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Archives: September 22, 2021

How are you doing? If you're down now...

How about Phoenix Mayor Gallego challenging Sinema in the 2024 US Senate Democratic Primary?

Brad Raffensperger coming up on Chris Hayes

I can't get enough of the Graham Norton show-- check out Hillary...

NV Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Mack Miller was dragged out of the Clark County Commission meeting

A scene from my kitchen: a backlit window

Biden Had a Four-Letter Reaction After He Found Trump's Giant Video Golf Setup in the White House

Trump "revelations" are an indictment of America's political class: They knew, and did nothing

If you're interested in working at a fantastic library

Golden Retriever 'Attacked' by Kitten

Judge sets May for possible trial of 'Proud Boys' facing Jan 6 riot charges

Susan Collins praises Joe Manchin in Time mag article.

UN: China promises to halt new coal projects abroad amid climate crisis

Trump-supporting lawyer's memo begins with a lie, then descends into madness

Graham Norton Part Deux

If you want to cut down on toilet paper use in your home, here is an idea.

Fact check: False claim that many California voters were told they already voted

Harry Dunn family reach deal in US civil claim against Anne Sacoolas

'Sex and the City' Willie Garson Dead at 57... After Cancer Battle

Trump didn't want to build golf course in Africa because he feared getting mauled by lions

Fears for democracy in El Salvador after president claims to be 'coolest dictator'

Just an idle thought: what would it take to make car windshields like transition

Elton John and Lil Nas X team up for weird Uber Eats tv commercial LOL

Republican governor makes dumbest misstep possible live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

More Evidence of Trump Crimes Revealed: John Eastman 6-Point-Plan to Overturn Election Results

Iraq War Vet Disrupts George Bush During Live Speech - The Rational National

Mich Co. Health Director Pleads For Help, Almost Run Off Rd. By Woman Driving 70+mph 2x: Mask Policy

In reversal, Florida to apply for $820 million in food aid

Trump Campaign Knew Voting Machine Claims Were False

House passes stopgap funding, debt ceiling suspension bill

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

and how long will it take to make car makers make car headlights come on when it's a tad dark out??

Lithuania says throw away Chinese phones due to censorship concerns

1983 - world's first commercial portable cellular phone from Motorola $3,995

India seizes $2.7 billion Afghan heroin haul amid Kabul takeover chaos

So the majority of our caucus will get none of their priorities

House prepares to vote on bill to avert shutdown and suspend debt limit

Black immigrants have been left out of policy decisions for too long, organizers say

Southwest U.S. drought, worst in a century, linked by NOAA to climate change

Shutdown, default odds increase as GOP buckles up to block debt limit hike

Florida's next surgeon general opposes mask, vaccine mandates

Vamps on a Plane or Thirty days of nights on one transatlantic trip

Washington among 10 worst states for auto theft, report says

Senate advances Biden consumer bureau pick after panel logjam

Pramila Jayapal on Rachel show now.

Wray warns Taliban takeover in Afghanistan could inspire US-based extremists

You know how MF45 kept surrounding himself with crazier and crazier people...check out DeSatan!

Lindsey Buckingham - On The Wrong Side

Not that it matters! Watching a 1992 episode of Colombo. The plot revolves around the murder of

Watching the Cards vs Brewers and listening to Ernie shed

I interviewed animals with a tiny mic again

Giant pyramid built by the Maya was made from rock spewed by a volcano

Why Democrats Need To Get Angry (MSNBC)

Giant pyramid built by the Maya was made from rock spewed by a volcano

Costco Hot Dog! I'll say no more!

trmp sued nyt and Mary Trump for conspiracy,

Iraq War Vet Confronts Bush, Demands Apology For War Lies

I was getting into Dirilis /Ertugrul on Netflix

Is there any good news for this Democrat? I want to not live in

Second dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine increases protection against covid-19, maker says

Haitian Immigrants

Jake Sherman Sees A 'Heightened Sense Of Threat' Since Jan 6th - Deadline - MSNBC

Donald Trump Sues New York Times and His Niece Over Tax Story

actually saw an msnbc ad supporting build back better...

I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living/ All Over Again - (Dirty) Fleetwood Mac

'Roe Is In Serious Doubt': Joyce Vance Breaks Down TX's Abortion Ban - Deadline - MSNBC

Marjorie Taylor Greene hilarious GUN FAIL!

