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J6 Committee wants Newt to testify.

Bruce....or Woody


Newsy is carrying the Presidential Address, FYI DUers! ❤️

'Where's J.D.?:' Vance's Ohio Senate campaign prompts GOP concerns

POTUS: The Soul of the Nation - LIVE NOW

Cost of climate change much greater than current estimate

President Biden just said:

Biden's speech tonight.....


Wo!!!! Preach, Joe!!!!!! nt

Texas' family services are 'on the brink of collapse' after requiring child abuse investigations

Indictment next, Right?

LOL Newsmax - Real Presidents give speeches from the oval office

Fox "news" Sewer has Fucker Carlson, whining about the usual "woke"

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 2, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Jack Lemmon

This is the speech Joe Biden was born to give

I'm thrilled Biden is speaking so directly tonight

Jeff Tiedrich: Joe Biden has had just about enough of your fascist bullshit

I don't think it is hyperbole to say this is an historic speech.

Joe Walsh: I come from MAGA world. Everything @POTUS is saying tonight about MAGA is true.

As I listen to President Joe I am reminded of

"Good manners is nothing they've ever suffered from"


Duty To Warn: We are watching what is not only the best speech Joe Biden ever made ... we're

Joe gets it. Dems need to hammer the "Save Democracy" message this fall .....

Wow! Did Joe hit out of the park, or what?

She's as big of a clown as she was back then

Biden warns Trump and his closest followers 'represent an extremism that threatens the very foundati

CNN has a MAGAt on.

The difference between MAGA Republicans and the rest of us.....

Fred Guttenberg: I love that when the MAGA Republicans use a bullhorn to try and disrupt @POTUS,

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Greenland's ice and sea levels....

Did anyone else notice a red dot of light on the Bidens as they went back inside?

Jonathan Capehart: One helluva speech, @POTUS Biden!

President Biden digging in at the end of his Speech on Democracy

Breaking: Jan. 6 Committee Seeking Newt Gingrich Testimony On false Election Claims - The Beat MSNBC

I heard there was a TV special devoted entirely to the art of Origami.

Federal judge hears arguments in legal battle over Mar-a-Lago documents - ABC News

California lawmakers pass slate of bills protecting abortion access

Cher - We All Sleep Alone

WAY overlooking corn fields!

Calling all Newts!

Doug Mastriano says he's not extreme. So why do many say he is?

Waxing Crescent, 30% visible

Well this is enough to make me hurl.....Faux's Gutshit kills ALL late night shows in viewership.

Meet the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Canada' who ordered her followers to arrest police, not pay bills

Pat Benatar - Fight It Out

Waxing Crescent, 30% visible

I am so grateful for Joe Biden's courage and honesty.

WH Deputy Chief Of Staff: Biden Believes We Are At 'Inflection Point' In Nation - Deadline - MSNBC

The school voucher tax drain is on, and you won't believe who's snagging the money

A different way to communicate about endangered species...

Neither NBC, nor ABC, nor CBS carried the speech.

Waxing Crescent, 30% visible

some of the twitterverse -- comments on biden's speech tonight

President Biden's address at Independence Hall on the 'extremist threat to democracy'

Atlanta hospital announces closure, drawing mayor's ire

Madonna - Justify My Love

Do all major networks execs know they should have carried the speech, of course they do.

Evening, southern MD

Paul Simon - American Tune (Live 1975)

so how will dems nationwide support Joe's speech and goals starting tomorrow?

Lindsey Graham Again Ordered to Testify in Georgia's Trump Vote Probe

(Not so semi) fascism alert

Its a Shaun Cassidy tweet

Biden: Donald Trump, MAGA Republicans Are A Threat To This Country - All In - MSNBC

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

ETA: THANK YOU, MY FRIENDS. Watching now, & Joe is great.

*CALL TO ACTION* Investigate and Revoke Ryan Walters Teaching Certificate

I missed the speech, and turned to CNN when I got home where I heard someone supposedly

Have the Stolen Documents undergone fingerprint and DNA analysis?

Ray Charles - America the Beautiful (A Capitol Fourth, July 4, 2000)

We're going to need more straitjackets for the MAGA loonies, judging by Twitter.

That was NOT a political speech!

Why no mention of the Freedom to Vote Act

A different way to communicate about endangered species...

Oh, isn't nice to see compassion between our President and the First Lady?

C-span President Biden Says Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Threat the Country.

An optical illusion I noticed in our yard.

Sharing this here because it is thought-provoking and moving.

Consarn it! Spouse and I have COVID.

The Lincoln Project-Biden continues to prove why he was the man to lead America in perilous times

The Lincoln Project-Biden continues to prove why he was the man to lead America in perilous times

Biden: No Place For Political Violence In America - All In - MSNBC

Tina Turner - One Of The Living

Stand up and applaud your and our President!

Recently a routine police patrol was parked outside a bar in the Outback.

Paul Simon is coming here for a Tim Ryan Ohio senate fundraiser.

*CALL TO ACTION* Investigate and Revoke Ryan Walters Teaching Certificate

Comparison between FDR's, "only thing we have to fear is fear itself," speech

Don't have cable? Here's Free MSNBC, Cinemax and the fascist news channels....POLL

in case you missed biden's speech or you want to watch it again--here it is

A Speech on Democracy by President Joe Biden - The Lincoln Project

Laurence Tribe: This was the call to action that we needed. This moment is akin to 1860 or 1940.

