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Russian Troop Deaths Expose a Potential Weakness of Putin's Strategy

How a Devastating Bus Accident Changed Frida Kahlo's Life and Inspired Her Art

Concerns about crypto's use for sanctions evasion are totally unfounded.

U.S. officials applaud Mexico for assuring 'fair and safe' union vote at auto parts plant

Very, very interesting article from Vox (2015): How World War III became possible

A question for DU military historians

Convoy approaching Ukrainian capital appears stalled as Russia unleashes greater firepower

The White House Announces Guest List for the First Lady's Box for the 2022 State of the Union Addres

Trevor Noah slams media for racist remarks on Ukraine: War 'was Europe's entire thing'

Global hacking group Anonymous launches 'cyber war' against Russia

Odd! Where the hell did all those MAGAt scumbags on Twitter and FB go?

Some Russian troops are surrendering or sabotaging vehicles rather than fighting:

Trump angrily claims the media is lying about his repeated public praise of Putin

WAPO: Putin's war on Ukraine is drawing battle lines within Russia

Pro-Putin Chechen general who led 'gay purge' killed in Ukraine

Is It True? Has Twitter Changed Since The Sanctions? Have Trolls Been Silenced and/or Exposed?

Archeologists in Mexico decipher ancient frieze

Russian radio station taken off air over Ukraine coverage

Apple halts product sales in Russia

What is Tulsi Gabbard actually doing on Russia?

A Ukrainian cyber guerrilla warfare group plans to launch digital sabotage attacks against critical

NOW Summers Wants Biden To Be FDR

WaPo: Pat Robertson says Putin was 'compelled by God' to invade Ukraine

Russian FM: High time American nukes in Europe return to US

Doctors' worst fears about the Texas abortion law are coming true

McCarthy Refuses to Condemn Gosar, Greene

Cultural backlash intensifies against Russia over invasion

Key Putin ally admits Russian tactics in Ukraine failed in early days of invasion and calls for more


It seems to me it is in social media's best interest to keep hard right Putinites off . . . . .

Anthony Bourdain & Mark Lanegan sharing a meal

International banking lobby has warned that it is 'extremely likely' Russia will default if the war

Biden will announce during his State of the Union address a ban on Russian aircraft in U.S airspace

As Biden Stares Down Putin, Go Inside White House For High Stakes Address - The Beat MSNBC Exclusive

Putin's strongman ally may have accidentally shared a map of Russia's Ukrainian-invasion plans

U.S. to ban Russian flights from American airspace, officials say

Oksana Baiul - 1994 Lillehammer Olympic - Exhibition - The Swan

Ukraine: Has any country sent people to train them?

15 miners dead after explosion at Colombian mine

Five Reasons Why Russia is Struggling in Ukraine

Superyacht owned by a sanctioned Russian billionaire has reportedly anchored in the Maldives, which

Maybe it really is just me, but it does bother me when political commentators, for whatever reason,

Pentagon official says Russian troops have 'deliberately punched holes' in their own gas tanks 'pres

When you've lost ExxonMobil...

How to watch SOTU tonight at 9 pm: TV and Livestream Options

Low-profile Russian air force puzzles Western experts

Remember that old TV spot in the 70s, a couple old white guys duking it out in the ring?

AZ Sen. (R) Wendy Rogers censured, called for public hangings and attacked Ukraine's President

GOP pushes to strip safety measures from West Va mining law

NY Prosecutors Investigating Trump Resign, DA Alvin Bragg Refuses to Release Resignation Letters

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has to be the most interesting man in the world.

Suspects in Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Not Entrapped by FBI: Judge

Girlfriend throws man's dog from 7th-floor balcony to its death

Could Congress let you seize this Russian oligarch's yacht?

Tutta Bella Launches Ukrainian Aid Fundraiser At WA Restuarants

Ukraine survived the first week with minimual loss. Russian blitzkreig failed

Our message for the 2022 election should be vote Republican lose Democracy

Tyranol: The Drug For Conservatives Who Want to Forget They Praised Putin

WATCH LIVE: President Biden Delivers 2022 State Of The Union Address - NBC News

Alaska Airlines suspends partnership with Russian airline

Fox: "Look, Russia is now being canceled."

Anyone else expecting a "you lie" moment tonight?

WTAF?! Georgia Senate seeks to let parents nix masks through 2027

Barring a 'miracle,' California snowpack will end the season below average

Before Biden decided to run, there were those who believed, of all things, that the world needed

Timmy Thomas - Why can't we live together

Love Nicolle's dress tonight!

My friend came to me .....

WATCH LIVE on March 1 at 8 p.m. ET - Biden delivers State of the Union - Washington Post

Nuclear winter, crop failures and fallout: What nuclear war would do to civilization

Pat Robertson says Putin was 'compelled by God' to invade Ukraine to fulfill Armageddon prophecy

WATCH LIVE 9PM ET: Direct feed of Biden's 2022 State of the Union and Republican response

One NATO Ally Can Easily Block Russian Warships from Joining the Battle

Can the networks please show college games during the lockout?

Super duper news about Ukraine and other events.

Seth Meyers - Ukrainian Brewery Swaps Craft Beers for Molotov Cocktails - Monologue 2/28/22

Foreign And Domestic Agenda At SOTU Address - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Russian Embassy in Canada & Trump obviously share the same propaganda writer

Jeff Tiedrich evening tweet:

Watch Live: ASL interpretation of Biden's first State of the Union address - CBS News

Why Russia should fear the coming insurgency in Ukraine

IMF and World Bank preparing $4.4 billion aid package for Ukraine

1st Lady Jill Biden is wearing a beautiful royal blue dress tonight!

Russian troops in Crimea refuse to take part in Ukraine invasion

D.C.'s top prosecutor says Capitol riot investigation is far from over

Biden banning Russia from US airspace because of Ukraine

"Thankfully we have a @POTUS who lives in reality for this crisis."

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Democrats Of Plot To 'Create Happiness' For Voters

Belarus president stands in front of battle map indicating Moldova invasion plans

I know this is a serious event... but *if* we were doing shots tonight...

Zelensky urges Biden to send strong message on Russia and says: 'I'm not iconic. Ukraine is iconic'

Austin ISD says trans students will always be protected, despite Paxton's directive

I am seeing lots of Blue and Gold....On Democrats..

Austin ISD says trans students will always be protected, despite Paxton's directive

China suggests it will be 'playing a role' in finding ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine

President Biden's State of the Union Address - WHITE HOUSE

State of the Union address

Meet The Republican Delivering The Biden Rebuttal - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Shelling of Kharkiv resembles 1990s atrocities in Bosnia - UK PM Johnson

60% of Russia's exports are oil and gas.