Indigenous activist: MAGA ralliers are just crash test dummies. Their politicians are the danger.

Did I imagine seeing a certain final Norm MacDonald video?

Is it too soon for creepy Halloween costumes?

Marjorie Taylor Greene hilarious GUN FAIL!

Last song tonight,

Simba Cam

How to fold a fitted sheet (cat's version)

Paul Rudd Dancing to 'September' on September 21st just because...

Journalist exposes lies & throws shade on MAGA protest: I did not hear anything rooted in reality.

Obama, Bush and Clinton join forces with new organization helping Afghan evacuees

White Supremacist Violent Overthrow of Dem- Elected Govt, NC 1898: 'Wilmington On Fire': Amer. Coup

Hayes Presses Sec. Of State Brad Raffensperger On Restrictive Voting Laws - All In - MSNBC

Democrats, strategists: Listen to this organizer about leaning into our causes & values

finally - news about J&J, boosters -- and it's good news

Leaderless Republicans rush headlong toward default


U.S. Department of Education opens investigation into mask mandate ban in Texas schools

Family Guy COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness PSA

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell share a laugh. . .

School teachers, check in. Let's just take a minute to commiserate.

Rusty Cage - Soundgarden, Alice in Chains w/Mastodon,Metal Al. members

Bombshell Allegations About Trump's Peaceful, Orderly, Prosperous Days as President

Jesse Jackson: Haitian refugees test the measure of our nation's humanity

Seth Meyers - U.S. Customs Intercepted Thousands of Fake Vaccination Cards - Monologue 9/20/21

Lava gobbling up homes on Spanish island

Catching up with Joe Jaworski - Candidate for Texas Attorney General

Aussie Earthquake

Trump Sues NYT and Niece--Who Calls Him 'F*cking Loser'

So they were the horses' reins and not whips?

Pelosi: Legislation To Limit Presidential Powers Will Protect 'Against Future Abuse' - NBC News

Update on my big trip...

Great advice from a never trumper, old school republican.

China Evergrande unit to make $35.9 million onshore coupon payment on Sept 23

La Palma volcano: Rumours of feared mega-tsunami debunked by experts

The Who - Eminence Front (live)

Outer Banks - Netflix (2 seasons)

Who understands transfer fees in soccer/football?

It's not about politics - it's about human decency.

I just watched 2 contemporary video presentations

A new document from John Eastman's dangerous plan for Pence to do the coup.

Republicans are trying to shut down the government!

President Carter turns 97 on Oct. 1

Tonight's Last Word: The Death Of George Holliday - The Last Word - MSNBC

(Jewish group) Two men charged in anti-Semitic hate crime incident at Los Angeles restaurant

(Jewish Group) For Mallorca's Jews, their first 'public' sukkah is a triumph over the Inquisition

(Jewish Group) Torah scroll the Nazis stole for their post-Holocaust 'Jewish museum' returns...

(Jewish Group) Amsterdam's latest Holocaust memorial features the names of 102,000 victims

(Jewish Group) Thieves caught trying to take over 200 Jewish headstones at Argentine Jewish cemetery

Strawberry Fields Forever

Liberal Redneck - Project Falsus

(Jewish Group) Pushed off mainstream platforms, QAnon's antisemitism spiked

Pushed off mainstream platforms, QAnon's antisemitism spiked

"Mary Trump... released a statement tonight that says..."

☦ Orthodox Christian: Evlogitaria Tone 5 for the reposed.

Devastating campaign ad from Democrat running against Madlib Cawthorn.

Us and Them (Pink Floyd)

Just to remind everyone. Enjoy!

U.S. Financial Health And Biden Agenda Hang In The Balance - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Officials: Many Haitian migrants are being released in US

Johnson & Johnson says second shot is 94% effective against coronavirus - CBS News

Professor Allegedly Spat on Black Woman, Yelled Slurs during parking lot dispute

Madison Cawthorn exhibits the signs of a young man who has been radicalized by extremists

Madison Cawthorn exhibits the signs of a young man who has been radicalized by extremists

NEW! #AnatomyofCapitolAttack

Don Winslow -NEW! #AnatomyofCapitolAttack

I noticed when Maxine Bernier was being interviewed on Canadian tv

FBI busts Capitol rioter who kicked cop down a flight of stairs after calling him a 'traitor'

Rep. Katie Porter On Getting Moderate Democrats On Board With Biden Agenda - The Last Word

