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I am so glad that Biden made his announcement today

Not a war on women? Odd...

New @NOAA data shows that Summer 2021 in the continental U.S. edged out

Dog quietly checks on each child to make sure they're all safe in bed:

California Bill Passes, Giving Amazon Warehouse Workers Power To Fight Speed Quotas

With Venus!

With Venus!

Chest Fever

I could watch these puppers all night:

Tale of Two Unions--I wonder why they're treated differently?

US Open -spoiler

4% Pantomime


I'm embarrassed by my Covid-19 reaction

Help! I'm getting a lot of questions on minority rule, and who the Governor General

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 10, 2021

Gov. Inslee expands statewide mask mandate to include large outdoor events

I started Sophie Stinky Toes on CBD, today

Thank you Mr President for turning this car around.

30% mark has been passed. Some prior percentages for comparison within email below.

Americans Have A Long History Of Opposing Refugees. But Most Support Afghan Asylum Seekers.

Wisconsin Republican schools her colleagues for pushing Trump-inspired election falsehoods

Re : Texass abortion abomination

ESPN reporter won't work football games in 2021 after choosing to not get vaccinated

Is moderna ever going to

Howard Stern to people who refuse COVID-19 vaccine: 'Go f*** yourself'

Rep. Katie Porter Exposes How Big Oil Cheats Taxpayers

Get ready for the workplace vaccination wars

Us vaxed people have fucking had it with the lunacy

I'll have my kibble in the lounge, thanks:

Some are wearing masks, but so many are not in a packed stadium.

Incel said he was compelled by 'righteous anger' to confront a group of women in bikinis on a beach

Biden's action plan requires your boss pays you for your time spent getting vaccinated

Anybody else watching Women's tennis tonight?

San Francisco: Late night subway service returns to SFMTA in October

The Surprisingly Big Business of Library E-books. from The New Yorker

TFG's White House tried to meddle in Pentagon reporting on US injuries after Iranian missile attack

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

D.C. On Alert As MAGA Fans Plot Rally Defending Rioters (MSNBC)

Millions are dying unnecessarily from COVID because of a perverse misunderstanding of human freedom

Tweet of the night:

Bucking Trump, Biden Issues Vaccine Mandate For 80 Million People - The Beat - MSNBC

Amber's Minute of Fury: Texas' Abortion Ban

Naked woman drove golf cart through armed standoff in Dunedin, deputy says

The President's mandates gives medical systems and companies cover. I think that was his intent.

NIH Director Debunks 'Personal Freedom' Argument In Wake Of Vaccine Mandate - All In - MSNBC

FL is now the only state not participating in this federal program to feed low-income kids

Biden to Anti-Vaxxers: 'Your Refusal Has Cost All of Us'

Colombia's presidential palace became home to criminal organization under Uribe: court

Twin Screws for Getting Energy From Tequila.

If you're not watching Rachel, make sure you watch the repeat

Olympic College requires vaccination for students attending class in-person this fall

Bolsonaro Supporters Try to Invade Ministry of Health after Threatening TV Crew

Association representing 30,000 federal law enforcement officers and agents opposes vaccine mandate.

The Department of Labor should offer ...

Mexico's Supreme Court rules right to life from conception is unconstitutional

Stephen Breyer calls Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law 'very, very, very wrong'

Seth Meyers: Taliban Announces All-Male Interim Government in Afghanistan - Monologue 9/8/21

In 2022 it is very clear where Democrats stand verses republicans

It worked. Delta Air Line's $200 surcharge for unvaccinated workers led to more vaccinations

Snark, at libertarian mask fighters, of the night:

The secret moves of the Cyber Ninjas moneyman

Coughing Karen completely unapologetic on her LinkedIn

The Pandemic's Worst Woman: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Trump To Spend 9/11 Anniversary At Casino Boxing Match - All In - MSNBC

Sound Transit opening 3 new Link Light Rail stations on Oct. 2

The Pandemic's Worst Woman: Dr. Christiane Northrup

An 'old' juvenile osprey pic which I entered in Photography group Summer contest.

LMFAO, I love it that POTUS Biden dropped the fact that EVEN FOX NEWS requires vaccinated employees.

Analysis Bohemian Rhapsody -Rick Beato with Brian May

Perseverance rover collects 2nd Mars sample (photos)

Stop being human plague rats and go get the vaccine.

To every idiot insisting they will not comply with employer vaccine mandates...

