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Seattle teachers take up ratification vote for new contract

I've figured out why so many of us follow the royals. At least...

West Seattle on the cusp of potential housing boom

What much of the GOP doesn't get about the Martha's Vineyard story

MAGA'S 'Weaponized Lies': Trump Touts QAnon, Posing Danger For GOP Ahead Of Midterms (MSNBC)

Fire near Skykomish 79% contained, Highway 2 still closed

Trump is playing sly about QAnon...interesting explainer from Wikipedia...

Chris Hayes led with traitor rally

Texas sheriff to investigate DeSantis flying migrants to Martha's Vineyard

Mahsa Amini: Iran police say woman's death was 'unfortunate'

Ukrainian Song "Njet Vladimir" Made Just For Putin (with English subtitles)

This is undoubtedly the stupidest motherfucker on the face of the planet

Political consultant Jaime Rodriguez on message "pro-lifers" should heed. It's us you agree with!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a stark warning from an Arizona republican....

Jaime Harrison responds to Ronna McDaniel tweet

Trump scored some Mar-a-Lago probe wins. The venue's now shifted.

So tell me how you really feel!

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

'If I were president, they wouldn't have sat me back there': Trump MOCKS Biden for being sat 14 rows

Angry Staffer on Biden declaring COVID pandemic over

After Texas Sent Him to Washington, One Migrant Launches a New Life

Amanda Gorman today at the UN

Family says fatal shooting case shows 'stand your ground' defense doesn't work for Black men

A family brought their dogs to the tennis match today

I got my Bivalent Booster today.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Gableman represents man charged with false ballot requests

Educator's View: My Former TX District Has Collapsed into Cruelty and Absurdity

This is Monday but there's no Rachel.

More Republicans Refuse To Vow To Accept Election Results - Deadline - MSNBC

This environmentally friendly quantum sensor runs on sunlight

'Our biggest enemy is our own party': Election-result deniers lash out at fellow Republicans as they

Darth Putin (parody) on 21 gun salutes

Ukraine marches farther into liberated lands, separatist calls for urgent referendum

Tucker Carlson is openly calling for violence against teachers and LGBTQ+ people

Zelenskiy to invaders: 'Flee from our land or surrender'

Andrew Weissmann tweet: next Trump tactic will be denigrating Dearie

US officials: Border crossings soar among Venezuelans

Frank Figliuzzi Calls Trump's QAnon Embrace 'The Last Act Of A Desperate Man' - Deadline - MSNBC

Tuesday Morning Positive Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Good Mood Livestream

The Bi-Oceanic Corridor to revolutionize South America

The 'Huge' Scandal at the QEII funeral today.

I love Penzeys!

U Mass Football Is Calling Their Game Against Liberty U: Pride Day 🏳️‍🌈

1776 Movement Intentionally Clogs VA Suicide Prevention Line To "Free" Jan 6th Protestors

DeSantis' Migrant Planes Have Financial Ties To GOP And Russian Govt.

Letterman "Super Charger" CBS rip off oh "Life in the Fast Lane"

Herschel Walker got the memo, he's not that smart, and making excuses for his debate performance.....

Alex Vindman who EXPOSED Trump EXTORTING Ukraine GIVES us UPDATE on Ukraine War Success - MT

Backlash over controversial flyer aimed at Stacey Abrams prompts Forsyth Republicans to cancel rally

Michigan pharmacists can now prescribe birth control, state says

Planned Parenthood, others urge Indiana judge to block abortion ban

Mike Lindell: 'I started praying' for GOP to lose the Senate to be proven right about voter fraud

With Age Comes Wisdom

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction HD (Live in Argentina) Subtitulado

Fmr. Press Secretary To Zelenskyy: I Believe Ukraine Will Win - Deadline - MSNBC

Awww! The first moments between a man and his newly adopted dog:

Trump team resisting Dearie's request -- because it could be a defense to any criminal charges.

The Association - Windy

What food brings you right back to your childhood home? Mine.

Trump Was Warned Late Last Year of Potential Legal Peril Over Documents

Type O Negative "Love You to Death" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach / Opera Singer

I DID IT!!! I Sold 200 Books

Russia is struggling to attract new recruits for its army, a U.S. official says.

With a king events will take much longer, since he can only move along the floor one square

Trump Was Warned Late Last Year of Potential Legal Peril Over Documents

Bob's reflexes aren't quite what they used to be...

