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Republica - Ready to Go

Russia Poses A National Security Threat To The U.S.

Genesis - It (Live)

Robin Ficker disbarred

Ukrainian Soldier who Shot Down 45 million dollar Russian SU-35 Jet is a retired Postman

Wi;d Night, - Van Morrison - 1973 - Santa Monica, CAC -1973

10 days of suffering. Russia's war against Ukraine in photos

I'm curious how the LGBT members feel about the state of DU

Republicans' Monstrous Cruelty Toward President Zelensky

Experience of non white students exiting Ukraine

We now have a tax deductible DU fundraiser for the people of the Ukraine at ActBlue

State Department: "All Americans Should Leave Russia Now"

I wish the tears could stop.

Photos: 10 days of suffering. Russia's war against Ukraine

Have Russian invasion plans been hit by errors?

US and Poland currently working on a deal on MIGs for Ukraine

Tweet of the Evening:

Putin Cracks Down On News That Threatens His War Narrative; Outlaws Contradiction

Tweet of the Night:

"Oh Boy" - Grateful Dead - 1971

Caitlin Clark is simply the best women's player in America

So true of this winter in Canada.

Picture: Russian soldiers trapped in elevator

Brubeck/Peter, Paul & Mary "Because All Men Are Brothers"

What's Gone Wrong For Russia? A Former Top NATO General Explains

Ok, ok, I love March Madness AND LOVE Reggie Miller in those Wendy ads. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Tweet of the Night #2:

Bonus Tweet of the Day

(kinda) BREAKING: US working with Polish government to supply MiGs to Ukraine

Great Keith Twitter reply to Lindsay

White House Says U.S., Poland Working on Warplanes for Ukraine

Tucker Carlson to Speak at Politically Active Awaken Church in San Marcos

Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band (Featuring Todd Rundgren on this song) - Black Maria (live)

Lviv, for information, IF, for those who traveled and might again:

Vibes to the building management:

I'm so impresssed, by English language facility we hear among

Party Like a Russian

Big, Invasive Parachuting Spiders Will Begin To Cover Entire East Coast, Experts Say

1.5 million reasons why Rubio is a traitor...

Stoli vodka announces rebrand

Why You Should Keep Wearing a Mask on Planes--Even When You No Longer Have To

And Just Like That, The Wife And I Were Banned From The Neighborhood Cookouts

Mail is going missing at Boston University. One mother went searching for answers.

Russians fed lies, in extreme denial

Chief Jose and World Central Kitchen on the ground!

To end this war, Donald Trump should move to Ukraine and make the following statement:

Man drives through Manatee County golf course, hides in pond to avoid traffic stop

Russia's invasion of Ukraine aggravated already-soaring lumber prices, and they're about to start

When did they colorize the movie, The African Queen??? Damn.....

Visa and Mastercard to suspend service in Russia

Two women who ran a fight club at an assisted living residence avoid jail

If This Is Proof That Jesus Is Praying For Us ...

Self delete

Can Go Fund Me create a bounty on Putin?

Incredible ad from the Ukrainian army on what motivates them...

Zelenskyy's 'desperate' plea to Congress: Send more planes

Chicago weather:

Twitter Users Ask Platform to Delete 2 Senators' Tweets to Protect Zelensky

Politics & performance: Why Zelenskyy succeeds where others fail

The young Ukrainians battling pro-Russian trolls

John Eastman has Covid and is symptomatic, his lawyer says in a court filing

Ukrainian drone operator catches a skirmish... AMAZING VIDEO

Analyst: Only a matter of time before U.S. cloud companies shut off services in Russia

Huge tornado in Iowa, today!

Southern MD evening + night:

Ketanji Brown Jackson endorsed by fellow clerks, Supreme Court insiders

White House allows Ukrainian nationals to stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation

Joy Crookes - Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Biden slams 'dangerous' Texas trans children investigations

Biden slams 'dangerous' Texas trans children investigations

Enemy of humankind': Ex-Russian oligarch speaks out about Putin

Saturday Night Live tonight:

Ukrainian Counteroffensive

More projection from Pooty Poot

Interesting post from Bellingcat

so, this was a happy accident

Trump's $15 billion, supposedly impenetrable border wall with Mexico is a joke

Happy accident continued

Top Trump advisor reveals CHILLING secret Trump plan regarding Russia - Brian Tyler Cohen

WP:I've tried to reach Ukrainian snipers I met before the invasion. One message came back: 'It's war

Evidence shows Trump's border wall was an embarrassing failure

Evidence shows Trump's border wall was an embarrassing failure

A Ukrainian Fable by David Horsey

After baseball bat attack on woman in Seattle, some say incident should be wake-up call

Whatcom County executive joins some state leaders in criticizing PSE's clean energy plans

WTF is Russia doing??? Some thoughts.

