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Why do we have to use car seats for our kids? We shouldn't let the government tell us where

'Occupy' leader claims police 'dragged' him out of Kevin McCarthy presser for asking about Capitol

So, I'm Kicking Myself

House GOP's new midterm headache: Candidates tied to the Capitol riot


More Republicans Support Biden's $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Than Oppose: Poll

The Slobfather had a six state operation to overthrow the election results

DeSantis Blasts Other Forty-nine States for Making Florida Look Bad

See the USA - Dinah Shore

Labrador Retriever makes gardening easier for humans!

19 AGs to EPA: Roll back Trump's clean-water rule ASAP . . .

While we wait, @SenatorLeahy took us out to the balcony to see the sunset:

California water: 10 charts and maps that explain the state's historic drought . . .

Trump urges supporters to buy misspelled "membership" cards with image resembling Nazi logo

great quote i found

Progressives don't support or give a pass to sexual harrasers

Fox News fools the mainstream media -- again

The new definition of "Freedom"

I blame the media for propping DeSantis up.

SVG: Protests in Kingstown over Public Health Act

Florida man arrested in Keys for biting part of man's ear off

McConnell vows no GOP help with debt limit hike

In the Puget Sound region housing affordability 'has left the building'

Spanish engineers extract drinking water from thin air . . .

GOP senators look to add $50B for defense into infrastructure bill

Ohio Department of Health social distancing public service announcement.

Belarus runner used quick thinking to avoid being sent home

'100 Times Worse Than Nixon': Historian Warns Of Trump's 'Coup' In Damning 2021 Emails - MSNBC

"Scientists fear a critical Atlantic Ocean system might collapse"

Tennessee Republicans Want to Withhold Money From Schools That Teach Critical Race Theory

Budget office: Infrastructure bill adds $256B to deficits

Time For More Freedom W/Jon Baptiste

Reporter Removed From Kevin McCarthy Press Conference After 1/6 Commission Question

Russian gay family in controversial ad flee to Spain after threats

Thanks For the Memories - Bob Hope and Shirley Ross

Just Because

Cancun Cruz rips GOP colleagues who are 'complicit' with Biden spending agenda

Biden snubs Elon Musk at electric vehicle event featuring 'Big 3'

Hawaii sets news record for highest one day covid ever, 655 cases....

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

A friend saw DOLPHINs in Pax near bridge and PIER! GOING back SOON!!!

Tucker Carlson: What the Fox News host is doing in Hungary

Mobile hospital units set up due to rising number of patients going to ER (TN)

Hawaii - With eviction moratorium set to end, Oahu's median home price hits $1 million

U.S. plans to give extra COVID-19 shots to at-risk Americans, Fauci says

U.S. health-care system ranks last among 11 high-income countries, researchers say

121,000+ new Covid cases in the US...

Biden administration considers withholding funds and other measures to spur vaccinations

Mediation centers brace for onslaught of evictions with Hawaii's moratorium set to end

Merrick Garland: It is time for Congress to act again to protect the right to vote

More gold from the album "Days Full Of Rain"

'Mega-drought' in Andes from climate change leaves some peaks without snow

'Mega-drought' in Andes from climate change leaves some peaks without snow

Indonesia army signals end to 'virginity test' for female recruits

Gosar Hanging With Neo-Nazis

US study finds potential dog food link to canine heart disease

Listening to Newsom GOTV Zoom call. Explaining why this is so important to vote the recall down

Ex-Tesla Employee Called Racial Slur Wins $1 million Award

Kamala Harris Knows She's Trapped

WaPo Board: Missouri's governor uses his pardon power -- but not for two innocent Black men in prison

Biden calls DeSantis "Governor Who"

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Whitewashes Viktor Orbn's Authoritarian Ways in Softball Interview

NEW POLL: Majority of Americans Say it Would be BAD FOR COUNTRY if Trump Ran in 2024!

State Says Vermont Students Should Wear Masks When School Resumes

Eugene Robinson: Too many Republicans are taking covid-19's side in the fight against the pandemic

Welcome back home, @Simone_Biles !

The double standard in politicians' abuses whether Word or Deed

New Jersey governor to announce mask mandate for students on Friday.

Senate set to vote on funding for reconstruction of Chesapeake Bay islands.

A stay at Disney's immersive 'Star Wars' hotel will come at an astronomical price

Aubrey - Bread

Cenk's vicious remarks on Clyburn.

Gold Star Families Accuse Major Banks of Aiding Terrorists

This is what we had to deal with in 1988.

