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Apple Suffers Widespread Outage Hitting Music, Maps and iCloud

Putin served notice he will be tried for war crimes...

Winter on Fire Ukraine Story

Disney CEO to Embark on Listening Tour After LGBTQ Bill Uproar

B.B. King - How Blue Can You Get (Live at Farm Aid, 1985)

Albert King - Blues Power


Reuters top pictures of the week (most from the war in Ukraine)

Doctors finding hurdles to using pills to treat COVID-19

Russian state TV Just Declared War on... Arnold Schwarzenegger: "ARNIE, YOU ARE A PREDATOR & AN ENEMY.

Dredging seeks to free grounded cargo ship in Chesapeake Bay

Incoming USPS package has been given to someone else by the USPS!

Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Atlantic: Why Can't the West Admit That Ukraine Is Winning?

Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Tom Cotton used SC hearing to score points for 2024 Presidential run

All in the Trump family.

2,300 acres near Everett now under 'Protection Zone' for kelp, eelgrass

So we lost MrsK

Seattle Students Walk Out Over Mask Mandate Removal

Mariupol military official response to Russian deadline ...

Update on Belarusian railway workers ...

Biden tells CEOs they have 'patriotic obligation' to guard against Russian cyberattacks

Readout administration briefing with CEOs regarding Russia's war against Ukraine

Trump lawyers: Judge abused discretion in forcing testimony

Ketanji Brown Jackson is no Brett Kavanaugh

Greitens allegations spark GOP fears of losing Missouri Senate seat

Tornadoes touch down across Texas as 'volatile weather pattern' moves through South

Texas Appellate Court reinstates injunction halting investigations into transgender youth

Texas Appellate Court reinstates injunction halting investigations into transgender youth

Super PAC signals Pennsylvania primary could get rough

Belarusian's have to do more to stop this....

Afghan Whigs - In Algiers

Remember that infamous scene from the movie Alien?

This is why youth say they're leaving Alberta

Eric Burdon and the (New) Animals - Tobacco Road (live in Germany, 1967)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russian reinforcements, contracts, and conscripts....

Anonymous TV...

Indigenous rights activist killed in northern Mexico

Anti-corruption Guatemalan judge resigns and flees to the US

Urgent - Foreigner

A form of "do you know who I am"???? Ted Cruz....🤮

Leon Russell - Stranger In A Strange Land (studio version & live in 1972)

The late, great Prince being prescient

Text: When's 'lynching?' Michigan governor plot leader said

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

"Dystopian" Loophole for Georgia Judicial Elections Gives Brian Kemp the Last Laugh

Remember that 7 yr old girl singing Frozen in a bunker...

A Little Boy and a Dog

Joe Cocker and Mad Dogs & Englishmen - Live at Fillmore East (two full sets)

Tweet of the Night:

WOW! What the hell have you done to Texas, Greg?

FL Sheriff's Deputy Is One Of America's Most Vindictive - Rebel HQ

Look what broke out of someone's suitcase in the baggage claim,

Russia has yet to let US embassy officials speak to Brittney Griner

Anybody ever rent a car through Turo? How was the experience and did you buy their insurance?

Name this band ...

Trudeau and NDP in talks for NDP to support the next 4

Swiss seize holiday home in hurried clampdown on Russian oligarchs

Brother Dege - Too Old To Die Young (Grammy-nominated song from Django Unchained)

Fight at Ohio GOP Senate debate elevates military issue

The Max Fleischer Superman cartoons

JFK Library forum: The Crisis in Ukraine

Closer & closer look @ osprey partners flying to nest together.

The Story Of The Last Journalists In Mariupol - All In - MSNBC

Josh Hawley's 'smear' against Ketanji Brown Jackson is Missouri senator's hallmark

Ukraine journalists arrested in Melitopol

Russia says it hit Kyiv shopping centre because it was storing rockets

George Harrison - Isn't It a Pity (Live in Japan, PRO-SHOT)

Tweet from Ukraine govt: Tonight, spare a thought for the people of some of Ukraine's bravest cities

Graham fumes at confirmation hearing: Childs treatment 'vicious'

War stagnation signals Ukraine is fighting for full stakes? Day 25.

If any DU'ers live near or in College Station, TX

On 'War Criminal' Putin, Obama-Biden Vet Says Putin's Wrong But This Is Not Time To Indict - The Beat

D.C.-area forecast: A magnificent Monday, rainy Wednesday and chilly weekend ahead.

Thom Hartmann...

In Belarusian Morgues And Hospitals, Clues To Russian Military Losses In Ukraine

Photos: Ukraine rejects Russian surrender request as attacks pick up

Got an extra $11 million kicking around? This place could be yours (better bring eye protection)

Important quotes from Zelensky's interview for Ukrainian public broadcaster tonight

Hawley Tries To Smear Judge Brown Jackson Zerlina.

TennCare is preparing to expand dental benefits, but only 1 in 3 dentists accepts reduced payments

"Impossible to intercept" this is Russia's new deadly weapon.

