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Prolonged period of 'potentially dangerous heat' becoming more likely for the Northwest, weather

U.S. Army: new enhanced night vision goggle-binoculars

Ok, ok, I love the Olympics.........except i'm dvr'ing them so I can just get through the damn ads.

Timeline of Trump's coup attempt

Gabby Thomas, FTW!!!

6 members of a Florida church died of Covid-19 in 2 weeks, pastor says.

Any Princess Bride fans here???

Inslee expected to announce vaccine mandate for state employees

Light bulb jokes... got a favorite?

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a safe to tilt margin.

So the robot can do the Mashed Potatoe?

Florida businessman's funeral doubles as COVID-19 vaccination event

Breathtaking hypocrisy: Trump sycophants have no standing to demand that Cuomo resign

U.S. embassy says its ability to assist 'extremely limited' as it urges American citizens to flee

Where Republicans don't stack up to Evangelical Christian Values

How do you post the stickies???

They're really raking Biden over the coals on the Mehdi Hasan show tonight

Please indulge me to vent. What kind of holiday are we celebrating tonite??

Rudy Giuliani is being investigated by the FBI over a film he was trying to make about the Bidens an

South Korea: Current presidential candidate standings, as of August 5.

A terrifying new theory: Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy

this. guy.

And the good news is, I might have already found a home for one of the kittens

'Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped'

Trump said what !? 'Severe cognitive decline'

Young medical marijuana advocate, who could 'melt your heart,' succumbs to epilepsy

Racism front & center at a MLB game (Marlins v. Rockies)

re: this video, the ourobouros of Star Trek fandom is eating its own tail (warp speed explained)

People's view of Biden and Covid.

James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party - Saturday Night Live

update on my learning to fly via m$ flight sim v 5.5 on my mac via dosbox and boxerapp

Don't Come Around Here No More - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

NY lawmakers 'fully dedicated' to impeaching Cuomo after sexual harassment findings: Assemblyman Kim

The DOJ must investigate

blue monday - new order (slowed + reverb) 2020 !

After latest suicide, the Vessel in New York City's Hudson Yards ponders its future

Here kitty kitty

Ball Girl Takes Down Idiot on the Field at Dodger Stadium

I want to be a dog

With More Freedom, Young Women in Albania Shun Tradition of 'Sworn Virgins'

The world is nowhere near the end of the pandemic, says famed epidemiologist Larry Brilliant

R.I.P. Trevor Moore, co-founder of The Whitest Kids U' Know

Velshi: Let's Get Down To Business! - MSNBC

Macaw starts her day with a quick flight around the block.

WF happened to Mac&Cheese? Found a box of the stuff, and it's damn near poisonous...

Massive Alaskan Grizzly Bear Gets Within Feet of Bystanders - NPS says situation handled correctly

Has anyone seen "The Tomorrow War" on Prime Video?

Am I The Only One The Wants To Make Sure The Taliban Does Not Take Over Afghanistan Again?

Progress Not Perfection to insure domestic Tranquility

'We are failing' to contain delta variant surge: NIH director - ABC News

COVID: 88% of people who receive 3rd shot feel similar or better than 2nd

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Is Granted Preliminary Injunction against DeSantis

Another black athlete condemned without a trial

This is the first time

CNN Reporter to MyPillow CEO: You're Wrong - NowThis News

"The GOP base no longer believes democracy can give them the America they want. So they embrace..."

The Delta Variant & the Trumper Blame Game: By Robert Reich

S. Korea decides to conduct military exercise with U.S. as planned despite N.K. warning

Someone explain to me. Who does Antifa suppose to consist of?

Rand Paul has lost his fucking mind: "It's time for us to resist. They can't arrest all of us .."

Words of wisdom about the Covid vaccine from a man attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

I can only assume ...

Federal judge sides with Norwegian Cruise Line in fight with Florida over vaccine passports

Why the big hero's welcome back for Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson? He had COVID cuz . . . .

