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Trump Aide's On-Air Coup Confession Played At His Own Contempt Hearing - The Beat - MSNBC

Barefoot Gen 1983 Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb drop and Aftermath

When at first you don't succeed ...

Canada Tweet of the Night:

There Is No God

Let's have fun together, DU. Let's make a list. Who are the most likely persons . . . . .

TFG, "Help me Vlady Pooty Poot!!!! I need dirt on the Bidens!!!!"

Trying to sync up the bull**** level to match the US.

In 'Ukrainian military Oscars', Ukraine promotes army and mocks Russia

Why the world is so worried about Russia's 'tactical' nuclear weapons

As Clarence Thomas Scandal Expands, Judiciary Chair Says Thomas' Wife Should Testify - The Beat MSNBC

Thoughts on

Russian T-V: Time "to again help our partner Trump to become President."

Meet the dark money Republican behind "American Edge"

Didn't The Topic Of 'Burner Phones' Come Up Earlier With Respect To The War Rooms....

Android Question - Automatic downloads.

The Russian Air Force Is Losing Its Best Jets Over Ukraine

UK had a Concert For Ukraine - 11.3 Million Pounds have been raised so far.

Attorney general

Debate-dodging takes off in midterm campaigns

Did Putin have plastic surgery?

New Puppy Up To 24#

Top Dem Sees Indictment For Trump Coup Plotter After Contempt Vote - The Beat - MSNBC

'Transformative' retirement reform package passes the House and heads to the Senate

Trump brazenly asks Putin to release dirt about Biden's family

Stay Down

Chernobyl employees say Russian soldiers had no idea what the plant was and call their behavior 'sui

TWEET: Orgies may explain Marsha Blackburn's hair. 🤣🤣

Florida billboards urge people to 'say gay' after state's controversial new bill

Is This Tomorrow? A Red Scare Comic Book from 1947 (comic)

Biden White House won't assert executive privilege over Kushner testimony

The Irony of Ukraine

No matter what happens in Ukraine... it's been a HUGE victory for Ukraine and the West.

It's Been A Change

Hello Will Smith!

Wisconsin teens [14 & 16 yr olds] take advantage of woman, kidnap son after she offers help

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

David Corn with something to ponder

10,000 posts!

How would you feel if you went into a car dealership to purchase a new vehicle and were told

Last Week in the Republican Party - March 29, 2022

Does anyone remember, back in 2004, when the State of OHIO kept their official election results

7 Hours Of Trump Phone Logs Missing - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Federal Judge Finds, by a Preponderance of the Evidence, that Trump Committed Crimes Against the US

Biden's proposed FY 2023 budget would accelerate $516.6 million in previously expected ST funding

"Toxic Bro" Kareem's excellent article on violence

What is the new relationship between MSNBC & Sky News?

Oyez Oyez Oyez

Ukrainian troops in Mariupol are taking ammo off Russian soldiers and smuggling in weapons to hold o

Mitt Romney, a potential GOP vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson, says he 'enjoyed' their meeting & will

Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov says Ukraine-Russia peace negotiations are pointless and he wants to just

Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Russian's $50 million superyacht was seized by the UK after mooring in London for an awards ceremony

NY attorney general wants subpoena enforced against Trump, eldest children in civil investigation

Trump's Truth Social App Plummets in Traffic, Sees 93% Drop in Signups Since Launch Week

Frank Zappa's role in the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989

Tucker Carlson Goes Kissing Pooty's booty With Bizarre Warning

RIP Jim Miller

Heal the Rift Matt! Christian Nationalists & Atheist Trump Supporters are Good People! - The Line

Ukraine's other fight: Growing food for itself and the world

Hochul facing backlash over Buffalo Bills stadium deal, bail changes as N.Y. budget talks continue

I wasted no time after I heard the evening news. Scheduled 2nd booster for tomorrow.

Senate sputters on bill to punish Russia despite bipartisan demands for tough US action

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 57.

Missing Jan. 6 Phone Logs Have 'Overtones' Of Nixon Cover-Up Says Rep. Luria

Biden administration boosts support for antitrust efforts

One more thing to ponder - Russia invades Ukraine, starts a campaign of death and destruction...

Re: Watergate and trumpgate -we do NOT have reputable , responsible R's anymore...Watergate would

Madison Cawthorn's cocaine and orgy comments

(Another) The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Blu-ray Review

Al Franken - Critical Race Theory - An ACTUAL Explanation - (March 29, 2022)

Senator Warren: Justice Thomas Must Recuse Himself From Jan. 6 Cases - All In - MSNBC

Godspeed Mr. are reporting on the ground well, but you are

When Teflon scratches, everything sticks to it.

With many Democrats asking Thomas to recuse himself on cases involved with Jan 6th, I think most

Not to take away from Jada feelings but am I the only one who thinks being compared to GI Jane

Plot to Overturn the Election (full documentary) - FRONTLINE - PBS

Who's Enabling Putin's Enablers?

One of those "bent carrot" commercials is on...

Russia accused of causing 'global food crisis' at UN

Trump is "a Russian op, one way or another...a psychopath at active threat against us"

Rod Stewart - Faith of the Heart

Quotes From MARK TWAIN That Are Worth Listening To

From Ukraine's Stratcom Centre: What If Putin Wins?


Ukraine's Stratcom Centre: Odesa seashore is well-protected

Ukraine's UN rep to Sec Council: Demilitarization of Russia by Ukraine's army & people well underway

Beware of dismissing Trump as an idiot.