How Would We Stop a Nuclear Missile?

Little Seal's Family Waits Nearby While Someone Saves His Life

More foriegn madness

Russia bringing in regular civilian trucks as run out of military trucks

'Urgent' COVID-19 funding hangs in balance amid partisan fight

Foreign madness part 1

Top Zelensky aide says Russia starting to realize the real price of its war in Ukraine.

No. 2 Senate Democrat backs bill banning Russian oil imports

An accurate map of the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

New York, New York - Frank Sinatra

GOP Sen. Rick Scott signals he is willing to consider voting for Jackson

Foreign madness part 2

Foreign madness part 3

Foreign madness part 4

*Grease on Sundancetv now.

Conservative Supreme Court Could Gut EPA's Ability To Regulate Air Pollution

Bird Flu In Cecil County Confirmed: US Department of Agriculture

Valparaiso, Zacatecas: Cartel Jalisco Gunmen Film Themselves Beheading Rivals

On Ukraine and Russia

Sunday Digit: 6/10 - Unseasonable warmth well into the 70s is a nice change?

Biden tries to nix 'defund the police,' once and for all


Please watch and retweet #PutinIsLying

Who? Sinatra?

Colorado group to file school 'transparency' ballot measure linked to national anti-equity campaigns

Tweet of the weekend

Make Cell Phones Great Again!

"Whither thou goest, I will go. Whither thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people."

How are all of you? Good? I hope you're doing well and feeling good

Donate to both Animal Welfare and World Central Kitchens at this one link...

"I AM GOING TO WIN!" Mike Collier, the Democratic Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, says.

Need a little help from my DU friends.

TCM tomorrow:

Not saying you should donate directly to the Ukrainian military... but you can.

In New York's 'Little Odessa,' Ukrainians see Russians as neighbors, not enemies

Is there a BOINC or similar sort of thing to allow my computer to help Ukraine or screw with Russia?

kotoko sakuranoami

Kotoko: ART AS

Senate Republicans threaten to slow efforts to fund federal agencies, deliver aid to Ukraine

Professor of Strategic Studies sums up how screwed Russia's assault seems to be

Experts in Nazism

Defiant Putin warns the west: your sanctions are akin to an act of war

Visa, Mastercard suspend operations in Russia over Ukraine invasion

Visa, Mastercard suspend operations in Russia over Ukraine invasion

UKRAINE JUST KEEPS GOING! Current Ukraine Invasion Info With The Enforcer (Day 10)

Anyone Interested In Assisting These Animals Across Ukraine?

'Pickles' cartoon

Anything But Conservative-Strategic Voting for Progressives in the 2022 Ontario Election (338Canada)

Good night DU MA. See ya tomorrow

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will be winning by a solid to slight margin.

Email From Ukrainian Friend

The Hidden Epidemic of Brain Injuries From Domestic Violence

The Poles are pretty awesome

Ukraine Army ad: "Each of Us"

SNL cold open up next:

What are the chances...

How many here remember this profound message of hope from Shawshank Redemption

Please Mr. Postman / Wipe Out - MonaLisa Twins (The Marvelettes Cover) // Live at the Cavern Club

If Zelensky is killed what happens?

The State of the Putin - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

"Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein caught smuggling Milk Duds in jail" was not a headline

Meanwhile, Ukraine/Russia represent 30% of the worlds wheat and 20% of the corn export market

Wow! SNL's cold open was brilliant tonight! - UPDATE, VIDEO

30-min press conference given by captured Russian soldiers.

Israel visited Moscow on Saturday

Trump told donors how he'd take out Russia & China

Chinese Foreign Minister: "Evolution" of Ukraine situation is "something China does not want to see"

Make an analogy about Ukraine without using...

Here's how Volodymyr Zelensky is nailing the role of a lifetime

Rae's speech to UN shows power of words in supporting Ukraine Rae knows that brave words are not eno

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, Congress, and Russian oil....

😂😂😂 the clip of SNL cold open tonight

Tucker Carlson's pro-Kremlin propaganda - mediamatters4america

Anthony Bourdain: Ukraine

Christo Aivalis: Donald Trump Planning to FLEE the United States

As a Ukrainian American, I thank you all. . .

The Daily Show - What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 2/28/2022

Wordle. Four again.

How China Embraces Russian Propaganda and Its Version of the War

Are the 169,000 heroic members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces getting the credit they deserve?

