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President Joe Biden will visit Israel "later this year" after Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Down memory lane DU 2005 - OP from our old friend Octafish on JFK assassination

One hell of a shaker just now

Erja Lyytinen - Not A Good Girl

The GOP's January 6 lies have reached a fever pitch

When Does The Comedy Start?

U.S. airborne troops arrive in Poland

U. Queensland Study: A Touch More Than 15% Of Planet's Coastal Areas Are Ecologically Intact

Manchin won't switch parties-if he did, he would just be another R obstructionist. Staying a D and

My endrocrinologist

One of my fur girls.

I am having a lot of trouble trying to view du today

Little Marco Says Aim of Jan. 6 Probe to 'Harass' Republicans

Funny truck convoy meme:

Kea - New Zealand Parrot - Steals GoPro, Films Aerial Video Of South Island, Attacks Camera

Why do some say "Trump hate" like that's a bad thing? nt

RNC Censure of Cheney, Kinzinger Shows GOP 'Is a Cult:' Missouri Newspaper

Eric Swalwell tweet to "friends of democracy"

Dem consultants angry about raising money for Kyrsten Sinema: "feel sick about it tbh"

"Doubtful Value", "Fraudulent"; Corporate Net-Zero Pledges Falling Well Short Of What Is Needed Now

Britbox Maigret is really good

Biden: I Think Putin Wants Things He Can Not Get' In Order To De-Escalate

"Legitimate Political Discourse?" Republicans are declaring war on the soul of America.

"Legitimate Political Discourse?" Republicans are declaring war on the soul of America.

Swalwell: "We Need More Republican Leaders To Stand Up"

Trump's Grip On The GOP

Local group here on the Metro East side of St Louis

Submerged Since 1969, One Of America's Biggest Natural Bridges Emerges As Powell Recedes

Bonnie Raitt & Linda Ronstadt - I'm Blowin' Away (live, 1979)

Ron John the clown won't try to land Oshkosh Corp. postal vehicle work

Arctic Sinkholes-NOVA PBS

Yes I'm Ready

Medical crowdfunding rarely helps those who need it most

Republican Stupidity Results In THIS

RIP to Syl Johnson. An American Original. Blues Hall of Famer

The Alan Parsons Project - Don't Let It Show

How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in your pan?


Bette Midler's Advice for Evangelicals.

Rod Stewart - Young Turks (Official Video)

(Jewish Group) No prizes for writing a column about not rising above no prize

The Rose. Bette Midler.

99-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Killed by Car on Way to NYC Synagogue

(Jewish Group)How the Black-Jewish alliance changed America -- and today's struggle for voting rights

I wonder what goods this guy transports across the border to the US?

TLP "Legitimate Political Discourse"

For the last 6 years I have been racking my brain to see if there was ANY way...

Conservative Pastor Holds Actual Book Burning In Tennessee

Want to fight crime? Take on the gun lobby.

What a lovely location for freestyle skiing!

Rand Paul Enables Idiots Like This

Pierre Poilievre: you decide. Of international interest. did the Russia Pair skaters FALL and still end up in 1st place????

Trump's 'circular firing squad' threatens GOP midterm gains

Dog Parents in Columbus Ohio

Dog Parents in Columbus Ohio-

Dog Parents in Columbus Ohio-

Dog Parents in Columbus Ohio

Why You Should Always Order Ginger Ale on a Flight

'It's a dangerous moment': Ex-CIA director shares warning over Ukraine-Russia

Standing Your Ground While Black

Eddie Vedder & The Earthlings - Purple Rain (live, Beacon Theater, 2/4/2022)

Manchin crosses party lines in officially endorsing Murkowski

Niwel Goes to Town Rhiannon Giddens Francesco Turrisi

'How to torture a Jew': Parent outraged after Bible class antisemitism

Just made a potful of barbacoa - literally tongue & cheek.

Is anyone watching "The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window"?

I was thinking of synonyms for republican. Things that I immediately come to mind are anti-democracy

Great to see Jamie Raskin at work (in 'my' congressional district.)

It was only a matter of time. This from Toronto Truck Convoy:

Peng Shuai says sexual assault allegation was "enormous misunderstanding"

The Pandemic's Worst Woman: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Watching Love and the Constitution we get to hear things we didn't know Heckling during

Did Science Just Prove Link Between Fat & Stupid?

