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Frenzy at open house.. Crowd showed up to compete for one house

"The Doctor will see you now..."

Top Peru court approves release of ex-President Alberto Fujimori

Kremlin Vet Says Aides Would Kill Putin Before Sharing 'Bad News,' Now Putin Orders House Arrests

Packers reportedly trading Davante Adams to the Raiders

'Contemptuous': anger in Brazil as Bolsonaro given Indigenous merit medal

Does anyone remember this? I loved Buck Owens.

The Parties on Putin - The Lincoln Project

Time to form an international psychology professionals summit...

DISPATCH: What Is It Like On the Ground in Ukraine?

Fauci warns of potential rise in U.S. COVID cases as funding runs dry

We need a thread to list all the companies that continue to do business in Russia...

Police strip-searched a 15-year-old black girl at school. When will these abuses end?

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes appeal to Russians

I'd like Biden to announce we - NATO - will supply 250K anti-tank missiles.

'Quantum hair' could resolve Hawking's black hole paradox, say scientists

2021 Ukrainian 24 Hour Field Ration Review Pork Tushonka & Kasha MRE Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test

Tweet of the Night:

Green Bay Packers trading Davante Adams to Las Vegas Raiders

Moving Targets: Geopolitics in a Warming World

Why did Russia sell Alaska to America? (Short Animated Documentary)

Progressive Democrats set out list of executive orders to push Biden agenda

Chinese state media JUST conveying Blinken's statement 'State Department is investigating

The more I find the more I'm motivated to keep looking

We got a FREE speed upgrade on our Cox internet service

Does anyone else think right away of "Easter" when they see this Ad?

Details have emerged of one of Ukraine's most decisive battles against Russia...

Canada offers three years of temporary residency to Ukrainians

Christians Murdered Indians

Losing? Putin's Army Has Higher Death Toll In Ukraine Than U.S. Across 20 Years In Middle East

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Quokka being cute:

What a wonderfully, blissfully stressful work day I enjoyed today.

Where Things Stand: Cheney Warns Another GOPer Has Become One Of The Kremlin's 'Useful Idiots'

War And Lies: Trump Republicans Confronted With Past Putin Praise On TV - The Beat - MSNBC

Dear God

🍀Holst - 'St. Paul's Suite'🍀 (Grateful for DU and all yahs! 💚)

Tweet of the Night #2:

Your Lying Eyes - Mark Fiore - Political Animations

ABC Evening News: Russia is stalled on all fronts !

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin of the Fifth Column....

The Coronavirus Funding Collapse Is a Disaster

What does a Ukrainian WIN look like?

Lia Thomas is the new national champion

Amazon closes multibillion-dollar deal for MGM Studios

New Jersey Democrats pushing for state to hold early presidential primary

How An Uptick In Censures Among Local Republicans Signals A Growing Radicalism

Putin arrests his own military chief for 'leaking' as Russian army suffers heavy losses

Pop-up Fact Check

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman: "Our armed forces don't bomb towns and cities."

Cuz it is possible to hate Rittenhouse even more......

How This Redistricting Cycle Failed To Increase Representation For People Of Color -- And Could Even

Attacks On Civilian Sites: Human Rights Watch - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Reaction To Putin's Latest Press Conference

Did anyone else catch Stacey Abrams on "Star Trek: Discovery?

The 8 House Republicans who voted against suspending normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus

How the West is breaking through Russia's propaganda wall

Green Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf

Chris Hayes: Three Possible Ways The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Could End - All In - MSNBC

Republicans Push Crackdown on Crime Wave That Doesn't Exist: Voter Fraud

Enya - The Celts (Official 4k video)

Putin echoes Stalin in 'very, very scary' speech

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

China accuses Taiwan for 'taking advantage' of Ukraine crisis by giving financial aid to its refugee

15 seed Saint Peter's upsets 2 Kentucky

A toast to all of all of you who have kept us good company.

Bracket Buster!

Russian state TV is now broadcasting Madison Cawthorn calling Zelensky a thug.

Ron Jeremy 'Incoherent' at Courthouse, Rape Case Suspended For Mental Health Exam

NLAW Anti Tank Weapon Javelin Anti Tank Missile ATGM Comparison

Julia Ioffe spoke to a friend still in Moscow who described the mood in the city as "funereal."

🍀Holst -'Finale of St. Paul's Suite "The Dargason" - String Rendition by US Marine Chamb. Orch.🍀

Eviction Resolution Program Helps 100s In Bellevue, Kirkland

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Anti-War Appeal To Russian People, Soldiers--And Putin - All In - MSNBC

Biden says U.S. is open to help Ukrainian refugees

GOP indicates plans to question KBJ on handling of sex-related offenses

Russian state TV suggests creating fund to support armed forces & families of the dead and wounded

Russia turns to India for oil and arms

Brittney Griner: Russia extends arrest of US basketball star over drugs charge

State Dept demands that Russia give access to WNBA player

Exodus of Private Jets Out of Russia As Putin Calls for 'Self-Purification'

Nobody Thought This Blind Pittie Would Ever See Again Until...

