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Oscar time! Woohoo! Let's chat.

Ukrainian Parliament Member: 'You Cannot Just Invade Countries Without Consequences'

Madison Cawthorn definitely didn't snort cocaine at D.C. orgies with 50 and 70 year-olds

Haven't watched US cable news now for 7 days, and it's been so great, clear head, such a better mood

Canada: key Conservative says party risks takeover by far-right 'lunatics'

Mom's old style tacos

When I "got" my Oscar!

They're ALL lying . . . . .

Ex-Albany bishop acknowledges covering up abuse allegations

Reuters: Ukraine willing to be neutral, says Russia wants to split nation

Spooky Tooth - I Am the Walrus

A Psychological Analysis of Vladimir Putin and His Destructive Leadership...

American officials scrambled to clarify Biden's suggestion that Putin 'cannot remain in power.'

American officials scrambled to clarify Biden's suggestion that Putin 'cannot remain in power.'

MSNBC: t. carlson says Ukraine is not a democracy.

'Could be a big problem for you': Security analyst's warning to Putin

Ginni Thomas's Pipeline to the White House, a Compromised Supreme Court and the Coming Subpoenas

House Jan. 6 panel makes contempt case against Scavino, Navarro

"Ginni Thomas never discussed her activist emails with Clarence" sorta reminds me of

Fort Hood soldiers sentenced in Texas human trafficking case

Several Russian tankers reportedly turned off their tracking systems 33 times last week, a practice

Rand Paul being his usual a_____ish self throws Russia bills into limbo

Viking Karen Twins Throw FULL BLOWN Tantrum At Airport

Ahead of summit, U.S. Middle East allies show Ukraine limited support

Seattle to adjust paid street parking rates starting March 28

Dozens of Texans lost everything in a blaze. Now more evacuations are in place as authorities warn o

Russian Oligarchs Whining Is The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Day

Stephen King's description of TFG:

Chinese gas company pauses $500 million Russia project (Beijing wary of sanctions)

I don't do people, but felt like I needed to get this one of younger son in back seat w me as

Best Resources for following the War?

What If Nevada Voted First In The Democratic Presidential Primaries? Or New Jersey? Hawaii?

Feds approve sale of Trump DC hotel lease to Miami investment fund

Ukrainian forces mount huge counteroffensive against Russia

Biden's Barbed Remark About Putin: A Slip or a Veiled Threat?

Seattle Starbucks worker on unionization: 'This movement is not stopping'

Phil Collins And Genesis Bid Farewell To Touring In Final London Show

Can someone explain Senator Blackburn's question...

TFG Touts 'Massive' Turnout At Georgia Rally That Journalists Say Was 'Smallest' In Years

Ukraine: No Russia regime change plans, says Blinken

Russian oligarch Herman Gref, a key Putin advisor and CEO of Russia's largest bank, has been added t

Cat does it his way:


Leader of DC convoy runs away

Maybe this baby hippo is teething and needs his gums rubbed:

Lake Mead

FSB leak letters 11,12 - "cleansing" operations, Poland possible target - Russia to be full fascist

China drops 500 million dollar bomb on puttie...

The Guardian view on Putin and the world: it's not just about China Editorial

Is anyone watching the Oscars show tonight?

Acosta doing a good job as a news anchor

One of the Republican candidates running for HD 91 wore a QAnon shirt as he filed his papers.

Kenneth Branaugh!!!

The Covid Pandemic Sparked A Workers' Rights Movement, But Congress Hasn't Caught Up

Revealed: rightwing firm posed as leftist group on Facebook to divide Democrats

Who wore it better?

People's Convoy Gives Up After Accomplishing Nothing in D.C.

Holy shit. Will Smith vs Chris Rock.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

What Just Happened On The Oscars?...

Glenn Kirschner's Update on Pomerantz, Bragg, & The DOJ... - Political Voices Network

Well lookee here. Seems Senate repubs were - gasp - grandstanding at the confirmation hearing

Zelensky Gives Interview to Russian Journalists. Moscow Orders It Quashed.

I liked The Godfather tribute.

Battle for the South of Ukraine

Um, isn't how the west was won about killing indians?

Al Franken: Dahlia Lithwick on the Insane Republican Awfulness in the Jackson SCOTUS Hearings 3/27/22

Mississippi lawmakers pass largest-ever state income tax cut

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day.