Americans Exposed To Toxic Bisphenol-A (BPA) At Levels Far Above What EU Considers Safe, Study

A Uyghur Skier Became the Face of China's Winter Olympics. The Next Day, She Vanished From the Spot

Fox News Says "Women Shouldn't Be In Power"

Let's play wordle2!

Andrew Cuomo Plans Comeback Months After Resigning Amid Sexual-Harassment Claims

Good night from Dr. Feelgood

Ronald Reagan's son on what his dad would think of current GOP

Breakfast bread

A Third Of Americans Are Already Facing Above-Average Warming; 499 Counties Have Breached 1.5C

GOP senator: I'm not here to be a representative of the Republican party

Missouri Man Who Wanted to Ban LGBTQ Books Is Charged with Child Molestation

Where Are Hospitals Overwhelmed By COVID-19 Patients? Look Up Your State

House GOP to Blame Capitol Police of Negligence

If Biden Nominated Merrick Garland For The Supreme Court........

Legitimate Political Discourse

A little ball of cat.

There is a massive campaign by the Republicans to revise history re: Jan 6

for information, Jamie Raskin's father, Marcus Raskin:

Bayou Pon Pon - Savoy Family Band; Geno Delafose French Rockin' Boogie- Louisiana Cajun-Creole

"As long as the airplane comes back, I'm happy"

Ottawa declares state of emergency as police boost enforcement, target protest's fuel supply

He died of a heart attack waiting 12+ hrs in the ER. Nurse said, 'Welcome to American Healthcare!'

I can not believe how fricking fast they go down those downhill ski hills...😳 😳 😳

Sens. Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski crossed party lines and endorsed each other during a joint inte


everyone I know is pissed at anti-vaxxers. I think it helps us in midterms.

A Challenge to a DOJ 'convention'

There are 200,000 kids in America who are orphaned because #COVID killed their parent or caregiver.

California Tries and Fails Again to Create Government-Controlled Health Care System

Monday A.M. Jazz and Good Vibe Morning Bossa Nova Jazz for New Week Vibes

Jonathan Capehart on Why He Won't Tolerate Nonsense and Lies - iGen Politics Podcast

The pandemic's effect on hospital maternity wards - 60 Minutes Overtime

This Week at the White House

GOP: 'Why won't Biden end the pandemic?"

This Week at the White House

'If Trump is indicted..."


60 Minutes: The dark legacy of Canada's residential schools

Texas Democrats call for the resignation of a Harris County GOP precinct chair

"Maus" Author: Tennessee School Board Wants "a Kinder, Gentler Holocaust" - Amanpour and Company

It's very sad to see: the niece I watched grow up, I just found out has been diagnosed as bipolar.

Republican Party mocked after bragging 'a record' .5 percent of their candidates are Black

Surveillance video appears to show anti-vaccine protesters trying to set apartment building on fire

Tweet of the Day

'Snake oil salesmen' advised Donald Trump on 2020 election, Mike Pence aide Marc Short says

Ronald Reagan's son on what his dad would think of current GOP - CNN Video

Boieldieu's 'Harp Concerto'

Mozart's Trio 'Kegelstatt' - Maxim Rysanov, Martin Frost, Roland Pontinen

Texas tenants hit with soaring rent increases see little relief in sight

As ice melts from last week's storm, Beto O'Rourke tries to turn up heat on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

The Time An American City Elected A Socialist Mayor America's Socialist Experiment Timeline

Police identify 5 killed in Navarro County murder-suicide; 4-year-old among victims

OMG! Former FBI Director James Comey tells the @BBC that Biden should "consider" pardoning Trump.

'Body' found along national forest trail in Georgia turns out to be a life-sized doll

Ministry that once nourished Duggar family's faith falls from grace

Here's why Democrats filed a bill to outlaw fake vaccination cards in Delaware

I'm reading a new book 📕 on anti-gravity

NASA wants to sell 105 acres of wood it owns in greenbelt; next-door USWR says it can't afford

The bucket won this round...

How do we move on as a country if Trump is "pardoned" or "not pardoned"?

Democratic lawmakers in Annapolis outline their approach to violent crime

List of legal cases against Donald Trump

D.C.-area forecast: A light mix possible this morning, then a milder and mainly dry week ahead.

