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Religion and Samuel Alito's time bomb

Russia's neighbors are making deals beyond NATO to boost their defenses in case of an imminent

Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League

With Senate control at stake, New Hampshire Republicans are poised to nominate a Trump humper

How many times can a MAGAt head explode?

Xi to meet Putin in first trip outside China since COVID began

Kid Rock PROVES He's An American Dumb-Ass - Rebel HQ

Trump Slammed as 9/11 Brag About Having 'Tallest' Tower Resurfaces

The REAL meaning of the killing of Dugin's daughter

The Russian Army Is Losing A Battalion Every Day As Ukrainian Counterattacks Accelerate

Ukraine War: 'Ukrainian Forces on a Roll' as 'Panicked' Russians Retreat

Decades ago, I heard the story of a beat cop encountering a man on his hands and knees

Vice President Harris: 'I Wouldn't Dare Tell The Department Of Justice What To Do' (MSNBC)

Exchange rate incentive prompts record soy exports in Argentina

Exchange rate incentive prompts record soy exports in Argentina

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump should be treated as any other citizen in DOJ investigation

Lend me your imagination for a few seconds, ok? I know it's hard, but suppose you were a

A few storms tomorrow may be strong to severe. Then we enjoy a calmer week

9/11. Story much told but much respect. Didn't have to. Steve Buscemi.

'Desperate and alone' Giuliani facing the 'abyss' after tying himself to Trump: biographer

Don't try to talk sense and logic to a Trump humper

Teamsters: Seattle-area concrete truck drivers ratify new contract

This is why representation matters!

Do You Feel Like We Do (Live) - Peter Frampton

Teamsters: Seattle-area concrete truck drivers ratify new contract

UPDATE: TFG was in DC today

Ukrainian soldiers hours prior to the #Kharkiv offensive, singing the anthem

What Do You Mean There Are Dead Wasps in My Figs?

The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection

Transubstantiation. Reality vs Faith in Fantasy.

Which US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 due the Democrats have a better chance of winning?

Competitive races:

The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection

Nate Silver: Why A State Like Michigan Might Actually Be A Blue State

Crimea!! I said Crimea!

So trump moved his "operations" from MAL to Bedminster in May 2021??

403rd Freakout

Republican Co-Chair Spouts Blatant Homophobia Against Pete Buttigieg

DOJ subpoenas Trump henchman Stephen Miller. Is he a target of the grand jury investigation? Kirschner

Young Afghan Refugees in America Adjust to New Norms -- Especially for Girls

Opinion: These GOP justices don't want to hear what Michigan voters think about abortion

Trump Backers Flood Election Offices with Requests

Anybody watching The Boleyns:A Scandalous Family?

Could we be witnessing the demise of Vladimir Putin?

Ted the destroyer: Sen. Cruz inserts a poison pill into an important bill to help journalism

Tweet of the minute

BrooklynDadDefiant: There's a whole lot of people today who are pretending to be patriots...

Last nighttime shot of the twin towers

What is Trump doing in Washington, DC? Sudden visit!

Security guard sings

Opinion: What Chief Justice Roberts misses

Millions Could Again Face The Troubles If Northern Ireland Protocol Is Scrapped

Rest in Peace

Amid Ukraine's startling gains, liberated villages describe Russian troops dropping rifles

This sounds like the worst festival ever!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about numbers to give the GOP chills....

White House alarm rises over Europe as Putin threatens energy supply

Celebrity Medicare Sales Pitches Are Toned Down After Scrutiny

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

BREAKING: Only Bidens will attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral.

Doggie Parton

Republican Congressman AWARDS INSURRECTIONIST with Capitol Flag after her PRISON SENTENCE - Meidas Touch

Paul Moravec's 'Autumn Song'

Relax Cafe Monday Morning 🌄 Positive Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Fresh Start Livestream

Alex Jones on 9-12-2001...

TVs in Saint Petersburg got hacked...