"God" did not "say no" to this woman. SHE made the decision not to have her family vaccinated becaus

What some progressive activists fail to realize: Democrats like their party

Concerns grow for children as COVID-19 cases soar - ABC News

Top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns amid investigation

That time when Willie Nelson filed an answer to the tune of On The Road Again

Twitter sobering once more, from Louisiana

Notes from The U. of YouTube: Who knew, MAHER hearts ROGAN, ROGAN hearts LENO

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

(Jewish Group) The Anti-Defamation League and Hillel are working together to document antisemitism

Olympics note

Cindy Axne to endorse Abby Finkenauer for U.S. Senate -- an indication she will not seek the seat

Rainbow lightning......

Al Franken: Bryan Fogel, Producer of The Dissident, on the Brutal Murder of Jamal Khashoggi (Aug. 8)

The Arizona "audit" finally seems to be wrapping up. Prepare for a blizzard of disinformation.

Anaheim Dem councilman steps down under pressure - texted offensive comments about councilwoman

98 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They'

Make Voter ID Free

tweet on maskless obama

Canada will open its borders to fully vaccinated U.S. tourists Monday - NewsNation Now

Big Tech call center workers face pressure to accept home surveillance

US Citizen Laundered South American Drug Cartel Money in Guatemala Casinos

Dixie Fire, still raging, is now California's second-largest wildfire ever 20,685 viewsAug 8, 2021

We just lost our kitty Loki

Colombian navy boards narco-submarine and seizes two tonnes of cocaine

Miami-Dade superintendent says mask mandate bans "deeply influenced by politics" - Face the Nation

'Like a Mob': Prosecutors Look at Trump's Ice Rink Man

Ugh. Did anyone else hear David Brooks whining about "Bobos" this morning on NPR?

Butterfly Drinks Water Out of Aid Worker's Palm During Wildfire - NowThis News

Obama, Channeling All of Us, Called Trump a "Racist...Sexist...Fucking Lunatic"

Michigan AG: Inaccurate Audits Can Compromise Our Voting Infrastructure - Velshi - MSNBC

O.K. so what's Lounge verdict on robot-mowers? Am skeptical but tempted.

I live in New Mexico. Several hundred miles from the nearest fires.

Biden envoy told Brazil's Bolsonaro not to undermine elections: report

Trivial, but I'm watching Law and Order, and this episode stars Liza Minelli!

CDC Says Three DC- Area Counties Are 'High' Covid-19 Transmission Areas

Biden envoy told Brazil's Bolsonaro not to undermine elections: report

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Opioids III: The Sacklers

question: what is a jury blacklist slot on du?

FBI selects first Black woman to join a bureau SWAT team: 'She has what it takes'

Democrats can't count on voters being mad enough about suppression to overcome it

North Dakota expecting $10M through settlement for largest spill in state history

North Dakota expecting $10M through settlement for largest spill in state history

Excessive Corporate Power Is a Root Cause Of Migration

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to tilt margin.

Full Fauci Interview: 'A Virus Will Not Mutate Unless You Allow It To Replicate' - Meet the Press

The Maya's ingenious secret to survival

The Maya's ingenious secret to survival

Surveillance Tech in Latin America: Made Abroad, Deployed at Home


Crackpot lawyer Sidney Powell, shredded credibility and all, shows up in Rapid City and gives a

"...I could do this for days I would run a thousand miles for you..." Lonr. 🥰

IPCC: Major climate change now unavoidable and irreversible

Law enforcement stays busy during Rally, with traffic citations, alcohol and drug arrests topping

Re: Critical race theory. Kristi Noem's exercise in thought control doesn't square with what the

US-Cuban Relations: How It All Got Started

No Jet for Kristi: State Buys 2015 King Air 350 Turboprop

Mark Zuckerberg's cash fuels GOP suspicion about Florida

Massive gambling compact approved; expansion of gambling poised to change FL landscape

