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The Rolling Stones' smallest concert?

UH-OH Fox News Viewers Jumping Ship?! - The Damage Report

Sweet Soul Music- Arthur Conley

Alex Jones ABANDONS Trump - Rebel HQ

Check out these buns

Tove Lo - Habits

Romney pushes back on 'endless war' debate: It takes two sides to end a war (CNN)

*Top Songs of 1965* Good!

"Great--my horse has worms and the pharmacy is out of everything except COVID vaccines."

Charlie Crist is devouring DeathSentence on M$NBComcast right now

An American Trilogy.

Trump Kids SCARED Daddy Will Lose His Money - Rebel HQ

About 1 in 8 nurses haven't gotten a COVID-19 vaccine or don't plan to get one, a new survey finds,

Dr. Fauci pleads for increased vaccination rates: They are safe and highly effective (CNN)

Wooly Bully, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Vietnam Background

Lindsey Graham predicts "parade of horribles" in Afghanistan

250 Americans still trying to leave Afghanistan: State Department

So Many, So Wrong

Trump's lies will lead us to the truth (Opinion)

Space Force - Space Laser Corps

Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in California.

We took the two dogs for a walk.

Sharpton Calls on Biden to Push Voting Rights Legislation: 'They're Stabbing Us in the Back'

U.S. Central Command: We Eliminated 'Imminent ISIS-K Threat' With Drone Strike - MSNBC

Top Human Rights Tweets Of The Week

I read this on Twitter.

Moscow Mitch won't criticize Abbott, DeSantis for banning mask mandates

Hurricane Ida forces Mississippi River to reverse flow

Play Mass

New Orleans now mostly without power except for generators

Glass vase

More restaurant owners worried about rent due to Delta variant

You are welcome, Friscoenos!

88-year-old professor resigned in the middle of class because a student refused to wear mask

"Once again, this is the street thuggery that helped the Nazis take power in Germany."

Heading into the coming news week, shouldn't every "chicken hawk" pro war talking head,

An Iowa town goes to battle for Afghan immigrant

Donald Trump will Never..yes.. NEVER.!!!... Get Elected to Any Position Anywhere...

'96 Tears'- ? And The Mysterians, Ronnie Spector, Guest

Power is out in ALL of New Orleans due to "catastrophic transmission damage" to Entergy facilities

Biden has canceled almost $10B in student loan debt so far. Who got relief?

"It's been a slow death": Loved ones describe cutting ties with parents, siblings over QAnon conspir

Another antimasker screaming tyranny and civil war and guns... this is in Santa Monica, California

What is your reaction to the power cuts governor

Laura Branigan - Self Control

walking into a theater to buy popcorn but not seeing the movie

Fox News PISSED OFF That Science Works

DUMBfounded Cops Can't Stop This Guy! --- Measures Road and Solicits Trespass

Chase Bank apparently cancels Michael Flynn's credit cards because it harms their reputation

22 barges break loose on the Mississippi River as Hurricane Ida hits St. Bernard Parish

Most of the Americans killed in the Kabul bombing were 9/11 babies who never knew a nation at peace

Jimi Hendrix On An Acoustic Guitar(Only known 2 videos RARE)

Goons are sick. Canadians don't want this ****. Otoole is running as

From Megan, RN, in Tallahassee...

I have a question for any psychics in the group,

Mom fights mountain lion with bare hands to save 5-year-old, California officials say

Alice In Chains - Rooster

New Delta strain believed to have emerged among 53,000 revellers at Cornwall event

The GOP (Grand Old Party) is Actually the SAP (Smart A*s Party)

Ida straight over Lake Pontchartrain

BREAKING: All of New Orleans loses power as Hurricane Ida lashes the region, city government says.

Americans don't Understand Passenger Trains

What Full FDA Approval Of The Pfizer Vaccine Means - MSNBC

New Orleans TV Station Still On Air After Roof Comes Off Their Building

A Great Quote..:It's better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool..than to open it,

Covid, Leading Cause of Death among Conservative talk show hosts.