Biden Has Canceled $17 Billion In Student Loan Debt, Without Scoring A Political Win, CNN

😂 😆 LOL 😆

Who had Will Smith punching Chris Rock in their 2022 bingo card?!

Tonight's lullaby is a sad song, sung well.

Will Smith attempts to justify himself.

Counterpoint from Don Samuels (Ilhan Omar's opponent): Why I'm in the race to stay

Trucker Protest in Washington is a Dud

Here's What Russia Did in Ukraine While You Were All Squabbling Over Biden's 'Attack' on Putin

Minnesota Republicans divided: confront disinformation, embrace it or ignore?

Onstage violence this year. Perhaps indecent exposure next year?

If Will Smith really landed that roundhouse right, Chris Rock would be spitting teeth

Anybody seen Coda? Is it any good?

Ilhan Omar takes credit for a bill she voted against?

Buddy's 1,000th goal (AFL)

Did they show Zelensky at the Oscars?

World Central Kitchen Serving Hundreds Of Thousands Of Hot Meals Per Day Across Eastern Europe MSNBC

Tweet of the Weekend

Found a great Rottweiler T-shirt

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

While President Biden visits Poland, Russia does rocket attacks against Ukraine's Lviv, and the

The wealthy have so fucked up this world

Congrats to siblings EILISH/O'CONNELL for oscar win - No Time to Die!

Notebook: Defining "jackassery" at Jackson's confirmation hearings - Face the Nation

Well hell, we have a new fucking puppy... edit - NEW pic posted!

'Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed' reveals something more sinister than hypocrisy

This is wrong!

Will Smith emotional reaction to Oscars win and Chris Rock

'Kapo': Nazi Camp Prisoner- Supervisor/Admin.; Carmen Mory, Swiss Nazi SS Spy - Kapo

Trump Touts 'Massive' Crowd That Was Underwhelming

Here's Ginni!

BREAKING: Will Smith Being Sent to Live with Aunt and Uncle

I saw Dave Bromberg, play on my BD, in front of 250 +60 YO crowd who knew this insanely

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) calls on Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from any J6 cases

And with one little slap

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 29: 31 Days of Oscar: 1940s Winners

Texas rig count jumps again as need for oil grows

How much pain can everyone take - from CBS Face the nation, It scared me

Russian officer elite being decimated: 15 generals and commanders KIA

Democrats call for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases - Washington Post

Dave Bromberg and the Band - 1976 - Jelly Jaw Joe

That is why I don't watch tv award shows!

Monday Morning New Week Jazz & Bossa Nova for Happy Vibes

Shanghai To Lock Down Millions For Mass Testing As China's Covid Cases Surge

Face The Nation: Bob Woodward, Robert Costa and former Rep. Will Hurd on "Ginni" Thomas

Russia Seizes Millions-Worth Of Audemars Piguet Watches In Retaliation To Swiss Sanctions

Kathy Griffin....

The uncensored moment Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars

Bravo! Gilbert & Sullivan's Model of a Modern Major General (in Russia) parody

Why do people believe conspiracy theories?

Ukraine insists on territorial integrity as talks loom

More on the acquaintaince who allegedly attended the 1/6 rally

Chris Wallace says he left Fox News after people started to 'question the truth'

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Harm Reduction

Selling Hate: Extremists and the Monetization of Antisemitism

Chris Rock and Will presumably unpopular opinion.

I'm the kind of husband that helps my wife....

Cops: Man Drives Into Oregon Homeless Camp, Killing 4, Enrigue Rodriguez, Jr., 24, has been arrested

Did Kanye West start this shit with his onstage attack of...

My "puppy" turned 16 today!

Jill Wine Banks - "We Need to Fight for Our Democracy, Here and Abroad." - Political Voices Network

Sibelius, Toldra, Handel

Ducks have got to go

Seattle drone company assisting Ukraine in war with Russia

Austin Hopp, cop who violently arrested dementia patient in 2020 and laughed, takes plea deal

I put vegetables 🥦 into the Insta-Pot and pushed the cake button

Bloomberg has wolfgang manchau, European Intelligence Director, and German journalist,

What's a really lightweight PDF reader for Win8.1 ?

Breakfast Monday 28 March 2022

Al Jazeera: 'El Salvador declares state of emergency after gang killings.