Facebook Blocks NYU Researcher Accounts Investigating Disinfo On Facebook

Pfizer: Immunity Can Drop To 83% Within 4 Mos. For Those Who Got Shot, Bolstering Case For Booster

Bolsonaro Declares thhttps://www.democraticundergroundat He Can Act Outside of Constitutional Limits

POTUS Biden today............Question: how do you respond to Gov. DeSantis? .......

MyPillow magnate Mike Lindell's latest election conspiracy theory is his most bizarre yet

Edition Office completes black concrete home in rural Australia

Visage - Fade to Grey

Eager to visit Canada when the border reopens? A Canadian labor dispute might slow you down

'Mega-drought' in Andes from climate change leaves some peaks without snow

DOJ must begin criminal investigation of Trump.

Mary Trump: Donald Trump Would End American Experiment For His Empowerment - The ReidOut - MSNBC

TFG literally wants his supporters to carry 'Trump Cards'

Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Israeli defense minister threatens Iran with military action

Dems plot to squeeze health care promises into social spending bill

25 Behind the Scenes Stories from Gameshows

Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer

Historic California town incinerated by swift-moving wildfire WNT

Male Karen Has MELTDOWN At Walmart - The Damage Report

CNN Fires Three Staffers Who Came Into Office Unvaccinated

Does anyone know if twitter is blocking the criminals who tried to overthrow the government?

Brazil forest fire season underway and raising concern

Fully Vaccinated People Who Get A Covid-19 Breakthrough Infection Can Transmit The Virus, CDC Chief

Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs

Black Cockatoos

Reprimand letter ends Iowa superintendent's virus dispute

Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy

Trump says 'leftist maniacs' cost Team USA gold medal, blames 'wokeness'[

US Senate Races that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Facebook shuts out NYU academics' research on political ads

i thought of a way that might help get some people vaccinated

Delta Variant- 'Delta Ain't A Problem for Alphas!'

"There will be someone worse." One of my poli sci professors in class after nixon was

Joe Biden is the base!

Gibbons retirement creates another key Massachusetts choice for Biden

Unvaccinated People Belong on the No-Fly List

So can Feinstein retire, Newsome appoint

President Biden and Governor Newsom's poll number averages have fallen to their lowest ever levels

In a specific mood tonight.

Fox News hosts clash live ON AIR over vaccine - Brian Tyler Cohen

I'm indulging in whiskey and song tonight

Jane Mayer (The New Yorker) was interviewed today on Fresh Air...

Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax Paid Actors

Congressman Suing Pelosi Over Mask Fines Gets COVID

That Sunday, That Summer - Nat King Cole

Galvin's sample maps irritate House redistricting chair

News I missed when it happened:Mexican soldiers ordered son of 'El Chapo' to call cartel to stop att

Exclusive: Leaked documents reveal death threats and roadblocks in Haiti assassination investigation

ACLU files First Amendment lawsuit against Woonsocket mayor

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 6, 2021 -- Summer Under the Stars: Robert Mitchum

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 7, 2021 -- Summer Under the Stars: Abbott and Costello

Voting change sought by Brazil's Bolsonaro defeated in Congress

RI Black Business Association issues state a failing grade after Disparity Report release

Chris Hayes Honors Union Leader Richard Trumka Who Passed Away At 72

'If We Don't Have Rules We Have Anarchy': Southwest Pilot Asks Passengers to Please Just Wear the...

Brazil's chief justice nixes peace talks with Bolsonaro

Oh Wonder - 'All We Do'

Clyburn says he planned to stay out of Ohio race until he was called 'stupid'

CNN Fires Three Employees For Coming To Work Unvaccinated

The Absolute Unmitigated Gall

North Carolina man built a 13-foot skeleton in his front yard warning his unvaccinated neighbors: 'N

It only takes a few ounces of corn liquor for you to crank the volume,

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 8, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Esther Williams

Cuomo vs Newsom...

Could We Have About 1000 More Democratic Leaders Like This, Please?

cop ok with "really nice car" driven not by "young native male" but "middle aged Asian"

TCM Schedule for Monday August 9, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Kay Francis

Lamont issues order allowing cities and towns to impose mask mandates

My Foolish Heart - Billy Eckstine

2 NC brothers killed by train while memorializing brother who was killed by train

Opinion: The media is figuring out that Biden was right: Left-wing Twitter is not real life

Opinion: The media is figuring out that Biden was right: Left-wing Twitter is not real life

Connecticut drawn into fight over conservative ALEC's tax-exempt status

Texas appeals court upholds murder charge for ex-Dallas cop who killed her neighbor

Denver police union saying cops will not abide by the mayor's order for city workers to get vaccinat

