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514 homes destroyed so far

re : masks.

GOP Sen. Toomey Admits Congress Must Raise Debt Ceiling. Blames Democrats For Debt.

These Republicans helped craft the infrastructure bill. They might not vote for it.

Baltimore Ravens' Justin Tucker wins game against Detroit Lions on record 66-yard FG

DHS Whistleblower: Trump Team Wanted Us to Lie About Russia, the Border, and White Supremacy

RIP George Frayne aka Commander Cody

Trump "Unity Bridge" crashed into telephone pole. Flint Mi, 9/22/2021

Liz Cheney Lies To 60 Min About Torture

Closest known relatives of virus behind COVID-19 found in Laos

The Milwaukee Brewers clinched their division today!

"Man Camps" And How They Are Contributing To The MMIW Crisis

Laurence Tribe Wonders Why A Grand Jury Isn't Mulling Sedition Charges Against Steve Bannon

USPS is slowing down first-class mail on Oct. 1. What delays and price hikes mean for you

Cheney says a lot of GOP lawmakers have privately encouraged her fight against Trump

Alito needs to be investigated. This is from 12/20

Tony's?? Who's watching??

Fux Noise Host Complains of Being Attacked by Trump Fans for Reporting Facts on Arizona Audit

"MTP is now the new Dancing with the Stars for washed up right wing whack jobs":

On rte 95 North, stopped @ Biden rest area; sign's changed, but we can live with it!

Anyone wanna play???

Windy in front of my house this afternoon! Southern MD

Very clever: "they turned alex jones' rants into a folk song and i love it like light loves lilies"

Sen. Cory Booker pledges 'to push for as big and bold as we can' with Democratic-led infrastructure

Terry McAuliffe was at my church service today Alfred Street Baptist church

Three Killed, Dozens Injured in Amtrak Train Derailment

Tight exit polls in Germany point to long battle over forging post-Merkel government

Little Richard - Long Tall Sally / Tutti Frutti

One part of the Cheney "60 Minutes" interview bugs me...

The legendary Sissy Farenthold, who ran for Texas governor in the 1970s, has passed away at age 94

The legendary Sissy Farenthold, who ran for Texas governor in the 1970s, has passed away at age 94

40 years later, a dwindling band of Iran hostages awaits a promised payment

Trump Admits to Georgia Election Crimes; Brookings Institute Publishes Piece on Trump's GA Crimes

Pipeline - The Ventures

FedEx fires driver who refused to deliver to homes with flags representing BLM, Biden administration

So THey Already Gave Out The Tony Awards But 3

Bill Burr Tackles Hoax COVID Cures

Happy Birthday, Beto,1972.

Origins of the Moonwalk

Utah football player killed in shooting

COVID-19 pandemic cut life expectancy by most since World War Two: study

Liz Cheney: I was wrong' in opposing gay marriage in past

DHS Whistleblower: Trump Team Wanted Us to Lie About Russia, the Border, and White Supremacy

Americans have too much money and too much stuff.

School nurse Cindee Kasey recently became the 7th Polk County (FL) school employee to die of COVID

How precarious is American democracy at this time?

Bitcoin miners align with fossil fuel firms, alarming environmentalists

Blue Oyster Cult

Iceland nearly elects Europe's first female-majority parliament.. lands on 48%

Donald Trump's 'Fall From Grace' Accelerates Following 'Peril' Revelations - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

MSNBC Opinion Columnist claims Biden's "Obsession with Deadlines" was responsible for the "Calamity"

Rep. Dominguez in talks to bring $5 billion electric car manufacturing plant to Brownsville

Ramirez not fazed by Republicans in South Texas garnering statewide attention

OTM: The Subversion Playbook

Tweet of the night:

Liz Cheney: The 60 Minutes Interview

Michigan doctor said 6 out of 8 patients who questioned his medical advice on COVID-19 have died

Johnny Taylor - Who's Making Love

RIP Commander Cody

An NYU professor says fewer men going to college will lead to a 'mating crisis'

Things that have been true and still are. The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton 1908

Officiating is very uneven in SF / GB game

Talentless MAGA cartoonist Ben Garrison has COVID

My pastor, Dr Harold-John Wesley just preached on

My pastor, Dr Harold-John Wesley just preached on

Condition improving for 6 critically wounded in Tennessee shooting (story that dropped like a stone)

Look at this one. I think he should take a DNA test.