Ex-KGB agent reacts to Putin's "terrifying" remarks

'Desperate': GOP Flailing In Fact-Checked Attacks On Historic SCOTUS Pick - The Beat - MSNBC

Can you handle the truth? ABC Australia goes inside the resistance in Ukraine

NOW I KNOW what was the glorious impetus for the Ukraian flag. Take a look

'Impossible to intercept': This is Russia's new deadly weapon (CNN)

'Putin's Rhetoric Indicates He Wants The Whole Country' Says Gen. McCaffrey - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump Administration Tried To Prove Fraud BEFORE 2020 Election


State media: No survivors found in crash of Chinese airliner

The Ukrainians kidnapped and taken to Russia are almost certainly intended for use as human shields.

Democrats And Republicans Set The Tone For SCOTUS Hearings - Deadline - MSNBC

Had a "empty nest" moment...

Rock and Roll mixed with hillbilly attitude

UK closes the sky over POLAND: Sky Sabre missile defense system is being deployed

Sen. Marsha Blackburn criticizes 1965 Supreme Court ruling on birth control access

Why Republicans need to be checked and stopped from launching false attacks against

U.S. Sends Patriot Missiles to Saudi Arabia, Fulfilling Urgent Request

Tuesday Morning Happy Jazz & Bossa Nova

"My lovely girls, I failed to protect you." Doctor "I hate Russia".

Jamaicans shun UK royal visit, demand slavery reparations

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a claim about Mariupol and consistency....

'Historic': Dems Eye Victory As SCOTUS Hearings Begin For First Black Woman Nominee - The Beat MSNBC

What is happening with Clarence Thomas

Kimmel: Cruz's Heated Airport Exchange, Unvaxxed Voters Love Trump & Giuliani's Totally True Putin

Soft fur

Little Skink Stuck On Glue Trap Gets Some Help

Residency requirement bill exposes rift in Tennessee GOP

Stop Waiting for Trump to Get Convicted (The Atlantic)

Mike Luckovich-It is a Deathsantis world

Outlaws - There Goes Another Love Song (studio version & live in 1978)

Senate passes critical race theory, 'divisive concepts' bill aimed at Tennessee colleges

War In Ukraine Threatens To Cause Global food Shortage - All In - MSNBC

Why War?...It seems that there is always someone who thinks he can gain from "WAR"

Sarah Palin Interested in Don Young's Seat

California grocery workers vote on strike authorization

20 years habit don't break easily - not what you think!1

Lee Sang Eun - After you left (Don't go babe) [Stage Mix]

So sweet Tweet:

Barbara McQuade on Trump, Obstructing the Jan 6th Committee & More - Political Voices Network

So, NCAA tournament news:

Here's a little something to enjoy while watching the SCOTUS confrnation hearings...

So, NCAA tournament news:

Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End: Nuclear War THREATENS Earth

Beto Tweet:

It blows my mind.

Preparing for morning's sky high diabetes number: Fish sticks with tartar sauce & tater chips

Live coverage of Texas tornado outbreaks

I had a Mark Ryden s/n lithograph, rolled up inside...

Some positive politicians ...Who would have believed..?

Jill Biden appreciation post

Inhale, Exhale - Mr. Kitty

'Ukraine Now Is The Battleground For The Whole Free World' Former Ukrainian MP Says - The ReidOut

Analysis: When 1 in 8 Texas mail ballots gets trashed, that's vote suppression

Analysis: When 1 in 8 Texas mail ballots gets trashed, that's vote suppression

How many more times...

Moscow Mitch Downplays The Support Republicans Give Putin

Puny God

Texas Attorney General Attacks Nation's Highest-Ranking Openly Transgender Officia

Jesse Colin Young - Ridgetop

In one regard, Judge Jackson will have a *much* easier time of it than Kavanaugh did ...

Two inflation-fighting strategies (personal story)

Sen. Booker: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson 'Is Going To Show America The Power Of Her Character'

We need leaders who will come to Congress ready to fight --

Saudi Arabia says it can't be held responsible for oil shortages

The person who does the great satire pieces, Blaire Erskine, is under attack by assholes

Anybody have any experience with pretty litter? I found clay cat litter dust

Texas once again temporarily blocked from investigating gender-affirming care as child abuse

Poland asks NATO allies to do more amid endless stream of Ukrainian refugees - ABC News

Texas once again temporarily blocked from investigating gender-affirming care as child abuse

Texas once again temporarily blocked from investigating gender-affirming care as child abuse

Whatever happened to Tom Coleman?

Will Russia Revolt? Garry Kasparov

marsha blackburn silenced by 1 reporter asking about 700k from opioid industry

Sen. Klobuchar: Ukrainians Are 'Determined To Resist' Putin's Invasion - The Last Word - MSNBC

U.S. Sending Soviet Air Defense Systems It Secretly Acquired to Ukraine

GOP's Marsha Blackburn asks Judge Jackson if she has a 'hidden agenda' to bring critical race theory

Winnie the cub

Denver approves hospitality licenses, allowing people to consume weed in some businesses

Has Snowden said anything recently?

