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Thought I would make an observation. Dems have constituents. Repukes have pustules.

Thank you Mr. Lamar

Texas doctor says he violated nation's most restrictive abortion law to challenge it

How do I install Hyperlinks into my Sig line on DU?

Waxing Gibbous, 91% visible

Sinaloa Cartel's Drug Smuggling Route To Alaska Taken Down By US Authorities

with what? Maybe Jupiter!

So this comedian goes into a restaurant that say you aren't allowed in if you are vaxxed

Nuclear subs and a diplomatic blowup: The US-France clash, explained

Google abused dominant position of Android in India, antitrust probe finds

Waxing Gibbous, 91% visible

'How much is a little girl worth?'

I pulled out the powered subwoofer & AR 18 book shelf monitors for tonight's jam session

*American Masters, PBS Ch. 26, 9:30

Microsoft bets on a future without passwords. Here's what you can expect.

Communists, observers report violations in Russian election

A TV meteorologist of 33 years declined the vaccine, citing personal freedoms. He was fired.

Watch cuttlefish migrate together in a defensive line with a lookout

Don't tell the 'My body, my choice' crowd: Florida has tons of vaccine mandates

Why Was the J6 Rally a Spectacular Flop? Here are the Two Big Takeaways from Today's Failed Rally

California reports lowest COVID case rate in country

Capitol Rioters' Pity-Party Played the Nazi Card. Of Course.

This is how they suck you in:

CEO on why giving all employees minimum salary of $70,000 still "works" six years later:

Rams to require proof of vaccination for all home games beginning Week 7

A doctor from Oregon who said mask-wearing can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning got his medical lic

Texan tied to 'boogaloo' sentenced to 50 years in prison

Mississippi surpasses NJ as state with highest rate for COVID deaths

Jeffrey MacDonald: Ex-officer behind infamous 1970 slayings ends release appeal

Who Does Abbott Think He Is? Latest Border Stunt Is An Authoritarian Power Grab/Theft of Taxpayer $

Pelosi warns UK not to imperil N Ireland peace with Brexit

Deporting Haitians back to Haiti at this time is deplorable

Best celebrity superhero name.

Mike Luckovich- Hey you're not Nicki Minaj...

Strong mag. 5.0 earthquake - South Pacific Ocean, 73 km west of La Serena, Provincia de Elqui, Coqui

How Political Extremism Has Changed The Nation's Capital - MSNBC

a while ago i had mentioned i had bought a drone .

Trump Has Emboldened Bolsonaro's Hostility Toward Democracy, Researcher Says

Government talks with labor unions; U.S. puts Ecuador on drug list; Correistas reclaim the name 'Cit

Despite Waning Delta Wave, Mississippi ICU Capacity Still 'Effectively Zero'

Mrs. yonder wants to extend a heartfelt THANKYOU

Still up and at it.

WHITE, PROUD and with...

I did a quick google search for "Qanon and Atheist"

CNN reporter shows rallygoer video of Jan. 6 attack. See his reaction

Hot Tuna - Don't you Leave Me Here.....

Has anyone tried 'Live TV' streaming via YouTube?

Pediatric Diabetes Surge In Mississippi: Doctors Concerned COVID-19 Is To Blame

Scary Moment Diver Comes Face-To-Face With Giant Seven-Metre-Long Anaconda

IHL Prohibits Mississippi Colleges, Universities From Mandating COVID Vaccines

Think about this.

Glasgow and The Boy David - the story of the Peruvian toddler that gripped the city

Terminal patients deserve death with dignity. New Mexico aid-in-dying law sets standard.

Covid-stricken Alabama had more deaths than births last year, a first in its recorded history.

Small pro-Trump crowd rallies at U.S. Capitol - Reuters

When they run out of Merlot

This Tweet from the New York Times is disgusting.

Future of GOP as protesters rally in support of January 6th rioters - CBS News

Southern Baptist missionaries receive a new coronavirus vaccine mandate

Lawmakers Consider Teacher Pay, Insurance Cost for Families

Stray Kitten Ran Up To Fisherman And Asked To Take Him Home


When America Will Tire of Trump? - MSNBC

I find myself coming back to Spitshine

you might convince me there's AS GOOD a heavy metal song as this one ... but not a better one!

My daughter's FIL died of Covid today, and this was his last FB meme.

