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Americans travel to Ukraine to help Ukrainians defend against Russia

And where is your son? He is studying at university.

As we near the end of winter...

Anti-war protests intensify in Russia along with police crackdown

Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Tank Convoy Near Kyiv - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

another rioter identified...via photo for fundraiser for turtles...Ralph Celentano

I'm emailing the White House and President Biden daily, demanding NATO act

Russia Has a Long and Cruel Record of Attacking Hospitals

Please donate to World Central Kitchen if you can.

So, DeSantis is slamming MICKEY?

Star Membership Renewal

Is Jr. having a nervous breakdown?

Odesa 'Turned Into A Fortress', Volunteers Capture Russian Saboteurs - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Fox reporter calls out Fox opinion hosts' lies on Ukraine LIVE ON AIR - Brian Tyler Cohen

Smollett sentencing live now: 30 mos. felony probation and 150 days in jail.

If you haven't attended any DNC organizing or training sessions, you're missing out!!!

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will be likely going to win.

Glenn Kirschner - "The World Needs to Rise Up and Deal with Putin." - Political Voices Network

UK ignored warnings over contractor behind Ukraine visa 'chaos'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Loses Her Entire Congressional Salary After Judge Rules On Mask Mandate

We have now raised OVER $1,500 for Ukraine!!!

Man oh man! Tucker "Putin's Ass Pucker" Carlson!!!!

Some beautiful photos of Ukraine here:

Manchin Pushes Defense Production Act for Natural Gas Pipeline

Do you think America and NATO allies

Adam Kinziger to RU Embassy

Go team 5. Jeopardy.

Maybe you could buy and display a Ukraine flag?

Putin's 1st Step to wipe out democracies,

Deutsche Bank defends decision not to exit Russia: It's not 'practical' right now

I'm REALLY glad I drive a hybrid.

Inside Zelenskyy's State Of Mind As Ukrainian Forces Hold Off Putin's Troops - The Beat - MSNBC

Not all Western companies sever ties to Russia over Ukraine

Ukrainians fighting each other over food

Flynn appears before Jan. 6 committee but doesn't answer questions

MLB, MLBPA agree to new CBA

'It's time': Black women rally for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson in Washington

Accused Russian Agent Gave to One Politician: Tulsi Gabbard

Bill in Missouri makes it illegal to get an abortion if the patient has an ectopic pregnancy.

Canada's Defence chief says guarding Far North priority, warns Russia is back in Arctic bases

Man steals a yacht and crashes into the dock in Newport Beach (42 sec. Video)

This thread needs some love

A wealthy tech executive is using his own money to fund hundreds of foreign volunteers looking to

Facebook and Instagram to temporarily allow calls for violence against Russians

TCM tonight:

French minister says the EU will 'probably' let Ukraine join the pact 'in a few years'

Abramovich-linked steel firm denies providing material for Russian tanks

Sources: Chicago Bears set to trade Khalil Mack to Los Angeles Chargers

South Dakota official: Attorney general 'unfit' for office

TFG: 'In the history of our country, nothing like me has ever happened'

NRA leaders forged ties with Maria Butina while she was helping target Ukraine

'The DMV needs more spiders' said no one, ever. But a new kind is on its way, experts say.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 11, 2022

Numb - Linkin Park

Volodomyr Zelenskyy: His Presidency in the Context of Ukrainian-Jewish History

Medical history museum in Riga, Latvia, puts up giant banner facing Russian embassy

The Daily Show - Unsolved Mysteries: Why Hasn't Merrick Garland Indicted Donald Trump?

"First sign of oil price relief: UAE says it wants OPEC to increase production"

Russian convoy outside Kyiv appears to have dispersed to surrounding areas

Courage and Guts with Ukrainian Diplomat Olexander Scherba and Glenn Kirschner - MeidasTouch Podcast

N Korea tested intercontinental missile system: US

Gray whales arrive early to the north Puget Sound

Judge warns special counsel (Durham) over provocative court filing

Senate set to vote this evening on government funding bill with $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid

Kremlin Vet Says Putin Aides Will Overthrow Him Before Sharing 'Bad News' - The Beat - MSNBC

Judge warns special counsel (Durham) over provocative court filing

Ukraine: Medical relief for women: Direct Relief International

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

AG Garland: "DOJ Will Hold All Accountable", Starting w/"Cases in Front of Us & Build From There"

Ken Paxton (Texas) is suing Biden to prevent disruption of his cruel targeting of families of trans

Atmospheric River Brings New Flood Risks To Puget Sound Next Week

Chris Hayes: Why The Idea Of 'Mutually Assured Destruction' Is As Relevant As Ever - All In - MSNBC

Ken Paxton (Texas) is suing Biden to prevent disruption of his cruel targeting of families of trans

'Unprecedented' water levels threatening hydropower generation in the West

'Russian spy' banker slipped through FBI's fingers and fled to Moscow

Ken Paxton is asking Direct TV not to cancel One American Network

The Downfall of Putin,

Ukraine Needs Ground-Based Air Defenses Way More Than MiGs. Here Are The Best Options

55 tons of lettuce fed to Florida's starving manatees

Moscow retaliates against Western sanctions with export bans

IS confirms leader Qurayshi's death and names successor

Russians feel new Iron Curtain close in

Deutsche Bank says not 'practical' to exit Russia business

Unvaccinated Djokovic says he is out of Indian Wells, Miami

Wisconsin lawsuit accuses 3 GOP congressmen of insurrection

All at sea: Russian-linked oil tanker seeks a port

Ashli Babbitt's brother accused of assaulting, hurling slurs at Latino road worker

Accused Russian Agent Gave to One Politician: Tulsi Gabbard

When Putler tries to build his land bridge to Kaliningrad, will he go through Poland or Lithuania?

