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U.K. Wants to House Ukraine Refugees in Russian Oligarch Mansions

Before Putin's Illegal War Against Ukraine, There Were Trump's Crimes Against President Zelensky

It will be interesting to see if Finland burns much (or any) coal and gas in the coming year.

When a man tells you he wants to become a dictator, believe him.

Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985) - movie in full

Goldman Sachs CEO says it's not Wall Street's job to 'ostracize Russia' amid calls on social media

Republican senator celebrates Ukraine aid and weapons delivery -- after he voted against it

A Russian journalist said she's staying to report as others flee over Putin's new censorship law: 'I

US, EU cyber investments in Ukraine pay off amid war

Russian Airstrike On NATO-Affiliated Military Base Kills 35 And Injures 134

'Party of Treason' Video on Putin's GOP 'Puppets' Viewed Over 1M Times

Ukrainian Refugees Begin To Spread Into Neighboring Countries

NYC Mayor Adams brings back over 100 stalled parks projects

UK to donate more than 500 mobile generators to Ukraine

Yahoo Finance notes Tulsi's shift "far to the right" after leaving office.

"Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mahomes"

65 businesses sign ad in newspaper calling on Texas Governor to abandon anti-LGBTQ+ initiatives

"Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mahomes"

This tweet from a Ukrainian journalist...

Biden's CIA head leads the charge against Putin's information war

Democrats anxious about 2022 believe they can run on Biden's agenda

Poroshenko: "This Is A Terrorist Attack At The NATO Border"

Lithuania reinforces troops along Kaliningrad and Belarus border

Can someone advise me and or point me to instructions on android messaging icons?

President Zelenskyy: Ukraine Doesn't Surrender

Between air-raids in Kyev:

Is It Time to Call Putin's War in Ukraine Genocide?

British singer Tom Odell singing for Ukrainian refugees in Bucharest & raising funds for Red Cross

Europeans protest Russian invasion

Seth Abramson: Got it, OK.

Fresh joke from Russia.

No, you can't really tell if someone is lying from their facial expressions

It's March 14 in Korea and here in Japan. Happy White Day

This is so cute!

Chechen leader Kadyrov says he travelled to Ukraine

Turkey, Armenia agree to press ahead with mending fences

French activists break into Biarritz villa of 1 of Putin's daughters, change locks, invite refugees

Traitor Trump: There's "a lot of love" behind Putin's efforts to make "his country larger."

Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story

Glenn Kirschner says Manhattan DA Bragg killed NY probe into Trump - MeidasTouch

Before Putin's Illegal War Against Ukraine, There Were Trump's Crimes Against President Zelensky

Former Russian minister: I expect military confrontation between Putin and NATO

Can we postulate that the Russian Army has been exposed as a 2nd world power?

Trump Says Supporters Should 'Lay Down Their Very Lives' to Fight CRT

on the lighter side: "a guy broke into my house last night looking for money..."

Ex-Australian PM: Murdoch and Trump Did Putin's Job For Him

That could've been me': Man recalls time spent with Hawaii Loa Ridge murder suspect

His proudest accomplishment

Why 'Brightsiding' Is Also Gaslighting -- & Positivity Can Still Be Toxic

Lebron James is the first player with 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists

At least 18,000 Texas mail-in votes were rejected in the first election under new GOP voting rules

At least 18,000 Texas mail-in votes were rejected in the first election under new GOP voting rules


Trumpers love Russia and hate China. What happens to GOP if China joins Russia in attacking Ukraine?

Disney suspends political donations in Florida after bill restricting LGBTQ discussion

Texas abortion ban nearly killed a patient

Russia, Ukraine, Putin & Trump.

Tucker Carlson's PATHETIC Defense of Putin Continues, Now Even Worse

Texas abortion ban nearly killed a patient

Violinists for Ukraine


Russia attacks military base in western Ukraine, reportedly killing 35, injuring 134 DW News

Angry over invasion of Ukraine and fearing crackdown, Russians leave.

CNN and MSNBC Viewers Got Covid Much Less Than People Who Watch Fox News -- By a Whopping 17 Points

Tom Brady decides to play another season instead of retiring

Let's talk about Russian sanctioning the US....

Walk of Life...

William Hurt, Oscar-Winning Actor for 'Kiss of the Spider Woman,' Dies at 71

If true, this is badass:

Fox host tries OVER & OVER to get Trump to denounce Putin, Trump CANNOT - Brian Tyler Cohen

Major escalation in Russia's assault

The 7 year old girl who sang frozen in the Ukrainian bomb shelter has made it safely to Poland.

I'm confused and kind of alarmed

American Journalist Brent Renaud Shot and Killed By Russian Soldiers In Ukraine

Julia Davis: Meanwhile on Russian state TV

Russians flee rising authoritarianism DW News

Progressive candidate sweeps Colombia's primaries

87 famed vocal coach pushed to ground by a young woman, in critical condition

Russia fires 30 missiles at western Ukraine base

Leaders Call For War Crime Probe of Russia Amid Devastation in Ukraine - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Journalist risking jail to report from inside Russia speaks out

Grimes - Kill V. Maim

Oligarch's houses? How about their yachts?