Hospital staff must swear off Tylenol, Tums to get religious vaccine exemption

The Point: Americans *hate* the Texas abortion law

U.S. default this fall would cost 6 million jobs, wipe out $15 trillion in wealth, study says

Tennessee says vaccinated people should be last in line for antibody treatments

U.S. domestic terrorism investigations have more than doubled -FBI director

Trump Pushes GA Sec. Of State To Decertify 2020 Election Results - The Last Word - MSNBC

John Eastman Gives CNN Longer Six-Page Memo on How He Hoped to Help Mike Pence Steal the Election

Bolsonaro Paints A Distorted Portrait of Brazil in A UN Speech Aimed at His Radical Base

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to stay in the majority.

Man With Covid Changes Mind About Vaccine Just Before Dying - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'Try Us': Jayapal Says House Progressives Not Bluffing On Infrastructure Bills - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Texas sheriff: Haitian migrants attempt to escape Border Patrol bus near Kingsville

Religious leaders ask federal government to look into racial tensions in Colleyville

Ransomware Attacks Prompt Calls For Aggressive U.S. Cyber Response - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

12-year-old gamer goes viral for calling out his friend's homophobia

Breakfast Wednesday 22 September 2021

California serial rapist captured. is cargo pilot. potential for victims everywhere

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on boosters and finding a workaround to get one

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/21/21

Arizona Republican resigns after secret recording released

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are going to win to stay in the majority.

Indigenous protestors seek Norwegian 'asylum' for Brazilian tree

Indigenous protestors seek Norwegian 'asylum' for Brazilian tree

Stephen Colbert: Guests Journalists/Authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa

Acre Homestead - Excellent scratch - large batch - and freezer meal resource

Sometimes it gets hard to keep a positive attitude

Peru seeks to redraft legal framework for mining industry, minister says

First Application Of Texas Abortion Ban Invites Court Challenge - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Warmth of the Sun - The Beach Boys

Former Chick-fil-A employee pleads guilty to fraud

Musings: Beto can beat Greg Abbott

Remember when the world laughed in his face?

Joe Biden to meet today with key Congressional Democrats.

Iraq War Vet Confronts Bush, Demands Apology For War Lies

Brazil health minister tests positive for the coronavirus

The two Chicago bound kittens curled up on my lap, this morning

The Trump campaign memo proves the insurrection was already underway BEFORE JAN. 6

Sarah Dash, 'Lady Marmalade' Singer & Member of R&B Group Labelle, Dead at 76

Today is the first day of Fall

Leon Festinger never met Dan Hannan but he summed him up anyway.

Solved my problem, but sharing

Texas sues Biden admin for the First Amendment right to misgender trans people while they work

This was an amazing success story

20% Of Australia's Carbon Credits Are "Junk"; "Avoided Deforestation" In Areas Never 2B Logged

Missouri High-School Students Spark Outrage With Petition Calling for Return of Slavery

I'm probably going to hell

UK Environment Secretary Defends Bailing Out Private US Firm During CO2 Shortage

As Bolsonaro Spews Greenwash And Bullshit, Greenpeace Counters With Shiny New Deforestation Evidence

Rick Scott on CNBC just now

Researchers Find Logging Expanding In Core Of Remaining Amazon; "Something That Terrifies Us"

Death rates for children in certain ethnic minorities are over 3 times that of white children

Looks like this whole "Russia" thing wasn't a hoax after all.

Reuters: Backers of Trump's false fraud claims seek to control next elections

This is why no one understands medical billing

Sinema Threat Followed Boost From Pharma Group

Top US military officer holds talks with Russian counterpart

Surprise!! CEOs Are All About "Sustainability", Except When They Might Have To Help Pay For It

.@POTUS has now added more federal judges to the bench than any new President in 50 years.