Julia Davis tweet about Russian claim US is training migratory birds for biological warfare

Biden tells DNC that they must deliver their economic message with 'confidence, clarity, conviction

Kansas teacher sues district over preferred pronouns policy

A city that endured

'Staggering': Retired general on Russian convoy's tactics (CNN)

Silent Thread - Putin's expected retirement.

Jury hears man discuss plan to abduct Mich. Gov. Whitmer

Handling Of Ukraine Under Trump Gave Putin 'Encouragement' Says Amb. Yovanovitch - All In - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about wheat, Russia, Ukraine, and downstream effects....

Why even a "limited" no-fly zone is a bad idea

BBC Report from the front: If Kharkiv falls, all of Ukraine falls.

Question about - do they allow Ukrainian avatars?

Messages from Mariupol:

How to force/entice Orban into being more helpful

Don Trump Jr. Has Meltdown On Livestream Defending Dad's Love For Dictators

Maj. Gen. Mick Ryan(Aus.) - Day 15 Ukraine

Stones - Love in Vain

Rep. Ilhan Omar votes against Russian oil ban

A historic night at Versailles.

Tennessee kickback scandal leaves GOP reps feeling betrayed

Bun Ma and her daughter, Chaba play together in the river.

Taj and Keb - Divin Duck Blues

Turner Classic Movies Schedule for Saturday 3/12/22 - 31 Days of Oscar - Winners from five decades


Bette Midler, Tweet: I'll pay a little more for gas for her...

Russia has severely limited access to Twitter, but all these Russian govt orgs are still tweeting

Someone is spending money for horrid bills in the states, lets keep records and find them.

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will be winning.

Jorma K and Dave B. - Hesitation Blues

Big River

putin can't stop radio listening FILL THOSE AIRWAVES with passionate messages to the older russians

Former US official Philip Haney's death in California ruled suicide

Heart and Soul - David Gray

Senate passes bill to avert shutdown, extend $14 billion in Ukraine aid

The power of propaganda should now be so clear to us -

60+ Brands Sign Onto Texas Ad Backing Health Care for Trans Kids

Dead - Paris, FR - 1972 - Not Fade Away....they got Buddy Holly.

'Putin Won't Stop With Ukraine, Believe Me': Mariupol City Council Member - The ReidOut - MSNBC

A bill in Missouri makes illegal to get an abortion if the patient has an ectopic pregnancy

TFG hates wind power. HATES it.

I am so happy and excited, I just closed a loan

Russians Being Told Their Soldiers Are 'Incredibly Generous, Careful With Civilians' Expert Says

Schadenfreude at sea: The Internet is watching with glee as Russian oligarchs' yachts are seized

Don't Be Cruel - Cheap Trick

Biden to call for end of normal trade ties with Russia, higher tariffs on Russian imports -sources

Gov. Hogan, legislators agree to suspend Maryland gas tax for 30 days.

Seth Meyers - Biden Bans Russian Gas and Energy Imports - Monologue 3/9/22

Idaho lawmakers seek to punish parents who take trans youth to other states for health care

It's March 11 in the Netherlands, where, 74 yrs ago, Golden Earring founder George Kooymans was born

'You Murdered My Daughter': Relatives of OxyContin Victims Confront the Sacklers

SPLC report: Hate groups in decline as views hit mainstream

Rents Rise Most in 30 Years, Signaling More Pain for Americans

Mark Hamill Owns Ben Shapiro

Russia demands that U.S. stop Meta's "extremist activities"

Rep. Schiff: U.S. Companies Need To Stop Doing Business In Russia - The Last Word - MSNBC

DOJ finds more than $8 billion in COVID aid fraud

Vatican replaces Puerto Rico bishop who alleges persecution

Women sue Idaho over expensive hair-braiding license rules

UN Security Council is meeting

Global pandemic death toll is three times higher than reported Covid-19 deaths suggest, study finds

Global pandemic death toll is three times higher than reported Covid-19 deaths suggest, study finds

Antonio Brown wonders if Jerry Jones and the Cowboys will give him a shot

Stalled 40-mile-long Russian convoy near Kyiv now largely dispersed, satellite images show

On MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle: Investment firm is profiteering from war...

Now That I'm Getting Older, I Forget Things

First Quarter, 46% visible

Tweet of the Week

Stocks dive on surging inflation, Ukraine risks; China markets sell-off

Russian State TV Pundits Call On Putin To End Ukraine Attacks - The Last Word - MSNBC

Russia demands Biden go after Facebook for allowing calls for violence against Putin

Russia Says U.S. Declared 'Economic War' While Lying About War In Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

'MY' pair, March 2018!