Reports that Chechen leader Kadyrov is in Ukraine

Reproductive Health Equity Act Passes Colorado's House Of Representatives 7-4

Al Franken: Atlantic Monthly's Franklin Foer Covers Lots of Ground on Ukraine (March 13, 2022)

Will the extent of Trump's crimes, treason

Not just for old timers?

Townes Van Zandt - Dead Flowers

do you read the police blotters? so much drama

'Putin is frustrated': National security adviser on what military base attack reveals

Think Putin will ever make Dancing with the Stars?

'Don't expect the Mueller report': Video to play key part in Jan. 6 hearings and report

A question I haven't heard asked: who will pay for rebuilding Ukraine and how many hundreds

Malcolm Nance - "The Camouflage Was the Color of their Skin." - Political Voices Network

Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed

Sixty-five businesses sign ad in newspaper calling on Texas governor to abandon anti-LGBTQ+ initiati

Totalitarianism in Colombia Part 1: the coffee corporatists

@MittRomney: Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost

now more than ever: TRUMP - I'm your Puppet

Talking Heads - Little Creatures - 1985

TCM tomorrow:

Do the Past and Future Exist?

Nevzlin announces he will renounce his Russian citizenship to protest the war

Watching innocent people getting butchered, displaced, separated from loved ones

London Galling: How My Once-Great City Became a Cesspool Called "Londongrad"

*Ukrainian railways keep operating. CNN now.

The Emptiness Inside Donald Trump's New Social Media Platform I joined Truth Social. Why do I feel l

Set the Record Straight on Ukraine and Republican Support for Putin

The Putinist scumbags shot this man in his wheelchair.

Poll -- A friend asked me if I thought Putin would use Nuclear weapons? ...

Fierce Fighting in Ukraine Town North of Kyiv

Putin's Road to War: Eugene Robinson (interview) - FRONTLINE - PBS


Rupert Murdoch's Ex-Wife Wendi Deng Is Dating Vladimir Putin

Collaborate Or Die: Ukrainian Councilor Alleges Russian Threats To Local Officials

British Businessman Is Shot Dead In Front Of His Daughter, 14, In Mexico

Peaceful Protesters Detained At Renewed Anti-War Rallies Across Russia - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Guatemala president to veto bill banning abortion, same-sex marriage

Livelihoods ruined: Oil spill forces fishermen into poverty in Peru

Why did Trump want Zelenskyy to "do him a favor"?

my background in psychology


A disturbing thought. Not likely to happen..

Happy Movies to take your mind off of ......................................

Who - Live at the Leeds - Magic Bus -1970

Mayor shot dead in Mexico drug war flashpoint as governor vows to "punish those responsible"

Women in Mexico City march on International Women's Day; call for justice, end to femicide

What came on after World of Disney

Navy Arrests 'El Chaparrito', Head Of The CJNG In Colima (Updated)

TIME - The Dark Side of Murdoch's Russian Billboard Business (2011)

Guess what day it is today......Pi Day

good night

David Bowie - Suffragette City (live at Budokan, March 2004)

Dead - And We Bid You Goodnight - 1970 For those heading off to quieter places....

Sullivan denounces Russia for "shocking and horrifying" killing of U.S. journalist in Ukraine - CBS

It's time to end death penalty secrecy

Russia; The new North Korea


Mexican President Says Regional Tour in May Will Include Cuba

Ingenuity still "as good as new" after nearly a year on Mars


Playing For Change - Ripple

Revolutionary new Moon rover will make it easier to navigate the Lunar surface

HOLD ON, I'M COMING - Sam and Dave

35 dead, 134 injured in Russian missile attack on Ukraine base

U.S. Says Russia Made Unusual Request for Chinese Aid on Ukraine

Russia takes aim at Ukraine's air force with strikes in the west - Face the Nation

OTM: The Escape


Great interview with Will Clark, whose number is being retired by the Giants July 30.

CODA on Apple TV. Best film of the year

You'd think Putin, being a big USSR fan. even though he didn't live thru WWII

Dead - Brokedown Palace

2 from Ronn McFarlane, lutist/some French Baroque Lute Music

The Ukrainians returning home to fight, and to teach - Washington Post

Does anyone know much about the system set up to spam

Greensky Bluegrass - Time/Breathe (Reprise) (Pink Floyd Cover)

Who's the boss? A 'tail' of two photos.

Eastern nations

Kari Lake triggered by Jan. 6 questions from '60 minutes' in Australia -- and storms off the set

Do you think hi-level communications are happening between Russia and the US? Military-wise?

Was it 2 weeks ago when the former POTUS said Putin was a savvy genius?

