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Gosar's lengthy ties to White nationalists, pro-Nazi blogger and far-right fringe received little pu

Shell defends decision to buy discounted oil from Russia

It's all over now, Baby Pu

USA green light's NATO plane transfer


Nervous Hands · Ritual Howls

2nd tweet: Mommy panda somersaults together and wrestles with her baby.

TRUTH NOT-SO-SOCIAL: Failing social network leads Trump to unload on his friends


NY DA Bragg Ends Trump Investigation, Misleads about Reason for Not Releasing Resignation Letters

Czech hockey great Dominik Hasek not having it with Russian athletes

Man used 'ghost gun' to kill 3 daughters in church

An Instrumental Oldie From 1962 - Midnight in Moscow

Rammstein: Paris - Du Hast

Liga MX: Mexico suspends league soccer matches after massive brawl

Senior Defense official's Sunday night Ukraine assesment.

Trump's border wall has been breached more than 3,000 times by smugglers, CBP records show

It is so overwhelming - thoughts on the best recipients of donations?

Russian propaganda on the cheap: They say they found a NATO laptop...a 14yo ThinkPad w/Vista

Putin hiding Olympian lover and their 4 children in 'very secure' Switzerland chalet

Haley at it again

Opinion: Texas officials are spreading blatant falsehoods about medical care for transgender kids

Opinion: Texas officials are spreading blatant falsehoods about medical care for transgender kids

Asian Americans Grapple With Tide of Attacks: 'We Need Our Safety Back'

Russia began active preparations for disconnection from the global Internet

If You Run - Desert Sessions Vol. 11

Is Paul Gosar sick?

Are You Ready To Go?

Should we conduct a live-fire SLBM test?

Two tiny kittens enjoying their first bath after found in rough shape

Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam


Stupid wars can produce military mutinies

Vlad loves attention

Ukrainians Find That Relatives in Russia Don't Believe It's a War

Molly McKew: There is no way back. [Part 1]

Useful to know if your trying to follow the military guys:

Would love to see this song made into a video showing Ukrainians fighting for freedom

I'm a keen gardener

TCM now:

Cuomo rips 'cancel culture,' hints at political comeback

Great idea to get money directly into the hands of Ukrainians: Airbnb

Finally found why Putin wants to have all the Ukraine.

CNN: Rep. Paul Gosar's lengthy ties to White nationalists, pro-Nazi blogger and far-right fringe...

Remembering what happened to Gawker and its relevance to the Don't Say Gay Law

Bill Barr's new book complains Democrats were wrong for 'demonizing' Putin

Locals Confront Russian Governor Over Sons Being Used 'As Cannon Fodder' In Ukraine War

Russian gymnast investigated for wearing pro-war symbol on podium next to Ukrainian

NYT Photojournalist Picture

Russian Shelling Kills Ukrainian Civilians Fleeing Irpin

Russian gymnast investigated for wearing pro-war symbol on podium next to Ukrainian

100% Pootin/Putin has a tiny PP !

ICC: 'Leave no stone unturned': how investigators gather evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

A message from Anonymous

It's time to admit the obvious: Donald Trump sure is acting like a Russian agent

Horrific scenes in battle for Kyiv as families killed fleeing Russian onslaught - BBC News

Harris marks 'Bloody Sunday' anniversary in Selma

Euro slides as war in Ukraine stokes inflationary shock

NY Times: The Race to arm Ukraine

A moment of joy.

A heartbreaking and graphic video. Judging from the neighborhood - in vicinity of Kyiv graphic!!!!!

Talking Heads, live in Rome, 1980 - hour-long set

"This is starting to remind me of the heavy, bloated, addled Elvis years in the 70s"

Local news anchor shuts down Matt Gaetz's false 2020 election claims on live TV

I am not going to live in fear of nuclear war

Alone Again (acoustic Dokken cover) - Mike Mass feat. Bryce Bloom & Rock Smallwood

Mohammed Bone Saw's ruthless attempt to 'build his pyramids' has sparked unprecedented backlash from

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he plans to sue 'all machines' over false election fraud claims

Pressed on Ukraine war, Bolshoi conductor Tugan Sokhiev resigns

Eagles - Seven Bridges Road

The Wallflowers - One Headlight

Why does the obvious truth hurt the GOPers?

A Ukrainian Woman's Plea To Russian Mothers

Expose them now! Put inflation blame where it really belongs before it is too late

Former AG Barr says he wouldn't have prosecuted Trump for Jan. 6 or taking classified documents

Ukrainian National Anthem

Retired major general: A strategic analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

As convoy spins its wheels, veterans rally in opposition

Americans Are Still Unsure How The U.S. Should Respond To The Invasion Of Ukraine

Dead Man's Bones - In The Room Where You Sleep

Ex-Attorney General William Barr Blames Democrats, Media for Blocking Trump-Putin Dtente

More than 4,500 antiwar protesters arrested in one day in Russia, group says

Who is going to fund Republican candidates now?

