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It was a coup attempt. We ALL need to start saying it. Loudly and repeatedly.

Turn on Chris Hayes for more on the failed coup

I Want My Booster Shot

Nicolle Wallace: The GOP Is 'Essentially Running On The Insurrection' - Deadline - MSNBC

Vox - Covid-19 cases now fall into 3 distinct categories

Video shows moment Texas baby with Covid-19 is airlifted 150 miles away due to lack of beds

Data scientist who clashed with DeSantis returns to Florida, preparing to run against Matt Gaetz


love and rockets - ball of confusion (studio-1987) since we have peter murphy tonight :)


How will the pandemic end? The science of past outbreaks offers clues.

Dave Grohl trolls the Westboro Baptist "Church"

Should the federal govt offer a $1,000 payment to encourage vaccination?

Arkansas judge blocks statewide ban on mask mandates

former GOP congressman, Denver Riggleman has been tapped for the Jan. 6 select committee

'Irretrievably tarnished': NYC lawyers shred Trump in defending move to cancel Bronx golf contract

BROKEN: Cell Phone App Warns of Proximity to Unvaccinated

Double sTANdard? GOP Silent Over Biden Tan Suit After Obama Freakout - The Beat - MSNBC

Dozens of items given to TFG's State Department are reportedly missing from the agency's gift vault

Florida is caught underreporting #COVID19 deaths by 3.5x

Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts

Our work reject union representation and we were told we will burn in hell

steve earle & sheryl crow - time (has come today) (live-2000) incl. bonus cowbell by paul shaffer!!

Lawyer who was pardoned for pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis is suing to

11-month-old with COVID sent to hospital 150 miles away due to lack of bed space in Houston

a humble proposal-

Arizona Republicans DEFY Order to Reveal Audit Records

USPS will pay DeJoy's former company, XPO Logistics, $120 million to take over two key sorting

Tucker Carlson's Most Fascist Stunt Yet

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Rep. Gaetz Turns On Fox News After Sex Crimes Probe Blackout - The Beat - MSNBC

Michigan hospital cuts ties with Vikings QB Kirk Cousins over COVID-19 stance

OMG! Cornel said:

There are too many

Oh man! (iPad flex follows)

14,400 new Covid cases in CA today.

U.S. Postal Service finalizes plan to slow some mail deliveries

Icon- Music Through the Lens, PBS

Black holes born with magnetic fields quickly shed them

Olympic Diving Spoiler

Historian And Biden Advisor Thinks 'We Don't Have Two Functioning Parties' - Deadline - MSNBC

How particle detectors capture matter's hidden, beautiful reality

The oldest known tattoo tools were found at an ancient Tennessee site

Florida Governor HUMILIATES himself with pathetic comeback to Biden's swipe - Brian Tyler Cohen

DeJoy maintains financial ties to former company as USPS awards it new $120 million contract

Squirrels use parkour tricks when leaping from branch to branch

Wild World

Loser Mentality: GOP Plans Trump Attack On 2024 Loss - The Beat - MSNBC

Greece's Santorini volcano erupts more often when sea level drops

How Senate Republicans are going to make the next weeks and months hell for all of us

FBI still looking for this insurrectionist..

What Did Einstein Say About Religion?

About the state trooper who alleged that Cuomo sexually harassed her

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Stargazer

Jim's House of Wayward Cats has another member!

Jonathan Capehart on PBS NewsHour: We, Black voters, we're actually more pragmatic.

Meanwhile, on Fox...

Neil Young - Philadelphia

Hungary adds new restrictions on sale of LGBT-themed books

Hungary adds new restrictions on sale of LGBT-themed books

Rep. Sharice Davids tests positive for COVID-19. She's vaccinated, with mild symptoms

Rep. Schiff on Spectrum News: Jan 6 Was An Attack on Democracy Itself

Conor Lamb creds keep rolling in 💙

For Tomconroy: Such A Night -- Dinah Washington

Romance fiction award withdrawn for novel about Wounded Knee cavalry officer

Why we can be confident that the surge in coronavirus cases isn't the fault of immigrants

Monty Python Olympics

*Rachel caught a fish, and she'll be back MONDAY!!!