Archaeologists have uncovered two pre-Hispanic temples in the Tehuacn el Viejo archaeological zone

Jerry Garcia Band and Bela Flecktone - Harder They Come

Archaeologists have uncovered two pre-Hispanic temples in the Tehuacn el Viejo archaeological zone

New tartan (Scotish ornament) called "Ukraine forever"

Foreign fighters join the battle to defend Ukraine ABC News

'No chance' Russia will take Kyiv the 'easy way': Ukraine military adviser

Dead - Chinatown Shuffle - (Live at Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/3/1972)

Are we fighting a war against Putin, the people of Russia, or both.

Jacob Rees-Mogg's claim about Russian money backfires spectacularly

Ukraine War - Ukrainian Soldier Defending Kyiv Area Finds Clear Words for His Enemy During Combat

Beat It on down the Line (Live at Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/3/1972)

Ukraine Live Cameras 4K

Know what the World is not broadcasting?

Ukrainian kids on their first day at their Italian school

Millions Are Fleeing Ukraine, Some Are Going Back

Bombing of Ukraine this close to NATO's border

Texas Children's Hospital Ceases Child Gender Transition Treatments After DFPS Directive

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Tickets

Texas Children's Hospital Ceases Child Gender Transition Treatments After DFPS Directive

W. Virginia Senate blows deadline to pass teaching race bill

Amazon GO - SNL

So now a blank sign -- saying nothing at all -- is forbidden speech in Putin's Russia

Shontel Brown is named as the top Progressive on Progressive Punch

Why are legislators deciding when life begins?

This is Putin's one else to blame.

NC lawmakers set record with long session. None like it, but what's the solution?

Our cause in Ukraine is inspiring. It probably won't stay that way.

NC can't bar same-sex couples from domestic violence protection, state's top court says

Sunday Morning Someone Paid $518,000 In An Auction For Tom Brady's Final Touchdown Ball

☦ Orthodox Christian giving thanks for✙St. Nektarios and Catholic✞St. Anthony of Padua

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 15: 31 Days of Oscar: 1940s Winners

The People Behind the Joe Biden Sticker That Has Colonized America's Gas Pumps

When should the US get directly involved militarily in the Ukraine crisis?

My first ever stab at the home Covid test came up negative. Update posted...

Monday Morning Great Mood Jazz & Bossa Nova for Coffee Streaming

4 a.m. Setting @ 5 a.m. Waxing Gibbous, 75% visible

Ukraine crisis: US warns China against helping Russia

Russian column destroyed near Melitopol

Russians try to sell Big Macs for around $36 each....

Ukraine changes the conversation

Ukraine: Pregnant woman hit by Russian bombing of Mariupol maternity hospital dies with her baby

Southern MD Moon SET, 5:30 a.m.

Moonset, 5:30 a.m. Waxing Gibbous, 75% visible

California man held on $3 million dollars bail after crashing stolen yacht (yacht was brand new)

Amor Towles - The Lincoln Highway, A Gentleman in Moscow, Rules of Civility

Russian Prosecutors Warn Western Companies of Arrests, Asset Seizures

NYTimes Wordle 3/14

Happy Pi Day (3/14)!

On Sky News now: Lavrov giving a news conference

Biden's Schedule for Monday, March 14, 2022

On this day, March 14, 1879, Albert Einstein was born.

Well this will only end with Putin's death or ours

Leaked Kremlin Memo Told Russian Media To Feature Lots Of Traitor Tucker Carlson: Report

Breakfast Monday 14 March 2022

Video: "When our closest neighbors tank us ... "

Monday TOONs - World War Z

Pregnant woman, baby die after Russia bombed maternity ward

NICE !!! CNN replaces its chief Jeff Zucker with Chris Licht producer of the Colbert Show.

Rotting Seaweed, Rising Seas, Eroding Beaches & 91 New Tourist Projects Under Way In Quintana Roo

Sunrise, southern MD 7:30 a.m.

90,000 Hectares Of Koala Habitat Bulldozed In Queensland In 2018-19, Most Of It For Cattle Grazing

Russia Asks China For Military Support, U.S. Officials Say - MSNBC

CBC*: Things to see when you're out and about in this week's photo album, March 14, 2022

CERA Week - Energy Security Blah Carbon Capture Blahblahblah Green Hydrogen Blah Pipelines Blahblah

IEA - Carbon Emissions From Energy Hit Highest Level Ever In 2021 - Up 6% After Pandemic Drop Of 5%

Zoe Lofgren tested positive for COVID-19 { along with Pres. Obama}.....

DC police, NYPD, ATF investigating string of shootings, homicides targeting homeless men

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 3/9/2022

The Rundown: March 14, 2022

Convoy news for Monday, March 14, 2022

Well that was a rough weekend! TGIM!

Guardian: Bafta* Awards 2022 ceremony - in pictures

Ethanol: The Fuel That Powers Putin

Applications to host Ukrainians opening in Northern Ireland

Disabled Containership Towed to Nova Scotia

Valaris Drillship Collides with Bulk Carrier in Pascagoula, Mississippi

WTF? The big, bad invader Putin asks China for military help?

