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Local groups, volunteers in Puget Sound help Ukrainian refugees

Brands Disappearing, Jobs Lost, CRAZY Prices What is REALLY Happening in Russia

Ukraine rejects Russia's demand to surrender Mariupol by 5 am

Fauci denies retirement rumors as long as COVID pandemic is in place


Obamacare is gradually becoming a fact of American life

Ohio GOP Debate - Any Questions (The Lincoln Project)

VA Gov. Youngkin Names Former Aide to "Big Lie" Promoter as New Elections Commissioner

Moscow Mitch says he is undecided on backing Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court

Swimmers and Surfers Warned of High Ocean Bacteria Levels after Recent Rain

White privilege.

Russian social media VK allegedly hacked, spreads truth about war in Ukraine.

WAS-- So compelling from Zelensky

Putin is doing what Charles XII, Napoleon and Hitler couldnt

Anyone near the fires??? We are on the edge

I cannot speak for others but it seems to me that, just as young children are uninhibited and

Tap, tap, tap, tap. One of my cats does this to me.

Jose Andres: Zelensky, we'll take care of your people. You do your thing, we'll take care of them

George Conway: "Pork around and find out." The bear found out!

Cali teacher leads students in anti-Biden chant

Putin's favorite fascist philosopher: Ivan Ilyin

Youngkin names local GOP official, former aide to Chase, as new state elections commissioner

'Deranged alternate reality': Acosta reacts to Putin's pro-war rally (CNN)

Senate GOP eyes Hunter Biden, Fauci probes after midterms

'Picking them off': Petraeus explains how Ukrainians are taking out Russian generals (CNN)

How many Russian cops are needed to arrest a teenaged girl for reading the constitution?

For the U.S., a Tenuous Balance in Confronting Russia

Funny sh*t: Ukraine 'unearths' a plot to replace Putin with the FSB chief.

A Boogaloo Boi Tried to Join the Foreign Legion In Ukraine -- It Didn't End Well

Mehdi Hasan on MSNBC arguing how Putin is a fascist...

Vlad's not looking so good. BBC/ "Putin is trapped in a closed world of his own making"

Slovakia starts deploying Patriot air defence system - minister

Be a Zelensky.

Russian navy commander killed in Mariupol fighting

Russians hold some $3 bln in financial assets in the Bahamas, central bank says

Rams, QB Matthew Stafford reach 4-year, $160M extension after Super Bowl win

Who says you can't earn a living in Government?

U.Va accepts record-low 19 percent of 50,962 applicants for Class of 2026

The Clarence and Ginni Thomas problem

Zelenskyy calls the Russian military 'incompetent, capable of simply driving their people to slaught

Witness Claims Trump's Chief of Staff Was on Phone Call Planning Jan. 6 March on Capitol

On Fox News, Russia and "Treason"

CREW requests records of elected state officials' participation in Jan. 6 events

Monday's digit - 10/10: A magnificently sunny day

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 57.

'So Who Is the Nazi?' Zelensky Draws Comparison Between Russian Blockade of Ukrainian Cities and...

Stacey Abrams says governor's race is 'urgent moment' for voters during Columbus stop

EU to consider an oil embargo

France freezes Russian Central Bank's assets

David Rothkopf: Time May Be Ukraine's Biggest Ally in War Against Putin

Kyiv says 'no question' of surrender in Mariupol after Russia sets 5am deadline

Biden administration formally determines Myanmar's military committed genocide

Never again say "never again."

# Christmas gift idea

Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalized with flu-like symptoms since Friday

Ukraine's military intelligence claim that Russia's elites scheme to overthrow Putin

How vaccination status might predict views on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (Toronto Star)

I'm glad that in THIS European land war

It's not surprising that Justice Thomas has picked up an "infection".

Remind me again, why would a MAGA claim that Putin admires and is mimicking Stalin?

Rolling Stone: Witness Claims Trump's Chief of Staff Was on Ph Call Planning Jan. 6 March on Capitol

Putin and Russian generals served notice by British ambassador they'll be tried for war crimes

Ukrainian granny welcomed Russians with homemade cakes. She poisoned and killed eight.

U.S. has 'credible information' Russians are creating lists of Ukrainians to be killed or sent to ca

Malcolm Nance - "Trump's Ripple Effect on America That Will Last for Years - Political Voices Network


How 'bout some fine art here in the GD forum.

