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Wow.. how in the world

Fantastic Valentine present

AFL-CIO endorsements for 2022 Texas Primary

Naked Man Discovered In Trunk of Woman's Car

Quick covid question

Hertz ordered to release data on number of renters it accuses of theft

Paranoia and alarmism: 'intelligence reports' hint at Canada truckers' outlook

National Archives requests investigation into Trump's White House records - ABC News

Arizona election chief sues AG over prosecution threat

Oh gosh! A heart!!!

After Bob Saget's death, a plea from experts: Err on the side of caution with head trauma

Trucker protests start to hurt auto plants nationwide

Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree

Capitol rioter gets prison as feds reach 100 sentencings

3000 NYC workers will be fired if not vaccinated by tomorrow.

Anti-Abortion Group Targets Black West Virginia Lawmaker With KKK Graphic

US urges Canada to use federal powers to end bridge blockade

Three Senate Republicans urge archivist not to certify the ERA

Tender Mercies - Eliza Gilkyson (in response to the lamentation about not having folk singers)

What's inside a safe smoking kit? Behind Biden's $30 million substance abuse grant

Michael Bennet: #SkyColorado

House Committee To Investigate Trump's 'Theft' Of White House Records - Ring of Fire

John Fogerty & Brad Paisley - Bad Moon Rising (Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11/6/2017)

COVID Protesters Threatened With 2 Years in Prison for Blocking Traffic

With the stupid so called truckers

Largest US public power company launches new nuclear program

I wanted to thank everyone

Windsor mayor signals police may soon 'physically remove' Ambassador Bridge protesters

Bear non-necessities

Ancient chalk sculpture is 'most important prehistoric art'

Many Republicans Think The NFL Does 'Too Much' For Black Players

That's How It Works When You're a Woman on the Internet

House Republicans launch probe into GoFundMe over 'Freedom Convoy' fundraiser

Trump's White House Records Zerlina

U.S. judge restores federal protections to gray wolf

Trump's White House Records - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Sweden: UN experts call for scrapping iron ore mine

When did the GOP Coup begin, in reality?

florida foward coalition

Which sounds less threatening?

Trump's Document Destruction & Mishandling of Classified Materials: When Will DOJ Finally Act?

As rogue truckers threaten to blockade major cities with their rigs, I'm wondering if there is such

Rep. Taylor Greene Warns Of Pelosi's 'Gazpacho Police'

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The "peaceful" truckers are now using preschoolers to block the Ambassador Bridge

How Asian Parents Roast Your Dreams

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Tweet of the Night:

Im almost afraid to breathe

CNN is actually mis-reporting its own poll.

You Wear It Well - Rod Stewart, Faces

Dear President Biden and your entire staff: Lester Holt is NOT your friend

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Any truth to the rumor that Marjorie Taylor-Greene will be featured in a new line of

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 11, 2022

Sierra Hull - You all know already.

diaper go down the hole------- orange anus must have watched this during executive time

Biden on Ukraine situation: 'Things could go crazy quickly'

When Gov. Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment, people here leaped to attack the accusers...

Crime-weary business leaders offer recommendations to Seattle council committee

Boynton Beach mayoral candidate found guilty after anti-mask flap at Einstein Bros. Bagels

Fox goes all in on American trucker convoy

White House details plan to make a 'truly national system' of EV charging stations

Grievances vs Grief

A news report about gazpacho and mtg would cover the topic

Thank you!

Republicans Who Railed About Clinton Emails Are Quiet on Trump's Records

U.S. intelligence report details 'indirect' Russian government support for Western neofascist groups

Josh Hawley blocks Russia pro from joining Pentagon, drawing fiery rebuke

Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally (you know you need it)

Feb 10, GREAT Jeopardy tonight. I love the back and forth changes and 'who knows' who'll win

LTE: Gov. Abbott doesn't tell the whole story

Ukraine - The Country That Defied Vladimir Putin

Mrs. Betty Bowers FTW

Tammy Baldwin charges Ron John the clown 'doesn't support creating jobs in his own hometown'

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The BA.2 Omicron sub-variant in Connecticut

Experts: Racist rants by Spokane prosecutor's wife damaged his office, reputation

After Trump backs one of her GOP challengers, SC's Nancy Mace sends a message at Trump Tower

Muscle Shoals Documentary

Fleetwood Mac: after its 926 weeks on the chart, who's still buying Rumours?

Subpoenaed Trump Aide Runs From Military And Elector Plots In MSNBC Interview - The Beat - MSNBC

Is Sen. Kaine saying the Child Tax Credit is dead? - link

2022 US Senate polls in states that have Democrats trailing by a less than 5 percent margin..

So, the war games have begun

Woodland Park Zoo introduces new baby otter

Central Kitsap School District leaders address levy failure

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Lawyers, Guns and Money - Warren Zevon

Washington Senate approves seismic safety bill for schools

Hearts ♥️ ♥️

Voter Protection zoom call

White House arranging meeting between Biden, DNC Chair Harrison

In Venezuela, damage from party on sacred mountain spurs outrage

Bellingham OKs measure to curb commercial natural gas use

Flush Away The Evidence?: The Trump Toilet Obsession Takes A Crooked Turn - All In - MSNBC

Laid-Off Peloton Employees Crash New CEO's First All-Hands Meeting: 'I'm Selling All My Peloton

Cop safety cited in no-knock warrant ahead of Locke's death

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TCM Schedule for Sunday February 13, 2022 - Black History Month

Indonesian crocodile finally freed from motorbike tire stuck around its neck for 6 years

Oficial de Polica de Gazpacho Conway


The population of Ottawa is about 1 million.

