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Nearly half a million US households, mostly in cities, lack indoor plumbing

Obama says he supports taxing the rich for Biden agenda

Ivermectin is not for you

wells fargo fined AGAIN

Pelosi De-Links Spending Bills

Manchin raises red flag on carbon tax

Manchin cast doubt on deal this week for $3.5T spending bill

People who've done their own research warn of microchips in Ivermectin

Anarcha, Lucy and Betsey

Sadistic Mika Band - Mummy Doesn't Go To Parties Since Daddy Died

New York Democrat says SALT deal could be reached this week

Stop focusing on the negative. Biden and Harris have gotten things done.

Was the Big Bang a WHITE hole?

Business groups want seat at the table on Biden vaccine rule

Yeah, he's a real genius...

NY Gov Kathy Hochul just earned my respect......

Birmingham Amtrak train station gets $250,000 grant for 'seamless connections for travelers'

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 42:5, Amplified Bible

My Idiot neighbor just posted this, apparently Gabby Petito Is still alive

The AZ fraudit proved nothing...

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Dangerous Dumb-Dumb! #shorts

FBI data show surge in murders in 2020

I'm leaving Sunday with Goahead tours to New England


Happening now: Vaccine mandate protest in NYC.

Knowing the extent of the former guys lies and the dangerousness of repeating them non stop

Earthquake in Greece/CNN

Kyle approves involvement in 100-mile trail linking San Antonio to Austin

U.S. Department of Labor Awards 2021 Susan Harwood Safety and Health Training Grants

Trump's "Mar-a-Lago Trio" broke law in plan to monetize veterans' medical records

The reason why McConnell and the senate Republicans always get away with shit

And yet ...

Fellow Teachers. a question from a 16 year veteran

Visited my sister

From March 2021: Texas tops all U.S. states in exports for 19th consecutive year

Cops Let K-9 Dog Repeatedly Bite Handcuffed Black Man, 'Viciously Mauled' - VIRAL VIDEO, Missouri

North Korea fires 'unidentified projectile' into sea toward Japan, South Korean military says

Cincinnati: Chinese Flags placed around yard signs of school board candidate

Media's focus...

Part of NYC from Palisades Parkway

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Anyone watch CNN's 2-hour documentary *The Lost Sons* last night?

January 6 committee chair Thompson: Investigators could send new subpoenas this week

All these years after a President was shot in public and we still don't have gun control.

Republican:It's difficult for women to get pregnant if they are raped

Space Strategy podcast

Milley Expected To Be Asked About Call With China In Hearing Tomorrow - MSNBC

If I can't search from my phone, where can I find info on the photo contests.

I hope all you "douchebag" networks are paying attention to ESPN2.

Jayapal on Rachel just now: CPC will vote no on bipartisan bill if Senate doesn't pass BBB first

Watching Pramila Jayapal talk to Rachel M, I had the eeriest feeling I was looking at the next...

This baby gorilla & his daddy:

John Hinckley, Who Shot President Reagan, Granted Release From Supervision - MSNBC

Was that Amtrak train derailment Sabotage?

She owes over $12,000 for 911 calls, now she may lose her home

California will now mail ballots to voters in all elections, in permanent extension of pandemic-era

Too make sure Democrats remain in the majority in the US Senate after 2024, they need to-

Draft Steve King to run for the US Senate from IA in 2022 as an Ind./3rd party candidate!

WaPo Reporter Recounts Trump Admin's Attempt To Silence Security Officials - Deadline - MSNBC


Might Republicans inadvertently help Democrats get the reconciliation bill passed?

Count Basie Boogies with the Big Band

Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Must be Released, Reiterates UN's Alena Douhan

The Media Myth of 'Once Prosperous' and Democratic Venezuela Before Chvez

Part of NYC+, from Palisades

'Dangerous': Trump And GOP Push New Conspiracies After Sham Arizona Audit A Bust - The Beat - MSNBC

McConnell has given Democrats the justification they need to kill the filibuster

'No more excuses': 2,000 students protest Greek life after series of druggings at fraternity houses

Anyone else feeling a little

OK, fine, Companion Animal, I don't like you either!1 (Response to no-welcome home "late" again)

US Senate seats the Democrats need to win in 2022 in order to stay in the majority after 2022.