CBS News giving Mick Mulvaney a paid contributor gig is an act of journalistic malpractice

State Department tweet: President Biden's message to the Russian people

Joy Reid: Jan. 6 White House Records Gaps Suggest Potentially Willful Omissions - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Russian govt official calls for U.S. regime change, calls Trump Russia's "partner"

My Back Pages (Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton & George Harrison)

Astronomers Are Stumped by New High-Frequency Wave on the Surface of the Sun

Tucker Carlson get approximately 3.6 M viewers....

Live - Lightning Crashes

Is Trudy Valentine's candidacy for the US Senate really to help her with the 2024 Governors Race.?

Ukrainian Boxer BLASTS Pro-Putin Propagandists

tiedrich tweet: zelensky vs putin; merrick garland vs trump (it "isn't fucking rocket science")

Wolf: FL Gov's Office Said Those Opposing 'Parent Rights Of Education' Bill Complicit In Pedophilia

Partner - The Lincoln Project

Russian TV Calls For 'Partner' Trump to Be Put in Power

Convoy will leave DC without accomplishing anything

tiedrich on a roll: "china, if you're listening...

Bombshell: Trump issues dangerous message directly to Russia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump's Truth Social App Plummets in Traffic

Ukraine gives medal to soldier who told Russian officer to 'go f...

March 12: Garland says the Jan. 6 investigation won't end until everyone is held accountable

As a fan of Cleveland baseball I was really hoping for the Spiders...

Should NATO help Ukraine shoot down Russian jets that are murdering civilians?

Sugarcane farming transforming indigenous lands in Bolivian Amazon

I was watching Frontline's...

Debate-dodging takes off in midterm campaigns

Violence for 'tyrants' urged in Gov. Whitmer kidnap trial

Sugarcane farming transforming indigenous lands in Bolivian Amazon

The Ukrainian Fighters Defending Kyiv Russia-Ukraine War

did russia just declare war on us by inticing regime change in the us?

Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart - People Get Ready (studio version & live in LA, 2009)

California Reparations To Be Limited To Descendants of Enslaved People, Taskforce Decides

The White House Easter Egg Roll Is Back After Two Years

Russia has clearly invaded

Inside besieged Mariupol (Photos)

Scholz signals EU would help defend Sweden and Finland

Wednesday Digit: 6/10 - Winter chill lingers in the morning, but

Calif. group votes to limit reparations to slave descendants

Daleep Singh - Biden's sanctions architect heading to India

What Clarence Thomas Did Was Illegal Says Laurence Tribe - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ukrainian children thank people in their new homes

I don't understand why the Jan 6 Committee...

As Medication Abortion Becomes Dominant, Red States Restrict Pills

John Travolta and his son adopted the puppy from the Oscars' Betty White tribute

It's 12:01

Commerce inquiry imperils solar industry, advocates say

Hackers Steal $540 Million in Crypto From 'Axie Infinity' Game

Kharkiv Mayor: 'It's Not Just A War, This Is A Massacre' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Van Morrison- Wild Night 1880s.

Pizza shop owner Louis Suljovic stabbed after trying to help Asian woman being attacked

Senate sustains Noem's veto on bill to expunge old pot charges from background checks

The Supreme Court's long game to weaponize religious freedom

I had these paintings in storage for the last few years...

401(k) Savings Plans Get a Boost in Bipartisan Retirement Bill

Yum Cha for fussy eaters

(Jewish Group) Lara Logan says evolution is a false, Jewish-funded conspiracy

Queer Yiddish Camp, a new alternative to summer Yiddish intensives

(Jewish Group) Queer Yiddish Camp, a new alternative to summer Yiddish intensives

Pigs On The Wing

NRPS - Henry - 1975

Kentucky lawmakers pass 15-week abortion ban

These 35 Albert Einstein's Quotes Are Life Changing

Charles Blow: The Supreme Court Is Not Equipped To Police Itself - The Last Word - MSNBC

Patti Smith covers Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Haitians protest rising insecurity; some burn a plane

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Psalm 33 ESV

Patti Smith live....Damn!!!!

Gaps Found In Trump Calls

Broken windows policing a recipe for race-based enforcement, Legal Aid Society warns in new analysis

'No Good Explanation' For Gap In Record Of Trump Calls On January 6 - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Russia's Lies About Bioweapons in Ukraine Make the World Less Safe

Paradise By John Prine

Wednesday Morning 🐦 Sweet Jazz & Bossa Nova for Relaxing Livestream

Barb McQuade Thread: DOJ is aware of all of these facts

Saudi oil chief says energy security imperiled by attacks

Saudi oil chief says energy security imperiled by attacks

Illusion Of Normalcy Quickly Shattered By Sirens, Russian Bombs In Lviv - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Jamaican-Led Group Buys Trump Hotel

Inexplicably... the Ruble Rallies to near pre-war levels

Black Crab - WHY r they wearing black on White Ice??!?

President Joe Biden Signs Landmark Law Making Lynching A Hate Crime, Emmett Till Anti- Lynching Act

Ukrainian Soldier Returns Home After Getting Captured By Russians - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Festival Cajun & Zydeco - Grand Prairie Special - SAULIEU

Consistent Failures Of Putin's Invasion Make Peace Talk Concessions Galling For Ukrainians - TRMS MSNBC

A "break in the action"

Biden's Budget Would Scrap Decades-Old Rule And Permit Federal Funding Of Abortions

Does the Justice Department's request for more lawyers show something is about to happen?