Marijuana legislation announced by Maryland House leadership

Republican Lawmakers Rebuke Trump By Funneling Money To Politicians He Hates - Ring of Fire

When Its Springtime In Alaska

Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Reaches Out to FEMA For Help With Autopsy Backlog

Early Childhood Educators Get a Raise

'When curlers sweep in front of the sliding curling stones,

Black Republican denied membership in General Assembly's Black Caucus

Youngkin campaign attacks high school student on Twitter

Biden's schedule for Monday, February 7, 2022

Someone should remind Joe Scum, Mica and Tom Nichols that despite the

Who are these "innocent" people that the Committee has been harassing and persecuting?

New Jersey Governor to end School Mask Mandate

Could a 20-week abortion ban pass the General Assembly?

Has Facebook Reached Its Peak? (MSNBC)

Stacey Abrams comes under fire for not wearing a mask

They can't teach their kids about their racist history, because

George Crumb, a highly eclectic composer, has died at age 92

In a bunker, fighting a war that is already lost.

Monday TOONs - Legitimate Political Discourse

C-Span Washington Journal right now!

On this day, Sunday, February 7, 1904, the Great Baltimore Fire began.

Kim Jong Un's 'Love Letters' to Trump Seized From Mar-a-Lago, Says Report

Breakfast Monday 7 February 2022

🟩 Monday's Wordle - 2/7/22

On this day, Friday, February 7, 1964, the Beatles arrived in America.

Donald the Ripper took boxes of WH documents with him back to Florida

Marc Elias tweet last night:

In my opinion, the 2022,2024 elections will include this battle.

Spotify CEO says canceling Joe Rogan isn't 'the answer'

Flood Insurance Premiums In Louisiana Projected To More Than Double In Next 10 Years

What I learned from the Olympics yesterday

Drive the Las Vegas Strip circa 1975 for the sake of nostalgia

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for April 2022

January 2022 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 417.99 ppm; January 2021 415.52 ppm; January 2020 413.61 ppm

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 2/2/2022

Boxes of Trump White House records found at Mar-a-Lago resort

The Rundown: February 7, 2022

'Word salad of nonsense': scientists denounce Jordan Peterson's comments on climate models

Say what???

I love it when my day starts with a greeting from Mittens the Kitten

Apple's latest iPhone iOS has a fall-prevention feature.

Evil Rebel News fundraising to help convoy supporters fight tickets; protesters attempt to burn down

Love it when obits tell you "who" someone really was beyond "what" they did. Example from the paper:

Eric Boehlert: Spotify's Joe Rogan implosion

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - from 024

Even for Olympic Gold-Winning Team USA, the Women's Hockey Pipeline Is Fractured

National Archives had to retrieve Trump White House records from Mar-a-Lago

Wordle 233 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Frederick Douglass was born on this date.

New Jersey governor to announce timeline to end mask mandate in state schools

No Woman No Cry

Frozen out of GoFundMe, Canadian protest convoy raises millions on Christian site

Why isn't Ukraine a NATO ally? We would be in a much better position to stop Russia if it were.

Eubie Blake was born on this date.

The Republican Party is enabling Trump's politics of violence

"I've had soup du jour before, and (points to bowl), this isn't it."

Today's Image Dump (2/7/22)

The Tsunami Could Kill Thousands. Can They Build An Escape?

18 people rescued from ice floe on Lake Erie

Biden's top science adviser bullied and demeaned subordinates (update: he has resigned)

Snake oil salesmen still thrive- The Tragic Story of Mike Lindell's Quack COVID 'Cure'

King Curtis was born on this date.

Trump destroying official Whitehouse documents is a slam dunk indictment.

"Gravity Is A Hoax" - by Tom Tomorrow

MSM-"All Aboard the Pence Rehabilitation Tour"

Legal question: Can you be charged with multiple counts when destroying official WH documents.

Once-fired Minneapolis police officer promoted to department training director

Sometimes I just have to go the extra mile. I did yesterday after I

Joe Rogan: Podcast is staying on Spotify says boss

Racist ass hat Joe Rogan apologizes after a compilation of him using racial slurs spreads

Frontier and Spirit to merge creating fifth-largest airline in U.S. in $6.6 billion deal

I fail to understand why General Michael Thomas Flynn has not been recalled to active duty and

A judge's ruling is a major step for LGBTQ West Virginians' rights, but some lawmakers are still

W.Va. Lawmakers Advance Bill To Enhance Voter Fraud Penalty

If you come into our store without a mask...