Brazil's Bolsonaro holds another maskless rally

Florida church hosts vaccination clinic after six members die of COVID-19

Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible - IPCC's starkest warning yet

Proposal calls for Miami-Dade health trust to pay $5M for rendering boy quadriplegic

Pinellas long-term care facility where 100+ died from COVID-19 now faces 7 lawsuits

After 32 years, Virgin Islands inspector general retiring

Breakfast Monday 9 August 2021

V.I. Senate bill wouldn't fix WAPA's problems, testifiers say

System in the Atlantic Expected to Impact USVI, Puerto Rico on Tuesday

Caribbean, Latin America lost $1 billion due to COVID-19 pandemic, ECLAC says

First night with the kittens is a success, even though I was a nervous wreck. Photo included

Is there any way we could have a list of people who need Star membership so

V.I. Gov. Bryan to Announce Actions Aimed at Making Life Easier for the Vaccinated, More Difficult

I heard the street sweepers Union went out on strike

Jane Withers, "Josephine the Plumber", has died at age 95

Major USVI Funds are Showing Negative Balances, and Senators Want to Know What's Going On

Mika Brzezinski went there: she called it the DeSantis variant.

Massive forest fire in Greece still burning for 7th day

Texas crash kills 10 migrants, police say van overloaded

Firefox Lost Almost 50 million Users: Here's Why It is Concerning

U.S. judge says Florida can't ban cruise ship's 'vaccine passport' program

Biden's Schedule for Monday, August 9, 2021

Puerto Rico's Monkey Island

"Of course we're aware of our public responsbility!" Please come CAPTION Fox & Friends!!!

Monday TOONs - Say You're A Republican Without Saying You're A Republican

Governor expands virus executive order to include health and hotel workers, government contractors

How can anyone talk of American exceptionalism when so many refuse to get vaccinated?

Nagasaki marks 76th anniversary of atomic bombing

This popped up in my memories on FB. He's [Trump] been inciting violence since he was running to be

On August 9, 1936, Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the Berlin Olympic games.


#Arizona #Republican wars other @GOP folks to watch their backs...........

U.S. facing another "dangerous" heat wave as 107 large wildfires rage across the West

The More You Watch, the Less You Know

South Korea to release Samsung scion on parole

No Juuls on the Acela: Infrastructure bill bans vaping on Amtrak

Afghanistan Took a Toll. Then He Committed His Life to Caring for Fellow Soldiers.

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/4/21

The Rundown: August 9, 2021

University of Virginia increasing mental health support for students

Monsters, the lot of ya!

Chicago violence: 72 shot, 11 fatally, over weekend, CPD says

Aquifer Collapsing In Foggy Mendocino CA; Local Businesses Trucking In Water As Wells Fail

No Shit, Boris: "Today's Report Makes For Sobering Reading" - Got Any Net-Zero Targets To Sell?

Tweet of the Day

'Trump' announces his shadow cabinet:


Families reunite, couples return to empty properties as Canada border reopens

Fiscal board opposes Puerto Rico governor's alternative pension proposals

Australia Ranked 20th Or Worse Among 23 OECD Nations In 7 Of 8 Climate Categories,

The Guardian: China's herd of wandering elephants finally heads for home(.)

Did a PG&E Power Line Spark the Second-Largest Fire in California History?

On this day, August 9, 1974, Gerald Ford became president.

As Florida's COVID troubles worsen, DeSantis faces GOP pushback

Not Just Oroville - CA Hydropower Output Fell 44% In 2020

Asked...and answered

An Ohio Rep., Warren Davis, was actively promoting the spread of C-19 this AM on NewsMax

Eric Boehlert: When good news for Biden is no news for the press

So..people that were ready to melt hydroxychloroquine in a spoon and fire it up themselves

Grackles have Hutzpah

CALFIRE - Dixie Now Ranked As Largest Single Wildfire In The History Of California

Letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics

It's just like chocolate milk, only more green:

Citi commercial featuring Gustavo Sanchez Martinez.