New Global Map Of Coral Reefs Explores Ocean Floor And Seascape

Pa. Republicans started their 'forensic investigation' of the 2020 election. It's still unclear what

God has spoken...

Where were you in 1967?

Galveston County reports first pediatric COVID death

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 12, 2021 - Star of the Month: Paul Robeson

Andrew Yang to Launch Third Party

TCM Schedule for Monday September 13, 2021 - Newman in the 60's

This is our freedoms and they should respect it!

Share surprises that happened after you moved into a new place...

402 people die from avoidable Covid in one day in pro-life Texas.

Josh Mandel is a POS

Greg Abbott is a Failed Governor - and it's being noticed

Friday's digit: 10/10 - Mic dropping perfection--just ignore the wind action.

2022 IL Congressional Districts

Shelf Cloud: Turbulence Abounds

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

Elie Mystal: Government Can Require People To Be Healthy But Cannot Require People To Get Sick MSNBC

Laredoan, head yell leader expresses displeasure with chants heard at A&M game

Trump Does His Own Makeup, Biden Boots Conway & Spicer and Kim Jong Un Gets a Glo-Up

If you can't keep them from voting, kill 'em

Has anyone on Fox News acknowledged

Judge Delivers Another Legal Smackdown To Ron DeSantis - Ring of Fire

They yell, "No more masks" at schools and I hear, "Kill our kids".

This is why we have pets

Trump wants to box Biden on 9/11.

Canyon Ridge Hospital - my [first] Yelp review

Biden to nominate Albuquerque attorney Urias to federal bench

Brazil: Pro-Bolsonaro truckers end blockade

Two women helping so many stray dogs - heroines

How it started v. How it's going: Anti-mask and anti-vaccine menace Veronica Wolski

Smokestack Lightnin' - Howlin' Wolf

Boston cardinal meets Cuban leader in Havana

Biden Takes His Shot

I hope the republicans pay the price for their insanity on vaccines and masks in 2022

Stop saying Mandate. That is their word.

'Biden Admin. Will Make Sure Capitol Is Protected' At 'Justice For J6' Rally Expert Says The ReidOut

Tuba Skinny - Jubilee Stomp - Royal Street, New Orleans

NEW: track which 38 House incumbents & districts are most at risk in redistricting

OSHA act of 1970 Section 5 Duties. "recognized hazards"

Scoreboard needed showing vaccinated and unvaccinated deaths - daily web, news, press conference

Antivaxxer nurse discovers the "freedom" to be fired for her decision to ignore science.

The Supreme Court "Shadow Docket" and Abortion

So. Updating resume...

Biden calls Xi as US-China relationship grows more fraught

Justin Trudeau gloriously slaps down RW media in Canada. Wow!!

Has there been discussion about the mechanism to prove to your employer that you have been

Biden engages Defense Production Act. Produce at-home Covid tests & sell them at cost.

I'm sure it's just me, but when I hear "ivermectin",

AZ canvass report draws nonsensical conclusions

Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett

Alrighty then...

NFL opens to full stadiums as COVID-19 surges

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims Robert E. Lee Would Have Won the War in Afghanistan: A Closer Look

The Proud Boys Say They Aren't Coming. DC Is Bracing for Violence Anyway.

LOCKDOWN reported at all of WPAFB - Dayton OH Area A

Kellyanne Conway bitching...

Vaccine & masks should be a requirement of the law..just like "seat belts" are. It's simple..

Jan 6 Select Committee had received 1000s of pages of documents in response to first set of requests

The U.S. just had its hottest summer on record

Interesting COVID symmetry...

Kentucky lawmakers scrap statewide mask mandate in schools

Tweet of the Day

East St. Louis manhunt underway after 'multiple people' shot

Venus and the Moon Tonight

In March 2020, when people started recognizing the potential of Covid...

Embattled Brazilian President Bolsonaro says 'only God' can remove him from office Sep 9, 2021

House Committee Wants Phone Records of McCarthy, Gaetz & Others; McCarthy & Co. Decide to Obstruct

Gov. Hochul, elected officials and activists rally against Texas abortion law

Brazilian senators unite against decision to limit content removal from social networks

Colombia faces new humanitarian crisis as thousands of migrants stuck in beach town

Student mocked by adults after talking about grandma who died of Covid

Ivermectin poisoning cases have increased threefold in Washington, Poison Center says

One syringe of Ivermectin contains sufficient paste to treat one 1250 pound horse

'See you in court,' Texas AG Ken Paxton warns school districts with mask mandates


Florida Councilman Who Mocked Dr. 'Falsey' Fauci Is Hospitalized With Severe COVID

In tonights debate Blanchette painted Quebecers as perpetual victims.

