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The Oracles Speak

Geez, the venue for the Emmys...

MAGA to me means

So the latest EXCUSE from the Right on COVID: Liberals Gave Us NO CHOICE!!1!

Muhammad Ali, by Ken Burns

I innoculated myself against the Seahawks loss today

One should not be upset/angry about Gabby Petito getting media attention.

Muhammad Ali, by Ken Burns, Part 1; Part 2 tomorrow.

Trump Supporter: Vaccines Will Make You Sicker

How Liberty Dies: The Politics of Star Wars

Insurrection Apologists BELIEVE January 6 Was a Hoax

What do you think? (about Covid)

Twitter: North Port Police now clearing the area in front of Brian Laundrie's house

Mississippi governor CRUMBLES after getting called out for his worst-in-the-US response to COVID

(Jewish Group) Whistle, Gotham City's latest superhero, is Jewish.

2 from Rhiannon Giddens

Her Emails/His Evacuation

stop calling them "anti-vaccine" or "anti-mask". that's *not* the relevant behavior.

Netflix documentary "Unrest" just blew my mind. I had no idea how many people

Footage Reveals New Details in Tourist Melee at N.Y.C. Restaurant

San Antonio braces for $21 million loss as fall conventions pull out

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, other Democrats push new voting rights bill

For my 20,000th post, I wanted to share this with my DU friends

Waxing Gibbous, 96% visible

"I Have Autism. Why An Autocracy Scares Me": Daily Kos

"It's magic"

0'Toole leaves final venue for his campaign through the back door and

She really is a goddamn internet troll



As if there weren't enough reasons to ban fraternities and sororities

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn,

confused deportees step off plane, surprised to find themselves in Haiti, place they left years ago

Motives of GOP lawmakers to urge vax-hesitancy? Worsening pandemic & economy & blame on Biden?

Tweet of the night:

Hillsong Church Founder Brian Houston, Charged with Concealing Dad's Sex Offenses, Steps Down

Senate parliamentarian deals blow to Democrats' immigration plan

"ghosting" a problem for employers... new hires walking away without explanation

JFK rose

Senate parliamentarian deals blow to Dems' immigration push

Star Wars Rebels: A Prophecy of Hope

Democrats unlikely to get immigration measure in $3.5 trillion budget proposal after Senate parliame

They dug up Nancy Grace!

A Message From a Funeral Director

The $3.5T Bill Corporate America Is Terrified Of: Robert Reich

Animal Toast

What (Hydroxy)chloroquine Does To The Body

People who are sure they can get away with ...."anything"...usually lose everything..

Olivia COLMAN! - Lead Actress/Drama - awww, lost her father/covid "he would have loved this"

Quite the SNF game tonight.

Purging Anthony Gonzalez - WSJ Editorial

It's almost time for the equinox!

Some executive of the United Conservative Party of Alberta wants a leadership

Sinema tells White House she's opposed to current prescription drug plan

Mass suicide via covid, 1500-2000 a day, and college sports and missing hiker get the most press

Georgia WWII Veteran, 98 Receives French Legion of Honor- Invasion of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge

Not going to wear a mask then you can't vote in Ontario. ROTFLMAO

Pandemic Has Turned Republican Governors Into Power Hungry Dictators - Ring of Fire

Homicide deaths in U.S...2018,,,14,141...Gabby is not alone..

A Pediatrician Joined the School Board During Covid-19. Her Face Mask Recommendations Could Cost Job

Democrats Introduce New legislation To Protect Voting Rights - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Trump Looks for Challenger to Depose Mitch McConnell as Split Widens

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood (Official)

Alabama shrinks.1st time in history more die than born

So one of the books I'm reading is "Robert E. Lee and Me, A Southerners Reckoning with the Lost...

