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The FEC unanimously rejected Matt Gaetz's complaint against Twitter over an alleged 2018 'shadow ban

Protestors in front of Gabby Petito's boyfriend's house

Some Landlords Would Rather Evict Tenants Than Accept Federal Rental Aid

Even Republicans Don't Believe Their Arguments Against Biden's Vaccine Mandate

Police and protesters at home of missing woman's boyfriend

Our Senator wants to hear from us about life on SSI

Snacks and naps are toddler rights (cute tweets between Rep Cori Bush and AOC)

Hey if your are on SSI, Sen Brown of Ohio wants to hear from you

Hey if your are on SSI, Sen Brown of Ohio wants to hear from you

Hey if your are on SSI, Sen Brown of Ohio wants to hear from you

Do. You. Want. To. Play. A. Game?

Sen Brown, (D)Ohio, wants to hear from you if you are on SSI

COVID Denier Convinces Seriously Ill Man To Leave Hospital

The Confederate flag needs to be outlawed in this country

Let's Dance - David Bowie

CDC was never prepared for a crisis like COVID-19, Gottlieb says

A week of grim Covid records in the U.S.

The next CDC meeting on boosters

What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner, Live

FDA Panel Approves Pfizer Covid Booster For 65 And Up, High Risk - Deadline - MSNBC

Clever Eric Swalwell tweet:

Republicans demanding Blinken impeachment are forgetting one thing -- the Constitution

Anti-Mask Florida Official Dies of COVID--and Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him

LOL! If the shoe fits.

WaPo's Carol Leonnig: GOP Keeps Trying To 'Rewrite The History' Of Jan. 6 - Deadline - MSNBC

600+ new COVID cases in Tri-Cities area in 2 days this week

The Atlantic tonight - Fish Storm TS Odette and a few others to watch

TFG floated the idea of repainting his private plane to look just like Air Force One to taunt Biden

Friday Night Gin-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Big cats at Smithsonian Zoo test positive for coronavirus

20-plus people infected with COVID were at WA State Fair during first 2 weeks, officials say

2020 Loser Trump's 'Heart' With Right-Wing Protesters At D.C. Rally For Criminals - The Beat - MSNBC

As of now the FBI is now looking for both Gabby and Brian

Calvert County Government, Calvert County, Maryland

What happened to progree?

Data, don't babble!

Cuddle babies:

New gravitational wave detector picks up possible signal from the beginning of time

How torrential rain flooded parts of the District and Arlington and Fairfax counties Thursday

Nearly 900 years ago, astronomers spotted a strange, bright light in the sky. We finally know what c

LOL! C'mon, Abe. Just throw the heckin' Frisbee!

Georgia prosecutor quietly pursues case against Trump

MTG is on her way to Italy - Jonathan Capehart

Dancing in the Dark

'Flying dragon' fossil found preserved inside a rock in the Chilean desert

'Flying dragon' fossil found preserved inside a rock in the Chilean desert

Meanwhile, on Fox...

Jailed Jan. 6 Rioters Are Getting Fan Mail From Trump Supporters

They have put Fencing around the Capitol and Supreme court but what about the White House?

Lula retains solid lead over Bolsonaro for 2022 Brazil race, poll shows

GOP Rep Announces Retirement After Threats Of Violence, Trump Celebrates - All In - MSNBC

Cyber Ninjas, flouting court order, refuse to turn over public records to the Senate

Brazil renews protection of little-seen Amazon tribe for six months

Officer Who Killed Arkansas Teen Hunter Brittain Charged With Manslaughter

Anti-Vax Healthcare Worker Fired, Refuses To Leave

That trump billboard has been modified

Gabby Petito

France recalls its Ambassador for the first time since the Revolutionary War,

Kelly Loeffler used to own a basketball team -- until two lesbians bought it

Top 5 Funniest Jokes from "Mr.Universe" Jim Gaffigan

COVID Denier Convinces Seriously Ill Man To Leave Hospital

Extremism experts: The media is overhyping potential violence at tomorrow's "Justice for J6" rally.

This is my sofa

To accept the things we cannot change ...

Pennsylvania Democrats sue over GOP election 'investigation'

Idaho House attempt to ban vaccine mandates in the state fails after only 16 lawmakers show up

Kat Kerr STILL Convinced Trump Is Coming Back - Like Jesus

Teen city councilman in Alabama who voted against masks has Covid-19

Taliban say Afghan boys' schools to reopen, no mention of girls

Salvadoran president rules out allowing abortion, same-sex marriage

Waxing Gibbous Moon, tonight

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 19, 2021 - Star of the Month: Paul Robeson

TCM Schedule for Monday September 20, 2021 - ?