When they show you who they are... - @NickKnudsenUS

a perfect circle - 3 Libras

Independent Voters Now Tilting Toward Democrats in Midterm Elections, WSJ Poll Finds

Madredeus - Oxala

I was at my uncle's tonight helping him load a canoe on his trailer for the weekend.

Foo Fighters - My Hero (Official HD Video)

The Lincoln Project-POTUS is right. America is an idea. It is up to us, together, to see it through.

Al Franken is buying stock

Rides on the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) will be free systemwide for the entire month of Septembe

The Lincoln Project-POTUS is right. America is an idea. It is up to us, together, to see it through.

Brett Favre questioned by FBI in Mississippi welfare fraud scandal

Republicans---who has not longed to hear those "three little words"? Some of us spent

Woodie Guthrie - All You Fascists Bound to Lose

Mystal: Biden Reaction To Protester Shows Difference Between Him And Trump - All In - MSNBC

Tangier Island may receive $25 million to help save its shorelines.

Sayed Khalifa - Samra Oya

Kevin McCarthy must be seething over Joe's speech tonight.

"Joe Biden's Most Shameful Moment"

Spy Magazine -- October 1986 -- The RTumpster...

Lindsey Graham loses in court (again) in desperate attempt to avoid testifying about Trump's crimes

15 July 1979 "A Crisis of Confidence".

Rory Gallagher - Messin' With The Kid (Marquee Club, 1972)

LOL! Patton Oswald mocks McCarthy's silly metaphor:

Spy Magazine -- 10/1986 --

National Symphony Orchestra to Perform Sunday at the US Capitol A Labor Day

Aaron Rupar: "We went from 'lock her up' to running from the lockup in the blink of an eye":

"This is who some of y'all are."

The New Republic: Keeping Georgia Blue

*Congressman Clyburn on MSNBC now.

Elie Mystal: "This is the singularity of hit dogs hollering"--

anyone have link to video of the entire speech?

Full Speech: Biden Addresses Threats To American Democracy In 'Soul Of The Nation' Address - MSNBC

What was the deal with the heckler of Biden?

Learn Our History Today: On September 1, 1864, during the Civil War,

A day at the dog show

Liam Nissan on twitter made me laugh VERY hard just now...

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 4, 2022 - Best of Guest

Pet adoption extravaganza in Houston Saturday and Sunday

BREAKING: White House SLAMS MAGA Republicans Following Epic Biden Primetime Speech - Meidas Touch

When Medication Risks Birth Defects, Abortion Bans Force Women Into an Agonizing Dilemma.

TCM Schedule for Monday September 5, 2022 - Radio Days

When Medication Risks Birth Defects, Abortion Bans Force Women Into an Agonizing Dilemma

Is there anyone out there that actually prefers thick chicken cutlets over thin ones?

TLP: President Biden on the MAGA Republican Party

Wisconsin man charged with fraud, ID theft in ballot case

Gov. Kristi Noem FLEES When Asked About Abortion Ban

red skelton

Tweet of the Day

COPIED: is September -- Ovarian Cancer Awareness month!! KNOW THE SIGNS

To state the obvious: This was the hardest hitting speech by a President since FDR

i just saw a video of mr bidens speech . aint no lapses and or stuttering here .

biden hit it on the head,WE THE PEOPLE .

Donald J Trump v United States of America

White House Press Sec.: President Will Continue To Fight For Our Rights, Freedoms - The ReidOut MSNBC

Asha Rangappa made an interesting comment a couple of days ago.

Walter Huston - September Song

Coming up on TCM:

Creature of Habit, the RTumpster Is -- Spy Magazine -- 11/1986

Legal Expert: If Trump Is Claiming Executive Privilege The Remedy Is Docs Belong To The Archives

Jeff Scott's -Startin' Sumthin'- Imani Winds

"They are unanimous in their hate for me, and I WELCOME their hatred!"

Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals

a simple message to the maga rats upset by bidens speech

Did the main networks carry Biden's speech?

Michelle Vela, who accosted candidate at Dem Convention, guilty of tampering with records.

Tax question. Our step daughter and family may move in with us in October. 2nd floor apartment and

Friday's digit: 7/10 - A bit more humidity, but still tolerable. Continued hot, around 90 degrees

For Foo Fighters fans

Alaska's Rep.-Elect Peltola Heads To Congress With Mandate For Compromise - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Isleys - 'Make Me Say It Again Girl'

DeSantis Voter Fraud Arrests Are Already Falling Apart

Anyone else get the feeling ...

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

One-word twitter posts tonight

Stacey Abrams DESTROYS Republican opponent in MEGA-VIRAL resurfaced debate clip - Meidas Touch

Sweet Friday Morning Autumn🍂Jazz and Bossa Nova Music Livestream

How do I get a word in edgewise?

Full Transcript of President Biden's Speech in Philadelphia

Adam Green, the Bold Progressives co-founder, challenges our politics & the media specifically.

Rep. Clyburn: 'Must Find Common Ground' To Move America Forward - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden told everyone to speak out, and we're doing that in VA...