Damage to Russian equipment raises questions about its military effectiveness

Eric Adams is daring the left to take him on -- and they're game

*Ben Cardin on MSNBC NOW.

Not quite my bedtime, so energetic, positive energy songs are ok too, right?

The Zelenskyy sitcom is on Netflix now. It is very good.

Current Longest Serving US Senators from each state.

Amb. Thomas-Greenfield: "The Audacity Of the Russians To Call For A Meeting Of The Security Council"

Panel Could Recommend Criminal Charges for Trump

The Daily Show - PROPAGAND-OFF: Russian State Media vs. US Right-Wing Media

Ukraine war is backdrop in US push for hypersonic weapons

Demand for Psychedelic Toad Venom Leads to Fears for Species' Survival

Some Republicans are preparing to attack Jackson. Why not do something productive?

Al Franken: Marc Lamont Hill, Anchor of Black News Tonight, Explains Concepts Like Race (March 20)

Truth Is Another Front in Putin's War

Hopefully, a good sign... (Russian people making good trouble)

USA ICBM defenses

RIP: Russia 6th Tank Brigade

People's Convoy Gets Hilariously Trolled by Lone D.C. Bicyclist

US Treasury rewards, up to $5 million, for info on Russian elites' yachts, mansions, private jets ..

Question about online real estate information sites that are putting out false information.

A Tenuous Balance in Confronting Russia

How long does it take to get from Draft to combat?

So, what if, in the Jackson Senate hearing, Democrats repeat verbatim (with some

My last song of the night, from a very talented group.

Mariupol Under Siege - NBC News

US Senators seeking re-election this year(2022)that might leave next term(2028)

Ukrainian Regional Authorities have stated that they have Detected an Ammonia Leak

This dog is a little too controlling

I'm Not Awake Yet - Rory Gallagher

Can Jell-O get moldy?

White House: Biden to visit Poland on Europe trip this week

Tweet of the Night:

When did Russell Brand misplace his marbles?

Russia accused of bombing art school sheltering civilians in Ukraine - Face the Nation

Abrams wants to use Kemp-backed law to raise unlimited dollars, too

What are the chances that Russian conscripts have Ukrainian roots?

Austin vows "significant reaction" if Russia uses chemical or biological in Ukraine - Face the Nation

NRPS - 1971 - Dirty Business

Funny clip:

Translation of the conversation on Granny's use of poison in Ukraine

One of the greatest songs ever!

Ron McKernan - Dead - Bear's Choice - 1973 - "Hard to Handle"

A Fla. doctor doing cancer surgery on a patient removed the wrong area, state says

Tweet of the Late Night:

Let me give you the Business Idea for the New Millennium

David Bromberg - Someone Else's Blues

Great news Tweet:

Antarctica temperatures rising as 'unprecedented heat wave' baffles scientists

Antarctica temperatures rising as 'unprecedented heat wave' baffles scientists

Putin Replaced 1,000 Of His Staff Members. Here's Why

Better Midler Tweet:

Man stuffed wrong woman in car trunk ?

Preservation Hall Band - 2004 - "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone".

Are unvaccinated people motivated by freedom? (A survey from Canada)

OMG. New MAGA flag:

Ukrainian women's message to the Belarusian people

Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to hospital on Friday with "flu-like symptoms"

US Senate Elections in states that the Democrats will win in 2022 to remain in the majority.

Ukraine Flag Projected onto the Russian Embassy in London

Van Morrison - 1973 - Wild Night

No gun. No helmet. No action: frustrations of some novice Americans who signed up to fight in Ukrain

Remember, when we lose Clarance Thomas's voice......

Boogaloo Bois head to Ukraine

CNN: Twice Poisoned Putin Critic Makes Prediction about What Will Happen. 9 min 51 seconds

Trump claims no wars started under him: what about the war on democracy?

The economic and sanctions fallout of Russia's war in Ukraine - 60 Minutes Overtime

From the White House office of First Pets-This purrfect hooman crosses the border

Grateful Dead - 1970 - Mason's Children

Watch how fast they get over #TrumpsGreatWall and then come back and do it again.


