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Pentagon chief says Russia has 'struggled with logistics,' made 'missteps' in Ukraine invasion

The five states yet to draw US House maps

Ohio redistricting panel charts course to 4th map proposal

State treasurer urging Congress to pass 'Safe Banking Act'

Whatcom maintains 'low' COVID ranking from CDC, as one region's infection rate drops to 6

Black adult hospitalizations reached a pandemic high during the omicron wave, CDC study finds

Pentagon chief says Russia has 'struggled with logistics,' made 'missteps' in Ukraine invasion

No hiding the shame - dog snitches on his pal


How is this possible, he is a republican?!

Pro-Trump Pastor Rails Against Church Being Kept Out of Government

US lawmakers visit Poland, urge help for Ukraine military

Texas Democrats-Who went to their county/senate district conventions today?

Good to know about Conservative candidate Poilievre.

Image: Kyiv, Ukraine. 23 February.

Gas prices 'without a doubt' changing consumer behavior, AAA spokesman explains

Dangerous escalation ,ex-CIA director on Russia's use of powerful weapons.

Oligarchs drop defamation lawsuit over Trump-Russia dossier

Trump Admin Directed DHS Intel To Pursue Voter Fraud Fantasies Ahead Of 2020 Election

Ukraine Continues To Resist 24 Days Into Invasion

Judge Dismisses Project Veritas Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN

Twice poisoned Putin critic makes predictions about the Russian government.

U.S. suggested Turkey transfer Russian-made missile system to Ukraine

In Big-Hearted Poland They Hate Only One Man: The New Hitler

Humorous Tweet: The Russians are losing so many generals...

Was it really about vaccine mandates -- or something darker? The inside story of the convoy protestsA

Australia bans exports of aluminium ores to Russia over 'illegal' aggression towards Ukraine

Zelenskyy's show Servant o

Russian diplomat: "We have plans against NATO."

Video: Mariupol officer issues appeal to Biden and Macron

More than 10,000 sign online petition to cancel Emmett Till opera

Does anyone have solid info on the supposed "hypersonic" missile with which Russia says

Russian state television cut off Putin speech before he limps off the stage- Telegraph video

My wife asked which of her friends would I prefer for a threesome.

Little People

Video: Evacuees from Mariupol find shelter in school

Sean Miller returning to Xavier, will replace Travis Steele as next head coach

Anti-Tank Guided Cat (ATGC) #Ukraine

President Zelensky's attitude toward Russia reminds me of something a neighbor

Zelensky blasts Swiss banks, Nestle over 'business as usual' with Russia

Two amazing sand sculptures:

Clash approve new version of London Calling - Kyiv Calling - by Ukraine band for fundraising - VIDEO

Anonymous strikes again...

Scientists studying reforesting

Even Hitler didn't bomb like this...

Detailed Standard Time vs. Daylight Savings Time poll

Amazing Grace (Christian Hymn) - Danish Guitar Performance - Soren Madsen

Innovative effort to save coral reefs:

Small dog trees a bear:

Russians Deporting Mariupol Residents To Camps In Russia.


Anyone here watch "60 Days In" ?

"For the fifth straight year, the American Cattlemen's Association proudly presents its

Malcolm Nance on criminal Bannon

Here's The Real Reason Why Melania Trump's Fundraiser Was Shut Down--She Must Be Freaking Out!

Belarusian railway workers sabotage their own railroad...

Cowboys for Trump co-founder charged with campaign violation

Kyiv Calling - Clash-approved new version of London Calling by Ukraine band Beton, for fundraising

ABA Gives SCOTUS Nominee Highest Possible Rating Ahead of Monday's Confirmation Hearing - MSNBC

Ukrainian defenders are advancing against Russian fascist invaders northwest of Kyiv.

So I asked "How many Nazis has Russia captured?"

Russians standing in long lines in Saratov today in an attempt to panic-buy sugar.

The People's Convoy was defeated by one person riding a bike in downtown DC

Opinion: The Senate accidentally agreed to move our clocks forward. Blame Putin. - Millbank

Kyiv Calling

Mark Knopfler - Telegraph Road (live in Seville, 2015)

5.3 million laying hens to be destroyed as bird flu reported at fourth Iowa facility

I know nothing of military hardware or weapons, but I'm guessing this is impressive?:

Zelensky addressed Switzerland...