Malcolm Nance Reporting on Ukraine - Political Voices Network

New Order - Everything's Gone Green

Duck is afraid of water. This woman is raising him like her own baby.

Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs & FSB ordered to check all Ukrainian citizens living in Moscow

An American who owns a MiG-29 isn't sure the fighter jets would help Ukraine much


Let's talk about Putin of the Fifth Column....

"Just because you are paranoid, does not mean that they are not out to get you."

EPA names part of Hackensack River to Superfund list

Russia's War Echoes U.S. Invasion Of Iraq

PBS NewsHour full episode, March 17, 2022

Russia-Ukraine war captured in real time on social media

Nasa's giant new SLS Moon rocket makes its debut

Savoy man pleads guilty to civil disorder in storming of U.S. Capitol

Jan. 6 defendant pleads guilty to assault on law enforcement after prosecutors lost track of case

Moderna seeks FDA authorization for 4th dose of COVID shot

US Senate Rsces in 2022 that the Democrats are going to end up winning.

Moderna asks FDA to authorize second booster dose for all adults

NTSB: 13-year-old drove pickup in Texas crash that killed 9

Zelensky visits hospitalized girl who shielded her younger brother from Russian gunfire

Federal judge finds another Iowa ag-gag law unconstitutional

Federal judge finds another Iowa ag-gag law unconstitutional

Florida Republicans' 'Don't Say Gay' bill spells headache for Disney

Russian State TV Loves Madison Cawthorn, Keeps Airing His Clips Over and Over

'Yes, I'm Irish': Meet Jeff Keogh

Georgia GOP senators break ranks to doom school voucher bill

MQ-9 Reaper: The Most Feared U.S. Air Force Drone in Action

FBI: Accused wanted 'tyrant' Gov. Whitmer tied up on table

Ron Johnson Visits Moscow, Repeats Their Talking Points

Biden also filled out a bracket

Weighing U.S. Involvement In Ukraine

When Glenn Greenwald Attacks

The New Yorker's David Remnick: Is Putinism Doomed? - Amanpour and Company

(Theranos) Sunny Balwani: Elizabeth Holmes' former partner goes on trial

Around the Neighborhood

Learn From U.S. Mistakes, Russia Could

UKRAINE TAKES GROUND! Current Invasion Info With The Enforcer (Day 22)

Whale Takes Tourists for Ride Near Mexico By Lifting Boat on Its Back and Swimming Away

Joy Reid: Putin Will Only Stop When He Realizes The War Is Unwinnable - The ReidOut - MSNBC

NASA's big, new moon rocket begins rollout en route to launch pad tests

Some St. Paddy's Day Hardcore...

It's not just St. Patrick's Day; it's St. Gertrude's Day!

Cheerleaders to the rescue! n/t

Kimmel: Putin Cut Off from Botox, Russian Oligarchs Mad About Boat Seizures & the Best Local News

It's bedtime for me.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 18, 2022

Bugzooka! Fun for the ten year old, takes care of the house files.

For Dictator Like Putin Compromise Is Invitation To Grab More Expert Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Grief makes families do stupid stuff.

Fox News appeals defamation ruling over election claims, countersues Smartmatic

Father of "El Huevo" Threatened Mexican Officials to Obtain Son's Forged Birth Certificate

California lawmakers vote to make abortions cheaper

St. Louis Blues - Paolo Alderighi & Stephanie Trick - 2015

A cool house for some

Is Ron De Santis moving towards political "purification" in Florida?

The Daily Show: Right-Wing Media Pushes Russian Propaganda & Zelenskyy Deepfake Goes Viral

Malaysian government's 'gay conversion' app pulled by Google Play

New Riders

Defying Putin, Zelenskyy Rallies The West: See The Rare Videos Charting His Rise

Frankie Valli - "Cant take my eyes off you"

Colombia election analysis: historic gains for the left

'It is not possible to stay quiet': Putin's first victim of 'fake news' law speaks out

Grateful Dead - Europe, 1972 - Ramble On Rose

Here's how Stacey Abrams scored 'Star Trek' role as leader of United Earth as she runs for governor

Friday's digit: 8/10: Slight give and take. Sunny, fairly calm March-feeling morning

Goodman and Krupa - Sing Sing Sing

NDN Kars

I MIGHT get into trouble with this but i had to ask

New book examines educating children of Nazi scientists in El Paso schools

Putin Calls For PURGE Of Dissenting Russian Civilians

Key informant coming up in Gov. Whitmer kidnap trial

Julia Ioffe: Why Ukraine Invasion Is Europe's 9/11 - Amanpour and Company

If this doesn't outrage you, well, I don't know what else to say.... NY Times

Honduras court approves extradition of former president Hernandez to US

Stephen King: Putin can't bear to let Zelensky win. The Z-man is everything Putin is not.