Life expectancy of American men fell by two years amid pandemic: study

Speaker Pelosi announced Sunday night that the

The Band - King Harvest

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky explains move to recommend boosters for front-line workers - CBS News

Denmark is beating Covid

Lou Reed - Sweet Jane.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 28: Ned Beatty Memorial Tribute

Truth as a Common Good with Robert Reich

An elections supervisor embraced conspiracy theories. Officials say she has become an insider threat

Not much of a pro football fan

Can urban reforestation help lower rising temperatures? - PBS NewsHour

37 seconds and no time outs

Chris Wallace FINALLY lays into Governor Abbott on Texas abortion ban - Brian Tyler Cohen

Matt Gaetz endorses 'Replacement Theory', calls the Anti-Defamation League a 'racist' organization.

John Haitt and Jerry Douglas - I'm in Nashville"

Germany's Social Democrats narrowly defeat Angela Merkel's party, according to preliminary results

A little Sunday night bliss....

Biden pick Florence Pan confirmed as first Asian American woman on D.C. federal court

Bill Nye destroying racism in one minute...

Gottlieb says process for booster approval underscores need to "move quickly" during pandemic

Hey, I just wanted to point out that October is almost here...

Bob Matthews- #1 roadie and GD recordivist, died in September.

Fired Fox Digital Politics Editor Who Called Arizona for Biden Feels No 'Vindication'

From 2017 (Ruth Ben-Ghiat): Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's coup in the making

Questions for the political pundits...

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar demands that the NBA "remove all unvaccinated players and coaches"

Stomach-turning': MAGA Riot's Confederate Flag Rebuked by Fran Lebowitz MSNBC Summit Series

(Jewish Group) Matt Gaetz calls the ADL 'racist'...

Education Department repays Florida school board members whose salaries were withheld for enforcing

Interesting site to view Texas redistricting plans. (Texas Legislative Council)

watching a Netflix documentary on flat-Earthers

FLIPPABLE: Dontaye Carter for Mayor of Sandy Springs, Ga.

@marcorubio literally put the word "woke" in the formal text of a bill to amend the securities laws

Cleveland mayoral candidates face in town hall forum

Have you noticed, Trump-humpers?

'Marvel's Eternals' Movie Receives Mature Rating in Russia for Openly Gay Superhero

'Marvel's Eternals' Movie Receives Mature Rating in Russia for Openly Gay Superhero

'Marvel's Eternals' Movie Receives Mature Rating in Russia for Openly Gay Superhero

Cleveland mayoral candidates face in town hall forum

Trump's Campaign Of Lies Threatening American Democracy - American Voices - MSNBC

Trump's Attack On Democracy (Steve Schmidt and Stuart Stevens) - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

If I Could Build My Whole World Around You - Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: The Jesus Prayer Explained/The Life of St. Porphyrios

Griffith Park Observatory

☦ Orthodox Christianity: St. John 8:44/The father of lies, the devil.

US State Dept rejects South Korean presidential candidate's call for US nuclear weapons

Theoneste Bagosora, architect of Rwanda genocide, dies aged 80

UT researchers create new method to capture lithium that could help meet demand for electric cars

Man Documents the World's Quietest Places - NowThis News

I'm playing with the Olympus camera that AndyS loaned me and doing post editing too!

"The small, good moments" Beautiful vid of a family living alone on an Island in the Faroe Islands.

'Raking It In': How Anti-Vax Influencers Are Profiting From Covid Disinformation - MSNBC

Woman Repairs Butterfly's Broken Wing With A Feather - The Dodo Faith Restored

NYC confiscates vans used as Airbnb rentals. (See YouTube review below)

New Amsterdam - Still watching Season 1, but totally hooked.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Voting Rights

"so this is my cat" CHOMP

Congressional Democrats may have been caught in a huge scandal!

