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Islamic State 'Beatles' member Alexanda Kotey pleads guilty over US hostage deaths

Stanley Bros- Worried Man Blues by Pete Seeger

Metro East Abortion Providers Already Fielding Calls From Texans Scrambling For Abortion Care

Little Fires Everywhere

Delaware County, PA Prosecutor: Police gunfire likely killed girl near stadium


Restrictive Abortion Laws Are 'Not Going To Stop In Texas' - Deadline - MSNBC

Vaccine Hesitancy Is Still Strong In Many COVID-19-Battered States

The computer repairman with Hunter Biden's laptop lost his lawsuit against Twitter and has to pay th

Guy climbs a 25-foot tree to reunite these baby barred owls with their mom

AOC Raised Money for Texas Abortion Funds on Instagram Live

Bizarre Anti-Mask Claims At School Board Meeting Stun Don Lemon Into Silence

A woman with a mental disability was raped in her Texas group home, and needed an abortion.

Should we interrupt them?

Billionaires Pay Up to $7 Billion to Settle Tax Probe

Stephen King on Susan Collins: 'Women in Texas must pay the price for her gullibility'

Neither Jill Stein Nor Susan Sarandon Lost 2016 For Clinton. Trump Switchers Did

When the first Texan woman dies from an ectopic pregnancy after being denied an abortion, and

Texas Gov. Abbott says Tesla CEO Elon Musk 'likes the social policies' in his state

Biden enlists White House counsel to fight Texas abortion law

So the caldor fire passed us by hopefully, but evacuation might last week's!

ayanna presley and judy chu introducing a bill to codify roe v wade with backing

US House Members likely to get redistricted out of office.

Rescuers are plucking people off roofs near Philadelphia as the Schuylkill River hits record flood

From the Women's March, October 2nd Action, pledge to mobilize

Charlie Sykes: When GOP Talks Of Violence, They 'Literally Mean Fighting' - Deadline - MSNBC

Mess in Texas: A Theocracy That Enshrines White, Male Power

Well shit

Tucker Carlson endorses Texas' new "rapists can sue victims friends and family" law

Tucker Carlson straight up advocates for unvaccinated people to get fake vaccine cards

Republicans Impose Alqaeda Laws on Texas Women.

What I want to see from Dems today... We elected you!

FDA: Don't Believe Misinformation Claiming Ivermectin Will Cure Covid - MSNBC

Trump Fans Plot The 'Next' Jan. 6 This September In D.C. (MSNBC)

US Female Soldiers helping Afghan Children & Women in Germany.

Cat at the Kitten Academy had a new litter of kittens...


McCarthy DESPERATELY Covers Trump's Tracks - Rebel HQ

People are Already TROLLING an Anonymous Anti Abortion Tip Line!

Tucson, AZ: Group threatens to zip-tie principal over COVID-19 protocols

Trae Crowder - Review of Ted Cruz

Labor Day weekend ferry reservations shut down in Washington ahead of expected employee sickout

Republicans sure treated us all to a hell of a week.

Polls show california recall turning into landslide in Newsom's favor

Sotomayor Issues blistering dissent to Supreme Court's abortion ruling (CNN)

Jeopardy host

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Would you support an abortion rights candidate who opposed immigration?

Texas Vet, former United States Marine Sergeant, Katherine Wyatt, on Texas abortion ban

All canadians at home and abroad:

Let's talk about something in American politics that needs to stop now....

Why are we saving the stupid?

Watching Rachel.........WTFAWK is going on.....fires, floods and winds....

Kevin McCarthy emerges as a demagogue in his own right

Trump's Legal Mess: New Testimony In Criminal Probe Ratchets Up Pressure - The Beat - MSNBC

Texas tip line will not let me send a tip. It may be down.

Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S.

'Sidewalk Con:' Hayes On Why Abortion Law Design Is Particularly Egregious - All In - MSNBC

Chris Cuomo Apologizes To Don Lemon Then THIS Happens - Rebel HQ

Kavanaugh quote re: new Texas law

I'm having a ball!! n/t

Well I ventured out on the NJ roads to replace the glasses I lost in the storm.

The compounded tragedy of Covid-19 vaccine skeptics dying from the virus (CNN)

This Texas abortion ban: I'm confused.

Texas has passed Mississippi to become the shittiest state in the union.

on "Decades".......Dick Cavett......anyone like him??

Nazi Youth, Gender Roles: Tomorrow's Wives & Warriors, Girls- Children, Church, Kitchen


The BIGGEST Disbelief about Ivermectin & COVID - Doctor Mike Hansen

Seriously conflicted. CBS will be airing an American version of Ghosts

Let's test a Texas abortion scenario....