Biden's claim that 'pandemic is over' complicates efforts to secure funding

No, President Biden, the pandemic is not over (WaPo Editorial Board)

Trump Panders To QAnon Movement At Rally In Most Explicit Embrace Yet - All In - MSNBC

JINJER - Vortex (Official Video) Napalm Records

Tuesday Digit: 7/10 - Tuesday outperforms Monday with slightly lower temperatures

BREAKING: Trump's Lawyers ATTACK Special Master who THEY WANTED in new HUMILIATING legal filing - MT

'The threat is real': Dems press big donors to target state races

MORPHIDE - I Speak Astronomy (Jinjer cover)

Turn on Lawrence RFN - the Slobfather is fucked

This is a great idea for a wedding between bibliophiles:

Four House Republicans vote against bill on international religious freedom

AZ Police Racially Harass Innocent Black Man - Rebel HQ

Mike Pompeo: "No one gets to keep classified info outside of a place classified info should be.

Funny Thing About Getting Older

San Antonio sheriff opens criminal investigation into migrant plane

Trump Fumes: DeSantis Stole My Plan for Shipping Migrants

House To Vote On Bipartisan Elections Bill To Prevent Another Jan. 6 - MSNBC Reports

This is sort of a big screen:

Undeniably the WORST campaign video ever...

'Stunt Governor': Why DeSantis May Not Be The Star The GOP Is Looking For - All In - MSNBC

When Justice is Pushed to the Fringe

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

Here is dial in number for tomorrow's meeting/hearing with the Special Master

Check out this octopus going in for pets from the little kids. Twitter

Could tomorrow be a big day?

Calls For Criminal Investigation After 'Manipulated' Migrants Flown To Martha's Vineyard - MSNBC Reports

Kimmel: Trump Returns to Mar-a-Lago After "Unwarranted" & "Illegal Raid" & People Lie About Royal

"Al Bundy" (Ed O'Neill) talks about TFG's Youngstown appearance

Marjorie Taylor Greene's DISTURBING "MAGA Youth Rally" Speech Shows DANGERS of IDIOCRACY

Trump 'Is Merging MAGA With QAnon' Journalist David Corn Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Texas federal judge holds gun ban for felony defendants unconstitutional

*RALPHIE on TCM now!!!

As Midterms Loom, Right Wingers Are Revving Up the Faithful with Talk of Religion and Guns

Weren't Trumps lawyers supposed to file their response with the 11 Circuit today?

A day after blackout, Fiona dumps more rain on Puerto Rico

The Daily Show: David Beckham & The Brits Bid Farewell to Queen Elizabeth, Second Richest Person

Only the worthy...

clip from Russian state tv

So the plane that took migrants from FL to MV is showing up scheduled to land at Delaware airport.

BREAKING: Special Master in Trump Mar-A-Lago Case OPENS HEARING TO PUBLIC signaling NO MORE BS

GOP Leaders Slammed For Allegedly Transporting Migrants Under False Pretenses - The ReidOut - MSNBC

*Saturday Night Fever, HBO now, ch. 547

NFL bargain thread

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's Chances Of Indictment May Have 'Skyrocketed' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Andrew Weissmann: This Is The 'World's Worst Set Of Facts' For Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Is this a woman from DU? I saved this in 2016 right after TFG was elected.

'Crippling' Energy Bills Force Europe's Factories to Go Dark

DeSantis' migrant flights point toward an ominous future of red and blue conflict

TX judge ruled that people under felony indictment have the right to buy guns under the 2nd Amendme

Texas sheriff to investigate DeSantis flying migrants to Martha's Vineyard

Trump Was Warned Last Year of Potential Legal Peril

New footage confirms fake Trump elector spent hours inside Georgia elections office

Sheriff Salazar in TX is investigating how the migrants were lured to M.V.--and he's asking for TIPS

Nicolle Wallace is killing it on MSNBC

Now that there's a king, these sorts of events will all take much longer

Trump Was Warned Late Last Year of Potential Legal Peril Over Documents

'Our Institutions Can't Save Us' From Threats To Democracy - The Last Word - MSNBC

I DID IT! - I sold 200 Copies of Afro-Bougie Blues.

GOP loyalty to Trump over party dips to new low in NBC poll

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: 'Give Rest, O Christ'

Democrat Wes Moore opens 22-point lead in race to replace Gov. Larry Hogan in Maryland

Have to admire Princess Anne: A 70-year old lady marching with her brothers

Tuesday's 2 pm eastern Special Master hearing will be open to the public. Does anyone know

The Trump judge ruling on the Mar-a-Lago affair is defying established law The Guardian

Liu Tieshan's 'Yao Dance' 3 renditions (Last one aired on radio a short while ago.)

