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Amazing Hubble telescope photo shows space 'sword' piercing huge celestial 'heart'

Pets make the rules

So, if an OB/GYN's Texan patient miscarries, do they automatically get sued?

Biden's vaccination efforts win approval of 71% of voters

Judge dismisses Missouri lawsuit contesting Biden's look at 'social costs' of greenhouse gases

Washington Nationals VP Bob Boone has resigned rather than comply with the team's vaccine mandate

Female MD gives abortion information that she would give to her daughter if she were in Texas

School district is temporarily closing after 2 teachers died from COVID-13 within days of each other

Atheist Social Network? Holy Guacamole!

Washington's eviction and utility payment moratoriums end on Sept. 30. Here's what you need to know

Seattle Public Schools navigates food worker shortage as students return

Joe Rogan's fate represents a critical juncture for the pandemic

Conservatives and big government. So confusing.

Washington U study offers clearer picture of COVID-19 vaccine's effect on immunocompromised

They fucking HATE you!!!!

The "soft" overturn of Roe v. Wade exposes how far-right John Roberts has let the Supreme Court go

Gen. Milley: Future Coordination With The Taliban Is 'Possible' (MSNBC)

Madison Cawthorn is leading us to violence - The Republican Accountability Project

Progressives push Senate Democrats to nix filibuster ahead of voting rights fight

There Are Two Real Ways to Answer the Texas Abortion Law

Lol! Elie Mystal on Chris Hayes just a minute ago

I was a combat interpreter in Afghanistan, where cultural illiteracy led to U.S. failure

On that abortion are they going to ban D&C operations too?

Giuliani Records Cameo Endorsing Case Against His Own Client


60 Iowa lawmakers ask court to overturn 2018 abortion ruling

Justice Department has issued new guidance on redistricting and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act

Downed trees and powerlines are just some of the damage that people near Annapolis,

New Footage Shows NC Dem Senate Candidate Lauding Filibuster

Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread, authors say

Some airlines, most of them international, ban fabric face masks

Hubby started running fever. I have the paste.

Enslaving women

New Law Requires Texans to Have Counselling Before Being Allowed to Vote

Taliban says

'Cover-Up': Florida's MAGA Governor In COVID Scandal On Death Count Data (MSNBC)

Following FDA approval of Pfizer's shot, the anti-vaccine movement cooks up new conspiracy theory

Texas Learned From Trump - Don Winslow Films

Fact check: Biden honored service members killed in Kabul, checked watch only after ceremony

Basement floods, the God of Radar, and the Argument that There is No Truth.

Majority of US Voters Favor $3.5 Trillion Build Back Better Bill: Poll

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

McCarthy Wants To 'Bury The Evidence' Of GOP's Involvement On 1/6 - Deadline - MSNBC

11-year-old placed on ventilator with COVID as Texas mom blames in-person school

david jolly nails it on chris hayes. dems waste their time on nuance because

Requiring customers to be vaccinated can draw $5,000 fines starting soon in Florida

Pandemic will push U.S. mortality up through 2023, new government report predicts

Ted Cruz, NY Post Falsely Pass Off Black Hawk Helicopter Video as a Taliban Hanging

Do I have this correct about the new Texas abortion law:

Fox News host says kids 'don't die from COVID.' Over 400 have in the US alone.

PM Update: Serendipitous September weather is on the way.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Jones' List of Dead Voters Who Were Actually Alive

Democrats lash out at Supreme Court for doing 'nothing' and allowing 'radical' and 'extreme' 6-week

Neal Katyal: New TX Abortion Law Is Close To 'Something Very Medieval' - Deadline - MSNBC

Biden and Israeli PM renewed agreement on covert nuclear program

Supreme Court Gives Texas Green Light To Violate Women's Constitutional Right To Choose

Effort underway to rescue girls soccer team from Afghanistan

Statement by Hillary Clinton: "Under the cover of darkness, by choosing to do nothing, the SC..."

The silence is deafening regarding Texas assault on women's rights and minority voting...

Just got a "life threatening" flash flood warning in NYC...

Occasionally, while looking for one thing you instead find something else you like better

AMA Statement ending the use of Ivemectin on humans

Elie Mystal has a good idea:

A tale of two governors: COVID outcomes in Florida and Connecticut show that leadership matters

State: Newark skirted no-bid laws in $5M ice rink renovation

Texas House advances bill to restore money to pay salaries for 2,100 state workers after Gov. Greg

i was traveling around today and noticed some signs.

Oh no! I have been drawn into a time warp. Pulp, Common People...Pet Shop Boys...

Texas Senate approves spending nearly $2 billion on border security

Clever limerick about Joe Rogan and his recent diagnosis:

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 80s

Who agrees that NOW it the time to add Supreme Court judges?

Florida AG inserts herself in mask mandate legal fight as state defies court ruling

Help me remember a vid, please!

GOP Leader (McCarthy) Sounds Like Thug From 'The Wire' - The Beat - MSNBC


Biggs to call on McCarthy to boot Kinzinger and Cheney from GOP over January 6 probe

Sen. Ron Johnson Caught on Hidden Camera Blaming Trump for 2020 Defeat

What does it cost to hire a woman to produce a child as a surrogate? Whatever that is- how about

Coming on PBS: The future of work. Supposed to be interesting.. and was depressing

Progress, Texas style

Cook Children's in Fort Worth: 'We are hitting a crisis mode' with COVID-19

I think that some years back in TX, perhaps, there was a penalty for driving

The man who impregnated a woman in Texas who gets an abortion

Will there be a new underground railroad

Texas shows us what post-democracy America would look like

re new iphone user

Let's talk about that law in Texas and tattoos....

Help me understand this abortion vigilante law

Over-the-counter COVID testing kits in high demand, but how are accurate are they?