Sturgis: SD gets all the benefit in revenue, while exporting health costs and death to other states

Election Law Expert: Trump Is Planning Much More Reasonable Coup Next Time - All In - MSNBC

How a Trump environmental lawyer tried to weaponize the Justice Department to help the President

Byrd's - Going Back

Attorney Leslie Lawrenson was found dead of covid at his home in Dorset, UK

Booker taps Georgia operative to manage Kentucky Senate campaign against Rand Paul

Texas updated their new case numbers on worldometers

Tucker Carlson is steering his audience straight into white nationalism.

What is "Sheep Drench," and Why Are Americans Putting It In Their Bodies? Depressing Answers Within!

WSJ - Could a Conservative win in California

Facebook Killed Research Into Capitol Riot to Protect Itself--Not Users

**YES listen to Debbie Dingell, who said Dems aren't 'breaking thru,' PLEASE!!!

Delta variant accounts for 93% of U.S. COVID cases - CBS News

one more. A nice cover of Cortez the Killer

With one small action, Joe Biden reveals himself as a better leader than Donald Trump ever was

other than the national guard, can the military be called in to

Leon Redbone - Diddy Wa Diddy - Nobody's Sweetheart.

Fact Check: Coronavirus variants circulating in the U.S. did not come from migrants at the border

Evidently I wasted my grade school years

Florida Schools Stand Up Ron DeSantis By Defying His Ban On Mask Mandates - Ring of Fire

UPDATE: Shooter claims he had been released from mental facility the day of young teen's murder

US Postal Service Moves Forward With Unpopular DeJoy Plan To Slow Some Mail Delivery, 1st Class: NPR

St. Louis Taxi Company Rejects Masked Or Vaccinated Passengers

China and Russia are killing/reforming their democracy-oriented billionaire class.

Malcomb Nance taking Shapiro to school on Maher.

Is Zuckerburg compromised?

Too many attractive white Americans get by with their attractiveness.

J&J Vaccine Highly Effective Against Delta Variant in South African Trial .Booster not needed

Schiff: Is DOJ Probing Trump Attempt To Steal Election? And If Not--Why? - All In - MSNBC

Former GOP lawmaker joins Jan. 6 House committee staff

How Would Having A Hunger Games Of The Unvaccinated Work Out? What Would The Rules Be? Ideas?

Get Ready for Infrastructure Weekend

DU Parents:

Trump Loyalist At DOJ Drafted Order To Challenge Georgia's Election Results - Ring of Fire

The key figures in Donald Trump's coup attempt - CNN

fauci told (with apologies to e.e. cummings)

Just deleted a ton of spam. Have a ton of bogus numbers blocked on 2 phones.

Has anyone else seen what their insurance paid vs what they were billed for Covid vaccines?

30 years ago today the world's first website was created.

It Was A Superspreader Event In 2020. Now It's Roaring Back In Time For Delta. - All In - MSNBC

Biden Is The First President In History To Add Jobs Every Month During His First 6 Months

Man, it's sad to see "your" band get old and lose the "it" they used to have

'Factually Innocent' Black Man Remains Imprisoned But Missouri Gov Pardons Gun-Toting Couple ReidOut

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/06/21

wtf is wrong with these hospitals that they don't REQUIRE employees to get the covid vaccine?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' order on masks in schools faces its first legal challenge over constituti

***SPOILER*** Olympic MENs Basketball

USA Basketball -Click if you want to know the outcome

Here's a long shot - I'm trying to find out the name of a movie.

We all know Lawrence O'Donnell from MSNBC and the show The West Wing

Have heard anything about Jill Biden's well-being, foot/wise?

On ME-TV Now Twilight Zone; The Obsolete Man

I am an officer in a hiking club. We have a liability waiver... usual stuff pertaining to dangers of

Hovhaness - 'Loon Lake'

Hundreds of millions of dollars available to help Washington renters behind on payments

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visits Argentina

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visits Argentina

Tennessee's children's hospitals, including in Memphis, facing capacity challenges

Sydney COVID crisis deepens after record 319 new cases found

DeSantis Fundraising Off of His Opp to COVID Prevention

Covid Delta Surge: 'There's Going To Be A Lot Of Death' - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Myanmar duo arrested in New York over plot to kill UN ambassador

New York City's beloved barred owl dies after being struck by Central Park maintenance vehicle

Florida underreporting #COVID19 deaths by 3.5x. Instead of "175" it's 616 in one week.