Russian Convoy Near Kyiv Disperses

I'd Love to Change the World - Ten Years After

If you want to see American Putin fans in action

Seth Meyers - Zelenskyy Predicts Putin Will Compromise as Major Businesses Flee Russia: A Closer Look

Price, Hersch

Friday A.M. Smooth Spring Vibe Jazz and Bossa Nova Livestream

Watching 'Pam and Tommy' on Hulu.

America's Right Has a Putin Problem (Paul Krugman)

How The West Can Help Russians Change Their Corrupt Leadership - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

This guy wants to make "national news." I say we help him...


After over three decades of covering Russia, I leave in despair.

Just curious DU..... can we/I start filing suit against state governments endangering wonen's lives

As Millions Flee Putin's War In Ukraine, Journalists Focus On The Individuals - TRMS Ali Velshi MSNBC

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats have a chance to win in order to get 60 seats.

Now this is interesting - 2am on the East Coast and MSNBC...

The Journey To Get Out Of Ukraine - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

My son committed suicide 1/27/2022-I heard from the White House staff

Accused Russian Agent Gave to One Politician: Tulsi Gabbard

I heard from one of my UKR paratrooper buddies Tuesday.

Trudeau is the new MAGA Fox scapegoat. He is one of many great leaders

European Carbon Intensity: W. Denmark 371 g CO2/kwh; Germany, 266 g CO2/kwh; France...

I had the privilege of knowing this amazing woman in 1980. Professor at U of C Irvine, Russian Studi

For Some Ukrainian Parents, Escape To Border Is A Round Trip - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Iowa company helps evacuate nearly three dozen women, children, elderly people from Ukraine

Supreme Court approves, for now, governor's early halt to federal pandemic unemployment benefits

Woman Escapes Mariupol Ukraine As Attacks Escalate - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Republicans panic as their plans for tax increases are discovered

How Giant Investment Bank Goldman Sachs Is Profiting On Ukraine War - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Republicans Plan To Elevate Marjorie Taylor Greene And Lauren Boebert If They Win Midterms - RoF

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/10/22

Breakfast Friday 11 March 2022

Stephen Colbert - Guest Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch

$2 Million Fine For NJ's 'Most Flagrant' OSHA Violator Upheld By Judge

Russia lays siege to another Ukrainian city, raising fears of a new humanitarian disaster

Global Covid-19 death toll 'may be three times higher than official figures'

Rivian Automotive Curtails Production in 2022 Due to Supply-Chain Disruptions

NYTimes Wordle 3/11

In Ukraine, a People's Army Includes Rock Stars, TV Hosts and Playwrights

North Korea Tested Components of New ICBM in February, March Launches, U.S. Officials Say

GZP Cawthorn "Sorry we couldn't stop the 2020 election from happening."

⚡️Russians strike an asylum in Kharkiv. Many of them have disabilities.

Deutsche Bank won't leave mother Russia

Shelling And Murdering Women And Children The Only Thing The Russian Military Is Good At - Say It

Wordle 265 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

How to Help People in Ukraine Through #CookForUkraine

Met Police breached rights of Sarah Everard vigil organisers, High Court rules

Behind the Scenes, Billionaires Shape French Presidential Campaign

3 dead after shooting in College Station

Thank you Clare Daly - the Irish understand

As Ireland's Church Retreats, the Cult of a Female Saint Thrives

Putin blocks access to BBC and VOA

☀️Punchbowl News AM: Dems say it's time for the pen

The Fallout from Russia's Attack on Ukrainian Nuclear Facilities

(2018) The U.S. Considered Declaring Russia a State Sponsor of Terror, Then Dropped It

Friday TOONs - Ctrl+Z

I'm about 99% certain there aren't many neo-nazi's fighting for the Ukraine

Biden's Schedule for Friday, March 11, 2022

Charles Entenmann, who helped bring baked goods to supermarkets, dies at 92

These tight-ass assholes need a new butt....

Ah, Michigan weather

On this day, March 11, 1939, Flaco Jimenez was born.

Oh No! Freedom-Loving 'Murcans Lured Into Tentacles Of Socialist Mass Transit By High Gas Prices!

It Looks Like the RNC Raised Money for Stop the Steal,

Apparently, Ukrainians created some sort of invisibility field for all those "biolabs"

EU Study - Baghdad Will Experience At Least 40 Days/Yr At Or Over 120 By 2040 (12 Days Now)

Twitter's new 'Tor' service can circumvent state internet censorship

After Years Of Warnings, CO River Tier 1 Emergency Ends Water Service To Unincorporated AZ Township

China amplifies unsupported Russian claim of Ukraine biolabs

I got kicked out my hotel for this

Russia plans to seize assets off Western companies that pull out

TSA Extends Airplane Mask Mandate


Putin is asking thr UN for an investigation into the US

Photo: 91 year old brought camouflage-net volunteers a dress which she sewed during exile in Vorkuta

Nothing ever just goes away, nothing ever just disappears...

