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"You can pick your friend's nose but you can't pick your family"

B.B. King - Let the Good Times Roll (Morgan Freeman Tribute) - 2008 Kennedy Center Honors

House lawmakers introduce bill to increase special immigrant visa cap by 10K for Afghan partners

States ranked by COVID-19 death rates: Aug. 31

Failed nuclear contractor (Westinghouse) signs $21M deal, working with feds

Every sunrise, this bird visits a woman for cuddles - GeoBeats Animals

American Red Cross' 2010 performance in Haiti has critics urging people not to donate

"Since I Met You Baby" - Ivory Joe Hunter

2 hurt when construction crane crashes into Issaquah home

Last week in the Republican Party... - The Lincoln Project

Oxygen supplies grow precarious amid COVID surge

Let's talk about trains (trolleys), planes, and automobiles....

The older I get, the more interesting titles of OPs become.

It is increasingly apparent that Madison Cawthorn's most serious impairment is from the neck up,

Native American tribes enforce mask mandates regardless of state bans As sovereign nations,

Ed Asner, Union Man

How Ron DeSantis Is 'Using Kids As Pawns' For Political Points - Deadline - MSNBC

COVID recession pushed Social Security insolvency up a year

The GOP Should 'Root Out' Its Extremist Members Says Congresswoman Dean

The GOP Should 'Root Out' Its Extremist Members Says Congresswoman Dean - Deadline - MSNBC

Remember that second instance of an elected person trying to get into Afghanistan?

Simple message on Tom Hanks' t-shirt. I want one!

OK congressman threatened embassy staff as he tried to enter Afghanistan, U.S. officials say

Enbridge Line 3: Minnesota court deals yet another setback to pipeline foes

Biden did an amazing job, ended a forever war, dealt w/ a SHIT deal Trump left him with (especially

Veteran Tears John Bolton Apart For Horrific War Record - Rebel HQ

Otoole video on defunding the cbc.

On the WeatherChannel, flyover showing Grand Isle damage.

Iowa school mask ban lawsuit amended as feds investigate law

Iowa school mask ban lawsuit amended as feds investigate law

Medicare Coverage Starts Tomorrow

The rules of attraction - Older male division.

Oklahoma NAACP files suit challenging anti-protest law

Will Trump ever spend some time in the future in a penitentiary or any type of "jail"?.. Discuss:

arrest Kevin Mccarthy

Widow urges vaccination at funeral of St. Petersburg officer who died of COVID

Downtown Seattle on track to hit record residential development, report says

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Mr. Ed

Part 1 - How Fox News promoted Donald Trump's propaganda and helped destabilise democracy ...

Part 2 - How Fox News promoted Donald Trump's propaganda and helped destabilise democracy

Ivermectin and COVID-19: Why poison centers are getting calls about this controversial drug?

Update: Health Officials Sticking With 8 Mo. Covid Booster: ABC News, Aug. 29

Now Marjorie Traitor Greene is threatening the telecom companies

According to 538 Newsom is pulling ahead

Teacher with COVID symptoms went maskless, making her class an experiment

20 years ago tonight (at midnight specifically), WEVD went off the air in NYC.

FBI examining $100M tax refund push by Arizona Gov. Ducey staffers after Arizona Republic/USA TODAY

President Biden delivers remarks on ending the war in Afghanistan -- 8/31/2021

Cyber Ninjas are attempting to

Just for some context for how abuse by the wealthy elites was dealt with in the past, skim through

Covid to all the Anti-Vaxers ...

Hillary Clinton's 'deplorables' speech shocked voters five years ago - some feel it was prescient

20 years ago tonight (midnight specifically) WEVD went off the air.

Will the "Big Tech" companies take McCarthy and the Republicans to court?

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller or Staff Sarget Travis Mills?

Suspect Identified In On-Air MSNBC Assault, Arrest Warrants Issued By Mississippi Police

Deputies had to break up fights at a Florida school district office that announced a mask mandate

At first I saw the North Star in the tail feathers of a hummingbird....

Black Woman Assaulted By Chicago Officer While Walking Her Dog On The Lakefront

Jake Tapper tweet

As if Louisianans didn't have it bad enough

GOP Targets Democrats on Taliban Recognition

This dissolvable pacemaker could make heart surgery less invasive - PBS NewsHour

Do we need a more "activist" Supreme Court, similar to the Earl Warren Court?

My CA recall ballot was confirmed received and counted.

Oklahoma Rep. Threatened U.S. Ambassador Who Rejected His Kabul Quest: Report



Biden Asks Those Who Want To Military To Stay In Afghanistan: 'What Is The Vital National Interest?'

Biden Thinks We Can 'Fight Terrorism Without Endless Wars': Jake Sullivan - Deadline - MSNBC

Hang on, Democrats, we're just gettin' started!