From Cruise Ships to Condos, Meyer Group JV Aims at the Floating Real Estate Biz

IMO to Work on Safe Corridor for Ships Stranded by Ukraine Conflict

Guardian: Anti-war protests, an elephant buffet: the weekend's best photos, March 13, 2022

Edwardsville pipeline leaked an estimated 165,000 gallons of oil. Some flowed into a creek

Russian invasion of Ukraine has farmers paying a lot more for fertilizer

Bird flu is popping up in backyard and commercial flocks in the Midwest

March 14, 1962 📻

Wordle 268 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Planned release of treated water casts a shadow over Fukushima's fishing industry

Kishida expresses willingness for UN reform

Myanmar suffers power cuts amid turmoil, rising costs

Arrest in fentanyl overdoses of West Point cadets in Florida

Crazy contrails over Nashville this morning

Best movies of 2021? British 'Oscars' offer a sneak preview.

BIG differences between union vs. non-union construction workers

From someone who knows about voter fraud, Meadows isn't 'above the law.'

Squatters occupy Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska's London mansion

The phrase "political Christians" might wake Evangelicals up!

GOP: The gallows party (Quentin Young - The Daily Montanan

Riding into the week like...

Putin's Propaganda Machine Is What America's Far-Right Wants

Conservatives Say California Is A Disaster But Facts Show The Opposite

Jonathan Pie: How Putin Weaponized London's Greed NYT Opinion

Russia bans Instagram as promised, blocking access for 80 million users

Hello, Europe. This is #Ukraine speaking.

WATCH: Trump Endorsed Keri Lake Walked Off 60 Minutes Australia Interview Over Jan 6 and Trump Quest

Koch Industries continues to do business in Russia

You can now call Ukrainian mobile and landline phone numbers for free using Skype

You raised $75.00 on March 13, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser

Ukraine-Russia War-Azov is firing on Russian equipment in Mariupol

Covid-19 cases continue to rise in China's worst outbreak since Wuhan

Randy's Back!!

Pic Of The Moment: Kremlin: Anti-US Tucker Carlson A Must-Watch

Manchin says he's reluctant to support the proliferation of electric vehicles

(Pa) Greensburg Salem's use of traditional school holiday names draws dissent

With discussions about the death penalty, potential hangings & not letting morality stand in the way

Ford doubles down on electric vehicle push in Europe

Les Brown was born on this date.

This never would of happened if Trump was still president...

Quincy Jones has a birthday today.


You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

Amazon moves workers from a Seattle office in crime-hit area

Traitor Tulsi is now demanding that Mitt Romney apologize to her and resign from the Senate.

How do you grow large sweet onions?

Russia asked China for support.

Elon Musk challenged Vladimir Putin to "single combat," with the "stakes" being Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War Threatens Wheat Supply, Jolts Prices

Israel will not be route to bypass sanctions imposed on Russia -foreign minister

A record day for me, hit 11,000 posts, lost 100 lbs from 1 year ago, just because I can!

If Trump had won the 2020 election

Zelensky to hold virtual address to US Congress, Wednesday, March 16th at 9 am

Open top BMW 6 series with a heavy machine gun mounted - is not something you see everyday

Drone Footage Shows Destruction to the City of Mariupol

Koch Industries continues doing business in Russia

Russian TV channels" would begin broadcasting in the region. New 'mayor' of overthrown Melitopol

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia and Tucker....

'Harrowing figures': Yemen report says 161K to face famine ( Graphic Warning. )

This is pure hate. Viewers discretion is advised

Pundits on Russian state TV advocate implementing public hangings in Ukraine

Random People Start Seizing Properties Belonging to Russian Oligarchs and Putin's Daughter

Brilliant Design Ideas ?

'Direct Strike' Hits Apartment Building In Kyiv

Russians Flee Into Exile Because Of Putin's War With Ukraine

Humanitarian Crisis Worsens As Ukrainian Refugees Flee

Residential Building Reduced to Rubble in Central Kharkiv

Sen. Warren Is Glad Joe Biden Is Dealing With Russia Right Now

Zelensky informs Council of Europe that "very urgent, unforeseen circumstances" will prevent

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra opened with the Ukrainian National Anthem yesterday.

Adam Schiff - message to California Democrats

The Kremlin claims it's not seizing Ukrainian cities in order to spare civilians.

Tweet from EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, minutes ago

Former US ambassador to Ukraine speaks...

Photo: March 14 in Ukraine marks the Day of the Ukrainian Volunteer.

New Zelensky video, via Sky News: "We have no time to relax."

TANGERINE - Helen O'Connell : Bob Eberly, Jimmy Dorsey Orch. 'The Fleet's In' (1942)

Putin's Worsening Problems

No, Trump Was Not Tougher On Putin Than Anyone Else

Dutch, Australians launch case against Moscow over MH17

Tommy Dorsey - Opus One

Wouldn't it be great if Anonymous

Jackson Browne with CSN - The Pretender (live)

Retired US general reacts to Russia striking near NATO border

Maybe Russia's nukes are in as bad shape as their military

Trump impeachment figure speaks out about Putin and Ukraine (CNN)

If Trump was President he wouldn't be giving anything of substance to Russia.