Now Trudeau is to be judged for holding events outside during a campaign.

Michael Harriot thread about anti-vaxxers and their freedoms

Tweet of the Day

The Bye Line: Getting Vaccinated Is Our Patriotic Duty - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Teachers plea to parents....must read!

Mattress Mack, Osteens open their doors to Hurricane Ida evacuees

Marine lieutenant colonel speaking out? (After the Kabul attack)

J.D. Simo Is no joke.

Ron DeSantis gets dismantled on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

I know I don't belong in this bush so I'll just peek out to say good morning!

PA GOP Gov candidate Steve Lynch threatening violence towards school boards.

Former acting FEMA administrator Bob Fenton named to lead effort to resettle Afghan refugees in th

Eddie Money- Two Tickets To Paradise

All Of New Orleans Without Power As Hurricane Ida Lashes Louisiana

A look back: Lou Grant (Ed Asner) hires Mary Tyler Moore - 1970

U.S. strike takes out ISIS-K vehicle packed with explosives near Kabul airport - Face the Nation

First Insurrection Trial Set for 10/18; Answers to FAQs About the Insurrection Cases - Glenn Kirschn

Dying in the name of vaccine freedom

Ex-GA Sheriff Resigns After KKK Photo Resurfaces

Herman Cain Awards

Jeff Hatrix (Lead Singer from Mushroom Head) Testimony

Rep Dan Kildee letter to Lt. Byrd thanking him for his bravery & heroism:

Rapid Increase in Ivermectin Prescriptions and Reports of Severe Illness Associated with Use of Pro

님은 먼 곳에. My love far away

UH-OH Fox News Viewers Jumping Ship?!

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is between 50 to 55.

Need help re: Afghanistan

'This is the most dangerous time' with the 'risk very high' in Afghanistan: Blinken - This Week ABC


Is Joe Biden the real Superman? The contrast between him and GOP incompetence is stark!

Rand Paul is a drag racer!

Generator failure during Hurricane Ida at Thibodaux hospital prompts scramble to move ICU patients

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Good Night DU MA - Tonight's Lullaby is Marcus King

Lindsey Graham is a sad little man grasping for relevance

Dramatics, What You See Is What You Get

Mississippi River flow reversing due to hurricane "extremely uncommon," USGS says

A local report on the Covid situation in Ohio

So i just found the first album i ever bought on LP

Bone chilling tweets from LaPlace. People

Almost famous: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Plane filled with 60 stray cats and dogs is flown from Louisiana to California to keep them safe


Al Franken: Ben Rhodes, Obama Deputy Nat'l Security Advisor, Afghanistan & Our Foreign Policy Reset

deep tracks from my collection....

lol. news guy trying to look like he can barely stand in wind. guy does cartwheel behind him

more deep tracks from my collection #2

more deep tracks from my collection #3

more deep tracks from my collection #4

the first time I discovered there was such thing as a 'single' version vs. an 'album' version

more deep tracks from my collection #5

Biden faces Dem defections

Hurricane Ida: New Orleans Faces Widespread Power Outages - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

more deep tracks from my collection #6

George Takei for the win

(Jewish Group) A new Jewish cookbook that everyone should own, just in time for the High Holy Days

more deep tracks from my collection #7

Delusional Right-Winger Gets Called Out By Soldier

Madison Cawthorn @GOP event sez they're working on another DC protest

Justice BREYER considering retirement. Doesn't like decisions about himself. Do it for us.

more deep tracks from my collection #8

(Jewish Group) A Persian meat and apple stew for Rosh Hashanah

Tracking Hurricane Ida: Storm downgraded to CAT 2, at least 4 inches of rain reported in some areas

Bonus Tweet of the Day

U.S. military shoots down rockets aimed at Kabul airport

Twitter announces that it has permanently banned pro-Trump author Alex Berenson,

more deep tracks from my collection #9

No Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones, Glastonbury

Extra! Extra! Get your new right wing conspiracy here:

POTUS has approved Louisiana's request for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration

U.S. Coast Guard prepares for Hurricane Ida rescues - CBS News

Dan Rather: "In other news..." Dogs MSNBC's water carrying for RW talking points group

New COVID variant detected in South Africa, most mutated variant so far

Shacked up in a hotel with my uncle east of Baton Rouge

Biden Approves Louisiana Disaster Declaration - MSNBC

Prince - Uptown (Official Music Video)

Fire Madison Cawthorn...Action Plan

Democrats are definitely going to retain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Parts of Europe have been battling devastating wildfires amid extreme summer heat

This new antibody can stop all COVID-19 strains, including new variants, experts say

Here's yet another tough guy antimasker threatening violence at a school board in PA

Ida knocks out power to entire city of New Orleans/St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis

CNN at it again (namely Stephen Collinson)

Like many DUers I've lost near ones to covid. This one to Fundie anti-vax/mask-ism.

Spin, spin, spin, spin,.......

Al Jazeera exclusive on Taliban control of Kabul airport

Hurricane Ida Hits Lockport, LA And Sends Roof Flying - 8/29/2021 3,933 viewsAug 29, 2021

Breakfast Monday 30 August 2021

Methinks we need some Lenny and Wolfie around here

8-29-2021 Waveland, MS Hurricane Ida Storm Surge Big Waves Water Into Businesses Vehicles Submerged

Our Healthcare Workers are Suffering, Some Comitting Suicide....Others are Leaving... PTSD, etc.

Last Week Tonight: John Oliver's Void sings Goodbye (H. Jon Benjamin) Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Raw footage of Hurricane IDA extreme winds and storm surge, Golden Meadow, LA - 8/29/2021

fuckety fuck...the hits keep coming #caldorfire Evacuated

After TFG's Surrender The Withdrawal Was About As Good As It Could Have Been - Period

☦ Orthodox Christian - Proverbs 29:2

Fun with opera..

The story of a hurricane is in the aftermath

So I turn on my phone, and some app I didn't even know I had starts feeding me...

North Korean nuclear reactor used for plutonium production appears active, IAEA says

Did you ever notice that some of the conversations in a marriage

Update from New Orleans (by Zuul)

Iron Butterfly Drummer Ron Bushy Dead at 79

Lake Tahoe threatened by massive fire, more ordered to flee

Kids explain what a Karen is...

Anyone seen news about Grand Isle? Nt

Wanna bet the cray cray will be protesting this store in 3...2...1...?

Ron Bushy, Iron Butterfly Drummer, Dead at 79

A judge asked a mother if she got the covid vaccine. She said no, and he revoked custody of her son.

This is how to prevent another 100,000 Covid deaths by December, Fauci says

Biden's Schedule for Monday, August 30, 2021

Afghanistan: US investigating civilian deaths in Kabul strike

Monday TOONs - Catapulting The Propaganda

Records rebut claims of unequal treatment of Jan. 6 rioters

Biden Sent Hundreds Of Ambulances And Millions Of Meals And Liters Of Water Before Ida Hit

If you think I am an evil person ...

Dude On CNN International Just Asked What Happens When The Hospital Runs Out Of Oxygen

Why are we so "dead-set" on re-opening all the schools?

'It Let Loose': Thousands Flee as Fire Races Toward Lake Tahoe

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 2021 August 30

Heading to CA

North Korean nuclear reactor used for plutonium production appears active, IAEA says

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 30 - September 3)

A peaceful moment for you today

A few years back, I cut up a tree.

Eric Boehlert: The New York Times covers for DeSantis, blisters Biden

More Texas students tested positive for COVID-19 last week than at any time last school year

Black TikToker records Verizon Wireless employee's unprompted rant about slavery

A (possibly fake?) high school apparently duped its way into playing on ESPN

Folk Singer Fawad Andarabi Shot Dead by Taliban

This logic never gets old

There is only one thing that can save America.