Fate of Roe v. Wade in Texas then beyond

Fact check: Prominent Republicans spread false claim about Taliban executing a man from a helicopter

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

US Senate seat that determines which party controls the US Senate in 2022.

Where is the donation page through DU?

So my Pulmonologist told me something very interesting today. He told me to get

The Daily Show - Horsey Vax: The Alternative Medicine for Anti-Vaxxers

Lawrence O'Donnell is one of the most knowledgeable persons on television

Where was Erik Prince when ISIS hit the evacuation?

OMG the stock market!

To Save Lake Tahoe, They Spared No Expense. The Fire Came Over the Ridge Anyway.

Insurrectionist let out on bond for assaulting media. What does he do soon as he gets out?

The Beat with Ari Melber: Michael Moore on Biden ending war in Afghanistan

Texas' 6-week abortion ban lets private citizens sue in an unprecedented legal approach

Slip-Slidin' Away

Anti-vaxxers shut down Georgia vaccination event

'He's Scared': Adam Schiff On McCarthy Reaction To Jan. 6 Panel's Records Request - All In - MSNBC

U.S. Supreme Court can effectively end Roe v. Wade tonight, all they need to do is do nothing.

What phone records may reveal: Gym Jordan "believed Trump controlled the crowd"

Tonight's lullaby is early. It's because I'll be listening to Johnny Cash until I go to sleep

Joy Reid in school board violence and right wing think tanks:

Law professor explains how the battle between local, state, federal government over masking in schoo

It's like Biden shouted "Last call!"

15 people have been charged in a conspiracy to process and distribute fraudulent vaccination cards

Colombia court refuses to try general accused in 104 murders

So, Wingnutland's latest manufactured outrage. - Bidens watch

Capitol riot committee hits back at Kevin McCarthy -- and implies he's trying to obstruct justice

The Choquequilla Inca Huaca

The Choquequilla Inca Huaca

Larry Elder: California recall contender makes misleading claim that young people don't need vaccine

One of the worst of the whining airport crazies . At least for today . 🙄He has a neck gator on the

Usually when I come up with one, someone beat me to it. "Evanpedical Christian". Like it?

Thousands of posts around January 6 riots go missing from Facebook transparency tool

Trump offered to help bankroll Senate audit, texts suggest (AZ Fraudit)

8 months in and nothing

VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz on Maddow

Interrogation of Nicholas Rountree: Mass Murder Threats on Social Media

QAnon John Calls For 'Military Mutiny' Ahead of Las Vegas Event Featuring DFW Speakers

Darwin's Disappointed (Luckovich)

Congress Prepares to Subpoena...Members of Congress. What might Jim Jordan Do if Forced to Testify?

Texas Right to Life sets up site asking for anonymous tips on people who get or offer abortions

Should Doctors Prescribing Livestock Medicine For Covid Face Consequences? - All In - MSNBC

Haiti missionary youth camp destroyed by earthquake

After Viral Arrest Video, Online Threats Prompt a Black Family to Flee Forney

Brazil minister warns of deeper energy crisis amid worsening drought

Jordan claimed he'd never gone on TV and suggested the election was stolen. Roll the tape...

Two tweets by Richard Engel, approximately a year apart...

Image of bird at US-Mexico border wall wins contest

Image of bird at US-Mexico border wall wins contest

666 new laws come into effect in Texas on Sept. 1

If Supreme Court does not intervene in 85 minutes, 85% of abortions could

I got my booster (3rd shot) from Publix today. It's very easy.

NEW VIDEO from @donwinslow #MccarthysPlanToAttackBiden

Trever Nehls running for Fort Bend County Judge

Every sunrise, this bird visits a woman for cuddles

SCOTUS Roe Versus Wade

Silent Monks Sing Hallelujah Chorus

Say what you want about National Geographic's new ownership but their new 9/11 documentary

Lemon: GOP hypocrisy is on full display over Afghanistan (CNN)

Rep. Swalwell: Madison Cawthorn Should Face Consequences For 'Bloodshed' Warning - The ReidOut MSNBC

The Wild Mystery of the Jan. 6 Lawyer Who Vanished

Please tell your elder loved ones to wear a mask and not be

The new MORAN.......put MADERNA on a fake vaccination card

Partisan divides in media trust widen, driven by a decline among Republicans

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

Pic of juvenile osprey pic 2 years ago,

Do You Want to Smile?, catbyte has a video that will make you smile, hit the link below..Wonderful

Jan. 6 Committee Hits Back At GOP Leader - The Last Word - MSNBC

Vet: Ending War In Afghanistan 'Right Thing To Do Despite The Difficultly' - The Last Word - MSNBC

The transiting Mars opposition to transiting Neptune

IMO (I'm not all that humble), there is about as much honor in dying for war profiteers

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

Covid Vaccines, Special Considerations For The Obese Population; Few, No Side Effects of Vaccine?...