Ida's Death Toll In Northeast Passes 40; NJ, NY, PA, CT, MD All In Path Of Storm

Charlie Savage @charlie_savage : The shadow docket, explained

Where are Texas penises in all this?

I would like to suggest Texans make this their official State Song?

If you want to donate to Planned Parenthood...

"I Never Said Plant A Trillion Trees" - Co-Author Of Study Noting Space For A Trillion Trees

Rev. Dr. Barber on religion and democracy:

British national pleads guilty to role in terror beheadings

The Texas abortion ban could force tech to snitch on users

Congresswoman Judy Chu is on Rachel now

They're going after medication abortion next.

Homemade Chocolate Chip Blondies Recipe

US Senate Races in 2022 that will determine which party controls the US Senate is GA,NH,and WI.

Looking for input regarding seriously bruised foot. (Don't let your computer fall off the desk!)

Who are the people doing Billboard campaigns again?

Australian Paralympians Medallists To Receive Same Paycheck As Olympic Athletes

How do you convince people to eat less meat? This might help

'Tasteless': Pa. GOP lawmaker faces backlash after comparing COVID vaccinations to sexual assault

'This Is Not A Drill': Rep. Pressley Urges Action From 'Pro-Choice Majority' - All In - MSNBC

50 of the cutest pics of teeny tiny animals on people's fingers

Rather than a wringing of hands, complaining about Democrats etc

Right wing reporters are no match for Jen Psaki!

Will the rw crazies now put a bounty on any Biden official or dem. rep for being prochoice?


Some covers seem predestined. Let's face it, the Blasters were always gonna own this song

Dan Rather says it best

Tribe: This deputizing of private citizens & offering them bounties has precedence in slavery days

Saw this and HAD to share

THIS is what women in Murika are up against.

Hi-tech wooden flooring can turn footsteps into electricity

Selwyn Birchwood says "I've always been a loner who don't like being alone"

Paws for thought: dogs may be able to figure out human intentions

72 year old white man here. What I think the abortion issue is all about:

RBG statement on a woman's right to choose:

Will be interesting to hear from the American Medical Association and from the OB/GYN one

Some interesting thoughts about the Texas abortion ban...

St. Paul man who shot at MPD in self-defense acquitted of all charges by jury

Stole this from Kos

U.S. official faults El Salvador plan to fire all over-60 judges

It occured to me..

"I'm going to boycott everywhere that won't let me in..."

Republicans Lash Out Following January 6 Committee's Telecom Request - NowThis News

Watch out for the Republican style rat**cking in the Canadian elections.

Elie Mystal on the Federalist Society

George Carlin put it best about "pro-lifers..."

Fox News host says kids 'don't die from COVID.' Over 400 have in the US alone.

Child-size hearse emphasizes problem of gun violence in Memphis

I think part of the motivation for the TX aborta-vigilante law is to disabuse libs from moving

Summerfest seems to off to a slow start. Empty seats and lots of free space.

Here's why the GOP Agenda opens the door for huge 2022 Democratic win if they would just lean in.


Will the Texas law change abortions in Texas?

Barbara Boxer: Wake Up America. This Is A Full-Throated Overturning Of Roe - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Carlson tweet:

I'm Not Sorry For My Pillow Guy!

Lindsey Graham Censured Over Infrastructure Vote

Hey! Let's deputize citizens to go after folk nurturing a pandemic!

Texas's Abortion Law Blunder - WSJ Editorial ( a lot of legalese)

The Taliban, suppressing women's rights, the Texas Repuqs...

Male reporter tries to spar with Jen Psaki about new Texas law, INSTANTLY regrets it - Brian Tyler

How many abortions do you think Donald Trump has paid for?

DU legal experts: Can a suit be brought arguing that the Texas abortion law...

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Obstructs the Congressional Investigation into 1/6 Attack; DOJ Must Act

Hungary soccer fans pelted a Black England player with cups and reportedly shouted racist chants at

Pssst, GOP ...

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

George Carlin - Stand Up About Religion

Florida COVID update: 1,338 more fatalities. Average daily reported deaths reaches record high, 325

Herschel Walker baggage coming out

Top 25 Fortune 500 Companies in Texas

14 House Republicans file lawsuit to strike down Pa.'s vote-by mail law. 11 voted for it

March for Our Lives: End the NRA

Marlene: "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"

A short 30 years

Laurence Tribe: Roe v Wade died with barely a whimper. But that's not all

Pa. GOP candidate says he'll bring 'strong men' to intimidate pro-mask school boards

'Nice dystopia you got there': Grubhub worker spotted delivering food amid NYC floods sparks outrage

Here's Why Joe Rogan's COVID Treatment Is Problematic

Trump Employees Testify Before New York Grand Jury - The Last Word - MSNBC

At remote Louisiana warehouse, nursing home evacuees lay in waste, calling out for help

Will Texas continue to overlook China's abortion mandate?