A little thing, but I'm so proud to see two women on the dais.

David Rothkopf: "At few times in our history have so many senior political leaders so betrayed our

Do you think GQP congressmen will clap when Biden

Some records taken by Trump are so sensitive they may not be described in public

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about videos from Ukraine and contradictory statements from me

anyone know who the designated survivor is

The Daily Show: "Ask your doctor about Tyranol."

*Democrat Maryam Khan just WON tonight's special election for the Connecticut House!

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

I've yet to see Manchin converse with a democrat.

Right-Wingers Throw In For Putin And Russia

My immediate hope for the Ukraine is:

Empty seats. Republicans NOT Sowing up. COWARDS...TOTAL Disrespect.

I smell a rat, many republicans are skipping the SOTU address

Who is the designated survivor?

From shock therapy to Putin's war

Looks like Boebert and MTGreen are sitting together.

Judge orders new trial for US woman sentenced to six years for trying to register to vote

A good reference resource for all the hardware potentially available in the Ukraine war.

Anthony Blinken is quite handsome.

SOTU address thread

First time in American History We'll see Two Women Behind the President at a State of the Union

Behold the scene unfolding on your TV if tuned to the State of The Union address

*SOTU, repeated BIG applause,

Now here's an interesting molecule, CsZrF4(IO3)

Boeing suspends Moscow op./parts, maintenance and technical support services for Russian airlines."

Surrendering Russian troops near Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Potus getting his righful cheers.

Thee 'repulsive ones' are clapping enthusiastically, yes?

Greg Abbott, Beto O'Rourke secure nominations for governor's race in Texas primary election

Labour's opportunity: a multi-party government

Vehicle reservations for Glacier National Park open Wednesday

The demise of the Russian airline industry?

I predict that the orange fool is tearing up speeches. Written in black magic markers.

The contrast between Biden praising the world uniting against Putin, and the GOP

not important but...

Mardi Gras dinner tonight--Cajun shrimp on a bowl of grits. Avocado toast. Cold beer.

Biden to Vlad: I fucked you up

Putin Refuses To Budge As Peace Talks Stall - Ring of Fire

Fox News Host DESTROYS Pro-Russia Propaganda - Rebel HQ

How many of the no-show Republicans didn't want to be seen clapping for Ukraine and against Russia?

Could the Russian Army be quitting on Putin?

Russian Forces Destroyed the Wild and Beautiful Art of Maria Prymachenko

Biden threw down the gauntlet to Putin.

Before the fuckwits say it

Did I just witness a bipartisan support of Biden's entrance in to the Chamber for the SOTU?

No applause from repukes for historical job numbers.

Someone get a screenshot of Mitch McConnell listening to Biden's State of the Union speech!

Kremlin Humiliated After 100+ Diplomats Walk Out of Lavrov Speech Justifying Ukraine Invasion

been listening to what i call friendy music from the 1920s,30s . calm

Is Manchin sitting with repukes? I thought I saw him just now on their side.

biden speech live on sky news and france 24.

Was This Black Man 'Executed' by Rogue Bounty Hunters in Houston?

Joshua Looks Like A Young John Denver.... nt

The empathy you see on your screen is so OBVIOSULY real.

From 2015: Special Report: Russian soldiers quit over Ukraine

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Please tell me the Dems didn't chant

Tell me you're in junior high without telling me you're in junior high...

Biden just called on 14 year old Joshua.

"Capitalism without competition is exploitation."

You know those videos of Ukrainians taking/driving Russian tanks and armored vehicles?

They Look Lost

Justice Democrats lead Texas congressional primaries

Good gracious is this a damn good song. Why does "popular" country radio suck so bad

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver Thinks Cue Card Wally Is Plotting a Late Night Coup

Joshua 2060.

The Impossible Suddenly Became Possible

Somehow, I don't think Nancy will rip this speech up...

Who Is Going To Deliver The Repug Response To The SOTU?.....

Is feeble ole Joe talking again?

Texas Sued For Classifying Gender-Affirming Care As Child Abuse

What is on the podium in front of Nancy Pelosi?

Man, am I deeply grateful for President Biden and his leadership!

Biden's Support for Ukraine Is Much More Effective Then Trump Because of Biden Himself

Texas Attorney General Primary Results


TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 3, 2022 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1960s Winners

What Was MTG Chanting?...

This is the most substantial SOTU in years. It feels great.

Many voting locations throughout Texas did not open because of staff shortages

The Daily Show: Samantha Power - The Ukraine Invasion & The World's Response to Condemn Russia

I am going to take a wild guess here.

who said what to cause the boo's just a second ago?

Putin 'Badly Miscalculated' By Invading Ukraine Says Biden - MSNBC

Glad That Democrats Chanted USA USA. We Need To Reclaim Patriotism from Traitors

Remember this.

Speaker Pelosi is really anxious. nt

Let's end cancer as we know it

Boebert gets hushed and called shame when she claims that Biden put Americans in flag-draped coffins

Hounds chased a National Park mountain lion into a tree. Then Greg Gianforte shot it.

WTH! Another suicide in barely over a month.

The First Lady had a customized sunflower added to her dress today to honor Ukraine

Biden knocked it right out of the park!!

Exxon Mobil has also said it will exit Russia oil and gas operations that it has valued at more than

Gryff either took great comfort in President Biden's words, or he's just a shameless mama's boy


Fox News correspondent keeps pushing back on guests' misleading claims about Russia's invasion

Biden Announces Justice Department Will Add Prosecutor For Pandemic Fraud - NBC News

I give this SOTU address a A+

Civilian resistance emerges, despite falling bombs. Day 6.

I thought Biden was wonderful tonight

TCM Thursday morning:

fucking Chuck Todd

Horse poops ready to take out of the barn.

Beto O'Rourke

Christie tearing down the speech "predicting" high gas prices.

Biden: Addressing Inflation Is 'Top Priority' - NBC News

I saw a lot of bipartisanship!

Christy needs to shut he's trap.

She speaks for me.

who is the grey hair woman who stays near Biden?

Putin 'Badly Miscalculated' By Invading Ukraine Says Biden

Biden Announces Closure Of American Airspace To Russian Flights - NBC News

Russian Hit Squad Sent to Assassinate Zelensky 'Eliminated,' Ukrainian Official Says

Sen Joe Manchin (D - WV) ?

EDIT!!!! Eric Swallwell says it was MTG who shouted over Biden

Hate to say it, but so many speaking directly to POTUS gives me concern;

Joyce White Vance on the introduction of Ukraine's ambassador

President Biden's "escorts" are finding it challenging to get the Pres. out of there. The women are

SotUnion - Who's the lady with the well cut gray hair?