DOJ is 'ending this week with a bang' in prosecuting MAGA rioters: reporter

Buddy Guy in 1969 with Jack Bruce and Buddy Miles

Another Olympic spoiler - golf

Your Favorite Art-House Film From 2001

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Romans 12:1-3

US now averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections a day

Schools Caught Between Protecting Against Covid And DeSantis' Political Pandering - Ari Melber MSNBC

Strange thing on my road a few days ago

Vaccination form for federal workers adds penalties for lies

FL Gov. DeSantis Fundraising Off His Covid Fight With Biden (MSNBC)

Tasmania's salmon farmer Huon Aquaculture being pursued by Brazilian meat giant

Americans United & ACLU Court Victory For Parolee Jailed For Refusing To Attend Worship Svcs

Argentine bishop's death certificate to be changed to 'murder'

Fire damages Cinemateca Brasileira, largest South American audiovisual collection: The outcome of Bo

Thousands Of Undocumented Brazilian Migrants Crossing Into CA

☦ American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of N.A./Light a candle

Test Pattern

Vestiges of forced assimilation still echo in New Mexico

fred astaire and rita hayworth dance to jackie wilson's youre love keeps lifting me higher...

name a sport that you did NOT know existed until recently or didnt know about for most of your life

reporters asks female athlete stupid questions: "do you have plans for a womans life?",

Utah's smoky skies can make it easier to catch COVID-19, doctors say

Texas Financial advisor Eileen Cure fired for 'refusing to interview black applicants'

Live feeds problem on a Chromebook

Texas man outruns cops and helicopters with Dodge Challenger Hellcat... then runs out of gas

Mitt Romney warned of possible violence ahead of Jan. 6, on weekly 'Utah Politics' podcast

New Covid Surge Is Taxing Health Care Workers' Mental Health - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Packed Democratic primary looms for Pennsylvania Senate seat

'The Trump Monkeys Were Really Running The Show': DOJ Roiled By Trump's Big Lie - Ari Melber MSNBC

Not guilty verdict for Hawaiian elders protesting telescope

DEVO's Gerald V. Casale "I'm Gonna Pay U Back" [Official Music Video]

Why some Utahns say President Joe Biden's plan for families is good for them

GQP Crowd Cheers When Taylor Greene Says Alabama is One of the Least Vaccinated States in the Nation

Mitch McConnell's Sacrificial Lamb: President Biden's Infrastructure Bill

I think I actually had Covid-19 in December of 2109

Lyon County commissioners vote to rename justice complex after former President Trump

Fauci: Expect 'a flood' of COVID-19 vaccine mandates after full FDA approval

Sisolak asks state medical task force to consider COVID vaccine mandates for college students

What to know about COVID's Lambda variant - CBS News

Katelyn Ohashi: How Body Shaming Drove World's Best Gymnast To Quit

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Concert Review

Hey, Floridian and others, Wikipedia says Jerry Deming

Doctor warns Ivermectin animal paste is dangerous for humans & doesn't help COVID-19

There's gonna be a "rally" at the Capitol in September??

Biden nudges Senate over 'historic' $1T infrastructure bill

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, August 7, 2021

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

St Vincent leader attacked by anti-vaccine protester - video

'Stunning' Ice Age lion cub found in Siberia, Russia is 28,000 years old, scientists say

Attorney James H. Nance, part of landmark tobacco settlement, dies at age 90

Greece fires spread uncontrolled, killing a fireman

California's Dixie Fire explodes in size, grows into nation's largest wildfire

'People think you're an idiot': death metal Irish baron rewilds his estate

2,400-year-old baskets of fruit discovered in ancient Egyptian city under the sea

Breakfast Saturday 7 August 2021

Texas official who spurned vaccines dies after Covid-19 hospitalization

I'm very sad to learn that Saginaw Grant has died.

I ❤️ The Olympics

Nevada sees more registered voters, mostly nonpartisans

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Fiftieth Edition

Real football is back!