Cuomo on CNN spent the first 30 minutes on running down Biden over Afghanistan, took a

The Case For Medicare Expansion

I could careless about Ann Coulter, but she agrees with Biden on Afghanistan!

I would love it if the MSM would ask the NON-VAXXED who they trust more if they get covid

I wonder how many Repube politicians in Texas have invested in the Plan B emergency contraceptive?

The number of people who actually give a shit about abortions is small.

The biggest gap... is you. Always has been. [It did not have to be this way if....]

Washington Post Breaks Down Zelensky's First White House Visit - Deadline - MSNBC

**NEW** Charges filed against Mesa County (Colorado) deputy clerk

So how does this work? Who determines the difference between 5 and 6 weeks?

Adult Wednesday Addams: Planned Parenthood

Every Sperm is Sacred - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

The Trump presidency has ruined or killed any hope of "making America great again" by any

Thank You for your support, Democratic Majority for Israel

Katie Porter slaughters big pharma


One of the strangest things is that the GOP never really wanted to stop abortions.

'Maddening': The GOP Quest To Ban Abortion--And Their Lies Along The Way - All In - MSNBC

Any lawyers out there?

Couple Convicted In $18M COVID-19 Relief Scam Now On The Run

So, who are the Dems going to run for governor of TX and all the state and local offices? an international organization that CANNOT be sued by anyone in TX is offering

Hawaii tourist caught with "maderna" vax card

How many more women will stop having sex with men?

New Texas state flag

Ry Cooder and Dave Lindley - Jesus on the Mainline

"Worried About Breakthrough Infections? Here's How to Navigate This Phase of the Pandemic."

Democrats guide to keeping control of the US Senate in 2022.

AMA Calls On Doctors To Immediately Stop Prescribing Ivermectin For Covid - All In - MSNBC

Just a note

My daughter-in-law and my baby granddaughter have COVID.

Randy Newman, Linda Ronstadt, and Ry Cooder - Rider in the Rain

Honest Government Ad Carbon Capture and Storage - thejuicemedia

Millions of People Missing From CDC Covid Data As States Fail To Report Cases, NPR

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Congress Could Pass Roe V. Wade - The ReidOut - MSNBC

QAnon event in Las Vegas loses Caesars Entertainment site

Will companies with offices in TX have more trouble recruiting?

Ground Hog Pets

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Sep 1 2021

u rs ,,,,,

House panel backs making women register for draft

SCOTUS does not have to ever rule on the Texas law

Tedeshi Trucks Band - Lets Go Get Stoned

Texas-sized exclamation point

Flash floods in NY, NYC, NJ, PA

just saw this tweet from the daily show and then i clicked "follow"

Natural selection:

We're Not Men!

Hey anti-vaxers - I've heard that angel trumpets can cure covid!

David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) Tweeted: Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn

White councilman says Trenton set-aside law is discriminatory

Chaudhary Parvez (@ChaudharyParvez) Tweeted: BREAKING-Catastrophic situation in New York City

Don't know if this has been shared here before.

Drop Kick Me Jesus

New Data Shows Just How Hard Covid Hit Trump Counties - All In - MSNBC

NYC Moves To Finally Fully Legalize Dancing By Fixing Zoning Laws

Candace Owens tried to get a COVID test in Aspen, CO, but was denied service (private facility)

Lincoln Project: Last week in the Republican Party...

Top Republican Senator SINKS himself, caught on camera making massive admission - Brian Tyler Cohen

Police Officers, Paramedics Charged With The Death of Elijah McClain

I've been wondering if Republicans are worried about how many of their voters are dying of COVID?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's alive "because" of abortion

Intel Analyst (@analyst_intel) Tweeted: #Manhattan I #NYC:

Good Night DU MA. It's my bed time, but I'm still listening to The Meters. Guess imma sleep Funky

Open US Senate seats in 2024 and likely replacements.

N.J. weather: Gov. Phil Murphy declares state of emergency due to widespread flooding, storm damage

On the 88th birthday of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, we are reminded to continue to shake things

Is it time to boycott Texas like the MLB did to Georgia for the all star game for the voting

Happy birthday, Ann Richards. One of the greatest Texans of all-time.

Colbert: Tooning Out The News - Madison Cawthorn Threatens "Bloodshed"

Meidas Touch-Retweet if you agree we are #BetterWithBiden

Tahoe tweet:

Meidas Touch-Retweet if you agree we are #BetterWithBiden

Sue You, Sue Everybody! You Abetted an Abortion!!! No!!! YOU DID!!! NO YOU DID!! SUE YOU!! NO!!! SUE

It;s been my pleasant observation that Brian Tyler Cohen

Will someone please tell me why TFG is STILL NOT IN JAIL

The horse de-wormer is about to get some competition.

Don Winslow @donwinslow NEW: #TexasLearnedFromTrump

Don Winslow @donwinslow NEW: #TexasLearnedFromTrump

"deeply troubled" Susan Collins, one of the last votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh

SW Connecticut people, stay the fuck home!

Beto needs to announce a run against Greg Abbott

SCOTUS votes 5-4 to leave Texas abortion law in place

Reddit has banned an anti-vax community in the wake of a site-wide blackout

Kill the filibuster and expand the Court, or live under Republican rule forever

Roe V Wade Gets Overturned - CNN Covering Storm & MSNBC Showing Rachel Maddow Repeat

link if it works. regarding Texass and the supreme courts ignorance

Old and In the Way - Hobo Song

🚨Supreme Court won't halt Texas law banning most abortions. 5 to 4 w/ Roberts joining liberals

Sad truth

Beware. Cats will do what they want.