Visiting Scotland in late October- Glasgow. Edinburgh, & Highlands. Any Scotch suggestions to bring

Jad Fair/Half Japanese - "Song of Joy"

My girlfriend and I watched American History X first time we've seen it

Seth Meyers: DeSantis' Cruel Martha's Vineyard Stunt Backfires; Trump Humiliates J.D. Vance: A Closer Look

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Official Lyric Video)

How Fox "News" Inspired GOP Governors' Migrant Busing Stunt - American Voices - MSNBC

'How Many Women Were Abused to Make That Tesla?' asks Rolling Stone

Excellent Raphael Warnock ad

Weather Catastrophe In Puerto Rico Exposes Post-Maria Failures - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

British journalist Kay Burley is a masterclass in not letting repubs duck questions..she repeats

Book Outlines Trump's Desire To Sow Divisions Throughout American Life - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Global Community Committed To Russian Accountability For War Crimes In Ukraine - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump Refuses To Share Declassification Defense - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The supercomputers vs the atmosphere vs climate change

Tim Ryan On Tight Ohio Race With Trump-Mocked Candidate - One-on-one With Stephanie Ruhle

I had a nightmare...

The Last Thing: The Final Farewell To Queen Elizabeth II - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Need to set up a bridge: phone hotspot wifi ethernet

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/19/22

Stock futures flat with Fed set to kick off September meeting on Tuesday

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ken Burns On His Holocaust Documentary

Barron Trump's Private School

Breakfast Tuesday 20 September 2022

Night run to Siversk


UN chief warns global leaders: The world is in 'great peril'

My boss hates when I shorten his name to Dick

"There are those who say they have never seen the queen have a better time,

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ken Burns On His Holocaust Documentary

I just ordered my Biden Jfk junior 2024 T shirt.

Dying Fish Gets a Second Chance And Changes Colors

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver

Good ol' Mitch is slowly turlting his way over to dark side of the Republican Party again!

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis now under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION for Migrant Stunt - Meidas Touch

Trumps lawyers are telling us they have no defense in the secret document investigation.

Tuesday TOONs - Coyote Uglies

These male politicians are pushing for women who receive abortions to be punished with prison time

Jury selection began yesterday (9/19) in the criminal trial of Tom Barrack...

Michigan, Canada collaborating on project to connect trails at Detroit-Windsor border

I can report that little Gwyn's eye looks to be pretty much COMPLETELY healed!

Could DeSantis and the others involved in this busing migrants stunt be sued in Civil court,

Powerful earthquake hits Mexico on fateful anniversary, killing at least 2

Cool beans... Jocelyn Benson has scored a TIME cover:

These male politicians are pushing for women who receive abortions to be punished with prison time

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 9/14/22

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 9/11-9/17/2022

Biden Is Wrong, the COVID-19 Pandemic Isn't Over

Ghosts of Comics' Past - 1982

Black Georgia woman harassed for going to a "white place"

The Rundown: September 20, 2022

AJC poll gives Republicans the edge in most races

New footage confirms fake Trump elector spent hours inside Georgia elections office

Democrats Hold Edge in Wisconsin

Devil's Horns

Ruben Gallego's ready for a fight -- even if the Democratic Party isn't

Where DO people find these t-shirts! This one is a real gem.

The Pope Abandons Cardinal Zen

Notice to the NFL: Buffalo came to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but they're out of bubblegum

49 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Voting Info

Desantes may be trying to do it again.

4 Ukrainian separatist regions plan votes to join Russia

Came in for the free tuna, but am now beginning to get worried. Send help.

Turkey's Erdogan: Russia's Putin willing to end war

Frank De Vol was born on this date.

You raised $100.00 on September 19, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Barnes Senate WI

New York City Faces Potential Fiscal Crisis as $10 Billion Deficit Looms

You raised $25.00 on September 19, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Waning Crescent @ 26.2%.

Bret Baier wanted to rescind Fox News' decision to call Arizona for Biden in 2020 and wrote in an...