Here's a photo of David Bowie with Elizabeth Taylor

Evictions: Pandemic Worsened, Tenant Justice - Black, Latinx, Women, Children, 'Our Heath Or Homes'

Got my Covid booster AND a flu shot Sunday morning

Arizona Secretary Of State On Audit Results: 'This Whole Thing Has Just Been A Sham' - MSNBC

tweet from dean obeidallah (lawyer, comedian, host of the dean obeidallah show) on merrick garland

Breakfast Monday 27 September 2021

2020 GA: Biden won by approximately 11,000 votes

heartbreaking tweet with picture of fred's daughter, jaime guttenberg

2 from Pat Metheny

Hot chocolate on the stove...

What happens when the Slobfather dies?

Lonr. - 'Make the Most'

Al Franken: Lead Dem Election Lawyer Marc Elias on the Epic Battle for Our Democracy (Sept. 26, 2021)

Michael Moore on the $3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Manchin & Sinema Mehdi Hasan Show MSNBC

Benefits of a kindle...

Photographer, social media star Matt Mathews: Opossum taken by the state was his 'baby'

Trump falsely claims he won Arizona no matter what the audit found!

Biden's Schedule for Monday, September 27, 2021

This week's major U.S. economic reports (September 27 - October 1)

Monday TOONs - Not Your Problem When YOU'RE The Problem

A peaceful moment for you today

The little feral, Mittens, is getting SO much braver around me

Received a text from friend this morning about a trump supporter paying for groceries

What Makes Sotol a Highly Underrated Mexican Spirit

Today in History: EMC2 Introduced

The press has a duty to tell this story.

Jim Sheeler, Pulitzer-winning journalist who honored fallen troops, dies at 53

My personal Virginia poll

Netflix buys rights to Roald Dahl's beloved children's stories

A teen posted that she had covid-19. Police said she was causing trouble -- and threatened jail time.

Science: A Six-Year-Old Today Will Experience About 3X The Climate Disasters Their Grandparents Did

What Matt Gaetz's Legal Lineup Tells Us About His Troubles

Pressured By COP, Election, Australia Net-Zero Blahblah 2050 Target Blah Aspirations Blahblahblah

Forecast For Southern Pennsylvania For 2100 - Up To 103 Days/Year At Or Warmer Than 90F

The Atlantic Daily: Our Critic's Fall TV Guide

FBI is investigating the arrest of a Black man in which 3 white officers let a police dog repeatedly

Goodbye and Good Riddance

A rail conductor asked a passenger to put a mask on. Then the rider attacked him, police say.

Not Patriots.

South Korea's President Moon raises dog meat ban

After Grid Crash, Houston Solar Firm Nearly Triples New Orders; From "Nice To Have" To "Must Have"

Peace Train featuring Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens 9/21/2021 Playing for Change artists around the world

American Gentry

MSNBC's Morning Joe sounds alarm over GOP's 'clear intent' to steal the 2024 election for Trump

The GQP Cares About Climate! So When CT Prepared A Cap-And-Trade Plan, GQP Screamed "TAXES!"

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 9/22/21

The Rundown: September 27, 2021

I am smoking angry

😃🇺🇸🌽🥩#️⃣🗓❗️ 90 year old reportedly will be on next Bezos flight

Another win for workers: Uber drivers are employees (not yet in America though)

You're going to need a bigger printer!

On this day, September 27, 1903, Southern Railway mail train 97 rolled off the Stillhouse Trestle.

Jay Sandrich, Emmy-Winning Sitcom Director, Is Dead at 89

Cop26 climate talks will not fulfil aims of Paris agreement, key players warn

'Very scared' state workers threatened with demotions for complaining about Ron DeSantis' COVID poli

How the US vaccine effort derailed and why we shouldn't be surprised

That's Entertainment - Fred Astaire and friends

Trump's new interviews and appearances show that a storm is brewing

Durable goods orders rise more than expected

Katie Porter Calls Out the Real Reason Joe Manchin Wants to Cut Cost of $3.5 Trillion Infrastructur

Watched the first pre-season game for the Seattle Kraken on TV

New Amtrak train from Richmond to D.C. marks first step in statewide rail expansion

The Secret Island Getaway Most Canadians Have Never Heard Of

Bay Area anchor Frank Somerville reportedly 'suspended indefinitely' by KTVU

Red Covid

Trump lawyer offered six-point plan for Pence to overturn election

A Well-Respected Man

Jewish men singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"

Bud Powell was born on this date.