Hayes Breaks Down Trump's 'Unnervingly Plausible Path' To Stealing The Election - All In - MSNBC

Quorum-busting Texas House Democrats still plotting next move ahead of second special session

My school district on the TON Reservation is shut down for two weeks

7 Day Avg. of covid infections is now over 100,000 per day. ...

Las Vegas McCarran Int'l Airport to be renamed after Harry Reid

Jessica Cisneros will again challenge U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar in Democratic primary for

This Democratic leader just went off on the woke left

Why It's Time For The DOJ To Criminally Probe Trump's Effort To Overturn The 2020 Election - MSNBC

Why people are so mad in airplanes and in stores right now

Dark Side of the Mushroom - The Chocolate Watch Band

Who Will And Will Not Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Soon - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Official Vinyl Video)

A Complete Betrayal': January 6 Responders Not Willing To 'Just Move On' - Nicolle Wallace - MSNBC

New COVID rules for Australians who live overseas and visit home causing fear and uncertainty

Texas hospitals hit by staffing crisis as burnout depletes workforce and COVID-19 surges

Austin police officers won't be indicted in 2019 shootout that killed Isaiah Hutchinson

Travis County judge denies motion to drop case against driver who fatally shot BLM protester

Opinion: The lesson from Ohio: Democrats want to fight Trump, not Biden

Pelosi Statement on Passing of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Commissioner J.J. Koch sues Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, calls for his ouster over mask rule

A lot of us know about the home front effort during WWII. If you're younger and don't know,

'Everybody Has Work To Do': Red/Blue Vaccination Gap Obscures Need For Broad Covid Effort - MSNBC

Ten years ago this month, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook the Cathedral

***** Me-me-me-McCAIN's *last* The View Aug 6 *TODAY*! - - YeSSsss! *****

Democratic Senator Navarrete arrested

Dr. Fauci Speaks With Teenagers About Getting Vaccinated As WH Pushes Shots Before School Starts

The GOP is following the fascist playbook: charismatic leader, lies, propaganda, cause a crisis

U.S. national security adviser visits Brazil, meets with Bolsonaro

What will the reaction be when there are not enough hospital beds

Flagstaff asks court to void minimum wage assessment

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 6, 2021

The Truth Behind Tucker Carlson's Disturbing Trip To Hungary - The 11th Hour

'World's oldest' coin factory discovered in China

Well, I killed a tarantula yesterday

Jonathan Pie: America's Truth!

Military members waiting on FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccine, survey says - NewsNation Now

Democrat: Voting Rights Reform 'Is A Movement, Not A Moment' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

ValueWise CEO Sentenced To 144 Months In Prison For $100 Million Fraud

Astronomers Detected a Huge New Structure in The Milky Way, And Don't Know What It Is

Frozen cave lion cub found in Siberia with its whiskers intact is 28,000 years old

Michelle Obama & Stacey Abrams Featured in Voting Rights PSA - NowThis News

Viking 'amulet factory' discovery forces rethink of enigmatic artifacts

woman honks at ATV/dirt bikers.. is pulled from car and beaten (Providence)

Trump allies' lingering election 'audits' spark public skepticism, concerns in Congress

Biden Responds..."Governor Who?" And Bursts Into Laughter When Asked About Ron DeSantis

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Crashes A School Board Meeting To Berate Members For Passing Mask Mandate

I'm kind of done with all the people who regret not getting the vaccine

Lord Huron - 'Way Out There'

Black in Appalachia

Phoenix police under scrutiny -- 5 Phoenix police issues the DOJ will investigate

'Tyrannical' Gilbert Mayor Under Fire for Proposed Limits to Public Comment

Do you believe the people who are saying "I was waiting for final FDA approval"?

No brag I found out how to satisfy my wife in bed.

Biden's Schedule for Friday, August 6, 2021

Trumps magic Mark

ICU Nurse Posts Video Begging People to Get Vaccinated - NowThis News

Woman Photographed Leaning Out Of A Cadillac Brandishing An AK-47, Car Impounded

Insane FB Group, " Healthcare Patriots"....Yikes, loads of misinformation...