What now Kyrsten since the NYTimes exposed your treachery?

Hey Arizona, run Jeff Flake as an independent against Sinema

Wife of Brazil's Trump-loving leader gets vaxxed in NYC -- and leaves Brazilians fuming about 'disre

Sean Hannity: America should "maybe charge people to be citizens"

Wonder how Canadians might feel -

Stop focusing on the negative. Biden and Harris have gotten things done.

"Why the media has been unintentionally complicit in the rise of fascism that threatens the U.S."

Pope recognizes errors as Mexico celebrates independence

Lawrence tonight

More US Cities Join Actions Against US Govt' Blockade of Cuba

Bon Iver - Holocene

Pelosi De-Links Spending Bills

Happy birthday @SylvesterTurner ! Thank you for your service to our great city @HoustonTX

Democrats Deliver with Rep. Debbie Dingell [FULL EPISODE] - Meidas Touch

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Buddies Tried to Get the VA to Sell Access to Veterans' Medical Records

The Cheese Smelled Funny So We Threw It in the Jungle

A fail safe for a debt default.

Question: If Repubs succeed in shutting down the Govt, would that stall the DOJ .....

Trump STILL Won't Concede, Biden's Shockingly Hairy Shoulders & Chris Pratt Super Mario Outrage

Matt Putorti is taking on Trump stooge Elise Stefanik - The Zoomed In Podcast - MeidasTouch

COVID-19 Vaccine Trends

The 1% Has $55 Trillion In Wealth What Is $3.5 Trillion Over 10 Years

New Georgia redistricting endangers Lucy McBath, stregnthens Carolyn Bourdeaux

How about beautiful places to see right here in U.S.A. (no passport needed..if born here) been to?

'We'll Miss Charlie So Much': Rolling Stones Kick Off U.S. Tour With Emotional Tribute to Drummer

Will Joe run for a second term?

The Eleventh Hour/Brian Williams had Jon Meachem on as a guest.

Election Law Expert: How To Prevent Subversion Of Democracy In 2024 - All In - MSNBC

Republicans successfully prey on the irrationality of Democrats as well as of Republicans

Rogue Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was arrested today and is in the brig.

Wife Films as Husband, Friend Are Swept to Sea After Cliff-Diving Goes Wrong

Covid and Why I'm Angier More Now Than I Can Last Remember

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan Resigns Amid Scrutiny Over Trading -- Hours After Boston Colleague

The Daily Show: What Happens When A State Bans Abortions? - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Hmmm.....why is Tylenol trending?

KittyCat's Vertical Tail

Wish we weren't here

How Republicans learned to stop worrying and embrace 'replacement theory' -- by name

KittyCat's Vertical Tail

Brazil takes its kite-flying passion to a whole new level

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 29: National Silent Movie Day

5 Brazilian Rock Bands that You Need to Know

When you search "Covid-19" on Amazon, the number 1 product is from known antivaxxer Dr. Mercola.

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Prayer Against Adversity

Matt Gaetz Openly Embraces Racist Right-Wing Theory - All In - MSNBC

Arvo Part, Harrison, Torke

Jimmy Carter used the power of the presidency for good.

(Jewish Group) EXCLUSIVE: BBC Arabic accused of 'normalising Jew-hate'

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen (R) talking about ivermectin over the weekend

Maybe Stewie can convince some

Senators Mitt Romney and Michael Bennett went floating down the Colorado River together

This Jewish Restaurateur Died in the Holocaust, But Her Vegetarian Cookbook Lives On

(Jewish Group) This Jewish Restaurateur Died in the Holocaust, But Her Vegetarian Cookbook Lives On

Seth Meyers - Fox News Bans Rudy Giuliani, Arizona "Audit" Humiliates Trump and GOP: A Closer Look

Democrats will end up with 49 to 53 US Senate seats after 2022!