Gessen: Many Russians Feel They 'Didn't Do Enough' To Stop Putin's Invasion - The Last Word - MSNBC

Anonymous Printer Hack Screenshot Translation

I'm trying to remember the name of that Russian oligarch

Lawrence: Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Are Not About Qualifications - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ukraine liberates Makariv

Random Guy tries to Stop Shoplifter at Walgreens

NATO Warns Of Russia-Ukraine Stalemate - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Ukraine Rejects Russia's Ultimatums - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Putin's Anti-NATO Rampage Backfires As Neutral Countries Look For Protection - TRMS - Velshi - MSNBC

Why it's so hard not to hate Republicans

Ketanji Brown Jackson Invokes Constance Baker Motley As Confirmation Hearings Open - TRMS - MSNBC

Beto O'Rourke officially responds to oil pipeline billionaire Kelcy Warren's defamation lawsuit

Beto O'Rourke officially responds to oil pipeline billionaire Kelcy Warren's defamation lawsuit

Just before scheduled deposition, Alex Jones came down with an unnamed medical condition

Russian logistics crisis?

Darkness, Darkness - The Youngbloods

Glenn Kirschner on... What's Next for Trump? - Political Voices Network

Remember folks, if your post contains the name Michael Flynn, it's not "Michael Flynn"

Means Of Sustaining Life In Mariupol Dwindle For Those Unable To Flee Russian Bombing - TRMS - MSNBC

Damage reported from tornadoes in Elgin, Round Rock amid severe weather in the Austin area

Is the concept of a high school valedictorian outdated?

State child care investigations director resigns after 'insulting' texts about judge

Putin's Brutality Incurs The Hatred Of Formerly Pro-Russian Ukrainians: Engel - TRMS - Velshi - MSNBC

Breakfast Tuesday 22 March 2022

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

(Jewish Group) The Importance of Telling Hollywood's Jewish Origin Story

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention - King Kong (1968 at BBC)

White supremacist couple stab Black Navy vet to death at california gas station

Hannity Praises Putin For 'Channeling His Inner Trump' - Ring of Fire

MRA celebrity "Coach Red Pill" (Gonzalo Lira) has turned towards Putinist Propaganda

"Servant of the People" 2015-2019 on Netflix.

The Man in the Olive Green Tee, How Zelensky of Ukraine transformed the meaning of a piece of cotton

Anytime is a good time for some 'Rhenish' 'specially Part 1.

Hillsong Church Says Brian Houston, Its Founder, Breached Code of Conduct

Performer's wig falls off... keeps on performing

Why are movies getting so long?

DeJoy isn't leaving USPS obviously

Bill Maher Didn't Change. He's Always Been a Cringe Centrist. (Dailybeast)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses medical costs with Dallas leaders at health care roundtable

Ex-wife accuses top Missouri GOP Senate candidate of abuse

NYTimes Wordle 3/22

ring camera catches neighbor being chased by neighbor's dog

Capitol riot trial opens for Cowboys for Trump founder

Al Jazeera: 'Infographic: Which countries have the safest drinking water?

Ukrainian military capture lieutenant colonel of Russian army

Beto O'Rourke and Texas leaders blast Abbott for inaction in the foster care system

Wordle 276 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Over 2M iodine doses to be delivered to Ukraine

Mike Lindell Group protects election by sending armed volunteers to harass minority voters

Train Signalman Wants A Promotion - Billy Connolly

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Reuters Pictures: Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. reach peak bloom.

Beautiful theremin performance

Tuesday TOONs - When Will They Learn That They Never Can Mow Her Down?

Today's Image Dump (3/22/22)

Abortion funds in Texas take legal action

Photo: State Emergency Service Rescuers calming down a dog

Polish Volunteers Are Risking Their Lives to Save Abandoned Pets in Ukraine

VIDEO: 🇫🇷 Real or fake news? School children near Paris learn to spot the difference

2022 elections will be a barometer for the health of America

⚡️ Reuters: French automaker Renault resumes production in Moscow.

SpaceX has supplied more than 5,000 Starlink dishes to Ukraine.

Reuters Pictures: Top Photos of the Day, March 21, 2022.

Russia Navalny: Jailed opposition leader found guilty in trial branded 'sham'

Bob Dylan's album "Bringing It All Back Home," his first featuring electric guitar

George Benson has a birthday today.

Did Donald Trump encourage and embolden Vladimir Putin?