Tennessee Valley Authority used toxic waste in Claxton youth sports field

WTF happened to accurate sizing? I've worn the same size Levi's 505s for two decades. Scored

Jus' tryna keep up---have they miniaturized UV lamps enough to use as suppositories? Do you eat

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win from a Solid to Tilt margin.

Thinking of floating Petrie dishes (cruise ships) reminded me-does anybody know

Ron DeSantis fails children with political posturing on COVID-19 safety

to the du member whom has gifted me a star membership, thank you very much.

World's smallest baby, born at 212 grams at NUH, now doing well at 14 months old

Green and Gold

So he's going to go down kicking and screaming?

My nephew has Covid and I'm worried

While much of the press is reporting that republicans won't raise the debt ceiling, leaving

Imagine if the "masks are dangerous to our children" crowd put that same energy into gun reform...

Why do people who choose not to get vaccinated go to the hospital when they get sick?

Canada begins allowing vaccinated US citizens to visit again


The DeSantis virus

Evolution Will Not Favor Those Who Refuse Vaccination

My daughter is pregnant with twins, can she get vaccinated ?

Kathy Hochul, Cuomo's No. 2, Quietly Prepares to Step Into the Limelight

Joe Scarborough -- Another 'Anti-Socialism' Screed, out of the Mouth of Conservative Ignorance.

Reich-wing extremist threatens "Antifa" journalist in Portland

If you were wrong about climate change.. wrong about Covid

The Portland City Council Examines a Plan to Curb Street "Sliding"

Turns out the racist GOP is screaming about less than 1 Covid infected immigrant per day

Campers Near Burgerville's Shuttered Lents Location Say They Fear A Sweep

One of the best articles about the Slobfather's planned coup - Robert Reich last October

Hospital hit by nurses' strike says it's hiring replacements

Hospital hit by nurses' strike says it's hiring replacements

Elon Musk's Tiny Prefab Home

today is my birthday.

As the IPCC says major climate changes inevitable and irreversible...

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States . . ."

FEMA to make $1.2 billion available for resilience grants, direct more to disadvantaged areas

Tucker Carlson REVEALS Who Radicalized Him - Rebel HQ

Safe cruising for the vaccinated.

Republican running for CA governor puts up fake anti vaxx website.

Texas House Republicans Caught Saying Quiet Part On Hidden Camera

Climate change report from IPCC a 'code red for humanity', United Nations chief warns

Covid Bracelets. I just ordered two. They show you were

How "one-eyed-Bob" got nicknamed

The kitten mind meld is working. They squeak, I pick them up. They stop squeaking

Good Day DU (August 9, 2021)

Been thinking about the next presidential election. Yes, I know it's early, but just for the hell of

New York Auto Show Canceled Amid Delta Spike

'Goldilocks virus': Delta vanquishes all variant rivals as scientists race to understand its tricks

Pandemic talk -by Tom Tomorrow (Next Wk: Podcasting LIVE From The INTENSIVE CARE UNIT!)

Senate Dems unveil $3.5T budget for social, climate efforts

More detail on the Mexican Government vs US gunmakers lawsuit.

Pic Of The Moment: Who's To Blame For Covid Confusion?

On the night of August 8, 1969, the Tate - LaBianca murders started.

It sounds like the fellow in Denver may have been yelling "Dinger," not what folks originally heard

Big Pups Have Pool Party

America's Renewed Covid Crisis Is Thanks To The 'Crazed Teachings Of A Growing Death Cult'

Austin judge signs order blocking arrest of quorum-busting Democrats

Melania Trump mocked for whining about criticism of her 'damage' to the White House Rose Garden

Austin judge signs order blocking arrest of quorum-busting Democrats

Austin judge signs order blocking arrest of quorum-busting Democrats

Workers Beg Joe Manchin to Save West Virginia Pharma Plant as His Daughter Walks Away with $31M

A pleasant mask encounter yesterday:

Employers are waging a war over work from home. WFH is winning.

