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Remember this? -- Eric Trump in 2014: 'We have all the funding we need out of Russia'

Belarus renounces its non-nuclear status. May now ask Putin to station nukes in Belarus.

I challenged Jimmy Page to a guitar duel and still haven't heard a thing from him

Upcoming UN presidencies

Russian POWs Say They Were Tricked, Threatened During Invasion

Reuters: Russian Central Bank Orders Block on Foreign Clients' Bids to Sell Russian securities

Russia went beyond the reasoning Putin gave.

For Ukraine's citizenry.

Take away their thunder.....

'Morons. I have got morons on my team.'"

Moscow is bracing for economic panic when markets open on Monday morning

I Remember Saddam's Convoy Leaving Kuwait

Medvedchuk flees house arrest on Kyiv

I Just LOVE all the Ukrainian flags on DU

Amy Siskind thinks we may have turned a corner, away from the rise of authoritarianism worldwide

A shelling, a young girl, and hopeless moments in a hospital graphic images warning!!!

Always remember-It is not the size of the dog in the fight

Veteran interpreter breaks down in tears after Zelensky remarks

Brave Ukranians have a message for Russian Invaders

How long will Putin stay in power?

Even Switzerland is getting tougher on Russia: EU sanctions will apply there

VoteVets tweet: We can tell you one thing for damned sure

Belarus votes to bring Russian nukes on their soil

Qatar deploys ex-spies to blunt German's World Cup criticism

Donald Trump's Election Crimes & the Legal Rights of We The People as Crime Victims- Glenn Kirschner

Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism

Bill Barr says the 2020 presidential election was not stolen: 'Trump lost it'

The Russians are getting their tales beaten by the Ukrainians. What will be the long term

Putin is precipitating an end to Russia and its satellite countries

The European Central Bank said on Monday morning that Sberbank Europe, a fully-owned subsidiary

Baby Donnie knows all about these things. (Aaron Rupar tweet)

Putin's fears of a unified, stronger Europe are fast becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy

Russian state media published extremely shocking essay ala "Final Solution" in Ukraine

Russian Planes Face Grounding Risk as Leasing Firms Mull Default

Informal question asked of the incoming nuclear engineering Ph.D. students.

Jose Andres update #ChefsForUkraine

Even in water-rich Michigan, no guarantee of enough for all

B-52s Patrol Europe as US Touts Ironclad Defense After Russia Nuclear Alert

B rated Morning Consult poll has Biden approval at 47/51 & plurality support for his Ukraine policy

Derek and the Dominos - Little Wing (live)

Russian Oligarch Jets: there's a Twitter account for everything.

Trump demolishes HIMSELF on stage at conservative conference - Brian Tyler Cohen

Britt Hume posts a tweet; forgets his browser tabs are open

Sweden to send arms to Ukraine in break with tradition

Arizona Republican Wendy Rogers unleashed a flood of insane talking points about Russia's Invasion

With the world watching Putin, Trump targets Trudeau

Over a hundred thousand in Berlin protest Russian attack against Ukraine:

Breaking: FIFA Reportedly Makes Decision On Russia

Love Red Carpets.....Sag Awards now, and I swear to gawd, I DON'T KNOW ANY OF THE

Kinda Sleezy has praise for...President Biden...on Faux Snooze

Cheney & Kinzinger tag-teaming Marjorie Traitor Greene

Bayraktar drone footage hitting Russian targets in Ukraine.

I'm old enough to remember the GOP praising Reagan for the fall of the Soviet Union...

Trump wins CPAC straw poll as DeSantis's support grows

'Sign of weakness': Ex-CIA director on Putin's move (CNN)

Maybe the first tank stolen by a farmer

So, it is McCarthy's turn?

Honest Government Ad - United Australia Party

What are gas prices doing where you live?

I always thought I was a Russian Jew.

How Ketanji Brown Jackson Could Change The Supreme Court

Kyiv mayor proud of citizens' spirit, anxious about future

Ukraine conflict: British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss backs people from UK who want to fight

A Team Of American And British Special Forces Veterans Are Preparing To Join Ukraine's Fight Against

So, I have a question?

Tdfg 1st impeachment

Ukraine take 'full control' of Kharkiv after resistance fighters take on Putin's troops

TFG wins CPAC conservative meeting's 2024 presidential straw poll

Dumbass Boebert calls for liberation of Canada

Concussion in sport: CTE found in more than half of sportspeople who donated brains

Rouble crashes 30% as market opens

Stolen by a Ukrainian Farmer!!

Pompeo slams Taylor-Greene for 'playing footsie' with 'anti-Semitic neo-Nazis'

Trump's Election Crimes & the Legal Rights of We The People as Crime Victims

Russia bans website with POWs data

Ukrainians Bring In The Big Guns !!

Moscow braces for rouble to crash at least 25% as new sanctions hit

Russian convoy wiped out

ECB says Russia bank subsidiary likely to fail

In a world of Putins and Trumps, be a Zelensky

UK fast-tracks law to tackle Russian 'dirty money'

Mitt called Putin feral

Two years later, Seattle's eviction moratorium expiring

How Congress could intervene to aid struggling local news outlets

🧵Kamil Galeev: Why Russia will lose this war? (Long but very thought-provoking)

New York State to stop doing business with Russia, Hochul says

People are using Google Maps to change the Russian Consulates into "Public Bathrooms".

Schumer to meet with Biden's Supreme Court pick Wednesday

So it was FDR's fault that WWII started.

Not really home improvement but a little DIY

Alphabet Inc's Google has temporarily disabled some Google Maps tools in Ukraine which provide live

Black History Month 2022 Jeopardy Boards Post Mortem - Who Did I Leave Out?

Zelenskyy is a courageous leader. He deserves both America's admiration and support.

So how does this end for Putin?

This hideous obscene incursion may lead us to a new world.

Belarus referendum approves proposal to renounce non-nuclear status - agencies

War Makes Trump Look Incredibly Weak

Belarus joining Russia in the war against Ukraine

I keep hearing "Light One Candle" by Peter Paul and Mary. I know it

A Scientist Will Read Dozens of Books In His Lifetime ...

PM Update: Chilly temps return on Monday.