LGBT activist who conceived the AIDS quilt - one bedroom rent more than doubling to $5,200

Imagine There's No Heaven

Efforts to ban 'cyanide bombs' live on five years after local boy injured, pet killed

Biden's Schedule for Monday, March 28, 2022

How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions

Haven't the billionaires suffered enough?

CBC* Your Pictures: Sheila's Brush** is in full swing, March 28, 2022.

NYTimes Wordle 3/28

Everyone Keeps Saying How Will Laughed At First

Something Twitter just flashed by-- whatsis about Supreme...

Monday TOONs - Inflated Image

Today's Image Dump (3/28/22)

At a pugnacious Oscars, Apple's feel-good 'CODA' triumphs

People are calling Biden's words about Putin a "gaffe"

Will Smith suckered punched Chris Rock. He never said a word to Rock as he walked up to him.

Wordle 282 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

I enjoy making panoramas. This 2 Billion pixel panorama is something else!

Words hurt. The sticks and stones thing is bull.

"Dignity always prevails" --Lesson for Will Smith

Tech File: Foldable, "Workboat in a Box" goes to work for Bahrain Defence Force

I remember a couple of times Don Rickles appeared on a late night TV show.

UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency Detains P&O Ferry Unready to Sail

Top official quits Finnish Olympic Committee after late-night texts

The People's Convoy plans to leave Hagerstown Speedway to protest bills in California

I want to personally thank Will Smith

I guess Will Smith has put an end to all comedy roasts.

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 3/23/2022

The Rundown: March 28, 2022

Smith v. Rock....remember Andy Kaufman v. Jerry Lawler on Letterman 40 years ago?

'There Is No Fear': A Ukrainian Mother Risks All to Retrieve Her Son

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 30: 31 Days of Oscar: 1950s Winners

Adams' vax mandate controversy grows

Right is right and wrong ain't nowhere...Will Smith should be charged

I love Illia

Much of Shanghai locked down as mass Covid-19 testing begins

Get out your crying towels for Petr Aven and his sad plight

Why redistricting has stalled in 4 unfinished states

I suppose I could trash all the Will Smith threads, but then there'd be nothing to read.....

TREASURIES-U.S. five to 30-year yield curve inverts for first time since 2006

New High Temperature Records For March: 93F In Las Vegas, 104F In Death Valley; NCAR Fire Continues

You raised $5.00 on March 27, 2022 Omaha Steve is out for BLOOD (for Governor of Nebraska)

Putin got his Ruble's worth when he bought the GOP

Discharge - Decontrol (EP 1980)

You raised $5.00 on March 27, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

Monster On Sunday - Just Like You

Why you should fear oil prices at $90, $100, $150, or $200: Morning Brief

Study: Since 2005, Fire Frequency Doubled In Eastern, Western US; Quadrupled In Great Plains States

You raised $15.00 on March 27, 2022 for Abby Finkenauer for Iowa US Senate (kick Grassley's butt)

'The problem is poverty': Florida removing more kids from poor families over alleged 'neglect'

Food prices are the highest they have ever been

'A Strong Speech': Biden Delivers The Right Messages In Poland - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Not clicking on a Will Smith/Chris Rock thread,

Reel Moms and Dads: Post a Pic of Your Favorite Parent(s) from TV or a Flick

OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ohio Senate 2022 (Democratic Nominee Fund)

My winter fat has turned into

Was "GI Jane" joke really about a medical condition?

If Nothing Else, Maybe Falling RE Values, Lack Of Insurance May Draw Attention To Climate Collapse

Gun Sales Plunged in Every State So Far in 2022

S5:E11 (Stitt Fit - The Fist Pump Tantrum)

Fundraising Links to GOTV

I have a pen pal who lives in Russia. He made a comment to me today.

Crass ‎- Penis Envy LP (1981) [VINYL RIP] *HQ AUDIO* *RE-ENGINEERED*

Inside Ted Cruz's last-ditch battle to keep Trump in power

For Decades, Manchin Worked To Protect His Waste Coal Business For Personal Gain, Screwed Ratepayers

Photo: Ukrainian cat Stepan raised $10,000 for Ukrainian animal charities.

Will a film of Ukrainians shooting Russians lead to Russian war crimes?