Ukraine dogs of war being evacuated.

Photos: Hyperrealistic Pink Peonies Oil Paintings

Ukraine's Parliament warns that Russia will start blowing up ammunition at Zaporizhzhia - & it has

Ex-US ambassador: This move suggests Putin is desperate (CNN)

Happy International Pi Day!

Russia requested military assistance from China, US officials say (CNN)

Randy Rainbow back! MTG is the topic.

Stop Saying What We Won't Do In Ukraine: Kinzinger

When Did The Russian Mafia Infiltrate And Take Over The.....

In Must See Video Heidi Heitkamp Shows TFG, Not Biden, Caused Inflation

Are We Avoiding Or Ensuring World III By Not Fighting Side by Side with Ukrainians?

NICE !!! Ukraine FINALLY is getting Counterbattery weapons.

Shudder. It took a state-sponsored murder spree to placate the Qheads

Mother Jones - Twitter Made Me Do the Unthinkable: Defend Tulsi Gabbard

Looking like Putin wrote a check his army can't cover.

Pfizer won't halt supplies to Russia but will donate all proceeds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Koch Industries continues doing business in Russia

UK Secretary of State for Transport offers his home to Ukrainian refugees

Tulsi Gabbard Spreading Russian Lies About Ukraine Biolabs, Because Of Course

Excuse me, but shouldn't you own what you are gambling with?

Gas pump reality?

⚡️Zelensky to address US Congress on March 16.

Jane Campion says Serena and Venus Williams don't 'play against the guys like I have to'

⚡️Pfizer to donate all proceeds from Russia for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

David Bowie - Suffragette City (live at Budokan, March 2004)

Meta now says you can't threaten to kill Putin on Facebook because of the Ukraine war

Today's Image Dump (3/14/22)

One young Ukrainian refugee travels hundreds of miles alone

Zoo in Ukraine asking people to buy tickets to feed the animals. A lot of days are sold out so

Oil Falls to $100 With Ukraine-Russia Talks and China Lockdowns

More than 2.8M refugees have fled Ukraine

Tiedrich to Crybaby truckers looking for traffic-"There's a convoy of tanks trying to get into Kyiv"

Why Humans will Never Colonize Space

Cawthorn said he used his wheelchair to transport "multiple weapons" during Jan 6 insurrection

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 14, 2022

CNBC: Putin's invasion of Ukraine will knock the Russian economy back by 30 years

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 14, 2022)

Ginni Thomas attended the Jan 6 MAGA rally.

Today, March 14, is Pi Day.

'I'm a US Marine': Americans among volunteers fighting for Ukraine

Dolly Parton pulling herself out of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominations

Russian oligarch puts million-dollar bounty on Vladimir Putin's head 60 Minutes Australia

Russian TV Calls for Hangings of Ukrainians in Occupied Cities

I love visiting the "Big Smoke" and Dublin.. the world meets me there

Russia Doesn't Need Trolls This Time

Manchin opposes electric vehicles because he doesn't want to be "standing in line for a battery"

Former White House insider says US democracy is under threat 60 Minutes Australia

⚡️160 cars with evacuees leave Mariupol, reach Berdiansk.

Brent Renaud, First U.S. Reporter Killed in Ukraine, Praised for Exposing Horrors of War

Putin's botched war in Ukraine could supercharge his efforts to meddle in future US elections

Clever dog left no trace of refrigerator heist (Twitter video)

Tomorrow is the Ides of March

If We Are Made In God's Image ...

Manchin to oppose Biden Fed pick over climate stances

Update on my melanoma treatment.

Republicans pull DISGUSTING stunt over high gas prices - Brian Tyler Cohen

Remember - Today is PI Day

Speaking of William Hurt,...

Russia is "really getting desperate" in Ukraine, H.R. McMaster says

Congratulations Igor!

Manchin comes out against Biden Fed nominee Raskin, throwing her confirmation into doubt

IMF chief expects "deep recession" in Russia due to sanctions

It also just happens to be National Reuben Sandwich Day!

A new Supreme Court case allows the justices to fix one of their worst anti-worker decisions

'No let up': Russia hits civilian buildings as they advance on Kyiv

Biden Fed board nominee's chances appear doomed after Manchin opposes her record

Oil tumbles below $100 a barrel

Reading TASS so you don't have to.

White Vigilantism Is American History & How Disinformation Powers Vigilantism

I think Putin knows he is fucked.

Pregnant woman and baby die from bombing

Navajo Fry Bread!

VP Harris "has taken on the role of diplomat and spokesperson for the United States in multiple area

Ukrainian BTR-4 fighting against Russian T-72B3M and BRM-1K in Mariupol

UN secretary-general: Nuclear war is 'back within the realm of possibility'

Wait for it:

White House Weighs Plans for Biden Trip to Europe

Food waste is a climate change solution some WA Republicans and Democrats can agree on

Artillery Strikes at Lavina Mall in Kyiv Ukraine.