Danielle Pletka seems a bit upset things aren't going so great for Putin here

Jill Biden tweets mental health info for people anxious

Ukrainian sailor 'partially sinks' Russian arms exporter's nearly $8 million yacht

Shirley Chisholm Runs For President, 1972: A Groundbreaking Legacy

Radioactive Waste Facility in Kyiv Struck by Russian Missile, Ukraine Says

Anybody know what time the show comes on

MTG Claims She Doesn't Know White Nationalist--Despite Picture of Them Together

Russians queue for cash as West targets banks over Ukraine

The "Ukrainian Village" neighborhood in Chicago. I was at this rally today

Putin Finally Cops to Dead Russian Troops in Ukraine

Putin has made Sweden eschew neutrality, and now made Japan reverse course on nuclear weapons

Amateur Radio ban - Ukraine - Feb 27, 2022

Two Daily Beast Journalists 'Extremely Lucky' to Survive After Being Shot in Ukraine

The fight for Ukraine is a fight for liberal ideals. So how can Boris Johnson possibly lead it?

Holy Shit: The Sunday Sermons Episode 5: Meet The MAGA Candidates

And if this hasn't been posted....Hank The Tank Bear...

Zelensky Appeal Led to Historic Sanctions

Had a long talk with my Granddaughters concerning the new cold war.

Pallas Cat discovers camera

I was talking to a Russian I know about this

GOP Struggles To Find Right Message On Russia As Trump Calls Putin 'Smart' - American Voices - MSNBC

Peace Piece-Bill Evans

Ted Lieu tweet:

Tweet of the Night:

Why can't Ukraine just block or blow up all the roads coming in from Russia and Belarus

More than 600 Russian scientists sign open letter against war with Ukraine

Ukrainian Civilians Take Up Arms, 'Refuse To Be Slaves to Russia' - American Voices - MSNBC

Ban Fox on Base - petition from The Lincoln Project

Who decides what polling data to report?

Tweet of the Late Night:

Belarus preparing to join Russian invasion of Ukraine, U.S. official says

Russian troops destroy world's only AN-225, the largest cargo jet of all

Fan Boys - Sack cartoon

I wonder if Russian casualties will stop this anymore than

Morale: Zelenskyy and his troops

The First Jan. 6 Trial Starts Tomorrow. Here's What You Need To Know.

Putin, black belt in judo, suspended as honorary president of International Judo Federation

Berlin and Prague today.

I finally had the opportunity to see Gangstagrass live. They put on a damn show too

White House Press Secretary Talks Russia, State of the Union, Supreme Court - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Can Putin be charged with war crimes?

Historic sanctions on Russia had roots in emotional appeal from Zelensky

Local newsrooms strained by budget-slashing financial firms - 60 Minutes

US Still Buying Russian Oil?

Hackers say they changed the call sign for Putin's yacht with a special message to him

Saw this in NYC on Friday on my way to the supermarket . . .

'Time to take sides': Jim Acosta's on Putin's invasion of Ukraine (CNN)

#ChefsForUkraine - Jos Andrs - Reporting from the Ukraine border!

Trader Joe's Pulls Pine Nuts From Shelf

ENDEAVOR new season, 8, coming to PBS!

Who is going to tell Putin that the world voted him off the island?

Ukraine's army invalidated the Russian invasion plan. Day 4.

Yeah, Ruble ... falling ... HARD !

Tweet from the Oval Pawffice: Zelenskyy and his puppers!

How the West Misread Vladimir Putin

Where do Russian computer hackers go when they die?

US Embassy in Moscow urges US citizens to depart Russia - ABC News

Social media videos show fighting on Ukraine streets (CNN)

Several WNBA players competing in Russia make plans to leave following invasion of Ukraine

Wooden Ships

It would be a stroke of genius if Scotland declared the golf courses at Aberdeen,

Bank of China's Singapore division has 'stopped financing deals involving Russian oil and Russian co

(sounds like a good idea.) "Aimed at Putin's oligarchs and money-laundering"

You're Breakin' My Heart - Harry Nilsson

As we are preparing for the State of the Union, I see a silver lining in the left wing offering a


The Faces - Stay With Me

Canada stands with Ukraine.

The Small Faces - Itchykoo Park

Go Figure! Even soccer pulls together!

Elina Monfils tweet:

Poland and other EU countries to donate MIGs and fighters to Ukraine

Time to post things tangentially related to this forum

The Yardbirds - Goodnight Sweet Josephine

Hell with it, Im old

Capitol ditches mask requirement ahead of State of the Union

Equinor, as well as BP, is withdrawing from joint oil production in Russia.

Poll: I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone -- The Raiders, The Monkees, The Flies, The Sex Pistols

Sirens were blaring in Kyiv for about 5-10 min and now I am hearing

Capitol ditches mask requirement ahead of State of the Union

tiedrich: Ukraine is still standing and I'm still standing with Ukraine

Just watched "Winter on Fire" - Netflix

This is from Ukrainian Gov so it is slanted but I don't think they made these Russian soldiers

Global Leaders Scramble To Punish Putin - NBC News

Peter Sellers - A Hard Day's Night

TCM tomorrow:

Just on local 11pm news: A brewery is halting its production of beer and so the bottles are being

Member of the House born in Ukraine.

How Do Planets Form? Ask This Colombian Astronomer!

Sweden prepares to shut airspace to Russian planes

Batter Up

Here are groups helping Ukraine. Help if you can.

Ukrainian resident on living through the Russian invasion - CBS News

Ukraine uses drone strikes to wipe out Russian columns (graphic)

alternative to American cable news: France24

Chief Inspector Murphy keeps a lookout

Loretta Lynn -- Fist City

14-Year-Old Suspect in West Mesa High Shooting Arrested

Johnny Mathis -- Wonderful, Wonderful

Astronomers see an Enormous Shockwave, 60 Times Bigger Than the Milky Way

Live Stream of Four Ukrainian Cities Squares

Truly elected leader of Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, is making a stand

Russia's anti-Putin band Pussy Riot "Putin is pissing himself"

Faye Dunaway Denies Calling Show Assistants 'A Little Homosexual Boy' or 'Little Gay People' ...

Faye Dunaway Denies Calling Show Assistants 'A Little Homosexual Boy' or 'Little Gay People' ...

Anyone have experience with online art classes? I think I might sign up at skill share. I'd prefer

Met Opera Cuts Ties With Pro-Putin Artists, Likely Ending Bolshoi Partnership

Jennifer Griffin continues her live fact-check of Fox colleagues and guests being traitors

Ukraine Russia War: Live Analysis Episode 2

Trump"He's taking over a country for two dollars' worth of sanctions. I'd say that's pretty smart. "

Court: Griffin's Facebook Page Not Public Forum

Putin cracks down on Russian protesters

Bill Barr's book is unique because

Before Republicans pivot on Putin here are all of the things they've said to praise him

Meanwhile, in Texas...