When the Ivermectin Kicks In

My abortion: Any ob/gyn (or other) thoughts?

54th Mass. African American Regiment, Battle of Ft. Wagner, S.C. July 18, 1863: GLORY Film

First passenger plane from Afghanistan arrives in Qatar - Al Jazeera

US Senate Election that Democrats are gonna win in 2022 in order to remain in the majority.

Dr. Fauci Weighs In On Covid Vaccine Mandates, Booster Shots And More - NBC News

I find myself catching up with the childhood I wanted but never got.

"Time" starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham

Rain thunder and 🌩 in so cal!!

Former ticket agent grapples with guilt after allowing hijackers on 9/11 flight - ABC News

Biden Flexes Executive Power In Covid Vaccine Push - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Class of 2022 US Senators.

E. Jean Carroll says she has SLAM DUNK sexual assault case against Trump - MeidasTouch

one of the best tweets i've ever seen - from tiedrich

Texas gets terrible news about 6-week ban - Brian Tyler Cohen

TX Dem: Texas Abortion Ban Is 'A Story Of The Haves Vs. The Have-Nots' - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Garland's First Challenge Of Defeating Texas Abortion Ban: Getting The Law Into Court- Rachel Maddow

France will begin offering free contraceptives

Whatever happened to the voter protection push?

Kevin McCarthy Flirts With Felony By Threatening Telecom Companies On Jan. 6 Committee Request- TRMS

Specific board certified MD's can now have their certification revoked for Covid misinformation

Lolita (1997)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/9/21

Employee used 189 credit-card refunds to embezzle nearly $200,000 -- bankrupting packaging firm

1984 Ad: for Liquid Paper

right to what??

We have a deadly virus raging around the world, and this country,

Australian GPs banned from prescribing Ivermectin to Covid-19 patients

Altered Police Report in SC Shooting.

Pilot Mountain woman becomes first Triad resident convicted in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Pa. school mask lawsuit backed by group that challenged 2020 election results

Report of gunshot triggered lockdown at Air Force base

The DOJ need to start a public PR campaign warning people ahead of time,

Ed Rendell is targeting the 'Treason Caucus' in Congress -- including Scott Perry and Jeff Van Drew

A peaceful moment for you today

Clear and present danger: Former Army missile plant has polluted a Black, Latino neighborhood in

Feds fine Wells Fargo $250 million for 'unsafe or unsound' home lending practices

Biden's Schedule for Friday, September 10, 2021

Man hit 2 $1M lottery jackpots at same NC store. He visited again and won big a 3rd time

Today is the apex of the Atlantic hurricane peak season

Today in History: The First TV Dinner

Breakfast Friday 10 September 2021

'Excruciatingly long' lines for COVID tests in Charlotte. Here's what's driving the wait

Andrew Yang no longer a Democrat, will launch third party

Friday TOONs - Yer Gonna Need A Bigger Brig

What's happening inside North Korea? Since the pandemic, the window has slammed shut.

Old Brown Shoe

Nobody called it a "power grab" by insurance cos when access to healthcare was tied with employment


Hypnotizing 3D Animation

'Vivid' memories persist of Korean Air Flight 085, Whitehorse's scare on 9/11

West Coast Bracing: Danger From High Winds, Lightning Storms Through Friday, Heatwave In Place

On CNN now: Does Jake Tapper believe in anything?

In many ways 9/11 and the C-19 Pandemic are similar

Yes - Astral Traveller

Sammy Johns - Chevy Van

Dixie Fire Roars Back To Life, Heading North Into Lassen County; Hat Creek SETI Telescope Threatened

NOAA - Jun-Aug 2021 Tied Prior All-Time Heat Record From 1936 For Lower 48; New Heatwave Arrives

French president took a gamble to increase vaccinations. It worked (CNN)

Marcy Playground -- St. Joe on the School Bus

OSHA Act of 1970 basis of authority is Article 1 Section 8 Commerce Clause

Tea Party Patriots Are Behind Pro-Trump Doctors Grifting Off of Fake Covid Cures

DC Announces Plans For Batman Day 2021

The Rundown: September 10, 2021

Is it just me?