California governor to Florida Disney employees: 'the door is open'

Iowa and New Hampshire's preposterous reign over the Democratic primaries may soon end

Made in Russia

Russian Forces Kill Civilians, Loot for Supplies in Occupied Ukraine, Residents Say

Fewer Americans see Russia favorably than ever before: poll

And the latest repug being used as Russian propaganda is... Candace Owens

Is Putin trump's 4th bankruptcy?

2nd tweet: This dog's reaction to first snow!

The Growing Influence of State Governments on Population Health in the United States

Trump Endangers America's Teachers: When Will DOJ Decide We've Reached the Arrest Tipping Point?- GK

The best way to end a senior's years in social studies?

Mitch Trubisky agrees to two-year deal with Steelers

Jealous pets:

It's astonishing to realize how we got where we are right now in this country ...

Search Intensifies for Gunman in Homeless Shootings in 2 Cities

Russia could default on its debt within days

Bird dunks his doughnut in coffee:

Nobody visited deaf shelter dog. Then she met two dads.

"... parties are a key feature of our government."

What's Putin doing? My theory for the day.

Australia and the Netherlands launch a new case against Russia over 2014 jet downing

Cable providers beware: OAN's new lawsuit against DirecTV is another example of its recklessness

Senator E. Warren: What Joe Biden is doing is historic & I'm so glad he is President

From the archives: Purim services held at Goebbels' captured castle by American Jewish troops

Video: Kyiv Volunteers Get Last-Minute Training On Powerful Anti-Tank Weapons

Borowitz: Trump Offers to Help Russia File for Bankruptcy

Young mother killed after accidentally shot by toddler playing with gun; father in custody

Who is likely to become the next US Senator from CO when Hickenlooper or Bennet decide to retire?

Help! Trying to find the name of a time travel movie

Cartoons 3/14/2022

Are you ready for the next COVID wave? BA2 is here already.

Ukraine's resistance isn't futile; West must supply it

Should a GOP slate like this really worry Democrats?

Sanctions Will Knock Russian Economy Back 30 Years

Russian war lord shot dead in fresh blow to Putin's stalled invasion of Ukraine

Can the west slaughter Putin's sacred cash cow?

Ex-KGB agent weighs in on 'bizarre' Putin photos

Surprise! Congress is actually getting things done

OUR DU Ukraine charity has now raised OVER $2,500, answers to questions and more

Seaplane operator Kenmore Air restarts flights to Victoria

I'm a US Marine': Americans among volunteers fighting for Ukraine

2022 BAFTA Winners - full list

LIVE: State Department - Ned Price gives news briefing

Why Americans May -- Or May Not -- Blame Biden For Higher Gas Prices

Monday touch of France - Two portraits, an embrace, and a stone face

Top Putin ally says Ukraine war has been slower than expected

"Russia basically destroying everything that it wanted to take over."

'Things Will Only Get Worse.' Putin's War Sends Russians Into Exile.

China Sees at Least One Winner Emerging From Ukraine War: China

Candace Owens tweet gets retweeted by Russian Embassy

Bermuda CAA suspends certificates of around 740 Russian aircraft

Zelensky to give virtual address to Congress on Wednesday

Who's gonna stop me...?

Virginia governor faces school districts revolt over classroom overhaul plan

Democratic group accuses Trump of breaking campaign law by not formally announcing 2024 run

A captive Russian conscript says that their country treats them like cannon fodder

'People's Convoy' drives through D.C. after permit for organized demonstration downtown ... denied

Putin Wants To Bring A Nation Of '40-Odd Million To Its Knees

Voznesensk resists Russian takeover: City occupied 3 days, now freed & preparing to defend

Maria Bartiromo Called 'an Idiot' for Claiming Biden Administration Sees Putin as 'a Partner,' 'Not

Texas Democrats Are Nothing Like DC Democrats, And We Don't Need Them.

Michael Flynn Says Putin's Ukraine Invasion Is Disrupting Bill Gates' 'New World Order'

Retired US general reacts to Russia striking near NATO border

"The Goal Was to Scare People, but It Could Boomerang." (Pamela Moses)

Democrats want to live with Democrats. So do Republicans.

Interesting observations on Russian forces losses...

30 Young Ukrainians Tell Their War Stories

Russians Flee Into Exile Because Of Putin's War With Ukraine: NYT MSNBC

People's Convoy' drives through D.C. after permit for organized demonstration downtown

Candace Owens is a treasonous pile of dung.

a sheet of toilet paper may be worth more than a russian ruble

Ukraine dents 'America First' thinking deep in the heart of Trump country

Joe: No, Trump Was Not Tougher On Putin Than Anyone Else

Vladimir Putin's War Spreads Resignation and Despair Among Ordinary Russians

The History of Russia

LIVE: Biden Addresses National League of Cities

U.K. Mulls Housing Refugees In Oligarch Mansions

Last night, March 13, 2022, in DC: NEWS VIDEO from White House screaming woman on SUV:

The avg Russian is just STARTING to "go through some things"

Which US Senators running for re-election in 2022 is likely to lose re-election?