The drone operators who halted Russian convoy headed for Kyiv

Pope Francis: "Humanity must understand that the moment has come to abolish war,

Not related to the slap positive movie thoughts

EU wants to end golden passport schemes, targets Russians

Sanctions impact Russian students in Finland

Finn's Consumer confidence plummets to record low

US, Philippine militaries begin major joint drills

'Drive My Car' wins Oscar for best international feature film

I'm Kind Of An Atheist

Lady Gaga has a birthday today.

just another day when it is clear that our world has lost its fucking mind

Almost 13,500 Ukrainian refugees arrive in Ireland - McEntee

Ukranian MoD published the names of 620 Russian intelligence officers/FSB claims operating in Europe

For a few minutes, there, I thought I had accidentally clicked

⚡ Irpin is fully liberated, mayor said.

Russian Spy Chief Troll Level: Grand Slam Home Run

All I Want To Do

There is only ONE person responsible for "regime change" in Russia being a topic

The Amazing Rhythm Aces - I'll Be Gone (invest 3 minutes, you might like it)

Joe: Putin Has Used Nuclear Blackmail Against Us, And It's Time We Start Pushing Back

"Smoke 'em if you've got 'em"

This is the slap in the face we should be focusing on right now.

January 6 Committee Divided Over Ginni Thomas' Texts

Chris Rock shouldn't have disrespected Will Smith's wife and Will Smith shouldn't have slapped him.

Homes Cost Too Much! Everything Costs Too Much!

Cawthorn claims people in DC have invited him to orgy, done cocaine in front of him

Just was told this joke about COVID mask by friend

Jada, I love you, can't wait to see you in GI Jane II.

What has "Taking the High Road" gotten us in the past 20+ years?

The Bottomless Corruption of Ginni and Clarence Thomas

I am SO old---

Michigan GOP House candidate vows to introduce 'Don't Say Gay' legislation if elected

Dear Will Smith: THIS Is The Adult Way To Respond To Somebody Insulting Your Wife.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump claims Will Smith would have never hit Chris Rock if he were still President

Anchorage Democrat Elvi Gray-Jackson ends campaign for Alaska US Senate seat

Not a new thing to have audience members taking offense at some undbridled insults from the stage

Thom Hartmann: Democrats Must Demand Justice Thomas Resign...and His Wife is Prosecuted

How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions

Is a recession coming? Alan Greenspan says the answer is in men's underwear

I am ashamed that I actually considered a post about the kerfuffle at the Oscar's. Then I heard

The face smack the whole world is waiting to see (Twitter meme)

'Astounding' Number Of Casualties: Why The Invasion Is Proving Deadly For Russia

The most likely scenario for the 2022 US Senate Elections is Democrats trading GA for PA.

It was love at first sight (Twitter)

The drone operators who halted a Russian convoy headed for Kyiv

If the Oscar's were in Texas

This guy was caught on several Ring cameras body slamming and kicking his dog in SE DC this morning.

"Wrap up the convoy Rubber Ducky- Head on home" - 3 weeks of sound and Fury signifying nothing

Eric Boehlert: Media sleepwalks past Ginni Thomas' treason

Does anyone have any solid proof Chris Rock *KNEW* Jada had a disease?!

It's a black thing. You wouldn't understand

My 8 year old granddaughter told me this joke over the weekend.

MPP Randy Hillier facing 9 more charges after Ottawa convoy protest

On Joe Biden's, "Vlad must go." comment. At the end of WW II we didn't let Hitler stay in power.

Russian soldiers raping and sexually assaulting women, says Ukraine MP

Deck the halls... Don we now our gay apparel. Fa-la-la....

How countries fight their wars

Alphabet Thread!

Would it be OK for Smith to smack a woman for telling the same joke ?! REALLY PEOPLE !?

Abramovich & Ukrainian delegates suffered from suspected poisoning at peace talks

BREAKING: Will Smith Being Sent to Live with Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air

I'm just saying, in the aftermath of last night's Academy Awards show, Chris Rock is probably

Ukraine is rich. Russia is poor. (Interesting twitter thread):

Al Gross (our candidate for Senate in 2020) now running for Don Young's House seat as an I

Seems to me that TFTIG should have a line of men waiting to slap him, including Cruz. nt

I just trashed my own thread. It was liberating.

Germany: G7 rejects Russia's demand to pay for gas in rubles

'Complete ghost town': CNN reporter in Ukrainian city under emergency curfew

Statement by President Joe Biden on the FY 2023 Budget

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Girl Scout and her queer little libraries

Two stark reminders about the political challenge of tackling climate change

Judge: 'More likely than not' that Trump 'corruptly attempted' to block Congress from counting votes

Democratic Donors Are Getting Bamboozled

Dogs having fun together:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a follow up on major powers....