If this witchhunt is allowed to happen in Texas

Controversial I-45 Expansion Project Set To Move Forward -- For Now

And just to add to a good night sleep, tornado watch in DC

In Case Anyone Is Curious

TEXAS FUCKING DID IT ... Roe is effectively overturned by inaction

Houston Parents Evicted, Separated From Their Toddler After Landlord Rejects Rent Relief

Charming chalk art:

Is Roe vs Wade overturned nation wide, or just in Texas...Seems to me..just in Texas..Is that right?

Message to my daughter after first day of 2d grade for my grandson,

Message to my daughter after first day of 2d grade for my grandson,

Control of the SCOTUS and the future of Roe Vs. Wade was on the ballot in 2016

Tweet of the late night:

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a safe to slight margin.

Louisiana man, 71, presumed dead after an alligator attacked him in an area flooded by Ida

Tweet of the late night #2:

Supreme Court allows Texas' 6-week abortion ban to take effect

Seattle Children's reports first COVID-19 death

from Capital Weather Gang: JUST IN (1:20a Wednesday):

'Seek Shelter In Another State': Parts Of Louisiana Uninhabitable After Hurricane Ida- Rachel Maddow

Two Frank Bridge Compositions

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

FBI examining $100M tax refund push by Arizona Gov. Ducey staffers after Arizona Republic/USA TODAY

ACLU statement

Tweet McCarthy

Politicians and sex

MSNBC/The Last Word: It may take 30 days for power to be restored in LA. 😪

Lawyer For MAGA Rioter Says Trump Is To Blame For Insurrection - Ring of Fire

Sultans of Swing

Kevin McCarthy Threatens Tech Companies Over GOP Phone Records - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Peru kicks off corruption case against Keiko Fujimori

Women of means and mistresses of men of means will ALWAYS have access to safe abortions.

MSNBC op-ed: War in Afghanistan was far different from how it has been depicted in American media

Maddow: Biden Didn't Just Talk About Ending The War In Afghanistan, He Got It Done - Rachel Maddow

Fox News accused of stoking violence after Tucker Carlson 'revolt' prediction

a question for the Mormons

Evolution Denial Survey (The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe)

Fk You Susan Sarandon. You advocated for this shit.

Ireland Population Passes 5 Million For First Time Since 1851, Mid 19th Century Famine

There is now officially a public 25k dollar bounty on any females head in TX whom

How can we get a movement going to boycott Texas?

State won't extend expiring unemployment benefits, Murphy says

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymn: 'The Jesus Prayer' in many ways.

President Biden is Right. The forever wars must come to an end.

Blacktop Mojo - Tail Lights

Miami Herald Expose: DeSantis Is Cooking Covid-19 Data For An Artificial Decline In Fla. Deaths

This good "Christian" threatens to kill school board members, cops etc. Jesus saves, huh?

Enough! Stop it! Stop the bitching. Instead, take action!

Breakfast Wednesday 1 September 2021

When can we expect SCOTUS to rule on Roe?

Covid Anti-Vaxxers Reach 'A New Level Of Insanity' Says Dr. Redlener - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

New Zealand Minister's zoom session interrupted by son holding unusually shaped carrot

dog slowly wakes up to bear staring through window

Candace Owens reportedly hit with "sudden illness," claims it's absolutely not COVID

School Board Moraqn strikes again....

school board chair calls these names for public comment: Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover, Suk Mahdik

DNC bus tour backing Biden agenda ends in Cherry Hill

Ohio Man in Mississippi playing the fool.

Florida man charged with attempting to defraud Rep. Matt Gaetz's family over sex-crimes investigatio

Acting AG Bruck Announces Indictment Charging Owners of School Bus Company in Essex County With

Texas Taliban puts bounties on women and people of influence have to step up.

Chuckles Bites The Dust - MTM

I think Mittens and Scooter have figured out how to exploit my Blink camera.

Life at 55 I used to have erotic dreams last night I dreamed of meatloaf

Wednesday TOONs - It Has Been ___ Days Without...

If the Texiban law stands, what kinds of speech could states make "actionable"?

Good news - Larry will be a MAJOR Fish Storm

Florida Alligator Smokes From Mouth After Snatching Drone Out Of Mid Air

This is how we could use "The Big Lie" to our advantage

DeBary restaurant owner says she doesn't want business from Biden supporters

Blacktop Mojo - Wicked Woman

Texas ...taking away power and choice from people who threaten white male supremacy.

Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet will make your day

Wingnut threats of violence is uncharted territory

Father says school bus dropped daughter two miles from home

Ida's remains threaten once-in-a-century flood event in Northeast

Aspinwall, Pa, police investigating taxidermy rhino head found on sidewalk

Question about Magats

Texas abortion law is just like Salem witch hunts.