The U.S. Faces A New Type Of Threat 21 Years After The 9/11 Attacks - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Hiccup remedies

After the towers fell on 9/11, Trump:

Former MLB pitcher turned cop Anthony Varvaro dies in car crash

Darth Putin: The only way this could have gone worse...

Warner wants damage assessment from intel community over Trump documents - Face the Nation

Statement from CUPE on Pierre Poilievre winning Conservative Party leadership

Is anyone else finding themselves crying and crying

Unveiling of Portraits.........Michelle Obama BETTER RUN FOR PRESIDENT

George Walker, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

An interview with Jim Hansen.

Democrat Katie Hobbs says no to Arizona governor debate

For just a minute, maybe my fantasy might help?

Duty to Warn is curious about why Trump is suddenly in DC, wearing golf clothes.

What Is trump doing in DC?

ADL Finds Hundreds Of Law Enforcement Officers In Far-Right Extremist Group - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Todd Beamer's dad turns 9/11 remembrance on Fox News into screed against Joe Biden

9/12 Ukranian Update: AFU forces reach Russian border around Kharkiv. Latest timelapse map

Robert Moran's 'Trinity Requiem' sung by Trinity Youth Chorus

Hear what Zelensky would tell Trump about Putin

Assessment of Ukrainian front: Institute for the Study of War

Thomas Bergersen - Rada

Simplicity is vastly underrated.

I dunno... given recent news from Russia,

Trump Lands at Dulles, Unannounced. What's going on?

I'm not sure what aged worse

Ukraine counteroffensive makes rapid gains as Russians retreat - Face the Nation

Matt GAETZ being MATT Gaetz - Fix News

Allman Brothers - One Way Out (live in Germany, 1991)

Far-right party close to causing huge political upset in Sweden's neck-and-neck election

Allman Brothers - One Way Out (live in Germany, 1991)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

QEII/Charles III/Heads of State etc

Anyone? First 4 tweets I follow are about this.

(Jewish Group) How the Nazis used music to celebrate and facilitate murder

The queen and the colonies..... my 2 cents.

Schumer slow-walks marriage equality vote before midterms

Marco Rubio THE COWARD forced to SHEEPISHLY admit his SICK desire for the END of Reproductive Rights

Boise Pride cancels "Drag Kids" event after organizers receive death threats


QANON dad in Michigan kills wife and dog and injures daughter.

Roe v Wade was decided by mostly Republican appointees

Twitter going nuts over Trump flying to DC

BREAKING: Trump spotted on SECRET UNPLANNED TRIP to Washington DC as Speculation Goes Wild - MT

Corey Pompey And The Badger Band

Earthquake in Norcal.

just for the record: September 11, 1996 - UP control of SP and its subsidiaries was cleared

Please remember the two US Presidents who took care of the planners of the Sept 11 attacks

Stock futures flat as Wall Street looks ahead to key inflation data

RE: 9-11 - Benedict Arnold & The Traitors - Let's Retaliate - From the CD "Star Spangled Bummer"

Ukraine forces push to reclaim Kharkiv region - ABC News

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Law & Order

Nasa to crash $330m spacecraft into asteroid to see if impact can alter course

Nyt ..publicly funded Hasidic religious schools teaching nothing by design..particularly to boys.

Trump In DC MSM very quiet

Actors Who Refuse To Share A Same-Sex Kiss On-Screen

If there is an indictment monday morning?

California blocks state-funded travel to 4 states that just passed anti-LGBTQ laws

California blocks state-funded travel to 4 states that just passed anti-LGBTQ laws

Arab countries are threatening Netflix over LGBTQ content

Is it illegal to be gay in Russia? Documenting Russia's anti-LGBTQ laws

Is it illegal to be gay in Russia? Documenting Russia's anti-LGBTQ laws

When I see TFG all I can think of is the film

'What Life Was Like In Fascist Italy' Benito Mussolini, IL Duce. 'The Dictator's Playbook' PBS

Count on Vitamin C and some old folk wisdom to save my ass

Breakfast Monday 12 September 2022

History in the making in Kherson Ukraine?