"We left dad in Kyiv." Ukrainian boy describes fleeing his home as his father stays behind:

Warning: Graphic. Captured Russian's answering questions.

Unbelievable Tweet:

Tweet of the Weekend

How Volodymyr Zelensky convinced the EU to agree to SWIFT Sanctions

Moscow stock market postpones the opening...

Albuquerque says it gave proper notice before clearing homeless camp

And the GOP is having trouble picking up that thread they lost Tweet:

Amber Alert Winston-Salem

The Refreshments - 'Every Night'

on putin's behavior, how his inner circle is feeling, and a great tweet reply

Remember this GQP trip in 2018: "Seven GOP lawmakers make a misguided trip to Russia"

Tweet of the Late Night:

Facebook, Twitter remove disinformation accounts targeting Ukrainians

Answering the call, rolling up their sleeves

'They were fooled by Putin': Chinese historians speak out against Russian invasion

State overpaid millions in unemployment benefits -- now DWS wants it back

Google disables Maps feature in effort to keep Ukranians safe.

International Women's Day webinar: WOMEN IN TECH

International Women's Day webinar: WOMEN IN TECH

Groups Call On Lawmakers to Investigate Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Sen. Ivey-Soto

Russia getting bogged down in Ukraine, but reinforcements ready - Face the Nation

Warren Zevon - 'Carmelita'

Richard Painter is running in the 1st District

How secure is America's electric grid? - 60 Minutes

Eisenhower said in 1957, "There aren't enough bulldozers to scrape the bodies off the streets."

'A Few Old Memories' -- performed by Appalachian Tradition

Comparison of RU vs. US military recruitment ads with new context.

Is It Time To Just Start Calling Republicans Russians

Belarus Hackers Allegedly Disrupted Trains to Thwart Russia

U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on "Face the Nation" - Full Interview

60 Minutes had a segment on how easy it is to bring down our power grid.


Ukraine striker Roman Yaremchuk moved to tears by Benfica fans' ovation

Facebook, Twitter remove disinformation accounts targeting Ukrainians

"I want China to take back Taiwan, I want Russia to take back Ukraine" just to humiliate the US

Glass: 'Etude No. 20', Olafsson on piano

Walsh, Ringo & Co - Funk #49...

What's Going on Inside a Black Hole? The Answers Could be Written on its Surface

'GoFuckYou' fundraiser

Of Course Communist China Supports Russia - Democracy Is Their Enemy Too

Russian ruble plunges nearly 30% against the dollar, analyst sees "plenty more room for weakness"

Representative James Clyburn on "Face the Nation"- Full Interview

We're loving your cute weirdness, baby ghost shark

Slim Harpo - 'Raining in my Heart'

Latest Wordle...

John Dean cancels his pre-order of Barr's book, and tells the world on twitter.

Andrew Wortman is documenting the members of the GOP attacking their country re: Ukraine

Federal judge: Cowboys for Trump must disclose donors

Michael Flynn wrote another op-ed for Russia bashing the U.S.

A bowl full of tiny baby otters:

This COULD explain Why Putler Underestimated Ukrainian forces

Yep its **ALWAYS** About The Fossil Fuels !! Ukraine has BILLIONS of tons of oil reserves in

NYPost just published the names and addresses of all the oligarchs with property in NYC

Liz Cheney says Russia sanctions "ought to go further" to punish Putin, oligarchs - Face the Nation

Ukraine captures Russian tank battalion commander

Why I love BTC...

The war in Ukraine isn't working out the way Russia intended

400 mercenaries from Wagner Group have been thrown into Kyiv, targeting Zelensky

Ukrainians from the #French Foreign Legion will be able to go to #Ukraine

Al Franken: The NYT's Jeremy Peters on How the GOP Went Batshit Crazy (Feb. 27, 2022)

Open Source data

Impact of climate crisis much worse than predicted, says Alok Sharma

Warning: this video will likely make you emotional

I'm getting a strange message on Twitter. Anyone else having this problem?

Russian Central Bank raises interest rate from

George P. Bush charts a Trumpian path

The stunt man of the animal kingdom

RNC acronym revealed

Energy Traders: Do the Decent Thing and Support Ukraine

Two from Alla Pavlova

Ex-Cop Who Dislocated Shoulder of Woman with Dementia Will Be Offered Plea Deal, Says the Victim's O

drive around 1940s Los Angeles

Putin's aggression leaves his right-wing fan club squirming

You have no soul

Anyone familiar with "WION" and "Gravitas plus"?

It's morning in Ukraine

What's your starting Wordle word?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Sex Work

Sanctions kicking in

In Memoriam 2022 The actors who passed away this year....

Ukrainian Man Partially Sinks Yacht of Russian CEO 'Selling Weapons'

Rural county chair on some changes Iowa Democrats need

LOL! No💰 for you, Dotard.

Former polygamous community on verge of 'renaissance' after years of isolation, trauma

What time are the talks between Ukraine and Russia?

FIFA's Decison on Russia falls like a Stone

Switzerland Considering Financial Sanctions On Russians - Anyone Checked The Thermometer In Hell

Explosions Reported At Major Ukraine Cities

Talks to begin at 12pm local time

☦ 🌻💙🇺🇦💛🌻☮ Eastern Orthodox 'Psalm 136'

'I don't have a future ... again': Afghan refugee who found asylum in Ukraine flees Russian invasion

UK Ministry of Defense update on Ukraine

Russian orders block on foreign clients' bids to sell Russian securities - document

The Russian Bank Runs Begin!

arrested for Domestic abuse and released a day later. His victim found buried under his house

How to Talk to Kids About Ukraine

Gov. Spencer Cox bans Russian-branded products from state liquor stores in executive order

Tensions rise at the 3bn Surrey estate Russian oligarchs call home

Ukrainian delegation arrives at border for talks with Russia

☦🌻💙🇺🇦💛🌻☮ Eastern Orthodox Psalm 135 Chant w/ Translation

Zelensky demands 'immediate' EU membership for Ukraine

Here's what Putin wants. More.

Utah lawmaker moves to further limit media access to lawmakers at Capitol

Russian rights activist launches anti-war movement, petition collects more than 940,000 signatures

Russian invasion update: Mariupol

ECB says Sberbank likely to fail; Germany drops Russia issuers

Relax Cafe Sweet March ☘ Coffee Jazz ☕ for Morning Relaxing

Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire.