When is the Republican Response lie-fest on so we can riff it MST3K style?

Biden calls out Republicans for the $2T tax cut for the 1% as his Rescue Plan created 7.5M jobs SOTU

800 less vehicles in that miles long convoy...

The upcoming Republican response....

Jennifer Rubin: "Biden delivered. An inspired address on Ukraine. A signal he's heard the public on

Governor of Iowa, blech.

Biden Praises 'Fearlessness' Of Ukrainians Amid Russian Invasion During State Of The Union - NBC News

3 Russian armored battalions destroyed by special aircrafts on Kherson borde

Who is this idiot on msnbc?

Sweden's government calls for even tougher sanctions on Russia

Units are surrendering without a fight...


Everything This Repug Gov From Iowa Is Blaming Biden For .....

Here we go!

The Governor of Iowa is a traitor to America.

Why do we have to listen to the foul mouth

Russian airborne troops have reportedly landed in Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Monster of Moscow has made a devastating mistake...

Will someone please announce the end of the reThug rebuttal?

Putin signs decree to prohibit leaving Russia with more than $10,000 in foreign currency

The Govornor of Iowa is complaning about lockdowns,

Hopeful positive speech

God Bless PRESIDENT Joe Biden !!!

Biden remarks on the COVID-19 pandemic during State of the Union - ABC News

*The American President on HBO now.

We need a rebuttal to the republicans

Nothing against tattoos, and it's none of my business....

Incompetence X 1000%

The Republican retort is irrelevant.

Ruble now worth less than a penny

Gov. Kim Reynolds is the best they've got??

when did opposition party response to SOTU become a thing?

Republican response in a nutshell: Talking points, no substance. Dear God, we got nothing!

I dream

⚡️BREAKING: European Parliament recommends giving Ukraine EU candidate status

Joe should have given the Capitol Police The Medal Of Freedom. All of them that were

Seems the Republicans sat on their hands for lower drug prices

Amid War And Plague, Biden Tells The Country 'It's Going To Be OK' - MSNBC

We have not flown an American flag since President Obama was in office.

Putin is not only an autocrat who initiated an illegal & immoral war against Ukraine,

Ron Klain post-game recap

Wednesday Digit: 9/10 - Not quite warm enough for a perfect score, but mostly sunny

Russia imposes a de facto military censorship over its invasion of Ukraine

Looks like it was BOTH of the GOP Q-Lady Trolls who were supreme assholes tonight

Rep Lauren Boebert gets booed after shouting while President Biden talks about his dead son Beau

people are leaving fake restaurant reviews to let people in russia know what putin is doing

Keith Urban - Fast As You ft. Dwight Yoakam and Brothers Osborne (2018 Stagecoach Festival)

Google Maps Is Blocking Edits In Ukraine After Claims It May Have Been Used To Coordinate Russian Ai

The Hits Biden Didn't Take During His State Of The Union Address - MSNBC

Isn't it so great to have decent, kind people back in the White House?


Vladimir Putin looks bloated and ashen in photos from meeting

Bobo and Marge, and GOP absentees all theater for Big Daddy Pooty tonight at SOTU.

Got a notice Youtube removed Putin propiganda videos I allerted on

Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns and Money (studio version + live, Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ, 1980)

Trump's 'Tough on Russia' Fairy Tale, Biden Addresses the Nation & Putin's Black Belt Gets Stripped

All bets are off if Putin slashes the West's oil supplies

More than 6,000 arrests in Russia during protests over Ukraine war, says human rights group

Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)? (Full Documentary)

Useful tax-season memo sent to Ukrainian taxpayers

Queen - Radio Ga Ga (Live Aid, 1985)

Manchin sits with Republicans during State of the Union

Four-camera live earthcam from Ukraine

Hey NY Times, change the tiles. #PaintWordleBlue

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 4, 2022 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1970s Winners

'It Is Horrendous': Russia Prepares Vacuum Bombs to Blitz Ukraine

Zelenskyy To European Parliament: The Ukrainian People Will Not Be Broken - The ReidOut - MSNBC

More Stories Surface of Alleged SFPD Inaction on Crimes, Chief Claims 'Serious Morale Issues'

Annie Lennox - Walking on Broken Glass

☦🌻💙🇺🇦💛🌻☮ Orthodox 'Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit'

"I'm not a praying man, but if I were, I would be on my hands and knees thanking the Almighty"

The NYT can just be so shitty & petty

Tonight in Austin, progressive Greg Casar won a decisive victory in the Democratic primary

'Spare A Thought For Gov. Reynolds': Unpacking The State Of The Union Rebuttal - Maddow & O'Donnell

Us and Them by Pink Floyd

Russia receives Venezuela's 'strong support'

Tweet of the Late Night:

Elon Musk Complains Tesla was left out in Biden tweet

Did Rep. Tlaib

Working out.

Paul McCartney & Steven Van Zandt - I Saw Her Standing There (live, London, 2017)

Manchin sat with the repugs

A sincere "THANK YOU" to Reps.Boebert and Taylor-Greene:

More S.F. residents share stories of police standing idly by as crimes unfold:

Chuck Todd inserts his foot into his mouth yet again

Copperhead Road - Steve Earle

OLD but relevant mail:

"This will lead to a Russian depression." Bill Browder on the Russia-Ukraine war

Biden talks about 'unity agenda for the nation' during State of the Union - ABC News

Neil Diamond Talks About "Holly Holy" Then Plays It (Live 1971)

Russian Embassy to the people of Canada.

Iz in trouble with the nanny.

Ukrainian anthem sung in Winnipeg where there are many people of Ukrainian

The Musk/Bezos Corporate Tax Law 1040.

Two More Bottles of Wine

Newsweek's Rightward Swing Has Kushner Written All Over It

trying to remove safari but it wont let me , is safari part of the os ?

Ukrainian choir sings Ukrainian and Canadian national anthems ahead of Jets vs. Habs

UN General Assembly vote

Andy RICHTER is in Cher/TAKAI territory: Nails Teh BOEBERT/GREENE

Why Biden Hit A Nerve With Threat To Seize Russian Oligarchs' Yachts - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Could Congress let you seize this Russian oligarch's yacht?

Disrespect for the Russian flag. Please copy and spread

It WAS Boebert who disrespected Biden when he was talking about his son. (She admits it)

Boebert shocks Democrats with Biden State of the Union interruption

Refugees Report Discrimination At Some Ukraine Border Crossings - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Not for nuthin' ...

The key to happiness

Has anyone had trouble with PayPal or heard of the horrible things that have happened to users?