Tell me again how the climate crisis is a hoax.

Staff, volunteer shortages hurting homeless shelters in Las Vegas

Thailand protesters clash with riot police over handling of Covid

France braces for nationwide protests against Covid-19 health pass

US now averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections a day

does anyone live in a round house?

Lawmaker says Taliban enter north Afghan provincial capital

Anti-Vaccine Florida Right Wing Radio Host Dies From COVID

Weekend TOONs - Leave The Rest To Me

Weekend of fear looms for Californians in face of wildfires

Covid and guns

My brother died this Saturday morning from Covid.

Olympic Spoiler

How A Gay Community Helped The CDC Spot A COVID Outbreak -- And Learn More About Delta

How A Gay Community Helped The CDC Spot A COVID Outbreak -- And Learn More About Delta

'A violation': football star recounts having to strip during match to prove she was female

Schiff: Is DOJ Probing Trump Attempt To Steal Election? And If Not--Why not?

Texas Man Looking For 6-Foot Banded Cobra That Escaped His House

So, Tennessee is having a sharp rise of kids hospitalized for COVID. What happened there a month ago

It is a continuation of the Jan 6th coup. A coup in slow motion....

A peaceful and positive moment for you today

Lead felony charge against Jan.6 defendants could be unconstitutionally vague, U.S. judge warns

Rep. Virginia Foxx gives a master class in how to offer condolences with no class whatsoever

DeSantis Threatens To Cut Hospital Funding If Surgeons Keep Wearing Masks

Monday's Major IPCC Scientific Update: We May Expect To Blow Past 1.5C In Ten Years Or Less

Students can transfer schools to avoid COVID-19 'harassment' like mask mandates, Florida's BOE says

6 members of a JAX church died in 10 days

Tokyo Olympics: German pentathlon coach thrown out for punching horse

So the trumpites are happy about USWNT bronze medal?

I think the wrong side won The Civil War.

A superfood fit for a pharaoh--Molokhia

Excitable Boy

Former Republican congressman to join staff of January 6 committee

Surprise! UK Science Museum Claimed Shell Money For Climate Exhibition w/o Strings. It Wasn't.

There's some weird cat vibe going on, today

How many conspiracy theorists does it take to change a lightbulb?

New study suggests vaccination prevents reinfection

In 2020, Oil Majors Spent At Least $9.6 Million On Facebook Ads That Tracked Political Events

Something for teachers to smile about

Florida approves vouchers for 'COVID-19 harassment,' new pandemic protocols in schools

US Senators born in the 1980's.

Poor ExxonMobil! They've Been Suspended By The Bipartisan "Climate Leadership Council"!!

Rediscovered classic

Mayo Clinic Q&A: 'The COVID-19 delta variant has changed everything'

We can't believe this needs to be said but please don't kill your kids

Wanted to shine a light on a guitarist many folks may not know

Mayo Clinic Q&A: 'The COVID-19 delta variant has changed everything'

Idaho House member denies allegations of conduct unbecoming of legislator at ethics hearing

TX requires that parents be notified if a kid in the classroom has lice, but not if a kid has Covid

'Early' morning osprey, +

Just ended an online conversation

Trump in Scotland - "McMafia" investigation being pushed for


Oregon ends prison and jail sentences for all types of drug use and possession

France Braces For Nationwide Protests Against Health Pass

Florida man accused of biting off part of man's ear at hotel

What Republicans Are Saying About Immigrants Nazis Said About "Jews"

DeSantis variant

Greek wildfires yesterday. Apocalyptically bad.

COVIDIOTS - these are just from the past week! 18 months in. These Qultists still don't get it

Hey! It just occurred to me: Republicans have been trying to kill public education for years.

Greek brush fire.....

Google study shows New Yorkers are most eager to return to transit use

Dewey have a winner in librarian humor?

Missouri Taxi Company Bans Vaccinated Riders

Larry Page: Google co-founder granted New Zealand residency

Biden's America versus Trump's America in two photos

2653 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today Sat.;34 deaths

Arizona state senator accused of sexual conduct with minor

Want to see my 2021 fair cake entry?