1000 Homo Dj's

Ukrainian who escaped to Seattle plans to send funds, supplies to those abroad


Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters cited for contempt of court for recording hearing, lying about it

The Daily Show: Stacey Abrams - On Small Businesses, Writing & Learning from Mistakes

When will tRump flee the country??

The Tubes

"It's a trap!" (DC Toddler Convoy)

Gosar's condition appears to be deteriorating

SNL: Fox News Ukraine Cold Open

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2024 that are likely to flip.

Baroque for a Sundae

Zelensky says over 16,000 foreign volunteers have signed up to fight in Ukraine

Sunday Lazy Coffee Jazz and Bossa Nova for Chilling Streaming

Premier League, both sets of fans are singing "Putin is a Bastard"

Why didn't Finland and Sweden ever join NATO?

Biden net negative approval now in single digits

So if Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley had a baby....🤣

Fuckin In The Bushes

It's like the entire population of Ukraine's been watching Home Alone on repeat for the past 30 yrs

Why is Big Oil allowed to screw us every time there is a global crisis?


Over There - The President's Own

Maxine Nightingale - Lead Me On

Jane Says

The Best of Mike & Micky

Where are the Ukraine protests? Tracking anti-Russia rallies around the globe

Kyiv, the City of Courage, has joined Twitter

My Apologies to The Association. I present you with "Zelenskyy"

Tennessee Whiskey

"In Poland, this is how many people are offering free shelter and housing for Ukrainians fleeing

Captured Russian Lt. Colonel says, "We were given illegal orders by our Commander in Chief"

'Natural Immunity' Bill Meets Expected Demise

CNN: US working with Poland to provide Ukraine with fighter jets.

LOL! I feel sorry for these runway models:

The Ghost aid Tom Joad

If we don't get out the vote in November the world loses

Devil Inside

SNL: Weekend Update

Rose Royce - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

massive Czech Republic crowd cheer Ukrainian president's address

Actor Mitchell Ryan dies at 88 (Dark Shadows, Lethal Weapon, Dharma and Greg)

(SARCASM). First Russian soldiers were captured in an elevator and now video is emerging of elite

It is 3:08 am, I am in my half bath with my cat, tornado warning.

Halestorm - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

Volodymyr Zelensky Dancing With The Stars

As COVID vaccine demand falls, states left with huge stockpiles

The Russian Tea Room in New York City suffers as Ukraine invasion escalates

How long

SNL: Paw Patrol

Good Times - By INXS & Jimmy Barnes

A message of peace from Mooji

New US House Districts Democrats will win in 2022.

Let's try it thisway

Mitch Ryder - When You Were Mine

Breakfast Sunday 6 March 2022

Cops Unaware They Were Filmed Breaking In - The FBI Warned Them

New Mexico woman fabricates her 10th false kidnapping claim. Cop and firefighter die during pursuit

Ovruch attack: Putin launches huge missile strike on civilian homes

Clearwater Beach pier at sunset

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition

Anyone seen a list of American companies still doing business in Russia?

Trump told donors last night, US should put Chinese flags on our jets

SNL: Aerotoilet

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Blah Blah Blah Edition

Russian losses as of 3/6/2022

Ukraine's government statement on discrimination

Colorado election workers could soon get new protections against threats, doxxing


Somewhat suspicious about the Polish planes that were supposedly not lent.

Russia credits itself with evacuating 300 civilians from ukrainian city they are laying siege to.

JeffCo Republicans Claim Elections Have Been Fraudulent for Over a Decade

Never forget it

Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley & The Wailers

The Entire World Wants Russia Destroyed Good Job Vladimir

How russian media portrays the Ukraine-war:

George Will's lethal blow to previous prez

Protest at Russian embassies?

Doonesbury is asking for activism

Did putin start this war because he was tipped off?

for my 15,000th note. i wet my pants when viewing these

Do you think Ukraine will win this war?

Washington's Newest Worry: The Dangers of Cornering Putin

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 6, 2022


Tonight, Tonight


Wordle 260 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Analysis by a Russian counter intelligence staffer?

Russian sanctions ...the most effective way to defeat Putin...

'I Know You Rider' by Big House. I remember the Dead doing it, but this is pretty good.

'We Have to Run': Inside the Exodus of Moscow

ABC news in Moscow

WTOP NEWS ALERT: Trucker convoy plans to circle the beltway Sunday. Links to MD DOT traffic cameras.

Moody's cuts Russia rating to Ca on rise in default risk

Skating is now open on Lake Backyard...