Grateful Dead - Europe - 1972 - Not Fade Away

🌸Positive Morning Soft Piano Jazz & Bossa Nova for Sweet Mood Breakfast🌸

Tweet of the early morning:

Seeing Dave Bromberg on my BD, Saturday. Live. In Sidney. Maine

Twitter flags Ken Paxton tweet about Rachel Levine being a USA Today Woman of the Year Read more at

man jumps rented Tesla in Los Angeles neighborhood. Runs away from aftermath

Beto O'Rourke stops in Amarillo for a second time ahead of the Texas governor election

FOR SALE: Toad Venom

Tweet of the Day

North Carolina Paper Slams Madison Cawthorn, State GOP for Enabling Him

COVID-19 Patients in Kharkiv At Risk of Being Bombed - NowThis News

The death spiral of an American family - long WP article about neg net worth & "backwards mobility"

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Strike Saudi Energy Facilities, Slowing Output at Refinery

☦ Eastern Orthodox - 'Give Rest, O Christ' -"Eternal Memory" of those who have fallen asleep

Let us hope:

☦ OCA raises over $650,000 for 💙 Ukrainian 💛 refugees

Winger - Down Incognito

Great Ukraine meme:

Judas Priest - The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) (Epitaph)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Surrogate babies stranded in Ukraine

(Jewish Group) Tulsa synagogue works to bring hope to Afghan refugees

Russian Airforce recruitment song with updated subtitles

David Cay Johnston: If Indicted, What Consequences Can Trump Face? - Political Voices Network

How do you respond to conspiracy theorists?

4 shot on Sixth Street early Sunday during SXSW; no critical injuries, police say

Live Webcams of Ukraine

☦ Orthodox Christianity - 'Evlogitaria of the Departed' (words only)

Waning Gibbous, 88% visible

☦ Eastern Orthodox - 'Praying for the Dead'/'Evlogitaria' sung by Fr. ApostolosHill

Chinese Boeing jet crashes in mountains with 132 on board, no sign of survivors

Breakfast 21 March 2022


There's No Hate Quite Like Christian Love

Ford Motor expresses concern about Mason

Calfee links Casada, governor to National Guard promotion offer

Biden's Schedule for Monday, March 21, 2022

Monday TOONs - Russian Dressing


'Maury' To End After Three Decades

'Judge Jerry' Canceled: Jerry Springer's Court Show To End With Current Third Season

MAGAt Moron Boebert gets a history lesson.

St. Jude Fights Donors' Families in Court for Share of Estates

Ex-Sen. Robinson sentenced to time served, supervised release

Human life in Canada's Yukon Territory 24,000 years ago

Indigenous forest management and fire control in California prior to European arrival

Trump calls Lindsey Graham a "progressive"!

Today's Image Dump (3/21/22)

⚡️WSJ: Russia shifts to 'Plan B' after blitzkrieg victory failure.

NYTimes Wordle 3/21

This guy is angling for my job.

German resort's rift over Russian oligarch resonates across country

Wordle 275 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Monday morning giggle memes 😆 Star Wars - Simpson's - basketball

Anti-woman extremism grows, but Florida won't add gender to hate-crime law

Zelensky in an address to German citizens:

On Morning Joe they are discussing a NY Times editorial, "America has a free speech problem"

(N.M.) About 85,000 residents to lose pandemic Medicaid coverage

The head of a monastery in Kyiv will take up arms if Russians invade the city

Video of young Indian man running to work goes viral

I Want To Be Loved By You

I'm curious about traditional Fry Bread after looking through recipes this morning.

Girl who sang "Frozen" in a Ukrainian shelter sang their anthem at Polish charity concert last night

Guernica 3D

What happens around Mariupol in the next few days......

The 20 Absolute Best Whisk(e)ys for Your Money

Why Were Sunflowers Planted In The Shadow Of Nuclear Disasters?

Home improvement chain Leroy Merlin won't leave Russia, but had a store bombed in Kyiv yesterday

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 3/16/2022

The Rundown: March 21, 2022

Eric Boehlert: Oil prices down, gas prices up -- the press snores

Don't know how they're ever going to crack this case

Weather Conditions Continue to Fuel Texas Fires

Russia may not stop with Ukraine - NATO looks to its weakest link

The little boy in this video went 1-1 for the Washington Nationals today. We old

Republican views on sexual assault

From selling your car to forgoing chemotherapy for your dog, tips on how to beat inflation

You raised $2,135.00 on March 20, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

An account of the last international journalists to leave Mariupol, extracted by Ukranian soldiers.