NPR Reporter says that there is an active shooter at Andrews Air Force Base

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads - Live

Opinion: Why Putin will regret launching this war

OK-- Here ya go. Best Kimmel and Stormy interview

Russia Z symbol: The meaning behind the cult symbol that has swept across Putin's Russia

Colorado universities strain to keep up with students' ever-increasing demand for mental health reso

Hundreds march in Seattle in support of Ukraine

US Senate seats that Democrats need to win in 2022 to get 60 seats.


Russia looks to recruit Syrians into Ukraine war: report

Commodities soar as war builds anxiety over supply shortages

Jake Tapper says 20 years of US appeasement paved the way for Putin's invasion

'Shocking behaviour': Russian gymnast shows 'Z' symbol on podium next to Ukrainian winner

It's March 6th. The day of the Dude.

This applies to way too many people.

Sky News team's harrowing account of their violent ambush in Ukraine this week

US and allies discussing potential for Ukraine government in exile: report

I'm recommending the books by Iona Whishaw.

Zelenskyy Urges Western Leaders For More Support - American Voices - MSNBC

There is No Way Back--article recommended by Vindman on Twitter by Molly McKew

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 8: 31 Days of Oscar: 1940s Winners

Anybody know where I can find resources for Benzo withdrawal?

*The Kings Speech, on HBO, now.

When you hear a rant about how fuel is so expensive now, remember this...

UPDATED Joint Base Andrew's on lockdown due to active shooter. VP had already departed.

Anastasiia Yalanskaya killed while bringing food to dog shelter in Ukraine - CBS News

Remember When Mark Meadows Pretended To Care About Voter Fraud?

Dallas Tx live skyline cam (link)

UKRAINE STOMPS RUSSIA! Current Invasion Info With The Enforcer (Day 11)

Young Ukrainian soldier recites a verse from a poem before battle

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 9: 31 Days of Oscar: 1950s Winners

Trauma, Healing, Support - Resource

Young Ukrainian soldier recites a verse from a poem before battle

Putin will be gone within a few weeks. What's the point of him hanging on at this point?

VIDEO: destroyed and abandoned Russian column

Today I noticed more pundits saying a No Fly Zone

Ukraine exodus is largest in Europe since World War II, U.N. refugee chief says - Face the Nation

Song of the partisan

Say what you like about Putin, but let's give the man credit where due

Volker calls for limited humanitarian no-fly zone over Kyiv, western Ukraine - Face the Nation

Calls grow to boycott Coca-Cola, McDonald's and PepsiCo as major firms stay in Russia

Hogan's daughter announces campaign to become top prosecutor of St. Mary's County.

Next Russian excuse for escalation

Hi, I'm being a laggard. They asked right before a week off (Spring Break)

I read the Taiwan Relations Act about six months ago.

Refugees by rail: Ukrainians flee war at home - 60 Minutes Overtime

It feels like Ukraine is Buffer Fodder

Russian Shelling Kills Ukrainian Civilians Fleeing Irpin

POV: you are a fighter of the Ukrainian army

SNL's cold open lampoons Fox News' changing tune on Russia and Ukraine - Washington Post

What was the URL to send texts to random Russians about the truth about Ukraine?

Useful benchmark when discussing high oil prices today:

Tell me again why oil and gas companies have to make record profits or increased profits again?

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

New report calls Colorado's dispute-resolution process for SNAP benefits "a system in turmoil"

Tornado close to home


Secrets of the Dead: The Man Who Saved the World

More than 4,300 detained at anti-war protests in Russia - Reuters

'We will find every bastard': Zelensky condemns Russian killings of Ukraine civilians


WVa Icon: Ken Hechler- Statesman, War Hero, Prof, Author, Only Congressman To March w MLK, Selma

'Speak directly!': Putin has tense exchange with his chief spy (aka how to be a Putin lickspittle)

Pakistani premier hits out at Western envoys' joint letter on Russia

Who is likely going to be the next US Senator of Colorado?

Al Franken: Journalist/Author Michael Weiss on Putin's Grave Miscalculation (March 6, 2022)

Tonight's moon...

Every WORDLE answer to October 20, 2027 when it ends

Search engine question

Who is likely going to be the next US Senator of MD?

It is an old conflict.

'Capable of anything': How the '99 apartment bombings explain Putin's rise and regime

Olivia Troye Describes Trump Administration as "Cruel" and "Chaotic" - iGen Politics Podcast

Putin's Henchmen Rage About Getting Trolled With 'Endless Photos' of Dead Russian Troops

Video from 2 weeks ago... Fox News was assuring us that Russia wouldn't invade Ukraine


Probe accuses Swiss mining firm of hiding Guatemala pollution

What's the difference between a republican and a Ukrainian?