The origin of Super Heroes: Silver Surfer

The Problems the DOJ faces with the Texas Abortion Lawsuit.

Today's GOP

On this day, September 10, 1908, Harry Warnow was born. You know him better as Raymond Scott.

Do you unplug your home internet modem/router when you are away? Thanks for your responses.

8 months after getting Pentagon approval, Alwyn Cashe still hasn't received the Medal of Honor

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 3 - 10 September (2021)

Foreigner -- Star Rider

Even in red states, colleges gravitate to requiring vaccines and masks

Some of the January 6th defendants have offered been negotiated pleas to misdemeanors with no

Janis Joplin - Work Me, Lord

Steve Harvey (radio) Larry Elder "He's as racist as a Klansman"

Maskhole Diaries: Unruly passengers kicked off JetBlue flight to SoCal after mask argument

Abbott was struck down by the gods of irony shortly after writing this tweet

Biden To Shift FERC Balance To Democrats 👍

Jefferson Starship

"Other countries don't have a vaccine mandate."

Uploaded some new pictures to my Smugmug page.

Sec. of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks commemorating 9/11

The Off-Mic Moment That Changed My View of Larry Elder - he does it for the $$$

MI5 head giving public warning about increased risks

chicago was just voted the second most beautiful city in the world.

Do you think there will be any violence at September 18th rally?

ALEC Claims Credit for Voter Suppression and Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws at Secret Meeting

Crazy anti vaxxers...

I want it all..

***BREAKING*** Prestigious UC Berkeley poll finds 60% of Californians oppose Republican recall

LIVE 10:20 AM: Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 safety measures in schools

Wednesday, Sepember 8: My colleagues and I will take your questions today about the abortion law.

Pentagon Live Stream: Defense Officials Hold 9/11 Observance for Pentagon Employees

Got a guy on my clinic schedule for today who wants an exemption for the flu and COVID vaccine.

New details on the infamous 'Bin Laden determined to strike' memo (CNN)

Faulty USPS software cost trucking contractor $110 million and led to mass layoffs, company claims

The secret moves of the Cyber Ninjas moneyman

USPS workers ARE part of the federal vaccine mandate under OSHA jurisdiction

Eric Boehlert: The press fawned over Trump voters in diners. Now they're Covid zombies

Biden said he would listen to the scientists

This was the NYC skyline 20 years ago today.

Mexico's top court decriminalizes abortion in 'watershed moment'

Religious exemptions from vaccination?

Is today a Mr. Scorpio Friday? NT

Wow! My mid-20s daughter is extolling the virtues of Joe Biden lately.

AZ fraudit canvases about 5000 voters. Concludes 270000 cases of fraud from that

No fair! They're making fun of Lauren Boebert on the Twitter

about tomorrow- here is new york

Truth in Sales of Homes Is the Law in Some Counties in Minnesota

Hundreds of law enforcement officials were prepped early for potential Jan. 6 violence

The twits and DU4?

The Rescue' Review: 'Free Solo' Directors Navigate Another True-Life Story of Endurance and Courage

Not One Mention Of Bush Ignoring All The Pre-9/11 Warnings By Gushing Media

Magic 8 ballot - Sack cartoon

When you wish the other side death

'Risk backlast in their states' , is understated. Both awful governors are down sharply in

A 9/11 every two days

I love the commercial with the two females sword fighting in ancient Rome and one offering a remedy

Loki and you at a Holiday Party. Life lesson.

Phil Collins suffering from health problems, can 'barely hold' drum sticks

California, counties continue to settle with churches, paying out another $1.3 million

Here's hoping we don't get complaints tomorrow that the media is "obsessing" over 9/11....

Sacrifice - Making of a saint

These are some of the people I am angry at about the covid spread

Pic Of The Moment: Joe Biden Speaks For All Of Us Who Have Had Enough Of The Antivax Nutjobs

Good Day DU (September 10, 2021)

LA County sheriff candidate Eli Vera claims retaliation after announcing his bid for office

I got new glasses. How do people afford them?

Get Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered for Free - Epic Games Store

Great moments in Star Trek history!