Ukraine takes back Russian-seized territory with counterattacks

Where was security?

Politico: Trump likely committed felony obstruction, federal judge rules

Opinion: Republicans engineered a democratic disaster in Texas

Ukrainian drone brigade claims to have stopped 40-mile column of Russian tanks

"It was a coup in search of a theory" Judge has determined TRUMP likely committed felony obstruction

Was the will Smith thing staged?

Ukraine War: Are Russia's forces withdrawing from some areas?

A Guide to Road-Tripping in Southern Utah

For red and blue America, a glaring divide in COVID-19 death rates persists 2 years later

Opinion: Republicans engineered a democratic disaster in Texas

Opinion: Republicans engineered a democratic disaster in Texas

Trump belongs to Putin, this proves it

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 28, 2022

People are saying Will Smith ruined Questlove's Oscar moment, but nobody mentions that Questlove

Judge has determined that Donald TRUMP likely committed felony obstruction of Congress.

January 6 committee conisders action on Ginni Thomas texts


Why DOJ? Why?

Democrats call for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases

The billionaire Roman Abramovich and a Ukrainian peace negotiator suffered poisoning symptoms

Biden administration unveils 2023 federal budget proposal

Ukraine is not rich, Ukraine was the third poorest country in Europe in 2021

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 28, 2022)

Turkey, Romania work to defuse mines possibly floating from Ukraine's shores

Fox vets keep leaving the network and saying it is propaganda

Ginni Thomas texts to Meadows is a 'textbook' case for recusal: Sen. Klobuchar

JPMorgan Behind Moves to Detain Russian Billionaire's Superyacht

Do you think Biden now thinks


Budget of the U.S. Government: Fiscal Year 2023

Biden Letting Putin Know U.S. Not Playing In Between The Lines

Anniversary of Tribes Fort Lawton takeover

What If Roosevelt Said Hitler Should Not Remain In Power

Abramovych and two other participants in Ukraine's talks with Russia have symptoms of chemical poiso

Trump Threatens MAGA Boycott of Georgia Midterms if Kemp Is GOP's Candidate

Will Smith Tearfully Apologizes for Outburst While Accepting Best Actor Oscar: 'Love Will Make You D

Mueller She Wrote Tweets FTW: President Biden is a Badass.

Gold Ring that Belonged to Real Sheriff of Nottingham Sold

First openly transgender person appointed judge in California

Mouth breathing MAGA convoy packing it in. Sad. So sad.

I Think Myths Are Like A Drug

Jennifer Rubin: Putin shouldn't remain in power. Biden's advisers blew it.

Okay, here's what I think....

Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiator 'suffer symptoms consistent with poisoning'

MoMA exhibits Ukrainian artists as a statement of solidarity and tribute to Ukraine

Trump likely committed felony obstruction, federal judge rules

It took Chris Wallace 18 years to realizes Fox is a sewer

Never ever open your second floor bedroom window if someone

Scientific collaboration with Russia begins to unravel

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith opened up about their relationship on 'Red Table Talk'

Ukrainian woman whose village was stormed by Russian troops says they wore her clothes, stole money,

Community college enrollment is down, but skilled-trades programs are booming

Putin has appointed Ramzan Kadyrov as lieutenant general of Russia's armed forces

Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiator 'suffer symptoms consistent with poisoning'

Back to reality.Partition of Ukraine is an awful idea.

Vladimir Putin: Terrorist

Four killed after car crashes into homeless encampment in Salem, Oregon

Maserati Manchin should check out the new electric Maserati

Sara Sidner: I have three words for Will Smith (CNN)

What fantasies of a coup in Russia ignore

Deal reached for new Bills stadium

I seen only one possible ending to the whole Rock/Smith thing. And it's not pretty!

The other Washington cherry blossoms

I went to a fight last night and an

The other Washington cherry blossoms

The GOP is increasingly viewing politics with the zeal of religious absolutis

Bright Shiny Things!

