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Ukraine says Russia has completely destroyed 10 hospitals in invasion

Hong Kong martial arts instructor, assistant accused of training pro-independence 'warriors'

Historic: Jackson Sails Through Ted Cruz's 'Baby Talk' & Graham's Walk-Out - The Beat - MSNBC

26-year-old woman charged with manslaughter for allegedly fatally shoving 87-year-old in NYC

Will the media point out the conflagration of hypocrisy by

GOP attacked a dark money group's support for Judge Jackson despite blocking bills to disclose donor

Oklahoma House has approved a total abortion ban that can be enforced by private citizens.

DirecTV is dropping OAN on April 4th ...

Russian hackers probing U.S. energy companies' networks, FBI warns

Ukrainian Official was asked, "Is there room for compromise with Russia?"

WTF is going wrong with our society (elderly woman killed in brutal and senseless carjacking)

HUD to send out nearly $3 billion in disaster relief grants

Starbucks workers at Capitol Hill store OK pro-union vote, first for Seattle, West Coast

Starbucks workers at Capitol Hill store OK pro-union vote, first for Seattle, West Coast

Cruz missed his flight and threw a hissy fit!

Durbin, defending Jackson, says Congress has failed to do its job on sentencing guidelines

The Kavanaugh Comparisons are Ridiculous, Lindsay Graham is Living in the Past - Political Voices Net

*Hrg resuming. Sen kennedy.

Ukrainian sailing club protest superyacht linked to Abramovich in Turkey

Mr. Haney from "Green Acres" is now questioning Judge Jackson

Ted Cruz's Rhetorical 'Hate Crime': Obama Vet Condemns Race Questions For Judge Jackson - The Beat

Districts redrawn

Did ANY Republican who questioned Judge Jackson today strike you as a decent human being?

One Russian general got this completely right

Is Ted Cruz actually pictured in the book "Anti-Racist Baby"?

Generic Gas Price Story:

Trump wants to be able to kill his opponents, we are his opponents.

Hillary Clinton says she has tested positive for COVID-19

It's GREAT to hear Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's answers to these questions

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

US State Dept spokesperson on the current situation

Cruz quizzes Jackson on critical race theory at confirmation hearing

Spring gardens... What are you planting?

Say what?

The Smaller Bombs That Could Turn Ukraine Into a Nuclear War Zone

Kennedy: "When Does Life Begin??"

Anyone know what the DNC is doing in preparation for when, not if, GOP refuses to certify any

Russian Army's Fail No Surprise to CIA Official Who Battled It in Afghanistan

Can you imagine what Judge Jackson must be thinking - having to

Judge rules against Biden administration rules for ICE deportation agents

Ukraine is fighting to 'regain territory,' Pentagon says

WATCH: Jackson's defense work is an asset, Hirono says - PBS NewsHour

OMGOSH.....Frontline on PBS all about Nancy Pelosi....outstanding....

Once I understood the Ukrainian flag, of a field of sunflowers and a blue sky above,

Last week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine political parties and the mirror....

Switzerland is not so neutral on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Donald Trump Appeals Judge's Order Directing him to Submit to Deposition by NY AG Tish James

So what's the strategy behind grilling a SCOTUS candidate for 12 hours?

Things Are Changing. Democrats are becoming Pro-Palestinian.

OPINION PIECE: The Six No's. Israel's Hardline Position toward Palestinians.

Market price of Russian oil vs. Brent oil

Malaise...So how is the visit going?

Russian Officials Endorse Lara Logan's Comments Linking Ukrainian Soldiers to Nazis and Occultism

Blumenthal: Brown Jackson Dealt With 'Distorting And Distracting Questions' With Grace - All In

Journalist reportedly kidnapped and tortured by Russian troops in Ukraine

​​From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Russian soldier complains troops 'have frostbite' and low morale in intercepted call

Ukrainian MiGs have been enormously effective. Imagine what more could do.

News report the actions of Anonymous in Russia:

Warren Spahn

A Chumash tribe and conservationists fight offshore wind turbines

Ukrainian Anti-War Activists Block Trucks At Polish-Belarus Border

Why Biden does what he's doing.

Happy 40th anniversary Number Of The Beast!

Video: 'Frustrated' Ted Cruz argues with Montana airport staff over missed flight

How long does this hearing last?

COVID-19 is surging again in Europe thanks to the BA.2 subvariant and is likely to spread to the US

Up now, my least favorite box of rock airhead "bless your heart" piece shit

WTF is wrong with this asshole who is now getting ready to trash Judge Jackson?

Photos: Disney employees stage walkouts to protest company response to Florida bill

My feelings watching the Rethugs.

I can't stand Marsha Blackburn.

Hillary Clinton's podcast with Ann Applebaum and Michael McFaul

"The US and it's allies won't fight Russia's invasion of Europe in Ukraine because..."

Graham Questions Judge Jackson: 'How Important Is Your Faith To You?'

Emission-Free BMW iX5 Hydrogen Car Review from the Arctic Circle - Arjeplog, Sweden

Yeah! Sen. Booker introduces Judge Jackson to the world with great honor!

Coming up Next on PBS. " life & Legacy of House Speaker Pelosi. Pelosi's Power"

Senator Braun Says States Should Be Free to Ban Abortions and Interracial Marriages

'Sickening': Mystal On GOP 'Internal Moral Justifications' For Jackson Attacks - All In - MSNBC

Marsha Blackburn asking questions she the thinks are IMPORDENT! What a nitwit!

No wonder?

Oklahoma authorities: 6 students killed in crash with semi

If you're watching this hearing for Judge Jackson . . . . .

MacKenzie Scott donates $436 million to Habitat for Humanity, group says

Tweet of the Night:

I hope I am wrong.

Would you put this on your bread or bagel?

I know it's wrong but...

Guy finds a body under a house trailer...

Folks in the New Orleans area!