Declassified documents show Australia assisted CIA in coup against Chile's Salvador Allende

AOC DESTROYS Kellyanne Conway

'Black national anthem' makes its debut at the NFL

From a different angle

Texas passes social media 'de-platforming' law

A dangerous trend among GOP candidates shows the Trump threat is here to stay

On September 8, 1966, "Star Trek" aired for the first time.


Fox News Wasn't Ready For This Biden Truth Bomb - Rebel HQ

Citing high shot rates, Danes end COVID-19 restriction

2988 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,Fri.; 6 deaths

Cat Mat thief - Why is my bath mat missing every morning?

Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil leaders charged with subversion

Family Research Council Raises Money for Right-Wing School Board Takeover Campaign

First Cases of Throat Cancer Linked to Fukushima Nuclear Plant

LIVE: White House COVID task force holds briefing

9-11 Is Like 2 Days Of Covid

Experts say Governor Abbott's rape comments perpetuate a dangerous stereotype about sexual violence

Opposition to California recall widens in new poll, 60% would reject recall

Harvard will divest from fossil-fuel industry, a victory for climate-change activists

State audit report shows 'unethical' financial moves at Fayetteville State University

18 Trump appointees have either resigned or been terminated from military service academy boards, ..

LIVE: Vice President Harris hosts discussion with students about HBCUs and STEM education

Judge orders Apple to change its App Store practices in long-awaited decision in antitrust trial

Justice Breyer issues warning on remaking Supreme Court: 'What goes around comes around'

DHS Extends Temporary Protected Status for Immigrants from 6 Countries, Including Haiti

Pres. Biden & "have at it"

NC operative accused of election fraud is sentenced to prison for financial crimes

Biden's Bold COVID Plan Is the Prescription America Needs

Dr. Phil urges vaccination.

(Jewish Group) Peter Hotez is speaking to my temple tonight

Producer inflation accelerated in August, as wholesale prices rose record 8.3% from a year ago

Brady is great and is the goat, but he's not the firs...

Has Texas ignored rapist until now? Hmmmm----

I've tried so hard to forget W and his administration

I have given thought to remaking the federal courts

THIS! I am completely overcome.

One more time ...

This week's major U.S. economic reports (September 13 - September 17)

Yesterday was my third anniversary of sobriety!

an adult male osprey from 2 years ago, + nest

Arrest Covid 19 Spreaders

Pence slams Biden vaccine mandates: 'Unlike anything I have ever heard'

Seth Meyers Rips Trump Military Board Appointees for Trying to Stick Around

Notice to the GOP: Stop Playing Politics with the Pandemic, or Lose Big

9/11: The Fall of 'America's Mayor'

I Am Fortunate To Have Someone Call Every Day To Check On Me

Does A Person Receive Payment For Military Service Academy Boards?

Another trumpidiot gone...

I wonder if people who don't believe in God are more likely to

The 2022 and 2024 elections aren't battles. They're the whole war.

Virus claims Black morticians, leaving holes in communities

Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of covid-19, CDC report finds

Wyoming troop deaths 20 years apart bookend Afghanistan war

Research on beards, wads of gum wins 2021 Ig Nobel prizes

Fake Navy SEAL Pleads Guilty to 'Stolen Valor'

Suspect in Florida quadruple homicide falsely believed he was saving sex-trafficking victim

January 6 committee receives "thousands" of documents before deadline

11 deaths linked to Paparazzi COVID-19 Las Vegas MLM Jewelry Convention Event

Biden Signals Effort to Cut Drug Prices

2nd largest school district in US to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for students

When Your "Personal Freedom" is Killing People

Missouri teacher resigns after school tells him to remove Pride flag

Federal mandate takes vaccine decision off employers' hands

Saudi embassy says it welcomes the release of classified documents related to September 11 attacks

Asa Hutchinson, with a straight face,

NFL referee Terry Killens caught making up penalty in Cowboys-Buccaneers game?

1-year-old girl dies after being left in hot car all day in Texas

Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) Denies Setting Zebras Loose in Maryland: "My alibi is solid."

The Best of Trevor's Accents - Between The Scenes The Daily Show

Fox News Accuses Biden of Using Federal Government to Improve Country

Trump's "HERO"

Voter fraud claims create 'circus-like atmosphere,' stir California recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom

Texas Law is One for the GOP Wish List, Barring Social Media Companies from Banning Users ...