Monday Morning Happy Week Jazz and Bossa Nova for Relaxing Streaming

James Webb Space Telescope will study super-bright quasars to understand early universe

Next time you see a vehicle with a Trump sticker...

Ukraine needs more fighter jets "as soon as possible," ambassador says - Face the Nation

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake: AZ First Unless It's Cheaper To Get T-Shirts from Honduras

Conservative Gathering Snubs Trump

Posted without comment.

Putin Has a Grimly Absolute Vision of the 'Russian World'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

time to tie the putin anchor around trump's neck & throw them both overboard for good

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, read for free here

Would you nuke the US? 100 Russians.

Russian Embassy in DC... now located on President Zelensky Way.

The first volunteers from Great Britain arrive in Ukraine

U.S. In Talks with Poland To Send Soviet-Era Jets to Ukraine - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

The GOP is drooling at the idea of higher gas prices before the mid-terms.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill endorsing Putin's narrative on Ukraine in a sermon today...

Prosecutors resigned after New York DA said he wasn't prepared to move forward with indictment of Tr

The Democratic Socialists of America reaffirms its call for the US to withdraw from NATO,

Ukrainian refugees reaching Polish train station share their stories - 60 Minutes

Trump jokingly suggests false flag operation against Russia

A French restaurant says it's received threats based on confusion around its namesake dish.

Toulon vs Edinburgh - Winter 2019

The war within Kyiv's zoo

For everyone that may follow Formula One racing...

Carl Stamitz - 'Viola Concerto No.1', Victoria Chiang on viola

Random Philadelphia pictures from my archives

how AI tech landed a man in jail with scant evidence

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Wrongful Convictions

VP Harris-I stand on the shoulders of giants, who risked everything for our freedoms

tweet of the minute

Breakfast Monday 7 March 2022

Weight Watchers allegedly used diet app to illegally gather data on children, FTC says

Qanon NYPD Union head arrested for defrauding union fund of $1million.

A Wartime Wedding: Fatigues and Flowers in Ukraine

MIT: New algorithm computes how to find those lost at sea

Ukrainians Find That Relatives in Russia Don't Believe It's a War

Anyone know of an org working to evacuate zoo animals?

Russia's Invasion is the First Religious War of the 21st Century

Mid-south DUers please be stay safe tonight.

Has Saudi Arabia Agreed To Increase Production

Hope From The Keys Of A Piano - NBC News

Something for everyone to ponder.

Ricky Shroder thinks that the big bad gubment is against god's law. That poor, misunderstood jackass

This Arizona Lawmaker Displayed the Nazi Flag on Twitter, But Hates Anti-Semites

If A Ukranian Farmer Steals A Russian Tank They Won't Have To Claim It

Arizona Republicans Seek to Stop Early Voting with Supreme Court Lawsuit

Wordle 261 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Putin is a greedy, selfish prick. I posted this in another thread but...

Ukraine decries 'immoral' Kremlin offer of civilian corridors to Russia or Belarus

Are the days of flag flying, jacked up, coal smoking pickups over?

Biden's Schedule for Monday, March 7, 2022

🟩 NYTimes Wordle #261 3/7

OLD NEWS, NO LONGER TRUE: Kansas City International Airport closed until further notice

I wonder if Rasputitsa will have the same effects as other invasions suffered?

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Update: Normal Service to Resume on Monday, March 7.

Where was everyone on Syria?

Putin's Rasputin: The Dangerous Mind of Aleksandr Dugin

Monday TOONs - Back To The USSR

'You betray me': Ukrainian's message to former Russian friends

WaPo: How TFG, Faux News has helped Russia (link)

Some 5 Letter Heavy-Consonant Words 📖

Just another hatchback filled with NLAWs

Practice Rigging the Next Election,

Donald (duck) Rumsfeld once said "you go to war with the army you have".

⚡️Klitschko: 'Heavy fighting around Kyiv, primarily northwest.'

BBC: In pictures: 'Magical bowls' among relics seized in Jerusalem

Ukraine, Russia foreign ministers to meet 3/10.

Lester Holt gets one of Trump love letters!

Front yard visitor

New Russian terms for settlement?

Death Toll Rises To 17 In Record Queensland/NSW Floods; 1 Year Of Rain Fell In 1 Week

Barr is a piece of shit

Here's Why Navy Aircraft Carriers Can't Help Ukraine

Marvel Releases Preview for New Punisher Series

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for May 2022

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 3/2/2022

In Wake Of Australia's Megafloods, A Deafening Silence From Nation's "Leaders" On Global Warming

The Rundown: March 7, 2022

CBC*: Pillars of light to keep the night at bay in this week's photo album, March 7, 2022

Up on the TASS website within the hour!