OK: Considers Database To Track Pregnant People, Anti-Abortion Bills GOP Gov. Promised To Sign

MST3K clip - Idiot Control Now

TCM Schedule for Monday February 14, 2022 - It's Not You, It's Me - Breakup Classics

Conservative PAC sues Biden administration, targeting nuns, liberal Catholics in records request

Odds the media goes nuts over #Papergate as voraciously as they did Email Lady...

Time For Zero Cash Pot Shops One Armed Robbery A Day In WA

Jury seated in Curtis Reeves' murder trial in Pasco movie theater killing

GOP Rep Professes Loyalty To Trump At His Tower After He Endorses Her Opponent - All In - MSNBC

Ukraine tensions: Joe Biden says US citizens should leave Ukraine now

6th Avenue Heartache - Jakob Dylan, The Wallflowers

WI GOP invites testimony from a felon who claims a 'sect' of Milwaukee officials committed fraud

Which (if any) Winter Olympic sports would you like to experience...

Just watched "My Cousin Vinny" Hilarious!


The $1.2 Trillion Plan to Rebuild America

How Trump may have violated the Presidential Records Act - PBS NewsHour

Never snowboarded.....but have skied for 60+ years.

Bolivia's Isla del Sol is the crown jewel of Lake Titicaca -- and it's not overrun by tourists

El Salvador frees woman jailed for homicide after having a miscarriage

I see the new Death On the Nile is in theaters.

So Shaun White USA

3 GOP states sue Biden over federal contractor minimum wage increase

Sara - Bob Dylan Live

Is the Jan 6th Committee investigating Trump mishandling records

Pete Souza Talks Trump Picture Book - The Mehdi Hasan Show

I only could afford so many hearts.

PSA from NE Ohio Regional Sewer District 🤣😂

Let's talk about the futures of Ukraine and Russia....

Donald Trump's Document Dump

Of stars and hearts

Man kills himself after mistakenly shooting dead brother while aiming for a bear

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks -- William Shakespeare

Some more hearts! Thank you!

Peter Navarro Gets Testy When Asked If Kamala Harris Can Throw Out Election Results

Father posted photo of children before killing them in murder suicide

Sunset Afterglow

The Jan. 6 Committee Won't Be Intimidated - Cheney WSJ oped

Sen. Wyden & Heinrich reveal CIA has a bulk surveillance program: "entirely outside the statutory...

Herschel Walker Once Talked About Having A Shoot-Out With Police: Report

Former Trump comms chief says ex-president 'terrified' of Maggie Haberman's book

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: 'We are the party of jobs; they are the party of mobs'

Senate GOP leader puts up roadblock to Luger bid to be Minnesota U.S. attorney

US Senate races in 2022 that gives Democrats a greater than 50 percent chance to win.

Anti-Vax Trucker Convoy REVEALS White Supremacist Views


NYT: Asians "overrepresented" at U.S. skating rinks.

"... a serious discussion about whether individual Republican House Members are disqualified ...."

I'm a horrible person

My 3rd heart

Steele: I Don't Want To Hear Another Word About Clinton's Emails After Trump Doc Eating Allegation

Billie Eilish Denies She 'Dissed' Travis Scott After Kanye West Demands Apology


US publicizes inclusion of former Honduras president to corrupt actors list

Led Zeppelin - "Stairway To Heaven"

As Valentine Day approaches and we give hearts to say thank you to people we have never met

The Beatles - "It's All Too Much"

Guatemala's Indigenous Mayan community testifies before human rights court

Leftist President of Honduras Blocks Indigenous Community's Eviction

Anti-Abortion Group Targets Black West Virginia Lawmaker With KKK Graphic

Eating oreos (actually fruit) at 10:30 PM

'This Invasion of Our Privacy Must Stop,' Says ACLU After CIA Domestic Spying Revelations

The Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2022 has been announced...

The Bee Gees - "Tragedy" (2020 remix)

I told my wife I was going to the store & she asked me to pick up...

An Election Handed to Democrats on a Silver Platter

'Lebensborn': The Nazi Program To Breed More 'Racially Pure Children' To Counter Declining Birthrate

Squid Ink: Judicial Crisis Network's opening salvo against a Biden Supreme Court pick

Thanks for more hearts - very cool!

Trump adviser called out TO HIS FACE over plan to steal election ON AIR - Brian Tyler Cohen

Three Senate Republicans urge archivist not to certify the Equal Rights Amendment

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Garcia/Saunders)

Plainly it is the stupid cronies of Trump's who are the puppets!