This is a post about TV - I am SO glad to see Zerlina Maxwell on MSNBC

Seth Meyers: Fauci Disputes Nicki Minaj Claim that Her Cousin's Friend Became Impotent After Vaccine

why the VA-GOV race is closer than it should be

Earthquake So Cal

Mask mandate in Memphis area schools can continue, for now, judge rules

Just felt a pretty sharp earthquake here in the South Bay near LAX.

The Daily Show: Minister of Health for Trinidad & Tobago Terrence Deyalsingh - Extended Interview

I just felt a tremor in the SFV-Woodland Hills

Well if this isn't an adorable thing.

trump REALLY sent this letter today to SOS Raffensperger regarding the Georgia election 10 mos ago..

Holy shit! Whadda hit!

Way to go, Biden. Many called him a neoliberal, but more progressive stuff seems to be coming out

Amber Ruffin Rules! As sweet as Kermit and as sassy as Miss Piggy.

New documents reveal concern among Capitol Police officers about others in the force after January 6

A view from the gazebo.

Shit. Now I gotta sleep with my shoes

Now, there is a story being reported that Biden's 19 century ancestors owned 3 slaves.

Leviticus 13 - Cover the lower part of their face and cry out, 'Unclean!

2 of Gov. Newsom's children test positive for Covid (under 12)

Secret Talks and a Hidden Agenda: Behind the U.S. Defense Deal that France Called a 'Betrayal'

Peru's new president is controversial. Here's why scientists have high hopes for him

Ok......I'm taking many networks carry the thing in Washington DC tomorrow???

First Black Principal At TX School Suspended After Being Accused Of Promoting CRT

4.3 magnitude earthquake hits Carson area, shakes SoCal

Together 35 years

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: What Republicans Get Wrong About Vaccine Mandates

Ahem. Please welcome the Devil Magic

Arrest made after man kicked woman down Brooklyn subway escalator

Eric Holder On Battling Gerrymandering And GOP Voter Suppression Laws - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Would you like to buy a cookie?

"If You're Feeling Down, These 50 Wholesome Posts Might Lift You Up"

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/17/21

Wow. Princess Bride was prescient!

Explaining the pandemic to my past self (#5)

KC - "My shirt now. No humans can ever wear it again. Never."

Scientists created the world's whitest paint. It could eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Now that OH-16cd US Representative Anthony Gonzalez is retiring.

Mexico's Columbus Statue Won't Be Back Anytime Soon

Mike Lindell is now probing Trump's 25 point win in Alabama

HS band

What can we, as consumers, do to convince Apple and Google to reinstate Navalny's Russian voting app

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha Franklin's Orginal Version of the Song

Not a lulaby, but my last song, Brent Cobb. "Black Creek"

Journalists in Brazil challenged by anti-democracy protests

Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt "There's a Battle for Control of MAGA Empire" - Amanpour and Company

Does this hit home for anyone else?

Next week, the death toll from COVID in the US will exceed the US death toll from the 1918 flu

Shocking footage captures moment private jet carrying brother of Brazil billionaire and his family

The Truman Show (1998)

Boston Mayor's Race Narrows to a Progressive Versus a Moderate

This Time Tomorrow

On The Radio - Donna Summer

Tweet of the Day

I Can Get Off On You - Waylon Jennings

Tuckers Newly Obsessed With Testicles

Al Franken on How Being a Nazi in America These Days Seems More Acceptable than in the 50s

You Asked Me To - Elvis & Waylon

Torke, Sculthorpe, New Century Saxophone Quartet

I was having a little cruise around Creative Speculation

Alabama troopers escort workers past striking coal miners 'like they're working for the company,' un

Alabama troopers escort workers past striking coal miners 'like they're working for the company,'

Are Your Republican Neighbors Planning On Killing You?