IMF to provide 2.9 billion dollars if Sri Lanka meets conditions - Al Jazeera

Abrams: Gov. Kemp Is 'Not A Champion Of Democracy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden Defends Democracy As Trump Faces Legal Jeopardy In Court - The Last Word - MSNBC

Mark Thompson discusses Trump and the state of politics in America at Netroots Nation.

Virginia Republicans Won't Get To Ban Dirty Sexporn Books From Barnes & Noble After All

Ode to Sarah Palin

Suzie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Man detained after pointing handgun at Argentine Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Man detained after pointing handgun at Argentine Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

McCarthy stands by Trump as former president battles Justice Dept. over Mar-a-Lago search

Eric Burdon & War - Spill the Wine

Try to Remember - Jerry Orbach - The Fantasticks

I'm Worried That Biden's Speech Will Make MAGATS Angry. Who Knows What They Might Do.

Trump vows pardons, government apology to Capitol rioters if elected

Exclusive: San Rafael police officers under investigation after bloody takedown

I've been getting some nice backlash from MAGATs lately

Uighurs fear UN report on abuse of China's Uighurs will go ignored - Al Jazeera

Fmr. National Intelligence Official Sue Gordon Interview - Deadline: White House Exclusive - MSNBC

Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody

Purpose Of Trump's Special Master Ploy Becomes Clear - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Raskin: Jan 6 Committee Sends Letter Seeking Testimony From Newt Gingrich - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

The weak minded GQPers are complaining about the "satanic" red background.

Klobuchar: Democrats Bet National Security Trumps Trump For Some GOP Voters - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Biden Delivers 'Soul Of The Nation' Prime Time Address - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Friday 2September 2022💃

Wow, he called him out.

Ukrainian Students Return To Classroom Ruins In War-Torn Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

One-On-One With Maryland Governor Candidate Wes Moore - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Not One Word


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: arrest after attempted shooting of Argentina vice-president

Wordle 440 ***Spoiler Thread***

Ha! The value of NFT's has crashed.

From my viewpoint, we are already a semi-fascist nation.

How much should Donald Trump be fined for his late library book??

David Corn: Trump Stole Secret Government Documents. The Big Question Is Why.

Stock futures wobble ahead of August jobs report

I'm in a lot of trouble with the boys, this morning. Explanation and a new Arthur pic.

It is time for Dems to make it pellucidly clear that MAGAReTHUGs did not just attack Capitol police

President Biden on the MAGA Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Fighting goes on near Ukraine nuclear plant; IAEA on site

Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi given 3 more years for 'election fraud'; former UK ambassador 1 year

Trump has been saying this behind closed doors for years.

Trumps defense, the FBI made a mess when they searched my home.

A neighborhood's cryptocurrency mine: 'Like a jet that never leaves'

Biden is right it is fascism.

How the January 6 Committee 'may have the goods' on Newt Gingrich

Half-hearted concession from Trump supporter

ABC News matches a few of the MAL photo dates to what TFG was fretting about.

On September 1, 1972, David Halberstam's "The Best and the Brightest" was published.

Friday TOONs - Battle For The Soul Of This Nation

JFK interviewed by Walter Cronkite, Hyannis Port, today 1963 ...

I'm A Soul Man

The origin of Superheroes: She-Hulk

On this day, September 2, 1938, Jimmy Clanton was born.

Groucho interviewing Ray Bradbury

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for November 2022

The Rundown: September 2, 2022

There is a rumor going around that there is actually a photo of Sen. Cotton smiling.

Happy National School Colors Day! What were you school colors?

Frieze's inaugural Asian edition bets on South Korea

... a missing voting machine made its way to a Goodwill donation center and then wound up on eBay

The Saudis were the guests at Bedminster on August 2nd.

The US has a ruling class - and Americans must stand up to it

Joe Biden This Morning.

Billy Preston was born on this date.

August jobs report: U.S. payrolls grew by 315,000 last month

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, urged lawmakers to overturn Trump election loss in Wisc

Dog rescues kitten

Biden failed compilation (sound up):

Township Chops Down Shade Trees In Park To Keep Homeless People Out

Nuclear Power's Rebound Causes Rift Among Environmentalists

Rubio says unborn child's right should prevail over mother's

lemme tell you something about the women who are still standing after the last 6 yrs.

MAGATs are squealing like stuck pigs. Seems Biden hit a nerve.

Never had a library book with "TOP SECRET" on the cover.

I wonder if there is any video/audio of Trump offering to pardon 1/6 insurrectionists

Seeking pithy responses to snarky rethug comments

You raised $2,055.00 on September 1, 2022

North Carolina says it will tax Biden's student loan forgiveness, and 3 more states are likely to fo

Takes the absence of just one mega-donor to poke a big hole in GOP fundraising

Politicians used to post photos of themselves doing things like reading books to school kids.

S.E. Rogie - Nor Weigh Me Lek Dat (Woman To Woman)

I get what President Biden was referring to the non MAGA GOBers, but......