In a recent address, President Biden quoted Isaiah: "Here I am, Lord. Send me."

Kid Rock cancels shows after "superspreader" Sturgis rally performance: "Half the band has f***covid

The Dollar General Theory of Money and Employment

How North Carolina became a laboratory for the GOP's subversion of democracy

Speaking of Ron Bushy


Marvel Fans Remember Jack Kirby on 104th Birthday

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for November 2021

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/25/21

The Rundown: August 30, 2021

Vaccine Passports Are Getting a Bit Easier to Obtain

When Military Contractors Fund Their Own Pro-War Think Tanks

New Zealand Reports First Death Linked to Pfizer Vaccine

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans - Louis Armstrong

Not so Sleepy Joe Biden doubled FEMA funding for hurricanes, storms on May 24, 2021

Why Democratic Presidents are the best

Items for refugees- sometimes things just hit you

Hemlock. Poke. Oleander. Perhaps those on face book and similar could start discussing

Bucking stereotypes: Gay rodeo returns to Santa Fe

Why the human race will never solve the climate crisis.

This incredible picture shows an RAF C-17 Globemaster leaving Kabul last week carrying 436 people.

Just say 'neigh' -by Tom Tomorrow

"Before I Go," Best movie I've seen in ages!

Good grief - why is CNN giving this asshole airtime


How long will power be out in metro New Orleans? Entergy says it will assess damage Monday

August 28: Exclusive Video Shows Aftermath of U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan

United Jets With Engines in Denver Incident May Not Fly Until Next Year

Uzbekistan Warns U.S. That Afghan Pilots and Their Families Can't Stay

A mystery for the ages. Google it if you must.

Covid-19 Surge in Asia Threatens Manufacture of Ceramic Bits in iPhones and PlayStations

A reminder that the devastation of Katrina didn't come with landfall...


Rand Paul undecided on Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, says hatred of Trump hinders research

China Limits Video Games to Three Hours a Week

'I Will Always Refuse.' Display chronicles historic library protest

A Brief History of What Happens When We Don't Listen to Scientists The Amber Ruffin Show

Reddits "Herman Cain" award subreddit. (Awarded posthumously)

There's chaos and risk in Afghanistan exit, but Biden critics are getting it mostly wrong

"You are not the advocate for the military that you think you are"

The new Covid Surge in Israel - CNBC

Maine health plans no longer waive costs for Covid treatment

So - are all of these anti-vaxx suiciders going to be considered martyrs by the cult?

And the children shall lead us

Why I need to find my crockpot...

Ohio Judge Forces Hospital to Use Parasite Drug

In My Life

Laurence Tribe: If Garland doesn't prosecute Trump, the rule of law is "out the window"

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Latest Drone Strike and Civilian Casualties...

People with disabilities demand better sidewalks, transit

San Francisco Mayor Announced 80% of Residents Fully Vaccinated

6 derelict boats in Everett on track to be hauled away

Qanon Cult Turns On Kenneth Copeland, Others Come To His Defense

Mom repeatedly punches mountain lion with bare hands, saving her 5-year-old son's life

Released on this date in 1965

This wild crow has human pets - GeoBeats Animals

The COVID-19 Virus Is NOT a Parasite!

Anxiety running high as COVID-19 threatens to disrupt schools -- again

E.U. Set to Propose Travel Restrictions on U.S. Visitors

The People Have Spoken!

Dems won't blink in debt showdown as painful September looms

LIVE 10:30 am - Pentagon's John Kirby, Gen. Hank Taylor hold briefing as Afghanistan deadline looms

LIVE 10:30 am - Pentagon's John Kirby, Gen. Hank Taylor hold briefing as Afghanistan deadline looms

Beware phony "parent" astroturf groups

Militants Fire Rockets at Kabul Airport as U.S. Nears Withdrawal

Biden pays respects to US troops killed in Afghanistan

Please keep in mind that New Orleans received a glancing blow

IAEA: N Korea appears to have resumed nuke reactor operation

I get up this morning and at 9:30 turn on the television to CNN. First story, "US admits civilians..