US faces resurgent COVID-19 catastrophe

WOO HOO! Canada has finally reopened the border between the US and Canada.

The UN Climate Report: All Is Not Well--but All Is Not Lost

Her god is a dick.

2191 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 0 deaths

Top epidemiologist: Delta variant is 'maybe the most contagious virus' ever

TFG's spokesperson attacked FUx Noise after his election fraud lies were edited out of a interview

Guess who's hand is up Sen. Bill Hagerty's ass

About that "Office Of Melania" Twitter account:

More clearly than ever, we can see the anti-democratic plot TFG tried to execute

New revelations expose future threat ex-President poses

"What are we outraged about today, folks?"

New York prosecutors have evidence that Allen Weisselberg's son avoided taxes by living rent-free in

Captain Ron of the USS Florida:

Job growth so strong, the GOP is (literally) at a loss for words

Graham Parker - Local Girls

BLS Report: June job openings increase to series high; hires increase and total separations edge up

Jupiter 'energy crisis' caused by auroras, scientists find in new study

U.S. job openings surge to new record high, hiring increases

What Bobby McIlvaine Left Behind

It's getting really hard to be an NFL fan these days (Lamar Jackson edition).

Stellar pulses are transformed into a celestial symphony

Anti-vaxxers protesting in front of NY City Hall

When the movie about your life is made, who should do the narration? You can't say Morgan Freeman!

A Black man, son and realtor toured a house. Police surrounded the home and handcuffed them.

Thank you kind person, whoever you are! 🌟

GOP Cash Machine's Behavior Is 'Nothing Short of Scandalous'

The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want to be Like You

Brick & Mortar Stores Are Out of Season - Guess Who's Not

Corporate Polluters and DeSantis Face Ire as Hundreds of Tons of Sea Life Dead in Florida

Pentagon mandates COVID 19 vaccine for active duty troops, (Bloomberg) from AP

Person + Physics winner

How people vaccinated in the USA can access the French health passport

The four worst words in the English language are, "I told you so."

Refusing the COVID-19 vaccine isn't just immoral - it's 'un-American' ...

No more beds at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Humble, Tx

TX GOP House members caught on video admitting their election bill is a partisan power grab

Is anyone else tiring of hearing about all the Republicans or their PACs or their "army " members

What did the Repubes do with all the money Mexico paid for The Wall?

Trump PROVEN GUILTY of Stealing MILLIONS of Dollars

Fauci Says Nausea and Splitting Headache Are Symptoms of Talking to Rand Paul

Happy International Cat day

Shocking new Trump-DOJ revelations should shape the Jan. 6 investigation

21 Blackjack! Figure the Odds. Just like the Casinos, the Filabuster Wins Big.

Dallas schools to require masks in defiance of Gov. Abbott's order

CDC Says Three DC- Area Counties Are 'High' Covid-19 Transmission Areas

Dallas schools to require masks in defiance of Gov. Abbott's order

Infrastructure push slowed by Tennessee senator's objection

Infrastructure push slowed by Tennessee senator's objection

CDC Says Three DC- Area Counties Are 'High' Covid-19 Transmission Areas

Judge doubts eviction ban, but may lack power to stop it

Anti-vaxers besiege former BBC studios to protest govt vaccine for 16 and 17 y.o.s. ITV films there.

UFO stigma, alien 'conspiracy theories' are relics of Cold War paranoia

For the moment, let's disregard Trump and just consider Cruz, Paul, Gaetz, Meadows, Miller

Just showing off my wonderful granddaughter

Idaho is a joke?

Pentagon to require COVID vaccine for all troops by Sept. 15

China's wandering elephants may finally be heading home

Cartoons 8/9/2021

Houston: LBJ Hospital putting up tents for COVID-19 overflow patients, officials say

When Afghanistan falls, you think its over ?