You raised $300.00 on September 1, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Dame Freda Payne - 'Round Midnight

TFG *might* have gotten away with

New Mexico governor commits $10 million to building new abortion clinic near Texas border

Navy Vet who held Top Secret clearance SICKENED by Trump's stolen documents - MeidasTouch

You raised $100.00 on September 1, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

Proud mother & her babies:

Trump isn't just lying, he's peddling a lie his lawyers are afraid to echo

The "We The People" Speech

Best friends:

Things that are divisive/demagogic (NONE of them are Biden's speech):

You raised $80.00 on September 1, 2022 DU for new BLOOD in the Governor's office NE

Assassination attempt caught on camera (CNN) Argentina's Vice-president

You raised $600.00 on September 1, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

Tiny, tiny octopus:

Kayleigh McEnany Tweet Calling Out Biden Doesn't Go As Planned

You raised $350.00 on September 1, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Transcript of President Biden's speech Sept 1 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia

CNN's Don Lemon has had it with the rightwing snowflakes.

I wonder if Republicans are more bothered by the "semi" than the "fascist"

DA's Lawsuit Against Potter Handy Law Firm Dismissed (extortion is okay)


Man who voted for Trump twice has surprising opinion about Biden's move (CNN)

You raised $100.00 on September 1, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks US House

Trump is heading to Pennsylvania to make his case. So is Biden.

Did some DUer hear a CNN commentator complain b/c POTUS was not campaigning for GOP?


You raised $20.00 on September 1, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Ginger Cats:

Trump Vows 'Full Pardons' For Capitol Rioters If He's Elected (MSNBC)

Actual eyeroll from the cat before allowing snuggles.

You raised $500.00 on September 1, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

67 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

When you throw a stone at a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit.

Wanting A Child Born Is ...

Arrests for Low-Level Crimes Climb Under NYC Mayor Eric Adams

The Way It Is

Virginia Tech establishes living-learning community for LGBTQ+ students and studies.

Is MAGA Republicanism the greatest threat to the American way of life since the Confederacy?

Ron DeSantis' school board coup: Critics say he "hijacked" Parkland grief

"You can't love your country only when you win." (Biden 9/1/22) This one line says it all. n/t

Michigan man buys voting machine off EBay

'A white nationalist pyramid scheme': how Patriot Front recruits young members

Florida Court unseals more detail inventory of material seized at Mar-a-Lago

Man buys voting machine on eBay, but there's a big problem (CNN)

How Joe can exhibit some bipartisanship

A Phrase From President Biden's Speech That Stands Out

Conservatives are big on founding fathers, but didn't one of them say something about secrets?

Actress Jean Spangler was #BornOnThisDay, Sept.2, 1923.

Russell Wilson, Broncos agree to terms on five-year, $245M contract extension

"Special Master" Is A Creepy Phrase

The nation's poorest state used welfare money to pay Brett Favre for speeches he never made

Dan Rather: After President Biden's speech last night, it seems like a lot of people are unhappy...

The people who want Dr. Fauci to be imprisoned for the rest of his life....


Partisan swing V 538partisan lean Pre/Post Dobbs

Cry Harder Magats

Mable John, pioneering Motown female singer, dies at 91

The Justice Department's case for obstruction at Mar-a-Lago is growing stronger

It's Up To Mickey Rourke Now

so, right after listening to the billy preston track posted here,

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 2, 2022

The court has unsealed the more detailed inventory of what was taken from Mar-a-Lago.

I disagree with Biden's speech (somewhat)

A Danish Prison cell in a newly constructed prison

So TFG was keeping classified documents among his underwear

Thank you MIRT! Wonderful work you do keeping this cyber room neat & troll free

Out now--The more detailed Receipt of Property that lists items collected during the FBI's...

Questions/assumptions about Secret/Top Secret documents.

Tuesday's Vegan/Vegetarian Night on Create TV -- continues through Sat at 2PM !

Historian of Radical Right: Biden Is Correct, Trump Poses Existential Threat to Future of Democracy

The Summer Everyone Saw the Sharks

Empty folders with classified banners were among items at MAL.

"Harry Truman's famous line fits perfectly for Pres Biden's speech on MAGA: "I never did give them

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden ending hunger....

Trump Supporters Fill Their Diapers Over Biden's Blunt Speech (EmptyG openly called him Hitler, etc)

Will the Slobfather be told he's a target

Indictment shots and conviction boosters are the vaccine for the MAGA virus.

I have to believe the intelligence agencies

Empty folders among items found in FBI search of Trump home

Most human embryos naturally die after conception - restrictive abortion laws fail to take this

California legislators passed the most ambitious climate package ever. Here's what it does:

So, why isn't he arrested and charged now that evidence is in hand?

43 empty file folders marked CLASSIFIED:

Great piece on the latest booster! Just about everything you need to know.

IRS Form 13909 - Reporting on political talk in tax-exempt churches

Empty classified document folders were found.

The motherfucker's Secret Service detail needs to stand down

L.A. Ballot Measure Would Let Unhoused People Stay in Hotels Amid Deepening Homeless Crisis

song in honor of Biden's latest speech

This is freaking awesome... Pat Finnerty has a simple plan

Shameless plug to find homes for fostered kittens in SW Florida

Shameless plug to find homes for fostered kittens in SW Florida

Question about the timing of Biden's speech

Ginni Thomas needs to be under the jail too

Judge unseals the list of items FBI seized from Trump in Mar-a-Lago search

Rarely has a snapshot so starkly depicted the current state of play in U.S. politics:

Sorry, I have no interest in "unity" with them

November 9. 2am.

It's important to realize that DOJ has long known what Trump took.