Me, I'm wood chipping for the next 40 hrs runtime.

The new Hardy Boys book is out!!

the best beatles ripoff song of the grunge-era ... well, not made by matthew sweet :)

Feels like bedtime, so last song tonight is from Amethyst Kiah

Anybody have insight on how the state rallies went?

The Conservative Talk Show Host Count Down List just updated to 8.6 percent dead due to covid.

Moon rise over central Washington tonight.

Dead, 100 Year Hall,1972,......GDTRFB.

BOMBSHELL: Designer of AOC's 'Tax The Rich' Met Gala Dress Owes Over $100K in Back Taxes

The Apocalypse has to be postponed....

LIVE link to feral mama cat giving birth at TinyKittens who has type B blood

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 9/13/21

Thousands of Haitian migrants fleeing disaster and unrest seek asylum at Del Rio bridge

Mb I shouldn't make this observation, but I find that I will.

Hot Tuna - 99 Year Blues

McConnell: 'Republicans united in opposition to raising the debt ceiling

Jefferson Airplane - Emryonic Journey

☦ Quote from St. Augustine ✝️

DOJ SHOWDOWN over Texas Abortion Law, FBI's SHAM Kavanaugh investigation and MORE! - Legal AF

Photos show North Korea expanding uranium enrichment plant

There's a country-wide shortage of spicy chicken

Former Gauley Bridge Police Chief, Fayette County woman charged with child sex trafficking

Texas Senate opens redistricting debate with proposed map one senator labels "intentional discrimina

Bully Pulpit No More: Jen Psaki's Turn at the Lectern

My mom sent me her aebleskiver pan!

Satan Supports Anti-Vaxxers And Republican Political Strategy

Here is a website, that's a repository of stories of anti-vaxxers who died or ...

another anti vaxxer trump jesus rally in waikiki this evening...

SMH: Australia's foreign policy is getting clumsy and arrogant

Mississippi economist refutes politicians' claim that state cannot afford Medicaid expansion

Let's talk about the GOP dog who caught a car....

Leading evangelical & rabid Trumper, Robert Jeffress, comes out in favor of COVID vaccination.

Experts: Mississippi teacher pay needs to increase if state wants to keep its educators

Sundae 🤭 - Neruda, Chevalier de Saint George, Paisiello

Fresno State with a 10 point lead against UCLA

Tucker Carlson ADMITS To LYING On Air, Says It's Different Than When CNN Does It

A Little Perspective

US Has One Of The Lowest Vaccination Rates Among Wealthy Nations - Ring of Fire

Indigenous People of Brazil Fight for Their Future

Abortion clinic CEO reacts to brief heard by U.S. Supreme Court

Not Vaccinated? This Is How Much Money It Could Cost You - Amanpour and Company

Signs of season's life: Awards shows, return of SNL, the Emmys 09-19-21 - *toNIGHT*!1

Climate Brief: Youth Under "Profound Psychological Distress"

Jeffress says 'there is no credible religious argument' against coronavirus vaccines


Crisis standard of care in Idaho and Montana

Has anybody tried "self-propelled, battery" mowers?

Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt "There's a Battle for Control of MAGA Empire" Amanpour and Company

Gun laws, abortion rights: upcoming SCOTUS hearings to be impacted by RBG's death - PBS NewsHour

An eavesdropped conversation between my dog and me. Is "conversation" one way?!1

"Ace of Cups", featuring Mary Microgram (Denise Kaufman)

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Tailleferre, Tchaikovski, Rutter, Pierne

Tucker Carlson's Real Motives EXPOSED

Southern Border Crisis Apparent in Del Rio, Texas

World's Largest Tree Under Threat By California Wildfires

Carson earthquake: Footage captures moment quake rattled Southland ABC7

Samantha Bee: What Texas's New Abortion Ban Means For Reproductive Rights Across the Country

Tonight's Nearly Full Moon, just after midnight

Archaeologists discover ceremonial offerings and a staircase to the spiral pyramidal monument at Xoc

Archaeologists discover ceremonial offerings and a staircase to the spiral pyramidal monument at Xoc

A word or two about my intervention for AZLD4

Study suggests earliest use of bone tools to produce clothing in Morocco 120,000 years ago

The surprising power of daily rituals

"Truly Heartbreaking": Osage Nation Decries Sale of Cave Containing Indigenous Art

David Graeber Reminded Us of the Political Value of Anthropology It makes other worlds possible.