Judge Confirmed As 1st Latina On California Supreme Court

Pelosi's Power (full documentary) - FRONTLINE - PBS

'The least we can do' Maryland donating ventilators to Ukraine, Gov. Hogan announces.

BREAKING: Democrats just WON a massive special election showdown for the New York Assembly!

This is looking more and more like the Winter War

Russia is a totalitarian country, not an authoritarian one, isn't it?

Kid Rock - The Lincoln Project

Senators Discuss Freezing Russian Gold

Republican drops bomb with the most DANGEROUS announcement possible - Brian Tyler Cohen

California Cannabis Businesses Fear State's Legal Industry Could Collapse

California Cannabis Businesses Fear State's Legal Industry Could Collapse

Large tornado causes major damage in New Orleans

Have you ever had a cat whose personality totally changed, as if from trauma?

It must be terrifying for some of these Republicans to see a black woman


The Anti-Misinformation Resources Catalog

Russia-Ukraine - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres makes a statement on the conflict

Art amid destruction: Musician plays cello in central Kharkiv, destroyed by Russia

Kimmel: Kid Rock Talks Trump with Giddy Tucker Carlson & Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Faces Crazy

France 24: "Super powerful bombs" rock Mariupol

Cuteness overload

The National Geographic Photograph of the year

Supposed to be an intercepted call from Russian Officer

I tested positive for COVID on Sunday (3/20).....

Trade experts: Reynosa is already benefiting from supply chain disruptions in Asia

What does Donald Trump say or think of MTG?

INDEX leader: More and more manufacturers want to move from China to Mexico

John Pavlovitz: No, All Opinions are Not Equally Valid

Al Franken: How Biden's Approach to the Crisis Built the Coalition vs. Russia (March 22, 2022)

SuperYacht docks in Gibraltar, immediately gets Seized

I'd never make it through a Senate confirmation, that's for sure

As this war drags on, do not miss any opportunity to link TFG and Putin

McCaskill: GOP Questioning Of Judge Jackson A 'Whack-A-Mole Game Of Hypocrisy' - The Last Word MSNBC

How They'll Try To Steal: A Republican Fights Voter Fraud in His Race (231 Days Before Election Day)

Iowa to be displaced as first in primary nomination calendar

Dan Rather: Outrage. And Hope

Strategy Professor: Russia 'Overestimated What They Could Do' In Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Lincoln Project-Former National Security Advisor, Kid Rock.

Bruce Cockburn - If I had a Rocket Launcher - Ukraine version

The Lincoln Project-Former National Security Advisor, Kid Rock.

Anne Frank betrayal book pulled after findings discredited

The Rise of the Tucker Carlson Politician

Putin Past the Point of No Return Finland's Fmr PM Alexander Stubb GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Meidas Touch-The Republican Party has turned its back on America!

Meidas Touch-The Republican Party has turned its back on America!

Joy Reid To GOP Senators: Ketanji Brown Jackson Bested You Intellectually - The ReidOut - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Brown Jackson brings up a Black-Jewish civil rights alliance in confirmation hearing

CRT is the new race bait. Didn't think they would roll it out so clearly.

"The whole grocery store is basically owned by 10 companies"

Six Teen Girls Killed After Their Car Collides With Semi-Truck in Oklahoma

Why Ketanji Brown Jackson's Public Defender Experience Is 'Critically Important' - The Last Word MSNBC

Anti-Corruption Activists Tied To Navalny Expose Putin Ownership Of Mystery Yacht - TRMS - MSNBC

U.S. Senate to vote this spring on lowering insulin prices

Ashleigh Barty, world's #1 ranked women's tennis player, announces her retirement at age 25

Wednesday Morning 🐦 Sweet Jazz & Bossa Nova for A Good Mood

Experts Working To Assess Extent Of Degradation Of Russian Forces - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

"I'm not a biologist"

Experts Working To Assess Extent Of Degradation Of Russian Forces

POTUS To Travel To Europe Amid War

Republicans Deploy REVENGE STRATEGY in First Day of Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

POTUS To Travel To Europe Amid War - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Harpischoard Concerto - if you like great classical

Rescuing Ukrainians From War - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

US rolls back Trump-era tariffs on UK steel

The little town that could...they fight off Russians

Oklahoma's House passes a near-total abortion ban

World No 1 Ash Barty announces shock retirement from tennis at 25

George Gershwin and United Airlines.....what comes to mind?

Putin's Anti-NATO Rampage Backfires As Neutral Countries Look For Protection - TRMS - MSNBC

Can't even think of a good lie as to why I'd need a burner phone

Righteous Pelosi Power

Ketanji Brown Jackson Unperturbed By Republican Insinuations At Confirmation Hearing - TRMS

The Captain & Tenille - Muskrat Love...

Scarface: The Vlad Putin Story.

A palate cleanser to wash away the bitter taste of Blackburn

Hirono recalls Jackson's biggest mic drop moment to date

Jill Biden to meet with four Ukrainian children transported to US for cancer treatment

Cyberwar is coming

For West Wing fans

Judge Jackson Faces Intense Questioning

The Russian mindset will scare you

Grateful Dead - Sing Me Back Home - Paris, France, 1972

South Dakota hotel owner bans Native Americans because she can't tell "who is bad Native or a good"

Former U.S. generals call for humanitarian airlifts to Ukraine, decry NATO's passive response

Rep. Katie Porter and Insurance Whistleblower Wendell Potter Talk the Industry's Greed

Bill to Change Gun Rules Has Threats and Support from the Bolsonaro Clan

Risk of Dying from Covid Is Up to 18 Times Higher for Unvaccinated Elderly

Paul Manafort Denied Flight To Dubai Over Revoked Passport

Schools nationwide are quietly removing (non challenged) books from their libraries

Rachmaninoff: 3rd Concerto Mehta NYPO 1978 Vladimir Horowitz

Four Cruise Lines Accused Of 'Prohibited Tourism' In Cuba

Today's Image Dump (3/23/22)

Two, two, two mints in one...🤭 lovers of oboe...