Butt, it's funny 😁

Dua Lipa interviews Stephen Colbert about his comedy and his faith

The JFK QAnon Cult in Dallas Is Somehow Getting Weirder

Should the White House start the process of walking the party back from masking/social distancing

Cop Gets Fired and Arrested After Lawsuit - Audit the Audit

The Bee Gees - Massachusetts ( Live acoustic blast from the past)

Exhausted health care workers seek long-awaited legislative relief

Bob James Trio: Feel Like Making LIVE! 4K

About Pence------

I keep getting knocked

Mike Pence finally speaks up -- too late! Trump's takeover of GOP is virtually complete

FBI investigating projects related to fired state official Kosta Diamantis

Jan6 Committee; Literally "Piecing Together" Information

Whenever I watch the movie, All The President's Men, I think to myself what an amazing story.


BLS Report: Productivity increases 6.6% in Q4 2021; unit labor costs increase 0.3% (annual rates)

Rogan pushed racist birther lie that President Obama was not born in America-Keep calling him out

There is no Democratic candidate for Senate in Alaska.

Woman falls to death after Florida draw bridge she was crossing opens

Missouri coroner training commission can't convene due to lack of action by governor

Domestic abuse in Ireland - a year in crisis

Maybe it's time to admit that I am becoming a crazy cat lady.

Australia to reopen borders to fully vaccinated visitors

GOP governors land huge contribution from disgraced associate of Jeffrey Epstein

Tweet of the Day

4416 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 0 deaths

Seriously: Why should I care about Joe Rogan?

Doonesbury - SIN Exemptions For Evangelicals

Rep. Kinzinger: The RNC Deserves Every Aspect Of Backlash

Canadian police make arrests amid 'Freedom Convoy' protests and seize fuel, vehicles

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Brags About Its Record Number Of Black Candidates, For Some Reason

Top College Board executive advocates limiting instruction of race and history

Jahana Hayes' challenger calls for probe of her children's role in campaign

So, this whole debate about Spotify would mean nothing to me, if it weren't for Neil Young.

C-Span goes full rightwing?

Lies Are the Building Blocks of Trumpian Authoritarianism

We ordered our free tests 12 days ago... nothing yet.

Biden task force releases report to strengthen labor unions

More Thoughts on America's Feel-Bad Boom

sitting here on a Monday morning, reading through news, I realize we don't engage in lots -

"Executive Privilege" is the #1 Culprit.

Good video of out of control police

Jeff Tiedrich tweets:

How to Break the Cycle of Conflict With Russia

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Someone sanity check me here...

Good Day DU (February 7, 2022)

I could not believe many of the comments I received earlier today about General Flynn.

News on the photo front: the CP+ show canceled and going virtual again.

Stern vs. Rogan - who's smarter?

The hand grab at the end is very cute:

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Wisconsin lottery winners need to be really careful...

Youngkin attack on student was "unauthorized"

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 7, 2022

Ice Cream Is Being Recalled Due to Listeria

Polar bear mom & cubs:

Warren calls for end to Direct Contracting, reforms to Medicare Advantage risk adjustment

Tennessee's Gov. Lee signs map splitting Nashville

Britain's pandemic modellers say future large waves of COVID possible

Apple's privacy changes hit Meta's bottom line

This is a painting by the Spanish painter Sergi Cadenas. It ages from the angle you look at it

Ex-Trump Adviser McMaster Rips 'Illegitimate Political Discourse' of Jan. 6

Dear Donald, you are the greatest, smartest, president in the history of America, signed

Pearl Jam - Alive (1992, at Dutch music festival Pinkpop)

WATCH LIVE: Sec. of State Blinken and European Commission VP Josep Borrell hold joint news briefing

Search begins for legendary Antarctic shipwreck: "Lethal environment"

Kinzinger: Trump was the 'worst president America has ever had'

Breakthrough in Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot:

Is a Peaceful Resolution Still Possible? Masha Gessen & Anatol Lieven on Ukraine, Putin & NATO

Outrage of the day

Spotify CEO Says Man He Gave $100 Million Does Not Represent Values of His Company

TFG was confused when White House staffers didn't like him rewinding Capitol riot highlights on TV

Smithsonian to receive items from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Jan. 6 Committee Receives Documents Ripped By Trump

This is pretty darned cool!

US and Japan set to announce steel trade deal

Who knew a moose could walk (run) on water?