Lawyer for Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendants goes missing

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, September 1, 2021

How to permanently crack down on Team Trump's 'Kraken'

The Rude Pundit: Afghanistan Done (Part 2 of A Country on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)

Young Australians "Screaming For Action" On Climate, Trust Neither Gov Nor Business To Deliver It

A peaceful moment for you today

Why would an "audit" staffed by volunteers... (AZ)

COVID-19 hospitalizations increase as nationwide nursing shortage strikes Wisconsin

Hartford charter school leader pleads innocent to four gunpoint sexual assaults

If Republicans were in charge of California, NY, VA, and Colorado

Less Than 1 Year After Touting Its Investments In "Resilience", Entergy System Collapses During Ida

"a bacon-wrapped hot dog in a fried pickle"

"a bacon-wrapped hot dog in a fried pickle"

The Rundown: September 1, 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #152: The New One Hundred and Fifty Two(8/31/2021 Edition)

Federal Judge Jettisons Shitstain Administration's Rollback On Water & Wetland Protection

Comics Should Be Cheap (9/1/21)

The Weekly Pull: Aquaman's 80th Anniversary, Marvel's Dark Ages, The Many Deaths fo Laila Starr, and

Bizarre that anyone even has to worry that this might happen:

August private payrolls rose by 374,000, missing estimates: ADP

Boycott Texas - make it the pariah of the Union

mccarthy has let us know there will be zero participation by reThugs in the Jan.6 investigation

Dan Rather: "It's worth noting that many of the same people attacking the Biden Administration....

2024 GOP battleground takes shape in Iowa

Afghan Arrival Help in Woodbridge / Quantico, area. Please help if you

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Orange Hitler's Supreme Court attack on women will backfire ,

Decades After The Timber Wars & With No Other Alternative, Ashland Begins To Face Its Climate Future

Each of Trump's three SCOTUS appointments is tainted with the hypocrisy, arrogance and

Biden is Handling Katrina 2 far far better than Bush handled Katrina 1

From The Guardian: WHO* monitoring new coronavirus variant named Mu

Now that Kevin McCarthy has committed crimes in plain

Philly cop facing refiled charges, accused of hitting protester in head with baton

Why are Mexican Wolves Being Removed From Northern Arizona? Agency Excuses Don't Fly

Climate change won't stop while America hates trains and walking

A New Website Catalogs More Than 250 Black Films Currently Streaming

Reminder that St. Stephen's food bank

Climate change won't stop while America hates trains and walking

Looking for advice on purchasing a new laptop

Pa. man who cut puppy's eye with kitchen knife pleads guilty

My grandpa told me he saw the Titanic and knew it was going to sink. He tried warning people but

Verbal and physical attacks on health workers surge as emotions boil during latest COVID-19 wave

Walmart hiring 20,000 workers, raising wages ahead of holidays

Texas: where a virus has reproductive rights and a woman doesn't. (tweet)

Man. I am really demoralized this morning.

Being For The Benefit Of Mr kite

NFLPA to investigate Urban Meyer's admission that vaccination status factored into roster cuts

King of the Hill (Ferguson Jenkins)

Good Citizens of Texas, Immediately File Civil Suits Against EVERY GOP Rep in TX

Judge to rule on Purdue Pharma bankruptcy plan that shields Sacklers

Pic Of The Moment: So Much For "Fighting Them Over There So We Don't Have To Fight Them Over Here"

All right, Democrats. Are you awake NOW???

the US should invade texas to restore civil rights

this is an observation. since there is no provision for us supreme court in the

Dolphin "kicks" fish over bridge

i hate covididiots and covid 19.

Richard Engel, seeing his cash cow disappear, isn't going away quietly, and misrepresenting....

I don't need Vegas odds for this bet.

Texas bans most abortions (CNN)

How long until the first case under the new Texas law attacking protected speech as ...

No US Military Dogs Left Behind in Afghanistan

I used to donate computer processing power to Stanford for projects involving assessing molecules

When was the last time you heard this song....if you have ever heard it.

LIVE 1 pm: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley discuss Afghanistan

Mike Lindell's meltdown begins: He recently sold a MyPillow plane to fund Dominion lawsuit

Can the new TX abortion law be stayed by a lower court as the USSC has

Kiss Your Pets On The Head And See Their Reactions - Purr Purr

The enemy of my enemy . . .

We made the dream come true two years ago today

Growth in US manufacturing accelerated in August

"Six weeks pregnant" does NOT mean, six weeks after you find out you're pregnant

Texas school district closes after 2 teachers die of COVID-19

Art Pepper was born on this date.

The Legal Minds Who Tried to Overturn the Election for Trump Are Being Welcomed Back...


Sherrilyn Ifill: TX law, voter suppression bills, anti-truth school board mobs

7 black men pardoned after execution--Martinsville 7

One Kabul airport, one target. But slow evacuations, using all of the available airports

Is it too late to give Texas back to Mexico?