You raised $5.00 on September 19, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Independent Voters Now Tilting Toward Democrats in Midterm Elections, WSJ Poll Finds

Posted without comment

Trump Is Mad the FBI Wore Shoes in His Bedroom

You raised $10.00 on September 19, 2022 the DU is out for BLOOD Gov NE

Having a warped mind makes ordinary

You raised $25.00 on September 19, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

When Trump offered to "give" the King of Jordan the West Bank

In The Summertime

Trump is pursuing power, not adjudication under the law, not even recognition of the law.

A thing Biden accomplished that Trump didn't: getting Elton John to play near him.

I have to wonder how many calls are being fielded by 11th circuit judges

Big Dog Obsessed With Cats Gets His Very Own

Reminds me of something

Trump no longer playing with a violent, extremist base, but rather cultivating it.

Immigration is SO bad in Florida...

Ultra narcissistic asshole says he would get better seating up front at the queen's funeral.

Arizona's school privatization battle heats up: Will the voters get to decide?

Rally of Darkness - The Lincoln Project

Judge Dearie 'said enough is enough' -- and bypassed the Trump judge's poor rulings: legal expert

CHENEY: One member said under their breath: "The things we do for the Orange Jesus."

Don't use Chrome's and Edge's Enhanced Spellcheck features

How the Special Master screwed Trump over.

WAPO: Video evidence shows Trump loyalists accessing voting machines in southern Georgia:

Now that it appears Chump's Special Master

They Overturned Roe &, Amid the Chaos, Gutted 12 More Rights & Freedoms You Might Have Missed

Such a gracious motherfucker

I am going with "The Orange Jesus" (TOJ) as the new name for TFG.

I turned on the TV and no Royal Funeral..

toe taping time .

interisting .

"Tell These Stories, As Difficult As They May Be" - Ken Burns On His Holocaust Documentary

I had one heck of a time finding water softener salt. I wondered if it was a supply issue.

****A Rated Marist Poll Of Georgia Warnock 47% Walker 42%****

Rules are rules...

'We've Moved Backwards': US Librarians Face Unprecedented Attacks Amid Rightwing Book Bans

More US Employers Are Trapping Workers in a New Form of Indentured Servitude..charging for training

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 20, 2022

Biden is right. The pandemic is over.

80s hits and nuclear secrets: security concerns plague Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Middle Age Riot tweet of the morning:

Judge Asks Trump For Info On Declassified Docs, Lawyers Resist

Juan Gonzlez: Hurricane Fiona Damage Shows Puerto Rico Still Hampered by U.S. Colonial Control

About 5% of the US population "support the use of force to restore Donald Trump to the presidency."

to Donald - HAIRDO

Gotta love videos where doggies choose their own toy.

Is the Pandemic Over? Public Health Advocates Decry Biden's Claim as Thousands Still Die from COVID

Could some of the polls coming out be deliberately skewed to Rs so that when the Dem wins they can

Family says fatal shooting case shows 'stand your ground' defense doesn't work for Black men

If indicted, could "someone" be put under house arrest, with ankle bracelet, until their trial?

Why didn't the CIA and FBI blow the whistle on the missing documents as soon as TFG left the WH?

My mean phlebotomist...ever had one of those?

How Texas' abortion laws turned a heartbreaking fetal diagnosis into a cross-country journey

How Texas' abortion laws turned a heartbreaking fetal diagnosis into a cross-country journey

"Random High School in 1989. Why did everyone look so much older?"

Seriously, America is effed up

Is there no ethics/legal violation that Cannon be held accountable with?

Fiona wallops Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico still stunned

"Viking Textiles Show Women Had Tremendous Power"

Georgia Bowhunter Watches Huge Alligator Plop Down Right On Top Of His Corn Pile

Since the GOP suggested "orange Jesus", here's a thread for the best new names for you-know-who...

The Jolt: Trump eyeing Georgia rally after Warnock-Walker debate

Two Republican judges just let Texas seize control of Twitter and Facebook

Economic and fiscal effects on the United States from reduced numbers of refugees and asylum seekers

Reverse Freedom Rides: Flying Migrants North, Florida Gov. Steals Page from Segregationists

Pay attention - Gaston is heading our way

So did DeSantis use federal C-19 relief funds via the Florida DOT to fund the planes, the phony ...

The great Ed O'Neill with all that needs to be said on Donald Trump:

Rep Swalwell: SPOILER ALERT: Trump didn't declassify any of it.