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Could Biden use Foreign Terrorist Organization designation to fight white nationalists? (Politico)

Joy Reid: Prices Will Keep Going Higher And Higher Until The Consumer Says 'Enough!' - The ReidOut

Prison Sex

Elon Musk did an update on the SpaceX Starship program in Texas

Garcia and Grisman - Rosalee Mc Fall

The Daily Show: Trump Clogged Toilets with WH Papers & Florida Proposes "Don't Say Gay" Bill

I'm much better than an owner of a broken heart!

Climb To Safety

Texas national guardsmen say their mission to secure the border is a waste of time and resources


The 'Southern strategy' goes south

Problems Deepen Over Trump Record-Keeping - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Surrender (Live at Budokan! 🤟)

'Huge Win for Gray Wolves' as US Court Restores Endangered Species Act Protections

Bought, compromised, owned....

Treetop Flyer (Live)

Waymore's Blues

Congressman's Son Arrested for Slapping Miami Commissioner

My nephew passed away three days ago.

David Bromberg Band - Jelly Jaw Joe - 1976

Time Bomb

Now who would of thought trump would end up in the toilet?

NYT: Jan. 6 Investigators Find Gaps In Trump WH Call Logs - The Last Word - MSNBC

Gary Chambers Shares Another Brilliant Campaign Ad

Sea of Joy - Blind Faith, Live - Hyde Park, London 1969

Richard Painter: Why 2025 is gearing up to be one of America's ugliest chapters

Cherry Bomb

"A person entered our business yesterday and was asked to wear a mask. This was his reaction."

Dutch universities order staff to reveal their ties to Jewish and Israeli groups

Rep. Jeffries: The GOP Has 'Morphed Into A Cult' Taking Orders From Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pieholden Suite

Ian McDonald, King Crimson and Foreigner Co-Founder, Dead at 75

Exonerated man sues former Ramsey County (MN) deputy for planting DNA evidence

Trump's document destruction isn't something to paper over or shrug off


US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be winning.

The Ballad Of Love and Hate

Too Old To Die Young

Paint It, Black - The Rolling Stones

I Ain't The One

Randy Rainbow's latest on Covid

Rock n Roll All Night

The Ugly Truth

Very strong quote on legitimate political discourse

Tina Turner - What's Love Got To With It - Live

Who is your favorite Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Three indicted following investigation into illegal donation scheme to Collins campaign

For The Sarge... Don't Think Twice It's Alleight

A Porno-Metal Song About Gay Cowboys Is Disrupting the Anti-Vaxx Trucker Convoy

State of that angle

When people ask "where are the good Republicans?", I say, "they aren't Republican anymore."

Some selections...

Nina Simone - Sinnerman

A text message that 'all Asian people need to die' has Occidental College in an uproar

Edison quote

Lat Am Shows Support for Argentina's Case Over the Malvinas

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

U.S. intelligence report details 'indirect' Russian government support for Western neofascist groups

Las Llamadas: Uruguayan festival born from African struggle

Somebody send another heart my way,.... Kiss,... Kiss,.. whoever you are.

Upheaval in Northern Ireland, With Brexit at Its Center

cutting to the chase (with jeff tiedrich)

This just in...

lack of daily Wordle update leads to rescue of 80 year old

Post a Zen joke

What Irish band had 3 members appear in "The Commitments"?

Comet impact may have triggered decline of Ohio's Hopewell people 1,600 years ago

Just Like Humans, Monkeys Observed Showing Signs of Choking Under Pressure

Indigenous farmers are 'rematriating' centuries-old seeds to plant a movement

Neanderthal's Extinction May Be Caused By an Entirely Different Reason

"The Ukraine Girls Really Knock Me Out"...

Russian Figure Skating Star Tested Positive for Banned Substance.

Dem Elaine Luria slams proposals to ban stock trading by lawmakers: 'This whole concept is bullshit'

The Most Lavish Mesopotamian Tomb Ever Found Belongs to a Woman

Koalas are endangered now, and climate change is a big reason why

Republicans Credulously Present Convicted Fraudster To Spin Stolen Election Tale - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

I got 5 hearts!

Behold, The Most Accurate Virtual Simulation of Our Universe to Date

Superyacht Believed To Belong To Putin Makes Hasty Departure From Germany To Russia - Velshi - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Spurs no longer want club linked to offensive term for Jews

Russian troops warned by Ukrainian general 'land will be flooded' with their blood

(Jewish Group) His great-grandparents found refuge in China...

(Jewish Group)Muslim groups in Indonesia demand closure of country's first-ever Holocaust exhibition

If TFG is convicted of destroying official documents,

Trump's Odd Toilet Flushing Fixation Reconsidered After Reports Of Document Dumping - Velshi - MSNBC

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper announced live on air

Biden dog Commander to make TV debut during 'Puppy Bowl'

Any recommendations for hotels, B&Bs in the Florida Keys?

Bill that would give the U.S. Postal Service a major overhaul will pass!