A peaceful moment for you today

14,600 X More Powerful Than CO2, HFC-23 Output Hit All-Time High In 2018, Despite Kigali Amendment

The goal is to run out the clock

Not Just Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. A Handful of Cowardly Democrats Are Letting Them Front This

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Loony tunes Michael Flynn says Deep State planning to put covid Vaccine in salad dressing

New FL Surgeon General Wants To Fight Covid With Weight Loss, Fruit

The Weekly Pull: Suicide Squad: King Shark, Moon Knight, Frontiersman, and More

A Tidal Wave Of Greenwash - And Little Else - Is What We'll Get When Corporations "Lead" On Climate

Comics Should Be Cheap (9/22/21)

The Webcomics Weekly #155: Sadly, It's Jeff is Not a Webcomic (9/21/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: September 22, 2022

What say you about denying the anti-body treatments

Facebook overpaid FTC fine as 'quid pro quo' to protect Zuckerberg from liability, shareholders clai

Why U.S. Republicans are now adopting Putin-style "managed" democracy

An Emancipation Statue Debuts In Virginia Two Weeks After Robert E. Lee Was Removed

Having Trouble Finding WISCONSIN Vaccine Record?..........use this link...........

In Central York, kids rose up to save books on MLK, Rosa Parks from their ...

German cashier shooting linked to Covid-19 conspiracies

"This road is all Englered up"!

I am so pissed, I could spit fucking nails.

In California's Water Wars, Nuts Are Edging Out People

Some Good News For Once: KNP Complex Fire Misses Giant Grove In Sequoia NP

The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Catalogs Anti-Vaxxer COVID Deaths

The Social Dilemma, watch for free

Has anyone experienced the new spatial audio with AirPods Pro and the new IOS 15?

Gunmen target Ukraine president aide in 'assassination attempt'


Abandoned, Hairless Puppy Could Barely Wag Her Tail Until...

The Tragically Hip - Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

An anti-vaxxer wises up

First Day of Fall

TPM: Sinema Cueing Up To Go Indy

Sidney Powell could gain access to the database of millions of Pennsylvania voters' personal info

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder

Brazilian minister tests positive for Covid after meeting maskless Johnson

Fixed dupe cat post

The Rebuttal to Grimness of HermanCainAward on Reddit.

Wolf welcomes first day of autumn

UK climate activists face prison for blocking highways

Biden Begins Rulemaking on OSHA Heat Standard, But It Could Take 10 Years

So you're a MAGAt and you've been bitten by a dog or a fox

Mom says Richmond Public Schools is denying her son an education

I'm really enjoying my visit to California.

S4:E10 (Stitt Fit - The Tantrums of a Governor)

S4:E10 (Stitt Fit - The Tantrums of a Governor)

Here's what you should know about the treatment of Haitian refugees on the border. Shocking!

Yeah, I hate to say "Obama was right" But Obama was right. TPP

Fall is the year's most overrated season. There. I said it.

Mitch McConnell vs. Mitch McConnell

Lockup Your Llamas

Link to CDC meeting on boosters

Fox News responds to Pfizer announcement by propagandizing against vaccination of children for COVID

Pet Peeves and Punishments

"I'm absolutely fabulous darling."

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to stay in the majority.

Fewer than one-third of Americans want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, new polling finds

Mike Pence's 6-point plan to steal the election: Republicans leave roadmap for future authoritarians

If Biden's "Build Back Better" bill dies, it will be because 'moderate' Democrats killed it

Green Onions

Wednesday TOONs - The Sisyphean Struggle

Feeling a bit groovy this morning

Clowns lurked outside schools to promote a speech academy. Horrified parents called the police.

Postcard from an overrun ICU: 'The problem is we are running out of hallways'

Sun Rising Beyond The Barn

Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive

Facebook Grew Marketplace to 1 Billion Users. Now Scammers Are Using It to Target People...

Uma Thurman Shares 'Darkest Secret' In Intense Essay On Texas Abortion Ban

Afghanistan, the graveyard of empire

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Whiskey

Covid: Immune therapy from llamas shows promise

A bit of dis n' dat

Susan Sarandon has the fucking nerve to crawl out of her cave to attack

It Is Time to Take Action to Stop Anti-Vaxxer Attacks on Americans and Health Care Workers.

Sinema Picks Donors Over INSANELY Popular Bill

FFS: Texas anti-abortion leader says SB 8 was not intended for lawsuits to ever be filed...

S4:E10 (Stitt Fit - The Tantrums of a Governor)

Lesssen learned: Democracy highly vulnerable if widely recognized authority figures spout total lies

S4:E10 (Stitt Fit - The Tantrums of a Governor)

Louisiana's Native Tribes Were Crushed by Hurricane Ida. They Feel Forgotten.

Matt Gaetz says Senate Republicans should force bad decisions on the Democratic majority.