Dishes you hated or wouldn't eat when you were a kid but changed your mind as an adult

Haitian roundup by horseback

Tuba Skinny - I Got A Woman - Live, Shelter Island, NY

There must be real consequences for January 6th

Pro-Insurrectionist Rally Flopped, But Warns Of Deeper Rot in GOP - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Support for Abbott plunging in Texas: poll

An aging deplorable

From CNN: Clyburn says there's a "possibility" that 9/27 vote on bipartisan bill will be delayed

Shane Smith listed as witness in Bart Reagor bank fraud trial

Stephen Colbert Jokes About CA Recall at Emmy Awards - NowThis News

Elon Musk whines Biden didn't congratulate him for all-civilian SpaceX mission

Idaho Botched Its Pandemic Response. Now It's Begging Neighbors Like Washington State for Help.

DEMOCRATS BANNED: @chucktodd once again invited only Republicans onto @MeetThePress

Mayor demands BoE resign over "porn" assignment

Rogue Doctor Devastates Idaho Public Health

Al Franken: Alex Gibney Talks Opioids & His Doc "The Crime of the Century" (Sept. 19, 2021)

The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays

Think I pinpointed the exact location of Gabby Petito's van on Google Maps.

Groups of Haitian migrants make way to Reynosa

Investigation of Southern Baptist sex abuse response moves forward

Enrollment dips at many Arkansas colleges, universities

Sinema tells White House she's opposed to current prescription drug plan

Federal Government Starts To Return RGV Properties Seized For Border Wall

Bonus Tweet of the Day

St. Mary's University To Launch First-Ever Online Law Degree Accredited By The American Bar Ass'n

Is this a hack? Malicious apps? In any case . . .

Dems Plan "Redistribution of Wealth," Says Kevin McCarthy

Light mag. 4.4 earthquake - South Pacific Ocean, 83 km west of Concepcion, Region del Biobio, Chile,

UNICEF launches appeal for Afghan children - Al Jazeera

Trump Still Pathetically PRETENDING he's President - Christo Aivalis

St. Mary's University To Launch First-Ever Online Law Degree Accredited By The American Bar Ass'n

Pete Souza (Obama's official photog) smacks Rep. Ronny Jackson (Trump's lying doc):

"Brazil: groom & wedding party entrance"--

This little girl has the BEST daddy!

The Bye Line: Republicans Can't Remain Silent On The Danger Trump Poses to The Country - MSNBC

The Other Americans: Guatemala's Indigenous Communities Are Still Fighting for Their Rights

The article embedded in this tweet is a must read.

Happy Respect for the Elderly Day (Japan)

Major Animal Pharma Industry Group Forced to Remove UN Logo from 'Misleading' Briefing on Livestock

Breakfast Monday 20 September 2021

Are you ready for The Full Moon Fever? The full moon occurs on September 20,

Rathalos hunt - Monster Hunter World

'Full' moon setting over the river, southern MD. FULL @ 7:55 p.m. EDT.

African-Colombian moonshine gets official seal of approval as heritage drink

Half of college students fear expressing ideas in the classroom: survey

US launches mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas

Russia shooting: Gunman kills several at Perm University

A peaceful moment for you today

Biden's Schedule for Monday, September 20, 2021

Low dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is safe and effective in children ages 5 to 11

Jumped the shark they have...

White nationalism and white supremacy is now a key ideology of the Republican Party

Oh shit...

Should families of the unvaxxed get funeral assistance from the Feds?

First Chilly Morning Here in New England.

Pfizer to seek vaccine authorization for ages 5-11. Says it is safe and effective

People who say feminists want to "make men look bad" have it backwards.

Eric Boehlert: Politico shames WashPost columnist for calling out crummy Biden coverage

If Gabby Petito had brown skin, would it be the national story we are witnessing?

Here is an amazing letter that was in this morning's Columbus Dispatch.

I'm making a bet with an anti-vaxxer

Putin's party on track to retain majority amid fraud claims (CNN)

Covid vaccine is safe for kids aged 5-11, Pfizer says (CNN)

This week's major U.S. economic reports (September 20 - September 24)

So my wife asked, what is the difference between a new dog and a husband.