Michael Gableman now suggests the country needs revolution

Something I don't quite understand, re: classified documents

DeSantis's Reverse Freedom Ride Allegedly Violated Law in Two States

Anyone know of any men's brand of black crew sox with no elastic in them???? I have tried and found

The moment you've all been waiting for: The Space Force has unveiled its official song

Conspiracy Theorists Want to Run America's Elections. These Are the Candidates Standing in Their Way

"Saint Trump"

Biden tweet

All-time Freudian slip from Ron Johnson:

Trumpers Urge Folks To Flood VA Suicide Hotline With Demands For J6 Defendants

What the numbers really say about abortion and Democrats in the midterms

Young Guardians poised for postseason history?

Elton John will perform at White House on Friday

Far-right 'constitutional sheriffs' now turn to hunting 'fraud' in midterm elections

emptywheel: Don't Analyze Trump Legal Filings Based on the Law, Analyze Them Based on Power

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump getting exactly what he asked for....

The magic "R" in the midwest

Ron DeSantis gets brutal legal news over Martha's Vineyard stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Lincoln Project-President Biden has devoted his life to serving our nation

April trial set for man charged in Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

April trial set for man charged in Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

The Lincoln Project-President Biden has devoted his life to serving our nation

Pic Of The Moment: After Queen Elizabeth's Majestic Funeral, U.S. Officials Start Planning Ahead

Russia now frontrunner to build nuclear reactors Trump ally Michael Flynn was negotiating

How Democrats are trying to counter a wave of GOP attacks on crime

Joe Biden

New York Mets have top payroll; record-tying six teams set to pay luxury tax

Made Kasespatzle (Umlauts won't print)

Joe Biden Could Make Your Paycheck Bigger. Here's How. - More Perfect Union

Trump hired a credible attorney, but he had to pay a lot upfront

Five Strategies to Support U.S. Democracy

In a first, health panel calls for routine anxiety screening in adults

hey du airplane pilots , have u heard of any vors being shut down?

DeSantis invites election backlash with Martha's Vineyard stunt

Americans under felony indictment have a right to buy guns, judge rules

DeSantis invites election backlash with Martha's Vineyard stunt

Several months ago Fauci declared that COVID was no longer....

Trump's 'big lie' fueled a new generation of social media influencers

So, motherfucker and his team of crack lawyers (because they smoke the rock)

Is Progress Obsolete? U.S. Is Now An 'Un- Developing Country': UN Ranking of Nations, No. 41

Delaware watching Georgetown airport for possible plane delivering migrants. What we know

A hurricane is headed for Florida

Blue states have always led on immigration, contrary to what Desantis thinks


So, the physical therapist asked me a question yesterday...

Conservative men are leading a movement to lock up women for getting abortions.

Trump has filed a 40-page response to DOJ's appeals court filing

Food Supply Stays Tight as Disappointing U.S. Harvest Adds to Global Challenges

Top Former Republican Prosecutors SLAM Trump and Judge Aileen Cannon in New Court of Appeals Brief

Nobody Should Be Shocked by GOP Cruelty--It's Their Whole Brand

U.S. charges 47 with 'brazen' theft from pandemic food aid program

Video shows 'unauthorized access' to Ga. election equipment

How Judge Cannon broke with conservatives in Trump documents case

Scientists who shaped our world

Man pleads guilty to breaking windows, cameras at Planned Parenthood clinic in Grants Pass, Oregon

Trump-backed Arizona Republican (Finchem) embraces Sandy Hook and 9/11 truthers

Trump ignoring White House lawyer on secret docs could open door to Espionage Act charges

Potential jurors quizzed on Trump in inaugural chair's trial

UPDATE: DeSantis defends phony brochure; sheriff launches criminal investigation

Call in number for hearing at 2PM EDT with Judge Dearie

Insurance giant Centene to pay Texas $166 million in Medicaid drug pricing settlement

Coyote Greg and Coyote Ron may not get the cess they're hoping for from their cruelty...

Judge says alleged Colorado clinic shooter can be forcibly medicated

'Damaging': Wisconsin independents explain why they've turned on Republican Ron Johnson

An Amicus Brief has been filed by William F. Cole for some red states

The sudden suspension of a Colorado prison-work program has thrown employers into disarray

Video shows fake Trump elector spent hours inside GA elections office

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 20, 2022)

Indictments Accuse 44 in Minnesota of Brazen Pandemic Aid Fraud

Special Master Has Already Undercut Trump's Classified Doc Game

Trump To Appeals Court: I Get To Say Who The Docs Belong To


Pellucidly (thanks Malaise) 100% absolutely positively RIDICULOUS that trump

King County Executive Dow Constantine announces proposed public safety plan

California's dead will have a new burial option: Human composting

Johnny Cash - Tennessee Flat Top Box

They bought a trailer for retirement in Roy. Now couple fights landlord for their home

FEMA applying lessons learned from Maria as Puerto Rico faces another disaster - ABC News

Investigation uncovers truth behind voter fraud claims in Mason County

2 Million Immigrants - forgive me for not questioning this before

Deshithead is flying migrants to Biden's house today. What a POS!