"nuclear deterrence is [like] poker..."

Chilean gov't to push for pardons regarding Oct. 2019 protests

BBC News - Afghanistan: Taliban backtrack on reopening high schools for girls

'Two murders in a week': Honduran activists risk death to defend rights

Democrats, DEMAND racist Sen Mike Braun-Ind's resignation.

Would it be possible for everyone to talk about women without using insults?

Crisis of older undocumented workers awaits Illinois (and rest of USA)

Out of Context...

Winter didn't end, Stella destroyed it! (Stella the leaf jumping Labrador)

Oh my goodness, Power of the Dog on Netflix

Russia's largest tank manufacturer may have run out of parts

D.C.-area forecast: Scattered showers today into tomorrow as temperatures take a bumpy ride.

NYTimes Wordle 3/23

Ukraine Army destroys Colonel Sharov, Russian commander who wanted to storm Odesa

Poland to expel 45 Russian diplomats.


Speaking of Thermonuclear weapons...

Orangutans use slang to 'show off their coolness', study suggests

Scrumming for sugar in a Russian market

Media people saying "booms" instead of "explosions."

The GOP Staged a Racist Clown Show at Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's Confirmation

Bolsonaro insists Judiciary wants him to lose reelection

MAGAt Moron Senator Says Supreme Court Should Have Never Legalized Interracial Marriage

MAGAt Alex Jones Was Too Sick to Be Deposed by Sandy Hook Families, Not Too Sick to Host Infowars

Breakfast Wednesday 23 March 2022

During all this chaos, I'm deeply grateful & relieved to have President Biden at the helm of the USA

Brain Dead Michele Bachmann: African Americans 'had the best life they ever had' under tRump....

Sen. Whitehouse Questions Judge Jackson on Day Two of Her Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Poland Prepares to Expel 45 Russia Diplomats in Spying Crackdown

With 6 weeks until Ohio's primary, many voting districts still haven't been decided

Louisiana sends National Guard to tornado disaster area

JoJofromJerz. Marsh Blackburn lost her damn mind.

Buttigieg opens applications for money to build large infrastructure projects

Wordle 277 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

O hayou Goxaimasu

Authorities confirm Ukrainian armed forces have Russians in Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, locked in pocket

I guess Mother Nature loves my Ferals, too

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Beton (Бетон) - Kyiv Calling (official cover "The Clash - London Calling")

Wednesday TOONs - Assume The Position

Miami East: London's Flood Risk Getting Worse, Esp. In Areas Earmarked For Affordable Housing

Every Monster in Monster Hunter World- in 13 minutes

White-Nose 97-100% Fatal In Northern Long-Eared Bats; FWS Expects 100% Infection By 2025

Not even a fair fight. Judge Brown Jackson v Sen. Blackburn

Shirley Woodson getting more well-deserved national attention!

Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine for young children is safe, but efficacy is...more complicated

4th-Wettest Day In Antarctica In 40 Yrs Of Records; Concordia Station Hit Highest Temp In Any Month

⚡Breaking: Anatoly Chubais stepped down as Russia's climate envoy and has left the country

Most non-religious people wouldn't have a problem ...

You raised $250.00 on March 22, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

Actress Joan Crawford was #BornOnThisDay, March 23, 1900,1904, or 1906.

That's The Way Love Goes

Pretty young for retirement... anyone know the story? (Ashleigh Barty)

You raised $15.00 on March 22, 2022 to elect Stacey Abrams Gov. of GA

The Weekly Pull: The Human Target, Demon Days: Blood Feud, Ghost Cage, and More

Dumbass Headline Of The Year: "Rising Sea Level Could Impact North Carolina Coast"

Trump Un-Endorses 'Woke' Mo Brooks

Morning Digest: Yes, Sarah Palin's flirting with a House bid--but don't expect her to actually run

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/23/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #178: An Ode to Youth (3/22/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: March 23, 2022 tweet - "The Republican Party has turned its back on America!"

Feeling fortunate to have our fur-babies

Fucker Carlson hung out with Kid Rock in the "Cadillac Pussy VIP Room" at Kid Rock's bar.


Russian ground forces are laying minefields for defensive purposes.

PA GOP governor candidates want "safe space" for debates

Ex-Head Of Australia's Carbon Credit System Denounces It As "Largely A Sham"

When you are done suffering fools.

John Bolton Clashes With Russian Television Anchor Over Ukraine Invasion: 'Russia is Losing This War

Talks bet Russia & Ukraine ending & Biden says Russia using chemical weapons is a real threat

⚡️ Russia uses white phosphorus bombs in Hostomel and Irpin.

Bon Jovi tweet: This is for the ones who stood their ground... Odessa, Ukraine. #SlavaUkraini 🇺🇦

Asking one single question about race is pure, undiluted racism

National Gallery Nights is Back! For the first time ever, the National Gallery of Art will open ...

Dumping vodka, banning Dostoevsky: some anti-Russian protests are empty gestures

? for greater minds than mine.. if Putin attends the G-20, can we arrest him for war crimes

Worldometers will register 1 million US C-19 deaths today

Extraordinary letter from former UK defence attach at Moscow embassy - we warned you about Putin

What do you see?

NPRs Tim Mak's Daily dog of war.

Putin Aide Chubais Quits Kremlin, Leaves Russia:

Lawsuit Says Armed Pro-Trump Canvassers Are Going Door-To-Door With Big Lie 'Intimidation'

Louisiana Red was born on this date.

On this date in 1942

When are the Jackson hearings over??? nt

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Republican Utah governor vetoes transgender sports ban

Watching NASA spacewalk live; Mattias Maurer had to attach his helmet with duct tape and zip ties.

Poland expels 45 Russian diplomats suspected of working for Russian intelligence

January 6 insurrectionist, Evan Neumann, granted asylum in Belarus.

US Capitol riot suspect gets asylum in Belarus

Elie Mystal: Our Constitution is "actually trash" -- but the Supreme Court can be fixed

Ukraine military surrounds Russian forces...