TX Oil & Gas Blowjob Comm., Er, Railroad Commission Election Heading For Potentially Wild Runoff

It Makes Me Scream

Why are introverts encouraged to speak up, but extroverts aren't told to

World Health Org. Advised Ukraine to Destroy Pathogens in Health Labs to Prevent Disease Spread

Parenthood is knowing what irritates your child and

The Rundown: March 11, 2022

The origin of Super Villians: Golden Glider

It's 2022 And Schlumberger Is Launching New Business To Control Methane Emissions Blahblahblah

20 of the Most Beautiful Picnic Spots in the U.S.

How a False Flag Sparked World War Two: The Gleiwitz Incident Explained

Putin says Russia to use Middle East volunteer fighters

Nature - "Dangerously Fast" Growth In Atmospheric Methane; Now Triple Pre-Industrial Levels

SD AG: the "pro-lifer" shows his true colors.

Harvard teens made a website matching Ukrainian refugees with people offering places to stay

Exotic animals rescued from Kharkiv zoo

You raised $200.00 on March 10, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser

Any more news on why the new Manhattan DA...

IUCN/UNESCO Visit To Great Barrier Reef Set For Late March; Morrison Investing In Green Paint

VA to Propose Closing Some Medical Centers and Outpatient Facilities

On this day, March 11, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease Act.

Astor Piazzolla was born on this date.

On this day, March 11, 1961, Barbie's friend Ken was "born."

Welcome to Londongrad, Where Kleptocrats Wash Their Money Clean

Flaco Jimenez has a birthday today.

Connecticut GOP candidate brags about assets linked to human rights abuse

At this point, Putin must be terrified of being assassinated.

Favorite business names (because they're amusing)

Harvey Mandel has a birthday today.

Rep Swalwell: "If Trump were president we would have been asked to send the aid to Russia."

Bobby McFerrin has a birthday today.

Soon on CNN: Biden to announce new actions against Russia.

Labrador Who Was Too Scared To Leave His Crate Learns How To Be A Puppy

Putin approves Russian use of Middle East fighters against Ukraine

Live updates: US plans to revoke Russia favored trade status

AJC review of Herschel Walker's business record reveals creditor lawsuits and exaggerated claims

Two years later, Trump is out of office, having lost his reelection and failed in his attempt to ...

Now That I'm Getting Older, I Forget........

A Trump voter walks into a bar.

Idk if this is the correct forum, but is there a way to view du in night mode?

The SWIFT sanctions go into effect tomorrow...

The siloviki, "Inside Putin's circle -- the real Russian elite" (not the oligarchs we hear about)

Never forget..Never let anyone else forget.. who embraced a dictator that is slaughtering

'Freedom Convoy' cost downtown Ottawa millions per day, experts estimate

Nevada Senator Grills Greedy Oil Company Exec

Never Give Up!

Powerful report from the BBC (Warning: graphic video)

How an Election Conspiracy Theory Led Back to Georgia Cops

Russian state television goes off message by broadcasting criticism of war

Eric Boehlert: Murdoch hounded by lawsuits that could cost Fox News billions

Russian aircraft fired at Belarus from Ukrainian air space to try to drag Belarus into war

Russian Embassy in Lithuania has a new address, Heroes of Ukraine Street

You have two cows.

Another bad day on the Beltway for The People's Convoy.

MTG got to pay up

National Democratic leaders draft proposal to reshape presidential calendar, threatening Iowa caucus

Russian Soldiers got onto Tinder to arrange dates with women in Kharkiv

Garland: "DOJ Will Hold All Accountable",

I know from personal experience that flipping the wall switch next to the coffee maker will not

Effort to block future pandemic closures at houses of worship fails in Va. Senate * WTOP News

Why do some people still trust Trump?

Herschel Walker's business record reveals creditor lawsuits, exaggerated claims

Bobbie Nelson (Willie's Sister and Piano player for his band) died.

Ukrainian Armed Force officially confirms Russia's MG Andrey Kolesnikov, has been killed

Goldman Sachs sees the risk of US entering a recession

Remember, if you're quoting an article and it features a conservative mentioning "tyranny", "woke",

Can we get a Zelenskyy avatar? I looked through the 'people' avatars and no Zelenskyy. n/t

Russian Airstrikes Intensify in Western Ukraine (70 miles from Polish border)

Russia planning 'terrorist attack' on Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine intelligence claims

U.S. consumer sentiment fell to a new post-2011 low in the latest University of Michigan survey.

India says it accidentally fired missile into Pakistan

Bloated Tick says Putin is 'having a lot of trouble' invading Ukraine because he thought

Everyday, Republicans on Russian television.

These Two Lawyers Breathed Life Into Trump's Big Lie

Taste Mexico in a New Drink Using Foraged Ingredients Native to the Yucatan

Radar Love (Happy birthday to Golden Earring founder George Kooymans!)