Outskirts of Narnia

The View's Navarro tells critics to 'Keep on hating' after COVID-19 scare

Thomas Nast was born on this date.

When democracy is gone, will you miss it?

Trump's planning to run again in 2024: Will his supporters ever realize he hates them?

Viking Map of North America Identified as 20th-Century Forgery

Is Paul Gosar mentally ill?

To harvest or not...

Strong quake hits Greek island of Crete; 1 dead, 20 injured

By 2024 there won't be many GOP voters left

Covid's partisan pattern is growing more extreme.

Haunted house actor accidentally stabs boy with knife at Ohio fairgrounds

'Did not contemplate defecating on anyone's desk' as Jan. 6 insurrectionist defense motion

Somewhere Else - Toby Keith

Data from Oath Keepers leaked online after alleged hack

Who wants to write a big check without knowing what you are buying?

MSNBC Shakes Up Dayside Lineup: Jos Diaz-Balart to Rejoin Cable Channel

How I handle my problems..

Today, Lake Powell will drop below 30% of capacity (currently 30.01%)

I wonder why the earth is becoming polluted with plastic?

No help from doctor on shingles and Covid booster.

-*sigh*- 64 today. One more year to Medicare......

The Mythical Moderate And The Concocted Centrist

'Stay in your hood': White 'Karen' fired after allegedly assaulting Black couple at Brooklyn dog

An elections supervisor embraced conspiracy theories. Officials say she has become an insider threat

Eric Boehlert:They miss Trump so much

Pic Of The Moment: Arsonist Has A Question

Sometimes I get worried about humanity.

Mandatory 10-digit local dialing starts for 4 Michigan area codes in October: What to know

Mercy Me - I Can Only Imagine

Hey head of Instagram Dude spinning on NBC interview

Michael Smith - Angus Dei

I lived a news story

Steven Stills - Jesus Gave Love Away for Free

D.C.-area forecast: A magnificent week of weather with just a couple of blemishes

"I know these are words but I'm confused by their use and order here"

Anti-maskers. Hard to make the call between idiots and provocateurs

Anti-Vaccine Cartoonist Ben Garrison Says He's Got Covid-19, Won't Go to Hospital

Byrds - Jesus is Just Alright (With Me)

They won't, they won't, they won't, they won't.....

Lyle Lovett and His Large Band - Church

We are so screwed...

The Maga Variant

What Matt Gaetz's Legal Lineup Tells Us About His Troubles

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren to retire early citing health reasons, as Fed launches probe ...

Anyone know about the cost for 3d printing service?

I really need the back story on this....

Slobfather logic explained

And, next, some reality...

In 1861, 11 Senators and 3 Representatives were expelled from Congress for failing to recognize...

Herschel Walker is often seen and seldom heard

Good Day DU (September 27, 2021)

Trump in 2024?

Pronounced dead until he spat at a doctor who was zipping him up in a body bag.

Proposed Los Angeles Council District 5 to unify white affluent homeowners

Monday Uninspirational quotes

Cartoon: Trump's recount disaster By Clay Jones -September 27, 2021 10:45 AM

Texas bans mail order abortion drugs.

U.S. judge will grant unconditional release of would-be Reagan assassin John W. Hinckley Jr.

1959 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 0 deaths

Lyle Lovett and Rikki Lee Jones - North Dakota

John Hinckley Jr. to be granted unconditional release.

New York: May Use National Guard To Replace Unvaccinated Health Workers: 70,000 Not Fully Vaxxed

Fox News embraces white nationalism and these advertisers embrace Fox News

What's worse? How incredibly ignorant and uninformed the new breed of #MAGA GOP members of Congress

Dentists' Group Fights Plan to Cover Dental Benefits Under Medicare

From the Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe....

The Dallas Morning News on Biden's response to Haitian border surge

Bees killing unproductiive queen by body heat

Is there any path to creating a Fox News optout for cable TV subscribers?