CBC*: "Bald eagle has rare closeup encounter in Esgenopetitj First Nation, New Brunswick

Ambrosia - Nice, Nice, Very Nice (nice, very nice morning song)

(Russian) Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu's disappearance is reported In Russia

Senator Tillis just directed his first question to "Judge Barrett."

Poland seeks expulsion of 45 Russians suspected of spying

They keep asking Judge Jackson shit she has nothing to do with. They should stop!

Insecurity over my skin color has been tempered by progress over racism since my youth

USFL Rules-3pt extras, OT shootout, 2 forward passes

80% of the Irpin urban territory has been taken back by Ukraine 🇺🇦

Sen Tillis, The SCOTUS lost it's integrity for most Americans back in 2000. nt

Senator Tillis is just wasting time complaining about the filibuster!

Eric Boehlert: How the media normalized QAnon smear of historic Black nominee

A tale of two Covid Americas: can the US unite behind a pandemic strategy?

At least in regard to covering the hearings on Ketanji Brown Jackson, CNN has really dropped the

*** SCOTUS Ketanji Brown Jackson - tracking Thread ***

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 23, 2022

No Senator Tillis, you didn't read the statement correctly, and you are a f**king idiot, regarding a

Judge Jackson just tore Tillis a new one! So he stopped her before she ripped him wide open.

The Affordable Care Act: 12 Years Later

(R)Racist. No longer Republican or GOP. No platform or "Grand" ideals, only racist.

COVID-19 Recovery: Riders are Coming Back but Where are the Drivers?

Oklahoma house has approved an abortion ban that can be enforced by private citizens

Buffalo Nichols just released an introduction

Traee from Arkansas 😁

BREAKING: Nestl to Stop Selling Pet Food, Coffee and KitKat in Russia.

Biden And Allies Gear Up To Slap New Sanctions On Putin

The disappearance of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu

Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (Day 3)

So bizarre. Republicans want to put the power in parents hands to raise their children,

I Am So Tired of the Petty Partisan Posturing by Republican Senators

Anybody remember Josh Dugger

Still no update on Clarence Thomas' hospitalization

GOP senators demand Supreme Court nominee Jackson answer policy questions

It was wrong': North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says he paid for abortion in 1989

I have never been successful at sharing to here.

Patrick Jackson, husband of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, wears Benjamin Franklin-themed socks

'It's a culture war that's totally out of control': the authors whose books are being banned in US

Ever hear of "ice shoves?"

Can't watch anymore

It's Known as "Chairman's Time"......

On this day, Judge Jackson reminds me so much of Barbara Jordan. She is handling it!

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

There is a current McAfee spam (phishing) email being sent out.

In anticipation of Russian hacking attempts and potential phishing exploits,

Russian veteran reformer Chubais quits job as Putin envoy

You think the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings are bad, wait 4 Clarence Thomas' replacement hearings

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is absolutely amazing..

U.S. new home sales fall for second straight month

Grassley should not be running for reelection.

this mans craftmanship is like wow and there are some videos that are also wow

Roman Coin Minted as a Salute to Julius Caesar's Assassination Is Up for Auction

Putin announces rubles-only policy for gas deliveries to EU nations

More from Sen. Whitehouse on Dark Money in USSC noms - Kavanaugh

The GOP Called Ketanji Brown Jackson "Critical Race Theory."

Parachuter dies after jumping 15 stories from condo building

Parachuter dies after jumping 15 stories from condo building

While all these jackass republicans in the Senate scramble for their idiot notes that some

Trump aide Manafort removed from plane for revoked passport

"Genial" is an adjective meaning "friendly and cheerful". Most of us like genial folks.

German minister says further Strela missiles are on way to Ukraine

Historic synagogue in Kyiv has spent $2 million evacuating Ukrainians from war's hot spots

Historic temple in Kyiv has spent $2 million evacuating Ukrainians from war's hot spots

Paul Manafort Pulled Off Plane

Stoltenberg: NATO to supply Ukraine nuclear, chemical protection equipment.

Why was Manafort trying to go to Dubai???

Where are the "woke-ism" or "critical race theory" fees?

Ketanji Brown Jackson brings up a Black-Jewish civil rights alliance in confirmation hearing

First deliveries of $800 million in new US military aid have been delivered to Ukraine

The book attacked by Carnival Cruz is in the school his kids attend

Florida Man Hospitalized After Tiger Attack at Wooten's Airboat Tours

Man found with drugs after getting trapped in port-a-potty

It's like she doesn't want to be on SCOTUS!

Wyoming makes it illegal for state officials to enforce "unconstitutional" federal gun laws.

Manafort is the key to the whole Putin/Trump/Ukraine plot.

4566 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for the week ending 3/22; 366 deaths

A month into war, Putin's mind-set is complex -- and dangerous

Texas health providers are suspending gender-affirming care for teens in response to GOP efforts

Texas health providers are suspending gender-affirming care for teens in response to GOP efforts

While Mark Meadows was ranting about voter fraud, his wife was busy filing three false forms herself

This is Putin... Mariupol, Ukraine.

Racist hateful flyers have been spotted in Houston neighborhoods

Citing FOIA exemptions, the Youngkin administration is withholding hundreds of pages of documents

Thnking back to 2018 and the incredibly odd image of the power dynamic between . . . .

I wanna slap that smirk off Graham's smug fat face.......@ Supreme Court Justice hearing.

Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

NATO to OK 'major increases' of troops; Zelenskyy says 100,000 people trapped in Mariupol

Looks like Willie Pete has arrived in the battle zone...

' Fucking Russia stole my life'.

In Chernihiv oblast, Russians are spreading leaflets calling on locals to collaborate

Debra Meadows appears to have filed three false voter forms.

Fuck Lindsey Graham, won't let her even respond completely to a question. This is the guy who

Lindsey is angry that he made a fool of himself yesterday. nt

Slava Ukraini!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Supreme Court and the LSAT....