My friend had a tenant skip out owing him over $25k in rent

Texas couple asked to leave restaurant for wearing face masks (CNN)

As if we needed another reason to hate anti maskers

Jefferson County PS student dead, others injured after drive-by shooting at bus stop in Louisville

A new COVID-19 booster shot that could protect against multiple variants is being tested in humans

211 House Republicans vote to tank the economy

Trump Sues New York Times, His Niece Over Story On Tax Returns (MSNBC)

It is taking longer to find Brian Laundrie,

Border patrol agents on horseback in Del Rio drew outrage. Why do they still ride horses?

See what CNN reporter saw inside US air base now under Taliban control (CNN)

Migrant couple documents dangerous journey to the US (CNN)

Jeff Tiedrich quotes the Woodward/Costa book: Biden comment about trump...

One of my employees likely has Covid. UPDATED

Good Day DU (September 22, 2021)

Don't be an Aunt Ella, Joe.

An Anti-Vaxxer Wises Up

just an interesting video- Fiber optic cable around the world

2106 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 74 deaths

How Beto O'Rourke Can Win The Governor's Seat

Next Deep State target? SALAD DRESSING!

I am more and more convinced each day that Republican politicians

Rep. Bush Won't Vote For Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Before Reconciliation

And what sort of work do you do?

If you can't smile

***The Winners of the September Photo Contest: Summer***

Here's the Winners' Thread in GD!

The Sex-Starved Relationship

Lawrence O'Donnell did a brief tribute to George Holliday last night

Don't forget - Today is the arrival of the autumn equinox

The Divine Miss M.

There's No Doubt Left That Trump Attempted A Coup - It was really close to happening....

Austin state Rep. Celia Israel won't run for reelection, is exploring mayoral run

4-plus years in prison for Minneapolis woman who killed man over $60

Tried to make puppy soup - Papa dog said, "NO"

Is the DNC that clueless and out-of-touch? Daughter received a Joe Biden Donation Solicitation

Lets Spend Trillions On Weapons / Submarines And Not Combatting Climate Change

Biden doubles US global donation of COVID-19 vaccine shots

Turtle man to the nation.

Troy Davis was executed by by lethal injection 10 years ago

Would you please help us with stop gap insurance and medicare issues/questions

Don't Buy Into the Inflation Scare Robert Reich

"We know where you live! We're going to stalk you! We're coming to your house!"

Biden and French President Macron set October meeting following unprecedented rift

House clears stopgap measure to avert shutdown and suspend debt ceiling

Tired Of Biden Bashing On Morning Joe

What Should Be the Purpose of Corporations? Robert Reich

Superstorms Superfires Superfloods Drought Famine Billions Of Climate Refugees / Dying

Somehow, we're still learning the depths of Trump's dishonesty

New group of GOP lawmakers file articles of impeachment against Biden

Mary Trump explains why she thinks Donald Trump Jr. is the dumbest of the Trump children

Washington governor to Idaho officials: 'Stop clogging up my hospitals'

Jay Inslee to Idaho officials: 'Stop clogging up my hospitals'

Adam Schiff: Trump left behind an autocrats' road map. We're going to destroy it.

Petito spokesperson confirmed cross of stones was placed by CSI at spot Gabby's body was recovered

GOP grasps in vain for unity on Afghan refugee message

The porn industry turns to K Street to fight Trump-fueled internet regulations

iMac and iPad infected last night. Screen was taken over with notice that a virus infected iMac.

Groundbreaking Legal Win for the Joshua Tree: Court Rules That Federal Government Cannot Ignore Impa

Secretary of State disputes MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's claims Alabama had 100,000 'flipped' votes

Former Gov. Paul LePage plans rally to announce he's running to get his old job back

My Way (With Covid)

Frida Kahlo Estimated $30M Self-Portrait Set To Smash Auction Records

GOP dumbassery masquerading as patriotism

Looking for your experiences on purchasing a car right now... availability, etc?

Did you know that Donald Trump was the "Forty-Fifth President of the United States"?

