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A QAnon believer accused of killing his 2 young children with a spearfishing gun could face the

Bank Manager Beaten After Work by Client Angry About Request to Wear Mask: 'He Laid in Wait'

Washington man convicted of killing trans teen sentenced to nearly 20 years

Former President Donald Trump Visits NYPD, FDNY On 9/11

Today could be better than,

CA parents of 5 kids die of COVID complications

GOP lawmaker suggests Lincoln Memorial should come down after Robert E. Lee statue is removed

Balenciaga under fire for 'racist' sweatpant design, accused of appropriating 'sagging'

House Democrats unveil plans for array of new tax incentives

Adorable Frog Pictures

Made me laugh 😂

'The Other 9/11': Progressives Remember Allende's Chile

'The Other 9/11': Progressives Remember Allende's Chile

Fatal Border Town Stabbing Leads To Arrest of 6 Cartel Members in Calexico

TFG Jr.'s Appeal For Questions To Ask TFG Goes Exactly How You'd Think

Also on this day in history: construction began on the pentagon 1941. Major hurricanes

Seattle CRE appraiser's startup aims to put a dent in the homeless crisis

Americans Fondly Recall 9/11 As Last Time Nation Could Unite In Bloodlust (the Onion)

The other 9/11

Emma Raducanu becomes first qualifier to win US Open with defeat of Leylah Fernandez

Apples and Oranges...WTF?

Tweet of the night:

Chilean president Sebastin Piera met by protests on secretive UK visit

TFG Spanked for Absence From 9/11 Memorial Services: 'Ceremony Isn't About Him, So Why Bother'

Chile starts biggest synthetic gas mining

Liberal platform in 90 seconds:

Light mag. 4.0 earthquake - South Pacific Ocean, 140 km southwest of Tacna, Peru

CJNG Now Manufacturing Their Own Mortars, Some Mortars Seized in Mazamitla, Jalisco

Moon And Venus After Sunset September 8 To 11

Water soluble swimming trunks might be that perfect gift

My dog has cushings

Call me crazy.......BUCKS, BREWERS, PACKERS........2021 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becker - Subway Story Finale

Not Venus, I think;

From my Campaign Website: Homage with Limited Comment (9/11 Tribute)

With Venus

Fireworks celebrating 9/11?

Waxing Crescent, 28% visible

News to me: QAnon has decided 9/11 is the REAL birthday of Jesus

The great boat lift of 9/11


An alleged Capitol rioter says his ankle monitor beeps too loudly. He wants a judge to let him remov

with Venus

Dr. Anthony Fauci Spells Out How Far Away U.S. Is From Ending COVID-19 Pandemic

We are better off as a country with one of our former presidents' absence today

'Un-American': Fux Noise Ripped After Host Lavishes Praise On Kim Jong Un's Body

British expat tells his "where I was on 9/11" story

Waxing Crescent, 28% visible

Bill Clinton thanks George W Bush

What 9/11 Did to One Family

George W. Bush compares "violent extremists at home" to 9/11 terrorists in 20th anniversary speech

4 New vents appear in the volcano in Iceland today

Our seniormost kitty has been adopted!

Gulf Coast Texans-keep an eye on weather. Tropical Storm Nicholas will bring a ton of rain

How's Saturday treating you guys? I'm at home listening to a talented artist -

US Senate Seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 to retain control of the US Senate.

How much should a landlord deduct from security deposit for a very dirty range?

GOP seeks Biden referendum over vaccine mandates

Utah woman loses hair, dignity, confidence in phone scam convincing her to shave head

I know where I was on 9-11 and I don't need anyone to tell me how, why or even to remember it.

This is handy

There is no such thing as a "good slave owner" just as there is no such thing as a "good nazi".

Just sinks lower and lower.

Delta Quarantine - Rocky Mountain Mike

Massachusetts In The Civil War- Antislavery Activists, Politicians, Nurses, Generals, Repub. Party

Will the Texas Abortion Ban Backfire? Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Saturday Night Margarita Buzz. Ask me anything.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Pulls Ahead in Race to Determine Biggest GOP Asshole

FBI releases first report on 9/11 investigation

Florida Governor May Copy Texas' Abortion Ban To Save His Failing Career - Ring of Fire

Two photos: The good guys versus Trump

9/11 Responder Advocate John Feal Shares Life Advice: "You Only Die Once, You Live Every Day." MSNBC

9/11/01: "My building is now the tallest!!!'

Vaccine mandates are hard. So is covid.