Biden Foreshadows Russian Brutality In Ukraine While Celebrating Unity And Hope - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Julian Castro just recited, on MSNBC, a # of recent TX election results moving toward Dems;

Zelensky assassination plot foiled, Ukrainian authorities say

i think i may have solved my issue with sfari wantingto constanty pop up.

Our Flotus.

For fun, Ann Richards:

Clinton Hails Global Unity Against Putin's Threat To Democracy

Most talkative cat ever!

Trucks from L.A.'s port rumble down their tiny street day and night. Residents have had it

Boebert and Greene are like the two dumbest drunks in a honky-tonk. The ones

Photojournalist Captures The Humanity Surviving Putin's Onslaught - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Green Sparkle Frog "Honeyball"

I know what Boebert did, but what did Greene do?

Beto O'Rourke Touts Plan After Winning Texas Governor Primary - NBC News

Highlights From Biden's First State Of The Union Address

Beto O'Rourke Touts Plan After Winning Texas Governor Primary - NBC News

Watch Highlights From Biden's First State Of The Union Address - MSNBC

when no one will talk to you after the state of the union (except the other crazy one)

What Putin's "Denazification" of Ukraine Really Looks Like

George P. Bush has forced a runoff against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Late Nite Mood Jazz - Smooth and Relaxing

Christo Aivalis: Trump LOSES ALL the MONEY he's Hidden in Russia

Wednesday A.M. Lazy Coffee Jazz - Relax to Bossa Nova Streaming

Did the Republicans declare their support for Putin

Allegedly, according to Jasmin Vossoughian, MSNBC,

On the left, Ukrainian children, On the right, Russian children

Christo Aivalis: Trump Secret Service Agents Share DISTURBING SECRET About him

The Lincoln Project: History is made on the first evening of #WomensHistoryMonth.

Re: repugs' 'response,'

Putin's promises on 1st day in office

Boeing Ends Support for Russian Airlines

Elgar 'Serenade for Strings', Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Dear Vladimir I Have Some Advice For You Not Kidding

Metropolitan Opera sings Ukrainian anthem

Most speech watchers say State of the Union made them feel optimistic, proud - CBS News poll

Biden's Historic SOTU Address - The 11th Hour - MSNBC


Argentina to send IMF deal to Congress this week -president

Reporters Without Borders publishes "unprecedented" report on protective mechanisms for journalists

A friend wrote:

A new look at baby 'safe haven' laws, After SCOTUS hearing

The Daily Show: Russia Escalates Its Ukraine Assault As Putin's Aides Question His Sanity

It looks like TX-28 will have a runoff between Cuellar and Cisneros

Maybe Putin will commit suicide.

Christo Aivalis: Trump Hosts Event that Ends in DISASTER

Lauren Boebert Heckles Biden During State Of The Union Address - NBC News

Christo Aivalis: Trump ACCUSED of TREASON by Fox News

186 and counting...

The Month of March 2022: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore

Marco Rubio is a pissy little crybaby. That is all.

LateShow: Sen. Bernie Sanders On Putin And The Oligarchs

Time again for another WEDNESDAY DANCE!

Stephen Colbert Goes LIVE After Biden's First SOTU Speech A Rousing Call To National Greatness

Meth Badgers.

FYI: Jon Stewart will be a guest on Morning Joe this morning.

DU's take on President Biden's State of the Union?

Timely advice from Ukraine's Tax Office:

Results of republican primary for TX AG.

Stephen Colbert LIVE Post SOTU Show - Monologue and Opening - 3/01/22

Wordle 256 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

"I Think Biden Made The Right Pick" - Sen. Sanders Strongly Supports Biden's Supreme Court Nominee

CBS: Want to help people in Ukraine? Here are ways to donate.

Was President Biden Feeling The Bern Tonight? Sen. Sanders Thinks So.

Keto diet

Stephen Colbert LIVE Post SOTU Show: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders

Arizona Supreme Court: Jeep can be sued over girl's death

NYTimes Wordle 3/2

Al Jazeera: Russia's invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day seven

Defender....vs. Pretender....

Amazing Ukraine!

John Bolton: Trump Made It 'That Much Easier' for Putin to Invade Ukraine

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Wednesday TOONs - The Table

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, March 2, 2022

I hope our Federal Government is keeping a close watch on Putin's American assets

State of the Union: Biden vows to halt Russia, hit inflation

California Home Next to Kevin Costner's Lists for $109 Million

A wonderful gallery in the Guardian today

Russia claims control of southern Ukrainian city of Kherson

(today) One of Putin's strategic/military targets in Ukraine

Could a non-NATO member friend, like Israel, give air support?

Screw chain outlets forcing Fox down customers.

Cargo Ship Carrying Thousands of Luxury Cars Sinks in the Atlantic

Ukrainians Confront Russians With Gruesome War Images

New Zealand Police Battle Protesters to End Occupation of Parliament Grounds

The Teenager Who Tracks Elon Musk's Plane Has a New Obsession: Monitoring Russian Oligarchs

Update on my melanoma.

Putin has Paul Manafort's friend Yanukovych waiting in Minsk, Belarus to be Pres. of Ukraine

MTG/Boebert re-election 2022 Time to stop promoting shock

Reuters In Pictures: Scenes from the State of the Union March 1, 2022

Arrest photo of proud boys andrew walls (punched woman)

The War in Ukraine - Democracy v Autocracy

President Zelenskyy's show "Servant of the People" you can watch free on youtube

Germany prepared to stop buying gas from Russia

Nascar's Tony Stewart Puts Indiana Home on the Market for $30 Million, Making it the State's...

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/2/22)

I think it's time we properly pillory Rep Tlaib.

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 for May 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #175: Summer Can't Come Fast Enough (3/1/2022 Edition)


The Rundown: March 2, 2022

Ford Creates Electric-Vehicle, Gas-Engine Divisions in Company Reshape

TFG silent after his minions, Bobert and Greene, look like fools they are.

It's Ash Wednesday!

From Truck Convoys To Longing For The Good Old Days Of Stalin, It's All Toxic Nostalgia

MSN: After Russia invaded Ukraine, Credit Suisse asked investors to destroy documents linked to olig

Russian Influencer Posts TikTok Showing How to Drive 'Abandoned' APCs

Private payrolls rose by 475,000 in February, topping expectations: ADP

Voice message reveals Russian military unit's catastrophic losses in Ukraine

Florida GQP Takes Bold Climate Action W. Bill To . . List Locations Threatened By Rising Sea Levels

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder

David Bowie's son humiliates Russian network for Space Oddity words as he supports Ukraine

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday urged Jewish people around the world

Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa uses G.O.P. response to blast Biden over 'runaway inflation.'