She's So Fine

Biden: Mississippi governor 'has to act' on Jackson water

Serena fires back

I appreciate what President Joe Biden, said however...

Don't know how it happened, but a man who possesses remarkable ignorance, is also

If You Know You Know

Judge releases detailed inventory of what FBI found in Trump's home (CNN)

Has anyone watched "The Man Who Never Was?"

Conservative Analyst Believes DOJ Has 'More Than Enough' To Indict Trump (MSNBC)

How Bags of Fiberglass Help Billie Eilish Sound Better

Knock Knock, Who's there?

So has the Slobfather had a word to say since Biden spoke last night?

Global Weirding: Humans Have Caused Chaos on Earth (Newsweek)

Excellent new advert for Fetterman

Time to order free tickets for a 10/3 Turning Point USA event in Delaware!

Andy and the Darlings Perform "Dueling Banjos"

Don't Believe the Generals

Don Jr's cocaine fueled tirade: The FBI wants to 'persecute your grandmother'

Jan 6th com. says it may not be done by end of Oct.

MAL inventory to a tune from Les Miserables

Ballsy. It's one thing to steal, another thing to flaunt it infront of the security camera.

If anyone else did what Trump did, they'd already be in handcuffs

He still has top secret docs!

Officials were reluctant to hand over sensitive intel to Trump because he would blurt out details

good for him but what the fuck is WRONG with these guys in the first place?

A Twist of Lennon

Wait...TFG already has a special master

Biden's top climate advisor Gina McCarthy will step down

Mac, iPhone assistance please:

Let me channel Sam Jack

Trump issues new threats to McConnell in feud over Senate candidates

The empty folders mean things just got much more serious.

Physical integrity of Zaporizhzhia plant 'violated', says UN nuclear chief

Jan. 6 Panel Calls Gingrich to Testify, Saying He Had Role in Trump Plot

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 2, 2022)

MAGA Republicans are seething with rage because Biden hit his target

G-7 nations say they will cap the price of Russian oil

Welp, John Harwood is out at CNN

Federal Court UNSEALS Trump Mar-A-Lago Search Inventory List

What Biden Took from Donald.

Just what if the missing secret documents were about 1/6

Trսmp had 43 Already EMPTY STOLEN FILES at his Home

Homeless cat jumps into stranger's arms and finds new family

But first they face off with a traditional, natural and regional rival..

You Should All Be Banned (Luckovich cartoon)

Apparently delivery man is the best job ever for animal lovers

"If you are an American, you are not my enemy."

Mandating electric cars I think is a dumb idea.

So now it appears that classified documents are missing.

VA to Offer Abortions in Limited Cases

TCM tonight:

Area Of Brazilian Amazon Fires In August At Highest Level For Month Since 2010 As Fire Season Starts

Water Shortages Across Northern Mexico Worsened By Years Of Falling Rainfall, Deforestation

Glenn Kirschner on Trump claim yesterday: "There's a legal term for that..."

Regarding age, health and suicide

New Zealand Reports Warmest And Wettest Winter On Record - Dataset Dates To 1909

Broadcast Networks ABC, CBS and NBC Refused to Broadcast Biden's Speech

Fall Weather Forecast 2022: Not Quite Sweater Weather!

With 115F Temps On The Way, Wildfires Erupt North Of Los Angeles, East Of San Diego

Stealing Secret Documents & hiding some of them could destroy some of Trump's base.

Tiedrich: There won't be any rioting on MY street when Donald Trump is indicted.

Cartoons 9/2/2022

Ohio 5th Graders Annoyed That Friend Forced To Give Birth Only Talks About Baby Stuff Now

Too late.

'Just get on the bus': Kids can ride for free now in Snohomish County

13 Carbon Capture Projects Total 55% Of World Capacity; 7 Underperformed, 2 Failed, 1 Mothballed

Biden was right: MAGA ideology is fascism

My wife's new lift chair recliner arrived The Boog chocolate lab loves it.

Can't let facts get in the way when inciting outrage

Instead Of Actual Energy Policy, Liz Truss Unveils Oil & Gas, More Oil & Gas As Culture War Totem

Biden's PERFECT reply to Doocy question on whether he thinks Trump supporters threaten democracy

Hubby tested positive last night. (For Covid)

Gorbachev's dreams for reform died long before he did

Ken Olin: It's exhausting living on the same planet as Donald Trump.

Provisional Met Data Show Summer 2022 In England Tied With 2018 For Hottest On Record

!! This comment from John Harwood was followed by his abrupt departure from CNN

California's New Internet Law Is a Fucking Disaster

NYC files lawsuit against Starbucks for firing union-organizing barista in Astoria, Queens

Those folders were empty because tRump, cheap MFer that he is, insisted

Surprise! Study Shows Economic Damage From Warming Far Higher Than US Govt Estimates - Nature

Americans Explain Why They Oppose Canceling Student Debt

New Jersey town cuts down all the trees in town square to deter homeless population

Big reveal: Biden to help unveil Obama White House portrait

Bill Barr says he can't think of a legitimate reason for Trump to have these documents

Jesus was a Liberal, Ezra Mohawk

From the moment Trump was elected till now, our democracy was always the #1 issue.

