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Archives: September 5, 2021

GoDaddy said it's pulling the plug on anti-abortion group's site that allows people to rat out Texan

Alabama schools report 13,000 COVID-19 cases in two-week period

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin in 2022.

Google locks Afghan government email accounts as concerns grow over the Taliban tracking down their

January 6 select committee refutes claim by McCarthy that the Justice Department cleared Trump of an

CNN, 8.00 EDT, The History of the Sitcom.

Facebook Apologizes After A.I. Puts 'Primates' Label on Video of Black Men

One Third Experienced Weather Disaster This Summer

Tens of thousands will commit suicide this fall.

Trump Ally State Rep. Anthony Sabatini Filing Bill to Audit 2020 Election in Florida

Biden to survey Ida storm damage in hard-hit New York, New Jersey

'Almost intentional sabotage': Doctor reacts to Trump vaccine comments - CNN Video

CNN showing repeat of History of Sitcom; MSNBC has Dateline.

Food Network regrets its past relationship with Josh Denny "Only whores wouldn't know for 6 weeks"

Michael Flynn and MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell team up with anti-vaxx doctors for 'health and

The latest from whackworld: the durham report is out, and a five eyes "Intel officer"

Former hotel in Federal Way could soon house Afghan refugees

It's time to transform our unemployment system

No wonder they lost

Teen sentenced to 20 years for death of 7-year-old who didn't know Bible verses

"Act casual..."

Harris to California on Wednesday to campaign for Newsom

Why hasn't Abbott signed the Texas voter suppression bill?

Early California Recall Polling Favors Gov. Newsom

Why is it we have laws about wearing seat belts, but no laws about wearing "masks"?

Lt. Gen. Honore: We Have To Fix The Grid, Just Like We Fixed The Levee System

Hillary Clinton warned us this day would come

QAnon and anti-vaxxers brainwashed kids stuck at home -- now teachers have to deprogram them

Paradise - John Prine (1946- 2020)

Acosta points out rethug being jerks to the Afghanistan refugees.

80% need to not split the vote:

Let's talk about the media's role in foreign policy

In Texas is it illegal to

Vote Liberal.

"Impartial" justice

Even Cowboys Get The Blues - Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings

Gloria Allred bemoans 'an underground railroad' for Texas abortions (CNN)

2 weeks ago trump's super spreader event was here in Ala.

Cleanup boats on scene of large Gulf oil spill following Ida

Acosta rolls the tape on far-right threats to democracy (CNN)

Lake Tahoe evacuees hope to return home as wildfire slows

NEW: Epik has dropped the anti abortion bounty website, citing violations of terms of service

Do you think bankruptcies are the point if republican health care policy?

john mayer & keith urban - don't let me down (crossroads-2013) better than you may think it will be

Gov. Stitt removed Jean Hausheer, M.D., and Laura Shamblin, M.D., from the OHCA

1st Century Buddhist reliquary from Afghanistan, gold and garnets

Shit's fucked up. My bil has suffered from Parkinson's for several years. His wife of fifty years

Ralps' links for a Mandatory Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Fire Scar at Sunrise

Climax Blues Band -- Couldn't Get It Right

Jan. 6 committee leaders blast McCarthy's 'baseless' claim about Trump's innocence

DU Poll: Do you believe that social media has had an influence on politics

Here is your interlude from politics:

The Texas Abortion Ban Hinges On 'Fetal Heartbeat.' Doctors Call That Misleading

AZ father who stormed into school with zip tie handcuffs has been arrested

I have found a phrase that turns radical GOP in a knot!

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes -- The Platters

NJ University Hospital fires several employees over fake vaccination cards

Texas Judge Temporarily Blocks Restrictive Law Against Planned Parenthood - MSNBC

Velshi: Our Seedy Love Affair With Fossil Fuels Will De The Death Of This Planet - MSNBC

Hey whatcha doing? Aww not much just saving more raccoons you?

The Edge

The REASON Americans Are Taking Horse Dewormer - Rebel HQ

Netflix is getting another sitcom...