Alex Jones made a settlement offer in one of the Sandy Hook lawsuits...

Epic battle for Donbas predicted.

Republicans fail to dent public support for Ketanji Brown Jackson

Trump brazenly asks Putin to release dirt about Biden's family

Kimmel: Will Smith and Chris Rock Conspiracy Theories, Trump's Phone Records & Don't Say Gay Bill

Beau of the Fifth Column:Let's talk about why the public's opinion doesn't count....

TCM tonight:

Inside Ukrainian Psyops

Ukraine to negotiators: Don't eat or drink at Russia talks amid poison concern

I totally forgot this store even existed... Emporium Department Store


Russia Compounds Failure To Conquer Ukrainians By Also Failing To Intimidate Them - TRMS - MSNBC

Is it time to get phones records of Roberts, Thomas,

officer flips guy on his head

For Facts Sake: Florida's Parental Rights In Education Bill - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

UPS guy stops for basketball game with kid

"the slap" took attention from this moment. Samuel Jackson's honorary Oscar

Engelbert Humperdinck - A Man Without Love

Bahlam Maak - Nagat

Breakfast Wednesday 30 March 2022

Seven European Villas to Rent with Friends this Summer that Aren't Ridiculously Expensive

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti says Deshaun Watson's contract with Cleveland Browns complica

Seth Meyers - Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars - Monologue 3/28/2022

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/29/22

What is the difference between Iron Man and Aluminum Man?

Abortion nonprofits say Texas state Rep. Briscoe Cain defamed them in "cease-and-desist" letter

Garland needs to go

My Jewish family left an unwelcoming Ukraine, then Putin's war made me rethink my identity

Texas A&M to grant free tuition, room and board to its Ukrainian students

NYTimes Wordle 3/30

BBC: 'Wild shots: Scottish Nature Photography Awards March 30, 2022.

Texas park officials urge people not to kill rattlesnakes: 'We don't want people to needlessly kill

Ukraine awards medal to Snake Island soldier who told Russian warship to 'go f*** yourself'.

For my big 500th post

What if Putin didn't miscalculate?

Maryland lawmakers pass bill to expand access to abortion

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Ukraine Awards Medal To Border Guard Who Told 'Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself'

The Money Trail to the Ginni Thomas Emails to Overturn Biden's Election Leads to Charles Koch

Cuba Prepares for Disaster

What was the role of the Federalist Sociery

Wednesday TOONs - The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House!

Gunmen Kill 19 at Mexican Cockfighting Party

Wordle 284 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

A Tale of Friendship

A Friendly Reminder While Driving in Springtime.

Presidential aircraft performs shocking stunt on approach at Buenos Aires airport

I hope the committee answers this question.

The Monkees Micky Dolenz - Pleasant Valley Sunday

With inflation running hot, Google searches for food stamps remain elevated

Canada police renew effort to arrest 'devil priest' for alleged abuse of Inuit children

Stock Surge Is a Bear-Market Trap With Curve Inverted, BofA Warns

WTF? CNN just said that the DOJ's "investigation into HUNTER BIDEN is picking up steam."

European markets mixed as Germany triggers emergency gas plan

How scientists found an African bat lost to science for 40 years

Maersk Warns Shanghai Lockdown to Boost Shipping Costs Further

Type 23 Frigate HMS Somerset Refit Readies for Return to Royal Navy

Corpus Christi Ship Channel Improvement Included in Biden's Spend Plan

Do you have any favorite dishes that can be put in the freezer?

Ukraine war threatens to derail development of new cancer treatments

Swiss chocolate sales pick up again

Sri Lanka imposing another rolling power cuts

On this day, March 30, 1942, 227 residents of Bainbridge Island, Washington, were rounded up.

Extra volunteers recruited to teach Ukrainians English language

Vietnamese dad converts van into a wooden tank for son

Officer shoots 2 juveniles after car strikes girl at Western High School

A peaceful moment for you today

The Weekly Pull: Immortal X-Men, War for Earth-3, Astro City, and More

Former hotel worker arrested by Michaela McAreavey detectives

4 million refugees have now fled Ukraine, UN agency says

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/30/22)

Today's Image Dump (3/30/22)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for June 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #179: Are We Travelling or Marching? (3/29/2022 Edition)

Garry Leach, "2000 AD" and "Miracleman" Artist, Dead at 67

The Rundown: March 30, 2022

Choirboy's hidden note found in church pew 125 years on

N.M. Republican governor hopefuls trade jabs on missing debates

Collins to Back Jackson for Supreme Court, Giving Her a G.O.P. Vote

GOP Candidates Ditch Debates

Virginia lawmakers slash bid to bring Washington Commanders' new stadium to the Commonwealth

Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok

Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn all visible now (6AM local)

A new report reveals how the Dakota Access Pipeline is breaking the law

About those missing White House phone logs...Ted Cruz...and 131 more lawyers

Study: Most Pacific Salmon Populations Crashing (Except Bristol Bay); Ocean Temps May Be Key

Go To Heaven For The Climate

Private payrolls rose by 455,000 in March, topping expectations: ADP

Sovern Citizens - Internet Comment Etiquette

MSNBC BREAKING: Collins says she'll vote to confirm KBJ.

Overshoot Tucked Into Govt Assumptions; i.e. We'll Blow By 2C Or 2.5C, And Then Fix It Later


Times have sure changed. When I was young I would sneak out of my house to go to parties. Now

Zoe Lofgren (D- CA) warns that our democracy is still under threat.