You raised $50.00 on March 19, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund! (Dr. Hurst)

I'm A Man.

A suggestion for friends and family of folks in recovery

Ukrainian troops destroyed three Russian shock armies, one air army - Arestovych

The Russians are losing so many generals they're gonna have to call up Mike Flynn from the bullpen.

Tom Hanks surprises local bride

Tom Hanks surprises local bride

Pedestrian almost got struck and likely killed right next to me

Shanghai Disneyland closes as virus rises, Shenzhen reopens


Advice from serious car accident survivors?

The Union - The Lincoln Project

Republicans are attacking Judge Jackson for defending poor people's rights

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on this date.

Well, the NYT had the Sunday business section written to demystify crypto

Gen. Mark Hertling: Why Russian casualties are high:

Putin: "Of course I am willing to compromise! Just give me everything I want and

A comprehensive list of companies that have left Russia and those that remain.

The future of mankind is going to be very, very, dystopian.

11AM ET: Senate Hearing on the Nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for SCOTUS

Texas' Governor Brags About His Border Initiative. The Data Doesn't Back Him Up

Poroshenko: Ukraine Isn't Only Fighting For Our Soul, But For the West.

Son House was born on this date.

DATA POINT March, 2011

Otis Spann was born on this date.

Pelosi's Power: David Axelrod (interview) FRONTLINE

Teetering with Trump, Brooks calls for McConnell's ouster

Solomon Burke was born on this date.

US Senate Elections in states the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Call Out the Media on Their Terrible Coverage of the Biden Administration

Russia doesn't train it's troops for urban warfare (article)

A driver performed a dangerous stunt in Los Angeles, accelerating up a hill and launching the car...

Politician Threatens To Fire Cop For Giving Him a Ticket - Audit the Audit

Editorial: California's drought response isn't working. It's time to order cuts in water use.

David Lindley has a birthday today.

Mehdi Hasan Introduces You To Putin's Favorite Fascist Philosopher

Things we can do to WIN IN 2022

⚡️ Baerbock: EU must prepare for 8 million Ukrainian refugees.

Get your requests in (Sometimes we forget how successful the DU really is)

Well we know a state is investigating Mark Meadows.

Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

What To Expect From First Day Of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Confirmation Hearings

Pro-Trump group sent armed members door-to-door in Colorado to "intimidate" voters: Lawsuit

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 21, 2022

How do I care for my relative who is having a mastectomy today?

Washington D.C.: Metro's next rail cars to be built at new $70 million Maryland plant

"Bombs falling every 10 minutes," says Ukrainian officer in Mariupol

Thread on 4th vaccine

The return of the "dumbphones"

Cooking a duck today

7-year-old Amelia Anisovych opens Ukrainian Charity Concert in Poland

Hillary Clinton tweet: I'd say she's qualified.

Ninety-four-year-old neighbor died last week of

Redistricting embroils Texas in contentious legal fight

Someone, Anyone -- Stand Up!: Who will have the courage to protest Putin's biggest fanboy on Fox News

Opinion: Texas teachers don't need a task force. We need a new governor.

West Palm Beach DUers. Anyone know if Tim Byrd died from Covid?

Ukraine rejects Russian demand to surrender Mariupol - BBC News

Ten million have fled their Ukraine homes, UN says - BBC News

Fox NewZ

Brett Kavanaugh, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Marsha Blackburn and Barron Trump are all trending. This is

Over 2,000 children illegally deported to Russia from CADLR - Foreign Ministry

Daily Distraction 21/03/2022

Daily Distraction 21/03/2022 Posted in Photography

Texas' Governor Brags About His Border Initiative. The Data Doesn't Back Him Up.

Please don't repeat anything claimed by Russia's govt or state media without additional verification

'Doctor my eyes'. Jackson Browne 1972

NPRs Tim Mack: daily dog of war.

Jackson's hearing has started, Fox "NewZ" strategy is exposed

Ukraine is not a NATO country, but they are a NATO partner. People seem to forget that.

Remember the young woman who passed a bus and killed three childten?

Jan. 6 committee plans to use key video evidence and hire a writer to build a compelling narrative

Putin's two philosophical influencers. Dugin and Ilyan.

No dinner at my uncles with Tara Setmayer (The Mary Trump Show)

Metro's 8000-Series Trains Will Be Built In Maryland

Uncle Chuck Grassley is a dottering old fool.