Jane Withers, child actor turned commercial star, dies at 95

Pentagon to require COVID vaccine for all troops by Sept. 15

The Delta Variant Is Sending More Children to the Hospital. Are They Sicker, Too?

DeSantis's battle against mask, vaccine mandates approaches boiling point in Florida

Contractors who powered US war in Afghanistan stuck in Dubai

Taliban seize control of three more Afghan provincial capitals

Is Travel Next in the Fight Over Who Profits From Native American Culture?

DeSantis, Republicans are shamefully scapegoating immigrants on COVID

Austin warns of 'catastrophe' as Texas again becomes center of pandemic

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/9/21

Best moments of Olympic Spirit from the Tokyo Games

Abbott Criticized for Ban on COVID Mandates as Cases Soar in Texas

Do face masks work? Here are 49 scientific studies that explain why they do.

New movement of religious extremists push ultra-conservative vision in US

Mars helicopter Ingenuity captures 3D view of Raised Ridges on the Red Planet

If Florida Were A Nation, U.S. Would Consider A COVID Travel Ban: Doc

'If Florida Was A Foreign Country, We'd Consider Banning Travel'

Black Women Are Now the Largest Group in Brazil's Public Universities

Defiant Lukashenko says Belarusian Olympic defector was 'manipulated'

Envelope containing three bullets sent to Pope Francis

Envelope containing three bullets sent to Pope Francis

6 unvaccinated Florida church members die of Covid within 10 days, pastor says

Rand Paul Implores Defiance of Covid Mandates from 'Petty Tyrants' in Wild Rant

Federal judge says f___ you to DeSantis

Some parents want to see remote school option

Can Artistic Talent Ever Be Taught? Nature or Nurture?

Biden imposes sanctions against Belarus' Lukashenko regime

Group that wants to provide legal help to Eyman starts fight with disclosure commission

"I'll be Vaxxed" Arnold Schwarzenegger weighs in:


Superheroes wear masks.

This poor pupper can't choose between Mom & Dad:

Senate Democrats just laid out their $3.5 trillion plan to hike taxes on the wealthy & begin

Jan 6 traitor pleads guilty to a MISDEMEANOR

President Obama's birthday party was a bad idea

Making last speech as President, Richard Nixon and his family in White House East Room

The surest way to insure that a goal is never reached is to insist that we be 100% certain that we

U.N. Climate Report Is A 'Code Red For Humanity'

A massacre they don't teach you about in history

Atty. General Rob Bonta just announced manslaughter charges against LAPD Officer Salvador Sanchez

Sen. Durbin says former U.S. attorney BJay Pak will be next interview

Let's talk about two Florida tough guys....

'Not normal.' Ex-Cuomo aide details groping allegations

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott Literally Fiddling While COVID-19 Burns Through State

If Florida Were A Nation, U.S. Would Consider A COVID Travel Ban: Doc

How about a sunflower in B&W?

I'm starting a GoFundMe to buy all of Rand Paul's neighbors martial arts lessons.

The Lynching of Benjamin Thomas, August 8, 1899

The Climate Crisis Is Here, Nothing Else Matters Anymore- New IPCC Report

As the US withdraws, China pins regional stability hopes on the Afghan Taliban

Why Dems Must Defuse the Debt Ceiling ASAP

Mills County passes Second Amendment sanctuary

A couple of re-posts, not that we forget what a-holes wingnuts are:

David Cameron 'made more than 7m' from Greensill Capital before firm collapsed


Read Uninhabitable Earth Instead Of The Stupid Bible

'There's Nothing Left': Dixie Fire Burns Down 75 Percent of Greenville, CA

As Afghan Cities Fall to Taliban, Brutal New Chapter Unfolds

Hezbollah launches strikes in to Israel

Afghanistan war: At least 27 children killed in three days,

Come And a Get Your Love

August Contest Reminder

Nurse anti vax mandate rally at hospitals tweet . It shows resistance even in the medical field 🙁

The United Arab Emirates desperately wants tourism.....