I made it!

There are two types of people we encounter in life.

Since 1988, Big Oil Has Been At The Heart Of IPCC Process, Moving Goalposts & Generating Disinfo

Bloated Tick says Putin 'was a friend of mine' in bizarre phone chat with golfer John Daly

You raised $500.00 on March 6, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser!

who could have seen being anti-American/anti-social backfiring

Before you dismiss the People's Convoy as a joke, read Terry Bouton's Twitter thread

UN, US call for ending blockade of oil fields in Libya

Spring Peeper Calling


Russian mothers are starting to be heard

'People's Convoy' plans to circle Capital Beltway on Monday morning, organizer says

Angry Russian mothers accuse Putin of using their sons as cannon fodder

The war: day eleven Russian soldiers open fire on civilians (Updates)

Court And Spark

U.S. Officials Meet With Regime in Venezuela, to Discuss Oil Exports to Replace Russia's

Where are the yachts?

⚡️EU working on further sanctions due to Kremlin's 'recklessness' towards civilians.

The mothers, fathers of Russia will notice when their sons don't come home.

At a secret airfield in Eastern Europe, effort to send weapons to Ukraine proceeds at high speed

FOR JEN PSAKI :) The Valley Road - Bruce Hornsby

With all the modern communications technology...?

Bill Barr says he would vote for Trump again because Democrats are the 'greatest threat'

Convoy ridiculed for costing truckers thousands in diesel -- then getting lost on the Beltway

Notice that it's not a "face diaper" when some degenerate, Oaf Creeping, white nationalist,

Ukrainian forces have retaken Mykolaiv airport

Damn! This looks just like our dog. Virginia animal rescue believes hounds were dumped after hunting


Little girl singing "Let it go" in a shelter

The Freedom Convoy --- Somebody's grift.

Fixin' to Die Rag

A bit about NLAW weapon system for those who might be interested.


Russia recommends its overseas citizens to go home!?!?

Donating to Ukraine

Possible war crime penalties?

A message to all the whiners in this country

Ukraine rejects Russian proposal for humanitarian corridors that lead to Russia, Belarus

Rescued Baby Pigeon Plays Exactly Like Her Dog Best Friend

What is more disturbing?

Remembering March 16, 2020

Putin's Rasputin: The Dangerous Mind of Aleksandr Dugin

Jose Andres Retweeted: World Central Kitchen @WCKitchen:

153 Russian roubles to 1 USD.

Japan's 'killing stone' splits in two, releasing superstitions amid the sulphur springs

In regards to the "No-Fly Zone":

Russian after Sanctions

dear republicans:

Remember the Moscow 8 and their July 4, 2018 trip to Russia?

Putin's Lament

So if the Russians are going to be sending in fellow Terrorist's from Syria, Chechen...into Ukraine

Russian stock market update

well, wish me luck.

Does the GOP wish they could do the same thing to America as Putin is doing to Ukraine?

High court won't review decision freeing Cosby from prison

As France helped us during our Revolutionary War.. We are helping Ukraine!

U.S. Government Accountability Office (Chemical Accident Prevention )

Personally, I Have No Fear of Nuclear War, But...

When Republicans Wouldn't Allow Biden To Unite The Country, He United The World Instead.

Yet another Pantsir has been owned by the Ukrainian militia

Nazareth - Woke Up This Morning (slide guitar blues)

I'm watching Boris Johnson on the BBC

Maternity wards are shuttering across the US during the pandemic

Manchin worries free education will turn Americans into moochers. Students are left in the dust

Got My MoJo Workin' - Muddy Waters

John Pavlovitz: 'You Should Be Weary Right Now'

Russian terms, simplified

If you're focused on coverage of the "convoy"instead, ask why.

Ex-Fox News director who helped Russian oligarch launch propaganda network arrested for violating sa

National Churchill Museum honors 76th anniversary of Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech

This, out of #Ukraine, is 100% one of the most incredible videos I have ever seen.

Barr Describes Confrontation With Trump Over Election Fraud Claims

Russia's Offer: The 'Austrian Solution'

A Florida Man tried to get out of a speeding ticket by blaming Vladimir Putin

Italy's Going After Russian Oligarchs' Yachts With a Vengeance

Pence: "I think it's inarguable that Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Obama...

So, the Fuel Gauge on Our Winter Car Is Down to a Quarter Tank

The protests in St. Petersburg are massive. Why does a crowd that large let the police snatch

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 7, 2022

Russian banks mull China UnionPay; big accounting firms exit

Ukrainian MP: Putin Will Not Stop At Ukraine, Would Go Into Eastern Poland

WAR CRIME - Evacuation route out of Mariupol was mined, Red Cross says

Militias and patriots

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor, Op. 18

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor, Op. 18

I want to donate to the Chef who is feeding the people of Ukraine. I don't have the name.