Activists form human chain demanding exit from coal mining

Biden thanks Olympic athletes in video on Twitter

New Orleans Church Vandalized After Putting Up Pro-Vaccine Message

The PCR test for covid is one of the most accurate tests for covid. A website offgardian

Fun With Poverty: The Immunology of How Cockroaches Make People Sick.

TFG Threatens to Withhold Endorsements in Last-Ditch Rant to Try and Sink Biden Infrastructure Deal

Unvaccinated account for nearly all COVID-19 deaths in Alabama: health official

Seattle Police Chief Fires Officers Who Were in D.C. Near Capitol Riot

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passage Delayed By Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN)

I have questions about hummingbirds and unintended beekeeping.

Price of USPS stamps increasing to 58 cents,

Congressional Candidate Files Suit Against DeSantis Over Banning of School Mask Mandates

Michael Beschloss is still none to happy about the Rose Garden:

Jeff Berardelli @WeatherProf: This is like a disaster film. But it's real.

Newsmax reporter pickets Fux News for its refusal to air Mike Lindell's ads promoting his symposium

Some In US Getting COVID-19 Boosters Without FDA Approval: AP News

Phoenix Union school district defies statewide ban, and requires students to mask up

Raise a glass: Seattle's popular beer festivals plan a triumphant return in the fall

130 Seattle restaurants, bars now asking patrons to show proof of vaccination

'Government Is The Problem,' Reagan 1st Inaugural, Jan. 1981

COVID-19 surge in full swing: Pierce County reports more than 500 new cases over 2 days

We had Himalayan Rabbit Stew for dinner last night. I found

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health mandates employees get the COVID-19 vaccine

Louisiana Supreme Court upholds Black man's life sentence for stealing hedge clippers...

The secret of so-called "university indoctrination"

Click on this is you just want to read on some cool awesomeness!

Seattle Theatre Group To Require Vaccination, Masks Inside Venues

AZ Dr. Christina Bergin: We have sacrificed so much for you over these past 18 months.

I was so naive when the Trumpers stormed the Capitol, so sadly naive....

Texas House Democrats file lawsuit in fight against coming home to vote on election reforms

Very apocalyptic video of people in Greece being evacuated from the forest fires by boat:

St. Pete mayoral candidate Robert Blackmon: Social media posts 'do not reflect who I am'

Sign at a Texas eatery

It's infrastructure week!

I'm looking for someone named PlanetBev. They killed my little sister yesterday!

Andrew Cuomo has now picked a fight with...

Chris Hayes presents a graphic view of the deadly permanence of systemic racism in healthcare

Pamela and JaVale McGee become the first mother-son gold-medal duo in Olympics history

Flu prevention recommendations from 1918 newspaper

She Helped New York Through the Worst of the Pandemic. Then the Nightmare Followed Her Home

죽창가 Bamboo Spear Song

Germany's modern pentathlon coach kicked out of Olympics for punching a horse

Crime and Punishment: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted, Pt. 39

Blur- Coffee and TV

Republicans treated Covid like a bioweapon. Then it turned against them

Kitten Abandoned In Box Now Has A Girlfriend

Freakshow Fable Hour: Alex Jones says the Supreme Court is being blackmailed and threatened by CNN.

What's it going to take to get more vaccinated?

My my Faux is surely very interested in Obamas' birthday party

Cartoons 8/7/2021

Spoiler: Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica . . .

FedEx to begin weekday flights between Paine Field, Memphis

Incumbent Pete Holmes concedes in race for Seattle City Attorney

Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance on Critical Race Theory Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

TFG's Repeating Donation Tactics Led to Millions in Refunds Into 2021

House ethics committee recommends censure for North Idaho representative

Get Ultima Underworld & Syndicate Games Bundle for Free (from GOG until 9/3/2021)

Opponents Of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Have A Curious Definition Of 'Freedom'

A little schadenfreude and Gov. DeSantis' COVID incompetence

Just watched a video about Katherine Gun... the Iraq war whistleblower...

Jill Biden is "good people."

Seattle to see temperatures in the high 80s, low 90s next week

Senate's key vote advances Biden's $1T infrastructure bill

Uh, I'm sure there is an explanation?