Judge finalizes ruling upholding school mask mandates; DeSantis appeals order

Arizona Cyber Ninjas audit - Text messages show election audit officials knew about security lapses

Felt like many of us could use this tonight,

Is Your 'Go Bag' Ready?

Justice Sotomayor: 'Stunning' SCOTUS Decision Creates 'Citizen Bounty Hunters' In TX - The Last Word

Largest study of masks yet details their importance in fighting Covid-19

In Sandy Hook shootings court case, gunmaker seeks confidential school records of slain first grader

Trump Ambassador Directed Business to His Hotel

Everything inside the Project Veritas HQ was pretty well destroyed in flooding.

Biden and Pelosi Vow Action After Texas Abortion Ban - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Where Are Progressives at Local Meetings? Waiting for the Next Nationwide Mass March?

In Georgia, anti-vaccination supporters have gone from making 'snide' remarks to shutting down

Texiban...right wing US brothers of the Taliban!

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 3, 2021 -- Rock Robberies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 4, 2021 -- Mitzi Gaynor's 90th Birthday

TCM 2:00 AM -- Singin' in the Rain (1952)

First of a kind 3D printed parts installed in TVA nuclear reactor.

Star-smash supernova? New type of stellar explosion possibly seen

Boycott GoDaddy! It's the one hosting, the TX antiabortion reporting site

Biden Wants Action On Climate Change Citing Floods And Fires - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

The mysterious troughs on giant asteroid Vesta keep puzzling scientists

TikTokers flood Texas abortion whistleblower site with Shrek memes, fake reports and porn

'You Don't Belong Here': Female Mechanic Films Colleague's Sexist Remarks

'This Is A Courts Problem': Supreme Court Flop On Abortion Law Prompts Calls For Reform Rachel Maddow

I'm involved with Democratic politics down here in South Texas

Elijah McClain's family speaks out as officers, medics charged in son's death

Poll: Gov. Abbott receives lowest-ever approval rating

Boycott GoDaddy! It's the one hosting, the TX antiabortion reporting site

Boycott GoDaddy! It's the one hosting, the TX antiabortion reporting site

List of federal judges appointed by Joe Biden

Women's Health Law Draws Surge Of Support In Wake Of Texas Anti-Abortion Vigilante Law Rachel Maddow

Trust the Experts

Pa. businessman accused of fraudulently obtaining more than $400K in COVID-19 relief funds

Can a pregnant woman buy life insurance on her unborn

There should be a website to keep track of the bounty hunters and their lawsuits

Nose Canceling Headphones

Texas Republicans Back Statewide Dress Code for Women

The coming crisis in dementia care and why Pennsylvania is woefully unprepared

ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

Oklahoma having an influx of patients overdosing on Ivermectin

New Zealand shooting: man shot dead by police after 'terrorist attack' in Auckland that injured six

Psaki tells a male reporter who asked why Biden supports abortion...

Climate crisis likely creating extreme winter weather events, says report

Breakfast Friday 3 September 2021

Texas State Flag Revised

FEMA Preparing For Power Outage Of 'Several Weeks' In Louisiana - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

For my birthday, I want ... a visit from a whale

Chris and Andi Porter

The Texas abortion whistleblower site

Yoshihide Suga to step down as Japan's prime minister

Colbert: Tooning Out The News - Snake King Gets Where DeSantis Is Coming From

What will it take to move Manchin to approve the 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation bill?

Illinois expands legislation to protect LGBTQ service members

Difficult Days

Controversial Allegheny County Jail contractor has criminal history and warned of a race war against

Bruce Hornsby And The Range - The Way It Is [extended retro remix]

COVID-19 has become the No. 1 cop killer

Who Wants To See Carbon Taxes Imposed Worldwide?

Texas Antiabortion Groups Already Getting Tip-Offs About Potential Law Violations, Says Report

I will blame

Why I Won't Support Spending Another $3.5 Trillion

You cannot hate government and deliberately try to make it fit into a bathtub

You cannot hate government and deliberately try to make it fit into a bathtub

Feeling chilly out , Potato soup today using bear creek soup mix

Biden's Schedule for Friday, September 3, 2021

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Illegally Redefines What A Baby Is

How the Storm Turned Basement Apartments Into Death Traps

TN Holler: Governor, you mentioned fallen soldiers...what about fallen teachers?

This pupper absolutely refuses to get out of the pool:

Idaho hospitals nearly buckling in relentless COVID surge

A Southwest passenger was filmed punching a flight attendant. She was charged with two felonies.