With 🌻lmsp 🌻 in mind: Relax Cafe Happy Vibes Bossa Nova Jazz for Relaxing

Governors around the country by executive orders are banning russian spirits from being sold,

Amber Alert Cancelled and Updated

Time cover (brutal):

'Ukraine is one of us and we want them in EU' - European Commission President

Colorado's former governor is board chairman for Russian bank now prohibited from issuing shares,

Perfect time now for US to go after the Russian mob here,

How bad would it have to get in Ukraine for Trump to abandon Putin?

Gas-powered lawn equipment sales would be banned in parts of Colorado under Democrats' latest

Monday TOONs - Support Ukraine

Ukraine, Russia start talks in Belarus

The Javelin Fire It And Forget It

Russia's Ruble, Financial Markets Are Hammered by Sanctions

An actor turned president is out classing two ego manic presidents!

CBC*: Udderly beautiful views in this week's photo album, February 28, 2022

NYTimes Wordle 2/28 -- NO Spoilers

Russia's Ruble, Financial Markets Are Hammered by Sanctions

Trump oligarchs

Russia shutters its stock market as the ruble crashes

Wordle 254 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

How can you say to a coworker, member of a group, etc.,

Monday's Parable.

@RepLizCheney: Marjorie Taylor Greene now using her official USG congressional account to promote

On February 29, 1916, Dinah Shore was born.

Alex Vindman explains how Trump's coup attempt encouraged Putin's Ukraine invasion

Niagra Falls

➞ Post Number 25,000

Breakfast Monday 28 February 2022

Republicans ripped for 'Stand with Ukraine' message after defending Trump's 'perfect call'

Simpleton Mouth Breather Lauren Boebert Says Canada And U.S. 'Need To Be Liberated' Like Ukraine

Zelensky calls for Ukraine to be given immediate EU membership

Report: Russian mercenaries operating in Kyiv ordered to kill Zelensky and his government

UKR: Snake Island sailors alive; navy confirms POW status


February 28, 1963 🎙

Russia's economy is poised to plunge into recession, warns JPMorgan

Beau of the Fifth Column: You'll likely survive a nuclear weapons exchange; improve your odds

'CODA' takes top honors at SAG Awards, Will Smith wins

City Country City

*THIS GUY* Zelensky was the voice of Paddington the Bear (Ukrainian version)

Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

US imposes sanctions on Russian central bank

60 Minutes: How Safe is Our Power Grid?

Russian oligarchs now looking for Col. von Stauffenberg.

Josh Marshall has compiled a terrific Ukraine Crisis Twitter list of people to follow w/one click.

New Covid vaccinations drop in US as cases and hospitalizations decline

U.S. Shutters Embassy in Belarus

FLASHBACK: Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

Two presidents meet with their respective defense ministers

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 2/23/2022

The Rundown: February 28, 2022

Sensible leaders should be calling for a ceasefire.

Proud Boys chapter leader accosts then sucker punches woman who just happened to walk by him

Republicans and even Fox are flipping,

Zelensky: "I need ammunition, not a ride."

Putin has apparently read about Hitler's problems in 1944.

Rule # 1 do not get into a fight whose people looked like this (cossack)

Climate Change Is Harming the Planet Faster Than We Can Adapt, U.N. Warns

Washington Post: Bill Barr says Trump has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers of a leader

But wait! there's more

...American And British Special Forces Veterans Are Preparing To Join Ukraine's Fight Against Russia

How will Republican lawmakers behave during the State of the Union?

Democracy Vs Autocracy doesn't get much starker, does it?

The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things (studio version & live on French TV, 1966)

On February 27, 1869, Alice Hamilton was born.

Russia faces financial meltdown as sanctions slam its economy

We were born in independent Ukraine, we will die in independent Ukraine, says Ukraine's youngest MP

Today's Image Dump (2/28/22)

Send Biden an email

Photos: Gasoline Puddle Comets, Nebulas, Galaxies

The Calamitous Errors of Germany's Russia Policy

Russia is perpetrating a war crime by firing rocket artillery indiscriminately on Kharkiv

Kadyrov's Chechens sent home by the Ukrainians. graphic warning

Prosecutors: Man charged in U.S. Capitol attack has ties to Whitmer kidnap plotters

Duesseldorf's top Karneval satirist takes on Putin. NO ONE says it like J. Tilly does!

Russia's war against Ukraine ( Key updates from the last few hours )

Vice President Harris interviewed Supreme Court finalists, according to White House officia

Rogers, Bell to pull Russian state-controlled channel RT over invasion of Ukraine

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Long Time Gone

Fresno County Gov Votes Unanimously To Block Funds To Study Warming Impacts On Public Health

Sanctions on oligarchs will be less effective than sanctions on those who carry out Putin's orders

You raised $40.00 on February 27, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

IPCC's Latest Report Describes "A Brief And Rapidly Closing Window Of Opportunity"

Twitter thread: geopolitical implications about Russia.


Zelensky speech - (2 hours ago) day 5

Ukrainian authorities report "dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds more were wounded" in tod

Foghat - Eight Days On The Road (deep memory dive for old farts)

Okay, so something weird happened the other day. And I wondered if it was the seams of a whole

Captured Russian. Ukrainians have them call their mom!

Middle Age Riot tweet:

"Go home!" Ukrainians chant at Russian soldiers at the city council building in Berdyansk

Friday: Why Steel Stocks Went Straight Up Today

A Golden Oldie from Helsinki

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 28, 2022

John Fahey was born on this date.

Belarus' Dictator Alexander Lukashenko is still waiting for Putin to appoint him as a colonel

Trump, who discussed pulling the US from NATO, takes credit for NATO's existence in a new statement.

Eric Boehlert: Will GOP's Putin bromance hurt them in November? Press couldn't care less

Nearly 40% rejection rate of mail in ballots in Texas! We need to stop authoritarians in America !!

Four Feet Of Rain In Parts Of Brisbane In Four Days; At Least Eight Dead, 15,000 Homes Flooded

Joe South was born on this date.

And his followers will eat this up and believe every word of it

Russia Economy In Collapse As Ruble Sinks, Interest Rates Double

Kyiv Residents Flock To Stores As Weekend Curfew Temporarily Relaxed

More Than 115,000 Refugees Flee From Ukraine To Poland; Numbers Continue To Rise

US closes embassy in Belarus, lets staff leave in Russia

Secret strategy meeting in the FOX News room?