Biden sounds newly strong alarm: Trumpism menaces democracy

One Brilliant Advertisement, One Minute And Twenty-One Seconds Of Expert Greenwash Demolition

He needs to be in custody until the missing intelligence files are returned.

How dare Joe Biden!

Polling shows that US voters favor climate bills - yet assume fellow Americans don't Adrienne Matei

Russia warns US off sending long-range weapons to Ukraine

How the Big Lie Ended Up in a Sixth-Grade Classroom in Florida

Judge again denies Graham's effort to skirt Georgia subpoena

CALLED SAVAGE for a Reason! Monster Hunter World

Lawyers: Eastman advised to plead the Fifth in Georgia probe

Hoo Hoo! Bill Barr weighs in on documents at the country club!

Missing Trump docs and Viktor Vekselberg


Kari Lake has formed a 'Jewish Voices' coalition? You can't make this stuff up

tfg's document collection

Another characteristic of fascism

Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It - The Concert for Bangladesh

Jackson water crisis frustrates residents: "I can't flush the toilet"

Breaking: CNN is rebranding to C(0)NN!! 😿

Summer Contest info coming soon!

Ex-prosecutor identifies a big concern after learning what FBI found in Trump's home (CNN)

To those still wearing their red MAGA caps: "Here's your sign!"

How the Big Lie Ended Up in a Sixth-Grade Classroom in Florida

Gorbachev to be buried in low-key funeral snubbed by Putin

Braunschweiger Pate'! I'll say no more!

Erja Lyytinen - Everything's Fine (live at the Suwalki Blues Festival in Poland, 7/10/2022)

$1 billion in federal economic grants headed coast to coast

Michael Cohen: Alina Habba 'the last lawyer on the planet' who should be representing Trump

Trump-led movement centered in victimhood sees Biden's speech as attack

Fed up Fox host turns on Trump over stolen documents ON AIR - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beto O'Rourke confronts a formidable GOP firewall as he woos rural Texans

Biden's speech wasn't "partisan" -- it was plain truth media won't tell

Trump Finally Agrees To Give Financial Documents To Congress - Ring of Fire

Odd stuff tfg jammed in with classified documents...

Old article: Here's what Jimmy Breslin had to say about Donald Trump decades ago

Can Jackson MS get FEMA/Federal government help with Jackson failing water system if the Gov.

White House Correspondent the Most Recent High-Profile Departure at CNN

Mainstream media misses Trump & wants him back-They miss their easy street to clicks & book sale

****Summer Seasonal Photo Contest Comments Thread****

Every document that Trump took has to be considered distributed to every foreign intel service...


Fauci Urges Americans To Get New Booster Vaccines To 'Maintain The Protection' Against Covid (MSNBC)

Wake me when it's over. Or not.

Saying the right thing priceless


America's growing democratic deficit

The Wonderful Brianna Keilar


Eugene Robinson: Biden Speech Was An Urgent, Wartime Address

Media owners are fascists and the media has turned full fascist.

Feds Search NYC Apartment and Hamptons Properties in Russian Oligarch Investigation NBC New York

Classified Documents folder displayed on shelf at bar in Trump Tower

Next door neighbor cutting grass & I got an cold tea on my porch

Trump investigation: US court unseals list of seized Mar-a-Lago material

John Legend to snowflakes - "Perhaps you need to do some introspection"

2 Marines vs An Aircraft Carrier plus a bonus cod piece. I'll take the Marines.

Remember how Trump used to claim that Obama was spying on him?

Trump may threaten to reveal state secrets to manipulate legal proceedings if he's indicted: reporte

So Joe's speech was "divisive" but Trump promised aid to insurrectionists in same news cycle.

Barbara Ehrenreich, Explorer of Prosperity's Dark Side, Dies at 81

The FBI has released a new photograph, taken during their search of Mar-a-Lago.

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John Fugelsang tweet

Woman on beach finds fossil from unknown animal likely older than dinosaurs

BREAKING: Key piece of evidence discovered this morning at Mag-a-Lardo.

Biden, Remaking Climate Team, Picks John Podesta to Guide Spending.

Happy Birthday D.Wayne Lucas.🥇🎈🎉

WaPo publishes an outrageous criticism of Biden's speech which then gets demolished in the comments.

NBC: Over 10,000 govt docs without classified markings were seized from Mar-a-Lago, DOJ says

The Pixies - Where is My Mind?

(Jewish Group) 50 years after the Munich Olympics massacre, families of the slain continue to grieve

The Summer Seasonal Photography Contest is now open for submissions

Cornershop - Brimful of Asha

Well, if any of these secret docs lead back to a certain Russian politician,

(Jewish Group) 'Jews infiltrated politics:' Man with megaphone spouts antisemitism at CUNY

UPDATE: Chattanooga road rage douchebag arrested

bjork - Human Behavior

Trying to Sell Your Old Peloton Bike? So Is Peloton.

The Most Alarming Case On The Supreme Court's Docket You Haven't Heard Of (Medicaid)

(Jewish Group) France deporting imam for harmful antisemitic hate speech

Where are you going to stay on your vacay?

(Jewish Group) Police Officer Who Made Antisemitic Comments Will Keep Job, Officials Announce

Turns out LICHT is a longtime wingnut flunky dating back to JoeSCABS, Keith warned us:

(Jewish Group) Biden administration sends clear message on anti-Semitism

From Kyle Rittenhouse to the president of World Taekwondo: Who's been inside Trump's MAL office?