Mike Lindell paid millions to "cyber experts"; allegedly bought luxury home for accused fraudster

In the Dead of Night, the Supreme Court Proved It Has Too Much Power (Jamelle Bouie)

FAA bans Virgin Galactic launches while probing Branson trip

Can someone remind me who won the election?

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 27 August - 3 September (2021)

Elie Mystal, a legal expert, says . . .

Guillermo del Toros is coming up with a new horror anthology.

Question I saw on Reddit: Is Abbott's goal to get progressives to leave Texas, thus making

Memphis Slim (John Chatman) was born on this date.

One of the three Kings of the blues, Freddie, was born on this date.

If you believe women should be free to have sex but...

Friday TOONs - The Republic of Texagilead

A peaceful moment for you today

Up To 2/3 Of All Amazon Basin Species Have Already Lost Habitat To Fire, Logging, Mining

Susan Collins: The freaking gift that just keeps on giving!

Texas hospitals aren't allowed to forbid visitors for covid cases?

Texas abortion law: Here are 4 things to know about how it might affect Illinois

9 Years After Sandy, Ida Show NYC Not Remotely Ready For Climate Breakdown

"Can I get you some coffee?" - clip from Fringe

Justice Department Issues Guidance on Federal Statutes Regarding Redistricting and Methods for ...

New Comic Releases for September 01, 2021

The Rundown: September 3, 2021


1,000s Of Water Rescues In Pennsylvania (500 In Mont. County Alone); 370 Roads Closed By Floods

Federal precedence. Now discussing on NPR's Morning Edition...

This Detroit exhibition puts American car culture on display

With all the flooding going on.

Krugman - Corporate America Wants Climate Breakdown, Because Anything's Better Than Higher Taxes

The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

August jobs report misses expectations +235,000 jobs, UE falls to 5.2%

I Saw This Posted & Thought I'd Share

August jobs report: Payrolls rise by disappointing 235,000 while unemployment rate falls to 5.2%

The USSC's silence on the TX abortion law legalizes vigilantism.

Dusting off an oldie but a goodie

(Final US trailer) Oct 8 2021. James Bond. #NoTimeToDie.

The weak number of jobs added is the best reason to pass the 3.5 trillion infrastructure

Why is CNN trying to end the Biden administration?

I just made this and you have my permission to download and then upload to

Top defense firms spend $1B on lobbying during Afghan war, see $2T return


Best anxiety treatment, ever


7 Black Men Executed for Alleged Rape Just Got Pardoned 70 Years Later

A Texas summer grape leaf.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to the part of my brain that used to

Hiring a Covid denier or anti-vaxxer is worse than hiring a chain smoker.

Mean Tweets are useless. Time for Mean Highway Billboards

You and your dog can share treatment

Heartbeats Are Not Sacred In Texas

Gavin Newsom recall election is turning into landslide, poll shows

flooded philly freeway.

More than 45 dead after Ida's remnants blindside Northeast

A surveillance state and frivolous lawsuits. Two things Republicans despise.

Just who is this Stephen Collinson guy who's analysis articles trashing Biden appear on the CNN

Texans: Please Think of Your Daughters and other Women You Love

Protection of migrant workers is strengthened with the signing of four agreements

FTC investigates why McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken

Got tired of all the crap on the radio so I switched

LIVE 10:30 AM: Mayorkas speaks on government efforts to resettle Afghan refugees

Texas's Abortion Law Will Kill and Maim Women

Pic Of The Moment: Desperate For Workers, An Oregon McDonald's Is Offering Jobs To 14 & 15-Year-Olds

Minnesota braces for influx of out-of-state abortion patients

Morning Open Thread- The Wife Got It - Breakthru Case: Boosters Anyone? D. Kos

More what were they thinking. Office? of house in Mystic for sale.

Across Virginia, 36 Confederate monuments have been removed or relocated since last year. 88 remain.

Liz Cheney is a "traitor" to most Republicans in Congress.

The Georgia Witch Hunt Against the DOJ and Voting Rights Groups

Drill down into the sub-strata of all the negative press about the Biden administration and

Lauren Boebert: Close enough.

Albuquerque-based House Democrats push anti-crime package

Fear of a Civil War?

I Keep Hearing That Tens Of Thousands Of Afghans Didn't Get Out Of The Country.....

Power restoration estimates for Greater New Orleans area and south Louisiana

New abuse charges brought against former Santa Fe, NM, school nurse

So why did Trump tell every to "March down to the capitol"? He knew it was

While I would still strongly disagree with "pro-life" people, it would be with a bit more sympathy..

Biden to visit New Orleans to survey damage caused by Ida as death toll climbs

Health Officials Advise White House to Scale Back Booster Plan for Now

These are the racist pigs Fucker from Fux admires

Santa Fe man accused of child rape sentenced to probation

Boycotting Texas Businesses A rapier works better than

Reps. Khanna, Beyer, Lee & Tlaib introduce bill to reform the Supreme Court

Re: Kevin McCarthy, if Congress cannot hold themselves to the laws of this nation.