An Exclusive Interview With Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams - Cross Connection - MSNBC

🌻Paradigm Shift -- Zeitenwende -- Turning Point🌻

Before common sense

Mark Knopfler - Telegraph Road (live in Seville, 2015)

Latest UK Intelligence brief:

Saint Peter's Peacocks win again

Ukraine war: Putin has redrawn the world - but not the way he wanted

Endless Love sung by Zelensky and his wife

Chinese official calls sanctions on Russia increasingly 'outrageous'

Why It Matters that We Call the Russian Invasion What It Is: Genocide, Not War

U.S. Government Warns Russia May Plan False-Flag Chemical Weapon Attack on Ukraine - MSNBC


Waning Gibbous, 98% visible

Waning Gibbous, 98% visible

Purchase this home and you get "uniqueness," to put it mildly...

10 Shot Outside Arkansas Car Show, Kids Reported Among the Victims

The Russian truck logistics thread. More interesting than you might think.

The woman I've seen blowing off all COVID precautions the most posted she lost her dad to


Glenn Kirschner - "What's The Tipping Point for Justice?" - Political Voices Network

GOP organizing at gas stations as new 2022 midterms strategy: report

The Gonzaga-Memphis State game is pretty good

Sunday Digit: 7/10 - Much cooler than Saturday with a noticeably gusty breeze

Ukraine's celebrities are dying in the war, adding dimension to the nation's shock

American health care workers risk lives in Ukraine - ABC News

Don't Worry Be Happy - Ukraine Naval Band (Odesa)

*Check Amna Nawaz (usually on PBS) discussing international 'stuff'

Chinese official calls sanctions on Russia increasingly 'outrageous'

Sweetness of children. Warning you might tear up.

J.S. Bach: 'Sonata No. 2 for Violin Solo', James Ehnes on violin

Jessie Montgomery's 'Strum' played by Catalyst Quartet

Like the line in Blues Brothers. There's two kinds of music; Country AND Western. This one's Western

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Frank Bridge: 'The Sea' Suite

1st time on a plane. Where'd you go

Sunshine Week: State AG says huzzah, state Senate not so keen on free speech

analysis of damage in Mariupol shows widespread attacks across residential areas

'This is kind of our small contribution': Maryland group sends medical kits

Artist, 84, Loses Arm After Being Attacked By 2 Dogs In Her Front Yard

Gas tax suspension signed into law, will last through May 31

Leftists in Colombia get 400,000 more Senate votes after objection

@emptywheel: Parnas to plead guilty

Woman dead after fight over bowling ball erupts into gunfire, Georgia police say

Sundae 🍨 Bach 'Oboe Concerto' (Performed on Recorder by Lucie Horsch

Mark Meadows' Double-Wide Voter Fraud: Meadows Now Faces Federal AND State Criminal Investigation

Amb. Taylor: 'I Am Absolutely Convinced That The Ukrainians Will Win'

Sundae🍨 Morning Coffee Jazz & Bossa Nova for Relaxing Weekend Livestream

A lab in rural Virginia is racing to preserve Ukraine's cultural heritage

Tool-less? These are the tools you absolutely need around the house

Golden Earring - Going To The Run (studio version & live in Leiden, 1999)

"Real love shouldn't be painful"

farcebook can go blow they sukkk

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: St. John 14:27 (NRSV)

Washington Gas fined more than $1 million for customer service issues.

Epic Games will give all Fortnite proceeds from 3/20/22 to 4/3/22 to humanitarian relief in Ukraine

The War in Ukraine: An Operational Assessment

Frankie Beverly and Maze - 'Joy and Pain' feat. Kurtis Blow

Jesse Powell - 'Something In The Past'

Ukrainians' escape by rail, explained - Vox

Japanese quarantine box, unboxing

"Anyone who donates to TEA Fund can be sued under SB 8."

Students Build Website to Help Ukrainian Refugees Find Housing - NowThis News

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 3/14/2022

LASD helicopter crashes with 5 deputies aboard

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: Chants by the Monastery Choir of St. John, Calif. 🌻💙🇺🇦💛🕊

Owl Vision - Darkness EP (2009) Swedish Dark Electro

Moldovan pigeon breeder offers Ukrainians refuge

Steely Dan - "Bodhisattva'

Unknown hackers interrupt broadcast of volleyball match on Russian tv

Guardian: 'Kenosha (WI) off-duty police officer shown putting knee on 12-year-old girl's neck.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Spring Squeeeefest 2022 Edition

Guardian: Suits of armour and jousting knights: the Orange medieval festival - in pictures

Today, in Russia's news-media: Chemical weapons, nonsensical contradictions and cannon-fodder.