I love Volvos

(Jewish Group) This Missouri bagel shop went viral for its Talmud-inspired effort to feed the needy

Phrazle 274: 2/6 AfTernoon ((((( SPOILER )))

Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Highlights: Sep. 1

Oh my in love with Midnight in Paris........

Bill Barr "skeptical" Trump declassified Mar-a-Lago papers (CNN)

Charlie Crist Raised $3 Million in 9 Days

Oh, those empty file folders...shouldn't we all be horrified? WTF Why is Trump still not in jail?

Barbara Ehrenreich, Explorer of Prosperity's Dark Side, Dies at 81

The Anglican Church's 'Kick in the Guts' to Gay Parishioners (Episcopal in USA)

By calling it an "inflection point", Biden has created an inflection point.

Darn dandelion.

CNN Journos Are Angry About The Marines

Ruth Marcus hits back at Federalist columnist for his gratuitous sexism/ageism toward her

43 classified folders were empty.

So the Federalist Society judge is asking about "residual privilege" for a former POTUS?!

Jeremy Diamond got CNN memo too ... today's question at press secy briefing:

Are Jim Acosta and Kaitlin Collin's jobs now in jeopardy?

Fox News on Biden's speech but make the footage Trump

Our man Ted

I'd like Special Master take a look at tRump/McConnell Judge Aileen M. Cannon's communications

Bill Barr: Declassifying would almost be worst than just taking the documents.

Social Security enemy Ron Johnson endorses plan to 'coax' retirees back to work

Makes you wonder - "Did anyone question the color?"

Trump's 'Empty Folders' Could Be The Nail In His Coffin - The Damage Report

Empty "classified" folders - some info

US seeks more info on Chinese company's North Dakota project

An oldie but goodie: Just act normal.

Video of Women Being Beaten at Saudi Arabian Orphanage Sparks Outrage (video in article)

Don't know is this is appropriate for GD. It was suggested I put it here for exposure

Now We're Hearing (2 yrs After He Lost) That He Mishandled Gov. Documents From The Start Of.....

Is Kevin McCarthy the lamest, weakest party leader ever?

A bit crude, but funny:

how to weigh your Emperor Tamarin... and just look at those whiskers!!

Keeping an Eye On Ukraine

Rut roh! The dog ate his homework?

SCOTUS to take up a case that could kill Medicaid, SNAP, WIC.

Maryland's new hate crime warning system, the Emmett Till Alerts system,

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 2, 2022

$1 billion in federal economic grants headed coast to coast

Newt Gingrich Was Secretly Behind Trump's Big Lie Ads, Jan. 6 Committee Claims

More classified materials at Mierda-Loco!

Biden administration sends clear message on anti-Semitism

LAT: California voters to decide on repeal of anti-public housing measure in 2024

Rooster with Crossed Beak Builds Special Connection with Woman

McCarthy sends DEMAND to DoJ --- get this!!

Anti-trans stalkers at Kiwi Farms are chasing one victim around the world. Their list of targets is

Cat Explores London on Bike With Her Dad

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NASA crashing a spacecraft....

Husky Almost Dies At The Pet Groomers

Huh, this carpet looks similar.

Jane Fonda, 84, Diagnosed with 'Very Treatable' Cancer and Is Undergoing Chemo: 'I Feel Very Lucky'

This has to the worst criminalized president to ever hold office!

Is Coco Gauff good because she's young and can make those shots or is she just that good??

The fact that Republicans see this as an attack on Biden is hilarious.

I like when traitors like Newt Gingrich get doxxed. Makes me feel all Patriotic.

How many ways would a Republican overthrow of democracy hurt the economy? I'll start with

Jan. 6 Committee Requesting Testimony From Newt Gingrich - MSNBC Reports

Texas Paul REACTS to Media FAIL after Historic Biden Speech - Meidas Touch

Finally, someone says Trump's actions were unprecedented

Cross-Partisan Georgia Network Works toward Peaceful Elections

Deplorables really coming out from under their rocks now

NC says it will tax Biden's student loan forgiveness, and 3 more states are likely to follow

"MAGA Republican" is a fitting label for Biden to use

For those who doubt we share ancestors with monkeys:


Liberal Redneck - Biden, Trump, and Democracy

Is Bernie Sanders Still Supporting USPS And Improving It?....

Bill Barr SHOCKS Fox by Throwing Trump UNDER THE BUS for Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Claims - MT

Just got word that one of my favorite patients died a while back.

FYI, folks: The new Omicron variant boosters are now available.

Compilation: A bunch of priceless reactions:

Robert Reich -Memo to media: There is no middle ground between democracy & fascism.

Wow...Death Valley, CA...

It's zoomie time!

Disney puppy princess:

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel & Dimed, passes away

We're ready for our closeup, Mr. DeMille:

A federal judge just ordered that no, Steve Bannon will not get a new trial.

I'm pretty sure Hilary Clinton is qualified to be Special Master.

Hey all! Thanks in advance for donating, kicking and rec-ing. DU is the best!

A New Chile - which could re-found Chile as a feminist, ecological, and plurinational Republic.