Laundrie, Petito, Location and Mom ...

Acosta calls out Fox News for promoting vaccine lies while 90% of company is vaccinated

A New Study Shows Us the Single Biggest Motivation for the Jan. 6 Rioters Amanpour and Company

tweet that makes me say "yep"

Speaking off local bands that did or didn't make it.....

Women and the Coronavirus Crisis

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Feeding Time Edition

Breakfast Sunday 19 September 2021

My workplace is giving employees choices:

Republican US Senator White addresses his scandal in a press-conference.

The Vaccinated Are Paying For The Unvaccinated As COVID Hospitalizations Cost Medicare $24,000 Each

This man makes his point!

"After 169 hospitals, a dad finally got the Covid-19 care he needed ..."

Alleged Hitman Denies Intentionally Shooting Murdaugh!

There is a *Logical reason folks are gargling with Betadine

Federal Panel Refuses To Dismiss Wisconsin Redistricting Lawsuit Brought By Democrats

Sweet Life by Paul Davis

There is only one headline that will change the Republican Party.

This cartoon resonates today

Notice***If you've had Chicken Pox...

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, September 19, 2021

On this day, September 19, 1921, WBZ started broadcasting.

Over and over again he supports and praises terrorists,

The Atlantic this morning - nothing to worry about

Why the French are so upset.

Speaking of a local band that made it big

Afghan family ravaged by U.S. drone strike mistake wants headstones for the dead -- and ...

Education committee drops discussion of Black history education

David Bromberg has a birthday today.

A conversation with Ken Burns on making 'Muhammad Ali'

Taliban-run Kabul municipality to female workers: Stay home

Let It Bleed

The world's tallest populace is shrinking, and scientists want to know why

I don't need google my wife knows everything

I'm heading out at zero-dark-30 to be the first at the MAGAtpalooza we had in a nearby

Campers drove by Gabby Petito van - Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area Aug 27

The Senate knew about Kavanaugh's partisan history. It confirmed him anyway.

Tennessee joins fight against John Lewis Voting Rights Act

BLM plans Carmines protest after three African American woman are profiled by Asian Hostess.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to regain control in 2022.

Natural-Gas Prices Surge, and Winter Is Still Months Away

Kushner Firm Will Launch 'Eviction Wave'

Elon Musk's Push to Expand Tesla's Driver Assistance to Cities Rankles a Top Safety Authority

Janet Yellen faces climate test as environmentalists push for more aggressive financial action

What Should Make GOP Angry (And What Does)

How Accounting Giants Craft Favorable Tax Rules From Inside Government

Addressing Color and the Ongoing Failure of PET Plastic Recycling.

Yes, she might look all sweet and innocent but guess who escaped the den, this morning.

Junk-Debt Sales Soar Toward Record Year

New parody from Don Caron

Alligator vs. Dog

Trump Jr admits that apart from security services only 2 people attended pro-insurrectionist rally

Just saw 'Mississippi Tate' Reeves on Jake Tapper's show....He's fucking insane.

Dog Who Spent 4 Years In Shelter Runs Marathons With His Mom Now

Manny Pacquiao accepts party nomination for Philippine presidency

Nicole Hannah-Jones wins 2021 Iowa Authors Award

Governor T'aint Reeves of Mississippi was just on CNN w/Jake Tapper and when asked about MS' ....

Thousands visit "Mayberry" each year. Ted Koppel interviewed some on their views on Washington.

Giuliani Gets LAUGHED Out Of His Job - Rebel HQ

Brian Kemp Laugh Track - The Lincoln Project

From Qanon to 'Purebloods', TikToks growing extremism problem

2008 I laughed when a friend said "you know he's not American".

Dog and cat photo

Scatter Plots of states - Vaccination Rate vs COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths (Yale)

Dog and cat photo

ahoy there maties

🏈 Oh yeah. We got some small school ass whoopins and odd scores.

Would you lie to get a booster shot?

Help! I want to make pinto beans without bacon, what can I substitute for that?

Making a pot of pinto beans without bacon-help

Doonesbury - Hi, Base!