Guy Tried To Release His Rescue Squirrel But She Always Came Back

A software question

Good news, thanks to my Father my housemate will get her surgery

Two Florida teens accused of planning a Columbine-style school shooting

andromeda galaxy

200-plus CEOs 'welcomes' Biden mandate

This tool will help improve your critical thinking - Erick Wilberding

Here's the White House pages with the information on Biden's COVID-19 plans.

Kellyanne Conway's well-deserved faceplant

Kansas, Missouri attorneys general signal lawsuits likely against Biden vaccine push

Garland Announces DOJ Suing Texas to Protect Constitutional Rights, Addresses Domestic Terrorism

Texas Abortion Law Won't Protect Sexual Assault Victims - Rebel HQ

NUL. / From Deep Underground 【試聴用】

The Federalist supports vaccine mandates!

Newly formed White House council to promote competition across US economy to hold first meeting

Trump said he was at 'Ground Zero' on 9/11 - saved by 2 firemen

TFG's ridiculous statement about Robert E. Lee "winning" in Afghanistan begs the question:

For now, DeSantis order on school masks will stand, appeal court rules

Washington schools offering COVID-19 testing and vaccinations on campus

Giuliani associate Igor Fruman pleads guilty to solicitation of a contribution by a foreign national

A girl and her horse.

(Jewish Group) Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate candidate, compares Biden's vaccine mandate to the Gestapo

Bank manager beaten, called racist slur after asking man to wear a mask

(Jewish Group) 20 years ago, the UN Durban Conference aimed to combat racism. It devolved...

'I lose sleep at night': Surge of pregnant women with severe COVID seen at Illinois hospital

MTG has gone off the deep end today with a long, incoherent rant about Democrats....

Matt Gaetz wants to spend more time with his family (no J6 rally)

If this is true then why do we let the republicans get away with blaming Biden?

Easy bread baking (1 loaf)

Ten Simple Rules to Win an Election.....

Emissions from computing and ICT could be worse than previously thought

Biden's new vax policy is a huge political gamble for Republicans.

Athlete Pampers Dog While Sitting on Track At Sports Complex

I finally have a "vaccine passport".

Extreme kitten cuteness:

Is Billionaire Philanthropy a Sham? Robert Reich

13-year-old arrested for threatening Louisiana middle school

I think we need DC and Puerto Rico statehood NOW

Ivermectin: $34.00

Second Qatar Airways passenger flight takes off from Kabul

Violet dropwing (dragonfly):

GOP Sends Out Fake Pence Email Calling 2020 Election 'Contested Takeover,' Then Apologizes

Meidas Touch-DeathSantis is a killer.

MSNBC unearths clip of Joe Manchin calling for up to $4 trillion in infrastructure spending

Take a Golden, they said.. It will be fun, they said..

Trump considering attending 'mega-rally' in Brazil to endorse Bolsonaro's re-election: report

Cartoons 9/10/2021

Trump considering attending 'mega-rally' in Brazil to endorse Bolsonaro's re-election: report

Kali Cook, Galveston County's youngest COVID fatality, was 'beautiful', mother says

60 more units of affordable housing going up in Marysville

Pic Of The Moment: The Problem In A Nutshell

When you force a Bot to write an obituary.....

State reports 'significant' number of COVID-19 fatalities in pregnant women

Manchin, Sanders set for clash over Biden spending package

Wow, The Federalist's Ben Domenech Really Makes Some Excellent Points About Vaccine Mandates

Remember the concern about showing your health insurance

Democrats make case to Senate parliamentarian for 8 million green cards

Why It Was So Easy To Get Gavin Newsom's Recall On The Ballot In California

Meet the guy that makes racist statues:

The US Senate majority will hinge on NH(Hassan-D vs Sununu-R).

Being Unvaccinated Is Like Playing Russian Roulette With One Chamber Empty

Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of covid-19, CDC report finds

Dr. Rob Davidson (Western MI): Here we go again.

Ilhan Omar called the governor of Texas a 'hypocrite' for defending the 'right to choose' on vaccine

Is natural immunity better than being vaccinated?

CDC stops refugee flights - disease on board

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 10, 2021

watching the Today show from 9/12, the morning after. some observations...

Line 3 Resisters Light the Way in a Battle for Life on Earth

33 percent ballots returned or 7,311,750

EU countries ban unvaxxed US from travel. (Biden's nods his head?)

Louisiana fall elections postponed because of Hurricane Ida damage

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/10/21

A Teen Called For Masks In School After His Grandma Died Of COVID. Adults Mocked Him

Afghan NYT op-ed author accused of ordering massacres

They see (VP Harris) and know anything is possible

Barbara Boxer is saying that Diane Feinstein needs to retire.