Should I euthanize my cat?

Police officers around Tampa Bay are dying of COVID

COVID-19 cases in South Dakota increase more than 450% since start of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

This would never happen here:Teens mentoring Met Police

Gay rodeo returns to Santa Fe, NM

Gay rodeo returns to Santa Fe, NM

Vaccine power serve at the US Tennis Open

Capitol Police Lt Mike Byrd, little help

Alberta feed stores inundated with calls for ivermectin over false claims livestock dewormer treats

make the unvaxxed pay

No, Ivermectin Is Not Making People Poop Out "Rope Worms". The Truth Is Much Worse

January 6th. Senators in a safe room: "Shut the f*** up, Lindsey!"

Rand Paul Says "Hatred for Trump" Influences Scientists Not Studying Ivermectin...

1/6 Committee Wants The Phone Records Of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz...

Menstrual exile is a tradition etched deeply in some parts of India

Georgia officers to learn to draw blood for DUI cases

Lightning strikes outside White House with Marine on post.

Good Day DU (August 30, 2021)

They've already started the Big Lie about the California recall

Super Bowl prediction, anyone?

DeathSantis is a sociopath

A family says 10 of its members were killed in a US drone strike in Kabul

It's a relief to know we have a president in the White House who isn't going to throw paper towel at

Today's truer words....

Trumpies hate us. I hate 'em back. Works for me. nt

08-30-2021 Braithwaite, LA-Hurricane Ida Levee Overtopped

Jon Stewart returns to TV in September with deep dive show

3247 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

Red-Winged Blackbird

A friend is taking Ivermectin.

Buying pre-chopped onions or garlic from the supermarket is a sin

Hmm - I got my shot, now I have doubts about hot dogs

US to be removed from EU travel 'safe list': report

Just Got a Scam Phone Call....Somewhat Different..Here Is How that one was different..

Police officers around Tampa Bay are dying of COVID

Senator Bernie Sanders campaigns for budget proposal in Cedar Rapids

Jan 6 attackers aren't treated worse than other inmates. Data shows they're being treated BETTER.

Texas' Creepy 'Spy On Your Abortion-Having Neighbors' Law About To Go Into Effect


Exclusive: Taliban reveals plans for future government to Al Jazeera

How to prevent the next Jan. 6, as revealed in an important new analysis

Al Roker says Ida is the result of climate change and that it will be

Drone strike in Afghanistan was "ninja bomb" no explosion just blades.

Opinion: Who's to blame for the deaths of 13 service members in Kabul? We all are - Max Boot

I can hardly wait for Gym Jordan's testimony at the January 6 hearings.

Hurricane Ida was so powerful it reversed the flow of the Mississippi River

Lucas Kunce a retired marine major running for Senate as a Democrat in Missouri on Bloomberg

Sighhhh - If you have a few tots and pears

West Virginia Creates Jobs Farming Lavender at Former Coal Mines

Rona, then ventilator, followed by stroke.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones Needs Help Getting Her Staff & Rescue Animals Out Of Afghanistan

Oakland-Based Ballet Company Challenges Gender Norms

Duke University tells all employees they must get a COVID-19 vaccine or be fired

Democrats are going to end up with 50 to 55 US Senate seats after 2022.

Regarding the Texas "rat on your neighbor" law...

I have just one question, "I have been around for a while, Why haven't I figured it out?

Newborn Mouse Found On Floor Now Sleeps Inside A Sock

Long-Term Studies Of COVID-19 Vaccines Hurt By Placebo Recipients Getting Immunized

At First I Thought This Was Kind Of Cute

Is Your Oven Stuck on 350 Degrees? It's Not Broken, It's in Sabbath Mode.