Doonesbury - The Whole World Will Be Watching

Tea Leaf Prophecy

BBC: Viewpoint on Ukraine: Why African wars get different treatment

This week's major U.S. economic reports (March 7 - March 11)

'College is too damn expensive': New Mexico governor signs free tuition into law

Russian attacks halt plans to evacuate Ukrainian civilians

CBC*: Wheat prices hit 14-year highs after Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian Invasion Celebration Spectacular - SNL

How is the war going for Putin on social media? Not great.

Mapping Russia's Most Costly Tank Losses Ukraine War

Protests against Russian invasion of Ukraine fill streets around the globe

CBC* Photos: Doodling her way through the pandemic, 720 days and counting

Urgent appeal by President @ZelenskyyUa: missile strike on #Vinnytsia airport completely destroyed

"Columbus". Excellent indie film!

Alabama's Governor can't make time to meet with ⁦the first Black woman VP....

Young Ukrainian volunteer killed delivering aid to dog shelter near Kyiv

Stolen box of human heads investigated by Denver police

Keep in mind every single protester you see risks a 15-year sentence for speaking out today.

Journalist/Author Michael Weiss on Putin's Grave Miscalculation (Mar 6, 2022)

Low on gas: Ukraine invasion chokes supply of neon needed for chipmaking

Ukraine seen as training ground for some on far right

This song seems so appropriate for toay's times.

Police officers in Moscow today are stopping people, demanding to see their phones, READING THEIR...

NPR - Assurance, not Guarantee

New Kindle Helps Readers Show Off By Shouting Title Of Book

Don't be afraid to share your ideas. Remember, someone once said

"The American president who left office just 14 months ago sided with the butcher."

John Harwood: Trump has been on Putin's side in Ukraine's long struggle against Russian aggression

Why we should not trust police.

Putin determined to start WW III?

What is Putin willing to do to win a war he can't afford to lose?

The West fights back against Putin the disruptor

Is Voice of America still operating? Didn't Trump want to shut its doors?

Translation of the alleged analysis of the current situation in Russia by an active FSB analyst least Stefanik is lazer focused on the important issues of the day.

Republicans Threaten to Slow Aid to Ukraine

British Royal Marines have begun arriving on in Ukraine as volunteers

How war became a crime

You raised $280.00 on March 5, 2022 for the DU Ukraine ActBlue tax deductible fundraiser

How a change to America's tax code could fix the housing crisis

GQP Finally Unveils Their Agenda: Raise Taxes on Seniors & Hard-Working Americans

The Little-Known Violence Prevention Tool Cropping Up in Cities Across the Country

Official: 6 dead as large tornado roars through central Iowa

Putin says Ukraine responsible for March 3 power plant incident (Gaslighting Level 11)

"Messages please!" Russia goes full authoritarian on citizenry

Mass detentions of anti-war protesters continues in Moscow.

Across the Desk - S5:E8 (Special Guest Senator Julia Kirt)

President Zelenskyy's desperate tweet to the Western governments to close the skies over Ukraine

Why Did Mark Meadows Register to Vote at an Address Where He Did Not Reside?

Russian Orthodox Church Support for Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Macron, Putin talk just now.

Putin's full-scale information war got a key assist from Donald Trump and right-wing media

Parrot Has A Say In Every Single Thing His Mom Does -- And She Loves It

Moody Blues, live at the Isle of Wight 1970 - Gypsy + Tuesday Afternoon + Never Comes The Day

Moody Blues, live at the Isle of Wight 1970 - Gypsy + Tuesday Afternoon + Never Comes The Day

Mark Meadows blatantly committed voter fraud, a felony,

Putin can never stop the flow of arms into Ukraine.

Happy birthday Pops

GUNNED DOWN: Russian warlord who led Neo-Nazi 'Sparta' battalion shot dead


David Corn: A Message from an American Fighting in Ukraine

'People's Convoy' plans to slowly loop around the beltway Sunday

No way out

Spirit - Morning Will Come (wake up call)

James Clapper: Putin is, "a 21st Century Hitler."

Covid-19 Lockdowns Reveal That Automobiles Are a Major Source of Atmospheric Ammonia Pollution.

The little rumblings of a landslide

Protester in Moscow singing Ukraine's national anthem as he's arrested

How Does Amazon Maintain Such A Miraculously Small Carbon Footprint? It Cheats.

Putin's new fairytale: Ukraine & NATO were plotting to start a nuclear war against Russia in March

Why Did Mark Meadows Register to Vote at an Address Where He Did Not Reside?