UN alarm as Iran cracks down on anti-hijab protests sparked by woman's death

UN alarm as Iran cracks down on anti-hijab protests sparked by woman's death

Delaware braces for migrant flight in U.S. political standoff

Learning the hard way

If you and I surreptitiously entered a business, rummaged through thei records and stole some

Crazy time...

We need a forum on DU where all posts are written out by hand in cursive...

What could possibly be sent to Florida and Texas to show gratitude for the immigrants they shared?

Trump Serves Up Word Salad In Creepy Interview With Jon Voight - Ring of Fire

Trump files response to DOJ appeal in eleventh circuit

TFG may be called to testify at ally's foreign agent trial, judge says

"Alligator" - new powerful 25kg sniper rifle terrorizes Russian army - Military Mind - TVP World

Bend the Arc

Trump lawyers say his handwritten notes on top secret documents mean they fall under executive privi

Help! Can't access my personal emails via and

Doctor warns against cooking chicken in NyQuil ...

Trump's legal team arrives at the courthouse

Ron DeSantis in 'Migrant mixup'

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 21: Introducing the Soundies, Part 2

Dammit- missed "talk like a pirate day" yesterday - some pirate jokes

Seattle teachers ratify new agreement with district

"Listening to Red Panda baby enjoying some banana slices is ASMR goodness."

Know what today is? It's National Voter Registration Day

The West is disappointed with Ukrainian counteroffensive? - Break the Fake - TVP World

I can not dial into special master hearing

"Steve, not the ears!"

Homeowners Left Homeless: Thousands may not have known their homes would be auctioned off by Shelby

Cartoons 9/20/2022

Apparently Judge Dearie's staff doesn't know how to mute the call in line

Whose chore is it to feed the pets?

Stray Cats - Rock This Town (Official Music Video)

FDA warns consumers not to cook their chicken in NyQuil

Daily Mail Quietly Scrubs Article About Trump's 'Uncharacteristically Thin Crowd'

Stray Cats - Rock This Town (Official Music Video)

Fired pro-Trump Wisconsin 'auditor' floats 'revolution' after failing to turn up voter fraud proof

Members of the 1776 Restoration Movement flooded the veteran suicide hotline this morning with bogu

Broncoscopy tomorrow.

Twitter live blog Judge Dearie court.

Big from Dearie: "As far as I'm concerned, that's the end of it,"

Nebraska Gov Pete Ricketts Won't Be Setting Man Free Just Because Someone Else Did The Crime. Sorry!

Proof of Trump's primitive thinking:

Putin puts measures in place to stop Ukraine - Major General Chip Chapman - Times Radio

Question for you Marylanders re: 1st Congressional District

A Kansas deputy tased a 12-year-old autistic boy who was handcuffed, shackled and hogtied

My Dentist has many posters of teeth and gums in his office ...

I just have to say it....

Human rights commissioners in Russia ask Prosecutor General why prisoners are sent to fight in Ukrai

China can blockade Taiwan, but at a cost: US admiral

New poll underscores tight margin of Wisconsin elections

33 senators want special counsel privileges for Hunter Biden investigator

23 Banned Book Quotes to Fire You Up

Hertz to order up to 175K GM electric vehicles over 5 years

Trump is doing his best to minimize the very serious espionage and obstruction charges...

I know there are people here who know trump, who have simply met him or some who know him

Dark money erodes public trust,' Biden says as he pushes disclosure legislation

How creepy, petty, deranged........

You have to understand that this war threatens a fundamental pillar of russian society as a whole:

It would be helpful to many of us if someone with reliable information could explain what is

BREAKING: Trump lawyers file DERANGED response to DOJ Appeal joined by MAGA Attorneys General

Republicans have shown us that they are America's domestic enemies

Special Master expresses skepticism with Trump team's assertions

Does Ron Johnson CONDONE or CONDEMN white supremacy?

"As Far as I'm Concerned, That's the End of It': Skeptical Special Master Presses Trump's Lawyers on

GOP Michigan attorney general nominee Matt DePerno says Plan B should be banned.