Is Your Oven Stuck on 350 Degrees? It's Not Broken, It's in Sabbath Mode.

checking myself in today

Gov. Bill Lee's (now former) pastor was at DC rally Jan 6, and blamed Antifa for riot

LIVE: News Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell holds briefing after Hurricane Ida

The Investors Trying to Fix the Most Toxic Company in Video Games

Now the vaxxed are "SUPERCARRIERS" infecting the unvaxxed

Alabama football coach Nick Saban says Nancy Pelosi 'probably has a more important job than me'

Looks like my LA kin made it through Ida ok.

Significant proportions of people admitted to hospital, or dying from covid-19 in England are...

Quantum crystal could reveal the identity of dark matter

Biden administration opens civil rights investigations over bans on school mask mandates

Cost Rica wins first ever medal in Para-Olympics

Carrie Underwood packed Country Festival without masks.

Biden administration opens civil rights investigations over bans on school mask mandates

Moan -

Donald Trump rages at cable news for covering Hurricane Ida 'all night long'

Anyone else doing the Zwift Academy?

I've turned into a horrible person and I hate it.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

CALI VOTERS!! Try not to be distracted by my toned arms and VOTE NO on the recall!

"Two new Covid variances?" Thom H. just referred to them

Man trolls school board meeting with satirical rant about CRT. Very funny, & they fall for it:

Well, well. Look at this CNN piece from 2020 on the fires Trump was starting for Biden.

Community supports 12-year-old rejected by friends after coming out:

Activists block court on eve of key ruling in Poland

EU takes US off safe travel list due to rising coronavirus infections

Jan. 6 committee to ask phone records be kept of lawmakers who participated in 'Stop the Steal'

The Ivermectin Boom Is the Inevitable Product of Our Crass Culture Wars

Now, don't you start crying:

LIVE: Jen Psaki holds White House news briefing - Aug 30

Bali bomb case starts in Guantanamo 18 years after capture

LIVE: Jen Psaki holds White House news briefing - Aug 30

You know life is good when.....

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, partner wed in New Mexico

Infantry Company at Checkpoint Charlie.

Plunging Into the Abyss

Two-thirds of all Facebook users who join extremist groups are guided to them by Facebook itself.

Butler County (Ohio) judge orders West Chester Hospital to treat COVID-19 patient with ivermectin

Warmonger Stunts & Bold New Afghanistan Strategy​: More War!

Laurence Tribe OP ED: "Sirhan Sirhan, a political assassin, will never deserve freedom"

The run on ivermectin shows that the GOP base is really scared. They

Jen Psaki (waving away a fly): "Sorry. That was an agressive bug."

Has zuul been on today?

Walking your dog while black

Very cute--sound on:

"I don't know you, kid, but here's 500 bucks"

Texas Republicans On Record: No Intention Of Expanding Voter Access

Colorado secretary of state sues to stop Mesa County clerk from overseeing elections

Colombia arrests 'Sinaloa Cartel money laundering chief'

Tweet of the Day

Duke University tells employees ... get a COVID-19 vaccine or be fired

Ida Updates: Biden says hardest-hit states are resilient

Seriously, do not take ivermectin to treat COVID

These horse pills put a new meaning to what antibiotics do for a person?

Maybe don't lay off all the copy editors?

Does Anyone Here Play Pickleball?

A Terrible Year for Coffee Just Got Worse

Ivermectin User Plans To Enter Kentucky Derby

Going to the doctor - Be clear on who you want

A possible announcement for the purpose of freeing up some ICU beds---

Sanders Ad: Stop the Republican Recall

Abortion providers appeal to U.S. Supreme Court in last-ditch effort to block new Texas law banning

Abortion providers appeal to U.S. Supreme Court in last-ditch effort to block new Texas law banning

Sanders Ad: Stop the Republican Recall

New Orleans avoids major flooding thanks to levees built after Katrina

Buenos Aires Province gets 98% backing to restructure debt

Buenos Aires Province gets 98% backing to restructure debt

Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame, for Afghanistan

Waukesha School Board to meet today to reconsider school lunch program

I had an encounter with the RCMP the other night

This wild crow is obsessed with his human pets

Joe Strummer and the Mesceleros

Now how am I going to find out who destroyed my mailbox?