Streamed Live: A visit to China's largest solar energy base in the desert

The spiral down of humanity to extinction..


Prince Andrew being intentionally creepy or hands just accidently slid over daughter's butt?

Biden's Schedule for Monday, September 12, 2022

On this day, September 12, 1966, "The Monkees" went on the air.

On this day, September 12, 1966, "The Monkees" went on the air.

On this day, September 12, 1931, George Jones was born.

On this day, September 12, 1959, "Bonanza" went on the air.

Newsweek on Trump's Visit to DC

On this day, September 12, 2003, Johnny Cash died.

Outake from Carol Burnett Show

On September 11, 1997, "Boogie Nights" premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

On this day, September 12, 1977, Steve Biko died.

LOL. Public Records requests for voting records

Monday TOONs - The Ketchup Is On The Wall

Putin's defeat will be a huge blow to the right-wing extremists...

Watercolor dawn

She posted an ad on a dating site. An alleged serial killer answered

Power has been restored to 80 percent of Kharkiv region

The quiet campaign to not hold "the former president" accountable.

Trump Planned To Barricade Himself In The White House?

Trump backers flood election offices with requests as 2022 vote nears

My beloved Huskers fired one of their own!

Bernie: I'm once again asking my Senate colleagues to look at what is happening around the world.

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 9/7/22

Comics Syllabus: Captain Marvel!

Eric Jones, Comic Artist for Batman and Little Gloomy, Dies at 51

Bernie: I'm once again asking my Senate colleagues to look at what is happening around the world

The Rundown: September 12, 2022

Zelensky says it's 'not even possible' that Trump did not recognize Putin threat

In parts of Mideast, power generators spew toxic fumes 24/7

Beautiful Albino Gray Squirrel.

'Hidden Killer': Experts Urge Action After Study Shows How Air Pollution Causes Lung Cancer

It's going to be a September to remember

Russian units near Kherson negotiating surrender, Ukraine says

Amusing story of how a Russian soldier became a POW.

Our story so far -by Tom Tomorrow

Maria Muldaur has a birthday today.

Trump Asks Judge To Pass Cost Of "Special Master" To The American Taxpayer

You raised $138.00 on September 11, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

You raised $50.00 on September 11, 2022 for Westlund WI State Senate

Police fatally shoot Walled Lake man who allegedly killed wife, shot daughter

King Charles the Third sounds odd, even with the plummy BBC voices

You raised $100.00 on September 11, 2022 Democratic Underground for Rev Senator Warnock GA

Marjorie Taylor Greene Doesn't Want You To See This Video

You raised $50.00 on September 11, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov

Mashed Potato

The criminal class, and those supportive of them, cannot be permitted to define the laws...

You raised $50.00 on September 11, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

You raised $100.00 on September 11, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Desperate Russian Soldiers About Ukrainian Counter-Offensive - Insights from Ukraine and Russia

Terrified Puppy Found All Alone has an Insane Glow Up

I'm a little potato, short and cute:

Excellent point about Trump's role in the J6 insurrection:

Russians attacking Ukrainian thermal power plant

Ban Bain & Co from US government contracts, Joe Biden is urged

Arrested On His Own Front Porch MASSIVE LAWSUIT - Audit the Audit

EPA loses key ruling as Flint residents pursue water claims

(Connecticut) Trial set to begin for Alex Jones in Sandy Hook hoax case

JUST IN: Trump files 21-page opposition to DOJ request for a stay of Judge Cannon's order.

Some of dis and some of dat

GOP Seeks Midterm Reset

EV Right Wing freak out currently (California)

Will you watch the TV coverage of the burial, etc of Trump. The QEII coverage

Biden will not travel with a delegation to Queen Elizabeth's funeral

For 187 minutes, Trump had the luck of the Devil.

In a nod to JFK, Biden pushing 'moonshot' to fight cancer

Stephen Miller now a target of DOJ investigation -- will he be the one to flip on Trump?