Larry Elder: I would have voted AGAINST Civil Rights - MeidasTouch

What A Difference 20 Years Make

Clara Barton Nursed Ft Wagner Survivors, Smallpox Epidemic, She Was Immune: So. Carolina Civil War

Dr. Fauci: U.S. Needs 'People To Step Up And Get Vaccinated' - NBC News

I was an 18 year old Indian American when 9/11 happened

Hundreds of protests planned for Oct 2, WOMEN'S MARCH

Rudy gave a speech tonight......drunk.

street protest in waikiki tonight - looks like disease spreaders, xtian taliban, trump

Dogs just want to have fun....

Dublin The Point 1994 Garth Brooks If Tomorrow Never Comes

So how is the Taliban any different than the Saudi monarchy?

Does anyone grow plantsunder LED lights indoors? I grow gesneriads, Hoyas and impatiens. The Hoyas

How US national security changed after 9/11 - NewsNation Now

Trump also addressed the Moonies on 9/11/21

How many ways Democrats retain majority control of the US Senate in 2022.

Sundae 🍨 Baroque (Tramadol making listening way more mellow.)

How do I keep amazon from delivering my packages at night??

Defund Special Olympics

Tweet of the early morning:

"Bidan Is A Cheater!"

Do any Colorado Du-ers in the Boulder area want to carpool to the Women's March?

about Lisa Jefferson, phone operator with Todd Beamer on United Flight 93:

This meme sums it up perfectly:

Fox News, which has a vaccine passport, is furious about Biden incentivizing vaccine passports

I just finished eating a whole package of something.

John Mulaney Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

"Un-American" vaccine mandates

Loudermilk - Ash To Ash

TFG Has Killed 3,111 Americans For Every Person A 9-11 Hijacker Killed

GOP governors express opposition to Biden vaccine mandates - CBS News

Late last night store security detained a shoplifting suspect who was accused...

Typhoon Chanthu wreaking havoc. (One place on the google is calling it 'Kiko'?)

Looking for a printer that is black ink only

2020: Trump administration siphoned almost $4 million from 9/11 first responders fund: report

Miami Hurricanes fans catch cat in American flag after insane fall from upper deck

Trump Falsely Claims Taliban Has Billions in U.S. Equipment - NowThis News

Some from Nathan Carter

Beitar Jerusalem owner Hogeg to sell soccer team, cites ungrateful, racist fans

Which incumbent US Senators up for re-election in 2022 will be defeated for re-election?

Has anyone here ever gone through a mid-life crisis?

Haiti PM asked to testify in President's assassination hearing

Haiti PM asked to testify in President's assassination hearing

Bukele remains firmly in power after disastrous bitcoin rollout in El Salvador

Smithsonian Institution pieces together 9/11 history through personal, poignant relics- PBS NewsHour

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) The Last Raccoon Edition

Could Texas abortion ban strategy be double-edged sword?

All of the gammons could not be more predictable this morning

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, September 12, 2021

Bruce Springsteen performs at the 9/11 memorial in New York City

Former Midland County jailer charged for participating in Capitol riots

Capitol Police call for discipline against 6 officers who responded to Jan. 6 riot

Capitol Police Recommend Jan. 6 Officers for Discipline

📺 ThisWeekABC - Sen. Sanders on his strategy for passing the $3.5T budget plan

It took balls to get out of Afghanistan!

Has anyone done a parody of Richie Valens' oh Donna" calling it

The US just announced it was pulling out THAAD and Patriot missiles out of Saudi

Leftover bacon grease is liquid gold. Here's how to put it to good use.

The last time it was 'Hollywood's Bloody Friday.' With no deal in sight, will crews strike again?

FBI releases newly declassified record on Sept. 11 attacks

I simply can't understand why the hacks at M$Greedia refuse

Breakfast Sunday 12 September 2021

So will Evander Holyfield be paid for his part in the boxing exhibition

Bah. After clinging to an all summer run of no purging, I decided to implode and b/p for

Today in history: JFK Maries Jackie

Tammy Wynette and George Jones -- God's Gonna Get Cha (for That)

Can we please end ONE 9/ll myth? There was NO "unity" after 9/11

Tammy Wynette -- Stand By Your Man

On this day, September 12, 1966, "The Monkees" went on the air.

The Rude Pundit: 9/11 Knows America Lies to Itself

On this day, September 12, 1959, "Bonanza" went on the air.

On this day, September 12, 1931, George Jones was born.

The first failed half ass retriever meeting went well

9/11 and the birth of the Big Lie

On this day, September 12, 1966, "The Monkees" went on the air.

Trump was wrong again! Not surprising!

, the Band of the @WelshGuards this morning played the US National Anthem at changing of the guard.