Misunderstanding preliminary scientific results led to the ivermectin fiasco

WaPo: The Definitive summary of the collapse of Kabul

An Entire Skyscraper Went Up In Flames Sunday: Milan, Italy

Has anyone seen this covered in the mainstream media?

Do people have to wear a scarf, yoga pants, and UGGS to church now?

Hey Texans: here is where you can comment on masks in public school.

No, Biden Didn't Fall Asleep on Israel's Prime Minister

Americans vs. Brits on fighting animals

Chicago Judge Revokes Custody For Woman Who Wasn't Vaccinated

Husky Screams When She Can't Catch Fly on Ceiling

GOP Lawmaker Calls Capitol Rioters 'Political Hostages'

MSNBC's Shaquille Brewster Accosted On Air During Live Shot Of Hurricane Ida Aftermath

Conservative tweeters falsely claim Biden didn't show up at Dover to honor troops' remains

COVID-19 Endorses Greg Abbott for Re-election

Giuliani's PR Guru Resigns as Legal Walls Close In

Deb Haaland got married this weekend.

Liberal Redneck - Ivermectin

Bonus Quote of the Day

Latest Polls Of The California Recall Election

Quote of the Day


It seems to me that what the Tea Party and the militias and Q-anon and the anti-vaxxers and

DOJ Fresh Filing On Capitol Insurrectionist Atty John Pierce 👀

TCM 'tonight'

Meet Belize's secluded Mennonites, a community frozen in time

750,000 Households Face Eviction This Year

US travelers dropped from EU safe list as Covid cases surge

A Lost Opportunity for Evangelical Christians

Almost all of the levees held for Ida.

Wealthy Lobbyists Have Already Slashed Biden's Tax Reform by Three-Quarters

August Photo Contest Results

So Nicole Wallace

Democrats will definitely be going to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022.

University of Michigan researchers unveil wireless 'charging room' system that powers phones, laptop

Pentagon presser: withdrawal in Afghanistan is over. 123,000 evacuated

Turtle Boy McConnell: 'I don't think it serves any particular purpose' to call out vaccine lies

LIVE: Pentagon confirms end of Afghanistan withdrawal

Final military flights leave Kabul

Boots of Spanish leather

In today's episode of MAGA Gun Safety...

Afghanistan latest: Last US military plane leaves meeting 8/31 deadline

I love our brown bunny family

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

What about a cocktail of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

COVID-19 in Tennessee: More people are sick with COVID-19 than ever before as active cases cross 79k

Lawyer for 17 insurrectionists is missing, delaying cases

U.N. Security Council urges Taliban to stick to promises

Sorry, I'm fresh out of prayers. I do have a few thoughts, though...

LIVE 7PM: Secretary of State Blinken delivers remarks on the situation in Afghanistan

Shelob builds her lair.

STATNews: Inside Pfizer's labs, 'variant hunters' race to stay ahead of the pandemic's next twist

Education Dept. opens investigations into 5 statewide bans on mask mandates

Do the Faux News people always go maskless in these briefings?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 30, 2021

What if there are more US citizens killed by Ida this week,

US Senate seats that the Democrats are definitely going to win in 2022.

Wife Asks What About Tomorrow

Richard Engel starts by saying he isn't going to get into the blame game, and then proceeds

Stepping aside...who will step up?

Richard Engel is not reporting. He is delivering an anti-Biden rant. In his version, wartime

"Democrats are not living up to the teachings of Christ"-Franklin Graham

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Trump's political operation paid more than $4.3 million to Jan. 6 organizers but questions remain...