Just saw the first lizard of the season! Spring in Provence has arrived!

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb (Live At Pompeii)

15" Of Rain In 24 Hours As Lismore/Byron Bay NSW Engulfed By Flooding For Second Time In Four Weeks

You raised $100 on March 29, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ohio Senate 2022

On the odd occasion when my wife and I have a disagreement, if she says "Just do what you're going

Delhi's 180-Foot Mountain Of Garbage Catches Fire, Choking Residents With Toxic Smoke

ADP: Private payrolls rose by 455,000 in March

Shane Warne Memorial Service

Sen. Whitehouse: Three New Supreme Court Justices Being Told What To Do By Donor Front Groups

11/24/21 Jan. 6 organizers used burner phones to communicate with White House

You raised $585.54 on March 29, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

WW2 - Combat Boots Save Lives

Canada police renew effort to arrest 'devil priest' for alleged abuse of Inuit children

Scotty From Marketing Meeting Climate Collapse Head-On By Cutting Funding 35% Over 4 Yrs

Russia bombards Chernihiv hours after pledging to halt shelling

Russia bombards Chernihiv hours after pledging to halt shelling

You raised $100 on March 29, 2022 for Demsrule86 for Tim Ryan Ohio Senate 2022

'Liberal Terminator' Says His Disgusting Rants Are Protected Free Speech. Judge Says Hell No.

No trespassing: 9 places you're not allowed to visit


The problem with most conspiracy theories is you need another conspiracy theory to support them...

As Suburbs Burn, CO Senate Race Shows GQP Candidates Shoveling The Same Old Shit On Climate

You raised $25 on March 29, 2022 Omaha Steve is out for BLOOD (for Governor of Nebraska)

St Stephen's Food bank in Phoenix

March 30, 1957 📻

Lake District: Jet suit paramedics ready for summer lift-off

Judge Stops Navy from Discharging Any Religious Vaccine Refusers

Andrew Giuliani, even more disgusting than his father

It's A Miracle! Indonesia Proposes Bill To Turn Coal Fuels Into "New Energy" W. "Minimal Carbon"

You raised $100 on March 29, 2022 for Omaha Steve for Abby Finkenauer US Senate Iowa (kick Grassley)

Ran out of ladyfingers? No problem.

If we use the Watergate investigation as a guide.

Photo: Ukrainian Women Protect the Sky

Kremlin TV Hopes Russia's Unhinged Ukraine War Claim Will Help Re-Elect Trump

Jonathan Capehart named Associate Editor at The Washington Post

You raised $910.54 on March 29, 2022 for charity and D's running for office

Susan Collins will vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson,

Meanwhile on Russian state TV: " our partner Trump to become President."

Celebrating the Kyivan Princesses for Women's History Month

Speaking of Smith and Rock

No Calls for Seven Hours? Trump Was Having a Nap?

Daily Distraction 30/03/2022

So - today is the day of a significant Hubble find. Here's the news...

Van Gogh was born on this date.

Daily Distraction 30/03/2022 Posted in Photography

I'm Missing You

It's Time To Play MAGA Madness!! (Lincoln Project)

SCOOP: Trump's new lawyer says he helped fabricate Trump's "ladies' man" high school yearbook award--

'I can fight with a keyboard': How one Ukrainian IT specialist exposed a notorious Russian ransomwar

You know why the Russians are doing such a spectacularly inept job?

Weird Al to Eric Idle

Then their is General M. Flynn. Justice is not fair IMHO. East Tennessee Deserter from the Navy....

I suspect Gryff and Madoc are tag teaming naughty behavior

WTF? CNN - Federal investigation of Hunter Biden heats up

Dave Edmunds - Girls Talk (pleasant toe-tapper)

It's been 36 days since motion to dismiss Weisselburg case

Conservative MP (Wales) comes out as trans after car accident, blackmail


More info on China's economic woes and Shanghai's Covid lockdown

Photos: 42,000 Bamboo Shoots Construct an Illuminated, Latticed Welcome Center in Vietnam

Supporters of the Cannabis Freedom Act fill Capitol rotunda for rally

Lincoln University receives $20,000 from Google grant

Yale employee admits she stole $40 million

Does America and the rest of the world have enough natural gas and oil to replace Russia?

Kitty likes a Ukrainian soldier

Morgan Freeman: Not a Man of God

Missouri state Sen. Steve Roberts is running for Cori Bush's congressional seat

E. C. has a birthday today.

'How do we keep Lela safe?' Schools turn scary for high-risk kids with COVID mask mandates gone

Airline Safety Card, yeah, that'll work.

Merrick Garland's DOJ leaks

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 30, 2022

How to secure a good spot on a Florida beach during spring break:

jt- champagne corolla.

The most amazing thing happened at the Oscars... Amazing and wonderful

The Green-Energy Culture Wars in Red States

the acetaminophen bottle... think they could put the dosage on it?

An A380 superjumbo airliner just completed a flight powered by cooking oil

Republican Sen. Susan Collins will vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court.

Remember that house in Richmond that ATF raided a couple of weeks ago? More details

The media with their shallow reporting, helped elect trump by falsely saying that the e-mail

Hubble telescope detects most distant star ever seen, near cosmic dawn

Boxing Coach Humbles Loud-Mouth Bully

Can you imagine what Watergate would have been like with Social Media?

How Russia May Reprise Its Syrian Playbook in Ukraine

"The Republican party is obsessed with children - in the creepiest of ways"

Who Has Insider Information from the DOJ?