Time's Up leader resigns after criticism about Cuomo ties

drunk wrong way driver kills bride still in wedding gown. minor injuries for him. truck vs. Corolla

New Orleans Jazz Fest Canceled for Second Year in a Row as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Steve Sack FTW

Pro-Trump Pastor Who Said Trump Would Be Back in Office in June Now Says He Was Inaugurated in March


A terrifying new theory: Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy

Federal Judge Beryl A. Howell slams DOJ for not seeking more restitution from Capitol rioters.

Roberta Kaplan, Who Aided Cuomo, Resigns from Time's Up

Statement by President Joe Biden on Department of Justice Filing, This about 9/11 documents.

The world is nowhere near the end of the Covid pandemic, says famed epidemiologist Larry Brilliant

I need to do some driving this weekend.

Pentagon to require COVID vaccine for all troops by mid-Sept.

US B-52 Bombers, Gunships Sent into Action in Afghanistan in Attempt to Stop Taliban Advance

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 9, 2021

I'm doing strength training with Squeak and Maggie

My wife worked on the colloquy on crypto transactions currently underway in the Senate debate...

Shy Orphaned Bear Teaches Himself How To Climb Huge Trees

Happy 77th birthday, Smokey Bear!

Worst polluting countries must make drastic carbon cuts, says Cop26 chief

Petition effort launched in Nebraska to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026

If you think we were unprepared for the pandemic...

This one's a doozy.....

Dick Durbin is on Nicole Wallace right now

SC Gov. McMaster doubles down on no school mask mandates ...

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Defends Her Support of the Filibuster, Bonds With Meghan McCain

GOP Fundraising Platform Not Reporting Expenses

SCS [Memphis] reonds after lawmakers threaten to call special session to ban mask mandates in school

Magic Lily - Wan Yi-wha

Fox News' Juan Williams Takes a Blowtorch to Trump's 'Grift Game': A GOP 'Scam'

Swimming Doggo Fails the Rescue Test

Why do they call him Smokey? And how did he get his name? 77 years old today, Smokey Bear.

Be interesting if someone did a statistical study and graph of changing covid

Newsom: In just ONE WEEK ballots will arrive in the mail. Vote NO on the Republican led recall

John DeLorean, Malignant Narcissist: Rock Star, US Car Tycoon, Netflix 'Myth & Mogul' The Dark Side

He should have, "Not Living In Fear" on his headstone. A good reply to a COVIDiot deathbed

Perching osprey, +

very mini cars. What are these? LOL

Looks like Fred will be a weak Tropical Storm

O.M.G!!! Delta has definitely arrived in my rural NY county.

No ICU beds available in 35 of Mississippi's top-level hospitals

So my wife and I were driving past a farm.

Just wondering

1,000-year-old remains in Finland may be non-binary iron age leader

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 10 August 2021

2 observations I Made Today

Chuck Grassley has lost his mind

Mexican cartel threatens news anchor, demands equal coverage

Mexican cartel threatens news anchor, demands equal coverage

GOP senator complains Democrats didn't defund Amtrak to pay for Trump's wall

Epstein Victim Sues Prince Andrew

There are only eight intensive care unit beds available in the state of Arkansas

The Black Reporter Who Exposed a Lie About the Atom Bomb

Florida Governor makes SICKENING misstep - No Lie podcast

the difference between GOP and DNC

Emergency notification system used to warn people of 'dire' Covid-19 situation in Austin, Texas

Vogue's profile of Press Sec. Jen Psaki is out:

Seriously!!! another insurrectionist wants to go to Cancun for business (this is a new one)

Smokey the Bear, 20252

Man sentenced for shooting Black girl at Iowa Trump rally

Keilar rolls the tape on GOP's incendiary rhetoric of the border crisis (CNN)

Kid Rot in Sturgis

Florida Governor's Office Says State Could Withhold Salaries of Officials Who Enact School Mask Mand

FL reports shocking 28,317 new Covid cases today

Prince Andrew reportedly sued by alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein in New York

Please do NOT break your device. You've been warned.