"Doctors and murderers" (plague/vaccine scene from the film 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein', 1994)

The History of Vaccines in America

Exclusive: Before Afghan collapse, Biden pressed Ghani to 'change perception'

**If you are overwhelmed by the news of the day, why not focus on CA RECALL & DO some calling**

QAnon conference at Caesars convention space canceled, company says

Good Day DU (September 1, 2021)

Who are the Americans we couldn't get out. Are most Americans who were "left behind"

How many of you are still ready and willing to negotiate with the Republican party?

Muskogee Team Wins Little League Softball World Series Championship

Public Health Orders Issued By St. Louis Area Authorities Likely Saved 'Thousands' Of Lives

Never a good word about real legal action.

I found "Dog Heaven"

4740 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 67 deaths

Why being informed, staying involved and voting for every Democrat on the ballot matters---

California recall and VA Governor election

If you have Peacock there are some cool old horror films being broadcast this month.


134 students disenrolled at Virginia Tech for noncompliance with COVID-19 vaccinations

When do we start airlifting the women and children out of Texas?

International Space Station facing irreparable failures, Russia warns

Bill limiting abortion-inducing pills nears final passage in the Texas Legislature Senate

CNN: Row v Wade upended in Texas. Next in line, Mississippi.

Chet Atkins And Boots Randolph - Yakkety Sax

666 new Texas laws go into effect Sept. 1. Here are some that might affect you.

TCM is making changes...

Not to put too fine a point on it . . .

The democrats in DC has to get off their collective asses.

"What we're experiencing is an intentional dismantling of open society and liberal democracy..."

WaPo: GOP douses Afghanistan withdrawal with misinformation

Here on the Moon

AMC-produced series based on Hillerman novels to be set on Navajo Nation, in Santa Fe

AMC-produced series based on Hillerman novels to be set on Navajo Nation, in Santa Fe

AMC-produced series based on Hillerman novels to be set on Navajo Nation, in Santa Fe

Sheriff Looking For 'Person Of Interest' After Reporter Attacked During Anti-Mask Rally

Dogs abandoned at Kabul airport prompted outrage. Here's what we know about who's responsible.

Buy the end of the year, abortion will be outlawed in at least 20 States

Pritzker signed the Pediatric Palliative Care Bill!

Something I don't understand about this insane Texas abortion law

Officers, paramedics charged in Elijah McClain's 2019 death

Intel is begging for Socialism? A perfect example of why our economic system is a thieving sham

Grand jury in Elijah McClain investigation indicts officers, medics in 2019 death

I've never really liked John Smoltz as an MLB announcer, and now I know why.

There just aren't words...

2 Florida school districts plan to keep mask mandates in place and are exploring legal action after

Biden statement on new Texas abortion law that went into effect today

Biden statement on new Texas abortion law that went into effect today

House panel to debate banning extremism in the military

My baby moved out today. Younger Green Kid is headed to the Netherlands, and I am

Children's Hospitals Are Pleading For Federal Help As They Run Out Of Beds

Claim that viral video shows 'Taliban helicopter hanging' debunked

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 2, 2021 -- The Sounds of Silents

Get your facepalms ready this is a doozy!

FACT FOCUS: Trump, others wrong on US gear left with Taliban

Texas school puts its first black principal on leave in furor over Critical Race Theory

'I've Lost Track, Really': Radio Hosts Are Being Killed by Their Own Anti-Vax Propaganda

Kevin McCarthy keeps revealing how ugly a GOP House would be

How to help Texas women

Judge: Ahmaud Arbery's past troubles irrelevant to trial

Cable news is double pissed

Majority favors US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: poll

LIVE: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley discuss Afghanistan

AOC calls on Senate to reject Rahm Emanuel as Japan ambassador

Sandy Hook parents ask Texas judge to sanction InfoWars founder Alex Jones in defamation suits

'AntivaxMomma' Charged With Selling Fake COVID Cards To Frontline Workers

Sandy Hook parents ask Texas judge to sanction InfoWars founder Alex Jones in defamation suits

Rep. McCarthy threatens tech and telecom firms that comply with Jan. 6 committee's request to retain

Fact check: Video shows Taliban fighter attached to helicopter, not public hanging

In Colorado, Aurora police, medics indicted for 2019 death of Elijah McClain

Monochromatic ... so dramatic

A man accosted an MSNBC reporter during live hurricane coverage. A warrant is out for his arrest.