LA City Hall bathed in Rams blue and gold as we head into an epic #SuperBowl weekend‼️🏈

The US must make clear that any Russia cyberattack, including disinformation campaigns, will have

I ask that a bless-ed peace-filled night be granted to all. 💟

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Started a new job as a wood 🪵 cutter.

🟩 Friday's New York Times Wordle - 2/11/22

Breakfast Friday 11 February 2022

I'm betting the spawn were involved in the packing of the boxes

Bumblebee's smallest mammal

Biohybrid fish made from human cardiac cells swims like the heart beats

Wow! Happy 92nd Birthday to fashion designer Mary Quant!

More heterosexual people are now diagnosed with HIV than gay or bisexual men

I found another heart this morning...... this made my day!

Biden's schedule for Friday, February 11, 2022

University of Pittsburgh official pleads guilty to stealing 13,000 masks to sell online

Green Global Travel: 55 Interesting Facts About Elephants

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The Cover UP: Add one more major DOJ investigation into Trump.

Russian painting vandalized by 'bored' gallery guard who drew eyes on it

Russian painting vandalized by 'bored' gallery guard who drew eyes on it

White father and son charged for chasing and shooting at Black FedEx driver

As reluctant as we are to praise someone names Cheney, you gotta hand it to Liz

Abortions in Texas fell 60% in 1st month under new limits

Well there goes my reputation!

Midwest farmers are struggling with higher fertilizer prices

C-Span Washington Journal right now!

This Midwest family almost lost their home over a little-known 'quiet title' law

Investigation request into unauthorized access to voting equipment in Roscommon County

Somebody please explain the "liberal media" to Hillary Clinton

Missouri House approves supplemental budget, including raises for state workers

Are gym workouts worth the risk during a COVID wave? Some St. Louisans say yes

Thank you so very much for the ❤

State Of Illinois Launches New Interactive Tool To Help Students Choose The Right College

On this day, February 11, 1964, the Beatles played their first US concert.

Air Force Making Uniform Changes with Women in Mind, While Space Force Is Working to Fix Those Baggy

How will increasing interest rates curb inflation, if the inflation is due to the shortages brought

Lincoln University celebrates 156 years as an educational institute

Boy, 12, driving car dies in Limerick crash

China: Quad destroys international solidarity

Hey! Thanks for my hearts.

Unretouched photo of the first DU Lounge meetup.

90F In Orange CO, Fires Growing; "We No Longer Have A No Fire Season, It's A Fire Year"

Does everything really cost more? Find out with our inflation quiz.

Perspective: The history of seat-belt laws shows public health doesn't have to be partisan

Penguins & Cormorant & Fisheries Failing, Now South African Seal Dieoff Underway - Cause Unknown

Betty Davis, free-spirited funk singer, dies at 77

David Osnos, legal adviser to prominent D.C.-area business leaders, dies at 89

Wordle 237 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

I could be wrong, I do not believe Trump will run for president for this reason.

Trump's habit of ripping up documents is the symptom of a bigger problem

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked -- Cage The Elephant

Biden tells U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine immediately amid 'troubling' signs of Russian escalation

Insect And Arthropod Biomass In Rapid Decline In Europe, North America, SE Asia

Mess Around -- Cage the Elephant

SB 710, the 20-week abortion ban, fails in the Senate Education & Health committee

Older DUers: this is feeling like the 70's all over again

Everything is not black and white

Italy's Mount Etna lights up night sky in spectacular eruption

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland, February 4-11, 2022

French convoys protesting virus rules move toward Paris

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 4-10 February 2022

When Mike Pence said this:

Playing connect the dots, Ukraine.

Misfire at Oregon bear results in death of two US brothers

You raised $20.00 on February 10, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund!

Video: Wisconsin Autoworkers Fight To Keep Jobs In State

Great Backyard Bird Count

The Rundown: February 11, 2022

Scooter surprised me, this morning. She was waiting for me in the front yard

The origin of Super Villians: Crime Doctor

Get Up Stand Up

Pull the car parts plants out of Canada...

Thanks for the Hope and Kindness (Hearts)

Name a place that when people pronounce it you know if they are a from there.

Today's Image Dump (2/11/22)

Awwwwww-Thank You for my Valentine heart!

'Huge Win for Gray Wolves' as US Court Restores Endangered Species Act Protections

Cat Has A Transformation Of A Lifetime And Couldn't Be More Grateful

This case could essentially gut federal civil rights protections for people with disabilities.

Frontier passenger accuses woman of sticking him with needle to steal DNA

President Biden bars Trump from getting intelligence briefings.

Olympic - The Lincoln Project

Kitten and puppy becoming best friends:

"Trucker Tantrum"

Dr. Joseph Lee: 'I Think Safe Injection Site Can Be Very Helpful For People" - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

File this under "you've got to be kidding me."

Eric Boehlert: How Trump gets away with shredding everything

This is the last time, promise. Thanks for all the DU support

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on SCOTUS

Friday TOONs - Toilet Humor

US urges Canada to use federal powers to end bridge blockade

The right wants to blame inflation on Biden.