Climate Activists Flex Their Political Muscle

Argentina's Congress approves bill to refinance $45 billion in Macri-era IMF debt

Argentina's Congress approves bill to refinance $45 billion in Macri-era IMF debt

I have had enough. The US should send in

Grateful Dead - "Oh Boy" - Manhatten Center, NYC, 1971

Sidetrack Lounge

Honduras court approves extradition of former president Hernandez to US

Francis Ford Coppola getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame , Monday March 21

Jorma Kaukonen - Waiting for a Train

Ukraine's Civilian Suffering Grows - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

David Bromberg Band - Midnight on the Water - 1978?

Lawrence: Putin Wants To Terrorize Ukraine Into Surrender - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jumping cactus trying to pop the moon.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

VIDEO📽️: Ron Johnson admitted Russia interfered in the 2016 election, then backtracked after visiti

Son of Colombian paramilitary chief elected to special seat for victims of conflict

Why A More Neutral China Is Tougher For Russia - The Last Word - MSNBC

Plan aimed at keeping GOP supermajority clears Kansas Senate


A historical timeline of post-independence Ukraine

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 20, 2022 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1990s & 2000s Winners

TCM Schedule for Monday March 21, 2022 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1920s & 1930s Winners

'They're Willing to Risk Ruining Their Lives.' Putin's War Is Driving Russians Out.

Former KGB Agent: Ukraine Is Putin's 'Failure,' Not Russian Intelligence - The Last Word - MSNBC

A 13-yr.-old was driving the pickup truck that struck a van in Texas, killing nine people, says NTSB

What Russians think about LGBT?

Sinema Refused to Mask Up for Biden Meeting, Also Mocked Him at a Mostly Republican Fundraiser

Angelina Jolie Highlights International Refugee Crisis

Who we are gives Russia an option with a very positive outcome

Ukrainians gathered by the road to honor the Ukrainian soldiers

Had to go to town to get a new 5g cell phone.

Modern Wars Kill More Civilians Than Soldiers. Putin's Ukraine Invasion Proves It The Last Word MSNBC

Putin's Killing Machine That Isn't Working

Sen. Ron Johnson suggests mothers on public assistance should staff child care centers

New Dangers For Ukrainian Refugees - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Estimated Russian Casualties Put Ukraine War In Category Of Catastrophe - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Senator Ron Johnson is a dangerous moron

Russia Covers Disastrous Ground Assault On Ukraine With Reckless Aerial Bombing - TRMS Velshi MSNBC

A simple reason "Why Bad Guys Do it. The Bad Guys Think They Will Get Away With It.

Spread this message, please!!

$400 gas rebate could be in Californians' future under Democrat proposal

'Celebration Of Survival' Holds New Meaning For Jewish Ukrainian Refugees - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Ukraine Sought Long-Term Resistance Funding

Herschel Walker's closest GOP rival, Gary Black, has a new digital attack ad on Walker

Trump's New Jersey golf course to host controversial Saudi-backed golf league

Herschel Walker's closest GOP rival, Gary Black, has a new digital attack ad on Walker

As Putin's Invasion Upends Ukrainians' Lives, A New Enmity Grows - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Full Moon, 99% visible

I can't help but wonder-- was Putin goaded by TFG?

Relax Cafe Friday A.M. Weekend Vibes Jazz & Bossa Nova for a Positive Mood

Canada says no test results needed for vaccinated travelers

White nationalist Nick Fuentes praises Russians fighting the "evil empire"...

'Russian forces have struggled greatly,' says former NATO commander Gen'l Clark.

Three centuries on, a shaman's precious rune drum returns home

Seth Meyers - Zelenskyy Delivers Moving Address to Congress as Putin's Invasion Sputters: A Closer L

The only all-Black, all-female battalion that served overseas during WWII

Octopuses were around before dinosaurs, fossil find suggests

Silversun Pickups - Toy Soldiers (Official Video)

Three US soldiers alive, despite Russia 'fake news' report, military says

Anthropologist discovers city older than Egyptian Pyramids in old satellite images

Republicans blame Democrats for crime -- but new data shows higher murder rates in red states

Akira Takarada, actor who starred in 'Godzilla' in 1954, dies at 87

Does this Amazon rock art depict extinct Ice Age mammals?

The Debate Over No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine Heats Up - NBC News

Helping Women Pay for Abortion Would Be Illegal Under New Missouri Bill subject to civil action

Britain Revokes UK License Of Russian TV Channel

Tulsi Gabbard says US 'not so different' from Russia on free speech

let the cheerleader do it

BBC: 'Africa's week in pictures: 11-17 March 2022.

Last night's Wordle...

One of Putin's top paratroop commanders, Col Sergei Sukharev, killed on Ukraine frontline

Guardian: 'The week in wildlife - in pictures March 18, 2022

BBC : Your pictures of Scotland: 11 - 18 March, 2022

Wordle 272 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)


Breakfast Friday 18 March 2022*

World's Happiest Country Ranking Goes to Finland for Fifth Year in a Row

World's Happiest Country Ranking Goes to Finland for Fifth Year in a Row

Erdogan steps up pro-refugee rhetoric as 20,000 Ukrainians come to Turkey

Tennessee State Official Threatens To Seize Town Over Ford Motor Company Investment

"Yesterday, at our own risk, we left Mariupol under gunfire. We stayed overnight in a field..."