Over 70 State Department Staff Pen Letter Asking Blinken to Remove 'Anti-Semitic' Employee

Jared Yates Sexton - A Long and Slow Unraveling: The Systematic War on Open Society

Woman arrested with fake 'Maderna' vaccine card at Honolulu airport, officials say

LIVE: New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell discusses Hurricane Ida aftermath

Ron Johnson says 'nothing obviously skewed' in Wisconsin election results

Tornado Warning including Brandywine MD, Hughesville MD, Baden MD until 1:45 PM EDT

Oklahoma congressman threatened embassy staff as he tried to enter Afghanistan, U.S. officials say

Wisconsin Spending Half of its 2020 Election Probe Money to Check Ballots, Voting Machines

Biden leads chorus of outrage over Texas abortion ban -- and Supreme Court silence

Sen. Schumer recommends 3 women for federal bench vacancies in New York

I'm Not Sure What This Is Supposed To Mean

Ann Coulter sides with Biden on Afghanistan over withdrawal, calling Trump a 'wuss' who broke his pr

MO AG tries to keep innocent man imprisoned

Office Pittie has the best attitude

US Capitol riot: 50th rioter pleads guilty as DOJ nears 600 arrests

ABC: Over 6,000 National Guard deployed in Louisiana, Mississippi (posted 15 hours ago)

New York governor calling special legislative session to extend eviction moratorium

Breaking: Illinois Tanker Company Calls It Quits, Sources Say

Cut off from fuel and oxygen, Louisianans with medical issues grow desperate.

Illinois church camp not requiring masks, vaccinations linked to 180 covid cases, CDC says

Liz Cheney Calls on GOP Leadership to Condemn Madison Cawthorn's 'Bloodshed' Comments

A few things to entertain/amuse

D A M N Good Graphic

Mo Brooks is trying to get ahead of damaging communications from January 6th

The surge has hit my clinic. Four positive COVID-19 tests in one day.

USA Today condemns TX abortion law

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022.

The news media hasn't really taken notice of this, but . . .

Does "Joe and his crew" have a nice ring to it? I've been using that some. I'm hoping to

Time For Expand The SCOTUS Bill

21 percent of ballots returned according to today's tracker

Swell, "an unwavering conservative fighter". 🤬 🤬 🤬

LIVE: State Department Press Briefing with Victoria J. Nuland, Ned Price

So, I'm accusing Greg Abbott of aiding and abetting an abortion

San Diego County Supervisors Declare COVID-19 Misinformation A Public Health Crisis

Talking Heads Live in Rome 1980 Full Concert

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

Welp, I had to explain to a close family member that pedophiles buy kid photos from the dark web

With eviction moratorium gone, 3.5 million U.S. households could lose their home

Vaccination Rates Rose In August As COVID Cases Surged Due To The Delta Variant

On this day, September 1, 1914, Martha, the last passenger pigeon, died.

TFG Handed The Keys To The Taliban In Doha

1 student injured in shooting at Mt Tabor High School in Winston-Salem

Cartoons 9/1/2021

Question: How is Texas Anti-Abortion law not a violation of HIPPA laws?

Texas Abortion Laws Largely Ban the Procedure and Put Women at Risk

Editorial: Mob's actions at school board meeting unacceptable

Republicans are guilty of mind-boggling hypocrisy in their attacks on Biden's Afghanistan exit

George Orwell, meet Greg Abbott: Texas abortion law is an un-American infringement of rights

Hospitalizations and COVID cases are near last winter's peaks

McCarthy certainly appears worried about what the 1/6 investigation

Experiment shows groups of laypeople reliably rate stories as effectively as fact-checkers do

Black US Farmers awaiting billions in promised debt relief

Lighthouse with osprey nest, on Chesapeake Bay

Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, is busy reporting possible abortions in Texas

Beware the Rambo narrative of Afghanistan

If I were texan, I'd send a bill to the senate barring viagra

Perhaps women of Texas should read Aristophanes' "Lysistrata"

MTG threatened to 'shut down' telecoms companies if they hand over Republicans' phone records to the

Marine Corporal Discharged over Refusal to Wear a Mask

As the Select Committee proceeds with its investigation of the January 6th coup attempt, McCarthy

Vu de Noiva Waterfall, in Matto Grosso, Is Practically Dry due to The Water Crisis


Nabisco worker calls for boycott of company's snacks amid strike

Norm Ornstein - Want to know why our democracy is teetering at the edge?

Marine Corps corporal receives lightning-fast dismissal over refusal to wear a mask

Florida Department of Health's new rule: $5,000 fines for some vaccine mandates

Norm Ornstein - Want to know why our democracy is teetering at the edge?

Could somebody please post the video of Kristin Lems "Days of the Theocracy"?

Jaleel Stallings shot at the MPD; a jury acquitted him of wrongdoing

LIVE: Jen Psaki holds White House news briefing

Susan Collins was astoundingly wrong about Brett Kavanaugh

Southern MD, 60 miles south of DC, @ Chesapeake Bay

Deep in the heartless

Eric Boehlert: Why Politico's about to get worse

A shooting at Mount Tabor High School has caused the school to lock down ...