Mama Duck Waits Patiently For Neighbors To Rescue Her Babies

Photos: Cats Peek Out from Shirt Pockets in Hiroko Kubota's Clever Embroideries

'Key to white survival': how Putin has morphed into a far-right savior

"My heart goes out to the people in Ukraine... My middle finger goes out to Trump, Fox News, and

These End-Times evangelicals are convinced that Russia's invasion is a sign of the Rapture.

Biden admin and ACLU say they can confirm reunification of 2,762 children separated by TFG

'People struggle to understand grief, but it is a byproduct of love'

Gas pipeline in eastern Ukraine damaged by Russian fighting, local governor says

Will the world, United Nations, Nato, allow Putin to kill, starve, Millions of Ukrainians?

Russian forces fire on evacuees, leaving 3 people dead outside Kyiv.

Russia targeting cities as strength of Ukraine's resistance 'continues to surprise', UK says

At Least A Dozen Members Of House Of Lords Investors In Russian/Russian Partner Energy Companies

Baby monkey, chicks, & ducklings being adorable together:

Colorado's mountain communities grapple with shortages as wealthier neighbors move-in

Roger Stone said Jared Kushner should be 'punished in the most brutal possible way' in previously un

Dog ducks it's head every time he goes under an overpass.

It is heartbreaking.

County by county, solar panels face pushback

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

How Vladimir Putin Brought the West Together

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, frontman of Ukraine's most popular rock band, Okean Elzy, has joined the army

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Thread: Anti-war protests being blocked, police picking up random people on street in St. Petersburg

Is Russia committing war crimes? See Secy. of State Blinken's answer (CNN)

An Ally of the U.S., Israeli PM Bennett, met with Putin yesterday ...face to face yesterday.

2nd tweet: Why is it so satisfying to see & hear a panda crunching a big ol' carrot?

"Baby bat with a ladybug binkie."

Russian tank column refuels east of Kyiv ahead of expected push toward capital

All about Wordle; Links and Hints

A Russian dictator named Vlad

America has failed Brittney Griner

Sweden in 2013

Hear CNN reporter's questions for Russia after seeing bombed homes (CNN)

Ukrainian civilians in "desperate need" of help as Russian shelling continues

Dogs react to squeaky toy sound:

Why aren't these neo-nazi MAGAs not getting furious at Putin for killing off people in


With Help From Saudis, Morrison Pushes To Water Down IPCC Language On Coral Reef Deterioration

Twitter Thread on protests in St. Petersburgh by brave Russians.

"I am a big fan of yours!"

Rare 14th-century gold 'leopard' coin could sell for up to $187,000

Biden rises to the moment as Ukraine makes battle against autocracy real

By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Glenn Campbell

So... TFG's plan is to put China's flag on our jets and bomb Russia?

My Dutch baby really blew up!

Fears grow Russia could use US basketball star Brittney Griner as 'hostage'

That's not what "negotiate" means.

Who were the ancient Persians?

Why is the Russian Orthodox Church silent? They love Putin the pious and his war

Whitmer plot underlines abuse of women officials

Vladimir Putin may have cancer, according to ex-military intelligence officer

The "immoral core" that Putin and Trump share: "I want what I want when I want it and

Is US energy dependent or independent?

Pro-Ukraine rally in the occupied city of Kahovka

Dave Mason - Only You Know and I Know

TIME: What It's Like for Ukrainian Journalists Reporting on the War in Their Country

How to help support Ukraine super site

Firefighters battle 2 massive wildfires in Florida Panhandle

Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy

Traffic - Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

VOTER FRAUD: Mark Meadows voter registration linked to mobile home in NC he has NEVER owned

More than 4,300 detained at anti-war protests in Russia

This photo

Police Chief Fired for Giving Promotions Based on Race, Gender: Report

Blinken says White House discussing prospect of a Russian oil ban as pleas increase

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the new Russia-US hotline....

World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships, etc. a Belarusian Company w/HQ in Cyprus

Teachers reimagine US history lessons with eye on diversity

Great Ukrainian Band: Dakhabrakha

Multiple rocket attack on Vinnytsia

Move project: #UNTRUTH - The Psychology of Trumpism, from Duty to Warn

Covid,Trump,Giant wasps, Ukraine - NOW, the Joro spider

Pope Francis says 'rivers of blood' flowing in Ukraine war

Today's Image Dump (3/6/22)

Val Deming's does not have name recognition in Florida. We need some billionaires to help Florida

2022 Ontario Election Projections (338Canada)

About sending fighter jets to UKR, Blinken explained it well.

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 6, 2022?

More than 4,300 detained at anti-war protests in Russia

CHYNA did it.