Slash and Myles Kennedy - Sweet Child O' Mine (Live Studio Acoustic)

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Sinks as Inflation Expectations Soar

Now Russia is bombing Belarus, to get them involved

Emilio Delgado, 'Sesame Street's' Luis for more than 40 years, has died

LIVE: Biden announces the revocation of 'most favored nation' trade status for Russia

Compiled this using a VPN browser, no cookies or metadata to spoil it

Irish blood donation bags and masks on way to Ukraine

Madison Cawthorn Is Not An Outlier


Ohio State lineman Harry Miller to medically retire from football, citing mental health


Exiled Russian oligarch makes prediction about stopping Putin

BBC: Zelensky says Ukraine "on the way to victory"

"I Want It Now!" - Veruca Salt

Biden announces US will move to revoke 'most favored nation' trade status for Russia

RA.783 Experimental Housewife

Trump census meddling worked: 2020 Census Undercounted Hispanic, Black and Native American Residents

New clues emerge about the money that might have helped fund the Jan. 6 insurrection

Wilton Manors, Florida: Six Spring Breakers Overdose on Cocaine Laced With Fentanyl

Heartless Text Sent Days After AG Killed Man With His Car

Conservatives Try to Hold Up Ukraine Aid for Bulls**t Reason

White Supremacy Meets Eco-Warriors - Vice

Older people will be more likely to understand this. The young may think it maudlin and

By the month of May the Ukraine forests turn green, good cover for attacks.

Convoy Trucker Not Pleased That DC Drivers Keep Flipping Him Off

Ukrainian diplomat SLAMS Tucker Carlson for spreading Russian propaganda!! - The MeidasTouch Podcast

KOTOKO - Shooting Star (from the anime Teacher, Onegai )

The Sandy Hook settlement is just the beginning . . . This ain't over folks.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 11, 2022

Jonathan Pie: How Putin Weaponized London's Greed NYT Opinion

2 years after helping TFG to extort Ukraine and days after Russia bombs a maternity hospital


Ukraine has proven something beyond any doubt.

Ukrainian boy travels 620 miles to safety, with a phone number written on his hand

Maybe we should take these CRT bans and *add* some groups to them

Hospital update

⚡️Pregnant woman in labor prevented by Russians from going to a hospital

Congress Effectively Cuts OSHA Budget


Actor/comic Shemp Howard, of the Three Stooges (1946-'55) was #BornOnThisDay, March 11, 1895.

Texas Supreme Court Says State Immune in Abortion Ban Suits

Putin's next evil plan...PLEASE post far and wide

MSNBC Morning Joe: What the media doesn't show about Western support for Ukraine -- and can't

About Chernobyl...

Then and Now: Fascism

Opinion: Author John Green reflects on the legacy of global health giant Paul Farmer

Chu's DAY: Rockin Shoes /cycling

His reporting on the Kennedy assassination made him a legend. Then a press group looked into ...

Oregon Republican Party chair quits, blaming 'wickedness' in the state GOP

US Tennis plans big facility for Loudoun County

US moves to ban Russian diamonds and vodka

If you ever wondered?-- What does a "Huh, I can't believe he said that" pix look like?

Texas judge hears case on state's transgender care investigations

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Class Action Lawsuit Claim Review

Is Russia preparing to disconnect from the global internet?

Plaintiffs don't need any connection to the banned abortion and can live anywhere in the U.S.

Actress Anissa Jones was #BornOnThisDay, March 11, 1958. Remembered for her role "Buffy"

The Garland investigation; step by step from the bottom up.

'We Can't Even Calculate How Many' Civilian Victims, Says Deputy Mayor Of Mariupol

Reason 7,567,325,529,436 that the MSM sucks

Photo: 84 year-old Woman with 12 dogs among those evacuated from Irpin

'We Will Not Surrender': Ukrainian Ambassador Speaks Out Against Russian Invasion

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 4 - 11 March, 2022.

'God Love Them!' Biden Mocks Republicans Taking Credit for Infrastructure They Voted Against

The idea of Russia being "anti-terrorist" is only true if you WANT a surreal psychotic dystopia

Russia Now Trying To Actively Surround Kyiv

After over three decades of covering Russia, I leave in despair.

Liberal US cities change course, now clearing homeless camps

There is no hole in hell deep enough or dark enough for the m@therf@ckers who did this!🤬

Am I the only one with a growing sense of dread and anxiety? ****UPDATE****


A brief history of the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 4-10 March 2022

The news of yet another Russian general being KIA makes me wonder

Actress/songwriter Dolores Fuller was #BornOnThisDay, March 10, 1923. One-time girlfriend of film di

Many parents in Russia will not be able to bury their sons killed in Ukraine.

In the Rubble of Ukraine's Second-Largest City, Survivors Make Their Stand: 'Nobody Wants the...

WHO advised Ukraine, destroy stored pathogens in health labs to prevent disease leaks

All 133 Virginia school superintendents urge Youngkin to scrap tip line, effort to root out policies

Why isn't Trump being sanctioned?

Even Russia's Kremlin-backed media is going off message and beginning to question Putin's war on

Texas court scuttles key lawsuit over state's abortion ban

Tweet of the Day

Kids in foster care who'd been victims of sex trafficking endured fresh abuse at a state shelter

Texas Supreme Court deals final blow to federal abortion law challenge

It's achingly slow but progress is made . . .