Damn! I though Fox New screwed & was doing good....and then

RT must be banned from broadcasting in the US - here's a list of providers - UPDATE

Kathy' Song...woke up and couldn't get this out of my mind...

Disturbing Videos Show Indian Students Fleeing Ukraine Brutally Beaten By Forces At Borders

Canada imposes dealings prohibitions and asset freeze against Russia

Jose Andres - this is what pure good looks like

Scale and rapidity of geopolitical shifts have been astonishing

Former CIA director: 'It's going abysmally' for Putin (CNN)

I love this grandma

CA @SenFeinstein says her husband, Richard Blum, has passed away after a long battle with cancer:

Shitstain At CPAC: Sea-Level Rise Will "Give You Slightly More Seafront Property"

A true profile in Cowardice

GOP Struggles To Find Right Message On Russia As Trump Calls Putin 'Smart'

just a little

Democrats SHOULD use UKR message mechanics FLOOD MESSAGE ZONE with your message!

Neil Diamond Sells Music Catalog to Universal Music Group

Dean Obeidallah: Every loss for Putin is also a loss for Trump. Period.

Maersk considers suspending container shipments to Russia

Putin is a "genius".

The comparison: Jan. 6, trucker convoys, & Proud Boys vs. Zelenskyy and Ukrainian resistance

AJ Tracey - Wifey Riddim (Odan Bootleg) 💥💥💥 AJ Tracey - Wifey Riddim (GUNDAM s Link Dat Blend)

Putin just made history in Switzerland

Russian rights activist launches anti-war movement, petition collects more than 1M signatures!

EU to ban Russian state-backed channels RT and Sputnik

BREAKING - The EU has asked its satellite centre in Madrid to provide intelligence to Ukraine about

David Rothkopf: 'People ask what Joe Biden must do in the State of the Union.'

Corporate America condemns Russia -- what that means for stock market: Morning Brief

LIVE: United Nations General Assembly meets to debate Russia's attack on Ukraine

Would US Intel be passing spy satellite imagery of Russian positions/movements to Ukraine via

As one of Fortune Magazine's "Most Promising Entrepreneurs" Leila Janah

pro Russia sign in diner

Steven Seagal working with Russian special forces

At the request of the Ukrainian government, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has spoken to his

So indifferent about MLB right now

"Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your top advisors as far away as possible."

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Information War Against The U.S. Continues

TIME's new cover: How Putin shattered Europe's dreams (the actual cover)

Switzerland adopts EU sanctions, freezes Putin's assets.

Adam Schiff Nails Trump For Getting Ukrainians Killed By Withholding Military Aid

Norway Oil Giant to Start Exiting From Joint Ventures in Russia

U.N. warns of a grim future if we don't take immediate action. (In other words, this IS our future.)

Trump voters need to look in the mirror and recognize the cowardly reflection staring back at them.

I just called Dish Network

Biden is the leader of the free world. And he is GOOD at it.

CNN reporter discovers he is crouching by grenade while on air (CNN)

New sign in Kyiv

Wait for it...

President Zelensky has officially submitted an application to join the European Union.

Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

Belarus Issues Dire World War III Warning as It Gets Ready to Send Troops to Ukraine

Ukrainian ambassador to the UN on his Russian counterpart: "Burn in hell".

Putin is stuck in a cold war mentality, the Russian people are not, that's a big problem for Putin.

14 Ukrainian Children Dead--and Countless More Suffering (Warning graphic images at link)

Facebook Blocks 'Ghostwriter' Hackers Targeting Ukraine's Army

Richard Blum, husband of California Sen. Feinstein, dies

Countering the RW meme that Biden's weakness encouraged Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ambassador advice to Putin:

Debunking GOP attack against Ketanji Brown Jackson: Reversals

CNN: 'Show this to Putin.' A 6-year-old girl killed by Russian shelling (Warning, graphic images)

Ukraine's UN Ambassador reads texts from Russian soldier to his mom just before he was killed

Can anything be done to limit tech companies' invasion of our personal space?

Switzerland says it will freeze Russian assets, setting aside a tradition of neutrality.

Fulcrum, abyss, salvation

FYI, A place to buy Ukrainian FLAGs with reasonable price

Fleetwood Mac/Bob Welch with Christine McVie - Sentimental Lady (Two versions)

Look out for Russian Psy-Ops: Khazarian mafia

Cadwalladr thread - assume you know of her?

Important new clues about the labor shortage

WORDLE2 #81 2/28/22 and WORDLE2 #82 2/28/22

Dozens wounded in shelling of Kharkiv, as Russia strikes buildings with suspected cluster munitions

SCOTUS might be gunning to upend Native rights in the US

When do santions start against the 8 countries supporting the Russian invasion?

Any hobby drones in #Ukraine?

Jennifer Griffin continues her live fact-check of Fox colleagues and guests:

Fleetwood Mac (Danny Kirwan) - Tell Me All The Things You Do

When you've lost the most historically corrupt organization on the planet ... (FIFA)

Volodymyr Zelenskiy says he has signed a request for Ukraine to join the European Union, Reuters

I absolutely love it when somebody proves me wrong in a good way.

Even if Putin took over the government it would be a problem for him.

A terrible new phase of the war in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Putin and associates have little to lose with nuclear "threats", and perhaps a little to gain

Unable to contact an email address ending in "" on the Facetime app on my ipad.

Latinas Are Pushing a Political Revolution in South Texas--to the Right

The Beatles - Live at Shea Stadium 1965 (with bonus clip)

Bookstores need a whole new section:

Hockey superstar Ovechkin's . . . 'discomfiture'

PHOTOS: DC area bridges, buildings shine blue and yellow to show support for Ukraine


Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love + I Gotta Feeling + The Love (2020 pro-Biden song/video)

Russian TV Gets Kicked From Canada Airwaves on Ukraine Fury

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (live at Earl's Court 1975)

Fleeing Kyiv

Ukraine National Anthem with English translation

Low sodium seasoning/alchemy?

Wow.... Bill Maher spot on!!! Support for trump dropping

do you think val the impaler will use Nukes in Ukraine?

Trump reportedly said he wanted to pull the US from NATO multiple times last year

Two members of Congress spoke at a white nationalist convention. These corporations are supporting t

Putin is sending literal Nazis into Ukraine to literally murder a Jew.