MyPillow's Mike Lindell to run 'tests' on Alabama voter list after meeting Merrill, Ivey

Republican War On Elections Makes Casualties Of Civilian Stewards Of Democracy - Rachel Maddow

Dems are coming around to the idea of adding 4 more justices, to correct for Trump's 2 'extra' picks

Virginia woman get 12 years in prison for one of the biggest coupon scams in US history

anti vaxxer wanted COVID to prove its not dangerous. now she's so sick it's "please pray for me"

So did anyone ever figure out the source

What To Know About The FDA's Decision On Pfizer Booster Shots - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Set Up Roadblocks No Vaccine You Can't Come To Washington

George Will On How Trumpism Became Republican Dogma - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

An interview on German TV with the inventors of Biontech (as in Pfizer- ) vaccine

Apple, Google, Cowed By Putin, Remove Russian Protest Voting App As Election Begins - Rachel Maddow

Jair Bolsonaro plans to flout New York vaccine rules at UN meeting

Hey, Bulldog (all female band), Fanny, 1971

New York governor orders the release of 191 Rikers Island inmates

North Carolina Court Permanently Blocks State's Racist Voter ID Law

The German election--a week out.

OH-13(Tim Ryan's CD) will be combined with OH-14(Dave Joyce's CD)

Breakfast Saturday 18 September 2021

Chinese Property Developer's Bankruptcy Threatens Economy

Anonymous leaks gigabytes of data from alt-right web host Epik

Russians head to the polls amid anger over economy and Covid

Trump Sends Letter Demanding Georgia Declare Him 2020 Winner

A good chart for identifying parasites

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Rude Pundit: Missing the Real Story: Like Many Others, Milley Said Trump Is Nuts

Photos show North Korea expanding uranium enrichment plant

On this day, September 18, 1951, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was released.

In Dutch newspaper... says it all.

I'm here in Georgia...

CIA Director Gina Haspel: Trump's Behavior After Election Loss Was 'Insanity'

the facebook files

Capitol Police chief dropped request for armed National Guard members to be on standby for Saturday


It's almost like they have been planning this for decades...

Giant ice sheet towers over Scottish city like the Wall in 'Game of Thrones' in stunning video recon

Minnesota police have an absolutely (NOT) brilliant idea:

Anyone else

Desi Lydic Foxsplains: Vaccine Mandates The Daily Show

LGBT vets with other than honorable discharges will get VA benefits under new plan

The latest Media Bias Chart...Know your sources

Fly Away

McAuliffe, Youngkin locked in tight race for Virginia governor, Post-Schar School poll finds

Opinion: Remembering Virginia's 'Forgotten 14'

How do we fix the supply chain problem?

Maricopa County and Arizona Senate reach agreement after months of sparring over 2020 election audit

Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles

Feds say man driven by hatred of Jews pleaded guilty to all charges after deadly 2019 assault on Cal

Disturbing photo but makes an important point...

Badda Badda Bing!

Authorities are searching for Gabby Petito's fiance. Her family says he is hiding, not missing.

8-year-old girl dragged 300 feet by vehicle after trying to stop her mom from driving drunk

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Makes sense, legal too. Sign me up!

Justice for J6 Perspective

Never forget TFG fired Sec. of Defense Mark Esper on 11/8/20 and replaced him with Christopher ...

Norm and his Mom making jokes

Dogs Excited To Go Outside Run Back Into House When They Realize It's Raining

Protective Mama Cat Scared Of Humans Falls In Love With Her Foster Mom's Cat

Watch 1980s Drivers Freak Out About Having To Wear A Seat Belt

Butthurt-Boy Republican thugs order dainty donuts at DC Dunkin

Senate Republicans say they will vote to allow a debt default.

Virginia voter guide: What you need to know for the 2021 general election

What Time Does the Massive DC Protest Begin?

Lawyers' War Stories

Covid recovering ,Pabst beer and cigarettes for a old goat sergeant major.

Texas nonprofit stole millions from Pennsylvania in meal reimbursement scheme

The silence and complicity of the Republican Party.

The Ron DeSantis killing machine is approaching Vietnam War death numbers

Why has Republican rhetoric gotten so unhinged? It's pure projection

Missouri cave housing 1,000-year-old Native American paintings sold at auction

What do you think - Norton vs AVG? (antivirus and utilities, etc)

Old Carol Burnett intros

Imagine how the history of the US would have been after Jan6 if

John Shelby Spong, liberal Episcopal bishop and LGBTQ advocate, dies at 90

This may be going a long way to prove a point but...

Michael Franks has a birthday today.

English man finds hidden passageways, secret rooms behind bookshelf in family home

Has your computer (or other device) ever been infected with a virus?

Eva Baisey, first heart transplant recipient in the Washington area, dies at 55

Alabama Democratic Party chair says prison plan 'putting old problems in new buildings'

Sheila Bromberg, harpist on Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,' dies at 92

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to retain control in 2023.