GOP Michigan attorney general nominee Matt DePerno says Plan B should be banned.

It Isn't Populist to Defund Rural Schools

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 24, 2022 - Tonight: Barbara Rush, Gregory Peck, Burt Lancaster.

Tennessee Republican says IVF docs can be prosecuted under abortion ban

TFG saying his notes on the documents make them his is like a six year old licking a cupcake to

Southern MD waning Crescent, 20?% visible

Worst job in the world: slobfather fluffer

DeSantis admits that migrants are not coming in masses to FL

Abbot has been awfully quiet about the DeSantis kidnapping ploy.

Southern MD afternoon

Is This The 'Smoking Gun' Evidence That Ron DeSantis Broke The Law - Ring of Fire

ZILLIONS of spiders (and webs) around!

Special Master Has a Simple Test That May Be Disaster for Trump

I watched the entire two-part replay of the Queen's funeral on C-SPAN.

'Welcome to fascism': Senior Republican official in Arizona warns of Trump attempts to steal future

Bret Baier falsely reported that an indictment on the Clinton Foundation was days away a few days

Italy elections: Far-right party sacks candidate for Hitler praise

State Legislature Target List

Re tfg's sharpie doodles on "classified" docs

TCM later:

DeSantis human trafficking stunt in a nutshell

Seems Trump's lawyers pissed-off Judge Dearie

Give that man a participation trophy.....

Denmark and Germany now building the world's longest immersed tunnel

A proposed Constitutional requirement for Representatives, Senators, Justices, the President

Lindsey Graham Still Running His Facehole About Abortion, So Have A Blessed Day, Mitch McConnell!

Trumpland Lawyers Jockeying Madly To Get Out Of Path Of Coming Sh*tstorm Tornado

$615,000 Let's discuss the money

Maybe Trump's handpicked Special Master could be a great disaster for the Trump team?

I don't think they are migrants

Scoop: McConnell-aligned super PAC pulls out of Arizona

What Long COVID Is Like For These 14 People

Did Judge Deerie just say tfg lawyers can't see the classified docs?

Smartphones and older users remain an uneasy match

Marc Davis made a mistake in hiring Josh McDaniels.

Democrats Now More Enthusiastic About Midterms

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about US information operations being audited....

Hardee's GM on Lindell FBI Raid: 'I Know For a Fact It Didn't Happen'

Maury Wills, Base-Stealing Shortstop For Dodgers, Dies At 89

Texas Bigots Have Banned Over 800 Books In The Past Year - Ring of Fire

Policing Deal Is Back

Migrants flown to Massachusetts file class action lawsuit against DeSantis

Can we think of DeSantis as a "coyote"?

Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey arrested for allegedly biting man's nose after Arkansas college football

My "WTF?" story of the day, cook your chicken in WHAT??!!??

Ron DeSantis Gonna Sneak Attack Plane Of Migrants At Delaware Today. OR IS HE?

Marilyn Martin - Night Moves

Manchin Blames 'Revenge Politics' for GOP Balking on Bill

Just found out my calico cat Charlotte likes Pop-Tarts!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Senior dog has the strangest reaction to baths

Scam alert for job-seekers.

CNN Exclusive: DHS rejects plan to protect election officials from harassment as midterms loom

Migrants trafficked to Martha's Vineyard by DeSantis have just filed a class action against him

Grace Slick-Dreams

"Unicorn pony FoxNews MAGA law meets the real justice system"

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 22, 2022 -- Star of the Month Humphrey Bogart

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 23, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: The Idea of America

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 20, 2022

I can see clearly now! My cataract surgeries went well!

What does tfg's lawyers expect to see

I'm glad I don't have to look at Camilla again for a while.

TFG Demands Special Master Be Fired and Replaced with Extra-Special Master

Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks

DeSantis' face

BREAKING: Special Master SLAMS Trump's Attorneys at First Mar-A-Lago Search Hearing

Kemp has solid lead over Stacey Abrams in new poll

A few days ago, I expressed my concern that Judge Dearie might be just another

A New Dark Age

Tweet of the Day

Tiny Dog Attacks Every Package That Comes to House

Migrants flown to Martha's Vineyard file class action lawsuit against DeSantis

So once Trump is indicted, what kind of Qanon wording will he use to try and start a Civil War?

Cloud Computing: AWS? Azure? GCP? or Don't believe the hype?