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 9/15/21

2021 Ignatz Awards Winners Announced

The Rundown: September 20, 2021

Gabby Petito's body likely found, says FBI (CNN)

Pfizer Says Its Covid Vaccine Is Safe And Effective For Children Ages 5 To 11 (MSNBC)


API Officialy Supports A Carbon Tax; Now Lobbying Tooth & Nail Against Methane Fee In Recon Bill

Syrian detention camp rocked by dozens of killings blamed on Islamic State women

North Port FL police say they have no plans to 'conduct a major search' at Carlton Reserve for Brian

A Better 10 Commandments

Nice pic from Saturday's MAGAt rally

Monday TOONs - The Eternal Cycle Of Wingnuttery

On this day, September 20, 1973, Jim Croce and five others were killed in a plane crash.

The Sunday front page of the Detroit Free Press:

ICU nurse: "I really wish yall non healthcare folk understood the straight up apocalyptic vibe in.."

This Doc Stoked the COVID Crisis. These Women Are Paying the Price

Apathy in our ranks,

Rahm Emanuel, target of the left, may be rescued by Republicans

1/6 defendant seeks permission to attend Steelers-Broncos game. Prosecutors allow.

France, Australia agree submarine row won't stop trade deal

Mark Hammil: I've seen bigger crowds at meetings of the Star Wars Holiday Special Fan Club.

The cycle of wingnuttery -by Tom Tomorrow

Dow Jones Futures Down

Baby Mouse Gets A Tiny House And Mini Cupcakes

Another Great Tune On An Unusual Instrument

The Same Thing Happens When You're Stupid article, Chuck Todd style: Republican only

Scoop: Sources say Beto plans Texas comeback in governor's race

18-year-old charged with Albuquerque murder after shooting panhandler

White House rules out concessions on debt ceiling while GOP refuses to help avert financial crisis

Seriously, how could Mike Pence winning the nomination not be a gift from heaven for us?

B-TFG I never read anything by ....

States ranked by percentage of population fully vaccinated: Sept. 17

The Minneapolis City Council defunded mounted patrol last year. The unit still exists.

I'm happy to report that Sophie Stinky Toes' appetite is back!!

Heart It Races

With the 9/11 anniversary behind us, can America wake up from its 20-year nightmare?

The full Harvest Moon of 2021 rises tonight: Here's what to look for


Several killed in shooting at Russian university

How passive voice makes men invisible in reference to sexual assault and domestic violence

Scoop: Sinema issues ultimatum to Biden

Capitol rioter screams and says she has right to 'self determination' as judge sends her to jail

U.S. to relax travel restrictions on passengers from UK, EU from November- source

FBI is at the Laundrie house. About 15 agents with lots of equipment.

The black cowboys of Chicago's South Side

The current labor shortage has been great for my diet

US set to drop travel ban for vaccinated international travelers starting in early November

Biden confronts extreme heat, a silent climate killer

How can we get rid of the filibuster with out the votes of Sinema and Manchin?

It's Infrastructure Week in Blighty.....

New photos on the Smugmug page

New photos on the Smugmug page

How Sarasota Became the Conspiracy Capital of the United States

My parent is having a hard time opening OTC childproof medication bottles

Breitbart has discovered the Libs secret vax plan. 😡🤪😳

Police officer in Wisconsin gets caught having sex in his car in broad daylight

This $100,000 Donation by Matt Gaetz Raises All the Eyebrows

U.S. homebuilder confidence edges up in September, survey shows

"Wally's first day on the job."

LOL! Looks like the good ole boys in the city have us in their sights.

More Indictments are expected in Trump NY State Tax Fraud Case

Kevin never did make it on the ladder of success

How do antivaxxers explain all these unvaccinated people dying of Covid?

"My Human Rights Are Being Violated": Fighting A Family Conservatorship

Cartoon: Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend By Clay Jones -September 20, 2021 9:15 AM

Good Day DU (September 20, 2021)

How Sarasota Became the Conspiracy Capital of the United States

Sick Fisher 💙💜🤎🖤💘

A lady bug take-offf, and a math challenged idiot

Peter Thiel Claimed Zuckerberg Agreed to Push 'State-Sanctioned Conservatism' Under Trump Deal, Book

2020 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 0 deaths

Marjorie Traitor Greene......this you?