Meet the Woman Suing the Governor of Iowa

Think being trans is a 'trend'? Consider these 18th-century 'female husbands'

DeSantis ban on school masks back in place

Wife of Lawmaker on Ventilator Asks People to 'Consider' Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19

VP Harris met with abortion and reproductive health providers and patients yesterday

Mike Lindell held a secret meeting with Trump on "reinstatement day."

Unsolved Murdaugh shootings yield misconduct claim, conflicting accounts -- and more questions

Poor 'King DeSantis.' He doesn't know how mask-wearing became so political in Florida

3 ways 'outrageous' drug prices could plunge under Biden's new plan

New film exposes horrors of Argentina's dictatorship -- and the world's complicity

Today I became an octogenarian.....

Republicans are priming their voters to believe the California recall was stolen

Court rules for Florida governor, reinstates ban on mask mandates in state's schools

US Senate Seats up for re-election in 2024 that are likely to flip.

TFG Roasts Zuckerberg: He 'Used to Come to the White House to Kiss My A-'

Abbott signed a bill stopping tech companies deplatforming people based on users' politics

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in 'Handmaid's Tale' uniforms? Here's the story on that

Why is everybody leaving?

McCarthy asks Supreme Court to overturn House proxy voting rules

Former Tennessee professor acquitted of fraud charges in espionage investigation

The Legacy of 9/11 is not those we mourn. It's cruelty with which we responded which now blights us,

'It makes me feel like possibilities are endless': Meet the Muslim women using parkour to feel free

Harriet Tubman, 54th Mass. Reg. Civil War- Union Scout, Spy, Nurse, Cook- Shaw Last Meal, Carney MH

Going back to the office

I just can't grasp how this is possible....?

Ari has a special report coming up


Fahrenheit 9/11 --- LIVE--- 9:00 pm EST --- with Michael Moore

Class of 2024 US Senators.

Fahrenheit 9/11 --- LIVE--- 9:00 pm EST --- with Michael Moore

Got my flu shot today


"Do I or don't I?" Some Texas hospitals grapple with new mandatory vaccine rule

Big 12 to add BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF after they formally accept invitations to join confer

I desperately need one of these today....

Republican Judge kills himself to evade child pornography charges

Banned Lawmaker Seeks to Be Excused from Votes

Grammy and Grampa moments with their grandchild

Thanks 🙏 California

A Good God in Butter is Jen Psaki Good Tribute Thread

A cat can only take so much love

Real-time deepfakes could bring chaos to your next Zoom call

U.S. Department of Education opens civil rights investigation into Florida's mask mandate ban

What is the deal on Florida's covid stats on Worldometer?

60 Minutes 9/11 Archive: Under Ground Zero - Dan Rather Report

Name Some Comedy Series To Watch!

Secretive Pentagon program that started on Trump's last day in office just ended

Fla. appeals court rules in favor of DeSantis, allowing his ban on mask mandates in schools to stand

Film: '9/11's Unsettled Dust' Bush EPA Hid Health Risks of Toxic Dust At Ground Zero, Thousands Died

'Rebel News' Asks Trudeau A Typical Fox News Question During Leaders Debate.

Conservatives Freak Out About Biden's New Vaccine Mandates - Ring of Fire

RUDE PUNDIT: 9/11 Knows America Lies to Itself

Tweet of the evening:

Plastic bricks in Kenya - NZAMBI MATEE - Young Champion of the Earth 2020 for Africa

'He died a hero': Volunteer crossing guard dies saving kids from SUV near California middle school

Biden's Message To GOP Fighting Plans To Defeat Coronavirus: 'Have At It' - Deadline - MSNBC

EXPOSED: Los Angeles Sweatshops

Fact check: Workers fired for refusing a vaccine are unlikely to qualify for unemployment

*The Last Vermeer

Brothers are home!

Republicans Would Rather 'Look Away' From Extremism Than Protect Americans - Deadline - MSNBC

On the lighter side... Trevor Noah's accents

What's with the Fish Nazis?

Anti-vaxxism is the highest form of anti-socialism I can think of.

No, F-22 pilots aren't 'walking off the job' to avoid the COVID-19 vaccine

How Disney Channel Sold Patriotism To Kids After 9/11