Today's Image Dump (3/18/22)

Koch Industries: Here's why we're staying in Russia By

FOX "news" needs a Marina Ovsyannikova

Biden's Schedule for Friday, March 18, 2022

Packers trade Adams to the Raiders

Biden to warn Xi that China will pay a price if it supports Russia's war in Ukraine

On March 18, 1969, the Cowsills performed "Hair" on the Wonderful World of Pizzazz TV special.

Carcinogenic chemical benzene found in hundreds of US personal care products

In a different era of political civility, President Harry Truman and Thomas Dewey shake hands

Former TV Weatherclown Leads Charge Against Wind Energy - In Kansas

10 Frank Lloyd Wright Houses You Can Visit Across the U.S.

VW recalls over 246,000 SUVs due to unexpected braking

Russians Grieve Soldiers Killed in Ukraine - BBC News

Carcinogenic benzene found in hundreds of personal care products

JH Students Ask Nebraska Leg. To Acknowledge Reality Of Warming; No Vote On Resolution

How Joe Biden 're-ignited our government engine' after Donald Trump's damage

Friday TOONs - Resilience

Here's A Lengthy Portrait Of An Asshole Who Exemplifies The Legal Hacks Who Front For Big Oil

Fifty some years ago I reported to one of the biggest assh@les I've ever met. I managed a retail

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/16/2022

The Rundown: March 18, 2022

Most Medical Debts to Be Removed From Consumers' Credit Reports

The origin of Superheroes: Flame

ATTN The following GOP Senators should not be allowed to say jack about Biden and the Ukraine.

Japan expands export ban to Russia

71% of Spaniards support NATO sending weapons to Ukraine

UK may house Ukrainians in oligarchs' mansions and Chelsea's hotel

Coveney visits Poland for talks on refugee crisis

Cargo Ships Sinks Off Iran. Most Crew Members Rescued

US Makes it Easier for Cruise Passengers to Get Refunds

COVID Curbs Bite at Chinese Ports, Threatening Global Supply Chains

DNA genetics identify Oklahoma murder victim 27 years later

You raised $205.00 on March 17, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

The Adam Project". Fun family movie!

You raised $110.00 on March 17, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund!

Austrlalia's Marine Authority Confirms "Widespread & Severe" Coral Bleaching 2 Yrs After Last Round

''Ukraine's European path has begun'' - EU's von der Leyen

Boycott Subway Calls Grow as Company Continues Doing Business in Russia

Study - Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Was Preceded By Carbon Spike Similar To Today's Trend

Wow. Cops found *something* in this house - evacuated Richmond neighborhood

Beijing is weighing potential 'reputational blowback' of being associated with the Russian camp.

I am the winner for the month of Marsh ???

P&O Ferries mass firings of UK crew members outrage unions

The clueless 8?

Rittenhouse put out this video reenacting the crying incident during his trial

Saudi-Backed Golf League Plans Tournament at Trump's New Jersey Course

Have you noticed that Lawrence O'Donnell is

Putin's billions are hidden

Strollers were put in central Lviv to represent the children killed by Russian forces

As Putin's Invasion Upends Ukrainians' Lives, A New Enmity Grows

Putin Has No Good Options Left; There Is No Good Endgame For Russia

Lavrov says Moscow "will not allow" the transfer of S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine

CAS reject Russia's appeal over World Cup ban after Ukraine invasion

The Government Missed A Key Deadline In A Jan. 6 Conspiracy Case.

Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov was born on this date.

Ukraine General Staff: Russia almost exhausted its entire stockpile of missiles

There's No Sugarcoating Hershey's Union Busting

The eight Rs who voted against ending Russia's trade status (link)

Stratospheric Smoke From Oz Black Summer Fires Depleted Ozone Layer By About 1%

Zelensky has accomplished much, wouldn't you say?

Wilson Pickett was born on this date.

Checks & Imbalances: NRA Campaign Filing Confirms Ransomware Attack

Are there not a dozen or more Republicans who deserve to be referred to

Sahara dust storm turns skies orange in Europe (

Charlie Pride was born on this date.

Looking back on something from 2019, this makes me nauseous. So I have to share it with you all.

Has there been any report of Ukraine considering using the Latin alphabet instead of Cyrillic?

The movie Der Untergang takes on a whole new character in light of the Ukraine invasion.

Fauci on the BA.2 variant, funding for the COVID fight and the possibility of a new surge

Samantha Fish - Gone For Good (live)

Architect of Russian invasion plan reveals strategic principles in candid quotes

Feds: Amsterdam doctor fired staffer who reported COVID violations; He earlier sued Wilton butcher

Unemployment agency didn't ensure background checks for 5,500 staffers. Some had prior crimes

Zelenskyy's Role In Trump Impeachment

US Senate Races in 2022 that the Democrats are gonna be winning.