SONOFABITCH! Cleaned up and replaced the battery in an old watch. The instructions for replacing

Josh White was born on this date.

Make This Decadent Lobster Ravioli with Candied Chestnuts

Ontario court freezes access to donations for truckers' protest from GiveSendGo.

Gene Vincent was born on this date.

Rep. Cheney In Op-Ed Says January 6 Committee 'Won't Be Intimidated'

'We have a project': QAnon followers eye swing state election official races

Wealth and Poverty Class 1: What's happened to income and wealth in America over the past 40 years?

Could Trump be using, setting up Navarro, others, to take the fall?

How do some retirees handle this with Medicare???

"Sliver Spoons" actor Ricky Schroder calls for a truckers' protest in DC!

Marjorie Taylor Greene confuses soup with Hitler's secret police in viral rant

Across the Desk - S5:E4 (The OK GOP Attack on Public Education)

Judge orders federal protections restored for gray wolves across much of US

Trump's Obstruction of Justice and the Running of the Clock

Ex UK PM John Major speaks on standards in democracy

Don't you....forget about us: An ode to my fellow GenXers

Former press secretary breaks down Trump's call practices

Thank you! for a heart.

#trumptoiletgate is trending on twitter

Biologists take drastic measures to save FL manatees at risk of mass starvation

Disturbing breaking news

Coronavirus can destroy the placenta and lead to stillbirths, study finds

How much cheating is there in sports?

It's just the Tea Party all over again

There Is Nothing Normal about One Million People Dead from COVID

My midnight wake up call vs my 4am wake up call

"Whose Sheets? Our Sheets!"

"Jesus Christ, he treated the PDB like a kiddie picture book":

'Don't Kick!': Video Shows MAGA Election Clerk Freaking Out During Arrest

CEOs are literally bragging about hiking prices while hiding behind "inflation."

This is the first question that popped into my head as soon as I heard that Trump had taken

Sen. Graham Doesn't 'Know What The Rules Are' On Removal Of Papers

Eric Boehlert: How Trump gets away with shredding everything

Senators say CIA is collecting Americans' private data in secret bulk surveillance program

Thank you for being a friend.

Another Arizona Republican posts video threatening Democrats

Biden to split frozen Afghan funds for 9/11 victims, relief

Liz Cheney Pens Op-Ed Warning GOP Trumpers The Truth Is Coming Out

(Cartoon)-- The GOPranos:

The Town That QAnon Nearly Swallowed

The Green Bay Sweep

Two contractors failed to report 230,000 COVID tests during Florida's omicron wave

In the world of another day of criminal BS...

Wordle Saves Woman From Naked Man Holding Her Hostage

Olympian flashes 'No War in Ukraine' sign after competing

Canadian authorities look to the courts to break blockade

Your Textbooks Are Wrong, This Is What Cells Actually Look Like

Lauren Boebert holding up a "hottest woman in Congress" award.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 11, 2022

Ottawa tow truck companies & employees threatened if they help cops remove blockade trucks:

Well Kentucky you sure can pick em - Thomas Massie (R-KY 4th) is a moron

More Hearts. Thank you, I am so very grateful for everyone that gave me a heart.

"Republican strategists have described the pandemic as a godsend..."

While Trump Was Secretly Loading Up Documents, Mike Ellis Was Hoarding an NSA Document at the WH

WP: Three Hawaii defense contractors charged with illegal donations to Sen. Susan Collins

New Hearts this morning, thank you all very much.

Dog was nearly euthanized twice because he's a pit bull. See his life now.

Missing Call Logs Make Nixon Missing Tapes Seem 'Quaint'

When health Insurance goes up for the UNvaccinated, it goes up for all of us............

Those of us who grew up on the "wrong side of the tracks" do have one talent that those in the

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Falls to Fresh Decade Low on Inflation

2783 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 52 deaths

Ontario declares state of emergency in response to convoy protests

Zillow sells more homes to Pretium as home-flipping operation unwinds - Bloomberg News

End of Ambassador Bridge trucker protest could be in sight as one lane opens

I cannot see how the FBI cannot investigate these missing "classified" documents...

Joe Bonamassa and John Hiatt - Down Around My Place -Live at the Beacon (nice performance)

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 10

Watch The ReidOut Highlights: Feb. 10

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 10

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will be winning.

Thank you for the hearts, fellow DU members! I'm so glad to have found this community!

Thank you for the heart. So sweet and thoughtful.

"Anti-Abortion Group Targets Black West Virginia Lawmaker With KKK Graphic"

Good Day DU (February 11, 2022)

Surprise surprise... Trump supports the Canadian truckers

Labradors Slide Down Snowy Hill

In April, the term of the 2nd grand jury expires in the NY criminal case against Trump.

Happy 20th DUversary to Judi Lynn!