How Should the Media Cover the 2022 Midterms?

Can anyone name anything thus far accomplished by the Garland DOJ?

States Challenge Biden Administration's Mask Mandate for Public Transportation

Pres. Zelenskyy placed a phone call yesterday

Four Million Refugees Have Now Fled Ukraine, Says U.N.

Zuckerberg Helped Fund the 2020 Elections. Now Republicans Seek to Ban Future Grants

Well, so much for a pootie peace deal, it was all a lie:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Ukraine, and Russia....

Trump's Truth Social App Is Failing Fantastically, Report Says

Black Lawyers Who Thrived Remotely Agonize Over Return to Office

Why it Feels Like We're Heading Towards World War III

'We took our children and ran': thousands displaced as Senegal's 40-year war crosses border

Pablo Picasso to a Nazi: an historical response apropos to today's situation with Russia

About the SPACE RACE...So you don't think it affected you???

'He's Taking The Side Of Putin': Trump Asks For 'Invented Dirt' From Russia

U2 - With Or Without You (studio version & live in Tempe AZ, 1987)

I watched "Enron: The Smartest People in the Room" last night

Voice from the grave haunts Ronald Greene's deadly arrest

'No Reason To Trust Russia': President Of Neighbor Country Slams Claims Of Scaling Back

Watch Trump's brazen request to Putin

Is it OK to give the devil his due?

Personal memories . . .

Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok


James Madison's Montpelier strips power from enslaved descendants group

Across the Desk - S5:E11 (Stitt Fit - The Fist Pump Tantrum)

Clapton, Winwood, Trucks, Bramhall - Presence Of The Lord (live, Crossroads Fesitival, 2007)

Fossil found on edge of the roof of the world reveals an owl active during the day 6 million years a

Meta is paying a Republican consulting firm to 'turn the public against' TikTok

Hunter Biden should totally start selling his own brand of laptops

"He's not exactly a fan of our country..."

Alex Jones settles Unite the Right defamation lawsuit

'Who else will do this?': Inside one convoy's frantic trek to rescue refugees in Ukraine

We're helping Ukraine get Putin out of their country; the January 6th Commission needs to get him

Reconstructed Face Shows A Medieval Wanderer Found Buried In A Toilet

How bad a governor is Greg Abbott? The Texas National Guard is unionizing

The United Arab Emirates' Earliest Buildings Are 8,500 Years Old

10,143 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for week ending 3/29; 385 deaths

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Thousands of Virginia drivers overcharged, wrongly charged by DMV

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Brain Implants Allow Paralyzed Man to Communicate Using His Thoughts

Senator Susie has a middling conscience. Shouldn't the Repuke party have a whole third or more?

Coming soon to Netflix...

Inside the Hoopa Valley Tribe's Quest to Understand a Rare Carnivore

Into the wild: Animals the latest frontier in COVID fight

Mariupol -

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Digging Up the Rich Viking History of Britain

Germany issues 'early warning' of possible gas shortages as Russia threatens

What kind of orgy only lasts 30 minutes?

Trucker on diesel prices: 'We're going to have a lot of bankruptcies'

Let's Compare the Coverage of Biden's Putin Gaffe and Trump's Plea for Putin's Help

Traders sleep by their desks as China's financial hub locks down

Sure, Putin is ravaging Ukraine. But think what he can do for Trump!

My melanoma treatment update.

Donald Trump's Truth Social App Is Failing Fantastically, Report Says

Does electronic data, email and computers make office work faster and more efficient?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 30, 2022)

JP Morgan Seized a Russian Superyacht in Gibraltar

U.S. official: "persistent tension" between Putin and the Russian Ministry of Defense

Merriam-Webster: People are talking about 'key bumps,' and so we have a duty to tell you some things

Redistricting shuffle makes race to succeed Nunes a low-key affair

Decoding Linear A, the Writing System of the Ancient Minoans

Ginsburg's judicial robe, collars to be donated to Smithsonian

Molly Tuttle (w/Old Crow Medicine Show) - "Helpless" *Watch on YT for Hunger Fundraiser*

Bruce Willis Retiring From Acting Following Aphasia Diagnosis

'Cannibal' coronal mass ejection will hit Earth at nearly 2 million mph, scientists say

Judge's scathing rebuke of Trump, Eastman goes beyond criminal charges

Aircraft leasing giant casts doubt on renting to Russian airlines again after Putin seizes planes

Manchin Shoots Down Biden's Billionaire Tax

Vietnamese carmaker selects NC for its multibillion-dollar US manufacturing site

Ice volcanoes on Pluto may still be erupting

Federal investigation of Hunter Biden heats up

O'Rourke talks taking on Abbott in TX gubernatorial race: 'We're underdogs'

Freedom and Democracy in Russia, Then and Now

Ukraine ambassador: Russian demilitarization 'underway' in 'unprecedented blow' to Moscow

Apparently bad news re: Bruce Willis

Trump sought deals with Moscow mayor

Right Wing Talking Points On Cable

'Extreme Skepticism' Of Moscow's Claims Of Scaling Back Invasion

FBI agents raid home as death threats target Whitmer kidnap case judge, lawyers

(Kitty ambush) When you're marching through Teutoburg forest and you hear Varus yell "AMBUSH"

Putin Misinformed By Advisers About Russian Military Performance

Anthropology Association Apologizes to Native Americans for the Field's Legacy of Harm

Big Majority Backs Ketanji Brown Jackson

A Federal Judge says trump committed Felonies, there are 7.5 hours of missing transcripts in the

Media in Russia: How do Russians get news about the war in Ukraine?