New U.S. travel rules close door on those fully vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik V

Flat-Earther NBA star Kyrie Irving misses media day due to vaxx requirements

China says U.K. warship in Taiwan Strait shows "evil intentions"

Biden administration unveils new plan for young immigrants

Russ Kick, writer, editor and 'rogue transparency activist,' dies at 52

Job I would not want - Changing a lightbulb on a 2,000 ft. tower

On this day, September 27, 1936, Don Cornelius was born.

Republicans Kicking Democrats Out Of Polling Locations: Chesapeake, Virginia

White House memo says public support of Biden agenda 'overwhelming'

Trump Claims He Won German Election

Tiedrich: "I was disappointed when the email lady lost, but..."

Medicare, what are your priorities?

I can't imagine a worse scenario politically than us passing the reconciliation bill

All I'm saying is . . . .

Dallas Declares 'Lights Out' for Fall Bird Migration

Matt Gaetz said Tucker Carlson is correct about white nationalist 'replacement' conspiracy theory

If Democrats Can't Pass Their Infrastructure Bills Many Would Feel

What have you DUers been doing for haircuts? How about dental cleanings?

Almost Half A Million US Households Lack Indoor Plumbing, 15 Cities, SF, Port: Inhumane Conditions

Chernobyl's Blown Up Reactor 4 Just Woke Up

t. rex - children of the revolution, 20th century boy (studio-1972) two non-album classics

Republicans Kicking Democrats Out Of Polling Locations: Chesapeake, Virginia

25 million-year-old eagle fossil discovered in Australia

Little Dog Who Needed A Miracle Looks So Different Now

Bass officially enters Los Angeles mayor's race

California COVID test lab issues?

President Biden receives Covid booster shot.

Not an awards show kind of person - David Byrne at the Tony Awards

Hospitals to patients: FUCK YIZ ALL !

Congressional plans are out:

Teen Allegedly Drowned Father, Claiming to Baptize Him to Exorcise Demon Named 'Dirty Dan'

Republican lawmaker suggests second 2020 presidential election

Cartoons 9/27/2021

How to defeat the perpetual nature of laundry

Something ain't right, deep in the heart of Texas

Poll about the crazy time we live in - your views?

Everett Community College clears student debt from pandemic

As daughter sought state license, Noem summoned agency head

Noreen Renier 2012 talk explaining how she uses her abilities in criminal cases

While Everyone's Babbling About Economics This Week, Entire Future of Self-Government Is at Stake

Mob rule is overtaking America, driven by the collapse of the Republican Party

Question about transporting firearms

Some COVID-19 Patients Want Ivermectin So Badly They're Taking Hospitals To Court

In 1962, the TX legislature addressed the rampant problem of "anti-American" textbooks...

Covid Cuts Two Years Off the Life Expectancy of U.S. Men

If You're Not Against The Vaccine Just The Mandate, Why Didn't You Get The Vaccine...

Gen. Milley: Whisperer to presidents, target of intrigue

Biden plan seeks to expand education, from pre-K to college

Investigators seek cause of deadly Montana train derailment

One week from today, the court will begin its new term and the justices will return to the courtroom

America's Need to Pay Its Bills Has Spawned a Political Game


FACT SHEET: Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The "Hypocritic" Oath

"I Got A 'Mild' Breakthrough Case. Here's What I Wish I'd Known"

Industrial plastic is spilling into Great Lakes, and no one's regulating it, experts warn

Supreme Court meets to discuss adding new cases to blockbuster term

Industrial plastic is spilling into Great Lakes, and no one's regulating it, experts warn

Suspicious fire damages Susan B. Anthony Museum after person caught on surveillance video

QAnon Has a Disturbing Takeover Plot to 'Eliminate' Elected Officials

(Jewish Group) The antisemitic conspiracy behind the anti-porn movement

(Jewish Group) A new Anne Frank Center aims to reshape racism through Holocaust education

Texas' two new congressional districts added to Houston and Austin in proposed redistricting map

Biden receives his Covid-19 booster shot: Vaccines 'can save your life...'

Karen Bass running for mayor of Los Angeles

On the futility of watching movies.