What if Russia loses? (Foreign Affairs magazine article)

Puppies in onesies!

Party Of Family Values Voted To Re-Elect Every Rep Who Had An Alleged Affair

Russia Says Military Will Hold Its Fire; Ukraine Slams Ceasefire Proposal


Ukrainian Officials Accuse Russia Of Creating 'Propaganda Corridors' Instead Of Aid Routes

The 20th-Century History Behind Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

How #FailedCoupGuy Hid His School Transcripts

People's Convoy making it hard for people who write satire

Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest.

Puppy's first snow:

Kinzinger's warning: 'Crazy' Putin will not go quietly

Some of dis and Some of dat

I watched the Bill Barr interview by Savannah Guthrie this morning on Today show. A few comments . .

Important Twitter thread from Alexander Vindman, minutes ago

Armed intruder at Joint Base Andrews is arrested; another fled the base

( Tweet ) Ed Markey @EdMarkey: Here's a fact you won't hear on Fox News today.

Onesie instead of the cone of shame.

Rabbi: This is the scariest thing I saw while living in the Soviet Union

⚡️UK to provide additional $230 million in aid to Ukraine.

⚡️Blinken: Ukraine's using defense support 'effectively' against Russian aggression.

Russia will stop 'in a moment' if Ukraine meets terms - Kremlin

Zoe Kravitz Was Told She Was Too 'Urban' to Audition for 'Dark Knight Rises'

1st post of a long but very informative thread--2nd part of a 2-parter:

Dave Brubeck Quartet- Unsquare Dance (Live 2001)

1st post of a long but very informative thread--1st part of a 2-parter:

Could this be the end of the Putin era in Russia? A new Russian revolution?

Bethenny Frankel's Foundation Raises $25 Million For Ukraine

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 7, 2022)

Hummingbird Spring Migration Reported Passing Through Gulf Coast

Photos: Rainbow prism-effect of sunlight passing through hummingbirds' wings

Breaking: Ukraine's demands in response to Russian demands:

Amazon near tipping point of shifting from rainforest to savannah, study suggests

Amazon near tipping point of shifting from rainforest to savannah, study suggests

Winged Prisms- The Dance of Time

Winged Prisms- The Dance of Time

EPA rule would make heavy trucks cut smog, soot pollution

Best chart on Russian misinfo/disinfo I've seen

Stop Letting Health Insurance Companies Break the Law

Wisconsin treasurer wants state to shed Russian investments

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Trump trashes Barr in rant to Lester Holt


A Team Of American And British Special Forces Veterans Are Preparing To Join Ukraine's Fight

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

New tweet from Ukraine's official account: Don't mess with Ukrainian farmers

Orban allows deployment of NATO troops in western Hungary

🇨🇦Canada to impose sanctions on 10 Russian individuals.

Uphill climb seen for employment tax credit in omnibus talks

Kevin McCarthy brutally fact checked for claiming US should have supplied weapons to Ukraine sooner

Oh No, Joe Manchin's Talking About a Deal Again

Republican 'unforced errors' threaten path to Senate control

This dark and disturbing figure is advising Putin's inner circle

Florida says healthy kids shouldn't get COVID vaccine, contradicting CDC

"Former AG William Barr says he'd still vote for Trump in 2024."

'We want to win': Democrats face choice in key Senate race

'We want to win': Democrats face choice in key Senate race

Mark Meadows faces electoral fraud question over voter registration address

Zelensky says Russian forces are 'tired' and 'demoralized' as he spoke about the future of Ukraine

After weekend of storms in Midwest, severe weather risk expands to East Coast.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about preparing for a possibility....

Daffodils blooming in Delaware! 73 and very breezy

Canada's wild pigs risk 'absolute destruction' if left unchecked

Absurd trucker convoy jamming up the Capital Beltway has me rooting for higher gas prices

Little girl sings Let it Go (from Frozen) in Ukrainian bomb shelter

Russian embassy in Dublin attacked

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Leave My Girl Alone (Austin City Limits, 1989)

Russian Internet Takes a Hit as Cogent Disconnects Backbone Network

Pa couple charged in severe abuse of 3 young children

I would still ᵛᵒᵗᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵛᵃᵈᵉʳ

About oil prices and Russian oil. Some random thoughts of mine. What might be yours?.

Former Astronaut Scott Kelly Tells Russian Space Chief Dmitry Rogozin to Find McDonald's Job

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak facing ban for pro-invasion symbol on podium

EIGHT GOP TRAITORS. Let's make sure that "Moscow 8" label sticks like glue.