China's Real Estate Collapse Roils Markets!

How many people here had ever heard the name Gabby Petito before last week?

Tech giants quietly buy up dozens of companies a year. The Biden administration is finally noticing.

GA-SEN: Hershel Walker Brags About Playing Russian Roulette

Texas restaurant kicks out family because they were wearing masks to protect at-risk infant.

White House rules out concessions on debt ceiling while GOP refuses to help avert financial crisis

Mohammed is Palestinian. Why does 23andMe think he's Egyptian?

Curious Pit Bull is checking out a playful kitten!

Pic Of The Moment: One Quote And One Picture That Neatly Sum Up The Insanity Of "Justice For J6"

Suggested new ad for Biden admin

You gotta' be kidding me: Joe Manchin to draft climate legislation

Well, at least it's historically correct - Get rid of the Indian, keep the land


Parrot is pissed at cat's mewing....

The right on Nikki Minaj:"This person said something stupid. Clearly they're on our side!"

2nd tweet: "If the vaccines weren't safe poor countries would be flooded with them."

Supreme Court to hear restrictive Mississippi abortion law on December 1

OAN: Worse than you thought - Corporate Casket

Republicans maneuver to block vaccine mandates

Mom desperate for justice months after missing daughter found shot to death in NYC car trunk

Georgia Governor Touts AIDS 'Vaccine'

Texas dad drops his pants at school board meeting to make a point about wearing masks VIDEO

How Democrats can capitalize on the MAGA crowd's frequent humiliations

Ominous new details about Trump's coup attempt require Democrats to act

Shenandoah County's public buses ready to roll Oct. 4

U.S. Covid-19 Death Toll Will Soon Surpass Spanish Flu

When Lizards Took Over the World

4 famous giant trees unharmed by Sequoia National Park fire

France is doing everything it can to show its anger at a cancelled $50 billion submarine contract

Bernie Slams 'Absurd' Argument From 3 Democrats Protecting Big Pharma

In 'We're Not Broken,' Author Eric Garcia Takes On Myths About Autism

In a mood, not jazz, rock, blues or even bluegrass

Patrick Byrne, the pro-Trump former Overstock CEO admits funneling cash to his ex-lover Maria Butina

Trump Organization Trial Is Scheduled for Next Summer, Judge Says

What Would Manchin & Sinema Say If They Were Asked These Questions.....

Hotel Rwanda hero Paul Rusesabagina convicted on terror charges

New data shows gun violence spiking in 2021

You know, two things can be true at once...

China: Children given daily time limit on Douyin - its version of TikTok

Cinnamon Girl- cover by Type O Negative

So finally paid the ransom to Photobucket to get my old pics

Why Y Chromosomes Won't Be Around Forever

Lincoln Project says ad attacking Greg Abbott pulled from Texas football game

Though I have been a frequent poster here, I have only posted once in the past week and a half

Voters still don't like the GOP's answer to the coronavirus

Cry macho: Why scared white guys are so dangerous

Live updates: Shooting at Heritage High School in Newport News

Oh lord, please give me a sign!

Republicans trapped in a media prison of their own making

Evergrande Gave Workers a Choice: Loan Us Cash or Lose Your Bonus

Fess up guys! You didn't go to Hammer Films horror movies to see the monsters, did you?

Chris Rock reports breakthrough COVID diagnosis (J&J Vaccinated)

Covid-19 Toll in U.S. Is About to Surpass 1918 Pandemic Deaths

TCM today/tonight:

My wonderful nail/facial/wax salon closed very suddenly!