Mrs. Betty Bowers FTW

A Taxonomy of Right-Wing Dog Whistles

Russian Magats?

Just thinking about fuel prices skyrocketing here

A question about sanctions...

Video: Russian jet shootdown

"They're carefully enunciating the word clusterf*ck"

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Peruvian journalist Gastn Medina receives death threat note, bullet at his outlet

About the Russian protesters and conscription.

President Putin and his driver were on their way to Kyiv in a car

Russian POW talks of how soldiers were misinformed.

How Local Political Support Gives Illegal Miners Carte Blanche in Brazil's Amazon

Full Nikki Haley: 'We Were Late To The Game,' In Supporting Ukraine

How long are we going to stand by?

Also at Stake in Ukraine: the Future of Two Orthodox Churches

Battle Hymn of the Republic - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Why would you steal an old broken down Russian tank?

After nearly 1,000 years, the demon vixen is presumably once again on the loose.

Finally got around to watching Mad Max: Fury Road

Ukrainian footballers Vitalii Sapylo & Dmytro Martynenko become football's 1st reported casualties

How large are Ukraine's cities? Some U.S. comparisons.

I told my wife I wreak of bad decisions picking dogs as dunk pup and boog try and hump the cat

Box of human heads stolen from parked freight truck in Denver

Watch This Malamute Puppy Meet His New Family

Sources: MLB eyes pitch clocks of 14 seconds with empty bases, 19 seconds with runners on

Heh. Jacob Wohl kicked out of the Hagerstown Freedumb Convoy.

Colombia's war crimes tribunal: 5,700 killed in political extermination

Dems own all the issues

TFG muses about a really bad -- and quite possibly illegal -- idea to bomb Russia using Chinese flag

Where does DU stand?

Full Stavridis and Hill: In Russian Conflict, 'The Biggest Weapon We Have Is Truth'

Chuck Todd on why monthly job numbers aren't always absolute

The Challenge of the Democratic Communications Chasm

Russian 'brain drain' of academic, finance, and tech workers 'might be the most important problem'

Woman discovers her dog was allergic to humans and ants. And now he's her soulmate dog.

CBS: Blinken says NATO countries have "green light" to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Angry dock workers in the UK are refusing to unload Russian oil due to Ukraine invasion

Housing advocates seek funding to repeal California law

Speaker at Marjorie Taylor Greene's 2nd Amendment rally cites Ukraine as reason to buy guns

'Consent was never given': indigenous groups oppose restarting Guatemala nickel mine

***Submission Thread for the March Contest: WINTER****

Russian news anchor says millions of Russians feel invasion is a catastrophe

Sting posting on his Instagram Account and Twitter - Russians

Fake images swirling on social media pretending to be CNN coverage of the war in Ukraine

Reporter killed in Mexico to become seventh journalist killing this year

***Comments or Questions about the Winter Contest***

National average price of gas tops $4 a gallon for first time in over a decade

We sacrifice for America as corporations rob us like parasites using inflation & low wages.

Dramatic video shows Ukrainian airport 'completely destroyed' by 8 Russian missiles as Zelensky rene

DeSantis spokesperson: If you're against Don't Say Gay bill you're a pedophile who's "grooming"

Ukrainian member of parliament on the battlefield.

'I'm worried': Rubio on Putin's possible next move (CNN)

Russians firing rockets at physics institute in Kharkiv that has 37 nuclear fuel cells and a reactor

Arizona ammunition company pledges to send a million bullets to Ukraine's army

Russians and Ukrainians are traveling to Mexico, buying cheap cars and driving them across the US bo

Will history repeat?

Ukraine invasion: American Express suspends operations in Russia and Belarus

Breaking - - - MAGA convoy cancelled because they couldn't find DC.

British MPs urge global banks to close Russian offices 'without delay'

American Express suspends operations in Russia and Belarus

"Will the family of Ricky Schroder please come pick him the fuck up?"

Volker says Russian invasion won't end with negotiations

Samsung stops shipping products to Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine, report says

Russian sanctions. Some complications that are going to really hurt....

Putin Youth.

Rick Scott Suggests U.S. Troops on Ground in Ukraine Should Still Be An Option

I didn't realize how many war experts were on the DU!

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun: "We Cannot Stop The Bombs From Falling On Our Heads"

BORN TO BE WILD - Steve 'n' Seagulls

Putin is probably hoping taking Kyiv will show some momentum but from what I have read

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak wears 'Z' war symbol on medal podium next to Ukrainian athlete Illia Kov

TFG told GOP donors that North Korea's Kim Jong Un had ability to make his advisers 'cower,'

Russian forces fire rockets at building in Kharkiv that 'houses nuclear reactor'

Trucker Protest Theme Song

China pledges peaceful growth of Taiwan ties, but opposes foreign interference- HO HO HO

Obama just walking in DC. 😁🇺🇸 89 seconds and well worth it.