Mike Lindell, pro-Trump conspiracy theorists fail to draw crowd at Kentucky rally

Mike Lindell, pro-Trump conspiracy theorists fail to draw crowd at Kentucky rally

There's stiff competition for space in the Kitty Condo, this morning

Jacksonville State upsets Florida State with crazy 59-yard TD on final play of the game

Star Trek: Picard - What Went Wrong?

'It's unnerving': Chevy Bolt owners want buybacks after 141,000 vehicles recalled for fire risk

Baby Girl And Her Kitten Brother Are Completely Inseparable

Most expensive home in America defaults on $165 million in debt, heads for sale


John Pavlovitz: This Cruelty is the Trump Effect on America

At his own wedding, this man dropped to one knee, and had a second proposal...

'We're the outcasts of the country': Conservatives attending Kentucky rally whine about Trump's loss

It's on

Security Guards to Accompany Mobile Vaccination Units After Harassment by Anti-Vaxxers

Manchin: I will not vote for $3.5 trillion bill

Crianca morta

News Corp Australia Promises To Keep Publishing Denier Bullshit As It "Goes Green" Pre-Glasgow

5 vs. 5,000 and how it's percieved

NOAA - Hottest Summer On Record For CA, ID, NV, OR, UT

How the delta surge changed the death divide between California's Republican and Democratic areas

Manchin: I will not vote for $3.5 trillion bill

Rabid GOP now feeding on their own (SE Pennsylvania)

Trump's 9/11 Statement is a Disgusting Display of Narcissism and an Insult to America

So I Decided To Sit In On A Webinar With The Very Concerned Leader Of The GQP's New Climate "Policy"

Iran to allow new memory cards in UN's nuclear site cameras

This Could Be the Start of Something Big - Steve Allen and Co.

How 9/11 Changed Skyscraper Design - Cheddar Explains

George Jones was born on this date.

Maria Muldaur has a birthday today.

Viewpoint: Kathryn Huff, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy at the US DOE

Beneath 9/11's terrible smoke, a flash of gold

What kind of society have we become when charlatans on social media have good people willing to risk

Meet Dr. Kathryn Huff, The 1st Biden-Harris Administration Appointment to DOE's Nuclear Dept.

The truth about Joe Manchin? He's a coal baron of the dirtiest kind. Literally.

I'm in tears of frustration over my contact with CT Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Climate Change Is Making Natural Disasters Worse- And Mental Health: 'Disaster Fatigue' 'Eco Grief'

On this day, September 12, 2003, Johnny Cash died.

New Order - True Faith

The story of the Scalia clerk who quietly became a legal mastermind

WWJS? Who Would Jesus Shoot?

'Lifelong consequences': What happens to people who can't get abortions

Plastic bricks from trash.

My encounter with a Karen just now

To think you know when your last day will be is the height of arrogance.

📺 CNN SOTU: Sen. Sanders: "Many of us made a major compromise in going from the $6 trillion bill...

Biden Declassifies Secret FBI Report Detailing Saudi Nationals' Connections To 9/11

Andy Slavitt on anti-vaxxer whining (He is Former Biden White House Sr Advisor for COVID Response)


Little Women Remixed, But Not Reimagined

We have Tropical Storm Nicholas in the Gulf

Staying away was the most respectful thing TFG could do yesterday.

When will these attacks on American democracy end?

$3.5 Trillion Is How Much Additional Wealth The 1% Will Amass This Year

Tiger Eyes

who wishes we still had caller id?

2765 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 4 deaths

I was on vacation in Yellowstone...anyone heard what happened to the AZ fraudit report?

'Overall crime decreased in 2020' in the United States, report finds

Wildfire forces closure of part of freeway in California

Today is my 8th anniversary and it's the second separated from my wife due to our

Trump Spent 9/11 Teaching The Moonies A Thing Or Two About Brainwashing

"I'll bet someone back east is going, 'Now why don't he write?"

Has Anyone Heard Of A Website Called "Nextdoor".....

US Evangelical Lutheran Church installs first openly transgender bishop

"Dawn's Early Nightlight". A scene from my bathroom I recently painted.

Baby and kitty

Trudeau Gives Right Wing Propaganda Outlet The Treatment They Deserve

US Evangelical Lutheran Church installs first openly transgender bishop

Unions split on vaccine mandates, complicating Biden push

Biden Ready to Back Filibuster Reform to pass the voting bill

Bill Maher is becoming an insufferable clown.

Work begins on wrapping Arc de Triomphe for Christo artwork

Texas abortion law causes some left-leaning tech workers to rethink job options

Louis Armstrong and the spy: how the CIA used him as a 'trojan horse' in Congo

Should we be concern that Joe Manchin is switching parties?