Emergency Dam Release, Major Flooding In Sydney; Flood Levels Unseen Since . . . March Of Last Year

REUTERS: Taiwan president to donate a month's salary for Ukraine relief efforts

In 4 Years, UK Environment Agency Downgraded 93% Of Most Serious Pollution Prosecutions

Can someone post a list of the Senators

Former German chancellor loses entire staff after refusing to resign from Russian energy co boards

Nature - Carbon From Tropical Deforestation Far Higher Than Prior Estimates; It Doubled In 20 Years

Hillary Clinton: "I am very, very grateful Joe Biden is our president in these challenging times."

An original song about the 3 hardest words to say... I Don't Know


Why no mass protests in Russia? Sociologist Grigory Yudin demonstrated against the invasion

This May Be The Last Time

Dr. Seuss was born on this date.

Today's Image Dump (3/2/22)

Table talk says a lot.

What's with sky news?

Miles Davis began working on this album on this date in 1959.

Dumb & Dumber photoshop opportunity? (MTG and Boebert)

Four whiffle balls found. Eight to go. Well, for a second, anyway.

A Russian soldier surrendered. Ukrainians gave him tea, food, and let him call his mother on video.

You raised $60.00 on March 1, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

What is the difference between UN "peacekeeping" forces and NATO ?

Lou Reed was born on this date.

Konotop mayor given an ultimatum to surrender or the city would be razed by shelling

Last Week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

REVEALED: Charter school program favored by TN governor rewrites civil rights history (Hillsdale)

Larry Carlton has a birthday today.

Biden hit the nail on the head here. Well received.

Metro Detroit eateries, liquor shops, cooks show support for Ukraine through food, drinks

The free world has a choice. Grovel before Putins nuclear threat, let him kill who he wants, let him

REVEALED: Charter school program favored by TN governor rewrites civil rights history (Hillsdale)

Rory Gallagher was born on this date.

This is what REAL LEADERSHIP looks like:

So I know two people who were at the Jan. 6 protest.

China won't join the United States and EU in imposing financial sanctions on Russia

UN watchdog warns Russia bombardment endangers Ukraine's nuclear security,

Aeroflot has been trespassing on airspace that they are now banned from.

The Ukraine insurgency Russian troops will face is going to be brutal.

Putin isn't losing it. He never had it.

Karen Carpenter was born on this date.

I am at "peace"..for the first time, in a very very long time

Cartoon: Puppet propaganda By Clay Jones -March 1, 2022 9:00 AM

What Could Be Done About The Russians That Laundered Money Through....

What will we do when there is a confrontation between

Russia has Given More Military Aide To Ukraine than NATO

Well, if that isn't a stupid rhetoric filled response!

Putin who??

Ukraine conflict: Airbus, ExxonMobil and Boeing take action over Russia ties

"Rare Russian" against war in Ukraine.

Apotheosis of the Russian Empire

Here in the USA, we have a comic strip called "Beetle Bailey."

Powell tells Congress that Fed will raise rates this month

Manchin sits with Republicans last night.

What is the best age to learn to read?

A #Russia's missile hits the building while a Ukrainian volunteer is asking for more help.

It's time to confront the Trump-Putin network

A parade of morons on Russian State TV

NYT: As I Write, President Zelensky Is Beside Me. Please, Help Us Show Putin the Mistake He Has Made

NATO-Russia relations: the facts

Kharkiv Assault Intensifies

Atheism And Religion Are But Two Sides of The Same Coin

Sit down, you are embarrassing yourselves...

Who let the - - -s out?

It's time to confront the Trump-Putin network

George P. Bush is in runoff against Paxton and wants TFG to endorse him

Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Amtrak, Penn Station Partners begin Baltimore Penn Station construction

Russia intensifies attacks on Ukraine, claims control of Kherson in southern Ukraine DW News

The only switch hitter in MLB history who hit .300 from both sides of the plate.

Greg Casar wins Democratic primary for Austin and San Antonio area congressional seat

Radio Talk Show Host in Minnesota Takes Shot at Governor's Office

Covid. Remember Covid? Looking at yesterday's data on

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 2, 2022

One ruble is worth 9 sheets of toilet paper...

Some crazy sh*t went down last week. (TLP video)

"Set me up for life": Female college athletes stash NIL cash

An ultimatum to Putin?

Putin's plan was written 20 years ago. So far every step has came to pass.

A Simulated President's Daily Brief on Putin and Ukraine (Just Security)

Michael Beschloss: DC restaurant responds to death of Stalin, this week 1953:

For those wishing to follow the continuation of the UN Emergency Session of the General Assembly.

Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away (live) (my favorite Rory cut)

Powell just said at his testimony that he is inclined to raise interest rates at 25 basis points

Videos show Russian troops as they attempt to strangle key town (CNN)

How the era of travel nursing has changed health care

Sunrise Movement weighs in. (Who are these people?) 😬

Why no mass protests in Russia? Sociologist Grigory Yudin demonstrated against the invasion

BTRTN: Ukraine Stands Tall, With US-Led Global Backing

BTRTN: Ukraine Stands Tall, With US-Led Global Backing

If belarus and other states are joining russia's fight in the Ukraine, why isn't the West joining?

'Tanks and mud are not friends' -- Ukraine's terrain is proving to be a problem for Russian armor

Charter school program favored by Tennessee governor rewrites civil rights history

9647 new cases on AZ Dashboard for week ending 3/1 ;449 deaths

Here is how South Floridians can help Ukrainians

Probably a joke: Ukrainians selling used Russian tanks on eBay?

Texas Democrats Hit Long Lines and Tech Problems in 2022's First Primary

A Prayer

Colombia suspends human rights monitoring ahead of elections

"Most speech watchers say State of the Union made them feel optimistic, proud - CBS News poll"

Pro-Putin disinformation is thriving in online anti-vax groups

Time lapse video of goose barnacles (Twitter)

These children were detained by Russian security forces for bringing flowers to the Ukrainian embass

$1 million bounty on Putin offered by Russian businessman

QAnon on Facebook this morning...

How Open-Source Intelligence Is Helping Clear The Fog Of War In Ukraine

People of Energodar, Ukraine, make a human shield to block Russian column (Twitter)

Oil driller invests in carbon-capture pipeline for Midwest

China's Propaganda Machine Is Now Cranking for Putin -- and Blaming America

I wonder if Navalny knows what's going on.

It's time to confront the Trump-Putin nexus

Last night, I heard Judy Collins sing "Amazing Grace" in person

Mountain-sized chunk of rock hiding under Japan is channeling earthquakes

Russia moves to criminalize "unofficial" information about the invasion of Ukraine

Britain gave a 30-day exemption from asset freeze for Moscow bank.