Alabama is jailing pregnant marijuana users to 'protect' fetuses

TFG's response to the DOJ Motion for Partial Lift of Stay is based on concept TFG owns documents

'I cannot mourn': Former colonies conflicted over the queen

King Charles III what? For years the royal family had no last name.

Trump's lawyers suggest seized documents may not be classified

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 12, 2022

When Russia invaded Ukraine I knew they were in trouble when I seen this.

When tfg dies...

Dismantle the Commonwealth: Queen Elizabeth's Death Prompts Reckoning with Colonial Past in Africa

Observations about soldiers carrying caskets.

Ukraine War Update - Russia's BIGGEST Mistake - American Fighter Footage

What are the odds that Trump holds a rally at the same time as QEII's funeral service?

Frances Tiafoe Says Seeing Michelle Obama in Crowd Was 'Best Thing' of His U.S. Open Run

Giuliani's descent into a 'sad, pathetic figure' began when he was 'completely humiliated' in 2008

Excellent tweet

'Now Russia fears us': buildup to Ukraine's southern counteroffensive

Yet another reason not to read CNN

Thousands of Minnesota nurses hit the picket lines in historic 3-day strike

Here we go again ...

Unmanned Blue Origin launch just encountered an 'anomaly'

"Two Years Is Too Long": Family of Carl Dorsey, Black Man Killed by NJ Police, Sues

'Jesus, Enough with the Queen!' Howard Stern Fumes Over 'Annoying' Media Coverage of Monarch

Lawn & Order

Thousands of Minnesota nurses hit the picket lines in historic 3-day strike

57 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Anti-Choice Republicans Just Went Even Lower

Jackson's Water Crisis Comes After $90M Siemens Contract to Overhaul System "Ended Up a Disaster"

tiedrich & guttenberg & hal sparks weigh in on trump's mysterious trip to dc

Ed Yong: Long COVID Really Can Alter Your Brain

'I'm just not going to leave': New book reveals Trump vowed to stay in White House

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Music Video)

Anybody else seeing a HUGE utick in their car insurance fees?

DNC Panel Passes Resolution Urging President to Release Leonard Peltier

It amazes me how overtly fascist Fox news is.

'Ukraine has captured more territory in 5 days than Russia has since April'

Photo of the Queen with TX Gov. Ann Richards, 1991 (Trigger warning for the haters)

'It's pretty disturbing': Videos show Trump taking boxes to other golf properties

Oregon wildfire explodes in size as multiple blazes rage across the West, forcing evacuations and

In Bid to Keep Executive from Accessing Executive Branch Documents, Trump Confesses to Obstruction

This video always chokes me up:

Trump Told Aides 'We're Never Leaving' After White House Loss: Report

Biko - Peter Gabriel Live on Letterman with orchestra

Jan. 6 rally organizer says government is seeking information from her in grand jury investigation

GOP senators led by Graham slam Trump Jan. 6 pardon promise

Close calls don't get much closer:

The only people that care about the British Royals are Tories and Republicans

Stuntwoman training:

Another incentive to vote: remember all the kids they locked up in cages.

Public Health Alert Issued on Ground Beef Contaminated with E. Coli

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In The Kremlin

A brand new super deluxe boat horn:

The Risk of the Right-Wing Push to Rewrite the Constitution

Alternate MAGA(s)

Investigators plan to put Trump lawyers in front of a grand jury and then make them flip:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine and expectations....


Skykomish area residents not taking heed to evacuation orders

In Hasidic Enclaves, Failing Private Schools Flush With Public Money

Americans are convinced climate action is unpopular. They're very, very wrong.

Western Washington air quality 'moderate' amid smoky skies but expected to improve

Gas prices drop in Seattle, Washington state, nation for 13th straight week

U.S. 12 reopens over White Pass, Packwood evacuation levels reduced

Benched Brooklyn judge's alleged homophobic, racist remarks preceded removal from the bench

DOJ pressured prosecutors to bring cases against Trump enemies, ex-US attorney says

The European Parliament might declare that Hungary is not a full democracy anymore

Americans wish they lived under a Monarchy. Yes or No?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 12, 2022)

Very sweet statement from Prince Harry

Trump backers flood election offices with requests as 2022 vote nears

Muddy Saga to Save Two Elephants

Democrats see realistic path to victories in Florida

Democrats see realistic path to victories in Florida

Mark Finchem Says Biden Didn't Win in 2020, and He Has Big Plans for Elections in Arizona

Fernand Amandi Tweet: 'Joe Biden has not been a good President... (wait for it)

So you haven't caught COVID yet. Does that mean you're a superdodger?