Here r the 8 House Repugs who voted against suspending normal trade relations w/ Russia & Belarus...

GE Research gets $4.5M federal grant to help improve nuclear power

Great Barrier Reef suffers widespread coral bleaching

What will it take for the MSM to stop treating the Retrumplican Party as if it's a legitimate party

Koch Industries and Russia go way back

Biden talks with China's Xi, aims to press him on Russia war

Roger Stone unveils a doozy of a plan to install Donald Trump as president

What happened with Putin's speech

The Full Moon, just before setting this morning.

Joe: For People Who Believe In Freedom Over Autocracy, This Is Our Time To Be Together

Arrests in Russia

Irish Toast

MTG COULD be out there saying "Why won't Joe Biden say 'Radical Russian Terrorist'? Huh? Huh? Huh?!"

Tucker Indignant After GOPer Calls His Show 'Russian Disinformation'

What a Russia-Ukraine peace deal might look like

Schenectady-based DSD on sharp growth path as green energy expands

Jenny I've got your number, I need to make you mine (Twitter)

Let me begin by stating that it is not my intent to limit or prohibit anyone's privilege to

I can't reach Wordle today.

John T. 'Til' Hazel, legendary developer who transformed Northern Virginia, dies at 91

Sanders camp quietly pushes Khanna presidential bid

Shepler's Ferry on Mackinac Island sells to billionaire after 77 years

Cuomo on his future: 'I have a lot of options open, and I'm considering them'

I would like to find software that will allow me to create a time-lapse of a webcam.

Russian pipeline company Transneft hit by data leak dedicated to Hillary Clinton

Ivermectin didn't protect people from COVID-19, study shows

A Simple Way to Feel Gratitude Each Day..

Plans to turn Detroit's I-375 into an 'urban boulevard' to move forward this spring

The Byrds - Mr. Spaceman (fun morning pick me up)

Putin praises troops at huge rally in Moscow

On this day, March 18, 1886, Edward Everett Horton was born.

COVID responses: Very Liberal vs Liberal

Pic Of The Moment: The Putin Squad Steps Forward

Could Putin and Trump be any more similar, except maybe in the IQ department?

Existing home sales fall in February

Why not pressure President Biden to make these companies register as foreign agents

What? "the right to speak your mind and voice your opinion without fear of being shamed or shunned"?

Cross your fingers...I entered Marta's photo in a contest

Leading Indicators Rise in February, Signaling Continued Growth for the Economy

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 18, 2022

IRS chief says his agency competes with big-box stores for staff


NC school mock slave auction: white students sell black classmates--

Interactive TIME Cover - The Resilience of Ukraine

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Zelenskyy and the Nobel Peace Prize....

Once Motorcade Pals, Congressman and Photographer Are Now Public Foes

Bill Barr and Oleg Deripaska: Barr's company represented Deripaska's company in London

Russian strikes on Lviv raise fears of Ukraine war spreading west

See journalist Max Seddon's thread for details on Putin's rally, including bused-in "supporters"

Lots of new job openings in the upper ranks of the Russian military.

Schwarzenegger's anti-war video trends on Russian social media

Russia's Daily War Crime

LOL! When the basketball is stuck & the broom won't work, get a cheerleader:

Carcinogen in your deodorant?

Otter squeaks in bliss from getting groomed:

I stepped in something while walking in the park.

Holy cow!

"Russia's military progress slows, but it makes gains in the south and east"

National Bank of Ukraine calls for more donations to crowdfunded account for Ukraine's military

Squirrel insists that the grooming continue:

The ultimate sanction: Listing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

They're Gaslighting again...

Osprey's here!

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 18, 2022)

Waxwings morning meeting.

Canada bans RUSSIA TODAY

Golden feels betrayed & disappointed when the petting stops:

⚡️ Over 1,300 civilians still stuck under Mariupol's destroyed theater.

GQP christofacist advertises support of Putin on their car

2nd tweet--cat: "I don't think so!"

Between GFM, my asst. superintendent, my family, and my state refund

Biden names public health expert Ashish Jha as coronavirus coordinator to succeed Jeff Zients

When I was studying to be a Physician Assistant, I never dreamed I would have to spend so much time

It's spring and the crazies are out

CAS reject Russia's appeal over World Cup ban after Ukraine invasion

Biden and Xi hold first call since Russia invaded Ukraine

Putin's Strange New Messaging on Russian TV

Links for Ukraine Humanitarian Relief

I can imagine Putin deploying chem or bio weapons . . . I bet you can too. So if he does . . . .