'The harm to children is irreparable': Ruth Etzel speaks out ahead of EPA whistleblower hearing

Vitor Belfort stops Evander Holyfield in Round 1

Some of dis some of dat

Barred From Flying Over Mask Dispute, Lawmaker Asks to Be Excused From Senate

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Insane and Goop Is Hurting Everyone

Surgeon general: New vaccine policies neither illegal nor unusual

Look what I found yesterday!!!

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 12, 2021?

Women in Texas will take back control of their reproductive healthcare by leaving the state or going

NY Mayor Bill De Blasio Threatens To Withhold Police Paychecks For Non-Compliance With Vaxx Mandate

traitortrump, 175 million IP addresses, potentially worth billions of dollars

Full Panel: 100 Million Americans Affected By Vaccine Mandates

We've gotten off to a great start with Submissions for the Summer contest!

Hellscape McDonalds.

Rolling Stones Tour Manager Killed Digging Dog's Grave

I Walk The Line, Johnny Cash- Denmark

Notice from local hospital ?

Stray Cat Shows Up On Windowsill Asking To Be Let In

Oh, so close. Bzzzt. Ten points off for the little lower case "e" as an afterthought

Fox Guest Complains: "We Have To Pay A Living Wage Now"

Overt insanity...

We are not going to build bridges just so our people can live under them.

Former WGN anchor Allison Payne dead at 57: 'She was proud of excellence'

Take A Minute For 40 Things That Have Actually Gotten Better

Seneca - How To Control Your Anger (Stoicism)

Feds probe Florida school mask mandate ban, question disability discrimination

Miami Fans Save Cat From Upper Deck Fall Using American Flag

Google Meet

Google Meet

How the GOP Became the Anti-Vaccine Mandate Party

The Wealth Lobby Is Buying Up Democrats to Defeat Biden's Tax Reform

Cop Spends 8 MONTHS Trying To Catch An Escaped Beefalo (Long but awesome)

C. Wallace: Going after bin Laden - the process, the professionalism, the care, the meticulousness -

What do you think? If cheeseburders caught up with his orange ass . . . . .

Andy Slavitt seems to think Vance will be the GOP Senate candidate

That time America almost had a 30-hour workweek

U.S. FDA may authorize COVID-19 vaccine for kids based on two months of safety data

My landlord is storing this car for a friend...

The largest loss of life event ever in US history

Post-Covid, kids need to roam free -- and be free to make a mess

Was There an English Super Spreader at the Royal Albert Hall?

Agencies That Required Vaccines Before Biden's Push See Early Success

Microsoft postpones reopening of US offices indefinitely

Google Meet

The 9/11 attacks, 20 years on: An Arab doctor reflects on flying while Muslim

A message to the unvaccinated and unmasked

New York hospital to 'pause' delivering babies after staffers quit rather than get vaccine

Cartoons 9/12/2021

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 13 September 2021

Many local police departments looking to get body cameras

Behind the Texas Abortion Law, a Persevering Conservative Lawyer

Census: All but 2 Snohomish County ZIP code populations grew

CNN's Jake Tapper Attacks Joe Biden For 'Scolding' The Unvaccinated

'It's unnerving': Chevy Bolt owners want buybacks after 141,000 vehicles recalled for fire risk

False Election Claims in California Reveal a New Normal for G.O.P.

Seven nursing homes hit with COVID outbreaks

MTG rants against 'weak and moderate' Republican colleagues and their failure to stop 'Dictator Joe

Republicans once called government the problem - now they want to run your life

I miss Randy Rainbow

TFG spoke at a 9/11 'Moonies' conference organized by the widow of Reverend Sun Myung Moon,

It's kitten nap time but Squeaky woke up to demonstrate how cute he is

23 states have COVID-19 cases that surpass the national average. 21 of them voted for TFG

A vision from Alternate Reality

This is why a mandate is necessary.

House Ways and Means Committee Approves Medicare Expansion

Gov. Christie got his rare end handed to him for his sudden Trump pushback. Too little too late.

How old does a child need to be to get vaccinated

Biden Tells Top Democrats He's Preparing Lobbying Blitz on Filibuster Reform, Voting Rights

Major healthcare provider is suspending 'almost all surgeries' because nurses are swamped with

FL Governor celebrates ban as kids die

The Thinker (kitten)

And every sheriff's dept unit has big "in God we Trust" decals on them.