He adopted 24 unwanted cats. Then he built a custom house to make them happy.

'Pretty gross but also very stupid': Madison Cawthorn blasted for bill blocking aid to Ukraine over

Stealing A Russian Tank

US Ambassador to UN: Russia has deployed cluster munitions and vacuum bombs in Ukraine.

The modern Republican Party:

Laurel & Hardy - Shine On Harvest Moon - Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

This is the worst toupee ever...

Captured Russian soldier apparently being fed by locals (video)

Pro-Putin Disinformation on Ukraine Is Thriving in Online Anti-Vax Groups

Rant: States that need their drivers to take remedial classes.

Pan seared halloumi with fig jam. I'll say no more!

Russian Offensive campaign Assessment , March 1


Jared Yates Sexton: Time is running out to build a new world

Much-Hyped D.C. Trucker Rally Turns Out To Be a Complete Joke

Remember TCM tonight, The King and I

All roads lead to The Hague.

'You can still see some of the blood on the sidewalk': CNN reporter describes aftermath (CNN)

Ukraine has decided to return prisoners of war to their mothers if they come to Ukraine

Lindsay Graham was speaking a few minutes ago;

Sandy Hook vs Remington, tying it all together.

At some point my life became complicated. Now on a hot day, I don't know if I would rather have a

Putin's Russia is a Second Rate Conventional Power...just like the GQP: TFG, MTG, crOoze, and BooBoo

Honda suspends exports to Russia, more Japanese automakers could follow

Who's Afraid of Ketanji Brown Jackson? by Sherrilyn A. Ifill

WTH! I've been buying Glide floss for years. Lately it breaks several times as I use it. This

'Hungry' Russian Soldiers Loot Ukrainian Shops

Oath Keeper charged with seditious conspiracy for Jan. 6 attack poised to plead guilty

Tweet of the Day

r/JoeRogan (Reddit) has a sad over this SNL sketch:

Mexico Nixes Russia Sanctions To Keep 'Good Relations', Whines About RT Being 'Censored'

UN votes to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and calls for withdrawal

BULLET TRAIN - Official Trailer (HD)

Biden Press Corps tweet - McConnell and Judge Jackson meet up.

"I've never found you could lower costs by spending more." --Manchin

Donald Trump is currently president but high gas prices are Joe Biden's fault.

Putin is trying to cancel Democracy

Pooty has two weapons that threaten the US, nukes & repukes. nt

Why didn't Dubya warn us?

Ron DeSantis blames Joe Biden for just about everything

No good deed goes unpunished 😳

An Appreciation of Ukraine Propaganda Strategy

My Trumpy neighbor has no words today on Facebook. I think he watched the SOTU....

Florida schools superintendent who defied DeSantis on COVID masks is ousted

Krugman tweets about an article on Russian logistics

DOJ announces KleptoCapture task force to hold Russian Oligarchs accountable

OK, some quick fun, through window, a 'raft' of buffleheads!

They are so determined to see President Biden fail that they would let President Putin succeed.

RootsTech 2022 begins tomorrow, March 3

Summertime Blues-Blue Cheer

Whoopi to Boebert: "Who the hell do you think you are, little girl? Who do you think you are?'

Leaked document from Russian troops showing war against Ukraine was approved on 18th January

Why every American should despise Fox

Painful image of Russian tank and troops dealing with the mud

141 to 5, the UN General Assembly voted in solidarity with Ukraine, demanding Russia end invasion

Dogs (1) ... Cats (2)

Russia's Navalny calls Putin insane and urges anti-war protests

Russia peddling Trump's Big Lie at the UN.

DeSantis refuses to divest Florida of $300 million in Russian investments - but criticizes Biden ove

General Petraeus said on CNN that putin will not win this war

From Kyiv Post: Ukraine has received more anti-tank missile complexes from Estonia

Our message for the 2022 election should be vote Republican lose Democracy

Baby giraffe running all gangly legs:

Juror in Ghislaine Maxwell case who may have lied on jury form says he'll invoke the Fifth amendment

Minn. GOP gubernatorial candidate: I never expected Putin's help, "but I'm getting it!"

Cats wait anxiously for toy retrieval:

Ukrainian Nearly Killed by Missile Strike While Recording Message in Terrifying Video

Woman burns her Russian passport in Ukraine protest

Rep. Boebert's State of the Union heckle disrespected the president and veterans like m

Russia is reportedly forcing teachers to teach the government's justification for the Ukrainian inva

Kyiv Mayor Klitschko Speaks Of Ukrainians' 'Colossal Will,' Saying 'No Iron Can Defeat Us'

Best first wedding dance ever:

Russian soldiers continue to get a warm welcome in Ukraine (warned about local witches)

Russian soldier vs. Door

Ed Markey @SenMarkey: United States used the Marshall Islands as a proving ground to test nuclear

Madison Cawthorn: "As the great philosopher Toby Keith said...."

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 2, 2022

Ukraine: what anti-war protesters in Russia risk by speaking out

Russia holds OneWeb rocket launch hostage, issues conditional demands

Ukraine jets hit Russian column; Russia has used thermobarics, Ukraine military says

Does anyone now think that MTG is incapable of planting pipe bombs at DNC?

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya peddles Trump's Big Lie:

Millions of Russians turn to BBC News

UN report warns of climate-related mass extinctions, including the disappearance of penguins and pol

Putin is determined to 'burn down Ukraine's house,' former CIA operative says.

The Texas GOP attack on trans kids reaches a horrifying new level

dr. demento brought me here ,

Department of Justice announces new taskforce, "KLEPTOCAPTURE"

Putin Accidentally Revitalized the West's Liberal Order

Roman Abramovich says he has decided to sell Chelsea Football Club.

Is there a trigger for actual military intervention ?

Analysis: The shifting map of Ukraine makes Russia's intentions clearer

REVEALED: Charter school program favored by Tennessee governor rewrites civil rights history

Russian imperialism in Ukraine calls on Americans to unite against a common enemy

NATO Countries Pour Weapons Into Ukraine

Russia's 40-mile convoy has stalled on its way to Kyiv, a U.S. official says

Billboards all around Kyiv: "Russian soldier, stop!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the SOTU, Biden, and European worries about Russia....

Keyboard army using restaurant reviews to take on Russian state media

Christo Aivalis: CNN Calls Trump a Disgusting TRAITOR

Russia's wealthiest man hit by EU sanctions due to ties to Putin and Russian officials

DeSantis bullying kids at press conference to take off masks

Pic Of The Moment: Ron DeSantis Attacks Biden, Stands With Putin

This Man Has Saved Over 1700 Abandoned Dogs

Probe: Restaurant owners shortchanged employees nearly $170K

Opinion: The world condemns Putin's war

And now... Kittehs!