"It's Not Supposed To Be White" - In La Nina Year, 1 Of Healthiest GBR Colonies Succumbs To Heat

Ukraine retakes key Kyiv suburb; battle for Mariupol rages

UN Ocean Treaty Talks Collapse: "Glacial Pace"; Endless Obfuscation & Delay By Multiple States

Remember The COP-26 "Victory" When Shell Dumped Cambo Field? They're "Reconsidering" Drilling

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson introducing her husband & daughter

Study: 95% Of Alberta's Old Oil & Gas Sites Certified As "Reclaimed" Have Never Been Inspected

You raised $285.00 on March 21, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

Sarah Palin says she'd serve in Don Young's seat 'in a heartbeat'

Republican governor VETOES bill banning transgender girls in sports

Putin critic Navalny found guilty of fraud by Russian court


Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/16/22

Ghosts of Comics' Past - 1932

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 3/13/22-3/19/22

The Rundown: March 22, 2022

Kid Rock says Donald Trump sought his advice on North Korea and Islamic State

Joe: Putin Doesn't Care How Many Russian Soldiers Die In Ukraine -- But Their Mothers Might

Owning The Libs feels great!

Ukraine retakes key Kyiv suburb as battle for Mariupol rages

I dread the hearings.

Convoy news for Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The epic attempts to power planes with hydrogen

"I need a beer."

Today is Tuesday -- 3/22/22 *****

Tbingen: Europe's fiercely vegan, fairy-tale city

Ketanji Brown Jackson Rose Above the Muck on Day One

Indiana GOP governor vetoes bill banning transgender athletes from high school sports

Jackson Hearings: Dick Durbin making Josh Hawley look like a real shmuck

Oh gawd. Get the hook out! It's the old blabbering idiot from IA. 😎

Progressives are resisting rightwing book banning campaigns - and are winning

Off-duty Virginia officer who stormed US Capitol pleads guilty, is cooperating with DOJ

Eric tRump throws pissy fit because President Biden rode a bike...

posted without comment

Spotify, russia and Ukraine. I am reading my local indy paper, an article about

"Word freedom shouldn't pass your lips when you're the party trying to strip it from everyone else"

Putin's Anti-NATO Rampage Backfires As Neutral Countries Look For Protection

a couple of pics...

Madoc is on a tear, this morning.

Would Russia Use a Tactical Nuclear Weapon in Ukraine? - Modern War Institute

U.S. Sending Soviet Air Defense Systems To Ukraine Forces

Couy Griffin trial news, Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Kid Rock Says Trump Sought His Policy Advice

Just discovered boiled fish.

Unconfirmed: Russian troops surrounded in Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, cut from supplies...

Grassley Can't Even Read The Questions He's Asking.....

S5:E10 (OK Sen. Treat & The 'Conservative Value' of Misogyny)

GOP Senate candidate who supported paid family leave under Trump opposes it under Biden

Kharkiv's Remaining Residents Resort To Living Underground To Survive

Trojan Trump

Hey Ted cruz...

Russian Forces Reportedly Shoot At Peaceful Protesters

Charles Pierce: "Whatever staffers wrote Grassley's questions must be on the edge of their seats..."

Russian state TV: If they're afraid of WWIII & nuclear war, we should convince them we're ready

LIVE: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court confirmation hearings - Day 2

The American people should never, ever, worship Any president.

TYT: Josh Hawley's GROSS Attack On Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Rob Reiner ftw

Steppenwolf - Monster (today's history lesson)


Judge Jackson's response to republican false accusations against her

NPRs Tim Mak's War dog of the Day. From Odessa:

Foil, Arms and Hogg

Retirement - cartoon

The Truckers In The DC Convoy Are Dropping Like Flies With What Sounds Like COVID

From Zelensky's address to Italy's parliament, warning of a wider conflict and famine

Severe storms rake Texas, Oklahoma; tornado watch in effect

Most common country of birth in U.S. - INDIA, surprising

I strongly suggest watching Judge Brown Jackson's hearing. For those, like me, who

Russian military burn down stable with horses inside

Hundreds of Chevron workers at California refinery go on strike

New: The US and NATO believe that Belarus could "soon" join Russia in its war against Ukraine, US


"W1A" on Netflix

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey.......

Lindsey agrees "no religious test" & proceeds to go batshit applying religious test

Tweet from the President of Lithuania on his talk with the director of the CIA

The latest from MTG...

Well said.

Oh! I didn't realize that this was Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Justice Hearing!

St. Jude Fights Donors' Families in Court for Share of Estates

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 22, 2022

Question about Biden's power to rein in gas price gouging

Ukraine Defense Ministry: How many more people have to be killed for NATO to give us NFZ/aircraft?

WH officials say U.S. has exhausted funds to buy potential fourth vaccine dose for all Americans

It appears that the only thing they have against Judge Jackson is how their nominees were treated.

McFaul: Payments for Russian oil should be held in escrow until Putin ends the war

First plane ride since 2019... interesting change

I nominate Lindsey Graham for worst case of attention span deficit that a

Tweet of the Day

The biggest old Flip flopper ever

I turned it off after Lindsey. It really is showing a much embarrassing event for the GQP.

When the title of a video says "wait for it", what it really means is ...