Any way to ensnare antiabortion crisis centers with new law?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 1, 2021

Fox News Anti-'Cancel Culture' Warriors Applaud Diner Owner for Banning Biden Supporters

Maybe a dumb question here BUT

Biden blasts Texas' 6-week abortion ban as 'extreme' and violation of a constitutional right

Be My Baby - The Ronettes

8/18/21 Florida under DeSantis. Sick people lying on a Jacksonville, FL clinic's floor waiting for

This I believe: if bullies and criminals are caught on video threatening violence or actually

Ilhan Omar holds an in-person town hall (The Hill)

Florida Now Withholding School Board Salaries Over Mask Mandates

YAY!!! osprey nest down creek

So, an Uber driver, who has no clue about his/her client, may be liable for $10,000

Doctors dismayed by patients who fear coronavirus vaccines, but clamor for unproven ivermectin

The other big Texas new for today...

Tens of billions of dollars in pandemic aid for hospitals and nursing homes sits unused

Stahp! LOL!

Stainless Steel Fragments Found in Moderna Vaccine Shots

Christian Taliban celebrating abortion ban.

Mike Lindell's meltdown begins: He recently sold a MyPillow plane to fund Dominion lawsuit

Wut?! Taliban fighters upset, feel betrayed that US military left non-working helicopters: report

Wow. Just wow!

Sometimes our bones break

Texas redistricting draws first lawsuit challenging Legislature's authority to draw legislative maps

Busy Kitty day with new things to try out. Such as boxes

67 abortions in 17 hours: Inside a Texas clinic's race to beat new six-week abortion ban

The mystery of what Leo does while I'm at work has been solved!

I sure hope good people can deal with these religious fundamentalists...

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 60s

Oklahoma Rep With Rambo Delusion Gonna Beat Taliban To Death With Illegal Piles Of Cash

Official reports progress in defending Lake Tahoe from fire

Is it time for women to try the Lysistrata approach?

If Trump was not responsible for the January 6th assault on the Capitol why did

My friend who is vaccinated and also is pro mask

Muddy Waters, Cheap Trick among inductees in first class of Illinois Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

@AOC: In case you're wondering why people are going on TV relentlessly attacking Biden

A report from CNN about McCarthy being a lying jerk.

"The Balance" - the Moody Blues

Best one line comment on Texas

Baseball Isn't Heaven in 'Field of Dreams' Town. It's Blacked Out.

new iphone 6 user.

Taliban Praises Greg Abbott For Eliminating Women's Right

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 2 September 2021

Former Marine pulled over for following a truck too closely. Police took nearly $87,000 of his cash.

Remember the snail darter?

Why tiny tardigrades walk like insects 500,000 times their size

Groundhog Brings His Son To Visit His Human Best Friend

TOP STORY Tornado may have visited Virginia Tech on Tuesday, county says

Biden meets with Ukraine prime minister

How far we have fallen

The Interview -- we've all been there . . .

Joe Rogan has COVID and is taking Ivermectin.

Top Florida GOP operatives paid by dark money group under investigation

Milley: US coordination with Taliban on strikes 'possible'

Judge conditionally approves Purdue Pharma opioid settlement

Gov. DeSantis snubbed $820 million in federal food aid and won't say why

Steve Schmidt is on Nicolle Wallace

Vaccinations in rural India increase amid supply concerns

Julie Pace named new Associated Press executive editor

US faith groups unite to help Afghanistan refugees after war


More from DeathSantis

WaPo: Bankruptcy judge approves Purdue Pharma plan to resolve opioid claims, giving Sackler family c

TX Abortion Ban At 6 Wks Also Puts Anti- Choice Vigilantes In Charge, 10K Abortion Bounty, TX Stasi

Judge sides with Illinois hospital refusing to treat man with ivermectin

Eddie Glaud is on Deadline Whitehouse and said something so true.

NYT - critically important article "What if the Coronavirus Crisis Is Just a Trial Run?"

I turn 60 in 16 days

Oklahoma congressman threatened embassy staff as he tried to enter Afghanistan, U.S. officials say

I understand that many women may use air travel or an automobile for acquiring an abortion

White Supremacists Praise Taliban Takeover

Conservative Groups Line Up To Build Tea Party 2.0

The civilian wing of the Republican Party has lost control of its paramilitary wing

Sparks with Faith No More...enjoy

🧵 The way Texas's anti-choice law actually works in practice is so diabolical and dystopian...

McConnell: 'There isn't going to be an impeachment' of Biden

No, Police Aren't Quitting In Droves

Don't Mess With Texas

The rise of period pants

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare hits record number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Tweet of the minute

Not everyone disagrees with Texas.

Give It A Second...

Red Barchetta - Rush

Large, damaging tornado northeast of Philadelphia near Warrington right now!

How to permanently crack down on Team Trump's 'Kraken'

Once the Christians overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling...