Have The Cable News Shows Become Just A Platform For Promoting And Selling Books?.....

Elderly woman left outside overnight outside Farmington, NM, hospital

Commerce Dept. security unit to be shut down after overstepping legal limits in launching probes

Morgan decided to show a little attitude towards Sophie, this morning

Top Republican caught making DEVASTATING admission on hidden camera

Goin' get 1,000 of these printed out and pass them out

Why are these terrorists not being arrested?

Jaleel Stallings shot at the MPD; a jury acquitted him of wrongdoing

Stephen King buries Susan Collins: 'Women in Texas must pay the price for her gullibility'

Good Day DU (September 3, 2021)

Jan. 6 riot defendant returned to jail for using internet

Prosecutor Indicted For Covering Up Ahmaud Arbery Killing. FINALLY.

Missouri Capitol Kills LGBTQ+ Exhibit After Aide Screams 'LGBT Agenda'

Honduras economic development zones worry residents, experts

FBI examining $100M tax refund push by Gov. Ducey staffers after Arizona Republic investigation

NY Health Commissioner repeals mask mandate for unvaxxed after federal lawsuit filed

Thinking about Buying a New Car? - Act Soon

On Top of Everything Else, the Conservative Justices' Reasoning in the Texas Abortion Case Is...

I never thought of myself as a coffee snob

Joe Manchin's new threat to destroy Biden's agenda is worse than it seems

Florida's former GOP Speaker of the House called women a "host body."

3802 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 80 deaths

More than 8000 Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy in WI

Air Force 1 and the press plane behind it just left JB Andrews about ten minutes ago.

Tyson Foods workers get paid sick leave; 75% vaccinated

Tyson Foods workers get paid sick leave; 75% vaccinated

small vessel disease. Three little words that explains a lot.

Missouri pulls LGBT history exhibit from Capitol after complaints

Biden urges Congress to pass his infrastructure proposals

Cat Instantly Regrets Escaping Outside

R'amen! The Flying Spaghetti Monster Finally Gets A Praise-Worthy Hymn

Woman's First Ever Foster Experience Is A Spicy Mom And Her Four Kittens

Tel Aviv's 1st Russian-speaking congregation says 'da' to young progressives

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30

Texas stands ready - Breathe easy Louisiana, Ted is here (Well, maybe not)

Dallas city officials plan to call for independent investigation into police evidence loss

"Dark Winds," 2022 AMC Series based on Hillerman novels, to be set on Navajo Nation

70 State Department employees demand Blinken fire antisemitic worker

You know those songs that stick in your and is so annoying...

Biden addresses weak gains in jobs report for August

Pentagon holds briefing as U.S. helps with Afghan refugee resettlement

Does anyone know what has happened to Malwarebytes?

Shepherd Steals Dancer's Spotlight

Seriously: re- the legal issues re- the TX anti-abortion law

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are favored to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Horned, Furred, and Face-Painted 'Shaman' of the U.S. Capitol Siege Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

Is there life after death? Sam Harris, Bill Nye, Michio Kaku, & more Big Think

Seriously: re- the legal issues re- the TX anti-abortion law

Planned Parenthood files for restraining order against Texas Right to Life as abortion battle rages

F___G hilarious - Rick and Morty fans enjoy

U.S. covid death toll hits 1,500 a day amid delta scourge

Why does Andrea Mitchell try to pick fights with her guests?

GOP-led states see Texas law as model to restrict abortions

Restoration of Kabul's Closed Airport Begins as Some Afghan Aid Resumes

Showtime's about to start, my peoples! Tune in!

Dosent the TX bullshit run afoul of HIPA regulations?

Male reporter tries to spar with Jen Psaki about new Texas law, INSTANTLY regrets it

Ohio GOP Senate primary is an ugly look at a party that rewards the most rabid white nationalist....

New York City issues travel ban as Ida's remnants deluge tristate area

The PLCAA protects firearm manufacturers and dealers from many lawsuits.

The Latest IRS Headache for Taxpayers: 11 Million 'Math Error' Notices

A site for the Texas hot-line (to crash it)

TCM tonight: To Catch a Thief

Brazil's Bolsonaro signs law that could break COVID-19 vaccine patents

I'm just gonna assume this is true,

New Orleans music venue serves meals to residents without power

U.S. presses Pakistan as Afghan crisis spirals, leaked docs show

Only men can prevent abortions ( A bit graphic)

How is the Uber driver supposed to know how far along a women is when s/he drives a woman

Republicans try to censor big business, LOL

Former Democratic Majority Leader in CA supports recall, backs Elder.