Time to change the Olympic "scoring system"

I doubt I'll see much of the kittens, today. There's major utility work going on across the street

The Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, is in hospital in Barbados

Well at least they are wearing masks for once... 👀

Friday TOONs - They Get So Worked Up

Rudy Giuliani Admits Lying About Hillary Clinton's Emails In 2016

US automakers pledge huge increase in electric vehicles

Missouri's governor uses his pardon power -- but not for two innocent Black men in prison

This Year's GOM Dead Zone Closer To Shore, More Hypoxic; OR Dead Zone Arrival Earliest On Record

Boris Johnson Showed Blazing Incompetence On COVID; Expect More Of The Same On Climate Collapse

Will we ever see the Mueller report? eom

July 2021 Worst July For Fires Globally In Satellite Record; 343 MT Carbon From Siberia, N. America

My wife is in E-8 mode company first sgt , she finds sins

ExxonMobil Net Zero Blahblah Investor Pressure Blahblahblah 2050 Target Blahblahblahblah

I wish the media would STOP giving air time to John Bolton. (He's on CNN, right now)

Gavin Schmidt (NASA); What We're Seeing Now Is In Climate Models; "Unexpected" Claims Ring Hollow

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 30 July - 6 August (2021)

6 dead in Alaska sightseeing plane crash, U.S. Coast Guard says

Boeing 737 MAX planes face cargo rules over fire-related concerns

TVA delaying plans to return workers to offices as coronavirus pandemic worsens

5 police officers face criminal charges in hotel beating of Black men

Running Union grievances today remotely up to bat first stupidity

BC Oyster Farmers Lost 40%-80% Of Stock In June-July Heatwave, Depending On Location

Tennessee's 48-hour abortion waiting period upheld by full U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Our children's public school has formally abandoned any pretense of pandemic mitigation

A's broadcaster Ray Fosse reveals he has cancer, will step away from the booth

What's Different About Global Warming in 2021? It's Hurting Rich Nations, Not Poor, Distant Nations

New Comic Releases for August 4, 2021

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/4/2021

The Rundown: August 6, 2021

The origin of Super Heroes: Kid Eternity

Today, August 6, 1945, the US dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

US Senate Seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

9/11 Transparency Act

Breakfast Friday, 6 August 2021

Electric Plant At Oroville Dam (CA) Shut Down As Water Levels Approach Minimum For Generation

July jobs report: Economy adds back 943,000 payrolls, unemployment rate falls to 5.4%

Tiedrich Calls Out Florida "Shithole Governor"

Blowout July BLS jobs report +943,000 jobs, UE falls to 5.4%

Houses of worship have been left out of the construction boom

"But, were any laws broken?"...

Fenty's Fortune: Rihanna Is Now Officially A Billionaire

Conor Lamb is running for Senate! Here's his announcement video:

Conor Lamb launching Senate bid in Pennsylvania

So Joe Biden created 943,000 jobs in July.

Donziger: Facing Prison for Fighting Chevron

MyPillow Guy Loses It as CNN Reporter Tells Him: You Have 'Proof of Nothing'

9/11 families to President Biden: Don't come to our memorial events

GOV Northam: VA will require state workers to show proof they are fully vaccinated-or-weekly test

The Case That Could Topple the Gun Industry's Special Legal Protections

Just looking through my photos, I came across a picture I took of Nina Turner...

Walmart Gives Weekly Bonuses to Keep Warehouse Workers

Heart Smile

Nassau Jam

Eric Boehlert: NYT demands Cuomo resign -- in four years they never called for Trump to step down

lawrence o'donnell shares family history w boston mayoral candidate.

What are the laws regarding videotaping police? Can the police seize your phone?

from The Authoritarian Rulebook: Lying in the face of facts makes you appear stronger to your base

Spoof of flight attendant who taped anti-mask passenger to his seat is SPECTACULAR!!

OP-ED Economy & Labor: Covid Relief Packages Dramatically Reduced Poverty. They Should Be Permanent.

Democratic Presidents: Cleaning Up Republican Catastrophes Since 1976

Vaccine skeptics and anti-​maskers are sucking down horse paste promoted by Trump's 'alien DNA' doc

Senate panel advances Myrna Prez, voting rights advocate, for 2nd Cir.

A counter to, "Owning the libs"

Merrick Garland: It is time for Congress to act again to protect the right to vote

Where Republicans Are Starting to Worry About Big Oil

Arkansas hospital exec says health care workers are walking off the job amid spike in COVID-19 cases

Guards mistook dentures for contraband, beat inmate

Guards mistook dentures for contraband, beat inmate

No Mask On Your Face - You Big Disgrace

CDC says Covid no longer being spread by nose and mouth...

US Jewish Groups, Congresswoman Concerned After Ohio Congressional Candidate Blames 'Evil Money'

Pharmacists Fight Off COVID Truthers Demanding Horse Medicine Instead of the Jab

Cartoon: Deflection with DeSantis By Clay Jones -August 6, 2021 9:00 AM

Madison Cawthorn thinks vaccine passports are "scary." Mark of the Beastie Boyz?