There are more than 5,000 confirmed planets beyond our solar system, NASA says

I am loving how Dick Durbin is taking down the GOP outrage with cold, hard facts.

Lindsey Graham opened the door to "activist judges."

Medical student Edward Si wanted to start a club promoting universal healthcare, but EVMS ...

As a nurse faces prison for a deadly error, her colleagues worry: Could I be next?

Lindsey showing his butt

"Absolute Hellscape": Human Rights Watch Decries Russian Bombing & Siege of Mariupol

DNR: Enbridge crews harmed Minnesota groundwater even more

'I don't know how we'll survive': the farmers facing ruin in Maine's 'forever chemicals' crisis

If Russia is actually flying 300 sorties in a day over Ukraine

It is interesting to compare the racial reaction of this nation to different events.

Phone macro

Russia withdraws from WWII peace treaty talks with Japan

I figured I would share with you a few of my personal photos from my visit to Ukraine in 2019.

Progressives are resisting rightwing book banning campaigns - and are winning

This really bugs me.

Capitol Riot Suspect Evan Neumann Wins Asylum in Belarus

Class-action lawsuit targets NYPD practice of secretly collecting DNA

More than 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine since start of war with Russia: UN

More than 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine since start of war with Russia: UN

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (studio version & live at Knebworth, 1979)

Can Congress Stop Louis DeJoy's Plan to Buy a Fleet of Gas-Guzzling Trucks?

We helped train the Ukrainian forces, did a dam good job.

Listen up, libs, it's not voter fraud when former Trump aide Mark Meadows does it. Duh!

The hood is off

Shipping company Maersk is leaving Russia.

Patrick Jackson, husband of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, sockin' it to 'em

EU aims to set up 'trust fund' for reconstruction of democratic Ukraine

Jared Yates Sexton: The Right and Weaponized Fear

"Russia & China, Together at Last": Historian Al McCoy Predicts Ukraine War to Birth New World Order

A Ukrainian refugee and her dog / No words

Children protected in Violence Against Women Act

What's at stake in the 2022 midterm elections summed up in one image

Victory for Ukraine, which is victory for democracy & rule of law, is the ONLY acceptable outcome

Photos: Lord is a special forces dog-officer.

Getting paid for looking out the window:

I guess

Ukraine, the world's biggest sunflower producer, may only plant half a normal crop

Is this the socio-evolutionary challenge of the 21st Century?

Russian military has lost more than 10% of combat force sent in to Ukraine, still stalled outside

Disney employees across the U.S. are walking out today. Here's why.

"The power to rule America." A tell. Senator Cornyn just revealed

Some of dis and Some of dat

Deadbeat Dads and Ex-Cons Rounded up to Fight by Desperate Putin, Says Ukraine

US, Ukraine quietly try to pierce Putin's propaganda bubble

And ok, love, love, love, Senator Whitehouse.......Supreme Court Committee member......

Xi Risks Leaving China Isolated by Backing Putin to Counter U.S.

Guilty: Cowboys for Trump' founder Couy Griffin convicted in the second January 6 trial

Did charter schools game the system? Many cashed in on forgiven PPP loans they didn't actually need

Dear Lord, I HATE J Cornyn!!

What Amazes Me About These Elected Repugs Is That They.....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 22, 2022)

Chateau Ste. Michelle announces 2022 Summer Concert Series lineup

Anonymous has hacked and released info on Nestles. Twitter

Olympic champion Evgeny Rylov loses Speedo deal after attending Putin rally

What's the best site for rating charities?

CNN seems to interrupt coverage of the judicial hearing with commercials verses MSNBC. I find that

The heads begin to roll in Russia

Lion on the loose! Everybody run! (So fierce.)

How Ukraine's Outgunned Air Force Is Fighting Back Against Russian Jets

Baby sloth learning to climb:

An update from someone other than the usual voices on Omicron

Combination of the Two (Live at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA - April 1968)

Weird problem with roof leak. It leaks when there is no rain. Fixed!

Calico cat fails to connect:

A stick is a stick:

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center sees surge in donations after Browns' trade for Deshaun Watson

Each time I hear Senator Sheldon Whitehouse speak, I become a little bit

'It's absolutely critical.' Ex-Trump official backs Biden's computer chip push

Stormy Daniels says she will 'go to jail' before paying Trump 'a penny'

Brain freeze:

Senator Mike Lee is up next

Ukrainian women take up arms and join men in the war effort against Russia

Send Ukraine The Missiles To Sink The Ships Firing On Mariopol

Sen. Durbin destroys Lindsey Graham's questions to SCOTUS nominee & Graham storms out of hearing

Trudeau will be prime minister until 2025

Former skating coaches say they faced retaliation after reporting coach for sexual abuse

If Belarus joins Russia

That's kinda weird for a country that claims to be pursuing "denazification" in another country

Spotted on a suburban street in a purple state: "Trump, round 2: 2024"

There's always one:

I figured out a counter slogan to

Explore the global assets of Russia's oligarchs and enablers

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

Girl who sang in bunker sings Ukrainian national anthem at charity event

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Russian state TV Just Declared War on... Arnold Schwarzenegger

Leaked messages: Wichita-area officers sent racist memes, talked about shooting people

Cool transforming wire sculptures:

While listening to the disgusting smarm Senator Cornyn dished out to Judge Jackson

Animals join the Ministry of Silly Walks:

Biden appointee John Kirby getting love from...Fox News

Kyiv Calling - Beton (cover of Clash's London Calling)

Ukraine calls on Chinese drone maker to stop use by Russia

BuzzFeed investors have pushed CEO Jonah Peretti to shut down entire newsroom, sources say

Ukraine war imperils wheat, but farmers in no rush to pivot

Editorial: Needed fixes made for long-term care program

Just wondering...

Cartoons 3/22/2022

Ukrainian forces shoot down Russian plane bombing Mariupol

The impossibly stupid "gold bubble" story told by Rudy about TFG threatening Putin

Labor Report: County gains leisure and hospitality jobs

What's behind Russia's logistical mess in Ukraine? A US Army engineer looks at the tactical level.

A very good analysis of why we aren't told everything by the Ukrainian MOD

Political shakeup underway as another Everett lawmaker makes exit

After a break in the questioning, Senator Durbin ate Cornyn's lunch AND drank

Sen. Lindsey Graham has a mental breakdown.

Disney finds itself in balancing act with walkout threat

Likely reaction to messing with Daylight Savings Time by MAGA will be similar

Judge tosses D.C.'s antitrust lawsuit against Amazon

Nuclear war being mentioned/discussed by Russian TV guests and hosts

Amazon hit with fine over 'willful' safety violations at Kent warehouse

Democratic US Senators that may retire in 2024 and their sucessor.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki tests positive for Covid-19

538: Why Early Senate And Governor Polls Have Plenty To Tell Us About November

Daily touch of France - Tuesday edition - Out and about in Paris & Cassis - 2012

Alcohol-Related Deaths Spiked During the Pandemic, a Study Shows

Damn - Jen Psaki has covid again.

Daily touch of France - Tuesday edition - Out & about in Paris & Cassis - 2012 - also in Photography

Biden confirms Russia used hypersonic missiles, warns of coming cyberattacks on US: March 21 recap

Democratic US Senators that may retire in 2026.

Red Stripe! I'll say no more!

My guess is that MTG marches around saying "She.. will not.. replace me"

I just wish the GOP Senators questioning Jackson would just say:

Kremlin critic Navalny rallies supporters after new nine-year sentence

Greek foreign minister wants to travel with humanitarian aid mission to Mariupol

Mariupol deputy mayor describes scenes of horror in embattled city

The truck convoy is trying to invade DC again

I find myself becoming increasingly hawkish with respect to Ukraine

Gym Jordan's self own

Jackson defends herself against Republican attacks: 'Nothing could be further from the truth'

Senator Klobuchar.......Supreme Court Member.....Judge Jackson's Confirmation.

Russian billionaire's yacht docks in Gibraltar, detained by authorities

Senator Cornyn is a liar. Re: Ketanji B Jackson

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rule 303 Belorussian style....

Report: Abbott's Texas border security effort fudges crime numbers

Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID

All Pathetic Putin Can Do Is Attack Civilians

I'm thinking how cool it's going to be having a SCOTUS justice who wears braids

Dog Who Had Never Been Inside a House Overcomes Her Biggest Fear

Analysis: Putin fears a coup but it's not oligarchs who will oust him -- it's the siloviki

Russia's largest tank manufacturer may have run out of parts

Socially Awkward Dog Waits Two Weeks To Meet His New Best Friend

Prosecutor in Phoenix quits amid criticism of performance

I just got stared down and pushed out of my garden by a horsefly.

'Living in a frightening situation'- Estonian women learn to fight

Sarah Palin says she'd serve in late GOP Rep. Don Young's House seat "in a heartbeat"

Artifacts seized from U.S. billionaire returned to Israel

TurboTax Threatens To Tell IRS Customer Cheated On Taxes Unless They Upgrade To Deluxe Version

Eric the dumbest attacks Joe Biden for riding a bike

Why is Russia's church backing Putin's war?

Heh. "Convoy" leader says some truckers have "pissed their pants," blames the D.C. police.

For one with an Ivy league education Ted Cruz sure comes off as an idiot.

Osprey mouth open!

GOP drops any subtlety in centering the Jackson nomination fight on race

'Cruz: Let's talk about things you've said you don't follow, use, or know, OK, Judge?'

Black cat was nearly put down for having a kitty cold. Then a woman gave her another chance.