The Last Resort - The Eagles

So Mad At Anti-Maskers/Anti-Vaxxers: I Have COVID

Three Polish regions scrap anti-LGBT resolutions

'He held me hostage with no gun but with his words': The phone scam gaslighting therapists

OwlKitty out Madonna's Madonna!

Power shortages in China hit homes and factories prompting global supply fears

A wonderful film. "The Iron Giant" will enjoy, your kids will enjoy, everyone will enjoy it.

I love how Party City can call this the "Spoiled Heiress Blonde Wig"

St. George to host full-distance Ironman championships after COVID-19 forces move from Hawaii

St. George to host full-distance Ironman championships after COVID-19 forces move from Hawaii

Draft AZ audit report circulated on Gateway Pundit and other conservative blogs is a FAKE

J. Dell Holbrook, the last Democrat elected in Davis County, dies at 84

I've never seen this written in federal criminal case before

The Federalist posting a photo of Proud Boys in Portland overturning van, claiming it's Antifa

Kyrie Irving wants to leave a legacy. With his stance on vaccination, he just might.

Utah Democratic Party Chair Jeff Merchant resigns

brazen shoplifting while people stand around and watch

California to replace the word 'alien' from its laws

California to replace the word 'alien' from its laws

L.A. County D.A. to dismiss 60,000 past marijuana convictions

Guatemala to search for bodies of Indigenous children believed killed in civil war massacre

Prosecutors Have 'Numerous Avenues' To Charge Trump For Georgia Election Crimes- The Last Word MSNBC

Senate GOP Blocks Bill Funding Government And Avoiding Default - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'On Prayer', 'Altar Bread', Coptic Orthodox - 'The Jesus Prayer'

Paraguay on the brink as historic drought depletes river, its life-giving artery

you have been killed by a chunky cat

Biden: Boosters Are Important, But First Shots Are Critical - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Glastonbury: drug traces from on-site urination could harm rare eels

Almost half a million US households lack indoor plumbing: 'The conditions are inhumane'

How Jimmy Carter Used Power Of The Presidency - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

☦ Orthodox Christian with a music favorite from decades ago. 'Why Are You Downcast, O My Soul?'

One from Sterkel, one from Vaughan Williams

Auroras expected tonight in New York, Washington and Wisconsin as solar storm barrels toward Earth

Can the debt ceiling be raised using reconciliation?


Why This Week In Congress Is Really, Really Going To Matter - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC


Kyrsten Sinema Courts Donors Opposed To Bill Democrats Are Trying To Pass: NYT - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Ford To Make Huge Electric Car Investment, Challenging Washington To Keep Up - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening (And guest Jon Stewart!) - 9/27/21

Harris County grand jury declines to indict HPD officers fired over death of Nicolas Chavez

Kyrsten Sinema blasted for fundraising from groups opposed to Dem agenda

Democrats need to have 54 US Senate seats after 2022 to overcome losses in-

3,500-year-old stone mosaic floor found in Turkey

Hite will leave superintendent post after nearly 10 years at the helm of Philadelphia schools

Trump never gives up!

Trump told intelligence agencies to lie to the American people

Drug-Trafficking Mayor Ravaged a Local Economy, Fueling the Flight from Honduras

Something interesting I noticed about Sophie Stinky Toes and the kittens

Idaho COVID Insanity Shows How Much Worse the GOP Can Get

North Korea launches missile as diplomat decries US policy

Joe Biden stole the "audit" from Trump in Arizona.

Merry Christmas !

US Senate seats that will keep Democrats in the majority after 2022 is PA,NH,and GA.

A lightbulb went off in my mind and flickered a while.

Los Salazar Lieutenant Who Allegedly Killed Mother And Daughter Executed in San Luis Ro Colorado, S

Denial Is Gone; Greenwashing Ineffective, So GQP Will Blame China To Avoid Any Real Climate Action

Today in History: Penicillin Discovered

This might be a good year to skip gifts for Christmas.