Goldman Sachs estimates 750K households face eviction after moratorium ends

Dog helps his brother learn to swim!

Germany to ban the unvaccinated from nearly everywhere, starting September

The virus according to a trump supporter

They are evacuating South Lake Tahoe :(

Nine young hound dogs that were apparently dumped in the mountains near Boulder MT have been rescued

Madam Speaker: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the U.S. Speaker of the House

Man dies after getting buried alive to recreate Jesus's resurrection

Man dies after getting buried alive to recreate Jesus's resurrection

russian restaurant pulls ad with black man after death threats from far-right group

Last Ambassador to South Vietnam, Graham Martin, cables White House: "I Want To Get Out Tonight."

Mary Tyler Moore scene with First Lady Betty Ford, an "old friend" of Lou Grant:

Leaving Afghanistan is going to make a hell of a movie.

Live beach cam. Destin Beach Fl, to the east of Pensacola

Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame, for Afghanistan

nice to hear equipment left behind has been demilitarized. do we owe them a refund?

Liberal Redneck - Ivermectin

Leaded petrol era 'officially over' as Algeria ends pump sales

NBC Reporter Gets Ambushed During Live Hurricane Coverage - The Rational National

The 20 year war is finally over!

The only reason Richard Engel is upset?

Kevin McCarthy Scandal - Don Winslow Films

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are definitely going to win.

DeathSantis appealing mask decision

Buying Precrumbled Feta Cheese is a venal sin.

The COVID-19 vaccines' ability to keep people out of the hospital appears to be dropping slightly

California governor finally goes ALL IN, rips Florida & Texas governors (Brian Tyler Cohen)

Am I alone in thinking Richard Engle's sell by date is in the past?

Ice-pick lobotomy could cure COVID!

ER doctor was charging $50 for a mask exemption

Purple Heart recipient dies of treatable illness waiting for ICU bed (CNN)

Trifecta: Afghanistan, Covid, now Ida. Thank GOD Joe Biden is our President.

Here's what a part of New Orleans looks like after Hurricane Ida (CNN)

Wait...wut?!?? Paul Gosar tweets bizarre photo

The Lost Forest Nobel Peace Prize Shorts

"Washington is middle school on steroids"

Here's Donald Trump's most lasting, damaging legacy

NC Republican Madison Cawthorn: "Political hostages", working on another insurrection attempt

The California recall will be very hard to accurately poll

The U.S. has completely withdrawn from Afghanistan. The last C-17 lifted off

A Truck Carrying A Turbine Blade Didn't Quite Make The Train Crossing In Texas

Too Early For Halloween Decorations?

Nearly 8,000 total positive virus cases reported in Arkansas public schools

madison cawthorn event attendee: when are you gonna call us to washington again?

Police Just Might Defund Themselves Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

let's rant about plastic lampshades and/or lightbulbs

Due to predicted heavy rainfall and possible flooding conditions

Biden's cabinet

Warren City Councilman Eddie Kabacinski was arrested over the weekend for selling Trump-related merc

QAnon nut accuses school board members of using masks to facilitate sex trafficking. (FL)

Ludlow Colorado Mine Massacre 1914: Deadly Strife Led To Better Labor Laws, JD Rockefeller Jr Blamed

Karnofsky Tailor Shop: Ida topples New Orleans jazz landmark where Armstrong worked

1/6 Select Committee asks 35 Comm Co's to Preserve Records for Individuals Involved in Planning


TN Districts can apply for waivers that would allow select classrooms and schools to go virtual

Biden to address end of Afghanistan War in Tuesday speech

Biden to address end of Afghanistan War in Tuesday speech

Tweet of the evening:

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

18 Pictures That Show The Differences Between Biden's And Trump's Oval Office (Bored Panda)

Emotional, musical video commentary on today's big news, from Twitter:

"ANTIFA is planning on using COVID vaccine-soaked throwing stars on conservative parents."

PM Update: Scattered showers and storms into evening,