Child Care Providers Push For State Funding

Perdue turns maskless Abrams photo into campaign ad

Kangaroo playing with ball:

A few years ago I saw a framed photo in a little shop.

Sandy Berger was fined $50,000-given 2 yrs probation&100 hrs community service for removing 4 docs

A TFG coffee table book detailing his presidency with tweet-style captions has brought in $20 mill

Hillary Clinton FTW!

Corporate vultures': how Americans fearing higher water bills are fighting takeovers

Delaware lifting indoor mask mandate Friday; school mask requirement expires end of March

Jill Biden: 'I was disappointed' free community college cut from Build Back Better bill

National Archives last month had to retrieve boxes of Trump WH records from Mar-a-Lago

Run away! Run away!

Jamie Raskin on compelling Trump to TESTIFY PUBLICLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

The perfect typo (Twitter) . . . sorry for the incontinence

Trump takes no prisoners in his new book (CNN)

Got Federal Government COVID-19 Tests without Ordering

Not you--me!

The Truckers Want Covid For Everyone Obviously

MS's speech ban would outlaw HBCUs explaining why they exist in the first place

Then He Kissed Me - The Crystals

Emptywheel: Why to delay Meadows indictment: Bannon using indictment to monitor J6 investigation

List of 19 Legal Actions against Trump

Justin Trudeau's next campaign

List 5 (or more) famous people you've either met or have been within a few feet of, but ONE

Randy Rainbow's newest: The Tango Vaccine

Miracles Jefferson Starship

🌯Happy National Bean Burrito Week!🌯

Boris Johnson: a political career in freefall


Happy 48th birthday, "Blazing Saddles"! Love that movie:

Need your help! What is the BEST mask to wear in Barcelona and Paris in case I test positive before

Spotify rooks artists on royalties - that's what everyone should be talking about.

Why a Swedish price comparison site is suing Google

This County Wants Right-Wing 'Audit' Group Knocking on Doors

More "legitimate political discourse". Warning, graphic

Trump Produces Podiatrist's Letter to Avoid Serving in Russian Army

I Hear Them All by Old Crow Medicine Show

Superbowl commercial spoiler - Amazon's Big Game Commercial: Mind Reade

Perdue Turns Maskless Stacey Abrams Photo Into New Ad

Biden, Democrats, and America All Have Reason to Be Optimistic

Russia and China Unveil a Pact Against America and the West

Trump Making Millions from Coffee Table Book

Ina Garten's Make-Ahead Coquilles St.-Jacques 💙

Wow! I just realized that "nothing" is a palindrome. Spelled backwards it means

When Private Equity Becomes Your Landlord

Cartoons 2/7/2022

DOJ releases 50 years of mass shooting data.

I-5 work through Everett will need weekend lane closures

Does this look like Pilates equipment to you?

Kevin McCarthy Is Getting Scared As His Red Wave Turns Blue

Stephanie Ruhle will do the MSNBC The 11th Hour

Washington's child care workers are quitting for better pay

US Senate seats that the Democrats will definitely win in 2022.

Hey there girls and boys, ever heard of THESE fuckwads?

The GOP's Jan. 6 committee dilemma: Disband it, or turn it on Dems?

Wrong forum. - n/t!1

Second Militiaman Accused of Plotting to Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer Agrees to Turn on Pals

Remember those "wild-eyed kooks" who made those "rash and divisive" predictions a few

Republicans Step Up Attacks on Fauci to Woo Trump Voters

Another Texas city steps up on wage theft--but state efforts remain underfunded

Reminder: Please don't post Olympic results in your thread title

A knee-slapper laid on me by a classy woman

Russia accelerates movement of military hardware towards Ukraine, satellite images show

Are we sheep?

Winter Wonderland - Louis Armstrong

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces GOP challengers in changing Ga. district

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news conference

England's oldest pub, possibly 1,229 years old, shuts doors due to coronavirus hardships

How Michael Flynn Is Fighting The Same Battle By Other Means

Tesla is bringing out its own cell phone brand....

Large waxwing 'museum' flew to and fro.