Biden to Meet Macron After Submarine Deal Caused Public Rift

The Tragic Curse of Being the 'Most Beautiful Boy in the World'

WHO toughens air quality guidelines

Eric Boehlert: Media ignore a monster story -- the brainwashing of Covid zombies

Tech trade groups sue Texas over social media law

Wuhan scientists planned to release coronavirus particles into cave bats, leaked papers reveal

Florida Republican files abortion bill similar to Texas's

Demon Sperm and Florida's New Surgeon General

FedEx just painted a disturbing picture of the job market

Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive

Fed signals possibility of 6 to 7 rate hikes through 2024 as taper talks advance

Diversity Book Ban Reversed In Cent. York, PA School District- Racism Resources, Rosa Parks, Malala

Kenny Vaughn had a pretty talented backing guitarist back in the day

The New Air Force One May Not Be Ugly: Report

Radio DJ Drives An Hour Every Day For Months To Gain This Wild Pittie's Trust

With several votes this week, FiveThirtyEight has updated it's rankings and "Biden Score" :

With A Spotlight On Gabby Petito, The Parents Of 2 Missing Black Men Call For Action

Nobody Wants To Work Anymore!

UT-Austin attempts to calm faculty concerns over planned Liberty Institute organized with Lt. Gov.

Wrestling is hard work. Sometimes you just have to take a time out

Republican Operatives Charged With Funneling Foreign Money Into Trump's Campaign - The Ring of Fire

On These Grounds: a shocking film about police brutality within US schools

Voted Today in Virginia!


On this day, September 22, 1975, Gerald Ford survived his second assassination attempt in 3 weeks.

An Emancipation Statue Debuts In Virginia Two Weeks After Robert E. Lee Was Removed

Return Of The Cold

Murdaugh housekeeper's heirs were never paid millions after she died from fall, lawyer says

Every season except summer is getting shorter, a sign of trouble for people and the environment

Florida - New state rule: If student is exposed to COVID, parents decide whether they quarantine

Stefanik pushes racist ad that also claims undocumented immigrants are the real insurrectionists

Cartoons 9/22/2021

After backlash, Illinois Catholic school reverses course, hires lesbian coach

Early maps of legislative districts endanger some incumbents

Three-quarters of Travis County employees to work from home for good

Snohomish County COVID rate declines a bit; risk still high

In Edmonds, $26M goes to a cleaner way to get rid of poop

Police Are Dying of COVID While Police Unions Fight Vaccines

JUST IN: Rider Fell onto Tracks While Walking Between Metro Trains in May

Biden set to play peacemaker for warring Democratic factions

Elvira comes out!

25 Covid deaths at local hospital

New Jersey boy gets vaccinated for his 12th birthday after losing his dad to Covid last year

'The end of a 10 month pity party'

In Small-Town North Texas, a White Cop Will Go On Trial for Fatally Shooting a Black Man

Great toon!

Seven female Afghan taekwondo athletes resettle in Australia

Japanese sisters certified as world's oldest twins at 107

Heavy rain and storms could trigger flooding, severe weather in D.C. area through Thursday.

The Latest "Miracle Cure" -- Hydrogen Peroxide Vapors!

Huge hack reveals embarrassing details of who's behind Proud Boys and other far-right websites

The West Wing: President Bartlet Owns A Religous Nut

Trump OUTED By Internal Election Memo - The Damage Report

Bannon admits he helped plot Jan. 6th

Coming soon, steel cage match between G DUHbya and the Mango Mussolini.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal! What a great job she is doing!

custom desktop photos for iphone .

usefull tip

'Dad, It Was The Teacher': Father Sues After Teacher Cuts Biracial Child's Hair Without Permission

Hillary Clinton tried to warn us -- and paid the price. Let's at least call Republicans what they are

What women see when they look at Gabby Petito

Heading to last moon-set of Summer, southern MD

Where did you grocery shop as a kid! 🚨DO NOT RESPOND IF IT IS A SECURITY QUESTION ANSWER 🚨

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate applauds Mike Lindell

People in 25 states sickened in mysterious salmonella outbreak

Have you ever been involved with Multi-Level-Marketing?

As the Firespike matures

A graphic example of the unvaccinated causing the deaths of others indiscriminately.

Vanderbilt: Discovery of 'ultra-potent' antibody could help with COVID, other viruses

Kicked in the ribs. Harassed At Vaccine Sites. Health Care Workers Are Tired Of New 'Normal'

Bird mistakenly Create Nest on Ladder

AOC for the win.

The stupid, it burns! Postal worker came by at 8 PM, delivering districts

Scraping the bottom of the grift barrel

No, you don't 🤪🤡

So I went to a Celebration of Life this Morning for a good friend

Michigan lawmaker accused of harassing a female colleague can come to work but only with an escort

Catch Nicolle Wallace now; if you can't watch,DVR if you possibly can.2 hours on collapse of GOP as.