Caldor fire... Here's my "Evacuee Update"

Excuse me, I'd like to report some co-conspirators to abortion

Hurricane Ida's Remnants Blast NYC

Supreme Court, Breaking Silence, Won't Block Texas Abortion Law.

crews Brace for Caldor Fire Flames

Supreme Court denies request to stop Texas 6-week abortion ban, John Roberts and liberals dissenting

****BREAKING**** Fifty eight percent of likely CA voters oppose Republican recall of Gavin Newsom

New York City mayor declares state of emergency due to mass flooding

Cats,kittens, a dog and a chicken.

Remember Ex-GA US Rep. C. Donald Johnson(D)- lost re-election in 1994 by a margin 30%.

Right now... I'm just exhausted.

Sotomayor dissenting: "In effect, the Texas Legislature has deputized the State's citizens as bounty

Flooding right now in Short Hills, New Jersey. This is downtown!

Queens, New York under water during flash flood emergency

Hey Congressman so and so, you're going to be

Check in if you called your senators today to urge them to get the We the People Act passed

The SC. This is why Nina Turner didn't deserve the honor of being a Democratic Congressperson in

New policy for school district after Venice chiropractor signs 500+ mask exemptions for students

Well then, how many things can a state deputize its citizens to undertake?

Remember where you were the night Roe was killed & women's rights were rolled back

**"In reaching this conclusion," the opinion said,

Capitol riot defendants raise more than $2 million from crowdfunding


He got into the bag of pot and it's just so funny.

I'm starting Texas botcott tonight! Will weed out stocks with company HQ in Texas.

Adam Schiff: Kevin McCarthy's Threat And 'The Cult Of The Former, Failed President' - The Last Word

tweet of the moment

Robert Kennedy Was My Dad. His Assassin Doesn't Deserve Parole.

Let's brain-storm a bit:

"This is not democracy"

An idea about how to fight the Texas abortion law

Nail salon wouldn't give woman a manicure. So a Walmart cashier offered a helping hand

Where's Engel?

Heartbeat bill my a**

Curious southern right whale nudges paddleboarder in Argentina - video

This country was not established as a theocracy.

Curious southern right whale nudges paddleboarder in Argentina - video

If you live in Texas

McDonalds in Oregon solution to worker shortage... recruiting 14 and 15 year olds with huge banner

Coronavirus Vaccines Cut Risk of Long Covid, Study Finds

Rep. Gallego, James Fallows: War In Afghanistan 'Was Always Going To End Badly' - The Last Word MSNBC

Kicking someone when they're down

Unique 'Failed Star' Is Like Nothing Else in the Milky Way, Study Finds

Sanford & Townsend - Smoke From A Distant Fire

Coronavirus Vaccines Cut Risk of Long Covid, Study Finds, BBC News

Holy crap. Look at this flooding in and around New York (lots of clips within tweet of flooding)

So many people to thank for today...

Tweet of the early morning:

White House Blasts Texas Abortion Law As 'Unconstitutional' - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Anyone else remember in history the Germans who were rewarded for reporting

Republicans Are Turning Activists Into Enforcers

What happened to abortion rights in Texas could happen in California if Newsom is recalled, along

After Afghanistan, Biden Faces Slew Of New Problems - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

The Cult - Rain

McLennan County hits daily record of 501 COVID-19 cases, youth lead the way

The Satanic Temple is gearing up for another fight.

Sexually Harassed At Work? It's Now Easier To File A Complaint In Texas

Waukesha School Board Opts Back In To Federal Free Meals Program After Backlash

I'm Not Saying This Was The Best Musical Era Ever...

Reversed decision on school lunch program

Mysterious Ohio high school football team's season appears to be done in wake of state probe

To Anyone Who's Dreaming

Don Blankenship's Libel Lawsuit Against Donald Trump, Jr. Can Go Forward

Newsom has strong support in latest California recall survey

Bob Boone resigns from the Nationals front office

Fox & the Big Lie - 2-part series worth watching

New Texas Abortion Law 'Turns Every Anti-Abortion Zealot Into A Bounty Hunter' - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Biden administration sides with Tigua, Alabama-Coushatta tribes in long-standing gambling fight with

attendees of UK reading festival leave behind 60,000 tents and camping gear worth 1M

Someone posted on DU last night about the Abortion Pill

Black US farmers awaiting billions in promised debt relief

Do you think that the abortion ruling will energize the Dems in the midterms?

Bill eliminating local match for walk/bike infrastructure becomes law

Really they just need to add one seat to the supreme court. Right now.

California To Appalachia - Your Turn Next

CA-GOV: More 'soft Dems' returning ballots

The Daily Show - Lindy West on the reality of abortion

Kremlin says U.S. military help could make Ukraine behave unpredictably

If A Fetus Is A Person At Six Weeks Pregnant...

Canada to donate AstraZeneca vaccine doses to African countries under COVAX scheme

Idaho activates National Guard amid COVID-19 surge

US Senate races in 2022 that the Democrats will win in order to stay in the majority.

Breakfast Thursday 2 September 2021

Follow-up: Parents must pay $30,441 for getting rid of son's porn cache

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 finalists revealed

More than 500,000 children tested positive for Covid-19 in 3 weeks. Experts say school mask mandates

"We wanted to help people..."

Venezuelan opposition to face regime at negotiations table amid waning Washington support

VP Kamala Harris Statement on Facebook Re Texas Abortion Ban

Mask mandate vs. Forced childbirth

6:10 am and the kittens have already worn me out!

Mitch fucking McConnel can go straight to hell

Fact check: Biden honored service members killed in Kabul, checked watch only after ceremony

Inside a Florida Hospital Full of Dying, Unvaxxed Thirtysomethings

At least 8 deaths as Hurricane Ida's remnants hit Northeast

How "temporary" will the overruling of Roe be?