Middle Age Riot tweet:

"LOTS OF LOVE" comment posted by " BeyondGeogrphy" is proof no one is telling Trump what to say

Has anyone here had an anterior hip replacement done?

Tweet of the Day:

Brent Renaud - The Lincoln Project

LIVE 3:15 PM: Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby

My... "Lots of Love"... comment now in:" General Discussion". forum..

FT: China poised to help Russia

Daily Distraction 14/03/22

General Mud wins a skirmish for Ukraine!

2022 WI Democratic US Senate candidate Alex Lasry's father Mark Lasry is the co-owner of the Bucks.

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, says she attended Jan. 6 'Stop-the-Steal' rally ...

Tinariwen - Nannuflay

***March Photo Contest: Winter***Finals Thread

'Gutted' (what it's like to watch democracy disappear in one Georgia district)

One Russian war protestor the police couldn't immediately grab.

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki

Here's the link for the March Photo Contest: Winter--The Finals Thread

Tweet of the Day

For anyone who's had a dental implant, does the bone in the gumline really grow back?

These 20 Striking Detroit Baristas Could Lead a Union Revival

China has expressed some openness to providing military and financial aid to Russia

What is the likelihood of NC having 2 black female US Senators five years from now?

Yes, World History shows us a "Whole Lot"...but ...'There is always...MORE!!!"

BRAVE Russian Woman Interrupts Russia TV Propaganda Broadcast !!

Russian oligarch charged with making illegal political contributions

My guess how the Ukraine-war will end:

Luckovich tweet

Beware of the authoritarian view of the media --

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 14, 2022

Stray Cat With Giant Head Starts Wearing Hats For The Sweetest Reason

Trump Loving Candidate FLEES Interview Over Jan. 6 Questions - The Damage Report

Very moving tweet from Zelensky with his letter to the family of Brent Renaud

Mark Lanegan - Skeleton Key

Fox Has Been Visiting Her Favorite Person For Years

Looking for a Big John parody

Yulia Zdanovskaya, a 21-year old mathematician, was killed on March 8th, 2022 during a Russian force

Pharmacies face job shortage, stresses of medical field

Pressure to end pandemic restrictions mounts as Ukrainians reach the U.S. border

Cable Suggests China Open to Helping Russia

Department of Natural Resources awards $50k grant to Iberia

Eggsellent job: Utility workers, sheriff's office team up to safely move screech owl eggs

North Carolina woman's efforts to keep 'FART' license plate losing steam

US military vets are in Ukraine for elite medical mission

Here today, gone to Maui

'Grandma Virginia' McLaurin, longtime DC public servant, celebrates her 113th birthday

Popular EPCOT attraction to close permanently

CEPA: Too Late for Russia to Stop the Foreign Volunteer Army

Remember the Ukraine fund raiser?

Preparing for Defeat

Should Ukraine bomb Putin with lingerie?

Just finished a pastel portrait today, 11x14 on luxarchival paper, might make some changes,

NFL World Is Shocked Over Christian Kirk's Contract

The next step?

Finnish Prez Sauli Niinist: "...changing the government of Ukraine is not anymore on the list..."

Why far-right White evangelicals are among Vladimir Putin's strongest American supporters

Israeli Government Websites Crash in Suspected Cyberattack

CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques

CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Woman at the Trucker Convoy explained to us what covid19 REALLY means. (Subtitled)

Tweet of the Late Afternoon:

Estimate that Russia has lost 10% of its forces in Ukraine (Defense officials)

Marina Ovsyannikova ran on to the set of the Channel One transmission shouting: 'Stop the war!

Julian Assange denied permission to appeal by UK's top court

Slava Ukraini

Julian Assange denied permission to appeal by UK's top court

Russian propaganda news reader bravely denounced Putin & his war. Translation

So when Zelensky speaks before Congress---

Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) does story time for 2nd graders.

'Healing' Review: More Help for Mental Health, Please

Photos: Kyiv City Police K-9 Units switching jobs to calm children

DNC Reports Record Haul In February

Cherry blossom buds are halfway through their 6 stages.

It's a million dollar Florida home and that's all you get???

Which CO US Senator is going to leave office 1st? What year are they going to leave?

Done with an exercise... Almost. I go home tomorrow after I release the rolling stock to the

Got a notice from my insurance company

'Can't lose any more ground': Democrats try to slow red wave in rural Minnesota

This Ukrainian BWM convertible is unlike anything you've ever driven

Making Trumper heads explode: Putin OKs online voting

The UN is cooking something up

Which MA US Senator is going to leave office 1st? What year are the going to leave?

Inch by inch, Trump is attempting to turn his people toward Putin...