Russia is trying to trick immigrants into joining the russian army as cannon-fodder:

Hey! What happened to all of the Trump fundraising...

Republican county chairwoman arrested in Jan. 6 investigation

Did you hear about the guy who mistook a bottle of Wite-Out for Viagra?

The terrifying view from Mariupol

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 57.

March 20, 2022 is the first day of spring, so let's all leap into action and enjoy the mostly

Canada mosque: Worshippers stop axe wielding attacker

NYTimes Wordle 3/20 💐

Breakfast Sunday 20 March 2022

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 20, 2022

Car Runs Into Carnival Revelers in Belgium, Killing 6

Huge Crowds Turn Out for Funeral of Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi

Wordle 274 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Etta James

Convoy news for Sunday, March 20, 2022, for DC. Links to traffic cameras and a Twitter account

Russian Foreign Minister Praises Fox News For Presenting 'Alternative Points Of View'

My mother tricked my father into sending me to an independent all women's college.

Thanks to the Mayan women of Belize

Anti-Abortion Groups Once Portrayed Women as Victims. new bills will make them serious criminals

Things that make me laugh, somewhat?

Neo-Nazis are exploiting Russia's war in Ukraine for their own purposes

Today's Image Dump (3/20/22)

It's Sunday

Gas prices are going down in Florida, Below $4.00 yesterday.

"Neither man has a democratic bone in his body."

When the Right praises "Daddy Putin", this is what they mean

"I trained Ukrainians to fight Russia. I've never seen a war like this."

⚡️Ukraine's military intelligence claim that Russia's elites scheme to overthrow Putin

Young journalist among 2 killed in Norfolk shooting

Morning chuckle

Sergei Rachmaninoff was born on this date.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was born on this date.

You raised $85.00 on March 19, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser (UPDATED)

Q-Branch thing

Marian McPartland was born on this date.

Larry Elgart was born on this date.

Our next president will be a female POC.

Jerry Reed was born on this date.

You raised $50.00 on March 19, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund!

Solar Power


Marcia Ball has a birthday today.

There could never be an 'Elona' Musk - women are held to far higher standards than men

Cabin On the Hill

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Receives More Than 1,000 Donations After Watson Trade

Today is Sunday - 3/20 - Please Enjoy Today !!!

AP FACT CHECK: Republicans twist Jackson's judicial record

da bears

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

OMG! What the Republicans are saying about Judge Jackson is TRUE!

Tens of thousands of Russian families have no idea what's coming their way, yet.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:


We're going to pretend nothing happened? Charles Pugh to return to airwaves

Cuddly chicken:

Bird gets spa treatment:

2nd tweet: bird gets spa treatment:

TV addicted cats:

The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History

Relentlessly pursued:

Take a bow DUer Cozmo

Bruce Springsteen - Fade Away

A small reunion of Ukranians

Sunday Funnies

The Aussies contribute aid to Ukraine

AP FACT CHECK: Republicans twist Jackson's judicial record

CALL THE MIDWIFE: Season 11 Premiere March 20

This drone footage of Mariupol. My god

Life Fights Back: Detection of Oxygenation of Petroleum Contamination by Microbes.


Update on those Belarus Railroad Workers!

Mama sloth cuddling her baby:

🚬🕳❗️'DO SOME DISHES: B.C. resort CEO apologizes for sexist comments

Do you mind?!

One of Ukraine's goodest boys:

"Retracted War of Attrition" What does this mean?

DU POLL: Will Putin and his "I have nukes threat continue?" I don't think it's stopping. He will use

Recent study of effects of Covid-19 on brain

happy equinox du.

The Trump voters who believe Trump is honest.

Happy Birthday, Fred Rogers

Shadow's a happypuppygirl.

Brain farts

Shadow's a happypuppygirl.

Start IDENTIFYING Republicans who are Pro-Putin.

Russia demands Mariupol lay down arms but Ukraine says no

Poll: What are you doing so far to help elect Democrats in the midterms and beyond?