ATF accuses man of setting fire to American Tower cell site, trying to destroy many other locations

The Most Popular and Unpopular Candidate Qualities

Remembering the first Sc-Fi film that scared the shit out of me

Warren: Leon, before the tears start streaming down your face again, let's remember

Did Trump kneecap his own children by going after Hunter Biden yesterday??

For Trump's Enablers, There is No 'Cancel Culture'

Bruce Willis "Stepping Away" From Acting Career After Aphasia Diagnosis

Gay Ohio Teacher Fired After Explaining Pride Bracelet to Students

Russia doesn't want us "divided", it wants us to not check sources

'This war is far from over': History says Russia isn't really interested in peace

In January 1979, a US Senator Engaged In A Criminal Conspiracy. When Was He Indicted?

AOC is right, but she has the wrong answer

I would do anything for a Klondike Bar

Ukraine May Mark a Turning Point in Documenting War Crimes

Role Models - cartoon

'I'm Maria from Mariupol': One woman describes harrowing story of Russian attack

Sandy Hook families reject Info Wars host Alex Jones' offer to settle defamation case

They keep saying they will impeach Biden

Thoughts on how the Ukraine end game plays out if RU stops/ retreats?

Biden And Zelenskyy Discuss Ukraine's Security Assistance Requests In Call

Ukraine War: Putin demands Mariupol surrender to end shelling

TFG cannot...CANNOT STOP colluding with Putin.

SEC targets SPACs with rules on inflated business forecasts, merger disclosures

What's the rating for Harvard-Harris polling company?

Russia war ends era of globalization that kept inflation low

Hunter Biden is going to be another "Buttery Mails" BET ON IT !!

N.Y. gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani (R) discusses daughter's genitalia

In November 1986, the first pieces of Iran-Contra became known

Biden to dispatch $500M more in direct aid to Ukraine

A new bill would launch a large-scale test of digital dollars

Biden to announce 'one-stop-shop' website for covid resources, including vaccines and treatments

Cartoons 3/30/2022

Buttigieg Says Greene's Comment Is About Demonizing

For Ukrainian couple, 'a dead end no matter where I try to go'

The Viral Classroom Nazi Salute Video Has an Even Darker Backstory. I Lived It

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast in 1820

Biden to Invoke Cold-War Powers to Boost Batteries

This opinion will be worth at least what it is costing you.

Little girl has evil aspirations:

For red and blue America, a glaring divide in COVID-19 death rates persists 2 years later

El Shafee Elsheikh: Opening statements in IS Beatle jihadist trial

"Did Hunter Biden kill Sergei Magnitsky to make Russia look bad? Who can say? I'm asking questions!"

Concrete-driver strike affecting Lynnwood light rail work

China: Panic buying in divided Shanghai under lockdown

The actual size of Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich's yacht, compared to a millionaire's yacht.

Thank you, Senator Collins

Monkeys near Florida airport delight visitors

Ukraine will not be like Korea - dogged resistance will turn it into Putin's 'bleeding ulcer

California governor rejects parole for Manson family member Leslie Van Houten

Putin the coward.

California panel OKs reparations limit for slave descendants

Progress In Ukraine Peace Talks Met With Skepticism

Chowchilla bus kidnapper Fred Woods, 70, has been approved for parole

A hotel banned Native Americans. The Sioux hit back with a trespassing order.

Rick Scott is refusing to abandon plan to raise taxes on middle- and low-income Americans

Poland to end Russian oil imports; Germany warns on gas

According to the pundits, Democrats will lose 2 US Senate seats GA and AZ.

Two-thirds of Americans back Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court, poll shows

What if Putin Didn't Miscalculate?

What can Zelensky do to save Mariupol?

9 defendants indicted for blocking access to reproductive health clinics

Italy seized a sanctioned Russian oligarch's $670,000 armored Mercedes that can withstand machine-gu

Kentucky legislature approves sweeping abortion bill, sending it to governor's desk

Is it time for Ukraine to counter-attack, yet?

TFG said he doesn't know what a 'burner phone' is. John Bolton says he does.

VA Governors have ran for the US Senate right after they leave the Governorship!

Why is Russia's military regrouping and can Ukraine forces disrupt them?

House sends bipartisan cybercrime bill to Biden

An example of incompetence

Kirby at Pentagon press conference. Less than 20% of Russian troops

Stonekettle: No One Is Coming to Save Us

A new ballot initiative seeks to implement 'social housing' in Seattle

When Trump is appointed Speaker of the House by the Repuke majority

Mercenaries aren't covered under the Geneva Convention

Lynching is now a federal hate crime after a century of blocked efforts

Analysis: Why you can't just ignore this statement from Donald Trump

The Tabasco Bullet is back!

Revealed: Trump used White House phone for call on January 6 that was not on official log

If you want to see where "owning the libs" ends, look at Russia's "owning the opposition"

Revealed: Trump used White House phone for call on January 6 that was not on official log

Why Putins days are numbered - Vladimir Milov

House Republicans oppose Biden efforts to expand voting rights

NEW OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Governor Texas 2022

"The Sky Is Crying" is a good song for this rainy Albuquerque day. Of course rain can be

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Operator Starsky, of the Ukrainian National Guard

US intel official told ABC News Putin's misinformed. his advisers afraid to tell him the truth

Fmr. Ukrainian Pres. Poroshenko: 'Don't Trust Putin' In Negotiations

UK not ready to give security guarantees to Ukraine in any peace negotiations. Germany uncertain.