Confession time. What are your strengths and weaknesses as an artist?

Washington state employees must vaccinate

Governor Inslee orders state employees get vaccinated

Texas Supreme Court denies Democrats' request to overturn Gov. Greg Abbott's veto of Legislature's

Texas Supreme Court denies Democrats' request to overturn Gov. Greg Abbott's veto of Legislature's

Jenni Muldaur & Teddy Thompson cover Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner

Abbott is now telling hospitals to do what they're already doing. 😡

Only 8 ICU beds in Arkansas

DeSantis': State Education Board Could Withhold Salaries Of Superintendents, School Board Members

France's virus pass now required in restaurants, trains

Look who's here!

Arkansas reports new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations

There can be no closure...

Monster Hunter : black diablos

7 Life Lessons from Arthur Schopenhauer (The Philosophy of Pessimism)

I wish one of the anti-Trump groups could assemble a rogue's gallery of video clips in which

Proud Boys Follow Their New Script: Use Portland, Ore. Anti- Mask Rallies To Crank Up Fresh Violence

Grassley has lost his goddam mind

Boy Harsher - Send Me A Vision

Dan Rather: Will anybody please, please, stop the madness? I don't give a damn about the politics. I

This pit bull couldn't walk. See his transformation after adoption

"CAKE" - Jim Gaffigan Stand up (Beyond The Pale)

Peter Gabriel - Seldgehammer

6:30p: Severe T'storm Warning until 7:15p for storm impacting eastern branch of the Beltway and ...

Harvard astronomer now devoting himself to studying UFOs after Pentagon report

6:30p: Severe T'storm Warning until 7:15p for storm impacting eastern branch of the Beltway and ...

Can anyone from TX or FLA tell me why people

A COVID-19 sign in Tanzania

3,500-year-old summer residence of Hittite kings to host visitors

Alarming 94K surge in COVID-19 cases among kids, hospitals overwhelmed

Senate Sets Up Final Passage of Infrastructure Bill

Epstein accuser sues Prince Andrew, citing sex assault at 17

Heavy Weather Here In Northern Illinois

Nearly 60% of Americans at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19 - CDC

California Health Care Workers Protest Against Vaccine Mandate Outside Hospitals

Cute pups making do to play fetch

Alex Trebek's likely 'Jeopardy!' successor defends himself on allegations he mistreated colleagues

Texas governor issues new COVID 'suggestions' after national scrutiny

First Blue Dream harvest, one plant...

Boris Johnson is a comic opera prime minister whose mistakes have killed tens of thousands

My Letter to Republicans (Don Winslow):

Robert Durst takes stand at his trial, denies killing friend

Mayo Clinic doctor says if you're not vaccinated you *will* get covid.

Anyone else having problem with one-time summer DU fund drive?

NRDC On Clean Water Infrastructure

Prosecutors offer plea deal to Cowboys for Trump founder

Chuck Grassley Argues On The Senate Floor That Trump Has A Right To Plot A Coup


Breaking: Gov. Greg Abbott announces Texas will be seeking out-of-state health care personnel to...

Don't know if this is true or not, but it might be a way to shut up a mask-hole.

Human Rights Campaign hires outside law firm to investigate president's role in Cuomo scandal

This interview w/ Eric Topol of Scripps isn't optimistic. He doesn't like what he sees.

Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Worry College Officials, $25- $250 Online: AP News

Only eight ICU beds left in the state of Arkansas

There's only one way to get our nation fully COVID vaccinated

Nate Silver tweet vaccinated infected inds have lower viral load than unvaccinated infected

Sen. Bernie Sanders: It's time to protect working families through