Deep End (Pete Townsend) - After The Fire-Live (Featuring David Gilmour and Simon Phillips)

Spring Starts @ 11:33 EDST

Wow! South Carolina is bringing back the firing squad

must have been dreaming

Inst. for the Study of War's assessment of Russia's stalled campaign

How did you sleep last night? As soundly as this trio?

Alexandria officials say they followed policy in reporting alleged sex assault

China is siding w/ Russia on Ukraine war.

When will the J6 committee begin TV hearings?

#bloodytrade #PutinsSponsors #boycottnestle

Russia systematically destroys Ukraine's civilian infrastructure

LOL! Harrison Ford was Michelle Phillips' (Mamas & Papas) pot dealer.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 22: 31 Days of Oscar: 1940s Winners

Everybody. Dance. Now. ⚠️ GRAPHIC IMAGES ⚠️

Little dog hides to ambush man coming up the stairs: (2nd tweet):

Dem senator smacks down Chuck Todd after he whines about Biden calling Putin 'war criminal'

Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time - FUN!

Cute mongooses breaking open plastic eggs to get at treats:

ATTN The following GOP Senators should not be allowed to say jack about Biden, Putin, or Ukraine.

Ukrainians blame ordinary Russians.

Canada mosque: Worshippers stop axe wielding attacker

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 23: 31 Days of Oscar: 1950s Winners

Cat's reaction to the same puppies the Golden met

California teacher under fire for leading pre-schoolers in an anti-Biden chant: report

Belarus' Ambassador Offered "30 Pieces of Silver" As He Left Ukraine

CP Rail workers walk off the job amid fears strike could further impact supply chains

Ukraine's 'secret weapons': Inside the training camps for foreign fighters

See what happened at a Russian rapper's protest concert

11:33. It's SPRING! ☀️ 🌸 🌺

Finally Spring! This winter has been something for me.

A very good thread on the Russian army

CP Rail workers walk off the job amid fears strike could further impact supply chains

This is actually a sympathetic article of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) on Ukraine,

Moscow TV war protester urges other Russians to speak up against the "gruesome war"

This is not an episode of Jerry Springer. It's tonight's Ohio Republican Senate debate.

Ukraine military intelligence: Russia's elite planning coup, head of FSB considered to succeed Putin

It's the Beginning of Spring Everywhere,

Another mass shooting, this time in Arkansas

Ukrainian TV to combine broadcast amid martial law

Boston Red Sox, Trevor Story agree to six-year, $140M contract

OK, clearly a trained trick, but still impressive:

"The Russians are losing so many generals they're gonna have to call up Mike Flynn from the bullpen.

Dan Rather tweet: Putin was a cold blooded mass murderer of civilians in wars long before Ukraine.

Well, this is a bit of a failure!

Cartoonist Marian Kamensky FTW.

I saw a revival of Weber's "Cats" last night. I had a few words for my cat when I got home.

"Yes, Ukraine *was* beautiful. But now, it will become great." Must-see video from Zelensky!

Your best hello to spring poem?

#BoycottNestle: Anonymous calls for Nestle blackout after it refuses to cease Russia operations

My Melanoma nightmare explained.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 20, 2022)

A dog paraglides with his owner and loves it

Overreach used to signal the beginning of the end of the overreachers' ability to overreach

Riverside County parent furious after teacher leads political chant involving preschool students

(2020) Interview 'I was a bad influence on the Beatles': James Taylor on Lennon, love and recovery

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Russian space agency's new tone....

Joni Mitchell & James Taylor - Live in Concert at the Paris Theatre in 1970 - Radio Broadcast

President elect Yoon Seok-yeol wants MND building not the Blue House

My head is reeling over the law proposed in Alabama (pregnancy test/purchasing pot)

A random thought brought about by Zelazansky's comments.

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 20, 2022?

Russia's Push for Self-Sufficient Economy Fails Before Western Sanctions

Zelensky: 'Ukraine cannot compromise on its territorial integrity.'

Russian mercenaries in Ukraine linked to far-right extremists

McConnell says "vast majority" of Republicans "totally behind" Ukraine

President Zelensky has released a new video - There will be new dreams. 💐

Austin vows "significant reaction" if Russia uses chemical or biological in Ukraine

North Korea fires multiple rocket launcher

President Zelenskyy remains defiant in the face of the latest violence in Ukraine GMA

I have a question for those familiar with asphalt.