'Incredible': Ret. Us Army Major on Ukrainian Gains

The Absence of Any Executive Privilege by a Former President For National Security Secrets

BREAKING: Trump responds to DOJ with absurd legal filing regarding classified records - Meidas Touch

Do you suppose there is a discussion board

Oath Keepers founder wouldn't have taken part in Jan. 6 attack without cover 'from someone higher up

Ukraine claims that the russian soldiers in Kherson are currently negotiating their surrender.

We tested negative!

We now have two federal judiciaries

it's authoritarian to take advantage of the Heller decision

Albert Pujols goes ON FIRE to pass Alex Rodriguez for 4th all-time in homers!! (His last 10 homers!)

Not sure the American Revolution would have survived

Sold Out Event, Overflow Crowd? No Seats? Not a problem for John Fetterman.

Harris tells #MTP she's "very concerned" about the message the U.S. is sending on democracy.

Gunsmoke Blues

Florida county GOP mulls barring FBI agents and labeling World Health Organization 'terrorists'

Homeless Kitten Rescued From a Fire Hugs a Man And Won't Let Go

Cartoons 9/12/2022

How Did Ukraine Retake So Much Territory From Russia So Fast? DW Analysis

State seeks safety ideas on Highway 99 between Everett, Lynnwood

What a surprise! More Republicans are softening their stance against abortion.

We'll, definitely not meeting President Biden on Sunday...

CNN crew goes to verify Ukraine's claim. See what they found - CNN

Bolt Creek wildfire grows to nearly 8,000 acres; US 2 closed indefinitely

Fancy Feast issues?

Political Experts React to Good and Bad Viral Midterm Campaign Ads (Crooked Media)

Why Republicans Keep Failing To Pass Abortion Bans

AOC: because the only time "religious freedom" is invoked, is in the name of bigotry and discriminat

Why our 14th Amendment lawsuit against a Trump fanatic sets a key American precedent

Ukraine: Russian military command has suspended the sending of new units into Ukraine

Joyce White Vance: Trump's acting like a king when in fact he's just a law breaker

Senate intelligence chair urges judge to allow briefing on Trump Mar-a-Lago search

Walmart moving towards sustainable bags

TFG thinks he still matters.

Trump spotted at his Virginia golf course after video of him on a flight to the DC area sparked a fi

Tennessee abortion clinic moves up the street to escape one state's ban

David Corn: What it would look like if someone got a medical degree from Trump University.

Trial set to begin for Alex Jones in Sandy Hook hoax case

Could 9/12/22 be THE Day? Only The Garland Knows. (aghssputglug - the anticipation - arkhackgack)

Russia's pro-war patriarch conspicuously absent in pope's Kazakh trip

Does the USA ever arrest a corrupt leader?

California Principal Charged After Being Caught on Camera Shoving Autistic Student

Upset by New York Times expos on Hasidic schools? That's what GOP wants for all American kids

Trump's Lawyers Could Lose Attorney-Client Privilege Claims Over Possible Obstruction Charges - RoF

U.N. says three Afghan female staff temporarily detained by Taliban

GOP not only want to cut your Social Security; they want to cut your military benefits and pension

Propagandists on Russian state TV want Ukraine deprived of running water as well as electricity

Georgia's shifting politics force GOP to look beyond Atlanta

Good news on Brian Stelter

Lauren Boebert DOESN'T KNOW the 19th Amendment

Ruth Marcus: What Chief Justice Roberts misses

Anti-Choice Republicans Just Went Even Lower

Jamie Raskin issues MUST-HEAR update on January 6 Committee

"They Should Have Gotten Off the Wagon": How One Heavyweight Law Firm Hitched the GOP to Trump

Funny 2nd hand story about Trump golf courses

Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, Lucie Arnaz dance the Charleston:

Next January 6th Committee hearing Wednesday September 28.