The Clash - I Fought the Law

Tex Cobb Documentary - Boxing's Outlaw

"Always roll-up your windows..." :

So where does the Texas abortion ban leave surrogate mothers or inseminated women?

Music Releases Mood-Enhancing Chemical, Dopamine In The Brain, BBC News

La Portuaria feat. David Byrne - Hoy No Le Temo a La Muerte (Today I Do Not Fear Death)

Tweet of the Day

State Patrol engaged in massive 'purge' of emails and texts immediately after George Floyd protests

Oh my! The University of Montana Grizzlies

Well, he bought the farm --anti-vax asshole.

These owners cry, we laugh.

Past The Point of Rescue- Hal Ketchum (1953- 2020)

Instant Regret Compilation #13 - Funny Fails

Companies react to Texas abortion law - NewsNation Now

Ain't Living Long Like This - Waylon Jennings Live, Actor James Garner

So, if i ratted out "pro-choice" Susan Collins to the state of TX for aiding and abetting abortions

Sunday Baroque: Sammartni, Jacquet de la Guerre, Bodin de Boismortier

Liberals 29.9; Conservatives 29.8; NDP 19.?; Bloq 3.?..... Yeah baby.

Opinion: Hillary Clinton warned us this day would come

Joint Chiefs Chair Says Civil War Likely In Afghanistan

Anonymous doesn't follow the rules. Operation Jane has begun.

Super 'oldie,' osprey family 2 years ago.

The 76ers can't make a deal to get rid of Ben Simmons.

Anonymous doesn't follow the rules. Operation Jane has begun.

Fox News misinforms public by hyping horse dewormer as COVID 19 treatment - mediamatters4america

Saturday Night Album Rock - Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Texas must pay $6.8 million in legal fees to parties who challenged voter ID law,

As the shoreline erodes, one national park tries to adapt - PBS NewsHour

Federal Health Officials Want The White House To Slow Its COVID Booster Shot Rollout, NPR

NCIS: On the courthouse facade...

NYT Changes Headline That Originally Said 'Not Everyone Wants to Hear About' Biden's Grief Over Son

Piaget's conservation tasks

In a first, randomized study shows that masks reduce COVID-19 infections

Playing on our Trail Obstacle Course.

Beto O'Rourke is working to combat GOP voter suppression efforts in Texas

Changing demographics raise questions on conservative-backed laws in Texas - CBS News

Why new Texas abortion lawsuit isn't bound by Roe v. Wade - NewsNation Now

Animal/News Bloopers

Fuck the New York Times - warmongering, Trump-worshipping piece of shit newspaper

Taliban 'disappointed' equipment left behind by U.S. forces is unusable

Lessons Learned

I don't know anything about hearing aids, but I think my BIL is about to be scammed big time.

Anti Maskers Are Terrorizing School Boards Across The Country - Ring of Fire

Thread for Only-Lounge posters - NOT GD!1 - U no hoo am meen!1

The First Moonwalk - Bill Bailey - The Apollo Theatre - New York - 1955

She's going to be somebody's baby tonight.

Elvis Presley "Hound Dog" (October 28, 1956) on The Ed Sullivan Show

Afghan refugee tweets paltry meal. gets taunts to "be more grateful" or "go back"

Silicon Valley investor dismissed racism, called BLM "the true racists"

Breakfast Sunday 5 September 2021

Democrats Should Be Fighting the Next War, not the Last One.

President Biden's transiting Saturn to progressed Pluto aspects still to come,

I Suggest You Avoid France - Vaccination Rate 61% 60% Mask Use

Colorado nurse transforms Covid vaccine vials into a work of art to show appreciation

Caldor fire evac family update.......and more, now I'm freaking out

Bonus Tweet of the Day

"Crushingly Cruel" shocking new speech has plunged Mormons into another furious battle over gay righ

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeals ruling that said he didn't have authority to ban mask mandates in

Three Dog Night - Out In The Country

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Shopping Cats Edition

Judge Rules Donald tRump Jr. Can Be Sued For Defamation

John Pavlovitz: This isn't Christianity

I thought I was alone, but I am not -- BYU students and Provo residents gather for LGBTQ festival

How the "Revolution" started... and how it's going.