McCarthy says he'll investigate allegations that the Bidens have made millions from deals with China

England's oldest pub, possibly 1,229 years old, shuts doors due to coronavirus hardships

8 Wines to Pair with Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Virginia Supreme Court dismisses school mask lawsuit brought by Chesapeake parents

California warns Tesla over racial discrimination allegations

Stormy Monday - The Allman Brothers

The Trump strategy to get away with crimes

Bernie Moreno ... not Trump-y enough for Ohio

Exclusive-Senior separatist urges Russia to send 30,000 troops to east Ukraine

Joe: Pence Refuting Trump's Claims Hopefully A 'Turn In The Right Direction'

Hawaii covid count under 1000 for first time since december...

Domestic Terrorists In Office, Their Flunkies, And The Violent Targeting Of Democrats

Removing trucks could be almost 'impossible,' say heavy towing experts (Advice wellcome)

Fun little trick in the Sunday New York Times crossword

So did DUers see how the Slobfather described the meaning of hang mMike Pence?

Fern Studies

This is a current event: When do the DU Hearts start to be offered?

I guess Facebook finally caught up with me. The new home page is awful.

When news covers Nazis/KKKs/PBs are they alerting us or simply letting them get their word out?

I have a super trippy, 100% real story to share with you guys ...

So why can't people tolerate masks?

China's Tencent restores Fight Club ending after backlash

Commerce Dept. adds 33 Chinese companies to red flag list

What Biden could say to the voters

LIVE 3PM: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby holds a news briefing

'Sit down and shut up': Lina Hidalgo's office claims Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick berated her at police

Legitimate Political Discourse - The Lincoln Project

Estrella Mountain Community College @EMCC_Official: "Different is not deviant

White House: Top scientist mistreated staff, apologizes UPDATE: He's resigned

TFG announces his new political party


Climate: Feds will spend $1 billion to spur farmers and ranchers to fight climate change

Rogan gets $100 million offer from Trump-affiliated site Rumble

More than 140 Republicans condemn RNC's censure of Cheney, Kinzinger (CNN)

Court grants injunction to silence honking in downtown Ottawa for 10 days

LIVE: President Biden and German Chancellor Scholz Joint Press Conference

Facebook is allowing fake truck convoy pages to proliferate just like they did in 2016

A Texas State bone marrow registry program became a national model. Now, its leader is under

Richland, Washington active shooter at grocery store CNN n/t

Neil Young. -Powderfinger

Fire Raged, They Played On, and the Photo Still Beguiles

The good news is...

Peng Shuai emerges at Olympics, gives controlled interview

Keisha Lance Bottoms joins CNN as a Political Commentator.

Should Trump or Pence be subpoenaed to appear before the Committee?

No, I did NOT.

Sinema is a right wing Conservative on Fiscal Issues.

Watching the Webb telescope website for the temp drop - better than watching paint dry!

Do you live in a reliably red Congressional District?

"It now looks like rain will be widespread in DC area between about 4 and 9p tonight."

More than 140 Republicans condemn the RNC's censuring...

I got my application to

If Gabby Giffords is cured (physically and mentally).

Kerrville woman pleads guilt for participation in January 6 riots

The nose knows......sound up!

"It was just some legitimate political discourse, right?" . . . Come CAPTION exPresidented Trump!!!!

All hail the Queen of Shade!

Maybe the 3 Mar-a-Lago members who ran VA policy under trump have them?

The GOP has become the Jan. 6 Party. It stands for insurrection and authoritarianism.

Tweet of the early evening:

Trump's incendiary Texas speech may have deepened his legal troubles, experts say

IRS to abandon facial recognition plan after firestorm of criticism

I started filling out my tax forms today.

Honking injunction. Honking is not free speech:

Conservatives are Rolo Tomassi

Ukraine crisis talks move to Moscow and Washington

What's for Dinner, Mon., Febr. 7, 2022

The Jan. 6 committee is an organ of truth. Of course Trump Republicans are attacking it.

INTERVIEW: Noam Chomsky: 'American democracy is in very serious danger'

Democrats Can Win Big In The MidTerms If The Relentlessly Pummel The Party Of Terrorists / Traitors

CT Governor Ned Lamont ends statewide school mask mandate on Feb. 28.

Peter Thiel to leave Facebook board to push "Trump's agenda" in the 2022 election

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Kitten Bowl canceled at Hallmark Channel, GAC Media eyes pick-up

Cream - I'm So Glad

nun who embezzled more than $835,000 in Catholic school funds sentenced to 1 year

Biden Thanks Germany For 'United Effort' On Russian De-Escalation

Deranged White Cop Loses It On Innocent Black Family - Rebel HQ

Dark Money Groups Gear Up for Biden's Justice Nominee

16 most common side effects of the Covid vaccines

A place where mobs threaten to hang the leader of the opposition over a conspiracy theory.