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Russian Arctic Port Construction Delayed For At Least A Year; Collapsing Permafrost A Key Reason

A peaceful moment for you today

Three instrumentals from Fleetwood Mac's best album

Breakfast Tuesday 28 September 2021

Kasie Hunt on CNN.

Mother Jones has discovered who paid off Kavanaugh's debts...

Trump played tough with Putin when cameras were around, while Putin toyed with his insecurities, a n

Morrison Meets With Liberal MPs Worried He Won't Pull Off Some Meaningless Symbolic Climate Bullshit

Government insists the Army will just be there to help people celebrate all the post-Brexit winning

Two marathon frontrunners took the wrong path. Another runner sprinted to the finish and won.

Stop inhaling hydrogen peroxide to treat COVID, doctors warn

Two marathon frontrunners took the wrong path. Another runner sprinted to the finish and won.

These Countries Lack Updated Climate Targets: China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia

Tuesday TOONs - Senator Strangelove

DU DC experts: If Dems have to raise the dept ceiling thru reconciliation...

I think this might be the best, most heart warming photo you will see, all day

All this talk about hydrogen peroxide reminds me of a useful tip I thought I'd share.

Editorial: 'Deranged logic' of Pa. Senate's election 'audit' puts 9 million voters in jeopardy

The South Dakota Attorney General Who Killed A Guy With His Car Is Still Speeding

Bless their little fascist hearts

Oil prices head above $80 per barrel as fuel crisis beds in

GOP senators block even routine Biden nominees

Airman makes video asking where vets discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine can find work


A Beatles instrumental: Cry for a Shadow.

WTF! Idiots setting off fire works in September. My cat was so scared he ran up the

Pelosi Caves; Machin Gets His Way

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Have Resigned Over A Vaccine Mandate, Union Says

New Comic Releases for September 29, 2021

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 9/22/21

Jeffrey Huet, Marvel and DC Inker, Has Died

The Rundown: September 28, 2021

Census Bureau Reports: September 28, 2021

Both Louisiana Sens. Cassidy And Kennedy Vote Against Disaster Relief For Their Own State

A question about feral/abandoned cats. Does anybody here know of any national

Any cop to stupid to get the Covid 19 vaccine is to stupid to have a weapon. Let'm quit!

THREAD: Harrowing account of effect of UNVACCINATED on hospital ICU capabilities

Eric Boehlert: Headlines you won't see: "GOP votes to derail U.S. economy"

Fill in the blanks

"Rockit" 🚨Trigger Warning🚨

DC: Renting Has Overtaken Homeownership In Many DC Suburbs 2010-19, More Than 49 Maj. Metro Regions

"I cajoled, encouraged, threatened, and nagged for him to get vaccinated"

Dr. Fauci: We Hopefully Will be Vaccinating Children 'By The End Of October' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

DC: Renting Has Overtaken Homeownership In Many DC Suburbs 2010-19, More Than 49 Maj. Metro Regions

Trump is just a crazy dirty old old man

What channel(s) are going to show Milley today? TIA

Seth Meyers - Trump Urges Texas Governor to Audit 2020 Election Results - Monologue 9/27/21

3 Egyptian mummy faces revealed in stunning reconstruction

Military Leaders to Face Questions Over Afghan Withdrawal, Evacuation. Will appear before the Senate

Obama: As far as Democrats are concerned, I think that President Biden is handling it exactly right

UVA Expanding Presence in Rosslyn and N. Va.

How the Democrats Can Pass the Entire Reconciliation Bill

Biden nominates 9 candidates for federal prosecutor posts

Readout of the Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities Meeting for ...

More Polish regions revoke anti-LGBT declarations over EU funds withdrawal Access to the comments

There appear to be people in power who embrace the non-vax "herd immunity" idea.