Bayou La Batre

Groups that resettle refugees are struggling to find enough staff, funding, and housing for 50,000

Drunk man who stabbed someone for failing to have a lighter could serve decades in prison

Mom Bunma Shows Baby Elephant Chaba How To Get Into The Mud Pitch

Vigilantism Works Both Ways. Any Texan Can Sue Greg Abbott. Right Now.

Fact check: False claim that military arrested Hunter Biden

Vaccine pin causes spat between Sarasota/Manatee GOP leaders that embroils Rep. Steube

Pa. man wearing towel, carrying beer in store exposes himself to child as he leaves

Ben Dugan Works for CVS. His Job Is Battling a $45 Billion Crime Spree.

With Abortion Ban, Texas GOP Embraces Frivolous Lawsuits

I'm No Angel - Greg Allman

New Climate Study: Arctic Heat Fueled Deadly February Texas Freeze

Apple to Delay iPhone Update That Could Scan Device for Illegal Content

Who didn't see this coming?

Police say demoralized officers are quitting in droves. Labor data says no.

House panel votes to make it harder for retired generals to run the Pentagon

James Simons, Robert Mercer, Others at Renaissance to Pay Up to $7 Billion to Settle Tax Probe

Drought forces North American ranchers to sell off their future

57 year-old man dies in Des Moines hospital after staff can't find ICU room in Nebraska

Joe Manchin says he will oppose a $3.5 trillion budget bill

Four Louisiana nursing home residents died, 14 were hospitalized after 843 were evacuated from Ida

Horned, Furred, and Face-Painted 'Shaman' of the U.S. Capitol Siege Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

Rainy Day Woman - Waylon Jennings

Group Attempt Citizen's Arrest of Principal After Child Made to Quarantine

Heads they win, Tails we lose!

It's going to come down to the Youth Vote. And overall youth activism...

Congress should fire back on McCarthy's obstruction tactics

Neil deGrasse Tyson: 3 mind-blowing space facts Big Think

There are three Native American reservations in Texas.

So Chuck Todd finally made me do it.

Uh-oh. Any "Firefly" fans here? Guess what news just broke

Permit Me -- or Rather, Them -- to Ruin Your Day

Democrats follow the rules. The GOP makes up new ones.

Gunmaker seeks confidential school records of slain Sandy Hook first graders

It Ain't Me Babe

Supreme Court Shoot Themselves in Foot as Democrats Prepare for Battle to Expand Court

Trump Tower's key tenants have fallen behind on rent and moved. But TFG has one reliable customer:

The Gilded Age: PBS American Experience: 19th c. Robber Barons & Workers

Here is the Texas snitch page

US Senate Seats that the Democrats will win in 2022,2024,and 2026.

911 operator wanted for hanging up on emergency callers

Biden warns corporations like Apple, Disney, and ExxonMobil that are trying to squash his tax hikes:

Power to be restored to New Orleans by middle of next week

The mostly men who passed this law are savages who can't wait to bathe in blood of botched abortions

One Afghan evacuee in custody after security screening at US military base in Europe

NYC Unveils Dramatic New Severe Weather Plan as Ida Deaths Top 40

Trump Tower's key tenants have fallen behind on rent and moved out. But Trump has one customer ...

Security of some ballot-marking devices could be vulnerable in California recall, researchers say

Flooding in Pennsylvania

Judge says forcing waits in Mexico to seek asylum is illegal

Judge says forcing waits in Mexico to seek asylum is illegal

The Texas Abortion Law Is a Blunder

Goodbye 'Roe,' Hello Violence and an Out-of-Control Judiciary

Project Veritas Headquarters Destroyed in Ida Floods

Project Veritas Headquarters Destroyed in Ida Floods

Tweet of the Day

Dark thoughts

In the Least Surprising News of the Day...

Coder Creates iPhone Shortcut for Activists to Disrupt Texas Anti-Abortion Website

Photographic oxymoron- Beautiful destruction

Most Of Texas's Congressional Republicans Are Silent On Their State's New Abortion Law

New slogan: Don't mess around in Texas

OMG Two years and two days, he got this today.

Total recall: The California GOP's plan to make democracy obsolete is coming to your state

US expects to admit more than 50,000 evacuated Afghans

Hospitals And Ambulances Are Overflowing In Oklahoma With People OD'ing On Horse De-Wormer

Eviction moratoriums shouldn't be left for the states

I propose a new Texas vigilante law.

Biden signs executive order requiring review, release of some classified 9/11 documents

Senate Democrats float taxes on stock buybacks, plastics to pay for spending plan

Are anti-maskers killing babies?

Biden urges Congress to pass his economic plans after weak jobs report: 'Our country needs these

Not a contest but a project ...