Square waves, a consequence of two opposing swells colliding (Twitter video)

US: Russians attempting to surround Kyiv

The Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler (live with Mick Taylor)

Ukrainian UN Ambassador asks who voted for newly formed Russia to be admitted to UN

Ukrainian use of Turkish drone, strikes again.

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Shepperton Studios, 1975 - Keith's last show)

If you are going to use online tax service, like TurboTax or TaxAct or others

First round of the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations is over.

MORBIUS - Final Trailer (HD)

Monday morning Pentagon briefing on Ukraine

Long John Baldry - Conditional Discharge/Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie ...

Putin's friend Viktor Medvedchuk flees house arrest in Kyiv.

Father jumps into rodeo ring, bears brunt of raging bull to save son in Belton

FIFA will ban Russia and its teams, ejecting the country from qualifying for the 2022 World Cup

Ukraine UN Ambassador with a suggestion for Putin:

Tweet from Ukraine's prime minister, with photo of Zelensky with EU membership application

Costco drops My Pillow (Lindell) products from retail offerings

Target boosts its starting pay for some jobs to $24 an hour

Target boosts its starting pay for some jobs to $24 an hour

The World has Had Enough

Virginia House of Delegate GOP kills legislation to begin retail marijuana sales this year

Is Putin's nuclear threat a high-stakes bluff?

19th century shipwreck washes up on North Carolina beach

Mitt Romney: "Morons. I've got morons on my team."

A Team Of American And British Special Forces Veterans Are Preparing To Join Ukraine's Fight Against

I am watching the UN meeting this morning

The only MLB pitcher to record 100 saves and 100 complete games

February 27, 1968: Walter Cronkite of CBS calls for an end to the war in Vietnam.

I wonder if COVID delayed Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

Would a man terrified of catching covid start a nuclear war? I don't think so.

Russian state media accidentally, prematurely released article celebrating victory over Ukraine

Okay, I've laid in bed long enough. I'm going get up, shower, dress, and go

Talks between Ukraine and Russia that took place earlier today were "very difficult", Ukrainian

GOP billboard on the way to Miami

Ukrainians are uploading TikTok videos on how to drive abandoned/captured Russian military vehicles

Putin Accidentally Revitalized the West's Liberal Order

One woman in Moscow decided to send a message!

State of the Union Speech.

"The land fights alongside you. Remember that."

ABC News poll from yesterday

Eric Boehlert: Will GOP's Putin bromance hurt them in November? Press couldn't care less

Ukrainian ambassador urges Putin to 'kill himself' like Hitler during UN speech

Breaking: Shell announces it's exiting all its joint-ventures with Gazprom

Was it here that I saw a story about bad leftovers causing limbs...

Sen. Feinstein's husband dies of cancer

LMAO: Punhub's latest 40 meme pics made from stock photos

Anyone else being bothered by the war in Ukraine?

Shell says it will exit Russian oil and gas investments, following a day after rival BP.

Airbnb to house up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees

Can we talk about polls for a minute

BREAKING: Ukraine tells Putin to give himself the Hitler treatment!

Ukraine is over 230,000 square miles, almost as large as Texas. Good luck holding that Putin.

How the American Right Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Russia

Long A New York Real Estate Mainstay, LLCs Lose Their Anonymity

William P. Barr's Memoir Is Part Lawyerly Defense, Part Culture-War Diatribe

The West Is Winning, Russia Is Losing, and Biden Is Doing a Good Job

How to Hijack a Russian Tank

How Zelensky changed the West's response to Russia

Who would've thought Putin could be such a transformative leader? Granted, the

Analysis: Here's definitive proof Tom Cotton is afraid of Donald Trump

LOL! Some of the replacement road signs Ukrainians are leaving for Russian invaders

FIFA Suspends Russia, Ejecting It From World Cup Qualifying

The Terrible Truth So Many Experts Missed About Russia

Russia shutters its stock market as the ruble crashes.

The sanctions strategy is f'ing BRILLIANT!

FIFA suspends Russia, ejecting it from World Cup qualifying

My nonexistent bank account has been suspended for abhorrent activity

Zelensky, in a passionate speech, urges the E.U. to admit Ukraine immediately.

McFaul: When Dictators Hold On For Too Long, They Overreach

'Ukrainian People Don't Give Up Hope': U.S. Rallies Express Solidarity

It's going to be an interesting summer in the 3rd...

Swalwell: America stands with Ukraine. We reject the Putin Bloc of Trump/Pompeo/Tucker.

Hungary is prohibiting transit of weapons to Ukraine through it's territory.

Maybe there was an attempt on Putin's life from within.

Pentagon seeks backchannels with Russian to prevent Ukraine invasion escalating to nuclear war

U.S. Closes Embassy In Belarus Due To 'Security And Safety Issues'

The bizarre, literal isolation of Vladimir Putin

Kudos to the Feinsteins in this time of 😔 grief

Cotton is a coward and a quisling

In the comment-section of Russia Today:

The people of Ukraine are really cool, I am really starting to love these people.

2 of Russia's richest billionaires are speaking out against Russian invasion of Ukraine as sanctions

Ukrainians are now just throwing Molotov cocktails out their car windows at Russian tanks.

Joe needs to introduce just one guest at the State of the Union address.

Texas primary is George P. Bush's biggest test yet in GOP

Any bored, recently-retired A-10 pilots out there?

Yeah, here's what street to street fighting in UKR will look like for Russians.

The ruble is so vulnerable it's only a question of how much damage we want to do

My Nephew Plans to Fight For Ukraine

EU warns Belarus opening door to Russian nukes after vote

Kansas agrees new mail ballot restrictions are unconstitutional, will pay legal fees

Russia/Ukraine "Media Sanctions" Latest: More Than 20 International TV Groups Turn Off Russian Chann

U.S. Supreme Court takes up dispute over Native American adoption law

Navalny's supporters call for civil disobedience against Ukraine war

Time Is Running Out "To Secure A Liveable And Sustainable Future," Climate Scientist

Hats, flags and deafening cheers: Conservative gathering kisses the (T)rump

Update from Moscow - from a close friend

How Far Can The Russian People Be Pushed Before They Revolt Against Putin?......

IOC Recommends Banning Russian Athletes from International Competition

Fox to Broadcast International Soccer Tournament

NV Governor & First Lady threatened at Las Vegas restaurant

Today for Lunch... Pierogis - Made just wrong

UPDATE: Netflix Declines to Carry Russian Propaganda Channels Russian propaganda

Kharkiv, February 2022 /Kharkov, March 1943, image and article

Houses of Worship Face Clergy Shortage as Many Resign During Pandemic

Blogger from Kiev, who doesn't actually exist.