President Biden Receives Second Booster Shot

Strutting his stuff!

Human Rights Watch reporting that Russia has been using banned anti-personnel mines

WaPo: Inside Hunter Biden's multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company

So, two different words for today's Wordle

Kitten cuddling with Mama:

"Dirty Don" looking for "dirt" again...

Puppy struggling to stay awake:

CNN's New Day Beat MSNBC's Morning Joe in the Demo for the First Time Since 2017

Puppy sleep-drinking (2nd tweet):

Primordial Helium From Billions of Years Ago Seems to Be Leaking Out of Earth's Core

Some kids are more into their food than others:

NEW: McCarthy says he met with Cawthorn over his recent comments about members participating in...

From AOL: An AP news item popped up on my phone. Can't link it. Sorry.

Fear of needles:

CBS exec said they want to hire more Repubs to gain 'access' ahead of a 'likely' Dem midterm wipeout

Dog knows what is fair:

Elephant mom hurries to rescue baby trapped in swinging tire:

AMAZING thing happened as I left my house after noon,

Putin and Zelenskiy could meet soon, says Ukraine's top negotiator

Polish sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska: water plays an essential part in the structure

Amazing Lego:

Little dude needs a ride back to shore (wait for it):

We All Know Teachers Are Underpaid. But Who Imagined It Was This Bad?

Watch this mating dance:

Today in the garden

How was your commute today?

Puppy can't make it up a minor hill:

Finally, a road map to hold Trump accountable

Why a Ruling Declaring Trump 'Likely' Broke Laws May Not Mean He Will Be Prosecuted

'Gigantic omission': Former Flint mayor says of engineering firm report that didn't mention lead

Putin's war has triggered an exodus out of Russia -- but the escape options are shrinking

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 31 March 2022

Delightful dramatic performance:

War tourism on the Ukrainian-Polish border

I hope that all of you will contact Senator Collins to thank her for her support of Judge Jackson

The Republican Party Is Obsessed With Children - In The Creepiest of Ways

Sandy Hook Families Reject Alex Jones Settlement Offer: Report

Worse case scenario for Democrats in the 2022 US Senate Election cycle is 52 seats for Democrats.

Shelter Dogs Get Adopted - Priceless Moments When Shelter Dogs Realized They Are Being Adopted

B.C. landslide triggered 100-metre tall lake tsunami, study shows

Fox fired Lara Logan?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about getting technical in Ukraine....

Cawthorn tells McCarthy orgy, cocaine remarks were exaggerated

Cawthorn tells McCarthy orgy, cocaine remarks were exaggerated

Daily touch of France - Wednesday 30 March 2022 - Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt

Biden honors Transgender Day of Visibility: "Your President sees you"

Daily touch of France - Wednesday 30 March 2022 - Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt - In Photography

Clark: I hope Kosovo will be invited to NATO soon, Moscow wants destabilization of Balkans.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 30, 2022

Trump doesn't know what "burner phone" is?

Putin feels Russian military misled him, U.S. official says

"Madison Cawthorn Admitted He 'Exaggerated' Orgy Story":

NC election officials aren't letting felons register to vote, despite new court ruling

Do I Really Need Another Booster? The Answer Depends On Age, Risk and Timing: NPR

Widow of D.C. officer who died by suicide says Jan. 6 "changed him"

GZP and Rick Scott have a platform this year

Quordle: what are your starter words?

It's impossible not to think of Trump as a traitor.

Not enough is being made of Trump's phone log gap.

Hackers tried to breach email accounts of election officials in 9 states, FBI says

Monkeys Near Florida Airport Becoming Simian Celebrities

So Alex Jones says DeSantis is better than Trump.

Israel Bolsters Security Amid Deadliest Wave of Terrorist Attacks in Years

So, judging by how political criminals are let off the hook,

Panic buying sets in as Russians feel impact of sanctions

Pentagon: Russia Has Repositioned Troops Around Kyiv, Into Belarus

Ukraine Troops Feel A 'Momentum', 'Not Holding Their Breath' For Negotiations

Another chilly day

Finally, a road map to hold Trump accountable

Raspberries Go All The Way Mike Douglas Show 1974

Russian fighter jets entered Swedish air space with nukes!

Trial for ISIS member accused in deaths of several Americans gets underway

Katie Porter (D-CA), equipped with dollar bills, goes off on insurance companies...

Biden receives second Covid booster as he pleads with Congress for funding

CBS News Boss: We Need to Hire Republicans Because GOP's 'Going to Take Over'

Assumption of a mortgage after a death?

Another senior dumped

i dont know if this has hit any of the groups or forums yet ,,,,,,,,,

Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of Covid Hospitalization, Large Study Finds

Putin misled by 'yes men' in military afraid to tell him the truth, White House and EU officials say

Flying Tesla Lands Precariously on Ambulance in San Diego, 3 Rescued

McConnell blasts 'clumsy bullying' amid Thomas scrutiny

4 Out Of 5 Doctors - Danger Man/Mushroom Boy (obscure double shot)

CBS News Boss is apparently a total dick and was too cheap to rescue Afghans who had worked for CBS:

Fuck You

Commission will review more than 750 military signs and markers to see if they need to be renamed

Manchin and tax on unrealized capital gains

Could Gubernatorial Coattails help Democrats in the 2022 US Senate Races?