The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting the longest & coldest winter in years

The Abortion Pill -- Planned Parenthood Video

Europe's Stark Vaccine Divide Leaves Poorer East Far Behind

Ron Johnson caught on hidden camera admitting Trump legitimately lost 2020 election

Ralph Nader voters, Democratic voters not voting in 2010 and 2014, Jill Stein

HEY TEXAS: Here's the real reason behind your anti-choice rhetoric.

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, September 2, 2021

Southern Illinois hospitals filling their ICUs, asking the state for help. But in Chicago

Storm Ida: Flash flooding in New York and New Jersey kills nine

Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard: 'Consequences' for players unvaccinated against COVID-19

Thursday TOONs - Texas Grab'Em

Jaguars walk back coach Urban Meyer's claim that team weighed COVID-19 vaccination status during ros

A peaceful moment for you today

US envoy Kerry says China crucial to handling climate crisis

Slate"There are Two Real Ways to Answer the Texas Abortion Law"

The cruelty in the new Texas abortion ban has layers upon layers

Jackie and Ari

Wouldn't by exposing someone's health condition without approval,

Blue Jay Way

Luckovich captures the moment

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/1/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 9/1/21

The Rundown: September 2, 2021

The Scent - 'City' LIVE at The Sound Emporium

I now clean the house to the same music I used to

Here's a complete list of today's GOOD news!

The Taliban won because of their unblinking fervor...

Stunning videos of flooding in New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania from Ida

The smug Trumpian majority on the US Supreme Court, in basically looking the

At least two weeks until Fraudit Day

Oh, Yay, We're Saved. Big Oil Companies See Big Profits In Carbon Credits Scam, Uh, Trading

Jobless claims: Another 340,000 individuals filed new claims -- lowest since March 2020

The GOP is organized. Trumpism is alive and well. Cheat and win at all costs is GOP motto!

I'm tired of waiting for whatever fresh outrage is finally going to motivate people

TX law could flip the script on abortion politics

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win in order to stay in the majority.

3.15" Of Rain In One Hour In Central Park; 7.2" Of Rain In Newark (Record) As Airport Floods

In my opinion, the Select Committee needs to move with immediate urgency.

Trump endorses Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania's 2022 Senate race

UK Can't Even Provide Vaccines It Promised Delegates From Poor Nations So They Can Attend COP26

I received some tragic news about one of my cousins

Per AG Mark Herring, We have won the case to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Monument Avenue

The next step: They will begin questioning Texas women in airports and bus terminals.

What if we report the Texas gov. and all the conservative men in their house

Hottest Summer On Record For Glascow; Overall For UK 9th-Hottest Summer On Record

So.... Does this mean that a state can outlaw the ownership of assault rifles

Drought Monitor 9/2; Very Slight Easing In Intermountain West; Rapid Drought Expansion In IA, NE, KS

Record-levels of flooding expected after Ida remnants bring heavy rainfall to Philly region

Visiting Colorado's Biggest Oil & Gas Conference, Plowing Through Substance-Free Green Bullshit

A lot of people who spent weeks worried about women's rights in Afghanistan . . .

Billy Preston was born on this date.

Steve Porcaro was born on this date.

Philly teachers' union, district reach tentative agreement, leader says

Philly teachers' union, district reach tentative agreement, leader says

Ida is on her way out but it will be remembered for a century

DeSantis's ordered use of monoclonal antibodies against COVID

George Floyd mural in Indiana city is defaced for 4th time

There's going to be a run on morning after pills now in TX, IF they are still legal.

Texas, Get Involved, NOW!!

And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner

Former Delaware prison health care provider to pay $15M to settle federal lawsuits

US trade deficit narrows slightly to $70.1 billion in July

Susan Sarandon and her ilk own the draconian Texas Abortion Ban

I gave my dog ivermectin when he had worms.

UPDATE: Attacker Of Reporter Has Warrant, Arrest History - Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Republican Strategy for 2022 and 2024

tornadoe map of the usa.

Hey Texas... The equivalent of $10,000 is 1,000,000 pennies.

Calls for Expanding Supreme Court Take on New Urgency After Texas Abortion Ban

COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths to continue to rise, NM health officials say

COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths to continue to rise, NM health officials say

Vaccines cut risk of 'long covid' in half, major study finds

Getting vaccinated is a double mitzvah

Beto launching "drive-to-you" voter registration tool

BROKEN: Texas Legislators Introduce Bill to Rename State

Was there collusion with the Supreme Court?

China bans 'sissy men' from TV in new crackdown

Republican logic:

Democrats promote Cheney to vice chairwoman of Jan. 6 panel

Critical race theory protests in Pittsburgh-area schools have ties to GOP organizing, RW media

Will the newest draconian Tx law shift demographics even further in

LIVE 11:30 am: Biden discusses Hurricane Ida recovery

S.1975 - Women's Health Protection Act of 2021 117th Congress (2021-2022)

I think I'll sue every Walmart in Texas that sells coat hangers

Texas- so is each miscarriage a potential homicide investigation?

I'm a bad person. I signed up for an on line lecture by Francis Fukuyama.

Ron DeSanteria.

George Carlin: Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

Bushman Scare Prank From Montenegro

Brooklyn - Give This Grubhub delivery Person A Really Good Tip?

Sen Harris' Repro-Rights questions to Brett Kavanaugh & Amy Coney Barrett for SC

Second Barakah Nuclear Power Plant unit starts up

Rainfall from tropical storm Ida gushing into the New York subway:

Rick Hasen breaks down the horrendous Supreme Court TX abortion ban order

New York Press Conference on the Floods

Former President George W. Bush will be the speaker at Flight 93 Memorial on 9/11

How did everyone make out after Ida remnants?