Texas Supreme Court deals final blow to federal abortion law challenge


A Russian Sukhoi Su-34 in Chernihiv has just been sent to meet Elvis 🔥

A group of Russian soldiers has reportedly kidnapped Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov.

Today's Image Dump (3/11/22)

Tucker Carlson and RT misled on Ukraine with same clips, claims on the same day

Democrats Reportedly Eye Bumping Iowa From Start Of Primary Calendar

Deutsche Bank faces questions over plan to stay in Russia

Sweet, Sweet Baby - Since You Been Gone - Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul

Peter Doocy tries laziest "gotcha" on Jen Psaki, INSTANTLY regrets it - Brian Tyler Cohen

How a Yale professor's viral list pressured companies to pull out of Russia

President Biden on C-SPAN2 tell explaining to Democrats what the issues are, and how to push back

YouTube Yanks Podcast With TFG Touting Election Fraud Lies After Less Than 24 Hours

Laurence Tribe Tweet - "Justice approaches"

Isn't this one of Mr.Scorpio's music days? NT

Ban Putin Propaganda - MeidasTouch

EarlG has added two Zelensky avatars for DUers to use. See his reply/instructions

Should Ukraine get the jets?

About Kharkiv.

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan: The Peoples Convoy

Credit Suisse was caught trying to shred evidence of Russian loans backed by yachts. They just revea

The Year in Hate & Extremism 2021

War on Truth - Introducing the War on Truth - BBC Sounds

As Russian Forces Move Closer To Kyiv, Undertrained Doctors Struggle To Care For Wounded

Our Best Speaker Ever - Speaker Pelosi

Inspired by Oligarch Plane Tracker, Greenpeace Follows Russian Oil Tankers Funding Putin's War

Pizza ice cream, Kraft Mac & Cheese among new ice cream flavors coming to Walmart

Video analysis reveals Russian attack on Ukrainian nuclear plant veered near disaster

One-third of all US child Covid deaths occurred during Omicron surge

There are two kinds of Fridays in clinical medicine.

What's the difference between Donald Trump and Jim Jones?

Christiane Amanpour: What are Russians really being told about the war in Ukraine?

What happened to passing annual budgets?

Interesting Ukraine analysis from Estonia:

YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media channels globally

What are 'ethnically targeted biological weapons'?

UN warns global food prices, already at record high, could surge another 22 percent

An assistant principal read the children's book 'I Need a New Butt!' to second graders. He was fired

YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media channels globally

Putin is 'Profoundly Anti-Modern.' Masha Gessen Explains What That Means for the World

Biden warns Russia will pay a 'severe price' if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraine

These viral videos about Ukraine invasion are completely fabricated (CNN)

Russia will recover with a 'full bill of health,' says Lavrov, vowing to cut ties with the West

Pregnant Woman Smeared as Ukrainian 'Crisis Actor' in Hospital Bombing Gives Birth

Ukrainian General Says Russian Soldiers Are Dog Food

The con and sugar daddy

What will the new military aid package provide to Ukraine?

Biden hails bravery of Ukraine in call with President Zelenskyy

When the Europeans speak of mathematics:

Tumwater woodworking business announces profit sharing for workers


Washington's Indoor Mask Rules End Saturday: What To Know

Some Seattle parents worry about new COVID variants as schools drop mask mandate

Freedom for Ukraine, electrification for peace and prosperity

$1.2 million New Berlin, WI

Russia says it is finding biolabs in Ukraine where they researched turning people into animals

Senate finance chair proposes stripping Russian oligarchs' 'tax goodies'

Americans alive today have no idea what they're missing by refusing to work together

Potent storm to bring plummeting temperatures and snow to D.C. area Saturday.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, sanctions, and McDonald's....

A serious question: how dare we wonder aloud why the Russian people have not

Has Putin already decided to attack NATO? - Dave Troy

Why History Suggests Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Can Stand Up To Russian Military

Accused Russian Agent Gave to One Politician: Tulsi Gabbard

The Adam Project on Netflix.

My Experience with Military Intelligence Was Over 50 Years Ago,

🌻Remember the cellist of Sarajevo? Or should I say, do you remember Sarajevo?

NATO is holding a meeting of all its members' defense ministers/secretaries

Finally got the paperwork in mail

Infamous Russian Troll Farm Appears to Be Source of Anti-Ukraine Propaganda

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrat will have a chance of winning.

Immigration arrests in the US plunge under Biden administration, data show

Vlad could declare victory and leave at any moment

Ukrainian official: Israeli PM Bennett told Zelensky he should take Putin's proposal to end war

List of All Currently Active Wars on This Planet

Vladimir Putin reportedly fires eight generals

Please help, I'm losing my mind.

HCR: The fall of fascism in Italy in 1944 and parallels with Putin/russian agression in 2022

Judge shuts down Trump delay tactic in Jean Carroll suit:

"The Last Kingdom" Season Five now on Netflix

Jill Biden serves as her husband's emotional emissary over Ukraine.