Bennett's criticism of Zelensky invoking the Holocaust

With heated leather seats.

96 year-old concentration camp survivor killed in Kharkiv

Anti-Vaxxer explains "Freedom of Speech" in the most ironic way possible.

Pic Of The Moment: Radical Extremism Is The GOP's New Normal

Senior US defense official: Russians beginning to have "inventory issues" with precision missiles

happy birthday to my late mom who was born on this day.

At Christian Nationalist Event, Matt Schaefer Preaches Hate And Violence

Olga Bolgova a teacher from Mariupol started a journal the day the war started.

Lindsey Graham is such a jackass. Asking judge Jackson that she had better give her view on

the king of swing. in the mood.

Former Hero To Some, Scott Ritter, Now Shilling For Russia

Putin Doesn't Care How Many Russian Soldiers Die In Ukraine -- But Their Mothers Might

"Is it time for dinner?" cartoon

"Is it time for dinner?" cartoon

Saudi Arabia says it's not responsible for high oil prices

@darth is back on Twitter from winter hibernation.

If Russia executes Zelensky, should someone respond to Putin in the same way?

Transformations Of Neglected Animals After They Were Adopted

Russia accused of genocide Civilians 'abducted and taken to camps'

Young girl who sang Let it Go in bomb shelter performs in Poland at charity concert.

Does NATO have a "red line"? Do we? Should we? If we do, should we announce it?

In Ukraine, Putin Continues To Dig Himself 'A Hole He Can Never Climb Out Of'

whatever happened to bossa nova?

From the poorest state in this union the state has this (Mississippi)

Rarely Seen Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien Portray a Lush 'Lord of the Rings' Landscape

Convoy news for Monday, March 21, 2022, for DC. Links to traffic cameras and Twitter accounts

He trains cops in "witching" to help find corpses. Experts are alarmed.

From the NY Times, Thomas Friedman: It's Now Putin's Plan B vs. Biden's and Zelensky's Plan A.

CNN: Signs point to a stalemate in Ukraine

Zelenskyy Appreciates Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher For Raising Almost $35M In Support Of Ukraine

Ted Cruz did NOT moon Judge Jackson.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Ashley Biden's Diary Was Shown at Trump Fund-Raiser. Weeks Later, Project Veritas Called Her.

'Denazification' in Ukraine

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

NPRs Tim Mak: Double dogs of war!

How do the oil companies set retail gasoline prices?

Supreme Court conservatives say religious groups should be free to hire only like-minded believers

Will never happen. Still: Dear Senator Hawley, in case you missed that part of this country legal

US Def. Dept. daily brief on Ukraine

The "voter fraud" THUGS are at it again. (Colorado)

Ben Sasse STFU

Owners reportedly dump dog at animal shelter because they thought he was 'gay'

Think about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016 in terms of Ukraine today

60,000 residents of Mariupol have 'found themselves in Russia'.

Rarely Seen Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien Portray a Lush 'Lord of the Rings' Landscape

Rarely Seen Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien Portray a Lush 'Lord of the Rings' Landscape

Trump's Political War Chest Growing, But Still Isn't Giving Cash to Candidates

The real - and far scarier - reason Republicans think Biden is illegitimate

My iPhone won't turn to landscape

'Unthinkable': Scientists Shocked as Polar Temperatures Soar 50 to 90 Degrees Above Normal

15-Year-Old Florida Teen Arrested Over Antigay Attack on Another Boy

U.S., U.K. Discuss Trade Cooperation with Larger Deal Postponed

Anonymous has hacked unsecured printers across Russia, and proceeded to mass print information

Tiny baby pygmy hippo gets a bath:

So, Senator Cancun Cruz is saying the Supreme Court was broken in the 1950s to 1970s

Joni Mitchell to be honored by Brandi Carlile, Graham Nash as MusiCares Person of the Year

Awful owners surrender good dog because "he's gay"

Awful owners surrender good dog because "he's gay"

Squeaking baby penguin:

Judge: Ex-governor must testify in Flint water civil trial

Bon commentaire sur le triste bilan des interventions militaires exterieures

Run! Run! The dog did it.

Watch for the surprise ending:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Mariupol....