Finally Durbin says let her respond. But that didn't stop Graham from talking and over talking her

So happy to learn today! Howard University will play Yale this Oct. 1 here in New Haven!

Hotel owner faces furious backlash and employee exodus

To end Putin's war on Ukraine, think like a game theorist

Graham has a stick up his ass!

OH NO! Nestle makes Fancy Feast. My 5 cats prefer FF, but I won't

A business model for zero entry commercial hot tubs

'I'm sure it will be just as successful as Truth Social': Trump Jr. launches MxM, a news aggregator

Putin Plans To Attend G-20 Summit

There is a pattern-The GOP is going after Griswold (the right of privacy) and other rights

Ukrainian town near Kyiv that was reported retaken from Russians is still contested

Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Albert Lee, Keb' Mo', Earl Klugh & James Burton - Lay Down Sally

Republican projection is so common at this point I'm starting to think they might just be Satanic

Russian Troops Are Now Turning on Each Other

May I say

Just an observation. Senator Feinstein is very much with it, and there is no comparison to her

'The World Can Stop This,' Says Ukrainian Journalist Who Fled Kyiv

Putin Adviser Chubais Quits Over Ukraine War, Leaves Russia

Fact-checking Ted Cruz's claims against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Sen. Portman: Difference Between Attacks And Questions About A Judge's Record

Something is going on northwest of Kyiv.

US embassy in Moscow finds Brittney Griner 'in good condition' after getting consular access

Just finished Season 4 of Mrs. Maisel. (Spoiler)

Burpee is donating sales of sunflower seeds to Red Cross for Ukraine aid.

J. Brown-Jackson and Maya Angelou poem requested here earlier...

Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years - Finale - "Not Fade Away"

California governor signs law that makes abortions cheaper

TFG pulls Senate endorsement of Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks

"Motivated Reasoning: Emily Oster's COVID Narratives and the Attack on Public Education"

BREAKING: SCOTUS blocks Gov Evers redistricting plan (WI)

Opinion: What if everyone voted? The case for 100 percent democracy.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 23, 2022)

Biden heads to high-stakes NATO summit amid showdown with Putin over Ukraine

Another senior Russian officer killed in Mariupol, Russian officials confirm.

What this confirmation hearing shows without a doubt, is where republicans stand on woman's rights

BuzzFeed Plans More Cuts to News Division as Top Editor Departs

Sad, so sad....TFG aide Paul Manafort removed from plane for revoked passport

New Orleans Tornadoes Leave a Path of Destruction

As a parent do you remember kids in training pants or diapers bum

Kid Rock to Tucker Carlson in Fox News interview: 'You can't cancel me, I love it when they try'

Three Hundred Guts Per Hour: the history of vaccine production in wartime Lviv

96-year-old Holocaust survivor killed in Ukraine after his home was hit by Russian shelling

What are the odds Putin and Donnie Dipshit have Lindsey's browser history?

Cornyn's line of questioning is telling you that republicans are not only against abortion, but

Tweet of the Day

Do Republicans know how disrespectful is is to interrupt and speak over a judical nominee?

Analysis-TFG is a fundraising giant but his miserly spending raises questions

Tucker: Black SCOTUS Noms Should Think Like Rappers, And I Can't Make This Headline Sound Less Awful

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Republicans in Wisconsin congressional map dispute

Muddy Waters & the Rolling Stones - Baby Please Don't Go (live at the Checkerboard, Chicago, 1981)

Devastating article on the Republican Party

Sometimes I hate it when I'm right...

Russia would only use nuclear weapons faced with 'existential threat': Kremlin

Surge in alcohol-related deaths raged in US during onset of COVID pandemic, study says.

And to think that at one time the most repulsive Senator was Orrin Hatch...

Ukrainian President Asked Biden Not to Sanction Abramovich, to Facilitate Peace Talks

'I am on the side of Russia': Chess champion banned for supporting Ukraine invasion

Florida governor says trans swimmer Lia Thomas was not 'rightful winner' of NCAA title

Sheldon Whitehouse now!!!

Drone footage shows damage to Mariupol residential area after Russian shelling

YouTube makes thousands of TV show episodes available to stream for free

Russian invaders have three days of supplies left, says Ukraine military

Mo Brooks: Trump asked me to install him as President

Why the right is suddenly attacking Dr. Rachel Levine, the highest-ranking trans woman in government

Supreme Court Quiet On Justice Clarence Thomas' Hospitalization

Wouldn't you just love it????!!!!!

Tomorrow is one month since the start of the second Russian invasion

Statement from Nestle - will continue to sell critical nutrition items in Russia BUT.....

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

King County leaders want to develop publicly-owned concrete facility amid months-long strike

One of the China Eastern 'black boxes' is recovered as heavy rain falls at crash site,

Time . . . what about . . . interrupt . . . but you said . . . Rinse . . . Repeat as time allows.

Can someone please let me know which Senators asked Ketanji Brown Jackson about abortion?

Black law students rally in DC for Judge Jackson's historic hearing

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Tulip farm workers go on strike one week before popular Mount Vernon festival

Muddy Magnolias - Down By The Riverside

Disability advocates say Amanda Bynes' conservatorship case is not the norm

Ukraine on offensive, Russian combat capability falls below 90%: Pentagon update

⚡️Stoltenberg: NATO to supply Ukraine nuclear, chemical protection equipment.

Think you have seen "It ALL"? Here's proof that there's "ALWAYS MORE." I FOUND THIS IN TRYING

Who is Wali the Canadian sniper and what happened to him?

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Once You Get Started

The news media needs to start focusing on the FBI and the Justice Dept.

A new class of oligarchs could rise from Putin's seizure of Western assets, says an expert in Russia

Timothy Snyder is releasing a new audio book w/profits to Ukraine.

Islands owned by Jeffrey Epstein put up for sale to boost victims' fund

Russian troops abduct father of journalist in occupied Melitopol, demand her arrival.