Hospitals across the state [#Texas] are running low on pediatric intensive care unit beds.

Joint Chiefs Chair runs to Fox News, prredict 'resurgence' of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Doctors Urge People Not to Use Horse Dewormer for #COVID Treatment as#SenRonJohnson..Promote it!!


George Takei with Tweet of the Day

And, The Number One Answer Is

Won't the TX law nearly require a homicide investigation into every miscarriage?

Kashmir leader's family charged under India anti-terror law

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, September 5, 2021

Probably Gonna Need A New Boat

The Latest: Pope urges countries to take in Afghan refugees


Heavy gunfire reported near Guinea's presidential palace

Fun backyard bird feeder cam from Pretoria, South Africa. What a buffet for them!


Serious question for DU experts

Gov. Spencer Cox has allowed dirty industry take over Utah's air quality protection plans ...

Surfer dies in shark attack off Australian beach

Who can you trust?

"Driveways". Brian Dennehy's last film is a little gem

Happy N95 Day. It's part of Respiratory Protection Week.

Currently in the minority, the GOP insists that the Senate's filibuster is absolutely ESSENTIAL

Hurricane Larry is in the mid Atlantic

I hope that vaccine and mask mandates blunt the post-Labor Day surge I expect

Groundhog Day deleted scene

Good Day Sunshine

How to hack a lazy susan

Oh, yes, it IS a war!

Is there a Venn diagram for

Sunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew) was born on this date.

I wonder why I'm falling behind on so many chores

Shocked, Shocked 1: Miles-Long Oil Slick Reported South Of Port Fouchon: "Sizeable", Per USCG

RBG must be turning over in her grave about now over the Texas Law....

Suicide bombing at southwest Pakistan checkpoint kills 3

Oh, yes, it IS a war!

Kevin McCarthy's downward spiral

Shocked Shocked 2: For 1.7 Million Floridians, Flood Insurance Premiums Set To Rise

Watch Him Do Zoomies For The Very First Time

Al Stewart has a birthday today.

Why scientists are blaming climate change for extreme weather (CNN)

Rising Summer Heat, Rainfall Half Again Avg. Totals Paved The Way For Ida To Wreck Philadelphia

Freddy was born on this date.

Divers to try to locate source of reported oil spill in Gulf after Hurricane Ida

No Better Analogue To UK's Climate Deniers Than 19th Century Defenders Of Chattel Slavery

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Jockey Club Gold Cup

I'm investing in the IUD and vibrator markets. Women are not helpless fools.

Sarah Harding, singer with Girls Aloud, dies aged 39 from breast cancer

Ok, one more kitten pic (for now) and then I've GOT to get some weeds pulled

Biden administration to resume drilling auctions in setback to climate agenda

I don't get why they love dewormers all of the sudden now

Wealthy scion of SC political dynasty shot in head

Georgia DA Asks Witnesses About Trump's Call to 'Find' Votes


I need suggestions please.

The worst case scenario for the 2022 Democratic nominee for the US House of Representatives.

Has anyone heard if Candace Owens kicked the bucket yet?

Kristi Noem Used Prison Labor to Build a Gun-Holding $9,000 Desk--Then Got a Discount

Man, did those 80s/90s dystopian visions get it wrong.

Schools Forced to Shut as Anti-Mask Proud Boys Try to Enter

Bye bye Boebert?!?

Black principal in Texas suspended after controversy over photo with white wife

Vick's VapoRub was the ivermectin of the 1918 flu pandemic.

It is my understanding that the federal government subsidized the growing of hemp---

Not to be outdone by SD, AR, NE, FL or others wanting to copy Texas, NC Repubs are salivating

Squash Art

Democrats will have a net lose and net gain of 1 US Senate seats in 2022.

Anti-Vax Radio Hosts Keep Dying From COVID

Recently been spreading this conspiracy theory to my right wing friends...