Tanner Brass: Canada police force in racism row over boy's death

Ukraine's Armed Forces say they have eliminated deputy commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

Ali Velshi: 50 dictators around the world are watching Ukraine to see how the world reacts to Putin

'Crime against nature': the rise and fall of the world's most notorious succulent thief

Put Putin on trial! ✍️ Add your name. ✍️

Elie Mystal: 'Racism And Disgusting Innuendo' Is All GOP Has Against KBJ

I wonder how many Russian soldiers have deserted or surrendered.

Austin vows "significant reaction" if Russia uses chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine

New York Times Pitchbot: Symbols of hatred have become far too common in American public life...

Sex abuse by prison guards violates incarcerated people's rights. How is that not obvious?

I'm always leery of the drumbeat of war.

AP Exclusive: US admiral says China fully militarized isles

Saber-toothed cat-like species identified in fossils found decades ago in California

President Biden: We're in a genuine struggle between Autocracies and Democracies

Shopping therapy today

Amid new bombings, Ukraine now seen as a war of attrition

Russian spy chief arrested, officials split over Ukraine invasion - report

Why are people in rural areas and small towns so often republican..(not always though)

Unarmed Kherson forced the Russian invaders to retreat

Kerik was reimbursed for Willard "War Room" by the "CAMPAIGN"

Anything can happen': What to watch for in Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's hearing

President Zelenskyy has me in tears with this video #LongLiveUkraine

President Zelenskyy has me in tears with this video #LongLiveUkraine

Trump's 2024 hinting game sure looks like it's illegal

A Ukrainian mathematician and protester in Russia has apparently killed himself

Pope Francis condemns 'inhuman and sacrilegious' war against Ukraine

Labor foe Schultz returns as Starbucks union effort grows

S&P slashed Russia's debt to junk and says there are already 30 corporate 'fallen angels' as a resul

Judge Jackson's Supreme Court hearings spotlight lack of Black women in the Senate

Chinese ambassador declines to say Beijing won't provide military supplies, weapons to Russia

The Beatles "Revolution #9" covered in concert by Alarm Will Sound

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher raise $30 million for Ukrainian refugees

The Beatles rockin' n rollin' -- "Revolution" (music video). Shoobie doo wah.

The Beach Boys' Al Jardine and Brian Wilson - "Sloop John B" (live in the studio)

999 - Concrete (Full Album)

Official Ukraine tweet: We really appreciate your thoughts & prayers but we're at maximum capacity..

The Searchers -- Goodbye My Love (stereo)

Gerry and the Pacemakers - "You're the Reason"

Roger Marshall gives trucker protesters a Capitol tour

Paul Revere and the Raiders - The Great Airplane Strike

Kyiv - The Tragic History of Ukraine's Capital


State, others take tree-to-sea path to saving salmon

Germany reaches energy deal with Qatar to reduce dependency on Russia.

Comment: Infrastructure work key to state's rural communities

Rocky Mountain Mike "Trumpfully Dumb" (Pink Floyd parody)

Sullivan: Putin's propaganda tactics aim for doubt, confusion

World's longest span suspension bridge: The 1915 Canakkale Bridge

U.S. affordable housing crisis only getting worse

I am really finding it hard to "squee" or chortle today.

US Offering $5 Million Rewards for info on Russian Elites' Assets

Russia's richest man invests in Canadian Uranium

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Out and about in 2012

ABBA - "I Still Have Faith In You"

Cartoons 3/20/2022

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Out and about in 2012 - Posted in Photography

Mukilteo-Clinton ferry a high priority for restored service

Shemekia Copeland Clotilda's On Fire, Uncivil War, 2020 release

Lawsuit: Everett hospital hid 'charity care' in the fine print

Badfinger - No Matter What (live)

Why Zelensky is 'very frightened' of Putin believing his own claims - CNN video from this morning

'Victims of the same lie': War frays Edmonds couple's family ties

'I Think We're Done Here': Jen Psaki Shuts Down Reporter After Barrage of Questions on Hunter Biden

'Victims of the same lie': War frays Edmonds couple's family ties

WATCH: Bill Maher Asks 'Why Didn't Putin Invade Ukraine When His Boyfriend Trump Was In Office?'

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 57.