The Atlantic: "Vladimir Putin Has Fallen Into the Dictator Trap"

Florida bridgetender faces manslaughter in woman's death

"May you suffer the scorn of a polite Canadian"

I wish I were not hearing impaired. I'd love to know what this little one is arguing about:

A turn in the Russian War in Ukraine nobody is talking about yet

Porky, gray and tired-looking Vlad sports GBP10.5k Italian coat at Crimea theft anniversary rally

Saying "I am a moron" does not necessarily mean one is, in fact, a moron

⚡️ Xi tells Biden war in Ukraine in no-one's interest.

Zelenskyy warns mercenaries recruited to help Russia fight Ukraine that it will be 'the worst

Pixar's Turning Red is an unlikely culture war battleground

Fuck "Papa John's"

How does this end? Open thread

Mo Brooks Falls in the Polls as Cheetolini Mulls Pulling Endorsement

China's Information Dark Age Could Be Russia's Future

Anonymous Threatens to 'Not Be Kind' to 'Russian Asset' U.S. Rep. Greene

Cancer has a smell. Someday your phone may detect it.

Douglas Macgregor Declares Russian Victory: 'The War Is Really Over for the Ukrainians. They Have Be

Russia "Will Not Allow" S-300 Air Defence System Transfer To Ukraine: Report

The UK says it has impounded several private jets linked to 'Putin's cronies'

Why is J.D. Vance getting canceled by his fellow Republicans?

Indifference to Ukrainian suffering could prove costly for Israel

Picking Sides: Not everyone wants to make Putin an economic pariah over the Ukraine war

Trump considers rescinding his endorsement of Mo Brooks in Alabama's competitive Senate primary

ReidOut Blog: This deepfake of Zelenskyy went viral. Let it be a warning to us all.

Mostly-Black Town In Tennessee Loses Financial Control Just As Millions of Dollars Roll In

OUT there.

Two thoughts on Ukraine.

White Collegedale police officer using a stun gun on a Black Uber Eats driver

Convoy news for Friday, March 18, 2022, for DC

Jan. 6 rioter allowed to question Secret Service agents at trial in ruling that could impact hundred


GOP appeal seeks to curb state court power over US House map

Russia is stealing commercial aircraft

If you ever feel dumb or stupid...

Dr. Oz has a fan at Mar-a-Lago: Melania Trump

Remembering Uncle O'Grimacy, McDonald's 'Shamrock Shake' promo to Ireland

'He's not even tired': Suns wing Mikal Bridges leading NBA in total minutes

Piglet Couldn't Move - Now He's 400 Pounds And Still Thinks He's A Dog

The members of Golden Earring are helping raise money for the ALS Foundation of the Netherlands

Sound Transit mulls aggressive fare enforcement with revenue forecasts in 'wrong direction'

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania declare number of Russian diplomats personae non grata

Deaf dog has not known happiness or love. This woman wants to change that.

Seattle to return nearly 300 artifacts to Upper Skagit Tribe

Trump considers rescinding his endorsement of Mo Brooks in Alabama's competitive Senate primary

Washington commission to vote on controversial spring bear hunt Saturday

The world has disappeared from Google maps - intermittently.

'We win, they lose': America must end the danger Putin poses

India buys 3 million barrels of Russian oil: report

Ohio Republicans discussing impeachment of Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor after map ruling

109 empty prams were placed on Rynok Square in Lviv, the number of children murdered by Russia

New York cop pleads guilty to sexually abusing woman he threatened with arrest

I should have known - Putin on the Rtiz

Texas wildfires, fueled by strong winds and dry grass, prompt hundreds to flee their homes

Texas wildfires fueled by gusty winds prompt evacuations

Rescue Puppies Love Helping Their New Dad Feed The Pig

Trump's Greatest Republican Allies Drastically Misread The Signs On Russia

Mayor Of Lviv Speaks After Russian Missiles Strike His City: 'I Want To Be Proud Of Ukraine'

House passes CROWN Act banning discrimination against Black hairstyles

Senator Josh Fist says sentences in 10 child porn cases raise red flags on Supreme Court pick

McCarthy says Cawthorn is wrong to call Zelenskyy a thug.... but will support his re-election

Lavrov praises the fake station

wonderful Twitter thread of cities around the world lit up in the colors of the Ukranian flag

Tweet of the Day

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

The Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination truly is historic.

Truckers finally honest about what they're protesting

The Story Behind TIME's 'Resilience of Ukraine' Cover

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

Texas' new voting laws are working as intended (unfortunately)

FUNKY BROADWAY - Wilson Pickett

Texas' new voting laws are working as intended (unfortunately)

Opinion Putin's Strange New Messaging on Russian TV

Trump Supporter Can't Accept Election Results - Rebel HQ

Things I am grateful for 18 March 2022, in no particular order

Igor Sechin's $600 Million Megayacht Crescent Seized in Spain

Marjorie Taylor Greene HUMILIATES herself with gaffe of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump voters: The election was stolen from Trump! Some guy on Youtube said the numbers don't add up!

What the New York Times doesn't get about free speech and "cancel culture"

Young Ukrainian cancer patients get medical help in Poland

Cartoons 3/18/2022

Graham's "Tough Talk" is a Sign That Republicans Know They Got Too Close to their"Dear Comrade Vlad"

An IU cheerleader makes the play of the game!