Democratic NJ representatives: No SALT cap repeal, no support for budget

Majority opposes Supreme Court allowing Texas' 6-week abortion ban to take effect

Lava from Spanish volcano heads toward sea; no injuries

Biting my tongue

So gullible

The White House says no to minting a $1 trillion coin to sidestep McConnell and ease debt ceiling

Pipeline workers violence against indigenous women

Biden administration to write workplace safety rule tackling heat stress

Records of 3.5 million enslaved people are digitized, giving Black families ancestry clues

Bill Gates raises over $1 bn for clean energy

U.S. To Require Covid Vaccinations For Arriving International Travelers - MSNBC

Amnesty International accuses Taliban of killing civilians, blocking humanitarian aid

WSJ: Trump wants McConnell voted out of Senate

Bedazzled (2000)

Mayor Durkan set to announce funding to acquire housing for the homeless

Mookie Betts of the LA Dodgers is a high-class individual

If the senate doesn't pass a voting rights act, all other issues are moot

Groups push lawmakers to use defense bill to end support for Saudis in Yemen civil war

At Colorado's tight-lipped air pollution agency, a 'culture of fear' prevails

Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer Indicted For Allegedly Lying To The FBI

Swan song

(Jewish Group) American Blood Libel: It did happen here

Marketron, the media giant that runs the radio systems where my GF Jeannie works was hacked by Russi

Perhaps one of the saddest headlines of the day...But don't worry there will be plenty more like it!

Guess what the three Democrats blocking lower medication prices have in common?

Kevin McCarthy Makes False Claims on Trump Admin's Spending - NowThis News

Class-action lawsuit against filed against Louisiana energy company after Hurricane Ida

Got my flu shot this morning

Retired Lt. General Russel Honor says he survived fiery I-10 crash

Dog takes bus by herself every day to go to the dog park

"Shang-Chi" - political complacence, artistic cowardice and hollow corporate pandering

U.S. to lift travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreigners

In honor on tonight's "Harvest Moon".....

I asked my pharmacist about the COVID booster shots this morning

BlackMatter (Russian hackers) Hits Grain Cooperative With Ransomware Attack

Nancy Pelosi stopped by the set of 'Coronation Street' to discuss hate crime story line

DENIED: Senate parliamentarian nixes Democrats' immigration plan

The Black Angels - Young Men Dead

Report blames Portland (Oregon) police for protest violence

Walmart worker resigns over loud speaker, " F-k this job."

County releases details of which Covid-vaccinated people end up in Central New York hospitals.

Rachel Campos-Duffy thinks Biden doesn't have stamina bc he rides a bicycle.

Book Says Zuckerberg Agreed to Not Fact Check Posts

After the Capitol riot, 'Stop the Steal' organizer Ali Alexander was scrambling to hide digital...

Cartoons 9/20/2021

"Journalist" Lara Logan melting down on Twitter

Border Patrol agents on horseback cracking whips and charging into crowds of Haitian asylum seekers

Saw my first all black flag flying at a nearby home

Parents in China laud rule limiting video game time for kids

Ten women and girls killed every day in Mexico, Amnesty report says

Ten women and girls killed every day in Mexico, Amnesty report says

Police gangs in LA

Canadians vote in pandemic election that could cost Trudeau

Staff member at elementary school in Newberg, OR showed up to work in Blackface on Friday

UN to world leaders: To curtail warming, you must do more

On the bright side, stocks could regain those 900 points in the next hour of trading.

Trump Org Prosecutors Find New Evidence--in a Basement

Are you cats "Down With The Sickness"?

Republicans Busted In Text Messages Admitting Election Laws Have Nothing To Do With Fraud

MD neighborhood hangers-on

Combating Information Manipulation: A Playbook for Elections and Beyond

The world's 1st atomic bomb causes rare cancers in New Mexico and no apologies for 76 years

Does The Moon And Other Planets' Gravitational Force Impact Earth?

Gabby Petito: The original police interview, Cops failed her. Laundrie hit & slapped her.