Sunrise Silhouette

Her boyfriend killed her son but she went to jail

By request: Tuscan Shrimp and Beans

Her boyfriend killed her son but she went to jail

Big Lie Advocates are Running as High-Ranking Candidates for Public Office

Republicans had an opportunity to show that they truly

Can't Be So Bad-Little Steven & Jerry Miller Seattle 10-15-2017

I've been fretting for a few hours, so I'm going to go ahead and post my thoughts.

The scourge of plea bargaining is robbing millions of a different, and fundamental, kind of liberty

The Soup Nazi on Marjorie Taylor Greene's gazpacho police: 'I knew I was in trouble'

I can't wait to see Cheney in action during the open hearings.

The supreme court is helping consolidate white political power in America

The Canadian trucker convoy is an unpopular uprising

DU4 Update: Bookmarks and Notes

In the name of all that is good and decent, do not eat these:

Another good reason why the GOP is going to lose in November 2022

A QAnon Grifter Who Claims She Can Time Travel Is Running for Office in Ohio

"Finland being just one sauna away from NATO" Finland Foreign Affairs

Remember When Trump World Wanted to Prosecute Nancy Pelosi for Destruction of Official Documents?

Sinister Minister

5 Phoenix police officers shot, 3 others wounded by shrapnel

Amazon to allow work without face masks, require vaccination for paid COVID leave

What New TFG Crime Will Be Uncovered Today It's Only 9:26 PDT

Is Twitter down for anyone else?

If you need a chuckle today, watch this 4 year old snowboarder.

This restaurant seems nice

Billy Strings - The Gambler

New poll: 55% of Americans say nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court is not 'important'

"Why not me?" 11-year-old pens letter asking White House to consider her for the Supreme Court vacan

Ted Cruz says teachers are bringing 'explicit pornography' to class as TX leads the way in book wars

Advice needed on long distance telephone service

Who said this

Disgusting': Republican Senate hopeful condemned over 'showdown' TV ad

The family that froze to death a world away from home

Burt Reynolds visiting his friend Jimmy Carter in the White House, June 3, 1980

US business leaders sound the alarm on US-Canada border blockade

Amir Locke's death highlights perils for Black gun owners

In this mood. "Go ahead run yer mouth - see what I'm about"

US moves F-16 squadron from Germany to Romania as tension spikes over Ukraine

"Inventing Anna" on Netflix. First episode is pretty good.

Be patient, starting in May all of the investigations are going to heat up big time.

'Targeted Assassinations' Coming if Civil War Breaks Out: Adam Kinzinger

Mini Moni Tv (kids)

Mark Meadows's absurd spin for Trump shows right-wing media's power

Handmade Necklace Set featuring Vintage Brass Gothic Gryphon Pendant

Key talks between Russia and Ukraine fail l GMA

Ford is considering flying car parts to its Canada factory, which closed down due to supply shortage

Analysis: Two more House Republicans just went on Donald Trump's hit list

In Western-style ad, GOP Senate candidate shoots at actors playing Biden, Pelosi, Sen. Mark Kelly

Right-wing nationalists are marching into the future by rewriting the past

Apologies I may have been the cause of Twitter going down

Smash-and-grab thieves hit multiple cars at trailheads

Andrew Cuomo to file professional misconduct complaint against New York Attorney General Letitia Jam

I get a hoot out of Tucker Carlson.

RIP, Ian McDonald. "In The Court Of The Crimson King" (live, 1996, Tokyo, & King Crimson recording)

Thanks, y'all!

Well! If that doesn't make sense, what does?

"Do you know why I pulled you over, Ms. Taylor Greene?"

So Fawks has double standards? What else is new?

Obama tells Democrats to keep the focus on their wins

Ontario Declares State of Emergency Over Blocked U.S. Bridge

"Guess who's a dick? You're right if you guessed Ted Cruz is a dick. Because he is."

Chuck Todd & McCaskill calls out GOP operative dissing Biden on Russia GOP has Putin sycophants

EPIC! Ari Melber puts on Marco Rubio dueling Marco Rubio and it's as sweet as it is embarrassing

Wilson Pickett & Bruce Springsteen - In The Midnight Hour (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 1999)

Ten Indicted for Healthcare Kickbacks

Kan. man admits threatening black man to get out of 'white town'

TrumpWorld "would happily burn this country down"

Joy Reid and Elie Mystal Explain the Clarence Thomas Conflict of Interest Problem

Man faces up to 20 years in prison after disrupting flight

Hasil Adkins - early grunge from the '50s and one of the great great musical unknowns

Murray Garners $10M For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In WA

More accurate word for "populism" : "assholism"

Pfizer pulls FDA request for Covid vaccine for kids under 5

Editorial Foxconn fiasco disqualifies Kleefisch as a serious gubernatorial candidate "Foxconned."

From "crack pipes" to "critical race theory": GOP's 2022 midterm strategy is overt racis

Sleepy LaBeef - Kick-butt rockabilly

President Biden to release 9/11, Afghan funds

Thank you ❤️💓💖

Why Are Letters Shaped the Way They Are?

Thank you i'm shocked

Want to help stop book bans? The Authors Guild has tools for you.