You're Living In Fear

Dayton Ohio Police: Officer shot in head and continues to protect and serve...

Ancient City's Destruction by Exploding Space Rock May Have Inspired Biblical Story of Sodom

Flynn Suggests Vaccine Will Be Put In Salad Dressing

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 22, 2021

Jackson released from Chicago facility after COVID recovery

U.S. Will Donate Another 500 Million Vaccine Doses

New Orleans man, frustrated over slow trash collection, in custody after threats to shoot mayor

San Diego Police chief addresses survey results of officers against COVID-19 vaccine

Sen. Susan Collins won't support abortion-rights bill

"A Secret National Security Crisis" - Woodward & Costa On The Hair-Trigger World Post-Election

PEW Research has put out a very comprehensive study of Americans'

Drone view: Devastation in Spain's La Palma as wall of lava advances

Now it's Hydrogen Peroxide

Alfa Bank named in little-noticed court filing

What was charting in Sepember and October of 1951?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 23 September 2021

RBG dying helped Susan Collins

ME-GOV: Sen. Collins to endorse LePage as he launches campaign for governor

So, the idea is to put raising the debt limit in the reconciliation bill!

Who else thinks Quayle needs to publicly corroborate

On this day, September 22, 1956, Debby Boone was born.

Tweet of the evening:

Runaway (Del Shannon) as played on a Renaissance lute

My Wife Is Singing In The House ...

Autumn blowing in and around southern MD

Who's Afraid of Peter Thiel? A New Biography Suggests We All Should Be

America's Not the Greatest Country In the World Anymore - The Newsroom

NCAA could begin interviewing Arizona State coaches next month: Source

TX anti-abortion leader says SB 8 was not intended for lawsuits to ever be filed, just put the fear

George W. Bush to hold fundraiser for Liz Cheney, a top Trump target

Tropical Depression #18 has formed - should be Sam by tomorrow

House committee probing Jan. 6 attack could subpoena Trump aides: Sources

Broadcast news shows ignore Trump coup memo

BUSTED: Steve Bannon admits he helped plot Jan. 6 Trump rally to 'kill Biden presidency in the crib'

"They are blocking us from saving the economy, using, yes, you guessed correctly, the filibuster."

I think if a few more states institute Crisis Standards of care we might finally start convincing

Video Shows Moment Dallas Fire-Rescue Employee Kicks Man in the Face

Lowering the age for Medicare?

Seven People Wounded, One Police Officer Killed In Three Separate Shootings In D.C. Tuesday

The Whiffenpoof Song - 2020 Yale Whiffenpoofs plus Alums

Hawaii sees 12 additional COVID deaths, 330 new infections - lowest infection total in weeks

Prince Of Petworth, Notes from your young Neighbors

Yep. Sinema's Cratering Back Home

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri to resign after election-related recordings released

Trae Crowder - Review of Rep. Louie Gohmert

Melvin Van Peebles, fiercely independent filmmaker, dies at 89

A cluster of kittens

About charging Trump and Bannon with the riot...It was really unintentional murder!

DHS seeks contractor to run migrant detention facility at Gitmo, guards who speak Haitian Creole

Memphis charter school confirms student's death after COVID diagnosis

SNL back live October 2: upcoming guests:

Tweet of the Evening 2:

FL GOP Congressional candidate: "My campaign is not only gonna help RICK Desantis get re-elected..."

Anybody watching Scenes from a Marriage on HBO?

Air pollution: Even worse than we thought - WHO

Another anti-abortion snitch site has emerged. This one charges for submissions.

In Bold Move, Ron DeSantis Appoints Actual COVID Virus As Florida Surgeon General

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has now been issued for Montgomery, Carroll and Anne Arundel

Elizabeth Holmes' trial: Theranos patient testifies about miscarriage diagnosis

Hey, so all you golf fans.....😅 ya gonna be rooting for the US Team???

A desperate need for sex education! And because we need a laugh! The first story dates

An idiot abroad

gov of west virginia coaches the girls hs basketball team, demands to coach the boys too

I rode with my BIL and sister completely around Lake Tahoe today!

dear du.

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy activates crisis standards of care for entire state

It's been a bit of a strange day

House Freedom Caucus presses GOP to oppose defense bill over including women in the draft

I was exposed to Covid this week through work. I am fully Vaxxed. Work said don't quarantine.

Booker: Police Reform Dead

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