Far-Right Propagandist & Insurrectionist Turns up in Moscow After Jan. 6

Proper way to eat pumpkin pie

She helped impoverished communities in India. Now Nithya Raman wants to help L.A.


Trump Organization Employees to Testify Before Manhattan Grand Jury

Men in Texas:

The Taliban & GOP Both Threaten Women: Authoritarianism

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Mid-South parents push for more routine COVID-19 testing as pediatric cases rise

Those scammers on the phone (:

Look inward before condemning others.

Nigeria gunmen kidnap 73 students from high school in northwest

Question on the upcoming Canadian election.

Biden meets Ukraine leader in long-sought Oval Office visit

Joe Rogan has COVID-19

Joe Rogan, a podcasting giant who has been dismissive of vaccination, has Covid.

A Democrat ends one war in Afghanistan, Texas Taliban GOP increase their War on women.

Don't Laugh...

Republican leaders are skating on Nixon ice.

This rescue is a tear jerker but enough to lift your spirits about the good that

This photo shows the horrific damage that a tornado that moved through Annapolis,

Gavin Newsom Increasingly Looks Safe

New Billy Strings song. He's amazing and so is his band

Some customers in New Orleans East get power restored after Hurricane Ida Wednesday morning

An open invitation to all female Texans

I volunteer to drive truckloads of Plan B into Texas (a la Smokey and the Bandit- style).

Pulitzer-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones opening after-school program,'1619 Freedom School,'

So can a guy in TX be sued if he asks his mistress to get an abortion?

WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named 'Mu'

Trump Organization's corporate director of security is expected to appear before a grand jury Thurs

NIH study at Stanford says convalescent therapy doesn't work

☦ Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

The International Community Must be on Alert to Defend Peru

Stop comparing the new law in Texas to the work of the Taliban.

Food systems: seven priorities to end hunger and protect the planet

After Hurricane Ida, President Joe Biden to visit Louisiana Friday

Ugh......Phil Mickelson is a co-captain for our Ryder cup team.

Psssssssssssst! Trump Org. security chief Matthew Calamari Jr., son of top executive,

Breaking.tornado threatening NJ and Pa

Top general: 'It's possible' US could coordinate with Taliban on ISIS-K

WHO Monitoring New Coronavirus Variant Called 'Mu', B.1.621, In 39 Countries: The Guardian, CNBC

Don't read this if you have a problem with high blood pressure.

The Anez Regime Tried To Assassinate Morales, Mexico Reveals

Has anyone seen Marie Yovanovitch recently?

Top general: 'It's possible' US could coordinate with Taliban on ISIS-K

O'Toole doesn't want to anger his base.

Selwyn Birchwood is a talented young man

President Joe Biden to visit Louisiana Friday

Pelosi's office rips McCarthy's silence over Cawthorn's 'bloodshed' comment

A former Marine was pulled over for following a truck too closely. Police took nearly $87,000 of...

Going through my old emails and I found this.

The girlfriend of the review

Frenzy -- Screamin' Jay Hawkins

republicans "divine order".

A bus was stranded in Frederick County floodwaters +++

Slippin' and Slidin'

Yet another update from New Orleans (by Zuul)

I Put A Spell On You -- Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Map: State mask mandates are trickling back

Allen West's Wife cleared in DUI arrest

Better With Biden - MeidasTouch

Another Trumper Bites The Dust As Hunter Biden Laptop Guy Loses Defamation Lawsuit

Text messages suggest Donald Trump looked into funding the controversial Arizona election audit

Meet the 10 Pups Competing For the Title of World's Cutest Rescue Dog -- and Vote for Your Pick

Woman Arrested After Spelling 'Moderna' Wrong - The Rational National

U.S. House committee backs $25 billion increase in defense spending

AP sources: Intel shows extremists to attend Capitol rally

McCarthys Plan To Attack Biden - Don Winslow Films

Trae Crowder - Texas Abortion Law Ramblings

Don Jr. loses attempt to dismiss defamation case against him.

MAGAts lash out at Republican Ron Johnson after senator admits Wisconsin election "not skewed"

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 70s

Rooting for Coco over Sloane......huge tennis match at the US Open......

2 more school districts temporarily close due to COVID

Police, Paramedics Charged In Death Of Elijah McClain (MSNBC)

Sun set, storm 'ended,' for a while anyway. Southern MD

GOP Rep. Wants Kevin McCarthy to Boot Cheney, Kinzinger from Republican Conference Over 1/6 Committe

Starting today, kids 12 and under ride free on all BC public transit

Sun set, storm 'ended,' for a while anyway. Calvert County

Where Are They? The Disappeared: When Remembering is a Political Act of Resistance

Ex-prosecutor calls out McCarthy's threat to companies

52,000 ordered to evacuate Lake Tahoe tonight due to fire. Vibes to one

Trump Supporters Talk Refugees & Religion - Rebel HQ