Russian forces 'fire rockets at SECOND nuclear facility'

Vladimir Putin is desperate

POLL, One additional way to help Ukraine?

This is it guys. The pinnacle of the internet. We've done it! Pack it up, it's over.

Stay Calm America; Don't Make Decisions Based on Emotion

Mercer Island teen creates website matching Ukrainian refugees to hosts in other countries

Blinken says US has seen reports of Russian abuses in Ukraine that 'would constitute a war crime'

Schiff: Justice Department 'ought to be investigating' Trump's actions after the 2020 election

She was murdered after feeding shelter dogs. . .

Russian prisoner has his eyes opened.

Neat resource for Zuikophiles! (Oly 4/3 shooters)

"I Hate Illinois Nazis" - The Blues Brothers

How is the Ukraine war going for Russia? - DW News

Blinken Says Credible Reports of Russian Attacks on Civilians Could Show War Crimes

This thread

Ukrainian refugees expected to come to Pittsburgh, despite backlog, local agencies say

What should the US do about Ukraine? redux

Elon Musk Donates Starlink Satellite Systems to Ukraine

Don't do this unless you want a giant blonde lady to roll her car window down & insult your manhood

Netflix, TikTok has announced that it is suspending livestreaming in,

Israel Will Continue to Mediate

',Detain them all!'

Anyone have a list of American companies still doing business in Russia?

BIG WIN for President Joe: "NATO countries have "green light" to send fighter jets to Ukraine"

Request for CNN, MSNBC folks interviewing Ukrainians

Putin's next lie:

Rawhide Scene- The Blues Brothers - At Bob's 'Country Bunker'

"Angel With The Devil At The Wheel"

The Epidemic of Covid Complacency - Eric Topol

Ukraine War Upends Russia's Effort to Counter Boeing and Airbus

Probably long night ahead.

Social media turn on Putin, the past master Carole Cadwalladr

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 March 2022

Russian occupiers gathered sufficient troops near Kyiv - will try to seize the capital next few days

How can Marco Rubio continue to be the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee?

Fleeing sanctions, oligarchs seek safe ports for superyachts

I will say it---Putin needs to die.

Foreigners who fled Ukraine team up to help others escape

Marco Humiliates Himself Trying To Defend Jeopardizing Zelensky's Life

Russian war in world's 'breadbasket' threatens food supply

Anonymous says they've hacked Russian streaming services & live TV to show war footage

Just finished watching the Tender Box

Cartoons 3/6/2022

All those advocating for a no fly zone over Ukraine are phrasing it wrong,

Daily Distraction 6/3/22

Pretty sure this is gonna do it. Netflix and Russia. See photo.

Russian protests continue

Poll: Do you believe Putin will stop with Ukraine if his invasion is at all successful?

Being An Atheist Is Like Being The Only ...

LTE: Republicans are part of what is wrong with America

What I'm Starting to Worry About...

Boy! Lindell had way to much time on his hands?

John Eastman Loses Bid To Hold Up Records He Warns Could Convict Trump

Some of my bakey stuff

Ukraine's president tells Russians to protest before it's too late

How the West Marshaled a Stunning Show of Unity Against Russia

Tweet of the Day

OK, I have to ask this.

When Kramer learned the mistake of underestimating Ukraine

The Most Exciting Cookbooks to Look Out for This Spring

I lost my best friend today.

Ukrainian soldiers tie the knot at checkpoint on the outskirts of Kyiv

Orangecrush meets the cartel

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

Was in Shoprite yesterday, and amongst the other stuff I found...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 6, 2022

"Riveting" footage of trucker convoy doing one loop of the Beltway

Further isolation looms for the Russian people...

Let's Kick Off Women's History Month with Early Black Queens of Stage & Screen

Why a Union Would RUIN Tesla

Malcolm Nance Kindle "The Plot to Destroy Democracy" sale alert

Are UN rules are set up so that it's damned near impossible to boot Russia out...

SAIGON traffic Amazing nearly everyone owns a scooter or motorcycle

Am I the only one

GQP garbage vermin. Worst people on the planet IMHO. (Exception: putin & tRump)

Do Russians want the USSR back?