Former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp now lobbies for tax loophole she called "one of the biggest scams"

I think drunk driving is bad, so should I be able to sue the clerk at the liquor store

Texas Law: Let Me Get This Straight

If Planned Parenthood had just followed the NRA business model

I am referring to the state formerly known as Texas as Texas (aka Gilead)...

On this day, September 2, 1938, Jimmy Clanton was born.

Does DU have a temporary mute word function?

Afghanistan latest : Qatar working with Taliban to reopen Kabul airport Al Jazeera Breakdown

If You Wonder If Spectrum Is Out In Your Area

Ford Rolls Out 'Very Gay' Truck in Response to Homophobic Troll

Ford Rolls Out 'Very Gay' Truck in Response to Homophobic Troll

I saw hell freeze over on TV yesterday

Is *anything* ever bad news for them?

Florida school locked down after parent's fit over masks

What Honor, Lindsey?

Deadly 1,000-year floods on the East Coast and in my home state of Tennessee.

Investigators thought SD AG Ravnsborg should get charged with 2nd degree manslaughter

Texas abortion law, Scotus dissenting opinions

Biden's Booster Plan Seen Facing Resistance From CDC Panel, FDA

Next the Right will go after any kind of birth control.

105 Photos From the Provincetown Carnival (By Dan McKeon Photography)

Eric Boehlert: Afghan obsession -- how the press missed the Texas abortion story

Good Day DU (September 2, 2021)

Republicans keep crossing the line. Democrats must hold them accountable.

Elie Mystal: "Joe Biden tonight could issue an executive order establishing a 'Privacy Commission.'"

Candice Owens gets a cov test refusal - and bitches about it

Question Regarding Texas Abortion Law

Biden says he's calling for a "whole-of-government effort to respond" to the Texas abortion law

'Spies for the Democrats': GOP lawmakers facing scrutiny for Jan. 6 lash out at colleagues

This is what oligarchy and a corrupt political system are all about.

Heeding Steve Bannon's Call, Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of the GOP -- and Reshape...

Private donations for Texas border wall surged to $54M in August

Name a seemingly banal or mundane moment that inexplicably fills (or filled) you with excitement

Eight months since insurrection and nothing

The Mary D. Hume Steam Whaler (1881)

Is it time to move everyone out of New York?

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 90s

Florida nurses feel helpless as so many people die of COVID

Trump's Plot to Steal Arizona Was Even Wilder Than We Thought

Al Capone's former South Florida home slated for demolition

When life imitates art.

What can employers do if workers avoid COVID-19 vaccines?

Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of the GOP -- and Reshape American Elections

How long before Texas outlaws tubal ligation?

The CIA Spy Who Reinvented the Travel Guide

Deal with OxyContin maker leaves families angry, conflicted

Jan. 6 Insurrectionist Goes Back To Jail Over 'Addiction' To Online Conspiracy Theories

The Supreme Court May Have Just Handed Democrats The 2022 Election

Welcome to the land of Abortion Bounties ...

NBC News poll shows nation's demographic divides on abortion

Unvaccinated Should Avoid Labor Day Travel, C.D.C. Head Says

3470 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs ;26 deaths

Speaker Pelosi: "This ban necessitates codifying Roe Vs. Wade."

Biden infrastructure plan takes on EV charging's inequality problem

Vatican exonerates Brooklyn bishop accused of sexual abuse

135 subreddits are 'going dark' to protest Reddit's refusal to ban COVID disinformation

Besides exploding covid and taking away womens' rights, TX is also

Canadian Election: Brooks Brothers rioters would be proud-Conservative Ratfucking arrives in Canada

Before Bishop Sycamore drama, there was another suspicious school

President Biden on now n/t

Hundreds lined up at a Florida chiropractor's office after he signed mask-exemption forms for studen

It's about damn time for this:' Bryan Ruby becomes only active pro baseball player to be out as gay

TFG just keeps making Moscow Mitch's life harder

Wealthy GOP donors flock to DeSantis as presidential speculation swirls

Nextdoor: Is this "Molly" or "MDMA"?

Were extinct Pleistocene megafauna harnessed to build the largest Neolithic monuments?

Apparently in Texas now hospitals legally can't forbid visitors on the covid ward...

Well, now we have NO local TV--Locast suspends operations

FTC bans spyware maker SpyFone, and orders it to notify hacked victims

'He's Gone from Awful to Alarming': N.C. Newspaper Demands GOP Censure Madison Cawthorn

Corp America launches massive lobbying blitz to kill key parts of Democrats' $3.5 trillion econ plan

What medical conditions exempt a person from receiving a Covid vaccine?

Pic Of The Moment: The Mess In Texas

TPM: Florida Is Already Considering A Copycat Of The Texas Abortion Law

Ponder This.....

You know both sides can play the abortion bounty game.

Fair elections and a strong economy: Both are at risk

George Takei gets it straight

"Abortion: Is the Texas GOP the Dog that Caught the Car?" - thom hartmann "rant"

The data is out. It is true. Republicans are killing their own voters. And it is deadly!

Unemployment: Florida workers lose reinstatement of jobless benefits as federal expiration looms

Pelosi just announced making abortion rights a Federal Law!!!!!

CNN idiot is asking why people are lining up for gas

Hey Texas, If it's too traumatic to force someone to wear a mask at school imagine what it will be l

Grocers Prepare for Possible Snack Shortages

Biden condemns Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion law as unprecedented assault on women's rights

Willie West, covering People Get Ready

'Revive I-5' returns: Southbound Interstate 5 to undergo lane reductions in Seattle next weekend

Should Figliuzzi's Criticism of the Jan 6 Committee Questions Be Heeded As Sept 18 Approaches?

Meidas Touch-Thank you, President Biden, for ending this endless war.

Does tfg have something on McCarthy?