Why Russia's military is bogged down by logistics in Ukraine

GREAT NEWS /sarc: 7 busses of Russian soldiers with Radiation Syndrome arrive in Belarus


Does being good at wordle mean you are smart?

Really? A Billionaire Tax? Now? Are You Kidding Me? - Robert Reich

EU plans to crack down on fast fashion

They said Trump should have learned his lesson?

Atheist Group Wins $90K Settlement; Student Bullied By Teacher For Sitting Out Pledge Of Allegiance

Justice Dept. expands Jan. 6 probe to look at rally prep, financing

Three WHO scenarios for how pandemic will evolve this year

"Hunter Biden made some money while his father was not president, Ivanka made $640,000,000.00 while

Tweet of the Day

Vice President Kamala Harris has broken more ties in the Senate than any Vice President since 1869.

The boys are doing their best to make up for their past misdeeds

FEC fines Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC over Trump-Russia dossier research

Chernobyl employees: RU soldiers had no idea what the plant was and call their behavior 'suicidal'

Alexander Vindman re: Trump the Traitor

Little Pup Who's Nervous Around Other Dogs Instantly Falls In Love With New Kitten

AOC's Warning for Democrats: 'We're in Trouble'

We have a matching fund offer on our Ukraine fund raiser!!!

Pittie Puppies Born On Friday The 13th Prove The Day Isn't So Unlucky

Pelosi's PAC Reserves $100 Million In Advertising Time

Assumption of a mortgage by an heir after a death?

Hey Trump?

Woman Spends Over A Year Trying To Find Wild Horse And All Of His Mares And Babies

Here's What It's Like Having $100 Billion vs. $1 Billion: Robert Reich, Wealth Tax

Bob Dylan - Every Grain of Sand

I'm sure this has been done before, but I made yogurt faux...

Arizona governor signs bill outlawing gender-affirming care for transgender youth and approves anti-

Academy Starts Disciplinary Proceedings Against Will Smith, Expulsion on the Table

Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Tiny Rhino Jumps For Joy When She Meets Her First Friend

Is this the world's smartest goat? See how he uses a horse like a ladder for food.

A new statement from The Academy says they have initiated disciplinary proceedings...

Trump Cover-Up EXPOSED! - MeidasTouch

Merriam-Webster features "key bumps" today. 🤣


from Gabby Giffords:I'm thinking of Bruce Willis and his family today.

Jackie Kelly.......Jeopardy......yikes, she's killing it. 👏🏻

This pit bull with permanent smile was saved from dog fighting ring

Ted Cruz BLASTED for his most hypocritical comment yet! - MeidasTouch

Oklahoma Republicans Pass UNBELIEVABLE Abortion Ban - The Damage Report

I Have Never Seen Something So Intricately Stupid In All My Born Days....

Intel Shows Putin Could Be 'Out Of The Fact Loop'

BREAKING: Russian helicopter destroys Ukrainian missile near Kharkiv

Please read this post if you had a question in my OP yesterday about the 2nd Covid booster.

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Bow Down--Netflix's 'Bridgerton' Spinoff Has Found Its Young Queen Charlotte and King George

Prosecutors rest their case in Gov. Whitmer kidnap trial

McFaul Shares His Predictions For Russia's Negotiations With Ukraine

Dane County judge holds Robin Vos in contempt over election review records

'This is gonna be so fun,' Tulsa PD officer says before violent arrest of elderly woman

Trump Asks Putin For Political Help As War Continues

Bound by a Sense of Victimhood, Serbia Sticks With Russia

Arizona governor signs bills limiting abortion, trans rights

Just when you thought the Madison Cawthorn coke-orgies saga couldn't get any more strange

PM Update: A few showers tomorrow ahead of late thunderstorm threat

I think Slavoj Zizek said it right when he said "If god 'exists' than everything is permitted"

FDA panel narrowly sides against experimental ALS drug

Nebraska lawmaker apologizes for debunked litter box claim


Fox News picks up video from CRT alarmist to claim Disney is sexualizing children

You will not be able to spend the loot, occupier. Very graphic.

Florida secures $860M from CVS, others to settle opioid case

Sunset, southern MD

GOP defections thwart some of conservatives' plans in Kansas

Uranium industry is the latest to hop on the bandwagon taking advantage of tragedy in Ukraine

DoJ subpoenaing Trump officials regarding Jan 6 rally

Lawsuit against construction of Obama Presidential Center tossed by judge

Alex Jones found in contempt for not showing up to Sandy Hook suit deposition, faces $50K per day fi

The former president claimed stores are out of bread.

Is Anyone Else Besides Me Surprised That We Aren't Hearing More About The Missing 7hrs 37 min....

Ryan Charles - New Boot Goofin' (From "American Song Contest") (Official Music Video)

Appointment tomorrow.

Rand Paul cuts deal on Russia trade bill

State Department: Kremlin Interrogators 'Singling Out' Americans in Russia

Mexico armed forces knew fate of 43 disappeared students from day one

Mexico armed forces knew fate of 43 disappeared students from day one

By Mikhail Baryshnikov

Racist Attacks Hotel Worker, Worker Arrested For Fighting Back

So now, the media dumps coverage of the January 6th committee and turns

Ukraine has widened the breach between U.S. and Persian Gulf countries

Democrats take aim at Big Oil in lead up to midterms

DOJ's Jan. 6 probe expands to rally preparations, conspiracies: report