Appeals court upholds murder conviction of ex-Dallas officer Amber Guyger, who killed neighbor

Tucker Carlson's father has a connection to Orban (Hungary)


Yet another indictment shows: Trump made America not great, but vulnerable

My wife asked me if she had any annoying quirks

US now averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections a day

Should a Rose Garden have roses or no?

Official causes of death in Blue Ridge Tunnel construction

Boston - More Than a Feeling (Official Video)

San Antonio Democrat Leo Pacheco reportedly planning to resign from Texas House before second term

Sarah Hussein: Tribute to Bury woman found on fire in street

Obvious new name for Tucker Carlson

Off-Grid Living in a 5x 20ft Shipping Container Home

Bernie Sanders takes a shot at the Democratic Party (again):

Producer Marcia Nasatir knew her own worth. Too bad Hollywood didn't.

How much pressure was put on Jeffrey Rosen to resign?

Wasn't 8/6 supposed to be a big date for the magats?

Meghan McCain says farewell to 'The View': 'This has been a really wild ride'


CoExistence Elephant Sculptures in London - WOW!

Taliban take multiple cities within 24 hours

TV ad: "Build Back Better." Is this the infrastructure bill?

I see where Angelyne is on the ballot again...

Maybe an Olympic spoiler? And some poor sportsmanship

Why MAGA isn't Happy for Gregg Popovich And Team USA Basketball Winning Gold

Why and how is the U.S. being slow-walked toward a fascist rightwing dictatorship?

Take a few minutes and MESSAGE the USPS board members individually!

Fauci Predicts a 'Flood' of Vaccine Mandates

The End of the World

Chris Cuomo to Take Pre-Planned Vacation Amid Brother Andrew Cuomo's Harassment Scandal

My Family and The Galapagos

Some fabulous "caught in the moment" photos posted on a Lounge thread

Perhaps the only way to fix our democracy?

New podcast: "Finding Q"

Postal Service to slow certain mail deliveries starting in October

Fallout from DeSantis....Tourism hurt in Florida...DeSantis doesn't have a clue...

Moonglow - Artie Shaw

My grandson is off to college today

OMG I can't believe she's running for President

MTG going to Iowa State Fair. Oh PLEASE, stop by the cornschlong vendor! We need a pic!

Could Idiot REALLY have pulled off a coup?

Are we going to have another COVID shut-down?


Providence Bridge Pedal in Portland Aug. 8

Kool & the Gang co-founder Dennis Thomas dead at age 70

I just saw a MASSIVE groundhog dash under the bushes where Skittish keeps the kittens

Judge ordered Insurrectionist Dan Caldwell held in jail, until trial (sprayed chemical at officers)

NYT Opinion: Tucker Carlson Has a New Hero (Victor Orban)

The Great Wave by Hokusai: Great Art Explained

US Senate Elections that Democrats are gonna win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Whew!!! I just saw Mittens and Scooter!! They're SAFE!!!

MSNBC: Merrick Garland Should Have Trump Arrested Now Before He Incites 'Insurrection 2.0'

"I'm strong and I'm good at this" - Spoiler: Olympic women's single canoe final

This insurrectionist actually ran for New York State Senate and he also ran for president!!!!

Some Days, You Just Have To Let Music Speak When Words Fail

what a dilemma (repub friend)

There will likely be no quorum in Abbott's second suppression session. (10 GOP out due to Covid)

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 7, 2021

Didn't we know all this stuff about Jeffrey Clark back in January?

Jan. 6 select panel takes over House probe of Trump DOJ

Hochul moves into spotlight as scandal roils Cuomo's reign

President Obama is still having a party. here's some pictures from ... the Daily Mail..

The nerve of these people

R's have their rallying cry "MAGA", it's time Democrats have one.

I'm a woman "of a certain age" and I have a "man's voice"...

Spoiler? Tom Daley takes 10m diving bronze and uses platform for LGBTQ+ awareness

The Johnson Family & local leaders unveil the LBJ Monument.

Spoiler? Tom Daley takes 10m diving bronze and uses platform for LGBTQ+ awareness

Map: See if the CDC recommends indoor mask use in your county

Biden touts LGBTQ diversity in announcing sixth round of judicial nominees

If someone is saying that 1+1 equals 2

Teeny tiny baby coffins

Karen goes to her neighbor's house to complain about their flag outside.