Trump in D.C. one speculation, Walter Reed.

The Glen Miller Orchestra is coming to town!!!

We have a NEW US Senate link for donating to Barnes (WI)

Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon pair up as sister cities

How far its Ukraine's forces go without becoming overstretched?

Lauren Boebert Causes A Major Scene And Disrupts Debate Before It Begins

"Trump is a one man Crime Wave" Jamie Raskin

Ukraine: police investigate war crimes after Ukrainian troops liberate village

The conventional wisdom in this country is all wrong.

If we could start a war over

Just Like That, We're Making Oxygen on Mars

Yahoo mail doesn't work most of the time now

After watching practically everyone in a restaurant hypnotized by

Officials From 18 Russian Districts Call For Putin to Resign

Waning Gibbous, 95% visible heading to set early Monday morning

Southhern MD day, 'mostly cloudy' until t'storms @ 6 p.m.

The Fight Against an Age-Old Effort to Block Americans From Voting

Missing tank alert

Breaking news Putin just fired Field Marshall Paulus for surrendering the sixth army.

Healthcare on Mars

someone please explain this to me.. Biden inviting Trump to the Queens funeral??

Navy Says All UFO Videos Classified, Releasing Them 'Will Harm National Security'

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 13: Classic Movie Puppets, Part 2

Reported here yesterday or day before the traitor was in DC? Anyone know why

Harvesting cinnamon:

Jungle jade butterfly--stunning:

CNN reporting that tfg asserts he has the right to look at documents whether they're

Nautilus fossil preserved three-dimensional in iron pyrite

Streaming TV is having an existential crisis, and viewers can tell: Missing archives, less ambitious


Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (German TV appearance + shuffle dance video)

Flounder surprising a passing fish:

Tim Ryan, J.D. Vance neck and neck in new Ohio Senate poll Tim is up a point...

Gorgeous bird:

Poor frazzled pupper, babysitting the kittens:

Biden Gets Big Bounce After Legislative Wins

Does a president, vice president or even a Congressman

Trump is out at his golf course with no clubs in his cart.

Prominent Republicans Back Gretchen Whitmer

Distractions 12/09/2022

Texas woman arrested on charges she made death threats to judge in Mar-a-Lago documents case

Distractions 12/09/2022 Posted in Photography

Ari Fleischer Accused Of Bowing To Saudi LIV Golf Employer After Halting 9/11 Tweets

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Little Mermaid and relatability....

Putin should watch movies

Putler reacts to the Kharkiv Counter Offensive

Know-it-all Barber

Terrible Cop Tries Every Trick To Lock This Man Up - LackLuster

Rematch - The Lincoln Project

Update --- Terrible Cop Tries Every Trick To Lock This Man Up

Schumer: We should protect marriage equality now, before the maga-controlled Supreme Court steps in

Tractor trailer overturned on bridge over Baltimore Beltway.

NYT, Yes, the Polling Warning Signs Are Flashing Again

Tweet: Foreign Affaires Minister Melanie Joly for the win

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Ukraine reclaims more territory, reports capturing many POWs

Any Chance That Meeting On The Golf Course Had To Do With Truth Social?

@jrpsaki First day. New job. Thrilled and honored to be here with this remarkable team. See you soo

There is a big difference between The J6 investigation and the secret document investigation.

Saving Their Democracy (Luckovich cartoon)

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Loyalty to a mean greedy ignorant maniac is not a virtue; it is idiotic craven toadyism.

N.Y. judge says he'll bar Trump Org.'s selective prosecution claim

Bezos rocket crashes after liftoff, only experiments aboard

Tucker Carlson guest claims Ukraine near defeat

Biden Picks Biotech Executive to Lead New Biomedical Research Agency

DoJ issues grand jury subpoena for Women for America First

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 12, 2022

In November,

Stocks rally to start the week as investors await CPI report

Two protestors held signs outside Jared Kushner's book event at AFPI this morning.