Morning humor

Colorado's Redistricting Committee Just Released A New Map

GOP Children's Story

India probes Kashmir leader's family under anti-terror law

Last night I watched the Tom Hanks' movie, News of the World

So... If I'm reading the new map right, Boebert will be running against my rep Joe Neguse

One tactic to stop abortion bounty hunters from demolishing women's constitutional rights

Kicking and Screaming!


Rising, southern MD

The prophetic Rod Serling foresaw the Covid debacle

3071 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.;1 death

At least 1,000 schools in 35 states have closed for in-person learning since the start of the school

Windex for Covid?

"They Just Look...Pathetic." Bear Mange Surges in Virginia

Rolling Stone ran a story that they could've debunked with a single phone call.

Feds Are Reportedly Looking Into Why McDonald's Ice-Cream Machines Are Always Busted

South Korea- Lee Nak-yon suffers early primary loss to progressive candidate Lee Jae-myung

PARDOM ME... DO you have any Grey Poupon?? (not what you might expect)

This Bill Maher take is so stupid

As they did on the battlefield, the Taliban outlasted the U.S. at the negotiating table

TFG takes a swipe at Catholics and Jews who did not vote for him

Shooter kills 4, including infant, shoots 11-year-old girl multiple times, sheriff says

Dog Thinks Through A Problem

'Sit Down and Shut Up': Alexander Vindman Fires Back at Ohio Republican Over Afghan Refugees

Blinken and Austin to visit Gulf to address postwar stresses

Blinken and Austin to visit Gulf to address postwar stresses

Kinzinger knocks Texas abortion law component that allows people to 'tattle'

WTF is this NYT article about Biden's "inappropriate" invocation of Beau's memory?!

Authorities worry new Texas gun law will increase violence

Reporter to Jen Psaki: Should those who called Biden Sleepy Joe apologize now? Great answer!

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 5, 2021?

Lee Monument will come down next week. Street closings/No parking announced by Richmond police

Shhh... the Pfizer vax is an MLM and rebranded as Natural Mangosteen Ketones

Paramedics and first responders share accounts of Jan. 6 insurrection

Why liberal Portland has become a focal point for the far right

U.S. hits 40 million Covid cases as Delta variant spreads

Middle Age Riot On The Proud Boys

What fresh hell might we see this week?

Biden 'still full steam ahead' on domestic agenda, despite new opposition: WH adviser

Amy Klobuchar blasts Supreme Court decision over Texas abortion law

Boxer Jeanette Zacarias Zapata, 18, dies 5 days after she was knocked out in fight

OR Gov. Kate Brown is being sued by police officers and firefighters over state vaccine mandate

Florida 'active shooter rampage' leaves 4, including baby, dead; 11-year-old wounded

Pro-Trump Republicans Will Rally at Capitol to 'Celebrate Cop Killers,' Says Eric Swalwell

Unknown Amazon on Vice

Hoosiers somehow spell 'Indiana' wrong on a jersey for season opener vs. Iowa

Opinion: What Sen. Joe Manchin doesn't get

Maximum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats will have after 2022 is 56.

Even in Texas their uteruses are big. 😄 addition at UT stadium

Guinea military officials say they have detained the president and taken control of the country

How about we sell Texas back to Mexico?

Not to be outdone by SD, AR, NE, FL or others wanting to copy Texas, NC Repubs are salivating

Mr. Garvey Is Your Substitute Teacher (Key & Peele)

HSCC...The Chain, Fleetwood Mac

Kabul airport reopens to receive aid, domestic flights restart (male only ?)

The Roswell Incident

Click to drop a raindrop anywhere in the contiguous United States and watch where it ends up

Fauci Says Covid Boosters Likely to Start With Pfizer Shot Only

The fossil fuel industry is spending millions to defeat the reconciliation bill and the provisions

Care About Reducing Abortions? Stop Blocking Access To Contraception.

EU ministers outline conditions for relations with Taliban

Ed Answer on MeTV at 2pm today.

Damn stop being chickenshits!

Wide Spread Availability of Guns is Awful: New Amendment Needed!