Between Afghanistan being lost and texas

TCM 'tonight'

Meidas Touch-Thank you, President Biden, for ending this endless war.

List of companies with Texas headquarters:

From @POTUS in response to the Supreme Court and the Texas anti-abortion law.

Joe Rogan

Billionaire Sacklers Granted Lifetime Legal Immunity in Opioid Settlement

Love Train - Yo Yo Ma and friends

Texas Illustrates The Latest Hypocrisy of the Right Re Government Overreach

Texas is going to lose OB/GYNs and nurses.

More than 130 dogs and cats flown to D.C. region after rescue from Hurricane Ida

Jen Psaki should replace Rachel Maddow

I'm not sure the younger generation of women understands what the impact of overturning Roe will be.

Horse dewormer "... my only side effect is I can't see in the morning."

I Don't Think We Can Print Money Fast Enough To Pay For Climate Change Disasters

Samsung unveils record-breaking 200 megapixel mobile phone sensor

Five Justices Did This Because They Could

COVIDIOT of the day: Candace Owens

Making MD a 8-0 Democratic Congressional Delegation.

You can get the abortion pill by mail for now, the FDA ruled. But it's still an ongoing legal battle

Texas Driving Away Employers?

TFG was too busy to attend dignified transfer ceromonies

Most successful joke ever

Oh boy... Brazilian viper venom shows promise as drug to combat COVID-19

Limo company operator won't face jail time for NY crash that killed 20

The Beaverton: Conservatives fight Justin Trudeau's sex appeal with whatever the hell this is

Verbal and physical attacks on health workers surge

Millions missing from CDC COVID data

Abortion in Early 1960s California - Illegal for Most, Possible for Some

GOP Covid policy is killing GOP voters

Oh, Canada! Canucks donate vaccines to Costa Rica❣️

LIVE 2 PM: Jen Psaki holds White House news briefing

Arkansas is now following Texas' lead.

Could 1 million lefty dems sue a agreeable dem to tie up the court....

Didn't Ruth Bader Ginsburg say that an "Equal protection under the law" was the best vehicle on

**Time Frame for the September Photo Contest--Summer**

From HuffPost: "Donald Trump Accuses Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Of Hypocrisy"

Ivermectin: A little problem with its use to treat coronavirus. Any DU doctors or scientists ....

Western Union to resume money-transfer services to Afghanistan

ICU Doctor Jason Martin Runs for Governor of Tennessee

What kind of tax form do you fill out for a $10k "bounty"?

How many people have been hospitalized due to the vaccine?

Texas now has abortion 'bounty hunters': read Sonia Sotomayor's scathing legal dissent

These two puppers have mad skills:

I believe Mrs. Greg Abbott had an abortion at 7 weeks gestation.

How to get around the Texas law

WTF? Every grocery store in my immediate area is out of chicken wings!

Americans straining to watch Japanese World War II surrender, Tokyo Bay, USS Missouri, today 1945:

TikToker Makes Script to Flood Texas Abortion 'Whistleblower' Site With Fake Info

This Is What the First Hours of a Near-Total Ban on Abortion Look Like

For CBS Evening News' first 30-minute version, tonight 1963, JFK at Hyannis Port and Walter Cronkite

So, if mifepristone---the "abortion pill"---can be ordered and delivered by mail and

Family Finds Stray Kitten Who Looks Just Like A Little Alien

an activist made a script to flood the Texas abortion 'whistleblower' website with fake info.

ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down

well, here's a thought -- a bounty to you if you report someone violating mask mandate!

Rural NC counties are shrinking. Republican policies aren't helping at all.

Here's a quiz for those self researching Covid-19.

The number of elements in the periodic table in car types: ICV, hybrid and plug in hybrid.

50 Spot-On Reactions To Outdated Abortion Restrictions In Texas

A milkshake will bring the boys to the yard, but that ain't nothing

Haven't watched Meet The Press

Wonkette: Supreme Court Plays Stupid

I think today I made the best whale drone video of my life (translation).

Time to take off the gloves, Dems!

So Gaetz & Boebert introduced a bill eliminating the Dept. of Education!

Irish watchdog fines WhatsApp $267M after EU privacy probe

Explaining Humans to Aliens

The disappearance of a paper ballot requirement in Texas's SB 1

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space flight investigated by US regulators

Time to allow people to sue those who refuse vaccines/wearing masks

email from Hawaii senator Brian schatz today about public option health care

"Is John Roberts still the Chief Justice?"

McDonald's hiring 14-year-olds in Oregon amid labour shortage

The Latest: Ida remnants brings 'historic' flooding to PA

Masks will be required at large, outdoor events in King County

'I'm Terrified of You': Chelsea Manning Blasts 'Greedy, Unprincipled' Former Friend Glenn Greenwald

Football season is here

Republican Demands 'Documentation' On School Mask Mandates. OOPS

Desantis: "I'm pro-life. I welcome pro-life legislation. The science has been very powerful on this.

Cartoons 9/2/2021

Conservative Lie That DUPED EVERYONE

Manchin Tells Democrats to 'Pause' on Biden's $3.5T Plan

Laurie Garrett: Is There a COVID-19 Endgame?

GM to idle eight North American plants amid chip shortage

Detroit man charged in bomb hoax at Trump Las Vegas hotel

Hurricane Ida NYC death toll rises to at least 12, including 2-year-old boy

Progressives prepare to launch counterattack in tax fight

India locks down Kashmir after top separatist leader's death

Latest has-been "actor" to go right-wing political...

Another right-wing "preacher" who ridiculed AIDS victims has covid.

Cow stuck in tree after Hurricane Ida rescued by workers in Louisiana bayou

Netflix - Trailer - Red Notice - Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot & The Rock - November 12th

Hurricane Ida Remnants Slam Northeast- Bring Flooding, 14 Dead: Talk Climate Crisis, Infrastruc Now?