Governor Tombstones in MAGA states have

Good Day DU (September 19, 2021)

Jake Tapper shreds the governor of Mississippi over covid

Young Alex Jones Clip UNEARTHED! - The Rational National

'They screwed up our lake': tar sands pipeline is sucking water from Minnesota watersheds

Face the Nation: Sanders says Democrats are 'going to come together on $3.5 trillion bill

Trudeau makes final appeal ahead of Canada's election

Andromeda Galaxy all night exposure

White House debates vaccines for air travel

A mother and child reunion:

2457 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 26 deaths

Arnold, Pa, man charged in shooting 3 at baby shower for his unborn child

Biden could sidestep McConnell's refusal to pay America's bills by minting a $1 trillion coin

Face the Nation: Sanders says Democrats are "going to come together" on $3.5 trillion bill

"The Best of Enemies". Riveting performances in a film based on a true story

Think all politics are local? The California recall says most politics are now national.

***September Photo Contest: Summer*** Finals Thread

'Justice for J6' Rallygoers Slam Republican Absence After Organizer Said Some Would Speak

Here's the link for the Summer Finals Thread!

Constitution allows Biden to mandate COVID vaccine. Federal government can do even more.

IMO, this wasn't acting.

Mossad assassinated Iran's top nuclear scientist using an AI-powered, remote-controlled machine gun,

Meanwhile in Florida...

Mississippi governor: Biden vaccine mandate an 'attack on hardworking Americans'

I am in awe of talented people like this!

Recall vote highlights California's geopolitical divisions

Remote controlled car at a dog park:

Rep. Lee Zeldin Confirms Leukemia Diagnosis

"The tapioca is in the pudding, I repeat; the tapioca is in the pudding."

Jake Tapper completely destroys Mississippi Gov: With all due respect Governor, your way's failing.

Pastor escapes home invasion in Pa. and realizes he baptized suspect 2 days before

TCM today:

Check out the new First Americans Museum

My trip so far...

A bloke walks into a brothel and says, "I'm a bit kinky, how much for total humiliation??"

Federal vax rules apply to half of Snohomish County workers

Beto O'Rourke preparing to RUN for Governor of Texas???!!!

Breitbart Columnist: Liberals Trying To Trick Trumpists Into Not Getting Vaccine So They Die

The days of full covid coverage are over.

Volcano Erupts on La Palma Island

Cartoons 9/19/2021

Pastor returns to doing porn, says she's tired of 'judgmental' church-goers

Australia says France knew of 'grave' submarine concerns

Why Generation Z falls for online misinformation

Renegade Cyber Ninjas Brazenly Defies Senate Demand For Records In Arizona Vote 'Fraudit'

Nabisco Strike Ends: BCTGM Members Overwhelmingly Accept New Contract

Chris Rock urges fans to get vaccinated as he reveals COVID-19 diagnosis: Trust me you don't want

Revealed: The Secret Money Trail Behind Kevin McCarthy's MAGA Makeover

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 19, 2021?

Georgia Is How American Democracy Falls Apart

Must Watch: Retired FireFighter Eric Lamar SHUTS DOWN the Big Lie From Fellow Retired Firefighter

When you don't check references....

Expired milk, frozen sandwiches and undercooked burgers for school lunches anger parents

Let's talk about Idaho and never being now....

Playful Baby Elephant Chaba is Getting Much Stronger

What GOP is after with their debt ceiling hostage-taking:

Get Vaccinated Then Do All The Research You Want

Fragments of medieval Merlin manuscript found in Bristol library ...

The head insurrectionist thought about painting his plane....

The Inside Story About This Deranged Newsmax Host - Rebel HQ

Struggle over tax break for inherited farmland churns below surface in reconciliation bill

Crazy! I can't find even ONE article about yesterday's rally in DC

Why was General Milley left to deal with a mentally unbalanced President Trump?

Should the Federal Government require proof of vaccination to let someone fly

Reports: Beto O'Rourke plans to run for Texas governor

Cooked up a storm the last couple of days

FBI says fortune seized in Beverly Hills raid was criminals' loot. Owners say: Where's the proof?

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day

Democrats Push to Retool Health Care Programs for Millions

The Lincoln Project-the Democratic Party's big tent is growing larger and more diverse

The Lincoln Project-the Democratic Party's big tent is growing larger and more diverse

Biden goes before the United Nations this week

In 1948, one demonstration of a 'hands-off' B-17 fight landing almost went very wrong

This is worth a watch

Event cancellations and the media, an example of hidden bias

Covid-stricken Alabama had more deaths than births last year, a first in its recorded history.