Michael McFaul: If Europe can't cut off energy imports from Russia, then impose Free Ukraine tariff

Alberta Hunter, Amtrak Blues

I keep getting 502 Bad Gateway almost every time

Tucker Carlson (screen capture)

Hit-and-Run Victim Asked Driver If He Was Leaving, and He Said 'I Sure Am'

NASA Just Saw Something Come Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time Ever

PM Update: Record-breaking warmth likely again on Monday.

Blinken vows US support to wary Moldova as Ukraine war rages

Sting: «HELP UKRAINE» (2022) News of Ukraine

Marking the decades beyond the calendar

10 days of suffering. Russia's war against Ukraine in photos

New Law to Require Drunk Drivers to Pay Child Support if Parent is Killed

Fiona Hill is completely right.

woman with protective order shoots and kills ex-cop with long history of woman abuse

Ballet dancers fleeing Ukraine rubble find Bucharest stage.

Ukraine civilians run from Russian indiscriminate shelling

"The Tourist" on HBO Max

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a teachable moment about race from Ukraine....

Christo Aivalis: Trump DESTROYED by Jen Psaki in ONE MINUTE

If Putin were Kaput...

I've Always Been Crazy - Waylon Jennings

Christo Aivalis: Trump Mocked by GIANT Billboards Outside his Home

"This does not look like a guy who wanted Trump to win a second term."

Through a mountain pass, Poles frantically rebuild a rail link to Ukraine to help refugees

Trauma, Healing, Support, World Peace Resource

Talk Heathen (3/6/22)

Death toll nears 6 million as pandemic enters its 3rd year

Christo Aivalis: Trump Throws Party but his GUESTS ATTACK Him!

Woman Patiently Helps Colorful Bird Get Back Home

U.S., NATO Reject Intervening in Ukraine

Capeheart: Hit In The Wallet--U.S. Gas Prices Soar and NATO Focuses Sanctions On Russian Oligarchs

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Vindman: Putin Is Taking Russia Back To The "Depths Of The Cold War"

Meanwhile, in D.C., this stupidity...

Massive Hawaii taro root could be largest ever harvested

Massive Hawaii taro root could be largest ever harvested

Stoli vodka announces rebrand

Ugh....Bill, arsehole, Barr is going to be on NBC tonight talking with Lester Holt....I WON'T

Indicted. Under FBI Investigation. And Still Popular With Texas Republicans.

I wish the Grateful Dead fans here would let me know what they think of

Moody's downgrades Russia's credit rating close to default

One of the best things Americans can do for the Ukrainians

Accidents along the Beltway as convoy causes chokepoints

Biden Advisers Weigh Saudi Arabia Trip

Just wondering how donnie is thinking of his enormous debt to Vladdy and Russia. He knows Vlad is

Indicted. Under FBI Investigation. And Still Popular With Texas Republicans.

Ukraine: Inside the Exodus

Little Marco doubles down on his dumbass behavior

Vice President Harris making good trouble in Selma

Tweet from Michael Beschloss:

Ukrainian Refugee, 11, Crosses Slovak Border Alone

What do Russians think now? 1 week after the start.

'People's Convoy' congested D.C. Beltway to protest pandemic restrictions, plans to return Monday

Mexico suspends league soccer matches after massive brawl

Over 11,000 Russian troops have been killed since the invasion began, Ukrainian military says

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will be winning by a solid to slight margin.

Evening, southern MD

What's The Difference Between A Republican & A Ukranian?

Rick Scott Doubles Down on His Controversial Plan to Raise Taxes

Demonstrators rally for Ukraine in front of White House

Russia Recruiting Syrians for Urban Combat in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say

Zelenskyy's speech reads like a powerful poem.

Leonardo DiCaprio has donated 10 million USD to Ukraine.

2 years ago my son passed

341 lb DT runs 4.78 40-yard dash

Little girl singing "Let it go" in a shelter

At least 26 injured as fights break out among fans at Mexican soccer game

Auction of offshore sites for wind farms

Ukrainian Voices for Independence

Looks like D.A. Bragg told a big fat lie:

So far the anti-Ron Johnson TV commercials are lame

Zelenskyy Says The West's Sanctions On Russia Are Insufficient

Many of the young Russian soldiers in Ukraine understand...

'Consent was never given': indigenous groups oppose restarting Guatemala nickel mine

Recently I saw Ancestry notes lifespans of people w certain surnames.

Vindman: Ukraine needs a lend-lease plan to fight Russia

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (live studio)

Russian forces increase shelling, Ukraine says

Arkansas student met with chants of "Rosa Parks" when she gets on school bus

A call out to Anonymous.

The bride wore fatigues. The wedding party carried rifles and RPGs.

Just asking for a friend