Looking for advice and recipes for shepherd's pie.

Do you think Lindsey threw a crazy temper tantrum to keep the news off Manafort??

Tuesday afternoon in downtown DC. Not about a convoy, for a change.

Manafort removed from a plane due to revoked passport

Zelensky Calls Out Three French Companies for 'Sponsoring' Russia's War

#FailedCoupGuy withdraws endorsement of Mo Brooks, who incited Jan 6 mob.

"... we're told Manafort can reapply for a passport and will be allowed to travel" - Tom Winter, NBC

Interesting.....teacher in MN asked to take down the Ukrainian flag......

Lindsey Graham is the one that needs to spend 50 years in prison. nt

Congressman Mo Brooks Statement on Donald Trump (official)

Putin says 'unfriendly countries' must buy Russian oil and gas in rubles.

My dream for a perfect karmic "comes around."

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Sweden to provide Ukraine with 5,000 more anti-tank weapons - TT news agency

US State Department Official Statement: War Crimes by Russia's Forces in Ukraine

WTF? Graham on another rant today.

Senator Patrick Leahy Calls Senator Lindsey Graham Outrageous

Mo Brooks BOOM! "President Trump asked me to rescind the 2020 elections, immediately remove Joe Bide

..."so much that has been found that a Republican attorney general could later prosecute,"

Hero Syndrome in Book Banning Efforts

US determines Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine

Exchange between Supreme Court Nominee Judge Jackson and Sen. Graham on Child Pornography Sentencing

The bodies of Russian soldiers are piling up in Ukraine, as Kremlin conceals true toll of war

Baby bear enjoys a tummy rub:

Poland orders expulsion of 45 Russians suspected of spying

Interesting article from Moscow times about a Russian paratrooper's funeral.

"Parental Rights" is Code for Child Abuse

Mo Brooks says Trump asked him to help rescind 2020 election

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Not Seen for 12 Days

NATO to bolster ranks, help Ukraine counter chemical attack

Osprey LUNCH! +

Sweet smile:

Supertramp - Bloody Well Right (live in Paris, 1979)

Happy, happy mouse:

Spanish ties provide safe havens for Ukrainian refugees

Democrats will expand their majority in the US Senate in 2022 by winning all of the Biden states.

"Are the days of US dollar dominance drawing to a close?"

NATO: 7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops dead in Ukraine

Making music together:

Madeleine Albright, first female US secretary of state, dies

Doc Watson would have loved this kid!

A new fund directs its support to Ukraine's long-term needs

Oh NO, Madeleine Albright has died.

Oh, Kevin!

R.I.P. Sec. Albright

Yet another example of Russian nuclear saber-rattling...

Cartoons 3/23/2022

This cat understands how the game is played:

Harrop: In praise of the West's freedom to consume

Why it's a good idea to stock up on masks, tests

Madeleine Albright, the first woman US secretary of state, has died. She was 84

Dolphins acquire WR Tyreek Hill from Chiefs

Finally, Snohomish County's COVID case rate in double digits

Russia Has Committed War Crimes In Ukraine, Antony Blinken Says

Columnist stunned after Trump-endorsed candidate 'calls for a lynching' - but faces no backlash

In Oso, lost neighbors always 'in our hearts -- never forgotten"

Biden seeks new sanctions, help for Ukrainians in Europe

Amid Russia's new crackdowns, small signs of defiance emerge

Taliban break promise on higher education for Afghan girls

FLASH... we can now donate by check to our Ukraine charity!!!

How 'magic mushrooms' could follow in the footsteps of cannabis

Lindsey Graham tries to out-Trump Trump

Breaking news, less than an hour ago: US declares Russia has committed war crimes.

ICE Is Creating A New Policy For Subpoenaing Reporters After Trying To Force BuzzFeed News To Turn O

OH FFS! CRUZ or War?

Census data: about 10% of Americans identify as multiracial, and 10% of marriages are interracial...

What a strange choice of words - Independent - why not a Republic?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Inadvertently Exposes Ugly Truth About GOP In New Ad

Trump rescinds endorsement of Mo Brooks because he said trump cant be reinstated

Infrastructure Law Falls Short on Biden's Climate Goals

Ukrainian tractor lurks and waits for its prey

GQP handing these to Judiciary Cmtte members as they enter the room today.

LIVE: White House COVID task force holds news briefing

This obsession about Judge Jackson's sentencing rulings is getting very weird.

Zelensky hit by false claim about 'Nazi T-shirt' after US Congress meeting

Who would be the Democratic nominee for the 2028 US Senate Elections in

Cruz is using the shameless and deplorable technique known as the Gish Gallop!

Marie Yovanovitch Recalls The 'Demeaning' Thing She Refused To Do For Donald Trump

Ted Croooze is a truly detestable creature

Putin ally warns of nuclear dystopia due to United States

It would be so nice, refreshing if the Senate would develop and adopt cogent and as fair a process

On Lindsey storming out of the Supreme Court hearing

Abbott plant behind baby formula recall was unsanitary, FDA says

Lol! I just yelled at my computer.

Seattle Department of Transportation installs new 'driver report card' signs to promote safe driving

MacKenzie Scott has donated $275 million to the national office & 21 Planned Parenthood affiliates

What If Stairway To Heaven Came Out Today? (Rick Beato video analysis)

Thank goodness Cruz won't speak again in this hearing!

Madeleine Albright lost to cancer at age 84. We lost a great woman. nt

Russian journalist killed by Russian shelling in Kyiv.

Josh Hawley talks about porn and child porn more than all US Senators combined. There must be a

Paul Manafort, Former Trump Aide, Removed From Plane To Dubai

Coronavirus will probably hit a million US deaths today

(Jewish Group) Jew in the City Launches Hollywood Bureau for Jewish Representation

Republicans Look to Flip Manchin on SCOTUS Vote

Can someone call the Cops on Cruz again?