Recall ballot resolution

COVID Testing Clinic Spurns Anti-Vaxxer Candace Owens: You Made Pandemic 'Worse'

The computer repairman with Hunter Biden's laptop lost his lawsuit against Twitter and has to pay

McFlurry machines keep breaking and the FTC wants answers

Gen. Lee statue can be removed, Virginia Supreme Court rules

Sorry, you did not reveal yourself to be human. Goodbye.

Fans in Hungary boo as England players take knee ahead of World Cup qualifi

LIVE: Pentagon's John Kirby, Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters hold briefing

Gov. DeSantis' Net Approval Rating Drops 14 Points Amid Covid Spike, Poll Finds

Do you want to know one of the sweetest things to experience?

Arizona Banned School Mask Mandates. Now Some Kids Are Sick and Parents Are Angry.

Philly is completely effed up from the storm.

LIVE: White House COVID task force holds briefing

Online "Wormholes": How Scientific Publishing Is Weaponized to Fuel COVID-19 Disinformation

He got one thing right

Let them eat cake .. via Amazon Prime (today in Sicily)

Washington State Fair to require masks in all indoor and outdoor settings

LIVE 3:30 PM: Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Doggett discuss health care access

Washington ferry staffing shortages could lead to longer wait times over Labor Day weekend

Is this a thing?

Sound Transit gearing up to rebrand Seattle link light rail lines with new names, numbers and colors

Stop me if you've heard this one: "A monocle wearing top hat in human form, a Fred Flintstone

another idea for texas

White supremacist praise of the Taliban takeover concerns US officials


I finally purchased a new phone--2 days later dropped it, glass

Breaking 5 million ballots cast. The first big wave has abated slightly, but not before we break...

How do you explain the silence of the entire Republican Party?

Physics' greatest mystery: Michio Kaku explains the God Equation Big Think

All of those kitty kisses made Morgan sleepy

pass the same type of law texas passed except against gun stores and gun makers

Email about California Recall Election

Called my dentist's office this morning to check

Survey: Two Thirds of College-Educated Workers May Avoid Texas Because Of Abortion Ban

LIVE 3:30 PM: Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Doggett discuss health care access

12 minute video (tweet) of flooding. Sped up to 2 minutes.

Is Texas a "stand-your-ground" state?

I'm not sure if this will cross the line, but if I stray across it will not be the first time.

With galaxy-class apologies to Jabba the Hutt.

Did Nostradamus mean 2021 instead of 2012?

Never forget that Mitch McConnell blocked Merrick Garland 8 months before election then confirmed Am

There was a time when I wanted to visit all 50 states

EPA just detailed all the ways climate change will hit U.S. racial minorities the hardest.

How the once NC discriminatory trans law shows how to defeat the Texas Abortion

video of flash flooding in tn. (8/21) holy shit (time lapse video)

China bans men it sees as not masculine enough from TV

Three reforms that would help to prevent some of the improper uses of National Guard forces

My idea for getting the vaccination rates

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 2, 2021

This is one reason why traveling is difficult for most women in Texas

Leaked Audio Confession Blows Lid Off Mystery of Haiti's Murdered President

Michio Kaku: 3 mind-blowing predictions about the future Big Think

Angel Dance

My cousin is dying and I don't know how to feel.

Conservative Man Cries Hysterically Over Afghanistan

British Ex-Marine Pen Farthing arrives in UK with dogs and cats onboard flight

So did Justice Fart In A Windstorm vote as he did for belief or political cover?

2nd Bay Harbor Islands Apartment Building Ordered To Evacuate After Being Deemed Unsafe

BTRTN: Is the Biden Afghanistan Bashing Overdone?

BTRTN: Is the Biden Afghanistan Bashing Overdone?

No More F*cking Around. We elected you. Start acting like it (what I want to see today from Dems)

Liberty "University" leads the way in Virginia

It Took Years To Get This Feral Dog Inside A House

Inmates Weren't Told They Were Given An Anti-Parasite Drug Instead Of COVID-19 Meds

Florida lawmakers to consider similar abortion ban as Texas

WTO backs U.S. in solar cell case brought by China

Apparently we are going to follow Texas' lead

US Marshals arrest Ohio dude who assaulted MSNBC reporter on national teevee

Arizona Republicans Try to Block Release of 'Audit' Emails

'Blinded by police': my search for fellow survivors of an alarming trend

Matthew Dowd on Deadline Whitehouse:

Non-Party Votes Now Make Up Plurality In Nevada

Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of Local GOP

Is the Supreme Court an arm of the Republican Party?

Does your ballot allow you to drop it off Sept 11-14th?

Lotta righteous, righteous anger on Nicolle's first segment...

Owls Battle in Kiddie Pool

You know who needs de-worming?

Malcolm Nance would like to report a murder

(Jewish Group) Greece appoints minister who defended his father's desire to see Jews in Auschwitz

Everything Trump Touches Dies: Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Edition

(Jewish Group) An anti-vaxxer in Montreal said he would stop wearing a yellow star.

We Don't Need No Education -

I thought I was losing my sense of taste and I panicked.

Christmas is here.

Texas: the state Senate just passed a bill to audit the 2020 election results

(Jewish Group) 2 new synagogues open in Budapest

SCOTUS just gave a "green light" for states to adopt Texas like abortion laws.

Sweden tightens restrictions for tourists from six countries including the US

Twitter - Texas Heartbeat Bill whistleblower 😳 **LANGUAGE warning**

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 3 September 2021

2022 US Senate Races in GA and PA are going keep Democrats in the majority.

Idea for gun control

Former prosecutor indicted for shielding men who killed Ahmaud Arbery from being charged.