Poland refuses to halt disputed coal mine despite EU court penalty

Are we really SURE what happened with the Titanic? Poor Jon ☹️

DC-area Metro commits to more stringent safety standards to protect track workers

Metro commits to more stringent safety standards to protect track workers

Eat The Rich! Why Millennials and Generation Z Have Turned Their Backs On Capitalism

GOP Shows Disdain For Veterans

Covid is about to become America's deadliest pandemic as U.S. fatalities near 1918 flu estimates

As proud members of the Milky Way what say ye

U.K. Soft Drink Makers Have Just Days of Carbon Dioxide Left

California has the lowest coronavirus rate in the nation. LAT

U.K. Soft Drink Makers Have Just Days of Carbon Dioxide Left

One lawyer's rise shows how vaccine misinformation can fuel fundraising and far-right celebrity

'Devastating': Florida Republicans worried about 2022 as they crafted election law

Biden to stress U.S. does not seek new Cold War in UN speech Zachary Basu

I missed this Axios article in May. PERTINENT NOW after the news about Milley.

Identifying and Minimizing the Risk of Election Subversion and Stolen Elections in Contemporary US

Stocks are heading for their biggest slump in almost a year


atheists are the most-vaccinated of any group at 90%

See a tightrope walker complete a high-wire walk from the Eiffel Tower

'Someone must help this bird!'

Brian Setzer and Joe Strummer

First edition of Frankenstein sells for record breaking $1.17m

Peter Thiel's Origin Story His ideology dominates Silicon Valley.

Supreme Court will hear direct challenge to Roe v. Wade in Mississippi case on December 1.

Mayor London Breed criticized by health experts for going maskless in S.F. club: 'lapse in judgment'

Well, seems logical to me - Lefties conspiring to kill Repukes via vax encouragement

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 21: Starring George C. Scott

Very nice! There's a long article on Z Budapest on page 1 of the LA Times

Shakespeare: What hath beauty like this interception on a glorious Saturday?

'Devastating': Florida Republicans worried about 2022 as they crafted election law

Troll farms reached 140 million Americans a month on Facebook before 2020 election, internal report"

@RepKatiePorter :The organ transplant industry has long been a haven for fraud and abuse

The Supreme Court Sets A Date For Arguments In Case That Could Challenge Roe V. Wade: NPR

pre lunch time reading about 10:00a 114. ate breakfast @ 0700.

*sigh* A show I enjoyed, killed off by Bible-thumping haters....

Earlier this year, some Republicans claimed the GOP was now "the party of the working class."

Lions or Packers tonight? How much is riding on it? $736,000 for one bettor...

Down the rabbit hole chasing Chet Atkins records

Your Hubble space shot on your birthday -

Near the fall equinox, Washington's sunrises are perfectly aligned with its monuments.

the GazettE -Zetsu (my favorite GazettE song)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 20, 2021

GOP lawmakers now appear to want mask and vaccine rules -- for immigrants

Does anyone recognize this painting or signature?

Yian Garguga hunt -Monster Hunter World

This $100,000 Donation by Matt Gaetz Raises All the Eyebrows

What it is like living in a red part of California

"Justice For J6" Rally Draws TINY Crowd - The Damage Report

Vaccinations are available, effective and safe. Refusal to get vaccinated is suicidal in nature.

Alabama population on course to shrink for first time ever as Covid takes toll

a must read (and to share with the unvaxxed)

The Man Whose Heroism Inspired 'Hotel Rwanda' Is Convicted On Terrorism Charges

Live stream for tonite's Canadian federal election results.

The US death toll from Covid-19 just surpassed that of the 1918 flu pandemic

Biden to raise refugee admissions cap to 125,000 in the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1

Sanders: 'I'm Tired Of Talking About Mr. Manchin And Miss Sinema'

"I wish we had never seen Miami" The 95th anniversary of The Big Blow

Texas doctor who violated state's abortion ban is sued, launching first test of constitutionality

Democrats unveil new plan to fund government, suspend debt ceiling as major showdown with GOP looms

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

The four-part WETA co-production Muhammad Ali,

Republican candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch has tested positive for COVID-19,

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 21 September 2021

tweet of the day

Anti-Vax Hypocrite Eric Clapton Breaks Own Vow, Plays Venue With Vaccine Mandate

Which US Senator is or was the worst? Ben Nelson(NE) or Joe Manchin(WV)?