This may be the most impressive two minutes of ineptitude I've ever seen in my entire life ...

Justice Department launches plan to go after billionaire Russian oligarchs and their assets

Kim Reynolds shows the true face of the GOP -- but not the one she intended

How russian propaganda depicts the war:

Companies pulling back from Russia over the war in Ukraine

"I'm the real hero, not Zelenskyy!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald Trump Is Now Miraculously 43-0 Against 'Partisan' FEC

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich ready to sell Chelsea days after ceding stewardship

The 34 Best Italian Restaurants in America

Officials Aiding Ukrainian Refugees Targeted by State-Sponsored Phishing Campaign, Researchers Say

Can anyone recommend a good organization helping Ukrainians fleeing with pets?

DeSantis says France wouldn't fight back if they were invaded by Russia.

Ukrainian artists embraced as Russia sees cultural blacklist

Success for progressives in Texas while Trump ally suffers major blow

Report that Russia is expelling US Ambassador John Sullivan.

Jack Sweeney tracking oligarch jets.

An accused Capitol rioter is making the first January 6 trial 'easy' for the Justice Department, pro

Mudslide blocks westbound SR 18 in Federal Way

More than 20 openly LGBTQ+ candidates won primary races in Texas - a record high

Using copywrite materials.

Ukraine's pro-Russian minority turning against Putin amid invasion - France 24

Longish but good (unrolled) thread re: Russian troops in Ukraine --

What Washington and King County's COVID policies will look like after March 11

Putin probably thinks/thought Ukraine will be a replay of Hungarian Revolution in 1956

Affordable Apartment Project Advances Near Downtown Bellevue

Ex-cop who stalked woman sentenced to 10 days jail

Would NATO intervene if Putin triggers article 5 by invading a NATO country

Russian oligarchs moving yachts as U.S. tracks down assets

You know, today's was really my kind of Wordle (spoiler of course)

FDA warns of possible false results from unauthorized COVID-19 tests

It's Amazing How Sure These Pundits Are

Do you think Trump lobbied his buddy Kim to vote against the condemnation of Russia in the U N ?

Pentagon lifts mask requirements

The Three Stooges: 'You Nazty Spy, 'I'll Never Heil Again': 3 Stooges Mocked Hitler Before Chaplin

So DeathSantis said France wouldn't fight back.

Used to really like Sam Elliott, now?? Not so much

In Cuba, most children 2 and up are vaccinated against Covid-19

Honduras repeals controversial secrecy law

Ty Cobb's Hall of Fame vote percentage (98.2%) stood as a record for 50 years until....

Brazil: Bolsonaro uses Ukraine war to support extraction on indigenous land

Guatemalan Water Defenders Celebrate 10 Years of Resistance

FULL TRANSCRIPT of President Biden's State Of The Union Speech March 1 2022

Sen. Tim Kaine, still experiencing long covid, introduces bill to research and combat it

'My MMA Gym Will Be Empty': Chechens Head To Ukraine To Fight Kadyrov

GOP pushes to strip safety measures from West Va mining law

What's wrong with Ukraine? Simple. They lack real patriots and true bravery!

A surrendered Russian soldier Is moved to tears after a video call with his mom

In #StPetersburg, #Russia, the police detained a well-known survivor of the Siege of Leningrad Yelen

I think that some people maybe do not understand the Cold War.

"What is a thermobaric weapon?" A short guide to Putin's new toy

Russia invasion of Ukraine: Northern Ireland-built NLAW anti-tank missiles may have halted dreaded 4

Gohmert gives up safe seat in Congress to lose TX AG bid. He came in last.

Do republicans secretly want Putin to win?

a rocket strike near Kyiv's rail station, may leave parts of Kyiv without heat during freezing temps

MORE progress on the feral front. Spooky meowed at me when I said her name, just now.

Wisconsin GOP Election Report Embraces Fringe Theory

Was anyone else curious about that silver thing

Today's Image Dump (3/2/22) Part 2

Orwellian propaganda permeates Russia's state TV. All of Ukraine's defenders are the Nazis

American Cajun, Blues & Zydeco Festival: Magnolia Sisters, Cajun Roosters, Lil Buck Sinegal

That's one persuasive mouse:

Take with a grain of salt, but this is concerning....

Abandoned dog HOWLING by the side of the road is living her best life now

Donald Trump Was Everything Vladimir Putin Could Have Wished For

Biden says 'nothing is off the table' when asked about banning Russian oil and gas

Dictator De Santis bullying students!

Swedish defense minister calls Russian violation of airspace 'unacceptable'

Trump Acts Tough On Russia But Bolton Delivers SHOCKING Blow - Rebel HQ

Video message projected on the Russian embassy in UK

This YouTube channel is giving good summaries of the daily war situation in Ukraine

Chelsea to be sold

Sanctioned mobster Oleg Deripaska's DC mansion was raided by the FBI last October

Most of the world lines up against Moscow, attacks intensify

Cartoons 3/2/2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Democrats Of Plot To 'Create Happiness' For Voters

Lake Stevens schools investigating apparent racist threat

Congresswoman Nikema Williams on the death of her great-aunt Autherine Lucy Foster

Manchin lays out a Dem bill he can back: Taxes, prescription drugs, climate cash

Colonel Oleksandr "Grey Wolf" Oksanchenko RIP

AG seeks refund for low-income Providence, Swedish patients

Maybe there should be a gofundme for a bounty on Putin.

Please folks: LESS posts on the Three Stooges (TFG/MTG/LB)

Middle Age Riot Tweet (Truth Social)

Ukrainian maternity ward moves to basement for shelter

Those who are "enthusiastic" for war...

Pentagon Press Briefing now: US schedules ICBM test launch.

UN: Africa, already suffering from warming, will see worse

DeSantis goes even lower

I forgot it is 'Ash Wednesday' until I saw the smudge on President Biden's forehead

DOJ Launches Task Force To Enforce Sanctions Against Russian Oligarchs

How Racism And Sexism Could Define Ketanji Brown Jackson's Confirmation Hearings

Remember the 400 Russian special forces hunting Zelensky...

Seaborne Russian gas supplies to Europe disrupted by looming port bans

TODAY, Marshall on Senate floor arguing getting Covid is a good way to combat Covid.

I am wondering how long before NATO air power against the Russian military.


Pentagon press secretary John Kirby holds a news briefing

Blinken holds news briefing on Russia invasion of Ukraine

Just got a call from a friend who I'm not real fond of reuniting with.....what do I say??