These charts show how much it costs to charge an EV vs. refueling a gas vehicle

The Troggs - Love Is All Around (studio version & live in 1968)

Pregnant Stray Cat Scales Family's Screen Door Looking For Food

TCM later:

Dick Durbin Reaches Out to Republicans as Supreme Court Hearings Start

This three-legged dog narrowly escaped euthanasia. Now she's living her best life.

U.K. COVID Cases Are Rising. Health Officials Are Watching To See If The U.S. Is Next, NPR

Ukraine has 'defeated the initial Russian campaign,' study concludes

This Dog Goes Paragliding With His Owner And Loves it!

Ukrainian historian: Putin made two huge miscalculations

Lupin: Seven charged over armed heist on Paris filming set

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 March 2022

Not one tRump sign on that road today.

Zelensky draws line in negotiations: We're not giving land to Russia

It looks like I might just have Daffodils as my Easter dinner centerpiece

Eric Trump Gets New Nickname For Idiotic Remark

So it's impolite to refer to putin as a war criminal?

(Jewish Group) The true story behind the Midge Maisel-Sophie Lennon rivalry

I think I just had a great idea regarding Russia and the abortion vigilante laws

String of bad luck - close calls - how to process?

⚡️General Staff: Russia loses tank detachment in failed Kyiv assault.

Surprise! Osprey looking in my direction! &

PROPAGANDOFF: Russian State Media vs US RW Media

Rick Beato video: This Song From the 1500's Blows Me Away (John Dowland)

Heatwaves at both of Earth's poles alarm climate scientists

I believe inexperience outside of the bubble makes rural folks cautious, less tolerant, and clannish

Taking Calls On Ukraine's Help Line For Russian Military Moms

Gardening in jeans

Just Rented My 14th Airbandb Apartment In Kyiv - You Wouldn't Believe The Messages I Get

Americans Want a No-Fly Zone--Until They Learn What That Actually Means

That's usually not seen.

For service members of color, fear of racism weighs heavily in career choices

Pass this around -- Vote as if you are Ukrainian this year!

behind the choir and pulpit in my church.

Goodbye to winter

Isn't receiving stolen property a crime?

Putin loses ANOTHER top commander: Black Sea Fleet captain, 51, is 'shot dead near Mariupol' in late

The Latest Attacks By the GOP Against SCOTUS Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Star Trek makes Stacey Abrams president of United Earth - and stokes conservative anger

Zelenskyy calls on Israel for stronger opposition to Russia, compares invasion to Holocaust

Haman's Hats!

Down Memory Lane with The Nation

There's one way to stop Putin, w Stephen Fry.

34th anniversary congrats to Mr & Mrs Val Demmings..

Tantalizing teaser from Cheney on 1/6 Committee recommendations

Russia Bombs Art School Turned Shelter

The QAnoning of our political discourse

I've found the right amount of CNN to watch per day

Corn on the cob season is within reach

Russian Soldiers Took Their City, Then Their Homes

Ukraine: US condemns 'unconscionable' forced deportations of civilians from Mariupol

Russian Fleet Commander, Andrey Palin, has been Shot Dead by Ukrainian defense forces.

This pup's nose:

Backlash over critical race theory spreads to medicine, targeting doctors who discuss race

Interrupting a very important work meeting:

TCM has Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle through April 15.

Is Putin sending Ukrainians to work camps? - Inna Sovsun, Ukrainian MP

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin removing his staff....

Kevin McCarthy says Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff will be removed from House Intelligence Committee if

Movement to replace Putin...

Amid new bombings, Ukraine now seen as a war of attrition

Pope Francis...


Reliant on Russian gas, Germany concerned over winter fuel supplies

New book by Bob Dylan this fall: "The Philosophy of Modern Song"

The Ukrainian people...


Gandharvas - The First Day Of Spring

Petty Thieves Plague San Francisco. 'These Last Two Years Have Been Insane.'

Germany getting gas from Qatar...

PM Update: A bit unsettled this evening. Beautiful weather for Monday.

An Inspector General Report That Called For Immigrants To Be Removed From Unsanitary Conditions Has

Russian joke: "We are now entering day 24 of the special military operation to take Kyiv in 2 days."

Experts say Russian war unsustainable


Unexploded missle in Kharkiv, Ukraine kitchen....