Jebus Effin ' Krist

Another excellent reason for Democrats to double-down on 2022 election turnout

Daily Distraction 22/03/2022

Watching Ted Cruise question Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Daily Distraction 22/03/2022 Posted in Photography

S5:E10 (OK Sen. Treat & The 'Conservative Value' of Misogyny)

Kid Rock: Trump asked for advice on ISIS, North Korea

"We get it, Senator Cornyn; you're still mad at gay marriage for taking away none of your rights."

They'd better quake when Judge KBJ says "Thank you for giving me the opportunity..."

After his obsequious and smarmy opening niceties, Cruz has done absolutely nothing

Takayasu v. Hoshoryu: Sumo Tournament Day 10. A good match!

Anonymous has probably done much more damage in Russia than has been made public,

Can Malcolm Kenyatta win the Democratic Nomination for the 2022 PA US Senate Election?

Russian invaders have three days of supplies left, says Ukraine military

#US citizen Evan Newman, who stormed the #American Capitol a year ago,

Innovation for Easy, Inexpensive Raised Beds

Clarence still in the hospital. The Supreme Court says not COVID but no negative test

Forget No-Fly Zones, experts feel Putin could use nukes anyway due to current NATO pressure

(Jewish Group) Widespread admiration for Volodymyr Zelensky could upend stereotypes about Jewish men

DOJ may add "several" new defendants to the Proud Boys conspiracy.

Re Cruz and his ilk... An Ivy League education signifies nothing

'Could you fairly judge a Catholic?'

(Jewish Group) Holocaust survivor Borys Romanchenko, who survived 4 Nazi camps, killed in Ukraine

If Belarus joins in Russia's terrorist operation should America bomb Belarus military targets

Biden press secretary has COVID-19, won't travel to Europe

How should the West respond to Ukraine? One rule: We cannot be afraid (of Putin/nukes)

Armed Allies Of Mike Lindell Going Door To Door To Harass Voters

Where is Nichole Wallace

The DU has a new Stacey Abrams for Governor of GA ActBlue donation link!

Q: Why do so many people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz?

Capitol Riot Suspect Evan Neumann Wins Asylum in Belarus

Liberal Redneck - Ketanji Brown Jackson's SCOTUS Confirmation

Steve Miller Band - Your Saving Grace 1969

Alison Krauss & Union Station: Down to the River to Pray

Can anyone point to another instance where folks here were so...enthusiastic about military action?



Mike Luckovich -Kentaji Brown Jackson

Slandering The First AA Female SCOTUS Nominee Is Dirty Ugly Business

--Toquiwa Tokyo Merry-Go-Round -

No rain forecast for D.C. tonight so the Judiciary Committee Republicans should have

Do you support NATO enforcing a no fly zone in Ukraine?

So, Dumb and Dumber showed their asses again?

Strangely prescient Soviet military meeting from James Bond film

Cancun Cruz goes after anti racist books at a private school.

Russia's combat force has shrunk, a Pentagon official says, reflecting casualties and other struggle

Ted Cruz is a sanctimonious twit.

Why the Right is Obsessed with Putin

Mo Brooks Fades In Alabama Senate Race

Funny Pet Pics (from Bored Panda)

I don't think anyone who is not a law school graduate

Observation from my time in the Army in Europe

Help Julie Gunnigle get on the ballot for the Maricopa County Attorney Special Election

Secretive American stocks of Soviet air defense systems are headed to Ukraine

A moment of weird

Republican Senator HUMILIATES herself with unreal question at Supreme Court hearing - Brian Tyler Co

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Braun: Interracial marriage rights should be left up to individual states

Sanctions are biting and anti-depressant sales are up 4x in Russia

'Pathetic' Eric Trump faces mockery after lashing out at Joe Biden for riding a bicycle

Biden pushes new normal amid worries about next covid surge -- and who is left behind

Smoke is rising from the bldg of the Russian embassy in Poland. Allegedly, the diplomats are burning

Anyone else catch this @ Kavanaugh at the hearing?

Senate Republicans Attack Ketanji Brown Jackson's Lack Of Experience On U.S. Supreme Court

Josh Hawley Slams Ketanji Brown Jackson For Letting Pedophiles Like Himself Walk Free

Astronomy Picture of the Day A Whale of an Aurora over Swedish Forest 2022 March 22

Putin Admits His Attack on Ukraine is a Holy War (Says quite part out loud)

Am I wrong, or are these SCOTUS hearings simply theater?

Graham gets combative with Jackson: 'What faith are you, by the way?'

Democratic National Committee chair coming to Utah later this year

Peter Bowles, British actor in 'To the Manor Born,' dies at 85

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 22, 2022

Vulnerable Democrats eye GOP transit mask repeal

US Senate Elections in states Democrats will win in 2022.

So how graphics do you want to get Josh Hawley?

Hope everyone in central Texas is ok after yesterdays wild weather.


Democrats circulate plan for changing 2024 nomination calendar, moving against Iowa

Biden's Approval Drops to New Low

Cop Fired After Insulting Innocent Man, Multiple times - LackLuster

How would history have changed if the Czechs had resisted Hitler in 1939

First Ukrainian pediatric cancer patients evacuated to the U.S. arrive at St. Jude

Regime change is the only answer...