Girl Finds Monarch Butterfly Stuck In Her Car's Headlight

Too soon for Halloween?

How can Trump claim executive privilege if he's not the "executive" anymore? n/t

A link for storm reports from the Caribbean I've been using for decades

Guy Adopts Blind Kitten and Travels With Her on a Boat

Lil' toad in my backyard

Judge Dearie- did he give a time limit

Trump's lawyers, before the Judge today....

Protests in Iran after 22 year old woman beaten to death by "morality police"

According to Vice, Qanon had pretty much lost most of its followers after Flynn and Jones called it

Could Trump's markings on the secret documents indicate his criminal use of them?

Jury awards $100K to health worker who said Flint blood lead data was falsified

"Lured under false pretenses": Furious Texas sheriff investigating DeSantis' Martha's Vineyard stunt

Funny story of a few dogs and a package.....

The Fed Is Getting Even Tougher on Inflation.

Tr**p Will Keep On Making a Mockery Of Our Laws As Long As We Continue To Let Him.....

How Would The Media React If Tr**p Said The Pandemic Is Over?.....

Budd (R) holds 3-point lead over Beasley (D) in North Carolina Senate race: poll

Now we know why DOJ agreed to Dearie as Special Master.

Nobody Should Be Shocked by GOP Cruelty--It's Their Whole Brand

Frampton Farewell Tour

Covid: a leading cause of death in the U.S. indefinitely, whether or not the pandemic is 'over'

NEWS: Mellissa Carone, the U.S Taxpayers Party's nominee for lieutenant governor, split with her own

Why Won't DeSantis Ship Cuban Refugees to Martha's Vineyard?

Special Master Judge Dearie puts Trump's lawyers in their place; wants answers on declassification

Trump may have picked Judge Dearie because of the Carter Page investigation

If TFG declassified the documents, then why

... Republican candidate for Governor of a state (MI) offers to send a reporter some porn


This elephant is tired:

Trent Telenko on the new facts on the ground in Eastern Ukraine.

The, believe all the bullshit that comes out of our mouths defense.

Just met President Biden.

Noting High Stakes of Midterms, Jayapal Says, 'Trump Is a Fascist. Period.'

Tigrayan forces accuse Eritrea of launching full-scale offensive on border

'We Are Coming for You!': Teamsters Union Rallies Outside Amazon Headquarters

Herschel Walker... what?!

voldemort 2.0**. Having just read a 25th anniversary celebration of Harry Potter

Is Joy Reid ok?

Will Judge Cannon block Judge Dearie's decision...?

Trump did not declassify the documents.

The Democratic Party is now running Lindsey Graham's own words as a commercial. This is genius.

BREAKING: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against DeSantis by Migrant workers he KIDNAPPED and TRAFFICKED

After Gohmert and Bachman and Palin, etc., etc., I know this is a big category, but

Classified Documents

US Senate Elections in the states the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

The Fake Pamphlet Given to MV Migrants Is Very Funny and Also Possibly Criminal Evidence

The statement of the day!

Big one has dropped, the first major arrest of Nick Fuentes' Groypers: the neo-Nazi #SuitGuy, Jose

Weissmann: Dearie's Message To Trump Lawyers Is 'If You Don't Put Up' You Won't Get Relief - Deadline

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott widens lead on Beto O'Rourke in new poll

An old Bluegrass classic...

A new dating app aimed at hopeful, conservative romantics is facing hesitance from Republican women

Trump to face another lawsuit--sexual battery.

Special Master Questions Trump Lawyers Over Which Seized Documents Were Declassified - MSNBC Reports

Sample of Trump's Top Secret Doc notes

Special master to Trump's lawyers: 'You can't have your cake and eat it too'

Today in '77, Fonzie jumps the shark

Veterans group presses state and local prosecutors to go after far-right Patriot Front

Gov. DeSantis threatened to send migrants to Biden's Delaware home. It was a no-show.

50 Greatest Protest Songs (with vids)

BREAKING: NYAG Tish James will make a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow at 10:30 AM ET.

Sunset, southern MD 9/20

When can we expect Trump to be indicted?

New Book Highlights The Moral Choices Confronting Members Of The Trump Administration - Deadline - MSNBC

A spectacular backfire? Ron DeSantis might have unwittingly helped migrants obtain special visas

Five Ron Johnson ads in the last 15 minutes! Five!

CNN pundit speculates Putin giving a plebiscite to people in occupied

Bipartisan group of senators announce deal to reform Electoral Count Act