NYC Comptroller Seeks to Divest Pension Funds From Russia

International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine

Joe Rogan Posts -- and Deletes -- Fake Report About Steven Seagal Joining Russian Special Forces

Got a new photo of Madoc's sister, Smoke, just now

Satellite imagery taken on Monday showed that Russian ground forces continued to move closer to Kyiv

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 1: 31 Days of Oscar: 1940s Winners

Exodus starting next from Russia?

Hacked! OMG, Belarus railway system uses Windows XP.

Red Sox release Brett Netzer after hateful tweetstorm: 'I am a racist'

I think Russia planned to crush Ukraine in a couple days ...

First Capitol riot trial opens in D.C.

The Heat Is On: intergovernmental panel on climate change.

US states adding to financial squeeze on Russian over war

Going to see "The Godfather" on the big screen today.

The list of global sanctions on Russia for the war in Ukraine

No Fly Zone Now!

Going to see "The Godfather" on the big screen.

I'm watching him on the BBC. How do you know the Russian ambassador is lying?

New lawsuit by AZ GOP asks AZ Supreme Court to do away entirely with early voting.

U.S. Fears Putin Will Throw Mother of All Hissy Fits if Kyiv Attack Fails

World's largest sovereign wealth fund says it'll dump its Russian assets over the Ukraine invasion

60 Days of Driving Progress in Trucking Apprenticeships

Biden Has Done a Very Good Job

NEW: Pennsylvania Republicans ask SCOTUS to block the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's congressional map

Justices Raise 'Major Questions' as They Consider EPA Emissions Regulation Controversy

Quote from John Wayne movie: "Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness!"

Snoqualmie Pass closed due to avalanche danger; Stevens reopens


Joy Behar: Trump's support for Russia is 'about white supremacy'

A brief refresher on events in Ukraine, 2013-present.

Turkey has warned both Black Sea and non-Black Sea countries not to pass warships through Bospho

Ukraine offering invaders amnesty and money if they'll lay down arms and surrender

Vodka, pensions, sister cities: Governors move to punish Russia

NBC's Ben Collins-"I want you all to meet Vladimir Bondarenko."

It's not about economic anxiety

Wyoming Senate has voted 16 to 14 to eliminate the U. of Wyoming Gender Studies program

I am not using Russian Dressing on my salads

Derek Jeter steps down as Miami Marlins CEO

***The Winter Contest for March with Timeline***

Full video of Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.N. Sergiy Kyslytsya U.N. General Assembly Emerg. Mtg.

Lily's Christmas/Birthday blanket

Every goddamn news outlet needs to show the atrocities. (Trigger warning: Desc. of war casualty)

Jill Stein weighs in. ""Pushed Ukraine into conflict with Russia" 🙄

Ukrainian Websites Are Going Dark. Archivists Are Trying to Save Them.

52nd Anniversary today

Nevada Governor Threatened at Restaurant

Family of Capitol rioter said he died of a 'broken heart' and blamed the justice system for killing

Jeff Tiedrich FTW

40 percent of incoming mail-in ballots in Harris County are being rejected under new TX voting law

He was treated like trash. Now he's someone's treasure.

ADDICTED TO LOVE - Robert Palmer

Tweets from Paul McCartney just now

Baby Duck Thinks the Woman is Her Mom

Any other members of Writers Guild of America here?

BBC breaking news ICC statement

Russian soldier's last text messages to his mother

ICC prosecutor to proceed with investigation into alleged war crimes in Ukraine-statement

Bill McKibben on Dire IPCC Climate Report & How Oil and Gas Are Fueling Putin's Ukraine Invasion

Dog Who Was Tied To A Chair Now Loves To Run On The Beach

Robert Reich - The power of collective action is stronger than the iron fist of any autocrat.

Populist Embrace of Putin Cools

A freshly painted mural in Paris

Switzerland breaks neutral status to sanction Russia over Ukraine invasion

Climate change is hitting the planet faster than scientists originally thought

New normal: Fence is up, Guard on standby for State of Union

Convoy rolled to a stop with a crash

The West finally throws a punch in its face-off with Russia

Russian Electric Vehicle Chargers Hacked, Tell Users 'PUTIN IS A DICKHEAD'

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing amid ongoing crisis in Ukraine

This is poetry

Russian shot man in front of his son's eyes. Ivankiv, Kyiv region. graphic warning

The whole world is watching.

5,941 protesters have been detained in 56 Russian cities

At Least 5 States Pull Russian Vodka From Shelves

when growing carrots

Gov. Inslee moves end date for state's indoor mask mandate up to March 12

Waiting, fearing, singing: A night sheltering in Ukraine

A couple of Monday dogs - Aix-en-Provence

Russian focused EFTs plunge 30%

One Putin move and behold: West's unity tightens overnight

Why are most of the images and stories being exposed as BS?

Cartoons 2/28/2022

Any word yet on the veracity of the story of the Ghost of Kyiv?

Ukraine crisis: Russia Today TV channel faces 15 Ofcom investigations

The U.S. has informed the Russian Mission to the UN that it is expelling a dozen intelligence

What are those green bulbs at Everett bus stops?

4 districts hope to change voters' minds on school funding

A new grave for Black pioneer, Monte Cristo's 'largest man'

Matt Gaetz being even stupider

Wrote a bad sonnet about female Ukranian soldiers

Canada sending anti-tank weapons systems, ammunition to Ukraine, says Trudeau Social Sharing

Construction starts soon on Microsoft-supported housing project in Kirkland

Raging Wildfires Are Punching a New Hole in the Ozone Layer

10 Things You Can Do To Defend Democracy

A category 4 atmospheric river is forecast to drench the Pacific Northwest early this week

Norway to send weapons to Ukraine, in change of policy

There is indeed a specific word Ukrainians are asking people to pronounce! This is what happens

To Putin: Что это за глупость?

Senate begins work on confirming Jackson to Supreme Court as some in GOP voice openness

Canada just announced it will ban imports of Russian oil.

Wealth & Poverty Class 3: Globalization, Technological Change, and the Jobs of the Future

Nevada governor accosted by right-wing nutjobs...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Febr. 28, 2022

Macron talked to Putin today

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Every now and then, DU gets a thread about Radio Garden.

Biden sends former top defense officials to Taiwan

Tweet of the Late Afternoon:

US expels 12 diplomats?