Extreme and kooky positions in the OK GOP Platform

I'd call this at least a partial victory

Will Smith on "Black LIves Matter" and "Defund the Police."

Wallace Shawn Emerges As Frontrunner To Replace Daniel Craig As James Bond

...but at least he had finally owned the libs.

This QAnon anti vaccine guy is sick with C-19. I wish the virus well.

Mocking Unvaxxed COVID Victims Is the New Pandemic Blood Sport

Tesla has jumped the shark

I have ONE question about DEATH Santis Florida

Republicans are actively working to destroy Democracy, how can there be ANY other story in the news?

Simone Biles and courage

Yellen tells Congress that U.S. will run out of debt ceiling flexibility on Oct. 18

11 charged in Adam Oakes alleged hazing death appear in court

I made up a joke today

I'm getting kind of worried. Liberty had it's town

Biden gets involved on debt ceiling strategy with call to Pelosi, Schumer

What- WHAT - Where in the hell???

5 injured in explosion at Louisiana chemical plant

Heart Has fallen into the dreaded 2 songs on FM radio rotation zone

Ok. Go pound sand Reich Wing.

Kavanaugh: We all know he's walking a thin line, since his past might yet bite him in the robes.

Haiti polls postponed after electoral body is dissolved

The Republicans have given up trying to hide their love of fascism / Budapest to host CPAC in 2022

Both Louisiana Sens. Cassidy And Kennedy Vote Against Disaster Relief For Their Own State

Thoughtful reaction to traveling immersive Van Gogh exhibit, which I haven't seen

Do anti-vax idiots also not get their dogs and cats vaccinated?

Legal expert: The gays are next

Had my second Shingles shot yesterday...and I'm not worth crap today...

Gen Milley stuffs Tom Cotton in a locker

Why are we holding hearings on the Afghanistan withdrawals?

Grisham says she sought to shield young, female aide from Trump

Trump's Press Sec: He Called Me to Insist His Penis Wasn't Toadstool-Shaped

Fed Chair Powell to warn Congress that inflation pressures could last longer than expected

1123 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 108 deaths

Clinical trial testing Ivermectin, two other drugs against COVID open for signups

Good Day DU (September 28, 2021)

Well - my 65th birthday celebration is almost over, having successfully reclaimed a bit of my life.

You can't take it with you

Jared and Ivanka tried to horn in on meeting with the Queen.

Arizona DOT: I-19 SB south of Green Valley:

Yellen says Delta slowing recovery, urges Congress to raise U.S. debt limit-testimony

Not just the US: Sovereign Citizen Took an Elderly COVID Patient Out of the ICU

Milley told Pelosi he's not qualified to determine Trump's 'mental health'

Why doesn't the world work the way -I- want it to!!!???

Harris County TX CA goes after Abbott for conducting "secret" audit of 2020 Election

Trump Called to Insist His Penis Didn't Look Like a Toadstool, Press Sec Says

Trump Loses Case to Enforce Omarosa Manigault Newman's N.D.A.

Tammy Duckworth is schooling these ReTHUG assholes

The Pandemmy Award for Best Original COVID treatment

So I have the hearings on in background and was wondering...

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham calls Jared Kushner 'Rasputin in a slim-fitting suit'

Eli Manning's hips don't lie, LeBron's NFL offers and 'Ma, the Meatloaf!' among Week 3 MNF highlight

Is it me, or are the Covid trends encouraging?

WATCH: GOP's Tom Cotton gets schooled after asking Gen. Milley 'why haven't you resigned'

Ford to build new plants in Tennessee, Kentucky in $11 billion investment in electric vehicles

Warren says she'll oppose second term for Powell

The U.S. Military Said It Was an ISIS Safe House. We Found an Afghan Family Home.

Why did that asshole Tom Cotton just refer to the President as Joe Biden

Why did that asshole Tom Cotton just refer to the President as Joe Biden

Unvaccinated NY State Nurse Defies Mandate, Will Work Until Escorted Out

Redistricting Input Opportunities

Capital Gazette gunman sentenced to five life terms without parole for killing five in newsroom

Milley says he personally informed senior Trump officials of call with Chinese counterpart

When will Christians learn from the unending engagement cycle of evangelicalism and race?