A Pandemic Fueled by Republican Ambition

Good job news. The Dem should strike while the iron is hot! Get that reconciliation bill to

Joy Reid was on fire last night. She didn't hold back. She called them fascist.

Screaming anti masker demands revote of school board on masks. (Warning - graphic images)


Biden Mulls Withholding Funds to Spur Vaccinations

indoor smoking. seatbelts. vaccines. one of these things is not like the other - why?

Dumbasses, Covid, and elections.

A Pandemic Fueled by Republican Ambition

The DOJ Official Who Tried to Steal the Election for Trump Has a Sweet New Gig

I just checked on what the utility workers are up to, and YIKES!!!!

Does anyone have an update on that RWNJ radio host that is hospitilized with COVID?

Grandma becomes best friend with raccoon

GMU Law professor sues George Mason University, challenging covid vaccine mandate

Shock poll shows Gavin Newsom losing recall vote by double digits

12 Year Old Girl Gets 42 Stitches After Suspected Shark Bite In Ocean City, Md.

Former Capital Gazette editor on justice and healing after worst newsroom shooting in U.S. history

943,000 jobs added in July and Unemployment slips to 5.4%. But the traitor said

This is the 6th pediatric death from COVID he's posted in past 48 hours

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and by extension the soul itself

Gov Cuomo Accuser Files CRIMINAL Complaint

How the Far Right Use Memes to Recruit - VICE

But Democrats don't care - How true

OMG - Is that a tan suit that the President is wearing? nt

Tan Suit Alert!

Newsom, in recall fight, says it's 'not acceptable' for homeless to camp on streets

A light rail line to Houston's Hobby Airport could be one step closer to reality

Trumpist Insurrectionists Plan to Return to Capitol....

Foo Fighters Troll Westboro Baptist Church Protesters With Disco Tunes

Guarding account numbers

Doggy Can't Resist Strange Smelling Treat

'We're Going to Take This Damn Place':l Insurrectionist Who Bragged to the Media is Charged

From March: 'Borderline illegal': Courtesy tows remain Philly's persistent parking nightmare

Reporter confronts MyPillow CEO: You have proof of nothing (CNN)

Va. Gov. Northam Requires All State Workers To Be Vaccinated By Sept. 1, Non Comply, Weekly Tests

Indiana University's vaccine mandate going to the Supreme Court

Hayes breaks down Trump's 'unnervingly plausible path' to stealing the election

Breaking: Congress revokes @mattgaetz 's franking privileges in an incident described ...

Why Is It So Hard to Say Goodbye to New York City?

Good Day DU (August 6, 2021)

The Twitterverse response to #tansuitgate:

Love this troll by Joe

Tweet of the Day

To my beloved Loungers: No drinking thread tonight.

Sheriff: Aide who accused Cuomo files criminal complaint

Sept. 18: "It's going to be huge .. we are going back to the Capitol."

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

The best day to NOT watch "The View" is today

Coronavirus booster shots for the immunocompromised expected to be authorized soon

Flashing their white power signs for Trump

The complicated story of the unvaccinated


Grant Stern tells me he's filing a civil rights lawsuit against Kevin McCarthy.......

Just had a call from a candidate for PA-SEN

Senate Dems plot new paths on voting reform, sidestepping filibuster

Florida residents are warning fellow Americans to stay away from DeSantis's disease-ridden state

EU Expected to Discuss Reimposing Travel Restrictions on U.S.

Pressure Mounts To Launch 'McMafia Law' Probe Into Trump's Scottish Golf Courses

Mark Meadows Timeline: The Chief of Staff and Schemes to Overturn 2020 Election

i was watching he man , the masters of the universe, 1985 legacy,

"The Arizona audit is being used to fuel more and more disinformation online"

Biden pays homage to Obama by rocking tan suit during birthday week

Lambda COVID Variant, Showing Vaccine Resistance, Detected in Louisiana

Boycott Chevron!

$5,800 bottle of whiskey? Pompeo is questioned - can't recall

Alabamians Cheer When Marjorie Taylor Greene Brags They Live in One of the Most Unvaccinated States

This is pathetic (Covid)

Wildfire explodes to third-largest in California history

More than 400 advocacy groups ask Biden to appoint environmentalist to energy commission

"Check out the signatories of this letter from December demanding that state legislators ignore ..."

Dog's Hilariously Honest Adoption Post Helps Him Find Forever Home

2826 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 42 deaths

Fish has better teeth than I do

The Foo Fighters epically troll Westboro Baptist Church protesters

AZ Senate/Cyber Ninjas refusing to turn over their records of the fraudit

Unvaccinated Man in ICU: "I Messed UP"

Cuomo Assistant Who Says She Was Groped Presses Charges

Why Isn't Life Easy..Do You Think Life Should Be Easy??

