction moratorium without Congress?

What's your favorite 2-part story in song?

Someone to spend some time with

Now that they have nailed Andrew Cuomo...

This California company wants to make modern AC obsolete

President Biden calls on Cuomo to resign.

Simone Biles is headed out on tour after the Olympics

MV Asphalt Princess: Ship hijacked off UAE ordered to sail to Iran

This crap is getting me pissed

Costco, Kroger, Target, Walmart and Apple change mask policies, as CDC warns about rise in delta var

Priest sews his mouth shut over 'muting of climate science by Murdoch media'

N.Y.C. to Require Vaccination Proof for Indoor Dining and Fitness

Can you do something about stubborn unvaccinated people? Yes, you can.

OK retired DUers - how did you handle sexual harassment back in the day

You guys are fabulous! Leader Schumer congratulates AOC and Cori Bush

Strong winds threaten to whip up 'biggest ever' wildfire on Hawaii's Big Island

Husky Was A Spoiled Only Child -- Until This Tiny Kitten Came Along

Do something nice for a stranger today.

Man destroys his closet to build his dog a luxury home

"Ignore us at your peril": House may be lost if intrastructure plan not scaled back substantially

Meatpacker Tyson Foods mandates vaccines for workers

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 4 August 2021

High court gives Pa. county OK to delay eviction cases while tenants wait for rental relief

Tom Dinapoli-D for Governor of N.Y.

President Biden calls on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to step down amid sexual harassment allegations

Colorado has an app that allows the equivalent of a vaccine passport and more...

Barack Obama at 60: Why he matters

Scary Lightning Compilation

Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night: Great Art Explained

An Honest Assessment Of Donald Trump

Where is Rachael Maddow

Krugman: "Freedom" Equals White Male Privilege

First they arrest a person for having a gun near the Capitol ...

McConnell Wants to Slow Pace on Infrastructure

Most Vaccinated Blame the Unvaccinated

Virginia Dept. of Health Vaccine records

Dog and Baby Touching Paw and Hands During Movie

'Problematic' Greenland polar bear may be shot

What I would like to see on live TV...


Since Palin's name has come up, does anyone know what happened to AK blogger, Gryphen

Owner Calls for Tiny Dog and He Comes Carrying a Big Toy

Simone Biles reveals that her aunt died during Tokyo Olympics

BEST video of the day! Schumer literally for the win. Sorry not sorry, Mitch.

WATCh-- Schumer sneaking in front of McConnell after caucus lunches.

Missouri governor pardons gun-waving St. Louis lawyer couple

ex-Postal worker given probation, $300 fine for stealing from mail

Big Shout Out to Rep. Cori Bush! **Eviction Moratorium Extended**

Should/would Gov Cuomo's crimes effect Chris Cuomo's CNN position?

Man claiming to be Jesus stabs 3 in home near Pittsburgh

So today is the primary in Ohio 11th (Nina Turner)...

Karen Bass signals openness to Los Angeles mayoral run

DeSantis won't move on masks as Florida COVID wards swell

DeSantis won't move on masks as Florida COVID wards swell

Seeing the end results of the AG investigation into Cuomo, it puts this comment of his in new light.

Ari Melber just showed a clip of "McTurtle" stating, "Slow but steady wins the race"!!!

Federal judge issues a temporary halt to Texas Gov. Abbott's migrant transportation EO.

Pa. construction firm agrees to pay $20M in workers' retirement theft case

Federal judge issues a temporary halt to Texas Gov. Abbott's migrant transportation EO.

August 3, 1996: "Macarena" topped the Billboard Hot 100 ... 26 days later, this happened:

Texas teachers say GOP's new social studies law will hinder how an entire generation understands

Supermassive black holes can be surprisingly delicate eaters, astronomers find

'The ideal minimum wage is $0.00.' Leading candidate to replace Newsom wants no requirement

Sierra Nevada red fox to be listed as federally endangered

Eight trends in online militia movement communities since the US Capitol Riot

Who is next in line to be gov of NY

Cat Invasion At Yankee Stadium

Kathy Hochul, the lieutenant governor, calls Cuomo's behavior 'repulsive.'

Federal judge temporarily blocks Gov. Greg Abbott's order to pull over vehicles with migrants who ma

4 Officers Who Responded To Jan. 6 Died By Suicide - MSNBC

The anti-American right

Keith Olbermann CNN Sports

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In case any Republican lurkers are somehow unaware of this GOP tradition, let me explain it

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Arlington Proud Boy 'Milkshake' indicted in Capitol siege

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If you have chosen not to be vaccinated then you are a fucking selfish idiot

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NH ad for hiring police officers: Offers such "unique benefits" as "qualified immunity."

Florida and Texas accounted for one-third of all new U.S. coronavirus cases last week

i listen to Cuomo's video and all I have to say is "why"?

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Final update for tonight: Brown 33592 (50.45%), Turner 29430 (44.20%), 86% Reporting....

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MyPillow Perv Punts Timeline for Trump Retaking Power as Conspiracy Theories Get Wackier

Turkey's Erdogan faces mounting criticism over wildfires

Turkey's Erdogan faces mounting criticism over wildfires

Kitty Can't Get Enough of Massage Gun

No one has ever gone up to TFG and just told him he lost the election, author Michael Wolff says in

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