Xi's Bet on Putin to Counter U.S. Risks Leaving China Isolated

Surprise attack:

Russian troops open fire & throw stun grenades at unarmed protesters in occupied Kherson

Ex-wife accuses top Missouri GOP Senate candidate of abuse

Chuck Grassley, "The Democrats were so mean to me when I was chairman"

Advice requested-- I may be moving in the next few months...

Ex-wife accuses top Missouri GOP Senate candidate of abuse

A cute baby goatlet is always welcome:

Mo Brooks Puts Out Ad Bashing McConnell As Trump Mulls Yanking Endorsement

Mark Meadows being investigated for voter fraud; Macon DA out after campaign contribution

Leaked Russian comms: Fighters for Russia dead (incl mercenaries): 17,265

We have destroyed 4 armies out of 10 that the Russian Federation has, - Arestovych

(proposed SEC rule) The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors

Biden prepares to meet with NATO allies in Europe about Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Hackers got card service terminals at some Russian restaurants to print antiwar messages

Moderna asked the F.D.A. to authorize a second booster of its Covid vaccine for all adults, a signi

Russia Warns Poland in Lengthy Letter Days Before Joe Biden's Visit

Cat So Scared She'd Hide Under A Bed Turns Into A Cuddle Bug

Mexico City's new international airport opens with few flights

Ford F-150 Lightning EPA Estimated Range Confirmed by Ford CEO

Russian command just had 7th group of aircraft destroyed by Ukraine near Kherson

Dog loves his gift:

Tom Cotton launches into his usual assholish self.


The GOP sinks to a new low on election security theater

British couple rents entire hotel in Poland to help refugees from Ukraine

2fer: Faux's VARNEY vs Drumpf - 2 for 0 - Bwah!

Were the Judge Boof and The Handmaid hearings on MSNBC fully televised?

Smart baby:

Super PAC signals Pennsylvania primary could get rough

German "can openers" now in use in Ukraine.

Photographing Vermont's Fifth Season

Discover Pass free days now include all state public lands in Washington

Cops were called on Ted Cruz at the airpot and the Cancun jokes flew right in

Tuesday set to be Seattle's warmest day of the year, but it won't last long

Airbnb Cracked Down on Ukraine Listings. Some Donors Wish It Hadn't

The war in Ukraine has reintroduced these words and phrases into our vocabulary

Journalist slams Americans for complaining about gas prices instead of the corporate thieves

How is President Zelensky's Name spelled? Here's the best possible answer:

General Motors launches all-electric Cadillac Lyriq at Spring Hill, Tennessee plant

Falcons trade Matt Ryan to Colts for 3rd round pick

The Ukrainian National Anthem on a Baroque Lute

Teddy "loose lips, Cancun boy" Cruz is trying to show his ass again!

From 1995: Why the News Is Not the Truth by Peter Vanderwicken

"Help them. Tell about it. Let everyone know that civilians continue to be killed."

Ted Cruz laments angry supreme court hearings a day after angry airport fracas

The Trump Org Finds a New Way to Play Dirty With NY Investigators

MY Senator, Jon Ossoff, is speaking! I'm so proud...

Workers go on strike at California refinery owned by Chevron

Just a reminder to MAGAts they aren't the only patriotic ones. (Hendrix/Whitney National Anthems)

Workers go on strike at California refinery owned by Chevron

Rep Glenn Grothman [R, WI] Doubles Down on Refusal to Punish Russia for Its Slaughter in Ukraine

Lacey contractor ensnared in federal investigation of residential builders

Biden says to prepare for Russian cyberattacks

Blackburn's going on about oppressive mask mandates

Trump's 2024 hinting game sure looks like it's illegal

Russia tells US envoy that Russian-American relations are on the verge of rupture

Cartoons 3/21/2022

My melanoma nightmare update. Better news.

GENTLE ON MY MIND - John Hartford; Molly Tuttle

State funds to bridge the gap for Marysville rail crossings

Russia headed to strategic defeat in Ukraine

Ask a Trumpie/Tea Bagger/RWNJ what a liberal is and you're likely to hear a sterotypical

Kuwait, among world's hottest places, lags on climate action

I mean clearly WTF

As Mariupol hangs on, the extent of the horror not yet known

Daylight saving change faces trouble in House

Russia Relies Increasingly on Missiles, Artillery to Pressure Ukraine

Ukraine captured a batch of Russia's missiles and fired them back at its troops, report says

The GazettE --The pledge

Starbucks in Downtown Columbus is unionizing

U.N. Chief Warns Rush for Fossil Fuels Amid Russia Crisis Will 'Knee-Cap' Climate Goals

Ted Cruz laments angry supreme court hearings a day after angry airport fracas

A School Security Officer Held His Knee On A 12-Year-Old Girl's Neck For More Than 20 Seconds, Newly

The BesT SonGs OF the GazettE

Roman Abramovich's $600 million superyacht is cruising off Turkey's coast after 8 days' sailing

George Conway mocks Trump's word salad response in Trump's FOX interview:

Everyone is invited to New Updates!