An older movie starring Ell(en/iot) Page that I really enjoyed.

Matt Gaetz's lawyer defended Jefffrey Epstein, El Chapo, and the NXIVM cult leader

anyone have a tip to find old professional licenses?

Haunted house actor accidentally stabs 11-year-old with real knife in Ohio


Phone mini-SD card install fail, fail after format, works fine with automotive dielectric grease

Live Updates: R. Kelly Found Guilty of Racketeering in #MeToo Trial

Trump and Pompeo looked at having the CIA assassinate Julian Assange...

Ana Navarro just destroyed TFG and TFG Jr. in one brutal tweet...

Our legal system, at least as it applies to those in the federal government, is analogous to

When you're 110% in the Orange Moron's MAGAt KKKult....

When the dogs take YOU for a walk...

Texas Governor says they will prosecute

Medieval Hebrew document could reveal why Dead Sea Scrolls were found in Qumran

Justice family companies offer $300 million, half of Bluestone value to repay Swiss loans

How neutron star collisions flooded Earth with gold and other precious metals

The Number Of Homicides Does Not Equal The People Who Died When Medicaid Was Not Expanded

"Should I be wearing a mask?"

Three House Democrats Reiterate Threat on Infrastructure

Oh Fuck Joe Manchin and his socialistic bullshit

At least 16 people indicted on gun charges in Waterloo, Cedar Falls sweep

GOP Would Share Blame for Shutdown, Debt Default

R. Kelly found guilty on all charges in sex trafficking case.

Faith leaders hold prayer vigil to support $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill

Another Catholic nation legalizes abortions

Denton County Democratic Party elects new chair

Staten Island crowd defies vaccine mandate by storming mall food court

The Reds clinched a .500 season today...

Brian Laundrie's family called the police after Dog the Bounty Hunter showed up on their property

The pandemic didn't have to be politicized. One party is to blame for it.

6.0 magnitude quake in Greece around 9 a.m. their time.

According to recent polls:

(Jewish Group) UK Labour Party announces new review process for antisemitism complaints...

(Jewish Group) Jewish security organization opens national command center in Chicago

A coworker is retiring

Repub-kiss: Republicans who pass no legislation to help people. Repub-kiss

(Jewish Group) The Holocaust That Never Happened

The Holocaust That Never Happened

(Jewish Group) How Did Simchat Torah Get So Popular?

Instead of outing the unvaccinated, I'd rather out the vaccinated

It might be time to stop eating dogs, South Korean president suggests

Madoc finally stayed still long enough for a non-blurred photo of him awake.

(Jewish Group) Stop Enabling the Antisemites Who Live Closest to Our Homes

(Jewish Group) Why 'the Jews'?

The question Nicolle Wallace et al should be repeating over and over

Roomba meets dog..

Autumn in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Florida oc sheriff held news conference regarding missing woman of color

(Jewish Group) Are Educated People More Anti-Semitic?

HBO's "White House Plumbers" Series Films in Downtown DC

Medical ethicists criticize doctors refusing to treat the unvaccinated

New Order: Decades (Joy Division Cover) - Live

She Bought Her Dream Home. Then a 'Sovereign Citizen' Changed the Locks.

Joe Rogan Posted A Video To His Social Media That Compared Vaccine Mandates To The Holocaust

Video of Ana Navarro's response to Jr....don't miss this!

Treasure hunter finds gold hoard buried by Iron Age chieftain

On this day, September 27, 1825, the first public railway to use steam locomotives opened.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Chief Of Staff Resigns Shortly After Her Latest Public Meltdown

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 27, 2021

Why President Biden Is Having So Much Trouble

Pets Who Just Came Back From The Vet, And Their Expressions Say It All

Haitian migrants at US border: 'We've been through 11 countries'

Fiona Hill Op Ed

About the situation at the U.S. border

In The Mood - Glenn Miller

IG Max Huntsman on what it means to be under investigation by LASD, the department he oversees

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 September 2021

And more from Kazakhstan

The Great Divide with Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Reich

HBO's Anti-Maduro Propaganda Is Cruder Than Venezuelan Oil

AZ judge rules certain laws, including ban on mask mandates, unconstitutional.