This is why Belarus is getting militarily involved...

Thank you Dick Durbin for destroying Hawley

Durbin's staff being run ragged today...

Cool pic from National Geographic.

PM Update: Tranquil and mild tonight, with rain developing Wednesday.

Absolutely nailed it Senator Durbin!

GOP senator says he'd support Supreme Court overturning decision that legalized interracial marriage

Garry Kasparov...

Had dinner out tonight. Here's a picture of the napkin. What's the little embroidered thing?

Say a No Fly Zone were established

Ukrainian vigilantism against looters is getting out of control

The Purges in Putin's Shrinking Inner Circle

War criminal...

Under the Hypocrisy Circus Big Top - today with Ringmasters Hawley and Croooz ringmastering

Ukraine says they are pushing Russian forces away from Kyiv


OPINION GUEST ESSAY The Grand Theory Driving Putin to War

Time to pray for regime change...

Tweet of the Early Evening:

Hirono for the entire win today.

Maizie Hirono is a queen and a badass - KBJ hearings

Dude who stormed the Capitol was given asylum in Belarus today.

Behind Tucker Carlson and J.D. Vance, a revolt against the GOP unfolds

Braun walks back comments that interracial marriage ruling should have been left to states

So Cruz, Hawley, Graham et al. can't abide considering an 18-year-old's age

Does anyone else feel like the whole world is playing an online game of "Risk"?

Dashcam Shows Female Officer Slip and Fall Before Fatally Shooting Suspect After Chase

Russian tank commander surrendered via cell phone text...

Cruz Discusses Critical Race Theory While Questioning Judge Jackson

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Zelenskyy taking over the media....

Braun Says Justices Wrong on Interracial Marriage

Hillary Clinton says she has tested positive for Covid

Did MTG REALLY ask why Jews weren't using their space lasers in Ukraine?

GOP Flounders In Attacks On Biden's Historic SCOTUS Pick

Just grabbing some dinner...

WOW! The small town in Ukraine which saw off the Russian army - BBC News

Ted Cruz Lessons For His Daughters - Don Winslow Films

Poor little Buttercup.

Okta hack puts thousands of businesses on high alert.

Zelensky to Russian pilots: Killing civilians is a crime, and you will pay

Ted Cruz Has Airport OUTBURST, Gets Security Called On Him - The Damage Report

Republicans Would Like You to Know How Unfairly They've Been Treated

US warns Russia could be planning Cyberattacks

how did all republicans become such

Russians attack oil refinery that they own

After getting a few "stink eyes" for being double masked in a store, I decided I'd better

OH STFU! Get into YOUR lane, senator whatever!

Dog Gets Embarrassed By His White Racist Owner - Rebel HQ

Airplane Lunatic Threatens To Beat Up Women On Flight - The Damage Report

Email provider reviews, focused on privacy

New video from Ukraine's government about their children: We defend Ukraine for them

Can someone sound an alarm when Tom Cotton gets within a mile of a RELEVENT FUCKING POINT

God Tom cotton is such a Dick

Trump says "he would send nuclear submarines up and down Russia's coast to pressure Putin"!

Cybersecurity CEO: 'More targeted ransomware attacks' by Russia coming (CNN)

Watching the shitshow confirmation hearing. How does a person of intelligence, knowledge, integrity

Cotton Trying to Out-ahole Hawley

Georgia..PLEASE vote this clown out.

Hillary has tested positive.

Genocide is happening...

The small town in Ukraine which saw off the Russian army - BBC News

summary? Guys...some of us are working can we get summaries please

The walls of my dentist's office

US suggests Russian forces are devastating Mariupol because Putin is angry Ukrainians are resisting

These hearings should not exceed 8 hours plus

Russian forces are now shelling Mariupol from the sea, Pentagon official says

Interesting: CNN went to other news during Cotton interrogation

Surprise announcement at the hearing:

Aide to jailed Russian leader Alexei Navalny: I'm 'very concerned' he will be killed

Tweet of the Evening:

A metaphor for the war in Ukraine?

Bushman Prank: He Screamed Like a Girl - Ionut Magadan

Thank You Sen. Booker!

Savage Deviljo has a an accurate name

Is Geometry a Language That Only Humans Know?

Post five television shows, four of which you didn't like, and one that you loved,

Democrats could expand their US Senate majority by winning all the Biden states including PA and WI.

Noel Casler sums up the day.

What Lindsey Graham Got Wrong -- And Right -- During His Guantanamo Bay Rant - MSNBC

BBC Video: Vosnesensk farmers ambushed Russian forces, destroying all tanks

Top Colleges Accused Of Violating Black Athletes' Rights

NYC man charged with smearing feces on woman's face held on bail for new crime

20 minute break, ending with blackburn.

Supreme Court pick Jackson fights back against GOP criticism over sentencing, Gitmo defense