The moment you realize you have absolutely no clue what you're doing:

I got this:

Good father:

Confident. Incorrigible. Bully... A look back to WaPo's June 22, 2016, story about candidate Trump

So Judge Cannon was not that controversial when confirmed.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Nicolle's show on MSNBC: Multiple IC guests are saying the fake Rothschild woman at MAL ...

Want to despair at the level of critical thinking out there?

Twitter struggles to respond to anti-LGBTQ attacks on children's hospitals

In all the top secret document buzz, I forgot about Bret Kavanaugh's debt

Friday night kicking off the long Labor Day weekend

Andrew Weissman discusses empty classified folders

Weeks ago... I said ALL of this is going to end up in SCOTUS. Judge Cannon and Residual...

Editorial: Democracy is in danger, but Biden's Philadelphia speech missed the mark

Tonight's 1st whiskey is Dad's Hat Bottled in Bond, neat. 2nd song is a very charming Warren cover

DoJ has known about all the documents which were not returned since shortly after Trump left office.

Bill Barr Blows Up Every Trumpy Defense of the Mar-a-Lago Docs in Brutal Fox News Interview

My taste is driving me crazy

Steve Bannon's request for a new trial is rejected by federal judge

Congressional Candidate Blasts GOP Rival Stefanik For Defending Trump, Risking National Security

Wisconsin MAGA GOP Gov. candidate goes full Fascist

Trump Hosted All These People In His Mar-A-Lago Office Where He'd Stashed Government Secrets

Nice fact I heard from my counselor today

US OKs $1B arms sale to Taiwan as tensions rise with China

The (young) Bee Gees - Please Please Me (yes, the Beatles song)

Ukraine: 'Physical integrity' of Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant 'has been violated several times'

The Bee Gees - Spicks and Specks

Freddie and the Dreamers - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Really!)

UN nuclear agency chief says the 'physical integrity' of Europe's largest nuclear plant has been 'vi

Top British Broadcaster SLAMS Mainstream Media FREAKOUT over Biden's Pro-Democracy Speech - MT

REALLY off topic!

The Turtles - Elenore

Doug Mastriano says he's not extreme. So why do many say he is?

Ron John wants to "coax seniors" back to work amid attacks on Social Security

Right-Wing TikTok is STILL INSANE Hasanabi Reacts

And the Christo Fascists that Mark Marin warned about (miss Air America) are here

The Rude Pundit: Dark Brandon Ascending: Random Observations on a Patriotic Speech

Linda Ronstadt - Tumbling Dice (live)

Crazy Lunatics are crying from the right!

Colorado clinic attack: Prosecutor urges forcible medication in clinic shooting

Just call me the tomato hoarder.

Dana Milbank - Dear Insurrectionists and Fascists: I'm so sorry I offended you.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - 02 Reunion (from "Celebration Day")

Trump MAGA has been calling us

Transgender man dies after Pride parade assault in Germany

Here we go again

Thomas Zimmer: The norm of valuing "neutrality" over factual accuracy

Mott the Hoople - All The Young Dudes (live, 1973, Los Angeles)

'Every New Fact Makes The Situation Worse' For Trump: Neal Katyal - Deadline - MSNBC

Ian Hunter Band (with Brian May of Queen, Joe Elliot of Def Leppard) - All the Way to Memphis

CBS Evening News completely IGNORED Biden's speech. Can hardly believe it.

Friday Talking Points -- Dark Brandon Rips Into MAGA Republicans

Black Lives Matter grassroots chapters sue global foundation over funds

Steve Winwood - Gimme Some Lovin' (live)

FBI found 43 EMPTY classified documents folders in Donald Trump's office at Mar-a-Lago - Kirschner

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (live, 1971)

Correspondent John Harwood abruptly leaves CNN after calling Trump a 'demagogue'

Palin loss sets off alarm bells for GOP strategists: report

The Liberal Redneck: Joe Biden Offending the American Right by Saying Democracy is Good

WaPo: As Biden warned about democracy's collapse, TV networks aired reruns

Judge rules against Meta over Washington state campaign ad violations

Mike Luckovich-You all should be banned (other than the gun)

'Fuck It, I'll Kill Us All': Kristina Karamo's Ex-Husband Accused Her of Trying to Crash Car with...

Starbucks Fired Workers for Unionizing, But Workers Are Fighting Back

WaPo: Democracy is in danger. Biden should invoke patriotism, not partisanship, to make that point.

Planned Parenthood Arizona joins others restarting abortions

Missouri attorney general seeks journalism school records

Second pour, Balcones Texas Bourbon and water. This post's music? Well, found this recently

Leo Sayer - Long Tall Glasses

How Kari Lake gulped cash from the 'McCain swamp'

Ah, not sure if I should even post this statement........but I'll let ya know after ya read it ok??

The Pointer Sisters - How Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side)

doing dishes?

Can you imagine the impact on Traitor45 when he's put in Supermax.

SC GOP Rep says 12 yo incest victim has options. Take an ambulance to buy Plan B at Wal-Mart

Val Demings, Democrats target Sen. Marco Rubio's anti-abortion stance to knock him out in November

Sly & The Family Stone - You Can Make It If You Try

Eatonville teachers to strike next week if contract agreement isn't met

Evening, southern MD 9/2

Awesome t-shirt

BYU removed LGBTQ resource pamphlets from welcome bags for new students

Yup, CNN has definitely tilted right