Merc Retro Begins Today

How Joe Biden could end the debt ceiling -- all by himself Minting the trillion-dollar coin,

This tweet made my day!

Republicans are pretending that insanity is normal.

Five Takeaways from Texas GOP's Congressional Maps

Heat Wave Versus Cold Wave Deaths in The U.S. and the Pacific Northwest

Dear Speaker Pelosi

The Legislation Joe Manchin Is Holding Up Would Help His State -- A Lot

Greg Abbott's sad, stammering Sunday show appearance

This was the worst slaughter of Native Americans in U.S. history. Few remember it.

Florida maintenance worker used his key to access 19 yr old's appt. He is dead, she is missing

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 43

Bird making Samsung notification sounds

Roads To Moscow - Al Stewart

Press Watch - Dan Froomkin: Political journalism needs a reset

California's universal voting by mail becomes permanent

This has been a really good day for Sophie Stinky Toes

Sing, Sing, Sing - By Bennie Goodman - 2

Which foreign policy debacle is the mayor of Dayton involved in?

Art Acevedo's honeymoon is over already in Miami! Compares commissioners' actions to Cuba regime!

My maga brother

In the face of clear evidence of a coup, why in the world are we not indicting 45 and accomplices?

Schumer: The Republican Party has solidified itself as the party of default

Senate GOP blocks bill that would fund government and suspend debt limit

Breaking on Ari - more Subpoenas from the Select Committee

Senate Republicans block measure to fund government, stave off U.S. default

Trump Org. faces deadline to comply with NY attorney general subpoenas

DHS Whistleblower: Trump Team Wanted Us to Lie About Russia, the Border, and White Supremacy

Trump's de facto "All-Of-Government" Corruption Policy Exposed by Republican DHS Whistle Blower

Trump's 'Mar-a-Lago Trio' Broke Law in Plan to Monetize Veterans' Medical Records: Report

Just got my Covid booster vax!

Speaker Pelosi Delays Vote on Infrastructure Bill

Many Republicans are rallying around Trump's false claim that infrastructure deal is 'fake'

Biden, Democrats may limit free college, childcare to shrink reconciliation bill -sources

Kyrsten Sinema is holding a fundraiser with 5 corporate lobbying PACS opposed to infrastructure bill

Kevin McCarthy Tweet on Avoiding U.S. Default Resurfaces as GOP Plays Debt-Ceiling Hardball

R. Kelly Has Been Found Guilty Of Racketeering And Sex Trafficking

Federal judges: NYC can impose vaccine mandate on teachers

Justice for All (All In The Family)

Cage elevator breaks at mine. 39 miners will have to climb 4000 feet by ladder.

VA Republican Glenn Youngkin Goes Full Anti-Choice on Terry McAuliffe

Oath Keepers leak includes 160 U.S. military, government email addresses

More people would blame Dems for default on Debt than the GOP

As daughter sought state license, Noem summoned agency head

Federal judges: NYC can impose vaccine mandate on teachers

Judge rules in Wisconsin teen's favor after sheriff threatened jail over Covid post

Ford, SK to invest $11.4 billion to add electric F-150 plant, three battery factories

Roy Orbison with K.D.Lang

Meanwhile, in the Senate

Schmidt: The "TRUMP COUP MEMO" should be an occasion for a giant, collective, national time out.

Police arrested a man who didn't comply with their commands. That's because he is deaf.

Will Smith explains why he disagrees with 'defund the police' sentiment

TFG endorsed challenger to Rep. Liz Cheney once called the former president 'racist and xenophobic

Biden, Democrats may limit free college, childcare to shrink reconciliation bill -sources

Chances that Sinema/Manchin agree to carve out on Voting Rights.

Frustration. How would you handle this if you were an event organizer (re COVID)

Red COVID? Coronavirus deaths are highest in counties with the largest share of Trump voters

Congress shows signs of movement on stalled Biden agenda

WA Hospitalization Rates Decline, But COVID Metrics Remain High

EVENT / Redistricting & the Fight for Fair Maps/Tuesday, September 28 / 8 - 9pm EDT

So who didn't get Final Jeopardy tonight? Spoiler