Madison Cawthorn bragged on TV about arming others on Jan. 6

'Your father is murderer!' Protesters hold demo outside the London flat of the 'stepdaughter' of

Les Brown, b. March 14: SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY - Doris Day - WW2's End - Andrews Sisters - Glenn Miller

World Food Program director on Al Jazeera English.

Was it inevitable?

'They're lying to you': Russian TV employee interrupts news broadcast

Jill Biden: 'My Heart Has Ached Watching Videos Of Ukraine'

How Chicago turns their river green for St. Patrick's Day.

Rep. Shontel Brown: Here are five reasons I am excited about the spending bill the House just passed

U.S. eliminates human controls requirement for fully automated vehicles

If anyone is interested, the Met Opera is doing a concert for Ukraine tonight,

Bukovina descendants

KC, lookin' around in between naps.

Russian TV News Hit By Anti-War Protest In Studio

Zelensky Theme Song lyrics (for those that remember the 1950s TV show)

Fleetwood Mac. Green Manalishi

Bette Midler Tweet:

Russia has asked China for pre-packaged meals to feed soldiers, CNN reports

A protester storms a live broadcast on Russia's most-watched news show, yelling 'Stop the war!'


Bad Company - Silver, Blue, and Gold

Revealed: New GOP plan to raise taxes on working people and end Social Security

How you can, perhaps, suspect someone is indulging in Stolen Valor

Did anyone see this interview on CNN former NATO Deputy Secretary General about nuclear conflict?

Bitter Harvest

Tweet of the Early Evening:

China has expressed some openness to providing military and financial aid to Russia, US cable sugges

FreeDumb Convoy causing major rush hour traffic mess in DC area

Great news. Babycakes is going to a baby shower this weekend

Best. Stick. Ever.

How to help Ukrainians via donations


West Virginia Advances Bill Punishing Banks for Cutting Oil Ties

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres revealed that he believed nuclear war was likelier than ev

Russia & GOP speak the same language.

'They're lying to you': Russian TV employee interrupts news broadcast

"I don't need no vaccine. I trust my immune system."

Any wheat farmers here? When will Ukraine have to plant to have crop this year?

Swan Lake playing on Russia TV this Saturday!!!

Russia-Ukraine war: British Fox News journalist injured

Jane Mayer: Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?

Al Franken tweet about Zelensky address

Ukraine crisis: US warns China against helping Russia

Fact #2:

Roman Abramovich: New evidence highlights corrupt deals

More and more I hear the republicans referred to as...

NBC Nightly's Richard Engel interviews a woman who says

Iranian missile attack?

People's Convoy Trucker Punches D.C. Driver's Window in Road Rage Fit

I think poor Mittens the Kitten missed the afternoon meal

Comrade Cawthorn doubles down on his hate for Ukraine

Chile couples' joy as first same-sex marriages held

Chile couples' joy as first same-sex marriages held

I confess to cheating on wordle

French military chief to officers: "despite the remarkable resistance they have shown, Ukrainian for

This people needs help! Where is NATO?

Republicans line up behind Liz Cheney as she takes on Trump

A woman with her cat arrive at a train station in Poland after escaping the Russian attack...

Russia's War in Ukraine Sends Tremors into the Arctic

Blocks long line to buy cheesecake for Ukraine - Heartwarming

Florida limits COVID data to every two weeks, state says via meme

My cousin is being buried today.

Fox News reporter Benjamin Hall is injured while reporting from Ukraine

Rose, and Set, southern MD, 7:10 p.m.

Ford will start shipping Explorers without all the parts -- and add them later

Banking chairman sticking with Raskin despite Manchin opposition

A typical Republican bimbo candidate. IL 14th congressional dist Repube candidate Catalina Lauf

'Turning Red' spurs debate about double standards in film criticism

US astronaut to ride Russian spacecraft home during tensions

This 5 year old lecture on Russian-Ukraine history really educated me.

Putin The PeaceMaker

Fox correspondent publicly rebukes Fox opinion host TO HIS FACE on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Opinion: The Root of the Present Evil

TFG floats expanded presidential powers during rally speech, saying he would make every executive

US Black population: The biggest growth is in smaller cities

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China, supply chains, and not being done....

34 spam calls on the landline so far today.

Russia is seizing Western-built airliners while sanctions block parts, maintenance, and support

Madison Cawthorn Claims Pelosi Has a Drinking Problem

school closes for day after assistant principal takes own life on campus

Researchers find new destructive wiper malware in Ukraine

Here is a tip for Wordle people:

from Martin O'Malley:'Awesome event last night in Baltimore for Katie Curran O'Malley

Gerrymandering Art - Dan Crenshaws voting district

Are you or is someone you love suffering from Partisan Derangement Syndrome?

Gunfire rocks Mexican border city after drug lord captured

Kristen Arnett: "I Know What It's Like to Be a Florida Teen Who Can't Say Gay"

Asteroid half the size of a giraffe strikes Earth off the coast of Iceland (twitter has questions)