Capybaras take over upscale neighborhood in Argentina

White Hot

The Supreme Court decision on the Texas vigilanti case is just a smoke screen

Dancing in the Dark - Artie Shaw

Flipping the bird....literally

Brian has a new record coming soon

A Covid Surge Is Overwhelming U.S. Hospitals, Raising Fears About Rationed Care: NPR

so arizona audit?

Pupper accompanies himself on piano:

Ro Khanna: $3.5T infrastructure bill is Biden's. Progressives have been his strongest allies.

How the Navy failed to stop a murderous special operations leader. (Eddie Gallagher)

Norman Ornstein: But the effort on Fox et al to go after Biden on this,

Child Covid-19 Cases Rise in States Where Schools Opened Earliest

How the Democrats can keep majority control of the US House in 2022.

Texas Leads In Child Deaths from Covid-19

A trio of conservative radio hosts died of Covid. Will their deaths change vaccine resistance?

Here's what we know about the mu variant

Editorial: Efforts for affordable housing need our support

Butterfly pea flower tea.

Bette Midler Calls For A Solution To Oppressive Abortion Bans Right Out of 411 BC: Lysistrata

Cartoons 9/5/2021

The best interpretation of the Jobs Report: Workers are demanding a living wage plus safety.

New contract keeps Everett teachers as Washington's best-paid

Texas' repugnant abortion law is pure Republican hypocrisy

Misinformation alert... SCOTUS did NOT rule on Constitutionality of TX law.

MyPillow CEO threatens to 'go after' investigative journalist, calling him an 'enemy of our country'

Hurricane Larry churning across the Atlantic, could be even stronger than Ida.

Promoting Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

Should health insurance companies be encouraged to cancel policies for vaccine refusers?

Promotion of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in Florida

Watchdog Demands Probe Of Kevin McCarthy's Threats Against Firms In Jan. 6 Investigation

Covid-19 Cases Soar Where Schools Have Opened

Texas clinic worker says 70% of the women who called in for abortion care this week were turned down

How America Made Osama Bin Laden's Dream Come True

The 'fetal heartbeat' that defines Texas' new abortion laws doesn't exist, say doctors

A Florida doctor said she's refusing to treat unvaccinated patients in person but denied violating

GOP candidates want refugees out of Afghanistan but not in US

The Last Amendment to the US Constitution Happened Almost 30 Years Ago

How long will our lives be affected by the COVID pandemic or some variation of it?

Hurricane Season

Pathetic Ted Cruz Gets FACT-CHECKED Over Moronic Tweet

Jim Acosta is labeling Tucker Carlson a 'human manure spreader' -- and threat to democracy

2022 IL US Congressional Redistricting- IL-13.

Anti-vax media personalities who got COVID

NYT: Crypto Banking

Why is the Closest Planet Also the Most Difficult to Visit? NASA's MESSENGER Mercury Probe

Biden's Approval Slips To New Low But Democrats Shouldn't Panic Just Yet

Chicago police lieutenant accused of shoving flashlight between buttocks of teen carjacking suspect

Blue Oyster Cult - Divine Wind

Tweet of the Day

We've had some steps forward with Sophie and the kittens, this weekend

Klobuchar calls for eliminating Senate filibuster to protect abortion rights

CFR: What More Investment Could Mean for U.S. Infrastructure?

I'm thinking of making granola

How Narcissists Climb The Career Ladder Quickly, BBC

Ohio, you can't let J.D. Vance get anywhere near the Senate

Texas GQP recommendations for women in schools

Do We Need Humans For That Job? Automation Booms After COVID: AP News

A stranger's reflexes save a life

Why does the right more than the left flock to city council, school board, and town halll meetings?