Sears is closing its last department store in Illinois, the retailer's home state


The common good.

Boston's Skinny House sells for $1.2 million!

Scoop: Beto plans Texas comeback in governor's race

Can you help? Quicktime player suddenly misbehaving

Safety official says Tesla should address 'basic safety issues' before expanding full self-driving m

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard ad for Obama...

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard ad for Obama...

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to retain control in 2022/23.

Rowlett Restaurant Owner Explains No-Mask Policy After Asking Family To Leave

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 20 September 2021

Manchin Attacks AOC For Siding With Democrats Over Republicans

Lightning Bar Blues

MIT's TEPCO Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Vaccine refusal should by definition be refusal of extraordinary hospital ER/ICU care.

You can only manage what you can measure.

Uncontrollable vomiting due to marijuana use on rise, study finds...Anyone experienced this?

Egret down creek!

Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs Job Reviews Sought in Election Lawsuit

I've been watching Halloween Baking Championships so much

Instigating Charges Affair in South Korea

Future Governor of Missouri? Waino's response -

Russia election: Exit polls suggest landslide for pro-Putin United Russia in controversial election

The Connecticut GOP uses photo shop "technology" from 1994.

Georgia Is How American Democracy Falls Apart

Howard Stern to Joe Rogan: 'A doctor would also give you a vaccine, so why take....

Tiedrich for the win

Iran Says it May Hold Nuclear Talks at UN Summit in New York

2020 Firearm Injuries Up More Than 70%-Worse in Black and Hispanic Young Men

Study: Being Exposed to Lead as a Child May Alter Personality

710 Indigenous people were reported missing over the past decade in Wyoming ...

How Accounting Giants Craft Favorable Tax Rules From Inside Government

Laura - Carly Simon

Military training jet crashes in Texas, injuring both pilots

US Childcare: 'The pay is absolute crap.'


Who sucks more - Comcast or AT&T (internet)

Love this response by Matthew Cooke on his Facebook page

Reporter shows DC rallygoer video of Jan. 6 attack. See his reaction

Is there a limit to how many reconciliation votes

Beto O'Rourke Set To Run Against Greg Abbott For Texas Governor - Report

USPS mailboxes locked?

"An AIDS vaccine came as news to ... well, anyone."

Some chainsaw carved pumpkins a little different than the norm

Soliciting input


Poll Shows Broad Support for Masks, Vaccine Mandates

Most Texans Think State Is on Wrong Track

The serum the FCC isn't telling you about

Having a bad year MAGAs? Experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Full moon Monday, Sept. 20.

Just For Fun (JFF) we should start a rumor

Scary cave-in by Apple and Google

Mehdi Hasan is right about MT Greene:

Inside MIT's Nuclear Reactor.

Rupert Murdoch, Fox- News Corp Launch New Nightly TV Show: 'TalkTV' w Piers Morgan On 3 Continents

Trump DC Rally is a TOTAL FAILURE

On Fire 'Covid Numbers' Woman makes it onto MSNBC. Shows everyday peeps can Make a HUGE difference.

Some Travelers had a sense of humor

Anti-Masker arrested after refusing to wear a mask AND assaulting a store employee

The dismantling of Black communities in South Carolina for highways is not just a thing of the past.

This truck is making laps around Bank of America Stadium

We just got back from Utah.

I unloaded the kittens from my lap so I could go check on and feed Sophie. I returned to this

30,177 Military Members Have Died by Suicide since 9/11. Why?

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom: Thriving W Dyslexia- Spielberg, Disney, da Vinci, Einstein, R. Branson

Head's Up

Confederate statue to be moved from MD courthouse lawn

Head's Up

I Had a massive Crohn's flare up this week-I couldn't go to the hospital to get care because ---covi

Tuskegee leaders want Confederate statue gone

Confederate monument in downtown Perry GA causes a divide

what does this mean???

Now HERE's how to steal an election! Russian pro

Gotta give Trump credit for this...

TX Rep. Jasmine Crockett identifies the most dangerous. It's not the insurrectionists she fears.