Texas' Bounty Hunter Abortion Ban is a Dire Warning of What Lays Ahead for Our Reproductive Rights

Couy Griffin will be tried for trespassing on the U.S. Capitol grounds beginning Monday

Schwab: Joe didn't do that, and other 'on empty' Trumpist claims

Harrop: Putin gives us another good reason to kick oil habit

Fmr. Zelenskyy Adviser Calls On Celebrities To Follow Schwarzenegger's Lead

Fox News Lauds Neo-Nazi in Ukraine With Austin Ties

'I need you to stop!' Marjorie Taylor Greene fires back at reporter over questions on Russian propag

Ukraine leader shows skill at statecraft, stagecraft

(Jewish Group) Purim in wartime: Bucharest celebration brings haunting past into present

'ForWArd' plan details how state will 'coexist' with COVID

Monetized Trauma (on monetized reproductive slavery imposed by the American Taliban)

Inslee signs bill revising rules for use of force by police

Today is DU's much loved DFW's 70th birthday. Let us all wish him the very best!!

Putin likens opponents to 'gnats,' signaling new repression

VP Kamala Harris is well prepared to carry Pres Biden's foreign policy torch forward.

The daughter of Putin's chief propagandist called from Moscow to complain about being sanctioned

Legislature earmarks $150M for high-speed rail to Vancouver, Washington

The Chinese position is... problematic, re: Ukraine

Don't let the GOP trick you into hating Kamala Harris

Pierce County establishes regional office to address homeless crisis

"Disastrous": Great Barrier Reef again hit with "widespread" bleaching

Baby Please Don't Go

President Trump's staggering record of uncharged criminal misconduct. 48 Crimes!

habits (stay HIGH)

Russian oligarch yacht troubles continue as White House promises: 'That is just the beginning'

Tearful Mariupol Resident Asks 'What Are We Guilty Of?'

American Bar Association rates Biden nominee Jackson 'well qualified' to serve on Supreme Court

Kremlin calls Biden irritable and forgetful, says he insulted Putin

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Russia ramps up attacks on Kyiv and Lviv

Josh Hawley's latest attack on Ketanji Brown Jackson is genuinely nauseating

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Her Most Ignorant Vaccine Claim Yet

The Truth About the Yale Law Protest That Prompted a Federal Judge to Threaten a Clerk Blacklist

Rep. Ted Lieu says Putin is a war criminal - MeidasTouch

Atheist Song

Putin Poison Paranoia Prompts Replacing 1000 Personal Staff

US Senate Races in 2022 that the Democrats are gonna end up winning.

Rachel Hamm: Jesus Was In My Closet So I'm Running For Office

I would love to see a bill brought to the senate/house floor making it illegal for any politician

DC traffic delays, road closures due to convoys

Is it okay to call Trump supporters Nazis when they look like this?

Prized copy of first-ever Marvel comic book fetched more than $2.4 million in an online auction

Canada's UN mission goes viral with tweet mocking Russian letter to UN

Where Does American Democracy Go From Here?

Dust from the Sahara covered this Spanish ski resort yesterday:

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 18, 2022

How conservative courts are steadily limiting voting rights

Russian media report about US troops being killed in Ukraine is false, National Guard says

European Space Agency Suspends Cooperation With Russia on ExoMars Mission Over Ukraine Invasion

Hannity Backs Hawley's Insane Theory On Ketanji Brown Jackson - The Damage Report

Off-duty Virginia officer who stormed US Capitol pleads guilty, is cooperating with DOJ

Bette Midler tweet:

Sabotage: Code added to popular NPM package wiped files in Russia and Belarus

Not 'no', but "Hell no !" (pics)

Why I'm voting for John Fetterman in PA's primary.

Some improvements in the situation in Kyiv.

Ukraine General Staff: Russia plans to transfer troops from Armenia

JD Vance Sided With Putin And Now He May Lose The Ohio Senate GOP Primary

Ginni Thomas is above the law

"Sikh dude passes the vibe check in Miami" (Reddit link)


A letter from Edna

What You Don't Know About Russia's 'Bioweapons' Bullshit

Okay, Why Is Satan Evil ...

Sputnik & RT head tells Putin rally the Russian fight in Ukraine is "against the unclean"

Martin, McDonald, Porter join stars in telethon for Ukraine

Do you know what's worse than born-wealthy people who have no idea what challenges

Locked Up After Cop Watches Pastor Batter Him - LackLuster

What does Putin want and will Russia end its war? -- BBC News

Lauren Boebert Makes A Fool Out Of Herself At CROWN Act Vote - The Damage Report

White House pushes back on 'disingenuous attacks' against Jackson

I wonder when reports come in on November 8th

House Passes Act Banning Discrimination Against Black Hairstyles (MSNBC)

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Vintage posters

Our dogs climb trees (Twitter video)

Jen Psaki Has Now Held More Press Briefing Than All Of Trump's Press Secretaries Combined

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Vintage posters - Posted in Photography

Browns agree to trade for Texans QB Deshaun Watson in deal that includes three first-round draft pic

The Texas Board of Education voted to remove Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from school curriculum

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what it would take for Russia to win....