Tucker Carlson's fawning new Orbn interview shows the right's dream future

BREAKING NEWS!!!! President Biden just did a short address wearing a TAN SUIT!!!!

As suspected - Cats don't give a shit


Judge temporarily blocks mask mandate ban in Arkansas

Where Republicans Are Starting to Worry About Big Oil

I am watching the Olympics and find the Artistic Swiming event rather bizarre, anyone else?

OR school custodian arrested after taking 'significant steps' toward planning mass casualty event

GOP Senate candidates align with TFG in bashing bipartisan infrastructure bill

Lambda COVID Variant 'a Potential Threat to Human Society,' Researchers Say

CNN fired 3 staffers for coming to the office unvaccinated against COVID-19

GOP Rep. attacks AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka's 'socialist policies' in bizarre statement follow

Houston Baby with COVID-19, in need of an ICU bed, was airlifted to a hospital 150 miles away

Tacoma pastors called on to encourage vaccination in Pierce County

OMG! Biden wearing tan suit!!!

Thomas-Kennedy Overtakes Holmes In Seattle City Attorney Primary

As a member of a 9/11 family, I hereby extend an invitation to President Biden

The Cuomo report indicates he may have committed criminal sexual assault

Basic phone for hearing impaired ?

Basic phone for hearing impaired ?

Basic phone for hearing impaired ?

Exercise in the Caucasus returns Green Berets to resistance roots

Video of journalist dragged out of McCarthy press conf. by police for asking about 1/6

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/6/21

Scott Fairlamb pleads GUILTY to assaulting police on Jan 6. First assault plea in Insurrection.

Pelosi defends warning from Maloney about losing House: 'Always run scared'

Biden touts jobs, but emphasizes vaccines

Missouri Rep & Husband COVID-19 Positive


Supported a restaurant last night

Voting Rights → Reconciliation Bill → Parliamentarian → Go or No Go?

Holy Shit! U.S. Coast Guard offloads record $1.4 billion worth of cocaine and marijuana at Florida

Can 2022 midterm voting rights be protected by way of Executive Order?

Who can travel to the US?

The next time the GOP attempts a coup d'tat, it won't be loud. It will be quiet. It will be legal

Just read this article about ocean currents.

The Revelries - Little Things

Charged G.B.H. - Pins and Needles

Ron DeSantis approves private school vouchers if parents feel kids are bullied

WI GOP lawmaker seeks to seize ballots and voting machines in Milwaukee and Brown counties

Texas House Democrats planning to stay in D.C. for 2nd special session - Edited... Huh?

Florida COVID update: 22,783 new cases added, breaking record for daily pandemic count

More than 2 million dehumidifiers recalled after $17 million in fire damage

GOP lawmakers who dismissed cost of tax law very concerned about cost of jobs bill

What you should know about indoor dining amid the delta variant

GOP congressman suing Pelosi over mask fines tests positive for COVID-19

Seeing a lot more masks on people in stores here in PHX East Valley past few days

Two Fox News hosts swipe at each other on-air about the COVID vaccine. Doocy was the smart one?

So, DeSantis causes surprise chaos in my house at the worst time.

Friday's Psaki Bomb

MTG suggests gun owners kill people encouraging vaccines

Andrew Cuomo's Last Play to Hold Onto Power

Cartoons 8/6/2021

Customer Service Strategies: Comcast/Xfinity Gets a Bad Rap Pretty Often

FTC says Facebook reasoning for shutting down the accounts of NYU researchers is bullshit.

Fifth wave: Snohomish County COVID hospitalizations rising

DeSantis's attempt to ban student mask mandates rejected by Florida school districts

(Jewish Group) To fight antisemitism, you need to clearly define it

(Jewish Group) Biden nominates Deborah Lipstadt as antisemitism envoy

Americans Are In Favor Of Vaccine Mandates. But Support Is Driven Mainly By Those Who Have Already G

(Jewish Group) A 20-year-old...student...mapping every Manhattan address that used to be a synagogue

Texas Education Agency: Parents Don't Need To Know If There's A COVID Case In Their Kid's School

Remember what happened 20 years ago today? We shouldn't forget.

Potential military vaccine mandate brings distrust, support

DeJoy maintains financial ties to former company as USPS awards it new $120 million contract

In the end, DeathSentence will be a one termer

2 coaches removed from Tokyo Olympics in Belarus case

Recently vaccinated Scalise wants voters to know Democrats are to blame for the red-state surge

2 coaches removed from Tokyo Olympics in Belarus case

Thousands flee fires in Greece, Turkey; some rescued by sea

Senators struggle to amend, finish $1T infrastructure bill

Lots of renters plan to work at home permanently. But home-office space carries a hefty cost.