Weekend TOONs - Putting The "Great" In "Great Replacement"

What do you call ---

Students are destroying bathrooms, swiping school supplies in latest TikTok challenge gone awry

Federal workers can be fired for refusing vaccination, but must show up to work until ...

Biden's workplace vaccine mandate seems controversial now, but Americans will come around in the end


Unvaccinated up to 60x higher to die of Covid-19

You tell 'em Jean Luc!

Alabama bill would let workers sue if they get sick from employer-mandated COVID vaccines

Alcoholics are put at the bottom of the list for liver transplants

How does CNN take a smashing victory and turn it into a warning?

Hey Marco Rubio and Glenn Greenwald, This Is the Real Problem With Milley, Trump, & Nuclear Weapons

Jimi Hendrix died on this date in 1970.

Here at the West Side of the Capitol, stage being assembled for "Justice for J6" defendants rally.

Good Day DU (September 18, 2021)

Laura Loomer has COVID.

Official: US to expel Haitians from border, fly to Haiti

ANOTHER Anti-Mask Florida Official Dies of *COVID--and Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him

2742 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 108 deaths

Marvin Gaye doing "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" A cappella

Update: Laura Loomer says she's in 'so much pain'

Was there an instance where you had an empathetic breakthrough; where you were able to overcome

We lost the wonderful Ruth Bader Ginsburg a year ago today. Let us

From Redditt, GRAPHIC--An open letter to my patient

Nurse posts letter to her patient - Reddit

The great advantage of a culture war is that it's cheap.

Study: COVID booster recipients 20 times more protected against serious illness

Brian KKKemp desperately trying to win back MAGAts

TFG wrote another letter to GA SoS to overturn the election yesterday

Some Republicans Fear Tighter Election Rules Could Boomerang on the Party

The insurrection will be televised

Man Arrested In Brooklyn Subway Station Escalator Attack

Taliban replace ministry for women in Afghanistan with one restricting them

As a night owl, I endorse this sentiment:

Time To Go Back To Threatening School Boards Doctors Constitution Supporters

Fucking insurrectional coward fail

Republican leaders spineless as TFG casts perpetrators of Jan. 6 attack as political prisoners

'We are prepared': Law enforcement stresses readiness ahead of right-wing rally

Can we call just it what it is?

The Squid Game on Netflix.

GA GOP Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan: 'Hate poured in' after I said 'President-elect Biden' on television

Never thought I would experience a pandemic in my lifetime.

Amicus brief, filed by TX abortion ban architect, goes after 2 major LGBTQ equality decisions.

Just something to slip into a must pass bill

'Death panels' arrive -- in COVID-stricken, Republican Idaho

"FL School Tightens Mask Policy After Chiropractor Signs 100s Of Exemptions"

Is it so much easier to hate

More Than Half of Republicans Support Tax Hikes on Americans Earning Over $400K: Poll

Are you fucking kidding me?

A $100 million loan on Trump Tower in Manhattan has been placed on a bank watch list, due to a slump

Mass extinction 252 million years ago was caused by a 'toxic soup'

Ruth Ben-Ghiat - Biden as an Authoritarian: A Phony Talking Point

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020) died a year ago today:

The Scientist and the A.I.-Assisted, Remote-Control Killing Machine

Flight attendant promises to be annoying about mask requirement

Arizona's Audit Continues to Be a Clusterfuck

Morning Joe LOSES IT, Mutates Into Bernie Sanders

Public employees, including teachers, in 26 states will face federal vaccination requirement

DPHHS issues emergency rule to ease capacity strain on Montana hospitals

I want this corn!

In Gwinnett County GA hospital, 100% of COVID patients getting critical care unvaccinated

Tucker Carlson Announces He's Putting Life On Line By Getting Booster Shot To Investigate Vaccine

Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it's learned may be crucial to Western democracy

Two dozen dumbass cosplayers who blew off history class surrounded by 50 photographers.

All Republicans Support Domestic Terrorists

Pennsylvania Democrats sue over GOP election 'investigation'

NC providers concerned about supply of COVID infusion treatment

I fully expect to see this on Amazon's best seller list!

The moment QAnon took the person I love most

The rally to support the 1/6 attackers appears to have drawn more press than actual protesters

If you want to see what astroturfing looks like, today's "Worldwide Freedom Protests" are an example

The Great Vaccine Debate

Today's rally from the Washington Post:

When anti-vaxxers play the "side effects" card...