Ohio Senate Candidate Appears To Call Opponent 'Pussy' At Forum

Feb 24th, just a coincidence?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 20, 2022

The Violence Against Women Act Still Doesn't Address This Dangerous Issue

I've posted Daniel Donato before

If Belarus gets troops involved in Ukraine...

Daily Distraction 20/03/2022

I dread to find out, one day, that Poland has had enough

Daily Distraction 20/03/2022 Posted in Photography

I spent the weekend practicing drawing with more precision.

Aunt crabby to Rep Matt Gaetz: It's simple 5th grade spelling. You fukin' moron.

America has a New York Times-doesn't-get-the-First Amendment problem

INSANE MAGA Theories on What Is REALLY Happening In Ukraine

Prediction: 2 weeks from now Putin declares victory

US House seats that the Democrats will gain and lose in 2022.

Guy who reports directly from Moscow Russia the truth, not propaganda

Said Trump: "It was my personality that kept us out of war.

I predict Ukraine emerges from this and rises to become a leader in Europe

Six countries have opened criminal cases in relation to Russian war crimes

Sheer will of Ukrainians turn them around

Indian Wells Final (Womens) (spoiler)

Mitch McConnell Begs America To Ignore Putin's Takeover Of The GOP

You WON'T Believe This Cruel New Law - Rebel HQ

Flurry of government aircraft activity over Russia draws attention

Aaron Lewis of Staind says we should listen to Vladimir Putin because he's fighting the "deep state"

Love the NCAA Capital One advertisements....Larry Bird is in one too now.....Jennifer Gardner is as well

Napoleon's Russia Campaign, shows the amount of men he had when he left France and when he returned

Wait here

David Beckham has handed his social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook to Kharkiv perinatal c

US to declare Rohingya repression in Myanmar a 'genocide'

Biden's strategy with Putin is decades in the making

Ugh. WTF is James O'Keefe doing on CSPAN ?

Putler is playing to type in Kyiv tonight

Russia gives Ukraine deadline of March 21st to surrender Mariupol

Illinois transgender activist's body found in lake

Happy First Day of Spring!

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis: "Maybe we should listen to what Vladimir Putin has to say

Ted Cruz loses control at Bozeman Montana airport, cops have to be called

PLEASE join our effort to get Fox News out of USA's military bases - Easy Contact Form

Eric Trump OVERJOYED By Special Gift From Q-anon - The Damage Report

Anybody wanna buy a lightly used P-82?

Russia to Re-Open Stock Market After Nearly A Month, Federal Bond Trading Only.

Has anyone seen the first Batman of Spring?

Ordinary Ukrainians Again Face Off Against Russian Soldiers In Protests

The Female Apostle that Christianity (Purposely) Forgot - Genetically Modified Skeptic

Let's Destroy FAILED DELI MANAGER Kevin McCarthy

Milwaukee's government and the GOP are really stupid...

Trolling the truckers in DC

Taking Calls On Ukraine's Help Line For Russian Military Moms

The death spiral of an American family

Found this and thought it was funny.

How do you like your brownies?

Bloomberg: Eat lentils to curb inflation woes. Elsewhere...

Why is getting up early seen as such a virtue.

NADAL vs the American Fritz in the final........(mens) (spoiler so far)

Guy steals $1400 in booze from a grocery store...

Guy whips his 5-year old to death...

😶No Thread title😐

A Tale of 2 Americas: First Black Woman Headed to the Supreme Court vs. Trump's Racism & Misogyny

S5:E10 (OK Sen. Treat & The 'Conservative Value' of Misogyny)

While Russia hides its dead soldiers in Belarus...

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (official YouTube Originals documentary)

Those monsters killed 56 people in a Ukranian nursing home.

Zelensky says Ukrainian political parties linked to Russia to be banned

Removing Putin?

Biden's return-to-normal Covid strategy faces a new test as funding stalls

Blood Chocolate:

Zelensky to Israel...

According to Ukrainian military news; Russian losses so far

'Celebration Of Survival' Holds New Meaning For Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

Ukraine: US condemns 'unconscionable' forced deportations of civilians from Mariupol

Justice Clarence Thomas admitted to hospital for "flu like" symptoms

AP Exclusive: US admiral says China fully militarized isles

Biden goes for bike ride at the beach as Ukraine president warns of 'third world war'

How did our planet ever get so screwed up?

Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson - Candy

First Spring evening & Sun Set, southern MD

Reason #37 why women live longer than men

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