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is winning-

Trump Hid Top Secret White House Docs In Mar-A-Lago - The Damage Report

Sheriff's Deputy shoots & kills fleeing, unarmed man. Gets 1 year with work furlough eligibility.

Biden says it 'would be wise' for Americans to leave Ukraine

Hello much more do you need?

It's all right, Mikaela; my offer still stands. Why aren't you answering my texts?

Woman falls to her death when Florida drawbridge opens while she's on it

Mark Hamill tweet:

Advice For Justice Department - Offer Only One Immunity Deal For The First Insider To Spill Beans

Gee, sure hope Spotify erased this Rogan rant against Asians & Native Americans!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signals support for 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Progressive group wants to oust two House Democrats in March 1 primary

Memo To Dems: Stop Taking These Maskless Pictures

Wisconsin Is Ground Zero for the MAGA Effort to Steal the Next Election

This Masquerade - George Benson - Live

I'm so depressed...beyond words (language warning)

I took the day off.

Saying you're "A Republican, but not a Trump Republican"...

We Dems lack powerful, charismatic leadership

Great l'il stolen story...enjoy!

Republicans, Wooing Trump Voters, Make Fauci Their Boogeyman

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 February 2022

The Brutal Truth of Boris Johnson's Conservative Party

CNN is getting ready to suuuuuuuuck

SCOTUS screws over Alabama, pauses lower court's order to redraw map, keeps bad map

More Republicans trying to whitewash history

LIVE: National Cathedral bell tolls for 900,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths

You're always window shopping but never stopping to buy

Got 8 minutes?..This will cheer you up. Happy video..

Supreme Court lets GOP-drawn Alabama congressional map stay in place

'King of the roads': Embattled Kentucky highway contractor Leonard Lawson dies at 82

If Garland charged Meadows with contempt, it would be as a witness, not a defendant.

Peter Thiel stepping down from Facebook board to help elect Trump-loving candidates: NYT

The GOP's 'legitimate political discourse' Jan. 6 revisionism is off to a rough start

THE TANGO: VACCINE - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Can fellow D.U.ers go Vote at this Poll

Click here to purchase valentine hearts!


Spread the Love and Support Democratic Underground! It's Valentine Hearts Week on DU!

Chief Justice John Roberts created the legal landscape that doomed the voting rights bill

Ohio Supreme Court allows Dems' redistricting objection

The Other Nazi Olympics and the Dawn of U.S. Boycott Talk

Democracy Docket @DemocracyDocket : Supreme Court of Ohio invalidates the state's legislative map,

OMG. Every time I go to DU now, I think that one of my posts has been removed. NT

The White House Press Briefing Room: New Seating Chart

Va. Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Youngkin's Mask-Optional Order On Technical Grounds: WP

Gov. Lamont recommending Connecticut statewide school mask mandate end Feb. 28, leaving decisions to

Why Medicare Surcharges Can Shock Retirees

Why Medicare Surcharges Can Shock Retirees


Now the police phones are being tied up. That is going to result in someone reaching

Elderly Flamingo Matriarch, Betty, Dies At Age 67

yngwie malmsteen #malmsteen #guitar

MF45 had 15 boxes of documents at Mar-el-Loco.

Restaurateur/actor Steve Crane was #BornOnThisDay,Feb. 7, 1916.

Russia if you are listening, find out. . . .

Nandi Bushell: This one is for you Professor.

So true Tweet:

A National Black Org Funneled Dan Gilbert Dollars to Anti-Kucinich Super PAC. Then the Super PAC

LIVE 7PM: Congress holds moment of silence for 900,000 lives lost in the U.S. to COVID-19

Biden vows no Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine

Billionaire Republican Donors Are Now Giving To Manchin And Sinema

The RNC turns into an Orwellian horror show

That was fast...

Is it clear yet that TFG has no respect for the presidency, our country,

Awww - 3 HEARTS!! One for me, one for Madoc and one for Gryff!!

New Start After 60: 'One Of The World's Worst Athletes- But I Learned To Skate In My 70s,' Scientist

California will lift mask mandate for vaccinated residents in indoor public places next week

Thanks for the 💖💖💖💖

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