Sen. Joni Ernst said Biden has "not once" expressed gratitude or empathy to troops who've served...

Texas's GOP-crafted voting bill hit with lawsuit

Want to feel good? Watch this video:

I'm not happy with Biden at this presser right now.

Floodwaters from Ida come crashing through the wall of a family's basement

On the front lines, here's what the seven stages of severe COVID-19 look like

BROKEN: Personal Vibrator Sales Quadruple in Texas

BREAKING: Arizona Senate hired conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer "Dr. Shiva" Ayyadurai ...

House Sedition Caucus is bigly scared! Send threatening letter to telecom companies

Morning Open Thread- The Wife Got It - Breakthru Case: Boosters Anyone? D. Kos

Why do turtles run in circles? To get to the same side?

John Roberts is a scheming rightwing hack

Biden signs order to declassify 9/11 attack investigation documents

Leaded Petrol Finally Eradicated From The World As Last Country Ends Use

Is Manhattan DA Cy Vance Getting Ready To Grab Trumpland Exec Matthew Calamari By The Pornstache?

"Jim Jordan's office denied this but Lordy there are tapes."

Re: the Texas abortion law...strategies on how to fight?

Ron Perlman on the California recall

January 6th insurrectionists are getting off to easy, where are the mandatory minimums ??

Which Vaccine Passport App Should I Use?

Parkland school shooter can't be called "animal" or "that thing" during upcoming trial

Parents of disabled kids sue over Iowa ban on mask mandates

David Patten, three-time Super Bowl winner with New England Patriots, dies in motorcycle crash at 47

New: Moderna Asked FDA To OK Vaccine Booster, 6 Months Shot Boosts Immunity, Study: NPR

Could everything change this weekend? ...our first chunk of large-scale in-person voting from ...

Video: Doctor set up vaccine clinic at a Marjorie Taylor Greene rally

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders unveil new uniforms for 2021-2022 NFL season

Report: Ole Miss softball coaches facing Title IX allegations over improper relationship

Experts call for rigorous audit to protect California recall (due to release of info by Lindell)

It is official.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/3/21

CDC (hard to believe) Lower vaxx states More kids in hospital

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Applauding Texas abortion law victory, Gov. Ricketts says he's working on pro-life plans for Nebrask

God Bless the Tik Tok Army!

Jim Jordan caught in undercover video saying the rioters who attacked police officers on 1/6 have...

The Nazis Burned Books: America Is Burning Science

Any Camp Pfizer people pulling up stakes and hiking over to Camp Moderna?

The unmasked put fetuses at risk. Sue everyone in

David Patten, three-time Super Bowl winner with New England Patriots, dies in motorcycle crash at 47

Washington AG Bob Ferguson is correct to appeal the Sackler family's bankruptcy settlement.

Cartoons 9/3/2021

What will be the next state to gut Roe v Wade?

Snohomish County sheriff's deputies will wear body cams

Trump ready to announce run in 2024 per Jordan

Texas man who argued 'masks aren't going to save you' contracts COVID-19, no longer breathes on own

Everett to buy 40 new small shelters, unsure where they'll go

Biden to storm-ravaged La.: 'We're going to have your back'

I just found out they can't schedule my needed surgery

Blinken gives update on Afghanistan

Paste Eaters Beware: Ivermectin Is Coming For Your Sperms

As COVID surges, more Florida school districts revolt against governor's mask ban

Texas abortion law alarms reproductive justice advocates: They 'put a bounty' on us

Hunted by the men they jailed, Afghanistan's women judges seek escape

U.S. Payroll Growth Slowed in August

Democrats vow to protect abortion rights after Supreme Court decision

Trump administration deliberately slowed entry of Afghan allies

Alaska Airlines to require all new hires to be vaccinated

FINALLY - someone who's not yet all outta fuks !! (WARNING, LANGUAGE)

Fun With Dick and Jane

Will the Texas GOP abortion law backfire on Republicans?

'Is this my life now?': Clemson DE Justin Foster's -- and my -- struggle with long-haul COVID

Some good COVID news...

Time: Do the past, present, and future exist all at once? Big Think

🎶 When a man loves a wom........

The Texas wave of laws is even worse than people realize



Family Tries To Convince Their Giant Alaskan Malamute To Get In The Bath

Our economic plan is working....

images like these depicting fetuses were common in 16th and 17th Century surgical & midwifery texts.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept 3, 2021

Pinera decrees prompt new maritime limits dispute between Chile and Argentina

Pinera decrees prompt new maritime limits dispute between Chile and Argentina

GoGaddy is cutting off Texas Right to Life's whistleblower website

QAnon Shaman has a loony lawyer

More than $4,000,000 paid by Trump to organize January 6th...

This sign in Texas says it all.