Argentina's president reshuffles cabinet after political crisis

Argentina's president reshuffles cabinet after political crisis

Joe Satrinai - Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness

The ignorance of a large percentage of our population is depressing

Can Jin Sakai actor / Daisuke Tsuji recreate the moves of Jin Sakai Ghost of Tsushima

Gender-Neutral Epitaph for Dead Anti-Vaxers: "(S)(T)He(y) Chose Poorly"

Breaking: The Teton County, Wyoming Coroner just confirmed a body has been found ...

People should start calling Trump a crazy old man!

Remember when we lost all our freedom when they made us wear seatbelts?

200+ Belgians perform "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" for Bruce Springsteen.

Democrats Push To Retool Health Care Programs For Millions

Republicans who let Trump 'bully' party will seal midterms defeat, senator says

Joni Mitchell playing at some shady venue with a highly questionable pick-up band.

New 'Don't Look Up' Images Show Meryl Streep as a Trump-Like President of the United States

Scoop - Manchin: Delay Biden plan to '22

Neffy: 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Winner with Wait Up

Trump's Insurrection May Be Over, But The Danger To Democracy Is Ongoing

In mourning again, still...

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

So one of my siblings and I were discussing the death of a good friend

Montana health officer says he was forced to resign after being blamed for death after denying Iverm

Biden administration speeds up deportation flights for Haitians in growing Texas migrant camp

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 19, 2021

Delayed Maps Upend Midterm Campaigns

Judge Rules Prosecutors Can't Show Kyle Rittenhouse Link To Proud Boys At Trial In Kenosha Shootings

UN, US, UK condemn Houthis' execution of 9 Yemenis

Kemp: "And plus just like the AIDS vaccine, mandating it didn't work."

Greg Abbott blocked a Lincoln Project ad from appearing on Longhorn Network

Live 6PM ET: FBI Holds Presser Regarding Missing N.Y. Woman Gabby Petito NBC News

Greg Abbott blocked a Lincoln Project ad from appearing on Longhorn Network

Dear FBI Director Wray, I have a question for you.

The Latest: Health Official: Vaccine Booster Use May Be Expanded- NIH Dir., Fauci

What is it with anti-vaxxers and the Holocaust?

If you can volunteer time, energy, skill to your local Dems

Doesn't West Virginia have *two* U.S. Senators - or is one on vacay when the other is all media?!1

They may have found Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito update: A body was found in the area where officials were searching for missing 22-year

Texas Senate opens redistricting debate with proposed map one senator labels "intentional

DEBUT: 'Flipper' premiered 57 years ago, September 19, 1964, on NBC

FBI says body found matches description of Gabby Petito

Manchin Wants to Delay Big Spending Package (Two articles)

Baby shower goes south. Three people shot.

"Waiting for you, Bruce!" How 200 Belgians decided to lobby Springsteen to perform there.

Nursing Homes Overdiagnose Schizophrenia, 20% To Get Away w Drugging Patients, Says New Investig.

The father of the year award goes to....

Cat? Bird?

"tips from the e.r." (covid & "covid. again.") (strong language alert, reminds me of chris rock lol)

I realized I haven't posted any photos of Mittens, lately. So here you go.

US launches mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas

Yesterday my sons took my wife and me to a Meadery.

CEO Made Minimum Wage $70K, Gets Last Laugh On Critics

Tweet of the Day

Ok, Mittens insisted on POSING for a picture.

Getting 403 Forbidden error on some topics

If Biden Really Won the Election, How Come No One in This ICU Voted for Him?

President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House

Who's Enjoying A Rapidly Warming World In Sunny Los Angeles? Aedes Aegypti And Tiger Mosquitoes

BLM Headquarters Returning To DC, As Sec. Halland Dumps Another Policy From The Shitstain Era

Three shot as family fight over gifts at Pa. baby shower

Wave Of Oil Company Bankruptices Since 2016 Leaves Louisiana To Deal W. Abandoned Wells, Leaks

Global Coral Reef Extent Has Declined By 50% Since The 1950s; Reef Biodiversity Down By 60%

Newsom used DeSantis to win California recall. Does it mean anything in Florida?

Fire Conditions Worse As KNP Complex Burns Its Way Through Giant Sequoia Forest

More Visionary Leadershp From Australia - Scrapping Recovery Plans For Nearly 200 Endangered Species

Cures and treatments for COVID / Others?