If Merrick Garland and the DOJ don't start doing something

This cat defines lethargy:

Are Trump, Giuliani, etc., deliberately BSing to protect themselves under "mens rea?"

Hard to say which baby is cuter here:

Move over ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, anti-vaxxers are now gargling Betadine

Police are scouring a vast Florida preserve in search of Gabby Petito's fiance

Cartoons 9/18/2021

Can this TRAITOROUS SCUM just be jailed already???

Here's today's snapshot of #COVID19 activity in Wisconsin. Have weekend plans? Play it safe. Stay h

FBI offers $10,000 reward for info on missing Tulalip woman

I Just Want To Take A Minute Here To Thank Bernie Sanders.....

Instinctively I know this is a scam but want to run this here

After arson burns Edmonds plaza, 14 businesses need help

Pope Francis defends Joe Biden from calls to deny communion over abortion stance

Vaccine mandates have worked in the past. Can they overcome modern hurdles?

Is a variant worse than Delta on the way? Viral evolution offers clues.

"Justice for J6" rally is lacking that "je ne sais quoi...."

Take away from today's protest.

Doctor who called COVID-19 vaccine 'needle rape' is now on Idaho's largest regional health board

'Justice for J6' rally disperses with few incidents

Australia made 'huge mistake' in cancelling submarine deal, says French envoy

A outer space painting I did for our grand's nursery!

Guy at the protest in DC today singing a tribute song to insurrectionists.--Racoon Guy

Sarah Palin, still dumber than a fucking rock

Is it possible that WRAY is SKULL AND BONES?

Jared Kushner's family firm set to unleash eviction wave amid pandemic

We Have An Accountablity Problem.....

'Justice for J6' rally puts GOP in awkward spot

FBI ramps up investigations of threats against election officials

Five Oregonians hospitalized with ivermectin poisoning

Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs Job Reviews Sought in Election Lawsuit

from Gabby Giffords:

Cough med in 1888 - The forerunner of Nyquil

Capitol Police swear in state, local law enforcement ahead of 'Justice for J6' rally

Five Oregonians hospitalized with ivermectin poisoning

Florida Voter Registration Numbers

Who saw the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings?

TLP-Greg Abbott does not want you to see our newest ad

The Lincoln Project -Greg Abbot does not want you to see our new ad

Hackers Take Down Texas GOP Website And Replace It With Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

I know few hard core magats. The ones I do know are relatives in the Midwest

Has The Right Paranoia-ed Itself Out Of Ever Having Another Public Demonstration?

"It's almost as though the media amplifying a malicious minority is the message now."

W.Va. Governor: 'We just are going to keep lining the body bags up'

When your rally could have been an email.

Looks like the "Free Domestic Terrorists" rally was a complete bust.

Orange County firefighters resist county vaccine mandate

Check it out! Individual personal submarines!

WaPo-Schar School poll shows Virginia governor's race neck-and-neck

Anti-lockdown protesters in Australia clash with police and all hell breaks loose

Strength Of Strings

The most disappointed person with today's rally?

How can you be a doctor or nurse in this country and be anti-vaccine ? I do not get it...

Do the Sweetback

Amid high security, small pro-Trump crowd rallies at U.S. Capitol

Top 100 counties in deaths per capita; NYT tracker, *95* of them from Trump voter states........

Notre Dame Cathedral to be rebuilt by 2024

A question for anybody in physical or occupational therapy, please. If you have a client

Republicans demand Participation Certificates for today's J6 traitor tots

Pandemic binge drinking

The Lincoln Project-Greg Abbott does not want you to see our new ad

ALL LIVES MATTER! Er, not exactly...


Does the lack of MAGA goons at

The Star That Can't Exist

Why I violated Texas's extreme abortion ban

True Believers...

Stonehenge preservation work, An ABC report.

Tweet of the Day

(Jewish Group) Jon Ossoff delivers Yom Kippur sermon on antisemitism and the Jewish American dream

Jon Ossoff delivers Yom Kippur sermon on antisemitism and the Jewish American dream

Are the corporate media the most disappointed with today's MAGAt rally?

Tiffany Cross schools 'persecuted' MAGA Treason Rally. We survived this act before & will again!

General Milley's Alleged Treason

Full vaccination rates: Florida 65.9%, Connecticut 79.1% and West Virginia dead last at 48%

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 18, 2021

Journalists rally draws to a close...