Eric Swalwell tweet:

Report: Some Trump records labeled 'top secret' taken to Mar-a-Lago (CNN)

Pfizer Pulls Application For FDA Approval Of Vaccine For Kids Under 5 (MSNBC)

For travel nurses, jobs at home can't come close to pay they get on the road

Our men's figure skating Gold Medalist Nathan Chen!!!

Coronavirus vaccine for young children further delayed as FDA says it will wait for data

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Jeff Beck & Beth Hart - Purple Rain (live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2017)

They're getting more and more brazen with their threats against election officials

Funny but not funny anecdote RE: inflation

"That is against my HIPAA law!"

France: 'Freedom Convoys' Head Towards Paris Police Checkpoints, Protest Covid Rules, Macron

Jake Sullivan warns that Russia could invade Ukraine "during the Olympics."

But Her Emails!

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IOC won't act on 'No War in Ukraine' sign

For fans of MOTU

Where do the rethugs stand on the russia Ukraine situation

Daniel Dale FACT CHECK on trucker-inspired protests in Canada.

'Freedom convoy': 7,200 police ready for Paris arrival tomorrow

West Wing - Secret Plan to Fight Inflation

I just sent away for my classified military records even the redacted ones.

Older adults can blame 'clutter' for difficulties with memory

Cartoons 2/11/2022

Biden dog Commander to make TV debut during 'Puppy Bowl'

'Honolulu Woman Receives Three Months in Prison for Removal and Retention of Classified Material'

Virginia officer pleads to fatally shooting fiance's dog

'Angry BIPOC female': Monroe school supe accused of toxic workplace

'Legitimate political discourse' took the wrong course

Congress' reforms for Post Office finally in the mail

Insurrectionist attorney and voter suppression advocate Cleta Mitchell is holding election integrity

Senators claim CIA has a secret program that collects American data.

Emotional support or hogwash? Man fights to keep his pet pig

Sudan's military rulers step up crackdown, arrest activists

It's way past time for Trumpers to start actually standing up for America.

538: Most Primary Polls So Far Are Internal Polls. That's A Problem.

Another of my fur girls. Meet Lena's little sister, Lucy.

Russia's drone army contains heaps of Western electronics. Can the U.S. cut them off?

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Texas national guardsmen say border assignment is a waste of resources

ROTO-ROOTER if you're listening

Ontario Premier Doug Ford declares a state of emergency in Ontario in response to 'siege' and

GOP Senate candidate skipped 61% of votes in a single year as state lawmaker

Is war upon us?

45 more teaching days until I head to LA. I'm not counting them down

Conservatives want to restrict democracy in order to uphold white Christian patriarchal rule.

Fox News Talking About Migrant Caravans But Make The Footage Canadian Truckers The Daily Show

about that figure skating doping thing

16 hours of Grateful Dead and related music

It's A Beautiful Day - 'White Bird'

Stephen Miller peddles more racist BS

not a selfie , a telfie, from the JWT

Horrific allegations of racism prompt California lawsuit against Tesla


Herschel Walker guaranteed he'd repay $600k in pizza franchise loans. So far, he hasn't

Media Coverage Of Violence Against Women Is Due For A Reckoning

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Richie Havens - Freedom - Live

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To the trumpers and magats and conservatives

Fire company in Delaware County (PA) shut down after racist remarks caught on video call

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell

Biden meets with leaders of NATO, US allies to discuss Russia's military threat to Ukraine

Kentucky Senate panel advances ban on transgender athletes

SS propaganda tactics in West Texas internet paper

North Macedonia's President walks bullied 11-year-old girl with Down syndrome to school

Time to spread a little DU love!

Woman who posted antisemitic conspiracies about Grenfell fire jailed

The Party's Over - Eliza Gilkyson (Her requiem for the country at the end of the Bush admin)

My phone just told me I drove 656 miles in January.

Hey truckers

Trudeau warns of 'severe consequences' for anti-vaccine mandate protesters who don't stand down

How Climate Change Fed the Colorado's Disastrous Fires

Radar Interference Tracker: A New Open Source Tool to Locate Active Military Radar Systems

So, let me get this straight.

Don't Think Canada Happy With US Exporting Maga Terrorists And Americans Supporting Violent Scumbags

My sons are ever so much more courageous than I am.

A Plumber Has a Simple Message for Donald Trump About Flushing Sensitive Documents Down the Toilet

Honduran supreme court orders release of six anti-mining protesters

Honduran supreme court orders release of six anti-mining protesters

Did your miliitary services change the way you eventually lived your life. Was it different than...

Aaron Rodgers wins most out-of-style suit, worst haircut, and his 4th MVP award

NYT Columnist David Leonhardt Should Wear A Mask If He's Gonna Talk Out His Ass

TFG still fomenting violence: Arrest him.

AZ: 'Disgusting': Republican Senate hopeful condemned over 'showdown' TV ad

New kids on the block:

WHOOPSEY! Donation site for Ottawa truckers' 'Freedom Convoy' protest exposed donors' data.