Who knew all these sophisticated lethal weapons were in all these countries?!

Film director,writer&cinematographer,Russ Meyer was #BornOnThisDay,March 21, 1922.

I and all the other sane, educated, decent people in TN,

Text: When's 'lynching?' Michigan governor plot leader said

A dollop of wisdom

General Petraeus on Russian missteps

The BesT SonGs OF the GazettE

Zelensky: Putin's Nazi lie may show he's 'in an information bubble'

Ketanji Brown Jackson pledges to defend Constitution and American democracy if confirmed to SC

Starbucks in downtown Columbus is organizing.

Chinese airliner carrying 132 people crashes in southern Guangxi region

When Trump voters hear the word Ukraine, They probably believe it was created in a Chinese lab.

Fact check: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson child porn sentences 'pretty mainstream'

Actor/skateboarder Justin Pierce was #BornOnThisDay, March 21, 1975.

The nomenclature "Nazi"

Rudy Giuliani Says 'Genius' Trump Threatened To Blow Up Putin's 'Gold Bubbles'

MORE C-SPAN Disappointment

Please update me. How much of a pandering crap show have the SCOTUS hearing been so far?

James Clyburn with a chart for you (Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson vs the Supremes)

Republicans Are Now Foreign Policy Doves

Ukraine war: Holocaust survivor killed by Russian shelling in Kharkiv

If God is the creator of all things?

Hispanic Voters Aren't Flocking to the GOP

Recommendations for Selling a Used Car

Obamacare Becoming a Fact of Life

Republicans in a nutshell

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Russian prankster puts portrait of Putin in Elevator and films reaction

Matt Gaetz DESPERATELY Wants To Be Your Florida Man - The Damage Report

I would like to thank everyone here at DU.

Daily touch of France - Monday edition - Hollywood comes to Aix

2 Troopers, Man Killed in Crash on I-95; Troopers Had Stopped Driver Who Struck Them

"Friends of Gov. Andrew Cuomo" release 4 videos on new youtube channel...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 21, 2022

Daily touch of France - Monday edition - Hollywood comes to Aix - Posted in Photography

US and other nations discussing providing Ukraine with "long-range air defense," Pentagon says

Koch Industries' campaign donations questioned after company's decision to remain in Russia

Top Democrat Issues BAD news for oil companies - Brian Tyler Cohen

The One Trump Lawyer the Rest of Trump's Legal Team Loathes

White House warns of 'evolving intelligence' suggesting Russia could conduct cyber attacks against

TikTok is feeding false content about the war in Ukraine to users. Where is TikTok located again?

The 2800 years old kiss.

Anyone know if you can embed videos from reddit here?

Our pond is full, the season's first painted turtles are sunning on a log, a pair of

Violent, forced immigration is Putin's biggest weapon.

The reason Tucker is supporting Putin

Has Repug Marsha Blackburn's hair spray leaked into her brain?

Putin Threatens To Break Relations With U.S., A Step Not Even Taken During Cold War

Something wonderful: Gracie's Doggie Delights--

EU Support Grows for Russia Oil Ban

This Teeny Horse Steals All The Attention When The Camera Comes Out

Never forget: Amy Coney Barrett is unqualified for SCOTUS

Who is Russia's top field commander in Ukraine? The US isn't sure. (Sounds bad...for Russia)

Should Biden start suggesting to Russia if they kick out Putin allow him to go to trial

Indian metal band called Bloodywood; their tour was called Raj Against the Machine

Rescue. I need to vent. Ukrainians. I have admiration.

Lawsuit says Google discriminates against Black workers

Cop Gets Suspended After Crazy False Arrest - Audit the Audit

EARLY bird (osprey,) some back ground, and others.