Philadelphia police fatally shot a 12-year-old in the back Tuesday


Does anyone really think that NATO will risk a nuclear holocaust if Russia were

Bangladeshi bulk carrier hit by Russian Navy missile: 1 crew died

CNN just said all the corruption in Russia may be one reason

Police detain survivor of the Siege of Leningrad Yelena Osipova at anti-war protest

A really cool cloud swept over D.C. on Tuesday. Here's what caused it.

Elephants And Fig Tree

With Regard To Russian Nukes: What Condition Are They In?

MADURO claims "102%" vaxx rate, denies dictatorship'cause Venezuelans did what he told them to do

Did not realize it is Ash Wednesday until I saw the President on tv.

"Ohio: We have a problem"

A really cool cloud swept over D.C. on Tuesday. Here's what caused it.

A really cool cloud swept over D.C. on Tuesday. Here's what caused it.

The casually suave Prince Madoc

Which 2022 US Senate Election do the Democrats win 1st?

MAGAt Paul Gosar (Clueless AZ jackass) needs a hint.

In my 71 years on this planet I have never raised a hand to any woman.

Trump's border wall has been breached more than 3,000 times by smugglers, CBP records show

Beating the Religious Right at its Own Game


Madigan indicted!

fred guttenberg spent night in jail when he yelled out at SOTU, why not boebert?

China Asked Russia to Delay Invasion Until After Olympics

I could see Putin deploying one tactical nuke

Germany seizes Oligarchs $600 million mega-yacht

Zelensky has call with Israeli PM and ... "crickets".

Some Marjorie Taylor Greene photos from SOTU via Getty Images

Nato Member Romania loses fighter plane, rescue chopper sent for it ...

Canada's capital shows clear signs of support for Ukraine

My whiffle ball recovery ploy is working.

Have I missed it or are there no comments from dump-a-lago?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 March 2022

I think Mike Lindell is getting hard up

Trump Suggests Putin Just Claim He Won

Judge blocks NY's bid to shutter NRA, but lawsuit continues


Russia's President Putin falls on ice after hockey match

Tom Nichols tweet re: Republicans.

Macron: 'Europe must pay the price for peace, freedom and democracy'

GOP Lawmaker Drops Re-Election Bid After News of Affair

Found on FB

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Daily touch of France - Wednesday edition - Paris and Aix with pigeons

(photo) Reps. Boebert and Greene

Costa Rica legalizes medicinal marijuana use, hemp growing

Florida Republicans relying on trial lawyers to enforce conservative agenda

DeSatan tells HS students on a visit to the Univ. of South Florida to take off their masks!

Mayer: How Fossil-Fuel Companies Are Stonewalling Sarah Bloom Raskin's Nomination to the Fed

Any word on a Celeb concert for Ukraine?

Only 5 countries vote against U.N. resolution condemning Russia

Adriatic Sea's Natural Rhythm Makes Music Through 230-Ft Organ.

Posting this for discussion. Re: Putin

Russian businessman Olexandr Konanykhin promised $1 million for killing Putin.

A Ukraine urban legend

Oil prices spike even higher amid 'de facto ban' on Russian crude

Twitter thread by Gary Kasparov

Here's an idea for the Oligarchs' mega-yachts...

Watching the TV from Paris, France, reading the news and it sure looks bad

Liberal Redneck - Boebert and MTG

Michael McFaul just said there are different types of Oligarchs

Home collapses on Hawaii's North Shore, more likely to follow

The GOP has witnessed the russian atrocities-bombing civilians, arresting grandmas

Madison Cawthorn Quotes "The Great Philosopher" Toby Keith

Ex-House Speaker Michael Madigan indicted on federal racketeering charges alleging array of bribery

How Putin Wants Russians to See the War in Ukraine

There's rumors Putin is considering imposing martial law in Russia

First Oligarch Yacht seized by Germans.: Daily Mail 600 mill UK

I think Don Jr. was lying when he said he didn't do crack.

Swedish defence minister calls Russian violation of airspace 'unacceptable'

Hennepin Healthcare promised to address 'systemic racism.' Then came the blackface photos

Russia to declare martial law in either Ukraine or Russia

Make no mistake, the U.S. has oligarchs too...

Oath Keeper plans to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy and obstruction of an official proceeding

Sunset, southern MD

As we celebrate Women's History Month,

Brush fire in oc. Smoke can be seen all over

30 Clothing Design Features That Left Their Owners Pleasantly Surprised

Oathkeeper Joshua James pleading guilty to Seditious Conspiracy and Obstruction

'Major Step Forward': AIG to Stop Insuring Coal, Tar Sands, and Arctic Drilling

Tyranol: The Drug For Conservatives Who Want to Forget They Praised Putin

Kremlin TV Tells Ukraine to Listen to Fox News Guest and Kneel to Putin

"We Will Save Democracy" - Good News Roundup, March 2 - Biden SOTU Edition

The Neville Brothers with the Dixie Cups - Brother John/Iko Iko/Jambalaya/They All Ask'd For You

Politicians you've either met or seen at rallies or public events

Israel's Holocaust museum is so dependent on a Russian oligarch that it wants to protect him from...

I didn't watch the SOTU because I knew the repukes would be disrespectful to President Biden.

Putin said he wouldn't target civilians BUT...

Maybe Zelensky should ask for unarmed citizens to help stop the convoys.

Don Jr.'s CPAC Speech - The Lincoln Project

when your people are in peril and they are counting on you

Boebert Fans Learn She's An Idiot In Real-Time - Rebel HQ

Peter Navarro Doesn't Show for His Deposition

Twitter Spaces is kind of cool!

Kherson has fallen to the Russians

Zoom in

Russia seeks 'slow annihilation' of Ukraine's military

Ukraine sunset in Washington, DC this evening

"Gangsters of Capitalism," Jonathan Katz: Parallels Between Jan. 6 & Anti-FDR Coup- Plot, 1934

Putin has ordered that tomorrow every school in Russia teach the "truth" about the "liberation missi

Since I had parents who made sure I had a conscience and I also have an often used sense of shame,

Trump's border wall has been breached more than 3,000 times by smugglers, CBP records show

Has Tr**p Made Any Comments On Last Nights SOTU Address?.....

Russia is creating a pretext to seize Ukraine nuclear plants

My store, Stew Leonard's, has a sizable liquor department and

UK sanction loophole of 30 day 'wind down period'

Which DUer had the photos of the howler monkeys and those 2 GOP jerks shouting last night

Examining Russia's failing propaganda war

Courruption in Russia. Is it really corruption when it is the norm?

Ukrainian Crowd Blocks Russian Access To Nuclear Power Plant

AirBnB CEO on with AriMelber. Kudos to them working to host displaced Ukranians free. However . . .

High-speed trains departing Russia for Finland are packed.