GO JOE !!! Biden's Approval Up Sharply !! Let keep this going

i remember those days (and the days before

Yelena Osipova protesting again in St Petersburg

Death Doulas Used to Be Rare. The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed That - TIME

***March Photo Contest: Winter***Preliminary Thread Three of Three

***March Photo Contest: Winter***Preliminary Thread Two of Three

***March Photo Contest: Winter***Preliminary Thread One of Three

youtubers could get years in jail for "24 hour overnight challenge in Target".

Could anyone see the Democrats winning the 2022.US Senate Elections in NC and OH over the

Big and slow Turkish-made drones have been thwarting Russian advances in Ukraine war

Daily Distraction 11/3/22

Fun Twitter thread on the crap we did as kids...

The most beautiful video you will see all day

Here are the links to the 3 Preliminary Threads in GD:

Salmon forecast predicts modest gains, overall downward trend

Amy Coney Barrett's SC qualifications..

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - It's a dogs life

Tina Peters released on bond from Mesa County jail

Putin places head of the FSB's foreign intelligence under house arrest


Covid response may have to be scaled back amid congressional inaction, White House says

Public sector's slower job recovery is hurting Black employment

Bible Kill Count

Iran nuclear talks on hold over last-minute Russian demands

Wonkette: It's Not Inflation, It's Greed

Ukraine says Russia's Putin has "ordered the preparation of a terrorist attack" on Chernobyl

GOP lawmakers back ban on Russian oil imports but fought embargo on Russian ammo

Video Of Ukrainian Forces Whoopin Azz !! *WARNING GRAPHIC*

Dillahunty v Tyler: Toe-to-Toe w/ Trump Supporter Who Thinks Matt's Full of 💩

A teikei haiku---

"I'm a cop with a trans daughter. Lawmakers want me to arrest the doctors who saved her life"

Cartoons 3/11/2022

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by MTG challenging the fines for mask refusal

County Council eases restrictions on rural 'mother-in-law' units

Anyone, The Thing About Pam?? On NBC Tuesday nights with Rene Zellweger.....

For those who missed the UN meeting

J.P. Patches plate: Would you want this clown on your car?

'Scum of the earth': Drug victims face Purdue Pharma owners

Today's US DOD background briefing on Ukraine:

Anyone seen "Lucy and Desi"?

Interpol: Russia's direct input restricted

In Putin's Russia, the crazy diamond does not shine on.

Ukraine war: Fact-checking Russia's biological weapons claims (BBC)

Car crashes into D.C. restaurant, killing 1 person and leaving 4 with life-threatening injuries

How 'bout those gas prices huh? 😁🤣🙄🤔

How The War In Ukraine Might Change Putin's Popularity Among Russians

Bennett advises Zelensky to surrender to Russia, Zelensky refuses

Little Old Man Dog Was Shaking Like A Leaf Until... ❤️

So the South Dakota Snow Queeen has come out from her rock again.....

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

"Within a year Russia will cease to have any kind of viable airline industry"

Camel attacks and kills two at petting zoo in Tennessee

Kellyanne Conway's Latest Attack On Joe Biden Is Pure Gaslighting, Say Critics

NATO must go to war against Putin now, with the US and Biden...

The Elders, a group of independent leaders founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007

Link to updated listing of WV/VA/DC/MD weather warnings

HuffPost ABC Reporter Calls Out Tucker Carlson Over 'Word For Word' Russian Propaganda

SuperspeedersRob: The ease and prevalence of Automobile Odometer Rollback

I have watched the first three episodes of Vikings

Russians vanish from Cuba beaches, casting doubt on tourism recovery

The reactionary Supreme Court majority means more reactionary laws are coming

AND to the east coast winter storm warnings (those to the west can laugh...)

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 11, 2022

Forbes: Secure humanitarian corridors for 2nd Berlin Airlift over Ukraine

Majority of GOP senators vote against helping Ukraine

Trump cannot sue rape accuser to stop her defamation case, U.S. judge rules

Russia puts Kremlin critic Navalny's spokeswoman on wanted list

Judge Slams Trump for Delay Tactics in Rape Defamation Case

Marie Yovanovitch Wears Damning Message To Putin On 'The Late Show'

T or F: Russian FSB whistleblower posts failure admission ONLINE!: (Daily Mail)

Classified US Intelligence Chat Rooms a 'Dumpster Fire' of Hate Speech, Says Ex-NSA Contractor

Fame Game

Hannity STRUGGLES Convincing Trump To Condemn Putin

Ukraine still has 80% of its Air Force in spite of Russian strikes

Why Putin attacked Ukraine at this time?

Chelsea credit cards frozen by Barclays following Abramovich sanctions - sources

Liberal Redneck - Gas Prices and Joe Biden

New video from the Lincoln Project lists the GOP senators who voted against aid to Ukraine

Belarus may be preparing to invade Ukraine

Putin has made "A Mistake By Invading Ukraine. What will be the consequences for him?

Trump Never Picked Winner In Donor Contest

Possible walk-out by Disney World employees on Saturday March 12

Check this out!