Tennessee's children's hospitals, including in Memphis, facing capacity challenges

Cryptocurrency brawl bogs down infrastructure bill, as Yellen and White House fight changes

Lake Powell dips to historic low amid drought

Pillow humper spars with CNN reporter in off-the-rails interview

'We're back to panicking': Moms are hit hardest with camps and day cares closing again

Greenville, California, before and after the Dixie Fire went through.

Ron DeSantis is a jackass.

It Gives Us No Pleasure To Have Been Right About Everything...

Another fake police officer is traveling around Frederick County.

I don't wanna live in a World Without John Prine

Sound Transit Board adopts plan for delivering critical transit expansions as quickly as possible

Bitcoin recovering and surpasses $43k, reaches highest price since May 2021

It is trite to say that the chaos spawned by Trump and his regime is "not normal". Saying that is

Massive job gains in july..TFG will be crying

If you might be interested in buying a used Harley-Davidson, wait a couple of months. The annual

Interior Department says over 30 staffers have died from COVID-19

In memory of my beloved dog, Tag.

It ain't just us, folks!

Republicans call for 8/6 Commission- nothing else happened today. 😵‍💫

New data suggest J. & J. vaccine works against Delta and recipients don't need a booster shot.

What is Fox host Tucker Carlson doing in Hungary?

Cat refuses to eat food out of the fancy feeder...😂

House-Shopping While Black

Cats rival dogs on many tests of social smarts

A crucial ocean circulation is showing signs of instability. Its shutdown would have serious impacts

Florida education leaders tie mask wearing to 'harassment,' would allow school transfers

Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS) tests positive for Covid-19 (vaccinated)

Ashli Babbitt's family is suing...

Coronavirus booster shots for the immunocompromised expected to be authorized soon

Bolsonaro Says The Time Has Come to Break with The Constitution, and Fux Reacts

Congress Will Vote on Bill that Wants to Censor Election Polls (Brazil)

CODE RED ON GEORGIA: Raffensperger sends out 185k purge letters

Sophisticated subterranean tunnel discovered near US-Mexico Border

An Ohio Factory's Test: Will Higher Wages Help More Than They Hurt?

Listening to Cuomo's lawyer on CNN.

Coal Is a Gold Mine for Producers After Blistering Rally

Supreme Court asked to weigh in on Indiana University vaccine mandate

Mexico City: Cartel Leader "El Aja" Apprehended, Tried To Topple La Union Tepito

Can somebody here from FL tell me how a governor can forbid telemedicine?

Sonora: Los Cazadores Behead 2 Members From Los Yiyos

Lopez Obrador calls on Mexico's electoral judges to resign

Biden extends student loan pause through January 31st

At least 10 people injured in stabbings on Tokyo train

Worldometers - Florida - August 6, 2021

☦ Orthodox Christian giving God Glory for His Saint, Anthony of Padua!

Biden administration extends pause on federal student loan payments through January

So if there is a god, why did he design kittens with needles and fish hooks?

Seattle fires two police officers who went to Trump rally, saying they stood by during Jan. 6 U.S.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 6, 2021

Unvaccinated More Than Twice as Likely to Get Covid-19 Again, CDC Says

40 years ago today

Stunning new report ranks US dead last in health care among richest countries--despite spending

Smoke and ash moving into Sacramento and Bay Area

So I bought my Covid-19 vaccine 5G microchip control panel today

400,000th Arkansan contracts covid-19 as state adds 3,037 new cases

Natural Herd immunity

Debate Is Over: COVID Vax Doubled Protection for the Previously Infected

I find it interesting that the Covidiots didn't/don't understand that herd mentality

Moxy, released in 1977

Schools reopen with masks optional in many US classrooms

Capitol rioters enter 1st guilty pleas to assaulting police

Rep. Sharice Davids has the coronavirus, mild symptoms

South Dakota's Sturgis rally roars back as delta rising

Why aren't we in the streets over Republican suppression and election nullification efforts . . .

All Bleach Openings... some of the best Music in Japanese Anime

SPD Chief terminates two officers who were outside US Capitol during Jan. 6 riot

Tonight's play list theme is AOR FM one hit wonders

Biden extends COVID relief for student debt through January 2022

U.S. health-care system ranks last among 11 high-income countries, researchers say

Well, Sturgis is starting out well

Pay Attention!