The convergence between Trump grassroots and Putin grassroots propaganda is nearly complete

My first harvest

Turkey defense industry to benefit from drones' success in Ukraine

BREAKING NEWS: Frog stung by scorpion announces he still intends to vote for scorpion in 2024.

Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

In Joining AA I have met some fine empathetic compassionate people

Russia reacts to global condemnation of its Ukraine war as its currency collapses by publishing list

Poe's Law:

The New York trial that has it all: Hollywood, megayachts, giant sums of money

Women warriors of Ukraine!

Wisconsin Republicans take redistricting fight to high court

You Shook Me All Night Long - Steve 'n' Seagulls

White House split delays plans for investment controls on China

Thinking out loud . . . . A "Republican" tactic the Democrats might want to consider:

My pregnancy complications were described in sexist terms, unlike male infertility

How The War In Ukraine Could Turn The European Union Into A World Superpower

Bainbridge Island-Seattle man and his team gets $1 million of supplies into Ukraine

War on Ukraine Sparks Fears of Global Food Crisis 'Beyond Anything We've Seen'

For a full recovery, the US must address its child care crisis

Man who lost five family members when a Russian missile destroyed his home (CNN)

Florida says healthy kids shouldn't get COVID vaccine, contradicting CDC

RINO is the very essence of Cancel Culture

Good lord. Welker asks War Whore Engel if UKR is losing will to fight cuz 100% of RU army now in UKR

Hear what Vladimir Putin said in 1996 about Russia turning to totalitarianism (CNN)

Pence advocacy group launches $10 million ad campaign hitting Biden on Ukraine and energy

Even mild Covid is linked to brain damage, scans show

Ukrainian mayor: I saw a mortar kill two children in front of my eyes (CNN)

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Expresses 'Great Concern' About Future of Arizona Elec

Alexander Vindman says Ron Johnson, others have 'blood on their hands' over Russian invasion of Ukra

So, what countries could Vladolph Putler invade next?

Republicans warn Justice Department probe of Trump would trigger political war

Eric Boehlert: Putin outlaws journalism -- Trump's dream comes true

'People's Convoy' begins circling Beltway for second day of pandemic-related demonstrations

How Starbucks Workers Won in Mesa

BAM! Right-Wing 'Trump tougher on Russia' narrative blown up in pundits face on show in real-time.

Widespread phishing? Has this happened to any of you?

Billionaire-Backed Group Enlists Trump-Supporting Citizens to Hunt for Voter Fraud...

So my girlfriend put me in

The GOP: An unending display of toxic masculinity

Robert Lewandowski drops 5 million euro sponsorship deal with Huawei in stand against Russia

Dark humor: Putin-Stalin joke--

I thought Trump had a limited vocabulary. He has competition.

Photo: Ukraine's International Legion fighters are already defending Kyiv

what the hell is the Radical Left?

Bouncy little pony...

Another Putin joke:

Republicans warn Justice Department probe of Trump would trigger political war

Russian Priest Arrested for Delivering Sermon Against Ukraine War

Pussy Riot Founder Says More Russians Are Against Putin's War Than We've Seen

Russia's credit rating slashed to second worst level of junk

US Defense Dept. daily briefing on Ukraine:

My first harvest

Russians search for BBC, outside news outlets amid Putin crackdown.

Neil Finn (Split Enz/Crowded House/Fleetwood Mac) - Heroes (acoustic, live from home, 2020)

Member of the trucker convoy was asked what issues were important to her. Her answer was...

Regime change in MOSCOW - Nothing Less!

Death toll surpasses 6 million for pandemic now in 3rd year

Is there a phone volunteer service...

Ukraine: Why so many African and Indian students were in the country.

Looks to me like DeJoy is here to stay...

excellent UNROLLED twitter thread on the condition of Russian forces...

We are Women of Ukraine: We will shoot you like rabid dogs

Even mild Covid is linked to brain damage months after illness, scans show

How far can Putin push his nuclear threat?

First Lady Jill Biden will be in Arizona, Nevada this week

Russia sets cease-fire for evacuations but battles continue

To prosper in MAGAstan, one no longer needs to be talented or intelligent. They also don't need an

Borowitz: Putin Upset to Find Ukrainians Less Obedient Than Trump

Two years ago today

Adorable Dog Is Obsessed With His Blanket

Traditional Ukrainian Dance & Music (M)

Pope Francis: "rivers of blood" are flowing in Ukraine. He's sending two Cardinals

Chance to slow, adapt to climate change dwindling

High Profits: Arizona Colleges Get Windfall From Marijuana Sales

Oh, Poot, you done fucked up and pissed off Oleksiy Novikov

Biden administration moves to cut smog-forming pollution from heavy trucks

Zac Brown Band - Free / Into The Mystic

Cartoons 3/7/2022

What will the Chinese do?