California Republicans' Demonization of Voting by Mail May Backfire

Aging in America ought to mean aging with dignity.

Far-right cryptocurrency follows ideology across borders

Russia starts criminal investigation into Navalny, allies over alleged extremism

Patrick Swayze and OwlKitty in Dirty Dancing!

Report: Seattle is 14th most expensive US city to rent in

Your drawer full of old tech could have a new life -- or start a fire. Here's how to handle it.

Since I had nothing better to do, today, I decided to give the kittens another flea bath

If God Intended Humans Were To Have Free Energy For Billions Of Years

Criticizing tRump in a book is like criticizing the

On this date in 1960

They HATE you so much, they are willing to die. But YOU are supposed to feel sorry for them.

I Think It's Amazing That Tr**p Has Taken Lying To A Whole New Level That When.....

In deep red West Virginia, Biden's $3.5tn spending proposal is immensely popular

Pelosi says Biden's infrastructure bill can't wait for social safety net bill

Lost your COVID-19 vaccine card? Don't fret. Here's what you can do now

BoJo Hoisted With His Own Petard

Free Law Project Creates the First Online Database of Federal Judicial Financial Disclosures

What possible excuse is there for keeping the filibuster on a bill to raise the debt ceiling

Tom Cotton's Slave-Owning Ancestors

Sen. Warren calls Fed Chair Powell a 'dangerous man,' says she will oppose his renomination

Quite possibly the best game-show ever:

Kushner and Ivanka offered Planned Parenthood a 'bribe' to stop abortions

Cartoons 9/28/2021

Steve Vladeck's written testimony for Senate hearing on SB8 & SCOTUS's "shadow docket"

Democrats need to learn how to bribe lawmakers.

Almost 93% of Snohomish County's COVID deaths are among unvaccinated

My wiki, Right Wing Infopedia, crosses 800 page mark

Majority of unvaccinated incorrectly believe boosters show vaccines aren't working: KFF poll

'Bigfoot' and 'Kevin' are among the names suggested for Washington's new ferry. Can you do better?

Are Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) enforceable if they're intended to hide a crime?

One Week After Details Of Trump's Plan To Overthrow America Were Revealed, The Press Is Silent

Chuck Todd has the idiot Indiana Senator Braun on now.

US amends Capitol siege charges against two arrested in Vegas, including Memphis-area man (Conspirac

Harris rips Georgia, Texas election measures as 'inhumane'

For Oktoberfest, Straight Outta Compton

For People Who Got The J&J Vaccine, Some Doctors Are Advising Boosters ASAP, NPR

Today is National Voter Registration Day

Melania's ex-secretary claims Trump called her from AF1 to defend the size of his penis !

A two store restaurant chain in my hometown did a great thing

Has anyone watched the latest videos from Mars on You Tube, attributed to NASA...?

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) extends statewide mask mandate through Oct 27

63% of hiring managers want to see vax status on resume, 1/3rd would filter out candidates without

"We Get to Hear Them Training to Kill Us"

Manchin, Sinema to meet with Biden in talks to trim $3.5T

Grisham: WH employed a "MUSIC MAN" to calm TFG's rages. He really likes "Cats" song "Memory"

New Orleans Mardi Gras 2022 decision expected in October, city says

College Student Dies from COVID After Mom 'Encouraged, Threatened and Nagged' Him to Get Vaccinated

Jeff Tiedrich sure has a way with words, and knows how to use it:

COVID has killed nearly 5 times as many Americans in Trump counties vs. Biden Counties

Albertans dying from COVID-19 at more than three times the average Canadian rate

It's time to crush the GOPers and....