The Biggest Lie About Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill Erases One Crucial Word

Judge OKs emails to Jan. 6 panel, sees likely Trump crimes

Zelensky offers a neutral Ukraine for Russian withdrawal, but there are some big caveats

I had fun skimming this opinion and the judge did a great job on the crime fraud exception

Astounding' Number Of Casualties: Why The Invasion Is Proving Deadly For Russia

Russia's top independent newspaper suspends publication

Randy hits it out of the park once again

Ukraine intelligence chief warns Russia 'our sources are everywhere,' including the Kremlin

Closing this vital treatment facility is a crisis for Pierce County. Where's the concern?

Reason Number 76 To Be Lazy: Ever single

Older Washingtonians Could Soon Receive 2nd COVID-19 Booster Shot

Ducks have fun floating effortlessly down fast-paced river

What is it about poisoning peace negotiators

Biden tests negative for Covid-19 after returning from Europe

Bald, Sick Puppy Transforms Into A Fluff Ball

Jan. 6 committee to seek interview with Ginni Thomas

Chris Rock isn't pressing charges against Will Smith for the Oscars slap

Has anyone thought about the notion of Justice Thomas pleading the "5th" ? Twilight zone.

Wayne NEWTON threatened Johnny CARSON over jokes

Raccoon Loves To Jump In His Mom's Lap

Nebraska Episode of "Stupidest Thing I've Heard Today"

Alopecia Shouldn't Be A Punchline, But It Should Get More Attention

Sardine pate

Scientists figure out how vampire bats got a taste for blood

Florida's governor signs controversial law opponents dubbed 'Don't Say Gay'

Missouri station offering Russian state radio to listeners

Poison is a coward's weapon

Bill Browder: Russians Are 'Effectively Hostages To Vladimir Putin'

Do you wish you could delete multiple threads at once on DU?

Jared Kushner expected to appear before Jan. 6 committee this week

Most Want Biden to Be Tougher on Russia

Flooded by foster kids, Florida failed to find safe homes USA Today 10/2020

Peace Negotiators May Have Been Poisoned

"Russia is Nigeria with snow."

When you think about it, Biden just Will Smithed Putin with his "off script statement". Go Joe.

Holocaust survivors flee from Ukraine to Germany for safety

Jared Kushner expected to appear voluntarily before the House Jan. 6 committee as early as Thursday.

John Eastman Forced To Turn Over 1/6 Evidence Against Ted Cruz

Cartoons 3/28/2022

Across the Desk - S5:E11 (Stitt Fit - The Fist Pump Tantrum)

The Revenge of the Normal Republicans

DOJ announces they are adding 131 new attorneys to work on Capitol attack investigation

Massacre at cockfight in Mexico leaves 20 dead

All 93 Oscar best picture winners (yes, all of them), ranked from worst to best

House poised to pass bill legalizing marijuana

Biden Aims to Boost Military and Social Spending in 2023 Budget

The lack of civility in this country has risen to the level of international embarrassment

GOP Candidate Jarrin Jackson Shoots Mock Dominion Voting Machine in Video

Ukraine publishes list of Russian spies

Ukraine war threatens food supplies in fragile Arab world

There are now 3.8 million Ukrainian refugees in the E.U.

Nuclear fears in US amid Russia-Ukraine war: AP-NORC poll

Is Ginni Thomas's Story Believable?

Russia shifts focus to try to grind Ukraine's army in east

Violence is unacceptable. Period.

Sanctions on Cuba and Iran

Daily Distraction 28/03/2022

Daily Distraction 28/03/2022 Posted in Photography


Patriarch Kirill: Putin ally faces backlash after 'blessing' war

What's the best set-top box for Apple TV+ ?

Jared Kushner is expected to appear before January 6 committee this week

Details of $67M shelter plan on large development site in Sodo emerge

Biden speaking on spending bill. 3:04 EST

OK, where was the insult ?! Demi Moore In 1997 GI Jane is BEAUTIFUL !!

A Thought That Comes & Goes in My Mind: "If You Think You Have Seen It All, There Is Always More."

Boris Nemtsov: Murdered Putin rival 'tailed' by agent linked to FSB hit squad

Ex-separatist leader calls Russian attack on Ukraine a mistake

Initially Rejected by the US, Russians Are Secretly Hustled Over the Border

Ukrainian welders turn donated vehicles into army transport

So i'm finding this confusing!