'Everyone should be frightened': Historian waves red flag over far-right plans to alter the ....

One police officer shot and died in Toronto. Other people shot

Peter Navarro loses bid to compel DOJ to turn over more categories of docs in his case

5 Questions with Al Franken

TFG told Haberman sources he wouldn't leave WH after losing election

Justice Dept. Issues 40 Subpoenas in Jan. 6 Inquiry

One Third of Americans Hold Anti-Democratic Views

Justice Dept. Issues 40 Subpoenas in Jan. 6 Inquiry, Seizes Phones of Top Aides

Numerous storms developing west and south of DC area and could reach areas inside Beltway ...

What Russian State Nedia Tell us about Ukraine

Sometimes this little guy just needs to snuggle

Serious question

So what was trump in DC for???

how many of u remember a cartoon tv show in the 60s called super car .

'Infiltrated': GOP senator angered that Democrats are allowed to participate in American life

doors are so dumb

Could the Orange Goon be getting ready to turn himself in??

McCarthy, Hannity,Nunes, Eric, Trusty at Golf course with Trump

"Donald Trump Is Not Invited to Queen's Funeral" Royalist-Daily Beast, Politico and Times of London

Justice Dept. Issues 40 Subpoenas in a Week, Expanding Its Jan. 6 Inquiry

beautiful big frozen spiderweb

Trump Told Aides 'We're Never Leaving' After White House Loss

Son House, Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield discuss and play the blues.

Trump's golf course Capo summit: who's wearing a wire?

Scott Jensen earns lead in Washington Post story.

Retreating Russians donate 9 T-80 battle tanks for Ukraine's war against Russia.

Rolling Stone article on the Boebert/Frisch debate the other night, with some highlights

"No More Snow Days" . . . . . what do you think of this idea from a local school board?

With 45 former presidents, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Just a storage problem

"Seriously though, are Republicans okay?" (This is one of the most fucked up ads I have seen)

First time ever riding a bus, she has cerebral palsy and depth perception issues

Damn Onions (This Is George)

Man Murdered Wife, Shot Daughter After Being Sucked Down 'Q Rabbit Hole,' Family Confirms

NSA analyst jailed for life for selling US secrets to Soviets dies aged 80

Weissmann: We Either Have A System Where We're All Accountable To Law Or We Don't

The Mar-a-Lago incident is simply a document storage dispute

Jen Psaki: First day. New job.

Jeopardy Regulars

Mexican drug lord who was jailed for killing U.S. agent granted house arrest

One abortion clinic in Central Florida is in danger of closing.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Announces Plan to Reopen the 50 Year Old Closed Palisades Nuclear Plant.

Southern MD evening/sunset 9/12

Putin will end up being...

Patron on the Ukraine Offensive

Dolphins are so beautiful

None of those people listed in the tweet below are in those photos. Except for Eric Trump.

Ana Navarro explains what some GOP candidates underestimated (CNN)

Shadow. HappyPup.

15,000 nurses in Minnesota walked off the job to protest understaffing and overwork.

The latest: Democrats, led by Schumer, have confirmed 80 of Biden's judicial nominations

A local father shot hs wife and three kids and then himself. "He obtained the gun legally"

Pat Ryan will be sworn in tomorrow as the new Congressman for NY-19

Calling Trump the F-Word

Fact Check-Video shows Hillary Clinton at a birthday party, not a satanic ritual

abortions at 52 weeks????

Justice Department open to one of Trump's proposed candidates for special master review

Trump Aide Behind Fake Electors Identified

"I'm Adam Frisch; I'm not Nancy Pelosi"

Why I think the polls are likely correct

Joe Cocker - I'll Cry Instead

well about to start down a new and unexplored (for me) path

Impressions of a Fire Lookout Sunset

The Beatles - Day Tripper

Judge Says Navarro Isn't Victim of Selective Prosecution