NEXTA: 41 countries will oppose #Russia in the international court

Mystery drone from Ukraine war crashes in Croatia

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win to get 52 seats to have a working majority.

Senate Republicans praise Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson after meeting with her

"Duck & Cover!" It actually wasn't bad advice despite all the mocking it gets.

'This is different': Why internet backbone services are cutting off Russia

2016 Directly after a MTG W/ Ukr. Amb. House majority Leader McCarthy said "I think Putin pays Trump

Putin Among Most-Hated World Leaders In History

I have been a reader since 2016, and posted I've posted a few responses since I joined this year.

QB Deshaun Watson won't face criminal charges in connection with sexual misconduct allegations

The Supreme Court signals it may empower state legislatures to subvert elections

President Biden: "We will not fight the third world war in Ukraine."

Russian Billionaire's Superyacht Mysteriously Vanishes https

Anti-Abortion Politicians Are Now Taking Inspiration From the Fugitive Slave Act

India says it accidentally fired missile into Pakistan

Virtual forum focused on rural issues with Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates

"They have broken my spirit": Chair of Oregon Republican Party quits over "wickedness" within GOP

Russian Economic Noose Gets A Little Tighter Every Day

GOP lawmaker calls Zelensky a 'thug' and Ukrainian government 'incredibly evil'

I thought Trump always has the best things or......

Deutsche Bank reverses course on Russia, says it is unwinding business there after Ukraine invasion

Another little item that makes you wonder: Is it possible Ukraine can win?

Missouri Lawmaker Wants Death Penalty For Getting Abortion

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russian claims, chemicals, and masks....

Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party (live)

And the winning stamp is...

The UNTOLD cost of the Russia v Ukraine War.

Every NATO country should have a "Honest Joe's Surplus Fighter Jets & Helicopters" store

Joe Biden graded Putin today: He failed, he failed, he failed and he failed

Whoa, outage of CM/ECF federal court filing system

Chile's Boric sworn in as president in sharp political shift

Chile's Boric sworn in as president in sharp political shift

⚡️Border Guard Service: Warsaw, Krakow can no longer accept refugees.

Why the Battle in East Ukraine matters:

D.C. police officer's suicide after Jan. 6 riot declared line-of-duty death

Why is Fox News so upset about Biden blaming Putin for the gas prices?

Queen Of Alternative Facts Says Biden Has A 'Facts' Problem

Big Lawsuit - And they STILL Haven't Learned The Law - LackLuster

⚡️ Governor: Russia controls 70% of Luhansk Oblast.

Remember, when the USSR broke up, the former member countries took many resources with them.

Dems formally launch early, aggressive national campaign effort in Pennsylvania

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats have a strong chance of winning.

Let's rename Russia

Globally Covid is rising again.

Orange Is The New Black - I Believe In Science

This is amazing


Top American generals on three key lessons learned from Ukraine

Why can't Trump get his best buddy Vlad to stop? Can't he alone fix it?

President Zelensky clapbacks at a homophobic heckler: "Leave those people alone for God's sake"

Give us back the mayor.

The Senate passed the Postal Service Reform Act

CIA predicts ugly few weeks coming up -CBS News

How Russia's Top Propagandist Foretold Putin's Justification For The Ukraine Invasion in Film

This has been a nightmare for China- MSNBC

"Highway of life .." (cartoon)

Majority Of GZP Senators Vote Against Aide For Ukraine


Kyiv volunteers get last-minute training on powerful anti-tank weapons

Russia threateneds to abandon Americans in space

Setting, southern MD

Katy Perry wins in Dark Horse copyright appeal

How 'Saint Javelin' raised over $1m for Ukraine

Roger Stone: I have a plan...

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

All 7 recent Generic ballot Congressional polls have Dems up

Trump "Admired" Putin's Ability to Kill Whomever He Wanted: Ex-Staffer

JUST IN: Winter weather advisory expanded to cover DC and I-95.

Disney pauses political donations in Florida, CEO Chapek apologizes for silence over 'Don't Say Gay'

Raif Badawi: Saudi blogger freed after decade in prison

TX Child Abuse Investigators Told to Make Transgender Cases a Priority, to investigate w/o exception

Major storm coming into SC during trump rally.

Glenn Kirschner says Trump will be charged after recent DOJ indictments and guilty convictions - MT

Outcry as Georgia lawmakers aim to pass Florida-style 'don't say gay' bill

Democrats Seek to Defend Arizona Mail-in Voting From Republican Attack

Trump held a contest for small-dollar donors to dine with him in New Orleans. But no winner met him.

Court enters a statewide injunction barring Texas from investigating families of trans children

TX Court enters a statewide injunction barring Texas from investigating families of trans children

Austin judge orders Texas to stop investigating trans kids' parents

Anonymous hacks Russian Army

At the entrance to the memorial park in Kyiv, there is a sculpture

Black Sabbath - War Pigs

Did Bob Dylan sign?

'Are you the defendant?': Black law student mistaken for defendant at court

Our pal Cher is having personal probs, family, etc.

4 West Point cadets among spring breakers who overdosed in Florida

L'arcenciel: Neo Universe live