Russia Central Banker Wanted Out Over Ukraine, But Putin Said No

(Jewish Group) Zelensky offers new details about his family's Holocaust history, igniting debate...

(Jewish Group) MacKenzie Scott gives $10 million to Jewish nonprofit HIAS for Ukraine refugee relief

In order to be on the highest court, you have to take questions from the lowest scum.- Frank Conniff

Michael McFaul tweet about Madeline Albright

Fans of the Kinks, did Peter Quaife ever meet his American father? Nt

Firemen in Kharkiv rescued a rabbit from a burning house following shelling

'Only emergency is that Black people are on the Beach.' Critics blast spring break curfew

Federico Aramburu: Suspect in ex-rugby star's murder held at Ukraine border

Nancy Pelosi affirms support for U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar after FBI raid, primary runoff berth

Ted Cruz tries to kiss his daughter. Don't try to read too much into this.

Mariupol.....totally destroyed

Challah Recipe

Please post links to your threads

The rage and anger is that they know they all screwed up by supporting Trump through all of his

Tweet from Ukraine's former Minister of Health, about Putin

I think the Russians are getting a bit nervous.

Dear Medians. What the EVERLOVING FUCK do you report as if serious or newsworthy . . .

Ted Cruz May Have Just Boosted Sales For The Anti-Racist Children's Book He Attacked

Russian forces are mining Ukrainian land and destroying farm machinery to keep crops from being sown

Israel opened a critically needed field hospital yesterday in western Ukraine

This Ukraine hospital photo needs to be the front page of every paper in the world.

The head of a 'QAnon-adjacent' anti-sex trafficking group is set to testify at KBJ's confirmation

Ukrainians on rebuilding: 51% say can be done in less than 5 years. 90% say Russia must pay for it.

Cruz is out of order. Durbin needs to shut him up.

Beto O'Rourke touts his oft-overlooked background -- small-business owner -- as Greg Abbott attacks

The Workers of Texas

5 teams interested Colin Kaepernick......

from her new album Alpha - I love this - fabulous lyrics

Elderly man steals Russian truck with weapons and ammunition & takes it to Ukrainian military

Really enjoying Blumenthal

Madeleine Albright and Putin

Michael Beschsloss tweet re: Madeleine Albright

Bill and Hillary Clinton tweets re: Madeleine Albright

Hawley back with his dead horse.

Barack Obama tweet celebrating 12th anniversary of Affordable Care Act


President Obama surprises people on the internet to discuss the Affordable Care Act

Daily Distraction 23/03/2022

President Obama makes surprise calls to talk the 12th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

James Taylor announces multiple Colorado concerts

Daily Distraction 23/03/2022 Posted in Photography

President Barack Obama's tweet celebrating 12th anniversary of Affordable Care Act

'Peak America'

Bill and Hillary Clinton tweets re: Madeleine Albright

Judge Brown Jackson has had it with their foolishness.

Renault has pulled the plug on its Russian operations

"I bet Kid Rock isn't the least qualified person Donald Trump has taken foreign policy advice from"

SCOTUS Sidelines Wisconsin Supreme Court On Redistricting, Delivers For Republicans

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin's problem and Germany's defense spending....

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 23, 2022

Time to walk away from the TV. Tom cotton is up next

Putins enters the 4th week, of a 3 day war, with a 2nd class army,

Daily touch of France - Wednesday edition - Things you might see in Paris

Texas superintendent tells librarians to pull books on sexuality, transgender people


Daily touch of France - Wednesday edition - Things you might see in Paris - Posted in Photography

As usual, Republicans are overdoing it

Greitens investigator pleads guilty to evidence tampering

The Senator from Missouri needs to be referred to as the insurrectionist senator

Theme From Superman - John Williams

Karens galore!!!!

Good for Durbin

Theme From Batman - Danny Elfman

Oh my gosh.

Greenback Boogie, Ima Robot (Theme from Suits)

Chairman Durban just say No! To the criminal request

"D-O-D-G-E-R-S" -- Danny Kaye

Just got our first tornado warning of the year in

WATCH: Sen. Jon Ossoff questions Jackson about family's background in law enforcement

Former U.S. Senate candidate Amanda Edwards announces run for Houston mayor

Watch: Durbin Clashes With Cruz Over Judge Jackson Questioning

Happy Atheists Day

Here we go, again (COVID)

Bridgerton Season 2 Starts on Friday.

Inflation Wildfire Consuming Russia Spreads to More Basic Goods

Russia's withdrawal from the Council of Europe is a loss of hope for human rights

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 March 2022

Danielle Nicole

Fmr. UK PM Brown: A Special Tribunal Could Indict Putin On Crime Of Aggression

ted cruz et al. posing with an actual pedophile

I wish to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson for the HRC Benghazi Award for . . . .

Comrade Rogan

March 23rd Is International Atheist Day

If you were a gambling person, would you bet that Ketanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed?

THANKS, Cory Booker!

US formally accuses Russia of war crimes in Ukraine

Anti-Abortion Lt. Governor Once Paid for Abortion

I'm sure I am not the only one who could never undergo confirmation hearings...

China is locking down whole cities again.

Dash-cam Video Shows Violent Encounter with Dorchester County Sheriff's Deputy, Lawsuit Filed

Sen. Cory Booket is making me cry.

Nicaragua's OAS ambassador resigns, slams nation's 'dictatorship'

Tyreek Hill

Joan Baez - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Live at Woodstock)

This is the party of trump. Worthless, degenerate punks

The Who - My Generation (live on The Smothers Brothers Show)

Thom Hartmann on the hidden history of Big Brother in America.

Senator Ben Sasse, a man among "Squealers".

Diane Archer discusses saving Medicare from the vultures denying Americans healthcare for a profit.

I was a little disappointed that Judge Jackson agreed to recuse herself . . .

The Monkees - Circle Sky (from the movie "Head")

The Monkees - Daydream Believer

Speculation Only...A Guess on Where Some Republicans get their directions to say this or that...