Everett eyeing $1.35M to expand bike paths east of Broadway

When the pandemic began, the medical tool box was empty, now we have tools

Holy crap! Exotic compost from Woodland Park Zoo up for grabs

Russian Doll - Season 2 Date Announcement - Netflix

LTE: Take Trump's praise of Putin as a warning to Americans

Notice from TD Ameritrade

Concrete flows at some job sites as bitter strike drags on

Today's Image Dump (3/7/22)

Daily Distraction 7/3/2022

New satellite photos show first construction in years at North Korea nuclear test site, analysts say

White supremacists condemn Ukraine conflict as a 'brother war'; some blame Jews

(Jewish Group) White Supremacists, Other Extremists Respond to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

(Jewish Group) Farrakhan Promotes Antisemitism, Anti-vaccine Conspiracies in "Swan Song" Saviours' D

Leader of South Korea's ruling party attacked ahead of presidential election

Christianity Is Like A Public Swimming Pool

Proud Band of Ukrainian Troops Holds Russian Assault at Bay -- for Now

Will the Russian Generals turn on Putin?

China to provide Ukraine humanitarian aid, praises Russia ties

A man in Moscow buys a newspaper...

Ukraine Expert Alexander Vindman Humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene With Brutal Fact Check

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

The ACM (Academy of Country Music) Awards tonight, Dolly Parton hosting, will be on Amazon Prime

Benefit Concert for Ukraine:

Walking Dead Spinoff Centered on Negan and Maggie Greenlit by AMC

Putin decrees foreign bond holders to be paid in rubles

Ex-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko: We've seen Russia kill civilians with our own eyes

The Kremlin Can't Hide Its Ukraine War Dead: Reports Emerge Of Funerals Across Russia

Dallas Mayor calls to cut ties to Russian sister city

Grassley Wants to Slow Down on Justice Confirmation

Dallasite Sells Toilet Paper NFTs as a Joke, Then Wipes Out $7 Million in Medical Debt

Using tRumps playbook- The Russian government made list of countries who have been 'unfriendly'

LIVE: United Nations Security Council holds meeting as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues

Traditional Ukrainian Dance & Music

the vacuum of a another russian ecomomy/political collapse.

The Republican Agenda: Divide; Conquer; Rule Forever.

LIVE 3:15PM: Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds Briefing

The Would-Be Czar's Dark Prophet (Putin's Rasputin)

You do have to question what the Trucker Magas are really after.

Putin's Party Urges Nationalization of Operations of Western Firms Leaving Russia

Methinks that one of the main reasons that Republicans do not want us to go after Trump,

Scary footage of the tornado in Runnels, Iowa captured by a GoPro.

Trump dealt SERIOUS blow in court by January 6 Committee lawyers - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sen. Ron Johnson says Obamacare should be repealed if GOP wins power back

Has anyone in our illustrious press asked anyone pushing the big lie, how could republicans

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Ban of Russian Oil

Isn't it odd that the Republicans are following the

Nuns in a Ukrainian convent have helped 1000 students escape so far.

As of 7 March, WHO has verified 16 attacks on health care in Ukraine.

US gasoline prices rise again on talk of banning Russian oil

In Putin's War, the Map Is Not the Territory. *Important*

Florida could become the first state to ban some discussions of race and sex in college classrooms.

Mrs. Vindman, for the WIN today (beat down of MTG)

I just got a "403 Forbidden" while trying to post a reply. I re-booted my browser and that

Looks like I'll have to find another clothing brand - Uniqlo isn't closing in Russia.

Well it isn't only the Irish Fisherman who have a bone to pick with russia

Putin's Religious War Against Ukraine is Also an Anti-Gay Crusade When an increasingly rogue regime

C'mon, Spring

⚡️Ukraine's air defense forces shoot down Russian aircraft over Kyiv.

the children are breaking my heart...

Putin singing "Blueberry Hill"

Photo: One Kyiv policeman became a father today

Snakes and ladders. The liberal 20th Century was about building ladders. The Authoritarian

Pentagon to permanently shut down leaking Red Hill fuel tank facility..

Doesn't the US and Israel have a weapons system that takes out artillery? tia

Can Merrick Garland find his inner Zelensky and stop America's slide into Putinism?

Better Days Ahead

Falcons WR Calvin Ridley suspended indefinitely through at least 2022 season for betting on NFL game

Blinken invokes Putin's dead brother in accusing Russia of 'starving' Ukraine's cities

Next time you hear someone say 'I'm moving and can't take my pet with me', show them these photos

Russian Air Force already lost four newest Su-34 fighter-bombers in Ukraine

Savage Garden -Truly Madly Deeply

Well it isn't only the Irish Fisherman who have a bone to pick with russia

The "active FSB analyst" translation and review

Congress will draft legislation suspending trade relations with Russia and banning energy imports

Tweet of the Afternoon:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Across the Desk - S5:E8 (Special Guest Senator Julia Kirt)

Doesn't Doocy ever get tired of being smacked down by Jen Psaki?