Texas Abortion Ban And The Rise Of Lawsuit Bounty Hunters

If a pregnant woman leaves the state of TX and gets an abortion elsewhere

What comes to mind when you think of being targeted for survillance for someone seeking a bounty

I've figured out what is most detestable about wingnuts

Cow rescued in tree from Ida.

My kiddo just spent the afternoon in lock down at his high school.

Ohio+How A Cruel Anti-Abortion Law Affected My Very Much Wanted Pregnancy

Oh so after getting his health authority to allow people diagnosed with

Democrats need to punish Manchin and Sinema.

Raw chicken at baggage claim.

here's Diane Feinstein's twitter

Now is a good time for bad actors to invade the left side of the internets

"There is no evangelical political movement. There is a new American Taliban..."


Remington Just Subpoena'd Sandy Hook Victim's Disciplinary Records

Kevin McCarthy among GOP lawmakers whose phone records 1/6 select committee asks to be preserved

Doctors Prescribe Museum Visits, Stress Relief From Pandemic, Other Conditions: Canada, Belgium

BREAKING: @CNN has exclusively confirmed that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's name was a par

When do public January 6th hearings begin again in the House?

The Moon is Coming to Kill Us!

Biden blasts high court failure to block Texas abortion curb

Isn't the Texas abortion ban counter to Republican electoral goals?

Awww. Pupper forgets his ball when butterflies distract him:

C'mon, guys! The rebellion starts today!

Q Anon Shaman does not want to be called Q Anon Shaman any more

Cool miniature tornado:

Are women people? Why the Supreme Court just signed off on a Texas law that denies women's humanity

Barry Goldwater "Mark my words, if and when these preachers get control....

Ohio+How A Cruel Anti-Abortion Law Affected My Very Much Wanted Pregnancy

Florida Man Says He Tried to 'Show Off' on First Date With High-Speed Police Chase

Not Everyone in the Christian Right Has Bowed the Knee to Politics

U.S. accuses UPMC surgeon, physicians group of false billing

Project Veritas records Sacramento teacher discussing Antifa

Great sign protesting against abortion restrictions:

SOME good news about Texas.

Former prosecutor indicted over Ahmaud Arbery case, accused of helping shield suspects in fatal shoo

Capybara cuddling with baby Huskies:

Politics is horrible. Please run for office. Especially democracy supporting ones.

@SenMarkey : This is the cost of doing nothing to confront the climate crisis: devastation

BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, Houston considered top candidates for Big 12 expansion, sources confirm

Jan. 6 rioter (stairs guy) back to jail - watched MyPillow guy Lindell's cyber symposium

This whale seems to be having fun--the human, perhaps not so much:

Small action to take to deflate Cawthorn and intercept his game plan

Underground Railroad for women in Texas?

LOL! This horse! He clearly goes, WTF!

And then there are miscarriages

Hoo boy! I called out an evanpedical Christian over making hay with the 13 killed in

So we could pass laws that say no gun sales allowed and

Islamic State 'Beatle' to plead guilty to U.S. terrorism charges

From Leena Batra on FB -- TX Dems need to be like...

Texas school district closes after two teachers die of COVID

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Trump Organization executive that prosecutors have been trying to flip will testify for a grand jury

Ocasio-Cortez: Flooding deaths highlight how 'climate crisis is an inequality crisis'

Congress and Biden must answer Justice Kagan's extraordinary call to action and expand the Court

My Body, My Choice - Oakland County Michigan Anti-Mask rally

prominent abortion opponent, head of @LiveAction endorses Larry Elder to replace Gavin Newsom

RIP Roe v. Wade? Scotus Won't Block TX Abortion Ban 'Clearly An Unconstitutional Law'​

Ohio man arrested days after confronting NBC News' Shaquille Brewster on live TV

Kids In Illinois Will Soon Be Able To Take 5 Mental Health Days From School

Here's How You Can Help Shut Down the Vile Website for Snitching on People Who Get Abortions in TX

I see a huge increase in pregnancies coming for Texas possibly.

Texas is about to pass a new law Republicans say will stop censorship of conservatives on Facebook,

The US supreme court is now cruel, partisan - and squandering its moral authority

Time for Good Trouble: Help crash this Texas Right-to-Life snitch website:

Biden Taps SPR

Karma Comes For Candace Owens

Wisconsin County Won't Comply With GOP-Issued Subpoena for 2020 Ballots, Voting Machines

Reinforcement for Colombia's liberal elite in 2022 elections race

About "Climate Change" Al Gore made people aware of this in a film, "The Inconvenient Truth"..

Bars, restaurants in Jefferson and Clallam counties to require proof of COVID vaccination

Which 2022 Republican US Senate nominee is easier to defeat?

Governor Pritzker Rocks! My Coworker All Decided to Get Vaxxed to Keep Their Jobs!

TFG's summer at New Jersey golf course included meetings with loyalists and conspiracy theorists

We just pulled our military out of theocratic Afghanistan, let's do the same in Texas.

McCarthy's phone records among those eyed for preservation by Jan. 6 investigators

The wars for Colombia's cocaine containers Part 1: Buenaventura

GOP-led states see Texas law as model to restrict abortions

Domestic Terrorists Dump Missing Lawyer

Minneapolis Police

US Capitol riot defendant jailed after watching MyPillow CEO's conspiracy symposium while prohibited

What federal law is Kevin McCarthy citing when he threatens telecom firms?

Tesla Must Send Autopilot Data to Feds by October 22

Amherst College has the Toughest Covid Restrictions in the Country

Lake Tahoe ski resort uses snow-making machines to fight wildfire . . .

Let's make one thing very clear.

COVID-19 to put WA school districts to test; families advised to model safe behavior

from Capital Weather Gang:

Open Thread The Possibility of Justice for Elijah McClain

PA Women Charged In Capitol Attack