The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday


There was crazy weather here in Albuquerque yesterday. I observe the weather at all

The Monkees (Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz) - Last Train To Clarksville (Live)

The word for the day, boys and girls, is "DESPICABLE---deserving hatred and contempt".

Hitler's 'Atlantic Wall' Coastal Defences Get 2nd Life, Living Under War, Occupation WWII

Roy Orbison - You Got It

Should Leopards Be Paid for Their Spots?

What motivation do you think drives the despicable comportment of the GQP in this hearing?

Roy Orbison - Crying (From 'Black and White Night 30')

Photo shows Ted Cruz searching Twitter for his own name after questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson

Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman

Tornado destroys home of politician who crafted 'don't say gay' bill

Just watch this video. Just watch.

Russian-proposed draft resolution on the Ukraine humanitarian situation fails to pass in UN Security

Children's art from Ukraine

It's time for Tech Talk today, March 23, 2022. It's been awhile but I do have some new

The Russians Fleeing Putin's Wartime Crackdown - Masha Gessen

Watching on C-SPAN during the break: Dick Durbin looks angry.

Santa Clara County leaders vote to terminate relationship with Russia

Newtown families: Alex Jones fails to show up for deposition

Photos: A Melting Polar Bear and Surreal Wildlife Sculptures Burn in the Annual Falles Spectacle

Senator Kennedy, we know you went to Harvard and Oxford. Cut the fucking act, you panderer.

I needed a laugh today, so...

Photo: Squawking Grackles Cluster Together in a Limited-Edition Print by Artist Tiffany Bozic

Can somebody explain me to the practical effects of Russia demanding to be paid in rubles

DeWine getting ready for his State of the State speech earlier today

I just found out Sharon Kay Penman died on Jan 22 of last year.

Senate confirms Baltimore City Circuit Court judge Julie Rubin to be US District Court judge, 51-46

Former Trump COVID-19 adviser cites vaccine 'safety concerns' in UT address

Kindle price drop -- Jonathan Karl's Front Row at the Trump Show

Tired of the clown show and sicko RWNJ's? Disgusted? FIVE LITTLE WORDS

Putin Losing Grip On Russian Troops With Morale Decimated - The Damage Report

Cold calling Russians to discuss the war

❗️Russian stock market will open (partially) tomorrow, for the first time since Feb. 25,

I'm known for speaking frankly compared to most healthcare professionals:

Newtown families: Alex Jones fails to show up for deposition

Alex Jones fails to show up for deposition

GOP blames Dems for crime but murder rates far higher in red states


Maze featuring Frankie Beverly Golden Time of Day

Not a huge Jazz Guy, but I get in moods sometimes. I am a guitar fan tho, and Wes is a legend

Putin blocking hundreds of ships filled with wheat in the Black Sea: Von der Leyen

Putin blocking hundreds of ships filled with wheat in the Black Sea

Cowardice vs. Cojones - Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection

Trump Is Guilty of 'Numerous' Felonies, Prosecutor Who Resigned Says

"Classic GOP hypocrisy": Mark Meadows' wife may have committed voter fraud too

Patricia Guerrero becomes first Latina confirmed to California Supreme Court

"Nyet, Comrade Putin! Nyet! Is what in West is called 'done deal'. There is no alternative. For

Machu Picchu: Have we been giving Inca culture's most famous heartland the wrong name?

Machu Picchu: Have we been giving Inca culture's most famous heartland the wrong name?

Time to call Cruz and Graham the hysterical, over emotional twits that they showed themselves to be.

Representation matters ❤️👩🏾‍⚖️🙌🏾

Tillis just sound like a YES?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Witness: Whitmer kidnapping aimed at stopping Biden win

Manhattan prosecutor who resigned says Trump committed felonies

Full Text of Mark Pomerantz's Resignation Letter (Manhattan DA)

Dr. Oz Just Got "Fired" By Biden. He's Not Taking It Well.

The GQP treated ACB and KBJ VERY differently in their questioning. It's not hard to guess why.

Idaho governor signs abortion ban modeled on Texas law

Martha Raddatz said on ABC's evening news that Russia might start striking arms shipments in Poland

Aaaand its Home Ec Major / Party Planner's time

You Have Americans Like Madeline Albright Then You Have Ted Cruz And Jim Jordan

"We should have known something is coming" - German politician warns on Putin DW News

Denver Patriot Muster shooting: Murder charged dropped against ex-Denver TV station guard

I hate money stress, but SO glad my cat is better.

Remember that movie, "The Help". I think that since Marsha Blackburn is doing her best

Judge grants request that Oxford school shooter's name not be used

Mike Luckovich never pulls punches

Marsha Blackburn, not a rocket scientist, up at bat.

The city of tomorrow, circa 2024, in GM's Futurama exhibit at the New York World's Fair, 1964.

Trump aide Manafort removed from plane for revoked passport

'A new beginning': New Zealand to drop Covid vaccine passes and mandates

Dedicated to all scholars, especially My Son The Astronomer

Why was Manafort's passport revoked?

Pres. Biden Faces The 'Challenge Of A Generation' In Meeting With NATO Allies - Deadline - MSNBC

Donald Trump Flips (Politically) on Mo Brooks. Could it be that Mo Brooks has Flipped on Trump?

New Orleans multi-vortex tornado rated 'at least' EF3, strongest since 2017

Cory Booker's powerful soliloquy (Kentanji Brown-Jackson confirmation hearing - 3/23/22)

Where Things Stand: Blue States Prepare To Deal With Red States' Various Horror Shows

Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary Of State, Dies At 84 - MSNBC

Question: If we can draw a direct line from concerted efforts from Christian right-wing

imagine: Judge Jackson gets confirmed-Thomas dies and Breyer "unretires"

So it really looks like it will get down to Manchin again. No GOP support for Jackson???

Anonymous claims it has hacked Russia's Central Bank and more than 35,000 files will be exposed