Stephen Miller 'stunned' other Trump officials with bigoted outburst against Afghan refugees: report

Furries celebrate Fursuit Friday by sharing photos of their unique costumes

Dear ______________. I am in possession of substantial and credible evidence that...

President Biden Speaks To Louisiana On FEMA Help After Hurricane Ida

Some perspective....

Moderna Asked FDA To OK Covid Vaccine Booster, 6 Months Shot Boosts Immunity, Study: NPR

righteous rant - Elie Mystal - What Can Democrats Do to Fight Texas's Abortion Ban? Lots.

Don't go for that new-fangled fancy stuff. This'll cure whatever ails ya.

No Sex In Tex - somebody had to do it, lol

Gov. Abbottoir (R-Texganistan)

Boogaloo Bois Are Using Amazon Ring Doorbells to Protect Them From the FBI

Can a cat develop a psychosis?

Makes you wonder.....

Under this new law, you can actually sue Gov. Greg Abbott for trying to kill your unborn child.

Corporate America is mobilizing...

boycott bucees in texas

Proud Boys and Anti-Maskers cause School to go into Lockdown

Why the spotted lanternfly must die

US Open Fans - spoiler

A classsic cat picture

Florida is reporting an average of 325 coronavirus deaths a day, by far the highest on record

The Greatest Music Video Ever Made!

Borowitz Has A Message

Are you afraid we are becoming like them?

Dems know how to dance - HEY MACARENA

Due to overwhelming public pressure, GoDaddy is kicking the Texas Whistleblower website to the curb

Vomit pix - Texas lawmakers posing after abortion passage

Peter Visits Tuscon

US to bolster firefighter ranks as wildfires burn year-round

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Racist Calgary mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston pleads guilty to hate crime

Fact check: Sen. Joni Ernst falsely claims Biden has 'not once' expressed gratitude to troops who f

Oregon State Fair gets hoodwinked by anti-vaxxer

The Wanderers...bunch of guys from Australia, featuring Dusty Stephenson, vocals and guitar

Best of luck to Mac Jones at Pats QB.

My Labor Day '71 baby girl is 50 TODAY!

Curious whale pushes paddleboard, plays with human on it: video

Texas must pay $6.8 million in legal fees to parties who challenged voter ID law, federal appeals

The COVID Bowl (college football game)

Encouraging Sight, I Think

Pretty damned close to the actuality of the situation....

The Flatlanders - "Dallas"

Duke Energy sued by family that lost five in tubing accident

A different take on Kashmir:

'Raise Hell': Dad Arrested After Angry Trio Threatens to Zip-Tie Principal Over COVID Rules

What Polls Say About GOP Support for TFG Amid 2024 Presidential Run Rumors

Top federal health officials warn that booster shots initially may be limited to Pfizer recipients

Bill limiting abortion-inducing pills heads to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk to be signed into law

11 House Republicans Threaten Companies With Legal Action if They Hand Records Over to 1/6 Committee

On the front lines, here's what the seven stages of severe COVID-19 look like

The Special Units Leading the Taliban's Fight against the Islamic State

The Religious Side of Texas, With Joy Reid and Frank Schaeffer

Former British soldier 'arrested by Taliban' while trying to evacuate 400 Afghans

Only auto truly made in USA

Doubling the Pell Grant invests in America's future

Austin City Council agrees to $2.25M settlement in fatal police shooting of Jason Roque

"I've just turned down a film i love cause it shoots in Texas"

South Carolina Supreme Court strikes down city's school mask mandate

""Trump fucking hates DeSantis" a Trump confidant told Vanity Fair." I knew it!

SBC Marijuana Enforcement Teams Net 10,105 Marijuana Plants In First Week of Operation Hammer Strike

Whatever happened to Codeine? Haven't seen him in a long time?

As Texans fill up abortion clinics in other states, low-income people get left behind

On this day, September 3, 1925, the USS Shenandoah was destroyed in a squall over Ohio.

Apple delays plans to scan cloud uploads for child sexual abuse images

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 54.

NOT an osprey,

Honolulu - lots of people inline for vaccination this morning at Kaiser

Set, southern MD

We are "Democrats" no longer. We are THE RESISTENCE!!

Dog owner who found vacuum destroyed left in stitches after checking camera footage

Women's March to hold nationwide events to respond to Texas abortion law

I'm an Ob-Gyn, and Texas' Anti-Abortion Law Makes Even Less Sense Than You Think

Women's March to hold nationwide events to respond to Texas abortion law

"It was the 3rd of September"

Trump's PAC Pays Him $37K a Month In Rent

Friday Talking Points -- Supreme Court Shows Its True Colors

Michigan ballot initiative proposes strict photo ID law

Rise in COVID cases in kids