Kazakhstan does not want to be behind new iron curtain - deputy minister

Wealthy Russian investors are snapping up luxury properties in Dubai amid Western sanctions

Mayor of Chernobyl workers' town says Russian forces have left

U.S. Supreme Court turns away challenge to Trump steel tariffs

Waging war on the Jamaican patty: Canada's bizarre beef with the delicious snack Patty vs Patty

Germany mulls buying missile defense system to defend against Russia

Saw this in an obit in the New York Times yesterday.

President Biden Press Conference: Thank you Mr. President....

Rhetoric, I know, but why is Whiny Donny applauded when he speaks his - whatever is between his ears

Biden said, ""For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power."

I learned a new word today.

How--- Many--- Times--- does President Biden have to answer the same damn question?

Doocy put down like the punk that he is:

The Soviet Era's Deadliest Scientist Is Regaining Popularity in Russia

Tennis fans

President Biden Haiku

Biden says remark on Putin's power was about 'moral outrage'

Russia No Longer Seeking 'Denazification' In Talks

How long are we going to continue letting Christian Fascists

Check in if you don't give a hoot about the Chris Rock - Will Smith story

Daily touch of France - Monday edition - Place Verdun fountain

Daily touch of France - Monday edition - Place Verdun fountain - Posted in Photography

Prices are going up, and CEOs are making out like bandits

AMPAS Launches Investigation In The Smith/Rock Incident

Don Lemon slams the MSM. Just told their Faux news light lady "This (walking back obsession) is a

Russia's misguided 'denazification' of Ukraine is a self-fulfilling prophecy

WaPo: Jan. 6 committee to seek interview with Ginni Thomas

Sting - Russians. Appropriate for Ukraine war

(Allergy related, hope this is right place) Any opinions on whether duct cleaning has any real

Nicole Wallace is back!

Early morning osprey meetup +


Biden: Putin Shouldn't Remain In Power But It Doesn't Represent U.S. Policy change

Putin having a bad day

Fmr. Amb. To Ukraine: Biden Saying Putin Can't Remain In Power 'Sounds Right To Me'

Biden gives Doocy the answer he deserves

Sunrise, southern MD 7:00 a.m.

Judge Finds Trump 'More Likely Than Not' Tried To Disrupt Electoral Vote Count

Need printer help.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Statement from The Walt Disney Company on signing of Florida legislation:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Judge finds Trump 'more likely than not' committed felony obstruction in effort to overturn election

⚡️The Times: Putin tells he will 'thrash' Ukraine after receiving note from Zelensky.

Furious Judge Questions Alex Jones' Doctor's Note After Missed Deposition

A local's guide to Cambridge - from art at Kettle's Yard to picturesque picnic spots

Something I've noticed on social media -

I read that Kushner to appear before the Jan 6 committee this week.

Stout-Hearted Men - Nelson Eddy

No compromises with the Kremlin: Why we must denazify Putin's Russia

President Biden: "I'm not walking anything back."

Hikaru Nakamura makes the candidates tourney for World Chess Championship

Hillary Clinton set to feature in Into the Woods at Arkansas Repertory Theatre

Canada: Liberals launch negotiations to buy F-35 fighter jets

Snow Squall Causing Terrifying Accidents In Pennsylvania

Trump and Eastman likely committed a felony.

Spring Basho Finally

Mike Luckovich -Who is in favor of a coup

Oscars to launch a 'formal review' of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock as Hollywood reels from the inc

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 28, 2022

Oscars to launch a 'formal review' of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock as Hollywood reels from the inc

Video: Can you destroy a country that has the word freedom in its coat of arms

Jared Kusher to Testify Before Select Committee

Deadline Whitehouse: judge's decision will reverberate at DOJ

Slap analysis

Penguin jumps into dinghy to escape orca:

I'm watching Nicolle Wallace on my DVR. Felonies, coups, felonious coups...and Mr & Mrs Thomas...

Islamic State claims responsibility for killing of two Israeli police officers

Putin Had A List Of Countries He Threatened To Invade

Let's Not Normalize Ginni and Clarence

Canadian gymnasts echo growing call for investigations into abusive practices, toxic culture

Perfect response. We need to address masculine toxicity

Hollywood has a long history of "Roast" comedy... Smith has a thin skin

Missouri participant in Capitol riot charged in fatal crash - DWI felony charges

Stand back, he's powering up.