Mr. Krugman On Democratic 'Moderates'

Portpass app may have exposed hundreds of thousands of users' personal data

Ex-U.S. Army Ranger faces extradition to Holland after military-style assassination

someone had removed access plate and made a home in a sacramento bridge crawlspace

Prosecutors won't bring new charges against Jan. 6 def Robert Reeder after new evidence surfaced

Meet Justin Calhoun - Texas State House District 73 Candidate

'It's Over': Omarosa's Attorney Celebrates as Trump NDA Ruled Unenforceable

Months-old mail piles up in Atlanta Veterans Affairs hospital basement

Legal Analyst Sounds The Alarm On Trump's Threat To Democracy - Rebel HQ

New Data Shows Trump Voters Getting RAVAGED By Delta Variant - The Rational National

"Take the Money and Run": Probably not coming to a museum near you.

Rep. Dingell on Standing Up to "Hateful Bully" Marjorie Taylor Greene - The MeidasTouch Podcast

John Lennon cassette tape fetches $58,240 at Danish auction

Retain the medical personnel who don't want to get vaccinated.

(Jewish Group) Israeli PM Bennett to American Jewish leaders: 'We have to redesign our relationship'

(Jewish Group) Berkeley's Marcia Freedman, first out lesbian in Knesset, dies at 83

If you've already seen two chickens splitting up a rabbit fight today I do apologize

African Researchers Say They Face Bias In The World Of Science. Here's One Solution

Doggie Stick Library

President Obama is speaking now on CNN

dear du weather watchers ,

President Obama is speaking. It's hard to explain

Heeding Steve Bannon's Call, Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of the GOP

Manchin is choosing a problematic past over his state's future

President Biden leaning hard on Manchin and Sinema at this very moment!

Massive new study says Donald Trump's presidency worsened LGBTQ mental health

Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans

Will his supporters ever realize he hates them?

Three Little Words

Who is that...

Top generals contradict Biden, say they urged him not to withdraw from Afghanistan

Youngkin signs up in my part of Virginia today.

Domestic Terrorist Orange Penguin (Batman's enemy) makes jokes in public about his crimes...

Why do animals have such different lifespans? - Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

Marvelous rendidious of "Girl from Ipanema"

Post-election rifts emerge in Germany's centre-right alliance

Post-election rifts emerge in Germany's centre-right alliance

I've always liked Damian Lillard, and now I know why.

Schumer to Try to Bypass Filibuster on Debt Limit

"No Better Friend"

Someone who says, "I'm a patriot," is probably a Republican

So fill me in, I forget, what would a govt shut-down mean exactly? and when could effects begin?

Animal photos and videos.

It would appear to me that the Republicans are attempting to push us into a revolution.

Pentagon Told 'No Major' Illegal Activity on January 6

Ayanna Pressley endorses Boston City Council candidate Kendra Hicks

I saw today's New York Post cover at the grocery store and just about lost my cool.

dachshund recharging station (twitter)

Manchin Says He Made 'No Commitments' To Biden On Reconciliation Package

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 28, 2021

NJ Teacher Charged After Accused Of Giving Fake Mask Note

After 5 years, Obamas break ground on Presidential Center

J. Michael Straczynski Explains Why Babylon 5 Had to Be Rebooted

Milley Says He's Sworn An Oath To Protect This Country From All Threats Foreign & Domestic - Did....

131 federal judges failed to recuse themselves from cases in which they had financial interest

(Jewish Group) The Inquisition decimated Sephardic Jewry. We still haven't internalized its lessons

Daily Beast Goes After SORRYANTIVAXXER

My first Doordash order is on the way...

Florida State Workers Are "Very Scared" Over COVID-Related Working Conditions

Gen. Milley at hearing: "The end-state probably would've been the same" no matter when we left."

OK should we now call him

'Left warns Pelosi they'll take down Biden infrastructure bill' - the Hill

Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath at the old Ritz Carlton Bar.

Rock the Vote: The energy we're starting with here in Atlanta for National Voter Registration Day!



STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 29 September 2021

What the F*ck Are These People Talking About? - Esquire

Justin Chon's 'Blue Bayou' faces backlash after accusations of exploiting an adoptee's story

I live in this town... This is shameful of the school district!

AARP running tv ads against the "big pharma scam". no pic of dems/repubs

Black Business Owner Bounces Back After An Anti-Cop Rumor Attempted to Tarnish His Brand

Who'da thunk: Cheering for Omarosa (Drumpf loses NDA case against her)

For People Who Got The J&J Vaccine, Some Doctors Are Advising Boosters ASAP - (NPR)

I got an email warning from my identity theft insurance

Melania Trump took quiet revenge on her husband by being escorted by handsome military aides, new bo

Trae Crowder - Review of Kyrsten Sinema

Attorney Caught On Camera Breaking The Law - Rebel HQ

Missouri hospital to give staff panic buttons to protect them from violent patients

Well, the barrier at the den doorway is now at 3 feet, and Morgan is trying to clear that!

Liz Cheney's damning hypocrisy

Cops Allow K-9 To Maul Innocent Man - Officer Gets 6yrs In Jail

Opinion: Defense officials just debunked much of the criticism of Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal

When an anti-vaxxer shows up at a hospital with Covid....

Sanders urges House Democrats to vote against infrastructure bill before reconciliation

For-Profit Charter Schools Provide an Entryway for Private Investors to Exploit Public Education

Terry Callier - Dancing Girl

In her book about the Trump marriage.....

Is this the McConnell & Manchsinema endgame?

California man goes nuts over dinosaur flag...

iPhone 13 A Repair Nightmare - Teardown and Repair Assessment (Hugh Jeffreys)

Spam email promotes 'anti-Biden Gun Gift'

The nuclear megayacht designed to save the world

tRump seems textbook manChild

near the Roger Williams National Memorial

Its takes a true humanitarian to build a presidential library in a way and a place . . . . .

'This is our community': Montana farm communities mobilize to help train wreck victims

Senate Hearings...

Journey - It's All Too Much

Jen Atkin Adopts Energetic Dog Who Loves Stealing Wigs

Disabled parrot invents new tool to survive

Assertive dog learns to say 'NO' to dad

Tweet of the Day

Down the road the Reich Wing

Some of dis some of dat

Oregon approves new congressional (5D-1R) and legislative maps

Enormous boom heard over D.C. area was almost certainly from lightning in Northern Virginia

jimmy buffett - southern cross (live) excellent version of the CSN classic (flawless cowbell level)

Ari Ari Ari - this was a Senate Hearing

Nina Turner is back, files statement of candidacy against Shontel Brown in Ohio

Dickishness Raised One Level

What if the Build Back Better Act were renamed the Make America Great Again Act?

Saving Arizona

Warning if you vote Absentee in Va

Dog going on his first walk after being adopted...

Even if you do not regularly watch TV

We Need To Pass The Damn Infrastructure Bill

Ari said Joe Manchin left his meeting with Biden and was bragging he did not give Biden a number....

Thank you LeBron for getting vaccinated and publicizing it.

Tweet of the evening:

What are you streaming these days?

What are you streaming these days?

The chronic condition of gray hair

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"Someone Is Going To Be Seriously Injured Or Killed" At Hands Of RCMP - Fairy Creek Blockade (BC)

No infrastructure bill should pass without a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

As Biden's EPA Preps Methane Regulations, Prepare For Flood Of Crocodile Tears From Oil & Gas Sector


Manchin and Sinema meet with Biden over reconciliation bill concerns

My poetry group met today, and the wall next to us looked like this:

I am getting upset with a few of the Democrats in the House and Senate!

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As Sinema resists the budget bill, she is set to raise money from business groups that oppose it.

Who here understands the DRASTIC effect refusing to raise the debt ceiling will have on the market?

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Sergio Alcubilla is running for Hawaii's CD1 and he is wonderful!

One down, eight to go

Gen. Milley: 'I Am Not Qualified To Determine The Mental Health Of The President' - MSNBC

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