GOP Group Known for Robocall Before Jan 6. Rally Held 'War Games' Meeting Before Election

The question of the impact of movie and TV violence

Why dont Democrats go to the voters in WV and


Older Americans Are Getting Slammed Financially During COVID-19 Times

Biden continues to have Americans evacuated from Afghanistan - flight left yesterday with 69

Federal Officer Arrested At Capitol Rally With Gun Won't Be Charged

here's a little Singkil, a Philippine Folk dance for y'all

Almost LBN, but California has the lowest COVID-19 case rate in the United States,

Here Are Some Entertaining Ladies

From Rags to Riches and back

Why does colonoscopy prep solution have to taste SOOO BADDDD?!!!

Big Bad Bolsonaro Eats on the Street Like a Pleb

Just got out of an uber where covid came up in talking to the driver.

$5 Trillion in spending is nuts, fiscally irresponsible... and this may be the perfect time to do it

Geeze, for the first time in well over a year I ate 2 extra crispy wings from KFC

Ken Burns Says Current Times 'Equal' to Civil War, Depression and World War II

Fountain of fire and rock in La Palma

Congressman Tim Ryan tested positive for Covid....

Iowa governor's job approval ticks up: poll

Hard Drive Found in Gabby Petito Van, New Last Text Details Emerge as Brian Laundrie Remains Missing

Alabama "Forever Chemicals" Plant Creates the Climate Pollution of 125,000 Cars: Food & Textile Pkgs

Clueless Trump Supporters Attempt To Explain Away January 6th - Rebel HQ

COVID-19 spreads through gorillas at zoo

And now we know.

Nine big cats in the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo test positive for COVID

Principal of SW Idaho charter school dies due to COVID

I Can't Believe My Grandma Stormed the Capitol

First suit under SB 8 (Abortion Bounties) filed in Texas against Dr. Braid.

Elon Musk Miffed That Joe Biden Hasn't Personally Praised SpaceX's Inspiration4 Mission

The companies polluting the planet have spent millions to make you think recycling will save us.

Do you avoid answering binary (yes/no) online survey questions?

Newspaper-published advice 1918 Flu: Best:"Do not think you are entitled to special privileges"

Southwest Colombia shocked by yet another massacre

Jelani Cobb on The Kerner Report: An Unheeded Warning About the Consequences of Racism

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek pulls back on redistricting deal

Josh Marshall: Kyrsten Sinema's Final Senate Term

Centrists Risk Everything With FATAL Stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

School staffer shows up in Blackface to protest vaccine mandates for teachers

Joe Manchin now starring in the role of Sisyphus


For P.G. Wodehouse fans

NC needs the voting rights bill more than literally anything else the feds can do

6-point plan advanced by Trump lawyer John Eastman for VP Pence to overturn the election on 1/6

Doug Wead was indicted today for funneling Russian money to the RNC

White House says images of Border Patrol with apparent whip are 'obviously horrific'

This is the six-point plan advanced by Trump lawyer John Eastman for VP Pence to overturn election

From rural Florida to Trump allies' inner circle: Who is the Cyber Ninja leading Arizona's audit?

The biggest media bias that no one is talking about is obscuring a violent Republican crime wave...

Man Leaves Cop Speechless During Traffic Stop

Man Kept Calling 911 To Report He Was Tired

Pfizer Booster for Older, High-Risk Americans Could Be Authorized and Rolled Out by Friday

HeadsUp! Woodward and Costa will be on Lawrence tonight n/t

Memo shows Trump lawyer's six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election

Guy Tries To Befriend A Stray Cat For Over A Year

Passengers Sing 'Hey Hey Hey Goodbye' as People Kicked Off Flight for Not Wearing Masks


Larry Kudlow: 'I Yearn For the Calm, Peaceful, Orderly Days Of Donald Trump'

Quinn Cummings: Eight words blew up my world.

States are setting hard-hit Americans up for disaster by forcing them to pay back unemployment

Klobuchar: 'It is evil to make it deliberately hard for people to vote'

Pelosi Adds Debt Limit Hike to Short-Term Spending Bill