8yo daughter met a girl at summer camp last year named "Internet"

Opinion: War proves that Russia is no longer a superpower

War proves that Russia is no longer a superpower

Protester Who Lost Eye From Minneapolis Police Projectile Reaches $2.4M Settlement

Kyle Rittenhouse JOKES About His Trial With Gas Meme - The Damage Report

Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul

Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton - "You Are Not Needed Now"

A question for those who "don't always vote": Do you really WANT to vote in November?

Mark Meadows' Double-Wide Voter Fraud: Meadows Now Faces Federal AND State Criminal Investigation

Rubio says China is already helping Russia in "major ways".

Neighbor's Cherry Blossom

Kyiv weather

Putin's Televised Speech Cut Off By A 'Glitch.'

Cleveland Browns trade for Deshaun Watson, will pay him $230 million

There is not a shred of daylight between Putin and TFG,

PM Update: Occasional showers and perhaps some storms through a warm Saturday

You Can't Convince A Believer Of Anything ...

'We live in each other's shelter' - Irish Foreign Ministry

Glenn Kirschner on Bill Barr, Mark Meadows, Trump & More... Political Voices Network

Homes Searched After Criticism Of Russian Governor's War Comments

Trump's Campaign Was Ordered To Pay $350,000 For Trying To Enforce An "Unenforceable" Nondisclosure

Great piece for history buffs, re: Ukraine

Wow! Mark Meadows' Double-Wide Voter Fraud

The next International Space Station crew return is in 12 days.....

Make it so...

Diplomats were expelled

Another report says each participant was paid 300 rubles

The Pro-Putin Wing Of The GOP Echoes Kremlin Disinformation - Deadline - MSNBC

Stalled Russian Troops Beg for Food

Zorro the cat..

Lights Out: Profitable Utility Company Shut Off Electricity to Homes Hundreds of Thousands of Times

Putin rally reminds me of MAGA rallies

" 'Tis but a scratch!"

Tweet of the Early Evening:

South Carolina renovated its death chamber and will now carry out firing squad executions

OMGOSH, Shepard Smith is doing the NBC news tonight?!?!?!?!?!

Ukraine Army claims Russian Lt. Gen. Andrey Mordvichev was eliminated in #Chornobaivka

Tweet of the Evening:

David Brooks lost any credibility he's recently gained, supporting Cruz

Nazi war crimes in Ukraine

So now Putin is kidnapping local Ukranian mayors.

Frontline Journalists In Ukraine On Spreading Accurate Information - Deadline - MSNBC

Stocks deliver best weekly performance since November 2020 as S&P 500 jumps 6% from last week

In rally today Putin quoted the Bible to justify military operation.

If Madison Cawthorn can't accurately tell who is or who is not a thug...

Remember when Hillary won the primary and we lost a bunch of obnoxious voices here

Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

I'm finding social media pretty much useless or at least toxic

Omarosa Manigault Newman ordered to pay more than $60K in Trump-era ethics case

⚡️Dozens of victims reported in Mykolaiv after March 18 shelling and airstrike.

'Those Storms Will Contribute To Russia's Glory': Putin Quotes National Hero To Packed Stadium NBC News

tiedrich (tweet) on the money, for the money

Does anyone know anything about collectible bottles?

Christopher Lloyd is going to be on the Mandalorian!

Video compares Andrew Yang to Napoleon Bonaparte

Sunset, southern MD

crash on the 405 at Victory blvd involves 2 big rigs and 10 cars. No one died

The Daily Show: Misguided Protests of Russian Restaurants in NYC

fuck around and find out

The GOP primaries are going to be wild. The word "flinging" comes to mind.

Rubik's Cube art of Zelenskyy

Yesterday we admitted our first 2 patients with the BA 2 sub variant. I will continue to mask and st

Just discovered this new gem of a cover from the Cowboy Junkies

Iowa closes candidate filing...

Presidents Clinton and Bush bring sunflowers to Ukrainian church to show solidarity

I just got back from Spain, and at midnight, was given this. Is someone trying to tell me something?

Jerry Springer episode? Nope, it's tonight's Ohio Republican Senate debate.

Madison Cawthorn, His act is wearing thin, North Carolina Republicans gripe ...

OC businessman awarded the black student who was taunted at ball game a $20K scholarship

Who wants bet that Trump and Putin have a rally together real soon?

That asshole Trump has opened a new Twitter account!

Former KGB Agent On War In Ukraine - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

To Lead a Long, Healthy, Wealthy Life Don't Live in a Red State -A Statistical Survey of GOP Failure

A 36-million-year-old whale fossil found in Peru

LG halts all shipments to Russia

How Russia's mistakes and Ukrainian resistance altered Putin's war