Rand Paul invokes Endangered Species Act to protect Covid-19 from eradication

Joe Manchin votes with Pres. Biden 100% of the time

LA Times: The many reasons to vote no on recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom

second season vegetable garden

Afghan women at university must study in female-only classrooms, Taliban say

Chuck Todd to anti-mandate rambling governor: What about the freedom of those who got vaccinated?

Poverty in Colombia Part 1: the starvation capital

Bob Seger - Roll Me Away

Perfect analogy (vaccine/mask mandates)

59% of Republicans Say Believing TFG Won the Election Is an Important Part of Being republican

Roland Martin smokes Chris Christie

Vikings Bengals going to overtime

Proof: Trump will never run for anything, he said, "Virus a hoax, we've lost nobody". 1:51secs

Vaccine mandates for companies will be messy but effective, experts predict

"Most Republicans are,,,," was trending earlier on twitter

Jackson - Johnny Cash, June Carter

TLP-The Republican Party's refusal to accept facts is the 21st-century version of burning books.

Carefree Highway - Gordon Lightfoot

Phony Diagnoses Hide High Rates of Drugging at Nursing Homes

And now it's the joker vs the skin flint........Men's US Open championship......

'Here's the secret that every West Virginian knows': Activist blows the whistle on Joe Manchin

California is still phone banking To sign up, see link below

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 12, 2021

Senate Democratic leader stripped of committee chair. Miami Republican takes spot.

UK ditches plans for vaccine passports at crowded venues

UK ditches plans for vaccine passports at crowded venues

Frank Schaeffer compares the Evangelical movement with the Taliban. He knows. He was a part of it!

Frontline: America after 911

(Reported) sewage leak at NFL Fed Ex field. Video.

How FBI politics may have blocked chance to prevent 9/11 (john o'neil)

Larry Elder defended the murder of Trayvon Martin in an old interview with Piers Morgan

Polish nun, cardinal who defied communism are beatified

Got a flu shot today. I was in CVS the other day and the girl

Police eject 45, arrest 32 during University of Wisconsin football game

Forecasters: Tropical Storm Nicholas forms in Gulf of Mexico

A Reptile Dysfunction

Here is the problem.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are most to least likely to flip.

Rudy Giuliani's Drunk 9/11 Anniversary Speech

Bernie 🌽 Home Grown Sweet Corn 6 for $3.49

US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that are likely to retire.

A Missouri cafe converted itself to a private club with $1 membership fees to avoid mask-mandate

3rd murder hornet nest of 2021 found in northwest Washington

CBS's Face the Nation booked 3 Republicans and 0 Democrats on Sunday's show

A reporter's post 9/11 visits to Iraq & Afghanistan

Kansas City Southern Chooses Suitor in Bid for North American Rail Link.

Senate Democrats Near Agreement on Voting Rights Bill

Aaron Rodgers is the coolest dude in the NFL

The Rainbow Grasshopper (I thought they only came in mint green/brown)

An FBI terrorism analyst reflects on an unwinnable war

The 'Old Farmer's Almanac' Just Released the Forecast for Winter 2021-2022

Jay Leno : 'You Bet Your Life' Revival

Five years is not enough

A very old poem of mine

De Blasio Threatens To Withhold NYPD Wages If Cops Defy 'Vax-Or-Test' Order

What's the worst that could happen?

Thank you for bearing with me

Woman Blames "Elixir of Life" For Fire Truck Theft Attempt

ExxonMobil Lobbyist Reveals Joe Manchin 'Kingmaker' Among 11 Senators Targeted

The genius of the healthcare worker vaccine requirement

Chris Wallace Confronts Nebraska Gov. Decrying Vaccine Policy

FL Chiropractor writes hundreds of "medical exemptions" for kids of maskhole parents

Was just thinking that Covid19 is killing off a huge number of Big Pharma's best paying customers

Chris Wallace buries top Republican, says OTHER vaccines are already mandated in schools

Unlawful Flint use of portable X-ray scanners began in 2019, not 2020

Browns safety Ronnie Harrison ejected after stomping on an opposing player and shoving a coach

Caught a fishing bird near sunset, NOT an osprey, tho.

Good evening.

NFL Kickoff Game Hits Multi-Year High

Good evening over Patuxent.


Trump's MAGA Movement Sets Its Sights On Brazil's Democracy

Bernie Sanders to Joe Manchin on infrastructure: Two bills go together. We're going to pass them bot

North Korea says it fired new long-range cruise missiles, according to state media

Insurrection Updates: More Guilty Pleas & FBI/DOJ Upping the Ante to Seditious Conspiracy

The football stadiums were packed today

anybody else pluck hair due to stress?

Scoop: Warner warns he may vote against $3.5 trillion budget