Wordle may have saved this women's life

Exclusive: White nationalists and anti-vax moms plot Ottawa copycat convoys on Telegram

Horse & goat on seesaw:

boggles the mind - shut down the superbowl?

Mueller Report Reveals That They Declined To Charge Donald Trump Jr. And Roger Stone With Computer..

I feel really stupid asking this question

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Badlands / Working On A Dream / Born To Run (live 2009)

Defenses of Rogan Aren't About Free Speech; They're Right-Wing Solidarity

A former Tesla employee speaks

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CHRB: Necropsy Finds No Definitive Cause of Death for Medina Spirit

Freak Flag - Laura Love

One Reform Can Significantly Expand Voting Rights

Photo: Sandhill Crane by Robin Ulery

The Donald J. Trump Justice Complex

Photo: Northern Cardinal by Steve Jessmore

I can't stop raving about this artist: Charles Ray

Roberta Flack -- "Feel Like Makin' Love" (Happy 85th Birthday Roberta Flack!)

Adams says 'God' told him he'd be mayor

Talk me down here. (putin, war, nazi truckers and cyber)

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Everything you need to know about tfg...

Court grants injunction against Ambassador Bridge blockade

Dylan - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

New C.D.C. data adds to evidence that boosters' protection against severe Covid plunges after four

For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield Cover (Josh Turner)

White House arranging meeting between Biden, DNC Chair Harrison

Madoc got a rude surprise today, when he thought he was stealing some butter

Hawkeye on Disney+ (NO spoilers)

Increase in naloxone accessibility needed in almost every US state to combat opioid overdoses, study

Putin is bluffing

Trump pic with "assistant". Twitter dissects the details.

DNCC, DSCC, should gather all talking heads for midterm "advice"

Eye-opening warrant emerges in second arrest in two days of Colorado MAGA official, Tina Peters

The Rude Pundit: Why Those Saying AG Garland Needs to Act Soon on Trump Aren't Wrong

The right is flooded with nonsense to drown out reality. Time has come to counter

WTAF is WRONG with these people

Biden dog Commander to make TV debut during 'Puppy Bowl'

Tina Turner - River Deep, Mountain High

What's for Dinner, Fri., Febr. 11, 2022

Do better, FedEx

Las Vegas Police cause car wreck while pulling pedestrian safety stunt. (twitter)

Don't just complain, do something. Help GOTV!

Former airman and 'Boogaloo' extremist pleads guilty to killing federal officer

Question for tax accountant

Virginia Lawmakers Advance $1 Billion Bond Bill To Build Stadium For Washington Commanders

Sunday's snow will probably be more cosmetic than disruptive in the D.C. area.

Do we have troops IN Ukraine at this point?

SpaceX's monstrous, dirt-cheap Starship may transform space travel

Update on Update! re:Sometimes I Hate People

From the Lincoln Project (Very funny!) ...

Alabama judge's firm lost case in Ketanji Brown Jackson's court and now doesn't want her on SCOTUS

This is kind of creepy. How almost anyone could be physically tracking you.

NASA captures stunning, first of a kind images of Venus' surface

WaPo: The imperfect comparison between Hillary Clinton's server and Donald Trump's boxes

I'm kind of hoping some of these RWATs* disrupt the Super Bowl and maybe even postpone it.

Sick Stray Dog Wanders Up To Random Couple's House

R.E.O. Speedwagon - Golden Country - Live ( nice rock show)

Her dad died. So her favorite NFL star took her to the father-daughter dance.

Bunny Stuck In A Skate Bowl Gets Help From A Friendly Dude

Canadian judge orders an end to the blockade at a U.S.-Canada border bridge

Is Fox News more anti-union or anti-public health? We now have an answer.

White House Gives Update On Possibility Russia Invades Ukraine - MSNBC

Are the Canadian anti vaxxers leaving Ottawa yet

from Springer Mtn to entrance to Smokies... Fontana Dam

As a retired carhaul Teamster of 21 years and a 37 year Trucking career

I Say A Little Prayer - Donne Warwick

Suspend Federal Gas Tax?

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US judge strikes down Biden climate damage cost estimate

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'A lot of silence from Republicans' about Trump's stealing of classified documents: reporter

Flint school bus with kids aboard partially submerged in sinkhole

Rep. Aguilar: Jan. 6 Committee Is 'Not Closing Any Door At This Point' - Deadline - MSNBC

The integration of the University of Virginia football team

Todd Rundgren - One World

About Ukraine

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I'm No Angel - Gregg Allman

Construction Workers Installing the Antenna on the Top of the World Trade Center, 1979

Sooo....about Ukraine. This sound about right?

Two Standards of Justice: Fed Worker Jailed for Mishandling Classified Docs, While Trump Golfs

Jethro Tull - New Day Yesterday (Live at Filmore)

Jethro Tull - New Day Yesterday

Can't believe I missed this two years ago.

Can't believe I missed this two years ago.

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Archives threatened to go to Congress and Justice Department to get Trump to turn over records

Meanwhile, down Roanoke way, it's the Brothers Young and "Farewell Blues"