SpaceX shipment of Starlink satellite internet dishes arrives in Ukraine, government official says

"We will reschedule just as soon as we have finished vanquishing our invaders". Ukrainian Librarians

Did bad leftovers lead to a New England teen losing his legs? That's ridiculous, doctors say

Have you noticed, with all of the countries kicking in with help for Ukraine, the OIL COMPANIES

A thought: When 'this' is over, how happy We the People of the World will be, to return

Just ordered seeds from Seed Savers

US is expelling 12 Russian UN diplomats


bette midler tweet with dove of peace... and....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 1 March 2022


Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Germany sends Tornado warplanes and maritime patrol aircraft to Baltic Sea area

Phil Collins Sussudio / Live and loose in Paris

Turkey warns countries not to pass warships through straits

Monaco clamps down on Russian assets after Ukraine invasion

Tweet of the Day

2nd tweet: Ukrainians uploading TikTok videos on how to drive abandoned or captured

EU to urgently link electricity grid with Ukraine's

Around home, including a loner

New Studies Support Wuhan Market as Pandemic's Origin Point

Zelenskyy for the Nobel Peace Prize!

As Putin's empire fantasy collapses intelligent people of good will must act quickly and resolutely.

Mike Luckovich- A year makes a difference

Many Capitol riot cases could hinge on 1st trial's outcome

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture

Ruble plummets as sanctions bite, sending Russians to banks

UK orders its ports to block all Russian-linked ships

The Youth Movement Trying to Revolutionize Climate Politics

500,000+ refugees have fled Ukraine since Russia waged war

'Yes, He Would': Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes

We predict D.C.'s cherry blossoms will peak about one week early this year.

Poll: 74% of Americans call Russia's Ukraine invasion unjustified

DeSantis refusing to send National Guard to D.C. that was requested by Biden

Russian airline Aeroflot violated Canada's ban on entering its airspace on Sunday, regulator says

Heh. Now Marjorie is too extreme for Kevin. Too little too late, asshole.

Ukrainian Government Targets Russian Crypto Wallets With Bounties

Civilians take up arms

Majority of Finns now want to join NATO - poll

Bruce Cockburn - If I Had A Rocket Launcher (live)

Trump asks appeals court to delay his testimony in probe by New York's attorney general

Russian consumers paying a heavy price for Poot's little war.

Follow-up on my investigation re choking a six year old boy.

Leaving Kyiv On A Refugee Train

Pat Robertson's Daily dose of end times.

Trump lying and promoting Putin's agenda ( traitor!!)

per DU'er Beechnutt's pics and suggestions yesterday, I was inspired to tie

The Bee Gees - Odessa ( City On the Black Sea )

Interesting times: Fox News v. Fox Pundits.

Note: Today's sunset in DC is at 6p and won't be before 6p again until next November. 🥂

Sherlock BBC Theme - Bandura & Button Accordion Cover Version

Russian airline Aeroflot violated Canadian airspace after ban, Transport Canada says

Trump Takes Credit For NATO -- And Is Promptly Reminded Of A Few Pesky Facts

Dozen civilians died. (graphic warning )

Facebook owner Meta will block access to Russia's RT, Sputnik in EU

Strange Event Happened In U.S.History (my opinion) Former President Totally Destroyed His Name

Buzzfeed: Zelenskyy voiced Ukraine's Paddington Bear

Hungary will not allow lethal weapons for Ukraine to transit its territory - FM

Fire in San Francisco

Link to the UN General Assembly, 11th Emergency Special Session

Russia has used vacuum bomb, says Ukraine envoy

Fighting intensifies

Trucker convoy disbands after one day before planned trip to DC for Biden's State of the Union

HP smashes profit forecasts, stops shipments to Russia

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Russia investigated for war crimes as peace talks stall

Ukraine offers Russian soldiers money if they surrender

Ukraine opens to foreigners willing to fight, Ukraine's president is temporarily lifting the

McCaskill's great, dramatic idea about SOTU: honor Zelensky and let him thank USA directly!

Massive Explosion heard

'The damage is done': Russians face economic point of no return

Starlink hardware arrives in Ukraine.

"Access Denied"

Russia accused of using cluster bombs

A view from Ukraine. This is not going to be the affair Putin wanted.

The internet depresses me. A tool of such amazing potential for people to communicate

Ukraine's Freedom Has Not Perished, Nor Has Her Glory...

Sunset, southern MD

Russian MRE's expired seven years ago...

One of the largest law enforcement labor organizations backed Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination

NY Times: After a fumbled start, Russians forces hit harder in Ukraine.

What you say when you wish Darth Vader had been *your* father.

A ransomware group paid the price for backing Russia

Denmark, Luxembourg join list of countries supplying military aid to Ukraine.

Man accused of Lapwai school threats is arrested in Jamaica

Ukrainians fight on

Opinion: More and more Americans say they're not straight. It gives me hope.

Someone's gotta stop that russian convoy that's 30 miles away from Kiev.

WCK meals delivered to children & their families in Moldova!

Biden to launch ambitious overhaul of nursing home quality

Biden's superior skillset & 81million voters literally is the only poll we need.

PETA is helping Ukrainian animals.

Economic sanctions slam Russian Economy

Kingdom Come - Get It On

Russian currency crashes amidst heavy...

Russian military convoy stretches over 17 miles north of Kiev.

28 feb 2022 - Burnt Russian military equipment, tanks near Kharkov * WTA

From a CBS report on Ukraine

Federal Maritime Commission and the DOJ form a joint initiative to target price gouging/Ocean freig

Our flag arrived today!

Netflix says it won't air state TV channels in Russia

If Putin goes down...

Trump wins...........!

Hillary Clinton will be Rachel Maddow's guest.

SOMEHOW, a potato traveled from the kitchen counter to the bathroom floor.

Why the Senate is taking a doomed vote on abortion rights

$27,854.16 for not really

Chuck Todd forces Pence's chief of staff to fess up that Biden was duly elected on air

Response to Ukraine refugee crisis & reporter's 'civilized' commentary raises ugly question

I am Olena Zelensky, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodmymr Zelensky.

'Exploiting Cadavers 'and 'Faked IEDs': Experts Debunk Staged Pre-War 'Provocation' in the Donbas

Raise your hand if your Lieutenant Governor didn't speak at KKKon 2022


A question confined to the three broadcast networks - ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Ukraine tweets to Stephen King: "we will prevail over those langoliers for you, sir"

Vladimir Putin's Black Belt Revoked by International Taekwondo Organization