DMZ - Official Trailer - HBO Max - Streaming 3/17/2022

Putin's World War Z Has Created a New Swastika

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 7, 2022

Heroes of our time "It was tomatoes!" 🍅

Connect the antisemitic dots " Putin could have written the Protocols."

Hate for Putin's Russia Consumes Ukraine

This is all on you, Vladimir Putin, you rotten SOB!

To those attending a college or university in Florida, know this:

The fight in Ukraine is doubling as a recruitment tool for racist, far-right extremists

Remember Edward Snowden?

Stocks Plunge, Materials Surge in Latest Turmoil: Markets Wrap


I took the recent post on a Russian ceasefire down.

Ron Johnson Wants to Try Again to Repeal Obamacare

"Half of US adults exposed to harmful lead levels as kids"

Russia mulls legalizing software piracy as it's cut off from Western tech

Gran Turismo 7 single player

Ukraine demands direct talks between Zelensky and Putin

Wonkette: Bill Barr Would Like You To Think He's One Of The Good Guys. He Is Not.

Is Sweden's Cold War 'hedgehog' strategy coming back

"These are not wealthy people. I wonder who is bankrolling this."

The Kremlin Can't Hide Its Ukraine War Dead: Reports Emerge Of Funerals Across Russia

Just observed first gas price increase in my area since the RU invasion began: +.40

If Russians Don't Believe What Is Happening In Ukraine...It's Because They Don't Want To

Britain would help Sweden militarily if it was attacked: UK defence minister

Ukrainians are winning: Russian troops 'demoralised' and 'running out of gas'


There are 'signs' the Ukrainians could win war

GOP senators press Biden to rescind pro-labor construction order

Severe t'storm watch issued for northern Maryland, including Hagerstown,


Don't look at your 401K... NASDAQ officially enters Bear Market

Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley suspended for 2022 season for betting on games

Democrats Eye Manchin's Vote for Stalled Agenda

Asylum Choir II (Leon Russell and Mark Benno) - Down On The Base (anti war song)

Disclosing Intelligence Was an Effective Weapon

How Henry Cuellar's political career survived its toughest challenge yet

If I were a Russian protester I would safely blanket the city with photos / flyers of Putin's crimes

U.S. reaches out to Venezuela amid possible Russia oil embargo

Supreme Court denies GOP requests to block new congressional maps in N.C., Pa.

Beltway 3, Convoy 0

Giant Dog Who Lived In A Crate For 6 Years Devours Her First Cheeseburger

NC and PA GOP LOSE in SCOTUS redistricting cases!

Bipartisan Deal Reached For Russian Energy Ban

Open Letter to a Russian Soldier in Ukraine

Impeachment 1.0- I agree w/ Asha that a doc. that aired NOW would be helpful w discussion of Ukraine

Former Tenn. deputy accused of raping 14-year-old strikes deal to avoid prison, sex offender status

Looneybird trucker on what's important to her

My dad's cancer is in remission!


Wheel of Fortune, the Mini Musical.


Markey: Big Oil raking it in, raising prices, using the war in Ukraine to push for more drilling

we may HAVE to go to war

⚡️Ukraine kills Russian Major General Vitaly Gerasimov near Kharkiv

Don Winslow Films - Putin Is Lying

Tweet of the Day

OMG Trucker Convoy chat (it's worse than i thought)

What Putin's war will cost Russia

The GOP: An unending display of toxic masculinity

Michigan, are you there?

I just now heard on local TV that the MotherTruckers will meet with Dumber and Dumbest

Russia's tricky opinion polling: Sociologist Alexey Bessudnov shares five charts

Col. Vindman FTW

BREAKING: A $133 million redevelopment of the Fisher Body No. 21 plant would turn the dilapidated...

Oil tycoon Kelcy Warren sues Beto O'Rourke alleging defamation over power grid criticism

What Does Massive Weapons Seizure Say About Sinaloa Cartel Feud in Mexico?

Hacker Group Anonymous Claim They Interrupted Russian TV With Harrowing Footage Of Ukraine

The World Seems Pretty Much United Against Putin And His Ukraine Attack.....

Republican, Russian both begin with R's

Women of Ukraine addressing the invaders:

We have a flock of wild turkeys who wander through our property.

Woman raped 'every 10 minutes', femicide 'every 7 hours' in Brazil

Baltics, in Russia's Shadow, Demand Tougher Stance From West

Front page, The New York Times, Monday, March 7, 2022. Yes, disturbing.