Media Keeps Repeating Forced Birthers' Lies About Basic Biology

What I Like About You - The Romantics

A site of stories full of woe and ignorance

SD Governor Kristi Noem gave Trump a sculpture of his likeness added to Mount Rushmore

Hell On Heels

Guide Proposes to Paralympic Runner at Finish Line

Back On The Chain Gang - The Pretenders

Inquiry: Worst Right-Wing Message Boards?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 5, 2021

Farewell Angelina

The latest from one of my Republican friends

I Fought The Law - The Bobby Fuller Four


"The government you elect---(or allow to be 'elected')---is the government you deserve." Thomas

Donald Poynter dies at 96; Inventor Sold Whiskey-Flavored Toothpaste, Talking Toilets

Former Marine wearing body armor fatally shoots four people, including baby in mother's arms, Florid

Casey (PA) and Manchin (WV) need phone calls. (Re: Women's Health Protection Act)

I am sure many here already know this, but for those who don't, a human fetus at 6 weeks of

Whipping Post by Allman Brothers

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, Who Went Viral For Getting Punched in the Face, Is Now Divorced, Broke,...

"A lot of people may be confused about Texas and why the women don't just use birth control..."

Buddy Miles - Memphis Train

I just got back from dropping groceries off at my son's apt. - Update 9-7

Kitty helpfully gets the mail !

Texas judge grants restraining order against anti-abortion group, temporarily preventing lawsuits

Lyft; Defending drivers and women's access to healthcare (email)

Kung - fu fightin' or Dancin' in the moonlight - cats in an alley

Costa Ricans Live Longer Than Us. What's the Secret? ( Annals of Medicine August Issue )

Bob Weir/Rob Wasserman - 1989 - Blackbird

I got so many tomato's from my garden.....

Portland Proud Boy 'Tiny' Toese shot at Washington protest

At least 45 districts shut down in-person classes due to COVID-19 cases, affecting more than 40,000

To put things in perspective. . .

Felt like listening to Donald Byrd's "Spaces and Places" today.

So this is going to sound harsh...

My unemployment ended and I was informed I owe $13,000!

Police: Four shot dead in Houston house that was set ablaze

Apparently these kittens find me to be VERY boring

Spirit of Auburn football nearing 'bittersweet' last flight

It is forbidden to wear sacred National flag of Democratic People's Republic of Korea due to ...

Suddenly Democrats Are Waging Senate Primaries


We should remember that white women in Texas very likely support this law

The Golden Boy Is In The Hospital With Covid-19

Satanic Temple takes legal action against Texas abortion law

Social Security retirement benefits could see big hike in 2022: What to know

Dog Got Really Excited Licking Ice Cream

sue greg abbott and the GOP for violating civil rights

Being Pro-Life is More Than Just Being Against Abortion

'Human toll was tremendous': Ida's death count rises while 600,000 still lack power

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Approval Plummets as 52 Percent Believe State Is on Wrong Track

GOP Strategist Says Kevin McCarthy 'Scared of the Facts' on 1/6 After He Threatens Telcos

India To Allow Women To Join Top Defense Institutions: DW News

If we, the Democrats, can't get our s**t together, and get stuff done, we don't deserve to be in the

Colorado proposing a new electoral map that could oust Lauren Boebert

Texas landowner finds 'rare' albino western diamondback rattlesnake

Mark Chagall: The Life of An Artist, Art History School

GOP hopes spending traps derail Biden agenda

What about this hostage situation

US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a safe to slight margin.

Blue pit viper on a red rose

On the rebound: Shifting labor market leaves many Texas communities in workforce bind

Divers identify broken pipeline as source of Gulf oil spill

Why Texas's Abortion Law May Go Too Far For Most Americans

Most Parents Want Their Kids Back In The Classroom. Fewer Agree On The COVID-19 Safety Measures.

Gustav Klimt, Life of An Artist, Art History School

Families scramble to find elderly nursing home patients taken to warehouse ahead of Ida

Next to Tesla, Plug-In Hybrids Are an Illusion of Eco-Consciousness

another anjanath another doller

As I see so much personal belongings tossed out after Ida, I wonder what is done with them

Why America has 8.4 million unemployed when there are 10 million job openings

Springsteen : Live at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2006

"Women move this world & you better move with us"

Two anchors of COVID safety net ending, affecting millions

The Democrats Are Finally Catching Up With Barbara Ehrenreich

Opinion: What the Justice Department should do to stop the Texas abortion law

Daddy's aren't supposed to cry