Trump Tower put on debt 'watch list' after occupancy plunged this year: report

Jared Holt: I'm not mad, just disappointed

the Brokenwood Mysteries

Taliban has a navy now

Marijuana Enforcement Team is kicking ass and taking names

msnbc still promoting the trump rally even though it was a bust and is over hours ago

A bit of dis n' dat

Top THIS for Halloween 🎃

First Texas Came for Abortion. Now It's Going After Voting Rights.

First Texas Came for Abortion. Now It's Going After Voting Rights.

My Pillow Guy purchases, plans to "run tests" on Alabama voter rolls

DeSantis narrowing his own election margin

The Research on Ivermectin and Covid

Bonus Tweet of the Day

DEBUT: 'The Addams Family' premiered 57 years ago, September 18, 1964, on ABC

I lost $50 that fell out of my purse.

Epik CEO's live video response to hacking incident descends into complete chaos

Juliette Kayyem on the pro-insurrection rally

See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State

Barley & Grape Rag

alabama at florida (football) question

My friend is in the hospital with Covid, on oxygen.

Heart to Hang Onto

Harry Potter & the Pop Star's Cousin's Friend's Swollen Balls (Ferret)

It's been a long time since I have been mentioned in a newspaper

Senator Jacque Remains Hospitalized with COVID-19

Lost grave markers surface from a distant World War II battlefield

they werent left "jobless". they quit

A very good boy doing security in D.C.

Women and the Coronavirus Crisis

the heros we need

Denmark moves to bar some prisoners from meeting new lovers after submarine killer romance brouhaha

Ana Navarro-Cardenas on the "rally" today: "More people showed-up to my last garage sale."

Treated to a sky show...

Boosted !

Looks like arresting 600+ insurrectionist traitors scared the rest of them away

📺 SUNDAY: Sen. Sanders joins us to discuss ongoing negotiations with fellow Democrats

There is more coverage of the hundred MAGAT march today

I finally have what I've been longing for for weeks.

I woke up to see Morgan looking at me like this. I guess I was taking up too much room on the couch

The inevitable happens ... covid comes to my family 😕

Republicans Want Evangelical Votes, But Not Evangelical Presidential Nominees

Photograph of the crowd at the rally this afternoon:

DEBUT: 'Get Smart' starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon premiered 56 years ago, September 18, 1965

what really happens to amazon returns - canadian tv report

You could find more people to eat butthole soup than attended that J6 rally.

Two of Newsom's children test positive for Covid-19

Wild Boar Who Couldn't Move For A Week Demands Belly Rubs Now

Acosta: Over on Fox this week, it got a little nuts

Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, throws out the first pitch of the Nationals game:

Conan Talks About Norm Macdonald

Daily Kos: Move over Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, anti-vaxxers are gargling Betadine.

Simple Jell-O Cookies

Inspiration 4 successfully splashed down off Florida

World's largest carbon dioxide sucking factory opens in Iceland - BBC News

When we pass the reconciliation bill, we will:

Five Oregonians hospitalized for misusing ivermectin

Big Pharma is LYING about prescription drug price negotiations

Schools get the brunt of latest COVID wave in South Carolina

Why is there no talk of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine?

SpaceX's private Inspiration4 mission splashes down safely in Atlantic Ocean

Larry the cat shows us how it's done:

Just sad!

I need to give a huge shoutout to DU member DFW RE: My wife's Green Card Application

'Justice for J6' rally starts and ends with small crowds and tight security

KNP Complex fire reaches Giant Forest inside Sequoia National Park, threatens world's largest tree

Why is Beau talking about a spear?

A reboot of teen vampire classic 'The Lost Boys' is on the way

'Knox County will not comply with your mandate' Mayor Jacobs sends letter to President Biden

Anti-Maskers 'Overthrow' Local School Board

Trump Ally Mike Collins Says Time for Civility Is Over Ahead of J6 Rally Speech

These Single Moms Are Forced to Choose: Reveal Their Sexual Histories or Forfeit Welfare

Another evacuation flight leaves Afghanistan with 28 U.S. citizens

My brother recently died from ALS. He was on a breathing machine for the last couple years

Democrats lean into vaccine mandates ahead of midterms

Wait - So Governor Lee will wear a hairnet required by FEDERAL FDA regulations... but not a mask?

Indiana University Health workers refuse Covid-19 vaccine, lose jobs