Fox News Host Lara Logan Suggests Theory of Evolution Is a Hoax Funded by Jews

*D.C. native Seth Tillman hosts an all-new series Signature Dish,

Injured Russian soldiers appear terrified as they are awarded bravery medals

Academy launches formal review after Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on the Oscars stage

Judge also ordered Eastman to turn over emails with the name Cruz in them

Novaya Gazeta, the last independent newspaper in Russia, falls silent

I'm mesmerized by Leon the lobster, saved from the grocery store

Caltrans Joke

PM Update: Very cold tonight, then slightly milder Tuesday

Max Boot: Stop overestimating the Russian military and underestimating the Ukrainians

She's back to host Jeopardy......Mayim......I am getting used to her..... 😀

9th Circuit Says Arresting People For "Fuck The Cops" Chalk Writing Is Unconstitutional Retaliation

"'I'm not walking anything back': Biden says he doesn't regret saying Putin has to go":

Nichole Wallace Panel snickering

The difference is Trump always just came across as snotty and ridiculous. They take Joe seriously.

NASA tallies over 5,000 planets beyond our solar system

'Historic moment' in Canada as Ontario strikes deal for $10-a-day childcare

20 people dead after shooting at cockfighting venue in Mexico

Judge Saying Trump May Have Committed Crimes 'Nothing' The DOJ Didn't Know

Valencia County Breaking News: Dem Sheriff Candidate Rodney Jones on the ballot, wins case in court.

Indigenous Leaders Tell Pope Francis of Abuses By Clergy At Canada Residential Schools

The Girl in the Window - The Girl in the Window

This Is What It's Like to Witness a Nuclear Explosion

The power of imaging. A striking short film.

Venezuela's army collaborated with Colombian rebel groups: HRW

UK intelligence says Russia's Wagner Group deploying to eastern Ukraine

Dog fell into LA River. Fire Dept have been trying catch it [UPDATE dog rescued after 2 hours]

It's nice to know......

Republican senator Rick Scott says tax rises in own plan are 'Democratic talking points'

There is nothing like sitting at the outlet of the L.A. River during a rain

Ukrainian Farmers reply to Putin: We Thresh and Harvest

I'm Just Going To Say This Out Loud, Re: Russian Chemical Attacks.

Will Smith is a Scientologist. Church leaders have a history of violence


Ireland withdraws from bidding process for America's Cup

1/6 Committee Meet To Discuss Ginni Thomas Texts To Overturn 2020 Election

Kenneth Branagh brings the Oscar home for Belfast on a night of high drama

Rescue Lamb Is Obsessed With His Dad's Guitar

Reintroduction of public health measures sought amid Covid-19 surge

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how we know Russia is lying....

Historians say explorers got it wrong: It's not Machu Picchu it's Huayna Picchu

No Irish language act before Stormont election - Lewis

Is it too much to hope for?

Abramovich suffered suspected poisoning at talks

Putin Can 'Never Be Welcomed Back Into The International Community'

Has TFG reacted to ruling in the Eastman case?

Mariupol evacuation corridors 'in the hands of the occupiers' as mayor tells everyone to leave

El Salvador grabs 1,000 gang suspects, cuts food for inmates

Culver House faces destruction if Powell Hall expansion wins preservation board approval

Quincy leaders hope restoring Quincy Bay will attract wildlife and visitors

Poll: Do you currently believe Garland is investigating tRump?

Philippines Slams Chinese Ship's 'Close Distance Maneuvering'

Would like some game suggestions

Salvors Will Try to Refloat Ever Forward on Tuesday

US Navy Destroyer Jack H. Lucas (DDG 125) Christened

Sunset, southern MD

Partygate: Met Police to issue first fines, sources say

Longtime Friend of 'Trailblazer' Madeleine Albright Describes Her Impact as First Female Secretary o

US seeks new lithium sources as demand for batteries grows

1/6 committee vote on contempt referrals happening now on MSNBC.

Democrats push toward vote on Jackson for Supreme Court

Haunting 1850s Photos Recovered From 'Ship of Gold' Wreck- Calif. Gold Rush, Financial Panic of 1857

Top Ten US Senate Seats likely to flip in 2022.

Local Officials in Georgia Oppose GOP Election Bill

Will Smith apologizes on Instagram:

The LAST story tonight on NBC Nightly News...

Kitsap County's COVID cases fall 23.5%; Washington cases plummet 17.9%

King County Parks Earn 'Salmon-Safe' Certification

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Inslee signs measure making pickleball official WA sport