What do you say to MAGA cult members who still haven't figured out that Trump is a Russian asset

Fears Putin Will Move Towards A 'Genocidal Strategy' To Force Zelenskyy's Surrender Grow

Had a virtual visit with my shrink.

Russia Forcing Google To Delist VPN Websites, But 400,000+ Russians Are Downloading VPNs Daily

Had a beautiful day for a bike ride. Rode 26 miles on

See Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's opening statement (CNN)

Deer Misster Gets,

US Senate Elections in states that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Can someone advise on some terminology in this area. ?

First full day of spring just a few minutes ago...

Which US Senate Race do the Democrats have better chance of winning?

Went to see D.C.'s Cherry Blossom peak bloom today. Wonderful. Sunny 69 degrees.

Abrams files lawsuit to use fundraising law meant to aid Kemp

Petition calls for Vladimir Putin's 'Eva Braun' Alina Kabaeva to 'return to her Fuhrer'

Police seek woman accused of driving into Detroit crowd during brawl, killing bystander

Trump Still Not Using His Own Social Media Platform

A nearly 8 year old post of mine on here that I happened to come across.

Do you think our media is giving an accurate portrayal of the war in Ukraine?

German producer prices jump by record 25.9% year over year

Man of Constant Sorrow - Alison Krauss & Union Station Band - Live

Republican Debate tonight

Russia's Elite Want Putin Out, Successor in Mind: Ukraine Intel Chief 'Newsweek'

Ukrainian go fuck yourself stamp

Ron Perlman gets it right.

Michael Flynn: "Putin Already Won"

Why are anti-vaxxers pro-Putin?

Replacements for P&O Ferries crew paid L1.80 an hour, unions say

Millions of children to be vaccinated for polio in Africa after Malawi detects case

What is your most "overrated" movie?

Cherry blossoms explode, reach peak bloom 10 days ahead of average!

Ladies -imagine having this beautfiul song written about you!

TCM tonight:

Could Putin send children into the battlefield?

Japan potential Energy shortage

Tweet of the Early Evening:

This is not a normal day for America-Cory Booker expresses overwhelming joy at Judge Jackson hearing

US announces new sanctions on Chinese officials over 'repressive acts'

Pfizer vaccine as treatment: Covid trapped me at home for more than seven months

Colombia guard held after drug lord flees through open door

Tweet of the Day

Russia is terror bombing Ukraine. Should the State Department declare them a terrorist organization

Russian elite 'to overthrow Putin' with ex-ally

US Marines identify four dead in Norway plane crash

Who's watching the Republican debate

Russian athlete set to lose Olympic gold medal over doping.

This is my favorite fruit

Chance for Ukraine! Russian troops cut off in devastating blow to Putin - Supply route cut off

High court rejects case of Christian group, bisexual lawyer

Hairless Dog Found By Gas Station Becomes Giant Fluffy Teddy Bear

Putin's fascists: the Russian state's long history of cultivating homegrown neo-Nazis

Last week, I held and cried with. . .

Alaska Rep. Don Young to lie in state at US Capitol

Jim_Jordan tweet: Don't forget what Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh......

"Dystopian" Loophole for Georgia Judicial Elections Gives Brian Kemp the Last Laugh

Capitol riot trial opens for Cowboys for Trump founder

Racing pigeon can no longer fly. So this woman adopted him.

Multiple Apple services suffer outages

Sunset, southern MD

White House believes Russia is seeing a big drop in oil sales, imperiling key source of funding

Boris Becker accused of hiding tennis trophies during trial

Texas's strict new abortion law has eluded multiple court challenges. Abortion rights advocates ...

Mine workers sickened and killed by toxic asbestos ... are suing a major insurance [MUST READ]

I'm lighting candles for the many, and for all of us.

As Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Confirmation Hearing Opens, the Republicans Launch their Attacks

Vira Farmiga reads a beautiful poem of killed by KGB Ukrainian poet Vasyl Symonenko.

Has anyone ever asked a white male Supreme Court candidate if he had a secret agenda?

Slim Harpo - "Scratch My Back"

John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom

Send em jets....

so you're going to a party and you're over 60


Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot

Accountability to others is the price of freedom for ourselves. But too many Americans want...

Mehdi Hassan Show Last Night

Texas firefighters have battled 178 fires in the past week that have burned more than 108,000 acres,

Cory Booker's Opening Statement to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Hoping to find Purim (and other?) story books for my grandkids.