Great tweet from The White House:

Fullmetal Alchemist All Openings (Creditless)

Chris Cuomo will be on vacation tonight and next week. He always takes his birthday week off.

Finally, a tweet from Cal Dem Party re: the recall of gov. Newsom:

All Inuyasha Openings and closing

dejoy is still in there messing with the postal service

Stationary Golf Clubs Worthy Adversary for Scared Bear

look at this street art thru 3-D glasses: (watch short video)

Lt. Gov. Cathy Hochul steps up political messaging as Cuomo's days appear numbered

Arkansas school district announces over 900 students quarantined due to COVID cases

Richard Trumka, Major US Labor Leader, Pres. AFL-CIO, UMW: Tributes- Labor, Activists, Sen. Schumer

Azumanga Daioh - the movie

Woman spotted putting kid in trunk

Anti-vaxxersm anti-​maskers are sucking down horse paste promoted by Trump's 'alien DNA' doctor

Motteke! Sailor Fuku! - Lucky Star Full Opening

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (1998) Opening - Fine Colorday

Social Media has had such a high, negative impact, we need to focus on the causes.

Dem senators introduce the Protecting Election Administration from Interference Act

Former Shelby County Assistant D.A., former MPD employees, Memphis attorney, others indicted after y

Messi reportedly agrees to join Paris Saint-Germain following Barcelona exit

"Stinks" serenades groomer while she transforms him

Arkansas judge blocks state from enforcing mask mandate ban

The key figures in Donald Trump's coup attempt

Richard Trumka, Major US Labor Leader, Pres. AFL-CIO, UMW: Tributes- Labor, Activists, Sen. Schumer

CNN Details 'Unhinged' Claim by Trump DOJ Official Who Reportedly Suggested China Changed Votes...

Cuomo Scandal Entangles Leader Of Influential LGBTQ Advocacy Group

Ospreys over river which is adjacent to 'my' creek, southern MD.

Who else is gearing up to go back to school?

Vaccine Mandates Are Lawful, Effective and Based on Rock-Solid Science (Scientific American )

Democrats unveil bills to protect election officials, prevent election subversion

Two passengers flew from US to Toronto submitted fake vaccination cards fined $16,000

'Don't Disturb This Groove' - The System

PM Update: Saturday afternoon forecast takes a rainy turn.

Be Aware --B. Streisand

11-month-old with COVID sent to hospital 150 miles away due to lack of bed space in Houston

They knew the danger and raced to beat them there.

Contact tracing not required in Texas public schools when students test positive

Friday Talking Points -- A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated

Anybody else hunkering down for a few weeks

Unvaccinated Adults Who Had Virus Face Risk of Reinfection, C.D.C. Says

Hear me out before you jump up and down. Cuomo must resign.

Resurgent Taliban take first provincial capital, kill Afghan govt spokesman

The Cuomo situation comes down to this

Be still my wicked heart.

Congress must restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act --voting discrimination is the

Eric Holder Blasts Trump's 'Alarming' Efforts to Pressure DOJ Into Overturning Election: 'What We're

Monte Lake, BC: Second western Canada town destroyed by 'exceedingly aggressive' wildfire

Rapinoe Responds to TFG Criticism: 'You're Rooting for People to Do Bad?'

Vocal anti-vaccine broadcaster Dick Farrel dies from COVID-19 complications

Church Marquee Sign Vandalized By Someone Opposed To Vaccines

Worldometers Just Added 9,000 New Cases To Today's TX Total

Barbra Streisand Says Donald TFG's Presidency was 'Unforgivable' and 'Four Years in a Black Hole'

Seattle Public Schools: Classes will start on time, for now

US expands citizenship for children born abroad in win for same-sex couples

Republican Leaders Throw In The Towel When It Comes To Covid - Deadline - MSNBC

"Stop using Boggle to determine what is the next thing you want to rage at."

Florida reports record high number of new COVID-19 cases

The utility crew is gone and all is quiet so the kittens stopped by for a snack

Vitaly Shishov: Belarus activist feared for life before he died

Former GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman hired as one of several aides for the Jan. 6 House Committee

Goin' Up The Country...

Florida hospitals struggling to get oxygen due to #GovenorWho's decision NOT to declare an Emergency

Geese on sandbar behind my house

Let's hear it for these Florida parents suing DeSantis for endangering children with anti-mask edict

Can we take that wall $$ and build one around Sturgis? Right NOW? n/t

RW shock jock who described the COVID-19 vaccines as "poison" just over a month ago has now died

Jeopardy Regulars

UK attorney posted video saying he was glad he got Covid 9 days before it killed him.