What a thrilling finish in the women's 10k final.

Florida: My county school district is imposing the most useful mandate! /s

As if Mittens isn't already a heartbreaker (I promise - last kitten post, today. Probably)

Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon

Every day Florida's breaking records - 23, 903 new cases today

C-Span is showing a rerun of the Cong. Gold Medal ceremony, Biden and Harris were introduced....

You Know What's Really Ironic About The Anti-Mask People? These Are THE SAME PEOPLE Who Wanted...

Mama Deer Is So Worried About Her Baby

Should videogames be in the Olympics?

Baby Q channels his future self! Believe it or not. These are the nuts we're dealing with!

Florida children's hospital confirms pediatric fatality from covid

Trump 2020 campaign refunds millions to donors after using aggressive fundraising tactic

Liverpudlian Elvis plays Penny Lane for Sir Paul, Barack, and Michelle (live-2010)

Former Acting Attorney General Testifies About Trump's Efforts to Subvert Election

FL Con Radio Host Dick Farrel 'The Other Rush Limbaugh' Died of Covid Railed Against Fauci, Vaccines

A politician let 3 'doctors' wearing full PPE into her home to treat her sick husband.

N.M. Governor, lawmakers call for businesses to implement vaccination policies

N.M. Governor, lawmakers call for businesses to implement vaccination policies

College Was Supposed to Close the Wealth Gap for Black Americans. The Opposite Happened. (WSJ)

California GOP won't endorse a candidate in upcoming gubernatorial recall election

Arizona state lawmaker faces calls for resignation after arrest on child sexual abuse charges

Baby girl with Covid-19 airlifted 150 miles because of Houston hospital bed shortage

Florida Covid cases Florida condo collapse tragedies (tweet)

Do we know how the lollapalooza go, as far as being a superspreader?

It is a real pity that we cannot withhold the salaries of all the insurrectionist/coup-supporting

DinnerStuffed Chops and Garden tomatoes , cucumbers and sweet corn

Hold On, I'm Coming - Sam & Dave

Pa man gets 8 to 20 years for punching grocery store customer

Scott Fairlamb is the "Apex Insurrectionist" and probably represents the MAXIMUM punishment.

anti-mask, anti-vax, anti BLM, pro "trump won" flutist is fired by the Baltimore orchestra

Fox Snooz couldn't help themselves regarding the tan suit:

Boise woman facing U.S. Capitol riot charges ordered to stay away from Idaho Statehouse

Chris Hayes burns "frozen dinner heir "

Every couple years I feel like I need to remind folks that this song exists

Gulf States Hospitals On Verge Of Collapse

A Trip Inside Omega Mart at Las Vegas, Nevada

Mountain Dew 'Mystery Flavor'

Kool & the Gang co-founder Dennis Thomas dead at age 70

Appeals court upholds murder conviction of ex-Dallas officer Amber Guyger, who killed neighbor Botha

Trump's acting AG testified about White House attempts to overturn the election: NYT

Perhaps it's time to start naming these new variants that may be coming out after them...

Simone Biles: How the Worlds Greatest Gymnast Hid Tragic Secret For Years

GOP official who mocked masks and vaccine dies from virus

Died from Covid

Desperate Mom Facing Eviction Raises Over $230K After Hoping for $2K From GoFundMe Plea

The vet told this couple to say their goodbyes to their foster dog...and then

New Texas school COVID-19 guidelines rattle medical experts

Senior Safe Driving Overload

boz scaggs - georgia (studio-1976) instantly takes me back to weekend visits with my bio dad

A man pretending to be a fan trolled the pillow humper

EU Expected to Discuss Re-imposing Travel Curbs on U.S.

Facing labor shortage, construction industry finds hope in Pierce County youth

Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Survey of Consumer Expectations

So how good a boxer was Mike Tyson?

San Francisco sheriff's union says deputies will quit over vaccine mandate

Chief fires 2 Seattle Police officers who broke law during Capitol siege

We're on the brink of catastrophe, warns Tory climate chief, BUT...

Link for all tfg legal troubles

'Oh he's cute.' Massive bison leads traffic in Yellowstone National Park, video shows